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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
5 / 5 Dayle
This 1963 register of the studio of Carmen looks partorisca draw ardent reactions of auditor neither partorisca or against that. After reading things like this terrible roughly has to that admit that it was pleasantly has surprised ... It is really any that bad ! Reina Resnik can not be one the majority of seducer of Carmen and in spite of the little ungainly the moments finds his interpretation fascinating (always touches very sure of the his without never blustering) and one can feel Gentleman Jose is at all more than the distraction of any for sound. Mario Of Monk is predictably the heroic Gentleman Jose as it always bite double the coarseness and loudness but still the strong presence. Micaela of Joan Sutherland is the delight, a lovely tone and taking a angelic quality on the one hand. Tom Krause is the end Escamillo. Thomas Schippers directs the very tended and rousing the action and a sound is exceptional (although it can have done without some steps of dance in a Séguedille). Like another reviewer aptly said could do very worse.
5 / 5 Breana
Partorisca Ardent work, A, B, and C is not so only some first papers of an alphabet, his hips stand partorisca some three staples of the majority of companies of work and some probably the majority has has treated works in a history of a form of art: AIDA, BOHEME, and CARMEN. Of a three, Carmen is probably some more treated and many of his melodies are some dips ready his best in everything of music. So only roughly everything of a More adds them sopranos has wanted to take a phase like the definite bad daughter of the work. In this register, Reina Resnik is an admirable in a function of title. While there is another prefers in a function (my first register has had Increase Stevens in a function of title and am biased to the his, has grown also up listening to Calla in a function), Resnik does more than singing a function. It gives it the dramatic intensity, excepts in a final law where is a bit lukewarm in a function. Mario Of Monk is admirable like indecisive Gentleman Jose and his ''Lucida Flor that the tone there was jestee' is one of a plus renditions of this tenor regulates air.
While Resnik and Of Monk is reason enough to buy any register, has purchased he for two other reasons. In the first place, has has wanted the listen Joan Sutherland like the definite works 'good daughter' Micaela. While I know that one could contest that Elizabeth in TANNHAUSER is a definite good daughter with his attitude to forgive to a wretch Tannhauser, Tannhauser at least has the plug and Elizabeth perhaps could see his potential virtue. Jose done, in another hand there is little redeeming characteristic, which in my frames of opinion the devotion of Micaela more generous. The voice of Sutherland transmits the sweetness and simplicity that access a function of Micaela fantastically. His Law I duet with Of Monk is breathtaking and his Law IV AIR 'Jen and deceive me any' is treated in the way that transmits the innocence and the advantage of Micaela. Tom Krause interpretation of Escamillo is the prize thus register. Another more is that of a manager Thomas Schippers. Schipper The premature death was the loss in a musical world and the sound that mangos of an orchestra gives the glimpse that has lost it.
Would not recommend to to this likes him to him CARMEN of primary. Other registers of a work, like a Sunday, Milnes, Berganza, and Cotrubas register or a Callus and Gedda register under a direction of Priest would be better elections. This in spite of this neighbour has some interesting portions that marks well the value that listens to, and of then is the mid-register priced, is still reasonably the compraventa well.
The potential buyers would owe that know that this register does not have the libretto.
4 / 5 Delfina
Carmen is not in perfect French fashion or if a sound of hero matronly or if a Escamillo touches 'comfortable' in a fund of his row. That is roughly? To the left it is it sees...
A good-looking woman, sexy wants to was with which loves, when I want to, and that loves. His current lover master his... And it is it has had to that to kill to do sure that does. A good-looking devil-can man of priest with the big ego master Carmen also.
Fights of Jose of the Gentleman with his upper agent to maintain Carmen. He his more to kill Escamillo. When finally it takes by means of his fat skull that Carmen does not love , stabs. (Carmen is one of a bit those that the works in that a tenor is a villain. Although Escamillo is the braggart, resulted to be the reasonably decent man. It listens to a work or read a libretto to discover reason said this.) Empty of Jose of the gentleman Micaela to be with Carmen. His like this the man to reason, full to a brim with amour and Christian charity? The no. Is egoistic, amour-stricken, and extremely ardent. Mina, concealed does not mean a tenor would owe that fill a function so only with these wonderful French subtleties, but fill a phase with fire and blood. I admit that of Monk is not very thin here, but he also a lot so only cry a function. Neither it bellow a Song of Flor. It results Gentleman Jose in this register, doing a man to the frighteningly emotional powerhouse.
Resnik I utmost sounds here. Feminine, emotional, taunting, fearful... With the plenary and sumptuous voice. Has very deep to a function and touches it. You result one of the mine FAVOURITE Carmens to listen here.
Krause Is the end Escamillo- filler-voiced and extroverted, brimming with confidence. Memory here of Robert Merrill- and ossia any small compliment. Any the one who could be read this agrees Lawrence Tibbett incredible version of a Toreador Song? This man there has been a fund remarks one of another reviewers loves. The person has listened more touch Tibbett is, but Krause is an advantage to this register.
Would prefer very other sopranos of a time for Micaela, a a character the one who the help develops that Gentleman Jose has the streak of humanity in him... But Give me Joan the fine work here. Like this usual, a voice is luscious and is used in service to a composer and to a character.
Thomas Schippers dead way too young. Have Still to listen the action of anything directs for him concealed disappointed me, Carmen has comprised. A heart and the orchestra come live under his able leadership, as well as some soloists. Have in the first place listened this version in the house of the partner, not knowing the one who has sung that or the one who a manager was. I drew well to a history and never to the left go me. It gives to try it! Really you doubt you it was boring!
5 / 5 Nedra
Reina Resnik has possessed practically a function of Carmen in a @@@1960s and, as such, this register is the good document of his interpretation. Unfortunately, his voice is the bit matronly for a part; class of the "Klytemnestra sings 'Carmen'". Thus point in his career, Mario of Monk has had pocola subtlety has left in his voice and a esong of Flor' is has flown absolutely. Tom Krause marks pocolos Escamillo while Joan Sutherland, the bit of the fusion of luxury likes Micaela, sings with accuracy but without feeling and tends to 'droopiness' in his tone. Some the smallest functions are sung for French artists that helps to give authenticity the proceedings while Thomas Schippers maintains things moving. If you are the Resnik defender, will love this moment of one of his functions more are. Otherwise, look Elsewhere.
5 / 5 Elba
Yes, certainly, ossia the TERRIBLE register of Carmen, although another (Bernstein, Maazel and some digital Karajan) also have to the strong claims likes him to him Carmen worse never. This register is adapted of a prompt 60 is, when Carmen has been thought likes prime minister verismo work. Of course it is not . Carmen is still the romantic work, and be due to plot to both Offenbach and Gounod. Surprisingly, there is so only 4 utmost registers of Carmen> Abbado (DG), Beecham (EMI), Cluytens (EMI) and Solti (DECCA). If it love a better of everything, certainly is a Berganza/Abbado register. They comprise that Carmen is everything roughly, and he fantastically. One 1977 sound is still excellent (far beat that a digital Karajan the register for a focuses same). Surprisingly
4 / 5 Erasmo
is hard to think that an album there is like this has received such the low indication. Well, all the world has his/his own flavours, which is perfectly understandable. For me, this album is so only a lot of enjoyable. Has three versions of Carmen (Schippers, which is this a, Solti, and Mazzel) and an album " you have operated you Add in some have FULFILLED" this comprises Carmen signals underlined of 1900 to 1970. Leading reviewers probably not believing this - "Near of the remparts of Siviglia" of this together of CD is comprised in " you have operated you Add in some have FULFILLED". Schippers And The Orchestra of Switzerland Romandethe has done the very decent work - each one the magic still notes thin of the each piece of instruments are animated astonishingly. Resnik Carmen is for far one the majority of ardent one have experienenced: voice of half-soprano mixed with such expressive tones, now ossia he Boheme woman the one who is faithful to his own feelings. Micaela of Sutherland is almost angelic. Personally, I have to say that Jose of Monk is the little bit "on-easy", far to be the man the one who leaves everything behind to pursue a woman loves and finally kills, while Escamillo is not manly enough to be the Toreado. But it conceal a lot necessarily tug me out of a recognition of his interpretation. Frankly, although this album there was main state priced that that it is now, have gone still for him. Ossia Carmen that likes, with of such strong personalities.
5 / 5 Chester
Carmen is one the majority of popular work in a world-wide and is of course state registered of all the classes of singers. A predictable result of of the this is that we always feel puzzled when it requires to buy Carmen. In the first place, calm requires asks: Carmen are I looking for? If you want to Carmen elegant, chooses Berganza. If it love the victim-of-the-fate Carmen, chooses Gheorghiu. But you want to Carmen real, able to be sexy and, the a moment same interior, able to aim the utmost cruelty and coldness, chooses Resnik. When I Listen to Carmen, can see that sexy woman the one who aims his perfid character, this woman the one who has thought that that it was an immortal godness of Amur. This was Carmen and ossia Resnik Carmen. Some people critique his saying of looks of interpretation Klytemnestra. It conceal it is not a chance. I have listened his Klytemnestra and can see that these people have forgotten something: both are cruel and egoistic, but Carmen, in place of Klytemnestra, the one who calm to conquer amour and richness, uses some arms of amour. I want to this registering exactly because of that: Resnik is not elegant and has included a godness of sensuality, but the cruel, sexy and, especially, vulgar woman.
To Joan Sutherland likes him Micaela is of an opposite of Resnik like Carmen. It is sweet and innocent, especially in a first law, and his powerful voice is gorgeous. Usually when we think of the sweet function to soprano likes Micaela, imagine the short voice, and ossia a common principle . It is not that listens in this register adds: we hear to an utmost plus coloratura soprano in a XX century! It means, has Micaela entirely perfect, vocally and dramatically.
A mould also comprises Mario well of Monk, with the glorious voice that underlines a feeble personality of Gentleman José, and one of a more Escamillos has not sung never, Tom Krause. Have that adapts Escamillo was one of some better functions has sung of some pleasant bass-baritone.
Besides, Thomas Schippers driven an orchestra with the soft French soul and with being able to and competence. Another detail adds is a pair formed for Spannelys and Minton (Frasquita and Mercedes, respectively), the one who sings one the majority of gorgeous soyelons, coupons' has not listened never.
4 / 5 Madeleine
Has had the good laugh in a reviewer suggesting more has wanted Joanie for Carmen. Sutherland there is not never be a @@@cofre-the notes neither some the dramatic powers have required takes Carmen. Some two stars are still Resnik FIERY Carmen and partly for Joanie is quite Micaela. It excepts Reign and Joanie this register is craps.
5 / 5 Karina
Has not been that Jakke thought but this reording is quite terrible. Tom Krause same swipes his big number a "Vorte Toast." Everything throughout sings with an uneven tone in a verge to break and in fact done in 1:36. Resnik Is... Well it does not look to give a part a lot of heart this in spite of. Of Monk is quite bad. His voice in the register of this 60, which have admitted included to like under insurances cirumstances - notabley when it was younger or blarings his lungs were with some powerful arias in Otello or Andrea Chenier, is spent his prime minister and at all more than the hoarse instrument, unable of lyricism. An orchestra looks for to be satisfied with flying out of his interludes and ignore some basic principles of neighbours touching to touch totally averts of an another. Sutherland is beautiful as always, an only redeaming element in this register. To all the cost, choose the different register.
4 / 5 See
Ossia Register it controversial . Some people hate it and some love it. Resnik Tip the strong, Carmen independent and ardent. Mario Of Monk is my preferred José ! It is true that is not in his better voice anymore here like this the register is of 60 east. But José is still one the majority of thrilling portrait of a function officially. Joan Sutherland young is perfect for a function of Micaela and Tom Krause sings his function with excellent flavour, like this always.
5 / 5 Joetta
Calm the favour and stay out of this register, unless of course, strong master in scandalous.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5 Rachele
Work of good artist but bad register, work of bad studio!
4 / 5 Percy
This delicious work for Léo Delibes merit partorisca be in a level of operatic repertoire. Partorisca Listen this music is likes to be transported to the full beautiful garden of flowers coloreadas with amorous fragrances. There is the delicacy, the charm in a arias and duets that is typically French, included with the intention of a composer partorisca give some Oriental atmosphere. Michel Plasson has a lot partorisca do with a success of this register. The sound that directs is always observer of a delicacy of a bookmark and requires of an orchestra and soloists the utmost observance of dynamics. Of course, the manager adds will not achieve anything in 'Lakmé' without an exceptional coloratura soprano in a very difficult title function. Natalie Dessay HAS a perfect voice partorisca Lakmé and also amena consummates art, doing a Hindu maiden the flesh and character of blood. Dessay Portrayed a delicacy and innocence of Lakmé using different colours in his voice, averts of mastering extraordinary pianissimos. And his Song of Bell is the sleep , with the vivid interest in some words of a legend and effects of the echo in a bell refrains. His big notes are totally effortless. @In rodeo, an extraordinary action in every respect. A rest of a complete mould Dessay amiably. Gregory Kunde has the sweet lyric tenor and parties Dessay fantastically in his duets, so only has some difficulty with an a lot big tessitura of Gerald. José Van Daam door his vocal and theatrical fashion usual to a function of Nilakantha. A rest of a mould is pertinent. A Choeur and Orchestra of the Capitole of Toulouse is glorious. There is no better register of this work that this a, included although it is also fascinating to listen Mado Robin and Mady Mesplé in his registers. Dessay Continuous a heritage of these singers and Plasson gives a work an effective that law that gives the justice to this jewel has neglected.
4 / 5 Nieves
Here have the register of effortless beauty. Lakmé Is a work of a lot of nuances, in a plot he as well as in a music. Some feelings this in spite of is not never a lot strong and of a history is not strong neither, some confidences of work a lot on is sweet music . This means that if this delicate bookmark is dipped in some wrong hands can result platitudinous, pathetic and boring. Felizmente, some hands of Micheal Plasson resulted to be perfect for this work. It is cautious but a lot of thoughtfull, leaving any careless detail. And with 'his' work of undertaken in Toulouse behind the, an orchestral touching achieves at all but first that the sounds classifies both like flowers and of the bells, when like this requests. One there is detailed the sound has registered also door first especially some series in the lovely way.
Some singers? Well, they are all classifies with his manager. Dessay Sings Lakmé with the very pure voice, really doing thinks that is like this innocent as here you ask of function. When A sensualism begins, also uses some sliding among some notes, which his contributo a lot 'french' in fact. Kunde Could not have done Gerald better. It uses the seamless bequeathed in a lot of a romatic music, which together with his habit to 'hang' in his notes rhytmically, his flange in these parts exceptionally good-looking, easily milking out of one the majority of each alone note. His "Fantasies to the divine lies" it is priceless. Dam of van like Lakmé father Nilakantha is like this always in impressive voice, his sometimes sudden way to manage the tones that is perfect in this function. Haidan Mallika Is so much darker in voice and more serious in action that Dessay Lakmé, which is just way is supposition to be. And his voice is a lot beautiful. A rest of a mould is a lot very also, his very separated voices of an another both for character and in a register, which an easy action to follow and each one which character takes listened.
A Sutherland/Vanzo version for Londra/Decca can not be generally like this very like this one, but he much less there is Vanzo in a function of Gerald, and is always the pleasure to listen. But this Dessay/Kunde, thinks, is an on all better register, in fact A Better Lakmé-registering of everything, at all cut of world-wide class.
4 / 5 Dudley
While no the defender of french works or was french composers in general (except the few exceptions), has to admit that an exotic Lakmé is one of my cup 5 all time favourite works. My first contact with this work was with Mady Mesple, and instantly have fallen enamoured with him. But this version with Natalie Dessay in EMI sees way besides this first contact. An engineering of the his modern and quality of his global good help to plot, but Dessay the action takes that it would expect of the delicate, fragile young creature, which is after all, a hero some Delibes Kunde is Gerald well, but nevermind a mould of decent support... You would owe that take this register at least partorisca Dessay so only... It hears attentively to ''Ah!...At all His Of the', which is simply one of my favourite actions never and an example of Dessay Exc in this action - That the only good moment a prize of a whole album and I have seen a lot of in awe friends when listening his (comprising a lot of-defenders of work).
There is enough the little a lot of Lakmés there... Another of the mine favourite has to that be a version with Mady Mesple and Danielle still... Natalie Dessay In this modern EMI the version goes way besides those. An excellent version of this amazing work. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Leoma
Lakme Was the new work for me, until purchasing this register, having has listened so only a duet of song and popular Flower of Bell. It is far more rewarding to listen to a complete work, particularly when a mould is like this very like this one. A work is full with wonderful tunes and to listen a song of Bell in his dramatic context he full justice.
Natalie Dessay Is the perfect Lakme. Ossia That the dazzle coloratura action and will be one that registers that all future Lakme is is compared with. If his low notes are "squawky" it was not apparent mine. Crown Dessay is very sustained for Gregory Kunde, Dam of Van of Jose and Delphine Haidan. An Orchestra of the Capitole Toulouse, directed for Michel Plasson, resupplies perfect support for some singers.
Ossia He soyust has' register for lovers of work, and would recommend that the new people to the work buys this together. Lakme Is the good place to start with for any curious roughly acts.
5 / 5 Tonisha
Thinks that ossia the very good register , and am especially happy that almost everything is here(40 !). Agreement that Dessay done the good work, and has good technician, as some another in his mould: Kunde, and Dam of Van, etc. My only qualm is with a vowel is very used, personally seats that his types of voices are a bit that one would have to that it acclimates to. In a big plus tessotura, Dessay the voice is gorgeous and brilliant, but in his his low register finds it to be squawky and unappealing. The voice of the dam of van is too dark and muffled for my flavours in the good bass. Not To Take me bad, thinks that that ossia an excellent register, with the good mould that transmits a good work... If you do not have any question with some voices, then buy this CD, but listen that I am speaking roughly (still although some samples do not give you a lot a lot of to go in) and calm annoy you, thinks in a CD with Giving me Joan has a power to attack calm out of your chair!
5 / 5 Daniele
So only that Michel Plasson done: entirely and lovingly trust a sweetness and subtlety of this romantic work. LAKME Is delicate reason is not forthright, and his lies of charm in this on duty sweet of the quality written in each page of a bookmark. Plasson The treatment of a bookmark ensures the brilliant success.
Dam of the van of Jose attacks the balance of confidence among Gabriel Bacquier fanaticism (on Londra, with Joan Sutherland) and Roger Soyer paternal compassion (EMI, with Mady Mesple). A mould of support is well, Delphine Haidan especially like this Mallika, mirroring Natalie Dessay emphasize of own myriad in a Duet of Flor.
Without an extraordinary soprano, LAKME is stillborn. Natalie Is an ideal interpreter - not forgetting never that Lakme is the very young woman domestic like the when being big that everywhere lucido. This character is everything on wry shadings, and the action of Natalie does not try humanize the (likes Sutherland is does) or maintain too fresh (like Mesple). Some inflections, nuances, and fabulous technical (like an easy upper row and big pianissimi) creates an image of beauty.
Rids down, ossia He rendition of LAKME.
4 / 5 Lourie
Finally some of this French work treausures is coming the life once again! It looks that it takes like this long, a sweet beauty and to the simplicity of French work had taken a rear chair to some Italian works quite known of Greens or some works of big profile of Mozart. So only some Italian masters Giacomo Puccini and Pietro Mascagni looked to incorporate some of some French finesse his dramatic and powerful music. This registers this new plus of Leo Delibes "Lakme" it is to be commended for once again of door a sensual and good-looking music to a forefront in an amour to love the history dipped in Colonial British Indian occupied. An Indian priestess, Lakme, sung for Natalie Dessay rid a gentility and innocence in his vocal interpretation of a fragile character. Dessay Book with relieving some moments partorisca stir in a "the air gives clochettes" of Law II and directs a register a big plus with a More adds them of ease. Like this, Michel Plasson driven a bookmark to the equal that am sure Delibes would have feigned. Gregory Kunde portray an enamoured British agent with Lakme with intelligence and masculinity, and both he and Dessay shines in a Law III SCENE of forest, hid in the cabin of the bamboo surrounded for lush foliage, where some lovers sing fantastically "Ah! They see, in the foret profunde" and "Under lucido heaven all etoile". A Choeur and Orchestra of the Capitole of Toulouse direct a intensely delicate, still the powerful bookmark and the knots transports to the fairy-put of history in Indian. Some the a lot of things French well, art and be of music among them, and has to that be remarked that this excellent register follows a French register older that "Lakme" fact for Mady Mesple, directed for Alain Lombard and a Choeurs and Orchestra of the the National theatre of the Work-Comic in 1971. Both a version has registered older and this new Plasson the version once again tries that a French have the refinery and finesse hard to duplicate. I recommend this new register of "Lakme" for a novice the work or one a lot-seasoned aficianado! To the left it is to spend some French works prominently behind to by all the world husbands of work!
4 / 5 Charita
Ossia The charming that record that is a lot in a bel sings tradition. A choral work is lovely and all some main functions extrememly very sung. Crown Dessay has the true coloratura voice - touch it which has been a lot that lacking of in of the modern register. With a remarkable exception of "A Song of Bell" (sung a lot too slow for my flavour) his interpretation is gorgeous. If I have had to recommend any register of this work to any, was is one . Eat your heart was, Give me Joan!
5 / 5 Ilene
He Compare this register to a one with Sutherland, is far better in a lot of ways. For one, an orchestra is far more in tune, near, and musical in report to them and some singers. Also, Dessay is better that Sutherland has not gone never. His tone is far purer and easily can manipulate colours in any register. Of French is his native tongue, his diction is of course supreme. Dessay Accuracy in some leaves of Song of the way of Sutherland of the Bell behind. But a lot so only buy this for a song of bell. It can take that in the French air will attack you was to like a lot another! Also it sings excellently with Kunde and a rest of a company.
5 / 5 Lynwood
I in the first place listened Lakme with Mady Mesple and Joan Sutherland later. A music for Delibes is simply extraordinary - breathtaking, fresco, delicate, intoxicating. They are in accordance with another reviewers that although A Song of Bell is the point underlined in Lakme, a rest of a work looks good-looking music ALL A WAY by means of. This in spite of, an attractive of this neighbour is Dessay and Kunde. His diction and finesse is like this present in this work that dips partorisca Give me the register of Joan the shame. Mesple Has had the little bleat in his voice in that then but his diction was also glorious although his voice has tended partorisca be the bit tinny. Sutherland hashed brotas of diction a lot partorisca be wished and chair that a function is not partorisca possess for sound. A crispness of a voice simply is not there. But Dessay has the voice of pure brilliance and Kunde compliments his with the silvery tenor. Simply beautiful!
4 / 5 Santana
An exceptional masterpeice. Gregory kunde has had the good-looking part. Natalie Dessay Surprised. Never he first have never has listened such good-looking music. Lakme Has influenced partorisca take on work. I recommend this to lovers of music anywhere!!
4 / 5 Odette
Exactly like this the said, is not like this clear like pons or mesple.

Top Customer Reviews: Stfranacois ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 Signe
Has an ethereal quality looked the Debussy Pelléas and Mélisande, but with Messiaen unmistakable byline.
4 / 5 Jean
Olivier Messiean is one of a handful of composers of 20th century whose work is maddening sentury justice. Impossible the catergorize,and often difficult to listen to, ameno of the auditors in with his only combination of Oriental modalities, catolicismo, calls of bird and luminosity. Completed when you are 75, St Franois is his masterpiece,his only work. On 4 hours, his is decidely any backround music,neither casually given a time, although his east overwhelming in sound in to to time likes them Phillip Of Glass that Puccini,Messiean has said a history of St. Francois In 8 viñetas, done in three laws{and on 4 disks}. Kent nagano has studied this bookmark with Messiaen he to a extant that is almost his own{ Nagano is class of the messiean manager}, and is the intimidating task for more to face this work{Although it was done successfully add In San Francisco sooner this year}. Naganos Is an only version in entirety has listened still, AS HE REAMINS FOR me The BENCHMARK. Jose' the dam of Van is Francois here, his voice in timing down and rumbling, in another a perfect instrument of God[to the equal that messiean has feigned} any female voice until it dawns Upshaw arrive likes voice of Ángel,in an hour to a work. And, like this always, Crown Upshaw is the one who touches,perfect likes angel. It times when a work sags[the Sermon to some continuous Birds in the bit,well, comprises everything of disk 3},although ossia the minor quibble. This is not an easy expierence,although it is not required that one for a work afficianado,neither. It is , in mine estimativa, a Work more orders of a 20th century, and one of some musical statements more are in recent history. Calm the favour adds, takes this listens his in the period of time. Perhaps, in some mystical way, Messiean has feigned this music to do the better people for some simple [or no like this simple] law for the listen? Has , in an a lot ;east, me more open and ready musically, and that, in him, is magic. A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
4 / 5 Maximo
Messiaen rows very big in my cast of composers of 20th century preferred. The majority of some reasons is those that gives : his emphasis in the emotion more than calculation likes base of music (Messiaen was a lot of anti-music of 12 tones as it find it dry and impersonal, for one the majority of part), and his exoticism. This comes by means of extremely of well in this work and this register, which looks Dam of van of José (the one who has sung in some Bets premiere) in a function of title. Dam of the van of the gentleman has announced that this action of a work would be his last in a function, which was the wise decision so that it does not have any way that can possibly the same a force with that spends a function of the Saint. For an orchestra of on 110 pieces, comprising 3 waves martenot, Nagano is a better possible election to the equal that maintains a music to be heavy or dry with an often used precaution to maintain such insiemi neighbouring big. A music intensely rhythmical side (to the equal that in an inaugural ritornelli for xylophone, marimba and percussion of forest) finds fantastically crisp and dry. In an opposite side of a spectre, a lyricism, comprising some scenes with Dawning Upshaw likes angel, is very fluent. A work has moments of solemn faith as well as exuberance, both desquels is equally strong forces.
A work is intensely dramatic while not crossing never a line to be Romantic. Although an orchestra is of Wagnerian dimension, a voice is always of primary weight. A lot a flange is unaccompanied, and a lot a soliloquies has the monady-like quality that mark an equal tongue to some notes, and sometimes on. Although a music is intensely modern, some vocal part harken behind the Gregorian flange. A connection according to which a Catholic content is obvious. One of some feats more are of this work is that Messiaen does not try never to reconstruct "divine" it operates it that the profane half uses; Christ is listened in a seventh scene but never seen, and His voice is that of a whole heart. When An angel touches a viol for St. Francis, is not the alone of violin or a lot another notarises to regulate, but a unworldly-touching waves martenot this spends a melody. They are not the religious person, still while listening to this work, can appreciate in some small way a discharge of Messiaen faith and devotion. Listening to this work is the monumental experience , and a quality of this register is a big plus that can be had without being in a room in Salzburg with some interpreters.
4 / 5 Jonathan
This is not an easy work. It is of entity to maintain this in alcohol. A good quantity of endeavour will be required to enjoy this music, especially if you are not fond in modern classical music or of a compound music for Messiaen. With which saying this, is interested still in this class of music, has taken them to say ossia an impressive work -. No attended to to the passion likes in a italian of the works or a lot to sound likes him Strauss but slowness and spirituality. It looks that at all it spends but when you enter to a work will feel a hipnotical quality of a music and a introvertion this maintains to go in to the long of a work. There are some really extraordinary moments as when Francis Santo fulfils his angel when you can have an idea of Heavens. Well, ossia the one who Messiaen test the do and really the take. A belgium Van of baritone Damn is extrordinary Francis like this saint, altough Orpheus still old action with Fischer Dieskau. Some of another singer, altough, is not french the native speakers and you celery a difference. I mean, long they do not touch french at all. A american manager Nagano was the fellow together of a composer and has done neighbour in this bookmark, as it knows perfectly well a bookmark ( loves them clear the are not the defender adds of Nagano, is in his better here but the think this bookmark really deserves the better manager). Francis saint has been the legend in fact a lot of years. It is a work that any really the lover of work has to that, at least, knows. Ossia An excellent occasion to take to know this difficult but wonderful work.
5 / 5 Hyon
Ossia The towering masterpiece fully worthy of a last century.
Has given recently the production of full stairs for a Work of San Francisco. (It besieges it more pertinent?) It was a habladuría of a city. It achieves delirious praise in all some descriptions. And it die in an office of boxes, resultant one of some reasons that the season of a following year has been cut behind for the third.
Like this with a lot of 20th century masterpieces, would not listen his for second time has dipped the gun to my boss--but does not leave my Philistinism unduly flu you of the open-the lovers of music have imported.
4 / 5 Vicky
I like this CD A lot. Although some texts of this work, if it calms that can call a work, looks more like a oratorium, is devoutly catholic, included in my fundamentalist of opinion catholic, a music is suberb, rich and thin. All so many waits of Messiaen, those who thinks, is together with Stravinsky and Ligeti one of some more utmost composers of this almost gone century. In some separates does the tension of the edifice adds like mark for example a kiss of St. Francis of the Leper and a healingof that leper -for any believer no-chances of childish, 19th centery catholic believe- the work adds of wagnerian magtitude. Some contrast of texts in my hard opinion with a music that is modern, eventfull and new. Messiaen Believes in a history and a grace of Goddess in St. Francis still if you are not the catholic or does not believe in the God at all and ossia the one who the he geat artist. If the only fundamentalists other Religions could do his believes in such the rich music, a world could be the better place .
5 / 5 Mariella
Beautiful, but the control was Fischer -Dieskau in an action of festival has abridged earlier.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Suppe Light Calvary and the poet and the Peasant start were absolutely glorious, as it was Daniel -Francois Auber Among Devil, Herold Leg, Reznicek has given Diana, Offenbachs Orpheus in some deep Basses, and William Tell glorious Opening for Rossini. A word of precaution: this CD really will try your stereo, some bass in fact thunders, and will blow your socks were. Erich Kunzel And a Cincinnati Orchestra the fine work, would recommend this CD to any any one a thunderous music of an orchestra, can any gone wrong buying this CD, want it on an automobile stereo and house.
4 / 5
A Telarc focus again. Ossia A perfect disk to aim of your system of sound. The selection and the utmost registers adds of start. I have been listening to this CD for roughly 15 years now and Orpheus in a clue of the deep basses still sends cold on my plug.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Megan
Glorious interpretation Of this boss-of work of Berlioz!