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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified A scanner is the scanner , well? Well, I have discovered differently.

This Epson done an exceptional labour scanning in of the photos. Has has had boxes and of the boxes of old photos of my parents that has wanted to scan. Some have been lined, a bit where yellowed, some so only were in shape bad. I have left a software has comprised on 'automatic' for 90 of some pictures and he the bang up does to take touched of of everything of these imperfections. When I have required to go that one thousand extra, a software was intuitive and a scanner has produced results very good.

HAS has mentioned that quickly ossia? For the moment, it scan an impression the time, grieves that it closes a lid and scanning first to launch a next picture on. Typical type, would have to has read a manual. You can launch multiple pictures in a scanner, and there is empty among them, a scanner is quite ready to see them pictures like this multiple, and his scanner for separate. Awesome!
4 / 5
The cost has checked Forewarning: I have finalised partorisca return this the Amazon. A quality to scanner is are ADDS. Still it comprises the tool partorisca scan negatives, and has something called 'Technology of GEL' THAT FILL in to the the imperfections likes them to them to them the tears in your photographs. This in spite of, ossia the flatbed scanner as you will owe that upload each photograph individually. According to a resolution has chosen ( can scan in until 6400 x 9600 dpi!), you Can be he expects any 2 second or several hours. It scans it yes in the big resolution with GEL there is enabled can result the time partorisca scan HOURS. Calm import, this will result in an image with a measure of file of the epic but one of incredible quality. This in spite of, does not expect the lightning the fast car with GEL there is enabled. This also has the characteristic (use his software) this leaves partorisca situate several different photos in a bed, and separates him the individual files. I have found this characteristic to be A lot of finicky, and often scans to two images separated the gustanuno. A placing in a flatbed has to that be quite precise, or has not been achieved to scan several photos immediately. These subjects prpers direct we to return a scanner to Amazon - but in general, if no utilisations of some characteristic extras and love the scanner of simple office, this could be for you. This in spite of, if ossia all precise, the minor priced the options can be sufficient.
4 / 5
The cost verified has had any 60 yrs old 2 1/4 sq slides ( Rolliflex) he an amazing work that spends for behind old pics to vida.un scanning was quite simple a correction of the saturation and the balances of cabbage has done really a trick.
There is scanned reg 35mm slides, cabbage and b&w negatives as well as documents. A software is simple and intuitive to use.
This is not the scanner of the production of big speed takes the bit to time to do a task but for a price surpasses my quality of wise expectations.
Is looking for The scanner ossia certainly one to consider. I have chosen a V600 has based in other experiences of user and the does not complain my election.
5 / 5
The cost verified has had stirs it whole of tranparencies partorisca scan, more some format of half negatives. A V600 hands, directly out of a box. Season PE9 Is distributed, but has did not require it still partorisca take powder. Scanned any 50 35mm slides in the pair of hours after unpacking. Used a Way of Full Car, and now have a lot almost flawless images that can share. An only flu has in this car would be a quite flimsy slide/negative carrier, but yes treated with respect, this rids well. Utilisation the blower paintbrush minus a paintbrush to slides of impulse of a carrier, and all the work well.

No only recommends this so that has a lot of slides to scan, but also has printed. If you are a photographer interested with small time, but the plot of negatives of variable dimensions, this car will be the godsend for you.
4 / 5
The cost verified has found that an option to has chosen the resolutions or some the automatic settings was a lot of gains according to quell'I at the same time. Scanning negatives and the slides was very easy has imagined once has been partorisca take a coverage of interior in a lid. I am swept all of to some pictures familiarised old likes them capacity to fix the smallest subjects with a software is also handy. Word of precaution partorisca beginners. Scanning of big resolution apresamiento a lot of storage and time. The so that it would have liked him was a scanner and of stitch that used partorisca be offered. This in spite of me so only installed a scanner of Microsoft free that's that of suture and was able the piece escneres together of pictures very big.
5 / 5
The cost has verified This scanner scans 35mm negative film quite well, but there is not titling negative to scan 110 and 126 negatives.
Considering photo to scan he the reasonable good work, this in spite of need the different photo the calm program so much can touch-arrive some photos, likes cropping your ex out of pictures.
A scanner is easy to dip-up with pictures, but for more than the precise details verify out of a Epson put web in
finds a key to be able to is too small and hard to achieve more with just the light touch avenges on or was on you.
Sure does not take for the yearn to be ready to scan.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia the simple. Joyous scanner partorisca use. A software is a lot has thought was and very powerful. A capacity to clean on files automatically while scanned (powder, scratches, etc...) It is very executed with a hardware in a scanner. I have begun partorisca use the mainly partorisca take 4000 old colour negatives and convert the digital. You can upload until 12 the yes calm time his the in 6 negative band. A time to scanner is roughly 5 minutes for negative is using relatively big resolution (3200) and technology of GEL partorisca clean on a powder and small scratches in a negatives. Some results were extremely impressive. With my neighbour on the each one TIFF the file was roughly 30MB and ready partorisca import the Lightroom partorisca improvement further. Partorisca Regulate has printed the photographs is half and COST of the products are result. Test and find your negatives can. I also 300 very old (50+ year) familiar colour slides. They were form very poor and a lot the turn has been. A capacity of recovery of this software partorisca scan surprised, particularly in a recovery by heart. It was wonderful this in spite of partorisca see some by heart different tones of some films of old slide of yesteryear. While tedious to do (I roughly 100 for day while puttering around during late winter), will not complain never in that has converted the to him the digital to see in your leisure or with a frame of electronic picture. If big new utilisations MP (24-36) digital and pertinent cameras lenses will remark that well these new cameras are compared the cameras of old film and lenses has had only crew of note of the consumer done a lot of years, particularly in a zone of acuteness in 100. I use it regularly now partorisca scanner B+W film partorisca shoot I maintaining and averting a step of discharge of the contact. I can revise all a negatives and select a better some partorisca press (light street and chemicals of the old fashioned way) very better that some discharges of old test. If the calm desire instead can the impression digitally in the big quality photographic printer (yours or in tent). He also the law like the scanner regulates partorisca documents etc... All this in an incredibly low price and service of utmost Amazon.
5 / 5
Quality partorisca Scan partorisca Purchase checked is sum and a versatility of a scanner ensures that although it use different classes partorisca film you still can them escneres. A container of software this in spite of is the ache partorisca install and operate so it expects to spend the long time that dips it up. A time the scanner is also quite long like this scanning several circles to film immediately will take the moment but a quality of final is worth it in my opinion.
5 / 5
The cost has verified are the graphic designer the one who is in the estimativa tight and has required the one of confidence flatbed scanner.
Has had an old Epson Perfection 1200Or which gave row partorisca paint limited but has been estimated like this more buy and was the solid scanner.
This scanner there has been far row of slide and the better colour easier/neg capacity to scan. What only to to that did not like was of a negative measure limited (another it 35mm) but would have paid more partorisca the unit. Another appearance to that liked was that I left easily partorisca augment a dpi that was it on some of some escneres partorisca film consecrated and an appearance for advanced leave partorisca the save another that JPEG.

A small point but has been shipped with Seasoning Photoshop version of Elements 7 which is several old generations . Little you leave down in this point.

A scanner has been packed well and the amazon has shipped he in record time.

Considering guarantee, has verified with Epson and has said to be able to be shipped to them so that utmost but yes has bought he in Henry is, could of is returned there.

In general, am happy with him.
5 / 5
The cost has checked Good scanner. Calms so that it expect. I have done slides and reflective originals but has not done any negatives, still. I am using he with both Escneres of Dress and Epson software. A View the scanner looks the fastest plot .

Also, this scanner is much faster that my old 1270 scanner.

My only reluctance buy east is that it was has presented done several years and is likely to be superseded for the model the new plus. Quell'Conceals any a V600 less able, of course but can mean has reduced significantly price.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
Bought partorisca scan to 40 collection of year of has not looked never slides. In Xmas, attractive some diagrams were partorisca look some the old familiar slides and a process was the memory for as the diagrams was remained in the cupboard partorisca the majority of some last 30 years, as I have bought this like the late present to me.

Had tried of the years of same process in fact varied and die up as it was v slow and some any utmost result. This time, while faster, is still the slow process but some results are a lot of value he. There is scanned more in 300 or 400 dpi and then labels one some want to do more with and animal-his scanner in general resolution, but a lower resolution is still vastly upper to look in a projector of slide. I thought that it that it have to that modify those have wanted to look digitally, but a vast majority is WELL like scanned, or with correction of car (I use Mac Photo). A some I really wants to improve, has been rescanning and modifying with GIMP (free and all one can love - and does the work adds in of the pictures where a foreground or the expensive is shadowed). I have shot ~50 Ektachrome and 50 Kodachrome and both escneres a lot - I had read that Kodachrome could be problematic but has had a lot of subject.

I the plot of Scuba diving on some years, shooting with the Cannon A1 and the house for my level flashes and is not never happy state looking a lot of some slides how were too dark. The scanning has spent previously like this-like this slides the life and has done some paints really pop. Other photos of the travesas or the chances familiarised are equally good and is good to be able to regulate one some concealed was the shots am wanted, but was exposed wrongly.
4 / 5
The scanner adds. But Perfection of mine older 2480 has an option that these lacks of the newest model: it leaves I maintain a legislation to title of transparency of photo in a lid. I enough this scanner there has been the slightly main profile, that has to that look for a headline of transparency every time I the precise.
4 / 5
A scanner is escneres impressive and utmost of 35mm slides but yes is the Mac user, a software is old 2014 emission 32 has bitten code. A scanner can scan 4 slides the time but if a software to the scanner is not a house, partorisca scan until joining you window a house.

A scanner is slow but some results are impressive. I have been disappointed in a software to the equal that has a Epson And-2750 sper scanner of printer/of the tank. A Epson Scanner 2 software is 64 bit and do a lot well. I have assumed in the scanner in this price signals a software would be updated. Epson Said is committed the big Invernadero partorisca sustain properly I so that it follows while I see the software has updated later this year.

Some images of interface of uses of screen in of the low animal so much in mine 5K look of terrible exposure. This does not effect one has scanned images, he so only his heavy fact partorisca create.

An interface of scanner done the Photoshop CC but an interface is limited and are having subject with him.

MacOS Is exited today. Any support partorisca 32 has bitten applications. Still although Epson has promised 64 has bitten the on done support the year, swimming. They are punctual to have anchors it of good boat. Also I have a Epson And-2750 scanner/of printer and while it does in 64 has bitten, to the a lot of characteristics like duplex prints it no now.

A lot of unimpressed with Epson software. These will be my last escneres /of printers of them. Work partorisca Be able to well in of the Windows, but the disaster in the Mac.
4 / 5
Having has possessed previously one of Epson Prosumer-level flatbeds (V700) was the little sceptical in this consumer-unit of level, but have a lot of state pleased with a quality of scanner (of both impressions and negatives) data a point of price of this scanner. My only reservation has to that do with an action of a Epson software partorisca Scan in mine Mac (Mohave) desk. Different of my leading experience with this software, looks that it already calms can not begin the session partorisca scan and he then the walks was, or he change same on to another task of computer and expect a process partorisca scan partorisca spend on. I have found that a box of dialogue of the progress of scanning has to that be king-actuated among each scanner of the session of multiple scanner; otherwise he so only pauses after each scanner, probably while yours to click in a box of dialogue of the scanning to resume his session. All this has said, a test is in a quality partorisca scan, and this Epson the scanner certainly book in this front!
3 / 5
I produce partorisca add - nettling MacOS has seen Subject
Ossia an excellent scanner and there would be it given 5 stars except a scanning of the multiple images always unemployed and has required the tap in a dialogue to 'wake on'. Ossia With a software a late plus of a web of place.

Has to fix it but download needs a cryptically appointed 'EPSON Scans Common Updater' that when open has a DMG partorisca ierra Patch'. Once this is to install the no longer the pauses and a cycle of scanner of p. p.ej. Three impressions to three files without requiring the nudge.
4 / 5
The works add with qualities of fantastic image. I have purchased he partorisca scanner negatives and CD ACHIEVE, and the books yes has required. Utilisation the ScanSnap partorisca scan free pages. When Scanning negatives, a software creates separate files partorisca each frame. The pill of air is required partorisca take lint free images because a software is not a lot well clean on machineries. There is scanned also CD SPENT partorisca my FLAC files of music and he the decent work, but sometimes a software would take some margin of an image. Have Basically solve a question partorisca leave the empty among a coverage of CD and some flanges of a zone partorisca scan, and dip the piece of paper with contrasting colour in a coverage of CD. This in spite of a work-around usually would create the slightly skewed image because I can no any butt a coverage against some flanges of a surface partorisca scan, as it have to that take few escneres, that rule a coverage until an image is not skewed.

In general, am happy with a scanner.
4 / 5
Like this far exited of good and easy quality partorisca scan photo. You can situate 3, 4X6 photo, or any irregular measures in a surface partorisca scan and a software of car recognises him and scanner like this of the individual photos. Taken roughly 30 seconds partorisca scan and save each together. It has done so only the pocolos slides. It comes with personnel partorisca several measures of originals.
4 / 5
He the good work on some things but love a resolution partorisca go to a maximum some reports to program owe the resolution of decrease likes said that an image is too much big. This could be a program that is coming with a unit and has been declared other programs there that read well with a unit. Epson Would owe that update his software. It was easy to dip up and does the good work with old negatives and slides. No an old 110 type negatives or an old disk negatives. In general I am pleased with a unit and price.
4 / 5
Excellent in aériseur. The So only hic is that In can not use the function of in aérisation automatic with lucido the centrical key in my Windows &worsens; the day touches the Windows of version 10. Then it can dread that in an after the place &worsens; day of Windows he in aériseur no longer act fully with our ordi, lacking partorisca be then conscious of of the east. But & it Worsens; it Leaves this, is some très well, has in aé it laughsé several diapos of the family, with of excellent résultats (formed 120).
5 / 5
They are very satisfied with this scanner. They are the artist of watercolour and has required a scanner abordable with the resolution of good picture. I'ts been the year now and am still a lot happy with cost of mine. The resolution of picture is excellent partorisca a price and a scanner is sturdy and user-friendly. It takes the moment partorisca cover first to scan this in spite of, but would be hard pressed partorisca find the scanner of good quality that does not require the little has bitten partorisca cover. In general, a compraventa excellent.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
The cost verified has had this partorisca 5 month now gives - excellent results so much in slides and negatives. A car is very solid, A comprised Silverfast the software is very good but a curve partorisca learn is quite empinada. Vuescan And a Epson the scanner is by train to maintain me going while I imagine era.uncallado Has titled of the film is the small 'fiddly' but resist a paving of film. I am faced now with 50 Years of photos is to spend for and scanner (Only some better shots but goes to take still the moment).
5 / 5
The cost verified has bought this partorisca scan of big quality of some very old family negatives (ossia some almost 100 years). Quality of excellent scanner. Buying a full version of a free version of a software has distributed is class of required to take a full potential of this scanner.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Especially has taken this partorisca Kodachrome slides (35mm), very versatile the, also using he partorisca do scanner of big quality. A software comprised with this V850 Pro the version has comprised all some tools partorisca scan I required (i.et. It comes with Kodachrome profiles). Has Photoshop (Cloud to Season etc.). A scrolling of scratch of the car that use a hardware is exceptionally well with Kodachrome, has not expected of some descriptions. Perhaps these descriptions are not a V850 'Pro Software and hardware. Highly recommended...
5 / 5
The cost checked has Ordered a Epson Perfection V850 Pro Scans the little on done the month. I have tried at the beginning use a Silverfast plus 8 program that comes with a scanner but he have installed no extended my IMac. It has had to that call a Silverfast undertaken to find the fix which helped compraventa! After the when be installed has tried really use the May a tutorials, meeting, is not the friendly user; perhaps reason are not the pro, but take to long and was in the haste to take scanning!!! Left this program to go with a Epson has resupplied to program which is easy to use and comprise calm once give movement need a mouse to start with each individual scanner!!! Amur, amour, amour this scanner!!!!!! The ones of way that use it far partorisca scan slides, old (1950 east)black and white negatives, as well as punctual painted negatives and am blown was that I am able to take these old memories and store them digitally to be able to share with my familiar and friends!!! Easy to use as well as scanner of exceptional quality!!! To this date I highly recommend this scanner for a time of scanner am using he partorisca, for this a 5 indication of star!!!
5 / 5
Spent the product has checked Adds, any exactly a Imacon scanner, but quality a lot very partorisca a price.
5 / 5
The cost has verified Unfortunately a first car has received has had the defective on/was the transmission and I was so only able of the take to start with on just once. Cela A time was announces 2 weeks and I the plot of 35mm swept of slide. It has treated well and my satisfaction. Has has had to that the prjimo down and could any never take has restarts. Epson Sent the scanner of substitution inside the pair of days when I have contacted support in a question. A scanner of substitution was also defective. The startup he immediately the error was with a red light opinion. It is it was partorisca the few weeks he so that it was the moment before volume to 3rd test. Perhaps to the third goes to defeated.
4 / 5
Spent the scanner has checked adds. Scanner of qualities very big.

Is fully Windows 10 compatible in both 32 bits and 64 versions of bits. In planting to use a Epson cd-rom software and engine in a box, Goes to a Epson put web partorisca download an engine a late plus and container of available software partorisca a Perfection V850 Pro Scanner.

Comes also with a SilverFast software partorisca scan of the Plus in the cd that you also can install if some basic options of a Epson the software is not enough for your needs.

To scan photo and slides, prefers to use a SilverFast software that have upgraded the SilverFast Has Studio ( is a full version ) because it gives the quality of better scanner that Epson software.
5 / 5
The cost has verified A scanner has received was defective. Fact of the horrible noises when I turned it on. With which four hours of my time that extracted troubleshooting, the call partorisca frustrate the Epson, packaging he on, and ridding to an Ex drop has fed was - I finally have the new scanner. This one looks partorisca do, but has lost the week in my project.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this scanner that wants to substitute my current Doxie Ida Wifi for something faster, and reading in a Wirecutter put web that was espuede of better document for more than people'. My aim was the quickly give it battery after battery of several papers partorisca scan, and to order a result afterwards in my computer, as I have used to do in Doxie.

A scanner extracted 300 DPI duplex scans VERY FAST. It is in fact quite impressive. It is possible to scan to until 600 DPI in the cost of significant speed, and until 1200 DPI to lose all the additional characteristics like deskewing, detection of measure of the paper and such.

My main flu with these lies of product in a side of software. Some diverse applications bundled with him, if in of the Windows or Mac, is a lot of unpolished. I found it a lot difficult to achieve that it has thought it was the simple task: first scanner, gather pages like PDFs with which. I have tried Epson Scanner 2, Scanner of Document, ABBYY Finereader Sprint and Cast! Bizcard (The last two need to be downloaded invernadero a software updater, which sometimes no at all). Everything of these applications has his own quirks, which the very complicated fact to fulfil such the simple task. It goes that it has to that create the first document to begin the scanner, the shuffling a page that order of a scanner for some reason.

After the a lot of evenings have squandered to try several third tools of party, has finalised to imagine out of the way to achieve my aim in mine Mac, to scan 1 PDF for page with Epson Scanner, and then gathering a PDFs near to the equal that see apt using a Automator script, which I mapped to the shortcut of keyboard (to the equal that can quickly taple' my PDFs of a Finder). This script then sends a resultant fine-PDF of page the Devonthink, which extracted OCR in the and indications he.

In general, are quell'has bitten disappointed with cost of mine, but does not have any way was to pay $600 for the Fujitsu ScanSnap. Now that has an effective workflow, will direct.
5 / 5
Wow, That can say, ossia the add little scanner! I bought it to substitute an old Cannon flatbed scanner that has been using for 7-8 years to scan documents to my computer. That has used to take 20 minutes to scan the 10 folds of page sided the document now can do in the pair of small - and a quality of image is excellent!

Planned on maintaining an old flatbed the scanner in chance has loved to scan photo, but a quality of image is like this well in an Is-200 that has any need to maintain an old an around.

A software that comes with some works of good scanner. You situate some discharges in one feed flat and then press a key to scan. A software automatically opens in your computer and begins to scan some pages. When it has finalised, you can delete or reorder some pages, then neither save a document or one of a lot of things, likes emailing the or it uploading to storage of cloud. A software can do OCR to automatically relieve a text in the document that does for easy looking for or paste/of copy.

Word to warn this in spite of, a scanner does not come with the disk of software, so only the piece of paper with the allocution of web where to go to download a software. But I have not had any question that download and it installing.

In general, this scanner is all that has expected takes, and works perfectly for my needs. A portability and the quality of excellent image is so only to prize.
4 / 5
Has has purchased now two of these escáneres portable, one for my office and one for the digital imaging the assistant has to do of house. A small impression this ideal to scan, taken on a lot of spatial a lot small in my office and folds on him for the smallest storage.

A second an I has bought looks to have some subjects among a scanner and a software. It does not scan like this easily and it looks to have some subjects with recognition of page. We have done some adjustments to do work, but that frustrates that two of a product still a lot necessarily means will do a bit same.

Value of the money, this save to plot of travesías to a photocopier to scan some documents of page. It chooses on double sided immediately and a quality to scanner is excellent.
5 / 5
These few escáneres to scan multiply pages reasonably quickly. I have looked for to scan diverse insiemi of 10 documents of pages in the resolution of 400. A speed to scan and the quality of image is well. It scans short and long pages, front and behind a same time. A tray of the diet of the paper is done of thin plastic, and difficult to open, looks it will break any punctual time. Master his compact to measure which access my small office well.
4 / 5
UPDATE (2019-04-05): it looks he likes to have update a page of product and has take any one mention of a ABBYY Finereader software. A scanner still does well for me, although has an occasional hiccup when connecting a scanner by means of wi-fi.

Am not sure reason one 'ABBYY FineReader' is listed still under a software ossia supposition to come with this scanner. When I Open a software updater (this comes with a scanner of document), at all there is concealed looks down some two sections: 'the Update of Essential product' or 'Another Useful Software'. I king-has downloaded a software and the multiple time have verified to verify that really it does not look for me at all. A page of Downloads for a Epson Personal THIS-300W in a Epson the web of place does not loan 'ABBYY FineReader' neither.

So much to arrive to this point, have gone to a page of support for a scanner in a Epson put web he, then a FAQs section, and finally clicked on 'The software is available for my product?' A lot to mine chagrin, one 'ABBYY FineReader' is nowhere to be of direct me partorisca conclude that a software is not included anymore and has forgotten to update a page of Amazon with this information.

Frankly, can live without a software but if this was the main selling calm point for, would advise you to look elsewhere. Another that that this in spite of, is the quite good scanner of my experience.
4 / 5
Fast scanning, small impression in my office. The works add for all have tried, of double sided documents to paint to pay in some receipts of fuel of the bomb. I use it on the Mac and expósito that can create searchable PDF is. You no OCR, but can look for a content when it is opened with preview. I am not sure if this characteristic is available on PC, or is searchable with other programs, but this was to the good prize has not expected ; he he a lot fast.
5 / 5
Has been using this scanner for the year and half and seat thank you to write the negative critique.

Is not intuitive to dip on at all. I dipped it/ I dipped It on him roughly done two month and it redoing now, a process is trying again a lot frustrating. Wireless setup is terrible in fact.

A software is uncomfortable to use. So only it scans to my computer, still every time has to that it jump by means of hoops to not scanning to email, not scanning to some esoteric another utility... Have renamed once the scanner 'or[something]'. Quell'Concealed that is not never state was. Everything of scanner of mine has been of prefaced with 'or'.

He the bad work in choosing a propiciada the same time.

Thinks that chooses an orientation of paper automatically reason any @@subject that the way has dipped a paper, scans to the rovescio +/-80? Of a time.

Same when it chooses on only a page, to the diet is poor. The thick scanner begin it skewed.

Has had the Fujitsu before that has given he coworker the one who scans more than me, I sorely lose it. It has Had any of these questions.
5 / 5
If the instructions are follow-ups any to is not really easy to setup. It has changed my way to achieve documentations, receipts, etc. Twain The engine perfects connectivity and never has had subjects. Quality to scan, band of Battery, easy to spend to the long of and the escáneres in a fly are figure concealed is overwhelming. Material to scan like this is a lot reasonably priced. The delivery was a lot fast and easy to setup.
4 / 5
Has looked for the small scanner for spatial of tight office. This a fact a work and generates scanner of good quality. A lot easy to install and to use. One the light note is that instruction of the interior of installation resupplied a packaging is for the different model, as have has had to that google for a file of right installation to take a do one correctly.
5 / 5
This scanner is not easy to connect the wireless function, as I have used a boss of USB and has connected directly to my computer. It has done well in a first moment but so only a first time. Then it could not connect to my computer with a boss of USB again. I have tried uninstall and king-install again this in spite of does not operate. Now his on 30 days and can not return I so that I am stuck with the useless expensive scanner.