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Top Customer Reviews: K2 (PK Korean ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Another terrific film Ji Chang Wook there is starred in, full of action, colgante and work. Amur A scene of shower has fallen butts
5 / 5
has looked for long this dvd(serious) ; I found it finally ,although this was in English ,will do augments it that it fails games partorisca look joined serious that well of amour and especially his actions of the main actor.
4 / 5
Loves this Work of television. I can you do not say how long it looked it. I want a bit it films that has Ji Chang Wook is starred in.
4 / 5
This work maintains to alert is interesting some actors and the actoras is excellent. Have enjoyed each part. I recommend it highly.
4 / 5
Was the laws adds and one the majority of part was my favourite actor and actora.

Top Customer Reviews: Heavenly Sword and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
After seeing this in television, this was the wuxia worthy to buy so that it is partorisca say a better HSDS in of the terms of remakes.
Ossia Some series where gives the remake the casualidad and will be surprised by a mould, some values of production and with this current version feels one the majority of complete in of the terms of character of developments of arches/of the history and an end. Partorisca The TVB and Mainland China Remake of a HSDS a crew of the production and the mould has directed partorisca take a true essence of a novel. A Classical in the each way, and the masterpiece in dipping Jin Yong in a Screen of Money.
4 / 5
This TV the series is NTSC so that any need the dvd player that MATES the NTSC conversion. A dvd games well in mine LG dvd player and my Sony Blue-player of Ray.

A together of boxes is beautiful. A box opens to 3 has separated dvd titled, each one that like this with his own illustrations. A dvd the headlines are plastic hard , clear . There are 50 episodes on 10 dvdes. Each dvd has 5 episodes and 50 chapters, each one which so a the little on 4 minutes. A picture is 16:9 and it is clear and acute. A subtitles is a lot of fact with almost any deception, like the history is very easy to follow.

Some uses of action a lot of wirework and minima CG effects. Some fights are easy to follow reason a house of camera in some hands, feet and swipes. An action is very done and was satisfied enough. A quality of an action and some insiemi and inhabit him is in pair with a 2017 Legend of Heroine of Condor.

Some actors take some good characters. A actora that touches Zhao Min took especially, but can not think of a concealed annoyed me. Some villains were bad and heroic heroes . Some transmissions of abonos to bad and bad to well has been managed well. In general, ossia a series of excellent TV.

Does not give 5 stars been due to quality of disk. On disk 3, has had the something around 1:56 quell'concealed has frozen it my Blue-player of ray, and in my dvd player, he skipped the minute or two of a program. A glitch is annoying, especially with a prize of the prize paid for a NTSC formed. It has not gone enough to ruin a program for me and I have not contacted a vendor for the substitution, he considering more the question that he well. This in spite of, the buyer would owe that know possible questions, has included small some, given a big prize for a dvd conjoint. How it is, I a still quite happy with cost of mine and would recommend he in any Jin Yong or Chinese TVs defenders of series.
5 / 5
Some premiers two episodes are the pocolos rough to take by means of, but for episode 3, is a plus Binge-Watchable HS&DS version never. Some Managers are FANTASTIC! A camera-does, creation of the his, doing, flow of history... ENOUGH EVERYTHING is so only out of this world, the integer of new level of quality.

..And the one who the mould adds! There is a lot of returning defender actoras and favourite actors, while some youngsters Zoomer generation and included some actors of boy are fantastic also. (The majority notably, Chow Hoi-mei the turn is wonderful, in my opinion)

I so only a lot included know where to start with. If you are the defender of Trilogy of the Condor , is probably happy. If you are new to a Trilogy of Condor, would say to start with here. It is a third book , but is also one the majority of accessible to a Western Audience, in my opinion.

Suggests to look 3 episodes the time, in meso. It shows less, and calm does not regulate to a pacing. Sample more, and the burn was on that.
5 / 5
Master. Among a series of Heroine of the Condor, A Celestial Sword and the sabre of Dragon was always my preferred. One struggling, line of history, and the amour is perfect. Zheng Wuji And Zhao Min is my favourite pairs. A subbing in a work loves it but the desire would have maintained an original of inaugural song. It would recommend this to any but in the first place to comprise some of a character that mentions like Guo Jing, Huang Rong, and a pair of Hero of the Condor. You owe that look a first series: Legend of a Hero of Condor and a second serious: Turn of some Heroes of Condor. Thank you, it can not expect buy more than you.
4 / 5
A content (, A serious TV) is excellent. This in spite of, please notes that this 'deluxe' the version is no different of a esgular' version that is on sale elsewhere on Amazon. Especially, a description of product remarks that a 'deluxe' the version contains 12 disks (that it would suggest it that ossia the deluxe version), but in reality has only disks in a container (the same number like esgular' version).
4 / 5
Recommended film is roughly Trilogy of heroine of condor, returns a hero of condor and a sabre of dragon of celestial sword. A DVD is good quality and does not forget to choose yiur region before shabby. A vendor is responsive and good in packaging and thanks to nave of priorities of the amazon.
5 / 5
There is look this film before two times and is has said still the little different, taste a bit actors and a history in this version.
4 / 5
My edges and I am enjoyed for real look a Celestial Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre. It was really value the to buy it

Top Customer Reviews: Love in a Moonlight ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
WELL, the start was, this was the ape , ready, happy, sad, that interests miniseries. Originally I have seen this in a local television canal (LA18) and my whole family enjoyed it (recommended partorisca adolescent on on). Desire more the programs have been like this facts.

Some values of production are big, a history adds and some actoras/of the actors that the value that looks. This series is one of one the majority to populate in Asia, and his easy to see reason.

In the technical note: if desires see it, buy this version. Yes, it is more expensive, but a video and the quality of audio is a better. A series is on 12 episodes and is widespread was on 5 disks. That means does any visual or compression of audio.
4 / 5
Another awesome spent of an original dvd place of boxes of Amur In a Moonlight. Ossia Mine 4th spent of Tent of the Asian work and I always receive a product announces. All some other vendors are the swipe and lose with low quality, copied bootleg dvd and sometimes send you a together original but is not never compatible. To all the cost- touch you to you a same prize partorisca bootleg dvd. The tent of Asian Work is an only one has found partorisca be compatible on ridding an original KDramas in new quality , big, insiemi of original box. I can not rent this tent enough!
4 / 5
I so only toke me 3 days to look a whole series. I have had so only several moments when it was the black screen . But another then ossia was súper fantastic, some actors are fabulous and, really LOVE a line of history. As you Fall enamoured a roughly of a Male of actors and Woman, is wonderful. I LOVE The PRINCE of CROWN and HIS BODYGUARD, and his interest of Amur. AMUR THIS WHOLE SELECTION. The desire would have dipped some of some characteristic special in another disk. I WANT TO WHEN PARCO BO GUMS DID DANCE He in BOTH VIDEO< {sample on TUBE}.
4 / 5
Because of looking 'A Record Youth' in Netflix, am resulted the partidário true of Parco Bo Gums. I have laughed, cried, and sobbed during 'Amur in a Moonlight'. It has arrived in the beautiful casing and in perfect condition. I know has no the found in Netflix but has trusted other descriptions for him and was happy has done. An idyll among a young prince and the daughter that feigns to be the eunuch (boy) and do fault a prince of crown is hysterical, wonderful, and helps an action of emotion of different spectator. It felt he likes was part of this film. I recommend it highly.
5 / 5
Displeased My first compraventa of some CD disks has suffered harm and some last scenes have not been has loved a history and some actors and some the rear earths of some scenes have purchased this second dipped how was scenes and the funds coloreados was good-looking.
5 / 5
Loves this history and looked it first multiple time to order a DVD. Some last pocolos small first of an end was the disappointment when a last disk (3rd of 3 total) has frozen pocolos second first of following advances. It looks the disk has had the defect (something of pair ) which is a cause . It would be a lot it could take that third disk substituted by provider.
5 / 5
Films very excellent and an English subtitles is the plus loves the Korean works please to order this product any one @subjects your ethnicity, are the black person and I really enjoy this film are the big defender of Korean works a line of history is like this very this acts there will be you crying your eyes were.
4 / 5
First of all, this 3 DVD version can not be compress at all. It is rendered in DVD9 formed (DVD5 is one regulates DVD) which is a lot common in Asia, but no like this in north Amsterdam. Also the word to warn: any one all the player of DVD will touch well he DVD9 - mine Samsung BD the player so only touches 4 of some 6 episodes in this edition, but my Sony BD the player has touched he without subjects.

Now for this series: it is really the wonderful K-Does, a lot of paced and with the history of good-looking amour. Looked these serious five times already and is cost all a time. Any marvel has flown absolutely an audience of another add K-operates it soyoon Scarlet of Heart of the Lovers' this aired a same time.

Now, will try to give some details in this series without spoilers. My favourite episodes are 4, 7 and 9, but all other episodes are really good and some actors and he actoras is glorious and they the value of glorious work to call artists in fact. An acting is like this powerful that almost calms does not require a subtitles (well, does not know Korean) to take some emotions transmitted and spend calm the tears in time, any one particularly reason is sad but reason is like this fantastically has presented yours. An action of a mould has been point and averts.

Episode 4 calls 'After a game finalises' but could call 'All for the partner, amour besides' - is where a main female character risks all so that it thinks is friendship when, in fact has finalised so only express his amour to his partner has wanted and has fallen for sound. To arrive to this point, does not think that has known even was already is also an episode where a wonderful humming version of 'Reason Lose' the song is presented. A real piece of art.

Episode 7 call 'Confession' and a point has underlined is data any for some main characters, but for another character to sustain that is also a lot emotional and can spend calm the tears: 'A goodbye pertinent is like this sincere likes amour'...

Episode 9 calls 'A moment a door of my open heart' and is the poignant episode where a character viril main silently transmits his amour to one maiden master and begs to remain with him... Wonderful scene in fact.

Episode 11 this when a Ra On Version of 'Reason Lose' - sung for Beige - is presented fully and raisin for the majority of some highly the emotional scenes for all leave episode 14, when a Yeong the version of a same song is presented.

Now, comment it on 'Reason Lose' song: All three touched is comprised in an official soundtrack and he well have. Particularly I want a humming version and a Ra On version, both for Beige. A Yeong the looks of version to plot more refined and is sung by the singer viril, but does not have a Beige emotional force dips in some first two versions. She so only-handedly incidents your heart (investigations on Youtube for his alive action in the radio talk show and you can take tears in your eyes like this powerfully touched is his flange of this song! So much so that one still of radio show transmission resulted with which has been embroiders fact )

Highly recommend this for all the world-wide any one sees the very beautiful amour history, the glorious actions are of all a mould and the song to break.
5 / 5
Excellent doing for all are so many pleasant moments , besides has moments of tenderness among some main characters. Still although a series there has been the end adds, a manager would owe that it has given to closure more orders..
5 / 5
Likes and enjoy this work still doing on that. I add storyline and are already hooked in some characters. The prizes add and really good English subs.

Top Customer Reviews: Eternal Love - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5

1/2 big thumbs. 6 wide thumbs.

555209 018260





Appearance widescreen

hours of program
But really the episodes vary 43 minutes or more

DOING the dialogue that & writes so only
MUSIC subtitles

has Estimated in

Available but no in cd still, partorisca find this OST listed in Chinese this....
1) Looks on singer YISA YU
2) will see two options partorisca east in a listing.
1 HAS 10 songs & 1 has 60 songs partorisca a same prize.
3) A picture in a OST matches a work.

Partial Storyline

This work has good-looking scenery like the history unfolds during three different lifetimes on 70,000 years among his first life his second life. His third life is 300 years later.

His first life is when Yin Bolt in an immortal realm like him desciple of me he Yaun. It is hiding his identity to be the woman of a race of vixen and is there like this disguised like the man. It is naturalidad born troublemaker. Constantly it goes to a mortal realm when it is not supposed to. This always the results is questions of first order for me he Yaun that servants. If Yin raisin to be his preferred desciple and rescues and another desciple that seal to the long of. When it Listens that the member of his family is for gives birth a two sneak down. Unfortunately they are taken by a Tribe of Ghost. It finalises to attract a second Prince and a Princess like interests of amour. While another person is tortured, is the very taken cure of for a Prince of Ghost. A Prince and the princess love to escape but Me he Yaun has come from/come from Kulan to help succour them. It uses his magic to attack some men of tribes of the Ghost and they return to Kulan. These results in me he Yaun be it attacked by rays of lightning while they try protegerprpers when it marries gone back to Kulan like this punishment. These causes to be in need of recuperation for month.

A Second Prince of Ghost Yi That comes to visit reason can not forget. And they have developed feeling to the each one which another. Secretly recognition like this hides in the grotto to recover harms of some main desciple when it has arrived. Uan The nude is hiding in Kulan to avert a pair fixed. It has learnt a power to temporarily transform it to look Yin and uses it his goodness partorisca seduce him. But people of Kulan and a tribe of the ghost is not left to be together in all the chance. This his cause to leave avert and for him to take Uan Nude house and marry. But it is not like this innocent like his appearance is like this help a leader of a tribe of Ghost to fly a war stradagies of Kulan. But it can it wins a heart of a second Prince? Or he still amour Yin? If Yin never accept his amour again? It forgives?

Me He Yaun In another hand is attracted secretly to Yin and can feel an appeal among a two of them. But all the world thinks that that it is the man . It will do all has beaten to spend time with his and to protect. His bond is astonishingly strong and knows by heart. It exits of his recuperation prompt period for his. But the people are beginning to speculate in a two of them.

When Some pauses of war was and Me he Yaun sacrifices for the take. It rushes his with which dies and later secretly uses his blood of vixen to help preserve his organism. His alcohol has been seperated in of the pieces of his organism partorisca seal in some tribes of Ghost fierce Leader and take a war. But we see to to the the ghost likes him the alcohol around the his ossia wanting to and am sure that is. But pode his organism recovers and return the life? It has been included to see a second Ghost Prince the one who is now governs it people for a scarce emerald but failure in his tentativa of the take. An emerald would preserve his organism indefinitely. As it takes his organism to some people of vixen and uses more than his blood. This almost costs his life. There his parents come to his rescue. They save his with part of his essence of mothers and help to preserve me he Haun organism. His last first words of the death was 'Attended For me'. The one who was these words has meant takes? I have been for his suns or for all of the his desciple?

Me He Yaun Fallen to this deathlike the state and has been curing of him for 70,000 years. As I have said before, it tries to take an emerald of a king of new Ghost the one who spends to be a man was enamoured with in a past, a second Prince of Ghost. Until he maintaining had been using a blood of his heart to maintain his organism preserved in of the hopes that his alcohol rejoin and his turn.

70,000 late years
And controls in a bell that an enemy is taken in. When it Uses one magic roll that is remained by me he Yaun to update a field by force how is is result weakened, she looses his memory and taking transported to a human world. Alive there felizmente like the priest of one there is wounded animal that finds. A day finds to black snake and he amena house. It tries to cure it, unaware that a medicine that is using in fact is hurting more. It sleeps with this snake under the coverage in of the hopes the help recovers. But in reality , this is not that it looks to be. It is in fact the Prince of a Celestrial the tribe has appointed Ye Hea the one who can teleport and transmission to the dragon. It is spent three month in some mortal world-wide sleeping with sound. But as to snake. A difference of time among some two places is surprising. A day in a human world is roughly 15 minutes his time.

Ye Hea Is captivated for this charming and innocent woman and decides to see in person. As it appears like a man wounded. Of course it loves the help recovers. These two dulcemente enamorar and marry. Nomination his SuSu. It is the sweet and fond report but when it has to that return in his place and he taken to a Celestrial the tribe there is in plot of bad things that spends his. Still although it is pregnant with his boy, is considered so only the mortal. The things could have been different is all the world-wide comprise has known that it was one immoral. But ossia something would have to that see like this to the that bad the one of the fact resulted like Consort was a lot of jealous of sound. And to that spent has been to try to help. But included when being a mother of his edges was really the dangerous situation for his. And he the election that will pursue for ever. It can this wants to survive in another lifetime? That has been has had to that do to try to be with his for ever? It forgives?

300 years later
now is recovering in a mortal world and has decided to drink to potion that permanently will erase his memories all this is spent his in a Celestrial the tribe that comprises his husband and edges. It is returned now his own identity like Bai Quain. But it is informed also to as seventeen for me it Yaun and his defenders. It does not agree never a past and a boy that lucida anxiety? That spends with a perspective of me he Yaun returning? The one who want? Both of these men look equally but is very different. That thinks will spend afterwards? It finds filled in this lifetime that Ye Hea dies to try resell a bell and protect another?

That spends when Ye Hea dies and a Real family wants to take an organism? They do not recognise that they never are married, has involved so only? I do not love to spoil this for you.

has looked 7 episodes in On-line , but me prendió to look more first purchasing it. I have known I have loved this work after only 2 episodes. A scenery is like this beautiful and some dresses have surprised. So many, likes with which look of the few episodes , stop there and the buy.

continuous the look could remark a modification likes it has done. They were smaller but chair that was of entity of mine. Had more than the connection among me it Yaun and Yin concealed has not looked to do he to this copy. This work has been modified to Malaysia and they have strong to censor joints. I have contacted this company in a past in parts that has been modified out of a work Bromance. When A censorship the joint has the sensitive subjects always modify kissed and next kisses. Also other things that does not apply to this together. Like this when I want to buy one of Malaysia no continuous for the on-line look. If I have not seen never these separates then does not lose him . Multimedia is an only company that mark this work.

Special effects
know people those who effects of hate of blue screen but are not one of them. This help adds to a believability of these different realms. Some edifices are surprising and a scenery the well sees. A scene of war among some two groups has looked the bell. But a lot so only any bell. It grows main in a heaven and sucks on people his glowing inner of vortex and destroyed or takes him inner. Memory of the scene of a DAY of INDEPENDENCE of American film. It was a lot of fresco to see, but does not expect that they all be of this caliber for a whole series. Among some special effects, locations and dresses, the durable impression on me. The desire could see more than this type of shows of qualities in Amsterdam. But a new tailed the vixens have required to be better facts and looked the bit was.

If ossia useful to the left know me and click in that. So only it wishes that it could have it the second season. I know that the pleasant sounds after a quantity of episodes this season has. But it would like to know that it spends afterwards for a main pair. And that spends to some two characters lateralmente storyline. Cela Can any never be together reason his name is not in three bone of bolt. A woman is the vixen and has nine bolt/ of rows and has three. Abundance of room for the second season.

3/2/19 update
Season 2. A main pair for season 2 is a based in a 8th Prince and his woman the one who there has been the girl. And to the equal that spend for a vortex to a future. Well He in all the chance. As they Finalise behind in some spent before they have fulfilled and that there is two of him that both master. Also his his brother the old plus has been enamoured with his of then infancy and a pair planned to be together before this. My joint is to rewatch parcos 1 then clock season2. This season is good but takes delicate and changes the chances and the lives of some people have involved. But some transmissions are not for some better. Down waiting for these seasons to be available to buy in a future. Will have the season 3!!! This is to dip partorisca air in December of this year with a same pair. I think that that it directs in his edges. I expect that it is available to buy punctual.

I do I the season based in mine two favourite characters. Cela Has mentioned before, require the happy end.

Left to know if ossia useful for clicking on that. I do descriptions for works and CDs of Korea, Taiwan, Giappone, Cina and now the little fron Hong Kong. Also he handful other things that the chairs applies my category to revise of Asian only speciality. So much, you are looking for more descriptions of work, click in my name in an upper to see more.

Compraventa Happy.

5 / 5
has looked this in DramaFever two times. When DF has CLOSED down last month, has known has required to possess this work of his at present very available anywhere more. A dvd the neighbour is true. A subtitles is better that agrees. Felizmente To the amazon sells a LG all the region dvd player that has bought of then has not had one. I have not concerned me it has touched it region 1 dvd while it has touched region 6 (are). It has touched this region 6 dvd dipped well out of a box without adjustments has required. It will touch all the regions change some settings for some easy instructions have comprised. Ossia The wonderful history , fantastically filmed with a awesome mould. It enjoys!
5 / 5
Has taken the little confused for while when it has had 2 of the each one of some main characters. There is not deterred entertainment of mine of a whole series. Some actors of goodnesses were like this a lot matched for each another. Good-looking daughter and good-looking man. AMADO his esencima'. It has been it adds. A nave was good and a file of DVD is is gone in the beautiful folding chance with photo adds is in an out of side. Very pleased.
5 / 5
Has liked him everything in an of mine the favourite fantasy loves it on one to purchase a film for my collection.
5 / 5
Excellent ...Fantastically It filmed It. Some managers would owe that choose on a history in a fate of a Queen of Ghost and Red Vixen ....One of some better works. Very happy with an end....
4 / 5
Love this show. Always I have. Never of then I seen the on Netflix has decided to buy the. But this in spite of when I have received my container, this DVD any does not touch in the player of NORMAL DVD. As I have had to purchase the player of DVD that was suitable for him thus DVD. Has shows this tip on and on again. Partidário Enormous of Yang Mina.
4 / 5
I rewatch Eternal Amour at least once each month of pair in Nexflix but is slightly be to have it concerned to him will take to take early like this I finally decided to pony on and the buy June of Sunday 11th and has paid for a nave a fast plus. It has arrived today, much faster that thought it and absolutely loves a casing!

Regarding a history... They are to sucker for the strong female goodness and one honourable the interests of amour so that it was hooked of a start.
4 / 5
Loves a serious that it is reason the decided for the cost. It looks he has taken the different packaging. His odd that when I opened it a dvd headed of one rear. When I have touched a dvd some are without subtitles although it uses a game all the option. I maintain to go to some settings to choose english subtitles. It is this defective? And he lags while touching. He the difficult fact to look.
4 / 5
The one who the work adds! Has has wanted to really this one. Still feel sad that finalised it to them! :(
The yours the emotions are during a place! That the work adds sum!
CGI Was the little odd. But global value he

Top Customer Reviews: Goblin - The Lonely ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
One of my favourite shows. Although the desire has had an easier way to cruised some episodes.

Top Customer Reviews: Assassination ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
They are not the history buff in a subject of an occupation of Korea for a Japanese in a 1930 but ossia a swashbuckling accounts.
That has to that give credit to a manager partorisca his exceptional work in a subject. With which have learnt some of him.
This history is in a Assassination of a Commander of Army a time a Japanese was in Korea. A a traitor the one who sold him was.
Has the plot to cross pair partorisca be had here the done a much more intriguing film.
Absolutely Love This Film.
Runtime 140 Min.
Korean 5.1 DTS-HD Master. With English Subtitles.
4 / 5
This film of period is like this well like all some prizes win. Ji-hyun (Gianna) Jun Rids an incredible action as well as with all a mould of support. It is a actora Korean Of the sud better of a time. It enjoys also a cinematography, some insiemi and dresses partorisca a period.
4 / 5
Fun show, good mix of action, intrigue, work, history.

Top Customer Reviews: War Room - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The film adds partorisca adapt that we are not so only. The god is always there. There are so many people struggling and give up. If we would give to God in of the prayers, constantly, would do by means of a hard time in our lives. Thank you Partorisca This film partorisca adapt me.

I kings-look it.
4 / 5
This film was a lot of fact and some actors were utmost. This film does not resist behind and will tug in your series of heart partorisca build you up in yours the majority of saint faith. It will promote you partorisca beg for calm and yours has wanted to some. Your battle is not with flesh and blood but with powers and principalities. If has lack in your life or calm has has loved of concealed them is not to except or there is strayed of God, would recommend that it look this film . Your prime minister would owe that be partorisca connect with God in prayer. The god Blesses. Highly it would recommend this film.
5 / 5
The film adds, with the utmost fusion, a actora the one who portrays an old lady the fantastic work, would have to take Oscar partorisca his wonderful work. It liked Especially of a scene when it is appreciated visibly partorisca the prayer has answered. It is a uplifting history, a lot well has done. Have enjoyed also look some characteristic special where can see you a devout real-life main lady. Some producers have done the work adds!
4 / 5
Soiled of the war was an inspiring illustration of what fullness and peace the life of prayer can give you.
Like the film, a plot has moved to the long of enough quickly. Well and some utmost acting. The value that sure looks.
4 / 5
Can not touch element in Canada, the product has been done for code of country 2, or Inghilterra any code of country 1 which is north america. When you Come from to touch he with the Canadian dvd the player takes messages of error that is unable to touch film in this country.
4 / 5
Soiled of the war is the new DVD which have ordered of Amazon with a date of the delivery expected of the part has been rid quickly. It is the emotional work in an amazing response of Goddess when the people are joined in prayer. Servants to promote one to be faithful in personal and corporate prayers of faith. Amazon packaged He well and has arrived undamaged.
5 / 5
Really appreciates a fact that was able to purchase this on-line DVD because I have been to a theatre to see when it is in the first place exited and has loved that. I have bought DIVERSE DVD is for presents navideños and spent him is gone in a hope that would be it the ministering tool for another.

And a prize for a DVD was excellent also.
5 / 5
A good film but limited in his success according to which signalling to a difference among prayer to one living all present Goddess of amour and mercy ;and that speaks to a heaven and while somehow the things will exit well there be any the one who listens and is not occupied too much to do something.
4 / 5
Fantastic film! A must sees for all the world! Defiant And promoting!! Some touches of films in of the parts of bolt that some could find touchy, pair especially and of course the prayer and is good to see he in film. Yay Kendrick Bros For another good film done!
4 / 5
Film dédié to the faith and to the pair of victory the pray. The And has had gives frisson and give tears of joy.