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1 DEEP COOL MATREXX 55 MESH Computer Case, E-ATX Supported,Mesh Front Panel, High Air-Flow,4mm Full Sized Tempered Glass DEEP COOL MATREXX 55 MESH Computer Case, E-ATX Supported,Mesh Front Panel, High Air-Flow,4mm Full Sized Tempered Glass DEEP COOL
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2 DEEP COOL Assassin III Air CPU Cooler, 7 Heatpipes, Dual 140mm Fans, 54mm RAM, 280W TDP, New Sinter Heatpipe Technology, 5-Year Warranty DEEP COOL Assassin III Air CPU Cooler, 7 Heatpipes, Dual 140mm Fans, 54mm RAM, 280W TDP, New Sinter Heatpipe Technology, 5-Year Warranty DEEPCOOL
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3 DEEP COOL Castle 360EX WH, Addressable RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, Anti-Leak Technology Inside, Cable Controller and 5V ADD RGB 3-Pin Motherboard Control, TR4/AM4 Supported (Castle 360 EX WH) DEEP COOL Castle 360EX WH, Addressable RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, Anti-Leak Technology Inside, Cable Controller and 5V ADD RGB 3-Pin Motherboard Control, TR4/AM4 Supported (Castle 360 EX WH) DEEP COOL
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4 DEEP COOL GAMMAXX GTE V2 for Intel LGA1151/1150/1155/1366 AMD AM4/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/FM2+/FM2/FM1 DEEP COOL GAMMAXX GTE V2 for Intel LGA1151/1150/1155/1366 AMD AM4/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/FM2+/FM2/FM1 DEEP COOL
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5 DEEP COOL CL500 Mid-Tower ATX Case High Airflow Mesh Front Panel I/O USB Type-C Port Tempered Glass Magnetic Side Panel Built-in Fan Hub and Graphics Card Holder DEEP COOL CL500 Mid-Tower ATX Case High Airflow Mesh Front Panel I/O USB Type-C Port Tempered Glass Magnetic Side Panel Built-in Fan Hub and Graphics Card Holder DEEP COOL
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7 DEEP COOL Castle 240EX WH, Addressable RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, Anti-Leak Technology Inside, Cable Controller and 5V ADD RGB 3-Pin Motherboard Control, TR4/AM4 Supported, 3-Year Warranty DEEP COOL Castle 240EX WH, Addressable RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, Anti-Leak Technology Inside, Cable Controller and 5V ADD RGB 3-Pin Motherboard Control, TR4/AM4 Supported, 3-Year Warranty DEEP COOL
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8 DEEP COOL Castle 240EX WH, Addressable RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, Anti-Leak Technology Inside, Cable Controller and 5V ADD RGB 3-Pin Motherboard Control, TR4/AM4 Supported, 3-Year Warranty DEEP COOL Castle 240EX WH, Addressable RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, Anti-Leak Technology Inside, Cable Controller and 5V ADD RGB 3-Pin Motherboard Control, TR4/AM4 Supported, 3-Year Warranty DEEP COOL
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9 DeepCool EX750 High Performance Thermal Paste for CPU and GPU Components on Desktop or Laptop, Extremely Low Thermal Resistance, Easy to Apply, 5 Grams DeepCool EX750 High Performance Thermal Paste for CPU and GPU Components on Desktop or Laptop, Extremely Low Thermal Resistance, Easy to Apply, 5 Grams DEEP COOL
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10 DEEP Cool GAMMAXX400V2 Blue CPU Air Cooler with 4 Heatpipes, 120mm PWM Fan and Blue LED for Intel/AMD CPUs (AM4 Compatible) (GAMMAXX 400 V2 Blue) DEEP Cool GAMMAXX400V2 Blue CPU Air Cooler with 4 Heatpipes, 120mm PWM Fan and Blue LED for Intel/AMD CPUs (AM4 Compatible) (GAMMAXX 400 V2 Blue) DEEPCOOL
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Top Customer Reviews: DEEP COOL MATREXX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
I have had this chance partorisca roughly 2 month now and his amazing. An interior of parts is big finals and this chance directs partorisca give my spare parts airflow. The only question with this game is a really economic powder filters. A one in a front is hard to take and when tests the dipped behind in the curves bit it. There is remarked also that there is build partorisca powder up in some advance of defenders but no in a rest of a pc which is kinda odd. Solid chance partorisca of the money.
4 / 5
Has no preinstalled defenders. Not estimating partorisca money.
4 / 5
Like this Deepcool finally bought out of the Point Airflow version of a chance, partorisca £45 looked the no-brainer. The descriptions of one 55 chance looked really well, like this instantly bought it. I will comprise the TLDR and then the FULL description.

Modification: Up to date December 2020 with 2 new photos after adding mine 5th more than walking given the good dusting, holes of boss of the can have headed to corner the and force them by means of (my extensions are very rigid), in all the chance has the tiny RX570 in there until one 3080/6900xt resulted abordable.

A chance is quite bad drawn, a chance is drawn in fact for the small micro/mini near, no the ATX Motherboard. A SSD the spaces are not quite wide for a power and of the bosses of data and there is laughed it the ray that loses for a motherboard.

If so only are using the plenary ATX or same Micro ATX, Cooling of Air (or 280mm AIO) and so only using M.2 SSD And the small regular measure PSU then will be well with this chance of PC, you prolly really like a chance!

If you are happy to invalidate your guarantee and hammer out of some 4 rivers down and one in a front shroud you easily can return the 170mm+ PSU in there, has the big Corsair RMi 1000 in a chance.

Does not have ANY DEFENDER with this chance, thinks for a prize there would owe that be the backside exhausts this in spite of. A backside exhausts SO ONLY RETURNS the 120mm defender!

Informs full:

Build to draw + of the Chance:
A creation of chance is seriously poor for any the one who is looking for to use the to his full potential. It had not thought at all gone in to a chance, his so only yolod sizing without inclusos trying or measuring!

Although they allege his a ATX chance, really is not still although his quite big.. A routing of boss is difficult reason a ATX motherboard discharges some normal oval holes that the bosses usually would spend for, and some holes where a SSDs the mountain is not quite wide for a 24pin Or a SSD bosses, which does to locate a SSD there IMPOSSIBLE.

An even more annoying thing is comes with 6 motherboard the rays there there is so only 2 in a stock exchange, which mean is 1 short which is really transmission!

A point to filter to powder forward is insanely thin and flimsy, fight to remain in at all.. Anything has finalised to take has been he in all the chance.

A whole frame is riveted together with small kerbs in place of rays, meaning, if for any reason has loved to take an upper poster out of a chance would owe that have the gun of kerb and small kerbs the reattach.

An interior of the poster of the front has these removable dishes that so only would be necessary wobbles + movement was, knows likes a bit the chances of old steel have used to have? Unfortunately a metal is concealed calm thin you only arrivals to bend everything!

More in a poster forward! A character that has drawn this calm to give you an option to dip 140mm followers all a way on and down a front of a chance, which is well.. Except big on a chance 140mm the defenders in fact block some bosses and calm can not press in a front of a chance! Brilliant creation! I have had to unscrew the washer and subject some bosses slightly differently and he so only clipped on, although has the bit of the empty in a rear side of a chance..

Window of glass:
There has any a lot of to say in a window of glass, but is fatter that would think, and has the darkish maintained, is in fact the good colour, thickness and done a well of look of the chance.

Airflow And Time:
comparing this to mine very main old chance a Phanteks Enthoo Luxury a time was in fact lower - the majority of likely because of a much more augments airflow.

Has seen the 2oc drop in a CPU and in a same in a GPU.

Insignificant in better sure! This chance has not gone exactly airflow Optimised in all the chance, but that considers this pocola what is very inner smaller was well to see time in fact drop!

Has dipped my hand in a chance whilst is on can in fact feels abundance of airflow in there, which is surprising considering a front so only has 2 partidários in place of 4 that has had before.

A chance is coming with the pocolos fulminas extra and bit, as it has mentioned before, has been missing 1 motherboard laughed ray to do a full chance 9 ray atx! Ossia Not even 1p!

Final thoughts:

If so only are slapping in a essentials (any dvd stroll this in spite of) like mobo, cpu, ram, gpu m.2 calm then will be well, a chance are adds for the estimativa.

No in that has the removable Hdd walk near of a PSU ( is riveted on) has reduced his capacity, the pocolos fulminas instead would not be cost more and would have done the enormous profit. Take these kerbs invalidates your guarantee according to deepcool, has asked reason and has not answered - I has comprised the plot of grumpy notes has ignored also!

A chance is metal very thin , and does not have any hule grommets in some holes of boss.

For users to be able to go to be like me, kicking calm the one who next this chance could be to the brilliance yes has done so only the few different things, or hell, addition and touched £5 more.

Honradamente The chance with glass revenido that thickness for £45 rid is so only insane. If they some tweaks I recommended in mine email to them and touched £55 thus chance (would return a name then also) easily would be better that a lot marry there, especially when it comes the airflow.

Is the real funky a, could not help but recommend this chance all day anxiety builds of estimativa, but really would want to recommend he for cabin of builds of main finals his just that lacking of this extra tweaks!

If you are the user to be able to that the has not imported that takes a hammer was or the user of low requirement then ossia the good chance .
5 / 5
Air And flow of decent creation with filters in an upper front and fund. The construction is the little flimsy but for £30 I ant complains. It has had abundance of spatial for all a 2.5 thumb and 3.5 disks of thumb looks acute and for my boys poking some components. I have it quell'has spent of another £30 on some partidários good to go in likes the system there is not coming with any one.
5 / 5
A chance has arrived quickly but has required to be signed for but has not been concealed has annoyed. The chance is a lot of sturdy and feels very strong and has built well is in a big measure but is one and-atx chance after all but the very good and fresh chance
4 / 5
have purchased the version without ventole.
Marries is very robust, if it sees that it is very done, licked a lot he fold and the quality is very big.
In Marie include all diverse bolts that do fault for him setting.
He lateral signpost In glass does that it can see the internal, the airflow is optimum, is he aim strong of the chance.
This is like this space for him management of boss and alimentatore and the caddy for the sleep of hard disk very hid surrender clean end of draws, appreciated also the filters for the powder.
Optimum Marie
4 / 5
has bought the model of base without RGB defenders because I already have 2 Deepcool defenders.
- Economic (3480rs when compraventa)
- the quality of glass Revenido is well. It gives it prevails it it feels to a chance.
- All filter of powder of the sides (Cup, fund, and full front)
- A lot of Airflow. GPU max temp Is 64 terracings. It was 80 terracings before in the small cupboard with an open front.

- I rays Of glass revenido is small. While it takes, it will exit with which 1 rotation. He like this has to that take attentively.
- The inferior legs are not hule. It is the type of foam . As PC is heavyweight is not a subject. It would be necessary has it the hule done.
- The filter of inferior powder is hard to take. There is any material of to the sleeve to take likes in Corsair of cupboards. But we have to that dipped down a cupboard and the take.

In general perfect cupboard for me.
5 / 5
Mesh of basic chance zero fronzoli zero rgb.
Economic (economic A lot wants to gild scadente) mounted a atx, one'aio artic 240 cup of the sud, and a asus 5700xt tuf oc all comfortable without questions.
Obvious Has continuous criticità characterise the aio has is fissaggi and a lot eight, the ssd read have to dip coming want parrot, ditto want trace of the ventole front of the sud the more drop will be vincolata announces an only position, the cage of the hdd is fixed and no rimovibile and could dares the annoyance there are cables of the psu (I a lot using it have brutally trapanato the rivetti to remove it winning space for the cables of the psu), there is so only a focused has given state like this as you will have to decide use he for him Can concentrated or Hdd and finally mine perhaps is one my impress looks that he glass also closing it trong' remain a millimetro what big that was long would do to spend more powder of the usual.
However He Strong piece is He look on the dot frontal in metal rimovibile with a filter rimovibile a po' macchinoso mine rimovibile and together of the sud signpost here dream 2 usb 2 and a usb 3 a button announce to Be able to one has directed Jack audio and jack microphone and an useless button has given reset (that wanting to can used artigianalmente to command a telecomandino rgb for ventole), afterwards have other diverse filters in upper and under him psu rimovibili, he paratia robust side fixed with planned bolts rimovibili the hand, afterwards piedini usual altos sacchettini has given bolts (among which lucido planned long and important to fix the ventola low in the front), instructions his submerged fix house and that bolts used and niete another.
Conclusions looked for A fig of Chance moddabile and with the rgb have made a mistake if instead you want a chance with a big airflow and economic and the one who does for you.
P. S. Fulfilled have read all The opinion
4 / 5
has taken for around 3k with offers and of the coupons a thus prize is almost perfect. Really classy, any frills, to the build adds has it everything.
Has some issues also like a cutout is the little out of place and a hdd the bay is the ache , and Touch that asks to plot but could have comprised at least a defender.
A packaging was so only I a lot totally pertinent like the mine has the pocola dent where a rear defender is trace but is tolerable.
In general his really adds for a prize, goes for him and buy the pair of the defenders and calm is dipped.

Top Customer Reviews: DEEP COOL Castle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
Like mine 3900X time is maintained in bay, taken max of 70 terracings Celsius in full load during rendering, has any software partorisca install like this some defenders are controlled invernadero a BIOS that that can be very ideal in the each situation but is a less annoying background service that careers.
I defenders are not RGB - another wins in my opinion - and work well and quietly, trace partorisca like the configuration of attractive for now, possibly that changes a whole thing like the push-attractive partorisca add 2 more defenders.
4 / 5
Adds aio, to good sure recommend more than Master Fresher and Corsair material. A rgb in a bomb, the radiator and the defenders look utmost. Súper Happy with him. It has come packaged amiably and with clear instructions so that they have not installed a aio before. A rgb in some looks to bomb to surprise, súper vibrant and is one the majority of beautiful rgb has not seen never in a aio. Using with my i5-9600k, goes him in only 25-26c and when touching games like CSGO, GTA and Rainbow Six Seat in ultra with discord, Spotify and flange of Microsoft the course in a backside a cpu pursue in as the max of 44c. Before I have had this cpu fresher my processor goes him in around 34-40 and now so only takes to this class partorisca time while touching triplique the games! It comes with the thermal paste applied but personally taste use the arctic money to 5 paste likes the help maintains time down even more. To good sure would recommend this aio, so only recommends to dry of a thermal paste that applies and dipping some better material on yes calms really wants to take one the majority of out he. The defenders are súper calm was likes bomb. One in the retailer in some defenders looks a lot well, a lot clean look cpu fresher.
5 / 5
Has found this to be fantastic value for a money. A bomb looks big and could so only is returned he in an orientation in mine motherboard (Asus z490-a) where any paste a memory or something more. A RGB on is awesome and work perfectly with my motherboard. The defenders take the little lout in max rpm but ossia to be expected. The desire has had the option of the fattest radiator . But that has possessed only corsair in a past would not doubt to recommend or purchase another on its own name. I am running a i9-10850k . OC'D To 4.8 on all the cores and has any question that maintains in 70 is in full load without throttling. Mina old plus h80i could any one and a cpu throttle because of temp. Like this very happy! And some white looks awesome in build of mine!
4 / 5
Has used a coolermaster 240ml before this, has had to that take thebunit substituted because of fanning rattling noise after so only the week or two of use. The finally begun substitution to develop subject same. How it is it is returned concealed and has bought this, state to the long of the week like this far like this good! Súper Calm, although the temperatures are remained same readings likes 240ml, included although this has to that have technicslly able state of the maintain fresher because of the main radiator. In any case still happy with action, and very calm same with defenders in 1400rpm!
4 / 5
Has been excited roughly having this AIO,until it has taken ,the box has the scratch on,included although it has been shipped inside an amazon ,the end of a tube (boss,as seen in a first picture) has to that crack in the,which think could head to of the this mine in disposal to be my first build,and obviously any one wants to have his separated that takes fraction and inner wetted a ,the reason would be likely to say that it felt likes is used is reason be any sticker of coverage on a boss,and to to sticker on likes the twist and open a lid. I have seen to plot of youtube the video/revises/unboxings of this psrticular produced and everything of his samples has stickers,likes is ,the reason has decided to go with this AIO is reason is customizable logo,but unfortunately for me there is no spatial of chip of logo/extra comprised when they have said ' does' some extras a has comprised out of an I has taken instead is the keychain-like thingy with the 3m sticker that thinks no any sense. I hate to give this product 2stars,but is that it is.
4 / 5
Has taken this for mine 3900x and is doing adds like this far. The time Has fallen considerably and was very simple to install.
4 / 5
Presupposed a lot of AIO fresher down 10k 360mm radatior has beaten overclock a processor and the highly recommend for 8core on processors and overclocked the processors and calm will not take rgb defenders with this AIO the used my defenders of cupboard
5 / 5
A vendor sold already produces used and has broken.
An external plastic coverage was already rasgada and dip the down a box. Inner some rays of boxes are has dipped openly. The fins suffer harm and a sticker to guarantee rasgado. Any pre that the thermal paste applied and calm clearly can see CPU markings in copper plan in a blockade. (The SEMI-DETACHED IMAGES)
In fact impressed for fast delivery, but there is disappointed that an Amazon the vendor has fulfilled search to deceive clients.
Am expecting the product has substituted will not be has taken.
Stick a description of real product after taking it has substituted.
4 / 5
Has purchased He DeepCooL 360.ºX And the truth is very cold, competes with him aio of nzxt kraken x73, in mine 3600x down the unstable temperatures that taenia with the disipador stock, with the climate of the CDMX he pc this goes the the 30 terracings and in of the cariche small of 31-33 terracings, any one the he spends view of the 65 terracings in of the cariche maximas, he rgb of the bomb is very good and elegant and has been able to synchronise he with mine motherboard with the adapter of pasadores of lights that comes incrluido, if any taken of the pasadores of rgb in yours motherboard, this box amena his controller suitable for his rgb, aside any noise, is silent May.
5 / 5
Is a AIO has done fantastically. He easily earths in upper 1 to 5 category of AIOs. And you can buy he in Indian with the competitive prize. You will take an option to customise a logo that is DIY to material likes of you a bit modding then costs it. The wise action is WELL, will give you 10-15'C difference in comparison in any air any fresco or stock more prizm fresher, which is expected of a AIO. The bomb is Solid so that it hails wise is the no brainier. If podes a lot that the loop done to commission AIO is is a way to go for waters to cool. If you can do CLC then tries any to look to AIO the phase is not some apples the comparison of apples.

Top Customer Reviews: DEEP COOL CL500 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Partorisca Of the money, this chance is impressive. His real glass partorisca a poster lateralmente and front.

A gilipollas: there is 2 mobo stand-offs that has not been situated properly. Some holes partorisca spend sata and bosses of power by means of era misaligned. A HDD the cage is not removable.

A pros: his effective cost partorisca an open rgb chance. A key focused in a front can change ways by heart with eases. It comes with filters of powder partorisca a zone of partidário upper. His real glass. Management of boss in a rear side is not bad at all.

The chance adds partorisca a prize.
5 / 5
A lot of
- front of poster and glass revenidos lateralmente
- economic
- decent airflow
- the management of Boss is very partorisca price
- 120mm the followers advance of those who line on properly
- 120mm the defenders forward are not centred in a glass. Marcos colored the defenders look stupid
- Deepcool the logo was visibly raven in an advance of poster ->require better QA
- Economic Plastic

Inferior Line
cant recommends. A placing of partidário in a front done a fundamentally defective Creation. They go HAS some worries with qualities also. I recommend to invest and extra $ 50 in the better chance of alike drawing
4 / 5
like me some looks of way with a rgb launches in a front. I have not had Never the question that returns the joint of server in the Deepcool the chance and I have dipped the Supermicro X9DRD-LF is a (EATX) . A Gammax heatsinks maintain a CPU
in 140-150 in full load while encoding video with a defender of chance, and some bosses of a tx750 psu was easy to direct with lotsa space for behind a motherboard. Really it could not find the better chance in this prize
5 / 5
Good product partorisca a prize - This in spite of is not fooled these are MULTICOLOR fans NO RGB - Some RGB the defenders show all the colours a SAME TIME as in a picture. This calm simply can change some the calm colours can not take of the true RGB to to the colours like in of a picture!!! A lot of misleading and dissapointing.
4 / 5
Has taken this partorisca only $ 45 CDN which is soooo value a prize.

Pros: -Looks A lot well with two glass revenido poster, and an epic rgb has directed light in a front that syncs with my motherboard leds.
-The prize is insane
-easy to gather in, and a measure is really well partorisca any ATX build.

gilipollas: -no PSU shrouds
-any defender of chance has comprised

in this row of prize, no the chance so only included approaches to the east a. HIGHLY recommend it.
4 / 5
Has bought on 20 of these, the better chances have build in. The look adds and sell add. Take a fanless one and a UpHere defenders on amazon. Reason are I saying people this pro tip lol.

DeepCool If your reading this would want to a bit free product partorisca revise. ;)

Bet seriously ossia the chance adds .

Update: it looks a prize is trace.... It could it has to that king-value this chance now.
4 / 5
Stylish. Airflow Would be likely to be better in a front. The management of boss is the little uncomfortable. Dusty In picture
probably would recommend to take a one without defenders and going all corsair is concerned in RGB syncing/ease partorisca use
5 / 5
Read glowing descriptions of this chance and has thought has represented good value, is good but so only so only and some spaces partorisca a paper of video has bent wildly take some discharge. Well But so only so only.
4 / 5
All are add so only does not like to like a space of supply of the can is in a fund of a chance and no an upper but in general his like this mentioned with at all worse.
5 / 5
Has taken 2 of them. A partorisca a server and a partorisca 2x XEON workstation. The big accesses motherboard this in spite of some space has left to apt 3 SSDs and 2 HDDs and the big 850W PSU.

Top Customer Reviews: DEEP COOL GAMMAXX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
It returns all Intel/AMD the sockets that goes several generations behind, is quite silent and same access besides mini ATX chance. Bear in importing ossia the defender of 3 pins , as it is not PWM (-1300rpm all a time), but has a same action in -50 CFM and tampons of hule in some corners for low vibration.
4 / 5
The computer of house uses the plastic of rear and calm dish has to that connect defender to board before it installs also a lot of rgb in msi b 350 joint ,the career of good point and the silent fresco would buy again .
4 / 5
Installed to am3+ any question, all the cores that mecer in 55oC. Miner cyptonight
5 / 5
Same when touching the games have weighed my cpu does not go big that 70º.
4 / 5
Has READ yes love your PC!

Has chosen Ryzen 5 3600x for my workstation this was to be in full load for atleast an hour daily, in near. I have found that a temperature was upto 89°C in a lot of chance, which spent to discover more in a subject. It is time of the summer and the environmental temperature is -28°C.
Like 89°C; it is too much? Well' after the investigation has discovered that it is normal for stock coolers is remained with a big TDP value (95W) of a CPU. A @@subject that annoyed the majority was one goes them time, which varied of 49 to 72 °C. If have has wanted to do a curve of partidário aggressive, would maintain ramping on a speed of defender and mark that wailing touches each pocolos second.

Like an investigation for the new CPU Fresher has begun:
more Has been punctual convinced that a better thing prójima is the freshest water . Looked for a factor of better form and found that 240mm the versions are better value -for-options of money, but has begun factoring in some possibilities of him failing like the liquids can be corrosivo and can fail a system over time. Any mine surprised, has found that tends to fail (atleast an economic some), and comes with some interview has involved each two years.

A next thing has found was the comparison in the air and cooling of water; his all signalled in only two things:
For OVERCLOCKED CPU, goes to water coolers. 240mm Version
For SPEED ACCIONARÍAS, goes for an air a fresh plus. 120mm Type of defender, if your chance sustains it.

Things to consider while choosing an air a fresh plus:
- type of Socket
- Material, number and diameter of pipes of core
- Measure and number of heatsinks
- Number of partidários
- RPM of partidários
- RAM Clearance

While it sees life like the marathon and no the sprint, has gone to run my CPU in the speeds accionarías and have found the decent air fresher inside my estimativa. A next thing is control some costruttrici' web of places for both a fresh plus and a chance am using (Corsair 175r RGB) to verify for compatibility
the Freshest height: 157mm
the chance can take upto: 160mm

the mine goes them the time is now 42 - 47°C, while sooner it was 49 - 72°C in environmental temperature of 28°C. Also, it does not cross never 76°C in continuous load, while I have seen 90°C in stock fresher.

A Ryzen Zen 2 CPU tends the overclock automatically out of a box. As maintaining cools also the helps take the little MHz more than stock fresher setup. While registering temperatures, a CPU the speed varied of the MHz

this helps to do the decision of sound?
5 / 5
A light in a defender looks really well if the little brilliant, looks to maintain my Ryzen 5 3600 quite fresh, is calm also.
4 / 5
Looks good and extracted well. It cools my Ryzen 5 3600x effectively. Easy and simple installation.

Low maximum temperature full and continuous load - 76℃.
Maximum temperature while gaming - 70℃ - 72℃.
Maximum temperature while running Prime95 small FFT test of torture - 83℃ in 4 GHz all the core. ( Stock fresher has achieved 92℃ with a same test in 3.8 GHz all the core ).
All the temperatures have registered in some environmental of 30-31℃. ( Any conditioner to air used ). The chance has is a Meshify C with 3 intakes and 2 exhausts, he so that has abundance of airflow inside a chance.

After the year of use, a thermal paste in a stock fresher entirely there was on dried. It has attached pic of a same.

Able to do the light OC of +100Mhz. Now my better cores can achieve and slightly go further while they remain fresh.

Go them In around 35-40℃ in the temperature of room of 30℃ and achieves 50℃ while doing and exploring.

Has taken fine it bookmark of core of 3679 and bookmark of alone core of 501 in Cinebench R20. Stock fresher was able to take so only 3405 and 476 pts.

RGB syncs Amiably with Aura Sync in mine ASUS motherboard. Quite silent and the defenders are hardly audible. Stock fresher used to be quite strong.

Gilipollas : 1) the desire had comprised the second set of clips of defender to attach the second defender.
2) that Considers that ossia the peripheral of PC , the amazon at least needs the bubble on packaging. The mine was
only place inside the packaging of plastic amazon and has sent. Deepcool Has Had packaging quite well, of here
the product arrived without any harm.

Has taken this for around during sale of first day. Better bang for a buck.

Would suggest to go for a new plus Gammaxx 400 Pro so has more fins (of here more zone of surface) and 2 partidários in attractive of push for incumplimiento for better cooling.
4 / 5
Cupboard : Corsair carbide Spec-03
Processor : Intel Xeon 1231v3
Motherboard : ASUS H97 pro gamer

Stock fresher(underload) : 100°C
GTE V2(underload) : 65-70°C

Stock fresher(goes him) : 55°C
GTE V2(goes him) : 38°C

Like this seen on GTE V2 has done the work adds to cool of mine cpu. It is silent and the looks cool included without leds.

Supervise For RGB headed in yours motherboard for a focused, older motherboards does not have a(yeah! It has Done this deception 🤣)
And also control for height and width of your cupboard. GTE V2 Is 129mm big.
4 / 5
- Thermal and acoustic show excellent innanzi to the follower comprised of Intel.
- Ideal so that they look for a silent system or OC light
- Is more 'bajito' that a Hyper 212, reason returns perfectly in of the half joints
- Relatively easy installation so much in AMD likes Intel. You accommodate 8 rays, connect the follower and ready to use
- Comprises the thermal paste quite decent
- Ideal for squads with thematic of black colour and target.

- The CONCENTRATED of the seguace can not turn and is extremely intense, reason combines he with bands RGB the FOCUSED of the seguace goes for the win and will be better remplazarlo.
- The 'brakets' quell'use to join the seguace with the disipador come too regulated, and feel fragile.
- Only comes with a box of brakets for follower, reason can not add a seguace extra in appeal of place-press

- A 10400F with speed of stock, and in a test of estres. The CPU does not spend of 50 C, with the one of stock arrived the 70 C.

Considering the prize, am remained very happy with the product hanged his defects. It competes easily with a AIO of simple liquid refrigeration of 120mm or the Hyper 212 Evo of CM.

Top Customer Reviews: DEEP COOL Castle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Where Beginning? This AIO is phenomenal, looks absolutely that has surprised, his easy to install, can be controlled has launched different light software like ASUS AURORA, ICUE, etc, and partorisca the upper all was has taken partorisca the prize adds of $ 159CA.

Some different colours and effects that can you to it use to change a look of a fresh plus is without final. It maintains my i9 9900k in good time during game of game and go them, around 30c goes him, and down 60 during game of game, although these numbers will be different partorisca all the world-wide based in his defender setup, etc.

Expected and while to a new corsair AIO fresher that go back in stock, and has been tired partorisca expect and has decided the grab this and honradamente am happy a corsair was out of stock reason this fresh plus has surpassed all my expectations..

Will update if any one questions arise in a future. Thank you
4 / 5
FINAL (2nd) MODIFICATION - Change to 4 star (of 3). Under the mine modifies is my original message where has written out of my subject with this AIO (tip no like this target to the equal that would owe that it has been). I achieved it it was the DeepCool directly and his response was basically that some tip so only does not exit like this target like another - odd response. I do not want to hassle with returns partorisca expect time to the equal that have dismantled/masked the and the spray painted it which result well.

That averts this in spite of - a AIO functions perfectly. I have been using this in a AMD 3900x and that runs the Eternal DOOM this week in full Ultra settings in 1440p, my time has not gone never on 70 terracings C but was typically mid 60 east in a big plus. I love an effect of mirror of the infinity in the and installing it was quite simple.

--- Final to Modify. Estaca Original down:

So much, three stars for now and will update this shortly. I have it that has not tried still a AIO to the equal that are at present still while to other parts to finalise my build.

A sum of looks of the construction, fully expect it will do perfectly like other buyers have mentioned.

This has said, a AIO is not white - strongly is sustaining to yellow or the aim of cream of some tone - like this pictured in my photo has taken of a rad dipping in Wrapping TARGET The PC011 Dynamic wife. They are really unhappy with as these looks.

Has achieved was the DeepCool directly like this while for the response.

All more fails so only attentively the produced but enough would avert that hassle.
5 / 5
Easy to install and has trace he with a radiator on a bomb. The bomb was strong out of a box, perhaps two strong times like Corsair one has in another rig. The time Was until a 80s (Ryzen 7 3800) am remounted he with some grizzley thermal paste and has taken 82 terracings in 100 load and still class of the strong bomb but has not thought too much of him because it is the gaming rigs. Fast advances the month and my time is paste 84 and some starts of bomb gurgling. I have begun a RMA process in December 2020 and has listened still no for behind a company. Now a noise of bomb is insane and volume temp spikes to a 90s in a CPU. I guess will have the substitute he out of pocket because I can not take the response of a costruttore.
5 / 5
Took the moment to find this fresh plus. It has not had Never anything of deepcool before. It has taken the nzxt kraken with the dead bomb. Prójimo The Test a thermaltake riing 360 tr4 and the wine with the radiator has broken. Then it has seen them some descriptions and has decided them take a castle 360.ºx. Amazing fresher, likes I renderings temperature doesnt continuous in 63C which is adds. Any only value a prize, is better that all the world-wide more.
4 / 5
Takes 27-31 terracings Go the for the i7 9700k overclocked to .

I didnt really like a time for 1080p and 4k the video that modifies, and feel like this setup could have more potential.

Has the appeal of push in a radiator and 3 more defenders to exhaust for a chance (like environmental time the low stay)

A radiator feels to like would have to that be of better in maintaining a time down further.
4 / 5
Maintains my pc good and fresco. It has not had any one subject with gaming or that does another work in my computer for long quantities of time. It looks to surprise too much. An only reason are by train of the give 4 star is reason one covers is supposition to be able to the twist was to change a logo is hard to leave. I have done on he for the moment first to give up and has decided the just clave with a regular deepcool logo. Felizmente Some looks of logo a lot in all the chance, as it is not too big to treat it. The only desire was able to customise it of then an option is there. They are happy has chosen this AIO in place of another some have seen. A Deepcool the castle is included better priced that a lot AIOs has seen to. To good sure treat it well. It would take it again for my sure next build.
4 / 5
Has tried a h115i elite capellix, a liquid freezer Artico ii 240 and Wrap read galahad 360 and any of them could maintain mine 5800x down 75c with cinebench r23. FINALLY a deepcool 280.ºx Was able to tame this beast! 68c In cinebench. It goes him time In mid 20s. A highland system for am4 is excellent. Not liking that junk of a rest with two hooks. And this was a better prize of them everything. And ANY NOISE of BOMB! The work adds deepcool.
5 / 5
Has purchased one with the coupon of Black Friday, a RGB so only distinguished a lot of dim red and blue. Tried three ways to connect and power a RGB lighting, swimming concealed has done. The vendor has contacted, has taken the new product and tried it again. As more the fresco has not lit at all.

Súper Disappointed and the plot to time squandered while to this fresh plus.

Would owe that remark that a fresher prime minister has treated a lot well, in 80 load for -10mins a hot plus has taken was 65 terracings. Using the ryzen 3600x.

Top Customer Reviews: DEEP Cool ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
This company is underrated and after being out of a subject of edifice of the PC partorisca the really long time, has discovered Gammaxx because of his point of prize. They are in fact very surprised why am taking Hyper 212 Evo cooling for the fraction of a prize. I have had the hyper 212 before and the really well CPU the air the fresh plus has to give you 30-32 terracings go the. I can confirm that this fresh plus of the concealed and my gaming the time is 60-67 cups! Still although a fresh plus is much lighter of the hyper 212 echo, still is that it gives a same action. Like reason pays so when you can take this.
Tip: CanadaComputers is usually more economic, has found this out of a hard way. They are by train of the give 5 stars to a product but 3 stars to Amazon which are not me offering a prize a low plus.
4 / 5
After reading the descriptions have purchased this fresh plus for my Ryzen 5 3600 - although no without the small quantity of trepidation of then the information has clashed there in some of some descriptions. Nave, like this usual, was quickly. Out of a box all was in A1 condition.

A challenge a big plus that installs has not been like this installing a new fresher, but take an old stock Stealth Wraith of a CPU. An old (the year) has composed of tank of the heat there is basically state glued a CPU to an old a fresh plus. Be very careful when unscrewing some highland rays - just gone the half or full turn in the each first ray to go in to a prójimo or pins of curve of the risks in a $ 300 cpu down he (taste ). Felizmente, the glass to augment and tiny screwdriver aided me in attentively bending them behind and all was a lot.

Installing a Gammaxx 400 V2 moves required of a mobo of a chance, then scrolling of a stock rear dish. After installing a new backplate and rays in a backside of a mobo and a ray of stand-offs in an advance lateralmente to resist he in place. I have dipped some pertinent highland groups in a base of a tank of hot - for a Ryzen, ossia a main pair - fix with some tiny rays resupply (does not lose him !) It has composed of tank of the new heat applied ( takings at least 2x so like this need with a Gammaxx - just use the one who precise) to a CPU, and is returned he in place. Ossia Roughly like this hard likes to take - is the bit of the tight access in a backplate rays - but is not really all this bad. Dipped some rays to jump up and his ray down has bitten it the time in sequence to minimise emphasis. Mountain a defender and discharges he in the mobo.

Would give a mountain accuses the 4/5 for ease. Once installed, one 400 is the field. It goes him The temperatures are the pocolas terracings lower that stock, but the test of the time of stress is at least 20 terracings go down. 5/5 For action and more than bang of paralizaciones east for your buck. Without the doubt a better action for a prize in a phase. Can take it it bit it better action, but so only yes spend at least two times so much.
4 / 5
These fresher works well in mine AMD Ryzen 5 3600. It is near noiseless go the, and much more the fresco down uploads that a stock Wraith Stealth that substituted it especially once I properly substituted all an old heatsink compound. It is not silent for any half, but is far less whiny that a stock fresher.

Commentaries that there are some revises on-line concealed calm say you can install this without taking a stock behind-flat. They are bad, like this the fresh plus is not compatible with a stock rear dish. The installation was reasonably easy (another that takes a motherboard of a chance).
4 / 5
Very calm upgraded fresher with the a lot of lighting. The subject main is a height of this fresh plus. It is so only the tiny has bitten too big to return some boxes of compact tower and can require the chance the wide plus. There would be more fact felt to do the east bit it wider in an upper and so only bit it shorter that return more chance.

Control to do sure will return your chance!
5 / 5
This fresh plus is not like this easy to the equal that would owe that be to install. A lot annoying that a cutouts in some fins a lot in fact line until to the left install a fresh plus with the partidários installed. It has installed in a AM4 system and has had to that take some defenders ( has used 2 120mm) to locate some group and then for presionar some highland rays. Reinstalling Some defenders is not always easy in of the insurances setups. Noctua HAS the very better system. I will avert this fresh plus in a future. They require better development to avert these subjects. Cooling wise looks to do the good work.
4 / 5
Unfortunately has had so only the screwdriver of regular measure and to the equal that has had to that take a defender to access some rays to locate this fresh plus. No the enormous question, so only inconvenient.

An only reason has not given a fresh plus 5 star is reason does not come with another together to locate clips for the second defender.

Besides these 2 subjects is doing perfectly and has fallen my CPU time for 20C! Like this in general I am very happy with cost of mine!
4 / 5
Excellent fresher, has fallen my CPU temperature for 13C (23.4 F). No really for the novice to install like this motherboard has to that be take to install, as it comes with this own motherboard group that need to be installed first. Still this fresh plus is very effective and the good bang for a buck. Thus familiar plus with edifice of the system to good sure would recommend.
4 / 5
Exactly that has looked for, the air to estimate fresher for my Ryzen 5 3600 to the equal that has achieved 95C time with stock fresher.

Has fallen time for 10-15C in both go them/situations of cariche. I have been divided among east and some resemblances coolers how is cost bit it more but happy has been with east.

The highland system was quite easy also. It has not gone too hard to install.

Side of RAM of faces of partidário so that well also as it will not be pulling hot of a GPU. In general quite happy with a compraventa
5 / 5
has Spent time down for 10-20terracings. Easy instal is like this to take the motherboard (intel). I produce it adds rep the utmost light looks with my chance. It can not beat this product for a prize. My tank of the heat has not been acute :).
5 / 5
Has bought this for my Ryzen 5 3600, to substitute a stock fresher concealed gave time until 85 low terracings full load. The instructions have not been of sound, but has done this class of what before you will be well. If no, I am sure among some instructions and Youtube can the to you imagines era.

The base was good and walk, the contact was excellent. My time is now around 35 terracings go the and 65 in full load. Enough well for the fresco more this economic.