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Top Customer Reviews: Come Away with Me ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
4 / 5 Carlos
Formed: Record of elep I marvel as it is storing these records, cause of then in the first place abum has ordered the quality of the felt of bad press has decided to order 2nd a to substitute it. This time touches more cleaned but the whole record is bent for the half, the one who the shame, is one of my favourite records. Tried partorisca listen in ht350 and RPM 1.3 without lp sounds of weights wavy, any happy, any happy at all
5 / 5 Trina
Formed: Audio CD Norah Jones is such the vocalist has endowed & this gender of music had been seldom explored to a discharge of the eventual popularity of this CD that it is like the like this refreshing partorisca listen. Amy Winehouse Also burst to a scene & to the equal that have begun partorisca listen more than this stylistically jazzy/bluesy music that had not been around then perhaps Billie Holidays etc. Still Crown Jones is able to do this pertinent music in today of phase with a wonderful mix of the artists that accompanies in this CD as well as his own richly has has deserved talents like the musician, storyteller & vocalist.

'T Know Reason: All the world will recognise this song when calm listen it so that it was one the majority to populate in this CD & has been listened alot of radio & inside an industry of music. This song was a catalyst to the his in winner the Grammy rewards that year partorisca this CD. It is like this good to see any in this gender in fact takes recognised finally. This song so only loves the drift was & still to relax and directs to do one of one the majority of enjoyable CD is to listen to. Dipped this song on repeats girls, take shoes, undermine your feet to a sand & enjoy a day!

Years: I love a work of electrical guitar is somehow this song remember the days have spent of longitude when it was boy & has been in the house of my grandmother & has used to the chair is gone in his behind swinging yard lounger. I have wanted to seat I had it on all and that it was so only the walk adds like a one is in a local fair! There is! There is! Ah Boys, is not we naively lovely sometimes! This song seat this time & is so only vocally well does & to write like this good. In spite of a sad content of some papers a music is uplifting.

, Corazn Cold: Ossia the add rendition of this classical song. Really tip his vocal talents in this song with a slightest variety of vocal inflections to give his own character to a song. Agree my father is doing this together song when it was the definetly adds it rendition!

A Same Way: Ossia a uplifting little has the more jazzy song to pop that the majority of auditors can identify with. Still so that it is bad with this bombed with noise these days of all the classes so many is good to listen to the CD that leaves our alcohols to roam, daydream & so only take in a wonderful stillness that this music adds to resupply with!

Was With me: Another instantly recognizable song and contributer to warrant that Grammy Recompense. Ossia So only the amour to touch well does on all the levels, lyrically, instrumentally & vocally. So only to 20+++++++ song that one gives reason want to that price! Like this well you deserve it!

A Moon: I love a banjo in this 't you so only try a lemonade & see enjoying the day of the sud beautiful here in this clue? So only simply it flows like this well. A background vowel with another singer is the good coupling when used. It likes that a drumming has been used sparingly still enhance of this song more than overpower the. Some artists that has accompanied in this CD there is obviously be the wealth of knowledge & to experience so it could not have used his own capacities in the better way to the equal that to spend out of a true meaning of the each song in this CD & recognises that so much in this clue especially.

M On: Well after listening this song if you are not turned Norah will not be never. I add bluesy works in the each level. His vowel & phrasing of the each word in this song is further Exc!

: Ossia The good me more than the song of country how is the start of mine in comparison to some compositions of some other songs in this CD. Still it remains inner some flanges instrumentally but a delivery is more to to country likes him the mine. Some papers are a lot very written how is everything in this CD (comprising a renditions like this qudo is to some artists to cause there) a lot of ours good fortune!

9. Have that Sees again: Ossia one of my favourite songs in a CD. I have loved a horn with a work of piano in this clue. Ossia Such the add bluesy/jazzy song and is so that it has very executed that leaves my jaw that falls. His vocal action in this clue me instantly recognise the one who the gem this artist is sure!

Song: This song intent was definetly achieved by all some artists in this clue. This song agreed the days that paint gone the paintbrush (any pun feigned) of a storytelling. Each one has shot of a paintbrush of some instruments is so only exceptional.

Flies Down: Amur a work of piano is is all the world relaxed for now? Have to that say if yours so only maintains to listen! There is! There is!

: This song is one of mine another preferred in a CD of an electrical guitar arrangment to so only a expressively good-looking vocal action. If any one loves the song or lullaby to dip on ..Well ossia!

13.un The long day is Done:This song is so only like this relaxing.....& His voice is so only exceptional. This song will take you to relax like any another. Amur A vocals comprising the funds and some papers also will force you to the cold was! So only one A+song.

14.un Nearness Of you:Ossia the classicly touching tune of Jazz. She a vocals in this type of stylistic songs like this well. A sound of the piano really adds also.

These were my favourite clues ....& While revising this CD that & hears his am still awake but are like this chilled now! Thank you Norah! If it buy this CD choose extra is on partorisca Grandma & of Mamma also reason will love it also! It directs to do this current of gender but still there is enough in him that other generations also will appreciate it.
5 / 5 Alena
Formed: CD of Audio has ordered to to this likes to treat the on its own name, when an order has arrived there has been momentarily forgotten that it has ordered it a CD and has been thrilled when I have opened a box of order of the Amazon. I love this CD and the touch frequently. In a summer when I wash my car outside will open my window of living room and the have the place so only strong quite I so that it can listen his while I am washing a car in mine go or inspire me when I am cleaning a house. It is resulted one of my beans CD is. These are songs that have fallen enamoured with when I in the first place listened in Norah Jones. Highly it recommends this Norah Jones CD.
5 / 5 Evelynn
Formed: Record of elep there is so only something concealed is melodic and relaxing in his voice. It listens to this when you want to destress and cold.
5 / 5 Nanette
Formed: the elep the records to A real album likes, has to this on CD, there is far too many machineries in a record surface partorisca do this record remotely playable. I have ordered another Norah Jones album a same time and ossia well. This album, 'Averted With me', has not been, this in spite of, one same 180grm the pressing of another album has received. Material this perhaps the B commentaries 150grm.
Unfortunately this record has had to that be returned, that has not been distorted touched wonderful, so only could not live with some machineries.
4 / 5 Genie
Formed: the elep Record Ossia partorisca a Blue Note 2012 pressing of EUA has sold here. The stay was. Horribly crackly And same questions of sprain in something. It has had to that send mine behind. This is to be inform for a lot of people here and elsewhere.
5 / 5 Katina
Formed: Record of elep I amour Norah Jones. And it touches never better on vinyl. Any complaint.
5 / 5 Margarita
Formed: Audio CD Good-looking voice. It agrees partorisca see his to Londra, Inghilterra.
4 / 5 Terisa
Formed: elep the Record vinyl touched like liquid spilt on that. An inner sleeve was rasg in a fund. Any impressed with a price partorisca similar sound of poor quality.
4 / 5 Ernie
The vinyl touched like liquid spilt on that. An inner sleeve was rasgó in a fund. Any impressed with a prize partorisca similar sound of poor quality.
5 / 5 Lino
The fantastic album but a pressing looked poor. No a better sound partorisca such an amazing artist... No his failure so only the bad pressing in a record in my opinion.
5 / 5 Latrina
Loves this album but my past record are to come bent 😐
4 / 5 Renita
Love his music, but this vinyl is terrible quality . It is riddled with visual defects and touches terrible.
4 / 5 Vernetta
Very Registered, side very strong a, still enjoyable side two. This record has not left my often touched stack for my table took it of then! Any marvel this record has done the star!
4 / 5 Tressie
The excellent album but is the light pressing, will buy the 180 or 200 gr pressing.
5 / 5 Isabella
Good-looking voice. This was my first election when considering a lp.
4 / 5 Lona
A bit thin.
Has printed of look of economic coverage also
the album Adds!
4 / 5 Stormy
An album adds but the poor that presses that it does not approach like this as well as it was necessary
4 / 5 Angelic
love a 'Averted with me' album of Norah Jones. State listening his of then exited and know it a lot well. This version of elepé, is near, but no a same register like orginal 2002 album partorisca begin. It is not deceived of one writes on on this in some details. If you look in a picture of @@@back cover will see is marked 2004. Near, still it touches well, but it is not an original ossia that is expecting partorisca listen on vinyl in place of CD.
4 / 5 Zula
I ask like this they are storing these records, cause of then in the first place abum has ordered the quality of the felt of bad press has decided to order 2nd a to substitute it. This time touches more cleaned but the whole record is bent for the half, the one who the shame, is one of my favourite records. Tried partorisca listen in ht350 and RPM 1.3 without lp sounds of weights wavy, any happy, any happy at all
5 / 5 Tisha
Ossia partorisca a Blue Note 2012 pressing of EUA has sold here. The stay was. Horribly crackly And same questions of sprain in something. It has had to that send mine behind. This is to be inform for a lot of people here and elsewhere.
5 / 5 Sherie
There is so only something concealed is melodic and relaxing in his voice. It listens to this when you want to destress and cold.
5 / 5 Roseanne
To to A real album likes, has to this on CD, there is far too many machineries in a record surface to do this record remotely playable. I have ordered another Norah Jones album a same time and ossia well. This album, 'Averted With me', has not been, this in spite of, one same 180grm the pressing of another album has received. Material this perhaps the B commentaries 150grm.
Unfortunately this record has had to that be returned, that has not been distorted touched wonderful, so only could not live with some machineries.
5 / 5 Wan
Wry disk and chipé to the reception. Bad quality Of vinil.
4 / 5 Chante
I amour Norah Jones. And it touches never better on vinyl. Any complaint.
4 / 5 Ginger
Originally has received a record bit it warped. I am returned he without question and has received the new a a next day. Amur This record.

Top Customer Reviews: Greatest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
4 / 5 Rosita
16 good songs , personalised, and a long booklet with a lot of photo, notes, credits, and words to the each song. Perhaps a More adds them hurts, but 'the best of Jann Burn' , : - Lucido Another music, CDs, does not concentrate in a hurt and is better.
5 / 5 Rufus
There is receipt very Lucido CD and his songs were mixed of the sud lucido CD. His titles have not corresponded with his songs but has been able to remedy to of the east changing his titles give songs in lucido reader of the ordi and there is redone joins to update of the disk. Now His Correspondent of titles to the songs.
4 / 5 Buddy
The quality adds, basically the new mark. Also, thank you to write the 'thank you for a note of purchase' expósita in a container.. You are the good touch .
5 / 5 Man
Adds cd, has such music adds, & would recommend it to them to any the one who enjoys the music adds that & it calms also.
4 / 5 Misha
Fabulous ! Has has touched hardly anything more than then take this .
5 / 5 Terica
jann Rids the music adds. Has the soulful voice that use to some better of the his abitlity. LeGustado The alot
4 / 5 Fausto
more ADDS HURTS comprises some of Jann the main swipes, and the few songs that is hard to find, more some prizes! Enough a payoff for some defenders. The start with one comprises two clues of prize, the utmost remezcla of the his 2000 Sleepless swipe, and he 8 small alive version of Insensitive. An album also looks two adds, quirky fun new songs, appointed 'What For tea and 'does not import Never'. No for there with some extras. 'If Be it Yours ' is on here, which was so only available in Leonard Coehn GONE BACK of tribute OF SONG, and 'does not know Me ' the first was looked so only in a soundtrack for the PAIR of my FELLOW BETTER. Also it comprises the variety adds swipes, as 'Insensitive', 'Good Mother', 'Could I Be Yours Daughter', ' would die For tea, ' Agree me', 'A Sound Of' and much more. My only complaint is a absense of a swipe so only 'wishing That' of the his HAPPY? Album but his well, some extras more than doing up for him. On the all, is the booklet adds filled with papers and idea to as each song has come to be. A wonderful collection for a random or hardcore defender to have!
4 / 5 Coreen
more ADDS HURTS comprises some of Jann the main swipes, and the few songs that is hard to find, more some prizes! Enough a payoff for some defenders. The start with one comprises two clues of prize, the utmost remezcla of the his 2000 Sleepless swipe, and he 8 small alive version of Insensitive. An album also looks two adds, quirky fun new songs, appointed 'What For tea and 'does not import Never'. No for there with some extras. 'If Be it Yours ' is on here, which was so only available in Leonard Coehn GONE BACK of tribute OF SONG, and 'does not know Me ' that prime was looked so only in a soundtrack for the PAIR of my FELLOW BETTER. Also it comprises the variety adds swipes, as 'Insensitive', 'Good Mother', 'Could I Be Yours Daughter', ' would die For tea, ' Agree me', 'A Sound Of' and much more. My only complaint is a absense of a swipe so only 'wishing That' of the his HAPPY? Album but his well, some extras more than doing up for him. On the all, is the booklet adds filled with papers and idea to as each song has come to be. A wonderful collection for a random or hardcore defender to have!
4 / 5 Victor
I Canadians are like this lucky to have 3 female singer utmost ours these pocolos American have listened included of: Jann Burn, Amanda Marshall, and Chantal Kreviazuk. 3 amazing women those who have without fine quantity of talent, this in spite of is Canada of only interior populate (basically??). More adds Hurts there is still to be liberto anywhere the Canada external. Lucky ! This album is complete advance to back. Good and Insensitive mother is one much more of a better. They spend to be my preferred Jann tunes of Burn. And please does not compare Alanis. I want to Alanis, but Jann is different. It is soulful likes Alanis, but his voice is more soothing and inviting. Some 2 new clues are also the utmost extracted to deserve and supportive Canadian defenders. Jann Also rocks in Sleepless (so much an original clue and a remezcla), Saved, would die for you (a to die for song - no pun feigned), and a glorious agree me? A disk I for real adds for any the one who enjoys music of quality.
5 / 5 Anh
Jann The burn Has to that be one of the plus talented composers/of singer in Canada. And with an a lot of emission advanced of this compilation are ore Adds Hurt' (any, concealed is not the typo, call them are ore Adds HURT' as the majority of his songs is quite sad), can enjoy some of his better works in a disk as well as two new songs. Complete with quirky liner the notes written for Jann as well as full papers. Here it is the clue -for-description of clue:-
1) What For you ( New Song ):- An of some songs some fast plus will find in this album. Has feel it very beaten and the feel good melody.
2) Could I Be Yours Daughter:- No a version that is listened usually in a radio, but, a version of original album. Slower and has the accompaniment the glorious plus. Different, but prefer a plus 'rock' the better version.
3) A Sound Of:- A ballad that tanks in only after being listened at least pair of time, but still, a lot of enjoyable.
4) would die For you:- According to Jann, this was purportedly writes like the happy song. But, a result of final is this slow and sad albeit the melancholic song ossia perfects for the cry-fest.
5) has SAVED:- My preferred Jann song of Burn of everything. One has beaten, melody and papers of this song so only loves cuddle up with any and wrapped in the warm coverage. A for real feel good song.
6) Be the Yours :- A coverage of Leonard Cohen classical, Jann ameno his only vocal qualities own and does this song his own. This song also has the accompaniment adds.
7) Insensitive:- An all-preferred of time. A bittersweet ballad in the woman that says of his ex-master sarcastically. Catchy And memorable.
8) Sleepless [ Version of Album ]:- like ' it Can I Be Yours Daughter', this original version has the tad time of has bitten slower of a remezcla version (also in this disk) usually listened in a radio. But another that that, a song is quite one same.
9) Memory:- A light time and thoughful the papers done this Jann Burn punctual paste a lot of listenable.
10) Sad On its own name:- Like this half of Jann songs, ossia another perfect song to listen to stops the cryfest.
11) does not know Me :- A jazzy tune of a soundtrack of soyy the pair of the fellow Better', the sad song, but the GOOD sad song. Jann Voice blends in enough of well with a music.
12) Unloved:- A slow ballad duet with the class of country feels his. A lot of enjoyable and listenable. A uncredited voice viril ( Jackson Browne ) has the a lot of attracting quality.
13) Good Mother:- A song of the moderate time with papers that resupplies the positive perspective on life. A transmission of some overwhelming sad songs in this album.
14) Nevermind ( New Song ):- A moderately slow tune that is not like this memorable like another new song, 'What For tea, reason need the little period of discharge. But, in spite of, still the quite good quality song!
15) Sleepless [ Remezcla ]:- An usually listened version in a radio is turned so only on the pair of notch (speed-wise) and jazzed on the little has bitten that an original version. Ossia Also a more favourite version.
16) Insensitive [ Alive Version ]:- Registered in his concert in a Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, this version contains the seriously toned monologue in a that opens that it results to be quite pleasant! An arrangement is slower and more solemn.
A must-have for Jann Burn the defenders and I would recommend this for defenders of music equally!...
4 / 5 Gisela
The one who the wonderful CD!! You know it is the CD a lot of when calm constantly touch a whole CD in a player of CD reads on and on again and still to the yours to boss likes. That quota is concealed?!
A compilation adds songs to start with to finalise. Some two new songs - 'What For tea and 'Nevermind' is fab. And both of them have been touched in Canadian radio. I have been pleased that to to the songs like 'Glielo be The one of your ' (that it would have to it Leonard Cohen proud) and 'does not know Me ' is comprised, otherwise has to that buy a Cd soundtracks basically for a song (Jann is). Esaved' And 'Good Mother' is simply brilliant. They are my absolute FAVOURITES Jann songs. A rest of some songs are adds. A point has underlined is an alive version of 'Insensitive', which better taste that an original version. And a intro of Jann that the pause is so only hilarious.
Buy this album for your collection!!
5 / 5 Flavia
Are not a big plus Jann defender of Burn, but joy a lot of his songs, like this of course the album of the swipes more adds is a perfect election for me. The listened 'does not import Never' in a radio and has fallen enamoured with him. His voice is like this soothing and some papers are excellent. It likes me the majority of some clues on here, and is an occasional Jann auditor of Burn, ossia a perfect CD .
5 / 5 Etta
Has bought this CD so only that has listened Jann older solteros in a radio. And of of the east was when it was still the girl, listening to my parents' canal of soft rock, could not appreciate a quality of Jann music. But I have bought once this CD, saw it. These songs blow me was every time listen to them. Of a music, to some papers, so only take lost in some songs. They are like this emotional- of an angry to some depressed to some happy to a jealous to... The emotions can very included decipher and comprise. I have been blown was with Jann the song that writes qualified in this album. If there is never included remotely liked one of his songs, then am calm sure will fall enamoured with a whole album. Jann Is surprising, and does not receive like this recognition as it deserves in an industry of music. This album aims his in his better.
5 / 5 Lucy
Had disappointed in fact when I have bought this CD. Already it possesses "Living Down June" and you think it that it was to add, as that the tin to compilation of the swipes more orders not being add, also? I imagined it it comprise everything of some better songs in "Living Down June," more all of the his others the songs adds that I have had has not listened still.
Unfortunately, was bad. There is so only one or two songs in a CD that is not on "Living Down June" I concealed I thought it that it was a lot well, and it has to that like the song a terrible plot to buy a whole CD for just one or two songs. My joint would be to stick with buying "Living Down June," of that has some songs on he no comprised in this collection that is better that some concealed is has comprised.
5 / 5 Lissette
Is already an ardent defender, this description is not for you. I am writing for those like me I the one who any one really knows Jann first Burn to buy this album.
Has bought a CD for his version of "calm does not know Me ," and secondarily for "Insensitive." They were some only songs of his I there is no state has listened never. It results these two songs and the coverage of Cohen of Leonard ("If Be it Yours ") it is some only clues in a CD any writing or has sawed-written by Burn. Some of his songs, likes "Unloved," it duet with Jackson Browne, is strong, but his songs like the no measured whole until "Insensitive" and especially "calm does not know Me ," the song of murderous that interprets powerfully.
The burn Is the moderate songbird with the flavour of light country. Some clues are produced strongly - in fact, commentaries that liked him to it a fact that a song " it is like this cleverly hid for behind And wonderful production." But it CAN sing: it thinks Sarah McLachlan, Amy Grant, Jewel, Eva Cassidy.
Give committed defenders (likes a reviewers down) can consider this revises like this tepid, but the inferior line is the majority of these clues are well, but insurances. I also suspicious that the burn will connect more strongly with women that men (taste). If you are female, add the star my indication.
5 / 5 Bessie
Jann The burn Is such one amazing singer . It sings with such passion in the each alone song. I love a More adds them hurts album. It is so only such the shame that is not very well know here United States.

Top Customer Reviews: De Retour A La ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Mi
Service very fast and the products corresponds to all the months expect. It does not doubt partorisca Recommend without hésitation. Thank you.
5 / 5 Sharen
Has purchased this album today in the travesía of day to France and has listened already his two times and found the partorisca be the beautiful and sensational album. You are not that it has been expecting at all and it was pleasantly it has surprised.

Has the plot of material adds on here and each one which to the equal that follows on here well listen to. His voice is like games and liquid chocolate on some songs with such grace and wonderful timing. I do not have the preferred individual on here he so that it have to that choose a whole album.

Are happy has found this amazing artist with such the beautiful flange voice. Have in the first place seen this album behind in June when it was holidays in Canada. Now I have capitalised in my misfortune and feel satisfied with me that this album is the knockout. Ossia Full of excellent arrangements and sung like this fantastically. A must has.
4 / 5 Honey
I The écoute without stop in the car, one of month préféré. I adore it. It fails you in your Collection.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5 Denisse
The music adds, lyric and cd so only learn on Damien Laughed and is the investment adds .... Shopping again his music
4 / 5 Caitlin
a better voice and album I,sees has listened fabulous
5 / 5 Karly
All the things have considered, this is not the bad album. In fact, I same be in accordance with some of some claims have done of a myriad of sycophantic reviewers those who are trying to do sure all know is in embroider with an artist of next hip. I have bought so only this disk because I have had the paper of present to use in one record tent and was Damien Laughed or a new BNL album. Always I will ask that it could have it been.
Would owe that begin to recognise that it does not complain buying east. Years of now, will be able to say has possessed Damien Laughed "Or" before it begins the songs records in the panflute, resembled as it has bought "Some Curves" before Radiohead is resulted a mascot of music hypocrites ( can listen a "unhelpful" votes stacking up in this description already). Apparently, they are supposition partorisca be impressed by a fact that this was to register partly in the house of the rice, as if this does a more real or emotional music somehow. All the bad mine is that it saves the little bucks for not fulfilling some production of levels of basic modern day, like the record concealed does not burst when some levels take too hot. That has dreaded one the majority of in this CD to the equal that has driven house with this that was another whiny-type-with-one-electrical guitar-and-a-record of bad attitude. And alas, my fears have been confirmed in of the means of some clues(e.g. Delicate, acclaims Darlin', Volcano and a prime minister of a two untitled clues of prize). "The life taught partorisca die..." sobs Laughed in the beatnikky moan that would do Nick Drake reddens. This line roughly captivates some emotional moroseness of a rest of an album.
For a way, a lot excusaré partorisca demanding at least the few songs in any disk of full period that does not require mulitple listens partorisca be enjoyed. Of then when it has done the accessible music is resulted such the pariah? If one has paid comfortably experts in Thom Yorke the inc. there has been his way, each song in a world would be eight minutes long and composed of unnatural, jarring remarks concealed has not been meant partorisca be fixed in this order. Yes, it hurts partorisca listen that, but any one has has had to that the say.
To That likes on this endeavour, this in spite of, and the one who salvaged some three stars on is the disposal of the rice comprises the few clues that any one needed the handful of Prozac and the tone deaf ear. I am appreciated also partorisca some elements of leaves of big series in of to to the clues likes him to him the partner. There is some downright stellar songs here, which comprise A Blower Daughter, Cannonball, Eskimo, and a fact-just-@right @@Cofre Older.
In general, some critics is a lot roughly a thing: Damien Laughed will continue to be listened in a future. And I give a profit of a doubt, in spite of my questions with "Or." But for now, my folksy rests of loyalties to Sondre Lerche. If it likes "Or," control out of Lerche "Types Down."
5 / 5 Cordia
I Damien has listened first Rice on (of all the places) MTV2 while surfing some canals, and now occasionally will look in some hours of early morning so only partorisca see yes have some balls partorisca the touch again. When I in the first place listened to an album, has thought immediately a title of this description. It is simply that well! Jeff Buckley was a lot of (if the tad overrated), and Elliot Smith was wonderful (TEAR buddy), but ossia a first man that really can resist the sail to Nick Drake.
Perhaps that it is more stunning roughly that the rice is his capacity to cross several fashions of music in the whim. Of some first are songs, four start like folk songs, but then erupt to epic, fiery, orchestral pieces, in those howls of Rices of his desire and amour and stray amour as if for real it mean it. While The volcano spends it down to the basic band with backing vocals of a Smooth good-looking Hannigan and cello, while Cannonball is so only some fingerpicking the electrical guitars that bounces of the each one another. (Pink moon) His sense of a soft, calm romantic is countered also for his épico, desparate (still never out of tune) shouting and howling partorisca amour in such the way that the simply helar brilliantly and so only in coverages a whole spectre of human emotion.
But is some last four songs in the really exited Rice there. It acclaims Darling, an atmosphere is painted animadamente of Rice so only in the smoky fences in, drinking down his sorrows. Then the calm Cold water launchings against a wall with Gregorian fashionable flange which could any never imagines would not be seen never in the folk/the baroque/of rock bursts/something more album. On Agree, one at the beginning folk the song is like this violent how is soft, quickly transmorgifying to the song of grunge with feedback of massive electrical guitar. Then finally it has a glorious end, and the one who glorious is, complete with a singer of work, the clue of grunge, and then Smooth is the capella, pursuing more after almost it looks to say a history of the estaca-apocalyptic world that literally will give you goosebumps yes is listening his in 4 in a morning in a half of City of New York.
Likes a lot a lot deserving bands, Damien Laughed probably will not take never a mainstream merit of attention, at least here in some States. It looks a majority of the auditors are not adventerous enough to manage this section of cross of music. So only one same, prefers having this class of romanticism and intensity everything to me and my group of friends in all the chance. If has (or need) the promise or woman, perhaps this will be the perfect album to court his with.
5 / 5 Malik
Is well! All the world loves wallow. And now, your wait is on.
Is a bit state disillusioned with new music for enough some time now. It looks that every time I buy the CD, has been registered by any the one who has been established for ten years or so many. Included then, my old faithfuls ( is the one who are, Jewel) failed. You can imagine a elation felt when it has listened CD of Damien Laughed for a first time. After seeing treat in a Late Show with David Letterman, has known that has has had to that do this compraventa.
The rice has the downright gorgeous voice--clear and sweet, a bit reminiscent of Rufus Wainwright. An instrumentation of a CD blends perfectly with his vocals, his voice soaring and falling softly in an acoustic electrical guitar, serious, and sweet drums. Some of some songs are accompanied for some Smooth harmonies Hannigan, the a lot of talented vocalist in his own legislation, the one who ameno to import Dolores Or'Riordan with more sweetness in his voice. A subject of careers of sadness rampant in a CD, with papers like "That are your /is not real" (of "Volcano," essentially the duet with Hannigan) and "the bones teach me to knots to fly/the amour taught to the life/of lie taught to die" (of "Cannonball," that obtains your attention to finalise when being the quite uplifting song). His voice transmits this sadness and calm anguish (an a lot of different variety that that of, said, Kurt Cobain) fantastically. Included a gorgeous composition "A Blower Daughter" it finalises to be the bittersweet song of amour. Another standout is "Fellow," with his breathtaking instrumental of serious that, in an end, when left to be for them, to his likes could be of of a work or, in a less, the bookmark of film adds. This funds is the perfect complete to a lovely melody. The state has deceived on and still wallowing in self-harm and aversion for your ex while it is of happy with his new promise? If you are more in a side of self-harm, riada yours sorrows while it chain-smoked in the sarcasm of the rice-laden " it acclaims Darlin'." This song is the thinnest version of Ben Piega' "Hymn for a Poured," asking sarcastic questions like opposed to launch abuse childish. The majority of some songs do not achieve never on mid-time, which the fact a cold perfect CD.
Ossia Hands down a CD has better listened by the new artist of "Acoustic Soul." Dipped in this way, and is the defender of true music , knows that I bad: I want this CD so that it hurts. If this characterises has not been like this well, probably wins the Grammy for Better New Artist this year.
5 / 5 Joyce
My first introduction Damien the rice was last week in the company of my party of promise navideña. We were that they dance slowly the "Cannonball", and when it looks to my eyes, is one the for now romantic majority of a night. Partorisca Arrive to this point, has to admit that they are usually any one the defender of sappy folk music. Not To Take me bad, my amour of Elliott Jeff and fellow Smith Buckley, but held the tears whenver dipped it on. In all the chance, after a party navideña, my fiancée (blesses his heart) dipped in this CD in a car in a house of way. And to the left say, driving up in some Hills of Hollywood in 3:30 I are in a morning that listens Damien Laughed is an experience in his own legislation. It seats partorisca like travelled by means of the surrealistic of landscape of the film of Lynch of David. Each song in an album is utmost, of some inaugural agreements of "Delicate" it concludes it 16 number of small "Eskimo". Of those, a standouts partorisca me is "Volcano", "@@@cofre Older" and of course "Cannonball". Ossia Easily one of some better albums has listened the long time, and to good sure will be in my Cup of final of the year 10 cast. Damien has the way to describe situations by means of his papers and that sing that so only breaks your heart, and cry of frames. And I am saying that like the person of 28 man of the years grown. Ossia Music partorisca these sleepless late nights when you are comtemplating yours life. An excellent aphrodisiac sure, also. Dipped this album on when you take house of some clubs, light a chimney on, and the lie in of the skins in front of him with yours has wanted to one, and will know that I bad. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
4 / 5 Wai
That are your is not real
That are your calm no precise
That are your is not that bad mine
give me miles and of the miles of mountains
and will ask a sea
Inside this earth of melancholy of thoughts and brightness fill empty space, the cries of voices was investigations of amour.
Volcanoes Funds down, this song will melt calm to the realisation that in timing your desires can be riada is gone in a world, while a heat of your passions leaves other colds. It is like some cold oceans that solidifies a volcanic flow and you tend to have that maintains mountains of trace in planting to flow freely like the ardent soul has been meant to be. At least this song there has been this meaning for me.
Does not have any idea the one who a rest of a song means, but that @@subject? It has to that I need of a song. For me it is in a desperate investigation to mean and for wanting to be real in some eyes of a person want to one the majority of in a world.
Damien Laughed is the composer /of singer of County Kildare, Ireland. That is roughly the voice of Damien Laughed that does with him in alcohol? It is a dreamy way has said: 'it can not take my eyes out of teas or a pure sensibility, desire and almost delicate vulnerability in a way a song takes was to: ' I say that it calms you want to you to?' Lisa Hanningan is obviously leaves of some qualities to pursue and when his mix of voices , is magic.
Some papers in '@@@Cofre Older' is some of mine favourite reasons paint pictures for me in my alcohol. I want to when Damien has said: esanuncio me it yours favourite Lines' or 'Spend me for, will be well.' There is the sense of timelessness, the sense of resolution.
'Cold water' is quite chilling at the beginning and agree me of the scene of Titanic. I am not like this sure I am comfortable with that dulcemente a song is paced in a signal, this in spite of taking was again quite quickly. It is beautiful has dipped he in perspective and know it has been influenced by the fray the one who has composed embroiders Gregorian in an abbey in an of the sud of France.
' Agree' is intense in comparison to a rest of an album, a volume to hurt the deafening time. Ossia One the majority of difficult selection , even more exciting.
Is depressed while listening to this CD, the papers of Damien go to be much more significant. Still it has beauty in some depths.
Eskimo Has hid at the beginning in the fresh plateau of calm moments. Like this calm literally seated in hiela while to this song to take was the echoed when Doreen Curran sings a last to in Intuit. As it Can one has expected this song to explain a title of an album? For me, fact.
To listen when you are down, down, down. Then a cycle begins again. A cycle of reports, a cycle of life, a cycle of amour and loss. Never expect normality, 'Or' is a cycle of life.
4 / 5 Yuette
has had this CD for the moment, but has not written the description simply reason really can not find some right words for the describe.
Was like this strongly taken in for Damien is' music that I literally seated still doing absolutely at all for a period learns of a CD, that comprises a way of songs lost with which some the initial songs was on.
When it Touches this CD is like Damien is well in mine living room, so only touching and hangs it era. It is that intimate.
The voice of Damien is, in the word, captivating! Once his voice has control of you, to the long of comes a angelic whispers of Lisa Hannigan; now there is not any evasion. The majority of some instruments have been touched for Damien as well as some illustrations, that tries that it is multitalented, any only one of a lot of "composers/of singer" it was today.
Looks a gender is taking flooded a lot that that has spent to a "scene of Seattle." Hopefully Not destroying likes the grunge has been murdered for commercialism.
Damien there is taken on cup of a left behind cross for Jeff Buckely.
The favourite songs are:
the blower daughter
@@@cofre older
acclaims darlin'
agrees them
But do a lot of deception, does not have a bad clue on here.
A true rival for better of 2003
5 / 5 Clorinda
This CD has done is way to my hands when the partner, an Irish singer, says can be any in a world, is Damien Laughed . It dip this album on and has looked with thrilling so it has devoured he for a first time. Unavoidable comparisons to Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Dave Matthews and Tom Attended will be done, but that the rice is the gender has extended he.
The voice of the rice is good-looking, and is human imperfection , transmits is the world of deep emotion. A vocal fashion can change of song the song, but his capacity to sing directly your soul is always there. Some papers have very deep and burn.
'Cold water' does to cry me, was taken like this up. A Gregorian flange in an end was the perfect emotional denouement. ' Memory' hurt, is like this good.
Lisa Hannigan vocals is woven together with the rice is in the perfect compliment. His voice begins where his finals.
Cellist Vyvienne A lot the time adds the deep, grounding yours that is pursuing.
One fixed of the acoustic electrical guitar has been of spartan to the wall of sound. An organic feel augmented one feels of a whole album.
Like my partner looked to listen for a first time, has known has had the question in my hands.
That possibly could do to return this favour?
4 / 5 Octavia
Likes some of some other descriptions of this disk - I has taken turned in his street a song "Volcano". It have listened roughly he previously his is emission in a Ball of Boston, but could do not finding while it was in Boston.
This in spite of does not have the tonne of the people that do this type of music at present, the find that it inspires that any one can take something has released like this a way a car of marketing of the music at present exists. It bases the data of CD dips a gender down 'rock', but 'folk' would be more afterwards to an attentive description.
"Volcano" it can be like this near like this that the rice takes to the swipe in some the EUA - and although it do not take radio airplay, exposed merit. But "A Blower Daughter", "Fellow" and a prime minister 5 (or still 8) small of "Eskimo" it is very good. "Eskimo" It tugs in 11 minutes that is totally unnecessary, in my opinion.
A rest of some falls of albums to a category 'very'. And this would have to that say something, considering a current state of music
A potential for this album takes 4.5 in a picture a big plus, the give 3. That The rice certainly has a potential for material more powerful.
4 / 5 Naoma
To look in some descriptions, to to looks likes them to them the majority of some people that own this album is taken fans this has seen Damien in concert and of the things. I in the first place listened of Damien Laughed in VH1, where has seen a video for 'Volcano'. I have decided to verify that an album was to see that it was like, and so only could not take his.
Has tried to give this album the casualidad, but so only thinks is boring. In fact, I have fallen almost it has slept the pair to time while it listen his. Also, Damien does not have a voice of flange more orders, as they are really annoying to listen oversinging in to the the songs like ' Agree'. Speaking duquel, the things do not take any one very better with an insane production in this song, any to mention a heart of terrible tenor in 'of the Cold water'. And 'Cannonball' final really abruptly.
The majority of some songs on here look to blow legislation for calm without being very memorable. And a last song, 'Eskimo', is gone on down any, but TWO hid follows, which are well. Too bad can not say one same for this album. Perhaps it have to that it has called it Z (likes sleep) in place of Or.
Anthony Rupert
5 / 5 Denise
will admit, at the beginning listens has not thought too much highly of this album. All could think roughly was "these beaten out of Interpol for a Shortlist prize? Some Streets? It beats out of these brilliant albums that has deserved a prize much more? It exits of here." This in spite of, have decided to give an album the second listen and has tried my best to dip those prejudices aside, and am happy has done reason a Shortlist the must has seen that has lost a first time that listens his: the calm lyrical and musical power. There have it to good sure that this album is not one the majority of original never, but there is the delicate (hmm, the title of first clue) can to this album. I enjoy to listen more after his and listening a bit pocolos emphasizes there is sotterrato in a mix that has lost a prime minister little time, more notably a yard ambience in "@@@Cofre Older". Although some moments can veer the little too close up of emo for mine in pleasant (he unhidden clues that uses a "Silent Night" melody for the history of ache and heartbreak), ossia the solid folk album that embrace him orchestral to satisfy ways. It takes it now and it prints it on Gold!
4 / 5 Valery
With this start, Damien Laughed has created one the majority of beautiful album has listened this year. In fact, it has been like this loved with a sound of this cd every time has listened his, has to the plum forgotten to take attention to some words. There is remarked, this in spite of, a complex, stately melodies, a shorter clocking in up four and the half minutes; a lush serious, glistening acoustic electrical guitar, and striking arrangements; one pursuing and shadowy behind-arrive (and occasional advantage) vocals of Lisa Hannigan; and, the majority of everything, a arrestingly agile, evocative and, was-time, riveting vocal actions of Damien Laughed. The good papers probably would be overkill. (In spite of, we are to determine to agree to listen next time). Some climaxes of albums with him majesterial operatic action for Doreen Curran inserted to an extraordinarily emotional 'Eskimo'. It is the daring and stunningly achieved gambit for Rice of producer and orientative of an innovative and thrilling new artist.
4 / 5 Krystin
Likes David Grey Tip Ladder, 'Or' for Damien Laughed is one of this scarce word-of-sucedido of mouth and adds hanged further to a claim that an Irish (the one who has on elected is and White Ladder at the same time of emission more than the pair of years later) has flawless flavour.
'Or' I simply utmost sounds on in the first place listen. That The rice is alternately ragged/choirboy vocals(thinks Jeff Buckley without any histrionics) marries perfectly with Lisa Hannigan fragile whispers. Some songs are deceptively simple lullabies - Volcano swoops and embraces, the Cold water is stifling and disturbing, A Blowers Daughter the prójimo-perfect folk song of unrequited amour - but develop his depth some so only I in games 19 or 20, when a whole album hangs near and some nuances result clear.
Was quite lucky to see Damien these years' Glastonbury the festival and was a point underlined of a weekend (in spite of the quite thin crowd) - I fear is a last touch to time to such the small audience.
5 / 5 Monique
Ossia The stunning CD in a lot of accounts. To start with with, how it is previously state mentioned, is one of one the majority of mature, musically and lyrically, album to start with in of the years. I think that that it is it is this Rice takes Jeff Buckley one the majority of, another young man with undoubted musical presents -the dramatic row of his voice, conjuring on ache or tenderness with such ease and authenticity- that Buckley and Laughed have a more in common. Together with Tom McRae, Teitur, Gema Hayes and Ben Christophers -all that deserves your devotion to listen- Damien Laughed belongs to a "first row" again folk the interpreters have interested to press a gender further he hushed voice and sweet agreement. Well mention too much a diversity, melodically and dramatically, of this variety of songs. As you listen an album on and on, is practically unavoidable that calm , would appreciate this more and more. Dipped a word was, Ireland has given a prójimo add troubadour.
5 / 5 Shawana
Damien Laughed shows such the row of voice and ways that partorisca dip in the alone category invariably would leave something was. That The rice trusts a power of understatement partorisca transmit strong emotion (often heartbreak). "Delicate," "A Blower Daughter," "Cannonball," and "Cold Water" it is perfect examples of deceptively simple, but never normal, papers and acoustic instrumentation. "@@@Cofre older" almost fallen to this group also, except a subtlety is lost and a song results too melodramatic. This in spite of, ossia an exception .
"Volcano" and " it acclaims Darlin'" has the moody, slightly jazzy feel; " Memory" it evolves to the hard plus, the rock feels; "Fellow" and "Eskimo" the use that sweeps, orchestral instrumentation (included the bit of Finnish work in Eskimo.) For a way, "Eskimo" it is not in fact the song of 16 minutes; two extra songs are added to this clue, with the pocolos small of dead space go in. These two songs, a untitled will call "All has On Dress For" and "Silent Night", it was better breaking to separate clues, but ossia the smallest defect .
Really does not have a lot of songs in Or that any joy, but has had to choose, my preferred would be "A Blower Daughter," "Delicate" and "Fellow," that all more shows the lyric tenderness of the rice and emotionally expansionary voice. This album there is immediately result one of mine favourite, and well each minute to listen.
5 / 5 Zonia
Yes, ossia the good cd and everything, but does not break new earth anything in a 'folk gender'. This recognition does not have to that it has been considered has had a press and another reviewers no given this man so many blessings. A cd is enjoyable, to good sure roughly that: Delicate breathes sweetness in a surface but has tension lying down that; the volcano is sexy and has confused; the Cold water creates the one of truth spooky phase; Eskimo last 2 minutes are glorious. Ossia (Plus or less) he.
Oh, Yes, and some papers... 'The amour taught like this to cry', 'Quell'I are I? A piece of your cake?' Or ' I agree it well/the first time that has seen/your boss around a mine/of the cause of the door has working prisoner'. 29 years, for the sake of the god.
Repeats, thinks that calm likes, does not doubt to give listen it. But it does not expect this to be anything you has not listened before. Damien Laughed would not owe that produce his own prójimo cd; it is very sensitive but perhaps an external opinion (one experimental a) would do record one of these albums that is not forgotten easily.
5 / 5 Lacey
Does not have any way included can think to give this CD less than 5 stars. Damien Laughed there is crafted like prójimo at the beginning CD PERFECTO to the equal that has listened. A whole container here is brilliant so only. A music - soft and sincere when in of the needs to be, strong and angry when precise be, and some papers - very emotional, very personal. Some actions are also excellent... Of the electrical guitars of Damien and vocals, to Vyvienne Along cellos (celli?), And Lisa Hannigan angelic vocals. I think a course that take one the majority is a 2nd half of " Memory" where Damien vocals is strong to a point of clipping in his acoustic electrical guitar, while the harmony of Lisa is frail and grieve audible. Some places where Lisa sings parts of only is to good sure among some signals underlined of this CD (Volcano, A Blower Daughter, the Cold water and I Agree). I do not go to list my favourite songs of this CD, so that has no bad some. It likes that some songs run joints, also... Some looks of music to spend to import to the such artists likes him to him Jeff Buckley, David Grey, Gentleman McLean, among another.
My only flu is one that another active voiced. Reason do place of people "hid" you follow inside a last song of a CD? Eskimo Is the song adds, how is a two "hid" clues, but was well to be able to select them or at least does not have to that expect the long period to time to take to them. In general ossia the smallest point . This CD is so only wonderful, excellent, brilliant and prójimo-perfect. If has the soul, was touched. If it calms no, the ones of the most serious things to concern roughly... lol... This one has found to good sure the place in mine "more than a year", possibly more than a cast of decade. The sinister hope can maintain on an impressive work...
4 / 5 Claris
I in fact first boss Damien in the short ad during Night of Bolt of Saturday with my friends. Him like that listens, like knots immediatly has begun to download a music to take the best to feel of him. Be in highschool, has had to go home so only 10 mintues later by half night, and as it has not taken to listen that it have downloaded. I remained on 'box 3 and listened to and has fallen enamoured with each clue. The voice of Damien goes perfectly with each song, and a cello is the beautiful and necessary touch. A short while later, has bought a CD because it seats the little bad to download them all ( is a thing to download of Focused Zeppelin and Some Rolling Stones, but with to to the small artists like to them Damien I always buy a CD) and did not complain it, reason have had any have not taken a gorgeous chance, complete with page with which page of diverse illustrations. Or it is the must compraventa for any folk lover the one who adores heartfelt the songs written well.
5 / 5 Stephania
The sweet start of Damien Laughed is the lush, sweet beauty of an album. 'Delicate' is so only concealed and that the opener adds. The tender voice of the rice sweep an auditor on and there was mentido his down with the grace like serious among and soothe an alcohol. 'Volcano' can be a point underlined with him is beautiful arange of serious, bass, drums and vocals of Rices and Lisa Hannigan blend and transmission and go back near in a bonechilling heart. 'A Blower' Daughter' is Laughed in his better and more vulnerable vowel and the one who the rests is brilliant craftsmanship of good-looking folk/sweetness of rock. 'Cannonball' Is possibly a more touching the clues like that the rice sings, "still the little bit of your face has not kissed" and "the life taught to die". Other points have underlined to comprise some far '@@@Cofre Older', whirling 'Partners' and an end 'Eskimo'. Ossia So only a start of the brilliant of new artist that am looking forward to listens progress.
5 / 5 Goldie
Has bought this CD because I have listened a second clue, volcano, and has been inspired, while against it expects that if a rest of some clues have included resembled this accident, had found the property. Also, I have verified some descriptions in this place and was a lot of complimentary. THIS In spite of, this CD is one of some the majority of disappointing albums has purchased in of the years. Some songs are extremely repetitive, and one would be the description bondadosa . A composer/of singer is to good sure the virtuoso guitarist, but opts perpetually for a street has travelled more. It looks that it is deceived in his supposition that so only reason feign the strong emotion, was able to give some depth of soul. Instead, he drones on with melodrama, snivelling pause of heart with a hinge of justin timberlake. Rings a rebirth of jeff buckley with an intuition of Aimee mann, and instead deep livingston taylor in zoloft.
5 / 5 Mora
I Damien Laughed has discovered in the first place to look a video for Volcano in VH1 and of this point this CD is resulted my preferred . Some songs in this row of CD of the wonderful raw character (A Blower daughter, with his repetition of a "I can not take my eyes were" line in of the different terracings of ache and with the thin cello in a backside) to a quality of unexpected epic of Eskimo. Ossia The disk that maintains undertaken of people with the heart broken (Acclaim Darling), with memories of melancholy (@@@Cofre Older), desesperanza (Delicate Water , Cold) or amour (Volcano). His voice is ardent, his songwriting poetry and his full music of the still sublime feelings contradictory. This CD is the enormous accomplishment in the world of music where a lot of singer-the composers touch some same and where look of the feelings have manufactured. Ossia To good sure the still CD that look for an original approximation of daily sadness.
5 / 5 George
Has chosen this up in the whim, and whoa, have gone never blown was! If it can any never he cd with my perfectly has illustrated feelings in music this that would be. It averts to ruin my career of rock, this cd dashes all of those in my collection! Seldom it is papers like this fantastically woven to some real... Meaning. There is truth more emotional and beauty in this album that I a lot have, or perhaps still listen. A pure desire and soft tear in the voice of the rice is enough to do reconsiders that the music is roughly. They are the type of rock , but to all the cost of a fashion this music grabs, and the fashion shaken the game a lot he wrenches your emotional core, he my in all the chance. With which bought it was floored, nailed my chair in the Green Room, and literally could not move was touched like this, almost changed for a music. It is not even some words, really how is a intent: a truth in meaning, a moaning, one lines it that the frames have said, DAMN! The amour is hard, and has did not feel it never will feel this. It chooses this on, included if it does not like "soft music." If you are open quite imported to listen, this'll you weap!- And they are the hard type ! It thanks.
4 / 5 Antonette
In amazing. Ossia One of one the majority of modern original folk works to exit in of the recent years. It is roughly amour and loss, and treating painful memories of familiar and youths. Some papers are surprising. A music is acoustic folk, strongly rooted in a Celtic tradition, but some the same times direct to be fresh. He grabs you and can send tingles on your plug or dip the tear in your eye. A mix contains some orchestrations and female mate vocals. A mix can be bit it uneven and overdone the time but ossia an exception, no a principle. On all the a lot of the album does well. My favourite songs are a heart -wrenching '@@@Cofre Older' and some colds calculating 'Acclaim Darlin' ' like -you to van Morrison, David Grey, or another modern Celtic-based folk singers, probably will be very pleased with "Or".

Top Customer Reviews: Live At Blues ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5
It is hard to believe ossia live it a better rendition of 'Autumn Leaves' has not done never...
4 / 5
So only a still the like this sad that such the talent, with such the heart has been listened and seen for only the little; it thanks advantage partorisca his soulmates that has taken the bit of the his to share with everything of us the one who has not known never of his box...
5 / 5
Does not think anything Eva is bad, like this again, the good album. The May appeals more to the to that likes blues, like opposed to of his others register.
5 / 5
A shame Eva is partorisca go. Has the good voice and this alive album have taken a half in a Blues club of Alley. A lot well you register it.
5 / 5
Eva Cassidy has such the wonderful voice. It have listened his in a radio and now have two of the his CDs.
4 / 5
Sadly has taken too punctual, Eva Cassidy soars and transmissions to our hearts. A sure and soulful touch with the spectacular natural talent, is in privileged territory with an enthusiastic audience in Blues Alley. It leaves not forgetting this beautiful legacy!
4 / 5
I have received this cd with the big scratch in a side partorisca touch. My cd the correction of the error of the player can touch it but a condition has not been like this described for a vendor and I would not have ordered it has known a condition.
4 / 5
Is hard to believe ossia live it a better rendition of 'Autumn Leaves' has not done never...
4 / 5
Sadly I have taken too punctual, Eva Cassidy soars and transmissions to our hearts. A sure and soulful touch with the spectacular natural talent, is in privileged territory with an enthusiastic audience in Blues Alley. It leaves not forgetting this beautiful legacy!
4 / 5
Eva Cassidy is backed for some jazz adds election of excellent music partorisca some clear tones of Eva Cassidy and fabulous player of jazz that has retreated!
4 / 5
Like the good-looking flower that flowery,resupplied so that joy and then died until punctual.... Felizmente A talent of Eva Cassidy maintains the base of,and is enjoyed now for a world. This register,alive in a Blues Alley,is like this intimate and rewarding like the alive action can the situation that an a lot of usually thinks conducive to his talent and row,Eva cassidy rids the together wonderful of songs that comprises a musical spectre and underlines the voice that is both only and celestial.
Of an inaugural cheeky jazzy rendition of Irving Berlino is,Cheek the Cheekyou is taken by some some prejudices unfold you can apple an enthusiast and supportive the crowd that the witnesses adds it a nervous narrative among songs Tops Cassidy leave his flange one in speaker.
That attacked like this the awe that inspires was his row and qualified to mix several genders and the individually stamp his focus in the each one canción.un T Bone Walker classical Monday, Racked is wonderful,and sung with On Troubled water,is truely the song that more suitable that angelic voice,and is rid with all an emotion would expect.
My personal favourite,Curtis Mayfield is,the Rig of people is simply like this soulful and complete the rendition to the equal that can in endeavour and sparkling in delivery,a truely adult and rewarding experience of audio,and perhaps prophetic for his own untimely died.
The tune of byline of Eva Cassidy,Fields of Gold,is sung better that a studio has done to the song of the sting ,which Joe Cocker has done to Beatles,With A bit Helps Of mine Fellow, he his propio.un clear crystal and heartfelt emotion in his voice envelops you and underlines that sad and melancholic coverage.
By means of the autumn of Blue Heavens Leaves Big Trees the Georgia,each rendition have thinking this is the talent of entity that has not taken never a recognition he deserve true when it was bolt .
A version of mecer of the the Green is to Take me To A Riveris pleasing and certainly ambitious,and higlights a way of some advantages directly to some magic The one who A Wonderful to his parents,those who are in an audience for a way, is rid expertly,..So likewise Sachmo would have applauded.unvosotros FINAL CD with the version registered of Oh, has had I A Golden Threadwhich dulcemente develops and is the conclusion to return to this extraordinary offering. It goes in unpretentiously with the simple introduction,and then leaves in way similar.un the talent in the show leaves an on produced mega hand other artists in a so only a world had known a legacy has developed maintains the base of,In Songbird,Eva By heart and a new Time With which Time, can a lot of getmuch better that esto.un the money spends to buy ossia a lot of pasó.un the talent is 5 stars ,my verdict and recommendation,is that you like them to them the voices add with emotion,buy this CD. The credit would owe that be die to some musicians that play with his,especially Keith Grimesand Lenny Williams, has dipped up tight and supportive the base to that Lady Cassidy can rid.
Believe you will maintain to go back to touch this CD again and such classics rid for such the beautiful talent,as it can calm no.5 stars,easily.
4 / 5
This register is surprising. I know some descriptions here (and for the majority of the work has registered brief of Eva Cassidy) is like this fill of uncritical praise and passion that is hard to separate a quality of an art of some emotions. But have any fear, this album is a real thing !
Ossia One of some better alive register has has not listened never. The voice of Eva Cassidy SOARS, and one do one a lot well with his. No, a sale is not that it surprises, but is very good. But a star here is the voice of Eva, pure and simple.
His voice is like this full of passion and fireworks that almost is that it overwhelms in time (thinks Aretha Franklin--he, am not kidding). Hard to believe such the big, galvanising the voice has been packed in such the little, blond, so only-skinned organism. It is especially I last to take a fact that had gone first of the majority of the same knots found this ( has to that believe in a "enough take that never" adage). When it Consecrates "That the Wonderful World-wide" to his parents (those who was in an audience), your heart will break calm so that you ask the one who his parents owe that feel and experience when they listen to this album.
All some clues are essential here. But for me, " it gives bomb" it is his soaring version of Curtis Mayfield number of rock/of classical gospel "the people Rig". The almighty good god, Eva Cassidy is quintessential the example of the like the singer of soul is and would have to that be! Goosebumps Especially abound when it sings a half heart (" I rig he of PEOPLE, there is TRAAAAAAAAIN A COMIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!"). Then it touches to lose and passionately mutters "calm does not need any entrance, calm so only thanks a gentleman". If it does not feel something pending is, then simply calm is not alive. These brief second last the lifetime. No respecto like advanced a these musical or aesthetic flavours is, ossia something concealed would be necessary movement you deeply.
But averts of this phenomenal clue, this album abounds with the clues add. Some the old levels can any never be listened a same way again: " it Touches The Cheek", "to the honeysuckle is Trace ". Included it blues level like "the time Racked" never it can be listened a same way again ("LOOOOOOOORD has mercy"). Everything of is surprising.
Please does not deceive you out of an incredibly emotional (any to mention fun) listening experience. Ossia One of some better voices have not listened never, and has listened the a lot of voice adds.
Is hard to sell artists in of the people, but Eva Cassidy is an easy sells. All the world has touched this for has been surprised. PLEASE left calm be!!
4 / 5
Starts of Cassidy of Eva of one a lot before song in this album with any nonchalant humming and snaps it toe, but his easy attitude soons gives way to the action to command of Irving classical Berlin " it Touches the Cheek." For this used to Fred has listened Astaire sweet version of of the this of some films, prepare you! Eva takes control here and reels of some things want to do, of the best duquel is dancing cheek-the-cheek with his lover. There is at all lovely or sweet roughly he-- is masterful ready of some things that marks his happy.
T. Bone Walker "the Monday Racked" helped to do Billie Holidays the star, and Eva gives it his own memorable transfer, searing some papers to your brain when she yowls and growls, "Ladies, has mercy on me" to the equal that sings in his lover that has gone. " I rig he of people," Curtis adds Mayfield song, is less than the mandate partorisca anger and movement here that a entreaty to be conscious of as lucky all are. Cassidy wistful, Alentador, yearning the version is the wonderment. And in his Sting of hands "Fields of Gold"--a song this has touched always likes something of some mine Half Ages--is resulted the delicate aural fossil, layering memory with remorse with amour (both stray and expósito). Cassidy Applies a porcelain purity of his voice here with stunning effect. She one same in "That the Wonderful World," where a sweetness with those comment a beauty of life can spend you the tears.
Is exasperated to resist this album. Eva I invites to the long of, and is loved to be there for a walk.
4 / 5
The whole register of a first night had been dried has gone by the technician glitch. Eva there has been the cold bad so many nights. It was so only on 80 of his form. A sound has not been a lot- too bleed for some drums to another mics. The cry when said to be necessary to agree to release an album because it thinks that that it was like this bad.
Any one the glowing recommendation partorisca register it, is? Still, I have to be in accordance with Grammy has conferred reviewer Joel Siegel, the one who has said producing Chris Biondo that it is one of a better touching the alive albums has has not listened never. I will take subpar, question-plagued registers for Eva Cassidy in a better of more concern partorisca appoint. It was simply That incredibly you endow the singer.
His capacity to communicate with an auditor transcends any physical or technical questions with a music. So only listen to a joyful exuberance in " it Touches the Cheek". And "the Monday Racked"- wow, it can not imagine the finest version of that add blues wailer! Eva there have been in a palmera of his hand of one a lot before notes. It is as if she summarized a collective ache of everything blues the singers that quotes of a first called-and-answered shouters in fields of slave of cotton of the was in a brief song. His vocal technician is the master class in like this to sing a blues.
Perhaps some the finest clues in a disk are a three Eva classical tunes; "Fields of Gold", "Leaves of Autumn" and "That the Wonderful World-wide". I think the real force of Eva was his ballad flange; especially a-on-a with his audience in simple, sincere arrrangements. She simply and easily reduce each song his essence, his true meaning, and actions he with us in his the majority of personal way to the equal that results his own. His "Fields of Gold" it is already a definite version of this song and will be the timeless level in my opinion. "Leaves of autumn" it digs down to a raw emotion of desesperanza for the stray amour and a feeling of melancholy to know that an ache will worsen with a transmission of season. "Wonderful World-wide" it spends a melancholy that feels to a positive side, his voice poignantly sweet; reflective of a simple beauty can all find in our own lives. One can remark that an audience was totally enraptured for his voice and his music that late special.
As it conceals has not gone enough, in the same take like this to his prize adds rendition(any living) of Pete Seeger"s "Oh, it has had I A Golden Edge". Eva floating in the cloud, then soars like an eagle that sings that one and his background harmonies are pure joy to listen to. For real magic. Ossia The CD that you literally can spend listened the on and on again. I know I am doing on that with my copy.
4 / 5
Partorisca Are extremely to to the shy person likes them Eva Cassidy, treating AT ALL has not been easy, has left so only innanzi to the alive audience. But thank the advantage was able to win his fears and grace with his súper-eclectic musical row (of jazz and blues to folk, gospel, R&B, and rock), all duquel strikes out of a ballpark with his amazing voice, passion, and amour for a music!
Some adjectives to describe Eva Cassidy? That roughly: pursuing, gorgeous, inspiring, tear-jerking, powerful, offered, melodic, eclectic, those surprised, those surprised, heartfelt, intelligent, poignant, original, awe-inspiring, brilliant. I guess it conceal it is enough for judges of start! And you think that that I am exaggerating, so only listen to this CD (or "Eva by heart" or "Time With which Time"), and decide for calm. (If his version of Sting "Fields of Gold" in this CD -- or "To the equal that can Maintain to Sing," in "Eva by heart" -- it does not send cold on your plug, he then swimming !)
An inferior line: if you have not listened Eva Cassidy, the fault really was on something. Specifically, one of some voices more never is.. And here we have almost an hour of this voice adds that it entertains and mesmerizing the alive audience in Blues Alley in Washington, D.C.. I so only desire Eva Cassidy was still around for shows more alive a lot of, but, of then concealed is not possible, "Alive in Blues Alley" it is a next better thing . Extended a word...
4 / 5
Alive in Blues the alley is cd that clock some presents of a late singer Eva Cassidy. Eva has possessed the voice that was able of the wide row of emotions. It sings with the sweetness and purity that was suitable for the variety of fashions. His emotion the voice has fill was wonderfully adaptable and can sing blues, jazz and folk with equal skill. Eva there has been the sweet wistful voice that was both pleasant to listen to and possess for his songs chosen. Joel Siegel be in the biographical clip that Eva "seen his talent like the present and an obligation."
Is cd figure of the variety of songs that Eva has treated in Blues Alley the club of Washington, D.J.C. In that frequently treat. A row of songs comprises a jazzy Games the Cheek, blues of the Monday Racked, folk Big Trees of Georgia, modern pop of Fields of Gold. Each one that like this of Eva has treated precisely and emotion. Eva was able of powerful and emotional vocals to the equal that can be listened the Monday Racked and A Bridge In Troubled waters as well as sad and soulful in his version of Fields of Gold. Big trees of writing of Georgia for Buffie St. Marie was the preferred of Eva is and sings with the delicate voice, sweet that has had the amazing force.
If you have not discovered Eva Cassidy still, take a time to listen his and comprise a talent adds possesses.
4 / 5
The one who is Eva Cassidy ? I have discovered recently and wow I marvel where has I state? Cassidy Has died in 1996 of cancer. Extracted in a zone of Washington, D.J.C. Of 1990, until his death. Eva is the singer of torch , he folk singer, the singer of jazz, but the majority of all the blues singer. I have fulfilled so only and it loses already. It discovers one of some better American voices to come to the long of in the moment. Alive in Blues the alley is that it says, Eva that extracted alive. A band is a lot well, still has east undressed down feel. There is person trying outplay another, so only resupply the musical backdrop for the incredible voice of Eva. Eva is the artist of coverage , sings songs that all know and amour. This in spite of, his all touch new. It adds it rendition of Simon and Garfunkle "Pont in Troubled waters" doing it to his like one of a better blues tunes never. It covers Sting, Curtis Mayfield, Billie Holliday, Pete Seeger, and is obvious that want to him everything. Ossia The club goer sleep - to roam to some club and listen the band in a phase that so only mesmerizes you. It is like this well, calm will remain you until a last near. And I guarantee that before a night is on, calm and yours another will create for one or of the slowest dances. Ossia Amsterdam the music in him is more.
4 / 5
Has listened roughly Eva Cassidy in "Nightline", there is prendido that has done when I have listened this spectacular voice!! It seats it likes him the cry when I have listened no longer bolt . With a angelic to to the voice likes that, took me of sad. I have bought "Songbird" in the first place, it has loved each song on he---I are the Judy lover of Garland, and does not think never that any one could approach to the perfect "In a Rainbow", but she he in such the good-looking way. It is LIKE THIS GOOD! His row is surprising. Has has had to that then have "Blues Alley", thank you, Amazon, for having this wonderful cds. Really it was not that it is my preferred . " It touches The Cheek" it is the delight , "Big Trees in Georgia" it is fantastic, "Fields of Gold" it is so that it adds, and "That A Wonderful World-wide" it has to that be mine all time preferred! So only it has listened it Louis Armstrong sings concealed. Circle out of words to describe this lovely young lady sings. Each song is like this different, a way sings of the jazz to gospel blow era.
His mother, father, the sisters and the brother owe that be like this proud!!! His partner, Chris, must like this happy that he and his other friends of the musician has pressed his to register. It is like this sad when I listen the sound sings "That A Wonderful World-wide" in this cd, reason later, when they are like this like this ailing, thinks that this was a last song sings in Blues Alley. Hopefully, Knows all an emotion has caused, and is lucky to listen that it has done it. I so only desire with all my heart that still records. But, the one who knows? It has to that be that it directs some angels with these good-looking, pursuing voices. It was not forgotten!
5 / 5
Has has listened people raving roughly Eva Cassidy, the aces has listened perhaps some of his material, but that album to start with? This one. If you possess Eva album but no east a, that is while to? Ossia His crowning glory, an album that begin with a jazz to swing of the cheek of Berlino the Cheek, roams softly to the sweetest territory with exceptional readings of the fields of the sting of Gold (until this album, I never @@give the one who the song adds this was) and Buffy St. The Big trees of Marie to Georgia (a strong still quavering vocal in the fantastically understated musical backing) and the arrivals were with a soulful Oh, has had I the Golden Edge (the clue of only studio in an album).
His death was the loss adds , like this the album aims an artist that enters true maturity. Although some other albums are well, mostly choose in the materials concealed is been left behind. There it has no the bad action or less-that-the election of song adds here. His following is growing, this in spite of still any to some external levels, less talented, the female singer could appoint. Buy this album. Extended a word.
5 / 5
The a lot of people are presented to Eva has seen his album "Songbird" that comprises run of this ALIVE album. "Songbird" It is to the compilation adds but some songs have been modified to take a intros and clapping listened alive.
" It touches the Cheek" it is such the song adds to take this album that goes. The things then retard down for "racked monday" before dulcemente choosing on again for an add rendition of "Blue Heavens".
This album is an only way to for real appreciate "Fields of Gold" to the equal that was modified for his inclusion in "Singbird". I owe that say that I prefer an alive version.
Was to buy this album, then "Another Side" then "Eva By heart", calm really would have Eva collection of ESSENTIAL CD. His remaining albums, while less bad, is not coumpulsory listening like these three.
5 / 5
A first time the never listened eva cassidy was 3 years ago, in the venue dc canal of jazz (which, sadly, has gone of then of an air). It was a song "that the wonderful world," that the usually find cloying. But eva clear, strong, beautiful vibrated yard by means of my work day and me chair behind and listen. wow. When it has been them to buy a cd in a tent has looked for them a african-american woman in a coverage. It has Been impacted to see the blue-eyed blond, looking folkie and meek, in a coverage. But my god, a woman has a soul, the depth and the power reserved for some better of some better, comprising mahalia and @@@1960s aretha.
This cd, all the coverages, rows to swing jazz the traditional folk to blues. eva Boss everything with flavour and incredible control, with real flange and any pyrotechno crap listen in a radio these days. His row inspires awe, especially in "golden edge," in that achieves the note that would give more to hernia. His skills of interpretation are surprising; it directs to breathe new life the songs that has been has has covered hundreds of time. Individual standouts is "leaves of autumn," "big trees in georgia" and "fields of gold," all duquel wins cry; "golden edge," which is like this spiritual like any hymn; and "well and sweet" and " it touches the cheek," which are fun and sexy. A band is also in shape upper, maintaining a his tight and crisp while it gives eva a spotlight.
eva The step there is robbed his that would have been it surely the big career, long, and of a talent to give support. Buy this cd and will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
Was work, with NPR in a fund, when the voice cut by means of my keyboard clatter with the clarity and poise that more can be described like stunning. I have seated in my office for a period of a history, unable to do anything but listen to some fragment of the songs chosen like this of the examples of the incredible present of this woman. And then to listen that it die such the short time fact, with which a altogether too much-short life - I supposes a better tragedy is poignant likes that, this in spite of.
Ossia A CD of Eva of the prime minister has purchased of then listening his voice that comes from/comes from my radio, and are entirely enraptured. I will buy each one which so and each one which of another CDs, and not being disappointed for a-an of them. It is an inspired singer - is able to turn the like this-like this to to the song likes "Fields of Gold" to the masterpiece - whose voice is much bigger that his life was.
Like this, like another reviewer said, thanks to NPR to present this mine and countless singer other auditors. They are sure she now has the frame of new integer of partidários that, this in spite of saddened learns does not produce never anything "new," it is thrilled to be able to bask in a glory of a music has left.
4 / 5
Was on late a night that read in the book when I have listened the song of Sting of flange of Cassidy of Eva, Fields of Gold. One late-night the revised informative has run the history roughly to the equal that have died, and has lived has been one of a greats. Well, after listening his rendition of Fields of Gold, has had to verify was on its own name. A next day, has ordered this CD, ALIVE IN BLUES ALLEY. A bit those that days later, was in my player of CD, and has not been out of him of then. I know I have lucked to the for real wonderful singer when it can not resist singing some songs I. To date, know each song in this CD. It can not say they are anywhere near like this talented likes Eva Cassidy was, but is all the joy to sing. More than everything, Eva Cassidy has enriched my life, and am sure this was his aim in singing a way that do. Well fact, Eva, very done!

Top Customer Reviews: Bring Me Your ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 Joleen
Green of Tiled can do any one has the better voice that this? Person! His capacity to trust his instincts on like his music would owe that be produced is equally impressive. I think that that it is a better musician partorisca have coming to the long of in some last 4 decades; ossia which well is! If it do not buy this CD ...Well Yours is disappeared simply a BETTER!

M: I love a sound footsteps to the long of a quota! Then it begins his electrical guitar intro which is so only like this awesome maintain you on a flange partorisca listen that it is coming afterwards. Those good-looking thoughtful papers of any quite sensitive to explore some repercussions that has to hurt another human being. For this recognition deserves a prize. The majority so only the paste & run these days but comprises a final result and he is disatrous affects on more.

: I love a choppy character of a work of electrical guitar in this so that it adds. It feels like this yours seating in a row advances that listens & to look on all his CD is. This song is such the pure vowel...& Some papers pure character. It is intimate & confessional in character (like the title suggests) and has such electrical guitar adds technical skills. I love some few instruments of percussion in this song also.

In a Box: A intro to this song has the country/folk vibe his. Then so only it begins vocally with such sweet vocals and storytelling that envelopes calm to a song. While no really I love a musical arrangement of this little twangy feels to tolerated that recognises as well it writes this song is....& Work of wonderful electrical guitar in this clue. Enough the few different instruments have used in this harmonic to organ, electrical guitar etc. While has some dark lyrical expensive he all die in some so only is singing roughly the and taking pride in respecting those that are spent.

Sickness: Wow That Left to start with with this electrical guitar adds like this to his sounds of voices likes them is touching to lose of of a heaven' awesome! The collaboration adds with Gord Downie (A Tragically Hip). You tiled HAS the capacity adds in his vowel phrasing of some papers. Amado a clapping in these frames want to mediate and join in! At all it touches better that very touched acoustical electrical guitars!

A Man: My favourite song in this CD (which is hard to choose of a whole CD are add,adds, add) so only exceptional instrumentation, lyrical construction and his vocals is gave shivers down my plug! There is! There is! Absolutely hauntingly beautiful. His expressional the fashion has to that individual. I have loved included a banjo in this an electrical guitar touches like this a lot the he reminiscent of any series to use of harp in & one of a better mastered the songs has has not listened never!

: I love a vocals on really sweet, soft there is the fresh rhythm to this of some other songs in a CD. I have finalised so only prpers that loves it create & I not having Skype on! There is! There is!

Knot: really I love this song so much again exceptional acoustical work of electrical guitar. Some papers are obliging and the man in the mission of discovery. Then he so only gone back to one of one the majority of heartfelt amour gobble he on and then when your fact repeats it again. It is like this of the waves to a component the pure necessity to a construction of this 2nd preferred in this CD.

A Grain: This song lyrically is joined like my preferred in this CD. Again it is sounds of to the introduction likes will be of the song of country. Has characteristic of countries but for one the majority of part like a rest of a CD is so only a better contemporary folk music. Some papers are also ossia true of an integer a better writing you will have listened for decades! Not even I am exaggerating when I say concealed.

9.unla Daughter: This song is one of mine less preferred in a bit too twangy for me. It seats it likes to go to see some types of a film 'Deliverance' any moment. Having has said the papers are not so only charming but aim any those who worries roughly that any special in his life when it lose while it was is visiting. Cela Have me so only does to take is that it adds 'll so only spellbind calm to listen to the song that could not be your calm @give you that a lot some papers & the musical delivery is of his music. Hated That finalising me to any noisy!

Corazón: This song is my bond for 2nd better song in a CD. Amur A construction of these some drums is used, one . Some papers are dark, sincere and come from the place of sheer maturity in an interior of his soul. So only it hears to this song again, again, again! YES!

A lot So that it Can any Never: Another 1 song of mine in this calm now @give you that the majority of this CD could have selected everything to some songs likes them the mine 1 preferred! Any calm so only loves a bit the inaugural harmonies is ! Then some instruments come to the game & is so only leaves like this remarkable calm with your open jaw! For real! This song is at all less than sheer unadulterated vocals is a More there are them never has listened Any one sings! Not kidding! These papers of mine comes from/come from the integer another same of this world. This song is to 20 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++!

Once buy this will be to buy he for all your friends, all your family, your calm people seldom know concealed is that well this CD is! To all my Tunes Junkie defenders out of this CD before it buy anything more is an only one will require for an after several decades!

Happy spinning!
4 / 5 Jacelyn
Raw, emotional songwriting with introspective papers. A song that Sleeps Sickness with Gord Downie is Green of Tiled in a cup of his game. If calm so only is discovering City and Colour or the defender that any still have this album, is in good sure values to add your collection of music.
5 / 5 Shantae
The music adds, register of good quality and there is rid punctually
4 / 5 Sirena
Tiled does not cease never to surprise me, has not listened never to any one is tunes on & on like me yours !! They are realities & so only spend the riada of life has has related moments to import & a coverage of words thru me so many lips of flow. I so only amour, amour, amour all have the place was, simply of your songs! It maintains it on it does not bore never or take quite they.
4 / 5 Jimmy
Thank you Canadian corner for INCREDIBLY the fast nave and he have come with the PERSONAL NOTE?!? My beans the music rid with CHARM❤️
5 / 5 Dominga
shipping was fast but has been disappointed to discover is so only the simple black record in place of the a colour of special edition likes has been announced. I order alot of record and will not be ordering of escreamingCD' again!
4 / 5 Emerson
Ordered this on June 5th, the date of delivery has expected was June 12-27 and took it on one 8th! It can not expect listen his!

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Kera
« Far », a third album of focus of entity of Reina Spektor, is probably one the majority of underrated album of 2009. It is an amazing and spirited collection of songs that certainly tries that although the Master of Bulls of the comparisons is understandable (both are original piano -the female composer based), is quell'has bitten lazy: Reina is to good sure in join he of the his own. His voice is good-looking and expressive, his papers are thought-causing and sweats that the piano of touch is excellent; this in spite of, a force of his compositions is one the majority of what striking in this album. The originality and the look of sensibility partorisca be his main paper, as showed for the majority of some songs pieced together here; his papers are brimming with pensive, thoughtful papers that row of religion ('laughing with') the peeking in any one is life by means of the stock exchange expósita ( estock changed). And when it faces a @@subject a common plus of romantic reports, she certainly he in the way concealed has not been listened before ('A Calculated). More than everything, his melodies are strong and memorable; 'Character Spends next' is simply that I breathe it taken, while 'Eet' is probably a more intoxicating the melody has listened in of the ages. Any surprisingly, these two songs are a true album has underlined points; this in spite of, there is much more, like a pensive 'laughing with' and 'Blue lips', a catchy 'A Calculated and a uplifting 'Folding chair'. In fact, an only smaller letdown of an album is his very minimum packaging ; when you write papers like good likes these, certainly deserve to be printed. 'Far' any lucido can be do more experimental (although among that zone with a evocative soyachine'), but is certainly the demonstration to convince of as talented Reina Spektor is. It represents the wonderful introduction his music for any the one who has no familiar with his, everything a moment offering his follower something wonderful to feed his ears with.
5 / 5 Mana
There is rid to Reina Spektor -- has directed in fact to refine and further his only anti-folk/sound of pop, but also maintain some only qualities of his older fashion. His third album of studio 'Far' is everything in this -- a lot of multifaceted, fluent expanses of piano, the odd small songs in computers have done of macaroni, and the quirky little voice. It is the most polished piece of work, but still has some transfers and flanges for the maintain interesting.

' Chair there looking in some faces/Of these stranges in some pages/'Til have known 'in mathematically,' Spektor said in the powerful, bouncing melody of piano. It sings to create computer of paste these 'counted on our feelings/And the currencies on same/And llama that calculate perfect amour' and that cut out of his own little pebble-hearts that is truck 'in like this last/Like this last/Until sparked.'

Well, Is good to see that it is not writing your half MTV goopy amour-ballad roughly kissing.

Is followed up for the wistful small ballad with the title like the hiccup ('Eeeee-eeeeee-eeeeet!') , The horn-and-synth-riddled melody partorisca pop bounces it and swirls alternately, the stompy piano-rockers, the sweet songs slower, soaring ballads in a definite prize ('Human, human of a year, is'), the song of dance or two, sprightly melodies of pops sunny, the pair of rambling anti-folky songs.

Is good to see that the exposure more order him has not taken was one odd of Queen Spektor laws. More than your songs of amour bobo usual and personal laments, faces a loss of things familiarised, the sense of the god of humour, the full society of chipper automatons (' has begun was under a tree of knowledge/Then his chopped the down to do fences of white picket') and he 1984-esque history roughly when being 'hooked the car.' When it is not odd, inserts/inserts little quirks and odd images that clave in your alcohol ('Blue lips, vetoes blue/A colour of our planet of far was').

Is resulted also more polished musically, with everything bit it smoother and nimbler that before. His piano is still a centerpiece -- prick, flow, boot, ripples and elegantly turn -- and is accompanied by an occasional swirl of synth, some horns, and abundance of thin drumming. It listens attentively and you can listen the bit of the violin in of to to the songs like 'laughing With,' and some tambourine in 'of of the Blue Lips,' so only quite partorisca flavour his sounds.

A song that does not return is 'Hymn of Dance of 80s,' to those touch likes him to him token song of dance, which tries to melt anti-pop and dance. He no quite work. A jabby jangling soyachine' (with his eerie synth and jingling canals) any totally returns neither, but taken so only is the brutally memorable song.

Well, Enough of that. Spektor Is slightly creaky vocals weave easily go in clear big sweetness and quirky whispers, and has the special skill to evoke the slightly magic, bittersweet worldview -- genies, the genial deity, games of amour, balls, the lake that gone back 'to the fat likes him the butter,' and of rainy streets. A lot delightfully odd sentences ('and a pride inside his eyes/are synchronised/to the calm amour will not know never') and images (the sparks that fly of the pair of pebble-hearts).

In spite of the pair of songs that the turn that ails (one uncomfortable and a awesome), Reina Spektor is 'Far' is the solid of clue to the his anti-folk and anti-tunes of pop of a past.
4 / 5 Janina
Has has not finalised included listen to an album that at present is when being streamed by means of MySpace but I have to that pre-order 'far' immediately! It reigns it does not lose never his originality, and this collection of songs is ridiculously listenable and worthy of looping in a fund of my days. If you are already the defender, this will not disappoint . If you are curious, ossia the introduction adds to a free alcohol that is Reign!

Top Customer Reviews: Complete Greatest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5 Winnie
This probably a CD has better bought the very long time. I have bought hard cradle, and was intoxicated. Of then it was the creature has been spent on on Gordon Lightfoot in a radio, and arrive mine hard year, reason does not possess Gordon Lightfoot CD? As I bought it, and there is so only something in the voice of this man and a music. Always I acclaim up and when I touched it, I cranked he on strong, and my parents have loved that. Now my Dad loves it and my fiancé thinks that that an album is wonderful. My preferred--'Good-looking', 'Pussy Rows of Cat of the Sauces', 'Daylight Katy' and one a song I so only learnt roughly but never listened before until last year-- unny Side of Life,' is all fabulous--the whole album is awesome. Has the effect to calm on me, of his distinguished voice and the good-looking melodic songs gives my place the special atmosphere. Material Lightfoot and One Guesses The one who was some real main corridors of '70s Canadian music. So that he yr Canadian or of another country, believes SPENT The COMPRAVENTA!
5 / 5 Marcia
This would be a music partorisca touch of Gordon Lightfoot.
Really pleasantly has surprised that well his voice is.
The perfect papers that illustrates so only the one who big this country is and that once is.
Good-looking emotional description of neverending forest of tree and how is partorisca indigenous villages.
5 / 5 Assunta
The product has arrived punctually as it has promised. One the majority of complete synopsis of Gordon Lightfoot illustrious the career that comprises of 1964 - 1993 and comprising to to swipes Like ‘ Could Read My Alcohol', ‘Beautiful', ‘Sundown', ‘Carefree Street', ‘A Wreck Of Edmund Fitzgerald' and a lot, much more.
5 / 5 Nerissa
Gordon Lightfoot is one of some more utmost composers of all time. So only some two swipes; Trilogy of Canadian Street and Yes Could Read My Alcohol costs a price of this CD so only, has left so only his other utmost swipes that it is has comprised. If you want to listen Gordon in his flange more in the video, the consultor partorisca look a video of his 1972 concert partorisca a BBC, available in a coverage. It was in his absolute cup, sings the majority of his swipes. This CD cost each penny.
5 / 5 Idell
A Canadian icon. Partorisca Any the one who does not know his music (do these people really exist?), Ossia 1 incredible artist /lyricist honradamente HAS TO THAT listen the so only once and will comprise the one who the this of true musical talent.
3 / 5 Dixie
Has everything of some songs listed and sound like the cd a lot much more partorisca say
5 / 5 Hilda
A good disk of Compilation. But it do not know any a lot of this singer. I love several songs To the sud this Compilation.
4 / 5 Deloras
I have chosen this edition of Gordon Lightfoot better known swipes because it contains a plus follows that another compilation. Partorisca me, complete other registers owe that his work.
5 / 5 Linn
The ones of way that adds partorisca have like this of Gord swipes partorisca sing to the long of the in a street!
5 / 5 Sharron
Ossia An excellent CD . Gordon Lightfoot was, and is one of some composers of singer/more utmost in Canadian history, and highly would recommend this in any defender of Lightfoot. Gordon has been in a scene of music partorisca almost 50 years, and continuous treat to this day.
5 / 5 Hai
Ossia The totally awesome cd. Gordon lightfoot in his much more. Absolutely I LOVE each song in this cd. If calm only order 1 Lightfoot cd, ossia The BEST one to take.
5 / 5 Desmond
Dulce vocals rests with fabulous melodies. Liner The notes do not comprise of the papers.
4 / 5 Ona
There is rid quickly. Amur An artist and his music. Has all some songs have loved in a CD to the equal that has announced.
4 / 5 Lonnie
A good album to touch in the quality stereo when it loves so only relax and agree an use of way to be in music!
4 / 5 Charlena
Ossia Gordon Lightfoot in his better. A Canadian legend. A necessary album in your Canadian Collection.
5 / 5 Adrienne
Glorious collection. Sum of Canadian legend. The Continuous May much more years!
4 / 5 Addie
I have bought this like the present, and my brother the one who is Gordon LIghtfoot defender, loves it . I said that has everything of his songs more are in the, and is pleased like this with his present.
4 / 5 Elicia
Want this cd take me behind to when it was the boy . Not to appreciate it so much at the same time.
5 / 5 Stephany
All my life there is grownup listening to Gordon Lightfoot. I love this disk.
5 / 5 Denyse
Want to Gordon Lightfoot songs. Amur This cd, was exactly that has has wanted to
5 / 5 Shaquana
To At all they like him some abonos ol' Gordan Lightfoot,partorisca of some light background music :)
5 / 5 Giuseppe
Adds cd! Has the tunes are and the voice adds! His music is folk way.