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Top Customer Reviews: The Winds of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Fast delivery
DVD of excellent quality
action and the Excellent history of the majority gives actors.
Had seen this series Partly so only in the moment of his diffusion, but had been missing some episodes. They are happy To having been able to try me this excellent series DVD of the sud.
4 / 5
Has seen this series behind a day when in the first place it was in television, has wanted to see it always again. I have looked
a dvd the night, has sent already for a next series.
5 / 5
For some reason a message takes when it presses the game is any disk “” has tried the little of some disks sew inclusos, this in spite of my player will touch all some other disks have. Any insurance of a question, but go to return
knows is the serious adds ! Darn The!
5 / 5
Ossia The full wonderful film to add acting and work. There is shut captions. One everywhere does a lot well/film of war.
5 / 5
This history said in this series is excellent. A fact that an author has written a screenplay is the big plus. Unfortunately an election of main mould was the poor one with the pair of exceptions. It is not often that a mould to sustain outshines some actors of goodnesses for the wide margin. But the history adds with poor acting is still preferable to an opposite!
5 / 5
Some days of glory of television, this series aired several weeks. It was and still it is the good dramatized version of the chances that heads to and to WWII.
4 / 5
Ossia Really exceptional, has listened to a whole book in CDs and has looked also a Video. I can not recommend both highly enough. Particularly a CDs so that has like this the information and the pleasure has contained. For any interested in of the historical chances with fictional the characters woven in - ossia a series to have . Herman Wouk Is the writer I for real adds, wishes all his books were available on CD.
4 / 5
Excellent television mini serious in a goodness until WW II, as seen of a point of view of the fictional american military family. A sum of educational experience for all the world.
5 / 5
Fantastic history, to start with with, he masterpiece of Herman Wouk is. One has to that take spent a production has dated, and some remarkable poor doing of some of a esalquitranes'.....There McGraw, to appoint a film follows a book closely enough to satisfy my requirement for that. There is enjoyed a lot looks the. A must-see previously to look War and Remembrance, my visual project prójimo.
5 / 5
Ossia The very impressive account of some years before some the EUA has been involved. I think that that it is balanced and follows Wouk rids well. Mitchum Is of forest the times but I think touched the character a lot of forest. Here it is involved in some of some more utmost moments that directed until an implication of EUA in 1941. A very good vehicle for Wouk to say a history

Top Customer Reviews: Ken Burns: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
A must has dipped partorisca any interested in history, or just human character. Compiled of real photographs of some scenes of battle, with correspondence of some soldate, commentaries of all the world of Abraham Lincoln to a slave a low plus in an of the sud, has the sense of immediacy that is unparalleled in my experience. Particularly that it interest him it was some commentaries of some modern historians, especially Shelby Foote, with his voice of the sud lovely, the mix of honey and molasses, with so many histories fascinating incidents and commentaries. A music was really special also, of one pursuing Ashoken Goodbye to the emotional rendition of the sums that Trace Jacob Ladder. A real prize with this neighbour was the disk that contains all some interviews without cutting with Shelby Foote, and an interview with Jay Unger the one who has written Ashoken Goodbye and has touched the plot of a music that does a whole series really special. Ossia The place will look again and again. It is a better thing Ken Burns has done in my opinion.
4 / 5
Had seen this before and had wanted to take the copy for enough some time. A copy that has been mine sent for the amazon was all had expected for and more. An ease to take this excellent series has done a compraventa all a plus enjoyable. Has Ken Burns' collection of Vietnam and loves the hips. This man the really final work in any fact. I have seen his serious on Music of Country and is in one joins same like these other two series. Thank you Amazon to do this possible as highly it recommends a Civil War to any the one who is intrigued with this era in history.
4 / 5
Audio: 2.0 stereo or 5.1 dts. I have looked he in 5.1. Indication: Well but no exceptional as a lot little is evident in a backside surrounds or subs. But the canal of centre is clear and warm.
Video: it Disappoints it. Grainy Throughout with transmission of compatible pixel. Quality of DVD slapped in the Blue ray. So much for 'fully restored '!
This edition' the paper is wide-screen (16x9) and a program is (any surprisingly) is formed of original TV .
Grossly overpriced But adds doc!
5 / 5
I documentary adds. I do not have very known in a civil war. It is not so only in a war but of the interesting facts on some people those who has struggled in a war. Tongue in his funds and history familiarised.
4 / 5
Perhaps because of a pandemic thank you, was able to look a whole series in the relatively cut period of time, and would recommend that for another. It gives the remarkable picture of a war of an extreme to the another with a lot of collaborators of a time by means of the papers written during a war, historical more current.
5 / 5
Want to this his series a lot has thought was, very presented and some works of serious perfectly. Big recommend in any soldato or die of history. If calm buy it you, calm will love it to!!!!!
4 / 5
Burns of knowledge in his better. A history a music a barbaric total insanity of war
5 / 5
Ossia a DVD of ORDERLY prime minister of the amazon concealed does not have any content. Besides an inaugural PBS the credit there is contained much more there. Sadly, I have purchased this like the present for my husband and for a time has been opened had spent the one quotes of turn. Unfortunate, Quotes a prize.
4 / 5
So only could look average of a Series of DVD, as it would not leave me to look a second set of Dvd. I have it quell'has purchased of a series Ken Burns A War of Vietnam & has not had any subject with him.

Roger Slater

Top Customer Reviews: SECRET ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5

Top Customer Reviews: Walt Disney ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
The stumbled by means of this DVD dipped while surfing a web. Has an interest in a history of airpower, as Disney Seversky films roughly can of the air was something has wanted to see for some time, but has been unavailable virtually of world-wide war II.

That the film forms a main part of this container, and highly interested of a perspective of history to be able to of the air but I was a lot pleasantly surprised by a rest, which looks of the variety of another material produced for Disney study during a war. Coaching film, as those in some Boys IN Rifle, for example (produced for a Department of Canadian Defence), or to the equal that to eradicate mosquitos that spends malaria, is very interesting. There is also film of pure propaganda, like 'In a Fuhrer' expensive', which show an emotional reaction to an Axial threat. Finally, the number of cartoons uses some characters of Disney of the stock, Donald, Pluto and he like this advance, to sustain an endeavour of war in the number of ways. My preferred invovles a two chipmunks (of the that appoints escaped me, chair) the one who use a big cannon guarded for Pluto like the nutcracker.

Has said pleasantly surprised reason, while it liked and of the characteristic of the film of Disney has appreciated, has not been never the enormous defender of some characters of cartoon like Goofy, Donald, etc. Are more than the Warner defender of Brothers. But this neighbour was thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and very interesting to a subject. More, now was as to dissassemble the Boys IN Rifle:)

The one who the neighbour adds, and well value a prize of admission has any interest in history of animation, or in a world-wide war II FRONT of house.
5 / 5
During Second world-wide War, Walt Disney almost bankrupted his company that material of products for an endeavour of war. Now, we take it casualidades to see this part of history of animation in home on DVD with this two near of disk.
Disk 1 characteristic 29 shorts. They vary of entertainment with the patriotic flange, like 'Donald takes Hired' or 'Private Pluto,' to shorts purely to help with to the war Likes ' A New Alcohol' and 'Out of a Frying pan and the Line to Shoot.' There is included shorts used to struggle the illness in Amsterdam Of the sud likes 'Cleanliness Amena Hail' and 'A Winged Strike.' I have been surprised to learn of this disk on some films Disney has done for Canada has included before some the EUA has entered a war.
Of course, a point underlined of this disk is 'Give Fuehrer' Expensive' that finds Donald has captured in Germania Nazi.
Disk two the main appeal is 'Victoria By means of Power of Air.' This film of the period of the characteristic has been produced to spend some argue of the book for a same name of more than people. He he querella to oblige that some Allies have required to build on forces to air to win a war, argues in modern warfare that still apply today.
Disk two also looks the little of an educational shorts Disney has produced during this time. Frankly, after seeing a two this is to comprise in his entirety, am happy that the majority of them is has underlined so only. It does not find looking the film on like this to shoot the gun or as to flush kerb that entertaining. There are a lot of galleries of production and included the galleries of some defender of Disney of the project had not listened never of before. Finally, have glimpsed with Disney veteran Joe Grant, John Hench, and Roy Disney.
Ossia The one of then Disney buffs will want to because I fill some time in the history of a studio. Also it has interest for historians of all the shots as it presents the picture of life in a front of house during Second world-wide War. Of a value of entertainment of a lot of of a disk is down, has taken was some stars. Probably I will not go back to this together in the near future, but was fascinated for a lot of that has seen here and am thrilled that a studio has released this material so that the partidários can see it today.
4 / 5
Ossia trully He grat collection of propaganda of war of time of WWII done for Disney Study. Some of these films look our Duck of Donald of favourite characters, Goofy and Pluto. Another looks the concrete characters has created to purposes.
A main thing in this collection is Ladies Disney master hand for behind the each film. Animation of quality (and expensive animation of a studio that tall animation to an art in his own).
Alert, inspires, insignia and (hard but much less) entertains. Some of these few gems are quell'has bitten violent and would be necessary to see them first to decide is suitable for your boys. But in all the chance, these are films add and would have to that be seen by any the one who want to see some of some films of better propaganda have done.
Is everything adds yes film of control of Nazi propaganda a same time... They are very different. In these here films Ladies Disney has not lost never his touch and a fashion that has done his famous studio.
In this double DVD will find a lot of things... One looks-film of period (VICTORY By means of AIR POWER - it trully memorable film concealed explains an importance or power to air to american forces and also a strategical and logistic questions WWII represented to Amsterdam). Ossia Certainly the film of diving.
A Dvd also contain an enormous cast of cartoons (forms a short) that has spent the big variety of subjects and ways.
Ossia One of some better titles in a collection and a piece of entity of History. It would owe that be treasured. A quality of a Dvd is exceptional... As all this is to do with care.
So only does not comprise reason some beat of has beaten is not numbered anymore (likes some leading titles in this collection).
5 / 5
Ossia The neighbour adds , an only annoyance is that you have to that chair by means of Leonard Maltin justifications for Disney draw animated like a classical "it Gives Fuehrer Cara". A morons in Disney political correctness department the one who has done a decision to dip this droning, platitudinous atrocity innanzi to the each cartoon and to dip on a DVD to the equal that CAN ANY ONE The fast forward by means of him would have to that be beaten. So much for clock "it Gives Fuehrer Cara" or "Education for Dead" you owe that listen to Maltin say you that "Gee, during Second world-wide War was in the war and goshdarnit, the people were so only less sensitive behind then and ethnically stereotyped people, especially his enemies", which averts to abuse your intelligence is obnoxious and faintly nauseating.
Another that a nauseating dose of political correctness of the neighbours is fantastic, Disney really done the good work in curing of a stock of film of his older cartoons, the colours in a DVD are vivid and clear and does not have a lot of scratches in a scrolling. The sound is clear, although sometimes it is hard to say like this the one who can comprise Donald Duck?
Is buying This for the boys could loves looks was, of like this which the able your boys are to manage subjects of adult, averts of a content of some characteristic of the propaganda there there is also he hilarious scene where Donald thinks that that it is lost his legs and is aimed dipping it pistol to the his direct when finalised all, which some boys, domestic in blander to to passage likes "A bit Mermaid" it could have the difficulty that extracted.
5 / 5
All more in that has been to say in this terrific collection of Disny wartime shorts and educational films, would like me spend the attention to a characteristic of full period has comprised, "Victoria By means of Power of Air." Another reviewers is a bit provisional state roughly seating by means of him, and certainly, a perspective of the conference in a strategic neccessity to build bombers of the air of long row can, at the beginning looked, induce the look glazed in an eye. To the left say me, although they are hardly he WWII army buff and can comprise a hesitation, now in that saw it the, can declare with the guarantee is quite fascinating and has done brilliantly. "Power" it describes some complex questions and of the solutions to struggle the war in far flung cost with the visual clarity and concision ossia the marvel , in that help comprise firsthand so much an immensity and gravity of some obstacles the tactical military Americans have had to that win to ensure victory - a result that has been distant very sure some early years of a war. The talents of Disney like the history teller is very testified to - but here, sees Disney like the probing communicator, incisive that builds the chance and hammering points of house with the animate blend of sincere illustrations, kinetic diagrams and striking pictorial metaphors. Propaganda? Yes, but with genuine paste , last substance. "Power" any only has historical and educational value terrific, but is the worthy model of studio for scholars of communications of modern day. This a belonging in some Archive of National Film. Any to be stray!
4 / 5
Does several years Warner Bros. It is exited with 'Bugs and Daffy: A Wartime cartoons' the utmost editon of WWII themed shorts. Maintaining Disney control in with this I adds 2 conjoint DVD of the his own wartime toons. In all takings 32 cartoon shorts of one was gilded of animation, a intro for Leondard Maltin, and a lot the characteristic extras are.
Among one adds shorts is:
'Donald takes Hired' Donald his patriotic duty when he recieves his look of draft and enlists in an army. A prime minister of Donald is espanish Navy' the pictures follows this in spite of his induction bounces and camp of medical examination
'Pluto has deprived' Pluto is in an infantry guarding he pillbox of saboteurs.
'Duck of control' Donald is given the wartime extracted to dry out of the Japanese aerodrome.
'Defended of house' Donald mans sweats to stick to listen while his three wait of nephews in readiness to attack an enemy. But the pauses of chaos was when some results of enemy to be at all more than the wandering bee.
'As to be Marino' A history to cruise by means of some ages; of the prehistoric Goofy using the register, by means of an Age of Sail ( soyen of iron, ships of forests') and on to modern time.
'The Game of Old Army' A game of the old shell that takes to to the new face likes them Donald of the rests was-base 'Taps' displaced and has to that try sneak behind in with out alerting Pete.
So only adds WWII material of era. It comprises glimpsed with Roy Disney and another. Kudos Disney to dip out of this material adds.
5 / 5
Of all a WD Held, ossia one of a plus has anticipated, and perhaps a controversial plus of everything. (This neighbour will contain to plot of theatrical shorts released in 1943-44, with WW2 subject)
This collection was planed to be emission in Wave 2 (2002), but reason some the USA-Iraq incoming war, has been postponed (the a lot of people have think that that that has been annulled).
Finally will be liberto, and acording to a scaned image of this together, will contain them 'Victoria thru can of air', but, a rest of a shorts is, until now, he mistery; it is expected that will contain among others two of a controversial plus shorts: it Gives Fuehrer Expensive (Donald Duck cut), and 'Education for dead' (aka. As to be the Nazi).
I Good hope the view develops some contents of these punctual neighbours.
I emailed Good View, while we develop me the little information in this together, and has answered some seguace:
'A following information for DISNEY in the LINES forward is provisional this time:
Disk A:
Leonard Maltin Introduction
Disk Two:
Leonard Maltin Introduction
in a Together of 'Victoria By means of Air Power'
Victoria By means of Trailer of Power to Air
A Conversation with Joe Hench
A Conversation with Joe Grant
A Conversation with Roy Disney
Galleries of Art of the Production
Victory By means of Gallery of Power to Air
Disk A:
Donald Takes Hired
An Army Mascot
One disappearing Private
Heaven Trooper
Private Pluto
Fallen Was; it Falls In
Vehicles of Victoria
A Game of Old Army
Defended to House
Like this to Be the Marine
Duck to Control
Thrifty Pig
Seven Wise Dwarves
the lunch will win a War
Out of a Frying pan, To a Line to Shoot
the decision of Donald
All Near
A New Alcohol
An Alcohol of '43
A Winged Strikes
Defended Against Invasion
All Near
A Grain that has Built A Hemisphere
Cleanliness Amena Hail
That it Is Illness ?
Planning for Well that Eats
Give Fuehrer Expensive with Introduction
Education for Death with Introduction
Reason and Emotion with Introduction
Chicken Little with Introduction
Disk Two:
Victoria By means of Power of Air with Introduction
Four Methods of Flush Riveting
Stop That Tank
Film to Dip of Formation'
Quite fresh, is not the?
4 / 5
In some Semence forward was a last near has seen in a series of Properties of Wave 4, and has to that admit that it is some material adds. I am not very a lot for history, but taste seeing of programs of history. Now that Disney has released this material of his turns, a general audience now can enjoy these wonderful programs. The for a so only had seen 2 of some program on here; Out of a Frying pan... And Education for Death. Those are both asks excellent , and am happy to possess dvd copy of quality of these, but ossia so only the simple fraction of the like this neighbour has to that offered.
Disk 1 is divided to 3 parts: propaganda/of entertainment, education, and of one of mine favourite was an entertainment shorts with Donald Duck and Pete like you Sargeant. A lot these was to persuade American to do his part in an endeavour of war to pay imposed on the income and buying bonds of war. There is included an interesting short of Canada in those some Seven Dwarves promotes bonds of education shorts comprise material in of to to the things likes them to them the illness, cleanliness, protecting against some mosquitos and an importance of corn. Those can be bored but is vital to this together and I am happy is here. In an Of a section of Torres, has excellent shorts, varying of comical to serious. The education for Death is the sinister cut this describes a typical German boy that grows on while when being brainwashed with some ideas of a Nazi party. Had of then before but he never looked better that he maintaining. Also I Reason really enjoyed and Emotion, which explains that the balance of reason and emotion is required to maintain my favourite part of a neighbour was to Give Fuehrer Type, in Donald sleeps is in Naziland down a principle of Hitler. The disk enjoyed really 1, a sound and the picture was utmost, and has has wanted like dvd the papers have been dipped up.
Disk 2 is comprised mostly of a Victory of characteristic of full period By means of Power of Air. In this characteristic an importance of power to air that wins a war is stressed. It is blend of good animation with explanation for Of entity Seversky of reason and to the equal that can of the air is that it imports that it wins a war on sea and earth, and the visualisations of offers add to take his point by means of. This characteristic is hard to seat by means of and can take old quickly, but takings to to the pause likes then calms probably better appreciates that it is everything roughly. Together with a characteristic is 4 Methods of Flush Riveting, Stop that Tank! And the film to dip of formation. 4 Methods is absolutely an educational film and has found this to be an only boring part of a dvd. Stop That Tank! It was to add, and his purpose was still to show an antitank rifle. It explains a mechanism behind some arms, as to clean them, and is accompanied by the good included take to see Hitler blown is gone in the tank. The one who can not appreciate concealed? And finally it was a film to dip of formation. These are short introductions for Leonard Maltin in several films of formation for such things as adapting to conditions of different time. These arent distinguished in his entirety, but honradamente does not think that @@subject. It averts programs, takings some following extras :
'Victoria By means of Air Power' Trailer
in a Together of 'Victoria by means of Air Power'
Galleries of Art of the Production
'Victoria By means of Air Power' Galleries of Art
'A Conversation with Roy Disney'
'A Conversation with Joe Grant'
'A Conversation with John Hench'
Ossia some of Disney' the oddest work, this in spite of some of one the majority of interesting. It was in plot of fun seeing wartime the propaganda and that sees like this has influenced it an audience behind then. Ossia The strong emission and highly recommend it to any dvd collection, if you are the history buff or no. of Mina 5 favourite parts were to Give Fuehrer Type, Defended of Homeland(involving the nephews of Donald), A Game of Old Army, Stop that Tank!, And Duck of Control. But I digress of a point: material there is something cools on here for all the world-wide to enjoy. But parents be warned: some material would owe that be seen in the first place first of the boys see it. One such thing is Donald cut where thinks that has lost his legs, as it signals the gun in his boss as if for the arrival everything. One a bad thing in this neighbour is a Maltin intros to some of a shorts in that dips him 'the perspective for today' of audience'. It looks rediculous but is an only way that takes to see these without cutting in such the politically corrected world. Better to having concealed that not having the east dips at all. As I expect that I have helped to persuade you to buy this together. It is the piece adds of our history, and for 24 bucks really is to fly it. A sewing of plus this in spite of, be prepared for roughly 7 hours to see, preferably a lot all immediately.
4 / 5
Some years that some the likely contents have been released, as well as some info in some diverse works.
VICTORIA By means of AIR POWER - This film was basically propaganda with some entertainment and some powerful animation. Mainly championing that Imports Seversky 1942 book of a same title with a theory that long-can of the air of the row could attack a WWII enemies. A scene of an American eagle that attack a Japanese octopus is very powerful, moving animation.
DONALD TAKES HIRED-there is enjoyed always an idea of Donald that informs to a joint of draft in his dress of sailor.
The ARMY MASCOT-diagrams of still Pluto take on a work of the mascot goat, with hilarious is resulted.
DISAPPEARING IT DEPRIVED-Donald drives mad with invisible product, that directs the war with his sergeant Pete, with the perfect end, ape.
HEAVEN TROOPER-Donald wants to be the pilot , and his sergeant Pete gives more than Donald bargained stops.
GIVE FUEHRER TYPE-to famous and infamous cartoon in Donald sleeps is in Naziland where is forced to do in the plants of ammunitions.
EDUCATION FOR PROPAGANDA of death very strong roughly Germania totalitarian state to the equal that turns an innocent young boy to the soldato robotic.
PLUTO has DEPRIVED-Pluto has the war with a chipmunks in guarding a zone.
FALLEN WAS - FALLEN IN-Donald experiences some of some tests of life of Army, likes súper-long hikes.
REASON And EMOTION-to entertainment and the propaganda used in the history roughly the reason and the emotion that the together law for an endeavour of war, enjoyable animation.
VEHICLES of VICTORIA-Goofy the shows was to alternate transport because of a wartime hule and penuria of essence, solving in a pogo clave.
The GAME of OLD ARMY-Sergeant Pete taking Donald sneaking behind to base after the late night in a city, goodness to the merry persecution.
DEFENDED of house clashes of nephews of Donald with Donald with which sleeps during his have to that to look for attack of enemy.
CHICKEN LITTLE-A classical 'the heaven is falling' history, originally planned to have more wartime references.
LIKE THIS to BE MARINO-Goofy history of a history of sailors, when finalising with him using likes the torpedo to sink Japanese ships.
DUCK of CONTROL-Donald is sent the mission of suicide to dry out of a base of integer of Japanese air, with hilarious is resulted.
= Created for Canada to sell his bonds of war.
= CIAA Film (Coordinator of Inter-American Subjects) has created to struggle a German Nazy flu that was extended in Latin American in a prompt @@@1940s.
He THRIFTY GIVEN - ANIMATION of Three Pocola cartoon to Put has adapted, with a Big Bad Wolf that spends the Nazi hat and armband.
I SEVEN WISE DWARVES - the animation of Snow White has adapted to aim the dwarves that buys bonds of war.
The DECISION of DONALD - animation of uses of 1938 Donald Duck Cartoons 'Donald' Better Self' and esControl of elf' to convince Donald to buy bonds of war.
ALL the animation of TOGETHER uses of several sources, comprising A Concert of Band (1935) and the followers of Mickey (1937) to aim Disney characters in the parade to sell bonds of war.
The NEW ALCOHOL - Donald is promoted to pay his income tax to help an endeavour of war.
The LUNCH will WIN The WAR - Accent an importance of farmer to an endeavour of war. It comprises a Three Pocolos Put that directed the long line to put.
OUT OF The FRYING PAN To the LINE to SHOOT - Minnie & star of Pluto in an endeavour to aim that of the entity was paralizaciones housewives to save fat of cookery and fat for an endeavour of war.
The GRAIN that has BUILT A HEMISPHERE - has said a history of corn and his importance in a world.
The ALCOHOL OF 'the duck of 43 Donald resists Nazi propaganda and pays his taxes to sustain an endeavour of war.
WHE WINGED STRIKES - A Seven point of Dwarves out of ways to attack a mosquito that spends malaria.
The DEFENCE AGAINST the INVASION SHOWS the capacity to struggle of a human organism of germs by means of vaccination.
CLEANLINESS AMENA HAIL - A difference among a Grandson Familiarised ossia happy and is and a Careless Familiar ossia unhappy and unhealthy.
THAT Is ILLNESS SHOWS that illness of causes and as to protect against illness.
PLANNING FOR WELL EATING - Charlie Careless has the habit to teach the family in good dietary habits.
FOUR METHODS OF FLUSH RIVETING - basic animation for purpose of education
STOP THAT TANK (BOYS ANTITANK RIFLE) - extracted adds of alive action but entertainment, enjoyable animation of Hitler he be blown to Hell for a rifle
FILM to DIP of FORMATION - A selection of scenes of several films of formation, assumes.
Has the little war-to the entertainment has related shorts any listing here - an or more could be addition to this collection in planting that it is listed on.
The QUESTION of WHEEL of DONALD - the majority of likely short. Donald has continual question with flat wheels been due to a wartime penuria of hule.
PLUTO And He ARMADILLO - small connection to a wartime. Short releated to a Latin Armerica travesía and some Fellow Greetings and Some Three Knights the films have developed of this travesía.
He PELICAN And He SNIPE - same info considering Pluto and a Armadillo.
CLOCK of DOG - Pluto is the watchdog for the Navy ship.
Some years of war were the demanding times for Disney Undertaken. The majority of his meager the resources have been poured in an endeavour of war. But this era has contained extracted adds of creative endeavour that could not be existed if no for a war.
Has seen the majority of these works of war, and consider them fascinating and among a better of everything of the work of Disney. I a lot of rest waiting for possessing his on DVD.

Top Customer Reviews: WWII - Nazi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
Documentary Of piètre quality in black and aim with the quality joined of Image very feeble. His producers would have been due to the Minima remastériser his the game of images to give clearer.
His commentaries are without Body, without form and without interest. At all A true documentary, but joins to restart of pair of images done his troops of emission with giving commentateurs army to the observations without emotion and writing, any explanation to the sud the car of the death dipped in pair to plant his nazi, any one augments to analyse. This purportedly documentary any one learns at all Again.

Documentary of poor quality in black and white with the very low image quality. The producers owe that have at least remastered some images to do them clearer. The commentaries are bodyless, shapeless and uninteresting. No the real documentary, but the reprint of images has done of some troops of emission with commentators militara with emotionless and brief observations, any explanation of a car of death dips up for some Nazi, any endeavour of analysis. This like this-the documentary has called any insignia anything new.
5 / 5
Has read other descriptions where the clients have not resupplied the big description or positive commentaries been due to a quality of poor video. One would have to that agree that these films are real wartime images in an end of WW2 done by members milite some 77 years done! While there is not founding a portion in camps of concentration a lot developing, a portion in a Nuremberg the tests was very educational and explained very a lot some crimes of all the nazi criminals. A compraventa costs of the money for this portion so only.
4 / 5
Quality very poor. Nuremberg Some Nazi Facing his Crimes has of the same but content very better quality.
4 / 5
Very happy with compraventa. Vendor very good to treat.
4 / 5
Some reviewers looks for having expected the cinematography polished of 21.os Centuries. If ossia that loves, calm will not take it . These are real films has done of photographers of fight in a field while a war was to be still has struggled.

Some images is rough, a compatible commentary with a time when it has been done. The reality is on exhibition full. There is not any delicacy here. A purpose was to document a full horror in film before any one could allege that the has not spent never. (Any that has it to him prendido some same people today.)

The people on the age sure would owe that be required to look this before his casually toss around 'Nazi' as a still epithet snyone with that disagree.

This is not entertainment. It is education .
4 / 5
Was an Agent in a USAF, and has had two uncles those who has to do fault in an Army of EUA during Second world-wide War that has comprised some implication in an emission of camps of concentration. They have refused to speak a subject during his whole lives. Now, I have seen of this DVD the number of time, can comprise reason. An only commentary one of my Uncles has spoken, was some Nations of a world were in such rejection, that could not think that arrived in these camps - until it was too late. Now I comprise reason my defunct Father the one who was the MSgt in a USAAF, and my Uncles teach me and my Brothers that Jesus Christ was the Jew; it attacks the Jew bad attack also! I have seen several documentaries and DVD FILM in this subject. But this DVD presents a subject in a significant whole on some camps. Besides, a documentary second in this DVD, resupplies the complete coverage of a defendants in a Nuremburg Tests. They are in accordance with High court Justice Jackson, and a prosecutor Taylor Telford - in any system of law, when any one is an accessory to a crime as well as a real perpetrator, everything to touch equally responsible because in a bar in Nuremburg, a value of a human being especially and the civilisation in general was compromised. Any character can allege to perpetradas such crimes in some Camps of Nazi Concentration with an excuse in uniform that was so only 'following orders '' or a lack of accountability reason a Nuremburg the laws were a Law of an Earth. A Natural Law - a universal intrinsic level of right and bad can not be dipped averts; ossia reason a Nuremburg Code of 1947-1948 is resulted international law, which king-has affirmed a program for international courses of law for crimes against humanities in of the operations to struggle that they comprise war asymmetrical operations of war. A quality of this DVD is not that spectacular, in spite of, he
the supplements of content is the hundred-curves. It wants to comprise this tragedy? It takes this DVD, and will join with both some nations and a Jews those who affirm no more holocaust! Although my Father and the uncles are defunct, am proud to have relative the one who
the State of Israele has declared righteous; this DVD dressed to have sucedido generations an authorship is ours to prevent another
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Had seen the little of these films of camp of nazi concentration, but at all has seen compares to that is in this film. It will do those with a stomach a patient of strong plus. Like A human could do to another human being that a german the people have done to a Jews and all the villages inside these camps of nazi concentration is faith further. Not even the girls have been saved. After looking a part that has spent some camps of concentration felt at all could be worse. A Nurembugr the tests aims things that was a lot of hard to look. That sees will spend tears to the man grown. Has thinks that that Vietnam was bad. It was at all he compared it to germany hate and bad the humanity other nations and has included many of his own. hitler Was the crazy man, this in spite of is resulted a leader of the country, germany. As it Could such the thing spends, does not have a response this in spite of is seeing roughly of some same beastly actions in a Mid-East and around a world for the group of people a lot that a germans of Second world-wide War. I have seen a film, A Nuremburg Tests. I never whatch the again because it is at all like a real thing. Perhaps it would owe that it has expected it write this, but I no. has it has finalised so only look the and am crazy, hurting, and patient to my stomach. Both men and the women can result boba. All apresamiento is hate. A shot adds of hate. Seeing that it is going in around a world-wide today I maintaining ask if the humanity does not learn never of his past. It looks it quell'has lived long enough to see a truth. We do not learn of our past. In a short term he, but no in a long term. The god I help.
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Is difficult to see scenes of a Holocaust, reason is difficult to believe this man could be like this cruel to hsi fellow man. In mine dress, is hard to accept that any one would say that a Holocaust was just fiction . That these innocent people have given the support is almost besides comprehension. But some world-wide needs to be adapted of a tragedy adds, if so only reason could spend again. The for one, can not accept some excuses take given by a germans for some atrocities have committed on so many races. So only it obeyed you order him it does not cover it . Appearance a world-wide does not forget never thses people, and that spent to them. This dvd has to that sell required for all the world. JRV