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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
4 / 5
Stange And uncanny B film, with some serious and some parodic touches. Tour in súper 8, with the caseous soundtrack, but good effects. I need a japanese cinema partorisca find the gems have taken.
5 / 5
Daughters and on duty data escoles the zombies that requires partorisca repeat killers. Ergo Has a Romero repeats murderous (George Rosmarino) the one who are authorised partorisca do repeats murderous. There is Drew Illegal repeat kill the daughters have appointed with which Drew Barrymore. A good weapon partorisca repeat kills is Bruce Campbell Chainsaw Right Hand 2.'

A film comprises severed the organism separates the movement and the shiver concealed roughly. Campy For creation.

Drives: Any f-bombs, sex, or nudity.

$ Film of View of the mountain
4 / 5
Well... When being the defender of Zombie flicks, this has looked entertainment. And... So as like the chair here and choose out of some positive & negatives in this flick, taste to him are some uber-fresh B-Flick Gives support, has to confess, estacy' had me slack-jawed & stunned, complete with seen of question of cartoon-frames and explanation-the points that flashes on my boss. This is not a goriest the film has not seen never, neither an ailing plus, neither a caseous plus. This in spite of, ossia probably one of some the majority of the odd films have not seen never in my life.
Am writing this immediately after verifying out of a flick, without doing any investigation in king the one who wrote it, the one who directed it, etc; which is fun, reason leave here, writing & that it asks with surprise, WHO has THOUGHT ON THIS HISTORY, And that SLEEP Or HALLUCINATION DID SO ONLY WAKE ON?
A plot involves an epidemic of NDH: Filled of Next death, ailing daughters among some ages of 15-17. A NDH-stricken the daughters spend for roughly a week of sheer emotional bliss, elated still fully conscious that is going in. After a elation phase, the fall has died, then result revived, devouring any sound of the human interior taken. Unable to find the cure partorisca a revived schoolgirls, which result nicknamed tacys,' a government has produced 'Romero Squads,' (Also fresh! Partorisca Those of you the one who have delved to film of Zombie, A Romero Squads is the tribute the 'Night of a Living Died' and 'Dawn of a Dead' creator George Rosmarino) the one who are responsible partorisca a esmata,' a offing of a dead daughter has spent behind the life.
Takes partorisca consider is the flick in death of hungry walking folk. More than desesperanza of mass and suicidal for the adolescent daughters that dread of NDH infection, a sleep of daughters in a knight-in-that shines-armour, a sweetheart the one who will love him, and then valiantly rekill his, once his increase of cadaveri the nibble in some living! It sees, in this history, averts members of Crew of the Romero, some only folk has left the rekill Stacy are fiancés or of the members familiarised .
Which door to some killers of Stacy of black phase, comprised of three stunningly good-looking warrior-daughters in a NDH row of age, resigned partorisca result Stacys one of these days, but idealistaes on those who rekill him. His illegally rekill Stacys, assumed for Stacy members familiarised those who can not find he in them to slaughter his dead persons has wanted to-some. Some daughters are saving his bounty profits partorisca assume the concrete sleep-boy to rekill his, the sexy young pop-the stars are ga-ga on.
Ossia A living original death flick that highly recommends. I have seen bloodier, has seen big-estimativa, but can not take seeing an odd east. In spite of a storyline of gorgeous schoolgirls, a house is not in a kinky, but in schoolgirl runs over, true amour, and odd sentimental transfers partorisca begin to finalise. There is very living-dead films that spotlight a gory (1980 Zombies, varied another Eurocopa-Zombie flicks), another that spotlight a campiness (Turn of a Living Dead series), and those that have run in a colgante and terror (the original 'Night of a Living Died'). This flick combine all three: the organism & of blood separates partorisca fly legislation and to the left, B-travelling sale of Campbell of Bruce of Estrella his own mark of chainsaw in infomercials, and an audience despairing on some only sinister solutions to Stacy epidemic. Give this DVD tries it, well a time and dough!
5 / 5
In a surface, Stacy is down-estimativa schlock, the film that is decidedly amateurish in many respects. Shot in the digital video in the estimativa a lot tight has this in spite of a lot of charms, is the film where can say you that a filmmakers has had a lot of talent and a lot of really fresh ideas. But oh, that can take you has spent a cheapness of him all, devouted the defenders of Asian horror will love this history of apocalyptic zombie that homage partorisca pay to the classical films has spent of a undead.
In a start of some daughters of 21st century has aged 15-17 has begun partorisca die and cradle behind the life like zombie. The people have attacked a term tacy' partorisca they. Stacies Is obviously very dangerous and has to that be killed but one has to that abide by a estacies law' that says that the only fiancés and the members familiarised can kill Stacy. If Stacies gone astray and can not be killed for one some want to then a work belongs to a Romero Repeats partorisca Kill troup, the one who uses chainsaws has called Bruce Campbell right hand 2' partorisca kill a stacies. The properly kill Stacy, has to be decapitated to 165 pieces.
A thing there is enjoyed particularly was some explanations behind Stacy phenomenon. A film goes to substantial period partorisca describe a cause and aftereffects by means of the narrator, several services of interest and explanations scienziathe of the doctor the one who study a Stacies. I owe that say that I prefer this approximation (as used in a novel of classical vamp ' are legend ') has compared to the z/to the zombie films that so only calm launcher of the decayed world without annoying to explain likes to take to be in this way in a first place. Considering a gore, people those who choose to see a film simply for this reason certainly not being disappointed, is speaking a lot of-the controls sweep world splatter here. Again, a class of estimativa of hampers a quality of a gore in a first place but nevertheless has something a lot disturbing roughly looking pleasant few Japanese daughters in of the colegialas outfits taking cut to 165 bloody pieces with the chainsaw.
Stacy Is quirky, ape and very odd. It contains the number of inventive concepts that the zombie film seasoned highly watcher like me had not seen never first that. But when all is said and fact, in an end tacy' is not in zombie, or gore, or same horror. It is the history roughly amour. I know that it can be hard to believe but a centerpiece of a history is in the type and his fiancée the one who is for tower to Stacy and an emotional ache that this realisation done to both of them. A history is fill with heartfelt the philosophies and the human tragedy roughly want to concealed sincerely is touching, although any all the world goes partorisca comprise this; Stacy is a epitomy of quirky, offbeat Japanese humour that spectators of the novice of Asian films can have troubling appreciating but has loved that.
4 / 5
STACY Takes place in the world where teenaged the daughters everywhere are succumbing to to the the known mysterious condition likes "filled of next death." This fall of daughters to the dreamlike, ecstatic be first suddenly expiring - and shortly after, that traces again like this cannibalistic zombie. There is not any cure, so that the call of parents partorisca kill his own daughters. If poden any one a work they, the special troops can call in partorisca do he partorisca they.
One inserts comprised with some habladurías of container of the DVD in the Japanese concept that describes an obsession a lot of people have with the innocence and the beauty and the things can not have, and also an idea that partorisca destroy something, calm dipped it free. Still although this is to touch in prójimo an end of a film, is quell'has bitten difficult to attribute such depth to the film in that daughters in bunny dressed hawk chainsaws has baptised "the right hand of Bruce Campbell" in television partorisca a purpose partorisca use it on NDH victims, and in that the young man embraces a undead daughter (the one who is gagged partorisca his protect, of course) and the claims is his lover . Had a film be more serious that bobo, would be bent more partorisca find meaning in him. (I can not help but think such the film could have been quite good.) In any case, it calms that can take or leave to to a critical analysis likes to please you; any works partorisca you.
How is, STACY is one often pleasant, gory, moderately entertaining film. It is also - strangely - occasionally sweet, although again it is hard of the take too seriously. If you are in zombie or schoolgirls or both, and enjoys a zany Asian attitude to horror, probably will enjoy this film on some level.
Notes of DVD: This emission of Synapse is quite basic. English subtitles is optional, and incumplimiento to on which is appreciated. There is also it trailer. A film is presented in anamorphic widescreen.
5 / 5
Was suprised thus film. I am gone in partorisca expect total shlock, and has taken that, but also has taken the quite good film. A gore is extreme, and an action almost a lot-stop. And there is zombie. Quite gross looking zombie. But it conceal it is not a main draw to a film... At least any partorisca me. A main draw was that in everything of this gore (that it was it enjoyable any less) was characters. And characters those who in fact was likeable! These people are so only that, people. And tip that one of some more utmost powers, concealed included can create a dead person, is amour. Odd partorisca the film of horror, but partorisca some laws of reason. And a thing is... Has the happy end. Suprising Know. No partorisca all the world, May... If you are in a way partorisca something diffrent, something odd, that goes partorisca east.
4 / 5
Partorisca Some odd and unexplained reason all the daughters have aged 15 to 17 data. In Giappone this spends of tragic chance during schooltime, as when some daughters gone back the life like those pleasant looks but flesh-hungry zombie, goes around in these (mine) the uniform sexy that kills and eating people. Of of the this is the situation the majority of people down 15 and on 17 is not satisfied, a government has founded the special section partorisca treat a question.
CHICKS Of HOT ASIAN ZOMBIE! Has-liked me this film. Although an only question has had with this film is does too lovey dovey rubbish and can take nettle. But that attended, is the Japanese film . A history is desent, a gore is well, and some chicks in this film are all hella well. It takes this calm that can find. (A lot of zombie)
more entertaining part: | a gory material! |
5 / 5
Sometimes thinks another reviewers gone back his brains was when they looks the film. Has think that bought it gore film in zombie. When I have looked mine buys new, has learnt that has had has bought in fact the deeply intense and emotional history roughly Amur. Amur Of need of the daughters, and his crave the bad.
This film has to that it weaves of gore. Enough a lot of gore, also. But it is all funds so only . A canal of mark of Campbell of Bruce saws could look the little caseous, but so only adds to a good atmosphere of a film.
Has to that it weaves partorisca learn of this film, and he warrants a lot of watchings to truely take a deepness of his message.
5 / 5
When Researching this film has had the hard time that finds the trailer partorisca see on-line, now know reason.
This films reeks, any only to rot flesh of zombie but of a indecipherable weaves and line of slow emotional history. Partorisca Begin with some zombies are sub-pair. This in spite of has abundance of gore, a stumbling or shuffling the walk of zombie is excruciating in this film. His not liking in the film of Romero in that a motion of some zombies is a bit believable. Here it is so only painful to look. Secondly, A history really there is little partorisca do with some zombies. There is so only one 'rampage' scene in a film and leaves to plot partorisca be wished.
"Stacy" Test be campy, but has sucedido so only with extremely laws of poor camera. A music is absolutely horrendous. It adds at all to an action, and in fact severely detracts of him. Some starts of what whole to the equal that to Japanese soap opera that so only spends partorisca contain daughters of zombies. There is countless homage to the dead harm, and some films of Romero, but this thing has more in common with 'Dead Alive" that a dead trilogy.
Be warned: Ossia the VERY JAPANESE film ! Some subjects have expressed in him can so only for real be appreciated by any the one who has of the intimate comprising of Japanese culture, specifically "Moe". Mainly a film looks for to face a fetishsized ideal of an innocent Japanese schoolgirl and his report to a prurient interests of men, remained with a daughter is yearning amour. Failure miserably.
Is looking for The Japanese take on a gender of Zombie, with some humour, but concealed has enjoyable action of the z/of the zombie then takes "Wild Zero". If it likes him-you the tonnes of unneeded gore, remained with values of poor production then for everything means partorisca take "Stacy".
5 / 5
A description is very real , but when you begin partorisca look a film, calm @gives is the B-Film with some American influence (Bruce Campbell and Drew Barrymore). If it was the serious film , can be really be well, but is so only he cheezy film with some good laughs and no nudity. Look he on one Ski-Fi canal but never again in my Player of DVD.
5 / 5
It thinks the plot of people griped in a history of amour in STACY this looked incongruous but thinks that was a whole point of a film. Young daughters that dies and craving flesh. His starved [emotionally] and has wake of a dead hungering partorisca blood or to the equal that believes any human contact.
In Giappone, some whistles of wear of the librarians in an edifice so much can ask help if the male normalised is annoying personal woman. There is seperate female trains because molestation of the women of adult is bad. Giappone Is still for behind a time in of the equal legislations partorisca women and sexual harrassment in a workplace.
LIKE THIS, when Stacy is raisin , the women result these dangerous things and suddenly some men are sad and lacking and has to that butcher his promises and daughters partorisca maintain them that goes back died and eating them. Still although the women of Giappone am socially be butchered partorisca the centuries when being second citizens of class . And a phenom is mentioned like that raisin around a world.
In an end some men learn partorisca love a Stacys and miraculously take partorisca eat people and the new race of men is formats and the peaceful world is a writing of new game for one the history of amour.
In the nutshell, amour some women in your life or will go back and eat you.
4 / 5
Has not been to spend for my boss when I have paid forty dollars partorisca east in HMV. The descriptions have read looks in fact a bit well, but no, any one is so only terrible. Of a moment I have pressed the game was dissapointed. A quality of Camera was terrible, doing terrible, gore terrible. Seriously, this has looked was done by stirs it of students partorisca film that does not have any knowledge of the effective film that , and think that use the American icons can win people on, for this a "the right arm of Bruce Campbell 2" chainsaw announces in a film. Ossia Probably a worse thing has not bought never, has spoken felizmente my way to ad he partorisca A season of Fresh Prince a, which is some laughs with which another, oh that the crazy mismatch! But so only of the that any to make a mistake never of the thinks could be good. Of the that buys It, rents it, or still speaks roughly that. Thank you.
5 / 5
Interesting, shot-on-horror of video of estimativa down of Giappone that reads quite well in some places but is so only simple beast in another.
Is looking for Gross out of effects that is entirely in an upper then looks no further.
Some of an iconography is quite pursuing in fact.
5 / 5
That can say roughly Stacy, the film has disturbed more never fact, but there is enjoyed really this film. I have found this film to be as the bad car accident only calm can not resist looking this film. I mean some signals that a character has said that it is amour with a a Stacies, and wants to hunt with sound. And in some signals that say that Stacies and the arrival of men to have down, which is like this bad on a lot levels I bad (...) It is messed up.
I to the equal that bite Easter egg inside this film a Romeos, an army that hunts a Stacies, which in tribute the legend of horror George Rosmarino, and Bruce Campbell has seen hand-held right, which is dipped to the famous function of Bruce Campbell likes Ashley (Ash) J. Williams.
Would have say this film is guilt little like (...)
5 / 5
This film is the pleasure blamed if he not having never one. It rows a lot up there with ABBA Now well in of the terms of pleasures have blamed. While no a better film not having never does has some strong points. Frankly it can have been a honradamente moving and heart-wrenching the film there has been it a lot be done like this bad and bobo. That comprises a film "Stacy" has at all to do with a book in that is based except these daughters are in decline and returning of some dead persons to eat human flesh. It goes advance and place down a lot bucks thus film and try be has opened imported while looking it. Hey, His best that this craps of costruttore of French film Jean Rollin.
5 / 5
Has rented this craps to think went it to be seeds-well, but is not . Some looks to film was done with the 100 dollar camcorder. Acting, and special efx really poor. Better rented the films of original zombie likes him night, day, and dawn of a dead person. Hire alot of b-flick film of horror, like this the know whats good or no. This film sux with the capital "S".
4 / 5
I looks estimate a lot down and no his no really the B film like IMO, B the films contain the nude was this dosn't. I have found this film to be quite pleasant in the odd way and confused to the equal that to plot of the material has not looked to return to a whole picture but he order of explained in an end.
Look; this film contains gore galor although it looks quite a lot of fake . Faint In the hearts please beware.

Top Customer Reviews: Snake Womans ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
When A father dies of fretting in the debt, his woman and the daughter go work partorisca a master the one who peasants of hates. His edges is worse and has eyes partorisca all some women. The mamma and the daughter finally die also and hallucinations of snake of the cause around a young master, perhaps one of filmdom the majority of inept rapist.

An acting was quite bad, especially a scene of death of a father,

No nudity or swearing. It was rapes of screen.

Top Customer Reviews: The Ninja Dragon ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
A mark on partorisca this film of the band of the action is excellent. A mark on top of frames on partorisca a bad action. His no half bad and his very very average.

Top Customer Reviews: The Dimension ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Extremely slow start, and no obvious plot partorisca quite awhile to a film, and no an action has expected, has looked to an end, he expecting neither would choose up or direction of transmission or SOMETHING to do film more thrilling, but dull to an end, has launched was
5 / 5
A film opens with an introduction of 4 giggly Japanese daughters in his school uniforms. This was very enough for me, but has been then in. Midori Is presented as having the disorder of personality of the breaking. Mayumi Is the new daughter the one who movements in some same condo complex. It is familiarised with how much physicist and said of the histories. It informs Midori, with his active imagination, that is the traveller of dimension . Apresamiento Midori In the travesía, and punctual Midori travesías among two realities in his own. In a word is the longitude of patient life in the mental hospital, and in another the student with the disorder of personality.

The time feels like a sooner watered down version of ucker Punch.' A film there has been the few good scenes, but past too time in laws in a cost of ski-fi action.

Drives parental: Any f-bombs, sex, or nudity.
5 / 5
Some Travellers of Dimension is the decent to film that it explores a posability to alternate realites.
Some centres of films around the school daughter Midori (touched for Chiharu Niiyama) the one who begins to find his life and routine of friends and boring, until it fulfils the new student in his pupil Mayumi. Some daughters connect and result fast friends. Finally Mayumi confesses that it is the traveller of dimension , which leaves to enter alternate realites for a sheer forces to imagine with his alcohol. Mayumi Also develops that Midori is the dimesnsion traveller, and punctual Midori is taken up in a capacity to change his realities. As it changes reality, Midori early discovers concealed a lot all are sure. So much his and some worlds in general. In a reality is the mental patient in the psychatric hospital. In other some people of a world am controlled for the alcohol that device of transmissions, and Midori is part of the force of control. Early a capacity to jump the others the realities results the question for both some daughters and the third traveller of dimension. Some worlds begin colliding with an another creating chaos and destruction. Some three travellers discover the one who a question is in an end and has to that do the sacrifice to save some realities. I do not want to spoil a film for you, as I will leave a rest for you to see.
Some Travellers of Dimension is an intelligent history , and has been written by a same screenwriter of a soul the film perfects Blue. Some games of films was more as the psychological tease leaving a spectator to decide yes Midori is really changing to alternate dimensions, or is so only simple crazy. Some the special effects are half, save a reality where Midori is the fighter of liberty. Some two advantages, Midori and Mayumi, the good work with his functions and the help transmit an urgency of each reality. Also, a soundtrack returns a film with him is hauntingly Ski FI touches accompanied by the female vocalist.
Some appearances of the technology of a DVD comprises both Japanese and English baptised version.(English baptises is done well is a) Film tralier, the biological in Chiharu Niiyama, notes of character and some characteristic of DVD ROM.
I like this film and has looked he more than a swipe. This in spite of, gave it so only the three, reason some movements to film to the long of dulcemente, and a quality of disk could have been better. This edition resembles has been the form has copied the disk of laser where the light glitch looks, also has the pocolos something where a colour looks the little too green.
This film is not for all the world, but like you to them the psychological teasers, soul that the frames think, or no-the action has oriented Esquíe FI, so only could enjoy this film. Well the turn of clock to any of these three categories. So only it does not expect the film of Matrix type. It is definately did not conceal.