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Top Customer Reviews: John Wayne Western ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Many films my husband has not known, but amours John wayne
5 / 5
This collection is some of his old material and any value the one who has paid them partorisca he much less of is asked here.
Has taken partorisca $ in Walmart and wishes the had not spent that a lot.
Are the lover of Duck but a precise know an only material of his lovely collecting has not been until one 60 east.
All but one in a collection is much older then concealed.
Does not squander your money.

Top Customer Reviews: Western Classics: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
It did not like like this of some films are not labeled - has to that stick the film in and attended partorisca see that it is, not even labeled in some bosses. My built in player in mine Toshiba TV also having subject with some of some disks, this player not having never of the subjects with disks, is my gone to the player when has subject with other players - touch everything. A lot of film partorisca the just but too subject prize - I a lot of reccommend!
Acclaims, Patrick
5 / 5
has Paid 1 more than nave of cent. Very happy with cost of mine.
Love these 50 bands of films of Brook of Mill.
A lot crap, pair of snoozer is, and the little greats.
Like economic Films in of the big quantities is this partorisca you. The only critique is that some films are cropped the full screen and looks ugly.
But volume that has paid takes lol.
4 / 5
A lot really to this old time westerns but my brother likes him like this bought.
4 / 5
is the present as it does not know this in spite of
4 / 5
Another bought partorisca more, did not see it, although I have seen a lot of some films have comprised.
4 / 5
Require to list them in the so many can decide want to him to us buy or no!!!!!!!!!
I googled that:

Abilene City (1946) B&W Randolph Scott

Imperio American (1942) B&W Richard Diez

Ángel and a Badman (1947) B&W John Wayne

Days of Arizona (1937) B&W Tex Ritter

Arizona Stagecoach (1942) B&W Ray Corrigan

Bells of Ángel Santo (1947) Colour Roy Rogers

Billy Ragazzo has captured (1942) B&W Buster Crabbe

Blue Steel (1934) B&W John Wayne

Broadway to Cheyenne (1932) B&W George Hayes

Chico of City of Carson (1940) B&W Roy Rogers

China 9, Libertad 37 (1978) Colour Warren Oates

Colorado (1940) B&W Roy Rogers

Cowboy and a Senorita (1944) B&W Roy Rogers

Daniel Boone, Estela Blazer (1956) Colour Bruce Bennett

Ido with a West (1978) Colour James Caan

Hurt Glorious (1974) Van of Law of the Colour Cleef

Gunfight in of the Red Sands (1964) Colour Richard Harrison

City of Hell (1937) B&W John Wayne

In Old Hot (1939) B&W Roy Rogers

Can be He Partner (1973) Colour Jack Palance

Priest of Judge (1934) B&W Rogers

A Kansan (1943) B&W Richard Diez

Rifle of Kentucky (1955) Want to of Colds of the Colour

Man of a Flange (1936) B&W Gene Autry

McLintock! (1963) Colour John Wayne

Mohawk (1956) Paints Neville Marks

Trigger of Mine of Mate (1946) B&W Roy Rogers

A Mystery of a Hooded Horsemen (1937) B&W Tex Ritter

A Cyclone of Oklahoma (1930) B&W Bob Steele

A Outlaw (1943) B&W Jane Russell

Empty Painted (1931) B&W William Boyd

Paroled to Die (1937) B&W Bob Steele

Phantom Peasant (1940) B&W Knows Maynard

Riders of some Pasadores still Whistle (1949) B&W Gene Autry

Rollin' Plains (1938) B&W Tex Ritter

Surrounds Rough Riders (1939) B&W Roy Rogers

Time of Surrounds in Knitting (1937) B&W Gene Autry

Sagebrush Estela (1933) B&W John Wayne

Santo Faith Estela (1940) B&W Errol Flynn

Sheriff of Tombstone (1941) B&W Roy Rogers

Sing, Cowboy, Sings (1937) B&W Tex Ritter

Song of a Gringo (1936) B&W Tex Ritter

Springtime in a Rockies (1937) B&W Gene Autry

Stagecoach Denver (1946) B&W Robert Blake

A Sundowners (1950) Colour Robert Preston

Tex Walks with Chico Scouts (1937) B&W Tex Ritter

Under Stars of California (1948) Colour Roy Rogers

Fences in of Revenge (1951) Paints Burt Lancaster

White Comanche (1968) Colour William Shatner

Young Bill Hickok (1940) B&W Roy Rogers
5 / 5
has not liked him a fact that some by heart black/of white & films was all mixed near on 1 DVD. Bought the partorisca my has not concerned for some black/white films
5 / 5
Horrific qualities of picture, any focuses in any of some ten DVDES disks. Really I question his legality. I am horrified that has sent these rubbishes like the present.

Top Customer Reviews: Western Classics ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Five adds westerns, two a lot of westerns and two comedy westerns.

Top Customer Reviews: The Ultimate ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
So only it looked Some Grit like this far, and has loved that.

That the film dips a bar to the that the classical really is.
Am looking forward to looking some other 8 films.

Top Customer Reviews: 6-Movie Most Wanted ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
A good shot partorisca are really well westerns looking actors very utmost numerous known likes Robert Duvall, Gene Hackman, Charlton Heston, James Coburn Richard Harris, Tommy Law Jones, Comes from Blanchett, Burt Lancaster, Law Marvin, Woody Strode, Jack Palance, Sharon Stone, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Kline, Rosanna Arquette, John Cleese, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover, Jeff Goldblum and more. Everything are film have subtitles.
4 / 5
Enjoy all some film in this together. Value of the money
4 / 5
is Coming when it has been supposed to and has arrived in shape perfect. A video and the quality of audio is utmost. It has taken that have expected and liked him everything.
5 / 5
HAS all a westerns ossia my preferred , delivery partorisca film
4 / 5
Excellent films ! This Western Collection is the must partorisca any western defenders.

Top Customer Reviews: 5-Western Film ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
The majority of some films has actor Guy Pierce in them. Really he no a new type of Westerner. Some descriptions or any info no accident knows Guy Pierce is in 3 or more than film. It does not look the same cowboy with a hat and all the lines of history are junk. A lot stupid storyline, film of ESTIMATIVA DOWN. Ossia A sincere description as it does not squander your money yes is looking for the true Western.
5 / 5
My dad absolutely wants to these the compraventa enough the little for him is in western film
4 / 5
Forsaken and the sides of wild horses to look. One 3 another no . Disturbing a peace is one of some worse films have seen of a biker film of a 70s

Top Customer Reviews: All Quiet On The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5
A timeless classical. This version is in colour and extremely very done- an acting is on reproach- as the film roughly war one thick finds them taking taken up in a mayhem there is rid saws film and of the Special Effects (often looks partorisca try the outdo each one which as another) partorisca re-create this realism that sometimes results a unintended primary house of a history. This film is extremely very balanced - roughly history, human interests, and some horrors of war. Looking was submerged totally in a history and sub histories; it is scarce that the history of the war does not direct you partorisca take sides - in this film there is any side; instead it is the history that empathy of causes and sorrow any @@subject a combatants identity. It is pithy, true and the a lot of obliging the history of boys has on taken in propaganda and a rhetoric of patriotism so only partorisca be faced with an accident, hard and cruel realities of a horror of war (carnage, physicist and emotional ache, as well as dead). A global house of this film is: the torture of war some souls of a combatants in hurting to another partorisca a bidding ignored and incomprehensible of leaders under a cook of some nebulous to to the concepts like to them the god, Country, and one there is concealed often agendas of Rulers. The soldate are labourers doing to some ideological and power of the pipes of agendas among nations for control in the each one another.
4 / 5
A glorious anti-film of war. A book is glorious and this version of a film is a portrait a just plus of a book. Ernest Borgnine acting is glorious, how is a work of Richard Thomas and Ian Holm. Highly recommend. Well the value that chairs by means of. The young men of Germania have suffered and died in a same ridiculous way like our own.
4 / 5
A very well king-saying of a WW1 classical German novel. An upper notch anti-film of war.
4 / 5
am happy to finally take the copy of of the this. I am satisfied.
4 / 5
Fantastic film! It uses this in my class of history and although it is a film an old plus , the students is interested of an extreme to the another. An interesting look in a less glitzy side of the war and an impact has in some people have involved.
5 / 5
Are happy to finally take the copy of of the this. I am satisfied.
4 / 5
The amour that the surprised that wants to, is coming quickly and touched adds!!
4 / 5
A film is a tentativa sincere to portray a history in a book. This in spite of loses a mark and is modified highly to aim obviously that manager Delbert Mann and writer Paul Monash [Salem Plot (1979) (television)] thought would want to see and no Erich Maria Remarce has written on. Memories a scene that the commentaries has written in befriending the cat while enjoying a failure to protect an abandoned city? That on some prejudices have crossed a river to fulfil some daughters in his house? Some time feigns still to ail to leave a train and stay with his buddy? No? I ask reason?
Is right films cant be of the books. But Lewis Limit 1930 classical comes to plot more afterwards. It is class of distraction to see Johnboy touching Paul Baumer. The youngest spectators at least wont have this distraction. If ossia an only exposure to a history there is then is masterful. This in spite of is only reflection of a book or other versions of films. If so only you try ersatz the caffè can still caffè of the drink but calm will not know never that it is likes drunk caffè real that does not say "twisted of crumb of the cinnamon" in a focuses.
5 / 5
Any one this film, or an original (black and aim) the version is adicións/excellent additions to some familiar bookshelves.
Is viewing this with boys, can prefer this slightly (to them!) Version more modern. An acting is quite well in this fact-for-adaptation of television of the classical WWI film that is to be forbid for Hitler (a good indication that it would be necessary to be it looked!) Reason was anti-war, and his need was to promote, not discouraging, young men to struggle.
Of a point of view of soldate German youngsters those who at the beginning are anxious to struggle, until they face a realties of war, is the classical WWI anti-film of war.
Although has the violence of war has related, can be WELL for some boys, but the parents would have it that go first.
Four stars because same although it is in colour, is not quite like this well like aim and original black.
4 / 5
Likes 70 east of the wine to the prójimo, any one has known exactly to be besides a horizon of one 80' to say is flavour in of the films of television. 'All Calm in a Western front', he 1979 fact-for-film of TV, said it everything. Has yours all-star launched of 'A Waltons' Richard Thomas, winner of prize of the academy Ernest Borgnine, taken beans Donald Pleasence and British actor Ian Holm. Different is 1930 counterpart, which situates in a room of fame of epics of war, this update gives more and askes for small.
A lot like book and an original film, a history takes place in 1914 to Germania central in a eve of First world-wide War. A lot schoolboys (and yes, so only like an original film, his oddly speak English with American emphases and British, still ?) It is destinted to join up with the army and the fight of a Kaiser for one 'Fatherland'. Paul Baummer (Thomas) is an anxious young boy that any exactly look a type to struggle (true be said, Thomas is giving the too much of John-image of Boy of 'Waltons', but nevermind concealed), in fact takes distracted easily. But he and his pupil buddies join a control. After spending for hard formation with annual Himmelstoss (Holm), is sent to a frontlines of France. There, they fulfil Katczinsky (Bognine) AKA 'Kat', he seamlessly old warhorse this takes some boys in and teaches his that to struggle. And unless there is not reading a book or so only know to the to history likes them all the world knows a Cinderella history, a-for-a some the boys die horrible deaths in some trenches and is to the point where still some pardon his alcohols. Paul is sent rear house been due to harms but returns reason feels likes a bit the trenches are his house . So only for his to discover that it is an only in the rest of his group averts of Kat, the one who dies the long and painful death after being obtained by the shrapnel and the be has spent the mile or like this for Paul the security. Ouch. Once again, Paul is distracted for something and like this has 'All Calm in a Western front'
A TV the film has won the Golden Ball for Better Done-For-Film of television and he definately deserved the. A production vaule was glorious and can say. Simply I ask if a manager has feigned a film to be released theatrically, reason is quite very shot and quite big in the special effects is for one 70 east. One such thing that bug to plot of history buffs is so only the one who any one the alone word of German is spoken during an integer takes place in Germania! It is like an American film was all the French world-wide pause, but is California Of the sud ! Right until the along lateralmente 'Enemy in Doors' (the Russians speak with British emphases, the Germans speak with Americans?) It is the good film endowed and the perfect selection for the class of history.
5 / 5
This film is not done with some special effects of Blacks Hawk Down or saving Ryan has deprived. But it is to good sure ranked among them like this when being the commentary adds in sound of World-wide war 1.
World-wide war 1 is a war forgotten, one these few people included can appoint some causes of. This films no only looks in a war, taking of a point of view of some Germans. This in spite of, will forget that they were our enemies in this stunning portrait of 20 young men enlisted in a German army. Of a first scene with a professor that says some men to defend a Fatherland, to some final moments of a war, when some the desperate Germans are calling 10 year olds to some fields, there is hooked. A good film for girls, like this really ameno out of a human appearance of world-wide war 1. Together with the version of one 1930, it definite must-see. One of some histories of the war more is all the time.
4 / 5
This film is very good! His by means of some eyes of the soldato German have appointed Paul. The And his friends of pupils is in a horrible war. Has the leader has appointed "Kat" the one who he his help by means of his time of war. Read a first book/with which see a film. The film is one of mine favourite and the book is my history.
5 / 5
First of all, first to revise this film, please the calm mark sure does not take a 1979 version of this garbled film with a 1930 version. Paul has not died when taking the butterfly; it draws the bird. The, for one, does not see that all the world is raving roughly thus film. I have had to look he in my class of history and then write the paper on that. I have found one doing a lot feeble; especially touching '' moments. When The soldate have fallen in a battlefield, the looks there is tripped and has fallen. Perhaps for a time, a cinematography was satisfactory but there are films very better of the war of time was today. I am not saying this film there is at all to offer, although a book is much more powerful and advantageous in documenting the soldato German expereince in WWI.
5 / 5
A video "All Calm in a Western front"it is not an original a pointed in television in 1979. It was editted for roughly 30 minutes. If it calms it does not see never one calm will see it a difference. A version without cutting is much clearer. Examples partorisca modify comprises a scene with a Kaiser when Himmistoss recieved a metal is explained reason has taken a metal in a without cutting is other examples mostly treating anti subjects of sound of pleasant war partorisca a antiwar May of film...............
5 / 5
Is a novel of war more order , which is resulted one of a film of war more orders. As it does of better technology that 1930 east, this new plus virsion of All Calm in a sure Western front briught was much more entertainments as well as th effect to some audiences. This 5 stars to the estimativa is not never too partorisca this awesome novel of film/of the war.
5 / 5
An a lot of the film does although steps a feeling of vain loss throughout.
4 / 5
Ossia The very good and hard film . It is the big improvement of a 1930 version.
5 / 5
This film is sum . It gives it more then 5 stars, tip a horror of war of the differant point of view. Sure you would owe that see this.
4 / 5
This films well represents a book, which is one of some novels more are writings never. Read a book and look a film!

Top Customer Reviews: Hatfields and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5
I have begun partorisca look this show in television, but has had too many ads.
Has expected the year partorisca a film partorisca be liberto on DVD, now ossia like this partorisca look the film any ad.
Sure is the film along but can take and beginning he in in any for the moment wants to.
There is wanted always Westerns, and ossia one of them
5 / 5
is always state intrigued for a history of a Hatfields and McCoys. When I have seen the implication of a canal of History with this show, has thought could any gone bad. And I have been pleased with my election. I am spent long that follows to the long of on-line to the equal that have looked a miniseries; a history looks quite corrected to some historical chances, and full in of the details ignored with obliging reasons for characters' actions. I have wanted particularly a setting chosen to film a history, although they have had to that go to old Europe to find authentically untouched funds to fill in still some Appalachians. A music is spare and pursuing, adding to an empathy of a history of aversion and revenge. This history is a lot of value your time to see.
5 / 5
After reading a book 'One Contend' a film sticks to a history a lot well. A film adds!
5 / 5
there is WANTED always this show and he was the prize adds
4 / 5
Ossia the ADD of the mini-serious -- writings and produced good. My husband and I thoroughly there is enjoyed a series. My edges have said some mini-serious in T.V. And it have recommended mine. A cost of one . It is a lot of value he.
5 / 5
5 / 5
Probably a better mini-the calm series will not see never, 'Hatfields and McCoys' is the very said series that boasts the actions add of Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton. An own must!
5 / 5
Touches the good film mini serious!
At all more, any info in the paper or anything anymore, as some old days when have in the first place looked .Economic and the mass has produced!
5 / 5
Excellent film! There is wanted always know the one who one real contention among a family was!! Kevin Costner is glorious in this film! My adolescents looked he has included! The nave adds had and delivery!
5 / 5
First of all, this is not the film but the miniseries of 3 parts. And while they invent some chances, a history is a lot of-said and easy to comprise. To good sure recommend it.
4 / 5
Very Old western, present for my husband, is the film of type .
4 / 5
In the first place looked in television as to 3 better part partorisca look without commercial interruption.

Adds compraventa! Actors add! The film adds!
4 / 5
Two arrogant men those who take to them partorisca govern like the tyrants and those who have promoted mob mentalities. Value the clock.
5 / 5
Has looked for this in of the tents, new or used, has situated the in my cast of desire and when it was reasonably priced, has had to them that have he for my collection
4 / 5
I add, historically attentive film. The disks are good quality also.
4 / 5
A lesson of history but entertaining a same time. Acting was really good. It is one of ours all preferred partorisca time now.
4 / 5
Does not touch in player of NORTH AMERICAN 📀 DVD!!
4 / 5
Has loved this film and spent it on to my edges. Also it enjoy it, and it has shared he with one of his friends.
4 / 5
Has loved this film, there is like this action and thought in him. The time adds correct attitire and deep. Look he on and on again.
4 / 5
Ossia The ADD of the mini-serious -- writings and produced good. My husband and I thoroughly there is enjoyed a series. My edges have said some mini-serious in T.V. And it have recommended mine. A cost of one . It is a lot of value he.
5 / 5
Writing a lot well, fact and staged. One of mine favourite. Everything of some actors was that they shine in this series. Bravo!
5 / 5
There is enjoyed this dvd - the little more graphic that has expected but concealed he more realistic. It has been it adds partorisca take a whole history of this familiar contention
4 / 5
was the good series . Had the hard time that listens to some of the conversations of some men to the equal that resemble slur his words to his beards (or perhaps his whiskey). Guns, guns, guns!
4 / 5
Thank you So much , fast service and no hassle so only an excellent global film !! They are happy to have he in my collection and slowly on much more commanded in a future !
Thank you agin