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Top Customer Reviews: BEAUTURAL 10X ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Hortencia
It has attached a mirror to my mirror my big plus but when I have gone back after the few hours have fallen and there is shattered entirely a glass. otherwise, Has been impressed with a quality of one sending to us the substitution that is doing adds like this changed that my description.
5 / 5 Adan
Look: This mirror will develop all some defects in your usually calm skin will not see D:

With his 10x magnification beats and brilliant FOCUSED light, can see all, clearly. But like all another mirror partorisca augment (excepts one very expensive some), precise remain you near of the point sure partorisca see properly, otherwise the things look distorted and to the rovescio. This in spite of a sprain is minimum.

Takes 3 AAA battery (any one comprised but no extracted big). Utilisation rechargeable the batteries and law well.

HAS the physical key in a front. I find it better that: 1. Tecla partorisca touch, which tends partorisca fail; 2. Tecla in a back (when pressing tend partorisca resist a front with my thumb, and dip fingerprints in a mirror).

A suction is very good. I need to clean a surface in the first place, press, and agree to twist and lock. So only pressing down a cup of the suction no . A joint of ball resupplies corners of good viewing.

In general is the good mirror and recommend it.
5 / 5 Melisa
So much AMOUR this mirror! I thought that it that it have found a better 10x augmenting mirror until I have ordered this battery has operated one that can use both house and when I travel. It is a excellently the mirror has drawn that it mark my routine of beauty much more fácil.un mountain of the cup of the suction is very strong! Any way this will fall unless calm dipped quell'on he textured surface ( any that!!). A company resupplies the instruction detailed on like this partorisca use a mountain. An optics of mirror looks something on. And some light helps with these old eyes of mine. Easy to turn on/has been with controlling to touch. It travels with me always
5 / 5 Delbert
A lot so much a product in 5 stars, but a vendor !! Bought this product in late Oct. has loved a measure, clarity, cup of suction and a light. Some batteries am lasted the very short period of the times and I have assumed had left the on in error. As I have used he without a light for the moment (still the mirror adds) until me finally agreed to take more AAA. You plant him in and light still has not done. And-mailed punctual Vendor this week more to advise and ask , As I am a lot spent a date of turn. There is the substitution in a way-service of amazing client. The vendor adds to be for behind his product!!!
5 / 5 Marivel
Ossia Perfect for my needs. Has has wanted to something to zoom in when applying trick of mine to the equal that can take some imperfections on prójimos. This has 10x it zoom and leave me see any imperfections before skirt in audience for the flawless face.

Has no another zoom as a whole the mirror is augmented in the calm chance asked. A light adds the very good touch and one look of big final mirror. It looks he adds in my vanity and I have used he for the travesía of short weekend to take with me so that they are adds for travelling.

Would recommend by all the world!
5 / 5 Sabine
I go to be sincere, this has not gone exactly that it think that that it was. So much, 10X is quell'has bitten too much for me, but the partner of mine has looked interested and have given a mirror.

Has been some days and looks happy with him! A suction does not do very a lot he so that it situates a mirror on to somewhere stable. It says that it can take all some details maintain to lose when dipping on trick, and some light helps to plot. As I guess this was the big success with sound.
5 / 5 Terese
Ossia The good product or know regarding the use properly. At the beginning my sister has had difficulty in like this to use a product. But with which little use finds was easy to use. A product has abundance of light and give well magnification the expensive while it is going his mark up. You recommend that it buy the and was easy to use with which some practice.
4 / 5 Oda
I love this mirror this in spite of, if I have had any complaints, is that a light for is not very brilliant. So only it can be my eyes but found the difficult to see these few hairs of eyebrow that am trying take and has had to that take prójimo to another light source. Another that that, is the really good mirror and to good sure augments.
5 / 5 Sau
A suction is good and some stays of mirror in place.
A FOCUSED is quite brilliant to verify all the hate in your face and his remedy ;)
A magnification is strong to the equal that has announced

really loves it! Sure it is more expensive that the mirror in a tent of dollar but like the times have had to that change place to try to improve light and dip my too close up of a mirror to properly verify my face?
5 / 5 Austin
They are more than happy with this mirror! Utilisation for plucking my eyebrows. A light is súper brilliant and a magnification is near which is fantastic because tip all some few hairs. It does not use a fund of suction and was the little of the concerned topple on but is perfect
5 / 5 Osvaldo
SÚPER That Shines (that it was it that I have looked for) and Súper augmenting (does not take scared when you see all your blackheads lol) Ossia useful to better applies trick and really take all some the calm zones do not see in natural sunlight. It likes- one option of a cup of suction, and can remain in the cup of contadora or there is stuck to the surface although there is not founding a quite powerful suction (but neither has cleaned any of some surfaces tried it on) taste that of an outside casing is plastic like this the feel like falls , probably does not break . Very happy with this buy.
4 / 5 Rocio
A suction is good and some stays of mirror in place.
A FOCUSED is quite brilliant to verify all the hate in your face and his remedy ;)
A magnification is strong to the equal that has announced

really loves it! Sure it is more expensive that the mirror in a tent of dollar but like the times have had to change place to try to improve light and dip my too close up of a mirror to properly verify my face?
5 / 5 Brendon
Has received so only a mirror today, I misread and has thought is the dual sided mirror with 1x/10x magnification but ossia well. The looks of suction sure at the beginning but so only quickly tried in an island of cookery and was sure at the beginning but the suction has lost then. Personally no utilisations on suction at all for the avert falling and breaking, so only would use situated on table. I have bought this mirror for travesía, slightly main that has expected. A brightness looks well, so only as mine another mirror to augment have which is corded. Hopefully Some battery last the moment thus mirror.
4 / 5 Cassy
My husband and I want to this. It has dipped he in a washroom mirror. It uses it when shaving and totally loves it! It is like this happy that comes with lights and is surprised like this for him. The utilisation when I am doing masks of face and take aims and black bosses. Like this happy with east. It is so only a right measure and a suction is of confidence
5 / 5 Evonne
has bought this to do my trick and are súper impressed with him! With a magnification and the light can see so better when that does my eyeshadow and trick. The law adds for plucking my eyebrows also. My old mirror has not had the light in the and this all a difference.
4 / 5 Nathanael
Reason does not find this mirror before ? Such the product adds in prize a lot of abordable. It is gone in all ensured and amiably wrapped up. It is perfect measure and very easy to spend around. A thing that has has wanted to one the majority is 10x zoom in and a mini light, take a better view to conceal and apply lipstick. After discovering is one, was hard for me to do my trick in any one another mirror.
4 / 5 Retta
Are more than happy with this mirror! Utilisation for plucking my eyebrows. A light is súper brilliant and a magnification is near which is fantastic because tip all some few hairs. It does not use a fund of suction and was the little of the concerned topple on but is perfect
4 / 5 Adan
the product Adds. Sturdy And lustrous looking. Too magnification for me and I have finalised to return the.
4 / 5 Dedra
This has been the investment adds . It does not trust a cup of suction in any element, as not to use it on this element. Magnification Adds. Amur One lighting. This mirror is a lot of fact, thinks. If calm looks it, a mirror will last. You can take he with you when you travel, but light of travesía of the flavour and does not take he with me.
5 / 5 Bobby
Was really looking for the prójimo on mirror and this one is so only perfect. A power of suction is surprising and really sticks to a wall. An effect to augment is really amazing. 10x is really awesome. A mirror is hanged really light and a focused is adds adds on. :)
5 / 5 Shanel
Terrific mirror! In some same qualities so many versions more the types that cost 10 times a prize. No, it is not one of a 'elegant-written' with the frame of stainless steel, is a illuminated mirror: that more a precise ?
4 / 5 Hien
Has dipped my extensions of @@@lash possess on and has required something the zoom in and this has has done things so easier. It is a lot of fact and a light CONCENTRATED is súper that shines to the equal that see everything. It likes that it is of light and laptop also.
4 / 5 Georgia
Loves this mirror. While impacting at the beginning, a magnification is surprising—better to know that it is really that spends in your face that arrest to kid you and have another commentary of people in different lighting! I add for trick/tweezing. Also, after the use daily for two weeks, fall off my mirror of bath and a company and his quickly answered and has sent the new a. Now ossia service of impressive client ! I will be extra paranoid roughly closing it securely from now on. Any sure can any never do again trick without him.
5 / 5 Tony
The suction no at all, included in the flat surface. Another while they are adds. I can see my face a lot clearly and a light focused brilliant the like this brilliant fact. I love it. A look is quite too especially when I am looking to a mirror lol.
5 / 5 Estelle
To the equal that have bought this mirror to help with application of trick but his like this short when calm dipped quell'on the office, has to dip the stand down or the pair of books. The suction is not to order unless it wet a part of suction and a mirror. A measure of a mirror is also very small. A more is a light is good and brilliant and takings in a perfect place master in some helps of mirror see the plot of acne and maculas.
5 / 5 Luana
Has been using this for the while now and is resulted the must has in my bath. I add for the men are shaving or any one was to brush your teeth. For women his fantastic to do up! I produce to add and very built
5 / 5 Corey
Small mirror very practical but lacking to be play very together well in east retreats moindrement is a lot of flou.
My fellow The mirror grossissant probably of the better quality transports no a step this question.

In spite of everything Finds practical. I have stuck it to the sud my regular mirror and maintains very good.
5 / 5 Willodean
Does too really wants to see everything of this black LOL mirror Very good to apply/take trick, eyelashes, etc.....
5 / 5 Tomasa
Has purchased this light for the present of social prize. It looks to add and like good quality. Something are more than happy to give to any and I expect is loved like this of the receive.
5 / 5 Era
Are happy has purchased this mirror. Marcos my better routine morning. Mark so only sure to clean a surface of base of your mirror before pressing a mirror to augment his. Calm then press and transfer. In this way it hold better.
4 / 5 Jo
My sister asked partorisca purchase this mirror partorisca his and loves that. When you Look in 10 X augmenting the mirror has seen everything in a surface of my skin. I produce it adds, I will recommend it to any one looking for the mirror.
5 / 5 Ula
A cup of suction is too strong! I can not to take it it was my use he occasionally to dip in my contacts but have the difficulty that takes of one . In general it is a lot of tho.
5 / 5 Janene
Has bought this like the present for the partner of the mine and she loved it absolutely. Love an use of one has DIRECTED lights and a clarity of a 10x magnification. It is quality a lot good and a value far surpasses a prize.
5 / 5 Arianna
Has bought he partorisca threading my eyebrows, and perfect work. Also the utilisation to apply trick and also contact lenses. Has the strong suction. A rotation is perfect to find a place of better use. Utilisation in my mirror of bath, and are not fearful goes to fall. Good mirror to use house or travelling. I have loved this mirror.
5 / 5 Demetrice
The description of the woman: For any a lot of look for-sighted, a focal period of this mirror is too short. To take house, one has to that take too much after and then can not take hand-held/toes in to apply trick. It has been it adds for súper closeups to inspect the small concrete zone but otherwise is not generally useful. It was much better there is the mirror regulates in a rovescio.
4 / 5 Princess
A mirror is economic, if you are a thumb out of him, he expensive your warps. A light is not brilliant at all. A subordinated to turn a light on would owe that be in an a lot of upper and a mark in an a lot of inferior of a mirror, but the mine has not been gathered directly. Minor, but can not be when the things are not symmetric. Sending it behind.
4 / 5 Richie
Really love this mirror!! A magnification is SURPRISING!! One lighting is AWESOME! An only downside is that a short of the suction has not done that well... I have cleaned included a surface and dried it... But so only it DOES not STICK !! Still I love this mirror this in spite of! 5 STARS!!!
4 / 5 Tenisha
Uses this daily mirror and could not be pleased more than sound. A prize has surprised! A 10X magnification is clear with an option of light on or was and is boss . Totally portable anywhere! I love it!
5 / 5 Delsie
Adds to apply trick of eye.
Has DIRECTED light and magnification help when applying @@@lash.
Works of base of the suction well in my vanity.
Active desire boughten more collected!
4 / 5 Benito
Perfectly added to a current mirror. This calm mirror leave to see súper clearly of eyelashes, each teeth, tiny things of your face, the bit of scary:) still able to see a condition of your throat haha. To the suction is a lot strong, is better to dip he to the surface of glass after the bath while a glass is moisture.
5 / 5 Glory
So only that I that investigation, will return in my chance, good maginification without sprain in side of normal view. Very good packaged and has arrived quickly. A clear frame and mark of is suitable partorisca any room.
5 / 5 Jovita
Has bought partorisca my woman and loves it a flexibility with some corners and install the locations this the winner partorisca his newspaper beautification
5 / 5 Angelyn
Helps partorisca augment these eyes of 68 years ... Thank you!
5 / 5 Kellee
Me And my woman loves this mirror. A drawback is (which is in fact the a lot of one), the cups of suction are on-powerful and sometime takes really hard to take out of a paving of glass.
4 / 5 Dorris
Master, the only thing am concerned of of the this a part of suction. Any sure that the times resist,
are pause and fearful fall in of the pieces .
5 / 5 Juliette
Will see things in your face that thought never existed
does not forget partorisca turn a light of
hould have an Enclosed Car was after saying 10min'
4 / 5 Cathy
me really dizzy of a 10x zoom. I have tried also a suction in my mirror and he am fallen off almost immediately everytime. Never again.
4 / 5 Henrietta
The simple truth has dipped he in place sees very good and his a well produces
5 / 5 Deloise
Loves this product. It lights fantastically and it was súper easy to dip on and take out of a mirror partorisca clean. To good sure recommend is one!
5 / 5 Kip
My niece has said that likes and of law well but was bit it big partorisca travelling and can take alike 15x estimativa has included

Top Customer Reviews: OMIRO Hand Mirror ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Chester
A miror is the good quality. A reflection is clear.
A boss is done of plastic. It does not look particularly solid neither too fragile.
5 / 5 Madeleine
A little more economic quality that has thought but very global.
4 / 5 Karina
The quality and the measures are. Sleeve the bit flimsy, but looks partorisca suffice. Any hesitation partorisca buy again.
5 / 5 Isreal
Quite big for my senior mamma to use and see properly.

Top Customer Reviews: Better Living ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
At all a lot partorisca say roughly that. It is the mirror in the hook, and calm can take was. Partorisca Do it 'fog-free' have spent left under a running water and he a lot of fog for the pocolos small. It does not look to it likes it does very special 'fog-free' characteristic roughly the, but is simple and work. If you are looking for the mirror that will remain fog-free for ever, this is not the, but all have to that do is the warm retreats arrive and is well for the little smaller.

My main complaint is that economic a mirror is. It is the sticker of mirror in a backside, and the mine has come with the small scratch already in a backing. A front is plastic clear , but a behind is this really thin and film of fragile mirror and concealed could be a @@subject down a street.
4 / 5
5 stars, but no the free fog. You owe that wet he his rain for roughly 20 seconds before it results fog free, and hard in the minute, calm then has to that the wetted again. But it is easy to do calm reason easily can take on and of a chrome title. A headline for a knife is awesome, súper practical.
4 / 5
If you are ailing of your man that takes his facial hairs during a tank, NEED THIS.

Adds compraventa!!

Would not say is free “ fog” but to simple wipe down with waters clear it on quickly.
Hanged very light, surprised for like this strong sticks to some tiles of shower (once is on is hard to leave so the mark sure imagines was where calm exactly loves) Althouth can take a mirror was and on, and looks well!! It does not look economic or anything. The desire would have purchased these more Notes
5 / 5
of harvest: This is not the 'the fog released mirror. If calm so only dipped this in your shower and go for the use, he fog. Precise rubs to shave cream in a mirror, then rinse that was, for him to no of fog. After doing that, the rests clear for the little while.
5 / 5
The rinse he before using it, and is perfectly clear for the pocolos small. Nizza, function and simple creation. All plastic.
4 / 5
I have bought this for my fiancé for the Christmas and is satisfied enough with him. Precise dipped shower gel in a mirror like another reviewers has declared, or he fog automatically. It expects that it can locate a mirror he to a wall, but has to that use a hook resupplies unless it creates your own adhesive band for a mirror. Global good product like this far.
4 / 5
This work of mirror of the shower well in a purpose of having the mirror and that resists the knife in a shower, but a main failure of this product is that it take vaporous a lot easily and could require launch water in him each one that 30 seconds when you are shaving so that any he a lot of usefull.

Am comparing this mirror with another better mirror and there is to good sure that with east an I strongly suggests takings the best one or calm so only shave in a tank of your bath.
5 / 5
I have not thought something could fog on like this quickly! It is it likes it is drawn to instantly fog up. Basically unusable reason can not see your self in a mirror. Like this unless you want to risk shaving your eyebrows, would spend is.
4 / 5
Calm so only take a piece of pair sided 3M tape, like this more is exactly dondequiera situate a mirror and the have all directly before calm apply it. The desire avenges with extra tape in chance of the no the bad mirror. It was improved a lot he also resists the product
4 / 5
of toothbrush Adds, works to the equal that have to that, in beginning to rain to fogs likes them any mirrior , hot with waters he and the clear rests untill cools this in spite of remains clear for ten minutes after the heat up. The better works that a glass mirrior has used previously.
4 / 5
Calm so only take a piece of pair sided 3M tape, like this more is exactly dondequiera situate a mirror and the have all directly first of calm apply it. The desire avenges with extra tape in chance of the no the bad mirror. It was improved a lot he also resists the toothbrush
4 / 5
uses it to Him correctly - has to that the to you place under a shower and apply liquid soap without rinsing he for a anti-fog to do - you more probably be satisfied. A glue is strong and controls well, as be mindful of where is by train of the place.
5 / 5
The product adds, works to the equal that have to that, in beginning to rain fogs like any mirrior , hot with waters he and the clear rests untill cools this in spite of remains clear for ten minutes after the heat up. The better works that a glass mirrior has used previously.
4 / 5
Light weight like his fact of plastic. The finishing is well. Some claves of hook well in some tiles.
A fog of stays of the free mirror for 3-4 mins max. Calm then has to that plunder and dip the down a running water to create his temp.
Useful for fast rasa during a shower.
5 / 5
True be said, having quell'shaves the mirror in a shower is fantastic, this in spite of, a glue has the data was after the few months that leave with small recourse to salvage any utility out of this product.
4 / 5
A lot handy little produced and work roughly as well as it can be expected. He the steam on yes takes cold or if a discharge to rain gel has dipped in the for the maintain fog-free taking has spent was. It is the little annoying but goes with a territory.
5 / 5
His amazing
he fog but all precise is for the resist down waters for some dry and his all a lot again
his no done of glass that give the surest feeling , his very light and fact of some type of plastic but like this clear likes mirror of the glass and one sew the the amour roughly is that the dosent takes frames of water and stains of the drops of water likes them mirror of real glass
5 / 5
is the a lot of-sized mirror that does a trick and a prize is well, but is not to try of fog. There is the legislation of sticker in a mirror when the attractive calm suggests to extend shaving gel on he for better action. A mirror is so only like any one another mirror and fogs on immediately. I need the spray he with hot water to heat he until preventing he to spend.
5 / 5
Has expected for the fog free mirror to update an old one this was already in a shower like this taking is one . The good looks and is easy to install. Enough enjoy that you can resist he in a book and that the hips resists your knife. He this in spite of lack of a capacity to remain clear and constantly fogs up. Although I spit the shine so that it has been required in mirrors of glass he doesnt the work adds. I wouldnt the recommend sey in this fact.
4 / 5
Easy and quickly to install. The works add. Any fog on when you dip shower gel on he first turning water on. It is also a lot like this small like a lot of mirrors of shower. Big prize.
4 / 5
These produced is not Anti fog. You owe that rain dipped or shaving foam x in the to do comes from of fog. The failure that announces. You are better to take one of a tent of dollar and applying rain x his.
4 / 5
Has bought this in the whim reason have required the small mirror partorisca something more. After hanging he in a shower, was more than has pleased. East thins are adds.
5 / 5
An element arrived with the small place concealed was has painted no with reflective product in a rear side.. The terrible looks! Ossia My first time partorisca send rear element after the years partorisca purchase in amazon

p.S. If utilisations Gillette mach3 (show in pic) can fall because of the no ready creation to locate group. A space would owe that be wider.
5 / 5
Ossia A better shower , shaving the mirror there is !!! It calms that can take down and clean it and your shaver hangs in a hook.
4 / 5
The packaging was in shape well, Well has wrapped. Arrived punctually. As for another reviewers commentaries, for the 'Fog-try', dipped the very light discharge of bodywash on that. If it calms no the fog. Tried dipping hot water in the to spend he until shower-temp, has not done also.
4 / 5
Has received a mirror of shower for the present and although it is exceptionally useful and convenient, is not 'fogless' to the equal that has announced. During the hot shower he fog on, but so only simply the dry was and his well to go. I have researched the small 'in-house' solve likes to rub alcohol or Purel to do he fogless. Any way, very convenient and useful.
4 / 5
This simple thing is sum ! It have been the ache to try and find something like this in of the tents. The Works likes them announced, so only of precise the fast splash yes begins to fog up. A lot well for some paid of small prize for him.
4 / 5
Súper Easy to install and very light. Like the instructions declare very easy to clear of steam/fogging.
5 / 5
Has had this installed mirror in my shower for years without subjects. I have bought recently this one again to the equal that have lost a part of mirror while travelling.
5 / 5
Sticks to and the stays have adhered to some tiles. Any fog up. The quality adds, the little pricey this in spite of.
5 / 5
Fogs easily but good claves partorisca rain. Fast discharge of soap every time and can see that it is doing
4 / 5
This mirror is surprising. It is not really the resistant fog, but yes calms so only the resist down the hot water remains clear. Shaving has not felt never this good before it take this mirror . A must buys produced
5 / 5
Easy to install, looks well in a shower, but is virtually useless of then is not the free fog as it has announced.
5 / 5
Any hard the day. Shame because I tossed out of a box to the equal that can do not returning. It has stuck he in a shower, looked well, and for an end of a night, randomly has listened the big drop and he was a mirror. A glue is no longer quite sticky to resist on
4 / 5
has had he in a shower for on 2 years, is remained in planting this in spite of clean was a lot.
5 / 5
A good work. Easy to install and is the clear mirror. He isnt done of glass this in spite of. Good element for his prize
5 / 5
very pleased with mirror, he fog on but water run in the and is a lot for the moment,
4 / 5
does well, so only run the down a water to rain for the animated on before you shave and was free fog for a period of the yours shave.
4 / 5
A side has looked was has used already. Otherwise, good Measure. Any fog free, need to always to plant gel on that.
4 / 5
Takes foggy in shower, but anything was expected. His well that his any suction cupped, as they fall off all a time. Also well it is a hinge is permantly stuck ,but the mirror can be taken was.
4 / 5
If my lighted up would be better would use all his day
4 / 5
Hangs durably of my wall of shower. As some revises commented, he fog on, but like this for some instructions have comprised, so only gives it the little rub down with raining gel and was of tower to 100 fog-free.
4 / 5
Easy to dip up. It is on remained dipped it to us of then there. Any fog up. Exactly that there is wanted.
4 / 5
In general is easy to install and like this far, with which 3 weeks, still adhesive. An only shortcoming is that a mirror is not to hold of fog.
4 / 5
These produced is not the mirror is the shiny piece of aluminium of metal and is the total waste to time wet it put to bed and further and buy the real mirror for your shower for three dollars more
4 / 5
Produced that alleges. Relatively easy to install. The majority of days I of those who included has to that preheat a mirror to maintain he of fogging up. Also I have his version of travesía.
4 / 5
Works of good mirror. It maintains he went to the very hard chemicals of course like CLR, Of Bleach or Tilex

Top Customer Reviews: Absolutely Luvly ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5 Jaimee
It take this mirror partorisca my daughter partorisca his dorm room in university. Partorisca Be sincere, has not expected anything besides basic. It was the pleasant surprise to find a mirror was like this good. It is light as it was easy to pack, easy to attach a base, a removable augmenting the mirror does a lot well without sprain, and a characteristic of light fading work a lot well. It is the product adds and good value. My daughter loves it and his roommate also likes so much the take loaned each morning.
5 / 5 Winford
It likes-me all in this element. Utilisation in a chamber, a bath, a living room, and cookery. It is not heavy, and has characteristic is. You recommend this product, and purchase it again has required .
5 / 5 Carlie
L The mirror and he light. He exactly that has has wanted to he partorisca and is really happy with him. Shopping this produces again look .
5 / 5 Hermina
These works of product perfectly and some lights really change my game of trick. A measure is in his point partorisca dip in my office and does not take too spatial. Really I love it!
5 / 5 Odell
Literally I love this mirror, can see my face LIKE THIS clearly and a 10x mini the mirror is cause like this fresh can see like this near up!!! They are like this happy has not listened to the negative critiques of some people, this mirror is surprising lol
3 / 5 Ronny
Some lights didint laws at all I tryed 4 different types of battery is and a light does not act, BUT is surprising is juts some lights that is bad. A quality is well
5 / 5 Adela
It is the economic mirror very good ! You will require 4 EA battery partorisca he so only the bosses up
5 / 5 Alycia
Nizza Clear mirror, but has DIRECTED the lights are very brilliant. It can no images was like the dim the those pocolos.
5 / 5 Lennie
It uses this in some mornings partorisca rig in my office of trick without wake my partner up with a light of chamber. Has the quantity adds of zone of surface, and I amour that can you dim some lights so that any blind if a rest of a room is dark.
5 / 5 Hye
The product is coming quickly and is easy to use. His no quite like this brilliant like the leading mirror has had but I really like a tap on/was and dimming characteristic. So only a right measure and travesías good. Sound the add to buy for some characteristic.
4 / 5 Aurore
Mirror of excellent trick. Mark sure you volume rechargeable battery like alcaline (an use of time) any last more than the week uses it to him daily). Lights very strong that he easy to do trick.
5 / 5 Margorie
This mirror was expected like this that. At present I am using he with battery, and is to good sure quite brilliant for my needs of application of the trick. A measure is perfect to see a whole face and a tilt are adds. It likes a dimming of option although mainly it uses in full brightness. Has not dipping a small augmenting mirror on reason do not want to block any of a main mirror. The desire avenges with discharges he of USB this in spite of.
4 / 5 Bonita
Literally love this mirror, can see my face LIKE THIS clearly and a 10x mini the mirror is cause like this fresh can see like this near up!!! They are like this happy has not listened to the negative critiques of some people, this mirror is surprising lol
5 / 5 Chantay
I amour as or can turn a mirror on and has gone with ur toe and use a bit the mirror in a law lateralmente adds for plucking ur eyebrows .
4 / 5 Randal
Fast delivery and produces very a lot of emballé. It comprises Of the pieces to dip that any still has been the assemblies Transports lucido the mirror will be given in present. I recommend.
5 / 5 Lavonne
Súper Easy to dip up and has done perfectly so that I need. A light all does well and a quality is well. You recommend this to any one looking for the mirror of vanity for skincare/application of trick!
5 / 5 Tommie
This mirror is súper the friendly and easy user to gather! I want to hanged the one who light is and easy to move around. Mina a desire is that one lighting was the little more brilliant as sometimes it is so only a lot quite light to do my trick. Well compraventa global.
5 / 5 Austin
Has bought this mirror in the very reasonable prize and is to do fault me a lot well for the few months now. I have not had a need to use a light characteristic, but can say you that ossia an excellent mirror that would have to adapt all your mirror-need.
5 / 5 Leontine
It is the economic mirror very good ! You will require 4 EA battery partorisca he so only the bosses on
5 / 5 Kelvin
Is easy to gather and is really well partorisca the mark on table. Any one the big and easy to gather. Any battery has comprised.
4 / 5 Tamra
Good product, excepts has found was too short. They are big and has found was that it has to that slouch partorisca use this mirror. Has has had to that the turn. One hunting continuous.
4 / 5 Dorthey
This mirror is horrible, the ees has had he partorisca less than the month and a light in a mirror dims after less than the small partorisca be on, and any @@subject that time the change a battery is a light does not go in anymore. It is an epitome of rubbish
5 / 5 Lasonya
A lot very Absolutely Lush Mirror of the Natural daylight of Trick has lit.
4 / 5 Jeanna
A mirror is the big quality a, and one has DIRECTED the lights are brilliant and I application of helps of precise trick.
5 / 5 Maragaret
Loves this mirror! It is like this easy to use and very practical. To good sure recommend it!
4 / 5 Lavonna
Does not have very expected for a prize has paid, but was absolutely has impacted! Perfecto little mirror with brilliant lights. No more than asking if I quite blending until it takes to a car to take the look.
5 / 5 Ora
In general, servants his purpose. When it Take in a topmast, some lights were extremely dim. Calm points that can it you to him turn a light, is not never able state to. Some lights have prisoner to do roughly 3 weeks with which bought it.
4 / 5 Marcus
Amur This mirror! Quality very good and would be easy to travel with there is wanted .
4 / 5 Mellie
No like this big like has been expecting them but still does really amiably and some lights are brilliant. hopefully Can use punctual!
4 / 5 Victorina
This product is coming súper quickly, easy to dip near, and add for travelling! Very happy with this compraventa!!!!!
4 / 5 Kiana
Master !! It classifies of delicate to take of a base, but laws of outrage of piece concealed to surprise.
5 / 5 Loren
Very satisfied good-looking luminosity and Him him them small mirrors in Prize is genial 😎
Thank you so much for this element the realy taste
4 / 5 Donnetta
xmas of present

Want to one looks and down characteristic
4 / 5 Maryalice
has Liked him that a product was exactly to the equal that has described.
Was light and good for travesía, and has had a mirror to augment has attached.
Was easy to gather and use.
Highly reccomend the.
5 / 5 Magen
The light would not turn on. The frames of different battery have tried, at all would do.
4 / 5 Sophie
Some lights didint laws at all I tryed 4 different types of battery is and a light does not act, BUT is surprising is juts some lights that is bad. A quality is a lot
4 / 5 Lance
the perfect element and is coming much faster that has thought them possible
5 / 5 Jospeh
clear mirror Well, but has DIRECTED the lights are very brilliant. It can no images was as to dim the those pocolos.
5 / 5 Leilani
Mirror very practical, amour a part partorisca augment of a mirror. Ossia Perfect to age eyes. It returns fantastically in my mark up obtains. Strongly recommend it!

Top Customer Reviews: Lighted Makeup ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Melodee
It was really looking for the mirror partorisca help when they are
applying trick. I have not gone included really looking for the mirror that lights. When I have seen this, has thought to the sinister partorisca the try me was and see like a work of lights and is useful. It was pleasantly he impressed it! In the first place it was, lighting ask when applying trick. They are able to see everything! And I have not expected some lights partorisca be the brilliant, but is a perfect quantity . An advantage a big plus is that I can covers this mirror in and have some lights light. I have seen the plot of battery has operated the mirrors and I have found that really inconvenient. An only desire has had was a 10x augmenting the section of mirror was the little has bitten main. Another that that, love this product!
5 / 5 Brady
Like this stylish, like this beautiful ! A DIRECTED lighting is perfect, a different augmenting the poster is of sound partorisca each need to direct there would be, and a measure of him is quite big to seat proudly in mine dresser and quite small to go smartly my luggage for when I travel. A 10X augmenting mirror of round is removable and attaches with magnets in a big mirror when calm require it there. A compraventa adds are very happy of.
5 / 5 Mitsue
The very better mark on mirror still! Exactly as it has described.

No only is this true mirror his description, is included better in person. When being able to dim some lights is really useful and a magnification the mirrors in a do one really well partorisca me. A quality of mirror is perfect, is included portable and pursue on 4 folds Some batteries (any comprised). Better still, comes with the cord of USB so that I can cover he to the laptop or another supportive device. Highly it recommends to purchase this unit but I also promote you partorisca look in the to to everything likes has done and read of all some descriptions and a lot so only all one some with hundreds of descriptions. It is really it adds no shizz ;-)

I orderly ( Amazon first Member ) on 9 follows. I received it manually of a service of delivery in 5:30 p.m. The amazon has promised a better and is gone in and further that Any one another competitor can offer. I can very included do this up am surprised for real for such service adds.
4 / 5 Anja
Very brilliant, which appreciate. A micro usb boss that comes with this very short, could require a cord of extension loves that to him use plugged in. It requires four AAA the batteries yes want to use he without. In general very happy with this compraventa!
4 / 5 Jesusita
The lights are too many brilliants to look in mirror comfortably in full - could move lights to the foldable rotating in lights of boss. Dimmer Is the must and good works. If the mirror of centre was bit it big could look you in your face without the eyes that is blinded for light better. In general it is alike ot that have expected - could have daylight and yellow light transmission but in general quite a lot of - like this some lateralmente have separated mirrors with different zooms - good folding creation. Because owe mirror not being exposed to direct sunight is the dangerous metal that change with exposure of alone - this polute a planet for ever when I am done with him or pauses? A bit unsettling.
1 / 5 Bryant
The colour in description is bad, any 'Gold Rosa' is the 'Rosa' solid
3 / 5 Letitia
A mirror has arrived quickly. I do not know why I thought that it that it has been it was sure I have seen the cord. It arrives with the cord of USB without covering electrical in. It is battery has operated. Neither I expected it partorisca be like this small. It have to that it has paid attention it more afterwards to some measures. I owe that seat he on the 5 base partorisca see my face. A better thing roughly is that it is brilliant! And a different magnifications.
5 / 5 Armida
So only dipped on a compraventa and has used he partorisca a first time to trim my beard and shave sure last partorisca take in characteristic facial. Yes I characterise no
gives that well this woman of ours has. It have to that have the same the years does.
4 / 5 Sook
Has has wanted to ossia exactly that precise when I am dipping my on first trick of sunrise ( is still darkness in Canada when I am rigging partorisca work). An only question is a key a mirror - can take it a lot tries to take to the turn was or on.
5 / 5 Freeman
Beautiful mirror. I have bought he partorisca the anniversary of my daughter. You love it. His very brilliant and has numerous magnification. Now I love one same one on its own name. Highly it recommends this product
4 / 5 Bruce
I mistakenly has thought this mirror has not done with which 10 min of use. I had it plugged to my computer and he have turned was. Ossia The pleasant functional mirror but so only the little by little. Also it wishes both sides have been augmented. It avenges a lot of packaged and a cord of USB is long. Mark so only sure your computer is running.
5 / 5 Cherryl
Partorisca A prize is a awesome mirror.
Is not big but big quite dressed your expensive plenary to calm so that that can situate so only in anywhere. Calm can run was battery or USB to the equal that consider to travel with east but spend on stock exchange.
Is very brilliant.
4 / 5 Jennine
This was the last compraventa of the small and the law adds. Amado a packaging adds to maintain everything to brake. It travels with me on a plan and was adds. Fact like the charm. Shopping of this vendor again.
5 / 5 Nohemi
Has bought this like the present for my sister, and loves it so much. A brightness is like this perfect compares to a a compraventa to form other tents before. Some the different measures of some mirrors have done to dip mark on besides easy!
5 / 5 Annemarie
This mirror are to add and compact. Hardly the commentary in my table for a cause of light is súper thin and is white. Some works read that the surprised when there it is the little light on in a room. It is a lot when it is in the dark soiled tone, but calm so only has to that take more afterwards to a mirror. There is two zoomed in of the types in a right poster that it is like this handy (but also like this terrible for pickers lol)
5 / 5 Milda
Orderly November 2019
January 02 2020 is leaves to do.

Some lights are not quite brilliant to the equal that has given to the boy but really so only 20 uses and his rubbish. You do not recommend
5 / 5 Gretta
was very impressed with this mirror! It is basically perfect to apply trick especially when I need the bit of magnification when the oldest volume! To good sure recommend it.
4 / 5 Deja
According to the month expects. Malléable. Light. Satisfied
5 / 5 Lady
the mirror of beauty adds! A lot quite and it is good quality , does not feel economic and is not flimsy. An only thing is a 10 x little mirror, are adds to have but has to that be take to close a mirror, would be good to come with the place for the dipped!
5 / 5 Melina
A 10x mirror of the suction sometimes falls off. It has been add if a poster learns in a sinister side like him 5x or 10x. Brightness Is good and global happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5 Aliza
Amur This mirror! It is measured add and one lighting is well. Some different mirrors he easy to apply trick and I amour that can use you any quell'USB or battery!
4 / 5 Anna
My daughter loves this mirror. Some lights are the brilliant of has bitten in your eyes, but like them that shines so it can see his face.
4 / 5 Thad
Light mirror abordable adds, can run in of the battery if your travelling. So only it wishes a stand was adjustable to be main. It has to that prop he on something partorisca rig, but another while they are enough adds. I see all some imperfections in mine expensive to the equal that can take covered up.
4 / 5 Cindi
Was extremely very wrapped for traffic of abroad.
Does wonderfully. The mirror is a lot clear and the lights are quite brilliant.
5 / 5 Kasha
Has bought he in present in fellow joined and of, no longer can spend. The quality is correct Games lucidos prize and the lighted up is very luminous.
5 / 5 Leo
Some works of good mirror. An only complaint has is one uploads the cord does not remain plugged in backside of mirror at all. It has fallen it was quite easily. If it remains in him it give it the a lot of main indication. I have not tried some batteries still, but has expected so only for the maintain plugged in. As it was not it can recommend this mirror
5 / 5 Taina
To a lot lights the mark is hard to see but produced good global good quality
4 / 5 Tonda
the sound adds, is add, has used in the absolute dark room and he have done if marvel, can see all some corners and (unfortunately) all the imperfections haha. I want like this you can decide the one who shine it master some few lights. A mirror was very good packaged and arrived in the condition adds.
4 / 5 Kamilah
Ossia A mirror FOCUSED excellent for trick. He also frames for the accessory of travesía perfect to use when your Hotel has terrible lighting. Highly recommend and the prize adds!
5 / 5 Louella
HAS for A week now and does not love gone back in anymore... A key the touch is disappointed really, has had the hard time everytime has has had to that the turn on and now no anymore
5 / 5 Cherie
It is a good mirror but is not adjustable, seats too down and a magnification the portion is in a side and far too small. Disappointing
5 / 5 Marylin
more Petit that expected but work very partorisca his purpose. He any Me look horrid with too many defects and easy to gather
5 / 5 Tracey
the mirror lights very brilliant, option the dim is appreciated. Functions of mirror as it has described.
5 / 5 Marcos
My partner loves this mirror and all some different measures a mirror gives with some lights. You love it. I produce to add and like the present also.
4 / 5 Ariana
Are quite happy with this product. Material be the compatible light more than some few lights of the circle everywhere can be the little easier in some eyes when dipping trick on. This in spite of, have known is that way when I bought it. In general I am quite happy with him. It recommends it.
5 / 5 Alline
Has done of material a lot economic, could have it chosen on a tent of dollar
4 / 5 Faye
Some mirrors were all in touch and good quality. Some lights are brilliant, but two of a 'bulbs' was as the odd dimmed/has burned was? It is still functional and any value the to ship behind for the substitution but spent it down the star.
4 / 5 Tawna
Loves this!! My trick has not looked never better. An only thing that would change is some bases is hard to take was has loved to pack he until travesía.
4 / 5 Mirtha
Has bought a mirror for my gf like the present and when it come from some lights no at all. A lot disappointed in cost of mine of this element.
4 / 5 Jeri
Laws well. Light is súper useful to do mark up. I have taken some stars was reason a bit the mirror does not remain suctioned on.
4 / 5 Zenobia
Amur This mirror. Measure of travesía perfect, quite big to be useful still quite small to store. Lighting the ways are sums also!
5 / 5 Floria
Connecting a mirror to a stand has not done like the stand has been broken where one east of with the plastic.
5 / 5 Irving
5 / 5 Annamae
My daughter loves this mirror! Works exactly like this expected and is not too small as I dreaded it could be.
5 / 5 Denny
Mirror of good quality. Lighting is not that it has anticipated, although three different intensities still any brilliant.
4 / 5 Jeffery
The light is horrible. I owe that luzco of use during a room to see. It is smaller that looks in of the pictures. One has augmented the lights are very small. You do not recommend this product. I am buying another light
4 / 5 Margo
Ossia the good mirror . A bit smaller that has expected and seats too down in my vanity. It has to it seat in the box.
4 / 5 Isabel
Loves this thing and recommend it to all my friends. It is brilliant, clear, and does not take on too much room in my vanity. It is fantastic!!
4 / 5 Herminia
No extracted to like any of some descriptions has said he no last for 1 week.
Brightness Of leds is pitiful. They do not resupply any light to dip on trick if you do not have a lot another lights to assist.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics Vanity ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Wes
This mirror is simply beautiful! Utilisation in a morning when I am applying my trick and a mirror is incredibly clear! One bases of the bamboo is also such the good touch, modern, doing a mirror the add decor piece partorisca my office. The to good sure reccommend this mirror partorisca his prize and appeal!

Top Customer Reviews: Fancii LED Lighted ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5 Kimberlie
The cost has checked Excellent value partorisca a price. Rid for Amazon, like the nave was lightning quickly like this usual. I have been in fact he has surprised the arrived like this quickly, but ossia partorisca be expected. Bienvenido to 2019. They are I a so only one this spends of the hours that researches something before they buy something? They are really trying a lot that, reason chews on like this time, but hate that has to that return something, so that it is reason has thinks that would leave the description detailed partorisca more looking. This has looked the treat, as I have taken one submerges on that.

In general, could adds until saying is pleasantly surprised and will be to buy the second a. A mirror is a lot of-packaged and easy to gather. It requires power of USB or 4x AAA battery (any one comprised), but has taken always some spare handy battery. Today everything looks to be moving the USB and rechargeable battery, like this perhaps that would have been a characteristic of extra price, but am sure concealed having the rechargeable the mirror would cost more, and this $ 50 point of price is exactly that has looked for. In any case, you can it covers utilisations the boss of USB if it do not love battery of use. While it does not come with the adapter to be able to, the one who does not have the transmission uploads these days. Personally so only it uses the bar of power with stirs it of USB outlets, as I plugged he in there and law well. Of course it calms it does not want to leave some batteries in a mirror when you cover he in, concealed probably does not finalise a lot of (has not tried, but honradamente that the only looks logical mine). In any case, he the enclosed car was with which roughly 30 min, so only like a box has said, as when they are by train for the use and forget for the neighbour was, the turns was automatically.

Behind to a packaging. It is a lot of-drawn and to good sure looks the product of price that would buy you in Bay or perhaps the anthropology or a Beauty Tend in Shoppers or Drugs of Londra. Solid box with printing of quality. A packaging is not in a cup, like this calm is not squandering stirs it of plastic and map, or treating annoying blister bands (those who still uses those?). There is also one drives of informative instruction has comprised, is the good touch and presented in the very personal way. You can call a costruttore directly for product or support of guarantee, which looks quite generous in 18 month, and look active and responsive in of the half comunicacionales social.

When it Takes out of a box, has two main pieces. A mirror firmly snaps in the basic and once is in, is not exiting. It feels very solid and sturdy, and is amiably compress when bent has closed. Ossia The tri-mirror of fold, as has two sides that the fold was to an accident and right of a main mirror, and he also swivels. Some hinges are quite tight so that some stays of mirror in a precise place, without being too difficult to regulate. Has nudged the around the has bitten already and has not touched in closing. They are happy to say has the stable base and of the stays firmly in my table. It was the little has concerned to be able to touch on of then is the quite big object , but has not moved of my vanity still.

Originally, has bought this on its own name, as it can do my facial routine or he use same partorisca shaving, but to to my promise really likes and is dulcemente state appropriating of him for his trick. In both chances, a mirror has retreated to the light has been useful. Although some lights are on in my room, is enhances a visibility. I used it now in a washroom and in my vanity of chamber. To to my promise especially likes that it can regulate you of some settings to light, as it has DIRECTED the lights are dimmable. Usually I so only the maintenances on quickly, but likes to have the in a second setting. Something roughly the when being better for his application of trick. It say that a description is attentive and is the aim of daylight . Some have DIRECTED the lights are too many brilliants or borderline blue, sometimes bit it too yellow, but these are so only a by heart right heat. Both have spent on that, supposition a description would be daylight or aim of sun . Turned on and rule to use control of alone touch, responsive and work so that appearances use the key of screen of the touch in my telephone.

A mirror has different sections for magnification. My promise loves a big plus 10x to do details like tweezing or mascara. It likes him the use the to clean my pores. In all the chance, calm does not require to know these details, the suffice to say that a magnification certainly is useful. Having to that go among 1x and 5x, but my looks of promise to prefer a 10x. In an end, the supposition so only depends in personal preference, but having this option certainly looks better that having three different mirrors lying around and so only when prpers have confused that it is that ; these some are by train to remain place in a same place. In general, it say an optical quality of some mirrors is utmost. Sometimes it is hard to say that goes to take thus price, and the plastic mirrors to good sure does not give of the good results, but some mirrors in this tri-the fold is a real shot . Big-def resolution! So only it does not look too much after or it could begin ask you reason calms there is not remarked never that blackhead before. It is it likes look the film in 4k and seeing all some facial details of some actors. The makeup artists will owe that the give one on the notch. Perhaps they owe that everything takes these mirrors in his trailers.

A good touch is a zone of storage of the base , so only has maintained my tweezers there, but like my promise dulcemente is taking on this mirror, goes to begin to leave my coverages there so that it does not forget those who possesses this. haha. In fact we love it so much that goes to buy so only another. The one who has known concealed having the mirror of vanity would be like this entertainment . Travesa The bit, while I a lot usually sale more than I need, thinks this early could be an addition to one spends-on! Both want to having this mirror. It was to good sure value of the money. Thank you!
5 / 5 Garland
The cost has checked has taken this partorisca my sister partorisca the Christmas of then is an avid trick wearer. This vanity the light mirror is portable, returns amiably in his office, and a light is brilliant. It say that his eyebrows are looking better of then she beginning that it uses this vanity light mirror!
Liked Also of an idea so much has taken one on its own name also. It is like this useful and to good sure transmissions your game of trick.
4 / 5 Mervin
The cost verified has read a big description of a lady the one who has covered EVERYTHING. It is exactly to the equal that has described. I think that well a value and a dimming of a light is sum . It comes with cover he partorisca a wall to the equal that of the battery would die quickly. Highly I recommend it.
5 / 5 Ria
The cost verified had been using the mirror regulates partorisca the long time, the thought was blending my foundation equally. The boy has been bad!! You can say immediately with this mirror has lost describes or of the places the on too fat to somewhere more. Also it wants that a calm light enable you to see any few hairs that lost you in your brows or has included these hairs of unwanted chin! Client very happy.
4 / 5 Lavada
The cost has checked Fantastic. Brilliant light, adds magnification. Main mirrior perfect measure ! Bought he partorisca travesa and his perfect partorisca that. Previously purchase something more than the tent of boxes of entities partorisca more than money but took it behind when this is to arrive!!
5 / 5 Melody
The cost has verified can take even some hairs some tiny plus with this mirror! Highly recommend!
5 / 5 Iris
The cost has verified This are add, especially yours see is by train partorisca turn so that the mine is, can regulate a brilliance partorisca press a key in a front. It is compact, but perfect sizr. It arrives very packed and punctually. Highly recomend this product
5 / 5 Erlinda
The cost has checked are very satisfied with this product. I take it everywhere with me when I travel why attentive master lighting when dipping my trick on in often of hotel fourth too much dark. A mirror is the little heavy partorisca the travelling purposes but I do not import partorisca a moment because there is not founding a lot another alike product that it would be lighter.
4 / 5 Karma
The cost has checked so only adore this mirror. I want that it folds on on he partorisca protect and easy storage of mirrors. It is so only a perfect measure partorisca lights and small spaces amiably. No more cord in a way, can be touched with battery or USB (distributed)!
4 / 5 Marcene
Amur Partorisca Purchase checked like a mirror has an adjustable corner. I have not been conscious that a light has had the dimming characteristic. Calm so only has to that control to a touch of key of screen partorisca be able to and he dim some lights partorisca you if it is too brilliant. It can not find a lot of use partorisca a mini zone of storage in a base to the equal that move my mirror around enough bit it. You recommend!
4 / 5 So
I have been looking for the mirror of new vanity partorisca some time and am thrilled partorisca have found is one. It is really very drawn and does not feel chintzy. A main mirror is the decent measure and a small plus that augments the mirrors in a side are in good prize. I want that it folds on good and compact so that it does not take on upper of the tonne of room when any into use. I will update has any subjects of action with him, but like this far am really happy with him and feel that it is good value partorisca a prize.
4 / 5 Agustina
So only adores this mirror. I want that it folds on on he partorisca protect and easy storage of mirrors. It is so only a perfect measure partorisca lights and small spaces amiably. No more cord in a way, can be touched with battery or USB (distributed)!
5 / 5 Anjanette
Really love this mirror. A fact that folds, so only the perfect fact !
5 / 5 Kasey
Loves this mirror! Easy to move around home because of him able to use 4 EA battery. Some mirrors are good quality and has a lot of magnification. A dim the settings is easy to use for the just pressing and that resists a key of power in a mirror. A cord that coming together with east bit it short and doesnt come with one covers of wall. It can tilt a mirror upto 180°. Doing it able to extend main would be the good upgrade.
4 / 5 Gregoria
Loves this mirror, lighting is brilliant and clear, tilts on amiably, amour that can cover he to my computer. It has taken it travels this past week-final, returns amiably at random and I do not forget it reason is whole.
5 / 5 Cecily
Uses this mirror every day. I have tried both would beat to use and plugging he in and is perfect! An adjustable lighting is surprising and attentive (any distorted), the quality of mirror is an One+ and has augmented the mirrors are perfect for waxing my brows!

5 / 5 Shyla
Loves a product, has been this in spite of received with big crack by means of main mirror.
4 / 5 Launa
Mirror of good quality. The cord Of USB along resupplied can be plugged in anywhere. In general the a lot of looking mirror. He a work.
5 / 5 Caterina
- brightness of light when plugged in with boss of USB (I never like a light source of the only battery)
- adjustable light control
- light

- plague of eye to look in when any into use
- too big for travesía (the piece that estacas out of rear that connects to the base would owe that be removable)
- mirrors lateralmente bending is pocolas practical for use (would be better if each side there has been so only 10x for whole period - I has had to that rotate mirror 180° to take mine another eye to a light to use 10x for application of eyeliner)
- mirror rotates still front back 180°; this in spite of base does not accommodate gone back of weight (the must takes base and rotate also)
A base has taken stuck with which I rotated the and was unable of the take again

has found the mirror the compact plus (propiciado by USB in, 1x/10x mirror of toe) stops less than means a price which will be much more friendly and practical user for my requirements.
5 / 5 Alaina
Pros- Luz adds, uniform throughout, any something hard that nettles some eyes. Mirror of good measure. It likes to 2 another magnifications. The folds was very partorisca storage.
Also like that it can use it you of battery or USB partorisca be able to, although has has used so only some batteries.
Room partorisca improvement. Mirror swivels front partorisca back, unfortunately when you swivel 180 terracings to another side is no longer stable and wants to fall on. And really reason want to when it is meant clearly to be a way with a bit compartment of storage that has to that, so only to corner to the little has bitten like him 30 terracings would be sufficient.
Any swivel in a clockwise direction/counterclockwise which is that it wants to use a 10X magnification or 5X loves it to him up for the corner the comfortable plus.
Could have a perfect mirror if so only fix these 2 things.
5 / 5 Lindy
Want. You can regulate a brightness of a light which is well in my eyes of morning tired. It is way the better quality that had expected. It was súper hesitant to buy one of these but am like this happy has done finally. My trick is 10x better because of him and my look of flawless skin during a day now that I can see that in fact I am doing. It covers he in for causes of USB so only does not have to that the batteries now was but go to buy some reasons so only have one touching the cube and I sometimes forget to touch my telephone and require too much in a morning.
Loves a bit title in a base, has dipped my two sponges there.
5 / 5 Rita
A Focused was too brilliant, a dimmer has not done - turned it so only a unit was!
A 10x magnification was economic concaved mirror of poor quality. To see you in a magnification leaves, neither has to that dipped down in a table or impulse he on and turn lateralmente for the use ?!

In another hand, a service of client of Fancii was terrific, would not doubt to purchase they again - produce different so only.
5 / 5 Eugenia
That precise, like an older woman, is a lot of magnification and good light. This a ticked some boxes of entities: it is done a lot well , well looking and wireless. I think it that it was well for travesía. It is the good trick (any one the a lot of augmenting) the mirror has no another next mirror to access. (Any gain in a vanity of bath) there was mentido of Question in his magnification. The majority of a zone is given to 1x magnification (in a centre and an integer of sinister poster). A 10x the mirror is tiny, has situated down and to a right side, out of a main light. A FOCUSED light brightens a mirror but no a face. I will maintain this one for the travesía and I love his appearance. But I am disappointed with his definite utility.
5 / 5 Les
Absolutely love this mirror! You look in the little ossia alike, and more economic, but some descriptions for this one was consistently adds and am really happy am spent some stop extra dollars. A light force is awesome and love an aggregated magnification. If there is a thing could add, is that it was chargeable. I do not have easy access to discharges he in my bath and the batteries are not ideal, but any he biggie. Buyer beware - will see things in your face that can you any unsee! The calm hairs have not known has has wanted to pluck, bad blended the calm trick never remarked before, pores that never looked like this big! Utmost cost!
5 / 5 Twila
A mirror is so only well. Has has wanted to one one with a 5x and 10x magnification and concealed is not that it has received, has received the mirror without magnification at all. Of the mine another mirror is broken, has required to maintain it. Some lights are good and brilliant, but is also smaller that objective. In general, not to recommend it or the buy again.
4 / 5 Carley
Has purchased this mirror in March and has fallen enamoured with him once a light CONCENTRATED has turned on. I have had other mirrors with lights before and was always like this dim. This Fancii the mirror is like this brilliant! My fourth is in a basement and I do not take any a lot of natural sunlight to see if my mark up is blended equally. There is so only calms so much can do with the light of ceiling. I want a zoomed on mirrors in a right poster. His really helps with plucking hairs a lot unwanted or seeing dry patches in a skin. The this in spite of wishes a poster lateralmente left was a zoomed on mirrors also. Instead it is so only the normal a pleasure a half is. It likes like this fold up like the mirror is protected of of any unwanted powder or particles inside an air. I have not used a mirror with an option of battery still but taste that there is one especially partorisca travelling! And yes a mirror so only comes with the regulate micro boss of USB. As In my opinion are adds! It is universal. If somehow a cord takes misty or the fraction can go to the local tent and choose an on I! In some revises has read of not coming with discharges he or is disturbed is not the boss of discharges... It is 2019 people ! All the world would owe that have one covers of adapter! Has-liked me this mirror so that it has bought the second a for my sister like the present navideño! Also it take the fellow to purchase one for his daughter. Thank you Fancii To do the product of good quality! I am enamoured!!
4 / 5 Cheyenne
Brilliant and good mirror partorisca in your vanity. A magnification the poster is of sound for precise mark on & grooming. I have not been able to take an installed base that of then, as no like this easy to pack on partorisca travelling, but still was quite small to pack. It is quell'has bitten small, as I will be to locate to shelf on my vanity to the equal that can have he in level of eye, more than in an office in height of @@@cofre. It can easily so only dipped the in the stack of the books/boxes etc. To impulse he up. In general, the value adds for a prize.
4 / 5 Clemencia
Has Received my mirror súper quickly a day after ordered it to them. It was in good condition. There is rid he in his own box (pro: any overpackaging, with: it can be be break if it was not concealed sticker protected and have of delivery in a box).

Was smaller that expected but a measure is perfect after all. Any need to be big in fact. im Quite picky in a brightness (bought the little east has had to them that return) but with his 34 has directed lights in him, the offer adds brightness. Also it loves that there are them x5 and x10 mirrors in a side. It is small and quite light to travel with him.

Am not too crazy in a fact that does not have one covers electrical but looks a new thing for mirrors of trick. Work with 4 battery (any one comprised) or with the usb boss (thru the computer).

On everything, loves them the and the highly the recommend.
5 / 5 Gracia
Too big for travelling, this in spite of fold up. So only the desire would seat main. A 10X mirror is quell'has bitten hard to use and to take light need to go in the odd place. A cord is too short to achieve outlet. But it feels sturdy
4 / 5 Isobel
Found the a lot of gain like the glasses of wear. Amur That has the glass partorisca augment side also. And it has liked him that has lights.
4 / 5 Colin
My mamma has loved this present. It uses the tiny hand-held mirror has resisted to dip kn his trick and now can use this. A brightness can be dimmed or has turned was. It looks he adds. Very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Cristen
Service of amazing client!! I have been disappointed to find my mirror broken when I have opened a container. THIS In spite of a company instantly emailed me behind and has substituted a mirror a next day! Free of the load and I have not had a hassle to return an old a, leave me the maintain. I really like a clarity and magnification in this mirror. It is smaller has then anticipated but was my failure because I have not measured before ordering. Amur Some folding doors to save spatial 👍🏻
4 / 5 Sharita
A mirror was adds. A light of good illumination resupplied of facial details especially around some pores of my nose. Has-liked me a fact that could be it powered both for EA battery and USB.
4 / 5 Patrice
A lightning is good and dimmable. It is plugged in, as it can not say like laws in of the batteries. Some the small mirrors are almost useless with 5x -10x magnification

Seen a same mirror the week later for much less of money.
5 / 5 Sarina
I really do like this mirror. Light is good and brilliant. The only complaint is that a 10x augmenting the mirror is in an inferior corner, small. It have preferred elder 10x section of the main mirror up. But still functional. Nizza Cord along this in spite of. Fast wine and in the condition adds
5 / 5 Jena
creates It or no, my husband has found he for me with which have mentioned like the mirror has lit would be good in my table of trick. Really it likes to of me. It is folds and good quality on quite well when they are not quell'using. It was included better be bit it main. Having different augmenting the options in a something is really good. Happy I has one.
4 / 5 Sharri
This mirror is exactly that has required. I have had it magnifier mirror before, but some lights in this mark he much easier to apply trick. Looks Well in my counter also.
4 / 5 Karin
Are like this happy with this mirror. It was exactly that has looked for. A light is good and brilliant and some mirrors are good and clear. It likes that it does not take on of upper of the plot of spatial.
4 / 5 Setsuko
Has lived this mirror but with which so only the pocolos use a light is almost useless, is like this dim has to them that use another source of light in to all the chance likes torch of mine of telephone or something.. It was 5/5 if a light was better :(
5 / 5 Chiquita
Easy to use and really helps with doing on application. Included that can take the plus of the view of the side has augmented view. My eyebrow are difficult to fill in with draw they like this the natural look and am very happy with this mirror for this reason so only.
4 / 5 Marlena
Really enjoyed this mirror refinado takes to the law has purchased he in Jan 2019 and in August 2019 paralización has tried several different batteries and using a usb the load but swimming laws
Like this a lot disappointed will not buy never this marks again
5 / 5 Alvin
like this has bought them this partorisca my fiancée partorisca xmas a so only the love a subject only was some bases have been broken any big shot...
Was able to fix he with súper adhesive.
4 / 5 Ashlea
Good product really convenient when so only using some batteries. I find a light is dulls still in full illumination, that does my look of expensive ash and no really when being quite brilliant to see that I am applying. Hardly it uses a 10x magnification reason owe that it stimulates a mirror and the spend really near partorisca do like this.
4 / 5 America
This is surprising! I have been using mine partorisca some last two days and is a perfect measure & brightness! Amur A tray of accessory down also!
4 / 5 Yung
One of a mirror has been broken! And a light blinked! Has a lot of question
5 / 5 Joe
One lighting was perfect. Good measure partorisca the small space, but leaves partorisca the visibility lateralmente adds.
4 / 5 Lyndsey
I like a mirror. An only thing is that it is the little small. I have seen a ossia the little elder with one same is partorisca travelling I thing this measure is a lot of
5 / 5 Avril
Quite fricken well. Nizza And brilliant. Some people bitched roughly the when being “too brilliant”, but concealed is not a subject. Any be to some lights. The woman loves it and used it every day partorisca a last month or so much. The batteries have not died still.
5 / 5 Yi
Loves this product.. Perfecto partorisca travelling in the stock exchange of dance of my daughter. It gives it the indication of star.. Wishing some lights were so only the tad more brilliant.

Top Customer Reviews: Ovente Battery ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5 Ivory
Spent the product has checked Adds. The good looks and done his work. An only recommendation is partorisca use still of wall of the metal in place of one some have comprised. You can buy he in imposicin of house partorisca less than $ 2.
4 / 5 Kina
The cost has checked produced Good partorisca of the money. The light could be more brilliant.
4 / 5 September
The cost has checked 5 stars touches lucido normal side. Pair Against, lucido the side approached is telement approached that he dforme like this I no partorisca the use .
5 / 5 Sana
The cost has checked very built and looks well. A 10x magnification is unbelievable. It can spend your too next face in fact.
5 / 5 Helga
The cost has checked Well has produced. Good works.
4 / 5 Kareem
Spent the mirror has checked A lot well, the sum of light work, Easy to install
4 / 5 Lavelle
The cost has verified My woman has to that dip give drops in his eyes the all his days (4 pair of day of time) Very satisfied. It transports of attention 10X touch grossissement is very strong.
4 / 5 Sherril
The cost has verified Quite easy to install and the looks adds
4 / 5 Giuseppina
Spent the mirror has checked adds but the little pricey
5 / 5 Jacqui
The cost has checked has Arrived undamaged and punctually
4 / 5 Estela
Well built and looks well. A 10x magnification is unbelievable. It can spend your too next face in fact.
5 / 5 Lorrie
A light isin't brilliant at all. No a better quality
4 / 5 Malena
the instructions were poor, but has imagined was. It looks quality quite big.
5 / 5 Joy
Installs was easy. Good mirror. Light helps the plot. Using 10X magnification can see the calm plot more has expected then lol.
4 / 5 Joselyn
Mirror very well, the sum of light work, Easy to install
4 / 5 Tammi
My woman has to that dip give drops in his eyes the all his days (4 pair of day of time) Very satisfied. It transports of attention 10X touch grossissement is very strong.
4 / 5 Tess
Good product, there is disappointed that the only careers in of the batteries, and is not very brilliant.
4 / 5 Maple
A mirror are partorisca add another that looks partorisca spend for battery quite quickly. I changed him twice I have received of this element. I use it daily and it loves that.
5 / 5 Bettyann
Is beautiful and movements smoothly and with eases. I love it!
5 / 5 Virginia
This mirror is has arrived broken,The box has been decayed
5 / 5 Alvera
quite easy to install on wall ,could use the little more period but the woman him the to that likes
5 / 5 Tomika
is Coming to lose of part as it can not install properly. - Disappointed
4 / 5 Erline
His toneless material rule any Simple lives him always lousse
4 / 5 Lamont
is the very good product partorisca a prize. They are very happy with him.
4 / 5 Angelita
The mirror adds but a 1x10 the side is aiming an image to the rovescio.
5 / 5 Sabrina
I hate this mirror is a street of all bad


but also want it and like a light on he
4 / 5 Kaitlin
the mirror Adds. For the Man with barbers, living rooms when be closed because of Covid-19 mirror are adds for trimming yours beard or shaving. Double sided with to park of normal & view on view for trimming. Also the mirror comes with light concentrated for visibility added. Easy to install if yours a bit of the handy man. If unsure please consult with the contractor for the underlying boss when drilling.
5 / 5 Irvin
The product adds. The good looks and done his work. An only recommendation is to use still of wall of the metal in place of one some have comprised. You can buy he in imposición of house for less than $ 2.
5 / 5 Patrina
Súper Disappointed in this mirror. Now that I installed it, @I give I am satisfied more with mine $ 15 mirror has substituted he with. I have purchased this mirror because of a light and would be necessary has left it where was. I owe that gone back in my light of bath to see properly in a mirror, included in daylight. A light is súper dull and does not light my face, included of 6 thumbs was. Also, a mirror is was balance and will not remain in whole place unless I resist it. Ossia A lot frustrating and counterproductive. Any subject like hard I try presionar some rays in the each side of a mirror to try for the take to remain in place, they no budge. Has come also with to 11/2 thumb scratch in a side of regular mirror. I give up and dipping my backside of old mirror.
4 / 5 Walter
Once installed a mirror are to add and works to the equal that has announced. Some cradles inside a compartment of battery was installed wrongly. I have had to that pull some cradles out of a compartment and king-insert them correctly before some batteries could be installed. I have ensured a mirror to the stud, but has been surprised that has had any one still of the wall has comprised if a stud the location has not been convenient. Any person that requires them would have to that visit the tent of hardware.
5 / 5 Damon
Has forgotten totally has ordered this element of then did not receive it punctually.
This in spite of suddenly have received hard week.
Has any idea that is spent, perhaps any one has chosen more a wrong box and there is remarked so only.
A box of product had broken when I took it. I have tried once, a light interior FOCUSED looks no quite brilliant, has not been suffers harm or would have to that be has taken.
In all the chance, time also long, ships it behind directly.
5 / 5 Antonetta
There is compraventa Touch me shave and cut me the beard and some three well .
The So only the negative point is that the another side he agrandado 10 X and is also reason in does not see almost at all , 5 X ca would be quite be , is the reason of reason has mine 4 stars
5 / 5 Brant
Good product for a money. The light could be more brilliant.
5 / 5 Vickie
A lot of gain in the bath that does not have quite a lot of light. Sadly, it Is helped me partorisca see the things have not seen before!
5 / 5 Roxie
Like this the plot at the beginning but some battery die like this quickly on that. I have thought at the beginning that it was of the mine reusable (mark of amazon) battery but changed to appoint the mark and still dies after 10 minutes of use after the month. Súper Frustrating like this directed is would have to that be low power. I have lost unfortunately a window to return so I am stuck with him.
4 / 5 Kellie
Nizza sturdy Mirror but eats by means of battery. A light takes minimum use and is spent for 4 triplicas Some batteries of Lithium less than 3 weeks!
5 / 5 Daniele
Very Built and looks well. A 10x magnification is unbelievable. It can spend your too next face in fact.
4 / 5 Simon
5 stars Touches lucido normal « side ». Pair Against, lucido the side approached is telement approached that he déforme like this I no partorisca the use .
5 / 5 Ilene
The look of product adds but a light is not a lot well very full.
4 / 5 Jona
Mirror a lot well, the sum of light work, Easy to install
4 / 5 Cherry
THE ONE OF would HAVE BEEN ABLE To HIM be more powerful ... But a lot very this in spite of !
5 / 5 Zetta
My woman has to that dip Give drops in his eyes The all his days (4 pair of day of time) Very satisfied. It transports of attention 10X touch grossissement is very strong.
5 / 5 Tyisha
It is coming partorisca lose part as it could not install properly. - Disappointed
5 / 5 Kimiko
Good product. My only complaint would be some lights no like this brilliant as it would like.
5 / 5 Carlotta
Material toneless His regulate any Simple lives him always lousse
5 / 5 Derick
Fast book, easy installation good value partorisca of the money.

Top Customer Reviews: AMZTOLIFE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5 Nia
Colour: the money has bought this mirror on its own name and really surpasses my expectations. So only it take that last night. It looks like this delicate and a measure is also very own partorisca houses partorisca use or viaje.un brightness is sufficient. So only it seats it was so it was and it has not known never the mirror that comes with the light focused. In of the adicins/additions, is very easy to install and convenient to use. Has two side and I like one 10 magnification an a lot of reason I took me easy to draw eyeliner and eyebrows.
4 / 5 Leon
Colour: the money are the sucker partorisca the good time with my mirror and the tweezer but this has not fulfilled any of these needs. A light is not almost quite strong and tends to die really quickly. I have thought to take the mirror without the cord would be good but obviously concealed has not been the good election. You do not recommend . Unless a light does not import yours. Then spend less money in the regular mirror.
4 / 5 Jenae
Colour: 10X trick mirror with dimmable the lights have bought this partorisca my husband with good intentions so that it can seat and use he partorisca shaving, as his annoying backside to be for the long period. It have to that it has verified it with him, before I have ordered it is a so it can not use a 10X magnification, as it have to that be right until his face. It have to that it has looked for it a 5X. My deception.
4 / 5 Venetta
Colour: the Terrible money. Such the ache partorisca unscrew some halves of mirror of the each one another partorisca insert some batteries. A weight inside a base is free result once a short was screwed in and was fearful would fall it era. Returned, has looked for alternative and found a Kedsum marks the one who apresamiento neither/or battery (in a base, no an upper) and the power of USB has seen 4'11' the boss has comprised. Last I has verified, a Kedsum the mirror was 3x a price on vs. with. Sometimes still with an international nave of a place of EUA, is more economic that buy of there that.
5 / 5 Aracelis
Colour: Money I really the mirror has DIRECTED like this excepts is the little has bitten hard partorisca me partorisca open on a chance partorisca dip inner of battery. It is weighed enough like calm will not attack it down easily.
5 / 5 Ji
Colour: Money This mirror was unusable because it can not take a darn the thing opens partorisca install some battery partorisca a light. Also, a 10x magnification was impossible to use. Like this disappointing.
5 / 5 Dominque
Colour: the money has bought two of these mirrors partorisca presents navideos and in both, a light has not done. I have tried some batteries and also dipped in another 'fully touched' battery in of the hopes that some batteries have been situated wrongly. Needless Partorisca Say was quite disappointed how were present . I am returned both with the full repayment. Ossia An only reason gives this to two star.
4 / 5 Toccara
Colour: Money Ossia the mirror of good trick . To good sure any travesa with him so it is too big partorisca travesa. Has the compact mirror partorisca travelling. This one is strictly partorisca maintain house in mine dresser of trick. A 10x magnification is hard to use in time because of a mirror (i.et. Down chin and zone of with the). This in spite of, am happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Tomi
Colour: the money Is the mirror ? Yes. It is the mirror has lit? No. A light fact partorisca the week. But he flickered often. Then some lights have taken like this dim is useless. If you eant the mirror with the side partorisca augment, ossia well. But I need the light, look elsewhere.
4 / 5 Brock
Colour: Mirror of Money of Good quality. Has the side of the regular mirror and the side have augmented. A light is very brilliant. A fund has to the grip like him some stays of mirror in place. Shipped very quickly and to the looks exactly likes him to him a bit pictures.
5 / 5 Tamela
They are the sucker partorisca the good time with my mirror and the tweezer but this has not fulfilled any of these needs. A light is not almost quite strong and tends to die really quickly. I have thought to take the mirror without the cord would be good but obviously concealed has not been the good election. You do not recommend . Unless a light does not import yours. Then spend less money in the regular mirror.
4 / 5 Adrien
TrèS That Feigns mirror. Solid and trèS Bel éclairage!
5 / 5 Philomena
Terrible. Such the ache to unscrew some halves of mirror of the each one another to insert some batteries. A weight inside a base is free result once a short was screwed in and was fearful would fall it era. Returned, has looked for alternative and found a Kedsum marks the one who apresamiento neither/or battery (in a base, no an upper) and the power of USB has seen 4'11' the boss has comprised. Last I has verified, a Kedsum the mirror was 3x a prize on vs. with. Sometimes still with an international nave of a place of EUA, is more economic that buy of there that.
5 / 5 Kim
Has bought this for my husband with good intentions so that it can seat and use he partorisca shaving, as his annoying backside to be for the long period. It have to that it has verified it with him, before I have ordered it is a so it can not use a 10X magnification, as it have to that be right until his face. It have to that it has looked for it a 5X. My deception.
5 / 5 Milagros
This mirror was unusable reason can not take a darn the thing opens to install some batteries for a light. Also, a 10x magnification was impossible to use. Like this disappointing.
5 / 5 Damien
Has bought two of these mirrors for presents navideños and in both, a light has not done. I have tried some batteries and also dipped in another 'fully touched' battery in of the hopes that some batteries have been situated wrongly. Needless To say was quite disappointed how were present . I am returned both with the full repayment. Ossia An only reason gives this to two star.
4 / 5 Mao
Is the measures adds . Any to travel reason was weighed too much and big this in spite of an only complaint is that a light is to good sure A lot quite brilliant at all
4 / 5 Kelle
Is the mirror? Yes. It is the mirror has lit? No. A light fact for the week. But he flickered often. Then some lights have taken like this dim is useless. If you eant the mirror with the side to augment, ossia well. But I need the light, look elsewhere.
4 / 5 Beth
A light has not been brilliant and then takes to do. I have tried the new batteries and he still have closed was with which so only the pair of seconds.
One reasons I Amazon of tent - that has surprised retun police, is in his way behind and to the amazon is refunding me - thank you Amazon!
4 / 5 Edyth
Has been using mirror for the month now and loves that. This in spite of, when inserting some batteries have discovered that it is cheaply fact and has concerned it to him will not last that long. For like this, it can not cost a prize.
5 / 5 Krista
Amazing light!! Perfecto partorisca my bff dorm room. It was the addition adds
5 / 5 Donald
that is has required stops. It is quell'has bitten heavy partorisca travel with this in spite of.
5 / 5 Randall
Could use the cord partorisca upload more along, and light stronger. Also a magnification is not like this big so that expected
5 / 5 Mirna
My daughter has ordered this element. It receives it and when it take it go partorisca look in him a a side that is zoomed in yours to the rovescio and is zoomed in way to a lot so much can very included see anything. It tries to fix it but it can no.
5 / 5 Pierre
taste partorisca more than of examination of application of next face of facial products.
5 / 5 Lisette
Are adds no in that has cords, is also a perfect measure
4 / 5 Arcelia
is my first mirror has taken. The law adds partorisca me. Light is well, any heavy, and quality quite good.
5 / 5 Delila
A mega the mirror of time is crazy. Never it know it it has had like this brow hairs out of place.

The mirror adds.
4 / 5 Shaunna
The daughter loves it. So only the desire plugged in so that any precise to substitute battery.
4 / 5 Shawnee
A lot disappointed after several tentativas for the different people could do not taking avert partorisca add some batteries. We follow some instructions that has been comprised. The element returned
4 / 5 Tom
the lights have begun to the turn was after the week of use. Hardly I turn it on these days, and to only use likes him the mirror regulates that undoes his purpose.
4 / 5 Jesus
Decent, but the any one has comprised battery. Really? Memory of 1970 is.
5 / 5 Lan
I like a mirror but I find that a place where has dipped your battery is free like light dims like this quickly.. Almost like some batteries are falling out of him.
4 / 5 Carlota
The light there is prendido to do roughly 1 month after using. Tried that substitutes the batteries but looks a wiring is failing.
5 / 5 Marielle
The light has not gone quite brilliant and could not see anything in a X10 side. I am returned a product without @@subject.
4 / 5 Santa
Very happy Of cost of mine. It corresponds to the month attended. It recommends.
5 / 5 Jerold
It Type Of Battery can use the interior gives battery rechargeables or normal
has had to that receive grossissant 10 X but there is so only 5 X
5 / 5 Nyla
Utmost measure and produced good. Unfortunately partorisca a side augmented has to that be so only the few thumbs were partorisca take the clear view.
5 / 5 Vanetta
Has think that this mirror was very economic. You are better buying a mirror of costco. I have finalised so only launching it was. A quality was terrible
5 / 5 Caryl
A lot of magnification, this in spite of, the mirror is in a small measure, the desire has bought the big more a
5 / 5 Inocencia
This light/of mirror was smaller that has expected and a lot cheaply has done ... Appearance have to that buy the substitution immediately
4 / 5 Louisa
has taken partorisca my girls partorisca see better when they brush his teeth and facts awesome.

Top Customer Reviews: BESTOPE Makeup ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5 Clora
Calm his doors leave partorisca give lucido mirror More games of account rangement and partorisca protect his mirrors. Lucido I leaves of foot partorisca contain give tools of Pendant of trick that maquilla. Lucido The mirror is tiltable Games partorisca go to look for the corner has wished. 3 levels Of light: cold, hot and mixed. Indispensable games partorisca do gratamente and optimiser resulted of trick.
5 / 5 Debbra
Has bought this partorisca my little sister partorisca his bday of then is in a meaning of industry of the beauty she @@@lash of eye, eye browns and trick. They are writting this in his behalf depends that I said. Ossia The must has mirror if you are in an industry or spend the majority of your time that does trick. That likes him he is this thing is like this light that can spend it to of his clients home easily. Has 2 options neither partorisca use a boss resupplied partorisca be able to arrive or power of battery. A mirror looks quite elegant and elegant with a built in light focused. A brightness or a focused can be regulated according to your desire and my sister absolutely loves that it creates of then sometimes the room of his client is not quite brilliant to do a trick. Besides it loves like a mirror enough can cover all some corners except a backside of a boss. A reason for that is his client can see a progress to the equal that is doing in his faces. In a sinister side of a mirror, has 2x and 3x zoom like this literally can see everything in yours face which is the option adds for his to do the brown eye tattooed. For a way avenges with the stand and a fund of a stand can dip some lipsticks or trick for your consolation. In general it is a better present for my sister and is to be using it daily for his work. Definitively I add it compraventa. The amazon has gone down an option to upload any picture or video to the equal that can do not aiming a mirror. Plesee Gives the useful vote finds this revises gain.
4 / 5 Fidelia
Has not known that has required one of these mirrors until lame is one , here is which I really liked roughly that :
- I literally can see each only little hair in my skin, how is a lot of gain when I want to promised and clean my eyebrows.
- A light has 3 different colours and his very brilliant to the equal that does to apply trick much easier reason can see all very good same when a room is dark. The daughters know what light is of entity when you are applying trick!
- Is portable and light to the equal that can do my mark on wherever master.
4 / 5 Horacio
The quality of a mirror is utmost, all some plásticoes has used for the doors and the external shell durable celery. The surfaces are everything easy to clean also, can and the stains of trick go was easily while cleaning. The light CONCENTRATED in a mirror is quite convenient and is very functional also, has an optimum brightness for my needs of trick. Mirrors with magnification in some doors are quite well also. The doors in a mirror close easily and protect a mirror
taste a light weight and portability in this mirror to the shot adds. It is very easy to transport and has the functionality adds.
5 / 5 Eddy
Has required something to help with my trick and application of the dud eyelash and this does perfectly. It likes that of a boss of him can rotate so that it can look down in a mirror that helps with application of @@@lash of the eye. Also They like Me some the options read different calm so much can see like your looks of trick in different light.
5 / 5 Michelina
Has ordered he for the present of anniversary of my sister. I have not expected better quality of a light but is adds!! It is better that has expected. It is wider and also love a box.

Is trifold and have 2X view. It is it has impressed really. The tiny small tray under a calm mirror of the casualidades to dip material in that. You can regulate a brightness of a light. Creation of big quality. Strongly it recommends this product for daughters. I can not expect give the my sister. It was happy sure.
4 / 5 Micki
This mirror is beautiful! I love a creation of a mirror. The desire discovers this sooner. A measure is perfect for my vanity. A brightness is enough to something all but any to shine east hurts some eyes. It is also he adds for travesía. A mirror has bent is some measures is my ipad. To good sure recommend this.
5 / 5 Cody
Fallen enamoured with my new mirror. I can not it think that had lived this longitude without him.
A mirror can be used with AAA battery or with the usb connection. Usually I have the portable load so that it connect it to mine portable and I my trick wherever master. It is light weight like his easy to spend for travesías or moving it around. I have connected once to a base there is remarked that my mirror is ensured closely and the rests in any corner choose to situate he in.
A mirror of the centre and the mirror lateralmente well are to regulate any mirrors of zoom, but in a hand-held side to the left does the 2x and 3x mirror of zoom. (Amur He for pimples, or the intricate mark arrives)
4 / 5 Florene
has has had so only he for the week but like this far is surpassed my expectations ! It does to dip on trick like this easier with the mirror adds with one 3 different magnifications. Augmenting the mirror helps to see clearly characteristic facial during doing on application. It has DIRECTED mirror that can be operated for battery or boss of USB. A mirror will light with touching of a transmission of sensor and regulate a brightness of a light gradually. Different brightness to light are adds to see/apply his trick in of the different settings. I am loved with this mirror of vanity!!
4 / 5 Nellie
This mirror is surprising, the desire had found a like this done of the years, as each women guess a light has to that be just right to apply your mark on, has bought he for my bath but @@give when it arrive it would be perfect for travelling to the equal that can guarantee a light is always rubbishes in of the hotels. Ossia Portable, easy to regulate, can use battery or a usb boss.
5 / 5 Katheryn
I have bought a mirror partorisca use with the batteries of then can more anything approaches my vanity but he so only does when plugged to a wall... They are while to the repayment and has ordered another because another that not doing with battery, are really adds! Heavy, a lot of brightness and clear mirrors.
5 / 5 Eura
I really like this mirror of trick. Has illumination a lot well, control of transmission of sensor partorisca touch, is very convenient to regulate a brightness, and a HD the glass is clearer, as I can also trick of mark in dim or dim light. Easy to substitute a battery. With 3 augmenting dishes of glass, clearly can see my characteristic facial and some the majority of details subtiles, likes eyeliner and eyebrows. It cures of the each detail and does a perfect trick. Every time I leave a door, is a credit of a mirror.
4 / 5 Natasha
Absolutely thrilled and satisfied with this mirror of trick, the better plot that has thought. Calm included can change a brightness of a transmission of screen the easy fact. The good mirror and the soft light will not hurt me. I can use battery or usb boss partorisca be able to him. Laptop to pleased with him and I highly would recommend it. Thank you
4 / 5 Pearl
Way more impressed that has expected! I have expected and looked until a black one has been in the sale adds but has deserved for real the pity in full prize. Obviously some very brilliant lights, a measure of a regular mirror, options of corner ( is very fresh the one who corners he tilts in, any only for trick but facials, plucking, etc.) And extra augmenting the portions are all utmost. That is to include better, when enclosed on, is LIKE THIS COMPACT, one could easily travesía with him, taking on cup of more room that the book. Highly recommended sure.
4 / 5 Chaya
Loves this mirror!!!! Yes, it is it has bitten he pricier that other mirrors with light concentrated, this in spite of, the this is cost a compraventa. A thing was nervous roughly has bought the mirror with dim lighting, but this mirror is very brilliant and still with two other lights by heart. The imports of battery so that they are adds to travel around with. To good sure uses this during my routine of daily trick.
4 / 5 Gricelda
The mirror adds! It is in fact the colour of creamy tan, any aim, but still looks lovely. Some lights are soft but brilliant and taste that can dim of the his or change a tone by heart. Mirror of good quality, feels sturdy. Probably it bite it big for the travesía but is utmost for day to use of day. I want that it is very big, can see my whole face. Some flaps of the mirror of the side is useful to do sure my trick is blended equally in mine jawline. Having a cord of USB is the plus of entity , any need to concern in battery.
5 / 5 Winston
My daughter had been asking the mirror of trick for enough some time like his forward one has had state broken. It have been looking and looking and so only could not find something to that liked until it see of this mirror of trick. It likes him a bit settings to light likes a measure and likes that it folds so that that can maintain concluded when of calm is not quell'using and the powder does not locate a zone of mirror is also very easy to clean a mirror and does not give streaks
4 / 5 Tarra
in my words of friends of the daughter Ossia “perfect for my mark up! A different has DIRECTED the colours are the good characteristic . Also it has different augmenting mirrors also” My promise really loves this
5 / 5 Katelyn
LOVE this mark on mirror. It is a perfect measure . Has 2 elder magnifications. And so only regulate . Like takings older precise that for plucking eyebrows and different things. It is hanged very light ..Easy to gather and unassemble. It is very light calms has loved the take on travesías to use. A brightness of some lights is exceptional. It can see everything!(Included some the calm things can does not want to see lol). I love it.
4 / 5 Jasper
Has like this entertainment with this mirror. There is the plot of the lights that surrounds a mirror and calm can choose white or soft aim. Calm also can choose use 4EA or USB that touches. A mirror has 3 poster, my daughter absolutely loves the reason with a 1X,2X,3X magnification, can see his characteristic facial a lot clearly. Some stands of mirror can be turned 360 terracings. An inferior tray I leaves to dip our paintbrushes of trick and small accessories.
4 / 5 Zella
This mirror are adds! It is perfect partorisca travesía and same when you have limited access to the bath and calm requires partorisca do your trick. It comes with the cord partorisca be able to of the USB, but also take battery. Some lights in a mirror can be dimmed or brightened. And also it comes with 2X and 3X mirrors. Some poster is also moveable that leaves is partorisca go your expensive of a lot of corners comfortably. I love this mirror and I to good sure recommend buy the!
5 / 5 Leonor
Tabletop Mirror of trick - I really likes that it can dip you a mirror in any flat surface. And it is very convenient that calms that can regulate up and down like desires. This in spite of, is not necessary of the turn on by means of a boss, has the place where can dip you battery of toe and calm easily can transfer to where calm the precise and is very light in weight. There are 2 sides augmenting. They are very pleased!
4 / 5 Renate
This product is the thumbs on, any only is brilliant, but also has different light shadow and neither could be plugged in or could use battery. Used this partorisca the table of trick and is perfect!
4 / 5 Emeline
Is the ready mirror quite good . Has 3 different screens with normal, 2x and 3x augmenting glasses respectively. A creation is good-looking and modern. I can use USB to connect to the source to be able to, with which which can light a mirror to touch an icon to be able to. And I am able of the transmission to other different colours so only to touch an icon to change. I create it it was the present adds for my family.
4 / 5 Federico
This mirror are adds to do mark up! It is good and big and has the 2x and 3x the mirror for these details closes on need. A half mirror is big and one has directed the lights can sometimes helps with some shadows. It likes like this fold and can be dipped was to require of a space. It is good height as they are not always looking down also. A mirror adds for the daily mark arrives and will be to add the to my mirrors.
4 / 5 Gertha
Some toes of plough of mirror with the 2x and 3x intensity for easy look for-ups. It comes with the MicroUSB discharges of Boss he in. I love a function of screen of easy touch, and can change 3 light settings different to adapt your way.
4 / 5 Temika
A mirror helps to do my prompt trick in a morning. Has three different light, can regulate me. I can see my face clears when transfer in a light. It is rechargeable battery. For like this, we do not require to change a battery frequently and squander it.
4 / 5 Mariette
My daughter of 13 years has LOVED this present of surprise! You are not something asks but has said is one of his the majority of favourite presents! In fact, a whole family there be enjoyed to look in our defective skin and giant pores a rest of a night! LOL! Easy to gather and transmissions brightness levels to touch a mirror. Calm will not be disappointed!
4 / 5 Hettie
Really was impressive with a way his container, very wrapped with the bubble on to not breaking a mirror. It is has the usb port or the usewith battery, easy to gathered, a light is brilliant but can dim he to use an on/was. I have used enough a 2x3x mirror lateralmente to choose was blackhead, work perfectly!
4 / 5 Marianna
Master! My husband uses a magnification for beard trimming and uses for @@@lash. It has not used a light characteristic , and does not think I so that this is to situate in our zone of bath that is well has lit. Happy can tilt the in to any corner like him like this of both of of the this of the different height.
4 / 5 Tarsha
A workmanship of a mirror is delicate and extraordinary. The multiple mirrors are convenient partorisca several needs. Trick, the face that rubs, any dead corner in all the directions, can be seen clearly, and can be regulated for rotation.
4 / 5 Stuart
Lovely mirror!Trifold Marcos of mirror he fantastical. Absolutely it believes master that! The good creation is impressed like this on me. 3 different colour that ways of lights , 72 has has directed lights and 2x/3x magnification the like this good fact for happy to use amour, will recommend a mirror to mine fellow
4 / 5 Clare
Súper-Pleasant but there is more his that calm can imagine... Has foldable doors, light-sensitive to touch key, easy to install you can use 4 battery AAA or can cover he to a wall. A base can do fault like the tray for jewels.
Light wise is surprising like brilliant of lights. You love it!
4 / 5 Vern
This was the present for my woman and she loved it absolutely. It say that it was perfect to be able to do his mark on anywhere in a house comfortably. Some lights and the poster of different mirror was perfect and was súper happy in this present.
4 / 5 Gil
Am enamoured with this mirror. I have required something for my vanity and this returns a bill. Some lights are súper brilliant! I want to that has an option to use a comprised usb boss (any one spent) or EA battery.
4 / 5 Ouida
A lot good ! Súper Happy and according to the Description. Fast delivery, received it 1 day sooner that planned
5 / 5 Carole
has bought he for my mother for his anniversary, and want it!
4 / 5 Tawnya
Want that this mirror has 1x, 2x, and 3x magnification. Some three options are useful partorisca to the different needs like to apply skincare produced, trick and tweezing eyebrows like the suns magnification can not be used for everything. I want that it also has three ways read that leaves an user to see a result of application of product of the different low trick that lights. Also, he the present adds for any in your life. It can be touched using the boss or battery and is quite the travesía friendly
4 / 5 Cherilyn
A quality is surprising. A sensibility the touch is perfect. It likes having some 3 of different shadows partorisca light and a fact that curve like this amiably! A container was súper sure and has been wrapped likes mirror wouldnt be broken partorisca ship. I am inlove with mine my new mark on vanity. To good sure something partorisca buy
5 / 5 Reggie
was suspicious at the beginning, as it does not change on quickly with which have connected see boss.

This in spite of, after using he partorisca 2 days can say that it likes. 2 options partorisca change it on: boss of USB or EA batteries. Different lighting ways (perfect partorisca day and evening). It is not like this big to the equal that would like to. In general, the very good cost.
4 / 5 Echo
Has has wanted to something both quite and functional for my vanity, and this mirror is perfect. I have seen some other descriptions say that a mirror is small, but in fact thinks is a perfect measure . It is quite he bit it main that my hand, more the folds am gone in both sides. A mirror tilts before and backward so much can take a perfect corner when doing your trick. A light CONCENTRATED is sum to apply trick, especially for early morning when it is was of still darkness . It augments 2x and 3x, as you can see near up without that has to that stick your expensive all a way until a mirror, which are adds to dip in of the contacts also. When the fold is quite flat, like this easily can be tent in the chance for travelling. I love this mirror and to good sure would recommend it!
5 / 5 Roderick
The colour was lovely and the light was utmost, will not hurt my eyes. A mirror of vanity of the Trick with 3 different colour that luzca the ways is quite big for people those who in some gone! Transmission of the screen of the touch is easy to use to regulate it. The beautiful mirror seat magnification the mirror is well for detail. Works really well, loves it. I can use 4 pcs EA battery or connect the cost of USB and value for money!Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Kyle
The mirror adds! Nizza And brilliant and loves one 3 light colour different settings. Also it loves that has both would beat or discharges in option. The desire was the little elder but another while his perfect!
4 / 5 Calista
Finally took this awesome trifold frames on mirror, everything of my friends recommended. Amur An adjustable has DIRECTED to light, and a mirror comes with the AAA option of battery as well as the option of cord of the USB for brilliant built in of the lights. Do application of trick like this easy to see. It is the mirror adds differently the value that shabby.
5 / 5 Elden
This mirror of vanity there is exactly all some characteristics has looked for them. A brightness settings and augmenting the mirrors are utmost
5 / 5 Stacee
Very easy to use, to any subject likes one lighting is in a room.