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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Please note ossia a version of Hong Kong , has seen an emission of United Kingdom but this has English sub titles. Down it is my full description .

Jafar Panahi Has been doing film partorisca the while it concealed has annoyed an Islamic Republic of the power of Iran- 'In out played when being my preferred. This has spent the prohibition partorisca do film. As it has done the film of him likes the Taxi driver ' any one the a lot of of the engine has informed well for all the accounts. Then it drives around Teheran that chooses on clients and listening to his histories.

In Teheran looks that the people often share the taxi and that resulted in some quite fiery transmissions where the opinions differ. It looked mine to be bit it obvious that these are actors . This in spite of, have it quell'has discovered of then are all uncredited no professional actors ' of those who the identity remains anonymous. It is that says and some histories say that it marks this fascinating. To leave them to speak is peeling behind some discharges of the Iranian society and that exposes a control and corruption of the State east suppresses all esordid reality' ' the @@subject @@@subject that is to forbid of 'distributable' film and 'the heroes do not spend of the bonds' but have Islamic names so only.

Jafar Panahl Has said in a Film festival of Berlino 'At all can me prevent to do films of then when when be pressed to some the definite corners connect with my inner-self and, in of the such private spaces, in spite of all the limitations; a necessity to create results even more of an impulse.'

Can do such the emotional and has thought to cause down film such thank you then can so only the marvel in some possible results was his capacities reigns free data. If you want to learn to film as well as it shows something so only then am calm sure will take the plot out of seeing this unusual film.

Top Customer Reviews: Tehran ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
It had seen this before, there is wanted to so only have a dvd.

Top Customer Reviews: Syriana ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
A gritty history on some interactions of two Americans with some complexities of an Arab culture in Middle East. An intelligent film.
5 / 5
The complex work &Worsens; réécouter.
5 / 5
An agent is used pair to LOW CIA LUCIDO FOCUS of the secret. It is kidnapped and The CIA abandons it and discredits.
5 / 5
Has looked long and continue to, periodically, dress
4 / 5
yriana', directed for Stephen Gaghan, is a film partorisca involve that it faces a lot of different histories a same time. Everything of them there is something in common, this in spite of: an oil industry, and some people that has some class of report with him.

In spite of a fact that is the little difficult to maintain clue of some varied histories that esyriana' comprise, is a lot of value an endeavour, because of a fact that leaves a spectator to comprise that it is at stake for different people in an oil industry, and like the decision done for one of them affects a rest. That Bob (George Clooney), the operative CIA, has to do with the poor immigrates it the one who operates in a field of oil, or with the youngster of reformist prince (Alexander Siddig)? And like the broker (Damon Calms) and the lawyer (Jeffrey Wright) concealed does not know each one which so another has to that do with everything of them? Oil, can, the corruption and the manipulation are some main subjects in yriana'. This film is fiction , but some of his elements well could be truths, and that the frames think.

In a whole, thinks esyriana' is the film has complicated, but one this deserves your time and attention. If not to impose you a fact that has to follow you several histories immediately, and that this film is undeniably serious and does not have any class of relief of comic, calm think will enjoy esyriana'. I know I have done...

Belen Alcat
5 / 5
Of the rhetorical perspective yriana' probably is preaching to a heart. An idea that the companies of oil are motivated by profit and anything to do more money today that yesterday, this in spite of more morning, is clear state never of J.R. Ewing Has run rampant on 'Tiled.' A reality that a escordón' the gas prizes of recent days are relative and less than era during a crisis of oil of a @@@1970s calm once regulate for the deflation is lost in the audience that enough would maintain a simple mathematics and not spending algebra to an equation. Undertaken of oil the big profits and they the out of us, but calm then can say a same thing in fast alimentary restaurants or quite any one another subject American. Besides, there is at all can do in hurricanes that affects production of oil in Gulf of Messico, but during a year of election can take desperate politics to maintain his ready works to babble empty promises roughly taking some companies of oil the tasks. It has been sixty years of an end of Second world-wide and Nazi War is too old to be functional boogeymen anymore, but some companies of the oil always will have with us (well, in fact, concealed is not true, like this the film looks for to indicate).

A plot of yriana' is quite complex, but a situation is relatively simple. A an oil that produced the nations of a byline of Persian Gulf treats it to distribute his oil in Cina, which was the one who a company of the oil based in Knitting Connex has has wanted to do. While, Killen, The company of small oil, sign the shot to drill still oil in Kazakhstan, so that Connex the attack extracted he of fusion, which takes an attention of a government of EUA reason has the here concealed the things does not add on (unless it think in of the terms of petrodollars). Esyriana' Has been writing and directed for Stephen Gaghan, the one who has won Oscar for Better Screenplay Adaptation for 'Traffic,' those subjects because it resupplies the point of reference that says spectators that thinks goes to take complicated and convoluted before longitude, but in an end all will be developed in a fullness still time to be part of the alone model. So only look a proceedings and follow to the long of like this calm more can.

Has involved in these machinations are the satisfy whole of characters, with agent of field of VETERAN CIA Bob Barnes (George Clooney) like the focal point of the film (that it could touch it likes is in odds with Oscar winning for Actor Of Better support, but with all the world-wide vying for the time of screen felt fact). His counterpart in a dynamic of some arrivals to film to be Bryan Woodman (Damon Kills), a trader of oil that exited of Geneva the one who the results bit it sincerer in a truth speaks to power after the personal tragedy. A mould also comprises Christopher Plummer, Chris Cooper, Jeffrey Wright, Akbar Kurtha, William Has hurt, and Aleander Siddig, and refrain to identify functions and motivations because ossia something more left yours look a film.

A report among Robert Baer is esee Any one Give: A True History of the Earth the Solid plus in the war of a CIA on Terrorism' and Gaghan' screenplay is that a film is esuggested' for a no-book of fiction. It say of another way,, at all is real here, but is expected to the true coverage with audience and he probably well. This in spite of, esyriana' taken thinking me: a supposition has been this Shrub of the president has is beholden to some companies of oil reasons have bought organism and soul (any to mention that it looks for to be a man of oil once to the time). But this film suggests that Shrub or any one another American president would have to that follow his whims and of the mandates because his otherwise well can lose more than his work.
4 / 5
This film is more than the entertainment and is not for all the world. A bit that confuses like this goes back & advances in time, too many characters have involved. If it likes-you the politics, will enjoy a film. If no, not to recommend it .

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Aventajado! This does to appreciates Does partorisca live in the the Canada and partorisca be able to live also looks...
Also That the money and does partorisca be exited of familiar joined a lot nantie does not change at all when it treats of bad-be.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed this excellent film. It is very written and well has executed. It have given the 4-stars partorisca estimate but a disk of DVD that has received was partorisca fixes it of television of the MATE more than a regulate NTSC has used in north Amsterdam. For this have not been able of the see using my blue-player of ray. It was able of the see using my computer dvd player.
4 / 5
Loves this film and he is realistic content. It recommends this film to that reads of amour that reflects situations in the realistic way more than the stereotypical way!
5 / 5
Wonderfully Films does well, has maintained my attention every second. Hope to see more for some same stars. My interests are also for fetishes, femdommes, latex, etc.
4 / 5
cinematography Really well, but totally depressing. If ossia that the life is really like in this country for adolescent daughters, then tip the a lot of troubling reality. So only it can look this film once.

Top Customer Reviews: Taxi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
A bit I cut in time of show
was very partorisca see the one who bolt other people of the alive county.
I really enjoyed a show.
4 / 5
Like his another films ossia the brave work , this time, people of aims in some streets in Teheran, his daily life, his thoughts and his reactions to some chances. An only lack was some mature dialogues go in Panahi and a little daughter. I estimate it 5 of 5
5 / 5
Arrived as it has promised. Another adds of of Iran. Amado of everything of us here.

Top Customer Reviews: A Separation ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
A Selection has won a better foreigner in 2011. A film is for a same Iranian Manager Asghar Faradi the one who has won also a better foreign film in 2016, A Salesman. Ossia The beautiful film with the history adds.
5 / 5
A film is involving & like this real. Two thumbs up! A delivery was quickly and a paper in a envelope gave it the good personal touch which have thought was really lovely. The product was in the condition adds! Thank you!
5 / 5
An excellent film to penetrate a islamic culture. I am missing the time has compared to our values, but casualidades good to develop comprising. The universal values are present. The colgante has maintained until an end. Excellent phase. I can comprise one in winner of Oscar in a Canadian film, M. Lazar.
5 / 5
An acting was fantastic, a history is gut -wrenching. This in spite of a plot could be hard for the born Canadian to believe.
A music and a cinematogrophy is exceptional.
4 / 5
“A Selection” A Work to oblige roughly two people “Nader”and Simin”? Simin Can not live with his husband
anymore,as continuous for the divorce when Nader refuses to leave for behind the father to Suffer of the his Alzheimer,both of
his lives had gone back to the rovescio he (Nader) has pressed his helper and sounds to lose his boy, “But”
“In the first place” will not try and take in any Political Debate roughly like any Country has to that
live his lives,so only reasons this film has been done in Iran,if for some reason you to you can not see a Human element
of this Tragedy,then does not have any hope for each Dam one of knots,to base this in these present Religious faiths,
is injustice of way,this film tries to aim you like going of a lie to another,and behind to another lie,right
down to a daughter,for his sake of parents, is when you see material like this in an Informative,the first what
the people say is like this can that to there of own family,but left raisin to them, will see that quickly it results
a realty for them,ossia reasons I tongue my alcohol,does not give for the crap the one who cure, knows some people that any
likes to be propiciado a forefront,reason live in his own little world,and the person would owe that Question that his ,
any one me my bloody calm friends a lot listen he of me, can count on that,likes says yes calms that can say so you can I,
have the Voice also,I any lack of respect Any At all in in any for the moment for any reason,
Runtime 123 Minutes.
1080p Audio of Big Definition.
Tragedy familiarised to a Level a Big plus...
5 / 5
Iran Is coming to be seen in a West as I perpetuate it pray state and political pariah because of his commitment to promote hard-line Islamic fundamentalism and creating the program of nuclear weapons. Some costruttrici of this film want to offer his audience another more disturbing view of Iran this goes inside a country and looks in as an institution of some passages familiarised when it is low attacks . Some presents of picture is one of the society a lot of hendida to the long of some lines to clash religious and social values that generations of crosses and speak to the country that can not be joined for behind his political leaders and his rigid ideology. Some the main characters in this film are Nader and Simin, the modern Iranian parents typical that, unfortunately, has fallen was on like this to create his daughter, Termeh. While a father wants to maintain his in Iran to the equal that can be educated according to a Corano, some favours of mother to take abroad for the western education. These two irreconcilable the visas invariably direct a pause-on his pair and the canal of bad chance that included an a lot autocratic diet of Iran, with a help of a Corano, is unable to solve. While an institution familiarised represents some of some link stronger in any societies, when they begin to break avert, likes in this history, his character results very vulnerable to external attacks. The boys suffer a lack of parental nurturing; the main parents do not take a help requires; outsiders no in and the emotions of people of exploit; and the character finally turns inward and result self-has centred. While tentativas of Islamic law to solve these troubling situations to impose principles, can not win a fact that will go is the society has done on character the one who has not learnt still to dip some first external interests of his own. Coming to think of him, ossia the human that fails that dogs the majority of a human family with an exception: some papers of Iranian diet on he with the façade of morality that is supposition to resist a familiar beside weighing that it is clearly dysfunctional. This film is full of people those who only does not comprise each one which so another, well down to of the a lot of boys those who are some real victims in the society that no longer concerns roughly him.
4 / 5
Any question a quality of a blueray disk. Film? 3.5 /5
4 / 5
An excellent film partorisca penetrate a islamic culture. I am missing the time has compared to our values, but casualidades good to develop comprising. The universal values are present. The colgante has maintained until an end. Excellent phase. I can comprise one in winner of Oscar in a Canadian film, M. Lazar.