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Top Customer Reviews: Final Fantasy VII: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
4 / 5
In chance any one is by train partorisca ask the one who a difference among one 2009 king-emission and one 2016 king-the emission is: absolutely At all. In fact, they have used a same disk of one 2009 king-emission. An only difference is a packaging (which is a lot well, some utmost white looks), as well as an inclusion of the code to download a digital version of a 2005 emission for some reason.

Final fantasy Vii: Boys of Arrival [Blue-ray] (Bilingual)
4 / 5
love this film, could speak at length roughly is a lot of meanings of the mine of then is emission . With an emission of KingsGlaive, is a perfect time to choose this up in Blue-ray. Has both Japanese and English versions and he is some managers have cut. Excellent film for a prize.
5 / 5
Thinks a main draw here is the nostalgia of Final Fantasy has touched active 7 fact of the so many years. It is the continuazione good of a history, with multiple references to an original game and of the characters' histories. Ossia Where could turn he of new audience. A partner of the mine the one who has not touched never an original game has turned so only a film of legislation in a start when Red street XIII (fashionable lion of the character that beats) that careers and jumping on some reefs... Basically it does not seat any annex to any of some characters. In my side, liked a film! Awesome Animation, good history, although it is slow in time, the realistic world adds and characters and awesome fights! This the version 'Complete' adds the bits and the here and there has compared pieces to a leading version. Further more, it is slightly more violent also, especially in a scene of final fight, where the whole sequence is changed for something with the little more bravado. To good sure aimed in of the defenders of long time!
4 / 5
A quality of this Blue-the disk of Ray is very good. Outrage subtitles, the ones of the clues of sound in of the different tongues to choose of. As this would have to that it sees an a lot of easier film. This in spite of, an use of terminologies that has any meaning of mine launching was salda try comprise a history, which is quite incoherent. Like this in general it is disappointing. A visual and a setting is an only redeeming factors.
5 / 5
Loves this film. Awesome And with all some extra scenes and a crisp quality of some looks of blue ray fabulous in my screen. The delivery was punctual and good condition .
5 / 5
Awesome Film, spent it last night and avenges a next morning. Film a lot well because amena of the memories of rear infancy. I recommend this film to everything to to which likes soul.
5 / 5
If you are the defender of Final Fantasy VII, need to see this film...
4 / 5
A definite upgrade of a leading emission of a film, with there is detailed more texture everywhere and has has added scenes.
Of course this film is meant for defenders of an original game, but included a lot of gamers has found something partorisca enjoy in this film.
4 / 5
An only question has had with this Bluray the film was that while some new scenes and redone for a Complete version is rendered in stunningly video of beautiful big definition, a rest of a film has not been king-rendered to explode Bluray HD. It is quell'has bitten jarring when a scene is like this clear and to the brilliant likes Bluray can take, and then of a next scene is quite blurry for comparison.

Is for this that are not that giving 5 stars. It averts of that, a compraventa excellent.
5 / 5
Has Touched the plot of the video games that grows up and final fantasy 7 was a better game the never touched still until this day.
This films so only adds to a countless time that finalised it to them, and some hours and hours has touched them a video game.
5 / 5
Amazing film, takes place with which some chances of a game Final Fantasy VII and presents a full mould of game has said. I add to struggle scenes, the conference adds among some characters that almost feels likes was in some games, also some launched has chosen for some voices have surprised! The film adds global, this version has scenes of fights more graphic that comprises blood but there are versions that no, to possess both versions ^_^
5 / 5
thinks a main draw here is the nostalgia of Final Fantasy has touched active 7 fact of the so many years. It is the continuazione good of a history, with multiple references to an original game and of the characters' histories. Ossia Where could turn he of new audience. A partner of the mine the one who has not touched never an original game has turned so only a film of legislation in a start when Red street XIII (fashionable lion of the character that beats) that careers and jumping on some reefs... Basically it does not seat any annex to any of some characters. In my side, liked a film! Awesome Animation, good history, although it is slow in time, the realistic world adds and characters and awesome fights! This the version 'Complete' adds the bits and the here and there has compared pieces to a leading version. Further more, it is slightly more violent also, especially in a scene of final fight, where the whole sequence is changed for something with the little more bravado. To good sure aimed in of the defenders of long time!
5 / 5
The film adds partorisca any defender of a Final Fantasy 7 games. The packaging is quite fresh, and has fresh extra scenes.
5 / 5
Has Touched the plot of the video games that grows up and final fantasy 7 was a better game the never touched still until this day.
This film so only adds to a countless time that finalised it to them, and some hours and hours has touched them a video game.
5 / 5
The film adds like -you a universe of final fantasy or has touched a ff7 game
5 / 5
Feels like the different film with all some additional scenes but in the good way. It explains better on reason the sure things spend in a film.
5 / 5
Ossia One of my favourite films for better CG. An animation absolutely is stunning and any defender of Final Fantasy 7 to good sure would have to that look this!
4 / 5
WOW !!! Justo WOW !!!
Has touched a game FF7, this DVD will blow your alcohol up !
A reason because I am saying them this is reason are doing the plot of references to a game and that spent in him. Door for behind the plot of GOOD memories ( I still have goosebumps thought in a film while I am writing them this ). A storyline is not The More ADDS them, but is really well in all the chance. Calm has to it look really strong, a music so only adds to a fund.
A map is only sooo adds and really very done.
Like this, the recommend this DVD in any FF7 fans the one who has touched a game behind in 1997. So that any one touched or known a game, some parts of a film there will be a lot your importance and sometimes, will remain in a darkness.
4 / 5
Ossia The film adds does unbelievable cgi the mapea and has the quite good history and some scenes of fight were awesome and a voice that read them was a lot well the highly recommend this film.
4 / 5
Came it perfect and there is sealed. Awesome Piece to have in a Collection of Final Fantasy, like the collector of this series. But also for more the one who is in soul. The graphic animation is surprising and have to that it sees :3
5 / 5
Excellent bluray for a FF partidários there. Especially those that love FFVII. Tonnes of extra scenes that has not seen of an original and tonnes of special characteristics.
4 / 5
Unless you are the defender in a game, there there is really any point in squandering your time in this film. With exceptional map, is visually stunning like this flanges of film CGI with actors of real life. The history is quite basic, in spite of the continuazione of a his -- game meaning so only will be comprised of the esees is spent some 60+ hours in FFVII.

The characteristic of prize is the bit to interest albeit long, and looking a film with an English audio almost killed a film for me.

Good conclusion so that has has wanted to more when they have finalised FFVII. No the bad film, but likes has said before, so only for some defenders.
5 / 5
Has LOVED ABSOLUTELY this film. I have been that loves to see he for the years and was so much value of the money and a wait! Fast shipping perfect quality any scratch. AMAZING!!
4 / 5
Good series and
A lot one for collection , a lot of cgi !
4 / 5
An aggregated modifies was the welcome addition to the equal that was some extra !
4 / 5
Amur This film glaf finally possesses it been trying volume he partorisca years
4 / 5
Looks and sounds awesome. It is more FF7. They are down with him.
4 / 5
Has taken a container and a box was bad has broken. A paper almost is exited. A harm of water of looks of book.

But lucky a DVD was in shape good

strongly asks not buying he of fat-the cat causes these produced was the complete waste .
4 / 5
Is yours weave very all and finalise everything? It can you sacrifice graphic and filming for some a lot has has developed characters, and the well has thought was incredibly deep storyline? If like this, then it boycott this like a plague.

A film was fantastic is the defender . If calm looks it and think of to him likes him the video, some games of whole film was like the cinematic and is beautiful. A map is to die for and some characters all apt his functions a lot enough of some classical FF7 title. This has said, is all the action any plot. Attended see scenes of delicious fight - that comprises the gem for some defenders in that the battle takes place with some classical FF7 music of fight, complete with a 'victorious' jingle when the coverages of mobile phone.

But of course, goes to take some failures:

- A lipsynching is good but does not attack never on.

- A script to good sure leaves something to be wished. Some characters tend to use to plot of a liners and a tongue is that an elementary student would use comfortably.

- A plot is basically nonexistant. If it think of a film like this virtually a scene of long fight, or that the video game along cinematic could not concern like this but is looking for the continuazione deep of FF7 the history will remain disappointed.

If you are the partidário any quell'import and simply seeing them is returned the persecution of bicycle, or the scene with Bahamut, to a film will be entirely value of the money is past. This film there has been sucedido in general likes to treat he for some partidários same if it was not that it wins any one reward of academy.
4 / 5
Terrible! I have not taken disk 1! As it Can it looks the film , if so only have some special characteristics!?
4 / 5
Such one amazing film. Thank you Partorisca A perfect condition and fast nave! Im Really happy
4 / 5
A quality is to good sure HD. This in spite of, a line of history is confusing this in spite of (has not touched never a game FF VII). A history is joined probably to a FF VII HISTORY
4 / 5
Ossia for real the film of the animation adds & enjoyed that a lot, long. Thank you very much I tent again
5 / 5
has wanted to see truth in blue-ray three good film

Top Customer Reviews: Fantasia + Fantasia ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
4 / 5
I have been partorisca concern that although a container has said international the would not touch in ours Sony player of DVD in Canada but was perfect. Simply we select a tongue and paste of game. Absolutely beautiful compared to a Fantasy and Fantasy 2000 originally has had on video. Still the classical with incredible animation and partorisca one the majority of part, excellent arrangements of many of some classical pieces. Musicians like this classical, can be nettle partorisca listen pieces chopped on, but was a norm in a first half of a 20th century partorisca managers to 'fix' his own versions of well of known pieces. Firebird On 2000 is my preferred, but does not want to Stokowski version of Stravinky is 'Rite.' So only they are when being picky :) Still moved for both of this Fantasy is after a lot of years. Well value a compraventa!
5 / 5
Value a prize. A BD for both films are a lot crisp pictures. @I give that an original film has some registers of old audio but a reformatted and good-looking has re-created the animations so only pop the life. Any racist scene partorisca kick.

I really like this version.

Commentaries lateralmente: it is funny, Fantasy 2000 has A Sorcerer the apprentice but looks worse then one first film! I ask that has spent there.
5 / 5
Bought this beautiful container in eBay years of the pair done and has discovered my Fantasy 2000 was the fake. Partorisca To to any one him me like the one who want to all roughly Disney Animation and music of classical Orchestra, a magic like this a lot do a lot is finally reborn this plenary my heart with heat. Caseous I knows haha! Defiantly Law on all my Blue players of Ray, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and the friendly region.

The container is looked quickly, new/sealed and can not expect look this in mine surround system of his house with my family! Highly recommend for people those who love classical music.
4 / 5
So much Fantasy the films have not looked never better that this. While some of some characteristic special of a dvd lack( any toss those was still), has characteristic new to relieve an ache.

For any that asks , yes these are free region and will do in Canada. A one is labeled Region B but has touched both in the PS3 how is known to be picky with blue-rays and has any subject with any one. Of a North American version is of tower in Disney gone back and cost the fortune, saves some money and buy these some - is exactly some same another those some coverages.
5 / 5
Has been concerned the one who credible a esgion Released the claim was, but touches so only well in my car. A quality of the picture and a sound to good sure fulfil my expectations.
4 / 5
At the beginning, has had question to read it on my Sony blue-player of ray. With which upgrading a player firmware, all has been well. This 75 year Fantasy is very restored and is like this lovely like that can agree.
5 / 5
Was concerned like this this could no in my device but both films have done in our Playstation 3 and was thrilled like this! They are perfect
4 / 5
bought it cuz sound the classical. But also it is the little boring
5 / 5
was very pleased with this version of Fantasy. A quality is sum , as well as a colour.
Having Both Fantasias was an unexpected surprise.
4 / 5
Bought the cuz sound the classical. But also it is the little boring
4 / 5
ossia the genuine masterpiece. Young and the senior spectators will enjoy this timeless work of art on and on again.
5 / 5
Works in mine ps4. Alive in Canada. It has taken a bet and very happy. A sound and the picture Of this classical film is awesome, have to that has partorisca Disney defender
4 / 5
My good-looking mother was Súper happy to have the edges Dan!
5 / 5
2 Classical musicals in a collection adds. These some are timeless
4 / 5
FANTASY / FANTASY 2000 [1940/1999] [2 Collection of Film] [Blue-ray] [Emission of United Kingdom] FANTASY is Timeless! FANTASY Represents Ours The majority of Thrilling Adventure! FANTASY 2000 Is Fantastic and is Better That Never!

FANTASY: Walt Disney timeless masterpiece is a extravaganza of view and his and now brilliantly presented in big definition with an all new digital recovery. With Blue-technology of ray the mark partorisca you to finally experiences 'FANTASY' a way Walt Disney envisioned! More, an exploitation of Disney new the museum Familiarised and characteristic of generations of leaves of dynamic prize of moviegoers partorisca enjoy this musical masterpiece likes never first. Disney of any familiar Blue-the collection of ray is complete without 'FANTASY.' See a music come the life, listens some song of the pictures burst into and experience an emotion that is 'FANTASY' on and on again by means of a magic of Blue-ray. Related partorisca Consider Taylor.

FANTASY 2000: Experience a extravaganza of view and sound in 'FANTASY 2000,' a triumphant Walt Disney classical inspired by' vision of 'Fantasy' to the equal that to does-progress, now brilliantly presented in big definition. More, partorisca a first time never in Blue-ray, experience a 2003 Prize of Academy® has appointed the 'Fate' animate short and an extraordinary collaboration go in Walt Disney and legendary artist Salvador Dali! By means of a magic of Blue-ray, fully submerged calm in some marvels of these innovative blend of music and animate iconography. See a music come the life, listens some song of the pictures burst into and share an emotion that is 'FANTASY 2000,' with your familiar again and again.

DONE of FILM: Walt Disney in a widescreen emission of 'FANTASY' in 1956: ' I have loved the special show so only like Cinerama games today ... The had 'FANTASY' together partorisca the wide screen. I have had his dimensional ... Partorisca Take that the wide screen has had a projector that careers lateralmente ... I have had a double frame. But I have not taken partorisca build my cameras or projectors of mine because a question of money are gone in ... A committed was that finally it write to regulate with his dimensional. I think it it has had of the money and I could have gone advances would have the really sensational show in that then.' 'FANTASY' Is timeless. It can run 10, 20 or 30 years. It can run with which have gone. Fantasy Is an idea in him. I can any never build another 'FANTASY.' I can improve. I can elaborate. Ossia Everything .

Mould [FANTASY]: Corey Burton (uncredited), Considers Taylor (Narrative Introductions), James MacDonald (uncredited), Julietta Novis (uncredited), Paul J. Smith (uncredited) and Walt Disney (uncredited)

Managers [FANTASY]: Well Sharpsteen, Bill Roberts, Ford Beebe Jr., Hamilton Luske, James Algar, Jim Handley, Norman Ferguson, Paul Satterfield, Samuel Armstrong, T. Hee And Wilfred Jackson

Producing [FANTASY]: Walt Disney and Ben Sharpsteen (uncredited)

Screenplay [FANTASY]: Albert Heath, Arthur Heinemann, Blanca Majolie, Campbell Grant, Carl Fallberg, Dick Huemer, Elmer Plummer, Erdman Penner, Graham Heid, Joe Grant, John McLeish, Joseph Sabo, Law Blair, Leo Thiele, Norman Wright, Eight Englander, Hammer Pearce, Phil Dike, Robert Sterner, Sylvia Moberly-Olanda, Vernon Stallings, Webb Smith and William Martin

Cinematography [FANTASY]: James Wong Howe (alive-action) (uncredited)

Manager [FANTASY]: Leopold Stokowski and An Orchestra of Philadelphia

Mould [FANTASY 2000]: Angela Lansbury (Host), Benee Leavy (Violinist), Chard Midler (Host), Deborah Vukovitz (Violinist), Considers Taylor (Host) (images of archive), Eric Goldberg (Animator), Gaëtan Brizzi (Animator) (uncredited), Hendel Butoy (Animator) (uncredited), Itzhak Perlman (Host), James Earl Jones (Host), James Levine (Host), Kathleen Battles (singing voice), Leopold Stokowski (Manager) (images of archive), Paul Brizzi (Animator) (uncredited), Penn Jillette (Host), Quincy Jones (Host), Ralph Grierson (Pianist), Russian Taylor (Daisy Duck) (voice), Steve Martin (Host Introductory), Teller (Host), Tony Anselmo (Donald Duck) (voice), Wayne Allwine (Mickey Has smiled) (voice) and Yefim Bronfman (Pianist) (uncredited)

Managers [FANTASY 2000]: Gentleman Hahn, Eric Goldberg, Francis Glebas, Gaëtan Brizzi, Hendel Butoy, James Algar, Paul Brizzi and Pixote Hunt

Producing [FANTASY 2000]: David Lovegren, Donald W. Ernst, Lisa C. Cook, Patricia Hicks and Roy Edward Disney

Screenplay [FANTASY 2000]: Carl Fallberg, David Reynolds, Gentleman Hahn, Elena Driskill, Eric Goldberg, Gaëtan Brizzi, Hans Christian Andersen (history), Irene Mecchi, Joe Grant, Paul Brizzi and Hammer Pearce

Cinematography [FANTASY 2000]: Tim Suhrstedt

Manager [FANTASY 2000]: James Levine and An Orchestra of Symphony of Chicago

Resolution of Video: 1080p [Technicolor]

Proportion of Appearance: and

Audio: English: 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, Spanish: 5.1 DTS-HD, Dutch: 5.1 DTS-HD, Portuguese: 5.1 Dolby Digital, Belgian: 5.1 Dolby Digital, Polish: 5.1 Dolby Digital and Hebrew: 5.1 Dolby Digital

Subtitles: English, English SDH, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish and Hebrew

in common Time: 124 minutes and 74 minutes

Region: All the Regions

Number of disks: 2

Studio: House of Studios of Disney of Walt Entertainment

Andrew Blu-Informs of ray: Filmed with the 60 empty of years 'FANTASY' and 'FANTASY 2000' has entirely different looks, but each one which so one looks glorious in these 1080p recoveries. The fond cure of Walt Disney partorisca his classics is evident here. These faithful presentations leave with an image that is, for far, one his more have never looked. This in spite of today is recognised by all the world like the mark, Disney appoints once belonged to the visionary. Walt Disney was the man the one who has pressed some limits of the like the art could do. Any the one who thinks otherwise would owe that look a lot far more that 1940 is 'FANTASY.' A next project and has loved his heart, 'FANTASY' combined two of Walt Disney' spent: art and music. While his expertise lied enmedio visual and was any music, Walt Disney has possessed still the felt enthusiast of the like a aural the experience could resupply.

A pair of images and classical notes, 'FANTASY' has taken animation of characteristic to the places never first have been. As you know, Fantasy is not the traditional animate film. Titled 'A Characteristic jointly' in a signal, this experience has no antagonistic or centrical protagonist, any overarching plot, and not even any dialogue saves partorisca link segments. Instead, it takes several pieces of classical music and the house the animation partorisca create the only form of entertainment. Some compositions have comprised in a program is as follows: Johann Sebastian Bach is 'Touched and Fugue in D Minor' using abstract iconography, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is 'A Continuazione of Nutcracker' with a subject of seasonal transmissions, Paul Dukas' 'A Sorcerer' Apprentice' starring Mickey Has smiled likes an apprentice whose magic transfers out of control, Igor Stravinsky is 'A Rite of Change' dipped to an evolution of a world, Ludwig van Beethoven is 'A Pastoral Symphony' using Mountain Olympus characters of Greek myths, Amilcare Ponchielli is 'Dance of some Hours' like treaties by different animals partorisca show a time of day, Modesto Mussorgsky is 'Night in Bald Mountain' with a subject of bad and supernatural creatures, and finally Franz Schubert is 'Bird Maria' in that the forest is transformed to the natural chapel. Each one that like this of these pieces is direct for a legendary Leopold Stokowski and hosted for critic of the music remarked and the historian Considers Taylor.

A conjunction of the animation and the classical music is brilliant. Each nuance in an orchestration can be fully visualised in the way that would be too limiting live-action. The leaves of animation partorisca the fantastical and surreal approximation where a heaven is a limit . It helps that a film does not limit never to an alone way. Here we take everything of realism ('A Rite of Change') and impressionism ('Touched and Fugue') to horror ('Prejudices in Bald Mountain') and farce ('Hours of Dances'). There is really something partorisca all the world-wide to connect with. No each works of segment as well as another. 'A Rite of Change' is a endurance tries, partorisca say a less and to the others to sequences like 'Touched and Fugue' and 'A Nutcracker' has to that his action of lulls. Personally, I appreciate this film much more like an adult that has done like the boy, but there are moments where some tugs of the program and he almost results self-indulgent. A thing is sure, this in spite of: included when it is not exactly stimulating, Fantasy is still the work of art.

One two standout sequences partorisca me perhaps speaks the volumes for my account flavours so it is one the majority of whimsical pieces in a film: 'A Sorcerer' Apprentice' and 'Dance of some Hours.' Some snobs of films can say that these are some two more popular sequences reasons are one the majority of childish and a less artsy. Ossia Rubbishes . ' It dances Hours' beats enthral the smallest boys more than, said, 'Bird Maria,' except the adults clearly can see that ossia roughly more than dancing hippos. It is spoof of pretentious ballets that purport partorisca be more than that for real is. 'A Sorcerer' Apprentice' can not look like this biting, but is triumph it in staging and creation. There is the reason Sorcerer Mickey is resulted the corporate symbol ; his exploits are one the majority of creative and inspiring a character has not experienced never and is likely to remain like this.

How is often a chance partorisca the illustrations has considered at the head of his time, the project of sleep of Walt Disney unfortunately failed partorisca win in audience. Second world-wide War has not helped, those short international stages this time. While it was undoubtedly the swipe of entity partorisca he, the concept of Walt partorisca melt the music and the image did not dispel . You are spent behind in a simple plus, approximations more modern of Music of Mine of the Mark and Time of Melody. Fantasy The continuazioni have been considered during to to some years likes him to him the project was feigned always partorisca be of an attractive that change never. These intentions have come finally to fruition in a turn of a century (millenium) with 'FANTASY 2000.'

Headed by Walt Disney' grandson Roy And. Disney, 'FANTASY 2000' looked for partorisca resupply the new experience that has underlined diverse musical and ways of animation more directly. Enough it follows a model begun even for an original, but this time with hosts of different celebrity that present each segment more than one unifying commentator. You go in these is comedian Steve Martin, manager Itzhak Perlman, composer Quincy Jones, Chard Midler, James Earl Jones, magicians Penn and Teller, manager James Levine, and Angela Lansbury.

Has eight segments in of the totals, although one of them is 'A Sorcerer' Apprentice,' is recycled of an original. Some the new segments comprise Ludwig van Beethoven is esymphony No. 5' Using abstract butterflies, Ottorino Respighi is 'Pasadores of Rome' with flying whales in an Arctic, George Gershwin is 'Rhapsody in Blue' in intertwining resident of city of New York in a fashion of the the Hirschfeld, the history of Hans Christian Andersen 'A Steadfast Soldato of Beat' dipped to Dmitri Shostakovich is 'No. Jointly of the Piano 2, Allegro, have opposite 102', Camille Santo-Saëns' 'Carnival of some Animals, Final' using a oddball flamingo and his I-I, Edward Elgar is 'Aspired and Circumstance, Leaves Any one.1, 2, 3 And 4' starring Donald Duck like an assistant in the strong box of Noah, and Igor Stravinsky is 'Firebird Continuazione - 1919 Version' conjoint against a death and rebirth of the forest.

A lot of critics of 'FANTASY 2000' find is not weighty quite partorisca seat joint to an original 'FANTASY.' Condemning this delivery like the characteristic jointly of the poor man is very unfair, as material 'FANTASY 2000' is the brilliant mate. Some two films have different aims. One 1940 one is more experimental in character. He staunchly sticks to an idea to do a music and images an inseparable experience. 'FANTASY 2000,' In another hand, is the little More the free is his conjunction of aural and visual delights. It is also more concerned with entertaining his audience. A thing of entity in the favour of a film a new plus is the one who vastly different his musical elections are. While some the visual presentations of an original are diverse of an another, some the classical compositions elected does not look terribly so only of an another to that is not versed in some musical arts. 'FANTASY 2000' The elections are easier that distinguish and this gives each piece more than an identity.

Technology, of course, changed in an empty of sixty years go in some films and an animation reflects concealed. We see animation of computer in ymphony No. 5', the hand-held animation has drawn Aspired ' and Circumstance', and everything goes in with to the pieces the 'Likes No. Jointly of the Piano 2.' Included some technicians inside these differ. 'Rhapsody In Blue' is animated traditionally but digitally painted while 'Carnival of some Animal' is done with watercolours. A whole film gives the good sampling of means and different fashions partorisca achieve an effect has feigned.

One two standout sequences of a film a new plus, 'No. Jointly of the Piano 2' and 'Rhapsody in Blue' both say involving histories without betraying a purpose of a project. An Organisation of Disney of Walt always prided he in a way say his histories and his interpretation of 'A Steadfast Soldato of Beat' feels clearly his, the classical history said in the timeless way. 'Rhapsody In Blue' predates to to the films likes him-him the accident and Babel in as see diverse independent storylines weaving in and out of the each one another. We feel partorisca some characters of a piece and relate to the the melancholic and humdrum his lives are, that does a resolution of the each one arches all a more in satisfactory.

Excepting some work of the recovery done in an impression partorisca clean it on, 'A Sorcerer' Apprentice' the identical rests in the each way his original incarnation. A filmmakers a lot of king-value a segment with the again registered version of Paul Dukas' 'The apprentice Sorcier'. Still we listen an original, looking an Orchestra of Philadelphia has directed for Leopold Stokowski. Partorisca Some other seven episodes, James Levine directs an Orchestra of Symphony of Chicago.

Any one imports that prefers, this in spite of, there is something partorisca all the world in this two complementary animation film. One dips was partorisca fulfil the long experience, serious while some other aims partorisca please in the brisk, merry way. It is almost he values partorisca look them behind partorisca back partorisca take an a lot rounded experience. His mesmerising illustrations and spirited the orchestrations inspire and motivate some senses in the way Walt Disney so only can achieve.

Blue-Quality of Video of the ray ' With the black vertical pillar that boxes any side of an image, one Blue-closed of ray of 'FANTASY' is maintained in his Proportion of Appearance of original Academy of roughly . Disney there is still partorisca fall a ball when it comes to his animate cannon in Blue-ray, and this film is still another endeavour of recovery that has surprised. The proportion of narrow appearance averts, Fantasy so only for his a lot of questions of character partorisca be the disk of demonstration. There is wildly diverse palette of colours in writings, and his all burst of a screen in the regular base. An image is immaculate in his cleanliness and acuteness, leaving a spectator partorisca see background texture and same shadows of cell. Some bits of the alive action also impresses; somehow it is scrubbed that cleaned likes animation without him waxy loss of detail. Another that some paint much smaller banding in some of an orchestration spotlights, this recovery is perfect. Be it has transferred directly of a digital source, does not have any excuse partorisca 'FANTASY 2000' partorisca look anything less than flawless. Felizmente, fulfils these expectations in a widescreen proportion of appearance. This proportion is the happy average , presenting information more visual of any of his theatrical exposures but no quite some crazy open plenaries image. Both any one live it the action and the animate segments are knife-acute and burst with vivid colours. Some of a boo used in this film is even more brilliant that an original is, but there there is never any noise or other digital defects. Once again, a hand-crafted the work can be appreciated in plenary to the equal that see everything of painterly @@@brushstroke to finely has dipped ready outlines. Ossia The scrolling to notch upper .

Blue-Quality of Audio of the ray ' 'FANTASY' has been given the new 7.1 DTS-HD the Master audio follows concealed is impacting in his clarity. The music is obviously a force of behaviour of this characteristic, and comes like the relief partorisca listen spent like this different and elements to some orchestrations. Walt Disney originally has released a film in the called his stereophonic, the precursor to the modern day surrounds sound. This original mix is no longer in existence, but this new a fact an excellent work partorisca spend in this idea, fill a whole field with wall-to-his of wall. Some orchestrations are separated as they would be in the alive orchestra, and a richness and clarity of an audio almost touches in fact so that it is been king-registered, which was done curiously behind in 1982 for Irwin Kostal. This is not so only one more a film has not touched never, but is a better clue partorisca any film of Was Gilded in a format. One 'FATASIA 2000' 7.1 DTS-HD clue of the Master audio like this is stunning, although it is also less amazing data his age. Reason some bits of the alive action often moves a speaker around a screen via stylish windows, an audio follows him around partorisca create the directional experience. A music is an appearance of entity , this in spite of, and this is been replicated fantastically. Each instrument among the clear crystal and has the definite alive feeling. It is not overblown or painfully strong, but natural and inviting. It is quality of reference partorisca be sure. The alike thoughts can be attributed to some versions of DVD SUBORDINATED comprised of both characteristics. Some pictures, of course, does not develop some of some details some plus end that a HD 1080p counterparts do, but is strong partorisca a format. Ido is a speckles and the hairs found in Fantasy LEADING DVD, how is some machineries of compression of Fantasy 2000 original emission. Audio partorisca a last is quite alike, although an audio partorisca an original is the jump in quality of one 60th disk of Anniversary. It is comforting partorisca know that still although his all Blue-front of ray and centre, Disney has not neglected his DVDES scrollings in a way other studios have.

Blue-extra and Characteristic Ray Special: Some Characteristic Special partorisca these neighbours are extended by means of some two disks. Some can remark that one doing of the characteristic there is not founding his way to these disks. While this is annoying, is available in a BD-the Alive characteristic has comprised in a 'FANTASY 2000' disk. You can look both doing of documentary goes there, but people with lens or any connections of internets partorisca his Blue-the players of ray will find this partorisca be more than the nuisance. There have it neither saying what time this characteristic in fact will be available. At least they were in a disk would know is by train partorisca remain around and that calm possess them. Sadly, Going in-the line is an only way can revisit this characteristic with this together.

Characteristic special: 'FANTASY' DisneyView Presentation [1080p] the spectators can look 'FANTASY' in his presentation of proportion of original appearance or with optional DisneyView, the characteristic that fill some black bars in any side of an image with the products done of commission for artists of designers and visual effects Harrison Ellenshaw.

Characteristic special: FANTASY: Disney Museum Familiarised [1080p] [4:00] the daughter of Walt Disney, Targets Disney Miller, offers it brief glimpse of Disney Museum Familiarised this is to locate in San Francisco. They speak roughly like a museum has been dipped up and that it can find there slowly in that goes.

FANTASY Commentaries of audio: there is three amazing audio and informative commentaries partorisca 'FANTASY.'

FANTASY Commentary of audio: With this commentary of prime minister of particular audio, has historian of Disney of Walt Brian Sibley gives an informative, but according to look scripted, commentary. Sibley Go in-to depth on likes Walt Disney is coming up with an idea of 'FANTASY' and to the equal that goes partorisca create a film of animation where the people would be able to see sound. Ossia Comment it partorisca all desquels wants to know some ideas and Walt raw that has dipped to 'FANTASY.' Partorisca The people have interested in Disney history, Sibley the smooth commentary is the must listens.

FANTASY Commentary of audio: With this second commentary of audio is an amalgamation of classes. Roy Disney offers an introduction. Historical of animation John Canemaker host he. Also we listen of Walt Disney he so that it gives notes and ideas on some different segments. Listening to Walt conversation, is like this @@subject-of-done in an animation, and the frames touches like this easy to create the film like complex like this. As with Brian Sibley commentary, defenders of history of Disney of Walt to good sure will want to listen to this. Some registers of Walt Disney that listens touched is wonderfully clear and intelligible.

FANTASY Commentary of audio: With this third commentary of audio is of a commentary of ORIGINAL DVD and is @subject fill with Roy And. Disney be joined by manager James Levine, John Canemaker, and manager of recovery of the film Scott MacQueen. Roy Disney gives introductions partorisca everything of some participants of a commentary and gives his connections to Walt Disney and reasons has been required partorisca a commentary. John Canemaker is the wonderful addition reason is able to delve to an animation and some technicians that has been used. Levine The something in works roughly describing and that speaks in a music that is to be use in a film of animation. Perhaps one the majority of the interesting bit of a commentary comes from/comes from Scott MacQueen the one who tongue in a process of recovery. Interesting titbits: where has had to animal-baptise a lot of some scenes of introduction with Considering Taylor reason some original register of his dialogue has not been maintained. They have had an original script to the equal that have had to assume the actor of voice partorisca go in some semence again. There is the wealth of the information sotterrata in this commentary. Yes, you will have to listen to this some hips.

FANTASY: Gallery of interactive Art [1080p] Takes your time here and roll by means of all a stills of a film of animation like some games of music. This gallery of calm interactive art leave partorisca explore animation and illustrations of 'FANTASY' and 'FANTASY' 2000.'

FANTASY: A Schultheis Notebook: Disney Held [1080p] [14:00] This special characteristic is one of one the majority of interesting in Disney 'Fantasy' disk, the desire was longer. Tongue in the notebook expósita for some people in Disney this has belonged to Herman Schuletheis, one of a animators that done in a film. Herman Schuletheis' The book has described, in detail some period adds has had to go to and some rigs have had to invent to take some shots that has loved. It thinks ' FANTASY ' was drawn so only on paper? It thinks again. Ossia The wonderful look in an intricate, inner-workings that done ' FANTASY' in fact laws like an animate characteristic.

FANTASY 2000: Of theí And Disney: A Date with 'Fate' [2010] [1080p] [82:00] Ossia a insightful documentary in a collaboration of Walt Disney and Salvador Of theí in a film 'fate.' Roy Disney speaks roughly that odd is that these two types have loved to take near to do something. 'Walt with his fairies' Of theí with his nightmares.' This is the thorough to look for any the one who has loved to see a special film 'Fate.' I collaborators to this special characteristic are partorisca Dawn Ades, Montse Aguer, Michael Swept, Bakers Bloodworth, David Bossert, John Canemaker, John Culhane, Salvador Of theí (images of archive), Roy Edward Disney (images of archive), Walt Disney (images of archive), Neal Gabler, John Hench (images of archive), Bob Hope (images of archive), Leonard Maltin, Paula Sigman, Dave Smith, Lella Smith and Julie Taymor. Directed for Ted Nicolaou. Produced for Barbara Toennies. Screenplay For Ted Nicolaou.

FANTASY 2000: 'Fate' [2003] [1080p] [6:00] To the song partorisca want to lost and rediscovered, the woman sees and experiences surreal transformations. The face of his lover funds was, she donations the dress of a shadow of the bell and results the dandelion, and ants crawl out of the hand and result the French that bicycles of trace. Any partorisca mention some turtles with faces in his behind that collides partorisca form the dancer, or a game of odd baseball. Of some clocks partorisca melt and hourglass sand, to a figure rendered in band, to a character covered in eyeballs, a fashion and subjects of Saviour Of theí it is clearly recognisable throughout. See a whole collaboration of Walt Disney and Salvador Dali in his short film 'Allocates.' Calm only precise looks it partorisca experience it and be surprised totally. Mould: Jennifer Esposito (Rebecca Drummond) (voice) and Gilds Luz (singing voice). Directed for Dominique Monfery. Produced by Bakers Bloodworth, Bakers Bloodworth and Roy Edward Disney. Screenplay For John Hench and Salvador Of theí. Music for Joel McNeely.

Musicana [1080p] [9:00] here we have the look in a development with a longitude of the potential 'FANTASY' sequela that there is not coming never to fruition in soyusicana.' An idea that Walt Disney has has wanted to 'FANTASY' partorisca be a current characteristic that has maintained partorisca change with different segments, but after the lacklustre office of boxes that the sleep could not result the reality. Soyusicana' Was an idea to do the continuazione of 'FANTASY' that was Walt Disney ' vision.

FANTASY 2000: The Virtual turn of Disney [480i] [304 minutes] Ossia where can go you to access a soyaking of characteristic' of an inferior DVD previously has released editions of 'FANTASY' and 'FANTASY' 2000.' So only be ready partorisca expect for video buffering and all this material annoying that it comes together with special characteristic internet. All of him can be found and the visas have seen this handy BD-Alive portal, poised partorisca defenders and aimed in completest. In him, you will find five hours of documentaries, featurettes and another doing-of materials that is well the value that pursues.

Finally, 'FANTASY' and 'FANTASY 2000' can not look all the world is cup of tea at the beginning, but both resupply quite a lot of varieties partorisca ensure that it walk was that it have it latched to something. Each characteristic offers the different side to a same coin and is somehow joints stronger that averts, each one which so one doing on partorisca another east shortcomings. Those with an affinity partorisca animation and/or the classical music certainly will find the wealth of art here. In spite of a current popular idea of a name of mark of Disney of Walt, a studio is able to resupply sophisticated and entertainment that earth of pauses. A precise looks no further that these two characteristic to @give concealed. One Blue-disks of presents of ray some films with his and exceptional picture. Some the new supplement is a lot of-facts, but some lovely lies in a 'Virtual Turn' contained. It has Had that looks estada easily accessible, this would be the perfect emission prójima . Although a global quality of Fantasy 2000 is considerably more variable that that of Fantasy, the sure appearances of an experience are some same - specifically, a capacity to seat in the theatre and listen to the music adds while when be presented with the choreographed visual accompaniment. You go in some segments, is partorisca force to give support that distracts introductions, given for Steve Martin, Penn & Teller, James Earl Jones, and another, this is to feign partorisca be light, amusing, and occasionally informative. A better thing roughly the majority of them, this in spite of, is that they are short. Now the only time will say he 'FANTASY' the series will be developed in a model of the initial vision of Walt Disney, or if these two films will be representatives like this solitary of the picture of only motion sub-gender. While an Original 'FANTASY' has quality of fantastic animation, 'FANTASY 2000' has so only that little it bite better flow with sequences more energetic, the much more bearable in common time and of course a very pleasant celebrity narration. Also, so only they like me some individual segments of 'FANTASY 2000' better. Both films have ways of contrast, but 'FANTASY 2000' is so only clearly slightly upper in the each way and like this double-emissions of characteristic goes, this a excels and defenders of 'FANTASY' amination gender of film and especially his sequela 'FANTASY 2000' certainly will take his cost of money. A lot Highly Recommended!

Andrew C. Miller ' Yours Definite No.1 Partidário partorisca Film
Lucido Cinema Paradise
WARE, United Kingdom
5 / 5
Only curious if this would do in the Canadian bluRay player? It says the free region but he then said in a description that can it no ..

Top Customer Reviews: Criterion ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
fter Reading in Eraserhead in Danny Peary Volume of Film of the Cult 1, behind in 1992, always had wanted to see this film. A tagline 'A sleep of dark and troubling sew' access a film perfectly. Peary' The description has not contained any content to the equal that to the that a film was roughly at all. Felizmente. Knowing at all of a first film to see is essential. A film is like this odd and astonishingly has built his exactly like the sleep. Calm does not have any one has thought that the portions of a film are a reality of main characters or his dreamings. His blend together to a point where resulted one .

Has purchased an original Eraserhead DVD of the website of Lynch in 2005, a 'Cleaned and Remastered' edition. It is recovery was for one the majority of part, perfect. I have seen absolutely any need the upgrade until an arrival of bluray. Black and white reproduction of a film for the criterion is surprising. Taking Lynch 2000 remastering has included more on a canal of quality, this time with LPCM audio. And the audio is like this of entity to this film.

An extra is is plentiful, that does this essential edition, surpassing an original 2000 version.

This in spite of, a bit question. A Pressing of the prime minister for Criterion has the glitch. When Henry (Jack Nance) sees is a Lady in a Radiator spends something, white light. As they join delivery a turn of film until aim, then shows Henry those who launches a white light for behind his, then disappears. This turn of edition until aim, then an image disappears, blackout for 5 second at least. Then some returns of picture. As for the web of place of the criterion, this has been due to useage of a negative original camera. As This could have taken of the control of quality is further me, to a point where has to that assume.... They have not looked in him or he has not known a film?

Has been said that one has corrected the disks have esecond Pressing' in a disk he but in an external coverage still said 'Pressing of Prime minister'. In my tentativa to take the correct copy of the criterion has done like the place subscribed, email him. This was the month , 3 times there are them mailed the without response. Control of quality? Quite worrisome, as I do not want to so only send my copy in the thieir allocution and at all has gone back mine.

A presentation of disks, mastering, extra, image, the audio is all 5 stars. A MUST has for the Lynch fans at least, but the service of the client of the criterion dares says to disappoint. He like this sure mark yours copy has the esecond Pressing' imprinted in a disk.
4 / 5
Blue criterion-ray of ERASERHEAD has the new scrolling supervised for Lynch with some utmost extras. Good-looking presentation, was likes to see a film for a first time.
5 / 5
Of his emission in 1977, David Lynch is 'Eraserhead' has sparked a lot of debates in his contained controversial, iconography and symbolism. A lot the on the one who a history is everything roughly. The one of his member of mould Catherine And Coulson (Crown of future Register in 'of the Summits of Sister'), this was the history of amour . But for David Lynch, has loved the people to the each one which to the equal that has his own interpretations, for this that does a history the mystery like intriguing like soyulholland Walk' and 'Inland Imperó, whose secrets has refused to develop although to to the people like to them Naomi Watts has given the very compatible explanation I action. Considering 'Eraserhead', thinks that that Jennifer Lynch has said, that this film concerns the fear of his father of fatherhood and that it was a monstrous alien in the edifice of a main character to the equal that has had clubbed feet in his birth. Which is ironic to the equal that have listened a lot of people that describes a birth and in the first place curing of his boy in a same way, as they had looked in another planet. And considering the yard of peel of a main character is resembled David Lynch is, see the connection among an author and his hero.

Now although Lynch has refused to leave the only interpretation of his annoying daughter all the world is opinions , also thinks this film is to Lynch that 'A Blood of the Poet' is Jean Cocteau. An occasion for Lynch to dip in film a thematics and preoccupations that would invade his illustrations and of the future films. A crown of the seductive neighbour in his walk has linked to the criminal deep basses of the society ('Blue Velvet'), the ghastly creature that pursues the life of a main character (Bob Assassino in 'of the Summits of Sister' and one roaming for behind Virkie is in soyulholland Walk'), an unresolved mystery with red herrings, an incestuous family ( esummits of Sister', soyulholland Walk'), sexual/psychological abuse ( soyun of Elephant', 'Blue Velvet', esummits of Sister', etc.), A fifties creation; it runs all this constitutes the work of David Lynch. A embodiment of different genders of comedy, work, and idyll. Low tensions that the people have compared to the film of horror because of a work of his and modifying Lynch has done an expert.

But different ummits of Sister', soyulholland Walk', 'Rabbits', and 'Inland Imperó, which have adored, 'Eraserhead' did not captivate me so as it wished it could have. It felt a film tugged in his half and has wished that the sure parts could have been trimmed, any in a paving or after a Lady in a scene of Radiator. Also, the time had felt that Lynch had fallen too enamoured with his iconography and neglected in his storyline; doing it too hide when it could be more simple state, which is also that Lars von Trier has done in his first film.

Now of course ossia my only opinion on 'Eraserhead'. And for each spectator, different preferences for his class of film. But personally, I think that that a film could be more short state, that last around fifty minutes in place of eighty-nine. As it short film more than the period of characteristic. And seriously, I desire Lynch had not asked Criterion to not separating his film to chapters. Like this already it had done that arrests many of his films because it loves people to enjoy them in a seating, thinks this class of the pressure is not a better way to motivate recently arrival to the equal that would do that first experience more difficult to enjoy, which is that viewing of mine of prime minister of his film soyun of Elephant' displaced.

Finally, thinks that Lynch has said in of the images and of the better words that has done in his short film 'the Grandmother', available in this Blue-the prizes of Ray, that that has done in 'Eraserhead'. A conflict of fatherhood where the evasions of member familiarised of the his dysfunctional the family in the private world has access to. So it was to look this Blue-Ray, would be for a cinematography, a work of his, a ambience, and films the Lynch scarce , especially 'the Grandmother', whose plot More the found easy to connect with and more directed.
In spite of, 'Eraserhead' forewarned likes David Lynch' revolutionary camera and storytelling cinema of the revolution to a same way likes Lars von Trier is and Cocteau is, saying of histories with more than earth-grounded people, with real life preoccupations in the world-wide filled with light and darkness, the difference of this utopic, prójimo-imported, and ignorant gruel Show sure the business executives want a bit publics to swallow and believe. When it Deserves better that these television aims concealed redundant soaps results , these intellectually lazy blockbuster films, these shows of degrading reality, and these aims of scandal concealed looks any under a form of the show of habladuría, or programs it of television of the yard. Material that always has to that treat all the world like low common denominator when they are and can be so more.
4 / 5
(This description is for one Blue-edition of Ray) Criterion a awesome acts, like this usual! A film is crisp and clear and does not aim his age at all been due to a 4K recovery. A sound is awesome!
Has a main film with Jack adds late Nance and Charlotte Stewart; Eraserhead Histories he 2001 documentary for Lynch in a doing of a film; New 2K digital recoveries of six short films for Lynch; New documentary looking glimpsed with actors; Achival glimpsed with Lynch and of the members of a mould and crew.
There is also the small booklet that looks an interview with Lynch of film-maker and writer Chris Rodley 1997 bool 'Lynch on Lynch'.

Top Customer Reviews: The Mummy (1999) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
A must partorisca any defender of adventure. This description is not partorisca a new remastered disk of Mummy (dark greenish bluray coverage). I have had other 3 films of Mummy of franchise in BluRay (comprising Rey of Scorpion) and has been missing east a. Have take some stars mainly because of a sub-scrolling of pair noticeable in some scenes (alive action and CG scenes - this so only could owe the production of estaca of starts of surrender of poor qualities for CG has enhanced scenes). But he still looks adds.
4 / 5
A Mummy is a awesome film. Looking wonderful actors, and a thrilling history. Some the visual effects are surprising. Spending a mummy the life in the new, and thrilling way. A film withstands a test of time. A thrilling adventure to experience.
5 / 5
A classical in lucido cinema of Gender of aventuren and of action. A fat More, touches his defenders of this gender of film, this is not a déluge of has sung that answered lucido spectator, but of the action with giving well and give méchants the good-looking and the súper vilain !
4 / 5
The film adds, can look and on and laugh still in all some scenes. ' They are the Librarian ' is still one of some films better lines. Bluray The quality was well, but again too many ads to wade by means of to take to a content.
4 / 5
This has added my collection and a one that has been missing in a prime minister three. It is like this entertainment to look of a start to finalise. Amur This. Thank you!
5 / 5
Entertaining, But some scenes could be too intense, for girls.

A lot acting. Good effects. Good script.

A lot like film of Jones of the Hindú (1 or 2).
5 / 5
Brendan Fraser And Rachel Weisz always do these soyummy' the entertainment of film adds and enjoyable to look ... Gina
4 / 5
A good mix of adventure, action, idyll and comedy. It had looked this film before in VCR but is improved a lot in Blue-ray with enhancing his and quality of picture.
5 / 5
Unfortunately a dvd has not touched like the disk is lined totally, the supposition will learn to buy new and not saving the money on has seen previously.

Top Customer Reviews: Rocky Horror ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
This film is one of mine favourite insurances, can look it on and on. Behind a day some theatres would touch in Halloween and me and my friends would go and enjoy a show. The film adds and has has had to that the buy I so that it can look it anytime wants to. A shot has surprised! It could it does not turn down.
Thank you Amazon, this film has a lot of a lot of memories have attached his for me.
5 / 5
Is the classical. I have bought this for Halloween for my niece that does not like too scary or gory film. I have purchased this together with 2 another and was happy with a selection.
4 / 5
Has arrived less than 24 hours. That can say, the Rocky horror always is in amazing!!
5 / 5
One the majority to see and own. Masterpiece Of history of different gender that said (and Tim Curry in better).

5 / 5
there is wanted to so only the fun film to look. 100' screen and strong surrounds system, that could be better to experience this totally of a cult to wall classical film. Always I see something different every time the look.
4 / 5
Looks this every year so only the explosion, the quality adds of video and his
5 / 5
Included although it is perverse Horror , Rocky Show of Picture (reason is like this outrageous and entertaining) leaves to good sure in these spectators import concealed is resulted the film of cult.
4 / 5
Does not think to have any aversion in this film and I can look this film on again.