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1 INIU Portable Charger, USB C 20W PD3.0 QC4.0 Fast Charge 20000mAh Power Bank, LED Display Battery Pack with Flashlight… INIU Portable Charger, USB C 20W PD3.0 QC4.0 Fast Charge 20000mAh Power Bank, LED Display Battery Pack with Flashlight… INIU
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2 Anker Portable Charger, PowerCore Essential 20000mAh Power Bank with PowerIQ Technology and USB-C (Input Only), Durable… Anker Portable Charger, PowerCore Essential 20000mAh Power Bank with PowerIQ Technology and USB-C (Input Only), Durable… Anker
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3 INIU Power Bank, Slimmest & Lightest 10000mAh 3A High-Speed 3 Outputs Portable Charger, USB C & Flashlight Battery Pack… INIU Power Bank, Slimmest & Lightest 10000mAh 3A High-Speed 3 Outputs Portable Charger, USB C & Flashlight Battery Pack… INIU
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4 Solar Charger,26800mAh Solar Battery Power Bank Portable Panel Charger with LEDs and 2 USB Output Ports External Battery… Solar Charger,26800mAh Solar Battery Power Bank Portable Panel Charger with LEDs and 2 USB Output Ports External Battery… Solar
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5 Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with 4.8A Output and PowerIQ Technology… Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with 4.8A Output and PowerIQ Technology… Portable
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6 Power Bank 26800mAh, Ultra-High Capacity External Battery Pack Universal Portable Charger with 4 LED Indicator and Dual… Power Bank 26800mAh, Ultra-High Capacity External Battery Pack Universal Portable Charger with 4 LED Indicator and Dual… Power
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7 Anker PowerCore, 10000mAh External Batteries, Ultra-Compact Portable Charger, High-Speed Charging Technology Power Bank… Anker PowerCore, 10000mAh External Batteries, Ultra-Compact Portable Charger, High-Speed Charging Technology Power Bank… Anker
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8 iWALK Mini Power Bank 3350mAh, Portable Phone Charger Compact Powerbank with Built in Plug, External Battery Bank… iWALK Mini Power Bank 3350mAh, Portable Phone Charger Compact Powerbank with Built in Plug, External Battery Bank… iWALK
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9 Poweradd EnergyCell Ⅱ 10000mAh 18W Power Delivery USB C Portable Charger Power Bank Fast Charge Compatible for iPhone 11… Poweradd EnergyCell Ⅱ 10000mAh 18W Power Delivery USB C Portable Charger Power Bank Fast Charge Compatible for iPhone 11… Poweradd
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10 Portable Charge 26800mAh Power Bank, COMMERCIAL DESIGN with Dual External Backup Batteries Cell Phone Charger 2 USB… Portable Charge 26800mAh Power Bank, COMMERCIAL DESIGN with Dual External Backup Batteries Cell Phone Charger 2 USB… Portable
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Top Customer Reviews: INIU Portable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Taken this uploads 3 earlier days that has expected. It has to that say that I am impressed enough. You are 80 plenary when I recurved the and has taken 15 minutes to time to upload to result full.
My telephone was in 40 when I used it and take 30 minutes for the take to 100 touched and 90 to touch still left in a unit. You use it also to touch my iPhone in the second date as well as my iWatch. Again 30 minutes for some telephone and 15 minutes for a clock to fully of load.
The container comes with the boss of USB also and the light and beautiful pouch to house everything. To good sure recommend this unit.
Also has the build in torch.
And a better part is that can turn was and on . The majority of unit can any one! Like this ossia awesome causes you n ow is was and not squandering the load. The unit adds!!!
5 / 5
In the few words : Wow!
Pros :
3A 5V (15W) fast load
2 starts (USB To)
2 entrances (USB C + Micros USB)
Enormous capacity (20000mAh/74Wh)
big-quality and good creation with the slick has arrived
Digital metre... Always know exactly the one who remain
Gilipollas :
Any USB C start (but still have 15W)
Some people could find it on a heavy side, but is caused by a capacity
light of Free reading

Ossia a awesome powerbank. All want to is there. Can use it on the subject of travesía of the week, touching my Samsung s8 every night for a whole week without that has to that recharge the.
Has comprised the light is a lot well, use in bedtime to reduce an effect to read cellphone first to put to bed . Still it has 2 sides with different brightness loves less light.
Does not doubt, and... BTW, Spent at least 2, reason can guarantee you that honey or kido will fly one!
4 / 5
Has bought and has possessed the plot of banks to be able to and like this far ossia of the perfect one for me. Has all some characteristics that the required and has loved.

1. Has the digital exposure to with the accuracy says one remaining load.
2. Has 2 start of USB to touch 2 device simultaneously. Once port is so that it touches quickly.
3. It can be used like the torch.
4. It can be used like the light with a light of extra USB has comprised in a container.
5. A pouch is perfect to pack all some accessories and protect he of scratches.

Highly would recommend east a!

A pencil of the apple in a photo is for comparison of measure.
5 / 5
Very impressed with this battery of backup. Although main and heavier that some would love in the purse. It resists copper a lot well. And it is measure and hanged does not annoy me . Use it to touch my telephone and another telephones the multiple time and he maintains to go. You recommend this battery of backup to another especially those that are travelling or out of a outlet for long periods the time. Masters that like this far!
4 / 5
A measure of this portable load is not big, and is not heavy, but is very effective. Also it has an exposure FOCUSED and load quickly. It is the a lot of awesome also has the function of torch that can help me find things in a darkness. Has two sockets of USB. I like this more than one uploads to have before and would recommend it.
5 / 5
Luz of the indicator so only shows a current state of the load of a bank to be able to but is not very intuitive to read. It was súper that soul so it takes the really long time to touch for some first time have begun to use he in my travesías and biking and give me the one who the master. Has 2 USB and port to be able to. Desire if a cord is more along
4 / 5
to to the My edges him him like this portable battery reason a measure is small and easy to spend around. Has light to aim a battery of percentage has left. Some materials are comfortable to use in the daily base. A stand of battery to take 2 days more. In general, it is a lot of the have.
4 / 5
Like the Truck driver, this goes in a lot handy like this artilugios plugged frequently forget to touch my telephone now any one the worry for me maintaining. Really I love a creation and satiny feel of one uploads looks to resist the fair has bitten of power a prize are add, some produced is comparable the unit almost two times a prize. Súper Happy with my calm election can any gone bad.
4 / 5
Amazing little unit, a lot compact and light for a quantity to be able to that resists. Nizza textured Grip, a lot lustrous looking. It comes with the protective stock exchange, touching boss, and USB of light prize that it is really fresh and brilliant. Awesome Addition. Easy to maintain in the stock exchange or your pocket to have extra power anywhere.

HAS two starts of USB, as well as micros USB and USB C entrances.

To good sure would recommend, and buy again!
4 / 5
Quality a lot good-looking Of Construction and of matériaux. I adore the screen that indicates to remain % , better that gives lights. Game very effective the recharge fast. Lampe Of the integrated pocket offers a small More. Lampe Of pocket usb very practical. It mentions special to the company touches the emballage without plastic, it tone the goleada recyclable, is very appreciated !

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Portable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
We can touch a bank of Portable power with any of some units partorisca touch, mostly units of receptacle of the Apple.
5 / 5
Slow to touch some bands of the battery but the touches telephones quite quickly. Any complaint like this far.
4 / 5
Well upload to do multiple to go in handy partorisca travesía of Islanda with cold sucking life of battery of Cell.
5 / 5
Has been using one portable load partorisca the month now, taken roughly 7-8 hours to fully touch a portable battery this in spite of once touched, can touch 2 telephones partorisca the first week to require to touch a portable battery again. Also it touches devices really quickly, his light and comes with the sleeve partorisca the protect. Highly recommend
4 / 5
Receive a wrong element !!!! Waste of time and hassle . Very disappointing
5 / 5
I like this anker bank partorisca be able to, 20K is the good quantity partorisca be able to, touches quickly, but taken partorisca always the recharge. It says 8 hours, but is been 10-12 hours partorisca me.
5 / 5
Is quell'has bitten heavy, takes the long time partorisca touch, but more noticeably, can not touch the devices have seen an USB C connection, limiting to to this port likes him to him the power of entrance so only. This limitation was bit it inconvenient partorisca my chance of use.
5 / 5
Buys this like the backup while travelling abroad in our holidays. The incredible law well. Last partorisca days and has touched so much my husband and my mobile phones quickly. Highly it recommends this portable load, is a better one has used.
4 / 5
There is baffled like this to reason this very comprised the USB C boss. In all the chance, work as well as it has expected.
4 / 5
This product is very heavy. It takes the long time partorisca touch. Roughly 24-48 hours. It is quite big also. So only you touch my iPhone X 1.5 times before it drain. Any value he for a heaviness.

Top Customer Reviews: INIU Power Bank, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
No the plot partorisca say excepts that ossia the battery adds and the value adds. Power and measure a lot all the quell'has wanted to partorisca be able to. Video of click partorisca see more.
5 / 5
I have required the band of portable battery taste often travels the plot and of me has found is one that could use he partorisca the pair of weeks. With which unboxing the, has received the free USB powered light which is useful to write at night in mine portable. Also it include you spend it pouch and usb to micro usb boss that calm leave you partorisca touch a bank partorisca be able to. After the touch, the able era to take 2 cariche full in mine telephone this in spite of some juice has left. A bank partorisca be able to seat quite first and has some his weight but the used some velcro to stick it to a backside of my telephone in place of the spend seperately. In general this produced are to add and a subject only is a weight . Definately reccomened For people those who travel often
5 / 5
I like this one the whole plot more than the little another has purchased in some tents. Consistently It Touches my android 2x when it is touched fully and looks durable. So only a right weight partorisca travesa. I love a characteristic of torch and a nifty light partorisca read and chance. Especially it likes that a packaging was mainly of paper and any a lot of unnecessary plastic.
5 / 5
Ossia The personal use banks very good to be able to. Laptop with light, and that I amour one the majority is a light of signal of the power , and a model of diamond in a backside. Hight Recommended!
5 / 5
Ossia An absolutely AMAZING product ! I baught this little creature partorisca my travesa to Giappone; where it is all walking and visiting. We access there was so only of more than one covers at night when we are partorisca go back in our hotels, as maintaining my telephone to take pictures, maps, & keeping in touch with a group, my pill partorisca some walks of train along, as well as my ipod, all touched while constantly in a gone was a lot of entity of mine. Ossia Where this little type is gone in, and never once left down!!! It was able to spend he in mine purse with my telephone, and discharges he in while I have wanted. And a bit indicator to upload the lights are some absolute handier. As well as when being sper, sper pleasant. A moment I have fallen really enamoured with this product was in 14 flight of now in Giappone. My chair in a flight so only spent to have the no-working outlet, neither television. On that, to beat a jetlag, has not been organisation on sleeping. Needless To say; Netflix sucks on the plot of battery of pill. With this little gem of the upload, was able to fully recharge my Samsung 6S telephone, my Samsung Commentaries of Galaxy Pro Compressed, and my iPod. A+A+A+A+A+ Product! 1000 compraventa again.
5 / 5
INIU the service of Client contact and support partorisca offer immediately after reading a description. His fully stand for behind his product! They are partorisca have resupply any one the unit of substitution or offer the full repayment. All solved inside the little transmission of emails. For real to the equal that have said: the money of 30 Days has retreated Guaranteeed, Guaranteeed of 3 Years, lifetime Technical Supports, so only the try with confidence!
Are EXTREMELY satisfy with an experience of compraventa whole like the level of the support of client is so only incredible. It changes my view in a product. To good sure recommend a product to any reason a service after available and the support costs a price of a unit already.
Operates excellent!

Ossia My Initial Description of a product. I update partorisca stick there are any transmissions to a quality of a product over time.
Has bought this like the substitution partorisca mine 10 000 mAh Adata bank partorisca be able to.
--- First Impression:
A bank partorisca be able to is gone in the good small container. It comes with everything in a description + an extra has directed light ossia usb powered. It likes-me a chance to the equal that can store he in the stock exchange partorisca protect he partorisca line. A bank partorisca be able to is solid, slender, and have the soft and big quality-feel touch his.
I turn on and indicates that there is 75-100 qualified his. I have tried to touch my Sony the telephone and has to that say is quite slow to touch when it compares to the mine forward Adata bank partorisca be able to. I comprise that this unit does not sustain QC (like my Adata), but some times of cariche take does not impress me at all.
Wants to use this like the backside on partorisca my telephone, ipad, and some times partorisca touch my camera when I am travelling. But a fact that the slow to touch my telephone me uncertain in his usability partorisca extend to ipad touching, or using a telephone While touching.
looks a price $ 20 is very partorisca the 10 000 mAh bank partorisca be able to, but a speed partorisca touch thinks me two times roughly recommending to another, or in that buy it again. The next times so only can buy another bank partorisca be able to that sustains Fast Load.
5 / 5
It is a perfect measure , a perfect weight, a perfect texture, a perfect fashion, and one the majority of perfect consistancy could any never find in the bank partorisca be able to. This bank partorisca be able to is smaller as a lot inner key faster 6-8 hours according to an entrance amps and with two put you with being able to the same calm only cant beat it! It maintains partorisca import all the Micro USB, Type C and the bosses of Lightning OWE THAT be qualities estada in consonance for a costruttore partorisca safely and perfectly touch any device or bank partorisca be able to.
5 / 5
I have received my battery, and was a lot pleasantly has surprised! It is a lot of sturdy, has two put you of USB, is coming with the chance partorisca spend and the little torch of USB! ( So only appearances the basic battery) touched it at night and used it two times partorisca touch on my iPhone old, has done perfectly. Only downside is that it is the little elder and more weighed that has expected, but also much solider and there is more can that the majority, as they are well with a bit of extra weight. (Esp Of a lot of flimsier and less powerful some were twice a price in Compraventa Better.) Still gone back easily in the pocket. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Bought this like the christmas present. I opened it partorisca inspect it. It is hanged quite light and everything is announced like this. I will not know that well laws or the one who durable will be it but looks to be the bank of power of good quality that it would be necessary hard years. A product has to that 3 guarantee of the year and a company can be contacted for service of client.
4 / 5
The good fact is work . Recharge His telephones his speed of chargement Mximo (but does not give the support uploads fast'') Is included has endowed of an integrated light and the indicator of the level of battery is has divisado and five ( the majority gives other models are has divisado in four) that the leaves joins more than precise conference of the level of remaining load. It comes equally with A lampe usb in accessory that can be very practical during pannes of current or in Camping.
So only bmol is That lucido boss of recharge resupplies no measured that roughly 12'' then in general his fact a pode the games of yard partorisca be really useful.

Top Customer Reviews: Solar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
I have touched initially this bank partorisca be able to (taste all) of street a rule partorisca touch put you, until it has touched fully. It has arrived enough down, but no in the level would concern me. Given a capacity of a bank, has taken enough the bit, and would expect to use a sun so only would have taken a lot the longest time. So only it plans on using this with elements of low download for one the majority to separate where any too much capacity is drained so that I can maintain it next sun for has touched it fully during something like the power outage or zombie, but mainly zombie.

Can say a light level is quite big to touch when a LEDs gone back they on and it beginning that it flashes to aim a state of load and process. Taken was saves at the beginning when I have had he in my hand and is spent the light and shaw a LEDs gone back on, has had has forgotten a solar poster on he for the second and has had the quickly the one who a heck the moment followed for the facepalm when have @to @give are spent for big a solar poster on that. Derp. My bad.

I hope to add more banks with poster my collection and then have something for the compare to. So only the calm desire said a start to be able to of the poster when exposed to light.
5 / 5
Looks to find me that chooses on the plot of these banks to be able to, mainly reason finds a lot so only is utmost to leave around places where so only could require the upper up like a car or in my cochera, but arrival to run the people like friends and familiar those who complain roughly running down in his battery in his telephones, likes I bust was one of these banks to be able to and usually only arrival to leave the maintain. To the as it likes me in partiuclar in of this bank to be able to is his big capacity (26800mAh) which is enough to touch your diverse telephone time, but also his uploads of solar prize, these leaves maintains there is topped on or he help it recharge in the pinch. It likes more solar chargers, a tone of speed has seen a sun will be vastly slower that so only plugging he to the wall, this in spite of himself never is stranded in a situation of emergency, can be the rests has ensured that will have quite juice in this type to touch your telephone, then calms so only can leave he in a sun for the hours of pair for the clash behind up. If you are in the haste this in spite of, calm probably will require covers it he to the wall or usb outlet. It comes with a micro usb the cord would require spent he in any port of USB rule. Be sure to take note when touching your device the one who poer use. One of them so only uploads against 1amp, which is a lot he youre no in the haste and just need to retard touch your device, but definitly use a 2.1 amp port if so only need the fast load.
5 / 5
In the first place has expected a bank of power to be bit it weighed as there is qualified of big storage and an addition of solar cells, but found it to them to be quite light and robust for me to use.
Looks to be a lot of facts to the robust quality very big and has been stylishly has drawn.
Has 2 USB that put you of touches like this now can touch multiple devices a same time.
A capacity of battery is a big plus has bought to date and has directed to touch my Samsung s9 more the little time before I have required to recharge a bank to be able to.
Has used a bank to be able to the the free air to verify out of a solar touching and there is topped on one uploads of 3 lights to max 4 really quickly, which tries it will be essential to be able to use this ease when there it is any supply of hands of electricities around.
Has 4 has directed lights in a side that indicates that uploads a bank to be able to has left in him.
Has come with clear operative instructions and the goodness to touch, this in spite of, has to use my goodness of telephone in a bank to connect my telephone, which have expected.
4 / 5
Like this far like this well, state that spends the plot to time outside lately gardening and has had my bluetooth speaker and telephone plugged to this while a sun is was. It has maintained the load in bylines whilst recharging my devices simultaneously. It would be ideal to camp or in a beach. Access in my pocket and can touch my telephone roughly 7 times before it dies. I leave it on my windowsill the plot also and is touched always on when I go for the use.
5 / 5
Ossia The bank of the battery adds so that constantly they are travelling and that requires to touch multiple devices. His die 40,000 mAh compacity, this bank of battery can touch several telephones and of the first pills to require to a touched. More, his capacity to touch via solar energy means that you could leave this for a window and does not have to that it never concerns roughly manually touching a bank of battery. Also, with a key to be able to that is to situate in a side, has the casualidad smaller of a breaking of key if a bank of battery was to having fallen. For $ 40, this an if some banks of better battery in a phase. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
Right with which have bought this element gave it to 5 description of star. I have been impressed, could touch my telephone for the week. First of fast 2 month... A sale of the battery does not maintain is load anymore. One solar load is the joke , does not operate. Unfortunately they are out of a window to return otherwise this would have gone well behind

does not squander your money that buys this
4 / 5
Solid unit. A lot compact. It feels that some material is good quality when that resists with your hand. One load is fast and like me all some ports is in a same side. There is so only a thing but at all to do with a quality and functionality of a battery. It likes it comes with the small protective stock exchange to averted scratchs (and maintain an interior of bosses). In general they are súper satisfied with one solar load. I try to touch he with a solar poster but apresamiento very long to touch, does not spend a stain in a lot of hours, has not been if ossia normal.
5 / 5
Heavy, does not touch in a sun, any fully touches included when plugged in the outlet.
4 / 5
Have the big collection of banks of battery because our house is always in a gone and owners like this business, our telephones and the pills are our lines of life.

I really like this a pleasure the capacity to upload against house has seen of the discharges but a solar poster the good work in the maintains there is topped up.

To good sure loves a solar characteristic.
4 / 5
Any one creates what time would owe that leave this is gone in a sun, has had was for 2 full days and he have not touched. It has taken also the full day to touch while plugged in. It does not squander your time.

Top Customer Reviews: Portable Charger ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: Black With which 5 month. Any touch even my telephone anymore so only maintains in his life of current battery. The prisoner that touches my promises iphone entirely. And he no in another micro SD produced like my portable speaker anymore.
Anker sent the free substitution partorisca touch state using he partorisca the week and has had a lot of subject and the better same works that a prime minister an I there has been well out of a box. If I do not update this again then a product is lasted and does a work adds. If this an also goes bad after the pair of month will update. ~ Week 2
5 / 5
Colour: Black At the same time partorisca buy this has wanted to take the bank to be able to as my current telephone there has been the question of download of the battery and I have thought could extend his life for having the portable load. You look around on amazon and found this. Have Enough the few descriptions and I have purchased anker has produced in some pasts and am usually quite happy with him. I have been he advances and decided to buy this.

Arrives quickly and a box of product looked really good. I opened it up and there is remarked that one portable load was bit it big that that has anticipated. Inside a box was one portable load , the usb boss, the chance to spend for one portable load, a guarantee info and a manual. There is remarked immediately a big quality of one load. It feels solid in your hands and bit it more weighed that has been expecting also. There are some laptops it chargers this has extra material like the torch but this upload so only sticks to a basic. There is two Put you of USB where can cover you in yours usb boss and then connect concealed to your device. Also, there is a micro usb port to touch a portable load he. Finally, there is 4 LEDs in a side of one load. These 4 LEDs represents that the juice remains in one portable load. 4 LEDs Means his in 100. 3 LEDs Bad 75 and like this on. There is the key in a side of one uploads also. This key lights a LEDs for you to know what capacity remains. Anker Uses his own technology to ask one that touches how is awesome. There is remarked some devices I plugged has taken A fact that can touch you two devices some time was is quite convenient also. I have done this the little time and do quite well.

Has the pocolas reason have taken clashes era. One of them is that touching some cariche spend real his full capacity apresamiento around 8 hours that is quite long. I comprise a capacity is quite big but the adapter of the power for one load could be be comprise. Some other two reasons are weights and measure . A weight and the measure are the little has bitten to annoy mine so when material of laptop chargers thinks of something can dip in your pocket and touch your telephone a same time. With a weight and measure of of the this is quell'has bitten difficult to do something concrete likes concealed. This is not the subject enormous but is so only something has thought could cost mention. They are conscious now that anker and other companies offer smaller sized banks to be able to. In general, I am quite happy with this compraventa. I have bought this last year this in spite of can not remark any decrease in quality.
5 / 5
Colour: Black When I received it in the first place, has not been meso full and take the long time partorisca touch. As I have decided the upgrade to a 26800+ this is coming with a Qualcomm Fast Load 3.0 and Powerport. Anker Has achieved was mine and assisted with a subject that has had. Ossia Still the product adds. If desires buy this model, also recommends that it buy a Anker life partorisca mark easier.
Thanks to Anker, his exceptionally service of excellent client, and his client are the very happy client . Utmost products, excellent quality, and excellent service. Highly it recommends a lot of Anker produced, as Anker is for behind his products and qualities.
5 / 5
Colour: Black 2 stars partorisca a product, 5 stars partorisca a service of client.

My prime minister Anker 20100 Portable Load has died with which 1 year - admitted, use he extremely often as they are the Pokemon Goes player, as it was happy with a product. In that then, there is no to give has had the guarantee, as I have purchased the second a (same model, different colour) like the substitution. This Anker 20100 is lasted so only the few months before it die. Both chargers has had some same symptoms: One load is touched (2-4 lights on), when it covers he in touches a telephone partorisca only the pocolos second and then one uploads the turns was. I have contacted Anker lean it and surprised, with few questions have asked has sent two substitutions inside days. It was felizmente a Anker client and ready partorisca give to 5 description partorisca star because they are for his products and I have expected all would be well with some substitutions. On day 1, one of some substitutions there has been a subject same exact how is unusable. I achieved it it was this morning partorisca see there is the different product can take instead reason 3 laptop chargers with a same question is to good sure the model of the subject the big plus. In general: suggest partorisca purchase a Anker has product because of his service of client adds, but would not recommend this load of portable character reason have had 3 stop that read inside the year and the half.
5 / 5
Colour: Black has bought this in prompt August of 2017, and used it quite consistently for a past 6 month. I produce it adds! Very satisfied and the chair tries does not require to go in to the all to some details likes him in of other descriptions. I am spent of 3 cariche full of mine iPhone 8 More, and the touches have included faster that when it covers to a wall. Once a battery is fully drained, then I recharge to again before I put to bed me and 7-8 hours later is ready to go!

Is heavy but any the import ! I have taken it it has used his for my travesas frequent. I will be to look in the new plus, the portable battery smaller this in spite of!
4 / 5
Colour: Black Absolutely necessary.

Has the personal history as to because think that all the world would owe that have something like this in his at all times. Perhaps a lot this big, but extra battery in some way, form or form.

In May 2016, has been evacuated of my house during a Strong McMurray wildfires. I have landed in Edmonton and is remained there partorisca the bit with my woman and sister. I have been asked partorisca go back up in a half of May partorisca work, in spite of a fire still bellowing around a city. When I Have gone back on partorisca work, a fire has finalised flaring on again and has begun partorisca come to some plants where facts, as I have been partorisca evacuate again. Due to the fact that quickly a fire approached, has not been given any time to go back in our rooms to grab anything. This is comprising the telephone uploads. I am spent a prjimo two days in the bus of engine with stirs it other people that goes to situate to situate trying escaparprpers of a fire, looking my drain of battery. I maintained it it was and turn it on each place has taken to, to leave my woman and the family know was a lot. My dead telephone am still to grieve locate a plan, so only after leaving my woman knows was a lot of and in my house of way.

Has had has had the band of battery, could have me is remained entertained, informed and generally not having like this anxiety. It is the very economic fix for a question of low battery and is the must. I do not go never far without one. Always it comes the scolare and work with me, and is always 75 has touched. Literally it calms it can not resupply any to have one.

Considering one uploads he, can take around 8 cariche full in my telephone (Galaxy s6 Flange, 2600 mAh) , and 2.5 cariche full on Surface of Microsoft pro 3 (5600 mAh). Has the maximum start of around 2A, which is quickly enough to touch my telephone in 1.2 ~hours if they are not by train for the use at the same time.

-Can take almost the full week out of your telephone before recharging
-Petit measure (16.9 x 5.8 x 2.2 cm)
-A must has element for any, never know when calm will require it
-the relatively fast load (2A), can touch more telephones in (0-100)

-Heavy consolation , under
-time of Long load 7-10hs (0-100)
5 / 5
Colour: Black has had this bank partorisca be able the paralizaciones the year and the half, now. You can touch your telephone multiple time in the, and I same load two devices immediately. Sometimes there is it still has touched it my telephone all a way on and an indicator partorisca be able to has not gone down at all. I have been able to leave the friends use it on travesas without prpers that has to that concern roughly running it was before an end of a day. It is hefty, but quite small so that energy resupplies. If utilisations the z/the rucksack, does not take on upper of any room at all. I maintain in a stock exchange of point among, a way of the softest battery (will not line anything in your stock exchange) and calm still can touch he with a stock exchange on, also.
5 / 5
Colour: Aim Like this always, Anker comes by means of with the very big quality, durable, and well looking has produced. With 20100 mAh of load, easily will take 7-8 cariche full partorisca your telephone.

I tent this uploads in my rucksack and so only the use when touching my telephone like the last resource during this day like the result of heavy use. With the full load, lasted on two weeks without that have to that recharge the closings this in spite of look partorisca be 50 plenary. Obviously, ossia committed in an user, but finds that the utilisation quite often and has very treated well.
5 / 5
Colour: Aim I absolutely love this thing. They are crazy roughly that. Having the portable battery has done so only my life entirely stresses free in of the terms of life of battery partorisca my telephone and to to the general things like to them concealed. If has the ps4, can use this partorisca touch a controller as I do not owe that maintain plugged in partorisca the touch. In all the chance.

A battery is a lot compact and light. One load feels like hard partorisca always. A controller/of telephone also touches almost like this quickly like when plugged directly to a outlet; it say around 90 to 95 of a normal heavy use, would say you could use he for around 3-4 precise sails the touch. I mean, it is 20k mAH! Recharging Wise, usually takes to around plenary has sinister rests plugged in at night. If you are concerned roughly use of energy, at night is usually was-summit how is lighter in your bill of electricity :p

An only question has is a cord that is coming with him. It is literally 1 feet long and can any one covers same he to a outlet. You launch it enough it has been it has seen it grieve. Unusable. Taking of the star purely for this reason.
5 / 5
Colour: Black The cost of this device the summer done in him but partorisca touch the Pokemon Goes without having our partorisca concern of a potential lack of load. Alas, of the edges have arrived, could upload the device but little imports lucido port or lucido the boss has used, any current has not given to the device dipped (positive tests with other devices Anker that possesses). As it has had some other devices of those who The 26800, the idea to contact lucido the service to the clientele exited entirely of the idea.

Is so only near of 10 month later that it contrives it went back ! (At all quickly, quickly :-) )

Shelly (of the AnkerDirect Support of Client) took it lucido followed of the file to heart and a device of substitution has arrived some days. It has ensured included of the good operation of the device after his delivery.

Top Customer Reviews: Power Bank ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have required the bank of power to maintain my devices touched when I do not have the access when you can outlet. A quality of this bank partorisca be able to is very good and feels like the solid has done partorisca touch device. It likes that of this bank partorisca be able to is the good weight and is also very partorisca use to trip when I can any one the load of wall partorisca my devices. Also it likes that of this bank partorisca be able to has the big 26800mAh touching qualified partorisca be able to and can touch my telephone around 5-6 time which are adds. Really it likes that there is 2 of start of ports of USB partorisca me partorisca touch my others the devices has required . A life of battery of this bank partorisca be able to is sum and leave the to touch at night, will be touched fully for an awake time up. Ossia The bank partorisca be able the priced well partorisca my travelling needs when they are not in home partorisca have the load of available wall and finds this partorisca be the very good value partorisca my money. It recommends this product to any one looking for the bank of power to use to touch your devices.
4 / 5
Any one very too much the show but I to good sure can say that this battery is done with good materials.. It is weighed which is very partorisca the powerbrick, he chargest my telephone quickly there is qualified more and more economic that mine another branded powerbank. Has 2 usb ports partorisca start and 1 micro usb partorisca touch. The fully touch a powerbank has had to that touch he partorisca 24hours
4 / 5
has loved the bank of power with the main capacity been due to spend multiple devices that always look to be draining more quickly that has anticipated. After the few days of use I really has to that say this has been point and averts. It touches my telephones and of the pills like this quickly how was plugged to a wall and maintains his uploads own much more that has imagined he so that it is always ready to do his work. I have bought diverse small plus chargers last few years, but although ossia the little elder the haul around, is looks to be of the only to upload door and use almost daily.

After hunting on-line for portable battery chargers, so only could not find the treat better that this one with a specs that has. It was skeptical of a mark how was unfamiliar with him, but after the have manually and daily use, am pleased to with this compraventa.

Could not be happier. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Has bought this powerbank to substitute my old a. A life of the also hard battery! I touched it he the week, has used he for the bit mid the week and he have not taken a lot the time until my telephone was fully recharged, and in an end of a week, still has 90 life of battery. Now it is not never it has concerned it that my telephone goes to die on me while has this in mine purse!

Also can touch the telephone of my husband a same time. To good sure would recommend this!
5 / 5
When I have bought this product and he was shipped, thought that it would have to that it has bought the big plus a to last me. And it has then come and have been surprised by what time can touch my telephone. They are in mine telephone the plot and so only roughly 24/7 for music like this calm so much can imagine my battery can die quite quickly and use this load and last me the day and he is to like even more of life of half battery in an end of a day. It has forgotten for the touch at night and lasted the second day without the question. It has not died still. Highly I recommend it that it travel the plot. Travesía For sport and no longer has to that stress in mine telephone that dies. Also I can have the buddy uploads his a same time
4 / 5
Ossia the beast of the bank to be able to. It can touch 2 devices simultaneously. Sound the power freak. Calm never given out of battery never with this yours together thing. It can easily it uploads 1 telephone roughly 5 times of the 0-100 to the equal that thinks roughly that. He the fast load also like this sound the for real amazing product
4 / 5
bank of Excellent battery for a money. I have touched this legislation out of a box, as for some instructions at night and has taken roughly 8 or 9 hours. Like this far, I have touched my Samsung S8+ 4 times, as well as 2 laptop dac/amps for my earphone the rig and I am still has taken 2 fence has left in an indicator of load of the battery. So much, probably another available full load for my telephone. Ossia An excellent and worthy product of some descriptions adds is generated on Amazon. I can not be happier with him. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
The better way that has expected. Used the backcountry camping. Touched my iPhone 8more 3 times , another telephone of people and his portable radio and has had still almost 3 out of 4 lights of cariche. (As almost full) in amazing!! It can it has not beaten he for a prize. I will be to buy more! It is quell'has bitten heavier that expected but no too bad considering well!
5 / 5
A focus in a box was cut already and looked an element that Ive has received has been used or something. It has taken he out of a box and has tried touch the and one of an indicator FOCUSED light doesnt work. It has left he for roughly 30 minutes for sees it would touch but a bank to be able the isnt has included to touch. Extremely disappointed in a condition of an element sent as it looks taste has received the previously returned element.
5 / 5
Can bank very basic but of the works astonishingly. With a 26800mAh hard the long time while when being the perfect measure. It is the must -have travel the plot and calm does not want to be limited to a outlet or that the worries where can touch you your telephone. Dress for the hike that touches my telephone and the telephone of my fellow and a same time and touches both of our telephones this in spite of has more juice to touch other devices.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker PowerCore, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought 2x Anker PowerCore 10000s because it likes-me a factor of small form in the 10,000 MAH portable uploads impression. Both arrived with 25 residual load. A PowerCore has touched to 100 in roughly 6 hours with the adapter. It take roughly on 90 load in mine 10,000 mAh PowerCore partorisca my iPad Airs that has the 8827 mAh battery.

In general am happy with my PowerCores and would recommend this to another.

Remarks lateralmente: it Outrage my First annual affiliation has discovered load crediticia partorisca First monthly Amazon Affiliation () partorisca $ , $ , and $ respectively in my paper crediticia in a course of some last few months. Somehow paid partorisca the monthly Amazon First counts in a side of the same USA-although I do not have on signed partorisca he. It can have state that pays this monthly load indefinitely if any partorisca be diligent. Needless Partorisca Say be in a lookout less this spends yours.
5 / 5
I have ordered 2 of these pocolos Anker Core partorisca Be able to 10000 chargers behind in 2017. One on its own name, has loved that and has purchased then a partorisca the present navideo. I have been doing wonderfully of a start until last week. A an I has had endowed my daughter has ceased partorisca touch any of his telephones, pills, etc. has written the Anker and said him had purchased this behind in October 2017 like the present partorisca my daughter and now is not touching anything. Anker Has behind writing immediately and has said has a 18 guarantee of month and would be more than happy to help my daughter. They have asked so only we would try a first thing to return and this was partorisca try using the different electrical outlet of a a had been using. , and like this embarrassing how is, a outlet my daughter has used resulted partorisca be faulty. Immediately partorisca use the different outlet this little gem of the load has been rear well his original action and touched on telephones, pills, etc!! A thing that the majority impressed was Ankers support of client and guaranteeed of guarantee. They were immediately on board partorisca substitute a defective to upload inside a 18 guarantee of month and an answered my complaint was immediate and class. They are the enormous believer in service of good client and Anker was a lot of his word. You recommend this product and this company without any hesitation!
5 / 5
I have sent the message the Anker and has shipped another load.
His service of client was quite well follows to verify in with me. My sister there has been one uploads with his in some the EUA. Anker Ships one free load to touch his.

Has received this uploads on August 4th ( is state so only the month). In the first place one 3rd has directed has blown was 20 days in and now one uploads will not resist cariche.
Are very careful with my electronic and there is did not fall it never.
4 / 5
They are very pleased with my upload!
Pros : It is small and any to heavy (in a measure of the coverage of papers), can touch mine the-telephone 5 fully roughly 3 times.
Gilipollas : It does not come with one relieving to boss of USB partorisca connect to your telephone (which still done the sense causes a lot of all the world has a same telephone), touches quite dulcemente (both to touch a telephone and to king touches one load)
am happy with him still considering a gilipollas like this usually leaves in mine purse with my telephone plugged in the when required and king-the touch in prejudices.
5 / 5
Anker The external batteries are awesome. This one east in a measure of the paper crediticia and honradamente a lot that has weighed. You can take 3.5 load with your iphone 6s, 7, 8, 5. Probably less it takes more than models. Taken quite abit to time to touch this in spite of perhaps 5-6 hrs. Anker Also there is awesome guarantee like this has anything inner wrong some premiers 18 months for the cost to good sure will help you was or the substitute. A stock exchange that comes with this good like his protected, if his in ur the stock exchange that goes around or yes love control to something softer that a smooth plastic material that slips his fact of. This one is the smallest alternative good to the his big powercore battery. Probably it was not able to touch your ipad fully this in spite of...
5 / 5
It is the Anker bank of battery. A bank of battery is fact of the hard plastic that quality of cries and durability.

An use of this bank partorisca be able to is very simple. When you Cover an end of USB to a bank partorisca be able to, a LEDs immediately turns on. Calm does not require partorisca press a key every time, different some other banks of battery there. You can finalise place in yours USB/of Lightning-C final to the yours telephone or another device. It is that simple. If you have left an end of USB in a bank partorisca be able to, so only press a key partorisca leave a bank knows that it can have the habit partorisca touch a device.

A speed the touch will touch like this quickly like an iPad 12W load. Besides, touching is slower calms in fact is using a device while touching. Also maintain import that your device will draw less can if your telephone is around 80-100 percent, as it touches slow to all the cost. There is not ANY FUNCTIONALITY of Fast Load. There is not ANY USB-C Delivery partorisca Be able to.

There is so only a port. Ossia Well, but like him to him the action, then highly recommends one 13000 model or one 20000 model instead.

I load a bank of the battery in the prejudices likes the speed is irrelevant mine .

One of some profits of this upload is his measure. It is really tiny with the big capacity. Ossia To good sure more practical in my life versus the bank of battery that lipstick of looks or the big 20000 model that can so only returned in my rucksack. It is the balance adds among capacity and measure.
5 / 5
With which 7 month of slightly used has broken so only, no longer that resists one load.

After so only the few days Anker contacted roughly my question with my Anker bank partorisca be able the mAh and offered the full repayment partorisca a defective element with era more than adds. L said him also l has been interested in a mAh version as we offer me 20 discount in my new order . That the day adds and add to disguise service .

Thank you Anker And also graces Sharon.
4 / 5
Quite good but 1 what I didnt the amour is that I have learnt whiel very of confidence, is returned and has gone with to the another battery instead like him to him less prone the explosions for travesa! (Again both prbbaly be a lot but raisin in airport in my city in informative) 'battery of ion of the Lithium - Better know like this Read-battery of ion. These batteries are very known for his densities of big energy (more can can be business ), is economic and when compared the battery of Polymer of the Lithium. Battery of the ion of the lithium is missing of an effect by heart (when the battery result harder that change over time), suffers to age when any into use. Leo-Battery of the ion also has the history of explosions.' Leo-Battery of polymers- Generally knows like this Read Po battery. These batteries are generally robust and flexible, especially when it comes to a measure and form of his build. They are also light, has an extremely low profile, and have it casualidad the low plus to suffer that it filters. In another hand, when compared to The-battery of ion, The-Po the batteries are more expensive to a costruttore and have density of the lowest energy( the smallest quantity to be able to beat to be business).

Now in of the terms of banks to be able to, both ion of Lithium and Lithium-banks to be able to of the polymer has his Pros and Gilipollas. Lithium-Banks to be able to of the Polymer can be considered sure and light, but in them the same times are expensive and have the lowest capacity. This in spite of, Leo- banks to be able to of the ion is of low cost and they the main capacity but, is prone to the explosions and begin like steps of time.

A bank of the better power so only can be determined for your election.
5 / 5
It seats a need partorisca the Band of new Power and this one was exactly that has looked for. The some research and decided in Anker and are not disappointed.

A PowerCore has had everything of some characteristic there is wanted and has been on sale of Amazon. Primo Of the same day is awesome :)

A unit is excellent. It is coming roughly 2/3 it has touched it. I have not used a cord that is coming with him still to the equal that am using the USB-C cord to touch my Pixel, but a solid of looks of the cord.

Quickly touches my Pixel with the usb-c cord perfectly.
Tries some following pills with a MicroUSB cord that is gone in a box
- Tab of Galaxy A 8.0
- Tab of Galaxy 3 Lite 7.0
And a Anker PowerCore is spent with flying colours.

Very pleased with cost of mine.
5 / 5
As it describes - the works add partorisca my pixel 2, Sony A7, and vapes. I have required some small but hefty enough for long hikes, shoots, and day the activities of day. Blown was with a level according to that sustain sales.

I always read some descriptions and Anker resembles always have flawless revises like having always looked the little suspect.

After purchasing a unit was a lot of happy with a measure but I have it remarked a lot quickly touch my pixel 2 to the equal that have contacted lean it and they have surprised. A lot of gain in troubleshooting a subject (bad boss) and was quickly to answer and ensure was happy.

Is scarce to find the company on Amazon that in fact stands for his products (like the majority is directed of Cina) where was sincerely happy to help and ensure that it was happy with my compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: iWALK Mini Power ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
It has taken this partorisca mine 1st gene. iphone And hanged almost as well as (if more it has weighed that) a real telephone he. But it has done directly out of a box and rests in same with the chance of telephone as I am happy with him for now. Another reviewers said it died after the pocolos use I so that it will maintain an eye in the and update consistently.
4 / 5
Has been using he for the pair of days and like this far like this good. One full load gives mine iphone XR roughly 1 full cycle load, which is a lot enough for me. Work with my chance on also. An only thing to maintain in alcohol is that it is the big weighed to the equal that plan use your telephone while touching it can take the bit to tire to resist. No the big shot this in spite of!

Top Customer Reviews: Poweradd EnergyCell ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca The 10,000 mAH bank partorisca be able to, looks very small and compact, but sure has 10,000 mAh touched it of then my S8 more partorisca three times already with the alone load.

A creation is also stylish - is not the fingerprint hog like my telephone lol. Has a full USB Written A port, and an USB C - and BOTH of them is fast touching starts, based in my use (sees video). Calm also can touch he for a same boss, because a boss comprises the type An and type C final of adapter partorisca finalise, how is quite awesome to have to that bundled up with a bank to be able to. Also it has the nifty pouch, and the has not taken he out of this pouch of a boss can run by means of him in all the chance.

The boss is the boss of data , hips, which is the one who has used them to transfer photos and video of mine telephone to the mine portable

touching some banks to be able to awesomely quickly too - using my Samsung the fast load, has touched roughly 2 hours have compared mine another can bank which touches 6 hours to be full (duplicated a capacity, likes 10,000 mAh is 3+ hours in this)

In general, ossia the powerbank that can touch your telephone your fast plus, and the powerbank can touch you fast (goes both ways). It is not quickly touch compatible, but is quickly enough for my daily needs and I recommend it especially has the USB C device and wants to save 20+ minutes when you are touching your telephone (or pill, or portable, or Mac (yes, portable and macs while they are USB C!)
4 / 5
Have the few banks to be able to, but the meeting is way too big and cant spend with you all a time. No with one 10000 Portable Load. It returns in my pocket amiably and is very easy to spend anywhere with me. A prize is very reasonable also. It comes with the good chance to dip the while not using even a chance is good quality . One of some big reasons reasons have bought this has seen that same cells in the Tesla 3 east in this power banks very fresh! He chargers my s8 reason a lot quickly reason has the characteristic of fast load. It can touch my telephone quickly. A quality of build is a lot well a plastic has used is the big quality feels order while in the resistant. And it is not too big can spend anywhere with me. Having an indicator of the power in a cup is a lot of gain to see what juice remains in him. A textured the arrival is well in some eyes and the touch will be perfect for when I travel. Spent one will be very happy that has done!

Ossia my gone-to to touch banks, took on room very small, he chargers my telephone extremely quickly. When Inside my travesía this will go in handy! It has dipped already he by means of some good use, does not leave me down. A bank to touch takes times very small to touch. It is the very very big-produced of final is coming with the very little pouch to dip it while not using . Has has comprised also the very good and reasonable guarantee in chance anything spends his. Perfect measure and so only quite can to touch my telephone the little time. If you are looking for the slender & lustrous with abundance to be able to ossia the good start ! One of mine favourite right now. It LOVES it!
5 / 5
Like this far, ossia a small plus 10000mAh powerbank has seen and loves it. It is lighter and more compact for travelling. A textured the arrival is sum for the good grip.
Uses my mobile phone the plot that drains my too fast telephone. This amazing powerbank is one of a train of travesía better for me. I do not owe that me worry anymore roughly that careers out of juice! I so only discharges in mine telephone to this uploads in my rucksack when they are not quell'using. It touches very fast and can use it multiple time. Awesome! They are sure he will go in handy especially when you are was at night. It is really awesome and will take more than of the this in a future.
4 / 5
Has taken this for my iPad Pro and my MacBook Pro, neither duquel touches up by means of the regulate powerbank. I have been looking for a 18W powerbank for my iPad; like the utilisation all day and he sometimes cut out of battery.
Is smaller that another 10000mAh powerbanks has used, and a quality of build is quite good. It touches on USB-C and supports until 18W rids to be able to like this touches on enough quickly.
Touches on my iPad of 0 to 80 which comes to roughly 8000mAh. Considering a power that an iPad has eaten in a moment, his no bad at all.
The direct Hips to touch on my MacBook Pro around 25; which is quite impressive.
In general, am very happy with this powerbank. So only the desire has had to as USB-C port .
5 / 5
Has bought this for my sibling the telephone concealed there is PS fast touching.
Has not experienced any questions with him. It touches a telephone a lot quickly, and quickly can touch also, which saves like this time.
Quality of utmost build, and has the light concentrated for indicator of battery.
But a better thing roughly is that it is súper slender compared to another chargers has tried, and with a type-c recharging, so only has to that spend around some bosses.
4 / 5
This portable load is the perfect combination to the touch can, big-build of quality, and measure. I arrive it, it is coming with roughly 50 load, I immediately plugged he to the wall uploads to spend he until 100 spent it then to do for the try was; as announced, mine of touch GS9+ real quickly, and could spend it around while it is doing is what (something that could any one with another laptop chargers because of his measure).

Comes with east spending pouch which have found to be quite handy, cuz this load is quite slick in a hand. Has come also with the USB-A/USB-C the USB-C boss, which is convenient to touch a bank to be able to,,and to touch my telephone after - the well has thought was addition.

In general, adds it small bank to be able to, 100 recommends to the partner!
4 / 5
Has bought this to maintain mine iphone 11 touched while in the 10 hike of day. Before I have left in a travesía used it exclusively to touch my telephone house. It was able to resupply enough uploads for 7 full days of calls, internets, texting, etc. With my telephone that the apple say there is the battery with 80 capacity. I have imagined it it was a lot enough for the week of use of regular telephone, would have to resist until 10 days of way of aerial that follows speed, location, reading books, touching the little mindless games in a tent, etc. In an end of a hike has aimed 3 blue points that remain, as it has done a lot well.

Another has had alike powerpacks of varied so it has arrived vendors to compare weights, measure, and presumed capacity. It was generally he felt that this product was an excellent balance or measure, hanged, and capacity. I know a partner in a hike that has ordered a when it is returned house .
5 / 5
Please note that is to be offer the repayment for my sincere description.

The packaging is simple but beautiful. A box of map. It comprises a powerbank with the very pouch. A 2in1 usb 3.0 to usb C (or can take an USB C of one covers of USB and he is the USB C the USB C). A bookmark with an ad. Manuel of instruction.

Liked one usb of boss. Fresh concept.

Usb c Has the habit to upload a powerbank as well as it touches your telephone. It can confirm Galaxy of mine S9 touched as if the fast load has been connected.

Powerbank Is 10000mAh but looks smaller of another 10000mAh chargers.

Is quell'has bitten main that the paper crediticia and fat like the thumb.

No sure that well it will last. It will look for to update with which...
5 / 5
After using this battery for the pocolos now his days in disposal to be my number 1 election. I have directed the test with 4 other banks to be able to, a POWERADD EnergyCell Ⅱ mine touched Samsung S9 2x to 3x quickly that some another.

- Upload Time very Fast
- Light Weight
- the indicator FOCUSED - 4 System FOCUSED 25 50 75 and 100
- Comfortable to spend manually
- the Solid quality that Feels
- the packaging is 100 Recyclable
- No Plastic Packaging
- Comes With Protective Cloth
- USB-C Boss With Adapter has Comprised

will order the second a to maintain work.
4 / 5
Ideal measure of band of battery for travelling. In 10,000mah, can change any telephone 2-3 times or your telephone and all your accessories. Any big plus of the band of battery and calm so only is spending around extra weights and bulk that calm no really needs.

This band of the battery also touches on USB-C, which all the devices are moving verses, and can touch the devices that use any USB-C or USB-A. Having both options is of sound for all some older devices that USB of use-An and also will be able to power the devices he new plus that USB of use-C. A boss has comprised is USB -C to UBC-C/USB-A so that has a semi-detached adapter of USB-C to A.

Top Customer Reviews: Portable Charge ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
5-stars partorisca travelling. An almost 27,000 mAh can of the battery is enough for even some flights of the longest distance around a world. Ossia Quite can to last the pair of days at least.

5-stars to beat of touch. It does not have a fast plus that touches, but has quite touching to touch my telephone at least 5-6 times. I touched it fully when I received it. I have it quell'utilisations then to touch my telephone at least 5-6 times, and still there is enough the touch has left to touch my telephone 1-2 more time. They are very impressed with this action.

4-stars for versatilities. This bank to be able to sound adds for the model telephones more older that android and compressed with micro B touching put you. But, some telephones of the newest model has USB C touching put you. This bank to be able to be much more useful has the USB C port to begin to resupply the fastest load to telephones of the newest model.
5 / 5
Ossia Bank of power of the quality well would help me to plot like this can them touch my telephone anytime anywhere especially when it is 4 has directed lights that calm helps to verify in while more to the left. Has 2 usb port that can touch you 2 telephones a same time and has the big capacity that has 26800mAh in the half measure to bank to be able to. I am recommended felizmente the to any one.😃

Remarce: It has to that be touched fully in the first place first of the use.
4 / 5
A decent battery... Weighing in in 323g is approx 100.ºchero Of g that some 25000mAh bands that has.

Tries around 21000mAh which is a lot of then is smaller and lighter that it 25000mAh band but still last for days. Although it is not a capacity has estimated still give it 5 stars because it is quite compact for the 21000mAh band.

Has leaves at night to fully the load but he will last the long time!
4 / 5
Master!! It has dipped he until touching for the prejudices then there is the tonne of battery to touch my devices during a day. Quite small to launch in rucksack of mine without feeling adds additional weight, this in spite of such the enormous upgrade in one uploads of portable small plus has used.

The woman loves it to use with his telephone while touching Pokémon Aller and maintains his telephone has on touched during community day!
4 / 5
Has own forward powerbanks before but like this far this powerbank has to that it weaves of juice on that. 2x the normal powerbank could have.

Has been able to touch go pro battery, gimbal, a S10 and the Note 10 without the subjects and everything are in way of full battery. It can it has taken to the long to time the transmission an interior of power of him because of an enormous capacity but no really a subject like big power comes with the little more time to recharge.

Gives a juice while and wherever his precise. I have used he during ling walks and when Im in a mountain and like this far does well on me!
5 / 5
This band of battery is perfect for travesías of hikes or long camping. One 26,800mah looks to last for ever, and a three fast load the ports are utmost to touch my telephone in a gone. Seriously I can not recommend this enough. A quality of build is also orders. A unit has a key to verify can of battery, 4 LEDs to show a percentage, three USB that put you of touches, and two micros put you of USB to touch a band of battery. Has the a lot of his hanged and has the smooth arrival. Highly it recommends this band of battery for any the one who is out of electricity for the moment
4 / 5
Very happy with this portable load, compared to a one has has had to that it was the bank to be able of thinner that 10 000mAh, used it when travelling and lose load quickly. This a this in spite of, has used them for two telephones and his touch two times, the load there was still for more. That Wanting to. Ossia Have to that has for travelling, that goes for the day or travesía short. It takes time to touch, as it maintain it uploading against the night or the calm day does not require it to do sure his always touched when calm the precise.
4 / 5
Am writing a description with which has used fully this product for some last two days. I have bought this reason next week am going in vacacional- Like this Far his value he and 26800mAh is enough to touch my iPhone 6s and iPhone of my woman 8-more multiple time. I love a state of exposure of light battery focused- This product is like this light and easy to spend even in a pocket. Good election to be able to behind where touching is the question. They are happy to have this product before vacacional.
5 / 5
Ossia The tank to be able to !!!!! Although it takes some time to fully the load but resists to plot to be able to and load so much my tab and telephone two times this in spite of has load that remain. A LEDs indicate a quantity of key has - like this quite simple to operate. It is quell'has bitten big, but that considers a quantity to touch these controls of what, some measures would not owe that be complained roughly.
5 / 5
Very pleased with a quality of product. Has a lot of can almost there is not running never out of a power. Touched my iPhone X multiple time quickly uploads also. I have been used this bank to be able to take few days now. Look A lot lustrous easy to spend. I add to buy 😊😊😊
will recommend any to to which likes to maintain there telephones fully touched anytime.