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Top Customer Reviews: T-Rex: Back to the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Partorisca Be blunt, is not partorisca value a dough. 'Imax T-Rex: Behind to a Cretaceous' is the sheer disappointment partorisca of the money. A history: Alley, the budding palaeontologist, desire partorisca walk in his father footsteps and go in digs partorisca dino bone, falls the T-rex egg in a museum where his father is employee , and of this egg sprouts gas and powder that leaving Alley 'partorisca result unstuck in time' (taken loaned of K. Vonnegut). Partorisca A rest of a film, the alley gone back and advances of our time to a Cretaceous until we see 'the commit' arrive, in the point, the alley is once again tuck' our century. One in leader and acting, like this often interconnected, is juvenile, uncomfortable, and severely unprofessional. A line of history is week and uninspired, and really goes nowhere. A CGI is both volume and pointless rendering an experience discovers the waste of time, money and film. I seat that I have done a compraventa.
5 / 5
A Way of documentary film that interest this in spite of although this films any last vendor along the +++ and hands he +++
4 / 5
My girls can not taking the looking! I know a whole film word for word because my girls want it like this!
5 / 5
Of a bulk of the descriptions in this place gathers more the people no @partorisca give that IMAX is roughly presentation and way more than history and content. Shot in vertical 70mm films a reels in a cabin of projection takes on upper of the enormous quantity of spatial, for this a time partorisca run of IMAX the films tends partorisca be maintained to around 45-50 minutes. For this a format leaves more to a gender/of documentary short film. The majority of some films is factual but sometimes the original histories come to the long of. T-Rex: Behind to a Cretaceous is one of them.
Is exited in 1998 and when it was in a Trocadero IMAX-3D cinema in Londra has had to that choose among this film and another called By means of a Sea of Time. I have chosen a last. Which is the shame coz some dinosaurs and the enormous shots of this film would have looked better in 3D.
T-Rex Begins with one impressive ploughing shot of a camera swooping in a desert of Arizona, which still the look adds even in the widescreen TV in place of an enormous IMAX screen. There is the hefty narration of a actora of goodness that transmits pertinent information in dinosaurs. To the respect a film feels the bit like the educational program of the boy of 10 years. But when being familiar with IMAX the films has been expecting this. I think that that too many people have been the expecting Jurassic variant of Park.
Tho Would have expected the little more dinosaurs. In a 45 minute that careers the time there has not been a lot of action of dinosaur. This in spite of has had the good quantity of history that has taken to. More a film has the bookmark adds for William Ross. It has released the promo CD of this bookmark but is impossible to find.
Hey, Has been entertained and I thot a brief history was quite good. A horribly slanderous descriptions in this place really baffles me. A IMAX the formed no very on DVD, has to see these films in a cinema. But has the system of the his a lot then a DVD is still value he.
A DVD is full stable ( is distinguished theatrically in so that it does not have any a lot of modification to a framing) with him Dolby 5.1 soundtrack that is quite impressive. A light featurette and a IMAX the trailer of film is has comprised also.
5 / 5
Has been collecting IMAX film, with roughly 35 in my collection. This version of DVD of T REX is one of a worse. An emphasis is not like this in a T REX and that think that know roughly the, but in some special effects to go back in timing to see a T REX. So only To this IMAX the film is that a film is fact is gone in place of has related. A question has is shots of poor continuity. In planting to see a lot simply walk by means of the door, see any walks by means of time, but without continuities to the equal that to as the person has gone back in time, and then behind to a present. We have it that imagines was the one who a costruttore of film has feigned, and east distract to take a line of history. A film is supposed to have some better special effects. I have thought Jurassic the park there has been better, but in the then learn little in a T-REX in all the chance, as that is a point of a film? It is not explained never ours, for chance, that some small hands in a R REX has been used partorisca. Finally, we are to say this film is based in a scientific evidence later. Right. An evolutionary concept is tossed was that it touch a response to everything, how is one has turned million years, and everything finalises to exit, and have the clear picture of a past. A reality is that the basic questions are not of the coverages. For chances, if an earth is like this old like this the film says that it is --millions and of the million years--and evolve especially to some prójimos, then where is all a transitionary form of animal--things that is fished of part and lizard of part, for chance? They would owe that be like this common likes houseflys, but has any to be found,and this would have to that create some serious questions so that like this easily promote to the evolution likes to take the all the theory of life. But this is to direct not even in this film. In an end, does not learn anything new in a T REX. An emphasis is in a travesía and no a T REX he. One of entity dissapointment. In a side besides, some natural acting looks, and an inaugural scene has some abonos IMAX visuals, but another that this, with the majority IMAX Dvd selling paralizaciones a lot on ..., And this one for well down ..., you Take that paid partorisca, excepts in this chance, his line of flange. A disappointing film.
4 / 5
Ossia One of a bit those that IMAX "educational" film to have it storytelling presentation. It is 3-D was very shot for a IMAX formed (70mm film). A IMAX the format is quite near of the video of regular TV, that would be necessary to translate it to DVD WELL. Also it comes with the "doing of" short featurette.
Some centres of films around a daughter of the palaeontologist, the one who has induced to the imagination spends the exposures of a museum the life. A bit those that (a lot) educational meetings with historical figures, and realistic (this in spite of brief) prehistoric lifeforms, is interwoven for the daughter/of father storyline and the created, disoriented, hallucinatory run by means of a museum.
Like this, reason so only 2 stars? A tentativa to add storytelling the education, without being firmly committed in any (or both), leaves all the world-wide while more than this film resupplies. Few boys will find sightings of dinosaur very small here, together with action too small to resist his attention. Few daughters could identify with a character of goodness, but is not probably to have quite storyline to be his favourite DVD. The adults will find some boys is "edu-do" well under his bosses (to to something would like tip your girl, but also dull to look for calm). Ossia At all the bad film, but there there is so only too little a good material.
I defenders of films will be disappointed that some a lot of facts 3-D is not presented although a film is so only 45 mins long, and a DVD easily could have has comprised the sequential field 3-D "prize" version, which would have sold a DVD a same way 3-D has sold this IMAX film in of the theatres. This film has been written to be shot in 3-D, and technically executed perfectly partorisca IMAX 3-D presentation. It would buy the 3-D version of this DVD in the heart-has beaten!
IMAX Is ENORMOUS, like an impressive measure is lost in the 70mm film versus the QUALITY of DVD is likes to illustrate an atomic explosion with him BB gun.
An only thing that it could be he of the value is had the thorough "doing of" that directs principles of 3-D filmmaking (and IMAX) versus level filmmaking, which would pull in 3-D lovers and students of films.
5 / 5
The yes calm square has excited little me hunched in front of a TV dips to touch 'T-Rex: Behind to a Cretaceous' in my player of DVD. Some starts of films with the boring history of the daughter neglected of the one who the dad is the , nods was here for the moment, then a continuous history I so that it looks a counter of time in a DVD ticking has spent 20 minutes, then 25 minutes and am thinking, 'HEY! WHERE it Is The FREAKING DINOSAURS, MAN?' Afterwards it chooses on the moment to the DINOSAURS then TAKE ! There is the pair of seconds of dino CREDITS of action? This film is the complete waste of time! There is probably roughly two minutes of cups of action of the dinosaur among any boring, modern-the day that bores ( says that already) incredibly boring history! .... Ossia Really the total [disappointment].
4 / 5
Stick to a series of Canal of the Discovery in of the Dinosaurs and of the Prehistoric beasts. They are much more informative and facts very better. Ossia The history in the desire to please of the daughter and impress his father more than in dinosaurs. Some real segments with the dinosaurs in fleeting sound. It tries to do the point roughly trying and disproving the theories but this takes the little lost in a line of history and is not never really cleared.
5 / 5
Supposes that the young daughter is hallucinatory wanderings (after taking it whiff of powder of egg of the dinosaur petrified) has been meant to be entertaining and informative. The With which hours &8216;travesía&8217; by means of the museum of the natural history that tries justificarprpers T-REX has dipped the theory of eggs results to be so only boring. Wow, look At all these plants. Whoa! Hey! In fact we take to see the pair (five or as) of a critters for the pocolos small, and in his original 3D IMAX the presentation could have been enough startling jumping is gone in calm of a screen. Have has wanted the knowledge more in dinosaurs, not taking 3D emotions how has been limited to an original IMAX presentation. This gentleman of dinosaurs&8217;t has a lot of impact in a screen of video of the house. A solitary T-REX results inclusos to be quite friendly to take it pat in a nose of the ours tripped was hero. And attended! Some hatches of rock petrified! Now that&8217;s science really informative for some girls, I&8217; it sees been around for 6 decades and included there has been no known east petrified the eggs could in fact hatch (and of course a hatchling the jumps am gone in calm of a screen). Perhaps it would owe that take to a thicker museum. I guess that it could do 6 dinosaurs in a film with two T-REXs.....
5 / 5
Has seen this in a Smithsonian with my boys, and was with a novelty to see the film in 3D bored. It was the complete waste of time and money.
Is looking for Candy of eye, has a lot of the few scenes that in fact there is "alive" dinosaurs. If you are looking for science, and is on 5, the doubt will learn anything new.

Top Customer Reviews: Donald in Mathmagic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
4 / 5
Amazing video. The animation of the like boys ought partorisca be resisted regular to.
5 / 5
The time of nave adds,. Excellent dvd. A classical cult ossia last partorisca find. Value a clock partorisca any mathematics, disney or visual nerd.
4 / 5
has Possessed this film in prompt 80 is partorisca my boy of prime minister, purchased it again partorisca my last boy. Still the wonderful useful film. It has been it adds Disney has produced the series of these films partorisca a digital age.
4 / 5
Ancient and fantastic. Mathematical education, and agree this of my days escoles. Excellent partorisca an introduction to levels of institute of mathematicians.
5 / 5
An utmost cartoon partorisca elementary students around 10 years of ages.
4 / 5
A classical! And 100 dead persons on, in of the terms of a mathematics he cleverly present. A video adds partorisca a first day of class of Mathematician colegiala average.
4 / 5
Donald Duck finds suddenly in a magic world of Mathmagic Tierra where is taught of 'A True Alcohol of Adventure' roughly all some marvels of mathematics. Together with Donald, the spectators are presented the mathematical ideas that it is part of our daily life, but is there is seldom @@give. It is education likes Disney so only is able to do. I find it sad, that pause like an English professor and poet, that Disney has not produced never the film with Mickey in earth of Literature or something. Alas. Mathematical hate still to this day, some 30 more years after my graduation of institute, but still joy 'Donald in Mathmagic Tierra.'
5 / 5
Has possessed this film in prompt 80 is partorisca my boy of prime minister, purchased it again partorisca my last boy. Still the wonderful useful film. It has been it adds Disney has produced the series of these films partorisca a digital age.
4 / 5
Ossia One of these films has looked in primary scolare that has not seen never of this time, up to now of course. It is like this as well as I have agreed six. The entertainment adds and a way to involve to aim some applications partorisca mathematical and geometry the girls and to some less technical adults suppose. Like the sign of a time was perfectly acceptable partorisca Donald partorisca locate some curves of the figure of the woman in an air and whistle wantonly. While it conceal it does not offend, ossia the good clock partorisca boys.
4 / 5
Has loved this film like the girl. Perhaps slightly less entertaining that other feature films, but is educational and still entertainment for girls.
5 / 5
Ossia The short film , entertainment that does the good work to underline an importance of mathematics in daily life. It is resisted on extraordinarily well, and his concepts are timeless

Top Customer Reviews: Thomas the Tank ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia My eighth or Thomas revises on Amazon and the majority of this time I crizied some new tapes. This tape this in spite of was the very good and the ours collection of good addition. My few amours of Diesel of sister and does not have any a lot of tapes that stars them this in spite of. This chair of tape sure saying am them happy to buy this. In all the chance in James and a Red Ball Thomas spends the ball of hot air that takes villagers around an island. James this in spite of thinks that that a ball goes partorisca take his passengers were. I will not develop anymore this was the a lot of one. In question of Twin Donald and Douglas are struggling and confusion of causes and delay. In Edward a Really Useful Engine Gordon says that Edward is useless and has to that be take like this Ladies Find Hatt Edward has said partorisca help Stepney but has to that be the rear engine partorisca two trains. In the engine the Strong plus Henry of a World has an accident and the diesel have to help but can not help boasting.
In Rusty Saves a Day Rheneas and Skarloey the line is closed reason is too hard to clean up and Rusty search to help them fix it. In Dunkin Duncan Rusty Rheneas and Skarloey help Duncan in a street bent but is earthy, careless, and bossy. This tape is the must buys on video or Dvd
4 / 5
James & A Red Ball Is the Surprise of State Partorisca Thomas Sostenitori! Comprising All the NEW EPISODES! James & A Red Ball, Question of Twin, the engine the Strong plus of A World, Edward A Really Useful Engine, Dunkin Duncan & Rusty Saves A Day. It comprises to the extras of SPECIAL DVD likes him 'Down For Of Some Jumped to Sing - To the long of, link of Web, Sodor Superstars Soiled Of Afamada & 3 Interactive Games: James' Connect An Entertainment of Points, which Square of the island Is Different & Ladies Topham Hatt Entertainment of Word!
5 / 5
The the Estaciona 7 Characters?
He Do!
Know a deltic.
Is D9000.
Real Scots Grey D9000.
Or 9016.
Gordon Highlander 9016 is the deltic.
Or D9009 or 55019.
Alycidon D9009 Is the deltic & like this Highland Real fact Fusilier 55019.
Emily is the new engine !
Here is a Season 7 Characters:
has taken those and print them last year!
That impression last year?
Has printed Emily, Murdoch, Spencer & Fergus!
Has forgotten partorisca print Arthur this year!

Top Customer Reviews: Outlander: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
So much, this series is awesome. Period. While a together of touches of boxes on a romantic appearance of some two goodnesses, ossia the add, women-cantered history, that also has travesía of time. Partorisca Arrive to this point, after his work in Hike of Estrella, and an acclaimed Battlestar Galactica serious, Ronald D. Moore can any gone careless.

A box dipped is ordered enough for defenders of a series of boxes and one first season. It is an only way can purchase all 16 episodes to season one. Seriously, it is in $ 30 more than some two volumes Sony has released, is a lot of value he. Some disks are closed in the lovely book, with lavish photographs, with each page having the disk inserts/inserts. Some disks is exactly that would find in two near of volume. The calm also takes is the disk of prize has looked has has deleted scenes with commentary for Moore, as well as a two disk original soundtrack to Hold McCreary, which is the total wins, seeing like the music dips such eerie and awesome way for any desire.

There there is also the second enclosure that photo of looks of a show, together with notes of a mould and crew, as well as the little decorative frame for them, and the little bounce take all your whiskey.

Seriously, if you are the defender , ossia a together for you.
4 / 5
An avid reader to Aim Gabaldon books of early 1990 east, was nervous of a show. You he so it would owe that be fact ? It could?
Well, Is the wonderful adaptation . I have not gone totally convinced of some elections of actors, but has grown to his parts. Or I have taken used to them. A show are add, if you have read some books or no. And has to that any to read them , he!
A rewarded in this giftset is well. I love a flask. It could live without some photographs. A soundtrack is awesome. Some disks of prize are utmost.
Has benefited of the sale in this element. I can not have bought this dips otherwise, reason some books are more than entities to possess for me. But you are the buyer of film , ossia the wonderful history to see .
5 / 5
Has tried all a Dvd when I took him, and a prime minister two has done well, a third has not said any disk, and an island touched well. It classifies of question, when being the serious and everything. And I can not find where to file the complaint.
4 / 5
Wonderful spouse. Well value of the money. I have bought he for my woman, but has it like this enjoyed a lot to the equal that has, and concealed afterwards is that it sees a whole series previously in regular TV.
5 / 5
Fantastically packaged there is boxed place with fabulous images. A 'book' way DVD title is glorious and a frame of picture added with the images of Clara and Jamie is the good touch. My woman was in a moon when it has opened present. This in spite of, for me, a better surprise is a little hip flask! Utmost idea, any one is coming up with these needs the increase of has paid! :)
5 / 5
The woman loves this show. It was very impressed with these collectors have dipped.
4 / 5
Any question with a DVD but no happy. This is coming with an Ultraviolet that could not be redeemed reason is not valid for a territory in that I am trying to redeem the.
4 / 5
This is to be purchase like the present for my mother and absolutely loves it! The container has arrived punctually and in perfect condition. It is the together wonderful for any collector and defender of Outlander.
5 / 5
Loves a bit the extras have comprised in a Dvd. Particularly I Like him a bit podcasts, this in spite of, is not comprised partorisca of a first half to season one unfortunately. All more is excellent.

Top Customer Reviews: Thomas & ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this partorisca my grandson - want it! We look it to us all a time near when we can.