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Top Customer Reviews: Mini Pop Kids ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
The mix of song adds, the girls will love it and calm does not have to that skip a lot so only sinister songs the cheek! Only drawback is a chance has broken quickly and is partorisca touch quality in a department of quality of the chance! It gave it still 5 stars!
5 / 5
The girls have been touching it any stop. His so only amour partorisca my ears? Any so much
4 / 5
CD Adds.
The daughter loves it. It listens his all a time.
5 / 5
There is disappointed reason one 1st CD skips and one 6 old year has been bought for this unbalanced
4 / 5
that surprised them that ship like this fast and the product is exactly that is to be declare. The daughter goes so that be happy this Christmas.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate 80'S Dance ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
I add cd,s of 80,s music, when the music was well,thank you
5 / 5
Adds 80&39;s resumida of dance,4 conjoint CD with some fantastic clues, some I&39;it sees no listened partorisca years. Very happy with one buys the value adds CONJOINT CD, has to have for a party of eighties
5 / 5
Add CD of 4 disks of some swipes of a 90s. Predominantly Pop. Music of foot that touches well of dance. Good row of songs and artists. I am pleased with cost of mine and would buy again.
4 / 5
Very very conjoint together place of CDs btings has retreated the plot of memories !!!!
4 / 5
Auf 4 Cd findet Man yesterday neben give Superhits von Samantha Fox,Wham oder Whitney Houston,
auch echte Perlen gives Achtziger Jahre.

Top Customer Reviews: MuchDance ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Perfect condition, arrived in fast time, utmost products.
5 / 5
Titel auswall echt HOARDS, aber leider kein No-Stop-Mix Schade!!

Top Customer Reviews: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
The music ADDS does not turn never and he always continuous entertains. Really they like him see some bands in concert, there is so more impact that just audio.
5 / 5
Ossia The alive register of the concert that looked many some familiar tunes of Fleetwood Mac. A number of songs of some 'Rumours' CD is repeated here but fact with the slightly different flavour. Has a lot of my preferred. In general ossia a enjoyable CD partorisca listen to once in the moment.
4 / 5
Adds partorisca touch vinyl. Mastered For Chris Bellman, one of a better. A lot I clean to touch, silent vinyl. It adds the cart, yours going paralización to master that !!
5 / 5
There is like this expected long to possess this on vinyl, and does not disappoint ! My subject only was that the amazon does not pack a very good album, and has the plot to break to a coverage of album :(
5 / 5
after seeing a DVD of this action, have fallen enamoured with Fleetwood Mac throughout again.
5 / 5
Ossia The repurchase for me of the golden oldie. So only it improves with time.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Released in the 1997, this was a last experimental U2 album. An album begins with the party of dance, melancholy of results, the little ironic & maniac, before finally falling to the plan was depression . Exposed of pop U2 in his the majority of schizophrenic and adventurers. Some four sides leave it perfectly to the presentation of double vinyl, each side that develops the different way. Some records are flat and calm and again remastered the sound is brilliant, developing sounds that I never listened in a CD. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
The pop has some interesting songs but also the little forgettable some. It is produced very good and sonds well.
5 / 5
Emission a lot well of U2, am like this happy his rereleased this so that it is abordable partorisca collectors of new vinyl. Box, Mofo, the chair has wanted, please, gone, is some upper clues. Cant Goes bad is the U2 defender.
5 / 5
Has aged like the fine wine. I took 10 years to really of amour.
4 / 5
Excellent touching vinyl in the each sound of wise way!!
4 / 5
7-More years of then is emission , "Pop" now it can be seen and appreciated so that that it is, an experimental album with some intoxicating rhythms and words. True, this is not U2 better album, and is so only partorisca say has moments when a band has pressed a envelope to a point where has has had to that neither return to his classical roots (which his ) or the risk that loses the powerful reputation and base of defender. But "Pop" it is not some class of horrible failure, when it comes to club flourishes and to the like, is of the good album with to plot of sums and good songs that touch. I credit test here can do bundle vocals like this well so the rock does not surround some, so only listen his voice in "Mofo," it touches like the veteran of club of the dance. A Flange here shows his character because different the majority of U2 work, is not creating rock of basic electrical guitar, is touching rock but somehow masterfully mix he with rhythms of dance and beaten of club, while still TOUCHING! An opener, "Box" it is pure entertainment while " it feels Amour " pulsates with electronica but still retains the sense of real emotion. "Mofo" It is U2 REALLY pressing it, defenders of his classical 80 the hymns would not recognise never a band for simply listening to this clue without knowing the one who is touching (or at least until the voice of Credit look). But it is one intoxicating, driving number with cryptive papers. "If the god will send His Angeles" it is the return it comfortable plus to a U2 mould, the good-looking papers have painted of atmosphere and of the wonderful melodies. "Staring In Alone" it is another moment aventajado, sounds like the hybrid of the song of the 60 with electronica touches. "Last night On Tierra" it is the melodic rocker with the heart of behaviour. "Ido" it is one of the better courses of an album, he the one who a sale has looked for to achieve, felizmente mixes the sense of rock, emotion and club of identity to dance to a song. This in spite of, a new mix of a clue expósita in "A Better Of 1990-2000" it is vastly upper. A downers is "Miami," the lazy clue that does not look never for gone anywhere and "If steps That Dressed of Velvet," which is in fact the good song but looks to be that lacking of in better production (the alive version of a Popmart recognition is in fact better). "Pop" characteristic a sale an elder in a world-wide trying out of new colours, flavours and dresses with flavour and way. It is not the failure, but can say this band is meant for material More the add and more soaring music. And I have gone back finally to that he his special fact. But for U2 the defenders that loves the flavour of just the one who far a group is has had to that to go to try and in the give something new, "Pop" it is a place to go .
5 / 5
Like this there is. U2 Is the less album acclaimed, an only stain in a group otherwise flawless discography. A lot of critics and the partidários has been horrified and/or disappointed for U2 wins to experience the synthetic plus, his electronic. Reason his that? As it Can U2, one of the bands of mecer more adds of a world (the word key here is rock),operate such the transmission in his music? Some the present pop perceived like the class of treachery of U2 roots of rock and like the tentativa simple to touch in in a popularity of music of pop of dance (when certainly they have not required he). That a sale fundemental the motivations were, does not know . That knows, is that partidários a lot different and critcs, absolutely love this album. Sure, it can not be his best, but is the far cry to be any bad. And while too much present Pop has labelled like this when being too electronica-tinged (the done calm ask if these people have not listened never to another song in an album that Discothèque), thinks that is still has his just action of rock. Staring In a Sun, for example, is classical U2. But a "unpopularity" of an album has not looked to affect U2 indestructible reputation, quotes an incredible success of a PopMart recognition that followed it. I credit and to the. It has been a lot the time forgiven, thanks to one of a world-wide the majority of loyal fanbase and an emission of Everything That You Can not Leave Behind, which has spent for behind U2 his of true rock. In all the chance, although they have tried, could any the very bad album.
4 / 5
This album has been Run has released 1997 and marked a four-annual king-apparition of U2, the one who is undoubtedly still one of some bands of main rock in a world. The pop has continued a group 90 excursions to a glittery world of urban techno music, but there is retained still some of his plug of mark-tingling emotional highs. The critiques at the same time were unconvinced of his merits when comparing he with sooner, classical U2 album, but the chairs is the worthy strong album of his place in a U2 rear catalogue. In spite of a muted the tones of the diverse clues likes him of a despairing Wake On Dead Man, one calms raisin That Dressed of Velvet and a languid A Lived of Playboy, this album is agreed more partorisca an ironic box pastiche of Boxes - the cheeky dipped of drug or two spiced on this clue, which also exists in a regular variety of remezcla and so only-modify versions.
Credit imbues a brooding the tune Pleases with escalating urgency to the equal that directs some politics partorisca prevaricate that prenden in some habladurías of peaces of crucial Northern Ireland - is like this appropriate now in 2004 to the equal that was 7 years ago. Ido has the slow resemblance intro and escalating dramatic tension to the equal that locate to the memorable heart, while Miami is the yard -on surca urban that it is reminiscent of a Zooropa the dad of the album Goes partorisca Pay For Your Car has clashed. In the lightest note, has an innocuous seasonal feeling of If the god will send His Angels, which has bent like the Christmas-themed CD so only in December 1997, and a catchy shuffle of the chair has wanted, which is in a more next thing to 'pop' in this interesting record. Other single was Staring in a Sun, the utmost tune that has the memorable heart, and a darkness, murky-touching vibe of Last night On Tierra. They have him-it liked me all these songs behind in 1997, but a a for real fantastic, indispensible the clue is Mofo, which listens to regularly to this day. Ossia A awesome register, with one of a murderous better riffs will not listen never, the clattering techno has beaten, and and achingly-real feelings of Credit to the equal that sings of an ache that has arrived never partorisca lose his mother the illness in an early age: 'that Tries to fill this God-shaped hole...' Buy Pop partorisca this clue so only and calm will not be disappointed, and partorisca any rock fans the one who any already knows this record, suggests grab the copy and enjoy!
5 / 5
When being the band that has had the reputation partorisca dip tendency and never really falling out of fashion with a time, is quite odd that U2 decided to follow a electronica sale more than taking is gone in some another direction of the his own. It is easy to think that some successes of some Chemical Brothers and a Prodigy in a mid 90s the American phase has given U2 one stimulating to pursue a dancier side of his sound.
A lot U2 the partidários has been impacted by such the transition and has refused a band to turn to the 'techno' law. Of course, the transmission was at all new the U2, that considers that An Unforgettable Fire, Achtung Baby, and Zooropa all signaled transmissions in his sound. But mine qualms with Popping any root of a fashion of a music, but some songs they.
After listening to Burst on and on of then 1997, am coming to this conclusion: the pop suffers reason U2 the music created of a boss more than a heart. This was the point in his career where his image looked to import more ambitions, and many to the sounds of Pops likes him the music that U2 felt that has has had to that do more than has has wanted to do. As well as the result, a class of album of feels half-cooked and unfulfilled.
No, an album is not unlistenable. I can listen his entirely and restrain I of skipping any clues. There are a lot of fine moments, comprising some dramatic alone 'Please' and a rousing number to dance soyofo.' Except U2 is able of like this more than of the this. Perhaps you are a natural step prójimo in his evolutionary phase to take such trendy tendency out of his system. But you can listen the far more comfortable U2 in Everything That You Can not Leave Behind. A reason? The test/Come from a heart and no a boss.
4 / 5
This CD is brilliant. It is powerful, moving, and intense. To the left say reason.
The method of crystal is the perfect example of the like raisin when tentativa of poor musicians to amalgamate two musical genders. You take to the product likes, "Legion of Boom," his new plus cd, where Wes Borlyn is in electrical guitar and Rahzel is doing vocals. They wish to call it rock-techno, excepts that it sucks.
The pop is an album for people of big energy, or nights when something big goes to spend. Rushing centrical to paste the club or living room in the buddy anniversary, in your way to the ailing drink was, does not know . . .
Ossia A prime minister CD with which Larry Mullen is gone through his formation of modern percussion in New York, and the boy can say. While it is true that the flange and Adam am resulted the little worsened during this production of album, when some songs have been listened for a band, all an odd hard electronica work of Zooropa has paid was.
Some only weaknesses of this album are some turn vocals/ feeble papers in some songs of big energy. This of course does not qualify for the valid critique, of then is so only my opinion, but felt it necessary to the signal was at least a thing has found bad with an album.
In general, this CD is the wonderful mix of fashions and genders. A down the songs of time have the depth adds, and some hymns of big energy are sincerely crackling with being able to. If you enjoy dabbling to electronica, and is opened-has imported calm aesthetically will enjoy this cd.
5 / 5
Ossia The rough plus U2, some of the his edgiest material of then Chico and October. Has one slams of R&B', but a loudness of Punk (U2 was originally he punk band), but has some technicians of deep production of Techno. In the Almost is seeing an old and new U2.
U2 Is always a political band, which simply means is sublimating his passions. 'DiscothèThat' is both aims it of a hat and shaking he of a fist to a current nightlife in Europe. I trust, I have lived in Portogallo for two years.
' The chair has wanted,' and soyofo' is prime minister of pieces really musical, and as of substance. You take taken up in in a edginess of craftsmanship of Flanges. I think I Credit sdaid that the flange has fallen enamoured with his electrical guitar again in this album.
'If the god will send His Angels' suitable that U2 is the Christian band, and that has the soul. This song is a long indictment of some questions of a world.
taring In a Was used to is conceptually one clones of Zooropa is 'Numb,' to the equal that prefers to do anything and everything expect to look in a truth. I ask it is the pun has touched here, with a the meaning esencima.' AS this song then would be an indictment of religious marshmallows the one who prefers to look in Christ more than Christ follower.
'Last night on Tierra Touches some apocalyptic ardour of a pre-Y2K days. After all, a world can not maintain up with some things of way are going, as something is for snaps.
'Gone' is the pure living room piece of lizard.
Soyiami' Is the poem of the yours of the tribute to the quite fun city. The clock was for a reference to 'essence,' that is British for gas.
'A Lived of Playboy' is another lyric-heavy, almost rap, indictment of the again dipped religion in the almost-boxes-R&B normalised of three agreements. As to a religious indictment, if some accesses of shoe, spends it.
' Spends That the dress of the velvet Deports the husky voiced Credit that you call them were to the woman the one who has gone already. For some reason, this song touches deep blue, and conjures on images at night in my alcohol.
'Please' is the little forgettable song that is to be do the alone.
'Wake On Dead Man' has substitute '40' as another in U2 Concerts. After active critiqued all the world, Credit finally Jesus critical a dead man. Some ossia blasphemy , extreme volume the sense of the passion of Credit that founds to frustration. To his credit, U2 is an activist and band of charity, as his hands the quite dirty and calloused do fault other people. Besides they are conscious of some conditions and causes of poverties and like this like this the people have in his can to change things, but those who no. For like this, this song would be better called 'Wake on Dead Men,' of then 'the god has not died, neither sleep.'
Some people have not forgiven U2 thus foray, which is really so only a outworkings of one 'Actung, Creature!' And 'Zooropa' album. They have abandoned this deer-trtail, and there is retuned the successful earth with 'All That You Can not Leave Behind.' But, like this always, a pleasure is in a travesía taken.
5 / 5
Agree listen to this album a lot also long with which exit behind in this morning fry in prompt 1997 and has loved that. I have been blown has gone by this CD. It is the shame that the bad revenges reasons ossia one of his the majority of compatible CDs never. This album goes to the techno atmosphere like Zooropa but only better and more the rock that touch this time. A sound of diving is present in some songs on here but this in general is an experimental record. A poor success of of the this and Zooropa persuaded him to return to his roots with ATYCLB that I,m not complaining at all roughly.
Was bobo for critics to say that U2 veered was street and walk out of screwed up. Well ossia his question because this CD is one of his point has underlined CDs.
The box is the techno\number\of dance of the rock that will take your feet stomping with these phat beaten. Ossia He bangin opener to this CD. It feels he has wanted is the song adds with electrical guitar of dish of synthesizer and phat beaten. This song would have been to add it mainstream song. Mofo Is my favourite song in this CD. This song can be too techno for the random defenders but ossia one of some better songs they,sees never writings. Some effects of the his in a start is the little hard for my ears. He almost to to the sounds like to them something of the Front 242 album. Has this familiar U2 sounds of electrical guitar. The things retard down with a mournful If the god will send His Angels. Ossia One the majority of good-looking song U2 has done of One of Achtung Creature of 1991. It is very sweet and joyous and sad a same time. I have touched this a quite the bit during a prójimo few days after a September 11 attacks. Staring In a Sun is the fresh song with more than a synthesized the dish of electronic electrical guitar. Last night In the earth is rockin!!!!!! One classifies of environmental intro is awesome. A song then results the hard mecer song that really takes my mental juices that flow. Ido is resembled Last night On Tierra but no quite like this fast. It is another good song . It finalises with some electrical guitars still that goes by other 6 seconds. Miami is the song that has listened to plot of habladuría bad roughly. The in another hand loves this song. It is not fooled for a title of song. This song is not the song of beach. It is the odd darkness trancey song with a awesome to the loop of drum likes at all has listened before. This song would be something to touch when driving in some outskirts of the big city during a wee hours of a morning. One Remains of the playboy is another song this has been bad-mouthed. This song is the a lot of blues-touching song. This song is the good song . If steps That the dress of the velvet is the calm sensual song probably one the majority of sensual song U2 has not done never. Please is spooky clues with an environmental sound that agree to look out of the window in the evening racked. The song adds. The agreement On the death is a half more afterwards to this CD. Some beaten is half and some songs touches launched together. Some effects of the his in a start and the end are fresh this in spite of. Probably one something thins so only in this CD.
Averts of a moment thin ossia the a lot of underrated CD. I suggest that you run to a tent of music and buy this CD! It is one that will complain to spend up! You recommend this one ...
5 / 5
The POP has taken neither the bad rap or mediocre descriptions, and a POPMART recognition no very - at least compared to a recognition of television of the z/of the ZOO - BUT LIKE THAT! I have seen a POPMART visits in a Alamodome in Antonio Santo, TX in November 1997, and this was a better concert has not seen never (for a way, was in an Army that does my medical formation, and has expected 9 month and remained out of past curfew that prejudices to see them in concert, as I can imagine that psyched was to see them alive!)
Considering POP, this whole CD was my soundtrack to 1997, reason have joined an Army and I love by means of basic formation and my labour formation, and in my only motivation averts that it wants to spend was to see U2. "Box", "Staring in Alone", "Ido" and "Mofo" it was songs that remained in my boss a whole year, especially when it course in formation or doing some formation, and for an end of 1997, some songs really resonated with me. Regarding a music he, like some experience U2 , and in spite of the defenders that groans, techno beaten and blips has really does accesses with a band anthemic rock, if any resupplied the only springboard for him. If at all more, U2 was having some entertainment, and can not to lacking them still that. Another side of one 'entertainment' the element was some of some songs 'darker' as "If the god will send His Angels", "Please" and "agreement on Dead Man", possibly a spookiest song U2 has not done never. Like this as well as they were, material U2 has lost a uplift in his songs. And like this the entertainment to the equal that has had to touch with electronica and irony, has lost abonos old fashioned down-and-circle and soiled rock. But a lot diss this album - the can not be the classical likes JOSHUA ALBERO or ACHTUNG CREATURE, but is the album a lot very this in spite of.
4 / 5
The people expect so much of U2 that takes the little unfair. This album was buzzed like this when being U2 enormous jump to all the things techno, but concealed is not a full history in "Pop," far of him, in fact. A real history of this album is U2 experimentation and exceptional talent in changing a course of the song of second to second. Certainly some premiers three tear-roaring, techno infused the songs do not dip a tone for a rest of "Pop." Releasing an a bit bland "Box" like the only far shortchanged " it bursts" uniqueness and global creativity. " It feels he has loved" and "Mofo" it is far better tunes that there would be better justified U2 tentativa to express his techno corner in a world. " It feels he has loved" it is brilliant. Everything immediately, is techno, melodic, soulful, has the papers add, utmost keyboards, and a awesome blurb of the riff that could take included an old plus of old school U2 followers to jump around. "Mofo" It can be some song of the fullest albums , better. It is driven, energetic, and uploaded with on-the-upper noises everywhere that it has to that it has been alcohol-numbing in concert. Like a lot of this album, "Mofo" has there will be it dark any found of U2 on to to fluff like him "Everything That You Can not Leave Behind," which is the totally languid album has compared to "Pop." Ossia U2 In the a lot of creative, edgy moment in his history. These types deserve credit for the reinvent and a scene of music still again to an end of one 90 east.
After a plenary-tilt energy of some first three songs, "Pop" it settles down to the thoughtful album, slower, but any less intriguing. These songs so only have the special fashion to them concealed is undeniable. U2 Never skimp on melody or atmospherics inside his sound, and all twelve of these tunes clearly the show concealed. Together with I Credit heartfelt words and good-looking voice, U2 masterful material in "Pop." "Last night on Tierra" it is the one who wind of scanner, indestructible tune, with the booming heart of Credit that it could it take any one feeling well roughly they. With which conceal, "Pop" it takes on the extraordinarily surprising tone of on duty drop. Like "Joshua Albero" so many earlier years, "Pop" twenty down in of the scarce songs , calm that really is not like this different of one some U2 touched in 1987, in spite of all a hype roughly his "selling out of" or drastically changing his image.
To the Songs like "Ido," "Miami," and "Please" it looks to change of second to second in a drop of the hat, maintaining auditors entranced like this to that is coming afterwards. "Ido" it contains screechy, of tones of electrical guitars; "Miami" it has awesome beat it can drums that is danceable; "Please" it transforms of the desperate ballad to the sudden techno powerhouse in an end. Basically, U2 everything in his can in "Pop" to rid all some sakes, this in spite of like this the people am complained still. A bluesy " it Remains of Playboy" and "Miami" it contains almost of the pleasant papers of Credit, and U2 has not touched never like this soulful in his musical career. A same time, "If steps That Dressed of Velvet" and "agreement On Dead Man" it is I Credit in his the majority of warm, near, heartfelt more.
Simply place, "Pop" it was one of some better albums of one 90 is concealed was wrongly pre-hyped and mysteriously refused for a lot, comprising defenders of long time. There is to plot to say in "Pop," but it is more to so only listen he for calm to be believed.
4 / 5
A same hard sound. A same emotion. A same tone like this never. For some reason dressing this familiar U2 elements up in the flashier dressed of techno and rhythms to dance that included ACHTUNG the CREATURE has spent gaze to turn of the plot of defenders. Enough they give it, as this really is one of U2 the strongest albums and the good clue to some triumphs of ACHTUNG and ZOOROPA.
An a lot of spoken in techno the elements are really so only obviously apparent in some inaugural three clues (although the traces would look here and there for some remaining songs). An inaugural three are add mecer touches that goes besides so only a glitter that is to dress up in. I credit it has described once to this album likes one this begins is gone in the party and arrivals in the funerals (and, of course, knows that it is speaking roughly), and directs to sustain this tone quite well.
Individually, has to weaves of really appealing tunes on here. "Ido" it is the strong rocker this combines some work of fantastic electrical guitar of Flange with some wonderful touching sounds of piano. "Box" it is so only the fun song that it is an energetic way to begin of an album. "Staring In Alone" it directs to touch retro, still quite new to his closing as to the quota likes them the other of some clues. "Mofo" It is the song that touch like this trashy and throwaway on in the first place listen, that comes like an incredible accident once begins to take attention and @give the one who these personnel.
One of U2 is more seriously underrated album, the POP touches quite fresh and involving. It is unfortunate that a single out of this register takes such little air -game, but take you the copy and discover a underappreciated classical of one of the better rock of a world-wide'any sale of circle.
5 / 5
Ossia Easily U2 the majority of underrated record. Prpers Having adopted irony like his subject for a @@@1990s, wrapping they in uncharacteric sonics, 'Pops' (1997) is probably one of U2 the majority of personal records. Here it is the song -for-song:
1. 'Box'. Although a lot of the defenders have dismayed could not take besides a kitsch of a video (a big deception to release for advanced of a record?), Has one of a bad plus little electrical guitar riffs never and is certainly a lot on some People of Village in the club of dance.
2. ' It feels he has wanted to'. Nowhere it is a presence to Flood like this producing and Howie B. In a sampling boards more evident, is, he lyrical to the hear to these lovers/fans those who would invade Credit spatial. Somehow the all the works.
3. Soyofo'. I credit' an and hear only his mother, the one who loses in age 14, is also a more strongly-influenced for the mentality of music of the club. Again, to plot of the defenders so only could any one 'look for a creature Jesus down some rubbishes.'
4. 'If the god would send His Angels'. Resembled estay' of 'Zooropa' (1993), this version remains upper to a unduly version of yard that is to be release like the fifth only.
5. Estaring In a Was used to. A uncharacteristicly the acoustic number peppered with an Oasis-like sensibility, this was probably one of a better-receipt single of this a lot-maligned record.
6. 'Last night on It will hold. Lyrically Choosing on where 'Box' to the left was, ossia one of a bit those that right-advance rockers, although it go nowhere in to him some maps like them suns of third.
7. 'Gone'. A relatively sincere rock song musically, is also he lyrical high point and an only song of a still record treaty consistently alive.
8. Soyiami'. If this deserve record to be maligned, perhaps of the second unresolved looks lyrical game of soyiami' is a reason.
9. Esome Rests of Playboy'. There is at all too memorable here, lyrically or musically, like this to the tune would have done the best b-side.
10. 'If steps That Dressed of Velvet'. A tentativa to recaptura a way of 'the amour Is Blindness ', is simply a lot like this successful, as the one who brooding ballads go.
11. 'Please'. Different a lot this record, 'Please' is fantastically simple, with the flange that resupplies his characteristically understated there is echoed note to dramatic effect (one the 'With or Without tea). With multiple interpretations to some papers, a coverage of a 'Please' has chosen so only the politician a. As it was promoted not even in some the EUA, ossia simply one of one the majority of underrated U2 songs never.
12. 'Wake On Dead Man'. As with 'Achtung Creature', some final records in the clearly dark note, as I Credit is uncharacteristicly cynical in his spiritual ponderings. Although it is treated often live in an abridged and minimalistic form, some samples in a clue to behind do a version of studio absolutely pursuing.
4 / 5
Wants to take the few directly first things to begin. They are the U2 defender. It was one of hundreds of thousands the one who was has had to that to pay $ 50 in 1998 to see them in concert. And it is not has closing imported in a less. I possess a lot of "aquired-flavour" album and revere at least like me a lot of alike groups. But this is not that all the world-wide the fact was to be.
An album is well. Very a lot of musically, in fact. But it is not U2, like this Zooropa has not been U2. And I Credit it is a prime minister to admit concealed. Here a band was paralizaciones almost a plenary comprises of 90 east (with meaning of a time that involves "Achtung Creature") trying do album of concept, using synthesizers and cars of drum, flirting with techno. And it was not U2.
Some songs are a lot of reminiscient of a U2-concealed-once-was. "Staring In a Sun," "Anjos," and perhaps the pair another same fir amiably on some of the his plus critically has has acclaimed album. But they would not have it it has comprised in the his songs of records likes him "Box," or " it Remains of Playboy" or "agreement On Dead Man" when they were in his prime. There is not any way. And releasing "Mofo" and "Please" like single? They would not have he that. Reason are not him.
Are not against some albums of concept, for am inspired and awe-attacked in of the bands like Roses Floyd, Yes, Haste, and Radiohead those who he consistently. But a difference is- that can do. U2 Is the talent is different. Mainstream The pop is that it is; that has been always.
A history has the happy end, this in spite of. It ceases he of are it of Credit for uniqueness that so only has not been his way. It says "(forget) subject! Sinister music of just mark!" And they have released "Everything that you can not leave Behind," expected to be one of the his that sells better never. A sale has taken his sense behind and now is that he a music that has been able of all to the long of.
4 / 5
In a prompt 90s, U2 there is pulled was one of one the majority of intrepid and complete reinventions never. With Achtung Creature, U2 ditched his 3 melodies in consonance and piousness (both duquel there has been tedious result) partorisca for real of inventive music. This in spite of clearly influenced for Eno, this was neither techno neither environmental music. Achtung Baby has combined serious alluring and sythesizers with kinetic beaten partorisca dance to create music that is dense and obliging. Thematically U2, Abandoned religiousity partorisca some personnel; sometimes pleasant, sometimes flirtatious, sometimes blind with passion, but always effective. In Zooropa, has done the record arriesgadamente experimental that developed and there is enhanced some ideas of Baby. Although no like this compatible, Zooropa contains some of U2 better songs. An arrangement/of synthesizer of the series for Eno in a 7 gem of small "Lemon" it is among a plus that dare and unchartered music in a history of pop. A next plus ("A Wanderer") Cash of Johnny of the figure in an of his actions his odd plus, better.
On Pop, U2 usually assimilate his sound to a stylings of techno more than creating something new. In fact, U2 often the nude was some radical elements of some better techno artists (Chemical Bros., Moby). Often, so only they add the little techno flavour to his passage of level of 3 agreements. Apresamiento Was the pocolos synthesizers and a lot a sound of the songs likes them has dated 80 U2 ("If the god will send His Angels", "Staring in Alone").
Some of some do any quite well. "If pass That Dressed of Velvet" it is supple, delicate and hypnotic. "Please" starts quietly and effectively builds to the chaotic arrival. Some rhythms of dance of " it feels he has wanted?" Work well with a sexually playful papers (Credit sings in S&M/bondage in the random, almost comical way). More often that no U2 simply copy techno ideas without really inventing anything.
That is really baffling roughly the pop is a digression of U2 papers. The pop is plagued for trite references to God, Jesus, and other religious subjects that U2 has thought wisely to abandon with which Joshua Albero. As they have aimed in Achtung Creature and Zooropa, U2 is in his more when they avert heavy religious ideas. A better material in the pop averts overt religious subjects, or more is skeptical in an efficiency of religion in an age of information ("agreement On Dead Man").
On Pop, U2 looks to be the sale this there is prendido or more run out of ideas. A missing element that it is glaringly obvious is a production of Brian Eno. Eno Often fact likes the one of fact 5th member (esp. In Zooropa). Do like this he no only helped dips fertile musical earth, but also has prevented U2 to slip to tedious prestress (usually). On Pop, Howie B fails to do this and a result is an album that is sporadically adds but finds U2 wallowing in his worse impulses too often.
4 / 5
This album are add, and is almost an epic tries like this hard to be. It is the colossal album that U2 test. It is missing some passion thinks. And ossia where this album fails. It is to treat it still.
'Box' is not a glorious start would expect for, but is the good song. Soyofo' Is the very a lot mecer song. They have begun of a show to touch Tiled with this number. And probably it have to that it has begun it an album was. At least I think it that it have to that have. 'If the god will send His Angels' was my favourite song of this album, and is still the song adds. A small depressing, but is is the good song. Estaring In a Was used to is a swipe of this album and is to the plot to to him likes Achtung of way. Has the well seat his. 'Last night on It will hold it is another mecer song that so only takes your blood that flows. 'Gone' is another good song. 'Please' is my favourite song in this album and one of some the majority of intricate songs a sale has not written never. Some parts of the electrical guitar of basses is here also and the part of electrical guitar of the murderous for a Flange. That the song. 'Wake On Dead Man' is the good song, although I am not very a lot in some papers. Jesus has not died, is alive. I credit it is the Christian and would have to that know concealed. But to the left it is not to go to that to a lot. I can not be a song soyiami' and despise 'A Lived of Playboy' almost so much. A rest of some songs is songs of the filler adds. But they are songs of just filler . Ossia The add U2 album this in spite of.
If you do not possess the copy of one the majority of underated U2 the album takes it today.
5 / 5
The pop is an album of extreme contradictions. It is also U2 bleakest album: it finds I Credit in his the majority of cynical, and his the majority of desperate. Almost everything of some songs roughly are losing some the enamoured faith, Goddess and Self. Dipped these feelings, go in Credit the majority of introspective, against a ridiculous backdrop of retro-American, Box-Circle of hardship of Mecer & has produced, and the enigma ossia 'Pop.' In his better, some songs are adrenaline of irony of tunes that slime of bomb with all some talent and the ready hooks have come to expect of U2 (Box, the chair has wanted, Staring in a Sun, Staring in a Sun, Last night on Tierra, Please)- while in his worse is immature lyrical games with songs overproduced to within a thumb of his sad lives (Miami, If Doors that Dressed of Velvet, A Lived of Playboy.)
Some songs that read (has mentioned the on) an interesting album, without the doubt! But some of these songs have deserved very better. If the god will send His Angels is good-looking and harrowing in his core; but it is garishly ailing-conceived in his production. It have done very better like the legislation, earnest 4-ask-band ballad. And Mofo has had potential, but was like this relentlessly overworked all his life was pounded was.
This album has some of some better songwriting U2 has has not had never, which is reason is finally a bit of the dissapointment. He not having never his facts like this pocolos with so many. Still, now it have to that be taken so that it is, and a lot that would be necessary has been it- and U2 have another disk in Bursting the east deserves a lot listens.
4 / 5
This is not a better for U2... You would owe that do quite good to to the upper albums likes him to him Joshua Of Albero, and Achtung Creature... But ossia a awesome album... And pensa in plot of frights of people out of this reason is such the radical start (this in spite of any to the like this radical averages likes them Zooropa in my opinion)... Calm can not expect, well would not owe that expect bands to produce a same music on and on, and a sad thing is that the majority of bands produces a same thing on and on... U2 Is everything roughly transmission, and has changed always extraordinarily and has reinvented there sound... This album is a lot of technoish, but is the album of rock... Radiohead Has been rented a last little moment for his blending of rock and techno and spending it to the big phase... But really U2 he first him... Achtung The creature Was his good Computer (dabbling in techno), Zooropa was Chico A (more than the jump to Techno) and ossia his Amnesiac (a successful plus blending of techno and rock then his forward)... I possess each album U2 has released, and these rows in a cup of a cast... Yes it is different of all have released, but if takings has spent concealed and so only listen listen the songs add... Discoteque Is the fun rocker... It feels he has wanted is the add, beautiful mecer song... If the god would send His Angels is the softest song good-looking ... It is everything adds, but precise listens to this with open ears... Radiohead Is one of my favourite bands, blending rock and techno, but U2 he first him...
4 / 5
Has to that admit that for the moment, has think that the POP had sunk U2. Recent time and king-the exploitation of a disk has spent it in fact on much bigger in my evaluation of a U2 catalogue. Reason?
1) there is enough the bit of rattle and hum this goes careless when an album is not listened the auricular street. It is extraordinarily complex. It prevail three seconds of soyofo' - absolute brilliance!
2) One more minimalist remixes of 'Box', 'Gone', and estaring in a Was used to in a new U2 album of aims of compilation some songs so that it is SONGS REALLY GOOD. Undressed Of some of some beaten of dance, a line of electrical guitar in 'Box' is perhaps one the for now thrilling majority of mid-90s U2.
Thinks that this album deserves to plot of reconsideration. It is distant Very perfect, yes. Esome Rests of Playboy' and soyiami' is rubbishes, yes. But there is some giddy the paste of high points for this album. The different production could have done this the a lot of-less maligned album - is dark, is complex, but is still really good.
Would have interested really to listen ALL SOME CLUES of albums (Miami and a Lived of the playboy comprised) remixed - could be still better! Still, in some ways is although this album has tried a dark night of a U2 soul to touch that has pressed 'All That You Can not Leave Behind' to result that it is.
5 / 5
When I have seen a world-wide premiere of U2 new so only, "Box," it has been it has bitten surprised. It can this be U2? No. Really? They have touched like this different!
Was has bitten he miffed. A sound was different, so only, but to good sure U2. I have expected for a CD to exit. I have listened to a CD so to the equal that could take partorisca familiarise with his songs to the equal that have expected for them to visit. Well, calm does not know ... One has listened more to BURST, to one has liked him me more.
"Box" has the snappy has beaten, while in another side, "If the god will send His Angels" grabs in you. My favourite song is "Please." It is dark and moody, but he the calm impulses arrive and spend you was. I credit it has not moved backward in his songwriting; in a contrary. Tip like this promised like the composer like face when "Chico" it is exited. Continuous grow, like a band.
Thinks the one who better defines U2 is that they can not be clear-cut. They can not be forced under a sub-gender of mecer any circle. True, has the definite sound - when you listen Credit sings, knows is, when you listen A Flange touches his electrical guitar, knows is - but is the band that will be for ever trying out of new sounds. They are not satisfied with being labeled under a writing of sub-gender. It is as if each album has is own history , is own life . U2 Maintains reinvents, trying out of new sounds. Ossia That he his fact U2.
5 / 5
A delicious mix of surreal electronic motives and insanely groovy melodies, the pop rid in the visceral level qute clears of a Box of opener, he classically the brilliant song of poppy has manufactured to go u2 culture of music of the parody with his own form of boxes and the electrical guitar of funky of a flange riffs. The voice of Credit is darker here, moreso then a lot another u2 record.
These records tries more then any one another record that well the electronic music can be incorporated with rock and circle to invent the quota on the dot- feels loved with a riffy heart and glaring basslines.
Another then dipping was paralizaciones to explore territory of music in the each sonic way electronically and pulsatingly, a record feels soulful the material in a vetoes of a classical u2 his, staring in a sun with his lush his, dressed of velvet with his atmospherically good-looking tones and if the god would send his angels with his lyricisms to pursue.
One of some better electronic songs are seen in the song of Credit his mother, mofo.
The only bad thing is repetitive Miami follows like locating your quite fast nerves.
One of some points has underlined classical with all a good material is a lived of playboy.
This would have to that be in the collection of the each auditor of music.
5 / 5
U2 Has taken the giant jump to an odder void of techno-electro-pop (in this late date can think of any better description) and is exited with "Pop," any of his the majority of successful album but an interesting addition to one catalogs, this in spite of.
According to a lot of sources, "Pop" it was neither hurriedly finishing or released before U2 was done entirely with him. Ossia Class of hard to believe; a sound of album adds, although it contains the little puzzling dead-final ("Miami," "Mofo," "agreement On Dead Man"). This is not a same band that the audiences have had the habit to listen behind in a @@@1980s, which has turned of the plot of longtime auditors. But I am convinced they has had to spend for this phase -- has has had to that do to to the record likes "Pop" -- if they were paralizaciones to survive and movement on. Which is finally that has done.
Ran better: "Box" (overblown, but he still rocks), " it feels he has wanted to" (U2 erotica?), "Staring In a Sun," "If the god will send His Angels" (underrated), "Last night on Tierra" and "Please."
4 / 5
Is difficult to say or a lot ossia the good album . "Box" it is an excellent opener for an album, excepts that no only develops the side he new plus to U2, but also discouraged to plot of people of a start. It is the good song , with the work of recognizable electrical guitar of a Flange. "Please" it is to spectacle for an album, "Last night on Tierra" it is the moderate blues song of mecer that touch quite nifty, "Staring in Alone" it is a good song , "Mofo" it is an interesting techno song (especially partorisca U2) that of some law of way (listens attentively, thinks does the small sample to Twist "Chinese Burn" in of the producers note like this fact ). The majority of a rest of an album is the quite lacking mix of trashy living room rock and techno inspired rhythms. Some work, some any, but perhaps ossia breakings of an intrigue in this album. In general, it is at all the bad album, but has the different for his own good. The people have expected the mature U2 that would develop included further in "Achtung Creature." Instead, they have matured to try something the different way of all his past material. Oh Well, the give the casualidad. It grows on you.
5 / 5
To think that a current 4 average of star could convince any to purchase this album horrify me. A lot of look of people to think that U2 fashionable transmission partorisca Achtung the creature was the movement to dare and an example of as creative a sale for real is. A truth, I suspect, is that a transmission has been motivated so only for Credit that loses his voice. Little look of people has had to that admit this. But it is clear that when it lose a quality of his "celestial pipes," I Credit it has retreated to a "ironic" parody of his leading self. It thinks of the as it advances a soaring vocals used to be in a mix. Now, they are usually tweaked with effects, sotterrati under a music, or worse of everything, Credit appealed to an unpleasant falsetto to convince still can sing. U2 Is always be roughly Credit and a Flange, and with a half of an equation that loses, doubts any never another album adds. While some excursions in Achtung and Zooropa entertained (especially in a last, IMHO), the POP is very worse because I Credit has adopted the "serious" it presents again, without a voice or a conviction partorisca back it up. Please, likes his "new", or his "old" way, buy any album but this one...
5 / 5
I owe that say that this is not my preferred U2 album. Has sounds that that no attended of them, uses the producer that does not use him in a way that has the habit of.
This in spite of, ossia the wonderful CD . And I can not help but grow for want it. With writing like this and Flange foray to new types of cries of electrical guitar, still give me some shivers. U2 Is still in his "in an upper" way with Popmart, this in spite of still know like this to touch a heart with raw emotion.
Please is the stirring, anthemic call in Ireland, begging for the transmission and to think of peace, partorisca postpone traditionalism. Ido is the sonically that song of clashes that use Credit soaring plaintive voices. If the god would send His Angels asks a question of old age of Goddess in the new way; it is beautiful and enough. The agreement On the Dead man goes the no further - is not enough, but heartwrenching and powerful.
OSSIA The different U2, like this different like his transmission of Joshua Albero the Achtung Creature. Consistently, Some people can be postponed with his tentativa to try new things. I admire him for that. I admire him reason think that that they are the band that for real concerns roughly music.
4 / 5
Rolling Stone has revised this album well, applauded it, and has lost a point. That looks to be the point of Credit - and the flange is, the one who has helped to write some papers. Like U2 has created the new way for them to be U2, (this in spite of no the radically new sound), lost in a translation was a DREAD of to ALBUM LIKES HIM TO him HERALDO OF THE APOCALYPSE. 'Discothèque'Taking on where Zooropa has to that the left was, and shows Barry Gibb influences in a Flange. Then, by means of one all-the legislation soyofo,' dulcemente enters a truth. 'Last night on It will hold to continue some two clues that so only the behaviour: a world is going to Hell, and is while to a Rapture. 'Gone' have it spending; then it follows 8 thru 11 detail a joy of the left behind sinners, joys that fray in some flanges in an end of 'Please.' Then: 'Wake On, Dead Man' is downloads it to Jesus, while cries of a damned echo in a fund. People those who has listened to some papers comprised reasons a music was how was: disguise of part for a message, and description of part of a world-wide punctual to finalise. I have taken like such, the pop is the brilliant statement the same to a more fact for Roger Water, master of an album of concept. That surprise is that VERY FEW PEOPLE have IMAGINED THIS WAS!
4 / 5
No for any one means an album to compare with U2 is more populate/the musical tarpaulins have respected on some decades. Any chance, 5-6 memorable the songs to good sure do this CD a lot of anything to spend up. Box, Ido, Staring in a Sun, Last night On Tierra (better that has deserved the inclusion to attack more order) and ?If the god will send His Angels, Please? Everything classifies this tries the tentativa very that does clues of available quality. Although another (songs) tends to repeat his format, the partidários has to that agree until this time U2 there was little fact if any experimenting with a techno-process of production. Together with bands of alike rock, today digi-the pop would not have been an easy transition to visit with saying a less. If you possess this CD (or any), calm recently can have remarked U2 Better Of 1990-2000 only offers animal-mixes-of the his few elected follows. This chair more would have to that it is remained so only. For this reason especially, would avert does not exchange never this disk in any tent of CD USED for some alternative of spare transmission (fallen thus remorse/to comfort enough time personally) - then again, loves third-together of party any plus of you.
4 / 5
With thier phenomenal "Achtung Baby" and interesting "Zooropa," you would think that U2 the next experience with music would be like this as well as his albums to precede. In "Pop," it is all techno. Ossia In no way U2, but neither was "Zooropa," as this is not such the bad thing. But still although U2 looks for his spiritual soul with "Pop," a music does not match never some papers.
"Pop" it opens with 'Box', which is the opener adds for a rest of an album. It is both exhilirating and playful, although it touches as I Credit was in esctasy when it write it. It opens well, but calm punctual will find that the majority of some songs have repetive beaten and riffs (as like this with techno), and although I Credit can have has written good papers, his voice in like this synthed and down that you would not know never that seats this was his the majority of personal album lyrically. Songs as 'If the god will send His Angels' and ' the chair has wanted to' follow this. Then his is the paving was bad product, the songs written bad that has no rythym or beaten constant that so only have it squeek here and strike there, likes soyiami' and ' Spends That Dressed of Velvet (this song has potential to add with Credit lustful sings, but his voice in like this calms that you pode ail here he).
This is not to say that there is not of the high points in an album. SoyoFo' Is in fact the very interesting song, which is Credit favourite , on some remorses of a death of his mother. Ossia One the majority of pure techno song in an album, especially with a synthesized harmonic. The shows embroider 'gone' a lot of very on Credit' run, and the a lot of pursuing riff of Flange. More than everything is estaring in a Sun,' that is one of U2' better songs. It is hard of the describe unless calm here the, reason an electrical guitar riff is spotty, and some papers do not touch right unless calm here Credit sings him, but in an album is the good-looking song .
Ossia For far NO U2 better album, and a course a lower that one '90' Trilogy.' There are some high points, and some low points. That has hated U2 transmission in direction after "Achtung Baby" it abhor this album, while those of knots (likes I) the one who has embraced a transmission will find it an interesting prójimo to U2 frames of a 90s.
4 / 5
A lot of people were a lot quickly to refuse this album when in the first place type. An album was one of the his that sells worse to date, and a recognition wasnt that adds neither. But ossia the very solid album , with some really good clues! The box has the rhythm adds and has the electrical guitar adds riff, also. His something different for U2, the start of the his earler material. Of course have it Staring in a Sun, which is the song adds also. But the think a better song in an album is "If the god will send His Angels". When it has seen a recognition of elevation, has been them disappointed that his didnt touch this gem. It touches like a perfect song to do in the u2 concert, and his didnt. In fact his didnt touch anything of this album. Apparently, they are embarrassed of this album but does not have any reason that would have to be. They are the big defender of an electronic U2; the think that when they were electronic was when they were in his experimental summit. It is especially evident in this album. Easily U2 is more the album has estimated down, together with Zooropa.
If this was useful, click an icon down. Thank you!
5 / 5
Artistically And spiritually, ossia U2 better album. Some papers are incredibly subtiles, included brilliant. A music is rich and interesting; all some musicians contribute creatively.
Essentially, U2 has begun like an optimist, included naive group, turning his Christianity his music of poppy. But his popularity and the maturity headed to some disillusionment, and to the plot of his Christian defenders has has felt betrayed peels to cynical album like Zooropa, and to of to the episodes likes him to him Credit is undressing in the restaurant of Londra. With Pop, U2 recovers his perspective that affirms life, but this time spends a lot of worldly sensatez with them. Both his papers and the music reflect this development. This in spite of, this does not mean his partidários Christian old would have to that expect touch he in church--at least church very normal.
Finally, looks this will be his last good album . His music of then Pop (excepting some more utmost swipes and b-collection of sides) belonging in of the schools of nursery and self-seminars of help.
Incidently, Moby the game of album remember of of the this in some ways.
4 / 5
The a lot of people hate this album, but ossia clearly still U2 arrived to choose to use the bit of computer and synth to add to his sound of byline. While a prime minister a lot follows "Box," " it feels he has wanted," & "Mofo" it is a lot techno feeling, the things begin to settle down after the moment.
"If the god will send Ángel" it is the slow and beautiful little ditty, concealed to agree me of "Stay." "Staring In Alone" go down like him U2 classical. "Last night on Tierra" it is the hard-rocker and one of the mine favourite in a CD. Some papers on that one is very too much.
A second half of a CD is the little less accessible, but there is still some really good songs on that. A bassline in "Ido" memory of " Bundle a Blue Heaven" and a part of piano is remniscent of "the day of the new year." "Miami," perhaps one more quirky and the odd song in an album is also one of a better. A song is especially adds in concert. "Miami" it is an epitome that U2 is railing against in some excesses of culture of pop (any pun has feigned.)
To arrive to this point a CD quietly the turn was with the series of the calmest songs: "If steps That Dressed of Velvet," "Please," and "agreement On Dead Man." There is certainly better U2 in a phase ("Achtung the creature that is a pinnacle of his work in my opinion) but there is certainly worse (his pre-the days of Unforgettable Fire are almost entirely forgettable mine.)
In general the quite good disk, yes go to possess so only the little U2 CDs, would avert it, but wants to go deeper, then for everything means, the choose up.
5 / 5
In an end of the decade of experimenting with dance and techno, U2 place out of his more strongly techno-the album has influenced to date. Recieving That comprises to be mixed descriptions, this album has grown to be one of my current favourite records.
Of an opener of intense dance, to adds techno to to the clues like Mofo, to the of songs more serious likes him Staring in of a Sun, this album tries that U2 can have sucedido in doing wonderful music of all the different classes.
A step of an album is balanced perfectly also, likes all U2 album, balancing a mix of the serious songs slower, and techno/the clues of rock like a prime minister three.
Like Achtung Creature and Zooropa first of the, the pop ameno U2 fans the rock adds and record of circle, to all the cost of him or does not touch like his work of one 1980 east, and admire bands those who are not afrain to the experience with his sound likes that, especially sales like enormous likes U2 was has begun at the same time to experience wiht his sound. You are the risk that was a lot the value that takes.
4 / 5
The pop is not one the majority of ad U2 register in a planet. This in spite of, ossia certainly a intriuging piece of work. Of the uses of band to plot of creative rhythms and variable tones specifically in him that to such tunes likes him-gliela box, Please, Staring in a Sun, and Last night On Tierra.
A Flange is in shape a lot in electrical guitar. Still although some sounds of the electrical guitar is not always front and centre, some suns are quite so only to follow to follow.
Credit is quell'has bitten inconsistent in a vocal zone. In of the clues like Mofo and Yes Spend Quell'Dressed of Velvet, touches muffled how is difficult to do out of some words. This in spite of on If the god will send His Angels and Last night On Tierra an emotion is quite strong.
In general, ossia the good endeavour for U2 to the equal that has seven quite good to excellent tunes. They experience with different sounds without going too overboard. The transmission is the good thing . This in spite of, songwise, an endeavour is the little short of Achtung Creature.
5 / 5
A thing is sure, this is not "An Unforgettable Fire". If you can take past that, would have to coming to want this as much as a rest. This and "Zooropa" it was absolutely neccessary in "U2 " evolution, and I personnally would not want to listen "Joshua Albero" repeated 4 times. An enormous Lemon in some concerts, and Credit with the boss shaved taken the behind-seat to an interior of excellent music. Has more than the techno/box vibe his that his other albums, but any overwhelmingly so many. And that says that this touches hasty and unfinished, thinks that says that reason listen other people say it. Some songs " it feels he has loved" and "If steps that dressed of velvet" it is awesome, and "Please" really it have to that it has been it in a "More than 1990-2000". Inferior line, is dipped this in yours stereo, and leave your speakers snap, crackle, and "Pop".
5 / 5
Simple and upfront, are the devotee of U2- can not take enough his, and like the plot of partidários there, enough will buy anything has the place was, to all the cost of a buzz. As well as if some of you there thinks has sold was; it is not that a whole idea behind music to pop in all the chance? I think that that they can resupply to do a lot of "deceptions" this will result in an album like this one. They are quintessential musicians (of those who songwriting the capacity is in the pair with Beatles, but ossia much more evident in "Everything That You Can not Leave Behind.") Any only nail on presses-pounding techno-rhythms and memorables melodies (with "Box" and "Staring in Alone"), but with papers like "If the beauty is truth/and surgery a source of youth.../" There is some serious depth and has thought to go to a process. Or perhaps I Credit it has written he in 5 minutes whilst smoking 20 cigarettes, those who knows, but so only solidifies a thing of whole character.
4 / 5
Has the question: it is there a lot U2 defenders there besides me this has loved Each ALBUM a group has not released never? I find it remarkable like these Irish boys change his fashion on basically each album, and is remained in a cup for 20 years, the piece the plus along that Any one another group in Mecer any history of Circle, Beatles included. When they Have come to a scene with 'Chico' and his punk-way of rock, a politically 'Behaviour of War, a spiritual perfection of 'Joshua Albero,' a search roots of American music in 'Rattle and Hum,' an original, his estupefaciente of 'Achtung Creature,' and then a new, undressed-down mecer classical 'All That You Can not Leave Behind.' And ofcourse, a brilliant experimentation behind 'Zooropa' and 'Pop.' For U2, one of some better bands in a world, to fall that had done it his millions and do an album to quench his is musical and the intrigue is incredible...
'Pop' is the album of rock adds. This in spite of, for U2 levels, is the good album . I say this reason a CD look the littered with the plot of songs adds, then some concealed is really well quite classics, then the pair that would have to been b-sides. Of course, there is an explanation partorisca east.
A start of clues adds with 'Box,' the a lot of catchy follow which takes an auditor begun 'a-the-Canal of Zoo.' Estaring In a Was used to and 'Gone' is has done incredibly songs in the electrical guitar of the like a Flange underlines. I do not know reason these two have not taken time more radio when an album has been released. My favourite song, this in spite of, is 'If the god will send his Angels,' the sweet, depresses it the song brilliantly writing and rid for Credit.
Now, reason thinks this album, although a lot well, could have been like this better? Example: 'Please.' A bit dull. But say you of the compraventa this CD, skip this clue and go to buy an alone for 'Please' and listen the king the version done. AMAZING! I seat one same roughly 'Wake on Dead Man' and 'could Be you has wanted,' both good songs that could have it been better.
Other very good songs in this album comprise soyofo,' 'Last night on Tierra,' and ' Spends that Dressed of Velvet.' And in my title for this description, the perfect example is 'A Lived of Playboy.' This CD has grown on me more than any another has has not listened never. At the beginning, you could think that that to the song likes 'Playboy' is not your flavour, but maintain listening his. The ready papers of Credit will change your opinion, trust.
A fact is U2 has finalised 2-3 clues a day an album was mastered!! Like the result is the song likes soyiami,' that would have to be it launched of a cast and place in a b-side of a estaring in a Was used to so only.
In general, ossia the very good CD . I seat it is unfair of the judge afterwards to 'Joshua Albero' and 'Achtung Baby', which are surprising classics. Considering 'Pop.' I seat it is material and so only some guts of U2 that emission this class of album would owe that deserve 4 1/2-5 Stars, but am very rigid when it comes my opinion of music to the equal that will stick with 4 stars. And U2 followers that Pops of amour' and does not enjoy 'ATYCLB', the give another casualidad and appreciate the music of rock adds. And so that they dip 'Joshua Albero' in the pedistal, dipped 'Achtung Baby' in your transmission of CD and dip the on repeat 20X, his one of some albums of better rock of all the times. It chooses on the each one U2 CD, his all gives the different flange and is incredible in his own way.
4 / 5
In an age where any album that sells or is to populate has to that be that crappy excuse for the known music like rap/hip-hop, appreciates to God that U2 bear to dip out of the album of perfect rock muerto.yo really feal sad for a youth of today, with this trashy rap the material that eats some shelves of Compraventa Better. Rock n the circle is the weapon ,and U2 is is wielders. The pop is a exuberant masterpiece for an incredibly talented quartet. Of an inaugural catchy electrical guitar riffs of 'Discoteque" the sweeping balladry of 'If the god will send his Angels", to a lyrically stunning "One Remains of Playboy", U2 both mock and culture of pop of the embrace in the way another band (or scrubby fad aritists thus @@subject) could do. To this day, any one can write the song like this cleverly likes Credit, and A Flange is one the majority of inventive guitarist of Rosa Floyd David Gilmour. It adds to Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen untouchable rythem section, and the the sale the more end of the rock. The pop is a better album for any artist of "Zooropa", and any one @subjects the one who any brain the critical death has said, U2 and that sews the rock has called will not go never was.
5 / 5
While Depeche the abandoned way his electronic roots for mecer the few years done, U2 has done an exact opposite: his strayed of his roots of mecer to dabble with electronica. A result is "Pop": his the majority of album to date that it touches electronic. Still, for all an occasional synths and loop of drum, "Pop" it is the album of mecer all a way. "Staring In Alone" and a dynamite "If the god will send His Angels" it is classical U2, how is " it feels he has wanted." This in spite of, think that that the defenders were turned more has gone by "Mofo," that touches more appropriate in the Prodigy album, to be very sincere. This album any flop, but a lot exactly sale by means of a ceiling like "Actung Creature" (the classical only group of one 1990 east). Too bad, reason "Pop" really it has quite merit to be in his own like the album adds.
5 / 5
Are the enormous defender of Pearl Jam and some Pilots of Temple of the Bone, like this U2 so only is not my fashion of music. It was impressed enough with "Pop"; this is coming from the write the one who can not be techno. Ossia it techno Album with the touch of rock. This in spite of, is well. A whole half part of an album is utmost. It liked especially "Staring in Alone", "Last night on Tierra", and "Ido".
Some follows really take this album down. They are not that it goes to bash "Box", reason this was a good song . But "Mofo" it was horrible. Also the did not like me "Please". "Agreement On Dead Man" it is the quite feeble song .
"Pop" it was an album has loved really to to hate likes more than other people, and has bought he out of simple curiousity. I have found this material that interest, this in spite of. Perhaps I will give "Zooropa" it tries it...
4 / 5
Has some clues add in this disk that comprises "Please", "Last night On Tierra". In general this in spite of has more than the little forgetable moments that marks this one of the majority of uneven register of a band.
Another in a line of 90 studio wizardry experiences that has comprised "Zooropa", this collection disappointed more than few defenders in his emission. A question is sounds like U2 is trying like this last to cut the clues in one vetoes of some masters craftsmen of electronica. Calm can no the fault to try, is of entity for any band to stirs was and expore his art.
Still U2 is the band of rock, one of a More adds them never. His more than satisfies the collections yield powerful register when they go back to basics and that his more. Like the slowest songs and more serious that comprises the majority of a CD is one is outs here, some CD movements dulcemente and is difficult to listen to all a way by means of. The to shame likes to last three songs is all very good. Some of some registers some the remarkable plus here could try better finally in the disk of the compilation mixed in with more upbeat material.
4 / 5
Tihs Quell'U2 3rd Big Bang (1987, 1991, 1997, 2000) and perhaps one 4th better album. Ossia Much deeper that any one has thought. Look Down...
1. Box (10/10)- I does not know any the one who would dance his. It does not mean anything, but still the song adds, doubt. Well in some maps. (1 In 13 coun.)
2. It feels he has wanted to (10/10)- Good background music with good words. Upbeat Song, adds follows on 1.
3. Mofo (7/10)- Perhaps the point underlined of Credit, but any mine.
4. If the god will send his Corners (10/10)- A sinlge the version is better, but this anti-song navideña has the points have underlined with to to a PRIDE likes him the electrical guitar for Of Flange.
5. Staring In a Sun (10/10)- When I have listened to a new mix in Better of 1990-2000 is [bad]; this a better east.
6. Last night on Tierra (10/10)- 5th song to take 10. Quite[bad] words. Beaten good and strong heart.
7. Ido (10/10)- 6th song to take 10 points. New mix in BO1990-2000 is calm slightly more is, BOOM.
8. Miami (0/10)- I HATE PUNK ROCK!
9. A Plaboy Rests (9/10)- Pleasant song with odd but amusing words. Any a lot of music but hey...
10. If steps a Dress of Velvet (7/10)- Quite bored in time but hey...
11. Please (10/10)- has loved that when I listened it in the first place, but now, is class of, well is like something...
12. Agreement On Dead Man (10/10)- Principles! The majority of the significant song besides Gone. I credit it says fk like this clock out of boys.
Well... Calm there go
4 / 5
A lot of U2 to the partidários would like him to so only forget that of this album has not spent never. Pop. A electronica experience. It is, in a lot of considerations, an album with the half-his finalising, songs that could like this more than era, but has not been. A music is very light and the scarce time, and full of electronic sounds. In a lot of ways, this was one sells test in the album of type of pertinent pop, but does not do like this a lot well. This in spite of, there are gems to be found. Dischteque Is the song of the pop/of dance adds, If the god will send His Angels is enjoyable in a etheral way, and Staring in a Sun is also the way down below-classifies of time of tune. While the true U2 the defender will find entertainment in the better gems of this album, a lot the random auditors probably will find more to the entertainment in a band is another work.
4 / 5
This album contains some of U2 better songwriting, which this album bittersweet. Some of his better, there is rounded quite a lot of songs, on-produced in the cucoon of electronic noise. It conceal it does not mean that songs like "Box", " it feels Amour ", "If the god will send His Angels", "Staring in Alone", "Last night on Tierra", "Ido", "Please" or "agreement On Dead Man" it is not of the good songs. A writing is sum , but a way is together place is not a better. You can say that they were the little too conscious of a way these songs would touch and past too long polishing them, taking was the majority of a soul. The songs add, leaves more to be wished they. The album adds nonethless.
4 / 5
As I last it to him the defender bitten of a band of "Chico" it was the new emission , veteran of almost 20 U2 the concerts that quotes behind to a "War" recognition, owner of on 60 U2 CD is (original emissions, solteras, remixes, alternating packaging of original emissions), 80 records of vinyl, all a DVD has released is and VHS tapes, and in cassettes of two dozens and solteras so only for good measure... I have purchased each one which so only one of U2 CD/of album is of "An Unforgettable Fire" onward in a first a lot of day of his emission, and so only once to the chairs likes them has squandered my morning that careers to a trader of local music. Supposition when?
Ossia An only U2 album I waste to listen the never again... An only recognition has lost in 20 years... Some the only time thinks U2 has not had never the serious misstep, and yes, this comprises an a lot of-maligned "Rattle and Hum" phase (notes of editor: like the jointly pure film, mainly of a half of a DVD from now on, "R&H" has some of a more stirring images jointly never committed to film, beating "U2 Alive Boston" and included "Under the Blood Red Heaven", a last STILL a lot on DVD, for the just margin).
This album/of CD is a utter disaster, with only quell'handful of the songs that redeems he to launch-he-in-the-been of rubbish. "Box" memory of at all more than the stock exchange fill of displeased ferrets struggling for the piece to feed!
A general decrease of the form by means of a 90 is concealed begun with "Zooropa" achieved his' @@@zenith with "Pop", which is practically unlistenable to these ears. Felizmente "ATYCLB" Returned a band to the place of prominence, and begat the one of truth stirring serious of alive shows that it is for ever etched my memory. I have visited a breadth of this earth to see them maintains a west cost (outrage two shows in a right cost), still any and has not travelled two miles of dozen to see a "Pop Mart" recognition out of the purest contempt so that has there was perpetrated in an audience has trusted a form of his "Pop" CD.
If really I want to it begin U2 collection, beginning anywhere, and means ANYWHERE more. A lot they consider "October" like this U2 the poorest endeavour, but really, is the true masterpiece in comparison to this horrid collection of alcohol-numbing nonsensicle overproduction. If so only it can erase this travesty of my memory, would be the happiest man a lot of .
But ossia so only MY OPINION. Inexplicably, this CD has achieved an average of four stars (!!!!). I can so only psychosis of mass of the suspect in a part of professed U2 "defenders". :)