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Top Customer Reviews: Santouri the Music ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Absolutely music and good-looking cinematography ,the history adds and the realism of tear in his needs of manager partorisca be commended in a portayal of some characters

Top Customer Reviews: Half Moon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
I have seen two of his films, 'the turtles can Fly' when be another. Ossia Equally intriguing, equally bleak and like the looks of contradiction, equally uplifting. It likes-it films me that it marks wants to shout it it is gone in a screen or mediate somehow. They are the rational person thinks but ossia like me was rendered thus film and another has mentioned. When you Change it felt you drained you will find you thinking roughly for days after, and anything drained you, will find also suddenly uplifting. A bit like the death in a familiar and a heat ameno when this person is agreed suddenly when looking behind retrospectively. A very human film.
5 / 5
Harm Films MUSS man gesehen haben und is lohnt sich ihn auf jeden Fallen wieder und wieder anzuschauen. Tiefgründig, melancholisch, rührend, liebevoll, komisch, witzig,...Man verfällt in data kurdische Welt und bekommt einen Einblick als ob man selbst Teil gives Geschehens ist... und Quotes Untertitel stören überhaupt nicht!
5 / 5
bestens zu empfehlen, schneller Service, gute qualität, genau meinen vorstellungen zu empfehlen, werde wieder über has given weg bei dieser sign bestellen
4 / 5
is any marvel that this film was screened in my university in Michigan likes part of a Festival of International Film; it has been done for the Western audience. This film will leave a spectator that laughs, asking the questions in this only ethnic group have called a Kurds, and will aim some idea to a general Kurdish aspirations of obstinately seeing they as 'kurds' while defying current flanges. Ossia For far Ladies Ghobadi production of better film. Considering a fact that no of some actors in this film are 'professional actors' adds to a global value of this film.
Highly would recommend for any interested in far-was cultures or of the international films to look this title.
4 / 5
Another will mention a history. For me, it has had to it is coming to expect of the Bahman Ghobadi film: humour, danger, tension and work of beautiful camera. East times the bit of tugs of mysticism to a film, adding the sheen to a history and doing me wins for a next emission.