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Top Customer Reviews: BENGOO V-4 Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
A lot disappointed. This is not the USB headset. Ossia The headset, and an USB is required also partorisca be able to some lights. As you finalise with TWO adapters plugged to your computer. It sticks directly out of your laptop, as you finalise with roughly 2-3' of spatial squandered in a side of the yours that means portable has to move you your mousepad on roughly 3-4 thumbs.

Was very unhappy when I have imagined was has not been the USB headset! I have been disappointed requires TWO connectors partorisca do and light. I have been disappointed that a product is patterned HUNTERSPIDER in a side in place of Bengoo. I have been disappointed partorisca see a web of place not even is doing.

Is economic. But would have the experience has had I known the has not been like this described.
5 / 5
Adds gaming headset, ossia mine very first pair of headset and asides partorisca be the little weighed has 0 complaints.

A sound is clear, a earpads is soft and cushiony, a wheel of volume and change keys a lot of smoothly. Used he in call and of the friends has mentioned that the clearest sound and the hardly lag anymore ( has used partorisca use wire fence earbuds or speaker of only mine of laptop partorisca call). Also a mic the sensibility is order to the equal that could be listened clearly same when I have not had mine mic down.

Global headset is a lot of sturdy and feels big quality, would recommend :)
4 / 5
was really happy of to the cost of mine likes them the quality and the action of this Gaming headset are really adds.
This will help me impulse my confidence in mine upcoming video of Youtube and animations. It would inform this to any one.
4 / 5
Did not expect Him partorisca be a lot but is. An emphasis of external metal is in fact metal. Some light stays on always. I have not had any complain my microphone is bad to the equal that has to that be good. It would buy these again but the desire has had to that surround qualified of sound. Now included can not listen anything behind me at all, is entirely silent behind spending me these.
5 / 5
Has bought this product for my husband, loves it. Used for his gaming and streaming.
5 / 5
Prize and his utmost! Works with PS4, game and discharges so only! It loves it!
4 / 5
Has taken this headset for my edges those who use he in his transmission does really well and would buy it again
4 / 5
the sound Adds. Quite comfortable. Like data of his prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Micolindun Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It likes I upgraded of some headphones of Microsoft to these. In only in $ 5 more than some headphones of Microsoft, these are the enormous upgrade. So only I have touched recently the pair of hours in a Xbox One touching Devil 3 and my ears were well with these, more think in good sure has listened some touches that has not listened when he so only touched by means of some speakers. I also hooked these to the mine iPhone that was it the good experience also. I doubt that these go partorisca compete with headphones really expensive, but in this prize, really can not complain. Compraventa Good.
5 / 5
A headset is gone in a undisturbed box, with an adapter partorisca leave audio in and era.

Of the 'ventilations' in some lights lateralmente, as well as in a microphone is espearhead'. Speaking of a microphone, has pleasant detentes in a main swivel, and an arm is flexible. Perhaps the little too flexible, but will update in that down a street. A headset has the physical presence when calm choose it up: it is quite weighty! Some cords are all braided, and feel qualities. Like a main unit, has physical presence. Some cover also have the pleasant nappiness' when inserted, that directed if the feeling of the sweet satisfaction when inserted.

A tape has two sliders for adjustment, one in any side. A sliders is comprised of game of the as to looks and seat likes him to him the metal, glued to a plastic organism. A sliders active detentes, and is in fact unnervingly strong when pulled on. A inline unit of the control of the volume has the small transmission in a side to transmission a mic, again with a small but rigid detente. This transmission feels almost like the point of future failure: it was concrete attention has paid to, in a future update. A @@@knob of volume is shrouded partially, and among an opposite direction that has expected. While no a subject, would have liked me the small arrow that indicates direction, or something.

An audio is on-half, comprising the tones go down easily, and the tones the big plus is delicious, thanks to having speakers 10mm main that more headsets in this row of prize. This in spite of, is the little crackly; I ask yes conceal it order it the little, after using this together for the few months. In general, a quality of his is not distractingly bad, and communicates tones pleasantly. Oh, And almost it has forgotten it: this headset sounds well with the triple and grave-heavy equalization. Slowly, this eset his muffled.

A earcups does not block out of sounds around you, but they the good work to comprise your ear. They are comprised of a cup he, done of this hybrid/of cloth of the vinyl that looks to be popular for the most economic devices, and the vinyl slightly heavier that retreated to a cup he, which do not contact with an ear. Some coverages on some speakers are checkered cloth, as it looks to be popular with gaming-styled headsets. This setup overheats some ears quickly, although any intolerably.

Speaking of cushion of console, a tampon in a tape is almost flawless. Like a earcups, his comprised of the hybrid/of cloth of the vinyl, but so only that the discharge second the one who can say with the cursory looked. It feels a lot soft, and are fearful to burst it has dipped dipped/that to him down airily. Also it retains it heats quite quickly. In spite of that, he an excellent work of living until his name: it is consolation cushioning in an interior of a tape, and mecer do a headset feels comfortable!

Has dishes of small metal in a side of a unit, giving it even more took in general. As have remarked in a video, a headset is a lot fond to repeat exactly that is spending. Any whiff of thin and to measure to his looks. To all the cost, calm will not forget never the one who headset is spending.

In general, ossia the good compraventa , and I 10/10 recommends to take one.

Quality of build: 8/10, it can be improved but any subject of entity

quality of Sound: 9/10, takings the little more than paid for

Looks: 6/10, garish but underlines
5 / 5
Exactly like frame, the quality of sound was a lot of good and clear. It liked an along 6 guarantee of month resupplied for a company he. A earphone the part is a lot comfortable in some ears, any loose at all. These arrived in 2 days. I think that that it is súper qualities for a money. There is also spent diverse for different devices. I have used mine in my pill without questions. Also the handy volume adjuster and the microphone on/was key in a headphone boss.
4 / 5
An effect of the his this a lot of good. Calm turn he on strong and no very looks a lot fresh and are adds to touch effect of sonido.un 3D sound the field is realistic. You can turn around shooting mutants in the game and the sounds so only likes turn around shooting mutants in real life. When I have seen a film of alien, was is the perfect headset, but is so only the small to touch games and looking films.
5 / 5
An utmost big quality headset in the prize adds. A headset resupplies the fantastic sound and some leaves of flexible microphone for fast adjustment of volume of the voice without that has to that go to mine place of consoles. Some cushion and the adjustable sides of boss leave me stay comfy while touching in the longest periods of time and an adjustable volume and the transmission of transmission are like this convenient to have. In general an extremely has drawn well headset that highly it recommend to another.
5 / 5
Has purchased this headphone for my adolescent boy. It remains on Youtube and games the majority of a time.
- Fast free nave, received in 2 days.
- Use and covers easy. Any question at all.
- Earmuff Wraps around some ears, feels comfortable has included dipped the long time and does the sound really well barrier.
- Look big and bulky but is the light has weighed.
- Quality of his east well for a prize that has paid stops.
- Really impressed, will recommend it.
5 / 5
This headset is my preferred new. A quality of his east amazing and really like me some lights. Some bass is really well too and taste like this can regulate of a corner of a mic. Thus prize, ossia an amazing shot !
4 / 5
Auricular utmost. Among the braided boss and with tampons of comfortable ear that can it touches with comfortably. The microphone is good and no among a way. Also, it comes with the 1-to-2 audio and mic jack splitter for PC gaming. It can a lot of really gone bad with a quality that's that of prize.
4 / 5
In general, is better that that has expected. 5/5

- A creation of a headphone is surprising, both aesthetic and functionality. A form returns my boss quite well and feels soft and natural. A hule soft also feels good
- Some materials have used is light but does not look economic
- A microphone deformable is also feels good to bend around
- A quality of his better east that that has expected, is to good sure value a prize. Really I can feel a difference among east and some economic headphones my dad has possessed. It is more for
- With which hours of the spend, forgets that it is still in my boss, part of results of my skin lol.

Tries this :3 you it was not disappointed.
4 / 5
Quality: a quality is a lot good. A lot of powerfull stero quality of his and a noise has been gone down likes noise that annuls the effect is doing quite well. Mic Is clear and his, doing well. A look of a headset is quite awesome and perfect for gamers.
Comfortable: a big still creation of light weight and some the soft tampons have consolation of good data to an user. Easy access the mic and the control of volume is the more also.

Top Customer Reviews: 8Bitdo SN30 Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5
It has been expecting more than this controller that considers a number of big descriptions but sadly is remained down.

- Has arrived punctually.
- Has come with all one has has expected components.
- Load and work partorisca the long time.
- The pairs on easily saw blue tooth to my pc.
- Integrates two claves of thumb to some classical SNES creation of controller.

- I keys are quell'has bitten too rigid and have annoying audible click. My original SNES controllers a lot this (possible this would go was with A lot of use)
- Dpad is very poor. This was a point for partorisca break me . Transitioning Of horizontal to the vertical directions is sloppy. Consistently Paths in a wrong iron while touching Final Fantasy 3/6. If starts this north and that it has to touch among up and right, a responsiveness of a dpad would cause me for gone well when I have loved to locate and the aims extracted. Essentially any game where need the precise horizontal and the vertical movement will suffer. I have not had any @@subject touching Mario Kart like this generally so only is pressing sinister and right.
- Cost. This controller is way on priced. Still with the fully doing D tampon thinks it would have to that be more economic.

Has finalised to return this controller and so only that it sticks to to use a Xbox A controller for now.
5 / 5
Is not to perfect but near. It likes of a bit the chance comes with, less packaging, feels likes was opened (clearly new has had still a sticker to protect, lack a unboxing...)

Are the defender of a pro the controller are by train to use it on pc and transmission, but with this one is better in a transmission. For a transmission and of the games of scrolling of the side my preferred.

Comes with the chance
creation Very a lot
Good quality
Easy paring (with the memory in a backside)

In pc (on steam) is not taking some full missing “potentials gyro” would be to add see likes the pro controller.
5 / 5
Take this if you are has interested having your friends on for game of cooperative with to to the game likes him Mario Kart. Mark sure to update a controller firmware in his web of place. A Noise is the bit in a soft but the calm side the commentaries the little. No like this well it likes him Nintendo Pro controller. Having the D tampon are adds for movements more precise in any game. Like a joystick the controls are well.
5 / 5
Like this well, types. Sooooo Well. Ossia The marvel . It does not leave an ugly packaging fool you. Ossia The product of prize . Included one uploads the boss is prize . This with a 8Bitdo Retro Auricular (or two) and SNES or NES Classical is phenomenal. Wireless classics! Any subject with a súper Nintendo short Classical bosses. Works on like this program. It is pricey, but will not complain it . Substituting excellent for the Transmission of Nintendo Pro controller that is almost bend a prize.
5 / 5
This controller was quite expensive, but can see reason. It is a lot solidly built, quite light, but not lighting enough to feel economic. It would have liked me to him a box, but Runsnail resupplies the chance to spend instead which is the very better option in a long career. Regarding a prize, think it would have to that be slightly more economic, but then again Nintendos real pro the controllers are likes 70 bucks, as this is not to treat it bad.

A joysticks feels well, is concave like a Xbox a controller that grip of half is well, but so only like one A powder of controller and whatnot arrivals to take trapped in a corner which is class of annoying, but ossia as mine A subject with him, and his much smaller. The keys are strong and clicky, dpad is well, all some keys are well.

If any Wii Or the owners are reading this and that asks if work, yep fact. You can buy a retro reciever for roughly 10-15 bucks, discharges he to the wiimote (the people say motion+ wiimotes, but have regulate it one and he well, calm so only has to that unplug and replug every time launch the game) to to use likes him the classical controller, or cut your wii and the use has hid the vpad in a coverage and be able to use some controllers full functionality in the each game.

In general, his fantastic, and one of a scarce 3.os controllers of party that does not feel like economic knockoffs of a real thing.
4 / 5
Is the good controller , but an only downside is that while in bluetooth , emulationstation does not recognise LEFT in a legislation joystick , look to be the knowed subject with a SF30 controller (rule and pro) .

Has the work around , involving modifying configuration manually , which the are not in this no still.
4 / 5
Has been the cause disappointed I hype I too much. Near of a transmission pro controller but a lot enough.

Some claves are the little too hard push . Dpad Is awesome this in spite of.

Controller Of good backup the supposition and awesome retro controller but a nintendo transmissions pro the controller is better.

Cant Has beaten a prize of of the east an although.
4 / 5
Terrible lag in all the entrances. It can touch very same Mega man X or link to some managed without taking murdered any stop because of entrance lag in Dpad and all the keys.. Included some claves have lag. Buy Any beboncool controller instead. It saves the game of better money has amused more.. This thing so only will offer you expensive fruatration and remorse
4 / 5
has Bought this to use with the transmission of Nintendo of my daughter and our old Wii Or Pro controller.
Has followed some instructions taped to some tones and dip one changes to the entrance of controller wired.
Connects a tone, synced a controller but he no . Fallido, is spent 30 minutes that tries everything.
Has tried finally a 8BitDo put web. It has been to sustain and has downloaded a late plus firmware, .
Has shot on the virtual PC in mine Mac. Updated a firmware. Tried an adapter and work perfectly.
Sure mark to update your firmware him him a Nintendo later YOU, or does not look to do.
Once was in a late plus firmware, the work adds. My old Wii Or Pro the controller is very better that some controllers of Transmission.
Feedback And work of his utmost.
4 / 5
These Felt economic! Light and fragile. Too small for my hands and my hands are at all that big.

Can not say that well it is to touch the games has my trail in these is not resulted well.

Again can not comment in the very or is not at stake of game.

Top Customer Reviews: New Nintendo 2DS XL ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
5 / 5
I have possessed a lot 3ds'is and 2nd'east and this one is better that any 2.os has had, an upper screen is the little wobbly and very very thin, suspicious this would not survive the drop of decent measure in the hard paving but no the plot of things does today. I have bought two games with east, Mario Kart is fun but this version is severely overplayed. It is quite remastered version of transmission. Oh A lot I have not bought he for Mario Kart is so only a same prize for the 2nd without him like reason not taking a one with him preinstalled. If you are looking the relive you adolescent years to touch a 3ds games for a first time again, taste, is the cost of good has bitten still type for this modern time, chair to like had the reduction of prize these things would sell to sell sell! But I guess there is not any money in that, if you are in the estimativa, obviously so only take some 2nd is an exact same. It take this one for street trips like this returns in my pocket, the normal 2nd is too big. 4 cause of stars estimates
5 / 5
This system are add, with this quality of Nintendo solid and abundance of fun games. Hard among 4 - 5 hours in the load of battery, and some controls are responsive. The disappointments comprise the A lot of wobbly hinge (so much our units have this question), and the complete lack of Tetris available for a system. Seriously, calm can not buy Tetris on-line or like the cart for a system, and will have to that look for the copy used of a cartridge. Considering this system is by train to approach an end of his lifespan, some the better discounts in games would be appreciated also. But in general, very good!
5 / 5
Is the bit flimsy and wobbly, and does not feel like this can survive the drop, but while you are careful with your handhelds then ossia an amazing system ! A screen looks fantastic, and is to declare really fun touching on that!

Buys this product, be sure to buy the chance to trip so that without accidents can store he in the calm chance does not fall it never! I maintain to hard-plastic shell around mine also, but am not totally sure that protects that it resupply against the drop.
5 / 5
An air rap insidevthe the container has not been blown!!! A screen showes the 3DS logo a lot he 2nd XL which is has confused really. I am not sure if this product is true or the no. took it 3 days ago and will ask an expert to take the look. If his will not modify a description so any compraventa this one.
4 / 5
The product has been shipped in the sure container with fast and effective delivery. A New 2nd XL is the perfect substitution for my original 3DS that was bondadoso of obselete. There is no real need for a 3D function so that it is to say a better option in my calm opinion of then takes a same action like New 3DS XL and a same resolution for the prize he economic plus
5 / 5
has taken for some boys and look to master quell' A selection of the game of Nintendo is really that spends this product. Otherwise, A device is done almost totally of plásticoes, and feels extremely flimsy; this comprises both a folding upper screen and some keys they feeling loose.
5 / 5
This is to spend several times with products of amazon, but with electronic his no acceptable. To him it focuses it was opened entirely and the product was has used visibly.
5 / 5
His entertainment partorisca has limited titles of games. Another concealed it. His any sake . youtube Does not look to do on that.
5 / 5
Works like images. Gotta Has said, a life of battery is absolutely terrible! A More the taking is the 1.5 hours.
5 / 5
I have possessed a lot 3ds'is and 2nd'east and this one is better that any 2.os has had, an upper screen is the little wobbly and very very thin, suspicious this would not survive the drop of decent measure in the hard paving but no the plot of things does today. I have bought two games with east, Mario Kart is fun but this version is severely overplayed. It is quite remastered version of transmission. Oh A lot I have not bought he for Mario Kart is so only a same prize for the 2nd without him like reason not taking a one with him preinstalled. If you are looking the relive you adolescent years to touch a 3ds games for a first time again, taste, is the cost of good has bitten still type for this modern time, chair to like had the reduction of prize these things would sell to sell sell! But I guess there is not any money in that, if you are in the estimativa, obviously so only take some 2nd is an exact same. It has taken this one for street trips like this returns in my pocket, the normal 2nd is too big. 4 cause of stars estimates

Top Customer Reviews: EKSA USB Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
I have used partorisca have the small headphone partorisca my daily meetings.
Had done my days, hard to listen my mates. With which has taken this good headphone, my meetings listen clear, has annulment of noise partorisca both receiver and microphone.
With a boss along (2 metres) can take far of the mine portable enough.
Besides, tried it to connect to the mine Xbox, work instantly like this spent and game.
While some lights are was, can see the colour very well has DIRECTED.
A stock exchange of skin the comfortable fact to spend in my rucksack.
5 / 5
Before purchasing is, used mic and speaker of the mine portable during some meetings, and has has had to that always listen attentively and speak stronger. But of then they are when continuing, can listen my mates a lot well and no precise to speak stronger been due to his semi-detached mic. All the world improves remarked in my voice also. Another better characteristic is his long measure of boss, more can connect with USB.
5 / 5
Loves this headset. Utilisation for work in Work of Centre of Call of house. His perfect. I recommend it. As for a description his annulment of noise his well. I have taken feedback of clients and has sawed-the workers and all the world says that I touch clear and any one could listen mine furnace that goes in and is gone in basement of mine where operates. I expect that this help to do a right decision.
5 / 5
Is in good sure values he. His Exactly the one who a description says. A perfect for some games that touch Like final fantasy 14 and red on-line dead persons. Has quality of the his amazing And annulment of noise. And the prize is to light it. They come with the little protective for an USB An Also come with the little stock exchange to dip them in to protect them.
4 / 5
The start with a sound is spectacular some levels of basses and tender concealed to leave to the use is spectacular, his construction is of quality very good. Quality of good microphone and his excellent. Any only uses for gaming but also to listen to the music and that pause in a telephone, taste of a lot.
4 / 5
Has taken these telephones of boss mainly for gaming. Mic Can be bit it more sensitive pleasure all my friends those who listen me said my voice was down. Quality to touch surprised, and a lot especially a cushioning was awesome. It feels really comfortable and soft. Utmost headphones For long hours of gaming!
4 / 5
Aesthetically, looks to please, and the comfortable to spend. A quality of his decent east also. This in spite of, a mic is absolutely worthless. The averages a time does not choose on anything has to that say, and another half, is the glitchy, incomprehensible disorder. I will be to return the, and am not impressed. If calm so only loves it to listen to games and such, work, but for me, a mic was absolutely worthless, and would not recommend .
5 / 5
These are gone in it súper good chance. I used him it takes gaming in mine ps4 and has done utmost. A quality of his upper east, and a mic is listened a lot clearly. I have tried also these am gone in my PC for work, has done utmost, an annulment of noise is in prize when doing of house!
5 / 5
Is hard to find auricular of USB and I do not love paralizaciones of paid Razer some so that they are not that serious of the gamer. Ossia Perfect, and does not look too economic neither.
5 / 5
The headphones are really well with excellent bass. It comes inside the pouch and a material of boss is wrinkle free. Comfortable in of the ears and returns a lot well. Good product in this row of prize.