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Top Customer Reviews: Eagle 1206BLACK ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: I produce it Adds Black partorisca the price adds
5 / 5
Colour: Black of Perfect element partorisca smokers in a yard. Light and convenient weight.
5 / 5
Colour: Black is well. The main looks in a picture.
5 / 5
Colour: the Black works perfect partorisca all some smokers that come partorisca visit & one some concealed bolt here. We have it to us external for some pieces of furniture of gram. His exactly that has looked for. His perfect.
5 / 5
Perfect element partorisca smokers in a yard. Light and convenient weight.
4 / 5
The works perfect partorisca all some smokers that come partorisca visit & one some concealed bolt here. We have it to us external for some pieces of furniture of gram. His exactly that has looked for. His perfect.

Top Customer Reviews: Eagle 1662 Drum ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has checked Solid unit, weight a lot his, big wall, angled partorisca drain with point. The better way that has anticipated. Value a price.
5 / 5
The cost has checked A lot of heavier construction that has anticipated, quality a lot well, would have to last partorisca the long time., Warm Temperatures or moderately the cold does not look for the affect.
5 / 5
The cost has checked the perfect work and the screen is the price

Top Customer Reviews: Eagle UI-50-SY Type ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
UPDATE: July 12, 2019

has seen this was to offer again and in the slightly low prize so it has jumped on he a time of plus. I arrive it, a canister has been dented in of the different places. These am small dents and does not resemble has been partorisca ship like the boxes was a lot.

Looks partorisca be manufacturing subject of quality and are highly disappointed in as this can not be the joint dipped perfectly of a factory given an expensive prize.

Has asked initially the substitution this time, but now have second thoughts on receiving the third element dented in still like this another place. As I have annulled so only a substitution and has asked the repayment.

Looking elsewhere of another costruttore.



Could have been better packaged and has managed. Arrived with the glaring big dent and the small a.

Sleeve of the metal there has been two rusts describes that was unpainted or the product there has been chipped.

Sleeve partorisca open a canister spout is plastic.

Is returned.

Top Customer Reviews: Eagle 1654 Yellow ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
A lot of people are using these partorisca the Deputy of Powder. The majority of people gives it the good description, this in spite of has some complaints. It remarks that this has not been drawn partorisca the Deputy of Powder, then , perhaps is not partorisca perfect for a work. But still very good.

In the first place, is a lot of sturdy. Stronger that the typical cube of 5 chevrons. Any one there is complained a lid was 'flimsy'. No, it is quite strong, any flimsy at all. But it is slightly convex. Which are not adds. But, no really the big shot. Utilisation some rays and silicone caulk to attach a Deputy and work well. No the question at all.

Any one there is complained his has had the malformed inferior concealed has not been stable. If ossia a chance , is defective or has broken. A subordinated to the mine is slightly imperfect, but certainly calms would not remark it and stands perfectly well.

A lot complained on some bosses. They look perfectly a lot of mine. If calm really master, could dip some tape of embrague in some funds of some bosses. Or included add your own sleeves. But, honradamente, look perfectly a lot of mine.

A disadvantage a big plus is that a lid is difficult to leave. It is not drawn really for frequent inaugural and conclude. I am believing perhaps some plásticoes-the lubricador sure could help. Included add the boss to a lid the appeal could help.

Commentaries that a lid inserts/inserts to a drum roughly 1.5 thumbs. Probably it seals reasonably well without even a coverage clamp. I am thinking perhaps some snap-down side clasps could be faster to open/near that a coverage.

Be a lot of was clear, but any looks to do anything like clear. Some costruttrici of drum the drum of colour 'natural', the meaning has not used dies and is milky, slightly translucent. Like a cup in this drum. But drums 'natural' that has found is more expensive that this drum and this drum is so only available in yellow.

So much, is this absolutely perfects for a work? No, but it is very good. They are happy with him.
5 / 5
Has used like the base to locate A Deputy to Powder DIY Standalone Anti-Static Cyclone Separator. Fact perfectly. A lid is quite fat and has quite arch to stand up to a vacuum of any one my Ridgid tent vac or Festool powder extractor. I have not had any question with deforming or blocking included when one chooses-arrive hose clogged while a vacuum has maintained to run.

Notes of construction:
1. A fund of a Deputy of Powder requires the hole of 3 thumbs in a lid of drum. With to plot of patience and concern a hole could be cut with the knife of the acute utility but a plastic is fat. Some saws of hole is a way to go . I have used Milwaukee 49-56-0173 Gel of 3 Thumbs Hardened the hole has Seen trace in DEWALT DW1803 Has that has weighed 7/Leg of 16 Thumbs changes Quickly Mandrel (the hole of Access Saws 1-1/4-Thumb - 6-Thumb).
2. To ensure a Deputy to Powder to a lid has used six 1/rays of 4 thumbs and dice, which has done well. I also used washers in both sides and breaking washers with some dice.
3. Help to have gasketing among a Deputy of Powder and a lid. I have cut my own gasket of some leftovers of discharge of casserole of shower. This has done a lot well but has taken time. It would be faster that use gasket-in-a-to tube likes a RTV sealant ossia compatible with plastic, or the good caulk.

Ossia A second time are locates it Dusty Deputy in the drum. This yellow drum was better that my leading endeavour. This drum is wider, like this more stable. It is quell'has bitten shorter as no among a way so much. A capacity is surprising. A lid has not required any reinforcement of plywood. They like him to him some few bosses, also.

My Deputy of leading Powder has been trace in Aigle 1610Polyethylene of MB of Drum of Blue Big Density of Band of the Laboratory with Crowbar of Lid of Metal of lock, 14 Capacity of chevron, 26.5' Height, 15' Diameter. This has done well. One the blue drum is tightened more and taking by means of doorways more easily. The lid of a reinforcement of the blue drum required where the lid of one the yellow drum was already quite strong. One the blue drum does not have any boss while the bosses of a yellow drum really help when it is now of empty the.

Expect that this helps any the one who is trying to improve his collection of powder.
4 / 5
Like the majority of people has said here, a concave lid is a subject . I have been surprised by him when I saw it, reason is more aggressive that you can say pictures. I thought that it that it was the shame, reason another that that a thing, really is the very good cube. Cutting a hole in a lid for some helps of cyclone, as the majority of a concavity is in a centre, but his still a subject, and annoyed that has had like this game in him. It was able to solve this for cutting the form of doughnut of the plywood and bolting the to a lid in several places for the resist plans. Now it is SOLID of ROCK , and perfect for use of collection of the powder. I am estimating these 5 stars, reasons is not feigned for this application and is the cube really a lot of otherwise. This in spite of this in spite of, there is workarounds.
5 / 5
He Súper Deputy to Powder to a heavy duty...
Uses this dips up with mine 48x96 CNC Subject
4 / 5
Like remarked in a headline, has bought this to use with a Oneida Súper Deputy of Powder 4' version. A bulging the lid does not affect an access for this unit of then has the wide flange with to plot of rays. In short, these looks to do perfectly.

Some pictures on aim like this there is it drilled the hole of centre has then done circulate with him sharpie to see like a DD would return. I have used the small section of light canal to do the compass to draw my inner circle in 7' of centre (14' diameter). An external circle has been drawn with a DD has dipped on only to see where a flange of ray would seat.

A second picture aims a hole I yard with the jigsaw and some holes am drilled for some rays. I have drilled I pierce it and it has added the toe of the tight ray then come from with more in the model of star. Of course he sure that everything of some holes will avert some ribs of reinforcement inside a lid.

A third picture is one has finalised the connection is returned. There is remarked a hole in a front of a unit in a lid to the equal that would be dipped behind in an exact same orientation after the take to install a gasket. I left it seating at night in chance a new hole has caused a lot of flexing, but the doubt concealed was necessary.

A last picture is an installation of a gasket before screwing he down the tight wrench. After taking it behind jointing a focuses looks very good. I plan on using a trick of old incense to look for any leaks but does not have any way will be globbing in the tube of silicone likes to see in the plot of video.

Connected it to mine 1HP ShopFox with the short section of flex hose and has connected another flex hose with him vacuum returning to suck on some diverse accidentels and on-loss of powder of the purpose. A Oneida and drum of Aigle has done perfectly. Collector of mine previously empty the stock exchange and the stock exchange of filter has taken the very small quantity of powder. I am considering the directed exhausts alfresco in some point but now included I cart around a hose and see that well my new toy (I protects device of bad personnel) works in mine little tent.

If anything no well or see any one issues another concealed could help another will update my description.
4 / 5
A lot hard and rigid cube. It likes more folks here, of uses with a Oneida Súper Deputy to Powder hooked until the collector. A cube will not block down pressure of the collector, included when an engine is trace directly on a deputy of powder. A lid is flexible but very strong, has had a total weight of an engine and deputy to powder that chairs directly up without any support (only maintaining me he to touch on) and resisted it so only well.

A 20gal the measure is also quite perfect, any elder would result very weighed to empty. You could line he with the stock exchange but calm will owe that weigh a stock exchange down with something to prevent he to take sucked up.
5 / 5
Has bought this to use in two powder of collector of phase, and looks to do reasonably very this in spite of are planning this maintains import that a cup is convex with a half domestic and the flanges are recessed down in a thumb. Felizmente An upper is very flexible how was able of the tight appeal against the piece of 3/4 plywood go in and a Súper cyclone of the deputy of the Powder am using. It has not been if it is really so only to attack he for the no drawn use but he sure would have been very a cup was flat. BTW, has cut a hole with him jigsaw with the metal cutting leaf and has does not have to that the centre which has helped with my character installs.

A part of yellow container looks very hard and a coverage to armour plate the control some upper to a container in bylines with the a lot of that satisfies clunk. In general to good sure value a cost and both economic and more easy plus to take that it drum of edge.

Modify: has bred my description to 5 stars because have @to @give yesterday that it could it to it shine the brilliant light by means of a cup of a drum to see sees a level of powder like the shadow in an interior (sees according to pic). This means calm does not have to that cut any class to see window to a drum to verify a level of powder. Now wholeheartedly I recommend this drum for collection of powder, convex upper notwithstanding.
4 / 5
Has bought this big drum and he Rockler box of connector of the hose to do the phase 1 cube of collector for collector of mine of powder of the tent. I have cut two big holes in a lid for a hose fittings to locate to. The law adds and captures almost everything, which the helps maintain some stock exchanges of collector of the clean powder. A lid is tight but starts easily to empty a cube... And it is Much easier, much faster, and much less messy to empty this drum that is in empty some stock exchanges of collector of the powder. In fact, I have not had to empty the ones of then has taken this drum , reason almost at all the fact To a collector of powder!
4 / 5
Has chosen this until agreeing the 4' deputy to powder that had purchased it for my tent of small forest
A drum is quite sturdy and manages my system of collection of the powder a lot well
A question has had was with a lid, his' warped, likes A lot of warped. Waves during a place
to try to fix has opened a lid to leave some of a pressure was. It looks it quell'has been sealed and taken a lot warm/hot, which has caused a lid to develop and piece. Have take a pressure there is sealed then a lid another time, pressing down on he so to the equal that was possible to flatten went it. It classifies of it likes him the seal of the container feed. I have used the gun of heat in the low plus temp and has animated a lid, once was warm, has dipped the piece of round of forest up with some weight for the few days. This has helped to take some of some waves but he still has not been plan.

Finally, was able of the work and focus to my deputy of powder but has had to use some clear silicone to seal some empty among a lid and a deputy of powder likes gasket has used so only has not closed everything of some leaks of air.

Is the good drum but looks to read different descriptions that some lids are paste or lose.
5 / 5
Has bought this drum to use with the Oneida Collector of Powder of the Deputy that has bought also. It was pleasantly surprised in credit it this drum is built. A cup is the little convex and a fund is the little concave. A cup has the groove with the gasket inner apt he for a focus excellent. With this said, has not had any question that traces a collector to a cup. I have used the 1/8' hule gasket that has done of gasket the material has bought of Hardware of the to do sure there be still to focus good. After cutting a hole with the 3' the hole has seen a piece of piece has measured 3/16 ' often. Ossia A solid drum and will last me the time of vida.un upper closing the coverage also has the same lock although it is loaded cradle . They are like this happy that has bought this drum in place of one 14 chevron blue drum because of a low centre of gravity has to that maintain he to touch, a capacity added, and some sleeves has to that relieve to spend. If has or is taking the Deputy of Powder, ossia a drum to buy .
4 / 5
I am using this in the system of collection of the powder in a fund of the Oneida Súper Deputy of Powder¨ XL and the work adds partorisca collect sawdust.

A container, the lid and the lock of lid is very durable.

An only thing I desire was different is that a lid is not flat and a Deputy of the powder does not seat perfectly on that. This does not look partorisca cause any questions or the leaks but I would prefer that it was flat.

Still highly recommended.
5 / 5
Has bought is while it could dip 20 chevrons of water in him and treat he partorisca my aquarium. Now, technically, this thing will resist 20 chevrons of water. But ossia to a brim. If you want to dip a lid in the or be it casualidad of emotional a cube without watering sloshing was, is looking on 17-18 capacity of chevrons. This has said, is still the treat well. It is sturdy, has the lid and the coverage partorisca close a lid in situating goes partorisca be hauling toxic waste or something crazy.
5 / 5
Likes a lot, has bought this partorisca use with a deputy of powder. A container is very rigid. One looks quite durable, but based in recommendations, has cut out of the 19 3/8 Day piece of 3/4 MDF, cut the 12” reward of day to seal materiel to go among a lid and mdf and then dipped some glue of gorilla among some discharges and bolted the together after variable fitment with a coverage of lock and the lid that centre. Once cured, has cut to 3 whole of thumb to locate a deputy of powder. Work astonishingly well. If you are cutting it stirs it of MDF, using paralización sanding or drywall collection of powder, recommends to clean your vac hepa filters once this container is 1/3 plenary. Otherwise Yours vac hepa can begin choking your vac. While this glass is the perfect party for a deputy of powder and his function, your Hepa is that it takes some ultra fine (harmful powder) and the still needs have cleaned regularly to prevent that they shorten a life of the yours vac. For hardwood and the discharge to cut and that the routing can fill a damn what to a brim first to touch unless he also uses for sanding and ultra collection of fine dust.
5 / 5
I recently upgraded mine woodworking system of collection of the powder with Deputy of Powder XL to the equal that has meant has required the cube he big plus but also a lot like this big like the ceiling is the little lower to to that likes in a basement.

A cube there has been some interior of odd residue but another that that, is coming a lot of packaged and a lid is of course state sealed like this well has had to use the flat screwdriver to pry the open. Has the foam (or hule?) It focuses in a lid that helps to seal and stays in situating averts of a coverage of metal latch which is also very durable.

Am using this with mine Grizzly 3HP system of collection of the powder. I will say, a cup of a clear lid has not been like this plan to the equal that likes to have cut like this the 18.5' circle of diameter out of 3/4' plywood and bolted that on then installed mine DD XL (with 6' the hole that use saw them of hole). Then installed a system as you see with a structure of the barrier of the noise has been doing on. Work well. A sidewalls is quite fat there is not any way 3HP would run over a wall. Probably it would take at least 5HP or more but of course are when being careful any to accidentally close all a blastgates .

Goes this street for collection of powder, mark to join them sure the piece of boss and earth among an ash of coverage of the metal the earth of earth like a main water. Ossia Where has taken impacted with mine small plus 2HP collector of powder.

Another that that, is the a lot of sturdy cube! It would say that it is to the good sure water tight but can not say for how much. To good sure will be difficult to spill anything this in spite of with an enclosed lid and a latch enclosed (that take bit it by force).
5 / 5
Is looking to store cat or lunch of dog, these could be the little big. You would be better was with containers smaller that maintain it fresher, unless pass for these really fast things. But to store to the to something likes him the grain, these are perfect. Utilisation a with the to close for storage of long term. It shows your toes - bites. For an into use daily container, a lid so only is well without a with the.
5 / 5
His sturdy the coverage of lock is a lot of sturdy... Very strong and lockable.
Likes another has the lid is convex ( domed) how was an assumes them was reason this there has been a lid on, closed and has shipped... Air The interior has captured developed or anything.... And it has pressed a subordinated was. Easy fijamente.... Warm the On (I are still in Arizona has come pre heated)... unlocked Has taken of a lid flipped he on and dip the weight on that... Look In some pictures.... Inferior is now flat... At all it can be done in a lid his drawn that way. Like this far like this good....
5 / 5
Very PLEASED with this element! I have seen the main version of this used in the woodworking system of collection of powder of build of tent and has imagined would give test he for mine. After seeing A lot of VIDEO of Youtube roughly building your powder of tent of system of own house of collection, has found this to be the interesting investment. The majority of builds involves to use the modified 5 utility of cube of chevron/of cube, but has has wanted to something main, as I do not owe that empty a container like this often, has loved also something with thickness of substantial wall that would not block low strong vacuum, and with an easily removable/replaceable and strong lid. This element has adapted my needs perfectly. This drum is quite big for my tent, but I slowly to build it sturdy cart that will leave my tent vac in upper of him. They are the newbie/hobbyist woodworker, but has has wanted to something does not have to that empty perhaps once/year. This will adapt my needs perfectly. He also arrived on-time and a-has broken. Thank you! :-)
4 / 5
Has had the system of extraction of powder of cyclone that has touched the sawdust has extracted to the measly 5 chevron HD cube. This do fault well until a day a cube so only blocked to be unable to withstand a suction. Also, a capacity was like this small that when I have begun to do more the forest that the laws that requires organisation and jointing, a thing has on fill inside small, literally.
This cube has 20 capacity of chevron. Has any emptied some contents of a cube still and is not even half full. Also, a cube is fact of the fat material and has any question to block. I love it.
5 / 5
This drum is a lot of sturdy and a lot of unpleasantly has weighed. It is like this economic and strong wants to find other uses for these things. A HDPE is diverse one thousand thickness; Ossia easily a strong plus molded the produced plastic has not purchased never in the setting of house.

Like another reviewers, has purchased this like an accessory to the cyclone separator for tent-vac use. A lid was easy to cut with the Dremel circle-cutting jig, and a cyclone there has been to focus to satisfy against a lid with regulating 1/4-20 rays, included without adding extra gasket material. The difference of levels of plastic cubes, ossia quite strong to any buckle under intense vacuum the pressure of house regulates vacs.

Considering a reasonable prize, ossia the product of five stars .
5 / 5
A drum is the perfect measure for serious hobbyist hard-working of forest. A plastic is quite fat the not having any effect in a vacuum of 2HP collector of powder. A lid is quite big to give you quite a lot of location to cut a hole has wished, although I have preferred the perfect centre. It is hardly visible in some photos but a lid is concave and has twisted. You can use the silicon sealer to cure any empty. Taking to this surface. Attaching any beaver the wheels in a fund will augment a flexibility. The rays Of regular discharge resist utmost. But has has preferred rays of car with washers and dice. I expect that any one is allergic the dice (just kidding).
4 / 5
It loves it! Utilisation for collection of powder. It was to build the cart for him but is portable a way is of tent to labour places. A light bond subordinated was sucks in the first use and then a drum is very stable. A clamp down the coverage was hard to use like this I snipped 45 corner in a start 1/4' was a coverage fulfils up and the laws perfect every time. Any included consider anything smaller, although you are the part time woodpecker.
5 / 5
Ossia The solid container , very built , but the upper lid is not perfectly flat. I have used mine for system of collection of powder of tent. I have used the gun to heat to heat plastic and straighten walk of surface among two weighted down with weight of gymnasium until quota. The fact adds.
4 / 5
Has required something better that he 5 cube of chevron for my Deputy of Powder. Ossia Bit it big that has required, but will last for ever. A course of cube is súper-often and hard. A lid is quell'has bitten convex, but has found the way of the work. Calm always could use the level 55 gal. Lid of the drum ossia slowly, but will be necessary to reinforce it so that it does not block when it apply vacuum.
5 / 5
Has bought to use like the cube of collector of the powder with the cyclone of Deputy of the Powder. I have had any occasion to use this drum reason there is also experience Oneida Systems partorisca Air Súper Deputy of Powder 4” Box of Cyclone that already comprise the dustbin in the discount. A Drum of Aigle is solid and has the excellent lid that focus. An only question is that a lid has swipes, which can be corrected for screwing the to the piece of 3/4 plywood.
5 / 5
Uses this with my tent of deputy of the powder vac setup. Drilling a cup for a cyclone was easy and the stays was. I have used to crap it the tonne of silicone to ensure it was tight air and is adds. Controls his form and any buckle under vacuum force. Like this filler on, one has seen the powder will accrue around some sides and an inferior centre is coffins. I do not expect this to be able to fill 75 of a container and still work, but is like this big grieves has does not have to that never empty the. Happy with a compraventa. I plan to dip this and my vac under the labour bank and ossia so only grieve quite short to return my setup. I have ordered the ' elbow of silicone reducer like deputy to powder the upper connection is not like this big. The works add.
5 / 5
The container Adds to use with A Deputy of Powder. A lid is not flat to the equal that have added the discharge of 3/4' plywood in an upper which also the helps prevent a lid of flexing when into use.
5 / 5
This thing is awesome. Built with having to that plastic really heavy. I have bought he to do the collection of cyclonic powder to add my tent vac. It will do well. A lid has the band of metal with the crowbar clamping system that the seals stagnate still does scrolling of lid the breeze.
4 / 5
Has bought this cube specifically for my collection of powder partorisca woodworking, and this thing is solid. Has a Oneida the cyclone is trace to a lid, and perfect work. I have required the cube to have to that heavier, as has of the thin rubbishes regulate the barrels of plastic rubbishes can block under a pressure of suction. This one a lot included flex. Perfect measure for the small tent, and calm does not have to that worry in emptying the the time of the pair to the day likes with the small 5 cube of chevron (which is typical with a Oneida cyclone). It would recommend to any one looking for the half sized cube for the collection of powder of the cyclone.
4 / 5
Has the hydroponic 'garden of wall of window in a living room and has required the small still dependable tank of reservoir. This is to exit to be one of some better options. I have been included able to do he to the I table of sweats of finals afterwards to a couch likes couch the next right chairs to a garden (on a reservoir).
4 / 5
A lot of look of people to use this does not have like this state drawn like the salvage drum, but to to the drum likes him to him the part of the system of collection of the powder. M Too much. It is solid. It runs plásticoes upper easily, has used the hand-held hammer and he 4' cutter of big diameter. Piece of cake. Some locks of lid down to entirely seal a drum. I have used the slightly different neighbour on that another is. I am using to to a drum likes him the cyclone he, work well with the small 1 hp grizzly system. More all is finalising in a drum.
5 / 5
Ossia A drum partorisca have that weighed with the thickness walls which do not deform down pressure. An upper that closes the band is partorisca have that heavy armour plate as, when levered has closed, exerts spare pressure to a tapered rim of a drum and a coverage partorisca force them together partorisca partorisca focus positive.

Am using mine partorisca a cube of collection of the sawdust under a Oneida Súper Deputy of Powder. For this application has done coverages of support out of plywood to plant on a highland flange of the cyclone as well as for an interior of a lid of drum. These coverages then form the basic andwich' of a cyclone to a lid of a drum that gives same pressure around a ploughing in a lid, likes the lid of drum has the sweet dome-as his convex curve. A lid is quite fat that a curve any flatten was simply to locate a his cyclone. It adds some time of foam of band of enclosed cell under each surface, presionar your highland rays and is not going anywhere.
5 / 5
Ossia The drum amiably fact . A metal that after the coverage is quite tight, perhaps too tight but works well and be supported by a drum, quite sturdy. Of then it is leak -try, or almost, a lid is quite tight and the little hard to leave. Taken the pleasant smell, bad when I take a lid was, but no REALLY strong and probably will go era. I have bought this to be part of my collection of powder of tent of system of forest but am collecting part for the build and does not have does like this still. This looks the really, has to really heavy drum. If ossia that loves, this has to that fill a bill for almost any one.
5 / 5
Quality very big. I go to use mine with the Oneida cyclone up for woodworking collection of powder. The lid is plastic but quite fat and sturdy. And a band to close is perfect to leave easy emptying when it begins to take too full. Still I will use washers or 6mm BB plywood on a base of cyclone and under a lid in the each location of ray. A coverage drilled would be a better idea in a underside of a lid. It would require to cut short segments to use on a base of cyclone. Desire Oneida has sold both of these so it adds in of the accessories for his DIY cyclones. I love mine 5-gal the cube tends of Deputy to Powder Trace-vac upgrade. Ossia For one $ 195 cyclone upgrade for my cost down 4' collector of powder.
5 / 5
Using this like this splits of my train of collection of the powder. Works wonderfully. I have been concerned can he not having a lot of funds quite but is. Included tablesaw The powder remained in a container.
I also plugged a line deliberately to be sure a container is sturdy and has to that very sure. Solid piece of train.
4 / 5
This Eagle 1654 is very rigid. Experience with an intention to use he with my system of collector of the powder, a prime minister an I has received has suffered harm. Curiously, it was that something extremely weighed has been situated on the, and a metal that retains the coverage and the lid has been run over down. The service of client was well to correct a misfortune to take me behind in clues.
5 / 5
Has purchased this to substitute the barrel the small plus used in my system of collection of the powder. I like this tank because has the big flat fund and does not fall on when empty. Also it has a lot of fatter wall of my leading barrel. Everywhere the very durable container.
5 / 5
Has attached my cyclone of deputy of the powder to a lid to drill the 3.5” hole and using some holes of cyclones the creation some highland holes. A lid is convex, but with a gasket in a cyclone and the pocola silicone caulk in combination with a súper tight metal clamp coverage, ossia entirely air tight. Hooked Until my Dewalt 13” slowly with chip ejector and has done perfectly with to 2.5” flexible hose. It is not to see by means of, but calm would be likely to add the plexiglass “window”. Big quality, durable, the lid drilled with ease, and súper the tight air - to good sure would recommend.
4 / 5
Monster of the cube to collect of powder. They are the hobbyist woodworker and really any one a terrible plot, probably would owe that it has taken the small plus am happy I Deputy of no. of powder on the cube the small plus without the way of the stabilises would touch on much more that this does. A cube is of the good quality and a suction does not block it .
5 / 5
Has used this with the Powder of Cyclone Buddy and has done adds. A subordinated in the mine was flat and a coverage to close was a lot. When I first the place that a short joint was convex but has turned in a vacuum and dip my hand in an end of a hose and he sucked well down.
4 / 5
This drum is built like the tank. Has incrustado two to systems that has drawn and has built. It would buy it again. It is of entity to remark that a lid is a bit convex in a cup. I have required the sandwich Among circles of plywood the flatten he for connection to the cyclone. The works add.
4 / 5
Perfecto partorisca pairing with a Deputy of Powder! After reading a lot, a lot of ways of effectively collecting powder, has decided in a Deputy of Powder partorisca my tent. A lot it revises paired this salvage drum with a DD, as I have decided order a. Chico, the one who the good decision! Some works of system extremely well; a drum is quite big to resist the few weeks of shavings and is rugged. A sale that ensures an upper to a drum is very drawn and, when latched, a airtight focus. I plan on building the small program with castors to dip a drum on to go around a tent, but, frankly, the work so only fines a way is.
5 / 5
Has used this drum in the system of the collection of the powder likes separator at the head of a collector he. I have incorporated the box of cyclone to improve efficiency of a separator. A drum is really sturdy, has the good lid that the tight returns for focus, and the a lot of sturdy coverage of running of the bulls.
5 / 5
An only reason has not given this produced 5 star is a waviness of a lid. I am using he with the cyclone for my collector of powder. This requires to the flat surface like them some parts can seal to the each one like this another. I have solved a @subject to do two doughnuts of forest and sandwiching a lid among them. It was probably 3/4 to 1' to be flat to begin . Some doughnuts have solved a question. If calm simply is using he for storage how has been feigned this would not owe that be a subject for you. Otherwise A product is perfectly well., you are considering using he for your cyclone would owe that be happy with him calm once take spent a flatness subject.
4 / 5
Has purchased to use with a Oneida Súper Deputy to Powder to do my collector to powder to the two Cyclone of unit of phase. The works add, controls until a 2HP DC without any signs to block. I do not see or listen any one filtering of vacuum around a focus. The band is quell'has bitten tight but still very easy to leave and frames for an easy way to situate chip/to powder that is to collect. It would recommend this for any concealed is upgrading his DC to the cyclone that use a Súper Deputy of Powder!
4 / 5
This drum is of excellent quality, material and upper construction. It is very better that has expected with fat wall and stagnate it returning and lockable lid. I am using he in the cyclone vacuum system to collect chip and shavings of the mine woodworking the cars and are súper pleased with some results. In such fixes it, the quite big vacuum is pulled inside a drum and except a lid flexing slightly, a drum easily manages some forces are imposed his. The appearance will last for years in this application.
4 / 5
Solid and very durable. It could easily toe he on and stand in the, this in spite of is very light. A clamp is industrial quality and very robust. A lid also would be likely to be state on and would resist up. Has has not had never the rubbishes can like this strong like this! This possibly could be some last rubbishes can calm never needs. I also like a value, was reasonably priced.
5 / 5
Has bought this drum to use like the system of collector of the powder with my Oneida deputy of powder. My only 2 complaints would be that a lid has come severely warped to the equal that has done to attach a deputy to powder the bit of the product, but no impossible. Once the rays are presionados, is obviously quite malleable where will conform and plan of result. A 2nd complaint is more than the preference in that a latch for a lid requires enough the bit to force to close, but in a same the hips ensure the vacuum the tight focus for my purposes.
5 / 5
Has taken this to use with the deputy of powder. A cup is quite convex and that traces to 3/4 basic thumb of the plywood in a cup was the little defiant been due to of the this. Has no @to @give has had the gasket in an interior of a lid that was the good surprise. If you are thinking roughly using this with the deputy of powder, he.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my tent of forest to hook on the Deputy to Powder to. This drum is solid. Some blockades of lid and suck in covers a vacuum hose on but while has no of entity blockage, manages my Ridgid 5.0 hp sho-vac so only well. I sandwiched a lid among two pieces of 1/2' plywood and has attached then a DD to a plywood. I have used 5/8'x2' rays to attach a DD and plywood to a lid and there is drilled then he 3' hole in a centre. Like this far like this good.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The very good disposal partorisca butts of cigarette. A base is very big and will not require frequent emptying. East to clean was. What only that would be it well is there is the coverage welded in the to ensure with the canal and enclosed. It was easy to fly like this east.
4 / 5
A product is good and do fault is purpose . But it is quite difficult to take and clear a content. Felizmente Any precise to be cleared frequently.
4 / 5
As it rids announced , punctual. He a work and would recommend it.
5 / 5
The sound has beaten he of functional butt - easy and simple
4 / 5
Likes the pound has announced , punctual. He a work and would recommend it.

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4 / 5
A quality of this product is upper that has expected. It is also better that a barrel of common Alimentary note that sees around. It avenges house without the scratch or the dent. A product has been wrapped partorisca transport. Partorisca One some looking if it is FDA agreed, is. Any all HDPE is Alimentary Note. It is not at present in a description, but after doing my own investigation, ossia that I expósito in the web of place of a company :

All characteristic of Drums:
• Swipe-molded HDPE construction
• the Chemical & time that resists
• HDPE incinerates entirely
• United Nations (UN) has Certified to
• row of Operative temperature
(-30or F to 130or F)
• the drop tried – max hanged 0or F
(48 hrs.)
• Agreed partorisca use with Packing
Groups I, II and III
• UV Container of Amparo
• UL 94HB Flammability Indication
• Nestable partorisca ideal storage
(excepts model 1656)
• FDA 21 CFR
Quality of Alimentary Note
• Stack has tried – three big in
capacity of maximum weight (24 hrs.)