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Top Customer Reviews: The Ancient History ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5
In depth history, the delay bit it too much in some King and Queens and very on every day life of some normal people
4 / 5
I so only taken roughly 25 pages to this pap, and expósitos that some Greeks are many times more intelligent that asiatics,but read in of the spent the pair of inaccuracies and prendido in a sentence 'gibbering black'
4 / 5
This there is on 100 years. It is out of date. Some notes partorisca he are like this misleading. A writing is that it would expect of the university textbook in fact 100 years.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed this book partorisca a writing, but has maintained partorisca take distracted for how much has learnt of then has been written.
4 / 5
Also detail so that it has been expecting. The long fact has published, and a lot of things have spent advances in a book has been updated for modern discoveries.
4 / 5
Of course, a book is dated. But partorisca any that wants to take the width has based to comprise of this subject massive, calm can any gone bad. It dips some civilisations in likely and cover his tarpaulins of entities.
5 / 5
A house of author in some systems to date has used to establish ANE period. This can take quite dry but would be the work of solid reference for the specialist in a field
5 / 5
So more roughly Egitto that has anticipated. An original press was 100 years ago I so that I am sure that so more the information has been done on this book has been written. In everything is the good overview of a history of an Oriental Mediteranian.
5 / 5
A complete description and detailed of some ancient cultures of a Next East. Really it recommends this book. It is a lot entertaining and informative partorisca any the one who is interested in to the the cultures like to them the Assyrian, Egyptian, Babylonian and a lot another, his report, influence and history.
5 / 5
Likes -you the ancient history that calm like this book. It can be the little dry but still a lot informative.
5 / 5
Hard going in some early chapters, but an excellent history of a region to the equal that of a prompt 20th century. It dips Egitto, Greece and Israele in his pertinent context - the chapters in a sweep adds of history.
5 / 5
Still are that it reads An Ancient History of a Next East. Like this far like this
4 / 5
Enough the a lot of the time read but the one who an education in an ancient history of a Mideast. Amazing life the one who brutal was during these BC years. Value an endeavour to wade by means of some countless kings, his empires, and his wars of conquest.
5 / 5
Ossia The very interesting book . A lot of investigation has been to write such the subject difficult.
5 / 5
June 20, 2018

A Description for Anthony T. Riggio Of a book 'An Ancient History of a Next East' for Henry R. Room

has purchased this book in a Kindle formed in the very low prize (Thanks Goodness). I thought it that it would resupply me to it with some background information well in sympathetic this often troubling the zone of a world has based on is early history . You are taken he of the book and again felizmente was in a Kindle formed and for this no the tension in resisting on a book. It would owe that it has taken it a message when an author described it initially to the equal that surround he of studios more extended of this region. Also it would owe that it has verified it a date of copyright of this reservation any a publishing date. A date of copyright is 1913 and an editor (Kindle) to the date was 2018.

Likes soyuscled' my way by means of almost the third of a book, maintained to ask reason are I reading this book? Room, an author (for now died) has explained that this was the description 'concise' of both some prehistoric learnings of machineries and art but no in some early writings that has any known. It has tried to do a reader comprises of the pre historical names of people and situates to result archaeologic findings roughly of some cultural appearances of life in Egitto and Mesopotamia. It has to that it has had it the tonne of information a lot of referenced or quoted by an author, has drawn to to list name and families and locations no longer in existence. A flow of these names and the places were both alcohols numbing and exhaustive.

When An author commented in a Mesopotamia zone, was the little has bitten better reason there is roughly funds has based on reading other historical works that comprises an Old but again a flow of names and places no longer in the existence was choking and have me almost gagged several times.

There is complained my woman that am reading the impossible book to follow neither chronologically or by means of the line of horizontal time has resupplied. I asked reason are I the reading. I have said that that are learning something in an age of bronze and an evolution of metallurgical arms, comprising some starts of an age of iron. I have learnt that the social transmissions and the ad is spent of the thousands of first years of the history registered and that there was included racial prejudices, p. p.ej., Some the north Egyptians looked down to some Egyptians of the sud and was a Nubians.

Has given this reserves a star, included although I have fulfilled so only 35 of a book because perhaps any to plot the more loans that me, or perhaps schooled in pre history of both some Egyptians or these people of a fertile triangle would find some entertainment Also, an author (probably TEAR) there is showed extracted adds of stock exchange to the equal that has tried to do some sense of the development of the man. So only the has not been for me and I would not recommend never trying leerprpers. So that it has given this book five stars, the god bless and admires your intelligence (way on mine).

A difficult bed, You better has found adds to enjoy 620+ pages of dry reading with names of the impossible people to decipher.
4 / 5
Too many Details for the people to to those who likes them know the history as a whole ...
5 / 5
A lot by means of and informative, the very good reference partorisca a region.
5 / 5
Distractingly Verbose. Writing 1912 an information is out of the date and an easily can take lost in a sentence of period of the paragraph.
5 / 5
The data and the descriptions are very thorough and credible and quote a lot of detectives that would be of entity to this engaged in this line of work. Any one a lot in postulates and interesting descriptions on life of people these days....
4 / 5
Very Researched, more adapted partorisca academic purposes more than general reading.
4 / 5
A very hard read. But well value an endeavour. That the mine of information!!
5 / 5
Book of good history partorisca all Believers partorisca read to help in sympathetic that is gone in in Israele Ancient
4 / 5
are fascinated partorisca read in Middle East and ancient history especially. When I have found that it arrest $ it could download the book that has covered Ancient Greece, Egitto, Babylon, a Hittites, some Assyrians, and more, has jumped in a casualidad. Caveat emptor, Friends. The contained of Soiled gentleman is well, can take spent his tedious tongue. It is obvious that it was an Egyptologist , of bosses a material with the touch lights plus. As I have read on, have @@give that an author was British (any crime, obviously), but his use of tongue looked stilted, almost archaic. For example, it uses eshew' in place of esqué.' Later, it has done place to the situation that has involved a British in Indian. Well, Big Bretagna has not possessed Indian of a late @@@1940s, as we are beginning to narrow a field. I finally verified 'Henry R. Room' in Wikipedia, and here is that it has found: the correct name of An author is Henry R. H. Room. It has written this particular work in 1913. If I want to read the book of 100 years, has each legislation to do like this. So only it would like to know that exactly I am reading when to the amazon does not offer any information regarding an author or date of copyright of a material, another that his Kindle date of publication. I owe it does not have to that research an author elsewhere to take a history. Those of you the one who are old hands in ebooks probably scoff in my irritation, and could be right. As I have said, caveat emptor. I take it. Still, it has had I known would have been forced to wade by means of century old tongue and lose is gone in some later findings, would have spent more money and has downloaded something more.
5 / 5
Like another reviewer pointed was, this book there is now 100 years and frankly, aims. A lot it is it was dated and an author opining in of to the things likes them one 'Aryan race', and a esalm of some Black' looks to be the product of his time.
4 / 5
A foul piece of european british ideology of empire. Writing in 1913, almost the century now, so only before european him impere colonial have been the war like the band of the hyenas that gives birth to one the majority of bloody century in human history, an underlying history of WWI is still to be writing!!

Top Customer Reviews: The Discovery of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
This book is the first person (any so only any first person) account of a discovery of a Tomb of Tutankhamen for Howard carter. I seat it likes it to me I am looking an of some films of old mummy.

Are fearful that this volume is the tad skimpy in the pictures but you can take and peruse some cleaned so it goes. There is the good diagram of tomb and a chamber of funeral.

Is an easy bed and intriguing to the equal that say no only of a swipe of discoveries for swipe but take some time partorisca say of a work of his rival. Also we take has detail instructions on like this partorisca manage some objects have found.

Are paralleling this book of hard coverage with a kindle edition that is the tad more dynamic with diagrams and of the web of places. A Kindle the version also has kindle notes and Text-the-Tongue.

This in spite of this book odora better and looks better in a shelf. I can spend he in the half extreme means and now know like this partorisca take to a page wants quickly.
4 / 5
3 years ago my parents take me to holidays of knots to Egitto, which was a lot of angry roughly at the beginning because his was'nt the 'pertinent holidays' (too much the education involved). Now it looks behind on he like this more inspiring 2 weeks of my life. This rids compliments some trips perfectly. A book really to shows likes him Howard Carter has determined was to discover Calló tomb, and the one who next taken to any when finding never at all. A book documents one of some more utmost discoveries a past century and wins wants to visit a tomb. Please read this book!!
5 / 5
Written for the curious audience, ossia accounts of Carter of Howard has published so only of a finding of a tomb and clearing of a "Antechamber". It is easy for some, more than 75 years after his discovery the failure Carter for sounds to manage of a lot of some objects of a tomb. Calm here can read some of some questions and his first hand of solutions. Included It Is some photos Burton has taken during a clearance. Some of these is to be found nowhere more. A step to any emptying of a famous "@@@cofre Painted" it is fascinating. Calm in fact can see a condition of some objects deteriorates like inferior of a box is achieved.
5 / 5
Wants to Epyptology, will love this book. It writes like the newspaper, maintain you on a flange of your chair, while to that is around a corner. A must has read!
4 / 5
This book is the first person (any so only any first person) account of a discovery of a Tomb of Tutankhamen for Howard carter. I seat it likes it to me I am looking an of some films of old mummy.

Are fearful that this volume is the tad skimpy in the pictures but you can take and peruse some cleaned so it goes. There is the good diagram of tomb and a chamber of funeral.

Is an easy bed and intriguing to the equal that say no only of a swipe of discoveries for swipe but take some time partorisca say of a work of his rival. Also we take has detailed instructions on like this partorisca manage some objects have found.

Are paralleling this book of hard coverage with a kindle edition that is the tad more dynamic with diagrams and of the web of places. A Kindle the version also has kindle notes and Text-the-Tongue.

This in spite of this book odora better and looks better in a shelf. I can spend he in the half extreme means and now know like this partorisca take to a page wants quickly.
5 / 5
3 years ago my parents take me to holidays of knots to Egitto, which was a lot of angry roughly at the beginning because his was'nt the 'pertinent holidays' (too much the education involved). Now it looks behind on he like this more inspiring 2 weeks of my life. This rids compliments some trips perfectly. A book really to shows likes him Howard Carter has determined was to discover Calló tomb, and that afterwards has taken the any when finding never at all. A book documents one of some more utmost discoveries a past century and wins wants to visit a tomb. Please read this book!!
4 / 5
Wants to Epyptology, will love this book. It writes like the newspaper, will maintain you on a flange of your chair, while to that is around a corner. A must has read!
4 / 5
Ossia The first hand-held account of a finding of Tutankhamen tomb. It is written for Howard Carter he - a man the one who has discovered a tomb - and his excite, as well as a hard and laborious work that quotes some objects. It is interesting to see speculate roughly that it can it there has been mentido further, also, especially when we already know that the one who this book describes was the simple prelude to the quell'inner of lies.
5 / 5
Spoilt the little because of one - for me - on preface and before long . This in spite of enthusiasm he of Carter really finds. His explanation detailed of register of the machinery and the isolation develops what operates and the endeavour have been to manage each element. Today we would have spent the , telephones ,swept of lasers of the computers and other tools . Then it was hand-held sketch the maps have drawn drawn painstakingly , plans of the paving and the objects have photographed for stairs and place , some pictures his when be developed in another room in a tomb now do fault like the darkroom! This tomb together with a lot of another suffered in some hands of basses robbers , an evidence of focus of the door broken of a harm. An island of the inner funeral was this in spite of intact and calm almost can anticipate one to the tension likes first light in several years of thousand fill this tomb.
4 / 5
A Discovery of a Tomb of Tutankhamen (Egitto) the much smaller pound that is to look in an advertising but text of quality very good and pictures
4 / 5
Fascinating records of a discovery of a tomb - take you right there!
4 / 5
Amur Anything to do with Egitto
the book Adds can not expect begin.
5 / 5
LeGustado The a lot of he partorisca my Glorious daughter partorisca Navidad
5 / 5
has Bought like the present after looking a series of television. Recipient Delighted
4 / 5
has bitten of the disappointment really, said of carters starts but an end of a history after a discovery of a tomb left feeling the little disappointed partorisca be sincere.
4 / 5
Is for real the pleasure partorisca be able to take to an alcohol of Howard Carter. Sound the book adds partorisca read and any the one who is interested in this type of @@@subject will not be disappointing.
4 / 5
First hand-held account of a man the one who has discovered a tomb. You take the strong sense of a passion there has been partorisca his work and an importance has dipped on registering and that preserves a collection.
5 / 5
Excellent read. Although a copy has had, has had the different coverage.
A good intoduction, partorisca do want to read and learn more
in a subject @@@subject.
4 / 5
Has been in Egitto, a first time was in 1993, and has done my alcohol on top of the pleasure study Egyptology.

Although my second year to study Egyptology, during my first year has found this little book. Although it has not been one of some books of studio has been required to read has decided spent the.

Ossia The book adds , Howard Carter still although the Egyptologist of novice in some respect because of his formation there has been a feeling would find Tutankhamen tomb, and by means of persevering has done. It is it adds to read his words as it wrote them. :-)

Are really sad that my own country has not recognised and give prize very special. Howard Carter something the person more could, admires for all his Egyptology laws that the has not done never.

Has found this informative book, those interest and enjoyable to read.

Is studying Egyptology Or so only love the little more knowledge then ossia an excellent book .

An excellent edition my little Egyptian library, which now stands in almost 1000 books in this subject. :-)
5 / 5
History more different of this taught in school fact+ 60 years. Wonderful to read an original report of this 'Undermine'
5 / 5
Some pages of books are in good condition but a coverage is not .
4 / 5
I cant Included imagine that it has to that it has to that to sense likes partorisca Howard Carter when of him peered in by means of a small hole and for light of the veil has seen some contents of a tomb of Tutankhamen. Probably a finer discovery in all the history partorisca some machineries has discovered.
This book is like the newspaper of a start of one undermining to a so only when so only after a tomb has been opened and some contents are catalogued.
Would recommend this book to any with even the faint interest in egypt or history in general.
4 / 5
Gute Zusammenfassung Give damaligen Geschehnisse. Die S/W Photo lassen die Pracht give Entdeckung leider nicht aufleben.
Ich fand auch Damage Lebenslauf von Gentleman Carnavon sehr interessant.
4 / 5
In any condition he súper book, a subject @@@subject always interestng
5 / 5
Is very interesting to read in detail the commentary was organised partorisca give investigations of places, after the cacheas, has relieved gives discovered, and the half to this period. The pound is full of details.
5 / 5
A book adds, especially when read 3 days after visiting a Calló exposed in a Museum of Egitto. Really it seats it likes me quell'has relieved the exploitation of Carter.
This in spite of always seat rasgado was this in spite of when 10 of one download there is PR for an editor and of course sadly a quality of photo is very poor.
5 / 5
Has studied a vast history of Egitto, has seen this Book, and thought it would assist me in my exploitation, was well, is the very documented history of an ours now enough knows the Egyptian ruler is some a lot of elements of gold and lovely bone, found in his tomb, leaves a reader to have a thorough view of this now young king
5 / 5
A global condition of this book was so only well. While a book is intact, a flange of some pages in a fund is covered with the black substance this has dried in.
5 / 5
This book, unfortunately, is not a complete version. An original version is composed for three books. This book is so only surround it. Any question!
5 / 5
In that visited that a tomb in a Valley of Rey last year is the fascinating has read. All these rests of Tutankhamen in a tomb is his organism and sarcophagus, a rest of some objects is in Cairo Museum.
5 / 5
Ossia A scene so only before Gentleman Carnarvon has asked Howard Carter 'That see, Carter?' Howard Carter has answered ' see wonderful things.' A moment it perfects taken by a camera. Ossia Certainly the time when the picture costs the words of thousand.
4 / 5
Is quite good but in a dry side. Still for an archaeology buff
4 / 5
is reading this probably calm book already knows all go you to say roughly Tutankhamen. But, it is good to have the first hand-held account!
4 / 5
Rids very comprehensible - my edges will appreciate it more when it is older, but is fascinated with some pictures and enjoys elderly Egyptian culture already. ( It is so only five.)
4 / 5
Has two things that marks this special reservation: the description of Ladies Carter of any one only that sees like this entered a tomb, but his emotions also. Another special characteristic is that the pictures of a book have been interjected inside his history in prójimo proximity to that Carter is describing at the same time.

Carter also the extremely easy fact to comprise that it is describing for referencing numbers of concrete dish. Ossia Useful when a reader is not familiarised with a name of an element because he never existed in modern time.

For the person the one who enjoys to read histories of true chances, Ladies Carter has given the gem of the book. My only desire is that Ladies Carter has had available his at the same time a technology to film by heart. His descriptions that sees and a stiking the colours has assisted in a tomb leaves a desire has printed by heart.
5 / 5
Loves this book! One first hand-held account of of the this is surprising. Some photos are breathtaking.
4 / 5
I accounts have said well of some inaugural, gave the new perspective of a work has involved, adds read for any with an interest in Egitto ancient
5 / 5
My edges has read he for his class of honours. A lot interesting!
4 / 5
I have chosen this book as I have been interested in Tutankhamen life and some places of funeral. It would recommend this book to any the one who is interested in some history of Egitto.
5 / 5
Has some volumes of writings of original hard copy for Howard Carter. It does not like partorisca manage them too so it is out of printing now. This version is quite attentive and thoroughly there be enjoyed to be able to read by means of a history again.
4 / 5
There is skimmed by means of him, but has to that no for the bed all entirely. Interesting...
5 / 5

Top Customer Reviews: The Ancient Celts, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
4 / 5
Rid adds. This in spite of, very dense. Small impression. Partorisca Dip it person, work more, thinks, like the book of reference or partorisca read the particular section.
4 / 5
An excellent update to Prof. Cunliffe Original work in a Celts. Fantastically Illustrated, very written and a lot informative, this book is the must partorisca that wish to develop his knowledge of this race. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Comprehensible description of a prompt Celtic world-wide European wider. Copiously Illustrated with maps, photographs and drawings.
4 / 5
A lot, a lot that interests partorisca show an enormous width variable knowledge of an author.
4 / 5
Ossia The reasonably academic text , as it can feel bit it weighed so that they do not have more than the interest of any in a subject. I found it partorisca be highly educational and has information of date and of the ideas to the @@subject that has thought previously has known.
4 / 5
Excellent, detailed, and obliging read in a subject.
4 / 5
A very clear, accessible and readable rodeo of an academic investigation later in a subject of some Celtic villages.
5 / 5
Snelle afhandeling In levering. Boek In perfecte staat.
4 / 5
Is looking for An in-depth, very researched, and scholarly book, ossia the good election . If you are looking for the light plus bed without a depth adds and detail, could wants to look elsewhere. Ossia partorisca Scholarly and academics.
5 / 5
I have not had any idea that/that/when a Celts was - I are not the history buff - but ossia the book superbly writing taking calm of some earlier signs of the Celtic tradition in 1000 BC to his final traces in 1000 AD. One extracted defiant sure, but superbly organised and clearly writing. Now it was the one who a Celts was and to the equal that has contributed our today. It buys it!
4 / 5
This text gave an introduction to the multilevel studio of a Celts, building to an interest in of the religious roots of Western culture. It is studio has opened my travesía to some of my roots familiarised and an unfolding of a rose in Country of Galles. M M
5 / 5
has Downloaded this book in Audible & new I has had to that purchase the copy.

Top Customer Reviews: Seagoing Ships and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
This book is the upper piece of historical writing in the each way. Any only is lavishly illustrated and entirely updated according to which could say in one the majority of current stock exchange, guidance of offers by means of clashing theories and propounds verse of evidence of the real conclusions roughly Ages of Bronze seamanship. Three acclaims!
4 / 5
The Bronzely Goes ….
Ossia The gloriously detailed account of like this sea of Age of the Bronze-that goes the one of fact has done ships - a zone too often simply spent for big for regular histories and archaeologies. Some cities of a Syrian cost like Ugarit has has had hundreds of ships of the trader with cruises of clumsy boom to the equal that has spent in a discharge, has beaten, grain, forest, resin, cloth, ivory, eggs of ostrich, etc. Which has done a civilisation of age of the possible bronze in a Mediterranean oriental. Egitto Has built ships in of the sections for a Nile, and adapted them then to a Mediterranean and Red Sea. A Minoans and Mycenaeans has adapted some ships to result galleys, with 40 or 50 cattails, which solved and has unified a Aegean islands and coastlands. They are then be in like this of the Villages of Sea to devastate a Mediterranean oriental. They were a Vikings of the his was, looking usually in of the small numbers with devastating effect in of the earths with pocolos or any ship to struggle. They have attacked Cipro, destroys Ugarit, threatened a lot of Egitto, has occupied the big part of Palestinian, and has spent an Age to Bronze to the dark prójimo.

An author spends for a material in laudable detail, with a lot of diagrams, and discussions in some maritime practicalities. Calm give you quite material to form another seen, and his test is usually sound. But his explanation results too complex for a Ship of Miniature Frieze of Thera. This would have to that be seen likes a Bayeux Tapestry, or a battle adds friezes of Ramesses 2 and Ramesses 3 , which has dipped a history of recent real exploits up in a cartoon of way of wall for a living victors to celebrate.

That Theran frieze commemorates attack it victorious in another Minoan city, more probably in Crete. One there is disembarked the soldate are marching in formation to battle to a city with his pointy ends in a front, some the naked organism is that they lose drowned dead . Some ships to run in a celebration is not spent out of mothballs for centuries but “the modern” ships that they are paddled. A cultic bit and a bunting – a lot of each one which regatta has these.
5 / 5
For the very thorough examination of one surviving evidence for creation of ship of age of bronze and construction, this book is before class . It is house in Egyptian and the Oriental ships Means is understandable reason a bulk of one surviving evidence covers these. It had expected for more in a real use of some ships and in the ships have used out of any Mediterranean. My zone of interest is European of maritime trade in a late neolithic and age of the bronze and this is not a zone covered in any depth here. This in spite of is the lovely addition my collection of small reference and well the value that takes.
4 / 5
Has been impressed with a quantity of the details on Age to Bronze Seamanship found in this book. I have bought this mainly to learn more on seafaring for Minoans, Mycenaeans, and some villages resupply known by some Egyptians as 'of the Villages of a Mar.' Was impressed also with some references and of the comparisons to the literary sources likes them to them Homer Iliad and validating these registrations with the images expósitas in ceramics among other representations.
4 / 5
Strong on collating an evidence, less convincing when it comes the analysis and sysnthesis this 420 page heavyweight paperback abundance resupplied of detail in just that a seafaring villages of some Greek islands, Cipro, Egitto and the oriental cost of one Mediterranean was cabable of.

A character of seafaring, his purposes and questions (piracy, hazards the navigation) is not valued also like this construction and creation but, of course, such evidence as there is mainly home in some bounced more than one which or reason to ship.

This has said, ossia the lovely work for any that tries to comprise some interactions of villages of Ages of the Bronze in a second and third millenium BC.
4 / 5
The book does well, fully of bibliography and references of archaeologic images. Useful for any researcher in a field of some ships of Ages of ancient Bronze.
4 / 5
Really rids researched well . To good sure the scholarly presentation. Like the student of Minoan the culture will inform to this thick book.

Top Customer Reviews: The High Priest of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
'A Big Priest of War' is the fictional tentativa partorisca take in a real truth of a history of Exodus, of a point of seen Egyptian. Author Woodville has done meticulous investigation to a history of a time and details some exploits of Ahmose I, as it locates to a throne of Egitto and then strives partorisca unify Egitto partorisca expel a Canaanite Amu (also known like Hyskos) of a zone of delta of Egitto, where had been entrenched partorisca to the long of the century. An expulsion of a Hyskos is a base partorisca a history of Exodus, and some sources regulate a Hyskos partorisca found a city of Jerusalem when his king Canaán has entered. Woodville fleshes Out of a politics and gives life to some players. All an intrigue of palace is there, together with personality and clashes of historical detail, as Moses tries to direct his people. An add read and he fascinating new perspective in an old history.
5 / 5
Fantastically, descriptively the book written that builds and builds a tension. Calm really seat the part of him. One researches for real underlines and is unapologetic, means objective animadamente ossia an ancient world , not liking our own and calm does not look in him with your modern sensibilities.
A plot is complex and gives the massive discharge of history. I have found a chapter of points of view has alternated of chapter partorisca be very pertinent. It leaves partorisca accuse a history smoothly and conflict of emphasis of interests among some factions in place of villains “of conventional good & types” profiling. Has has wanted to that! Continuous hope in a next delivery.
A characterisation is really amazing. Several main characters are presented in the first place like this of the boys and evolve believably the different but strong personalities. There is terrific coaching- and scenes of battle; a house is finally in a military campaign of Ahmose, but go in has together and a lot of feasts, rites of temple and festivals, private and romance audiences partorisca give the reader obtains full of life in Egitto Ancient.
Totally recommend this series.
4 / 5
Researches it a lot of has been done partorisca resupply with context partorisca this historical work. Development of good character, and very read. It remains partorisca expect other books for an author.
5 / 5
Whilst A core storyline was reasonable, a book has been done almost unreadable because of poor writing!
Abuse of words, incomplete or just simple confusing the sentences have done partorisca read is the misery.
A glorious project ruined for the lack of priest and simple poor writing.

Top Customer Reviews: The Ancient Black ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5
The only reason has given this 4/5 star is why has taken partorisca 8 dollars. While a preliminary information in this book is the start adds is not the penny of value more. A book has a lot of images that needs to be aimed in colour, but sadly a book is in black and white...
5 / 5
I read and king has read this book and I will read it again. Interesting and goodness researches it and reading further. Very good.
5 / 5
Well In a book, a lot quickly and easy bed directly to a point. A calm Author of the one argues partorisca black to be of Abraham and against, Abraham are black facts in both sides. It is Surprising in an author and a way that has written a book, calm gave illustrations and factual documentation that sustains that it says like this truth. European reading my grasp to the accident is partorisca take the few things directly, although I have used a black of word is the little pertinent name . Black is the social declares no the culture the heritage, or the nationalty.
4 / 5
This book was the very good start in yours look for identity among some people in a scriptures. It feels he likes is your ancestor if you are of the more dark or African origin. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
4 / 5
Ossia The good book to establish a heritage of Abraham and his family like Amorites. The explanation adds in some anachronisms that people to cause to assume contradictions of Bible. This in spite of, I chair partorisca info is required especially quoted text of a Ebla pills and other machineries. A lot of people those who doubt the existence of Abraham precise evidence more architectural that establish for them he really existed, and was a father of Jewish. Well read any way.
5 / 5
Rids really good. Has the plot of Black Hebrew info in this book.
5 / 5
Gert Muller Is release it-launches the detective of the journalist and has been takes 20 years in Big Bretagna and South Africa. It has been that researches a history of Africans in a to Asia and Biblical history for like this long. It has spent out of investigative investigation for a lot of pieces that has looked in of to to the such world-wide publications likes them to them the magazine of Africa West. It has done with to the such remarkable journalists like Anu Me Bantu and such of world-wide-to to renowned historical authors likes him to him Robin Walker.

Has written in an Introduction to this 2019 book, “All an evidence in four volumes of ‘Some Jewish Ancient Blacks' shows some elderly Israelites was the Black people. Abraham was an ancestor of a Israelites. Some could think that that it is reasonable to assume was Black because of his descendants. This, this in spite of, can not be assume but has to that be aimed for separate. A group of people can be Black without a founder necessarily when being Black and vice versa. Ossia Reason so only takes three generations to change appearance of Black to Aim or to Aim to Black. We will look in a Biblical account to see that it can be learnt roughly Abraham of him… Like some people of a look of region to the time? That is some ethnic clues of Abraham familiarised specifically? It is there any pictures of people of a region of this time? Some responses to everything of these questions will inform that Abraham and his family have looked.” (Pp. 6-7)

Explains, “A lot of scholars have compared some edges of Shem with speakers of a Semitic family of tongue. When we Look more afterwards it finds that Elam, a eldest, represents a Elamites and has spoken the no-Semitic tongue. This means that the Shemite is not necessarily the Semite. Besides, other speakers of Semitic tongues like a Canaanites, a Amorites is gone down of Ham (Gene 10:15-19). This means that the Hamite also can the be Semite… Some distribution of Hamite and Shemite is not never state feigned to divide people for familiar of tongue or for tez. If there is darker-complexioned nations down two edges and hardly a lot down one, is because of a geographic character of one classifies. It is incidental any one has feigned.” (Pp. 10)

Note, “ is to say that Terah and his familiar moved of Ur the Harran in a way in Canaán. But reason go according to which Harran like this opposed the others cities another more afterwards in the the noreste Mesopotamia… like Tuttul or Tuba? Has the pre-existing historical connection with a region around Harran? There is evidence to suggest so only that… These correspondences establish the strong link among the family of Abraham, his immediate ancestor, and a zone of NW Mesopotamia around a Euphrates-Habur region. It suggests that this zone is his ethnic homeland .” (Pp. 14-15)

the signals was, More writers those who has contested that Abraham was Black has done like this based in Ur leaves to be of a region founded for Nimrod, edges of Cush (Gene 10:6-11). But ossia so only it querella Abraham valid was indigenous to Ur or that region. Being born to somewhere a lot necessarily mean that one is indigenous to this place.” (Pp. 16-17)

Suggest, “Amorites in Génesis 10 is gone down of Ham while some Jewish are gone down of Shem. This presents the question for a lot of Biblical scholars. In reality it has to that no reason one looks of genealogies as if they are more in geographic location more than ethnic descent. Some eponymous the ancestor of ancient nations are listed under both Ham and Shem. Sheba And Dedan was two nations that has been mentioned near in Origin on five occasions. On two of those are gone down of Cush edges Raamah (Gene 10:6; 1 Chr 1:9). Ossia A line of Ham. In another two is gone down edges of Abraham Jokshan (Gene 25:3; 1 Chr 1:32). Ossia A line of Shem… Hamite and Shemite the categories can not be falling ethnic and certainly can not be roughly tez… When we look in a tectonic dish of an Old World can see that an African Dish, an Arab Dish and a Eurasian the dish has the striking correspondence the some nations of Ham, Shem and Japhet more so much of Africa, SW Asia and Eurasia.” (Pp. 19-20) it Adds later, “Génesis 10 east in geo-tectonic reality of a oikumene [world-wide] more than falling ethnic, family of tongue or tez. Any link to geo-the regional appearance is incidental more than has feigned.” (Pp. 23)

Continuous, “any all some descendants of the ham necessarily shares an ethnic report neither those of Sham. Sometimes not even they share a tez general was. Canaanites Is the good example of of the this. They are classed down Ham but is not ethnically identical. In of the terms of real ethnic descent roughly Canaanite the nations originally have spoken NW Semitic tongues. Others originally have spoken Hittite and Hurrian of of the furthest north a lot of.” (Pp. 21)

Question, “The one who was one roaming Aramaean the one who is father to a Israelites and has a bit taken ‘ those that people' down to Egitto and finalising in slavery? This neither can be the reference to Abraham, the one who is gone down in Egitto with his retinue, or Jacob the one who is also be in Egitto with his edges. Both are parents of a Israelite nation. Any way Jacob is a grandson of Abraham. The grandparents and the grandchildren usually share a same ethnicity. This would do Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Aramaeans.” (Pp. 25) Later, it adds, “This oriental location in an Arab dish is also reason some ancestor of a Aramaeans was has has considered ‘edges of Shem.' … I am not so only be some ancestor of a Aramaeans but also, clearly some Jewish.” (Pp. 29)

the signals was, “According to him this Strong [Exhaustive Concordance] Cush is probably the foreign loan to Hebrew and designates the territory, the Biblical character and his descendants. He tez Is not mentioned. Has the by heart indirect connotations a Nordic of the same way there has been the by heart indirect connotations but a Nordic to designates does any etymological association with ‘aim.'” (Pp. 34)

Commentaries, “Cushites has had two characteristic main; ‘unchanging colour' (Jeremiah 13:23) the plus that is ‘big and smooth-skinned' (Isa 18:2). It is likely to be a tez that ‘that can not change' that is a likeness point. This involves that they were a darker version of tez African reasons is THESE boos that the can not change.” (Pp. 35)

Declares, “Subarians has been associated with being slave, when being ‘so only-complexioned,' and that they were popular reasons have been considered ‘pleasing to an eye' in Mesopotamia. Abraham has lived in an Old Babylonian period, a time down discussion. To contrast a female slave in his house, with that has had the edges, was Egyptian. He [Abraham] would look to have the darkest flavours have had.” (Pp. 42-43)

He summarizes and concludes, “That was Abraham for ethnicity? Abraham was a Amorite of a Euphrates-Habur region, the ‘descendant of Shem' for location. They were some ancestor of a Aramaeans. A Elamites, also gone down of Shem for location, was of African appearance. A king a late plus of the homeland of Abraham is compared to some people of Cush, how is Moses ' Midianite woman and a Midianites in general. This so only would be wise if some people of Plough-Naharaim was of tez African in general. There are images of Amorites contemporary with Abraham with dark also he tez African level. Even Images of the years of the thousand later contrasts one brown of a Aramaeans with some pale of some Assyrians. Everything of these yes clear frames that Abraham there has been a tez African.” (Pp. 45)

Adds, “both Ham and Shem corresponds to some African dishes and of the Arabs respectively. Ossia Obvious when you compare the map that objective the extension of the ham to Asia and Sham extension out of Arabia, with the tectonic map. Ossia The parallel of an Origin of scientific knowledge advanced shows when with the accuracy locates an origin of humanity in Etiopia. Almost a lot another the Biblical scholars have not signalled never this was or looked for to explain this. This undoubtedly expects the future work.” (Pp. 46)

This book will be to read of must “” for this interested in an ethnicity of Biblical character likes Abraham.
4 / 5
Would not recommend a book! Like this now like this then movement of the people around the colour are does not import . I think that that we leave a boat included all eight is. To say the person is that colour or this reason live in a zone is of a. A tongue a tongue means more dictate where can come from. Ossia That mine of account any one his looks!
5 / 5
The JEWISH ANCIENT BLACKS: ABRAHAM & HIS FAMILY is the must -read for any serious inquirer of History.

An author, Gert Muller, uses a Book of Genesis, historical dates, Ancient geographic demography and

indications of travesía Ancient to try well besides a shadow partorisca doubt that Abraham and his family were Black-


Dr. Neeley, Sociologist-UCSD/ I am CULTURAL
5 / 5
has Liked him an information contained in this book : sad , has not taken to fini9sh the reading . Happy my edges has found he of interest .
5 / 5
A lot , a lot, good investigation of real facts! I want to all of Muller books, has said a truth , is not racists , so only a truth in some Jewish real !! The Negroid stock of Shem!!
4 / 5
Interesting account of where a father of some Hebrew people can have caused of. Supplement this writing with another in a subject @@@subject partorisca obtain the comprehensible plus that comprises of a material, but ossia a good initiates the whet curiosity. A fashion is writing is that of the paper of investigation. I think that it that it would have enjoyed the formed the narrative plus.
4 / 5
A historical value of of the this adds. I am appreciated partorisca a knowledge that is to be share. Some trees familiarised that it was has has shared tried invaluable.
4 / 5
Has required the cursory looked in a subject @@@subject first to decide or no the furthest studio is warranted. Muller Exploitation of a @@@subject that asks . There is quite here for one to the question is validity that loves it know more. In all the chance the most next look to a subject is the necessity.
5 / 5
Gert Muller Is now one of my joy of new favourite writers all some reservation that has read and loves this reserves some the Jewish elderly blacks buy you the copy today recommends this book I only desire could be roughly be 100 long pages
5 / 5
love a book and I use for knowledge of mine bloodline.
4 / 5
Given of entity roughly Abraham and his origins. Quell'Unworthy concealed, the consistency in Bible is documented. A book to look in if the deep comprising in the ancient people is applications.
5 / 5
Interesting to read that it was has suspected already. Some links has done of a bible was excellent. I recommend that this book partorisca wet wins it that it surrounds a truth.
5 / 5
Of course the genealogy can be hard to follow. But this was a book partorisca inform .
4 / 5
Has read this whole book in 12 hours. Ossia So only a start partorisca me. I add read and a lot informative. Studio and learn
5 / 5
4 / 5
There remarked I aversion in a book! Like the black man can be me proud to be the Israelite
5 / 5
Ossia rid the work adds partorisca explain and debunking any myth that Abraham was of the black race of people (maintaining import this race has not gone included the thing until a late 1400 east and to a prompt 1500 is). I add read and easy to follow has the basic comprising of a bible. I have had bible of mine beside while reading and that much easier to read and comprise.
4 / 5
Well read, spent some light to the few questions. It will read more than his contained in other books. Very interesting.
5 / 5
Interesting reading. Inspired me partorisca want to read and research more in this subject.
5 / 5
Has estimated this short book 5 stars because an author was able to transmit his findings in the methodical scientific way that has used a bible and other things like the available illustrations of a timeline and had them unlock historical truths that spent in utmost comprising.
4 / 5
Has not expected like this. Giving was like the present navideño.
4 / 5
Has not taken never he casualidad partorisca read a book because I have not known like partorisca download the kindle or audible in my telephone, like this there...
5 / 5
Quickly law has had to that read two times some things have not been to clear
4 / 5
A bed is well, the useful start, the pictures are bad copied some impossible to do was, if you are not counting on seeing some pictures then is the good book I this in spite of era that wants to see some pictures.

Top Customer Reviews: Egyptian Magic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Budge Was a pre-scholarly eminent in Egyptology, ancient Kemet, Afro-magic of traditions and Asian mystery escoles. This book are add partorisca any interested in some aforesaid subjects.
4 / 5
A must partorisca any interested in Egyptian mythology.
5 / 5
Very interesting
4 / 5
Different the majority of Budge is other works, this is to write partorisca a layman partorisca comprise. Although it still can not resist aiming of his skills like the scholar, a does not need the vast knowledge of Hebrew, Greek, Coptic, and alphabets of Arabs partorisca obtain the full value of a book (I often ask yes in some point in his career Budge any " it sells it was," writing books that people out of Oxford and Cmabridge would want to read.). Virtually each amulet and the talisman is covered, together with his pertinent use and of the materials have been done of. Like this always, an introduction and histories Budge gives is fascinating also, giving histories a lot generally gave in modern time and a diverse mechanics of as some the Egyptian priests and the magicians have treated his magic. One can see reason Budge the work is still in impression, as it offers a reader the maximum of investigation and stock exchange with any of a new-age BS ossia like this common in of the such books written today.
5 / 5
Obviously this book is not the complete record of some uses, and sources. When Taken in a context that an author is writing in an end of one was Victorian(source of all a thees a thous in a translation) and that an English, at least in that then, has had the majority of some machineries, a book is really well partorisca give the feeling of as Egyptian "material" access to a world-wide structure in this point in time. ( It agrees a writer is the "Ladies" a course of a band of citadel). Sometimes some errors in of the earliest works resupply the idea more adds that facts. (More religions) averts of a "rigid upper lip" a reader found an entertainment of book. And have has wanted the take Jungian like some four edges of Horus coincide with a psyco material analytical and one 4 goveners in Mayan the mythology resupplies and interesting comparison.
4 / 5
Partorisca Take the complete satisfaction of this precise book has read he together with his book to mate Egyptian Religion. These two together books go the plot further explains some myths, some reasons partorisca and an use of Egyptian machineries that many another reservation which would cost you two times so much partorisca half a pleasure.

Top Customer Reviews: The Giza Power ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5
This author the wonderful work partorisca try his theory. A present evidence is solid and supportive. A lot of things that is remained unsatisfactorily explained by a theory of the tomb now has complete sense under a theory of plant of the power.
Some of a be of points-
-the five overlaying the chamber is on the chamber of Rey
-the narrow axes that connects the chamber of a King to an outside
-the glasses of rooms have left in some wall of a horizontal passage and the chamber of the queen
-and a purpose and creation of an Antechamber.
These are so only the pocolos aim that Dunn theory the good work to explain. It is an interesting and logical bed except a last chapter perhaps.
5 / 5
Has done in the closely related field Christopher Dunn and am very impressed with his investigation and a detail has collected. It headed to the account for a lot of details that the traditional Egyptologists have confused stops.. It was the fascinating has read. The majority of some theories there is purposed is very very built, presented and convincing. It says that a definite use of a power that would flow of a structure is the mater of conjecture. His conjecture is good but there is also other possibilities. In general the very interesting and has thought to stimulate read, highly would recommend this book to any with the one of fund or interest in some physical sciences.
5 / 5
Very thought causing book. I have loved a technical attention to detail. It would have been very do fault to leave out of a last chapter this in spite of. He all has fallen averts in this last chapter.
4 / 5
Has blown my alcohol was! If it thinks that that we are a more advanced civilisation , thinks again
5 / 5
Chris Dunn has given the powerful new vision of a Pyramid adds in Giza, to use his technical expertise the esingeniero of versó a pyramid. That finds is the glorious car that the power has produced that it use to an earth likes them the source and that incorporates a science of vibration and sound. Dunn The laws for behind the machineries have produced of some elderly Egyptians, quell'objective that the only tools of sophisticated car could have produced a hollowed was bowls of the diorite and other works have created of this civilisation.
He fashions his theory in an evidence expósita inside a Pyramid Adds, explaining a purpose of all some passages and 'rooms' inner. It draws on some of some observations of researchers those who is before be the, the one who there is remarked some unusual acoustic characteristics inside a pyramid. It uses a detailed the commentaries have left our for W. Flinders Petrie More than fact the century. Petrie Has done examinations and of the widespread measures of a pyramid long before one 'tomb' the gospel of theory is resulted . Dunn Points out of that no the original funeral is so only state found in any Egyptian pyramid! There is in fact evidence very credible that the pyramids have been built to be tombs.
Another that obliges it querella against an idea of tomb is an enormous quantity of resources that has gone to build a Pyramid adds. The civilisation consecrates similar resources to something concealed is returned at all? Dunn Concurrí That the plant to be able to resupply the big turn, potentially to benefit to a whole society, and with an incredible precision and durability of a pyramid, would resupply power for the long time, long. At least, until the disaster has attacked... Dunn Sees evidence that the destructive force has attacked the chamber of a King, pressing some wall behind. It has been an accident inside a plant to be able to?
Has found especially obliging Dunn discussion of a supposed fact that some Egyptians have not used a wheel. Perhaps they have not required he for some uses employs for, reason have had hovercraft (very better adapted to go in sand), for chance. Also we owe that agree that a Nile the river was a 'street' primary in his country. Dunn Says that Germania under a Nazi technology has developed to the long of different lines of some the EUA after so only 12 years of isolation. Hardly it would be odd if an Egyptian civilisation, separated of us for thousands of years, could have developed to the long of different technological lines of us.
Had excited also to see Dunn speak a Choral Castle in Florida, produced for And Leedskalnin behind in a @@@1950s. Somehow, a small frail the man was able to move enormous blockades of rock for him. Leedskalnin Has alleged to having discovered likes some Egyptians have moved some enormous blockades that done on some pyramids but he have died without developing a secret. Dunn theorizes That involves magnetism and would mean discarding some of some faiths scienziathe current roughly gravities.
Dunn Treads gingerly Around Edgar Cayce material, almost that excuses for the comprise, but am happy has done. Very the one who look for a truth in our own past finds Cayce the words that obliges, with his sum of inner consistency. It Cayce Has said in a Atlanteans destroying they by means of an abuse of the accesses of source of powerful energy with Dunn found in a ancients that knows like this to produce electrical power. They have had perhaps the effective plus and potentially destructive power that included our own civilisation has discovered.
Some critiques of Dunn the ideas is that there is little representation in Egyptian art of some uses of this power. There is a 'light bulb' famous picture in a Temple of Dendera the one who looks to aim Crookes tubes into use, complete with bosses to be able to. There is also in other representations of places that could be it cars of fly, like an evidence of the technology advanced is not entirely absentee in Egyptian art, but there is also pictures of the people that ploughed the fields that animal of use and other seemingly primitive ways of working. But like this Dunn correctly the signals was, the different societies would use the source of power for different purposes. Reason has has not had ovens of the toaster and the cars does not try has not had any source of electrical power. The uses of electricities would depend in an economic system of Egyptian society. It was there the motive of profit to produce produced of consumer that use electrical power, as in our society? The one who has possessed a power created in a pyramid and how was the electrical power has distributed? Dunn HAS any response to these questions, although it offers speculations.
Another weakness in Dunn the presentation is that it does not treat of the margins of concrete times for a development of Egyptian technology. A period of Egyptian civilisation for thousands of years that the Egyptologists divide to three periods. Dunn vaguely Informs to some constructors of pyramid as 'ancient Egyptians' but does not speak any years concretise or relate a accomplishment in any one another known historical chance. It does not try to aim like joining accesses of technology to the culture. But of course, Dunn is not alleging to be the historian or archaeologist. It would be very some people those who concern roughly this could each one which so door his expertise to resist on solving some enigmas intrinsic in a Pyramid Adds. Chris Dunn certainly has some of an expertise have required... But a lot everything.
Dunn Speak some inventions of Nikola Tesla those who has thinks that that the electrical power could be rid without bosses, which can be like this some Egyptians rid it. Dunn Says the wireless power is not never state pursued reason has not had an easy way to metre he -- as that has controlled wins money? It was a part of motive of the profit of Egyptian society, or the power has been done freely available, or he so only be for use of a ruling class? A need for the turn in the investment is the primary engine of technology in our present society (and can maintain a lot potentially useful technologies and was that it saves life of any when never be developed), but that has driven technological development in of the ancient civilisations? So only we do not know .
Dunn Does not speak a purpose of some other two pyramids or some other edifices in a Giza plateau. His theory is not to complete without discovering a history and purpose of all built around a Pyramid Adds. It could his use like the plant to be able to involves even more ancient Atlantean technology that was later incorporated with another plus ceremonial uses? When it was the knowledge of his purpose has lost true?
I hope Chris Dunn will continue his surgeries and that other researchers attentively will consider that it has presented it in this wonderful book. Thank you, Chris! Calm has given to plot to think roughly!
5 / 5
This book tries besides the reasonable doubt that a pyramid adds in Giza has been created by people those who has been anticipated much more that is now a lot so only of the point of view of technology but spiritually. It has resisted traditionally the theories on some pyramids when prpers have fallen for pharoahs this is to be build for the manualidad that uses the primitive tools are entirely disproved (any those who thinks something like this could be built by people those who have not discovered a wheel still would owe that be committed to the mental institution). As you have read this reserves some designate 'queen' Fourth' and 'King' Fourth' start to create confusion because according to Dunn these have not been fourth of funeral at all.
Some constructors of pyramid were mysterious to a point to be almost that frights according to that that it was able to do. A reason does not find additional archaeologic evidence of some elderly Egyptians' the technology or a society advanced can be reason have not been to like. If Dunn the theory is corrected that thinks that is some the elderly Egyptians have had one comprising of a universe that is far further ours this time. They can have had a capacity to travel a lot so only by means of spatial but by means of timing also or the others dimensions of realities. Although there is evidence that obtains of the secret government today has knowledge of some of these has anticipated to the technologies likes them to them the travesía of time.
A bit those that reviewers has critiqued some references to Edgar Cayce the readings but an author correctly @damage that the discussion of this subject would have to that comprise theories on some possible origins of some constructors of pyramid and a society in that this pyramid has been built. Cayce Has indicated that some the ancient Egyptians were survivors of Atlantis which sank to an ocean like the result of abuse of technologies that was resembled a ray to be able to described for Dunn theory and also implication in occult activity. Perhaps one reasons a technology of some ancient Egyptians is disappeared is reason a human race has entered the period of evolution which could not manage this type to be able to. It imagines that Hitler could have done with some anti diagrams of gravities.
A Cayce the theory is that an in fact begun human race to of-volve with which Atlantis sank . With which some the ancient Egyptians looks that the humanity is resulted more and more entrenched in of to to the earthly questions likes him to him the war, slavery, illness, etc. Like this perhaps some stands of utmost pyramid like the monument the humanity is stray glory but can still can retreated on sometime punctual.
Christopher Dunn would owe that be uploaded to repair and resurrect a pyramid adds. The one who knows, perhaps was one of some people those who built it.
4 / 5
The majority of books in an offer of Pyramid Adds feeble explanations of some of his characteristic more curious and amazing, while honradamente admitting partorisca be totally baffled for another. A feebler explanation of everything, of course, is concealed offered for orthodox Egyptology, an obvious atrocity that is propagated in all the regular texts and the encyclopaedias and this is to teach ours all like childen: it concealed a Pyramid Adds is the tomb and has been built by the primitive workers that use copper tools.
Perhaps, as in pertinent men of theory, entirely divorced of material realities, and those who have probably never so like this hammered the nail to the piece of forest, this silliness is a more can expect. After all, it takes the person with the expertise of sure engineering to fully appreciate and begin to comprise the marvel of the engineering like a Pyramid Adds, the marvel that , partorisca all our technology advanced, could a lot included begin to duplicate.
Christopher Dunn has looked for to be so only such the person. As it has coached it machinist with an expert eye, has involved in an admirably original exercise in reverse engineering that has sucedido in offering highly convincing explanations of EVERYTHING of some characteristic significant of a pyramid (any one so only his materials) and of an underlying science him. A pyramid like the car and frames of plant of the can far more felt that a pyramid like the tomb, and although the details of the his querella is, as it admits, probably open to question, his looks of main theses probably partorisca be a test of time.
Included If some of his details would owe that try to be bad, his main thesis certainly will stimulate to the again thought plot in a real purpose of a pyramid and a precise character of an energy was built clearly partorisca generate. Some desires had said the little more in this energy of microwave. Mightn'T The, for example, has been also used likes a bit class of device of communications? Some also wishes that it had ignored that a Cayce material as when being to a large extent unintelligible and adding little his thesis.
But in spite of these two minors shortcomings, and in spite of a fact that can be tried bad in of the sure details, Dunn has given certainly he fascinating and highly insightful the account of a Pyramid Adds in the book that can result to one of one the majority of of the entity never writing in this subject, the book that undoubtedly will send Egyptologists scurrying partorisca coverage. One dips it down with the admiration renewed and respect partorisca a knowledge of a ancients, and that asks when moderns sees partorisca abandon finally an idea boba that is some first for real intelligent people partorisca live a planet.
5 / 5
The evidence suggests that some pyramids of Egitto are more tombs. But if any tomb, that was his purpose ? Christopher Dunn resupplies a response in a Giza Plants partorisca Be able to: Technologies of Egitto Ancient.
Dunn, The one who there is "fact with cars partorisca on thirty-five years," it is result intrigued with a Glorious Pyramid, which says is "it big plus, more precisely built, and more with the accuracy has varied partorisca build never built in a world." It has known it it has had the special purpose and the place was partorisca learn the one who this purpose was.
His travesía has comprised attentively weighing all some theories partorisca date like this to an origin and purpose of some pyramids. Any of these theories are returned all some known details and available machineries. Any one coached like an archaeologist or in traditional Egyptology, has used his own experience like the master craftsman and engineer to king-value an evidence partorisca exist, as well as doing some original investigation.
When it had compiled all, Dunn concluded that some pyramids have been built with the upper technology to any at present into use and that they were "the plants of ancient Egyptian power." It says some constructors of some pyramids used partorisca convert an Earth "vibrational energy the energy of microwave." This energy " it was more probably used partorisca some same reasons would use it to knots today--the cars partorisca be able to and appliances."
The photographs and the illustrations explain and sustain his theories.
Dunn hypothesizes The future in that a technology used for a ancients could have the habit of draw of seismic energy, any one only resupplying the grandson and inexhaustible source of energy, but also deleting some earthquakes have caused of an accumulation of this energy inside an Earth.
A Giza Plants partorisca Be able to is the must -read partorisca any one interested in a fascinating the history of the one who has built some pyramids, as they he, and reason has built such massive structures with such precision.
4 / 5
Partorisca Those of you the one who only poden any stomach an atrocity tries roughly a Pyramid adds, welcome house. If I have had my way each boy in pupil would owe that learn that Chris Dunn teaches we roughly a world; yes, ossia well, in a world.
A lesson is deeper that a Pyramid Adds, because tip 4 disturbing things, conculsively: 1. I have been lied too partorisca decades in those pasts in Egitto, some tools have had and to the equal that has fulfilled some a lot of things they , 2. Cela The civilisation adds existed and there is perished of then, and that requires partorisca be careful in that accept like this fact: the common sense HAS value 3. Cela There is still partorisca achieve the technology that was once possesed here in thousands of earth in fact years, and 4. These a lot of things have said our so many facts, is not .
Ossia The enormous book , and the desire has had a capacity of the place in television in 8 pm at night and draw one his attention that need, reason the humanity will take the advance of giant jump when it concealed finally spends.
5 / 5
This book is reading a lot lovely partorisca any the one who has not asked never, "To the equal that build some Pyramids" or "If some Egyptians have built some Pyramids add, likes to forget regarding the do?". Using layman terms, Gentleman Dunn taken a reader in the travesía that he, he, travelled in the period of 20 years partorisca answered. During his investigation, Gentleman Dunn discovers information and of the machineries that can not be replicated without an use of technology advanced, and can not be explained for Egyptologist. A lot these machineries had been hid of public view in fact a lot of years.
Ladies to question Dunn tentativas partorisca answer in his book is those that "the time before iron or steel, how was the granite blocks cut with such precision?" And "that was some monoliths of granite colgante on a chamber of king partorisca, and that broke him?".
In a past, all the questions on some pyramids have been taken to some Egyptians curators. A question that is that these experts are students of these pasts down historical information -- duquel a lot of of some responses are spent down was browsers quite recent that has guessed like this to a character and purpose of some machineries, no the scientists or the engineers that use empirical data.
Gentleman Dunn has exposed, registered and categorized unexplainable the information and the machineries that relates to some pyramids that has been ignored, refused, or hid for Egyptologist. Then using the novel approximation partorisca take answered to these questions on some pyramids, Gentleman Dunn has taken an anomalous information and/or machineries the technological experts (scientific, engineers, academy, and tradesmen) partorisca find a response to a simpler way partorisca reproduce a machinery, or that explains an anomaly.
In a lot of chance, Gentleman Dunn expósito that would take the technology advanced, included for today of levels, to retorted some machineries. He also found that the data of conventional explanations for Egyptologists regarding anomalous information partorisca be frequently inaccurate and no plausible, and that has had explanations scienziathe simpler. In other chances, many of some technological marvels of some pyramids can not be explained by some technological experts or reproduced with a finer technology and more anticipated today.
Based in some responses given for experts in his field of around a world, Gentleman Dunn is able to establish the organism of evidence that substantiates his claim that a Pyramid Adds could not be be build of the masses that exerts so only copper chisels and hammers of bones partorisca produce such the glorious engineering colossus. Precise measures and given empirical, together with expert testimony, has driven Gentleman Dunn the obvious conclusion that has expected not even.
Has read this book, a lot of time, and when being of Measure, has tried to choose avert he -- I has been unsuccessful. An evidence presented in this work is concise and attentive. Against popular opinion and sensatez conventional, Gentleman Dunn is opened-imported and has a curiosity, persistence, and tenacity partorisca look for a truth without considering to negative peer-pressure, harassment, and included that dips his own reputation at stake in presenting his evidence.
Gentleman Dunn rock of conclusion tridional thought, but is his scientist.
4 / 5
An author is an engineer has experienced , the one who has studied a technology of Egitto Ancient in depth adds. It is concerned with a discovery of a sensatez underlying of this civilisation advanced still ancient. In this book, shows like a precise creation of a help of pyramids in in some future creations. His theories do not please Egyptologists, partorisca, as it writes in a dish of iron Howard Vyse found in a Pyramid Adds: <<the Egyptologists have the vested interest in continuing his teachings like taught bear a past century. Partorisca Do otherwise would be partorisca admit that I have been bad. A stuff of the iron is so only the small, this in spite of significant, element in the big collection of anomaly that has been ignored or misinterpreted for a lot of academics reason contradict his orthodox faiths.>> Ossia More to good sure the book partorisca open-has has imported readers.
4 / 5
Ossia The must -read partorisca any one interested in new and evolving theories on some pyramids in Giza. Like this orthodox the Egyptologists take evermore closely to his pyramids-so many-theories of tombs, engineers, scientists, and of the curious is exploring some facts and,yes, buries it a theory of tomb of a swipe for everything.
An author explores some facts of some dimensions of a pyramid adds with an attention that so only an engineer has experienced can give. It does not leave this place were if you are not of a technical persuasion. There is abundance partorisca sink your teeth to. An author also investigation out of some opinions of people those who do with big masonary projects the day-to-basic of day. These episodes are a lot of enlightening.
Is new the alternative theories of some pyramids, would recommend this book together with Fingerprints of some Of the for Hancock.
4 / 5
Has read a lot of books and of the pieces on some pyramids of Egitto of both sides of a fence of then 1995. Partorisca Say that I have not bought never to a orthodox 'done' is a understatement. His ideas of a point of view of engineering is original and felt. This in spite of, some conclusions of lacks of the book in some zones. If you do not have the bit of sympathetic roughly engineering, beware, will take stray and there is bored quickly.
Is my faith that Chris Dunn, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, and to has it all has contributed partorisca solve a mystery of some pyramids; if so only they would come neighbouring in stop and common earth that proclaims that each one which so it solved it a mystery then to the orthodoxy would take partorisca look.
Are not the believer in bylines in coincidences, can convince me once and perhaps two times, this in spite of, there is too many when it comes to these glorious structures partorisca say that they were at all more tombs. I find it quite that interests that the Egyptologists easily accept anything concealed is discovered when it sustains a current dogma. When A machinery or the registration is found this contradicts a current faith, is refused quickly ( A Census Stela).
Could go in and on, but so only have 1,000 words I so that it will leave in that. I give this book 4 stars.
5 / 5
Ossia The clearly presented, any one-sensational book. It is arguably an only work in some pyramids that approximations a subject without a preconception of mummies and tombs. Claro, has documented the facts are presented.
When coupled With the no secular view of an ancient world as presented in of the works for Drs. Henry Morris and John C. Whitcomb, Results more comprehensible that the ancient man was far more anticipated and has had a time, resources and knowledge the physics of harness partorisca practical purposes.
This reviewer does not take a hook of throat, line and sinker -- Dunn can be wrong; but a theory of a Pyramid Adds like the harmonic generator is obliging partorisca say a less.
5 / 5
Pharaohs Of a Heaven

I hazard partorisca say that any one has undertaken such a long examination of a Pyramid Adds of Egitto--the supposition that put of rests of an ancient Pharaoh Khufu. Well, Flinders Petrie studied a pyramid in the way of detail adds behind in a @@@1880s, and Petrie offered tantalising questions that Christopher Dunn capitalises on in 'A Giza Plants partorisca Be able to.' It was the modern tools has used partorisca build a pyramid? It was a never feigned pyramid like the tomb? If it has not been feigned like the tomb, that was his purpose ? A response is simple, according to Dunn: a pyramid was the living, breathing diagrams that harnessed inexplicable technology one has to that so only boasts some Egyptians could not have had. Like Frames Dunn chances like this obliging is his fund: the master craftsman the one who has has has drawn cars partorisca decades. On its own name, probably any one another book has done more partorisca me in my investigation partorisca explore some endless questions that surrounds a pyramid. Ossia The definite must has a same investigation.
5 / 5
An author the good chance to having solved a riddle of a purpose of a Pyramid Adds. It alleges a pyramid was the big acoustical device in that a technology of harmonic resonance has had the habit of converts an earth vibrational energies the radiation of microwave. It shows a fact that some chambers and the passages in a pyramid has been situated precisely deliberate partorisca optimise his acoustical held. When A pyramid vibrated in tune with press he of an earth resulted it coupled oscillator that could spend a scrolling of power of an earth with small or any feedback, while some three smaller pyramids in a Giza to the plateau could have had the habit partorisca help a Pyramid adds achieves a resonance has required. The chamber of a King, built of igneous the granite that contains glasses of quartz of the silicon, do fault likes centre partorisca be able to while the chamber of a Queen has had the habit of generates hydrogen, a fuel that has run a plant. The sure machineries develop that some the elderly Egyptians have used advanced machining methods. Some later discoveries, that comprises a door expósita in a airshaft for Gantenbrink Upuaut robot, returns well to this theory of plant of the power and an author also informs to a work of Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock. A text is illustrated with black drawings and of the aims and the photographs and concludes with copious notes, the bibliography and an indication. A book is very researched, a lot of writing and in my opinion a theory is plausible and ought partorisca be researched further.
5 / 5
This book is an amazing example of just the one who far an alcohol partorisca write of the fiction can go and be the objective analysis does to spend for in that is supposition partorisca be a polite society. It is complete atrocity , having swimming partorisca do with some true laws of physics, but taking loaned the little of some words like "acoustical harmonic resonance" and then coming from partorisca write the book partorisca sell the toneless has has imported people, a truth that is irrelevant.
Partorisca Thoughtful, aim, intelligent and logical has thought people, a truth has been known partorisca at least 15 years, that follows one publishing of a book "Some Pyramids; A Enigma has Solved" for Margie Morris and Joseph Davidovits where is dipped clearly was that some Pyramids have been touched out of a technology of cimienta ancient where the long lines of Egyptians am rid when treading has based concrete hand the hand on a Pyramid of some careers in a base (where a Nile the river could helps a cement), A lot LIKE HIS TODAY, partorisca touch block enormous (some until 500 tonnes) in place with complete perfection, and tolerances of .005 thumb among them. EVERYTHING of some accesses of evidence, and all the contradictions are solved. When it Tops Morris public his punctual new book, this would have to that be has spent read to cover, and there also is coming early the second edition of "Some Pyramids, A Enigma has Solved" for Davidovits and his edges, with new material. One looks for a truth is ON and the people will not be suckered to pay good money for this atrocity ( has "entertainment so only" in a fund?).
5 / 5
Ossia The add Yours A SCIENTIST! Christopher Dunn tries to explain to a reader some technical appearances of a pyramid adds and reason would be logical for him to be the plant to be able to. Dunn Is the engineer maquinal and writes in the way that so only another engineer maquinal would comprise. Still although the majority of this book is technology-speaks another separates that so only rehash old theories. In general it was the quite boring book .
5 / 5
A Pyramid Adds was the generator of power of the microwave that use the natural harmonic vibrations of the earth, according to an author. Reason has touched like such the far-was theory, has assumed was to be really 'new age fringy' and almost look very included by means of him. But my surprise was the sense read and do adds scientifically. Also the returned to Zachariah Sitchin theory in a Anunnaki of elderly Sumerian. Although it does not think still it mentions Sitchin. (This in spite of, Sitchin thinks some two big pyramids in Giza was mainly to land 'beacons.') While it mentions Cayce, to a detriment of a book felt. Test to answer ALL SOME REASONS for a structure and material and forms, etc. According to which could say and has read enough the bit in a Giza pyramids. Dunn HAS the fund in precision machining and looks to know that it is speaking roughly. If has the fund of the calm science really can appreciate his theory. He also the numerous diagrams have used to illustrate his ideas that is that really I attracted that a book. I can not say Dunn the theory is some of course, but is an interesting idea and another appearance to consider. It would want to see a SINCERE critic of this theory of the scientist has described. Any so only an usual arrogant debunker that brotas out of some facts that any returned and twist another to do them is returned. Dunn A lot this with his investigation.
5 / 5
Christopher Dunn sustain his own credibility to try to present only measurable evidence of the technology advanced in Egitto ancient. His use of cutters of expert bone' the opinions was mine very useful , as they are the bone mason and cutter of bone, explain a still unequalled the precision with those ENORMOUS bones have been cut and joint.
Thinks shies out of one spiritual or occultic speculations that the a lot of authors in a subject likes him direct on. To the left it is it agrees also that mainstream to to the Egyptologists like to them the his called occult speculations of chambers of funeral and souls of the kings that is beamed to some historical stars.
The part of me has loved an author partorisca philosophise and speculate more than has done reason his opinions fascinated me, but has respected more his analysis because it has averted spiritual subjects and has built the theories for tools and of the practical purposes. Copper chisels Or diamond still some are pocolos practical and impossible to use to create some concrete structures and boxes spoken for Dunn.
Will discover more in ancient technologies to the equal that result more anticipated in the technologically and result able to comprehend that is looking in. They are in accordance with Dunn that there is not approaching the included taking up with the civilisation that has built much more needed 4 or 5 years of thousand does.
A fascinating book.
5 / 5
Likes the manager of a Pyramid Adds of Giza Association of Investigation, am
familiar with the majority of some theories of the entity regarding a Pyramid Adds.
Of my fund is in of the physics and biophysical, have always
favoured the scientific explanation with facts that can be
substantiated. Gentleman Dunn the new book is the approximation a lot of scientist to
discovering a purpose of a Pyramid Adds of Giza. His theory is
based on touch scientific principles that comprises acoustic,
vibrations, piezoelectric effect, and another. There is synthesized a
scientific theory that it is compatible with a history of elderly
Egitto. Of all some the new theories have published to date, finds his theory
to be one of one the majority of promising. Need to do further to be facts but
Gentleman Dunn has dipped a phase for the new approximation to an add
Also one first splits of his book is in real encyclopaedia of
the history and discovered of a Pyramid Adds. This book is the must
for any serious student of a Pyramid Adds and also for any layman
interested in him. He fascinating and enjoyable reading.
If I
was to recommend three books to any regarding an add
Pyramid, Gentleman Dunn the book would be one of a three that I
has chosen.
5 / 5
Ossia The very well has thought was, the theory has formulated scientifically on the one who a Pyramid Adds in fact was. Conventional spear "sensatez" in some faces of Egyptologists, those who, incredibly, still neither refute like impossible, or simply ignore, an obvious evidence that some people those who has built a Giza the pyramids have been anticipated highly technologically!
Saying that copper tools ( hardened or any) is all this has had the habit of structure of enormous build out of extremely hard igneous rock reason 1) ossia all this is to be find like this far, and 2) concealed is (thought to be) a level a big plus of the successful technology in that then is simply, well, ludicrous! Ossia Alike to say an Empire the State edifice has been built with swimming more than the choose and altarpiece because those were some only tools found in this location!
Will owe that take the book in some American pyramids Of the sud (yes, has him there also), and hopefully will speak on that has been to find (if anything) in an interior of these structures. It would want to listen that they are resembled some Egyptian pyramids.
Done well, Gentleman Dunn!
4 / 5
Fifty experience of the years like a field have believed egyptologist and archaeologist, remained with him lifetime of living and that study in a foot of some Pyramids of a Giza to plateau the scarce fact for my partner, internationally recognised Khemitian main and Sensatez Keeper, Abd The Hakim Awyan, to be mad about roughly reading the new book in a construction and the true function of a Pyramid Adds. Christopher Dunn¹s book, A Giza Plants to Be able to, has tried an exception.
To quote Hakim: ³Christopher Dunn has done the wonderful work to explain some technical appearances of some Utmost For Neter (Pyramid). Christopher is the man of heart and strong alcohol, and is the powerful voice for western ears. It is my continuous sincere hope his work, is in a right clue.²
Considering me, am not impressed so only for a breadth and clarity of Christopher¹s laws, am RELIEVED that exists. My skilled zone of ³Khemitology² is mainly philosophical and spiritual; now when any the one who is really serious in a mechanics of a Pyramid Adds approach to me, can joyfully heads to Christopher Dunn and A Giza Plants to Be able to. They will be in of the hands add!
-Abd The Hakim Awyan and Karena Bryan- International professors of a Khemitian tradition of sensatez and has sawed-authors of a next book: Egitto and One wake- Ideas of an Egyptian Expert.
4 / 5
A book maintains no with my recent findings in a zone of fundamental physics: a pyramid has oriented is the resonator of an Earth inerton waves, ossia, a aether wind, which was elusive of scientists in a 19th and a start of 20.os centuries. When Einstein HAS PROPOSED his general relativity very formal all the studios, which has touched a aether questions, has been abandoned. This in spite of, today a inerton the field is has developed already. Some objects of influences of the field in a same way likes ultrasound. Ossia Reason I absolutely support Chris Dunn theory: in fact, a Pyramid has been built like the plant to be able to it transduced an Earth that vibrates energy to an electromagnetic energy. Ossia Reason a book is recommended highly to all thinking scientific, especially, physicists.
5 / 5
So how is a lot appealing to think that some Pyramids (those who surprise, that sees that they are some so only of some worlds 7 marvels that remain) has been created for the purpose he big plus, is not some people speak of powerplants, as some pyramids are varied to some stars, like a egyptians could did not build him, a truth to any serious scientist is, that in fact, an astronomy of a egyptians was worthless,far inferior to this of a unserious the scientists say that some pyramids are varied to some stars, takes some facts that no comply, like this lying. A mystery of some pyramids is not so much to to the mystery likes hollywood master for creer.un of model of like this some pyramids could be be build has been built,and today such the construction ,thanks to cars,at all be something impossible to this true that a egyptians has had the simple comprising of mathematicians,but has not used a pythagorean formula to calculate some pyramids specs,this formula has not been discovered until Pythagoras is been born in Greece. They have had instead the very effective work force, something one can admire him for, and this force of work has directed to create some pyramids. But I find it extremely unserious to speculate roughly generators to be able to.unases The pyramids have been built for a Pharaos to impress a then some people seen like this (understandibly) a Pharao like prójimos to the god, that sees like this could build something like this(although a pharaos a lot anything ). If you enjoy pyramids and ancient egyptian culture, suggests that you read the reserve it serious plus that this one.
5 / 5
Has found a way Dunn describes each level of his theory that entertains in this I comprises some concepts of machining in today of world-wide. It spends each phase of new information with a lot thoughtout descriptions so as to cause a reader to try to comprise that for real the awe that inspires some tasks would be the car solid granite. A history takes calm by means of the plot is interesting the historical facts of some discoveries have done inside a Pyramid Adds like each new browser struggled with a sheer can of solid granite and some reasons for him is existence. A can not help but loves it see in person after reading this book. Whomever Built some pyramids are engreída he with the cars advanced. I also ponder that it could be able to discover in Egitto, perhaps the rests of object have used partorisca drill to a rock. Perhaps Chris Dunn wins revisit a career or undermine around in some museum forgotten and find another elusive clue a time honored investigation to know reason and theorize one like a book and read his theory. Calm also will experience "turn of Paradigm" regarding "It" A Pyramid Adds has been built. A better part is his theory reason. Plants to be able to!
Thank you Thus book!
4 / 5
An author of this book is an engineer any one the writer and he asoma.un the author has the theory in some pyramids but continuous dance around that continues in the old territory that clues of falls until it has given at least on and leave. Gentleman Dunn can have something that interests partorisca say if it would not say it never! If it writes another book would owe that assume the writer of ghost. It was a lot of disappointed.
5 / 5
Some facts are quite simple. Still in his ruined state today, a pyramid has produced measurable induction, and a granite in King' fourth' can be easily showed the resonate sympathetically with an Earth geo-maquinal.
To the equal that can cut by means of everything of some argues ideological and simplify it has taken:
1. Some Egyptians (or more) has built accidentally the almost perfect geo-centre of collection to be able to maquinal (that surpasses even our current state of technology) and ignorantly has used likes the temple or of the tomb.
2. Some Egyptians (or more) deliberately has built the almost perfect geo-centre of collection to be able to maquinal, probably to generate can for some purpose.
Is until you partorisca decide. Some constructors of a Giza the pyramid was neither extremely lucky and ignorant, or was extremely brilliant. They have built neither a more astonishingly complex structure on Tierra with there is anticipated technician or with work of slave. Some people choose to believe some last reason Charlton Heston the film has said that they have to that; another chooses to believe some leading reasons each principle of science and engineering said that for necessity has to that have. Whichever Has chosen will be based your own intrinsic ideology, so only world-wide view, and rational eases (or lack of the same).
Suspect a religionists of a world will go with 1, as all the world-wide clearly knows that before Christianity a world was "dark and ignorant" and that some Christians "spent light to a world." Gee With 80 of us in a be West Judeo-Christian is any marvel because has like this reluctance to accept well has has articulated theories that some the ancient cultures were highly would contradict our Saint Bible and in the can not have concealed. Oh He And some Babylonians have developed accidentally battery. Obviously they were simply clay mugs has used to drink orange juice went; it is simply blind coincidence that so only spend to have everything of a requisite parts of an interior of pertinent composition of his reason this has added to a flavour of an orange juice. And a solder the league has used so only randomly spends to be one the majority of the effective mix known to humankind today. Again, he so only added to a flavour of an orange juice; clearly have it at all to do with his upper properties of behaviour.
Prpers In a West can be like this blind in our arrogance.
4 / 5
In a one another secrecy.
Honours that resist some secrets. We honour that bust a secret Chris Dunn. The nonconformist man that enters a Pyramid adds and attacking a coffer in almost of complete darkness. We require and admire stroll it to one goes he of secrecy and be big.
Chris honour.
A delighted reader of the yours Giza Plants to Be able to
5 / 5
Dunn gave some blockades of Utmost Pyramid were machined without explaining
the one who powered some tools. In Dunn phase, the electricity is existed so only
subsequent the construction!
Dunn Offered a wrong description of
the rock-concrete (geopolymer) theory, which theory obviates his. Reason?

Developing his theory, Dunn the diverse character has consulted, but no
geopolymer spokesman, in spite of admitting that geopolymerization
has defied. Reason?
Dunn Any refute some chemical analyses of
the bones of pyramid quotes. Instead, he irrelevantly points to sarcophagi
done on 1000 years after a Pyramid Adds has been built, when the
technology that does the bone has been in decline.
Dunn Assumes that
geopolymers, yes has used at all, was touched so only to moulds. Wrong!
Unhardened Rock-concrete can be done likes clay in the potter
turns. The objects can be created to pack near individual
quantity of uncured rock-concrete, skillfully shaped and has finalised
with first simple tools of definite cementation. An arrival can be applied
with one or more rock-concrete coatings. This technician is has used
for separate or in combination to build an object. This flexible
the system has deleted quarrying, shaping, lifting and dipping natural rock
blockades and explains some up to now characteristic unresolved of an Utmost
Pyramid and has has associated monuments and of the machineries. Reason any Dunn
speak this?
Developing the rock-the method of construction of the concrete object
can require the subsurface examination. Distinguishing among naturalidad
rock and geopolymeric rock-concrete usually will require chemist
analysis and microscopy, a geopolymer it cimienta that it requires to scan the
microscope of electron. Dunn Ignore these facts.
Modern careers
the courses of test have done for saws to be able to. If some blockades of pyramid were machined,
the careers of the era of the pyramid would owe that exhibit mark alike. But they resist
so only some the raw frames of bones have chosen (Arnold, D., "Edifice In
Egitto"), the mark with the disaggregation process for
geopolymerization. Dunn Ignores this, also.
A Pyramid Adds
the blockades to tread are geopolymeric rock-cement done in environmental
temperatures with a Giza big career-clay-tread of content,
initially disaggregated reason his clay has been released to water that
flooded some careers. It has been it showed! The granite was otherwise
Refusing Some pyramids like funerary monuments, Dunn
reports because robbers would fly "cadaveri" (mummies), failing to
recognises that the wrappings of real mummy have contained numerous
lovely amulets.
The Egyptologists comprise that a Pyramid Adds,
that contains the sarcophagus and surrounded by real tombs in him
Necropolis ("City of a Dead person"), it represents a mythological
primeval mountain. This fundamental religious concept, that Egitto
shared with other nations, survived in architecture (pyramids,
ziggurats, and temples) for several years of thousand. Dunn Ignores this
concept. To disprove that a Pyramid Adds is primeval mountain
funerary monument, Dunn must convincingly disprove a Pyramid Adds
report to this concept. He no.
Dunn speculates That a
tools of the cataclysm of car has caused to disappear. But that the cataclysm is lasted
on 6000 years, slope of the that machineries of time of a type Dunn claims
was machined, was fashioned? Dates of glass of the diorite to Neolithic time
(c. 7000 B.C.). To the diorite has continued to be fashioned until at least he
25th Dynasty (712-657 B.C.). This comprises on 6000 years. One 18th
(1550-1307 B.C.) And 19th (1307-1196 B.C.) The dynasties have produced for real
impressive monolithic colossi of the granite or to quartzite that hanged until
on 1000-tonnes each. As it Could tools of the car and all have associated big
technology, used for on 6000 years, disappear while primitive tools
and the objects of low technology have survived?
Dunn Affirms that a piece to spend
found inside a Pyramid Adds test contemporaneous iron
production. The Egyptologists do not adapt , quoting widespread 19th Dynasty
reparations of pyramid and an absence to convince evidence to spend
smelting. Any one Old Realm sealed (2575-2134 B.C.) The tomb has yielded
wrought iron. Evidence for even a smelting the ease has dated to an Old
or the Half empire is being missing of. If original, the iron has said could be a
the present foreigner situated in a masonry, like the amulets have inserted to mummy
For his plant of capacity to do, Dunn iron of claims and now a lot
lined some whole period of some north axes and of the sud narrow of
the chamber of Rey. Dunn Present any evidence for such the lining, saves
for an implication of an above-mentioned unconvincing iron
piece. This in spite of, has inspected partially a north iron and mentions
any sign of metal or his scrolling.
Dunn Does not explain to like energy
has been transferred the tools to be able to. He incongruously mixes down and big
technology, that alleges that the forest and bronze "grapnel hook"
is part of the transmission of critical fluent control--as if his flange has inflated is a
surface of pertinent contact. Dunn Offered any test that floating or his
the distribution of weight leaves a horizontal fluctuation has required. It is
unbelievable that Dunn is advanced the technology coexisted with such
"gerry-rigging." The bronze looked in of the hundreds of Egitto of years
after the construction of a Pyramid Adds. This hook, that resembles to swim
known of an Age of Pyramid, probably is swimming but he "grapnel
hook" situated in a Pyramid Adds long after his
Dunn Affirms that to break in the chamber of Reina
metered has flowed! A crack is @@@subject the erosion, and dimensional
instability caused for settlement, earthquakes and etc. Reason
the engineers that ultrasound of use, big-accelerate motorised cars and more
substitute of impressive technology "Flintstones" technology
for the orifice drilled or for real falsified metering
Characteristic Dunn the claims sustain the plant to be able to in fact sustains
geopolymerization more. For chance, Dunn said that a plant to be able to
the skirt of chemicals has created in wall to tread sure because of a
reaction with a limestone. But geopolymerized the bone can release such
rooms.... The looks of rooms in walling other pyramids. For chances, Petrie
has informed "a good shot of rooms has crystallised" inside Khafra
granite (any tread!) Sarcophagus. Dunn Ignore these facts that
opone his theory. These evidences of phenomena geopolymerization, any
If an odd description of a matrix of granite in him
the chamber of the king (page 152) that Dunn the presents is attentive, suggests
artificial bone, like this do Dunn commentaries in Petrie core of granite 7
of Khafra Temple of Valley, "A confounding done that it
surca of the short torsion deeper by means of a quartz that by means of a soft more
feldspar. In conventional machining a rovescio would be the
Dunn Legitimately affirms that the sure tin characteristic a lot
be explained to use ancient Egyptian tools. His evidence
inadvertently the helps try that geopolymerization is a response to
otherwise puzzling monuments and machineries.
5 / 5
Has bought this book during a half of a week, but has had to expect to a weekend to read he - then could has not dipped down, and has finalised he in a session. My alcohol still is reeling of his implications - after all has read in Giza - Chris Dunn theory and no-for-analysis of any fact one the majority of sense, and an only theory has found where ALL SOME FACTS and evidence, both historical and one the majority of current, point to the plausible result only.
4 / 5
Is ready to explore some possibilities? Calm perhaps would owe that think in this prevails today is on with. That time join you thing that knows master. When it Was 12 I has thought roughly the, but has changed my alcohol later. If you are ready to explore some possibilities, that would have to that think roughly it plus. When A time is very calm will know. There is the saying has called sha-attack which is better that you ought to know east. Of the-men
5 / 5
has read several books in some ancient pyramids of Egitto and this rids esteem very big in my cast! Gentleman Dunn done an excellent work to explain a mechinery of a pyramid adds and his theory looks quite reasonable. Personally I create some pyramids have been built any for Aliens or humans that has had way of the knowledge further of this the science knows today. A "the bed of must"!
5 / 5
Quite simply: there it goes History as we know it to knots once! This book is, for his quality of reverse engineering, the work of diving. Any negatively critiquing "A Giza Plants to Be able to" simply it has to that no for the bed. Dunn The speculations have based in a conctete evidence notwithsatnding, ossia has to that read for any one has had to learn.
5 / 5
Has has not accepted never a faith of Egyptologists that some Pyramids have been feigned to be tombs. Have Always felt that some the Egyptian priests were more scientific of religious leaders. A Giza Plants of Power of the Pyramid done it plausable explanation of a purpose of a Pyramid adds in Giza
4 / 5
Buy it... Well of the money. An author covers each detail fantastically and for an end of a book will believe. Has has listened dozens of explanations for some pyramids... But any like this unusual and strangely attack like this one. The one who would have thought??
5 / 5
A book has arrived yesterday,16/07/2020.

Surely Christopher does not know has discovered this cubit. It is based in his analysis on page 133.
Is thumbs long and times 7 this 144.4 thumbs.

Is Algernon Berriman Real Cubit of imperial thumbs x 5776 hendidos for 5775.

5776 / 12 = feet.

A creation of a Giza the pyramid is fixed and is scalar, propotional to a height in of the thumbs (imperial)

A Pi the factor is 22/7 applied in Giza likes 44/7. This gives the circumference of feet.

A Giza the pyramid is drawn against a 14/11 sekhed.

Tries besides the reasonable doubt concealed no only is an analysis in a correct book , rows with some findings of Berriman in his book 'Historical Metrology'

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David Kenworthy, author of joint of 'Of Stonehenge the Giza'
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has Thought partorisca cause book. A precision 48 construction of the history done with primitive tools? Any human rest never found in this structure. A truth in his purpose has been maintained of a world. Christopher Dunn offers a explination as to his origins.
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Has followed Christopher Dunn with the interest adds on some last few years and has found his work that considers people like this ancient where cutting bone with such precision the very valid and interesting question, here have the engineer has described that asks some questions that the professionals in this field would owe that have state asking does years, ossia of the interesting beds and gave it to them so only the indication of 4 as personally the a lot of really agree an idea of plant of the power but the a lot of a lot of bed in all the chance
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Glorious book for the a lot of cleaver man the one who is a lot to good sure in a right clue.
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With all a confusion that surrounds some Pyramids and he is true purpose, this plenary in some spaces and gives reasonable and credible evidence that was the car that can produced and to somewhere to the long of a way there has been the dysfunction of entity so much that a force of the earthquake has been felt in just one something of a Pyramid.

Him the the has not believed never some Pyramids were tombs and that a ancients but the structure that measured with such precision.

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This book gives some real lunch for has thought. Christopher Dunn presents the organism of evidence of the science based which can not be refused slightly like this quackery. It dips it advances his theory succinctly with clear evidence and leaves a reader partorisca conclude - a Giza the pyramid was the plant partorisca be able to precicely engineered.Thoroughly I have it enjoyed read the.
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Essential bed partorisca any that wants to know some interesting facts in a construction of some pyramids...
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Amazing and insightful book, a lot of writing and progress amiably by means of an evidence to a conclusion certainly very thought causing and hard to hide of an evidence, adds it read
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when being an engineer is very interesting to have a lot that analyses a pyramid adds like an engineer and the scientist would do. Chris Dunn has the idea adds and is opened to constructive crticism. Definitly recommand This book.
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Very interesting takes on alternatve the theories and he would be wonderfull to think that the ancient villages have had this science but an author leaves a side down for not explaining that this can was available that on use of earth partorisca looks to be difficult to think that classifies of the science any the to our very read time this in spite of.

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This book is the pages of the diverse failure and a lot of pages are scanned incompletely. A quality of some photos is down that has seen on there is scanned the available versions partorisca free in a Web ( looked partorisca buy the version of book in place of in in front of leaf by means of pages of screen). Unfortunately I have not taken partorisca look in a book until recently and has lost an available window partorisca returns. I do not comprise to like any one can give multiple stars to this book because of a glaring questions with him.
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Go my description of A History of Egitto, flight 1.