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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5
Exactly that has required partorisca spend in my car partorisca emergency with my trailer. It is sturdier that has expected. I can relax that I will not struggle partorisca change the wheel in mine trailer (like a last time...!)
4 / 5
The work adds. Probably only use two times the year but looks it will be a perfect tool.
4 / 5
Ossia Perfect to dip in my Jeep Wrangler partorisca be able to take my wheel. Extensible to give you the torq need.

With the chance partorisca leave in a trunk.
5 / 5
Perfecto lug English tone of dice. Everything is like this the vendor has described. DRAWN-WAS partorisca manage rotates given easily. I recommend this.
5 / 5
Has purchased the pickup with with which go of phase and wheels. A factory lug the wrench is not returned a 19mm lug dice in an after wheels of phase. Almost I have not ordered this wrench been due to a low cost. It has had to be junk right? Wrong! This wrench is to have that heavy and built to last. A corner of curve is enough to leave a wrench to clear was wheels of the street is trace on was to dip rims. A telescoping the function creates utmost torsion. This wrench is an amazing value . I recommend it highly.
5 / 5
Informs of clue:

has Received this compact lug weeks of the earliest wrench. It has been purchased to facilitate changing out of some wheels of winter for conventional some in ours BMW 328i convertible. Here it is a Pros and Gilipollas:

- Solid feel and manufacture of quality.
- Ball detent in an end firmly ensures each socket.
- Extension of torsion the cane is generous that is resulted into use sure and effective.
- Stock exchange of storage, although a bit light weight, a work.
- Access of wrench amiably in a trunk of the ours BMW.
- I sockets return some deep recesses of some wheels of league of light the this in spite of fully involve a lug given.
- The corner of wrench sustains to exert sufficient torsion to take and presionar lug given without accidents.
- Quality, hot-the steel treated has not bent neither signs to show to resist the torsion when used.

Gilipollas: ANY ONE; All 4 wheels of winter w/the wheels have take w/or any one subject; substituted with course-wheels of league/of flat wheels.
(Rid (again) for Mari.)
4 / 5
Like this, one first what.. So that marvels, measure 17 this 11/16 thumb to the equal that can see of a picture has comprised.

Has taken this pair in fact years and I finally taken to in fact use this to take the wheel was and on out of mine 2018 BMW X1 reason have had the flat wheel. When I purchased It in the first place, I have seen all apt and looked well. But when I in fact dipped the to real use, has @to @give that I can a lot of so only maintain this in a lug boss and push down a boss with my foot to release or presionar a ray or a stud. A course that has spent a boss tilts when I concealed and harms(scrapes was) some objects in a side. You can see my part of my wheel is scraped was reason one this is not remained directly was and was tilting bit it. As I have had to use two hands to resist or support where a lug stud is then press a boss. So I owe that this, thinks one of this cross-the type of bar would do better reason can resist two bosses lateralmente for the maintain balanced and any tilt and be able to use two hands to turn in place of of the one of the east owe the control with a delivery and so only use another hand to turn.

Does not know some names esatti of different parts, but has tried to describe them so to the equal that can, like hopefully that has written on senses of the frames and that can visualise you that it has had to spend for and that dread can have.
5 / 5
This has done adds to loosen a lug given in mine Xterra, but a force and the durability of some sockets has surpassed far my expectations. I have used some sockets (with the courts 3' extension) to loosen some extremely frozen, 15 year, rusted rays in shocks of mine. Previously it had broken two wrenches of socket, and sheared opens at least an another socket in some rays frozen, in spite of having them drenched in penetrating oil for the days of leading pair. I have then tried these sockets, imagining was economic and really has not had anything to lose. Astonishingly You withstood a torsion and force of me when being and slightly jumping/bouncing in a 18' bar of breaker with the 36'+ cheater pipe/of bar in an end of a bar of breaker. It was in plot of torsion and has thought seriously these sockets would break and shear before some rays would break loose, but his withstood an abuse. They are exceptionally strong and in an amazing value, that has surpassed far my expectations! Some sockets have broken finally some dice/of loose rays and has not aimed any sign of harm or wear, was has impressed for real. A extendable the English tone is also a lot strong. I in fact tried for the curve to the 90 corner of terracing, to help me improve leverage, for pounding on he repeatedly with the sledge hammer. But like this hard as I have beaten in the, a fence so only would not bend, hardly could believes. A thing so only would not bend, as I have finalised so only using some sockets with the short extension in the bar of breaker. These sockets and some bets of wrench up with an incredible quantity of abuse, that am sure they has not been drawn partorisca, this in spite of incredible treaty! These easily would have that stands up to a scrolling of any lug given, any subject to the equal that stagnate is.
4 / 5
Has had a traditional level 4 lug wrench of wheel. With which some maquinal dipped some wheels on like this tight has required always the big empty bar to take a lugs was. This are add, calm simply extends a bar and push down to take that lug moving. It comes with 2 reversible lugs, giving yours 4 options of measure. It takes one for each car, dipped he in a trunk and expect you only need he during the day a lot warm.
5 / 5
A month or like this fact, was rotating my wheels, and having the question that takes a lugs the dice was. I am not quite like this strong to the equal that have used to be, or perhaps my mechanic the-has-has presionado on. I have had an idea to sliding the tube of metal of stand of mine of net in a boss of wrench likes leverage, and is exited easily,. The question has solved.

But to the equal that has had the plan out of house? Some tubes are the pocolos too long to spend around in my cars, especially mine Miata. It looked around for the little moment for the shortest pipe that would do a work, without regime. As I have looked for Amazon for better lug English tones, and has found this. A concept looked well, and has done like this some descriptions, as I have bought one for each car.

I like a concept. With a telescoping boss, is easy to store, and still resupplies to plot of leverage. Has 4 different sockets (two reversible pieces of hardware), as it assumes return more any wheel. Any one I have @@give the, but my cars have different sized lug dice.

Comes with the plastic stock exchange quite economic, which am not using. One of a stock exchange has been rasgada, and think that was a one that has been missing the socket. It could do without an extra now, but has not been that some future controls, as I have contacted a vendor. It has taken the response behind inside an hour or two, and has taken the socket of interior of substitution 2-3 business days, thinks. It had not verified my topmast the days of pair so that it does not know exactly when it is coming. The point is, his service of client is punctual and the bosses issues well.

Him him Any one idea that will cure of the calm flat wheel more than calling the service, suggests that you see can loosen it lug given. If podes any, recommends to take this wrench. It is sure economic against taking stranded.

Top Customer Reviews: EPAuto 14' Lug ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Unless each one a lot of reviewer has taken the very different product, fails them partorisca comprise as has 4 1/2 stars, the people can be revise without the try first.

1- undressed All a lug rays, does not return properly and is not anti that slips
2- very short to take the good grip
3- cheaply fact, can fool some people because it can feel heavy, but an easily can remark that a compound of metal is diluted, is quite feeble.
4- is not directly, the slips was quite easily, a can not have enough leverage.
5- Ossia more prone to cause harms or hurts that another more obviously dangerous tools.

Has had to buy new lugs to substitute a some concealed has suffered harm for this ridiculous wrench, in an end I time so only squandered, patience and money with this junk, has had to invest money to substitute a lugs has broken, can not be more attention, had prepared a zone of work and has left a vehicle out of comission for the days of pair while to a wrench so only to be frustrated with one the majority of and the tool the simple plus required for a work.
5 / 5
Zeros of merit of accident of horrible quality. I have bought this wrench for when the find me in an emergency and was the lucky to have the on the English tone backside. A have to weighed like this called the wrench has broken in a prime minister lug. Unfortunately my window of turn is on and the can not take my money behind. It does not squander your money in this tool.
5 / 5
Has received one 14-thumb lug wrench of EPAuto today. It is like this pictured, weighed and amiably chromed with deeply-engraved measure markings in the each one of some four finals. I have shot a pics and has tent a wrench in my trunk to be tried later, of then have any interior of flat wheel a moment. Like this, I can not testify by force of a tool.

One takes the clue of a metal to base to look to some sockets, like these surfaces are not chromed. It appears moderately grainy, possibly that indicates the pot-metalish quality (p. p.ej., The component of goodness?). But a course an odder is a joint of crossbar , which is like a lot of welded has jointed that I have not seen never. Any sure exactly that it is, but looks to be the big wave washer epoxied to a side of the each one of a two cross-sweep. In fact, it has had the tiny quantity of thin residue on one or both of some bars that the looks have dried epoxy. They are speculating in a joint. A better that can do is estaca some pictures and hope that can see you and jueza for you. A 3/final of 4 thumbs returns mine lug given a lot amiably; and I think that it that it will result to be the fine tool. For this one '4' indication, which would have been an easy '5' there was able state to recognise the weld in a joint. I label This soyysterious' reason is difficult to comprise like a epoxy the neighbouring could be more economic to manufacture that the welded a, unless a metal of base is too much feeble to sustain the weld.
5 / 5
Reasonable for a prize BUT has to that the import shortcoming (for all the tools shaped like this). Die of a short period of some arms - is hard to take quite a lot of torsion to loosen goes lugs especially yes has been presionado by the pro the tent that wrenches of uses of impact. Strongly it would recommend to try out of a first tool to pack it was to use when you take the flat wheel .

Machining Is a lot of - I was able to grip in a lugs but is not very precise and a league is soft average likes the suspect will undress over time. Any to pro tool for any measure.
5 / 5
Is looking for The economic 4-way lug wrench - here is. If it love the tool that will do it easier that turn of dice with eases - this is not for you. Spend a calm more can resupply in a precise tool. This wrench is sum to launch under your chair in a truck and forget it until calm the precise. It is quite small to not being heavy, this in spite of any quite big that anchors it will do works to take a ray was. Probably it spends it is one has had the to do on again.
5 / 5
Has not been that has thought, but 14' is ridiculously same. It looks the toy ! You could very possibly take any leverage to take the stubborn lug given with this thing. We are by train of the turn And taking an in the tent where can the to the knots see. I am giving 3 stars because it is that it says that it is - the teeny-tiny lug wrench. Any one the fault of the companies do not have prendido attention to a measure.
5 / 5
My Toyota Camry level lug the wrench is 19 mm, but my league (factory) the wheels have 21 mm lug dice! It goes figure. There is not for the require still, like this now am prepared.

These looks of wrench exactly like a photo, but without a focuses of paper. Has the strong press-weld in a half and, like another reviewer remarked, a exuded metal around a weld is quite acute. . . It could it loves file that bit it to it.

Some measures are embossed each arm of a wrench: [11/16' 17mm], [3/4' 19mm], [13/16' 21mm], & [7/8' 22mm] and is very easy to read.

Commentaries, some the real measures are this data in of the millimetri . . . One 'thumb' the measures are approximated:
17mm ≈ ' [11/16 = ' ]
19mm ≈ ' [3/4 = ']
21mm ≈ ' [13/16= ]
22mm ≈ ' [7/8 = ']

Reason was of stars? A embossed has measured for a two elder ockets' is wrong (revoked)!
4 / 5
No like this pictured. Done the noise to break when undoing third die of wheel. Has riveted place of centre, acute and cut my toe in flanges of centre.
Returning darn what.
4 / 5
Has done bad. Acute flanges in of the zones of welding. Any sure the one who strong will be it? The economic looks.
ur Given of wheel r any torqued for the compact tool then can be used without worries. EUA Of compraventa has done tools. Somethings Of Cina r well and hv good prizes.
Even is EUA , the parts of him could be done in Cina in all the chance. Crazy
5 / 5
The prize adds, fast delivery this in spite of; a lot flimsy partorisca the self proclaimed 'has to that Weighed ' element.
To good sure the deception in my final, a main challenge is partorisca create a moment required with the 14' cross, calm basically takes 7' for now for side, any enough. It was very difficult to do with. It could be wrong but can not imagine this point of contact among some two pieces (centre of a cross) will remain welded for longitude, especially yes is planning use the longest bar for moment.

Top Customer Reviews: EPAuto 1/2-inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
I trust some torsions of wrench is attentive. A wrench is good to use. Happy of the have.

Top Customer Reviews: Cartman 16' ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Produced excellent partorisca prize. It does not like a stock lug of the wrench has come with a car but this lug the wrench is surprising. Today it used it to them partorisca open my wheel and work. I wish it it was 18' partorisca give me little more spatial but partorisca my car his well. A grip of hule is handy also. I recommend it.
5 / 5
This is not A bad product but the Dimension 19mm is not pertinent to touch give go of 18mm.
5 / 5
Useful partorisca cars that does not have box of spare reparation.
5 / 5
Looks that some sockets are imperial measures , and 'roughly' metric. Been due to of the this, a 17mm (in fact 11/16) is the free access in my dice. Probably they are well, but very exactly that has expected.
5 / 5
Looks strong and now in earth Rover. Hopefully Will not require it !
5 / 5
The sending was quickly. The tool is so only a bit smaller that believed of prime minister abord.
4 / 5
Good quality with good grip, but the desire was more with a longitude to give me more leverage.
5 / 5
Returns some dice perfectly and quite small in a compartment of spare wheels. And the prize is prefect for the wrench of backup!
5 / 5
Gone back some dice perfectly and quite small in a compartment of spare wheels. And the prize is prefect for the wrench of backup!

Top Customer Reviews: Powerbuilt 640870 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Measure: 20-to to the thumb likes to of him the plot. Like a long achieve that it have it on much more cut some and he looks very durable.
Would recommend this product.
5 / 5
Measure: 14' the looks have measured of element of good
5 / 5
Delivery very fast. Vendor very good. My subject only is with an element as it avenges with acute bits of the metal where bequeaths in a centre. Another that that it is a lot so only need to find the way to fix this has bitten :)
5 / 5
Very necessary partorisca people those who are hands on and likes things his
4 / 5
The pleasure the plot. Like a long achieve that it have it on much more cut some and he looks very durable.
Would recommend this product.