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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5 von Gabriele
Colour: Sleeveless BlueSize: L 8 (7-8 Years) Good quality. My daughter is the master. It would have liked him it has liked an option with a shorts deep. It take the measure 5/6 and measures it 7/8 for mine 2 eldest the daughter is, and is age 5 & 7. They are both the little big for them, but his still laws with some shorts on. A measure among them to the looks like enough of the big difference like pointed in last photo.

Update: my young plus the one who is sensitive the seams, will not spend he because of a seams in a front that causes to feel itchy in his cofre/tummy. My eldest the one who is not sensitive like this still spends it. It can do well I can find the cup of tank the spent he with.
4 / 5 von Madaline
Colour: Sleeveless Black&GreenSize: S 4 (3-4 Years) the quality and the creation is well. The accesses slightly smaller. I have ordered the 3/4, and my daughter returns it perfectly ( is measured 3T typically, if your girl spends 4T has measured on). It can not beat a price neither.
5 / 5 von Marlon
Colour: Long-Sleeve BlackSize: L 8 (7-8 Years) is add, my daughter of 5 years loves it... It returns sper small like the big order
measure of door 5-6 and there is doubted the pocolos small for a measure and has ordered the measure 8 and returns well... No too big no too small.
Is very dipped near, is sper happy
4 / 5 von Otis
Colour: Long-Sleeve PurpleSize: S 5 (4-5 Years) has ordered are bed in a long sleeve and he have arrived in sleeveless fashion. A cloth and the access is utmost there was be a right element. I am returned and has bought again expecting it was so only went it. A second compraventa of the element arrived even and again is sleeveless. Frustrating. Having to that return again and these times do not have any confidence a right product will arrive. I will not be king-ordering.
5 / 5 von Cierra
Colour: Sleeveless Black&GreenSize: L 8 (7-8 Years) Good quality. I access the little in a small side. Ordered the measure 7-8 partorisca my daughter that expects it would be so only bit it big to the equal that returns his for class of gymnastics next season in September. So only it is beginning partorisca spend the measure 7, and a sum of returns of the point , there is not any way that will be it quite big for his to spend when the September comes around, assuming has the impulse of normal growth for then.
4 / 5 von Darryl
Colour: Sleeveless Black&GreenSize: S 4 (3-4 Years) looks so that it adds in person, and returns my daughter perfectly with the bit of room partorisca his to grow. A quality is good and think that hard the long time. Value each penny.
5 / 5 von Sharell
Colour: Long-Sleeve BlueSize: M 6 (5-6 Years) My daughter loves this new dress. Investigation be done well like this far - a lot of subject after the few wears and washes. It is the pocolos big for my daughter around a zone of with the, but so only stitched he in some shoulders the bit, and everything is well.
5 / 5 von Julianna
Colour: Sleeveless PinkSize: M 6 (5-6 Years) Very well has done. Like this beautiful as in a picture! Probably you buy again like my daughter has grown (in the biggger has measured of course)
4 / 5 von Kimber
Colour: Sleeveless PinkSize: L 8 (7-8 Years) has purchased this in the measure 9 partorisca my daughter and 8 is in another fashion is the perfect access . Ossia WAY too small, a sizing is all wrong. $ 22 Partorisca my boy to not even be able of the spend. It returns more like this he 6!
4 / 5 von Blossom
Colour: Sleeveless Black&GreenSize: M 6 (5-6 Years) My daughter adores it
4 / 5 von Ralph
Very very he he. Like this beautiful as in a picture! Probably you buy again like my daughter has grown (in the biggger has measured of course)
5 / 5 von Bong
has purchased this in the measure 9 partorisca my daughter and 8 is in another fashion is the perfect access . Ossia WAY too small, a sizing is all wrong. $ 22 Partorisca my boy to not even be able of the spend. It returns more like this he 6!
4 / 5 von Jamie
Good quality, can not see by means of a material. Access of mine 5 old year (the one who spends measured 5/6) adds, with the bit of room partorisca grow this year.
5 / 5 von Leonida
My daughter loves this point. It looks really good and “professional” to his ( is 3.5 yrs). We order a measure 6 reason is big, and returns correctly period-wise.
Complains is itchy this in spite of!
Will see like this resists up in a wash.
My aim is for him to last a 4 month session of gymnastics.
4 / 5 von Elina
Is a lot quite and good quality. The small careers and trace up in my daughter. According to some measures owe that quite soiled to grow his but concealed is not a chance. It loves he of here some 4 stars.
5 / 5 von Louetta
The daughters of use of month Touches his courses of gymnasium. Súper Knitted. The Glorious look when recu but finally accesses perfectly. But the daughters spend of 10 12 and jai took A seal 12. Lucido Knitted is epais and looks of qualite and is not too echanqué.
4 / 5 von Jinny
A material is soft. Some gems looks well. Global good value for a money. Access to the equal that has expected. I have ordered 1 elder of measure that age.
4 / 5 von Reatha
Access to the equal that has expected. Ordered the measure 4-5 and return the little has bitten big for my half/slightly main . The piece was a lot too much!
5 / 5 von Sylvester
Bought 2 measures as I have not been the sure turn in a small side can want to measured up . The global quality of a product is utmost and my daughter wants to spend his the class of gymnasium
4 / 5 von Suzann
In general is to impress with a dress. It is the good access . I find some shoulders the width of has bitten for my gymnast, more as the wide tank upper fashion. But it thinks that that everything are adds.
5 / 5 von Kristin
This was for the anniversary of the mine niece. The product is coming quickly and has taken the photo of his in him, too pleasant!
4 / 5 von Stephnie
My little daughter absolutely amour, the amour and I mention AMUR this point!! You are the present navideño and was to good sure the success!! Returned his perfect ! Thank you So much , to good sure order the little more!
4 / 5 von Jenee
Has received a wrong element at the beginning but a communication with a vendor was utmost, was able to substitute an element without load and my amours of daughter he thank you again!
5 / 5 von Elnora
My glorious daughter loves it .. It is everything ready for gymnastics in February
4 / 5 von Hubert
Ossia a lot well for a prize. It returns my daughter likes expected and is very pleased with him.
4 / 5 von Yuko
Súper Has dressed of pleasant gymnastics! My daughter loves it! A lot very he he!
4 / 5 von Gillian
Want to these, the utmost turn and a colour is very acute. Nizza outfits Everywhere!
4 / 5 von Kym
The daughter is 8 and just outgrowing normal measure 8 dresses has purchased one 9/10. The accesses perfect. A stomach is quell'has bitten free but a crotch seams is sewed to hug a leg to the equal that has room to grow without him sagging in his!
5 / 5 von Caitlin
Perfecto partorisca practical of gymnastics. Good colour and good quality partorisca a prize.
4 / 5 von Karly
Produced excellent, excellent quality, returns well like this for the measure has mentioned.
4 / 5 von Rory
Mina 6 old year loves it. Good material for a prize. The measure is right
5 / 5 von Amee
Glorious sweater of gymnastics. Cloth Of good quality and good-looking colour. My daughter Adores game his courses of gymnastics. Quality of excellent reward. Very satisfied.
4 / 5 von Margarite
Would recommend this element; prize and utmost quality. My net there be enjoyed to spend.
5 / 5 von Alexis
Arrived punctually. A product is exactly like discribed
4 / 5 von Rosaline
Good cloth, beautiful drawing, thankful touch, élasticité sufficient!
5 / 5 von Inell
Some returns to dress fantastically this in spite of was bad fact like stitching has begun partorisca come to avert with which 1 wear ... :(
5 / 5 von Ettie
Utmost and good-looking quality, my daughter loves it and says is a lot comfortable for competitive gymnastics
5 / 5 von Xiao
My daughter is 7, is always the big daughter. I choose 9-10. Perfecto to grow spatial, and looks any I too free.
Says no itchy. Ossia His election :)
5 / 5 von Diego
has loved this product for my daughter, an access is in his point and a quality is orders also.
5 / 5 von Arlena
Beautiful - apt well. Taken the 10 and returns my slender 10yr well.

Top Customer Reviews: Leotards for Girls ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
5 / 5 von Genevie
The mesh is quality quite well , stood up has washed when being weekly with which class of gymnastics.

Is also very pleasant on. We take compliments all a time other parents.

The nave was also much faster that has anticipated.
5 / 5 von Giovanna
It returns perfectly! Bought partorisca the classes of gymnastics of mine stepdaughter. A bit shinier & more silvery that pictured, but enough still. True to measure, returned lucido correctly with the little bit of spatial to grow to (at present 5&1/2, 3'3', 45lbs)
5 / 5 von Renda
Good quality, sizing was perfect and my daughter loves it!! The nave was sper prompt (received the roughly the most collected month then estimated).
5 / 5 von Shae
My daughter there is wanted absolutely this piece for gymnastics! The upper control of adds in a wash also! The access adds also. Highly you recommend
4 / 5 von Belia
AMUR This! SPENT this! So only take the main measure that calm think you would have to that order. My daughter loves a creation of unicorn and his add for gymnastics. Wash well, has been the spending once the week for 2 month and I washed it 2 times (hanged to dry) and his closing in perfect condition. I go to order to another measure up likes one has ordered is quell'has bitten tight in 5 old year and has taken measured 120
4 / 5 von Jeramy
Amur A colour and has normalised. It returns well he so that it say that it is true to measure. A material is the bit in a thin side but partorisca a price would say that it is the good compraventa . It has taken the way also anxiety partorisca be rid this in spite of.
4 / 5 von Ai
His very pleasant, a material is well. So only it finds a shorts is too long but averts of that his well
5 / 5 von Dell
My daughter wants to these, has 3 now. We take compliments in of the gymnastics on him. Accesses well, fun creation.
5 / 5 von Verlene
The mesh adds! Orders again sure. It feels the good accesses well washes well.
5 / 5 von Raquel
My preschooler want to this for gymnastics. A measure 4-5 access like him 4t. It is not baggy. He still the look adds after several washes. To good sure buy again when I need the main measure.
5 / 5 von Wallace
Absolutely adorable. Orderly two of my daughters of the twin and they want the
4 / 5 von Dorothy
good Access. It say that it is half measure partorisca his age. Wash a lot also.
4 / 5 von Lea
Has arrived quickly, looks so only like a photo, returns well, has done well. My daughter has been spending he partorisca the few weeks now and has survived and a washing machine without @@subject.
5 / 5 von Letisha
Goog Quality partorisca a prize. Shorts Was the little more along that has thinks that would be. Nizza stretchy Cloth.
4 / 5 von Donovan
These are adorable! My glorious daughter the master and is returned his perfect
4 / 5 von Earle
Adorable! Well the fact and the returns adds. Orders another!
4 / 5 von Lonna
The product was evening but a cloth is very good and lookes to be sown attentively. A little daughter will be hapoy
4 / 5 von Carma
Absolutely adorable! Sizing Was adds. To good sure recommend!
4 / 5 von Colton
It avenges like this it looks in a picture, the material of tide adds, my daughter loves it.
5 / 5 von Dominique
Good quality for a prize. Access quite true to measure. My daughter so only loves a creation. Taking a lot of compliments on that. Received much more punctual quotes it expected.
4 / 5 von Nina
Ossia The Christmas but looks to be of good quality.
4 / 5 von Harriet
Has used for gymnastics, very pleased with this element. No too fat, vibrant colours, accesses well, has washed well.
4 / 5 von Tory
Returns like this expected, the quality was well, my daughter loves the
4 / 5 von Jacquelin
As it has described. My daughter is 5 and has bought measure 6-7 which return perfectly. The smallest measure would be to small for sound.
5 / 5 von Alexandra
Exactly as it looks in a picture. My daughter loves it.
4 / 5 von Willis
Wants! Well fact and good access for this year and next year too much.
5 / 5 von Elizabet
Awesome Quality, has washed wonderfully. Piece and good consolation.
4 / 5 von Patience
My daughter uses this every day in of the gymnastics is resisting on like this far
5 / 5 von Willia
My daughter loves it , the returns adds. My daughter is 5 and has ordered to 140 measure (7/8).
5 / 5 von Genevive
Has taken the still long time rid perhaps 3 weeks or so many but my daughter loves it and returns well.
4 / 5 von Shauna
The point of prize adds and controls until a washing machine. He perhaps short small.
4 / 5 von Verla
Element exactly like this described and good access. The fast nave has come punctual which is add
5 / 5 von Magdalen
The point is creation and good quality and good colours
5 / 5 von Gisela
Súper pleasant! Accesses exactly well. It has had to that expect the bit anxiety to ship but a outfit is well.
4 / 5 von Flavia
Impression and good material. The measure was attentive. It takes a lot of compliments
4 / 5 von Etta
the quality Really adds sizing is quite something on, defiantly commanded of this again
4 / 5 von Lucy
has Taken the very long time to arrive, but my daughter loved it a do one!

Top Customer Reviews: Bezioner Ballet ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5 von Cherri
Measure: EU of girls 26=USA 9=6.5 thumb=165mmColour: Light price Rosa Very reasonable! My daughter enjoys to spend these slippers of ballet partorisca his class. They are comfortable and easy to the trace/was. Compared to a pair of skin has before a price is much lower and more reasonable for something concealed so only is returned his for the few months before it grows out of them.
4 / 5 von Cynthia
Measure: EU of Adult 33=USA 3= thumb=210mmColour: Rosa of Ballet the correct quality touches lucido price, but there is down-has estimated his commentaries where gave that fault partorisca buy join main pointure.
5 / 5 von Sandee
Measure: EU of Girls 25=USA 8.5=6.3 thumb=160mmColour: Rosa Luz Three stars been due to a lot of meeting in some toes. Any have to Him legustado he because of that. If I have not gone so only when being lazy, would be it returned and has taken another pair but he would have to that do for my toddler first pair.
4 / 5 von Edra
Measure: EU of girls 30=USA 12= thumb=190mmColour: Rosa of Ballet These are better quality that has expected. An elastic is quell'has bitten tighter that would have liked me but of my daughter says does not hurt his feet. I have measured my feet of daughters in 7 thumbs exactly. I have ordered measure 12 ( thumbs) partorisca be in a sure side and am happy has done. To good sure measured up!
5 / 5 von Dianna
Measure: EU of Adult 33=USA 3= thumb=210mmColour: Black has bought he partorisca my daughter the one who Ballet of touch of Jazz, and was fast nave and good quality. His measure was US13, and EU31 was so only apt measure, but bit it too tight. As we return and reordered 2 measures on, and is rid in 2 days! Very satisfied with services and has produced.
5 / 5 von Rheba
Measure: EU of Adult 39=USA 6= thumb=250mmColour: Rosa Luz is the good basic slipper partorisca a price. Not spending to a class partorisca dance advanced, but partorisca into use of house or in the class of beginners is well. I have ordered it measures arrivals and turn well. They have arrived sooner that has expected also.
4 / 5 von Yulanda
Measure: EU of Adult 41=USA 7.5= thumb=265mmColour: Black Bought partorisca my daughter the one who is dance and the musical theatre want to him and leave . Bundle until 3 hours the day and has resisted was a lot well .
5 / 5 von Lanie
Measure: EU of girls 31=USA 13= thumb=200mmColour: Rosa of Ballet has Spent he partorisca our daughter partorisca the classes of ballet have tried included some measures on his normal measure 12 but still too small. His feet any mould well with him. His the creation very this in spite of.
4 / 5 von Megan
Measure: boys EU32=USA 13.5= thumb=205mmColour: Black is easy to slip on. Apt comfortably. An aim wording in a heel of a black slipper is class of noticeable.
Has ordered late of Thursday and was in my evening of Friday of the steps.
4 / 5 von James
Measure: EU of Adult 40=USA 7= thumb=260mmColour: Rosa of Ballet Very comfortable. So only be sure partorisca verify a map partorisca measure in the first place (I wear the the USA 7, and is the measure 40 here). I have bought a same model in skin, but prefer a semence some, more durable.
4 / 5 von Bryce
Bought partorisca my daughter the one who is dance and the musical theatre want to him and leave . Bundle until 3 hours the day and has resisted was a lot well .
4 / 5 von Reba
Has think that orderly him the little elder but is just right but my granddaughter is growing fast! A product is coming very fast and am satisfied with him. Thank you.
5 / 5 von Edwardo
Is easy to slip on. Apt comfortably. An aim wording in a heel of a black slipper is class of noticeable.
Has ordered late of Thursday and was in my evening of Friday of the steps.
5 / 5 von Pansy
Was quite rigid. I bought him for my four old year and is returned has thought of then that would undermine to his feet. (Bought some of H&M instead).
5 / 5 von Jina
Excellent quality - will buy more in of the different colours. My daughter of 4 years his daily door and the master! Thank you!
4 / 5 von Xochitl
An access is really good. He stir around a foot the plot but for a prize, does not import . It likes a cushioning in of some balls of some feet.
5 / 5 von Forest
Very comfortable. So only be sure to verify a map to measure in the first place (I wear the the USA 7, and is the measure 40 here). I have bought a same model in skin, but prefer a semence some, more durable.
5 / 5 von Stepanie
Has loved with my mandate, good quality, the access likes expected, will order of here again like the feet of my Daughter grow. Also, shipped and there is rid quickly (faster that originally fiancé)
5 / 5 von Buford
have the hard time that finds decent slippers. These some return quite good considering I accidentally has taken a wrong measure but still looks to be good. A quality is very good. These would have to that last quite awhile.
4 / 5 von Tanika
The slippers Of ballet adds. Bought for my daughter the one who is 3. They return perfectly. Any subject.
5 / 5 von Bulah
Are indicated that these shoes of ballet were pink - no pink!!!! Tan/Of flesh colored and can do not to return them reason require asap...
4 / 5 von Barbara
A product is the little small, I wear 9.5 measure of EUA in the normal shoes and I have ordered a main measure 10. The his spends without the socks and his so only am returned.. But otherwise consolation and utmost quality. Thank you
5 / 5 von Adelaida
Salvation, lovely product, very comfortable, is partorisca use in my room like the professor, thank you
4 / 5 von Ngan
Perfecto and the correctly dressed daughter partorisca a trainning
the good measure but I use always a european the much more attentive maps that EUA
5 / 5 von Margurite
My daughter the master. They return utmost with the bit of room to grow. Also they match his dress. Súper Happy!
4 / 5 von Marissa
Is returned the little small, but good shoes for dance of beginners.
4 / 5 von Leora
True to measure, easy to dip on and take was. Drawn amiably and very comfortable for mine 3 old year the one who is in jazz/of ballet.
4 / 5 von Kaitlyn
A cushioning in a has the habit of of some slippers of ballet is thinner that has expected. But it is 2/3 a prize that can exit there, as I think that that takings to the equal that pays stops.
5 / 5 von Sindy
Perfects returned like this pleasant my daughter is enamoured with them.
5 / 5 von Tynisha
Good quality for a prize. Enough well for my class of daughter of weekly dance.
5 / 5 von Danelle
Exactly that have required and the access was expected like this.
4 / 5 von Helene
I returns paint perfectly beautiful and textures - very durable!
5 / 5 von Dayle
Súper Cheaply done of access and terribly free. Total waste of money
4 / 5 von Angelo
Good measure, comfortable and durable. My daughter the master.
4 / 5 von Shona
Good record but the material is not to like other shoes of ballet have had. 8 year looks happy to see resist up.
5 / 5 von Tyree
Well in measure. This in spite of, an elastic is too tight. My daughter is toddler 10 BEATS and have taken US29.
4 / 5 von Carmella
Has finalised to take the smallest measure and they are wonderful.
5 / 5 von Melonie
Very pleasant, the daughter loves it. The access in all small chance. Commanded 2 measures up.
5 / 5 von Toshia
For measure of shoe 12 has ordered 12 good accesses and will be good for a season
5 / 5 von Gaston
Lucido gives is that it feigns but his pointures is not satisfied. Quite small a lot That has taken the pointure to the on
4 / 5 von Reynaldo
I have ordered measure he on partorisca my daughter and was more like 2 small measures when they have arrived. A lot tight and no comfortable. You do not recommend .
4 / 5 von Iola
Has ordered 25shoes of cm and was tight. I have been 2 measures on and is still tight...
5 / 5 von Robyn
Does not look some shoes of professional ballet reason is like this wrinkled in a front and in some sides
5 / 5 von Ahmed
These slippers are perfect partorisca my seniors' 'graceful grannies' class of ballet of the beginner. And a prize was adds also. That the lucky finds!
4 / 5 von Tanisha
Really likes to of me. A quality is sum , and access partorisca measure also. I usually wear 6. After reading descriptions, has bought both 6 and 7, his both return me to us.

Top Customer Reviews: Capezio Daisy 205 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
5 / 5 von
Utmost shoes if his sizing the map was attentive.
Has based in his map and of the descriptions sizing is during a place.
Are trace two measures according to the map and is way too big.
My only option is partorisca return an average like bad to have any shoe partorisca begin our classes of ballet.
Is in Canada but the shoes comes from/come from some the EUA for like this doing it crazy expensive to return in my cost.
Are a lot disappointed.
4 / 5 von
These are a pleasant plus never!!! My toddler was the daughter of flower and was perfect. They return a lot of snug but am sure would extend with continuous use. Capezieo Is always the quality adds
5 / 5 von
the ballet adds slipper, but be warned returns roughly 2 small measures that a measure declared. This was very partorisca me, but a toddler has measured 6 the orderly is more like this he 4, 4.5
4 / 5 von
big quality Good-looking shoes of ballet. Delicate to return like this measured the feet of your boy and compare that exactly then add the measure.
5 / 5 von
My niece loves his shoes of ballet; excellent quality!
5 / 5 von
Slow but pleasant arrival! I wish a sizing was easier that comprise.
5 / 5 von
The slippers Are. Mark takes your order atleast a measure up as they look to run small.
5 / 5 von
Fact very good but oh so that smaller that a measure announced real. My little daughter could not even returned to these and is the measure 6
4 / 5 von
has ordered the measure 8M toddler. They have compared exactly to the measure 3 toddler boot. A lot disappointed!
4 / 5 von
ballet of shoes of big quality Bonita. Delicate to return like this measured the feet of your boy and compare that exactly then add the measure.
5 / 5 von
They are returned my daughter perfectly and wants to him!!!!