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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
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I produce it adds, the only thing says partorisca sell 2 icp sensors, but has had so only one in a container, in general the product adds. The people of what only have to that do is read correctly and has chosen a legislation icp partorisca there 6.0, this a here is partorisca the only, 2003 to 2004 with throtlle the organism touches the diferent a.
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Unfortunately, an initial sensor was bad, but has offered the punctual substitution, which perfectly. These things spend.
But A lot of ENTITY partorisca remark: some bosses in a pigtail is colour-coded - blue/red/black, that enough there is matched closely a harness to wire of the truck (blue/red/soiled brown - almost black). Looked the simple connection, likes to like. This in spite of, with which a lot of ache, the codes launched and any start, and examining a diagram of on-line wiring, have @@give that a red in a pigtail is supposition to connect to a soiled brown (almost black!) In a truck, and a black in a pigtail connects to a red in a truck! Seeing some same colours, is natural to assume has been drawn to match - the lesson learnt for the reasonable supposition! It would have been like this easier a pigtail was any colour-coded to match exactly(!), Or it has had very different colored bosses to require the trace, green like this white//has lived, etc.
In that said the one who, a connector is upper to a one this is to exit - the period is a lot of - approx 10-12', some accesses of connector snug, seals well, and some bosses were hot -shrinked and the boss has loomed. Good quality. Finally, once a sensor of substitution has been installed, a truck is running better that never! Throttle The response is like the gas engine, one lighter that pedal looks (goes faster with less than endeavour) and moves better. Everywhere it adds fixed. 5 stars to a service of client, and produced of good quality (minus a first bad sensor), 4 stars to a goofy colours of boss.
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Apparently these pieces are notorious to fail yes has read quite a lot of descriptions. This part has been running perfectly in our truck for the pair of month like this far and is very pleased with an action And prize.
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2 month and is failing. The oil of old sensor has filtered so only, this an only maintains to launch intermittent code and in bad current.
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That has been supposition to do in 04 6.0, starts of trucks on besides easy. The estaca yes fails, so only be the day to the left is to go the one who hard time. It installs it is easy while you have taken a coverage of valve lateralmente of passenger ICP and no for a ipr.
5 / 5
Doing well like this far. It has Had he in still the month now. Solved my subjects. 2006 Ford F350 Lariat .

Update: April 2020, still doing.
5 / 5
Ossia Less expensive that Motorcraft and better quality

Top Customer Reviews: Dorman 667-105 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
- A course of discharges is one same. I expect work correctly direct partorisca take is trace .

- Generally has the correct direction partorisca flow of air in solenoids. There is not any direction and at all partorisca indicate a side of big pressure.
Has verified is... Apparently he any way.

- A direction some lines of impulse connect is not one same. If your hoses are old and brittle this valve could cause him to break. (In this valve like this point of lines to a side. In a stock a, some signals partorisca line down and one to a side.

A mountain is at all like an old a (Not even in a right side)
An only thing I figure is calm to want to you partorisca pull a mountain of an original, but concealed does not go to manage without breaking something.

Probably go OEM in this part. Unfortunately, for me them these leaves has not solved my question of low impulse, but will maintain it on a shelf in all the chance. He probably the works but the mountain goes to be the big temp work of bond of the zip.

When it Pulls a new one has retreated was probably will take the side for photo lateralmente and try estaca he.
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Yep, would have to has believed another type. An electrical connector is not corrected still. This is not the Subaru leaves although they Sleep the same listing says is.
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These produced does not return the 2007 subaru legated 2 5gt. Wrong measure. It covers bad. Unusable.
5 / 5
Drives the 2007 Subaru STI. This part is the exact access for a oem solenoid.
5 / 5
This need to separate to be take of here reason is not doing in subaru is totally different