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Top Customer Reviews: Roxio Toast 19 Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
This software was the leading turn and been due to this I could very included register it! Shady way to do business!
4 / 5
A more watered down piece of software so that it has not paid never in $ 40 - any value $
5 / 5
Burn CD is WELL, DVD is does not touch well on all the players
4 / 5
the product Adds
Friendly user
Highly recommend

Top Customer Reviews: Roxio Creator NXT ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
5 / 5
I am spent literally of the hours that looks for to install; unsuccessfully! A support téléphonique and on-line of Corel was the disappointment adds. A software has maintained partorisca take during one installs procedure with the message that reads 'the installation has been interrupted, test again later!' An interruption has not been caused by me! Have in the first place telephoned a line of support, has finalised partorisca speak with any the one who said would have to that give my email and attentive forty-eight hours partorisca the answered saw email!! This was totally unacceptable. I after tried 'cat' in accordance with Corel sustain, a character in a side of the support has not been learnt and could not solve a subject, has issued the cast 'gone in' mine partorisca support and has left a Cat. I have tried a Cat again with the different technology the one who albeit has tried to the help was unable and looked any partorisca listen mine when I have tried to explain that it is gone in. In an end has finalised a Cat and is returned a software to Amazon the one who as usual graciously has accepted a turn and resupplied a credit. Thank you Amazon.
4 / 5
Uses this produces mostly partorisca modify my vast collection of the records of vinyl of the elepé. Also; it comes with to to other programs likes him to him the video, the photo that modifies and DVD CD software in of the llamas and the plot more have still partorisca explore. Any need to buy the plot of expensive upgrades when all is comprised in this simple software. Luigi
4 / 5
A disk arrives in the thin box which also contains the paper with a number/of registration of the serial. At all more. Any documentation. One in-the documentation of program is poor and a support of Corel is all the cost was and VERY POOR both in accessibilities and content. Some works of software FENCE IN imagined that to you once has gone by (along) test and error. Still I have a subject (appointing/labelling DVD CHAPTERS) that has not solved. ANY help of support.
4 / 5
For this box adds has to that change some settings of exposure partorisca take a costruttore partorisca film to do down some right settings. It is quite easy to use but can take quite involved to do work well. Otherwise Does like this required.
5 / 5
These products will not touch 5.1 surround His or DTS likes ad! Black 2021 Or Cyberlink Continuazione of Means comunicacionales the wound is the better election for the a lot of continuazione of round!

Am running the 10 process of core 4Ghz with 16Gb of RAM and SSD the dives and one install there is taken on 1/2 now to install!
5 / 5
Am using this to create presentations of photo familiarised with audio, video and much more. The photo that modifies, VHS scrolling to DVD. Yow!!!
4 / 5
Roxio Has done always continuazioni of wonderful application ( has bought his so much time during some years like this here and personally). It has been the long time of then we upgraded one of some cars to a later version of the in to call them the continuazione of then has not had any need to (the oldest versions have done so only as well as it is). Also prendemos to burn to plot of disks of then no longer confidence in means comunicacionales of disk for backups been due to the a lot of experience of breaking with BDR half comunicacionales ( has lost TB is data because of bad disks). This in spite of, there is one in ours personal that DVD of still uses MESOS COMUNICACIONALES for several projects so many laws-related and personal. As we upgraded a car to a late plus with this continuazione.

The things have taken so much better inside a Roxio continuazione. An inclusion of PSP is the enormous step in a class of direction that competes with business that the continuazioni of creative big offer like Season (die, this continuazione is the little during a place). It takings Is fantastic. Calm usually have everything to modify, to in some llamas, the marcación. So only it feels you likes volume that more all more than randomly fallen out of a hat. Again, PSP is the fantastic inclusion how is one of some competitors plus a lot strong to Photoshop. Has the little in our crew that swears for him ( is always much more abordable also).

Is good to see HEVC support. It can be surprised that calm still run to the today concealed the applications does not offer support for HEVC/ still still although it has been around while has and so the devices sustain it. It is the fantastic codec that favour to rich lossless video while taking roughly of a better compression there.

Looks like this far to be the continuazione fantastic of tools and applications. We will do sure to update find anything am missing roughly the or anything more master roughly that.

Has found our useful description, please the like this useful vote down in the so many soaps. This I help to resupply feedback of quality in a future.
5 / 5
Some looks of software that will do it that it is drawn partorisca do, DVD of mark is. It had expected with a characteristic to tear that that would be able to convert my DVD is in the the digital format sure that continuous mine IN The. Sadly he no partorisca that. Calm can not copy or file any commercial disk, his, music or data. Also it will block you if the disk of video is 'protected' in any way. I have tried to do one has DVD of update of memories has based out of one had done almost done 20 years that Costruttore of use of Film of the Windows but reasons have protected apparently my original disk I cant anything with him using this software.
After uploading a software instantly will complain it. This forces ads constantly so only to the equal that of the old shareware has done. A difference of entity among east and shareware is that calm now is that it pays to have the calm things do not want to has announced your in place of the take free.
The interface of user is cleaned and simple to use/comprise and if it has not been take all a built in of the blockades and of the restrictions this could be software very powerful . Unfortunately some days of all the computers having any class of optical walk is to go and how is some days of DVD is.
Can not recommend this to any one. With the pocola operates extra there is abundance of free programs that will do a same and better thing that Roxio without a constant processor and the memory that sucks popup ads.
4 / 5
Has been using Roxio produced of software for well on 10 years and has been happy with his varied products for one the majority of part. This particular container is the slam dunk when it comes to estimate and comprises some of his the majority of popular and useful titles like PaintShop Pro, which have been using for probably 20 years now.

Further of PSP a container comprises the number for rasgar and tools in of the llamas that can accustom convert several types of file and leaving you to burn them to CD DVD. It maintains in alcohol, while a calm product leaves you for rasgar ad CDs does not leave you to do copies of comercials Dvdes or Blue-disks of Ray. For copies of the mark of those will require you to bypass his diagram to protect of the copyright that will have to you with the different product. You CAN convert decrypted commercial Dvd and no-copyrighted titles and burn them using this product.

Everything of some titles has comprised with this container is very mature and stable. Support of Roxio is excellent and can find the number of video on Youtube on like this to use a lot of titles, especially PaintShop Pro, which has a better support of any of these titles. Calm obviously will require the DVD/of BLUE/CD-burner of Ray for data of video/of audio/to burn to disk.

Has used the majority of versions of PaintShop Pro and can not say he so that has the plot of difference among one 2020 and 2021 version. Included it goes for a rest of some titles. So many, if has some 2020 versions of these titles there are not the plot of reasons the upgrade. This in spite of, lacking any titles or have a lot of older versions of these titles is a lot of value a prize this sells for,
5 / 5
This continuazione of software leave to create Dvd with papers very good.

Has to the a lot of things like on this software:

is intuitive, as no the curve of enormous learning.
A DVD create can contain multiple films to the equal that will look in a main paper of a DVD.
Leave to customise each one that like this of a Dvd papers with my personnel of background photo, or can use melts stock that it is has comprised.
Can add music to the each one like this of some papers.
Can treat a lot of formed of files of half comunicacionales
can setup the paper of selection of the scene for each film in a DVD believes. Manually I Can define the one who the scenes love in some papers of scene, or can have a software automatically creates selections of scene each one that X minutes.
Can add the scene to film that the first games of a main paper comes up.
Can burn my project directly to the DVD without additional software, or can save him gustanuno .IMG Lima to burn later in the different computer. Handy wants to create the DVD and the send to friends and familiar like that can burn.
Dictate it can manage BlueRay, as if it does not decide never to upgrade my hardware, a software would owe that be able of the boss.

The things have difficulties with east:

A disk comes without has has printed instructions. It has not gone too difficult to imagine was regarding the install, and the , but the manual form would have been well.
Has had to install this software two times for the take to do properly. In the first place install exited after installing without installing a lot a software. A MYDVD the software has done, but a lot a NXT icons of continuazione in a paper to start with at all when I clicked him. Another continuazione the icons gave me the error to register when I clicked him. Another installs without uninstalling has corrected everything of my known questions.

Ossia Fresh software to create fact to commission Dvd. It likes and recommend it to of any the one who has a need or desire to create fact to commission Dvd.

Top Customer Reviews: Roxio Easy CD and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Please find a @@subject down that a Roxio can not be actuated like your of the product has not been valid, thank you!
4 / 5
Extremely last partorisca imagine was like this partorisca use a program. The technical help is very poor. The desire had not bought a product. It does not give on easily, as I will maintain partorisca try until I imagine was with or without technical help.
5 / 5
He Love the program partorisca rasgar the cd to your hard walk, does not squander your time with Roxio. Automatically it will copy the cd to another cd. But there is any option partorisca save file to hard walk. Included this in spite of the tear is prominently looked in a container, he no.
5 / 5
Squandered A lot of hours of endeavour and 10 disks of spatial that tries to situate a video in the DVD as it could touch it on my TV. I have tried several different approximations and two different video so only partorisca the give a profit of a doubt. There is prendido partorisca do every time little premium of an end — 65 complete or more.
4 / 5
A lot like this intuitive to the equal that would like, of a program resupplies a lot of options partorisca conversions of file. I have used so only he partorisca CD CONVERSIONS to WAV and files of Mp3, at all partorisca DVD CONVERSIONS. Another that some titles partorisca be showed in Japanese he the good work. Unfortunately I am illiterate in Japanese.
5 / 5
This disk alleges it can not find an engine and no in mine Windows 10 without buying a upgrade.
4 / 5
Has used Roxis Creator of EASY CD (the precursor to this software) partorisca years, if any decade.

Was always very sincere and intuitive to do some disks.

This software this in spite of, changes all that has known. It is no longer easy, neither sincere, any intuitive. Dipped a disk in, install a software, run the and burn the disk? Three out of four is easy. Burning the disk, any so much. They have added too much to a software to still the classify like this easy. Perhaps it has had it two ways: EASY (or basic options) and DIFFICULT (or Full options) - but he no.

Expects all the world-wide to wade by means of a quagmire of options, when all want to is an easy (fast) way to burn the disk.

One on the characteristic has asked the indication partorisca 'thickness' and esheerness'. A disk of installation was for the half thickness, and could not see by means of a disk -- has confused as well as they are, as to this 'characteristic'?
5 / 5
Well, A day Roxio was one is time . The creator has used originally 1. This version is the well in bloated piece of software. In better can do it some pocolos fulfilled basic but no like this elegantly like one would expect. My main complaint is that partorisca install he in my studio (music) computer I need to having connected to an internet. Have purposefully has maintained my system of studio of an internet partorisca add it a lot of good reasons. My studio of music is to register the music and all a do one is to spend me sorrow in a form of the virus etc. Was able to install it on my laptop that is to be connect to an internet. All this can look reasonable is thinking roughly verification of compraventa. But attended, a software is not exited never and has verified a number of serial has seen an internet for a laptop. So that it gives? Any question, will tug a whole system down stairs and connect it. It will give me an occasion to clean a powder out of a chance. It is not bad software, really. But they could do better for 2020
4 / 5
This program is total junk in of the windows 10. It appears the multiple of old programs has linked near.
When it has created the soyyDVD' file and tried it felizmente, would not burn the DVD neither writes a file of ISO.
Contacting the support of the client there have been to give me one 11 process of any with multiple substeps partorisca take all, comprising temp files, files of program, access of administrator, and building the account of new user partorisca try purpose.
Am spent of the multiple hours that tries to take this thing on and that careers after spending several hours that do a file (this interface is good)
4 / 5
had been using another product of mark partorisca the years that pay the very main prize.
Substitutes my computer each one that 18 month and when I have tried to upload another product in a new computer has said that there was on used all the limits?
That the product is now the byline in the annual base. Any way that has been partorisca spend.
Looked in this Roxio produced that has had descriptions very mixed, but thought partorisca a prize could not lose a lot.
The installation is gone in like this announced without the question and very fast.
Has taken roughly 30 minutes partorisca take familiar with a program and expósita the easiest work, like this a lot with less than any that an old a lot the program of the main prize has had before.
Is spent peels each Burn, copy, tears and convert proceeder without any questions with excellent results.
All the world has his own opinions, but can not comprise some negative critiques.
The product adds, the prize adds with utmost results.

Top Customer Reviews: Roxio Easy VHS to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Has windows 10 in the new car that does not have the walk of DVD, like partorisca be in a sure side has been he advances and has bought a burner of EXTERNAL DVD also.
This in spite of have discovered early that a DVD is so only necessary when installing a software that comes with an adapter , but am sure that could have it has downloaded a software and has used so only a number of serial partorisca the actuate.
In all marries some works of adapter well. All have to that do is the cnnect the to your old VCR and covers another end to the port of USB of your computer, run a program and register your old VHS tapes in digital oh is not restricto partorisca burn your registers in Dvdes because a program can export your registers in diverse other formed that comprises MP4, MPEG, AVI etc.
in this way can save your registers in the format that calm adapt you and then share them easily.
All one all the product adds partorisca the very very 'T FORGETS THAT calm STILL PRECISE A VHS VCR !!!! I am exited and has bought the used a partorisca $ 40 .
1 / 5
I have ordered this element and when I have been partorisca the use has inserted a disk partorisca download a software and a disk was spatial. I took it it was and looked in a backside. It does not look partorisca have anything writes his. I have tried he in the according to computer and he again have come on spatial. I have tried a cat of on-line support with Roxio/Corel and has taken any response. I have called his line partorisca help hangs it the hours have opened a next day and has been said could does not help me a crew of support would owe that go back mine in some point (would not give me has included a estimativa on number of days). A woman has spoken to said has the good day and there is hanged on me. I have telephoned a line behind and has taken a same woman. The manager has asked immediately. After being the place on resists partorisca say a manager has not been in. The ones of way that now has paid it $ + imposed partorisca the spatial CD and service of horrible client. They are by train partorisca give them 48 hours partorisca solve a subject before it rids the question partorisca the repayment.
5 / 5
I love this product.

Would not recommend it if you do not have skills of computers and there is has not modified never the film or burned the DVD.

Is more any partorisca have the dvd as it registers (otherwise a program prender partorisca register when it achieves a period of a dvd the in. I use it partorisca copy Film partorisca House the files of computers.

Here is as it uses it:

1. Register partorisca file and save some films to my computer like the wmv (in advaced options)
2. I modify some films (cutting a big file partorisca separate chances, adding titles, etc.)
3. Utilisation Windows DVD MANUFACTURER (comes with Dress of Windows and 7) partorisca burn a dvd.
5 / 5
It is an easy tool wants to preserve your VHS memories the majority of modern technology and simply tents in yours portable like a MP4 or burn he to the CD. The software adds and the service of client adds, of then has had to that take the code to download a be of software like my laptop does not have a CD Rom, and has had any way of the install but to take a software of Roxio service of client. I have taken some links of easy download and the question have solved.
3 / 5
Works as it has announced .. While has the regulate pc with the dvd walk. A program clashed when that uses the walk of blue ray, and a program clashed when using an outside dvd walk by means of the hub has attached to the Surface of Microsoft. A finally done program in an IBM of 8 years microATX car with the DVD RW walk in him, uploaded with Windows 10. Of a DirectX the version was version 9 ( is now in 11 or 12 or to to something likes that with Of Windows 10), is not that it surprises that a schemes an older will do more with this software.
1 / 5
The video that jump to 20 times a regular speed in of the impulses, audio skipping or jerky in time.
Are horrified the elements like this remain in a phase. I have paid good money partorisca such rubbishes.
The amazon would be better has not sold take refuge it. I have been directed partorisca believe it was one of a better
3 / 5
Fact in my windows 10 car until an update of cradle, then arrest. Roxio The support was fast and quite knowledgable, but finally failed to solve subject. Felizmente Was able to resurrect the Windows 8.1 desk, as has the workaround. He operates competent to take, although the start is inflated. Factory of format to a rescue .
5 / 5
It has done exactly of the partorisca do. Taken 30 vhs video familiarised of a 80s and dip his in my computer. It has been it likes 70GB and has taken partorisca always, but law perfectly. If ossia that is looking partorisca do, then buy this and he. Easy to use, and economic. Calm a mathematics!
1 / 5
If a system of description has left would give this ACCIDENT of ZEROS of the element

has Tried the multiple installs uninstalls and reinstalls in both Win7 64 and Win 10 program without success. Look partorisca install but any career. The support looked for and resupply them with all some registers of error and like this on but to the date has not answered (3 days). I am giving up and returning an element

has bought another VHS to DVD conversor, in meso a price, installs and has run very first partorisca try and does a work.

Would avert Roxio has produced
5 / 5
I have had it stirs it of tapes of old video of memories familiarised that has wanted to convert and maintain sure. This was very easy to use. As it is converting, calm can not see a real video in yours portable/desk screen and because I have not known that the time was some registers , as have has had to that regularly maintain an eye in a progress. These are not to treat breakers for me this in spite of and am satisfied enough with a compraventa. You recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: VHS To DVD 3.0 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5
A software are not adds. Work, but a incumplimiento the settings of compression are quite aggressive. But a device of capture is awesome. Works well in USB2 and has not had any subject in of the Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Included in 64- has bitten. So only take some good engine of honestech put web (ossia an engine loves: [...]

Has used he with virtualdub to be able to take using full interlaced video and doing an of-interlacing later (has taken the motion-jpeg with compression very small) and a laptop has done well. That The audio is gone in without subjects neither.

Resulted to sustain any MATE JUSTO-B / NTSC but also ARGENTINIAN DARK MATE-N (which I so only that have required). As any complains!
5 / 5
Originally Planned to copy my familiar VHS tapes to the video that uses it USB has instrumented VCR but has been surprised in as expensive was. I have read then the description of VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe in the place of technology and decided to try it. Frankly, it was very skeptical that has had results very poor with such devices in a past. When I have received a product, is returned almost immediately, but has decided at least would owe that try he - and has done fantastically! Any question to dip on, any question to use and a result was the DVD add, in fact upper to an original tape. And to the equal that to prize, has found could copy some tapes directly to a hard walk or USB stroll hard. One produces adds in the very reasonable prize. Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5
Has tried a VHS to DVD 3.0 recently and Loves that! A software is easy to install and the friendly user. It has done so only my first video Familiarised of some Tapes of the old beta and the knots are very pleased with a result. A a video costs a paid of small prize for a software. A software comes with all precise excepts a RCA boss of scrolling of Jack. I have had abundance of these dipping around like this this has not been the question. First video was the basic one but am looking forward to when being able to modify and insert chapters to my video for skipping the next section and adding effects. The investment adds. Thank you Honestech.
4 / 5
So only registers roughly 2 hours, any that has required. But it can not complain for a prize. Has think that ordered a same version that has had for the few years that the shot craps, but this has to that be a version of the oldest steps. For 2 register of now would owe that do well.
5 / 5
Takes like this long to look to to a film likes in fact to register it. Some directions are not easy to follow.
5 / 5
No for Windows 10. I have downloaded engine of Honestech put web and has tried included install in Way of Compatibility for Windows XP, View and 7. At all it acts. Unless has the XP, does not buy it .
5 / 5
Ossia The product adds - especially for a prize. I purchased it to of the archive the games of basketball of old institute of my husband and my recitals of old dance - has done really well. Sleeve-up was quickly and easy. Using is also very easy (calm once the imagine was)- some instructions are not of the súper clear in a way advanced, which is that I use a plus. With which some test and the error have imagined the things was and the law adds.

Some other descriptions there is complained in an audio that is has gone by the second - on mine, is was when they are by train for the record in my computer but I once burns it and the sample of a disk is perfect. Highly it recommends this product to do sure yours the lovely memories are sure :)
4 / 5
attention to Arrest to a description. It says clearly he no with windows 10. I have lost that details as his my OWN failure. Of the that takes It and complains no with Windows 10.
5 / 5
Has had virtually any question that use VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe. Followed a recommendation of another reviewers to download an evening more vidbox engine and update/of patch of a Honestech put web. Using a basic way can not be easier. Although a video and the audio in a screen of capture is out of sync, a product finalised (DVD) is perfect. A way advanced is more the time that eats but is some directions , a program extracted like this announced. After reading some negative critiques was some pocolos hesitant to purchase a product. This in spite of, after using it, recommend it highly. It controls some requirements of first system to purchase. Suspicion that count for some of some questions have experienced of another reviewers.
4 / 5
Ossia The system adds . Unfortunately, I have converted a tape and leave - no because of a product but because I do not have a patience. I will go back his because has lovely familiarised memories on some of these tapes. I will take a work done and have the perfect tool to do it.

Top Customer Reviews: Easy CD & DVD ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
When I installed It, you ask partorisca be rebooted. When He rebooted the attacked out of my computer any reboot. Has has had to that do the system restores but he rebooted the minimum resolution and 16 colours. Trying transmission some settings of exposure to the main resolution and more the colours was unsuccessful. Technical support partorisca my paper of the video could not find the solution. Reinstalling The windows have not solved a proproblem. It looks I will have to that do the net installs and reinstall in the 100 applications. When I have installed the Easy creator has not had any program that careers in a background so that it has not been a question.
The easy creator gave always some few questions. It is the tempermental program partorisca begin with. It have expected that Roxio would have solved these questions in one the majority of recent version but looks Roxio has done so only some worse questions.
5 / 5
Had finalised reading all some descriptions in this place, then asked if or any partorisca do a compraventa. After careful consideration, has decided to heed a joint of several reviewers, i.et., Entirely uninstall all the leading versions of a software of Creator of the CD, attentively read a manual, to to the things like to them concealed. After active all this, has bought a version 6 and one installs has been smoothly. I have not had time to fully emplore all some characteristics, but an interface is sum , and hopefully will take the plot out of him. Thank you, Roxio, and thanks to all another reviewers there partorisca your help and of the suggestions. I am running WinXP in the HP Flag 8760C with 256MB SDRAM.