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Top Customer Reviews: The Mozart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
An only that record that looks in Mozart in the tonal way totally different because a unit of pianist and the renowned manager is so only he fascinating studio in as the action of some selections can have has touched in fact. It is delicious to listen to because it is always last retort it the one who the composer has thinks that composes and included harder that reproduce this sound. One wonderful tarpaulin on all the accounts and a partorisca be treasured. It is something Mozart lovers , am sure, listens to on and on reason is material quite thin . Ken
4 / 5
is in accordance with another reviewer: one 2nd disk of this together of 2 disks is a better of one 2

Top Customer Reviews: Les Elements - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Like this always, savall delivery!
The music adds, adds musicianship, the sound adds!
A must!
4 / 5
Fascinating Music, very registered (as always partorisca Jordi Savall seals own)

Top Customer Reviews: Liszt: My Piano ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
A lot Feigning CD of pair of compound pieces Liszt and interpreted with cœur, amour and pair of passion the genial Lang Lang.
Lucido DVD is glorious also. Bravo!
5 / 5
WELL. As it looks this man can touch a heck of the bad piano, and this Liszt the album is any exception . An art of coverage is the bit quirky, but is that it is in a disk that the accounts and does not disappoint .
5 / 5
Lang Lang HAS way and humour in action. Simply, music of piano partorisca be enjoyed.
4 / 5
Wonderful artist, the music Adds. The service of vendor was adds.
5 / 5
An energy, facilitated of interpretation and enough simply implication in a work for an artist is unsurpassed. If calm already know and like Liszt or simply wants to discover his music this is to recommend highly.
4 / 5
Ossia The fabulous laws for the wonderful pianist. You can say of a way Lang Lang touches a piano that absolutely loves Liszt.
5 / 5
Buys this cd with another of the his, taken quite dispointted in a prime minister a, as any included open is one. But we know that his fashion is not for knots.

Top Customer Reviews: Eternal: The Best ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
They are mixed emotions in this CD. There is at all wrong or bad roughly that: a two CDs in a container covers the enormous sweep of fashions of music of traditional choral the Enya. Some actions are all uniformly solid, very registered (averts of an odd dynamic limit that is achieved), May...

And here is a negative. It is quell'has bitten too schmaltzy and schlocky partorisca my flavours. I have listened by means of both CDs and while have enjoyed a presentation, this is not something would seat, late at night with my stereo on, and concentrate on. I take a history of emissions, and health the, but this memory of the plot of a pop-oriented classics has had on some last three decades, trying touch on some gimmick with acting redrafted of music. Sad, while it is a lot background listening, is not something would direct on while attentively listening. Sure, that listens Orinoco the flow sung for a heart is . Yeah, In that has it roughly regular hymns and the choral pieces sung for era of Emissions . But a lack of complete works, and the lack of flow, annoyed.

There is at all bad with a flange. It is a lot of fact and quite impressive. No, it is not impressive University King, but that considers a rear history, quite good. A register is quite well, but there is the push in a dynamics to do a CD more listenable in some calm parts, and some dynamics limiting causes some sprain in some stronger summits. An accompaniment is, alas, mostly for show with a lot of that strikes and that clash for effect. Comparing some classical pieces true chorals the regular versions in my library, averted to recognise that free, for all his endeavours, can not match some the insiemi choral have consecrated in full throat.

Give the negative commentaries will not be appreciated for many, those who take to a backstory Emissions and of here give them more profit of a doubt that perhaps I , but like the lover of choral music, knows a lot of these good pieces and any of these would finalise in mine so only-favourite ready version. Ossia The background CD well for me, or one to give to another the one who could not know choral music, but alas these arrivals in a shelf, probably to take little game on some coming years.
4 / 5
My favourite song in this Cd is Going House. A music and the papers really touch a heart and free the voices are like this peaceful and also.
4 / 5
This CD is the present for the fellow loved of mine, and master the so much that there is not any word! It feeds sound in wondrous ways to the equal that pursues his PhD work, and feeds my heart and soul in just to to a same way likes them to them the shot my respective investigations. His resonate with the eternal reason fill with such immaculate light; I breathe he in his voices like respite in the air. They are like this necessary in my life, in a life of my partner, and am sure that these boys would do so only some same with more.

The god Blesses!
4 / 5
Another good-looking collection of these English boys' heart. If it likes him-you the treble, will enjoy this.
5 / 5
This heart has the lovely clear sound. Some suns are fantastically encorporated with your clear pure. Highly it recommends this CD.
5 / 5
The voice of angel is a right title for these
heart of boys.
One can see and listen these boys give it everything.
4 / 5
Is so only repackaged in the different one same like forward cds.
5 / 5
The voice of angel is a right title partorisca these
heart of boys.
One can see and listen these boys give it everything.
5 / 5
Recieved A CD and there is ejoyed the. This group is awesome!!! It can hardly attended partorisca his Christmas CD partorisca exit.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
5 / 5
Exhumed Is the sale adds why take that unholy sprain and violence that typically associate with grindcore but does not fall taken to the scarce monotonous songs that grindcore the sometimes resulted bands. Instead they trust on more musically songs of metal of death of the his (of then metal of the death in general plants to a lot the strongest emphasis in solid songwriting has compared to a simple but direct violence partorisca grind). Like this which there is here is music that contains that immediate and highly aggressive feels partorisca grind but some songs are varied, quell'interest and a lot all touch some same. More all is in gore and thats always value the mention. It is decently long too much with thirteen songs and some utmost coverart. Defenders of death and grinds like this
5 / 5
This album is borderline classical partorisca me. Some papers are so only inventive, like this witty and hilarious! I can not help but the laugh there is detailed HIGHLY papers in the write those who seals the enclosed vagina with the @@@blowtorch, or the necrophiliac sincere testimonial. Obviously this entertainment of frames records of classical metal - with his papers bobas is the utmost parody ! So only some papers cost a prize! Then a music - catchy likes hell, gore riffs, strongly inspired by 80s thrash to the bands like sepelio, kreator, of destruction, etc., With extremely rhythmatic, catchy, and well-there is structured so only! It does not concern - you any piece that attack your boss and that shouts to the long of, a riffs is nostalgic and powerful. A vocals is the dual assault in some senses, of the the killers thrash-write shriek, another cookie extremely down-monster. They combine surprisingly tastefully and humourously, doing some same papers more pleasant, some voices that touch like this crude likes gore is describing. Ossia The only entertainment adds , sum, and add headbanging!
5 / 5
This album are add, his hectic, quite extreme and very touched but a vocalist is not well.
Sound in fact like him hardcore version of Guns and Roses and not liking metal of brutal death. If has the data Excepts, Worm of gentleman George 'Corpsegrinder' or Chris Barnes where singing then this would be one of some albums of metal of utmost death but how is, his mediocre.
P.S- A clue 'Decrepit Growing' agree me the bit of Park of Ant of the Alien mooth Criminal'.
4 / 5
Has to that have this cd. His heavy and very foul. The excellent band Exhumed is a better death/gore band of metal never. It has to that have the very strong stomach first to look in his ablum coverages. They are some masters of an album some discharges of ailing plus concealed is pure gore there is drenched in each clue. This cd has to that be in each gore fiends youself the favour takes it ..
4 / 5
Yeah, the suppositions is well. Well, a music is. A flange kinda nettle. No my cuppa tea. But still, musically ossia a helluva album. And one 'll takes used his. Side that. This are adds deathmetal with the plus that style shouts grindvoice more than the grunting deathvoice. Odd combination, yes.
Yes, know this description any any sense. Sad.
5 / 5
Now Exhumed does not touch pure GOREGRIND; in fact they allege themsleves like the band of metal of the death. But any one has left that fool you, because metal of the death today can mean a lot of things : progressive DM, melodic DM, typical DM, etc. And Exhumed is any of them. Ossia Brutal DM (BDM) has touched with the enormous grinds flu. Big/Down gory vox trade-offs, chainsaw electrical guitars, and flying the drums marks jointed this album an amazing Death/Grinds chance. But like the said, this is not pure GoreGrind, but the cross-on among Dead persons and Grind, which looks very populate these days.
Finally, SlaughterCult is the must compraventa for the partidários the extreme of metal/grinds equally.
4 / 5
Want to ossia bad pure in his the majority of vile,disgusting is the gore grinds masterpiece of brutality the mixed talent add musicianship ossia a lot of underrated.Strongly I suggest takings to this likes regurgitate,of death of napalm, and luddite clone.
5 / 5
Exhumed Is of tower in an axe again east times a blood is real. This one has compared to the his last cd Gore Metallo is much faster, heavier and better soloing. But, his managa to shred a plus end of flesh. Defenders of CARCASS will eat this creature up.
4 / 5
This a belonging in a collection of TOTAL /of BRUTAL death . No for those with feeble ears... No for those with the toneless stomach is.... No for a wimp. It hears too much this cd , & then kill evryone, will be happy has done! The principle EXHUMED is.
5 / 5
Some papers suck and is very stupid! Form of interesting disk, taste that, but of some papers suck. If it love material heavier and far control more brutal out of Crimson Thorn.
4 / 5
The one who the load of rubbish. The STOP listens to this gore rubbish of metal. The sound that ruins true heavy metal.
5 / 5
Ossia An add cd and his taken more gore in him so it takes it
5 / 5
This album is brutal!
Enjoys strong, gore metal, then ossia an album partorisca you!

Top Customer Reviews: Naxos 30th ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Naxos: A Collection of Anniversary of 30 CDs

has purchased this collection on Canada of Amazon partorisca roughly 40 bucks Canadian, the subject for real exceptional. A box is attractive with each boss that illustrates a coverage of original album. I have had already a lot these Naxos registers in my collection and marvelled in which the new discoveries so only are while partorisca be savoured. Partorisca One the majority of part, this collection is the property trove of the new delights and I strongly recommend calm to take it quickly before it exits of stock.
Has given descriptions of pocket of all 30 disks but I have to that say, there is on ten disks want to touch again punctual. It enjoys!!! Five enormous stars the Naxos partorisca this collection!

DISK 1: Bach: Continuazioni Orchestral 1-4 Helmut Müller-Brühl: Orchestra of Colony of Fourth
Ossia the good disk registered with an Orchestra of excellent Colony of Chamber. Compared with Marriner is and Pinnock versions, has the emphasis of time and the light bass faster in of the places where suffers the “haste of data” rendition, perhaps that loses an elegance Bach has feigned. Prpers Having said that, some actions are a lot good and if ossia your only registering you there will be a lot of enjoyable moments with these classical Bach continuazioni orchestral.
(Recommended alternative: Gentleman Neville Marriner in the Philips album of TRIO with a Brandenburg Concerts)

DISK 2: Beethoven: Sonatas of Piano Any one.8,14&23 Jandó Jenö
A good register and actions although any one enough until a classics … Brendel, Barenboim and Arrau. If it likes-you yours Beethoven has educated and refined, really can enjoy Jandó Jenö.
(Recommended alternatives: Some insiemi impressive Louis … newer Lortie, Paul Lewis, Ronald Brautigam)

DISK 3: Brahms Cello Sonatas Op 38 and 99 and Are Lieder transcribed for Cello and Piano: Gabriel Schwabe (Cello) Nicholas Rimmer (Piano)
master Naxos when the repertoire is unusual. There is a lot of fine register of some sonatas for cello and piano but a lot that knows duquel comprises transcriptions of Brahms lieder. A six has comprised here is delicious. One touching is lush and pure Brahms. Well fact!
(Recommended alternative: Steven Isserlis in Hyperion)

DISK 4: Bruckner: No. Of Symphony 5 Georg Tintner: the Real National orchestra Scottish
Tintner registered all a Bruckner symphonies with the variety of minor-the known orchestras and he could certainly wring out of good actions that in a 80 east and 90 is was good introductions the Bruckner. Today they pale beside some insiemi complete of Joachim, Karajan and Wand. They are interesting this in spite of.
(Recommended alternative: A underrated Gunter Wand in Sony box of subject enormous [20 bucks for all 9 symphonies] is superlative in Bruckner.)

DISK 5: Chopin Concerts of Piano: Idil Biret with A State of Slovak Phil down Robert Stankovsky
This has won the Glorious Prize of the Disk in 1995 and is touched fantastically for both soloist and orchestra. I love a way each one that like this lovingly persists on some of Chopin gorgeous melodies. I add mush! ( It beats a hell out of Ravel Bolero for romance!) Highly recommended!
(Recommended alternative: Janina Fialkowska with Some Players of Chamber Of Canada for the different approximation)

DISK 6: Copland: it Surrounds - Poster of Dance - Messico of Living room - Danzón Cuban Symphony of Detroit Leonard Slatkin
An absolute explosion with sound adds and excellent direction for Slatkin. I love it and there is No alternative to this definite disk!

DISK 7: Daugherty: Symphony of Metropolis, Goddess Giancarlo Schemed Ex Warrior: Nashville Orchestra of Symphony
Ossia so only. Never listened of him and to my knowledge there is no other registers. The interesting modern sounds will not appeal to many. I found it grating in time but certainly in interesting. I have found of the second laws “the Ex god Schemed” with Wilson, Terrence in a piano to be a musical plus of a two Daugherty works.

DISK 8: Debussy 24 preludes (orchestrated for Peter Breiner): the Real National orchestra Scottish Jun Märkl
More often registered on piano, a Debussy impressionistic the sounds are admirably orchestrated and registered in this lovely disk. Well fact. I know of any one another complete orchestrated register. This was new mine and a lot of enjoyable.

DISK 9: Dvořák: Trios of Piano . 3 And 4 “Dumky” A Tempest Trio
Exceptional register, clear and well-has balanced. A Tempest for real live until his name, touching on the storm in time.
(Recommended alternative: A Trio of the arts of the Beaux has the double Philips of all four of a Dvořák Trios. Also control out of A Florestan Trio in Hyperion)

DISK 10: Dvořák No. Of Symphony 9 and Baltimora of Variac. Symphonic S.ou. Marin Alsop
Marin Alsop the registers have received a lot acclaim and ossia any exception . A lot of enjoyable and well-has touched Dvořák.
(Recommended alternative: Kirill Kondrashin with Vienna in Decca is the register adds [but perhaps difficult to find]

DISK 11: Dvořák and Elgar Cello Concerts ; Maria Kliegel with Michael Halász:and a Real Philharmonic Orchestra
Oh mine, another mine of new young artist. Simply exceptional and enjoyable and touches better that my “old “ “ “” Of the Pre.
(Recommended alternative: Alone Gabetta RCA Elgar the disk with other miniatures is surprising.)

DISK 12: Elgar New Zealand of course S Or James Judd
Although they are not the partidário enormous of Elgar (also aspired suppose), these are mightily impressive with his enormous and yes, cariche of aspired spectacular the one who Elgarians will love for a sound adds and spectacular touching of a New Zealanders. WOW! This disk of the quality of the demonstration will impress any any one the enormous waves to sound … are almost the convert. James Judd the must there has been his ears blown has directed these. James does well!!!

DISK 13: Glière: Symphony Any one.3 In B smaller, 'He'already Muromets' A Búfalo Philharmonic JoAnn Falletta
Can calm to believe it? A symphony of monster with his of horn of the monster of Búfalo? It can not believe my ears. A house of Bills … of the losers and the sabres … in fact touches the bang-arrive explosion of Glière … the new an on me but of all some disks in this wonderful collection, will return to this one with disbelief. There is a lot of deserving symphonic music still to be has has discovered touched for classy sell any one looks for having listened. Thank you Naxos Thus surprised delicious. Bravo!!!

DISK 14: Górecki: Symphony 3, 3 Olden fashionable Pieces Zofia Kilanowicz (soprano) Antoni Devises: Orchestra of Pole of National Radio Symphony
is hard of the believe has been 25 years of then Dawn Upshaw in Górecki Symphony of Sorrowful the psalms have taken a world of music for amazing … Górecki that??? I have not developed Never the amour for a minimalist world of the his like this “this will do cries” never done for me, as pursuing like this looks. A Naxos the version is of 2006 and is touched also like Zinman version. I find a soprano voice here much less atmospheric that Upshaw in an original. There is the prize of 3 Olden fashionable Pieces but for me a minimalist repletion simply is not my stock exchange. Can like you. That is old fashion “”???

DISK 15: Grieg: Peer Gynt Continuazioni Are Orchestral Songs Bjarte Engeset and a Malmö Orchestra of Symphony
These are touched fantastically but some pieces of the control is some songs . Utmost singers so much that it is new mine . Some eight orchestral songs are all like this special. Those who would have thought Grieg has had he in him. Hooray For Naxos and his no-discovered of name. A lot of enjoyable.

DISK 16: Handel Music of Water and Music for some Real Fireworks Aradia Neighbours directed for Kevin Malton
With all a competition that comprises an old plus Naxos disk of some pairings was, this register maintains his place among an elite with light and fluffy renditions of Handel preferred. Ossia Like this enjoyable like any of some five registers of star and has a lot of! One touching is necessary and quickly where the request and all the sections are has registered clearly. Handel The lovers will sing hallelujah!

DISK 17: Haydn Quartets of Serious Op. 76 No, 4, 5 and 6 Kodály Quartet
has bought a Kodály container of Quartet when it was in the first place offered and there is enjoyed his Haydn. There are a lot of exceptional versions of these has looked in a prompt 90s. These are 5 actions to star that has survived it a test of time.
(Recommended alternative: One Schneider Quartet, Londra Haydn Quartet, Takacs Quartet and Aeolian Quartet
among another has registered a Haydn quartets and he no hurt to have several registers to compare.)

DISK 18: Franz Liszt Concerts of Piano 1 and 2 and Totentanz Nebolsin, Eldar with Vasily Petrenko, and some Real Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Ossia the a lot of a lot of registering and is listening the Liszt concerts for a first time, will be mesmerized for a sound and touching. Unfortunately this will not substitute my virtuoso register.
(Recommended alternative: Sviatoslav Richter or Martha Argerich is for real Liszt virtuosos in his renditions)

DISK 19: Concerts of Flute of the Mozart and Concert for flute and harp Patrick Gallois (flute) and Fabrice Pierre (harp) with An Orchestra of Swedish Chamber
These are fine register but No. 2 Is tossed was and fault of some Mozartian elegance. A flute and the harp that agrees the better passages he No. like this done Jointly of the Flute 1. There are better versions but this remains well.
(Recommended alternative: only calm can has done has not beaten James Galway/ Marriner version. Wonderful!

DISK 20: Preferred of Nordic Violin Henning Kraggerud, violin
love this disk. Calm will not find the majority of this repertoire anywhere more and a Nordic atmosphere is outstandingly registered and has treated. This will take a lot of enjoyable repeats. Like pure and the happy discovery for ardent violin. Thank you Naxos! Wonderful!

DISK 21: Rachmaninov Picture of Studio and Musical Moments Boris Gittburg
Boris that? It can not believe my ears with this disk. Boris Gittburg has won a Competition of Elizabeth of prestigious Queen in 2013 and this Rachmaninov the aims of register reason. Exceptional musicianship! They are sure he will listen much more of Boris … and punctual I hope.,

DISK 22: Rimksy-Korsakov Symphony of Continuazioni Orchestral of Seattle Gerard Schwartz
Ossia GOOD but doors beside some old Ansermet register of Rimsky-Korsakov. I have expected more but it has been disappointed knowing roughly of a colour barnstorming competition.
(Recommended alternative: Ernest Ansermet quickly Decca of Rimksy-Korsakov

DISK 23 Rodrigo, Wolves of Villa and Castelnuovo-German concerts of electrical Guitar Norbert Kraft with Nicholas Ward that directs An Orchestra of Fourth North
Naxos has registered in the half dozen Norbert Kraft the albums and is excellent. If it likes-you the classical electrical guitar, will love this disk. Action and excellent register.

DISK 24: Rossini: He Barber has Given Siviglia excerpts Humburg: Failoni Orchestra of Chamber; Corazón Radio Hungarian; Ramón Vargas (Tenor);Sonia Roberto Servile (Baritone); Sonia Ganassi (Half Soprano); Franco Of Grown (Record); Ángel Romero (Record); Ingrid Kertesi (Soprano)
Very sung and has registered. I have imagined Naxos would have the question that takes work with a outlandish costs. Wrong! This disk of excerpts is the delight. Like a Hyundai adds … that they he???

DISK 25: Saraste Fanasies on Carmen and Romeo and Juliette Tianwa Yang, Fly with Ernest Martinez Sinistro and An Orchestra Sinfonica of Navarra
Yang that? Another adds Naxos has discovered! Controls his own with all a name fiddlers. WOW!!!

DISK 26: Szymanowski: Stabat Mater Antoni Devises: Warsaw Philharmonic Corazón & of Orchestra
Ossia new mine but touched a lot interesting. I owe that listen the little more time. His, the heart and the voices were good but there is at all to compare this version with. Material that interest this in spite of.

DISK 27: Tallis: Spem in alium and the mass Saves intermerata Oxford Comrade, Jeremy Summerly
Also new mine, the sound is good but again, have at all to compare with. More listening has required to suppose … like Tallis and all these stratospheric of the grated … voices in my ears after the moment.

DISK 28: Symphony of Manfred of the Tchaikovsky and Voyevoda Real Liverpool Phil Vasily Petrenko
Vasily Petrenko is all an anger these days with his Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich symphonies … but Naxos has discovered Petrenko first and this 2008 register illustrates so only that well it touches to direct is. Highly recommended how is all Petrenko disks.

DISK 29: Concert of the violin of the Tchaikovsky Agrees of an expensive place and Sérénade melancholic Ilya Kaler with A Russian Phil down Dmitry Yablonsky
Another new discovery for me and the delight owe that say. Have enjoyed particularly one all-Tchaikovsky programs when one that touches the violin is this good. A lot enjoyable disk although my old Heifetz and Perelman is hard to move.

DISK 30 Vivaldi Some Four Seasons and the concert Was Rustica Takako Nishizaki with capella Istropolitana down Stephen Gunzenhauser
asked reason another register of this old warhorse for this collection. It is it likes sure it has one 1812 that Opens, Beethoven Fifth and Schubert “Unfinished” in each collection. Well, they are in the total loss as to reason ossia here. It is a lot of-touched but any flange out of my preferred Four. Too bad has to that be this final disk of the mostly exceptional collection. I beat!!!

Has a lot of actions and of the excellent register in this collection of @@subject. It enjoys and the enormous thanks to Naxos.
4 / 5
This place of the boxes is the collection of 30 of Naxos' the majority of significant register on some last 30 years, and represents the registers have done of 1987 by means of 2016. The majority of some work here is some usual blockbusters, but has the few disks of music more esoteric as Preferred of Nordic Violin, music for Sarasate and Szymanowski, Some registers are, as you would expect, solid and typical Naxos engineering, which means quite a lot of (although that lacking of in the bit of deep bass, in my opinion, as well as the little has limited soundstage on some registers.

Will not go to the CD-for-CD rundown like the contents are listed elsewhere. I have been by means of a whole collection, and while some of these registers are quite well, am a lot that would say is exceptional or the register of reference. But then, Naxos has not gone never roughly that, like this ossia true to form. There is no bad register here, neither, and in a prize, ossia the box of CD WELL to add to any collection. And like the tribute to a Naxos focus, servants a lot well.
4 / 5
A marvellously diverse collection of Naxos the registers that comprises well and known minors masterpieces, the majority of them touched and treaties with the neighbours adds is an education as well as the delight.
4 / 5
Support to help Naxos with this fantastically simple box dips to celebrate 30 years of the independently produced music exceptional. These together looks a bit all-time favourite composers as well as the pocolos surprised. It is in good sure value to listen it!
5 / 5
A music is a lot selected and enjoyable. It was better been an information in some registers was in some CD bosses they. Calm has it that looks for a booklet that is annoying.
5 / 5
One extracted fantastic of Naxos!

Of the thank you exited to another those who revised that here, one especially how has been still to detail add.
4 / 5
That creates good-looking of Naxos. Of the to interest discovered.
4 / 5
Naxos Always delights with his election to locate stars and memorable music.
Paving to download a collection my travesía epad like this is that lose when travelling
4 / 5
That creates good-looking Of Naxos. Of the to interest discovered.
4 / 5
Prize very well partorisca a quantity of music of quality resupplied - 30 full period CD is. It comprises a lot of tunes have not listened never before that. Highly recommend it.

Top Customer Reviews: The Phantom Of The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
This CD has arrived in good condition and does not take too long. Some CD games fantastically and does not have any subject with him. They are very pleased with cost of mine and wants to one inserts with some words to a music and a description of a history to the equal that looked an action in person.
4 / 5
Well.... Sarah Brightman Is wonderful and has listened usually Sarah in the cd... Different of a mould... Perhaps a mould is not like this as well as I have expected.
5 / 5
Originally has thought this CD was for a PTO the film that looks Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum, but apparently is another version . A volume of his unbalanced east and can be ridiculously strong sometimes, especially some women shrieks, and follows 7 of CD1.
4 / 5
Ossia My substitution . There is libretto with tonnes of dialogue and papers. CD contains enough the bit of dialogue and mini ongs'. This really said collection a history almost entirely. No the points have underlined CD, although some the main songs are in his own clues.
4 / 5
Michael Crawford- just wonderful. Sarah Brightman - The one who the voice! This in spite of, fulfilling after seeing a film with Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum I really do like this better version.

Has seen a Phantom in the roughly fact synchronises twenty years in Toronto. It was mesmerized for a music and a history.

For me, a film is better, for this a soundtrack is, of course, better.
4 / 5
A quality of this together of CD is poor. And any one mentions of country of the pointed origin in a disk. It has been done in Inghilterra? Be any focuses to register partner with universal music canada likes ad on amazon. Canada Of universal music is the joke . Reason leaves this place of economic product under his name. That the shame.
5 / 5
My copy of a Phantom has arrived another day. It was mark spanking new, which was fantastic. A quality of sound was excellent. The service was punctual which is has very appreciated.
4 / 5
Very happy To having been able to find original Version in cd
5 / 5
So only that has ordered. This is to be give like the present. Thrilled.
5 / 5
I have seen this in the phases done a lot of years and this has spent for behind a whole experience.
4 / 5
Tries to find this CD dipped of a tent of local music. But more so only it sell a film or does not have any CD. I have found in amazon and some songs, a sound that is a a that attended.
5 / 5
Was very happy with a quality and a condition of a CD!
5 / 5
On January 9 2006, 'Phantom of a Work' resulted a long plus in common show in history of Broadway. Beating Webber is another mega-musical. You know a an I am speaking roughly, a a roughly dancing felines. It is necessary will not give never Andrew Lloyd Webber a time of day. They declare some only reasons because these musical is like this successful is because of this infamous in quantity and that crash chandelier, this elaborates glorious stairs that opens a second law, these sculpted Candelabras this locates like this easily of a Phantom lake of money. This can be true of small would not deny never PHANTOM is on spectacle of phase.

But that in a music?

This registering of 'A Phantom of a Work' also has a distinction to be a big plus that sells musical album of the time everything . Now last times have verified a elepé, a tape of cassette (agrees those?) Or a CD of Webber the épico musical does not comprise any chandeliers or pyrotechnics. It is just music . For those, taste, of those who are to sucker for the good melody, 'Phantom' has spare tunes.

A lot of Webber-hating the critics have declared these songs are 'launch-was'. Some active has declared included that any without musical talents could have him written. Really? To the left it is not to hate a composer for having a capacity to write good tunes. If this musical has been a test of time, is foreseen to a large extent to Webber beautiful bookmark and he so only like this spends, remains one of mine favourite never. Included a musicals' has complicated fewer pieces as 'Ángel Of Music' (my personal favourite) and 'Fights' is gorgeous. A last is not any a lot of the song lyrically and is a lot brief but try filter out of some voices and so only listen to a music with these lush orchestrations - good-looking.

Some original advantages of this blockade-buster some material adds in this register. In my opinion, ossia Michael Crawford better vocal action officially. Although his technician runs the bit in a nasal side, his voice is powerful when I need to be and poignant during these his moments Phantom needs to the yours he down. His suns are rich in character and emotion and the difference other members of a mould (more in this late plus), Crawford is not simply singing here; it is treating. Once Crawford done his entrance in 'A Mirror (Ángel of Music)', order your attention, legislation until his “Music of a Night” and further.

Steve late Barton is also exceptional in a function of Raoul. His voice is good-looking, controlled with rich, velvety tones. His brilliant of vocal work a character enough of forest of Raoul much more likable. Raoul is more than the hero that an annoyance. It was surprised in that the good voice can do to the lack-function of polish.

Now ossia where my description goes to take bit it critical. I do not want to offend those that want to Webber ex-woman. A woman the one who inspired a composer to write this musical - Sarah Brightman but unfortunately, is, rests, Christine less preferred. Sad. Certainly, has an enormous row. Also, his voice gives the moments of beauty adds like his big notes have sustained during a ceiling upper scene (“But his voice has fill my alcohol with the odd sweet sound ….”) And during his entrance during “Gentleman Juan Triumphant” (“Any thought inside his boss, but thought of joy … “) but is an experience of flavour and one that has not developed the flavour for closing in spite of listening to this register for more than 20 years. It likes Crawford, Brightman the voice is quell'has bitten nasal in time; different Crawford, does not look to know or is unable to control his vibrated. Also the difference of Crawford, his action here lack of emotion. It sings each alone song in tune but does not have any character in some note that is singing. It touches like Brightman is so only vocalizing - giving the recital, no the dramatic action. With this said, his rendition of 'Ángel Of Music' is lovely, sound 'Think 'Of me' is good and his duet with a Phantom in a song of title is to good sure one of some points has underlined. It is the shame that his action (for me) goes downhill with which conceal.

My preferred Christine officially (and alive) is a Canadian soprano, Rebecca Caine, the one who has seen to treat a function in Toronto. Caine The action was sublimate and recommends to take a Canadian mould that the only calm records so much can listen his extraordinary vocals together with his very different interpretation of Christine. It is reason enough to at least give listen it but maintain in alcohol, that is familiarised with Sarah Brightman is or Emmy Rossum is (another preferred) the tones light the plus can require time to regulate to Caine darker, more operatic vocals.

The accionas averts, will give a final praise to a composer, Gentleman Andrew Lloyd Webber. His bookmark really is a star of this production and has been for a past 30 years (in 2016, is 30 years of these musical was unleashed). It averts of the his ardent detractors, so only the little can deny a sheer beauty of these tunes. Ossia To good sure one of the his More adds them, more cherished bookmarks/marcadors. Listening his, fully comprise reason the millions have fallen enamoured with him. So that they have it not to experience it still, surrendered his magic; taking transported to the time and the place where beauty and reign of supreme music.

Has several registers of these musical. A three main some are a Mould of Londra original (OLC), an original Canadian Mould (OCC) and a soundtrack of film. Both a OLC and some versions of films have the “Points have underlined” CD likes buyer beware. My preferred of a three is a OCC, but is the “Points have underlined ” only album. A OLC is one of some the majority of complete register of a show to synchronise officially and is an only that record that has an original version of “Wandering Girl”. This CD also comes with the complete libretto. It takes it.
5 / 5
Simply love this register. I have not seen never Phantom has treated in a phase and ossia an only register has not listened never of a Phantom of a Work, but has been wanted to to listen his music. I have had this CD for only the week and can not taking touching he for some reason! Has enough the musical bookmark, and a history is very sad. Has not reading never a book (although they are while his arrival of Amazon after ordering he), as I can do not saying is true to an original history. A history is that of the man the one who has been abandoned by all the humanity and has to that live in the labyrinth under a house of work. It falls enamoured with Christine Daae and results his tutor. It thinks that a Phantom is Angel of the music sent for his defunct father. A Phantom want like this and loves his career in a house of work to advance. It sends notes to some manager, saying them to give his main functions in the place of a prize has given Carlotta. It is the heart wrenching history because really it feels sad for a Phantom.
A mould is strong. MICHAEL CRAWFORD touches a Phantom in this register and is contested for a lot of phans to be a better phantom. I have listened any another register, as I can not contest this point. A function of Christine has been written for SARAH BRIGHTMAN, like this of course she well. There are a lot of big notes and his function can be compared to this of COSETTE in his MISERABLE reason looks that a majority of his parts is big. RAOUL Is touched for STEVE BARTON, and his voice is wonderful. ROSEMARY ASHE Tecla CARLOTTA. Any like him To Him a part of Carlotta, but concealed is not Ashe @fare!
Some of a music in these sounds familiarised, likes CATS (I am speaking in the bars of pair of music, not liking the whole song or anything), so that it is very interesting. If it likes-you Andrew Lloyd Webber, will love this work of rock! It likes "Ángel of Music," "Phantom of a Work," and "Music of a Night."
Buys this CD because it costs each penny!
4 / 5
A Phantom of one can say? It is arguably a more add musical of all the times. A history of the man deformed the one who anxiety amour and a terror ameno in a house of work pursues is said here in actulal operaetic form, and with some of one the majority of the brilliant music never writing.
A mould of Londra original has defined some functions, and many have consecrated phans still consider them a better. Ossia A register where can listen you reason Andrew Lloyd Webber the version is loved like this, with an awe-accione inspiring of Michael Crawford that Phantom and Sarah Brightman likes Christine, with Steve Barton like you Raoul. His actions are besides words.
This edition is again remastered, and has quite he noticible difference in quality of his among him and of the leading emissions. For the few first years to buy this version, has had so only an album of points has underlined, looking calm so only has joined the majority of essential clues. A excerpts these looks has been there taken directly of some forwards, any-remastered edition of two disks. Listening his only first to take is, is a lot well and certianly listenable. But when I then dipped in this remaster, found the partorisca be much clearer, crisper this in spite of more pleasing to an ear that before. Another (now was-of-impression) version (substituted by east a) is certianly servicable, but this one is very better.
A two characteristic of disks calms-illustrations of screen of a Phantom mask. A chance of the jewel of CD REGULATES is then further closed in the map slipsleeve chance. A booklet enciphers comprised of the good-looking photographs of some musical and the loan has joined several scenes. Another entirely seperate the booklet is comprised, those slips to a chance of map snugly a lot afterwards to a chance of jewel of the CD. This comprises a complete liberetto.
I reccomend that substitutes your old version with this new a? This depends in just that loves a show. If you are the phanatic and wants to have a version that the possible better sounds, then yes. If it love some few pictures, booklet or liberetto but does not possess him in another format, then yes. But of a liberetto was comprised also in an original emission, if you are so only he casaul phan, there has any a lot of need for the buy again unless you are upgrading of a version of points has underlined to a full register. If you do not have A Phantom of a Work represented in your collection at all, in spite of being expensive, ossia more definately a register and a version to take. It is the must !
4 / 5
When it Live in Londra in a mid-@@@1980s, a hotter entrance to take was 'Phantom of a Work', touching in Theatre of the his Majesty (of a bit those that theatres in a West end that regularly changes his name, of as well as a gender of a reigning monarch), opposite a Theatre of Haymarket. One could see long lines around a first blockade of the each action, scalpers external looking to touch in in his earlier regime to take entrances, and has disappointed tourists that not having @@give that has had to that reserve months for advanced to take the chair. My secretary in a House of Commons has taken gone in in a row, for interior four month, and has been concerned that for that time Michael Crawford could have decided movement on, and take stuck that sees the second-launch Phantom. In an end, is lucky. Crawford Was still on when takings there. But I will not forget never a harm in his eye a morning roughly two weeks later when you ask as it had done one prejudices before, and has answered innocently (any, really, innocently!) ' I have been to see Phantom of a Work last night.'
Him him them looks could kill, would not be writing this now. I in fact taken to see Phantom two times in a phase of Londra, with Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman and Steve Barton, and both times was in the fluke. A first time has walked spent a theatre roughly 10 minutes after a start, and he scalper the one who there was state unsuccessful sell his entrances have given among sides. Ossia A time my almost murdered secretary me. A second time was 'inherited of the fellow the one who has called unexpectedly out of a country in @@subject of Foreign office.
Has taken a tape of a register of mould grieves could afterwards seeing it a first time, and spend behind everything of some wonderful scenes. A music of Andrew Lloyd Webber resembles neither captivate or nettle, but any to the plot goes in. And, in fact, it finds some of his music that fallen to the each camp for me. Phantom Is one of those for me in that there is no feeble songs.
Perhaps a better song of everything is soyusic of a Night', he pursuing minor of piece key with glorious papers that weaves hopefulness and the together darkness skillfully. A transmission in consonance in an end of a song, of minor to of entity and behind the smallest, is one of a plus memorables transmissions in modern musicals. Crawford Strong but expressive and trembling voice exudes to the emotion likes them the work of papers to develop perceptions:
'time of emphasis at night, augments to the each one to which likes to feel;
confusions of darknesses and awake imagination..
Silently Some senses abandon his defences...'
Strong songs like a piece of title, 'Phantom of a Work', which mix traditional pipe-the organ with beaten electronic modern looks to do well take a way established for a can a Phantom there is on Christine, has touched fantastically for Sarah Brightman. Brightman Is resulted an international star in this function; it plans it that way--a lot of cynics could say use Webber to take stardom and has then touched (of course, would not say never such the thing!). Brightman The voice has not been a strong plus, any in a register or in a phase; there it is matured a lot of then; this in spite of, like the part of Christine was to be the youngster-discovered, the maturity and the force could have been misplaced in this function.
Raoul, The interest of true amour of Christine, is touched for Steve Barton, the one who the very good work, with the good vocal interaction with Brightman in of to to the songs like to Think of me and Everything ask of you, further of an interaction with Crawford in several songs, particularly that approach a conclusion of a history.
This in spite of, my piece of favourite heart has to that be 'Notes', in that a proprietors of a work, as well as some singers and models, begins to receive notes of sources ignored, and suspect all the world saves a real source, a Phantom, the one who in an end comes to a scene -- this song is humourous, choral, and dramatic with simultaneous and dissonant elements instead wonderful. Then it turns down to the tension of wonderful violin that shows a fragile state of Christine in the good-looking musical way, hard to express in of the words.
Ossia The fun musical, with tunes and the history that stay with an along afterwards listen, and one this entices repeating on and on. Still although one 'craze' still Phantom has died down of the his height more than fact the decade, a force of some musical shows in some strong sales and long recognition that some songs of these musical generates.
5 / 5
Are the Phantom fanatic (phanatic?) And never of then it take a book has wanted to listen a music... As I have been thrilled when it has seen a library had it. I verified it it was and it has maintained it check it was until it take my own copy .
Has says has taken the long time for me to really react at all to a register. I have had to that maintain listening and listening until finally a day he clicked and could not live without him. It is everything so suddenly an emotional experience to the same no another. Has has dreamed mirrors, masks, and swirling black bosses and the songs of Erik have listened in my boss all a time.
A bit in my favourite moments of a CD... Ángel of the sequence of Music is surprising. A Phantom the voice goes in a room to dress and immediately enfolds an auditor together with Christine and of this moment any with any heart is joined to be hooked. A melodious dialogue go in Erik and Christine also is moving he like this builds up in intensity to 'A Phantom of a Work'. Calm listens to call like this hypnotically while this music so only any prenderá .
Another very intense course is a Music of a Night... It is it has convinced absolutely that any one can sing to to the this song likes them Michael Crawford has beaten. Place something in him that marks two alluring times to the equal that was written to be. The one who could maintain of the fainting is gone in of the such celestial tones?
Of course a Phantom is able of fury like all know... And Christine same can not escape of him when it takes his mask is gone in a next scene. Still although it does not say the word during his rant, feels cringing behind liking spits all his insults am gone in his. Then suddenly it is calmer and that comes from convencerprpers that is not like this bad after all.
Some 'Notes' songs (both of them) is stunningly creative, and both a writer and the musician have aimed incredible character and the good sense of humour to the equal that have woven the lines of all a character to the seamless, harmonious web. Now that are the auditor seasoned , finds it easier that follow all the world is train of has thought, but included now often has to that home in only one or two singers and listen that it is saying (or she)... Still, ossia the brilliant moment in musical history.
Like when Carlotta is the toad also. It is annoying in all the chance, how is a lot that satisfies to listen like me the toad.
All the world-wide pause roughly Everything asks of you like this I no, excepts that it was the lovely song to have in the pair.
A second All Demand of this far too spent for big. It listens to a Phantom roughly to cry reason Christine there is thoughtlessly has deserted - and the one who can not be moved? To Any hate Raoul likes the quota Phantom defenders - but tends to be enough in a way.
I skip in stirs it of material and take to a graveyard scene that is, once again, very beautiful. I love an echo-and effect of the flange of Erik likes llama Christine. Also a start of warfare go in Raoul and Erik. Shouting In your enemies does not solve anything in this chance... Any that he any never.
Has spent a Point of any of the turn is a more disturbing part of a CD. It looks like this creepy. I suppose that it was meant to be. In all the chance, an END of a song is which like, reason to sing the and begs Christine to want to him, then bars his of of a phase with the cry of Meg.
An end is also very emotional, how is in a book. Erik that leaves Raoul to take Christine reasons kisses... Any only out of obligation but reason means it.
That, my friends of Amazon, is my statement in this CD. I expect that the help decides the take and with which this goes ga-ga.
Like me.
4 / 5
Ossia The riveting romantic work , the modern musical, this in spite of, with some glories of works. A thing that Andrew Lloyd Webber does like this well is to blend a musicality of art with that of popularity, and in 'Phantom Of A Work' a triumphant combination of both has surpassed an effect of any of to them like him the suns. Of all a lavish theatrics: a house of spectacular work, a labyrinth of darkness, and one broken chandelier, the amour is a core of a history that there was behind mentido. Christine is beautiful. Sarah Brightman Sings with such beauty and his voice underlines like this of course that it would want to it you Christine and hook to the his instantly. Any subject is an amorous 'Think Of me' or one touching 'the desire was Somehow Here Again', everything in Christine, a sweetness, an innocence, and a purity, is seen by means of the flange of Sarah. Raoul Is charming. A warm and romantic duet 'All Asks Of tea could not be more beautiful in developing a pure plus and a truer amour among him and Christine. A Phantom, of course, is more brilliant. A song of title 'Phantom Of A Work' portray it wretched soul the one who has turned amour to obsession and blasphemed amour with aversion and controlling. It is also of this dark character that listens a soaring vocal line of soyusic Of A Night', duquel some poetic papers and mesmerizing the melodies have achieved a hilt of romantic sensuousness. Michael Crawford sings the strong phantom. While his acting vowel is an only element depends on to rid a character, he he a lot of felizmente. But, with all some respects to Michael Crawford those who has defined a character Phantom, thinks that is Michael , Michael Turns, the one who a definite justice to a song 'Phantom of a Work' and soyusic of a Night'.
4 / 5
Was twelve years ago today that has received my copy of this Lloyd Webber masterpiece. Never of then, I considered it to be one of my favourite possessions.
Andrew Lloyd Webber has created this musical for his then-woman, Sarah Brightman, the one who, while it resists any physical appearance to Gaston Leroux description of Christine, has it soprano like any one another, and still could touch a function majestically a version of film is has not done never. His crystalline voice has similar forces that an audience knows that a Phantom has fulfilled his party in these naïve.
Like character of title, Michael Crawford formation of the heart of boy has a lot of spent amiably in his life of adult. A still can listen more few simple traces of some tones that has drawn an attention of composer Benjamin Britten to to the earliest years like Crawford of pound each one which breathy, sensuous and appealing note with such deep expressiveness. His tone is warm and inviting in 'Ángel of Music' as he beckons to Christine first of his initial meeting, intense and explosive to the equal that sings a song of title in the duet with Brightman, and elegantly seducer to the equal that sings his now tune of byline, ' A Music of a Night', duquel could any never take enough. Ther Is such desire and lonliness underlined during some last stanzas. Always it looks to enter a voice of scenes in the first place, like this befits his character.
Some papers of Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe, remained with Lloyd Webber the music creates powerful levels of expression. In some notes and flange, could feel the fear of Christine with which Joseph Buquet murder, and remark a situation that travel of a Phantom darkness in the world of Raoul heroic of brilliant light, and the tears of Christine that dissolves in a duet of ' All the Question of tea, in the Brightman is joined for Steve late Barton.
Like Phantom builds of anger and a chandelier of a House of the work of Parigi low to a paving, movement on. A glorious chews attended on Eve of the new year, and a famous company he no that has listened of the his torturing in a digs for month, until him suddenly resurfaces. After, there is another seduction of Christine, another murder, and to final confrontation, tempered in some signals for a levity of a reading of company and answering to the notes have sent of a Phantom.
All this does the work of work is comprised, ego, insignificant jealousies, as well as friendships and support among company an end a overpowering voice and presence of a Phantom has a final word.
All a really can do when listening to this ethereal touching masterpiece of light and darkness, and of the work and the comedy is in fact, to ' Close your eyes! Left your start of alcohol to touch!'
And will listen like this calm has not listened never first that!
5 / 5
Andrew Lloyd Webber the swipe more adds, PHANTOM OF THE WORK, has received like this attention been due to a spectacle involved in a show: some intricate dresses, some stairs of mammoth, a fog, some goes him, a fireballs, and, of course, a chandelier this has has has required theatres around some world-wide hosting visiting productions to have his ceilings have reinforced. This in spite of, any one would have been had to sink a capital to an original production has not been for a glorious bookmark of Gentleman Andrew. A bookmark is a star of a show. Shortly after a show has achieved Broadway, am spent the year that listens to this show virtually a lot-stop and learning to touch the majority of his songs in a piano. When I have seen finally a show to Toronto the few years later, was has disappointed severely: a music and the insiemi are incredible, but some characters are of second looks incidental importance. For all a time that a Phantom and Christine spends on phase, one is surprised to @give that has learnt little roughly the for an end of a show....
...But a register of original mould is the pure joy . A music is incredible, and, for once, Gentleman Andrew has written quite a lot of music without an auditor that takes an impression that a second law exists so only the recovery some songs of a first law. Some orchestrations, likes all more in this production, is glorious and sweeping. Each song is the swipe , of some simple tunes of 'All the Question of tea and 'Ángel of Music,' to one has complicated the counterpoints Prevails ' Has dated and a restarted of 'A Point of any of turn.' Included a atonal passages (partners with Phantom own compositions) acts well. Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman has technical poor vowels, but is resulted of then like this associated with these his functions foibles look to exit like this shots of character. (This in spite of, listening to - or included worse, seeing - any of them extracted another music is torture , of Crawford croons in planting to take vocal risks and Brightman sings in of the main register that the probably feigned god for sound.)
My joint: buy a register, and of then all a music is sum , any skimp and buy some points have underlined. A first calm time the tones, the mark sure can listen the scenes 7-9 of Law II in the room darkened without distractions. Then it calms fully appreciate the musical talents of Gentleman Andrew!
5 / 5
This mould now classical register of A Phantom of a Work is sure partorisca achieve the new generation of auditors by means of these new remastering. Phantom Is already one of Andrew Lloyd Webber classics, but the classical this looks partorisca be boss and shoulders especially another. A poignancy of a history of amour and a spectacle that a visuals resupplies partorisca have all has contributed his visual appeal. This in spite of, is a music and some wonderful actions of an original mould (as preserved in this register) this resupplies the real hallmark of a show that has won also is that it registers an institution has extended he.
Michael Crawford gives the hypnotic action of a patient-fated eponymous character of title. Comparing to other interpreters, notably Colm Wilkinson, tends partorisca feel that it give it a character more feeling and depth. It does not resist any grudge against other interpreters of a work, but chair that Crawford ameno something of a unparalleled passion his portrait of a function. Sarah Brightman Christine reflects an innocence and youthfulness in a part. His good-looking voice is able to reflect the personality of a very good character, and is all an apparent plus when this function has been written partorisca his. A rest of a mould is supportive, and help partorisca contribute to a success of this good register. Raoul of Steve late Barton has the smoothness and worry, and Carlotta of Rosemary Ashe tip the sure haughtiness roughly he well. Some two singers of a Girys, Janet Devenish likes Meg and Miles of Mary like his mother Madamme Giry, reflects two extremes of some good characters. And, partorisca top of a main mould, John Savident and David Frith portrayed one two flustered good manager. A smaller mould has does not link feeble among him, and an orchestra under games of Reed of Michael with the feeling for a music and with the sure sumptuousness. And, with this new remastering, a sound of a register is considerably state freshened, also developing a lot of facets of a the record that has been blurred in an original master.
The sum all on, so only would say that this register of PHANTOM is like this perfect to the equal that can take, and still has the place among a bit those that Broadway CDs that each need of beginner. And I am sure that it can continue inspire an appeal of generation after eneration of Broadway musical Lovers.
4 / 5
Hardly ever anything come to the long of that is, for definition, perfect. This in spite of, this past with A Phantom of a Work. Perhaps you are Andrew Lloyd Webber bookmark, Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe papers, Hal the direction of Prince, a remarkable and still unmatched actions of some members of original mould, so only the bit of an alcohol of a Phantom he, or perhaps everything of this combined, but anything a reason, a musical was and still is the phenomenon and this register takes it fantastically (especially in this new digitally remastered edition).
Ossia One the majority of complete English register of a show. This in spite of, conceal does not exclude he of comparisons with some other versions. A register of Canadian mould is to populate, although it is incomplete. This in spite of, although it is pertinent and taking that production, the majority of some transmissions (saves of the lyric transmissions as mostly, in truths, was already in place for a time a show had opened on Broadway), is not well. This register in another hand has a lush orchestrations, the fullest orchestra, and some actors those who were been born literally to touch his functions, as Michael Crawford (those who garnered each possible prize for his portrait of a Phantom), Sarah Brightman (that a function fantastically wrote for), and Steve late Barton like definative Raoul. This register I still deceives in a way, this in spite of. Reason was registered so only three month to a course of a show, some interpreters of advantage have given included better actions later on. Michael Crawford, for some time touches a function in the Angels, has had totally has revolutionised a character of a Phantom, and is the harm that the latest action is not never state immortalized, as in the version of film of a show.
Still, ossia like this near to the equal that comes to the perfect register of one the majority of sucessful musical of all the times and will continue to listen his originally until hopefully a day there will be the complete (like this some still leaves the few bits was) register of a show with the once again perfect mould (comprising Crawford reprising a function possesses so as Yul Brenner possesses a King of Siam), and perhaps a title, Soundtrack of Picture of Original Motion. One can dream.
4 / 5
Ossia The wonderful register ! His The production of Phantom! Michael Crawford is the wonderful Phantom, his lyric tenor is perfectly emoted, although it can touch very cruel in time, chair that really loves Christine and is devistated that can not have his amour. Sarah Brightman Christine! His crystalline soprano thank you a function and you marvel that'd listens Carlotta, more also takes a vulnerability of his character. Steve Barton are adds like Raoul, although his voice touches too mature for the twenty-something young man. To Mary Thousand likes him the lady Giry the STUNNING work! His half-soprano is really emotional, really operatic, is like this dramatic like Phantom and Christine. Janet Devenish(Likes Meg) has to add it, if any attention-grabbing, voice; his soprano the soft and vulnerable sounds in time and strong and primal in another(when it SHOUTS! Has the cry ADDS!). Rosemary Ashe And John Aron is surprising like Carlotta and Cry; his voices direct to touch attractive this in spite of like this villainous, especially Carlotta, when being a diva is supposed to be, with Cry like the class of henchman. A lot of hate of people Raoul to take Christine out of Erik(the Phantom real nomination), but think that Raoul is a better party for sound; really he amour Christine reason he so much for his, and besides, does not share any condition with Erik. Also, she and Raoul are roughly twenty or like this, while Erik has to that be two old times in a much younger. A whole thing is wonderful! It thinks of me, Ángel of Music, Phantom of a work, Music of a night, Masquerade, wishing you was somehow here again, has spent a point of any of turn, and Clues down these killers is stunning! There are moments in a music that so only touch like this poignantly romantic(like an alone of violin before Christine takes was the mask of Erik for a first time)or like this dramatic that thinks a history and the bookmark would owe that be more épico, more primal, more operatic. But his all perfect how is. Calm will not be dissapointed! Ossia The history of the amour adds , am sure that calms that will want to.
5 / 5
Reason 5 stars?
Those of you the one who are fanatics of this show (and, admits them, the DEFINATELY is spent because phase I in a signal) is seating there going "of course this deserves 5 stars! It is musical character !" And those of you the one who hates Phantom and a commercialistic, imported, scenery-was weighed represents now included is moving for down; looking for some less enthusiastic descriptions to be in accordance with.
Oh He, is that yours does of alcohol! Bwahahaha.
This in spite of, go so that be unbiased like this possible in this description to in fact helps those of you considering a compraventa of this album (a wise decision).
First of all, this is not a better musical never writing. Freely I admit that it conceal. Not to think it has to that to such the thing likes "better musical never writes", and have , this more certainly ANY ONE The be . It can be something for Sondheim, but are not here to speak politician.
Reason Is this musical as giving support and magic? First of all, has a lush, operatic bookmark this is never be- has duplicated enough. A real quantity of individual melodies is a lot of pocolas... Each character and the episode in a history has been given the "lietmotif" (the operatic term for these melodies associates with part or of the people given of a plot). A Phantom has his dischordant that low notes of organ, Carlotta his work-diva dud-air, some Manager his little lilting patter song, Raoul his melodramatic violins, etc. Find this delicious, some will find it simply tiresome.
Now is now of gives credit where the credit is foreseen. This album would be less than a tarpaulin if it was not for a showstopping, onceinalifetime action of Michael Crawford in a function of title. His voice is flawless and able of wide rows of emotion, as it returns a Phantom. It succours More than a slightly platitudinous lyric for infusing he with depth and tragedy. A lot little other actors have been able to do a Phantom seduction of Christine so romantic and incredibly desperate.
Sarah Brightman Is a lot talented doubt to say sometimes locates my nerves. His vibratto and classicaly-coached meticulous attention to the diction simply among a way in musical theatre. It is the work to convince singer but a unconvincing present. His acting is less than fabulous-- sometimes, his sounds of voices detached, as if it does not know a meaning of some words is singing, or like this English has not been his first tongue.
A rest of a mould is surprising... Carlotta, Sign, Andre... All bravísimos!
Raoul Is the convincingly whiny, rich tenor with the good young voice and audibly blond hair.
In general, the value while shabby. You will listen on and on again... A music is in the seductive turns, erotic, darknesses and forgiving, but rests soaring throughout. Any orchestrated these rocks. Some last few notes of a whole album are like this caressing, like this uplifting, look to absolve both a Phantom and an audience in the melody of absolute mercy.
Obviously, has to lose you the little in this music. It does not try partorisca obsess and believe ossia a "Never Musical Better"- but certainly accept he so that it is: I attacked it stunning of Broadway-Fulfil-Work.
4 / 5
My introduction in a phenomenal world of Andew Lloyd Webber has begun in institute. While looking a Work day of Lewis of Jerry telethon in 1988 (mine fresman year), am spent to one of a more pursuing, good-looking voices , dramatic has has not listened never. Michael Crawford was around state but for a first time, was totally transfixed my TV. A next day, the classmate has spent an action of "Music of a Night" to heart. You are not by other two years that my heart of institute has travelled in Chicago to see "Phantom" and for ever it changes my life. It have known for years that has loved to be the interpreter , but after seeing this spectacular show, has loved also result the interpreter of phase. A show contains so many songs that is now world-wide-reknown that it is hard to think they everything: Ángel of Music, Music of a Night, wishing you Was Somehow Here Again, Everything asks of you, Point of any of turn, and not forgetting a song of title. My sister has a soundtrack of original of DOUBLE CD; this in spite of, is full of scratches. I am pleased so ALW remastered a masterpiece, and has situated he in the slender container with the good jacket ( is like this bothersome storing some containers of old DOUBLE CD.
4 / 5
Well, like the few bars are lifted of Italians verismo works. Still, Phantom of a Work is an incredible collection of melodies with papers of heavy paste. More, to be relatively recent and composed in the classical fashion, touches beautiful and melodic, any dissonant and mishmashed likes so many modern compositions.
The majority of people any amour or hate this musical. It is hard to hate it, this in spite of, with like this catchy melodies and ecstatic two- and jumps of three eighth for sopranos with sugar sweet voice. Musically, Is an incredibly heartfelt and ardent bookmark, with music often illustrating scenes, emotions, and actions without help of words. But when paired with flawless papers roughly amour, hate, and everything goes in, done for the very emotional and surprisingly dramatic experience.
Sarah Brightman, "crossover" the work averts, is a actora of incredible Broadway. His voice plucks notes of thin air (precision as to any) with the tone that electrifies with his combination of ecstasy and purity. Michael Crawford is seething with aversion and self-abhorring, his better work for far, and portray it true of as the "voice of character" it can have the habit of the advantage of an actor. Steve Barton, this in spite of static likes Raoul, gives the solid action with an easy baritone that mixes neatly with Brightman soprano. Rosemary Ashe Likes Carlotta gives the powerfully understated to the action likes scorned diva, his shrill of the big notes have filed with shattering energy.
An orchestra is perfect, never overpowering some singers, this in spite of when being wonderfully so only during a Entr'Law. Driven of Reed of Mike with flavour and verve, an always first music of main and that drives a history to the long of.
A register is well, with only the pocolos scratches that is grieve noticeable. A balance is excellent and each instrument is audible. Meg And Giry sometimes turn in a climactic together numbers, but another that that at all is lost. A plenary libretto is comprised as well as the book with some pictures and to general synopsis of scenes and number musical. An only thing that would have done one registering would be better been an inclusion of the dialogue spoken among some musical numbers so that a plot is better comprised, but ossia something to be save for a theatre so only.
For a sheer mellodrama of him all, ossia the register to possess , so only as to the alive production.
4 / 5
Can take the sense quite well that the theatrical experience this show has to that be to listen in launches of Londra to register. All east thundering, overpowering, eerie but good-looking music, which is in fact quite good and can very a lot of be Andrew Lloyd Webber better. An on-half, occasionally beautiful and touching the papers to the such songs like "Music of a Night," "Everything asks of you," "wishing you was Somehow Here Again," and "Point of any of turn." A fine action of Michael Crawford likes Phantom, which the work adds to transmit the passion and the ache of a character and felizmente a lot really conjure on memories of his improve the days forgotten like the juvenile advantage in such fimusicals likes "A Pleasant Thing..." And "Salvation, Dolly!" A good-looking voice of Sarah Brightman likes Christine. A mould of support, of Steve Barton Raoul to Rosemary Ashe Carlotta stunning to some two theatrical agents, Andre and Farmin (or something like this). All contribute to an entertainment and, yes, spectacle of this register, and has done to good sure and, in a chance of a music and papers, still contributes to a success of a show of phase. All are reasons for the buy , like reason any one?
5 / 5
Andrew Lloyd Webber acts better! I can not see reason the cats is one the majority of popular game in a world when it looks to like would have to that be Phantom. One opening of the organ is like this incredible like whole production. I want to listen his on and on again. Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman and Steve Barton all have wonderful voices. It is surprising that Brightman can paste that big One in an end of a Phantom song of @@subject(yes, is a A, no the C, like a reviewer has said; you can have state thought of the latest soundtrack). A acustics and reverb is perfect. All a music is excellent. Some papers am returned a history, but can be hard to comprise at the beginning. A recent description has said that a music was, a, 'crud' and 'C Is not A WORK'. In the first place it was, yes, this is not a work, has not gone never meant to be a work, is meant to be the production of Broadway. There is the big difference among 'work' and 'Broadway.' The second era: A music is not 'crud'. It is beautiful. No any person can write music for each alone instrument. And 'any a lot of writing'? Please. If it listen each instrument, and then dipped the all near, is wonderful. For chance, in a song of @@subject, near an end, some series is touching the entirely different melody then some actors, some tomb is trace and down, some flutes are doing glissandos, while an organ faintly traces of games of one opening in a backround. You owe that write a music for each instrument, the mark sure is perfectly timed, reason a defect will launch all the world was. As it Can possibly you call that crud? Also, to a reviewer of McCobbtown, New York: you have said a show ucks'. Well, my poor reviewer, I really, really amour to see tries to write the game for you concealed no esuck'.

He Romance mixes, horror, emotion, action, exciting music and sorrow with the touch of the humour launched in, have Phantom of a Work. Some of you can hate a game(but reason? Low), But will not hate this music! :) :) :) :)
5 / 5
"A Phantom Of A Work" it is one of an add musicals. Here we have an original, remastered the registers that aim roughly of a better work a musical theatre has has not produced never. That I amour the majority of in this work of art is that character Andrew Lloyd Webber and his collaborators take the classical novel, the history has all has listened of then infancy, and transform he to one of one more musicals of all the times. A lot in a same way he and Tim Laughed have taken a life of Eva Peron and has turned he when adding musical also. A work is captivating like a music and there is also good and elegant humour, gothic idyll. A better song here in my opinion is "A Phantom Of A Work," here Sarah Brightman done such the beautiful work reason has such the wonderful talent and good-looking voice. Really it sings with feeling and depth, this has to that be my second favourite song of his for behind his vocal adaptation of the 7th symphony of Beethoven in a form of "Stray Son," for his his album late plus "The Moon." "A Phantom Of A Work" it give support for more than years, is wonderous the work fill with captivating music. A masterpiece.
5 / 5
Has not been that the times have listened to Andrew Lloyd Webber production of one all-time better production of A Phantom Of A Work on audio, but does not tire me never for the listen.
This musical production for Andrew Lloyd Webber has left an earth like the rocket. It sends Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman the careers of wonderful flange. I have seen Michael included Crawford in EFX in Vega in 1996.
Has seen A Phantom Of A Work five times, three times in the Angels (in mine second travesía to a Ahmanson Theatre, Crawford he reprised his function in a Phantom) and two times more in San Diego. Any one imports the one who touches a function of A Phantom and any one imports the one who touches a function of Christine, a music and a flange are utmost.
If you have not seen A Phantom Of A Work anywhere, this is to produce for Webber, arrangements to mark for the see. If you can not take to where calms that can see, so only buy a CD (or cassette) and so only imagine you seating near a phase.
A success generated for some actors and of the actoras of these musical would owe that be around for the add a lot of years to come anywhere in a world.
Are not the big defender of musicals, but Andrew Lloyd Webber has opened my eyes his work, and there is still to see other games in his world.
5 / 5
Ossia definately A better cd can never shabby. Writing for a musical character, Andrew Lloyd Webber, this register is a definite partorisca any lover of music. Combine the fabulous bookmark, that thrills history, good-looking sets, scary pyrotechnics, and the talented mould and crew; and the one who takings?: Andrew Lloyd Webber "A Phantom of a Work". This mix combines partorisca a unforgetable 2 1/2 hours of theatre of quality. Listening to this register is likes calm placing behind in a House of Work of Parigi, this music if of another time, which in of the frames of chair of tower as if you are in a past. This bookmark is perhaps Gentleman Webber the majority of that feels classical. A cd starts with the bang with his very known Inaugural and finals with the bang with an orchestra that touches a subject of "Music of a Night". Regarding a mould: Michael Crawford possesses the sweet, smooth voice that touch like a voice of an angel, an angel of music. Sarah Brightman, Now famous, is surprising. Has can and dramatic row in his voice. Calm will want to listen on and on and on. There. Calm can not lose with a history, sweats the classical. Calm can not lose with a bookmark, sound the classical. And there is not way very possible to lose with such the talented mould of singers like this. Buy this register and calm will not be dissapointed, the guarentee the. It enjoys!
4 / 5
Late very yours. I expect that six having the day adds.
For a time will be reading this, have on 160 descriptions posted in this CD. I thought that it that it say you the history of enchantment any one very different that of this wicked game.
Find more ironic that maintains partorisca go back to this CD in a way or another. To the left say the history. I promise, I will not be too long.
Roughly done 13 years, when it was 8 years , has had has in the first place listened this music in the Russian translation. It was impressed highly for a melody but this was roughly that. Then, out of a blue interested in work, and have taken like this the class in my institute. This was, creates, in 1996.
Where Begins to the supposition was ours fieldtrip? Of course, this was San Francisco , and Phantom resided there partorisca a season in a Curran theatre. We have had a more scarce occasion partorisca assist a test of this show adds. Our class had seen all some secrets of phase and has had an occasion partorisca speak to a mould of a show. It was thrilled further when it have conversed with Lisa Wroman partorisca the little has bitten. She, of course, is Christine in a show.
Like this far, two chance has gone back the Phantom. Later, in 1999, it was to a Symphony of San Francisco 4th jointly highland of July has expected, and the one who dares the supposition was a soprano? Reason, of course, Lisa Wroman was. She sung the few songs of a game.
For this come to a third appearance. I had it it has bought it of this CD.
Lately, has had to come to want to Sarah Brightman voice the plot, and was quite startled when his voice of "Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection" there is matched perfectly that of this CD. Sure enough, I have looked in some credits and is in fact his voice that was in an original that record that is for compraventa.
The one of truth is the small world when you try to find glorious soprano registers of voices. They are scattered pocolos and far averts.
Please beware, thus CD resists a power of the enchantment and he do to take your soul and wake on your darkness more self.
I highly consulting having the system of the his of available big final your reason has the few clues that simply the require. I have used this CD as the device to try when it verify a clarity of systems of music. A lot little they were able to properly touch some fines-vocal harmony that is in a later part of a game. But there is digressed of my history.
Left well he now, and power this calm of music, and drive you far has been to some realms of strangers.
Have the good jorney,
Leonid S. Knyshov
5 / 5
Where Still begins! This musical is like this powerful, like this beautiful that hardly can know regarding the describe. So only appearance that can do justice! Sarah Brightman Is beautiful likes Christine; his voice is clear likes glass and perfect in the each note. His transition of daughter of shy heart in a start to the powerful soprano, very coached for a Phantom is evident and perfect. Michael Crawford that Phantom is a perfect blend among being able to, hoplessness, and seduction. His calm voice seduce you to some inner recesses of a Phantom alcohol and entraps you there. I am not never be like this moved for any one another musical; this one east a better. Some songs invite you to take your own memories--" it thinks of me Fondly"--perhaps of the along-stray amour? Other llamas to you to relax or seduce calm with his melodies to pursue--"A Music of a Night", "A Point of any of turn." This in spite of like this another promote to you to acclaim on, sings to the long of, and think of all a good in life--"Masquerade," for example. Highly it recommends this CD to any one.
4 / 5
WELL, like this world-wide knows that Andrew good writing Lloyd Webber PHANTOM is, well? And how it is far better that anything more test, well? Any gushing in a piece here, but an evaluation of his action.
An orchestra has been expanded for the studio that purpose of record: a sound of the serious almost overwhelms a woodwinds. It does not expect such lushness when you go to listen this on Broadway, some textures will be leaner.
A company is extremly strong, paste some right tones of comedy (any overdone buffoonery) and tragedy (any sweaty melodrama). Steve Barton Raoul is extremely sympathetic, more than the gentleman that Byron Nease Raoul rigid in a Canadian register. Rosemary Ashe really digs to Carlotta, although his upper notes have the wobble the Callus of Maria of the rivals'. Personally, I am asked always the one who operatic sopranos likes June Anderson, Modification Gruberova, or Elena Jeanne Batman (Carlotta better on Broadway that his) could do with a function, like this often one links feeble in of the registers.
Sarah Brightman Is Christine pure, lovely, always contained in refinement. Michael Crawford is the heated Phantom, not resulting never like this menacing to the equal that to hide his deep-the ache has seated. They are both excellent - but you, the reader has wanted, active has listened already this the million times, as I will not repeat it .
Has run a lot of during this register, comprising 2 whole (spoken) scenes in Law 2. Cutting was to speak that the games was well in a theatre but would result leaden in the disk is the ready idea , but chunks of a music (especially a music of ballet of HANNIBAL and a music for some characters of the support in him MUTATES) is lost to our ears.
For PHANTOM intoxicated, included if you are not flowed in German, tries to take your hands in one Avenges original mould CD. True, will have to suffer British soprano Priti School steely trilling like Carlotta, but will take Lucía Nistler Christine (a Germanic died-ringer for Sarah Brightman) and Alexander Goebel Phantom, one the majority of lovesick and vulnerable rendition of a function there is not founding never - when it turns to the raging fury, a contrast is annihilating.
5 / 5
DOWN is some 2 main men those who has touched a main man he--
in the each one like this of some shows saws- (2 times) with Colm W.
Ted Keegan RESPECTIVELY--- I begged to god Mike would be
the Phantom--
but nope-A lot of PHANTOMS- ONLY 1 MIKE like the PHANTOM--
has Gone back in 7th note(1992) to Toronto with the fellow--
has been taken aback--ive expected for YEARS to see PHantom--
Colm has been full stop--but place to the along lateralmente with Crawford--
any opposition!!!!- Hands down Mike can whip Colm butt anyday--
Ted K- feeble and dry- has not even fact measured until Colm W.
An only reason I slowly on purchasing this album( has had th UNDERLINES first version- but has lost he) s to listen
Mike- dipped me partorisca sleep---
4 / 5
me sad to think all some people those who has bought a "the points have underlined" CD - lacking is gone in a bulk of a history. While not even close to Gaston Leroux classical, a musical is the mix adds of colgante, horror, and song without taking on-caseous (as like this musicals ). Some dialogue of entity of a musical is not in 2 conjoint CD, but musically volume the majority of a history, and a libretto comprised the complete. I have seen a musical that listens two times to this CD dipped always agree me to be there.
Some interpreters are upper-notch - Crawford and Brightman sound. Some complain roughly the voice of Meg - I thinks that less-that-the stellar singers are launched to touch Meg that she no overpower some other characters - some needs of auditor to think that would have to that be root for Christine to do he of dancer to diva - NO Meg. A course of Lady Giry Is terrificly sung - probably my favourite part. I am not fond of a song of title - a synths and the electronic drums touch caseous with an orchestra. I appreciate some of a "all the world-wide corner immediately" portions, but each bloody song has 3 or 4 people that sings a same time ... It is a overdone technical in this musical (with excuses to ALW). In spite of that, ossia my musical favourite , and think that this CD dips does the pertinent labour plus of the represent.
4 / 5
Ossia All could love in the musical. A history is timeless and good-looking. It is mysterious and thrilling and surprisingly fill of tension. Michael Crawford gone back in a better action of a Phantom any one could any never ask or included conceives. Ossia A mould that record Sarah have presented Brightman to some world-wide and has one of one the majority of good-looking and perfect voices has has not listened never. A music is seamless and one the majority of diverse of Andrew Lloyd Weber pursues. A Phantom of a Work is the drum dips the song driven has followed immediately of an orchestral Music of a Night, perhaps some shows better song. Masquerade Is a bombastic, still familiar Weber fijamente, that begins a second law with the lavish and almost pagent likes number. In general, it is the wonderful musical, far upper to the majority of his decade and any decade before or of then.
5 / 5
A "Phantom" it is the sum of theatrical action , but all these people that has called at all has compared to the works are bad. In the first place "Phantom" it is an operetta , like this of course can very really compare to a work. But the people do not owe that compare to other things, but commentary he for him. This integer of musical bookmark will surprise you. Some the amazing clues are "A Phantom of a Work", "Music of a Night", and " it Follows Down This Murderous". In a "Phantom of a Work", there is the constant, catchy rhythm of drums and plans with an organ. Together with east is several horns and a together of the series that do this the wonderful piece of music. But everything of of the accompanying east a Phantom and the lovely duet of Christine this quite memorable. "Music of a Night" has absolutely flutes and serious wonderful that goes with any adicións/add plus very late of horns. Michael Crawford the passion adds is spellbinding to the equal that sings some papers add of this song. " It follows Down This Murderous" has a awesome, climatic flange of a Phantom, Christine, and Raoul. Raoul Adds desperation is astoundingly believable to the equal that begs for Christine. The aversion of Christine for a Phantom is treated a lot in some words of aversion sings in him. But an action of Michael Crawford is glorious. Really tip one that grows insanity and final realisation of a Phantom the failure in his hard scene. A whole company is ardent and really bolt in some characters. Still if you are not able to see a production of New York,(which think is a better action never) listens to this. You captivate you.
5 / 5
Are not one of Andrew Lloyd Webber partidários more utmost. But still, ossia the good show . People that gives these negative critiques allege that it is overated. And they are corrected. But there are melodies a lot well in this show, although some papers are not upper quality. There is also so many propiciado by a phantom that Gaston Leorux has written in this character that is not explored in some papers. In this show has little reason to sympathize with a main character. But in Sondheim "Sweeney Todd" we are to say in sometimes Gruesome detail because Sweeney has those killing sprees. But these shows are completly different animals of a theatre. Phantom Is the show that calm takes you in another world, while "Sweeney" the frames think. In mine opinon, ossia Andrew Lloyd Webbers last good show.
4 / 5
When it Was 11, has listened to this for a first time. I have not listened never or it has looked this before but in my way behind theatre, has sung a tune of this film. A sound of this musical never to the left go, calm his take once to the left go to your ears. I have bought this CD he around done a year, and no any day now that it does not listen to this. I have maintained to listen to this and the jumps have been in Broadway to look and in state has been in Londra and looked it. Of course they were both utmost but has better person that Michael Crowford and Sara Brightman. Especially, a tune, "A Phantom of A Work", Brightman is a lot a better singer that can sing this. So only this musical is able to aim a sadness and purity of Phantom and his amour to Christine, and his amour to Roul and Phantom. "Everything asks Of you" for Roul and Christine is really romantic but a same time, has some sadness of Phantom. There is not any voice of Phantom until an end of this song, but can remark he somehow. I am captured in this musical really. Never I left down. There is very utmost musicals for Webber: Starlight Expresses, Jesus Christ Superstar etc... This in spite of ossia really a better one for me. It is based in an original novel faithfully. Marcos same of his calm just cry in a final scene. An ache and amour that Phantom had in his heart grabs your heart.