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Top Customer Reviews: Nature's Blossom ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5 Suzanna
Colour: Succulent Character Blossom the Succulent & cactus that Grows Box: that Uses a box was amused and relatively easy this in spite of very little has grown (only 2 seeds spouted).

Also buy a Bonzi Box of Albero (comes with 4 different varieties) and there have been results very better. 2 varieties have not grown at all. A pasador has grown add (had 4 spout in the alone pot!), The alone of another variety sprouted and is doing a lot of (is been roughly 4.5 month). Like this in general we will have 2 trees felizmente of a continuous box the thrive (with some 4 pasadores in a pot, has to cut his down to the tree so only over time. So only a strong survives!)
4 / 5 Monica
Colour: Succulent is Gone in early, was súper pumped partorisca begin that it grows these. They owe that sprout for an end of a month. Hopefully The sucedido this year will try them next year! Everything is gone in a container and excited partorisca begin my collection of cacti hehe
Update: with which 8 days of germination 1 sprout of a mix of cacti, and with which 2 more days roughly sprouts the twins have come up.
Accidentally attack a pot on and one has fallen was softly, softly has substituted gives that bite extra water and situated them further of a heat( the pale result a lot much more) a following day there was the bit of harm of stress in a cup (reddish brown) and the at least pale turn the green but still not doing a lot of(pale). As have remark concealed and dip some wrap on he again, and is returned his green colour, harm of still stress, which thinks can remain yes survives but the looks is a lot for now. The begging survives!
5 / 5 Sonya
Colour: Succulent Like this far so only have a bit sprout the month in. They are alentador that a rest sprout in one next week or so much.

A packaging was easy to use and some directions were extremely simple. Totally it recommends this partorisca any one plants fond human being this wants to try his hand in growing of the seed.
5 / 5 Lorraine
Colour: Succulent has chosen any to plant a cactus, instead so only some succulent. There are multiple varieties in a box and all three of mine pocola plant is growing a lot of seedlings! There is quite a lot of earth and of the pots and instructions to start with with swimming more but water. It is so only be the weeks of the pair and I have begun already to move some of a strong plus seedlings to the his own few succulent pots and permanent houses. I go to finalise with too many to plant them everything! My only question with these boxes is that there is a lot little in a way of instructions for with which some seeds are planted. I have taken this remote, but does not seat more knowledgable in that comes afterwards. So only I can expect I maintain these pocolos buddies alive!
5 / 5 Allan
Colour: Heirloom Veggies In the first place has read was some instructions, the calm mark sure read it all first.. A last part of some habladurías of booklet in a procedure of germination, then one planting, would have to be another way around. I have then read a very inferior course (sees a picture down).. His declares no liable for seeds not germinating.. With which have read this part looked in some seeds, and was in the quantity of seeds is a lot of pocolos.. Honradamente Have seen containers of seeds of 60 for down 3 dollars.. So many without the guarantee in some seeds has resupplied, this box would owe that be around in my opinion because you are taking the risk of any germination in updating has any germination.
5 / 5 Dominica
Colour: Service of Peppers of the client & of product adds. First box, at all has grown. We send me to us another box in any one load & gave the full repayment. I have it quell'has planted already some seeds & see sprouts. I produce it adds. I owe that it has used it jiffy pods that was to old in a first batch. He all look quite good. Give the graces for a service adds. I will be to recommend you to all the world.
5 / 5 Alesha
Colour: the Exotic vegetables was amused looking everything of these sprout but so only a leon the cucumber and a black corn am exited, and a cucumber is in shaky earth. Some pots of map dry was a lot quickly he so that it was that it has to water twice the day at least. A black corn this in spite of is that it grows like this quickly are add, can not expect for him to in fact take some ears.
5 / 5 Maria
Colour: Bays A lot of some seeds has grown and has followed each instruction. It orders the little of these boxes with other seeds and each one another has grown something!! :(
5 / 5 Arletta
Colour: Bays Very sure the one who old some seeds were but are officially caking leaves after trying to grow he for month without regime.
4 / 5 Traci
Colour: Succulent Some succulent looks is that it grows (dulcemente to the equal that has expected. Some seeds of the cacti are not producing like this expected that. Perhaps have it still time?
4 / 5 Jessia
My woman and I have bought this so that we could grow our own microgreens house. A measure has done well partorisca our paving and some see has grown enough quickly. We have run unfortunately out of seeing inside the subject of weeks the harvest has owed the frequent, but in general, liked a box. We are looking forward to trying another punctual product of this vendor!
5 / 5 Joann
Has planted Dec 28th 2019, at present Jan 17, 2020 no the so only has bitten of the action in some seeds that like this never, will expect it was the little more along but like this far any one has impressed. The container contains all precise and is the idea of present adds but the results will vary
MODIFY: Jan 24th 2020, east times one of some succulent active sprouted, surprisingly quite his one one has had as it stirs it of muck and extra seeds that in the by means of the our own dish. A rest looks desperate, ive there is remarked that some the biodegradable containers look wick a moisture out of an earth quite strongly,,, requires much more watering that a one has dipped in the ceramic container, as it conceal some knots so only never watered initially and his resisted on some another has been the dry bone a lot quickly and each one that 3 days with which conceal.. Also a biological the pots take moldy after the few weeks.. Increases 1 star for now like this at least a batch of seeds something, but the closing whose controls a lot of hope.
5 / 5 Jennefer
I products a lot add, good option like the present for the lover of plant. Box very fresh that it is very interesting and adds an element to surprise which is entertainment for a buyer of then is the box of seeds !

The client a lot adds services also, was very friendly, fast and quickly to help with any questions or of the questions! To good sure order more than boxes in a future, these things are present add for friends, especially some this gardening of amour and plants!
4 / 5 Norbert
Has bought this like the present and was perfect.... Fantastically packaged And so only - the definite pleaser for the enthusiast of gardening. His service of client has been terrific, that follows up in the question has had and felizmente honoring the good of present free with friendly and useful personnel.
4 / 5 Gisele

Are an avid gardener and the majority of these seeds was uselessness when planted. They resupply the number of seeds of palmera of the collected....

To good sure will be to look for the repayment...
4 / 5 Ty
Has has does not have to that done anything sprout still causes I so only dipped the on but this are adds little near! Has all need minus water and sun. I have bought some of some other boxes also! Very excited to see like this result. The service of client are adds also has had a subject with the coupon I receipt and has fixed that immediately and are happy client ! Shopping they again!
5 / 5 Audria
Has bought a herb and some bands of the bay and some delays are missing but ossia all he more the look adds

the company has achieved was and was happy to help solve to a @subject @ like him 5 stars now
4 / 5 Theda
is been two months now - cacti = 0, and have the lovely collection of HERB of some succulent pots. Honradamente Have three classes of herb, at all more. It is there is disappointed incredibly.
4 / 5 Petronila
Very sure the one who old some seeds were but are officially caking leaves after trying to grow he for month without regime.
5 / 5 Merrilee
Excellent. Planted the in jiffy pods (72, 2 for pod). Each alone plant has come up. With which so only the week has his second leaves! Going to have a lot of soyaters this year.
5 / 5 Paola
Like this far like this well, lucido the container is well, simple to use, amusing... It embezzles partorisca see if this goes partorisca press!! Lucido The vendor is extraordinary, so only touch this, this valley lucido swipe!!
4 / 5 Alida
Some succulent looks is that it grows (dulcemente to the equal that has expected. Some seeds of the cacti are not producing like this expected that. Perhaps have it still time?
5 / 5 Ammie
A box is the complete box , all precise is water!
Also yes not having never any questions, likes I , simply email his - fast response and a service of better client!
To good sure will be that it buys again of Character Blossom!!
5 / 5 Delmer
The cactus has grown amiably, but some succulent is so only random seeds and has grown so only some class of herb. You do not recommend you are looking for succulent seeds like the priority.
4 / 5 Spencer
Some cacti have grown a lot well. Has 30 creatures now. Some succulent am not like this sure roughly. 3 it Looks well. 1 looks partorisca be some class of herb and an am not sure the one who bondadoso of the plant is.
5 / 5 Jutta
A creation of product looks perfect but a start is not that the be be expect. I have purchased succulent and mix of cacti. If some transmissions of growth, will amend a description but interior a moment, the looks is selling pots of flower and herb
4 / 5 Lawerence
Some of them have begun partorisca grow already. The brother has wanted to like his present navideño. It goes him to plant in his tanks of lizard when they are main.
4 / 5 Monika
These boxes are perfect and easy to begin. I have bought one for the present (microgreens) and has done a cactus and succulent band with mine 6 old year. You can say some seeds and the earth are big quality. A service of client of this company absolutely is in amazing. They are very bondadosos and quickly to answer any questions.
5 / 5 Carl
Has come quickly, good prize, all some seeds have taken well with the little bum some, but some seeds of cayenne were all bum any one has taken at all quite disappointed with that.
4 / 5 Deanne
Tried and followed all the instruction for a book ..... The temperature and the humidity have controlled.... An only thing has taken was the alone piece of the HERB that sews of looks that has not grown never to be more than that!
4 / 5 Rocio
Some succulent has grown/sprouted quickly. Some active cacti still the sprout sadly. But I am maintaining hope that they . My boys have wanted to help to plant them to me and is verifying daily to see has grown .
4 / 5 Brendon
My edges has loved this present for Navidad. Appearances this in spite of those some pots in fact would be ceramic or to the clay but they are biodegradable. That The packaging was beautiful. Good variety of seeds. Followed some instructions and all have been like this described that.
5 / 5 Cassy
All four sprouted finally! Some pictures are 4 different plants . A plant of Jalapeño grows a better. He already produced some flowers and now have the real jalapeño that grows.
5 / 5 Evonne
Our succulent has grown, but no the only one east the real succulent. Any of some seeds of same active cactus sprouted.
4 / 5 Aurore
Has The Impression of has not done to have... It say at all it averts of the gazon that pushes... It is not some a lot of
4 / 5 Margorie
has Given like present he in any the one who enjoys gardening, looked happy with him.. Now his cant cradle of boxes of the wait ;D
4 / 5 Bonita
Any exactly that it had expected it partorisca. Literally quite a lot of seeds and materials for him handful of sprouts. It looks he likes is past too on packaging and any enough in real feed that grows value. No for me at least.
4 / 5 Chantay
HAS all precise , thinks that any one has suggested to freeze some seeds in the first place perhaps that it would be it necessary be it addition
5 / 5 Randal
Master these boxes!! It has bought multiple, all precise and some plants have grown fantastically
4 / 5 Lavonne
J there is disappointed ☹️

No, his graines of cacti n has pressed enough long of my commission ....
4 / 5 Tommie
Now I have 6 plants of cucumber and like 12 plants of tomato!! All has grown seeds... Fun.
4 / 5 Britni
There is wanted absolutely my experience with a box & of Succulent Cactus. I have built he with my grandson of 2.5 years, does not take too long and really the enjoy. Some instructions are easy to follow and an assembly is directly advances.
5 / 5 Stacie
Will require to take some pots to dip the seeds in him comes with 4 which is good but avenges with liking 20 seeds of the each one and calm can any the dipped everything in a closing little pot
5 / 5 Alta
the present Adds but the wee has bitten expensive so that volume
5 / 5 Carry
Perfects for the present navideño for any one calms does not know that to buy for and love gardening.
4 / 5 Guadalupe
Very happy with cost of mine rid quickly already seeing juice of growth 2 weeks ! cant Expects to see like service of the result of client adds the to good sure will be to order more boxes of this product
5 / 5 Refugia
has Planted the month and each plant is coming on fantastically. Still while to see like result but like this far is looking promising.
4 / 5 Dedra
Has all I need in a container! Easy any to any instrictions

Top Customer Reviews: Nature's Blossom ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Georgann
The cost has checked was quite skeptical in this box, mostly because of a price and the trees can be hard to begin of interior of seeds. My surprise has all has germinated. There is drenched some seeds, as recommended, and has planted six for small pot. All 6 picea mariana seeds have sprouted, 2 pinus aristata, 1 delonix regal, and 3 jacaranda. I planted him so only on It Leaves 27, as it was not surprised included if more than them have on burst in some prjimos few weeks.

A pair of things that thinks can have helped (and has learnt to start with abundance of seeds in some pasts): I have covered some pots with will be wrap, with holes, to do sure the has not dried was. Also I have a bit grow lights for other plants, as I have dipped some pots beside those. Light is not particularly of entity, thinks, but to good sure require to be in the something warm
4 / 5 Marianne
The cost has checked partorisca take the sampling and plum the to the bonsai is a thing while the nurture of the seedling is creating and nurturing the creature.
These produced resupplies with all some tools partorisca create some saplings and here is my notes:
1. A product is a lot of value he partorisca a species of plant resupplied
2. Some instructions are so only until a germination and a lot roughly bonsai at all. Once some plants germinate, is for your account and has to that trust other sources.
3. Some disks of earth are forms compact is but break a lot easily and once they , results a lot difficult. I advise to not using the big bowl but the smallest bowl and any too much water for them to develop. In an art of bonsai, the patience is the virtue and expect of a moment join you earth ready.
4. Once some seeds are drenched for 24hrs, some seeds promptly germinated for me. (I only three pots to the equal that have lost a disk of earth)
5. To prevent mould:
a) situates some pots where the air takes circulated
b) does not leave stagnant water anywhere. It has dipped some pots in the 'bounty' cloth and interior 2 days, could see signs of mussel. Have takes immediately some cloths and all was a lot of then. The spray some puffs of diatomaceous earth in some outsides of some pots
c) any one on water some seeds. They say to maintain an earth moist but no saturated.
A picture has been taken 2 weeks after planting some seeds. Surprisingly fast growth. A P. aristata Looks to be thriving in Canadian time; also that it surprised them that it considers it is the gymnosperm and evolutionarily backward.
5 / 5 Danny
The cost has checked to good sure does not recommend using a has has resupplied the pots buy this. His of form inside a first week and a mould grown and develop quickly. A process partorisca germinate some seeds is quite long but ossia quite the good box for any one the only start was to the trees of bonsai likes him. The instructions are clear and very easy to follow. I suggest so only using the few seeds at the beginning and to maintain a rest for another pot to plant like this resupplied 5 to 10 seeds for band
5 / 5 Lillia
The cost has checked has taken this box partorisca my first experience of bonsai, some instructions were a lot of he directly advance and has given an overview partorisca potting of the each seed. Like the side any this in spite of, please do your action of investigation partorisca potting partorisca each type of the seeds yes are the noob taste.

Update after the month of potting: 2 of 4 seed writes resupplied has germinated well and is growing well. Some repotting, like the moulds have begun partorisca develop (been due to on watering).

Service of client: I am spent to contact some character blossom service of client, likes 2 of 4 seeds never sprouted. My surprised, his so only very substituted his, but dispatched the new box. Thank you Again partorisca east!
5 / 5 Rubi
The cost has checked has wanted to try a tedious process to grow trees of seeds, and ossia the add little box to take the things have begun.
Two seeds have germinated at the head of schedule, like this in a much less can confirm that his 'work'.
Are at all an expert (in fact ossia probably a first time has has not planted never anything) but I attentively scarified some seeds, and there is him drenched then for a recommended ~24 hours. This looks for having done well for me.
5 / 5 Bonny
Spent the container has checked Very pleasant. I suggest people partorisca do the scarification of his seed before dipping them in of waters he. Also dipping a delanix the seed governed 48 hours is better way that 24 reason these seeds are hard like the rock. While to them partorisca grow! Thank you! :)
5 / 5 Clark
The cost has checked has been disappointed extremely in this box. I have read some instructions to the tee - any partorisca mention has said included can not guarantee some the same seeds will germinate left so only take 7 years partorisca grow people. 1-2 Of 3 of some containers of seeds have grown , grieves, and is not lasted much more... I have followed all have like this gave , does not water every day waters and attended partorisca he partorisca be dry partorisca day and then water good sun and inner growth ANY for the window. This was like this disappointing and such the waste of money, so only would owe that exited and spend 0 in the bonsai. SEVEN YEARS. Ossia The pointless produced partorisca any the one who is not established to somewhere and has the frkn green house apparently, there was like this little growth idk that it is has expected plants but I person to guarantee more the one who has purchased has the plant that is alive anymore. It goes advance and ask the pictures grows plenaries of the client because it want to see some hips!
5 / 5 Jude
Checked Purchases No real growth of anything another it mould with this box and I have followed some instructions to a paper.
5 / 5 Tora
The cost has verified My bonsai is taking fungus. It is been almost 10 days has planted of a bonsai. And now his fungus taken.
4 / 5 Leanna
The cost has verified A picture has taken after 6 weeks.. So only a pinus aristita has given three that is in his way to die.. Another some very included survive.. I have followed all some steps and I am really well with plants.. But I wested my money with east.. Not to recommend it to any one..
5 / 5 Cherri
A picture has taken after 6 weeks.. So only a pinus aristita has given three that is in his way to die.. Another some very included survive.. I have followed all some steps and I am really well with plants.. But I wested my money with east.. Not to recommend it to any one..
5 / 5 Cynthia
So that it has paid could launch you in the little bit of sand partorisca resupply pertinent drainage and perhaps in place of the cups of paper could launch in coconut husk cups that does not cost a lot much more when it buy the box expects a box partorisca resupply calm with that need read some trees at least by means of some first months of pair . If I have wanted to so only buy the seeds could does has bought so only seeds
4 / 5 Sandee
has been excited to try this box, as it looks easy to do and would be the good start to try to learn like this to grow and cure for Trees of Bonsai. In spite of following some steps to a paper with this box, has not taken the so only sprout. They are really disappointed that ossia a chance , as it looks other people has had the success but has not been meant to be. Save your money and does not purchase this.
4 / 5 Edra
Is gone in punctually and have some seeds sprouting. All have planted is beginning even a figus in a first pot (these seeds are in three blue pots) has not used one has has resupplied pots
4 / 5 Lamont
has Bought this box on its own name, first box has received has been missing some seeds, but a quickly sent provider out of the whole new box, has asked not even an old box the transmission. Service of client very friendly. It can not comment in a box he still, as it take some time to grow. But it comes with all I need to start with, minus tools of real gardening. In general quite happy with product, would purchase again.
4 / 5 Angelita
Are quite new to bonsai, but has been that grows other plants for some time now. I have seen this box and he take me to knots very interested, especially for a Jacaranda tree. As I ordered it.

When A box has arrived , was very surprised with a content of a box and that amiably packaged was. It avenges with the very good and informative booklet and some seeds were very packaged and sealed -- in the note, in fact send enough to plot of seeds (sees some photos) which is well, in chance your initial 4 does not germinate, abundance of the more for another round.

Has been that follows some instructions of one drives resupplied, has left some seeds drench in of waters he for 24-48hrs ( has left the partorisca 48hrs) and now is in the paper towel (in the ziplock stock exchange) stops to the fastest germination.

One drives does not say you to do a ziplock stock exchange, but how is winter here in Canada atm, imagined it potentially would ask a germination (to the equal that has been my experience with other plants has grown seed).

Am planning on transferring them on the earth a next day or two, and will update this description once takes some progress in a process of germination.

Any reviewers is mentioning the mould that grows in his pots. I have not taken to potting so only still, but will update my description if this raisin.

In general, am a lot happy with cost of mine and to good sure would recommend this box to any one has interested to grow his trees of own bonsai (or although so only want to him grow trees like this regular, ossia the a lot of a lot of beginning box for the also).
4 / 5 Dianna
I seeds have comprised stops: blue Jacaranda(tree of fern), Ficus Religious, black spruce and bristlecone pasador.
Jacaranda, has germinated 3 pruned To 2
1 Ficus grieves it survived
Spruce, has germinated 7 pruned to 4
Pasador, 1 has germinated strong, 2nd (picture of centre) of different source

the earth changed during replanting in around 3 month to Akadama and rock of lava
5 / 5 Rheba
an only legitimate product of bonzai is on amazon CA. Any one all the seeds grow. Bought 2 bands. Not going to buy again. First batch 1/4 trees have grown. 2nd batch 1/3 seeds have grown. Saved one 4th reason his of then grows of a first batch. It follows instructions. But germinate x4 longer for better results. Some people say to germinate for the year that is crazy...

No shabby. Complete waste of money. Still in my situation where 1 out of 4 different trees have grown. Lasted 8 month and has died. Mina picea was the slow grower, then a bristles the turn headed to of green to red, the bought this two times. 2nd time around mine picea has grown again and was an only one that grows, but the entirely different looks. So only they launch anything seeds has. Forget of the money. Where it is mine 8 months of the tender cure that follows each step? Any word of vendor of my leading description and probably wont answered to this. Ossia A product of only legitimate bonsai and his the waste of time.
5 / 5 Yulanda
Has bought this to be the present navideño. That the waste of money. A box has been opened and resealed without the few elements that has been supposition to be like this of the seeds that, for a way is in him miserly quantity. For $ 30 it would expect it he for more than four seeds in the container. A main disappointment this in spite of see this goes on sale in 50 was two days after the buy and the person offered one discount. Finding the pieces that loses and the box that can not be endowed because of the harm was a icing in a cake for me. Of course, this afterwards is buying some pots of plant of accompanying bonsai to go with this 'present'.
5 / 5 Lanie
Has bought this for my husband in xmas. Drenched has then planted some seeds prompt February. It is Feb 13th today and already each type of seeds has multiple sprouts, and all are roughly 2 or more the big thumbs!

- Some seeds sprouted. It was class to expect them to do at all.
- Some pellets of crowd were far more than seedlings would require. It was able to take mine his lawyer after drenching and that roots that seed.
- Some pots to fill that was included will be able to be planted with a seedlings once that the time comes.
- Would be it good to add the simple final pots was as well as some pots of crowd. Felizmente Are the plant keeper so that has a lot of options, but any those who is perhaps new to the plants would require something final for these plants to live in.
- Would be it really adds if some pots of crowd have come with a aerated thing of type of plastic cup to seat in. While watering some pots of crowd tend to take soft, and having something gives him the big more structure also would help them a lot to dry out of calm like fast, while resupplying abundance of flow of air. Perhaps something that a pot of orchid where some sides are perforated partorisca enable abundance of flow of air.
4 / 5 Megan
I have had big hopes partorisca this box. Has thinks that that all some commentaries of molding were people that soyaybe overwatered his plant' or the one who any one?' I have followed some instructions, the mould looked in day 3. I maintained it under control for emotional a pot to the place of dryer and maintaining he with artificial light to improve casualidad to grow. Even has created the dome for better effects. At all it grows. I will try some seeds and muck again in the different pot that does the scarification likes more recommended, but honradamente this is much more be he operates and stress that has expected. So only buy some seeds want to and build your own box for less than a cost of this crap.
5 / 5 James
A bit disappointed for a prize that a box there is not coming with any class of tools or has detailed instructions. It is so only it stirs it of seeds and muck! If it love the good bonsai 'experience' will have to that buy some tools, boss and pots for separate. He the present very present unexpected in Christmas for lovers to plant this in spite of.
Also like another has declared a lot recommends to plant these in some pots resupplied to the equal that are biodegradable and will begin the mussel a lot quickly yes waters too much.
4 / 5 Barbie
A main reason has taken this box was for a ficus seeds. I have been it touches excited to take a ficus seeds. Some other seeds would be amused has thought too much. It take a box and opened it up and has had no ficus seeds. I have verified a box and he does not mention ficus seeds. Lame 4 types of seeds still but 2 to grow here and so only can collect one seeds me. The emailed. They have changed a box and has not changed a description written. Be conscious has no ficus. You take the pasador instead. Like this far a pinus aristata is growing but ossia all this is growing. It is so only be the week this in spite of. I will give some another more time
5 / 5 Virgie
has purchased judge more expensive of is exited boxes of retailers of on-line bonsai without any success in germination. These seeds have been supposed the sprout in any where of 3 to 6 weeks. I have had seedlings after the week! An only thing would do different is the not using his pucks and cups and use the judge of seeds of flat start. Situating all your seeds in a pot means to owe the sacrifice more than you will want to. If it use small crowd pucks in the tray of seeds can dip two or three seeds for pod and probably have more plants to do with.
4 / 5 Ernesto
Has planted 4 of some seeds , like this far 2 active sprouted and is growing well ., The instructions are detailed and easy to follow , has taken roughly 14 days until my seeds sprouted , but no alive in a house of ideal climate is maintained in 65 terracings that could be because it has taken like this long the spout , suggests 75 terracings in a manual of instruction , wil try some other seeds in state see if he the difference . The thing is grown like the shot a lot well in bosai trees
5 / 5 Lisabeth
Ossia the add little box. It comes with all precise result the master of bonsai. There is the handy little booklet has comprised with the directions add. A vendor has sent also an email with link he for even more information! I need a lot of patience and any one the long life or any one calm can bequeath him to..... With which 3 weeks a bit fellas was sprouting in his muck of special bonsai (also comprised) and is growing and happy. They are really enjoying this - is the present - is like this a lot take your soul to grow things. Spent this and enjoy :)
5 / 5 Deangelo
has had so only two thumbs of of the sud of the start has joined 4 of bonsaï.

Modification: it joins to give of the crew of Character' blossom my writing after my critique. One offered of reembolsado or to send me a new box. Truth had the cœur swipe He of my project! One send a new to commit and in the box lucida notebook of instructions the summer has improved. They are some Surprised of the rapidity of transmission and of improvement!
4 / 5 Bethany
Has taken this present for my mamma as it enjoys inner plants, and are the enormous defender of trees of bonsai (as for some films of girl of the quite pleasant karate). I have loved like this produced but alas looks to like all some seeds are uselessness .

Has been incredibly patient with a sowing of some seeds, doing sure to any overwater, that follows some instructions to the T, but at all there is sprouted and is been the quota 12 weeks. Had quite a lot of seeds given to try sowing his for separate two times, but both tentativas was for the fail, with only 1 seed finally beginning like this sprout out of all some bands. A lot disappointed - unfortunately, would not recommend , as it looks likes so only the casualidad random if his sprout or no.
4 / 5 Mellisa
Follow some directions to one 'You and has had so only two out of four germinate - at all at all of another two. A two this is growing is a Jacaranda Mimosifolia and a Pinus Aristata but at all has come at all of a Ficus Religious or Picea Mariana. Besides, some pots have comprised tended to take mouldy. It look forward to one 'adventure' of nurturing this bonsai and in that look them grow. Now I am maintaining my toes have crossed that a two this has 'germinated' thrive.
5 / 5 Victoria
Ficus Religious Is the very basic and beginners' tree of bonsai. I have read his produced info and has ordered this box but there is not founding any seeds.

The other of some seeds has grown that it is quite good but does not think this box cost CA$ when some nurseries are selling seeds for $ 2 each tree, the earth of big quality would cost $ 5 the stock exchange, the pots again would be $ 5 like this calm there go and have your box of own bonsai ready to go for $ 18. It guesses touch for a consolation to rid house.
5 / 5 Adrianna
It has been two month - follow any to any instruction and maintained them indoors but still has not grown :(. Purchased this like the present partorisca my fiancé that thinks it would be entertainment partorisca he - waste of $ $ and too bad can do not returning now.
5 / 5 Gearldine
Although two of some four seeds have done, has contacted once a vendor, a service of client was awesome!
Zero remorses!!
5 / 5 Raelene
Would not recommend this produces at all!!! Has has wanted the take something well partorisca my sister of the one who is the big defender of Japanese horticulture. I can say that we are thoroughly disappointed for a product a pot is to good sure a lot quite big to grow some seeds, a majority of one looks does not germinate, and can find better value elsewhere. The cost does not compare quality. Avert a product !
5 / 5 Christena
Has asked the repayment. I have followed some directions attentively and any one seeds germinated. Waste of endeavour!! When I have asked the repayment has sent to focus of turn. As they Are I to return a free earth and soggy planters? There is disappointed totally.
5 / 5 Laree
This container has arrived punctually and wrapped so it has not had any harm. I have been pleased that a box has not been all beat on, how is a chance sometimes with container. This in fact will produce 4 trees! I have bought this like the present for my husband and he looked very pleased for the receive. I will be to order some pertinent tools for punctual gardening.
4 / 5 Stefania
Present wonderful for anniversary, anniversary or animating of house! Lame for my mamma like the present/to animate of house of anniversary and loves it! Present better never!
4 / 5 Jay
Unfortunately has not had any success with this product to date. The instructions were all has followed thoroughly and any of some seeds has germinated. It can it comes to be miserable as it is not never 100 sure the seed will take, but any one has. In a upside gives quite a lot of seeds to plant the second averts. I will try again with those and hope for better results, but like this of now a product does not have to that be worth it.
4 / 5 Brenna
Laws for the few seeds. Any everything of them. @I give it has to that be carefull at the beginning to leave dry the first bit to take more waters cause it can easily rot. Unfortunately my little bonsai all cause deaths has not been easy to know those that water to give or any (I thinks has left result to dry) of then does not have any explanation to the equal that to concern of a bonsai once grows. Also after the few months were still like this extremely small to the equal that maintains in alcohol that has to be you patient and ready to maintain the next eye on him. If it likes-you a process to see pocola plant that grows then yes would recommend this product. It maintains in importing you still could require buy the big bonsai in an end but is amused to do and value a test.
5 / 5 Owen
For the trades are the botanist . So only it can take 4 seeds to germinate. One has has resupplied wry (blockade of muck) is in fact decent. It drench them in the bowl of water for 10 minutes. Some pots are provisional. In general it is decent.
5 / 5 Onita
I really liked these, a prime minister tries has had some questions and send me to us the new box! Second time have had around 3 of some four types of plants have sprouts like this hopefully will have 3 different types of plants of bonsai! Like this far these 3 looks to be doing well. Growing dulcemente, but that grows any less :)
5 / 5 Angila
My prime has the green thumb and this have done the present adds partorisca his he University so it has entered .

Has been to the test of tree of the bonsai once and has said that the trees of bonsai take 5 years or so many. I expect that it results well and ailing update my description consistently.

Thinks that he the present adds this in spite of.
4 / 5 Lesley
Has given this to the mine hubby partorisca the present navideño. It is excited like this partorisca begin these and he a lot attentively has followed some instructions, has included sure facts have really well the pertinent earth and the different pots have used as it was mentioned in of the leading descriptions a lot partorisca use pots in container. All some seeds sprout to the 2-5 height of thumb and then his all has died. These starts of products out of promising but a result of final has died sprouts. You do not recommend this product.
4 / 5 Berneice
Looks very professional and interesting. The box is completed. I have printed an email of vendors was and are by train partorisca add it to one is the present partorisca any concealed does not have experience with plants but the plot of time in his hands. Partorisca The meticulous and the patient person is the perfect present .
4 / 5 Thomasena
Has bought these like the present partorisca my box was smaller has expected then but still a lot a lot looking. All partorisca grow 4 plant is comprised, has began them so only was down has DIRECTED sp the time will say. But considering presentation and punctual delivery, recommended!
4 / 5 Normand
Begins with an Albero of the bonsai and the boxes of bay have come with the instructions add and all precise .. We were and still it is very excited some of some trees have begun partorisca grow {well except a one has had to that begin 3 times because our cat has in still this particular tree :) } and some seeds of bay are in a refrigerator to the equal that has instructed.
A service of client has been in amazing; helping was with some coupons find in some boxes. Has has purchased now a box of sunflower also.

Highly would recommend any of these boxes to any those who enjoys an emotion to see the thing grows and flourish. It is also the project adds for Boys.

Thank you
5 / 5 Kenton
A box was awesome. The instructions were directly advances. They are the bit of the weirdo and there be enjoyed to look some pods of muck grow. Thats Where Arrive. sprouted! It was a lot disappointed. Any sure if some seeds were too many old or can a lot of sprout plant of house (give seeds of vegetable and these sprout any time!).
5 / 5 Rochell
I like a selection of seeds has resupplied. If I can sprout his felizmente, will resupply seedlings for 4 future bonsai trees really interesting.

Some instructions resupplied is quite clear, but more detail on to the cold stratification is required for some seeds of conifer. When I contacted Him they promptly resupplied there is detailed much more the plant and that grows instructions. It has been it has very appreciated.
4 / 5 Pearlene
Swimming greew of some seeds have planted, has followed some instructions, but the looks have taken bad seeds ... There is certainly better kitsout there.

Modification: A contacted me and refunded a whole thing, the service of client is quite well, the supposition has not been lucky!
5 / 5 Mel
Was the little concerned roughly beginning trees of seeds, and is like this wonderful to wake each morning to the plant that grows big each day. I am not pruning enjoys it a growth.
4 / 5 Fritz
An only seed has loved out of four was one this didnt sprout anything at all which is a main lived one in a box. As they have sent you mark it new box for surprise, am very pleased and think this box is perfect for beginners

Top Customer Reviews: AeroGarden Grow ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
5 / 5 Shela
I love my AeroGarden!!!! I have had a garden of external herb during a summer and really lost my fresh herbs during a time of winter. I have asked a AeroGarden partorisca Navidad and has received the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Collect - 6 pod. I want coriander and a box of seeds that has come he with him has not comprised this herb as I have bought this grows anything seeds box of pod. I have bought my own coriander the seeds and a plant has begun partorisca grow without subjects, included although some other plants have been planted in the first place and is towering on that. In one his picture a bit type in a right side half location.
5 / 5 Arletha
A lot happy with this box. I am not sure state if a Aerogarden would do, as I have not wanted to buy an enormous bulk container. I also didnt master casualidad a pre has has seeded bands, enough would buy my own seeds. This has done a lot well.

One a thing to look for with a Aerogarden is mould. It comes quickly and propagations everywhere, kills some seeds and turns a green of pellets of the crowd. Cleaned out of a whole garden each new grows cycle, a container, all plastic and spouts (use the q-tip). Also I check each few days for mussel and clean like this necessary.

I produced adds!
5 / 5 Janelle
Likes that I can use any seeds of my bank of seeds in these pods. And I take my times can use him on and on again. To That that did not like me was of a first pod has used is in fact state moldy before some seeds could sprout. But after cleaning it was and substituting he with new seeds have grown so only well. Another thing has found was that some pods so only can grow things with small seeds. I have tried to plant the nano mandarin orange tree and although some seeds are smaller that the orange tree regulates was still too big for some pods.
5 / 5 Amanda
Has been to use these and expósitos that a box was the half to run over and does not avenge with some coverages of green of focus for some pods. Been due to of the this, first of all can not label my plants. Secondly Some pods do not return properly in a grower has compared to some pods with coverages that is coming with mine grower. They stick on too big, the crooked chair and is unlikely my seeds will take any moisture. Also, without the coverage some discharge of float of earth on and does not remain in a pod. I left him in for now to see if anything grows.

This is not an only question with AeroGrow the products that loses parts. Mina grower is coming with an open box and some English instructions that loses.

Buyer beware when treating AeroGrow produced.
5 / 5 Joni
Has found that one the majority of defiant part of this (can that to him the defiant call) is adhering any focus to some plastic cages. It suggests to use an iron, but if you do not have one, can use a fund of the frying pan or pot this has been animating in a stove. A defiant course is not that it heats in a focus, and maintaining situates for the leave to melt to a cage. If it is heated-on, begins to turn , and crack. It takes the little tries to take a hangs of him. Otherwise, Is the good product that the perfectly strong law he AeroGarden.
4 / 5 Myriam
Has received recently mine 2 Miracle-Gro Aero Boxes of Pods of Seeds of Garden. Some instructions are like this easy to follow. I plan to grow some of my tomatoes of cherry of Tim Tiny in some pods of seeds this summer. Thank you Again, Miracle-Gro!
Mary Embroiders
4 / 5 Maryann
this element has done exactly that it says it would do! His no too brilliant, virtually without his, well looking in my cup of contadora and has bought two of them, one for herbs some lettuces of paralizaciones.. Has a cookery of slowly open and this chair in my counters of cookery.. If a light is too much brilliant in an evening that TV of looks etc can so only temporarily gone back of a light and turn on for him later..
4 / 5 Kimberlee
Has wanted to use mine aerogarden still arugula that grows and of then does not like the box still, has bought one grows anything boxes and mine arugula now is that it grows amiably Easy 😊 to use (follows some instructions).
5 / 5 Ashley
Are the horrible gardener and look to kill each plant has tried to grow - except a AeroGarden plants. I have finalised so only the group of tomatoes of cherry, and now uses these 'grow anything' pods to grow my favourite group typical of herbs of my own seeds (3x basil, 3x dill, 1x coriander).
5 / 5 Dyan
Has arrived punctually. Utilisation these pods can add seeds of yours own to grow in a AeroGarden. The box comes with pod, moss, focus, domes and nutrient. To attach some focuses to a pod the iron is required. A heat of an iron adheres a focuses to a pod. I do not have an iron to the equal that have used my iron to solder.
4 / 5 Dannette
I want this partorisca my own seed that grows. I gave it so only four star because I can not be that some cups of paper are iron -on. I have not had an iron in of the years, and some papers partorisca always are that they fall off. It has to that have the better way to do this clave.
5 / 5 Keren
Eats the plot of parsley, coriander and @@@chive all the round of year. It is it adds that I can grow indoors that requires.
5 / 5 Shawnna
Extracted decent, dunno reason the people say that these are expensive, around the dollar each one that like this, and takings fertilizante also, albeit material low quality. Some look of hard focus to return on.
5 / 5 Liberty
Perfect substitution partorisca Aerogarden boxes; it have to that mapea of update in plants like this already calms does not take plastic bands fertilizante but instead and better plants alimentary boot. Shopping again when a time comes.
5 / 5 Gaye
Reason 3 Of some 6 pods of seeds that is coming with a Aerogarden has not germinated, has bought seeds and has used one Grows Anything seeds pods partorisca grow herbs. Good works.
4 / 5 Christa
I freaking LOVES my Aero Garden and I also freaking WANT these pods. I have learnt that requires to look the one who variety of seeds I plant because some grow too big, but concealed is on me. One grows anything the pods are the sleep !
5 / 5 Kirby
Follows some instructions closely and everything will be well! Fact perfectly with different types of seeds!
5 / 5 Tayna
Totally that has expected. Amur A versatility to use my own seeds. While my aero the garden arrives today! Happy planting all the world!
5 / 5 Lakisha
My daughter in law has has wanted to this and continuous the use. Compraventa Excellent.
4 / 5 Belen
Exactly that has required partorisca my Aeorogarden! It can it has sealed that it liked me so that some pods were still soft and frescos. It was partorisca order again!
4 / 5 Sung
Has thought that his Lines would have been incluses. I go partorisca try me his Lines in cradle and will see the efficiency.
5 / 5 Angela
To the equal that has described. Excellent element. The nave is faster tgen the ball partorisca accelerate !!!
4 / 5 Maryland
Opportunely Resupplies additional planting pods and fertilizante
4 / 5 Debbi
As described - although one of mine pods have not produced my herb. I will attribute this my own failure.
4 / 5 Magaly
Loves a product. Utilisation to grow herbs in my cookery.
5 / 5 Delores
thank you Received to the equal that says Besides a day of party wowwww
thank you
5 / 5 Charisse
Esees Has not had Never any subjects with Aerogarden produced. These are gone in the timely fashion and well has packed. Shopping more later on.
5 / 5 Edgar
Some boxes have arrived promptly and already have the plants that grows in mine Aero Garden. Fun!
4 / 5 Nicol
Looks there is forming of mussel in a cup.
Still a lot of sprouting with which 3 weeks in regular spearmint.
Will not buy again.
4 / 5 Cesar
The product is very easy to use and comes with easy to follow instructions. The basil and the @@@Chive now are that they grow and while the Parsley and another the sprout.
4 / 5 Claire
To the equal that has described.

A lot of gain to grow your own seed.
4 / 5 Kali
Die like the present. Arrived in good time. recipient Wants to and has grown the plot of herbs in him
5 / 5 Tegan
Some pods/of focus are too many big for some domes to cover, and the crack yes tries to force down. A lot disappointing!

Top Customer Reviews: AeroGrow ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5 Mable
Measure: 9-Pod Ossia an early description that will update in the aim.

Has purchased a Aerogarden Bounty (9 pods) in extracted adds on Amazon. Because it does not use the plot of herbs, has purchased a box of lettuce of Romaine to the equal that take much more use out of that.

Is not even be 4 full days, already ALL NEW of some active pods sprouted and have multiple of small green leaves in increasing. I can you do not say quell'excited are with this so that it is not never able state to grow anything in my life; each plant has not had never has died in mandate very short.

To the equal that has said, will update again like this progress of time, but there is wanted to so only any the one who, taste, is by train to ask if these Aerogarden of things really laws for people with black thumbs, then (as far at least) a response is an enthusiast YES!!
4 / 5 Maragret
Measure: 6-the pod has begun with one 3-pod AreoGarden in January. Some herbs have grown like this quickly. As I have not gone really the defender of some herbs (and will try to plant the in planters), has taken tomatoes and lettuce partorisca substitute them. So only a pod of the each one has been used. Both are growing in of the imposed records. I love this system (like the first timer) and hope of the develop when they are on sale again in a fall.
4 / 5 Rebbecca
Measure: Update of 9 Pods, has planted initially 4 and 1 any sprout. I have planted now more and of one 9 has planted 3 very never sprout (has grown so only the aim mairy mould). Partorisca This price having 1/3rd never sprout is really disappointing partorisca a price. I have been looking in these and am sure can do my own pods and plant my own seeds I so that it was partorisca try that instead. Regarding a areogrow system, work well. Hardly we can maintain on on 6 plants of lettuce with familiar of four. But they require the better reliability partorisca some prices is asking seeds.
4 / 5 Eryn
Measure: 6-Pod A cost ofr buying some pods and a cost that will save it in a tent is exponential!!! It has Caesar salad the plot in our house and is fantastic having quotas romaine lettuce when we love it. There is also the satisfaction adds that it knows where my lunch comes from/comes from.
4 / 5 Nenita
Measure: 7-the pod has ordered 2x 7 pods romain lettuce. First order there was an out of 7 concealed has not germinated, in a second the orders have had 2 plants of tomato. I emailed cured of client and was responsive and sent substitutions
5 / 5 Ayako
Measure: 6-the pod there is enjoyed literally month of fresh lettuce. I add partorisca we been due to a fright with a packaged material in of the supermarkets! It can not live without our salads and lettuce. Probably you buy again in future. Once ours the pods of seeds have gone.
4 / 5 Sharda
Measure: 6-Pod All sprouted in 5 days. Ready partorisca eat in 20 days. Lettuce Very good. Still that grows and will be ready partorisca another punctual salad. Has a Aerogarden Slender and now included in 22 days, is not too big. Very easy to grow.
5 / 5 Marcella
Measure: 6-the pod has begun partorisca collect lettuce the 3 weeks after beginning. It is amused partorisca look them grow. I have been topping up with watering filtered in mine AeroGarden Collects each few days now that some plants are main and look partorisca drink more.
4 / 5 Lynda
Measure: 6-Pod Ossia a first time had bought a Aero Lettuce of Romaine of the Garden. They have been planted now partorisca 16 days and so only 3 of some 6 pods have done.
Has tried returns him and of course May 31 was a date of caducity.
Has purchased another Aero produced of Garden and have ALL FACT and poden does not go back the Aero Garden partorisca take your money behind.
Any one impressed that has paid full price partorisca only 3 pods!
5 / 5 Gonzalo
Measure: 6-the pod has ordered romaine and there is give, when I dipped him in a aerogarden that one of these pods is labeled Oregano.
Once flowery, if it is Oregano , will reduce again 1 star. If a deception was a focus so only and flowers, will add 1
4 / 5 Deandre
Ossia A first time had bought a Aero Lettuce of Romaine of the Garden. They have been planted now partorisca 16 days and so only 3 of some 6 pods have done.
Has tried returns him and of course May 31 was a date of caducity.
Has purchased another Aero produced of Garden and have ALL FACT and poden does not go back the Aero Garden partorisca take your money behind.
Any one impressed that has paid full prize partorisca only 3 pods!
4 / 5 Lissa
All sprouted in 5 days. Ready partorisca eat in 20 days. Lettuce A lot good. Still that grows and will be ready partorisca another punctual salad. Has a Aerogarden Slender and now included in 22 days, is not too big. A lot easy to grow.
4 / 5 Karima
There is enjoyed literally month of fresh lettuce. I add partorisca we been due to a fright with a packaged material in of the supermarkets! It can not live without our salads and lettuce. Probably you buy again in future. Once ours the pods of seeds have gone.
4 / 5 Charley
Has ordered romaine and there is @@give, when I dipped him in a aerogarden that one of these pods is labeled Oregano.
Once flowery, if it is Oregano , will reduce again 1 star. If a deception was a focus so only and flowers, will add 1
4 / 5 Geri
Grows good and just prize. But I recomment taking heirloom green of salad. Way tastier and no like this bitter and grow for more along
4 / 5 Manuel
‘Planted' three of these in mine aero garden. Two has grown wonderfully - a has finalised partorisca be the plant of tomato!!! Prize!!!
A flavour is stronger that the garden grown romaine lettuce - but a lot still.
4 / 5 Janett
Cost each cent and then some! It has had all 2 could do for the maintain low control to the equal that grow like wildfire. A flavour was wonderful. They are hooked in a romaine.
4 / 5 Maile
Some active pods sprouted and is growing well. One grows the domes have been missing of an order. Felizmente Has saved him of the leading order, as reused him. If it was yours first time that would have been the question. I want to see a lettuce grows these months of cold winter and choosing it fresco to the equal that has required.
4 / 5 Candida
Has not grown and was all infested with small mites. These bugs have destroyed all mine another plant. Never buy again
4 / 5 Evon
The majority of them is growing abundantly but a last time, has had three concealed has not germinated.
4 / 5 Chantelle
His all germinate and grow on the storm, really enjoy a fresh flavour and nutrition.
4 / 5 Elfriede
Has had 3 harvests of the each pod already! They grow big and hearty!
5 / 5 Lucretia
Each pod sprouted quickly and each one which so it grew it to tasty good-looking lettuce. Utilisation these tasty green in mine big powered blender partorisca juices, in mine sandwiches, and partorisca salads lateralmente. Shopping again.
4 / 5 Madonna
Loves my little aerogrow
the subject Only is the pair of some pods are uselessness and any lettuce has grown
5 / 5 Donn
Some seeds are fast sprouting and in increasing well, collected frequently and enjoying in of the salads often.
4 / 5 Wiley
A lettuce was utmost , so much chose it each few days.
4 / 5 Israel
This 2 years ago That buys his product and am usually very satisfied... Pair against his two last boite that has bought In pourrit and desséché... A lot disappointed!! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
5 / 5 Sue
Delicious lettuce, right in my cookery! I have transplanted Some of these outsides in a summer and his thrived. Utmost cost.
5 / 5 Elinore
Loves this product, has two that grows in mine aerogarden and can take the salad weekly!
4 / 5 Scottie
These romaine the pods are wonderful. Tonnes of lettuce good flavour and so only follows that it grows and in increasing.
4 / 5 Angelia
A delivery was punctual. All a romaine the pods have germinated inside the week or so much and is thriving. Less than the month partorisca plant the small salads.
5 / 5 Johnson
An addition adds to my garden of winter. Easy to grow and has been collecting paralizaciones almost the month now. Utilisation so only 3 pods the time to leave for spatial.
5 / 5 Maudie
With which two weeks are already snacking in a lettuce and that remain to expect besides.
4 / 5 Vernita
At all bitter and Lucido the flavour is Excellent. Pair Against, one gives plants, sud two has used, no a pressed. One east reward, answered to joined better récolte!
4 / 5 Tawanda
All 6 pods sprouted and is doing adds. It was reordering this box sure.
4 / 5 Karine
All some pods have grown to big good-looking boss of lettuce. Tried adds also. You recommend this to any one. A lot easy to grow and maintain.
5 / 5 Yan
A last order has had the little of seeds any sprout. This was leading my last order. Questions tyme basil and green
4 / 5 Rodolfo
This product is guaranteed 100 satisfaction. A pod has not germinated of one 2 I has planted. As I Take the pod of substitution ?
4 / 5 Diana
Luv This produced but I have had 2 pods that has not begun in increasing. Perhaps some seeds have fallen was ????
5 / 5 Lorna
Can a lot really say he so that it was the present navideño . It arrives in time.
5 / 5 Svetlana
Has surprised totally and highly would recommend. Germinated A day. Tried two pods of seeds. A lot happy

Top Customer Reviews: Miracle-GRO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5 Eryn
Measure: 9-the pod Ossia dud / misleading announcing!

Has opted of the amazon comprises 3 pods, 6 pods or 9 pods. I have paid partorisca 9 pods, a box said '9 pods of seeds', and a box says 'clean contents: 9 pods of seeds ( oz each one which as) - Total oz'

But has 4 pods in a box. Yes, he there said '4 pods' in a title, but then the ones of the options partorisca those that pods takes. Reviewers Has declared this also, but has added this my cart like the quickly add when buying other pods - so that there is not reading some descriptions.

Further, a price partorisca 9 pods in this box is a price still likes 9 pods in other boxes. So that advantages to a misleading character of this ad.

Has called his line partorisca sustain to inform them that has received so only 4, and said to knots that I any precise 9. Cela Some plants grow big, likes 9 is too many. 4 pods Are in a box, reason ossia sufficient partorisca the garden. THAT CLASS OF RESPONSE THIS CELA?! I buy 9 pods of herbs, but usually so only grow 3-4 the time, some another attended his turn!

Will be rid the legal complaint to a Government of Canada like the result of this misleading advertising, and a abhorrent service, which was clearly the script practised and still abhorrent.
5 / 5 Nenita
Measure: 9-Pod Less than three month after planting my pods, has tomatoes!!! They have germinated Quickly, and with you excite we look the boatload of green tomatoes in anticipation of having the fresh tomatoes of a vine. Has our premiers few mature tomatoes, and is excited like this in just in that burst the in to our mouth likes them the candy of of character.

Is some tomatoes of worse test have had in my life. I can very included describe it.

Some peppers at present is flowering, and am debating has to so only cut my losses and cut an integer grow bowl down and replant of tomatoes that does not try like the dump of rubbish, or maintain some tomatoes that grow so that it can see that to a flavour of peppers likes.

Takes your own seeds grow anything pods. When they have found the race of tomatoes that grows short, was cut also on flavour.
5 / 5 Ayako
Measure: 6-Pod This Aero-the garden is surprising, really he easy to grow a calm to seed you given. You add some pods and a water dipped some lights and look your Veggies or the herbs grow or anything loves plant. When they Say to have to that sprout in 7-10 days mean it. His sprout quickly and grow vigorously. It is the present amused for boys, friends or family. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Sharda
Measure: 9-the pod has chosen on stirs it of November of pods of the seeds of 2017. So only opened on this band partorisca dip in a AeroGarden and there was so only 4 pods in place of one 9 I has PAID STOPS. It have to that it has read it some descriptions. It looks these bands often is losing contents. Like this disappointing. Ossia A second time this is to spend mine . It have to that begin buy his in a tent and opening in a register. Buyer beware. It takes video of you unboxing!
5 / 5 Marcella
Measure: the box of 6 Pods is pricer then buying seeds and planting them in spare pods, although both my plants have been that grows strong, has bought of a box he roughly done 8 month. A plant the tomatoes of the Cherry grows roughly 8-10 tomatos the week, while a jalapeo grows roughly 2 peppers the week, although it take almost 3 month before some flowers have turned to tomatoes and of the peppers.
4 / 5 Lynda
Measure: 6-the pod Dipped this on almost done 4 weeks. Some two plants of tomato sprouted first and hardly has taken 1 big cm before it looks for to have died. A pepper still is that it goes and is now the thumbs of big pair. If something spends that these tomatoes in fact something can change my description. For now, I am a lot disappointed.
5 / 5 Gonzalo
Measure: 6-Pod after buying this partorisca my gfs the anniversary plants this on can prime minister and like this far an only thing this has grown is a mini is a first time something has not grown and hopefully a rest of a material will grow finally but this for real is annoying.
4 / 5 Lynna
Measure: 3-Pod Sizzling Garden in drenching Bliss!

Packaged Has arrived interior 2 days that Prime of use of Amazon. Happy with shipping and has produced. The product arrived as it has described. The box was in excellent condition. The seeds already are beginning the sprout! Looking forward to any house the tomatoes grown and peppers this Christmas :). A lot happy with the cost and the price was on point!
4 / 5 Sharie
Measure: 3-the pod there has been sucedido in a past in using my AeroGardens (I own 2) but my foray to the elements the big plus has not been like this successful. Neither some tomatoes neither some peppers have germinated. You recommend a AEroGArden partorisca herbs and partorisca begin seeds, but would not recommend a tomaotes and some peppers.
5 / 5 Heidy
Measure: 6-the pod Partorisca some reasons my box does not contain some empty spatial blockers. On he here said partorisca the 6-pod aerogarden the box avenges with 1 tomatoe, 1 pepper, and 4 spacers this in spite of, has taken 6 pods of seeds , which are partorisca add but can so only uses 1 tomato/1 plant to pepper the time as they require spatial to grow. I am not sure that can use it to block a light to go to a water of some empty spaces and that growth of cause of seaweeds.
5 / 5 Shakira
Partorisca Some reason my box does not contain some empty spatial blockers. On he here said partorisca the 6-pod aerogarden the box avenges with 1 tomatoe, 1 pepper, and 4 spacers this in spite of, has taken 6 pods of seeds , which are partorisca add but can so only uses 1 tomato/1 plant to pepper the time as they require spatial to grow. I am not sure that can use it to block a light to go to a water of some empty spaces and that growth of cause of seaweeds.
5 / 5 Leontine
Loves my greens of the new salad on done the week and is bursting on already. All 6 of mine pods have grown. I have had another aerogarden for the year and still is that it produces the tomato is now I ll has my aero green of garden for the the!
5 / 5 Kelvin
Has had 4 plants in a container. One of some plants of tomato has produced the few tomatoes and some another three plant at all. Some other plants have begun the sprout and inside the month to grow begun loosing his leaves and there is prendido to grow. I have bought some herbs that has done a lot well, would not recommend some vegetables. You are paying the plot for the handful of tomatoes.
5 / 5 Tamra
Has received some in shape good seeds but has been them deceived by a aerogarden
If it is not comprised objective reason a photo of him Or reason does not indicate is not included
5 / 5 Dorthey
Ossia my fifth pod of seeds , my prime minister of Amazon. Another has purchased directly of Aerogarden. All another has like this be fiancé. This a, some tomatoes are coming up but with which 34 days have planted, still any sign of peppers. No orders pods of seeds of Amazon again
5 / 5 Lucien
Total waste of money. Like the tin of repayment . But I have launched out of some plants. They have grown and sprouted immediately like the majority of these pods done. Any tomato or any same pepper sprouted. It takes flowers. Then dead flowers. Then one the plant has begun to die. Topped on a water each few days, and has added some nutrients weekly. Any one has impressed.
5 / 5 Minta
A packaging said 6 pods, this in spite of, has 2 and 4 coverages.
This information is comprised in a listing under a selection of pod but is confusing he like this contradicted a packaging.
The indication has based on contradicting information, can update depend grow .
4 / 5 Melany
Amur All of a Aero produced of Garden, & shipment arrived punctually.

3 stars because a product has been missing one of some domes of germination for together initial up.
5 / 5 Solomon
Amur These. 2 the has not grown but has contacted some Vendors and they substituted. Only reason I any 5 star was for this reason
5 / 5 Erna
the this has been missing one grows domes. When the paid for the product was a lot avenges complete. Otherwise Looks well. So only planted today.
4 / 5 Eufemia
At all explicit fully and guess this that he And The interior and the truth the proud fault to that goes partorisca press in 2 or 3 month alas disappoints it
5 / 5 Oma
One packing is by train partorisca give you dud information. Calm aim you 6 Pods of Seeds when there it is really so only 2 Pods of Seeds with 4 black of discharge (that is partorisca me does not have any idea).
5 / 5 Isa
Has bought this and has planted. It looks partorisca promise at the beginning like them sprouted and has begun partorisca grow. But after the month has died. Properly it waters fed and maintained there is topped up. Any tomatos or peppers partorisca me :( mine squandered $
5 / 5 Tisa
has Ordered this like the present opened it so only today and there there is so only 4 of 9 pods and one of a plastic inserts/inserts is broken and pod in peices. Really disappointed likes the window of turn is closed.
4 / 5 Anglea
Both of some pods germinated and now is that it grows dulcemente but surely. There is taken on the week partorisca both to sprout. It can not expect the box can begin to collect!
5 / 5 Allen
The pods are growing well like this far, so only be the weeks of the pair but I have has not had never any questions that grows the variety of a Miracle Gro pods of seeds.
4 / 5 Sharmaine
I amour of mine Aerogarden and this was the element adds . No really prpers give is supposition partorisca leave the fair has bitten of spatial among these plants so only be conscious of that.
5 / 5 Queen
Has been 93 orderly days, does not produce so as expected and is the production peppers very slow and tomatoes!
4 / 5 Arlinda
Loves a product in general but A pod of the seeds always fails to grow.
4 / 5 Magen
Seeds of tomato sprouted interior 5 days, the peppers were up in 7. You look of plants to be am like this far. Not producing still to the equal that have been so only planted for 16 days.
5 / 5 Fannie
These are easy to grow and was so only are days when some seeds of the tomatoes and the peppers of jalapeño seeds begun the idea of present of the garden partorisca people that wants to grow things.
4 / 5 Norris
Unfortunately the averages of these has been moldy in planting to grow. It has not had Never this question before with another aero has produced of garden
4 / 5 Shaunda
This description in drenching of the garden is deceiving. It says that you receive 9 pods but in fact so only so only receive four. Two tomato and two jalapeño. Conceal so only it results apparent with which go to a description detailed of him.
5 / 5 Jeremy
As the easy is to maintain and change a water when adding eaten of new plant. At present that grows tomatoes of cherry and now has included a tomato is small and green.
5 / 5 Meghann
Two of some pods of pepper were uselessness . It has ordered a lot of pods ober years like this the have a lot of aero is. The tomatoes and the look of herbs to be one the majority of of confidence.
4 / 5 Joana
Has planted these in mine new pod aerogarden. His all sprouted quickly and some plant still is that they go strong
4 / 5 Tyrell
Out of 6 pods
there was so only 2
is to come fraction
4 / 5 Marline
has done like this expected excepts some tomatoes have finalised chocking out of a pepper
5 / 5 Bula
Pros:All some seeds have germinated.

Gilipollas: These produced there is not coming with spacers of plant. Has has had to that do mark-spacers of tower for my account to prevent formation of seaweeds. Any sure he intentional likes opposed the description or so only my box.
5 / 5 Elton
The push is Incursions very quickly! This will be partorisca The verify go to have give tomatoes and piments, but touches the instant all is perfect!
4 / 5 Khadijah
The one who the enormous disappoints, this was a lot on priced so that it is gone in a topmast . Two pods of seeds? It has included it say 6pods of seeds under contents in a box. A lot lose main. Buyer beware.
5 / 5 Rosena
Are on day 57 and while some tomatoes are doing well, a plant to pepper never sprouted and another east still quite small. It was surprised to see any peppers at all, but will have to attended and see.
5 / 5 Vita
There was so only 2 pods of seeds in a box, has ordered 6. Disappointed.
5 / 5 Hillary
All a lot of but has been disappointed that they call it to 9 box of pod, a lot deceiving there is so only two of the each pod and 5 coverages. Have to that call to four box of pod!
5 / 5 Tameka
Fascinating Produced halopenos was that it abounds This in spite of the tomatoes have not been satisfactory

Top Customer Reviews: AeroGarden Seed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5
As it has expected! They are returned a form of some baskets and resist good water. My peas are by train to want to took him far like any complaint of entity. The desire is gone in the stock exchange of zip this in spite of in place of the no reusable stock exchange, especially of then can be the little brittle when dry. I have had to that dip a some have not used in the ziplock and am concerned a embrague can have slimmed his down bit it.

An only star am taking was is reason can not find the retailer in Canada this sells so only some sponges. If it can take him without a cost of additional nutrients, which any precise , would give up looking for an alternative altogether. It is rockwool is more economic, but are leery of a material of insulation-as the materials are not some better to breathes in, already knows? And jiffy the pellets do not return in some baskets :(
5 / 5
The description of product reads ' Comprises 70 biodegradable, nutritious-rich Grow Sponges partorisca use in your Miracle-Gro AeroGarden the seed that Begins System
Comprises four 8 ml pre-container of the nutrient measured' This in spite of when I have received my mandate there is 75 grows sponges any 70 which is in price . Also it comprises a (1) 3oz bounces of lunch of liquid plant in place of a four 8ml container of nutrient. (32ml vs Again the price in my favour) Happy with this compraventa.
3 / 5
When A product has arrived has had 2 differences to a way a product has been described and a way a product has arrived. A product has been supposition partorisca have 70 sponges and 4x 8ml pre-the container of nutrient has measured. Well when A container has arrived is all taped near in the stock exchange... Which required partorisca transfer some elements to the new ziploc partorisca storage, and when doing has counted like this 60 sponges, and in place of some 4 containers of nutrient avenges with the 85g (3oz) boat. It has had the habit of a boot like this is that it avenges with an original seedling the judge of boxes is exited... As any biggie there, but has been disappointed in 14 less sponges. This listing would owe that be king-modified if a product has changed.
3 / 5
Any sure because/if these pods are different that comprises in a judge of boxes is exited. I forget that it was now, but one of some seeds that has sent has not wanted to use to having used like this my seeds of the own lettuce and he have grown like crazy. Now that am using these pods of substitutions, at all there is thrived at all Grows to in a thumb or two and then dies. At all more it is different in a system as I am not sure that it is up with east. I will try some seeds of different plant and sees to do very better, in that marry I upgrade an indication ( An original box that has bought was a three pod an and has astonishingly done a lot otherwise).
4 / 5
I have purchased these eseed judge of is exited sponges of system' partorisca use as 'grow sponges' simply because partorisca some reason a 'grow sponges' is more expensive. A eseed judge of the system exited' the quantity of sponges is more and the price is less. It is quell'has bitten longer that one grows sponges but access in some plastic baskets that I reuse with my own seeds. Deducted 1 star partorisca be on priced so that it is like this with another Aerogarden has produced partorisca Canadian in all the chance.
3 / 5
One produces are add, interior 2 days my arugula active sprouted. It likes- one creation in him, has the hole in a half as I can dip my seeds, thought it so only come like my preseed pods, so that it is in price . So only giving 3 star been due to a packaging. Some pods have been broken and unusable, not impressing with how is packaged, personally thinks some skills of pods be in the box and no plastic stock exchange.
1 / 5
I am suspecting my product has taken has contaminated... A first batch of my garden has used a together of original garden, all plant has grown perfectly well. But when has transmission to this container, omg a moss has been that grows like crazy. The form the dark green bubbles likes them calm sees in the soup of the witch. A moss has eaten also mine sprouts; some plant surviving but some the only dark green turned and has died. I also found has the clot of big mucus inside a fluid of nutrition... Like this foul... It does not know it is an earth is or the question of the fluid. Still that thinks the way to take touched of of a moss. It is growing everywhere!
4 / 5
After the numerous investigations to the sud damage the boxes of growth touches his AG, stands out that the import of several products of pertinent agriculture of the outside of the the Canada is forbidden. It is the reason touches which have has opted touches that it was offered Canada of the sud of the amazon and that could do he with his AG. If any one knows better and to better price, like him, self-evident :-) In loaded, these mousses does very very good.
4 / 5
These sponges are some same likes of the that takes the boxes except without seeds.
Has been plants it diverse things like this of the tomatoes, lettuce and peppers partorisca use his successfully decent.
A bit pricey when compared to Aerogarden the official place but his nave is too expensive to Canada
5 / 5
These are perfect to begin your own seeds in yours areogarden. While I am cost the bit of money, is less badly more economic that buying some boxes of real seed. Maintain these plastic baskets when calm in the first place take your areogarden, will save the money and he is very better partorisca of the means.
4 / 5
When A garden of herb has been exhausted has bought this. Planted the plenary of mesclun the seed and The Salad have had in the little on 2 weeks. Yard 16 lunch of salad. With which 2 pickings of the each transmission to plant to grow variety of courgette partorisca transplant external. We grew so many has has had to that quickly move a seedings out of a Aerogarden partorisca retard down a growth until it transplants this week.
4 / 5
Look partorisca do quite a lot the wouldnt say 100 but still with his germination guarentee whos that goes to call in the seed of dead basil. My subject main is ossia the little pricier then the think is in fact do
5 / 5
Good prize for a lot of potential to grow. So only it has to that take your own seeds. Calm sometimes take pods that is the uselessness but I still think that is to say a better shot to buy anything concealed grows in a aero garden
4 / 5
has Finalised with a winter that grows like this some 2 units have is cleaned and ready. An only thing any saved for king-the use was a half of seeds . This was a better shot could find. Now I can insert these in some titled plastics of some forwards plantings to start with the fresh garden.
4 / 5
Very happy. My seeds of basil have come on súper fast, has him has collected own plants. Picture in 6 days. Big savings to buy some pre-containers of the herb done. Shopping again.
4 / 5
Some cones of substitution are easy to use. Precise agrees to maintain some headlines of original cone (concealed seats to a water) reason some substitutions do not comprise but receive cups of new dome.
5 / 5
The way adds the reuse a aerogarden cages of seeds. So only be careful taking the cultured plant was like this calm does not destroy some cages. It has had to use bands of hule to maintain some closed after dipping in new sponges. Growing stirs it of lettuce in these maintaining. Working adds.
5 / 5
These will be useful in a late winter when I want to or beginning seedlings for cradle in mine AeroGarden .
A bit those that has been broken in a container, but can see like this could spend.
5 / 5
One grows the sponges were very dry and breaking avert and there was so only 60 sponges in container and any 3 nutrient of ounce the boot has comprised in container to the equal that has described.
5 / 5
2 Of his which have begun the tomatoes have taken to see on with which 2 months ... I have transferred to the earth and still is in increasing. My original tomatoe plant that has begun has 2 tomatoes that grows in the, am expecting lame more fruit in some future trees. They are new to this type of what as I am not really sure like partorisca expect. My plant of basil is resulted the sum and the @@@chive are growing now.
5 / 5
Could return. Disappointed that these sponges are on means a measure of one some that I originally had in my box.
Is like this small that it was partorisca fall entirely some spaces!!
4 / 5
Aerogarden The elements always look like this expensive, but wants to be able to have fresh herbs in mine yolks in a winter. It was happy to find this together and am sure is all I need to maintain me that goes for a prójimo few years.
5 / 5
The product has arrived a lot quickly does well. I have begun some of my vegetables that use some pods of seeds transferred then to another grows garden that use the calm fluorescent lights has impressed.
5 / 5
These am very small and more for an use with a styrofoam judges of start. It is supposition to do with my Miracle Gro AeroGarden like the title indicates. Also, the plot of money for some moss of crowd.
4 / 5
Like that looks forward to to start with my plants of seeds. This Aerogarden the technician is awesome.
5 / 5
Ossia Class of expensive but reusing some initial baskets much easier. A product is the bit 'brittle' except feasible closing.
5 / 5
Salvation, has received my aerogarden box and has planted some herbs and his have not grown. I have been that grows herbs for years and has had any question in a please say me if this was old ,Harry
5 / 5
Very happy with a product. Arrived in shape good and expect that they will treat as well as some this was in mine aerogarden when it avenges. It likes- one option to seed them I.
5 / 5
This box has arrived promptly to the equal that has described. I give jump on germinating some plants of herb of the summers.
5 / 5
Received Lucido the day has indicated although this was celebrate thank you
very satisfied
4 / 5
Has a capacity to plant that I want to and have. Compraventa Perfecto partorisca my Aero Garden.
5 / 5
Has bought these, but has not been partorisca like some originals and I chair have has caused questions in my system of gardening.
4 / 5
Necessary partorisca a judge of seeds of start but is an easier way to take your garden that goes
4 / 5
Apparently can do your own grow pods- ossia much easier this in spite of any economic so that it is
5 / 5
to Fact likes has to that partorisca my aero garden. Right record to situate any complaint.
5 / 5
Needs the plot partorisca grow sponges partorisca the seeds that begins system, beginning very flat , law a lot, a lot well.
4 / 5
Suitableé it touches culture with AeroGarden, his produced associateés &worsens; this mini invernadero is dispendieux.
4 / 5
All the transmissions of pod grow mould. We manage all the pods with barren gloves, the leading pods have had any one subject of mussel. It seeds a lot that grows mould, think that a subject is has has contaminated pods.
4 / 5
AeroGarden Is doing utmost products partorisca begin seeds indoors
5 / 5
some of some cones have been broken and run over but is that it is suppositions partorisca be .
5 / 5
A work is drawn partorisca do, too expensive in Canada.

Top Customer Reviews: AeroGrow ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5 Bobbi
Measure: 9-Pod This 9 box of pod - all of a same Genoese Basil - has treated well in our Harvest Aerogarden - And - this offering is a lot preferable to a selection of variety of basil [the majority of that very liked or of use] this is coming with a selection of mixed herb had ordered previously.
4 / 5 Yasmin
Measure: 7-the pod has purchased these twice, and every time one of some pods a lot of sprout with some another. Had also the little sprigs of the Thai basil that comes on mixed in with a pesto basil that has had to that take. In spite of of the this, some pods of product of remaining basil to delicious sweet genovese-the basil of type perfects for pesto, and some of some leaves grow like this big that can be used like this lettuce in the sandwich (8-9 thumbs in period!).
4 / 5 Opal
Measure: 3-the pod are the fiend partorisca pesto-the paste has based, like this, has bought this basil-boxes of only pod partorisca satisfy my cravings. A basil grows quickly and the test adds!
5 / 5 Cristina
Measure: 7-the No impressed pod. 3 Out of 7 pods any sprout. I have not had any subjects before using my grower or other pods. I can comprise having an odd pod that it is less productive but 3 out of 7 is a lot disappointing.
5 / 5 Virgen
Measure: 6-Pod A box has arrived so only the shy month of expiry, and some pods have looked has dried up. This in spite of, are all sprouting a lot quickly!
4 / 5 Stefan
Measure: 7-Pod The majority of a time when I have ordered the box of mixed herb was interested mainly in pesto the basil how was pleased enough to see that now it can buy seeds of just basil. A basil has propagated really quickly. Interior 6 days have had a lot of seedlings.
5 / 5 Iona
Measure: 7-Pod WOW! These things LOVE a AeroGarden. Crazy and dense growth. Calm really precise continuous upper of a trimming otherwise will go partorisca see in the flash. But astonishingly prolific herbs partorisca a Aerogarden.
5 / 5 Loni
Measure: 7-Pod A pod has germinated very quickly ossia a prime minister Pesto plant of Basil I receipt but has received a Basil in mine original
the compraventa and is lasted partorisca several months. I have planted he in the pot partorisca place in another plant in mine AeroGarden.
5 / 5 Jill
Measure: round of 6 Pods of year of Fresh basil! Ossia Basil really well also, rich and spicy odorando with the strong flavour. We love it to us.
5 / 5 Kaila
Measure: 7-Pod Each one that like this of some seven pods of seeds is growing like this crazy little fiends! I can not expect begin to cook with them. They are not never able state to grow anything felizmente and now have beaten
5 / 5 Lucie
A pod has germinated very quickly ossia a prime minister Pesto plant of Basil I receipt but has received a Basil in mine original
the compraventa and is lasted partorisca several months. I have planted he in the pot partorisca place in another plant in mine AeroGarden.
4 / 5 Josiah
Each one that like this of some seven pods of seeds is growing like this crazy little fiends! I can not expect begin to cook with them. They are not never able state to grow anything felizmente and now can😀
4 / 5 Roma
round of year of Fresh basil! Ossia Basil really well also, rich and spicy odorando with the strong flavour. We love it to us.
5 / 5 Latoria
100 of some pods have on grown, tasty basil. Other boxes has purchased them any sprouted but both of these boxes of pod of the seeds of basil have grown well.
4 / 5 Brandie
1/3 does not press but when it is Lucido the chance done joins good-looking plant
4 / 5 Kip
These herbs always grow really well and is both flavorful and fragrant. An excellent addition to homemade espaguetis sauce.
5 / 5 Quentin
Excellent , avenges well punctually. It was very pleased with my mandate
5 / 5 Claude
The prize has bent of then last orderly and this time 2 pods have not germinated - will not order again
5 / 5 Rosana
très good product, there is whenever it presses in mine AeroGarden.
4 / 5 Emmy
2 Of some pods never sprouted. It averts of that, one of concealed them sprout is doing really well.
5 / 5 Beth
Fast growth. It can do multiple harvest with the alone capsule.
4 / 5 Rosemary
The fertilizante the liquid is too small and difficult/expensive to substitute
4 / 5 Katelynn
The perfect herb partorisca grow in mine AeroGarden - usually produces basil partorisca 8 to 10 month with curing very small.
4 / 5 Lory
All seedlings sprouted. Looking forward to enjoying a Basil in a lot of plans.
4 / 5 Cathy
These pods sprouted súper quickly (likes interior two days!) With which planted him and has grown the lush and flavourful the basil plants that it produces a lot of leaves ( can collect the decent quantity each few days). If are interested partorisca grow a lot of basil in yours Aerogarden recommends these pods - perfect partorisca pesto! Some plants are not súper big but there is enough the pocolos broto so that I am very pleased with them. Some instructions are clear and easy to follow.
5 / 5 Henrietta
Has purchased these twice, and every time one of some pods a lot of sprout with some another. Had also the little sprigs of the Thai basil that comes on mixed in with a pesto basil that has had to take. In spite of of the this, some pods of product of remaining basil to delicious sweet genovese-the basil of type perfects for pesto, and some of some leaves grow like this big that can be used like this lettuce in the sandwich (8-9 thumbs in period!).
5 / 5 Deloise
This 9 box of pod - all of a same Genoese Basil - has treated well in our Harvest Aerogarden - And - this offering is very preferable to a selection of variety of basil [the majority of that very liked or of use] this is coming with a selection of mixed herb had ordered previously.
4 / 5 Darla
Are the fiend for pesto-the paste has based, like this, has bought this basil-boxes of only pod to satisfy my cravings. A basil grows quickly and the test adds!
4 / 5 Minerva
Any one has impressed. 3 Out of 7 pods a lot of sprout. I have not had any first subjects to use my grower or other pods. I can comprise having a lacking pod that it is less productive but 3 out of 7 is very disappointing.
4 / 5 Basilia
Has ordered many these pods now, and this time 2 out of 6 has not germinated. I will not be in that purchase them again.
5 / 5 Hedwig
A box has arrived so only the shy month of expiry, and some pods have looked has dried up. This in spite of, are all sprouting a lot quickly!
4 / 5 Omega
The majority of a time when I have ordered the box of mixed herb was interested mainly in pesto the basil how was pleased enough to see that now it can buy seeds of just basil. A basil has propagated really quickly. Interior 6 days have had a lot of seedlings.
4 / 5 Blanch
Has ordered this element in December 2019. In a box says to sell for 11/2019. I expect that some seeds germinate properly, but certainly a guarantee goes to be worthless.
5 / 5 Isadora
WOW! These things LOVE a AeroGarden. Crazy and dense growth. Calm really precise continuous upper of a trimming otherwise will go to see in the flash. But astonishingly prolific herbs for a Aerogarden.
4 / 5 Charise
Some seeds any one the waste of money and time. Now it is too late partorisca return a product.
5 / 5 Angele
Ossia The very easy way partorisca grow herbs indoors. Using waters distill laws of the best. My basil is looking good-looking!
5 / 5 Haydee
The pods Of seeds have fill with seeds and bounce he of nutrient among container .The seed germinates quickly
adds partorisca aerogarden
quite a lot of capsules of seeds for several gardens with 3 capsule setup
4 / 5 Lucila
So only 5 of one 6 sprouted and has grown. The amazon Contacted and his reimbursed me partorisca 1/6th of a cost behind. Other 5 have grown utmost trying sweet basil. Utilisation in mine sandwiches in place of lettuce and loves that. Thumbs up.

Top Customer Reviews: Rosepoem 100pcs ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5 Eleonore
Rasga Was!! At all it cater it/ it come from it some seeds ..... Any pics bc at all has not grown never....
4 / 5 Paula
Less than one in ten sprouted partorisca me.
5 / 5 Tiffiny
The very a lot of germé.
5 / 5 Suzette
Thank you Are received
5 / 5 Juliet
that Grows perfectly in our garden
the nave has taken the very long time
Good value.
5 / 5 Marion
Ossia The product of fake , no shabby
5 / 5 Alica
is too the games of beau partorisca be true, is why is dud !
5 / 5 Nickolas
I to the equal that a fact avenges more the then said harvest but to of to the that likes that it was literally so only of some seeds. Any picture a lot instrustions not even to focus in a stock exchange among 😡

Top Customer Reviews: 200 seeds/pack ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5 Ambrose
Bad checked cost graines
Meme using varied methodes ppur germees any graines no like germees
three compraventa bad
4 / 5 Rosanne
Germ partorisca Purchase verified almost 50 out of 200. I am satisfied like this is my first time a lot trying the fruit.
4 / 5 Leatha
The cost has checked At all sprouted anything and a stock exchange have come without focus or of the instructions. It was of Cina and was packaged as 'paste' and has had to that sign for them. Sketchy Ask.
4 / 5 Ellan
Checked Purchases Any one the seed only has produced!
5 / 5 Whitney
The cost has checked are very happy with this compraventa...
4 / 5 Bari
Cranberries Of the amours of Compraventas has checked
5 / 5 Marth
It buys client service checked really good. In fact it take the extra band (200 seeds) partorisca free. Crying 10 seeds and his all germinate in 2 days. Basically all like this far like this good. The just hope also good test :D like 5 stars for now. :DDDDD
5 / 5 Dusti
Service of client really good. In fact it take the extra band (200 seeds) partorisca free. Crying 10 seeds and his all germinate in 2 days. Basically all like this far like this good. The just hope also good test :D like 5 stars for now. :DDDDD
5 / 5 Liliana
has planted 100 after drenching them partorisca 2 days. With which 2 at all spend weeks in any out of him.