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Top Customer Reviews: Blood In Blood Out: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5
One of some films of better prison of all time, are the enormous film buff, my private collection boasts 75 3d Film, and on 800 of some resupplied of dvdes of all the classes. Ossia One of my films of favourite crime, highly recommend it!
5 / 5
Has has had to that king-buy this film with which have forgotten the one who sustained it to. 1 Of mine all the favourites of time! BUT his interrupted in bluray!!!
5 / 5
Ossia The film adds well the value that looks and a quality of DVD is really good.
5 / 5
Bought this partorisca christmas and my fianc loooved having the hard copy ! Deff Validates a purshase
5 / 5
This was the present partorisca my bf maintains partorisca say me roughly this film
And was real happy that I finally found the
Thank you !
5 / 5
Absolutely one of my favourite films of all time. Upper 3 easily.
5 / 5
I have seen this film 20+ times and every time remarks more detail that develops some characters.
Very Done!
5 / 5
The classical cult, deep, poetic and one of the mine FAVOURITE upper of all time films of then in the first place seeing it on done 20 years!!!!!!!!!
5 / 5
Amur This film

is Coming fast

still did not open it

am sure will be well ... The toes have crossed

will update and estaca DVD condition
5 / 5
Has seen this film 20+ times and every time remarks more detail that develops some characters.
Very Done!
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca christmas and my fiancé loooved having the hard copy ! Deff Validates a purshase
4 / 5
the classical cult, deep, poetic and one of the mine FAVOURITE upper of all time films of then in the first place seeing it on done 20 years!!!!!!!!!
4 / 5
I didnt have any expectations in this film and in an end was them pleasantly surprised, the history lines very good. Global good film.
5 / 5
A film is surprising in the first place. It takes mine a lot quickly,and has not been damaged in any way.
4 / 5
Loves a film. The thing for me was a quality of a dvd. Choppy In some places. No really bad. So only in pair of places. It likes- one film.
5 / 5
Liked each one of what alone in this film, for ever the classical and timeless film!
5 / 5
Yea Only wat has agreed that I of the long time thxs has taken here punctually.
4 / 5
The film adds. It is gone in like this described
Thank you
4 / 5
Amado a film. Looked the the little time with a family. I reccomend the to another to see also
4 / 5
a lot well, the desire was released in blue-ray, region A, precise adds my collection
5 / 5
awesome film, another tat the gaze while it was them the young adult
4 / 5
This film is the classical and deserves at least 1 seeing each pair of years.
If you have not looked this then you better dipped the on yours to do cast.
4 / 5
Gives the graces to send me the new one he east times was add thank you again
4 / 5
an increase and fall of the familiar pressed the inercity life of band, and finally when being rasgado averts for both sides of a law.

Top Customer Reviews: Reservoir Dogs: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
4 / 5 Celestine
When being the data-defender of Tarantino of Quentin hard was very happy to having received this in a topmast in just three days, in good condition (the chance was the little bent to a side, but swimming that imports or noticeable immediately).
I dogs of reservoir was Quentin Tarantino first official film, a start of his career of legendary Hollywood like the manager. And the one who the film is! It is a prime minister heist film to not aiming a heist this in spite of doing the good work that explains all some details without being bored. Has the handful of criminals that flat the heist, and then see them with which the purportedly catastrophic heist in the tent of the retail of diamond because of a fact that has the police informant has suspected to be among them.
Good condition, good film, fast delivery. In my opinion, ossia Tarantino as-better film, behind Fiction of Pulp.
5 / 5 Francesca
Manager Quentin Tarantino is one of one the majority of ardent filmmakers has not seen never. If it listen his habladura in his films, grieves can contain his excite. He as it says fallen out of institute in spite of having a IQ of 160 because it want to pursue his passion. Certainly I can identify with that.

I dogs of reservoir was Tarantino first characteristic of full period and contains the majority of some elements have come partorisca expect. Although his fashion is during the, feels the little rough around some flanges. It conceal no partorisca he partorisca be the glorious film, but is interesting partorisca see that perfects his work in of the latest endeavours.

If you have not seen never the Tarantino film, will know that his dialogue is differential. In fact, it does not think any one writes better dialogue. A history opens with the scene of restaurant in that the band of thieves, directed for Joe Cabot (Tierney), speaks a meaning of Madonna is Like the Virgin. A scene develops with Ladies Rosa (Buscemi) explaining reason he seldom tips. It is ready, ape and logical, and says the plot in a character.

This approximation is present in everything of the films of Tarantino and is like this refreshing. Because thieves, police or German colonels habladura so only in his work? He so only any one the true coverage. The characters of Tarantino result more real reasons speak roughly anything concealed comes partorisca import.

I dogs of reservoir is essentially the heist film, but never in fact see a flight takes place. We see some of a planning and the surveillance likes them the band plans a flight, and see some of them that evasion a scene with which takes place. A bulk of a history takes place in the warehouse where some members of surviving band agree to partorisca fulfil, and can be spend in real time.

White gentleman (Keitel) arrives in the first place with Orange of Ladies (Roth) and Ladies Rosa. The orange has been shot in a belly after a flight and the aim and the rose is speaking which partorisca do. Rosa has the theory that any ratted went them and that some police was in a scene very too much punctual. Gradually We Learn this Blond Gentleman (Madsen) has begun shooting all the world-wide in sight during a flight and his actions have caused some police partorisca mediate.

Tarantino loves to take a history partorisca explain an origin or found characters, and uses that technician in of the Dogs of Reservoir. We discover the one who the Blond gentleman is and reason is part of a band. Other shows of scene like Ladies Rosa has escaped a scene of crime, although an account can not be attentive how is of his point of view. One the majority of interesting flashback develops an identity and of the motivations of a rat and to the equal that memorises an episode partorisca do his character looks truer to some other members of a band.

My favourite characters are Ladies and White Gentleman Rosa. It can look Buscemi in anything and his character is resembled a a swipe in Fargo. His final actions return his character perfectly. Keitel The character is one the majority of complex . Although it is the criminal , has his sense typical of honour. He clearly cured if Ladies Orange Bolt or dies, while some other members of look of indifferent band. His elections are some pocolos face down some circumstances.

Has the plot of violence in a film, but some casseroles of cameras out of an action during one the majority of violent scene. Like Hitchcock, Tarantino leaves partorisca imagine some chances more than seeing them. A red by heart is to take of almost each scene, although the White gentleman is seen that spends the red shirt in one signals. These some scenes that involves the blood underlines even more. A door of band of the black dresses, white shirts and black bonds. It is almost like the uniform.

Has averted partorisca see Dogs of Reservoir partorisca launch years because it does not like pointless of violence, but am happy I finally decided partorisca the look. Calm has to give you that the films of Tarantino are dark comedies and that the humour is present in almost each one converged or of situation. It is intelligent humour , but is there. Like the result, am able to look some violent scenes that knows that they are tongue -in-cheek partorisca one the majority of part. I am tried partorisca say that Tarantino films to belong to the gender all of the his own. A so only other films that has the resemblance feels is some of some Coen' work, like Fargo, and Martin McDonagh is In Witches.

I dogs of reservoir is the fascinating and original look in chance after the flight. You can see a lot of the frames of Tarantino like an use of music, dialogue, shots of cameras of inside the trunk, flashbacks partorisca develop characters and the Mexican stand-off. Highly it recommends the only fashion of Tarantino.

Global punctuation 4.5/5
5 / 5 Isis
One of the mine favourite Tarrantino film. Happy to have this in Blue-ray.
5 / 5 Leeanne
Fantastic film this edition is a lot swimming the special is not one beats gas(uk excluyente) but some characteristic special is gimmicks and probably so only see them once but well he partorisca a film and chance
5 / 5 Karen
Ossia The classical with a awesome soundtrack and the end of transfer is the clock of must
5 / 5 Floyd
Ossia A quintessential and defining Tarantino film.
5 / 5 Alda
I choose this indication because the amour Quentin Taratino and his films are awesome, a music is sum and a plot storyline was quite good.
Any transmission of a last time saw it to them 10 yrs done, his in to the blue ray likes the quality is quite good
5 / 5 Wilbur
Man, something in film in criminals. So only in amazing.
5 / 5 Modesto
Prime minister very film of Tarantino! To see in the Collection of the together of edges Ňďuvre!
5 / 5 Valarie
Tarantino classical film.
Highly recommend to any the one who there is did not look it already.
4 / 5 Wilson
Looks And sounds awesome. Bluray Well value of the money.
4 / 5 Roseanna
I like this film, and no the blue thumb on bondadoso of way!
4 / 5 Freddy
This element has been purchased like the present. They were very happy of the receive.
4 / 5 Florrie
This was a product that has been expecting. They are enough it satisfies whit shabby of mine. THANKS TO plot for you services.
5 / 5 Pablo
A step of this movement is like this the difference of any another. The start is gone in the conversational breakfast in the diner. Then with which some credits of title, the jumps approach an end with a member of the band wounded (Tim Roth) when be comforted by White Gentleman (Harvey Keitel) Winding up in the empty warehouse where other members of a crew dulcemente looks, his all try to the piece jointed where a flight has been bad, and like some police was touched to good sure was. Like this the one who is a rat ? And it is while some jumps partorisca film behind in timing to an introduction of chance and sure characters pocolos after a botched flight. A real importance of this film is a coolness, fear, and anger of all some characters that type another and trying the vindicate his and another. That is well with this emission is all some extra have comprised . Especially like a script has taken Harvey Keitel, to the to the one who liked so much and has taken literally Tarantino of low his wing to take a film has done. You interview of mussel and has deleted and to the of the scenes aims similar support and depth that one would imagine Tarantino was very established thus point. But nope, this was his prime minister foray to film to do. And dare compares to Orson Welles, but certainly thinks any one has to that! The excellent work that discovers some very real characters and human emotions. A modern classical if he not having never one!
5 / 5 Toya
Ossia The violent bloody film in the flight of bad gone diamond. They suspect to rat in a group, but that? Prpers Having lost a film when type, has has had to that it look of then so that other films have has has imitated scenes of him. Of this point of view, ossia have to that it sees, so only like this one can appreciate other modern films.

A ten year two special disk comprises 3 has has deleted scenes that felt would have to that it has been added likes aided with of a character of Orange Ladies, and his knowledge of the White gentleman. These helps explain his report. Also it comprise 2 alternative ear scenes of scrolling, a second a that is graphic, except an ear hule looked that it is reason is ignored.

A film has done the use adds of 70 music, my favourite part of a film. Thank you Ladies Wright.

The majority of some looks of films of the dialogue spoken inside the warehouse with blood partorisca feign when being a main special effect. The cost that At all partorisca do to 5 film to star has some script and right people.

Tarantino film: Violent, bloody, F Bombs, and flashbacks.
4 / 5 Gidget
Quentin Tarantino has burst of the swimming partorisca result one of the better managers of Hollywood. This was an in the first place present film a world-wide to. It is everything roughly are gangsters, the one who tries to commit the jewel heist slope of the working hours. He all goes well until... He no. One of a gangsters dies, another takes badly wounded, two evasions and two dissapear. A two concealed escaped does not have a slightest believed to bear do. They do not know it partorisca do with a bad character wounded, does not know where all the world is. Dulcemente, eveyone starts partorisca go back together, but the conscious prompt result that there is to rat, one of them is not the one who thinks that that it is. But the one who that can be? I will leave you look a film .
A violence is not really that violent. Well, I know a lot of people say that it is necessary famous "torture" scene with a cop. It conceal it is not that I violent call. I call "scary", because you look in him by means of a cop eyes, is. It is the bloody film this in spite of, will say you concealed.
Quentin Tarantino is famous to use load of dialogue in of the films, and a dialogue is is quite fresh. We go partorisca speak in "not touching boys" to "Pam Grier and his history partorisca film". Also we comprise to plot of flashbacks of some lives of characters.
Has thinks that some characters were fresh, with to one likes him the White gentleman, the very fresh type, bit it tuff, but fresco. Orange ladies, bit it soft, young but fresco. The Blond gentleman, complete it psycho, but very fresh. Ladies Rosa, bit it irratating, yes fresh. Gentleman Brwon, any one see that a lot, but is fresco also. The Blue gentleman, the one who hardly sees in a film. And Good Type Eddie, starnge type, goes of good to horrid, no like this fresh. Some actors those who has touched these types were utmost. Quentin always knows those who there is more partorisca his functions. Harvey Keitel White of Ladies of the games, could not imagine the better actor partorisca touch. Steve Buscemi Rosa of Ladies of the games, is well, but is not usually his thing. Tim Roth Orange of Ladies of the games, requires any one his age partorisca this part and looks comfortable with a part. Michael Madsen play Blond Gentleman, is the actor adds and does a character scary. Chris Penn adapted his character when it is well, ut very when it is bad. The Blue gentleman... Well it is so only in roughly five minutes of a film.
Like this, the film adds everything near. A feeling.
Another alike title, also directed for Quentin Tarantino is "fiction of Pulp"

Top Customer Reviews: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
5 / 5 Melania
Formed: DVD has bought this DVD as the substitution, of a leading version has possessed that is to be headline 'A Outsiders A Novel Completed and has to that declare that I am not satisfied with this version of DVD.
In the first place, does not have all a start where properly presents some characters, both greasers and socs equally. Besides, I have found that the scenes were very different because of them when being more courts or transmission of dialogue or music. To the investigation has found that this dvd version in a modified and cut Theatrical Version, which explains reason this film is almost the half hour shorter then my copy of LEADING DVD.
In general finds this version to be very compared to very better 'of novel completed version because this film takes out of a whole start and exposure, shortens an end and modifies scenes to shorten them, changing some dialogue or seen of the camera or that changes a music.
5 / 5 Stanley
Formed: Blue-the ray has bought this video partorisca my edges as it is studying A Outsiders partorisca English. I have thought like the complete novel edition there is has has added scenes that has not been in an original, that . Unfortunately any one thought it would be the good idea to add some strong, terrible and unnecessary music to a video that has not been in an original film. These riadas of new music was dialogue , is not appropriate partorisca some scenes were added to and is a lot annoying. I have enjoyed really an original that has looked and on again when it was 13. If you can find an original version of a film buys it instead reason this version, included with one has has added scenes, is to good sure a lot like this good. One a thing this video was able to aim my edges was what background music can do or break the film. Like the music has broken really is one.
4 / 5 Carleen
Formed: DVD My daughter has bought this film, how has been really taking to a outsiders, but take a DVD . It is the little disappointed, but loved it still. It loves some few actors and has thought was the good access for some characters. An only thing was, was bondadoso of disappointed reason a lot of some parts of entities am remained was. It was bondadoso to confuse reason some scenes change quickly and everything, but in general, good film. Ship and arrived A lot quickly, 2 days, in fact, without an option of Fast or First Nave. It can be take a complete novel version . The only desire concealed is was more economic, so only for 30 extra minutes. 4\5 stars.
4 / 5 Daniela
Formed: DVD in this version of A Outsiders, objective a lot of scenes that has been cut out of an original film. These scenes maintain a truer film to a book, and the help explains more on some fights of Curtis brothers. Door a film at the end more conclusive, comprising the spent in yard and reason Ponyboy has written a history. A new bookmark of this film the very fun fact, and likes them. Many the special characteristics are comprised in both disks. It liked Especially look of a film with commentary of some actors they. Ascent any the one who has read a book partorisca buy this film because it remains very true to a book.
5 / 5 Charlotte
Formed: DVD This was the present , a recipient was very unhappy that the plot of a storyline has not been comprised. Partorisca Discover you has to that find the copy that be film of novel period.
This would have to that declare not completing film.
5 / 5 Debera
Formed: DVD Awesome flick! It does not buy a bluray, ossia an only way goes partorisca take an original soundtrack! A bluray comprises the substitute musak follows east sucks a big a!
5 / 5 Sophia
Formed: Blue-the ray has loved a film and he have begun the career for a lot of actors likes Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise etc
4 / 5 Elza
Formed: DVD Very pleased!!!So only a way agreed it the years is the little overwhelming in of the parts,but in general the good film.
4 / 5 Lachelle
Formed: DVD is Coming Just in time and absolutely is in amazing!
Has characteristic of price like a commentary of audio for a mould, has has deleted scenes, and behind some scenes! Ossia A complete novel version of a film, with all one has has added scenes of a remastered edition! I add partorisca buy and wonderful film!
5 / 5 Michaela
Formed: Blue-scrape nave Very fast!!
Utmost of classical film. To good sure recommend buy and clock!
4 / 5 Gabriella
It avenges Just in time and absolutely it is in amazing!
Has characteristic of prize like a commentary of audio for a mould, has has deleted scenes, and behind some scenes! Ossia A complete novel version of a film, with all one has has added scenes of a remastered edition! I add partorisca buy and wonderful film!
4 / 5 Flora
Has loved this book. I am remained some his storyline wise. Masters that.
5 / 5 Karon
Nave very fast!!
Utmost of classical film. To good sure recommend buy and clock!
4 / 5 Oretha
A classical that all the boys would owe that see! It is the film that illustrates that included one 'has is' is not much happier of one 'has is not ' in time.
4 / 5 Valene
Has received two copies of a disk that has had any clue of Audio. Music yes, but any audio. Copy of bad or pirate factory!
5 / 5 Arron
Looking forward to looking he with mine 15 et.ou Granddaughter.
4 / 5 Else
Like this happy! I love a book and this film is a lot faithful his. Some first extras this DVD comes with just mark he 100 better times!
4 / 5 Johnathan
Very pleased!!!So only a way agreed it the years is the little overwhelming in of the parts,but in general the good film.
4 / 5 Allena
My daughter read a book partorisca pupil and has been partorisca be looking a film in class but has had to that purchase his own copy for the see first of a school viewing. It arrives in abundance of time for his the preview he.
4 / 5 Arnoldo
Better film of all the times! I add to see some main characters his days his young plus.
4 / 5 Ariel
It was awesome! The delivery was utmost, would buy of this company again.
4 / 5 Tinisha
Classical, is a test of time, a partorisca all partorisca see, has included better to know one all star launched, see his days his young plus. Now well of stay.
5 / 5 Deidra
One of the mine favourite all time film. It was happy to find this on here. The times of nave add and excellent quality.
4 / 5 Cherrie
Adds classical! It produces it like described, arrived in time.
5 / 5 Sulema
His a awesome the fast wine but the chance was all busted
5 / 5 Galina
Ossia the terrific film based in Hinton Romano. It is add partorisca see some characters in a book have spent the life in a screen. While I still create a book is better that a film, is still a value that looks!

Top Customer Reviews: The Wolf of Wall ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5 Anisha
Formed: Blue-ray A lot- I supposes describes a seedy and perverse side of a culture of investment and like the investors are deceived partorisca buy to sustain his own greedy ambitions- of the positive perspective to rationalize our behaviour, is all struggling partorisca survival and planting partorisca be better era; when it calms it does not have a capacity to do that calm partorisca any reason, need another partorisca assist- and is has had to that in his , often in your cost unless you are in a clue of interior. I guess if a subscribed to a Theory of Conspiracy of life - then, the avidity said a culture and money and principles partorisca be able to - this in spite of those in the faculty is not always happy with competition and occasionally can flaunting attracts public ridicules for which the power is required the intercede. The crime of with the target is the fascinating and sometimes disturbing appearance of our culture and this film really cause partorisca look further of a value of entertainment partorisca look- I adapted of this sub-cultural and the one who dangerous is our existence and balance of power in our society. In an end can each one that like this of us help- no really; but, perhaps it can be directed by that of course has can! A film has to that it weaves of gratuitous sex and excessive swearing.. But perfectly it exposes a personal emotional roller coaster locates concealed comes with game and winning - takes an idea of addiction and adictivos behaviours, both duquel essults the fall'! A lot acting and almost surreal history- perhaps! If at all more, out of some blatant sexual appearances in a film, gives pause to think and I adapt everything: The once again be careful in that confidence our lives- and, especially our money. My Indication is 8 out of 10 a lot so only for an acting and value of entertainment, but also a imbedded message. In a cup with too many drugs, nudity and sex - that the point has been rid on without really adding to a history and can has to that fact detracted of some components any plus of entities of a culture of investment of big profile. Otherwise, Pardon a pun, - the undressed down version without drug and excessive sex the references can have garnered the 9.5 out of 10 of me.
4 / 5 Mauricio
Formed: Blue-scrape according to dvd/blue the digital/ ray combo has ordered in same time in same order ,
of prime of amazon, and no the digital copy like the code there is expired 3 years ago , my daughter was a lot of disappointed , as it can produces it be announced , with the code and there is expired 3 years ago , as it can sure when ordering a lot another dvd combos that a code will be well, and because the code expra , touches the code of time , because a expra quotes, any sense of mine, any ways are ordering partorisca some codes , as well as a dvd perhaps consider , in that has it roughly a control to codes be4 order , the desire has had .
4 / 5 Wen
Formed: Blue-ray Ossia one of my favourite films. A fusion is that it surprises - I that could look on and on again, and now have beaten! It looks especially well in BluRay. It has not annoyed with any of some characteristic extras but am sure is ordered if you are the this class of what. It can not recommend this film enough!
5 / 5 Aldo
Formed: DVD Fences in, ossia the DVD which bought like this of course would love it, well? One taking, this in spite of, is that two days after the buy, has discovered to take released in Netflix, which any partorisca have the stops of byline. More, my DVD not even is doing with my new TV. In general, the film adds partorisca possess. One of the better actions of DiCaprio, this in spite of as the one who sexual or explicit content, a film is downright outrageous...
4 / 5 Jonna
Formed: Blue-scrape This film is quite well I like a subject and a history. This film is a lot of chart with often nudity. THIS Is not A FILM FAMILIARISED be cautious with east a. In general any one the terrible film but no the sper add a neither
4 / 5 Tyler
Formed: DVD HANDS down one of some better films of a 21st century. It is directed fantastically and scripted. A mould is incredible and a history is like this captivating; to good sure a class partorisca film that can see you multiple time. Leo Is simply masterful in his delivery of Giordania Belfort.
4 / 5 Hildegard
Formed: Blue-the ray Informs Quickly:
has not been engredo that I like this when I in the first place listened roughly the but has to that admit that it was quite darn well.
Leonardo DiCaprio touches a part of Belfort (Corridor of Wall Street of stock exchange) a lot well and while you are well with the fair has bitten of nudity, use of drug and A lot profanity ossia a lot of value a clock.
Amazing to see a lavish, greedy, bribed, and absurd lifestyle that he and his clan lived and so only to the equal that take there.
4 / 5 Mildred
Formed: Blue-scrape Martin Scorsese Masterpiece although a subject subject is totally debatable. Any quite the feminist film. Solid actions for everything. To the left one 3 flow of hours by means of.
5 / 5 Babara
Formed: DVD add flick Leo is actor adds .
Validate of the cash . But netflick has it .
As it do not buy again of then I already paid partorisca Netflix.
4 / 5 Phillis
Well- I supposes describes a seedy and perverse side of a culture of investment and like the investors are deceived partorisca buy to sustain his own greedy ambitions- of the positive perspective to rationalize our behaviour, is all struggling partorisca survival and planting partorisca be better era; when it calms it does not have a capacity to do that calm partorisca any reason, need another partorisca assist- and is has had to that in his , often in your cost unless you are in a clue of interior. I guess if a subscribed to a Theory of Conspiracy of life - then, the avidity said a culture and money and principles partorisca be able to - this in spite of those in the faculty is not always happy with competition and occasionally can flaunting attracts public ridicules for which the power is required the intercede. The crime of with the target is the fascinating and sometimes disturbing appearance of our culture and this film really cause partorisca look further of a value of entertainment partorisca look- I adapted of this sub-cultural and the one who dangerous is our existence and balance of power in our society. In an end can each one that like this of us help- no really; but, perhaps it can be directed by that of course has can! A film has to that it weaves of gratuitous sex and excessive swearing.. But perfectly it exposes a personal emotional roller coaster locates concealed comes with game and winning - takes an idea of addiction and adictivos behaviours, both duquel essults the fall'! A lot acting and almost surreal history- perhaps! If at all more, out of some blatant sexual appearances in a film, gives pause to think and I adapt everything: The once again be careful in that confidence our lives- and, especially our money. My Indication is 8 out of 10 a lot so only for an acting and value of entertainment, but also a imbedded message. In a cup with too many drugs, nudity and sex - that the point has been rid on without really adding to a history and can has to that fact detracted of some components any plus of entities of a culture of investment of big profile. Otherwise, Pardon a pun, - the undressed down version without drug and excessive sex the references can have garnered the 9.5 out of 10 of me.
4 / 5 Lonnie
According to dvd/blue the digital/ ray combo has ordered in same time in same order ,
of prime of amazon, and no the digital copy like the code there is expired 3 years ago , my daughter was a lot of disappointed , as it can produces it be announced , with the code and there is expired 3 years ago , as it can sure when ordering a lot another dvd combos that a code will be well, and reason the code expíra , touches the code of time , reason a expíra quotes, any sense of mine, any ways are ordering for some codes , as well as a dvd perhaps consider , in that has it roughly a control to codes be4 order , the desire has had .
4 / 5 Aimee
Ossia One of my favourite films. A fusion is that it surprises - I that could look on and on again, and now have beaten! It looks especially well in BluRay. It has not annoyed with any of some characteristic extras but am sure is ordered if you are the this class of what. It can not recommend this film enough!
4 / 5 Juliana
Has based in a true history of Giordania Belfort, of his increase to the rich stock-corridor of stock exchange that bolt a big life his fall that involves crime, corruption and a federal government.
Manager: Martin Scorsese
Writers: Terence Winter (screenplay), Giordania Belfort (book)
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Collina, Margot Robbie
4 / 5 Danilo
Rids down one of some better films of a 21st century. It is directed fantastically and scripted. A mould is incredible and a history is like this captivating; to good sure a class to film that can see you multiple time. Leo Is simply masterful in his delivery of Giordania Belfort.
5 / 5 Joanna
This film is quite well I like a @@subject and a history. This film is a lot of chart with often nudity. THIS Is not A FILM FAMILIARISED be cautious with east a. In general any one the terrible film but any he s√ļper add one any
4 / 5 Annett
Valley, ossia the DVD which bought like this of course would love it, well? One taking, this in spite of, is that two days after the buy, has discovered to take released in Netflix, which any to have the stops of byline. More, my DVD not even is doing with my new TV. In general, the film adds to possess. One of the better actions of DiCaprio, this in spite of as the one who sexual or explicit content, a film is downright outrageous...
4 / 5 Charlette
Fast description:
has not been engreído that I like this when I in the first place listened roughly the but has to that admit that it was quite darn well.
Leonardo DiCaprio touches a part of Belfort (Corridor of Wall Street of stock exchange) a lot well and while you are well with the fair has bitten of nudity, use of drug and A lot profanity ossia a lot of value a clock.
Amazing to see a lavish, greedy, bribed, and absurd lifestyle that he and his clan lived and so only to the equal that take there.
5 / 5 Neta
This incredible Film of Martin Scorsese brushes a potrait without concession of the half is to the sud the true history of Giordania Belfort, lucido film-maker in profite games écorcher his people of those who first attacked the film of the sud is excessive signals of the sud diverse but he any and the at all of Scorsese glorious!
4 / 5 Jaime
Loves this film estada looking for never for the buy and the person does not have it never.. Amazing prize also... And really fast shipping like this happy of the see today... Thank you Thank you... Blair

Top Customer Reviews: The Tom Hanks ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
5 / 5 Odell
This collection costs a compraventa partorisca 'the burbs' so only. Hanks And Ducommun is absolutely hysterical.

Im Sure all the world has given more a plot as I will say you that you havent listened still. If you are the enormous defender of seinfeld and king of a hill this film is perfect partorisca you. Hanks Is a bit of the mix of George and Hank hill, and Bruce Dern is a mix a pleasant plus of Kramer and Give them gribble (he has read that well, the mix partorisca give them Gribble and Kramer) can imagine concealed. There is also scenes in this film in that each alone line is an integer seinfeld conversation, his almost like this film inspired one was new whole of comedy.

In general everything in this film is perfect, has included a bit those that throw of caseous camera. Easily king-watchable for age.
4 / 5 Ronny
I amour Tom Hanks, Although it was adds in all three film, does not have him enjoys equally, A HOLE of MONEY with Shelly A lot the time was my preferred of clue for DRAGNET with Gentleman Aykroyd. It did not like The BURBS in of absolute and found the bobo and the waste of time...... Two out of three is not bad!
4 / 5 Adela
Tom Hanks was in his more this time and some actors of support and the actora was utmost.
Has used this D V D to substitute my old shabby video . An only thing now are are while to my plans, trains and car with john candy. It looks he taste took it for ever to take here . I have listened at all of a company that is by train for the send still.
4 / 5 Alycia
For a prize this was the money really well hole and a burbs was both films add with utmost and utmost actors the can not say one same roughly to to the some people could like him but truthfully the so only has no the found that pleasant,as,this has said,two was three is not bad.
4 / 5 Lennie
No his better comedies, these are witty and cariche of fun. The frames prejudice it wintry the explosion of humour, in place of North wind. Interesting, especially for adolescents and older. It can be the tad also soyature' for an elementary school crowd. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Hye
Th DVD has arrived a lot fast. A packaging was a lot well a DVD has not been damaged. They are happy.
4 / 5 Kimberlie
Bought it mostly for a hole of money but another two has done this an easy election.
4 / 5 Garland
Has arrived his planned time , in conditioning a lot good . Excellent comedy , By heart well of the spent the réécouter still this in spite of this in spite of !
5 / 5 Mervin
Classical films for the low prize. It can not be more happy state.
4 / 5 Ria
Hoyo Of money and Burbs is funny - Dragnet less so much.
5 / 5 Reyes
Tom Hanks was in his more this time and some actors of support and the actora was utmost.
Has used this D V D partorisca substitute my old shabby video . An only thing now are are while to my plans, trains and car with john candy. It looks he taste took it partorisca always partorisca take here . I have listened at all of a company that is by train partorisca the send still.
4 / 5 Silvia
Bought the to substitute 'A Hole of Money' that has been always my favourite film. It has not looked another 2 but he give me more partorisca look. In the rest waiting for.
5 / 5 Davida
Yours Upload it .
But has is well That yours will not pay it never is of the flight ca !

Uploads one .
But know you a lot of the paid never is flight that!
4 / 5 Renay
Produced According to the Description and rid in his planned delays bravos and thank you
4 / 5 Vinita
had seen some other two films and has bought is a reason was the tri-band. Dragnet Was better that has thinks that that it go partorisca be. A good election partorisca this just taking partorisca know Tone Hanks' law.
5 / 5 Reuben
Absolutely currency he partorisca A Burbs so only. Dragnet Is an absolute disaster, sure, but pode any wrong with this band all one same.
5 / 5 Branden
A Burbs is one of my favourite films. It is a prize added partorisca take another two with him.
4 / 5 Kiana
I have enjoyed already 2 of some films and I has liked him really one 3rd some hips . Him me Like all 3 of enough to look them again and again . ...Quality of good Picture on all 3
4 / 5 Loren
Loves a hole of money! Probably one of my favourite comedy is all the time :)...dragnet And a burbs is well but cost of the money so only for a hole of money so only!
4 / 5 Donnetta
Three film add, if it likes-you Tom Hanks has to that have this. These films are timless, like this pleasant now like this when they have been done.
4 / 5 Maryalice
The conditions films a lot well add I bad to to the one who does not like looking Tom Hanks of film
5 / 5 Kum
A film was hilarious. Tom Hanks the glorious , the delivery was promised like this, good work.
Will not be disappointed with this film and vendor.
5 / 5 Lavon
Loves laugh, wants to be entertained, these films are for your feet on, relaxes and enjoy a comedy of Tom Hanks and company, will not be disappointed....
5 / 5 Felisa
Ossia So only the one who has been expecting them partorisca... The prize and the delivery of time was excellent ‚ėľ
5 / 5 Paige
Hanks resplandores in these three films. In Tone of one 80 has been known like the pleasant type. Ape, hilarious, of a wall Hanks.
5 / 5 Hilaria
Three Tom Hanks the films partorisca the prize adds. Tom Hanks is hilarious in all three.
4 / 5 Glory
Wants look (youngster) Tom comedic endeavours and these two films have been always preferred of mine. Any one cause... Any violence... (Or a lot little of him)... Just entertainment: when I the precise attainment, so only and slide this DVD to a player and looked.
4 / 5 Florida
Good collection of old Tone Hanks film for a prize.
4 / 5 Maida
A lot good dvd and history a lot well the enjoyed enough and was form a lot well too

Top Customer Reviews: Casino (1995) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5 Rod
An amazing entertaining and film of Scorsese of Martin hypnotic in a true history of Sam Rothstein the one who has run the casino in Vega in a part last of a 20th century. Of course also it involves a mob. If you have enjoyed Scorsese Gooddellas then will love this film. It is directed in the fashion resembled this of Goodfellas and of course there is Deniro and Joe Fish in him. And yes you look it adds before person narration likes that of Goodfellas. Some better actions in a film that comes from/come from Sharn Stone, a weasel tended-and woman of Deniro character, and a better action goes to a ultra character of weasel of the slippery snake touched for James Bevuto. And in an alcohol of Scorsese, attended listen the plot of the numbers of music adds throughout. It acts big bets, mixed in with some punishingly brutal violence with the relief of comedy adds that Scorsese so only can master. There is a lot that follows he- characters Steadicam shots in here also east pulls a deep audience to a history.

This 4k the presentation of disk yields a awesome film to digital tax a quality in 4.5 out of 5. There is so only quite grain to adapt that his shot on film (for an add bob richardson) and is acute but no too acute in detail. A hdr shows of some draws of films of production coloreada saturated add(although his stylistically toned down treats it well of a time the 'age' a film to the his 60s-80s the period of time takes place in. A real must-have for your library/of collection.

In general would estimate to to this film likes 4 out of 5 of stars.
4 / 5 Laurinda
Could debate some better 'gangster films' argue all day this in spite of being any advance of far plus but the one who the hardest results to the opposition is individual acting actions in this particular film. Martin Scorsese has spent one much more out of Robert Of Niro, Joe Fish and Sharon Stone. Sharon could be known more for his infamous interogation the scene but THIS ACTION deserves recognition so that it is - exceptional. All 3 actions of these 3 gifted actors, is on reproach and dips this film averts outside in a lot of ways. James Beve also deserves mentions.

This film is not like this loosely based in a history of a Stardust Casino (known in a film like Tangiers) to the equal that was run for Franco Rosenthal (The Rothstein) and a mob enforcer the local thief has turned Anthony Spilotro (Nicky Santoro).

A film is like this equally big and glitzy how is violent and atrocious. Tip an incredible complexity of this class of life and like the things can come clash down like this easily.

Can be adapted to that a series of Godfather is a level because all another is judged typically, this merit to film to be recognised in a vetoes same, is right own . So only like a Godfather, calm can not look inclusa 30 seconds of him, without being sucked in, until an end. It is inescapable.
5 / 5 Hellen
This film is part of the mine Mob Serious of Headed Triple, some other two are a Trilogy of Godfather minus GFIII and Goodfellas. The actions add for a mould and utmost writing, violence, especially with Fish and telephones. I am gone down in Vega the few years behind and remained in a Riviera where some of a film has been filmed and has recognised a zone to group where DeNiro and Alan King there has been his meeting together with an entrance at the head of a casino he. Marcos a film a mine special plus.
4 / 5 Vi
Has seen like this Gangster film my time I stop that counts him, a life of these crimes that hurts like this people I
tin very included begin the fathom those that has lost there maintains the base of any one is avidity , and to think.. His this in spite of
has done a right thing, this film is exited in 1995 an I looked it so only now in blue-ray 9/6/2016, I always
although it was no good so only another Gangster film, oh is, but my advantage bondadosa one action of these
two, especially Joe Fish could seat a sample a man extracted all day bloody long, of “My Prime minister Vinny all a way down
the ‚ÄúLethal Weapon‚ÄĚ Ah a then has Robert Of Niro‚ÄĚ the one who a hell more can say another that Bravo your man to resist
behind on kicking a snort? Out of Fish‚ÄĚ I follows sure take the plot of restrain to do that, but concealed is not that a film was roughly,
ossia a first time has seen action of Bones of Sharon in the film that she excel in of the hands down,
goes to try not even in a history, has plots here to read for another, but taken this blue-scrape a quality of picture
is exceptional to look in still the twenty three year old film, a then has a Violence to an end, his very brutal.
Does not forget a swearing everything during a film for another that knows that. After all, this Is not the history of amour..
But a thing here is, a history. In this believed some viscous men those who has been given something like this simple to run then try the turn
to his private hell suitable for another, while it knows one will be to look, yeah well again..
Characteristic special. Author of history of Alive True Crime Nicholas Pileggi/Canal of History.
Vega and a Mob. One more
Time 2 H 59 min.
5.1 DTS-HD Master..
Has to that Know That That it is-that it is Very Bad..
4 / 5 Nelly
Is Casino a better mob to film never likes a lot has alleged? Any insurance. It is very good and deserves consideration together with Goodfellas and A Godfather but reason are everything different can not dip any on another. A history is good and a direction and acting excellent. I never thought of Sharon Bone like the actora adds but in the casino flies a show and concealed is no small accomplishment when up against some fine actions for Robert Of Niro and Joe Fish. A history has based on like the crime organised has developed Vega to a city of primary game in Amsterdam, as it has controlled the and that out of a law was before mob the control undertaken blocked and big there is taken on is startling especially how is to a large extent factual although suspicious there is some the artistic licence involved in in both a book and a film. Hard of the critique this in spite of reason is the film adds has done even more like this for one developing characteristic additional.
4 / 5 Scotty
A classical. If for some reason you to you has not seen this film and is the defender of the films of mafia adds like Goodfellas, or A Godfather, ossia to good sure something precise chooses up. Like this always, so much Robert Of Niro and Joe Fish rid uncanny actions.
5 / 5 Luke
One the English audio has not been synced/has not touched correctly in my copy. Perhaps it was just mine but is returned. The video looked to add this in spite of.
4 / 5 Pia
This film is the classical and my description would be pointless, a quality is wonderful. A must sees enjoy mob film, violence and a history of the game of casino de Vega.
5 / 5 Kandice
Beautiful picture. Bursting HDR. One DELICIOUS upgrade of one Blue-ray!
5 / 5 Waltraud
Based the True history and incidents of true life.. Enjoyable Film on life bad elections..
5 / 5 Reanna
DVD no in a Canada of region. It can not look a disk. No spent of vendor m & l. Side partorisca return side more than disk. No the value that returns.
4 / 5 Emiko
The film arrived inside the few days partorisca order. The speed of nave adds.
The disk was new and in excellent condition.
The husband has been thrilled ( looks it a day among a topmast), as I am happy.
4 / 5 Lashanda
A lot well Films To the sud the history gives Casino de Vega
4 / 5 Yuki
A bluray works...
A very good film, some actors the a lot of professionnal and a history is realisation !
5 / 5 Jefferson
The prize adds and the film adds. There it go it on VHS :-) as to two container of tape. Free on spatial and my father-in-law has taken some tapes
5 / 5 Cherelle
awesome films a lot a lot the time but a history was the value adds a compraventa
4 / 5 Jenni
Another a lot well Of Niro film. Based in the true history. Very good.
4 / 5 Rena
WOW That the film more than robert of niro clock of must!!!
5 / 5 Titus
This film has it everything. Work, idyll,colgante. I add all the star has launched! A good clock,,the first film is always a better.
5 / 5 Coleman
Good film quite enjoyed the, has received the time and the vendor of condition has declared.

Top Customer Reviews: Sister Act ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5 Miguelina
Formed: DVD I absolutely love this film is one of the mine favourite woopie Goldberg the fantastic work that touches a touch of character wants to has to that go in to hide like the nun and all like this chaotic taking all tries to do goes bad on say apresamiento like this boss of a heart and then everything begins to turn still in some but this dips sound in greats the danger and all the majority takes killed they the work adds that he the very pleasant fact.
4 / 5 Shu
Formed: VHS Tape In the tailor-done of work, Whoopi Goldberg stars like the Motown living room-singer in Reindeer the one who took a murder of the engine in some hands of the his married fianc and mobster, Harvey Kietel. When it Goes to some police, requires partorisca hide his place roughly sure, and find the place where any one would think partorisca look for a mistress-singer ... The convent. Maggie Smith also stars like the Upper mother the one who agrees to shelter again christened Sister Mary Clarence, and in some hands of Whoopi, can guess that it spends his woefully unsuitable heart. Ossia One of these films is hard any partorisca like. A function has been done partorisca Whoopi, and touches partorisca all well. One in some is everything pleasant, a fish out of the history of water has built in of the laughs, and a music is terrific - really takes some toes that touch. There is at all deep or the earth that shatters here, and thank God partorisca that. It is simply the film roughly singing out of your joy and do fault another. It say of another way,, is partorisca feel it good film and the plot of fun.
4 / 5 Leah
Formed: DVD THANK YOU. I have appreciated that it was punctual. I am writing the new screenplay and has required these personnel. A film is entertaining; it is also a lot well it build it.
5 / 5 Ute
Formed: DVD Is a film that amour a lot! Ape and light
4 / 5 Cristi
Formed: DVD Hialrious
Whoopi Goldberg
4 / 5 Shelli
Formed: DVD PERFECTO arrives lucido the next day of the his commende in mint condition embezzle so only the l ecouter
4 / 5 Isaias
Formed: DVD One adds classical with for behind a scene and trailers.
5 / 5 Jaymie
Formed: DVD Could not find this particular film and was pleased like this with the listed of the amazon. Amur A music and an acting is one. A lot it thanks.
5 / 5 Trish
Absolutely I love this film is one of the mine favourite woopie Goldberg the fantastic work that touches a touch of character wants to has to that go in to hide like the nun and all like this chaotic taking all tries to do goes bad on say apresamiento like this boss of a heart and then everything begins to turn still in some but this dips sound in greats the danger and all the majority takes killed they the work adds that he the very pleasant fact.
4 / 5 Agueda
In the tailor-done of work, Whoopi Goldberg stars like the Motown living room-singer in Reindeer the one who took a murder of the engine in some hands of the his married fiancé and mobster, Harvey Kietel. When it Goes to some police, requires to hide his place roughly sure, and find the place where any one would think to look for a mistress-singer ... The convent. Maggie Smith also stars like the Upper mother the one who agrees to shelter again christened Sister Mary Clarence, and in some hands of Whoopi, can guess that it spends his woefully unsuitable heart. Ossia One of these films is hard any to like. A function has been done partorisca Whoopi, and touches for everything well. One in some is everything pleasant, a fish out of the history of water has built in of the laughs, and a music is terrific - really takes some toes that touch. There is at all deep or the earth that shatters here, and thank God for that. It is simply the film roughly singing out of your joy and do fault another. It say of another way,, is to feel it good film and the plot of fun.
5 / 5 Stefania
Thank you. I have appreciated that it was punctual. I am writing the new screenplay and has required these personnel. A film is entertaining; it is also he a lot has very built.
5 / 5 Jay
Perfecto arrives Lucido the next day of the his commende in mint condition embezzle so only The l ecouter
4 / 5 Iliana
An add classical with for behind a scene and trailers.
4 / 5 Margy
Could not find this particular film and was pleased like this with the listed of the amazon. Amur A music and an acting is one. A lot it thanks.
4 / 5 Reyna
Good history. Glorious acting and flange. Whoopi Goldberg In his better
5 / 5 Ruben
Deloris Van Cartier (Whoopi Goldburg) is the Reindeer living room singer whose life is going nowhere quickly. So only it see his married lover, Wins LaRocca (Harvey Keitel), the mob boss, kill the man and is in fear partorisca his life. Deloris Has not Wanted to cooperate with some police, but loves alive. This in spite of, after discovering where some police planned in stashing the, Deloris has wished to be. That in the earth has been he has supposed for the spend was like the nun in the convent? Still, Deloris has been determined for the give his more shot Sister and Mary resulted Clarence.
Deloris/Twin Mary Clarence had not been in a convent for the first day already causes questions and calling first of the Upper mother (Maggie Smith). The Upper mother has not known that to do with Sister Mary Clarence, but a perfect solution has presented when it see the one who Twins Mary Clarence has reacted to an action of atrocious heart the Sunday. Ella promptly the twins have informed Mary Clarence that it was it manager for a heart and felt that this would maintain his out of mischief. This in spite of, before too much long, Sister Mary Clarence there has been a whole heart that mecer and going so that it takes traditional religious songs and his mecer on and songs of rock and the religious . Unfortunately, the a lot of good works of Mary Clarence could do not to go you careless for long and aim found a mob hot in his trail...
The law of sister is the monkey, entertaining film that the mark so only has laughed. A function of Deloris/Twins Mary Clarence was tailor done for Whoopi Goldberg and so only can say that it is having the wonderful time. A mould of support, directed for Maggie Smith (the Upper mother), Kathy Najimy (Sister Mary Patrick), Wendy Makkena (Sister Mary Robert) and Mary Wickes (Sister Mary Lazarus) was also glorious and each actora has spent his own only charm his function. If you are looking for the fast, entertainment, hilarious film that can look you with a familiar integer - and sing together with, also! - Ossia The election adds !
4 / 5 Lyndon
Law of look of Sister again recently (for a first time of then was ordained), has had the particular scene that agreed of a power of a clericals -- some bullies in a final persecution have refused to shoot Delores reason was dressed like the nun; they could not shoot, in the chances was the nun. Still although they were quite sure that is not the nun, a present image was one to be saint, and for this could not spend for the do. A combination of this scene with one in some in current by means of a casino, and that does his way to a flight, agreed recent experiences in mine with the.
Recently has had to that answer the function in a club excluyente in Indianapolis. It have been to this club before (always dress a lot well, has spent three pieces or business triple-formal double-breasted, etc.) And had been always prendido in a door, asked the one who was and where was, etc. This last time has spent my with the. A door has been opened, has been hailed ('take well, Father') and left to roam in a club to the equal that have pleased.
A bit those that days later, in the party of retreat for members of faculties of mine seminary, again has spent my with the for a formal chance. It likes to do fault the personnel dipped out of some dishes for us, there is remarked that has to do fault some women in the first place (pertinent etiquette), but then do fault like the first separate phase to come from to some other gentlemen in a table (any that spent it clericals).
The people are far mine more deferential now. Can escape me with to plot more. Hmmmm...
Oh Well. So only the brief observation. On to a film...
Has loved this film of a first time saw it. Of a transition to start with of Delores like the schoolgirl to Delores (Whoopi Goldberg) a daughter of show of the casino, to a thrilling persecution of in some and villians throug a casino, and a 'happy final' packaging, he all does.
Delores Van Cartier (likes any of this name probably would owe that be!) It is showgirl in the casino. It has Had a misfortune to fall that it considers amour with the casino-the owner that is researched by some police for several crimes, comprising murder (I knows, unheard of, surely, but hey, ossia fiction !).
Delores Is a witness of eye to a murder, and he like this continuous in a career. It contacts some police, and one to particular police plants his in the convent in another city, where she, masquerading like the nun, would live the calm and cloistered life, out of public view, and sure of some criminals those who are for this time that agrees a country that looks for, dead or alive.
When Delores Arrives in a convent, is like this of the accident of culture his so much is the culture of a convent, especially like this is envisioned and embodied by a Reverend Mother (touched astutely for Maggie Smith). After the period of 'adjustment', a Reverend Mother has decided finally that there is not any place in a convent that exist Mary Clarence' really access to well, but perhaps can, quotes his musical career, something with a quite disastrous heart in a convent.
Delores/Mary Clarence does like this reluctantly, but after the pocolos begin dud, instills confidence in some members of heart, and presents the eshowtune' element to his repertoire also (a lot to some surprises, nay, horror of a Reverend Mother). Has an effect lateralmente, this in spite of, to draw people and attention to a church. A church grows, and a continuous heart his increasing popularity, while a Reverend Mother grows increasingly concerned on some transmissions in his convent and a jeopardy such attention can spend the Delores' need for the sure port.
Some variac. Musical, combinations of hymnody and popular songs, really the helps spend a history by means of his hilarious phases. ' I will follow' it is perhaps my piece of favourite combination. According to a promotional material, turns one in some' yours-deaf heart to the soulful heart of swingin', singing sisters. In an end, a music draws such attention to a church of St. Catherine that a Pope has decided to visit.
Members of the mussels of support comprise Havey Keitel likes casino-proprietary; Kathy Najimy likes Sister Mary Patrick; and actora veteran Mary Wickes likes Sister Mary Lazarus.
A happy end is ensured, like this in fact is in sequela, with even more nunnery atrocity.
5 / 5 Letha
ister Law' is one of a pleasant plus and has done more film of an early 1990 east. Starring Whoopi Goldberg that Delores Van Cartier, (a living room the singer that read in the Reindeer, casino of Nevada) a film begins with the flashback aiming the youngster and irreverent Delores in the Catholic parochial be school reprimanded for the nun after giving some names of Beatles for some names of some apostles. A nun warns Delores that she a lot of quantity to a lot maintains his poor attitude.
Returning to a present, see a hapless Delores and his two behind-on the singers that extracted first of the mostly empty audience in the casino of Reindeer. Unhappy With his career and his married fiancé, Wins LaRocca (touched for Harvey Keitel), Delores decides to leave, but Wins appeases his to give the discharge of mink. When Delores Discovers that a discharge in fact belongs his woman, she tromps on to Wins office, where she unwittingly sees Wins shoot one of his employees. Sadly, Delores' unfortunate The appearance has not been careless likes Wins his mandates henchmen to take Delores. It line it was it Wins office and the the casino where directs to escape and evasions to some police.
Now that knows that his exboyfriend Wins is the gangster, police lieutenant Eddie more than the sud (touched for Bill Nunn), says Delores that has to that enter a program to protect of the witness to be sure until it can testify against Wins. Eddie Apresamiento Delores to San Francisco so that it can assume his new identity like the nun in the convent.
With which Eddie leaves, an a lot of unhappy Delores can not hide his horror to be the nun and the Upper mother (touched for Maggie Smith) is not thrilled with a situation neither. Calm can not help but laugh while it looks the Upper mother tentativas to find the pertinent place for Delores (now known like this Twins Mary Clarence) inside a convent or Delores' disgust with 'looking the penguin,' as it dip it. While, Two of a convent in some, Sister Mary Patrick (touched for Kathy Najimy) and Sister Mary Robert (touched for Wendy Makkena) results endeared with Sister Mary Clarence.
The Upper mother finally decides to have Sister Mary Clarence joins the inharmonic heart of a convent, which has been under a tutelage of Sister Mary Lazurus, the one who has been touched for Mary Wickes. This has not been a first time that Mary Wickes portray the nun: the sister portrayed also Clarissa in some film 'A Question with Angeles' in 1966 and his sequela 'Where the angels Go the question follows' in 1968.
Delores Find the way to survive life in a convent and spend harmony to a heart? The Upper mother be able to maintain sanity in touch? It wins to Find where Delores east hiding? To answer these questions, seats behind, shows this film and be prepared to laugh!
A film rendering on DVD and quality of his east so very good. A DVD comprises the few extras: a film trailor and two video of music that is to be release with a film.
5 / 5 Winnifred
Are the big Whoopi Goldberg defender, and there is wanted especially this film because a tongue in is not like this bad likes some of some another. This goes to aim you that it can it he you in fact law in the film without using a "f" word.
A whole mould was glorious, but was the little disappointed to discover this Sister Mary Robert any one his own flange (sad, has forgotten Wendy last real name). I saw it roughly 20 times before some credits aim me that Andrea Robinson has done in fact some suns for Sister Mary Robert.
Twins Mary Patrick was like this pleasant. Kathy Najimy Is the actora adds and kinda arisen agree me of me. It loves the music adds, and tongue to plot.
Maggie Smith was utmost like Reverend Mother, and has changed his tune of cautious to open admiration of Sister Mary Clarence first of an end of a show. I have done always like the happy end.
That Mary Clarence has done thus poor edge in some is faith further. It take the group of women those who would be likely to sing so only well, but was terrible flange in the group, and turned him to the heart that each church in some world-wide desires has had.
Highly would recommend Law of Sister to all the spectators.
4 / 5 Twanna
Whoopi Goldberg Have an accident in this wonderful comedy that all the world has to that see. It touches Delores, struggling it living room singer in Reindeer. His fiancé Wins gives the discharge of skin of his woman, and begins was to face. In a process took the murder, and has to that be announce his protect. It goes to some policemen the one who has dipped his in the place that Wins never suspicious, the convent. At the beginning that resists and when being difficult, results the nun and must partake in his activities and lifestyle. It is asked finally to help a heart, which was poor form , and has turned he to the celebration and takes people to visit a church again. One in a help inclusa a community and the turn around. Finally It Wins to find his in that the hilarious investigation of one in some in the reindeer persists. In general ossia the really good comedy of a prompt 90s, really the value that sees has no closing. One of mine favourite.
4 / 5 Lakeshia
An idea of Goldberg the character that pose like this any is not , is the a lot of overused one for now ("Ghost", One Associates", etc.) This film takes one or.k. Premise, but finally takes too complicated up in song & dance. -And ossia where some lies of question; this could not spend in real life, there is at all for his to do there, like filmmakers has been clearly a "ready" way (read: easy), and has there was Whoopi his material. If they have had skipped all some musical laws, and gone for the most serious approximation, could have had an interesting film. There is the plus, this in spite of: a brilliant Joseph Maher is wonderful as always. -His work would owe that it has been big, but is the favourite actor of mine, as some bookmarks/marcadors of films with me because of him.
4 / 5 Jame
All the world-wide more is commenting in a film to the equal that will limit my description of this (add) film to a quality of scrolling of the DVD.
Sound: 4 out of 5 stars
A 5.1 soundtrack is pleasing, but that lacking to surround activity and fullness. A PCM stereo in mine old laserdisc touched more enveloping, but felizmente this soundtrack in a DVD has corrected some questions with some old LD emission where had roughly sprain in a tape during the few points to overburden.
Will owe that turn this DVD on besides strong that registering the level is lower that half.
Picture: 4 out of 5 stars
A 4x3 lbxed the scrolling is excellent, but is the shame that Disney (released by means of touchstone) has not annoyed to give the new 16x9 anamorphic scrolling to the equal that have been rumored previously the emission. On all any one the bad picture (very better that a laserdisc, although both look sourced of a same scrolling), in fact quite on-pair with being able to 16x9 anamorphic the scrollings have seen in mine aforado 16x9 exposure. But still the stray occasion for these able spectators to see some additional 33 resolution that 16x9 encoding resupplied.
Some extras are fun, although there it is loved a C&C factory of video of music of "so only it touch to want to" more than some 2 video of music have comprised on in a disk.
For those of you the one who loves this film so to the equal that takes a DVD. But Disney has left no of easy raisin to be that they eat with a boss of his production of DVD LUCIDO/HIS KNOW that it is the shame has not given a consumer the good new 16x9 scrolling!
5 / 5 Thersa
Law of the sister easily can be classified likes one of the better comedies of a 90 have fill with laughing that it can it to it surpass to one likes besides the films was today. Whoopi Goldberg Is like this always hilarious and portrait Delores Van Cartier, he naive living room singer the one who is promised is the married mafioso (but does not know this), and later took the murder commited for him which has caused to run to some police, the one who turns stashed his in the church in San Francisco against him . The Upper mother (Maggie Smith) take his the church, and discuises eat it nun with the phony alias: Sister Mary Clarence. A question comes later when to to the Upper mother no likes them to them a decision to transform an out of-of-tune ( his improvement vocal skill) nun heart to the funky retro 60 group of daughter. If it love quell'hilarious comedy, fill with laughing the minute, will recommend this.
4 / 5 Liana
Love this film. It is funny and heartwarming.
Is in the living room the singer has appointed Dolores(Whoopi Goldberg) those who has assisted to the crime of murder of his lover Wins. Now it has to that that the hide is gone in the convent until some police can take Wins before calm of the Aches.
Now Dolores is Sister Mary Clarence. It fulfils in some with different personalities and also in ones that can not sing well. Clarence Saves one in a heart to be a leader of a heart. She the good work that will love you a music sings and a soundtrack.
I so only recommend this film to any one. Ossia One of my favourite comedies reasons Whoopi is in him. It is funny!!!
4 / 5 Leona
Has not expected to like this to film when my husband spent it home a night of Friday - but was bad, bad, bad. It is hilarious, uplifting, and entertainint.
Goldberg Games the singer of Reindeer of casino the one who dips in of the questions with a mob and hides out of disguised as it nun in the convent to teach. Maggie Smith, each twitch and blink in place, touches an upper mother that has to that give support Goldberg big jinks as it energises a convent, his heart, his students, and his own life. And, omigod! A music! You will love a soundtrack when you have finalised looking a film.
One feels good film to die stops.
4 / 5 Yen
So only take the look in this brilliant mould. Everything of is true artist and the believe a last film that Mary Wicks has done before it die. It is unfailing in his comic-relieve nun the one who was in my alcohol, one the majority of expressive comedy actora never. A film is light with breathing he of fresh air. A king-has done-songs partorisca one in some is exceptional with the beautiful orchestra partorisca back them up. Ossia Another swipe of Hollywood films concealed is the joy partorisca look and on again. Or just skip to some songs that like. A sound in DVD is wonderful especially has the 5.1 or 7.1 system.
4 / 5 Del
Whoopi Goldberg Touches the Reindeer living room singer the one who assist to the crime. It runs to some police partorisca say of a crime, so only partorisca find that it Wins LaRoca is the deep basses crimelord. It goes the St. Katherine chruch To the hide was before Wins kills. Appearance like the nun and results "Sister Mary Clearance"
Punctual, Sister Mary is attributed to a heart, which need the PLOT of help. Sister Mary Clearance helps a heart was and does such the good work, that a Pope comes the St. Katherine Is partorisca see a heart. A comedy adds!
5 / 5 Cyril
One of some things for real joy in Whoopi Goldberg the films is that it is joined always for one all-star launched and plots that marks a practical actor cringe. Whoopi Tecla Delores Van Cartier the living room singer the one who assist to the vicious crime commited for his married lover and like the result goes undercover like the nun any to be found. But partorisca arrive in a church wins several obstacles, these comprise of the bad-spirited nun the Upper mother, and trying a lot partorisca develop his true identity. Later it joins a nun musical heart and @give so only that for real bad is, as in some insists that it was a musical monitor , and transforms a bad nun heart to the heart of funky of the hip that is so only out of this world. I give this album five stars been due to Whoopi acting talent estupefaciente, and a film is simply irresistable! If yours looking for the film that there will be you on a flange of your chair, and laughing relentlessly, to good sure would recommend this yours film!
4 / 5 Ella
Ossia One of my favourite films-- is LIKE THIS PLEASANT, and there are songs add that I can listen the on and on!
A tacky the singer of casino took the murder committed for the mob, and one civilises the hides am gone in the convent until they can dip to date of test. It fulfils it stirs it of in some that each one which to the equal that has his own individual personalities (something concealed this films like this entertainment) and is instructed to join a TERRIBLE nun heart for a rigid Reverend Mother. Then it discovers that in fact it can help a heart to be add, and that there is really to plot of talent in this group.
If no dress it to it, the failures were! It goes and rent it!
Better still, buy a DVD--that the way can look some jointly wonderful scenes on and on again by means of a magic of selection of chapter--
5 / 5 Jeni
Ossia one of my favourite films. It is hilarious and there there is never something very slow in a film. Whoopi Goldberg The fabulous does together with Maggie Smith and Kathy Najimy.
Some musical numbers are classical, also. One in a turn Motown dips ready the songs of spiritual praise and gives the new interpretation to traditional Catholic hymns. Ossia HAVE TO THAT it SEES!
Has loved that and know that calm also! A perfect film for the date or has included a family!
4 / 5 Travis
This has to that be one of one the majority of hilarious film never!, it Remembers this of infancy of mine, and I definetly still the enjoy today!, The one who the film adds, he living room Van of Dolores of the singer Cartier hidding in to the the convent Likes him Sister Mary Clarence hahahaha!, whoo hooo!, The one who is coming with this idea, the comedic genious!, All a film surrounded by 60 music another fact adds, this film is timeless, classical, and have to that has in your collection!
4 / 5 Huong
At all can buy could do me say the God of lie! Ossia Whoopi Better film never! Prime minister of mine and I constantly have sung some songs are everywhere state. Some my favourite films of all time. The desire would exit with the DVD that has contained characteristic more extra this in spite of.
4 / 5 Devorah
Has in the first place seen this film when there it was around 7 years, and has included behind loved it then. I have been looking a film constantly of then, and improvement and better every time look it. Whoopie Goldberg Is hilarious as it Reindeer living room the singer that hides out of his killers of fiancé like the nun. Maggie Smith touches an Upper Mother, the one who is less than happy with Whoopie that remain in his convent. Whoopie Transforms one dulls, blase church when jumping, flashy place of hip to be! Taken on a heart, and turn them to gold. It is impossible any to love this film. Has something for all the world.. And material without accidents can say that I have learnt more in a Catholic Religion to look this film that has not done never to seat in church each Sunday.
5 / 5 Leesa
This film is a lot inspiring. My indication has said 5 stars because I love only chair and look this film on and on again. They are by train to buy it becuase My brother Jon taped in my version becuase has taken he out of a TV. I expect that this film if the value that shabby... Attended! Ossia A stupid idea ! These ROCKS of films!
4 / 5 Maryam
Whoopi Goldberg The partid√°rios has to that recognise this that it must-see!For good, cleaned funnies, ossia the pleasant film . It enjoys!
5 / 5 Vanita
This DVD is surprising. I have it quell'has looked already of 25 times. It is the light hearted film and is very partorisca a whole family. Whoopi Is hilarious in this film. Any Prayer is required. It is Add, and ossia because I give it 5 stars.
5 / 5 Alfreda
Absolutely complete of Whoopi Goldberg with Maggie Smith adds to some laughs of comedy and sheer entertainment of this film. The entertainment adds partorisca all the world!

Top Customer Reviews: Basketball ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5 Griselda
A wonderful action for Leonardo the one who seat his emotional ache like this intensely. No never it have listened of Jim Carroll before I have seen this film. You recommend this film partorisca any the one who is the DiCaprio defender . Calm will not be disappointed. Mould More adds them ; Wahlberg and Bravo. .
4 / 5 Shela
The film adds
has Arrived when it was supposed to
the packaging was a lot of and as described
Thank you the true products have received quickly of a lot
5 / 5 Arletha
The film adds
has Arrived when it was supposed to
the packaging was a lot of and as described
Thank you
5 / 5 Gina
It produces it is of to good and new quality likes has promised.
5 / 5 Ira
That is spectacular in "Daily of Basketball", you ask? An acting, partorisca one, is glorious. Leonardo DeCaprio is immediately, quota-imported, sweet, insightful, and, (touching the character the one who was once revered partorisca his skills in a basketball court and write but the one who faces the question of serious drug), deadly attentive touch a function of the like drugs and taking the wrong turn can do to the person. Some starts of plot was pleasantly enough. Leo Is a writer that aspires that alive in a poor side of City of New York. It is the athlete to star the one who hangs around three buddies---all with aims of mischief, basketball, and when being just boys. One prejudices fateful, a mate presents an easily influenced Lion to the drugs and a plot then direct almost exclusively in his downward torsion of the new life fill with drugs, hustling, flight, and the homelessness. He, together with another partner of intoxicated (touched for Mark Walburg---the one who is also the actor of serious and excellent character), leaves school, house of leaves and turn the bullies. A writer presented can no longer function; it is derilict, dependant in herion and crack, and without the family. And it is here that DeCaprio shows the glorious row of acting skills. It is like this believable in his reactions the life in some streets, in of the houses of crack, and a wild exposure of emotion, of self-aversion, of dispair is fantastically has portrait. In fact, I found often that shakes my boss in a life has launched was. Although some finals of history in the positive note and with wake he-arrive called, some subjects of as the alone life can take the disasterous the turn in a night is strongly felt. They are in accordance with as an another reviewer has said: a message of this film in fact "cries" the adolescent that the drugs are bad , as it is launching a life down a drain, together with all the hope, occasion, and the potentially brilliant future. Among an acting, a storyline, and some turns in plot, "Daily of Basketball" it is the film adds. Highly it recommends this intelligent film.
4 / 5 Joycelyn
Leonardo DiCaprio is to good sure any one my favourite actor of all the times. Yes, they are the adolescent , and yes, will admit that it was madly enamoured with him when TITANIC is exited but any so much anymore. Now I only respects like the good actor. I have seen I NEWSPAPERS of BASKETBALL the TELEVISION emission the few years does like this really does not agree a whole film and probably has not seen a real whole film reason are sure parts of was modified was. But that agrees, ossia an excellent film . Yes, any a lot of people know those who Jim Carroll is, but concealed is not really a point of this whole film. A point of this whole film was the adolescent the one who has taken intoxicated the drugs and of the that has spent his. A main character could have been any , really. There are a lot of young adolescents and boys there those who are addicted to the drugs and ossia a class of what that it can spend to them. I think that that it is that manager Scott Kalvert tried to aim one the history roughly Jim Carroll, but the history on like the drugs can affect your life and all the world-wide more in him. A whole mould of the NEWSPAPERS of BASKETBALL is absolutely glorious, especially DiCaprio (the one who to stars likes them to them Jim young Carroll), Mark Walhberg, and Lorraine Bracco. A filmming is excellent, and a history and to the plot is so only and amazing. Master I NEWSPAPERS of BASKETBALL and strongly recommend it to I can not expect see Leonardo DiCaprio has paste a big screen again this winter in of the BANDS OF NEW YORK! :-)
5 / 5 In
Based in the true history in a life of a prompt gritty world of Poet and Author:Jim Carroll (Leonardo DiCaprio), the Catholic-player of School basketball, the one who design in a World of Drug addiction, is result Nightmarish until it finds Redemption.
Has directed for Scott Kalvert (Deuces Wild) has done the strong believable film with Terrific Actions of a Mould, comprising-Lorraine Bracco, Mark Wahlberg, Hernias Hudson, Bruno Kirby, Patrick McGaw and James Madio. This film was the Office of Boxes Flop but obtain the Success of Cult on Video. Note:One.
4 / 5 Meridith
Jim Carroll the history of autobiographical life is a base thus literate classical of a prompt 90 east. Leonardio DiCaprio touch Jim Carroll the star of basketball to write of poet in the Catholic prep school in Manhatten the one who is future comes tumbling down when it takes intoxicated of the glue that sniffs to heroin. Mark Wahlberg has sawed to star likes them Mickey his partner in crime likes him skip of pupil and do drugs, Jim @gives his future to result the pro the player of basketball has gone when he sees the local boy that use to run with these decided to remain grandson the fact the university ball. Finally his mother fell was and is to save for the black preacher an user of the ex drug of some streets takes in. A powerful history roughly addiction and a negative affects it there is in an is sleeps . The action of Leonardo DiCaprio has surprised & the calm frames ask you the one who attentive was of Carroll. A soundtrack also is that it surprises, essential the collection & it have to that it sees film.
4 / 5 Vickey
A first deception dipped this film in a present more than one 60 east. A juxtaposition of Carroll is limited claustrophobic catholic world vs. An appearance of a street and heroin isnt that impacting in a context of todays has titled. This could have been an interesting film but instead he retreads predictable junkie subject, retraídas and rehabilitation in a insincere and the way has forced.
5 / 5 Eliana
Knows is funny, takes the film like this to show that already know. I go to cut some legs in this short description. Of experience, can vouch for a message of film that an emotion is real. This does not have any correlation with some actors, neither' an in leader, simply in a history, which in fact is derived of the true a. They are the defender in a representation of a human condition; and after looking this film, has had to take respite of mine. A Human suffering, a tragedy, he all comes full circle here, and calm so only wants to achieve out of your hand, but then again is so only the film. These grips of calm film, and entangles calm in the web of emotions, aiming you of the interiors-workings, as if a human condition was an organ . It likes a thought of that, in fact. As has my opinion, that this film is for any follower to to which likes to be the deep knee in the gripping accounts. But it does not concern , you can no any overdose is, taste to him has said, is so only the film.
4 / 5 Shon
This film is simply exelent! It is intresting for adolecents to see... So much the think that the parents would owe that give his boys a casualidad to see this film. It takes violent in time but he all finalises with some spectators that swears any never drugs. It is not so only the film to entairtain, is the film to EDUCATE in a world-wide our boys go to live in!...
4 / 5 Gisele
If it love the film partorisca aim that the drugs are bad, ossia. Otherwise, Is so only a lot that adds the film. Yes, León the good work partorisca portray any the one who only roughly launches his life was, but a film so only did not draw me in. @I give it is the history any like this there has no the plot can do with him, but has not had the character has concerned me so only roughly.
5 / 5 Ty
Starring Leonardo DeCaprio ossia the add flim, has loved that. Roughly some adolescents with the question of drug can Jim attractive out of his addiction and the help save his life with a help of the partner? The parts have been funny likes in a begining when it doubts it pukes in a type. It was the good film and the recomend the to the each one one.
4 / 5 Audria
Has read The wonderful work. Ossia One of his better films has compared to some of some another. A mould adds also. So only an excellent film!

Top Customer Reviews: Ruthless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
5 / 5 Helga
A capsule of time in the film.. I can agree spend to my hair likes concealed and to the of clothes likes that of a sdtory the line is thin but amusing and he that is supposes to mainly entertain.
4 / 5 Kareem
A power of REAL humour
Better that a bitter and has has twisted commentaries that often spends partorisca humour among some 'comics' of today
Defy you to look this without laughing out of strong, again and again
5 / 5 Lavelle
is funny, the calm film can not agree of 80s and value having in your collection especially considering a low prize.
4 / 5 Sherril
Has loved this film of one 80 east. Chard Midler is surprising ! Good prize and produced good ! Recommended
4 / 5 Giuseppina
Very pleasant a whole way by means of. Some extremely crazy moments with Midler.
5 / 5 Jacqui
Has looked for neither a VHS or DVD for years in thrift tents, etc. Like this happy find you those NEW in reward & of Amazon adds also! Thank you Amazon!
5 / 5 Kelley
Pleasant film that spends for behind good old memory
4 / 5 Tomeka
I have loved this film. Looked he with the little of mine fellow and was really enjoyyable evening. I lose that it characterises of comedy.
4 / 5 Marianela
Has forgotten the one who humourous this film is! We have had you laugh galore.
5 / 5 Gregoria
It is roughly time concealed 'Cruel People' is finally has been partorisca possess on DVD. Memory partorisca see this film when it was really little, and has loved each minute. Now, almost 21 years, was able to take everything of some few jokes that has not taken when it was little. Ossia Still the preferred, does not import the one who old a film is. 'Cruel people' is the laugh-incite to riot concealed will leave you begging paralización more!
Millionaire Sam Stone hates his woman. How much? Enough that is to prepare to kill. But when it takes house and is ready to do an action, his woman, Barbara, is nowhere to be found. Instead, it takes the call of telephone of raptores those who threaten to kill if it does not pay a rescue. So that Sam done? It celebrates!!! A film and to the plot takes twisted and more pleasant to the equal that run minutes stops.
A mould is terrific; comprising Danny DeVito, Judge Reinhold, Helen Slater, and Chard Midler. I am hillarious in this harm and twisting comedy. DeVito Really flies a show and is absolutley hillarious.
A DVD, admits, is quite poor. There is litterally any special characteristic at all. The picture is well, does not add . But maintain in alcohol, that ossia an old film . For him when being such one old film , a picture looks quite good. Still although a DVD is not a better, does not concern me . I have wanted to so only a film, ossia everything . And ossia that have taken. It does not import the mine has special characteristic or is not one.
'Cruel people' is the classical cult and the terrific comedy that abandons a routine boring formula. It takes risks, is a lot of-writing, and is still one of some films some the pleasant plus is gone in a phase today. It controls this one was when you can.
4 / 5 Cecily
Ossia One of three comedies has achieved Midler has done takes Disney/Touchstone in a mid-80s. Some another was 'Outrageous Fortune' and 'Down and Is gone in Beverly Hills'. All are recommended.
The black humour driven 'of the Cruel People', except an unnecessarily upbeat final, which, felizmente, is so only the pair of minutes long
A cruel business man [DeVito] is planning to murder his fat, strong-mouthed and extremely rich woman [Midler]. Before it can do like this, it is kidnapped for young pair that flies the fashionable idea that does money. When they Demand $ 500,000 rescue, waste, assuming will spend out of his threat to kill a unwwanted spuse. Ossia But a prime minister of the series of the increasingly of odd complications that plague all the world has concerned.
DeVito And Midler entirely dominate a film, although they are in fact in only a together scene. For behind a camera was a crew that 'Aerial' fact and 'A Gun In of the skins'. It looks that his specifically tailored a film for some two stars, those who both give 'the point underlined of actions of career.
A film is in satire of a M Generation, as well as of yuppie scum. It is one of some comedies add of his time. Now it looks so only the wee has bitten dated, but this often spends to even some better films in this gender. Still, it remains two pleasant times like the majority of comedies when be facts today.
4 / 5 Veta
Is Barbara Stone , the fat, loudmouthed, obnoxious, any-woman of Hollywood of the class. It is Sam Stone , he pint-has measured slimeball the one who takes rich was flies other' ideas. So only this time, is flown of a wrong person, the sweet housewife has appointed Sandy Kessler, whose enraged husband, Ken, is ready to fix a slimeball wagon of a swipe for everything. The best that partorisca kidnap the woman of Sam and that resists his for rescue? The question is, Sam hates his woman because it is cavorting with his mistress Carol (the one who in tower is deceiving on the with another man), and sees a kidnaps threat like the heaven-the way has sent to take touched of of his woman. Send a rescue? You gotta be kidding. Reason spend for the messy the divorce when it can be the bereaved widowed with the account of fat bank? Chard Midler Is to to an absolute annoyance likes him Barbara Stone, trusting in of his husband to rid his of some raptores' benign harps until it is spent on courting when it discovers that he dirtbag really is; Danny DeVito silts sleaziness like his loathsome husband Sam, and Judge Reinhold and Helen Slater is the delight of to the twin likes him the most sad pair of raptores in a planet. A film is the annoyance to laugh crazy inaugural credits to an inspired end. It is 80 comedy in his better.
5 / 5 Janie
Right of a start, the Cruel people has diverse things that goes for him. First of all, a plot is ridiculously hilarious.
Sam Stone (Danny Of Vito) is a dissatisfied husband (Of Vito is probably webster example of the dissatisfied person) of Chard of heiress Midler. Sam has the good stack of cash of the his own, still, like a greedy man is, loves more. And there is so only a way of the take. It kills of his rich woman. There is all planned was. Still little it knows that any there inadvertently lucido the favour to kidnap his woman and, if any paid of a rescue, will kill his for him. As Sam has to that do now is chairs behind and attended. There is so only a question. These raptores, while they allege to be 'cruel people', is really the pair of softies the one who, when they see the bug in his house, excluyente he on and the situate softly out of a door. When they Threaten to kill Lady Stone, hardly mean that says. The averages an entertainment to look this film is seeing some scenes where Sam is in a telephone with some raptores, seething reasons are to have give casualidades after casualidades to take them of the money, included after several stubborn refusals. Ossia A basic plot , with stirs it of transfers has added in still the do even more exciting. A particularly wry subplot is a tension among Sam and the dog of his woman (his step-dog?). It sees a dog in a same way esatta sees his woman; masters date it. Finally it comes up with a perfect solution to a question of dog; it takes the dog he big plus to come to the long of and eat (the psychological state of shows Stone). A line adds is where is presenting a two canines. It thinks the dog of his woman has been appointed Muffy. Soyuffy Fulfils Adolph. Adolph, Eats Muffy.' It shows this film to see if his works of slowly.
Chard Midler, The woman of Sam Stone, has a lot of grace in to his function likes them the hostage, and Judge Reinhold and Helen Slater is terrific like his captors. Material Bill Pullman is also in this film. It is a husband , or lover, of the lover of Sam Stone. Taking to confuse.
Some actions are a second thing this film has go for him. But it is really Danny Of Vito the one who finally done this film all is.
Has bought Cruel People in VHS, this in spite of, would suggest to rent the prime minister, of course. An only time will buy the film without active seen is like -me the particular actor in him or is really economic. But it is the quite sure bet that a lot you there will find this value to film a time takes for the look, and to good sure the value that rent.
4 / 5 Callie
Sam Stone so only married his woman, Barbara, for his money. Now it is anxious to take touched of of sound. Before it can do an action, this in spite of, any lucido the enormous favour to kidnap him. That can be better? All has to that do is not to pay a rescue and his question is solved. Barbara bungling he raptores find stuck with the worthless hostage.
The CRUEL PEOPLE is the very pleasant film . It is a lot of plotted, very done and maintain you laughing all a way. While any quite the classical, is one of some upper comedies of a mid-80 east Chard and resurrected Midler career of film. My only precaution is that ossia to good sure ANY ONE the film for girls. The raw tongue is scattered throughout and has some blatantly sexual material. While it can offend the few people, is quite sweet for current levels. You could see almost like this in the S√ļper show of halftime of the Bowl.
Liked the CRUEL PEOPLE never of then have in the first place seen he in a theatre. It is the first-comedy of adult of the tax. If they liked him some laughs, ossia the good election .
4 / 5 Jacinta
This film was the product of this time , when being a 80 this when the avidity was a lot of and the indulgence was in abundance. In a centre of this film is Sam Stone, the man that 15 years ago married the simple and overweight woman. Also it spends to be heiress to the fines-million fortune of dollar. Sam is tired of living with his and everything of his foul habits, as he confides in his mistress (yes, ossia well, his MISTRESS) that plans to kill his rich woman and inherit his money. Odder to Sam his woman has been kidnapped for the young pair well that Sam rasgó was recently. More than spending for the longitude of type of process, which probably would lose in all the chance, this pair decides to take rich quickly thus half. But a naive look it no @to give that has done Sam the big favour reason when they threaten to kill if it does not pay a rescue, or calls some police and of the mean comunicacionales thinks that that they are serious. As Sam pauses out of a champagne and practices ther function of a bereaved widowed. In a moment, of the 'raptores' is in the loss to comprise reason he heasn't has paid a rescue.
Has very other transfers and turns in this film, but a lot will be heartened that sometimes the good types can win and that the bad people take his comeuppance.
5 / 5 Delaine
...Where it is all some characteristics of prize? In minimum coffins, where is a remastering? My two stars obviously do not reflect in the witty, that ready, or as entertaining this film is. Midler Especially is in his pinnacle as the privileged and overbearing socialite woman, and Reinhold and Slater is perfectly dimwitted--but no like this perfect likes Bus. A critique so only could have for the contained of a film is DeVito typical action, but returns like this snuggly to one his plot predictability is excusado. My low indication is simply for an extremely poor quailty of a picture this DVD has to that offered. It is no better--no clearer, no more pristine--that a VHS to the cassette has had for 10+ years and has been seen and rewound countless time. I have thought sure that such the terrific film would leave like this exactly to star commentary, remastering, and perhaps the pocolos small of has has deleted scenes. Ossia An equivalent of an old and scratchy he elepé that is to burn directly to CD and issued to the equal that east.
4 / 5 Loura
Extremely pleasant film. Danny Devito touches a part of the husband the one who married his woman for his money and now wants to take touched of of his ( has the promise in a side). Chard Middler Tecla a strong-mouth rich woman. So only when Devito decides to dip his plans the action, is kidnapped. It is thrilled and waste to pay a rescue while some raptores will go on down half of in his threat to attack was if it does not pay up. While it is laughing and celebrating, some police thinks that that it is crying. Some raptores finds there is taken on more than a half victim kidnapped, especially of then is really the soft-hearted pair the one who felt Danny has owed him still rasgar of the idea of a woman. Chard Midler Is no tame, soft spoken woman.
A film is one of these comedies that side of leaves that is adds of a start to an arrival! It enjoys!
5 / 5 Scott
Has seen this film on boss, several times, looks it each casualidad volume, any I personally possesses it, but the aim that comes my collection of DVD. A main character is touched for Danny DeVito the one who key philandering, money hungry tycoon Sam Stone(Danny touches this character with such relish) the one who has has done enemies of a pair touched for Helen Slater and Judge Rheinhold, that there is wronged. His retaliate partorisca kidnap his woman touched for Chard Middler. Place the one of in this way any raptores arrived to be one the majority of likable characters in a film, with all a manuevers done for Sam Stone, his mistress has touched for Anita Morris, his transmission like the promised of mecer touched for Bills Bus, a Police Commissioner, and an unsuspecting woman touched for Betty Middler, the one who expects to be succoured by his husband. It is funny, intelligent and apresamiento calm for the quota that entertains the walk with him is transfers of plot.
4 / 5 Moshe
Now one has to that know that anything with both Chard Midler and Danny DeVito a lot so only be the quite good film but the ape some hips. This film is both of this so much continuous Chard his film to attack that is here. The chard Again touches the rich woman the one who is kidnapped for some inept people. Once it discovers that his husband does not want to pay a paltry rescue, combines forces with some raptores to turn a table in his husband and take of the money. Judge Reinhold and Helen Slater is sum like some raptores likes him the fine work. The chard Once again flies a show with his red hair and fiery attitude. It is also very pleasant as it helps a film alot. So only the film adds of 80s!!
4 / 5 Renetta
1986 To 1989 was big years for Chard Davis in a scene of film. In 1986 it films Cruel People with Danny DeVito and Helen Slater known minor (Supergirl afamada). Cruel people, while it bite it dated, has some hilarious moments and inclusion of need in any Midler collection.
The one who could forget a kidnapped Midler beats to paint of the lifting to keep fit and lose hanged. Well, it is a way to maintain you occupied while the be has kidnapped.
The chard Has BEEN in still star in an ape, but no like this very so much, "Outrageous Fortune" with Shelly Long.
RODEO of DVD: the Cruel people is the coffins-bone DVD. This in spite of, the value that possesses for a factor of Chard so only!
4 / 5 Cliff
Danny DeVito is Sam Stone. It is contemplating that it clashes of the his rich (Plump) Chard of woman Midler. Sandy Kessler has touched for Helen Slater (A secret of my Success) loves revenge for a sooner wrong caused for Sam Stone. Crown Stone is kidnapped. Police commissioner Benton touched for William G. Schilling (Radioland Murderous) takes an IMPULSE. Carol Has touched for Anita Morris (also in Radioland Murderous) master extricate Sam of a rescue. Bill Pullman (Sibling Rivalry) has to that do an action. Bill Pullman games the real dufus and some police contemplates so only shoot.
The value has repeated to see.
4 / 5 Madie
Think " A Rescue Of Red Boss " and then warp to time to a glitzy 80 east. A sleazoid husband and the spoiled, tacky, self indulged the woman is a pivotal characters in this very pleasant farce. Spear in a requisite mistress and the pocolos other characters those who roam among confusin and total befuddlement and take a makings for the laugh-was-amused strong fest. Midler And Devito is the neighbour matched and the marvel to look. Highly recommended for madcap viewing.
5 / 5 Cristie
Ossia Some characters of the film. It is hysterical. There is not One dulls moment in him. And all the world in him was so that it adds. Danny DeVito was glorious likes money hungry tycoon, Sam Stone. Judge Reinhold and Helen Slater there is bounced of each another perfectly. Chard Midler Is always sensational. And calm can not forget Anita Morris and Bill Pullman. I want to when Judge Reinhold taking paste in a face with can he (God, this hurts!). And the one who can forget has dressed up like the clown! Bill Pullman was 'the stupidest present in a face of an earth.' I wont gives more than this film was, for those of you the one who does not pour it. But to the left ensure, if any one calm saw it, is in still the ENORMOUS SURPRISE!! Ossia The one who each comedy would owe that be like. 'Calm does not die immediately. You kinda on.'
4 / 5 Eunice
Sure, is hyperbole . But I love this film. I acclaim on when I am depressed. I think that that it is funny still although I looked it like this the time knows some jokes by heart.
An acting are add, a plotting excellent, a pacing unbeatable, and some jokes are very funny. That more can loves? I expect Dvd does not spend era!
4 / 5 Jeanine
Master of comedy Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams, the one who has spent in Big Steering wheel, there is rid also this brilliantly crafted comedy, with the actions add for Danny Devito, Chard Midler and Judge Reinhold. So only his no of the comedies like this anymore, with there when being the constant flow of pleasant lines layered in a cup of the glorious history-line, which strongly outlines and describes the one who egoistic and the cruel humans really can be!
A MUST compraventa for any the one who appreciates for real ready comedy.
4 / 5 Shane
This one was the classical! A must has in your library of comedy.
The quality of video is good considering his quite old.
5 / 5 Michaele
A comedy exitante in where when kidnapping him L the woman, have done a favour really.
A lot of will be the thought Pleases to kidnap my husband!.

Top Customer Reviews: Jackie Brown ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5 Rosina
While one could contest that ossia clearly the Tarantino films simply thus "look and feel", it is it likes at all it conceal it is coming before he of him. Fault of a ferocity and speed of Dogs of Reservoir and Fiction of Pulp and instead, Tarantino leaves partorisca take the different class of travesía with him with the film that resupplies the slowest diving to the very fresh and complex history the line focused for one extraordinary Pam Grier and superbly sustained for Samuel incredible L. Jackson.

Of some inaugural lines of this film, will be hooked and never leave go for some incalculable transfers and has turned that ensue. More than any one another Tarantino film to this point, this one requires the bit of an investment of attention, that paid of enormous, in an end.

Is my humble opinion that ossia a singular film of Tarantino, this in spite of known and having the following, that often takes stray or has appreciated down. If calm saw it, knows is awesome, if no. of the.. You could it loves the transmission concealed. A soundtrack so only, to look this film, more than interesting.

A Blue-the ray is the very good scrolling and engineering of his east also very good but truthfully does not have any alcohol that characteristic extra swipes, any to say that I am not very characteristic interesting to explore but has no "wow" the factors here and there very precise to be, a film is a precise only reason compraventa a disk. It is so only that well.
5 / 5 Lilliam
One of a Tarantino better films. Of course if a material of source is a Elmore Leonard novel and you have the a lot of talented the mould is class of hard the disorder up. An election of music adds so much to a visuals. As entertaining it there will be calm in a flange of your chair with sudden impressive transfers. Nizza To see any Tarantino the bloody end is one .
4 / 5 Jeff
Pam Grier Games the woman has forced the drugs of ferry have seen the Mexican airline. Samuel Jackson touches the trafficante to drug the one who would not scare any, the difference of a touch of function in 'Fiction of Pulp'. Pam Headed to fool all the world-wide and evasion with a money. There is some amusing double crosses in the tent of department. Ossia Roughly that.
5 / 5 Kortney
Fast delivery. It has had to that choose this an on how is a 'digibook' version of a Blue Ray. A lot resembled an emission of Fiction of the Pulp. Nizza One to add to a collection. Almost impossible to find in the tents like this of the means comunicacionales the physicists is in decline.
4 / 5 Merry
Good product, the unexpected scene but that has be worth it.
5 / 5 Shella
One all time the favourite film of a novel adds, Punch of Ron, for Elmore Leonard.
4 / 5 Rima
Another classical in Quentin Tarantin film. A must has like -you it his fashion.
5 / 5 Taylor
Utmost copy, coming with 2 disks (obviously) so only down the side is that it is one all the chance of paper , with coverage of slip of the paper. If it was plastic or has included the steel reserves it would be even more be in amazing!!

The film adds, highly recommend it.
4 / 5 Raye
Another Terentino addition my library of favourites !!! If it likes Terentino of the then calm material like this one, sure!
4 / 5 Halley
The film adds. An extra material comes with this beautiful dopes.
4 / 5 Mallory
The music adds, doing vintage , adds sum Elmore Leonard.
4 / 5 Barney
A storyline was too long drawn and generally there is not enjoyed this film too much. A build up was more adds that a history.
5 / 5 Josefina
Reading several novels for Elmore Leonard and looking Quentin Tarrantino new film 'Once To the Time in Hollywood' spent me partorisca look 'Jackie Brown', Tarrantino' 1997 adaptation of the 1992 novel of Leonard 'Punch of Ron'. The novels and the law of film differently. 'Jackie Brown' is the wonderful interpretation of 'Punch of Ron' and the rarity in this I there is enjoyed a film probably more than an original.

Has dipped in the novel of Florida Leonard has said the history complicated of crime, violence, and that the fold of crosses partorisca write in the punchy way with acute dialogue. A plot is difficult to be still in detail, but starts. It involves elements of the sting and the shell-the game like several characters tries to the walk was with $ 500,000 in soiled money. A lot a novel involves characterisation as well as plot. Some the primary characters are Jackie Burks, 44, fly it three married times has uploaded partorisca the yard-airline of tax, Max Cherry, 57, the bail bondsman the one who the enamoured falls with Jackie, his bail, and his help in his endeavours to outwit both application of law and the hardened criminal in a trade of illegal gun, and a hardened criminal he, Ordell Robbie.

The novel of Leonard has racial subjects in Robbie and very other characters are American African , but Tarrantino the film develops these subjects. Tarrantino Marcos Jackie, (with a last name Brown) an African American and underlines an importance of this transmission partorisca change a scene of a history of Beach of Palmera West, Florida the Compton, California, and Los Angeles. An emphasis of African American experience by means of Jackie Brown that looks for to avert prison and partorisca escape the life of just taking for for the half age and by means of a house in a vicious Ordell add the dimension to the history of Leonard. Leonard has informed has loved a game of screen, written for Tarrantino and an only one of Tarrantino is partorisca film which is based to the novel for another writer.

A film is lush, and lavish, different of Leonard usual terseness and understatement. It is hard, crude, and violent, how is the novel of Leonard, and also takes some feelings that develops among Jackie and Cherry of Max likes them help his schemings. Pam Grier Touch Jackie Brown with conviction, taking so much his sense of the his and his vulnerability. Captures of Jackson of Samuel so much a viciousness and playfulness of Ordell Robie while Robert Forster has received a nomination of Prize of the Academy for his portrait of bail bondsman Cherry. A film has a sound never present clue. The majority of some musical selections adds to treat adds to an action in a screen while the little look overdone.

I thoroughly enjoyed 'Jackie Brown' both for him and like an adaptation of Elmore Leonard is 'Punch of Ron'. A double complex that treats of a history was clearer that follow when it can be visualised. Some scenes of Compton and his hips has helped the half spends a history the life. A budding the report among Jackie and Cherry was poignantly has portrait.

'Jackie Brown' is the hard-imported emotional film which enhances a book in that is based. A film is long but will resist to look more than a swipe. I have enjoyed to see this film and that thinks again roughly the novel of Leonard, 'Punch of Ron'.

Robin Friedman
4 / 5 Ching
Jackie Brown is a third film of Quentein Tarantino. A pop cultre the master has done another perfect film, and place simply this type is a man .
Jackie Brown(Grier) is the to charge of flight for a line of worse air in some the EUA. No it likes Him To Him his work alot, but pays his bills and leaves his work. Ordell(Jackson) is the trafficante of guns. It sells the guns to any one will buy and is not shy roughly that. There is $ 500,000 in Messico and is dulcemente smuggling he in some the EUA with Jackie that door in some in the each one of his travesías. Ordell Has has had so only one of his old prison buddies Louis(Of Niro) regime of prison and an ex-with the starts that reads for him. It fulfils Ordells' lapped was beach bunny partner of daughter Melanie(Hostel) the one who knows the plot in Ordell and in his plans.
With which Beaumont(Tucker) taking prendido Ordell goes to the bail was. It uses Max Cherry(Forester) like some bails bondman to take Beaumont was. Ordell Taken was and quickly kills before to a lot can be said on link of together sound. A next day Jackie is prendido out of an airport for ATF Ray of agents(Keaton) and Mark(Bowen). They know has of the money in his of a tip of Beaumont and they take in prison. Ordell His bails was that Cherry of uses again.
The cherry goes to take Jackie was and almost instantly enamoured tomb with sound. Offered to help his in any way that can. Jackie When being a ready woman is know Ordell loves his dead person. With which for his tentativa in him thye the cut treats it on like this to take his money behind to some the USA where neither will owe that go the prison. A quickly gone back plot to the race where all the world is involved to take one $ 500,000. The one who is touching the one who and the one who will finalise with a money. Ossia A master row of Jackie Brown.
This film has a perfect mould in him. Once again Tarantino dips one perfects launched there and all the world-wide shines. His all resist his own with each another and his all gives the memorable action. Tarantion Has written a perfect script and a dialouge in a film is perfect.
Samuel L. Jackson is a man . I have laughed like this I last looking his action. His character Ordell could be my preferred one that has has not touched never. Calm so only has to that it loves.
Robert Forrester gives a more memorable action of a film. It deserves Oscar appoints and would have to that have one that. It is an odd ball in a film. Any one has described likes the type knows has seen in the film, only calm can not agree the film was. This resists true is. Calm so only love his action. You can read a sadness in his eyes in a scene, then see an absolute joy in them in another. It have to that have an Oscar and ossia one of some better actions have not seen never in the film.
A rest of a mould are adds. Pam Grier Rocks in a function of advantage likes sassy the half has aged black woman. It likes Grier the plot and of east is his in his better. Of Niro the action is not quite that would expect of him. Calm can contest like the living actor more adds, but his character and the action does not add to this statement. It is not bad, is so only very memorable pleasure like this of the his others films.
A DVD specials are adds. I have loved some Chicks with video of Guns. All a specials in a doing are adds. Tarantino there has been the explosion that he the fact, and some interviews are of sound with him. There is the tonne of extra. Ossia One of a better Dvd that has has not seen never.
Likes -you Tarantino have that chooses this an up. Not To Compare it Fiction of Pulp or Resvoir Dogs because yes it calms will not enjoy it so much. It is the different class of film of Tarantino. Ossia An influential film , and without him does not think would have some of some thrillers of flight of the crime that has been to populate a last pair of years. Buy this film and prepare you for the walk add.
4 / 5 Sebrina
I amour Quentin Tarantino. Calm looks to speak in his art in of the interviews, and while @I give that I am answering to be able to simply be the cleverly-wrought present public, his energy and excite he for his work is so only like this contagious that a can not help but be energised also. This energy certainly spends on to his films, and while it can not be one the majority of thrillingly visual manager, his undeniable present for dialogue more than compensates in his films.
FICTION of PULP, as of now, is my favourite film; some @@@sparkle of dialogue with talent, and could listen this stain on and on again without any one tires it never they. JACKIE BROWN, his clue to PF, is like this very like this PF, if no quite his upper. A lot complained his emission that this film was too sluggish and slow-emotional (the on called of Description of the Editor he "decaffeinated"). Sure, a plot of this film certainly could result the tended, exciting thriller under the hands of another manager. But clearly manager of writer Tarantino is not aiming simply for action-emotions of films. It is directed also in his characters, particularly with some two older characters, Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) and Max Cherry (Robert Forster), two characters those who have a unspoken attractive to the each one which as another concealed door an intriguing undertone to the majority of a history of crime. If Tarantino takes his time that develops his characters and dipping out of one , some characters' the dialogue is consistently fill of life; some characters are interesting (and some terrific actions by means of a joint, particuarly Forster is); and a convoluted weaves, when it whitewashes to big train, is the source of fascination also. Looking it, almost has not felt never that it was too slow for his own good: it was too fascinated because invernadero and listening partorisca remark any possible lacks in pacing. (Another Elmore Leonard adaptation, Steven Soderbergh is OUT OF VIEW, has taken the one of alike way leisurely approximation his plot of crime, and do like this well in this film, also.)
In short, JACKIE BROWN is a underrated Tarantino masterpiece. It can not be quite a FICTION of the PULP of the film is (of then there is the plus palpably his energetic chair, in spite of both films' running 154 minutes), but is certainly the worthy clue.
4 / 5 Lane
Are the partid√°rio enormous of Elmore Leonard, an author of "Punch of Ron," a novel in that this film has been based, like this of course, has had big expectations. I have not been disappointed. Robert Forster is EXCELLENT, deserving of Oscar appoints. Samuel L. Jackson once again flies a show, dominates each scene. I can not think of more the one who could touch Ordell Robbie that Jackson. I have read "Punch of Ron" the first year of a film is start, and I in fact envisioned to to Jackson likes him Robbie to the equal that read. And the one who better to direct Leonard classical that Tarantino? Each scene sizzles, a music is PERFECTA , some corners of camera are brilliant, and a dialogue is the no-the assault of stop concealed resisted me spellbound. I can not comprise reason the people compare this to "Fiction of Pulp" and "Dogs of Reservoir" and critisize the like this severely. If Tarantino has the place was a film the year and has had 12 or 15 or 20 film, then could comprise dipped the up against "his best." Felizmente, Tarantino so only has 4 film (account " it kills flights of Bill. 1 And 2 like a film.) And all four film are held , each one that like this like this enjoyable to mine likes another. I do not have the film of Tarantino of the favourite. In another note, would like me see Tarantiono Leonard novel to the film. "Punctual" it is one of mine favourite and he would do the spectacular film, of then in the middle of a history takes place in Italy in a Meditteranean. I will maintain my toes have crossed. (Sinister just hope Leonard the next novel has propiciado a screen of the money is not the disappointment, "A big Boot" it was one of my books of Leonard of the favourite, his first novel of crime, but was recently butchered on screen. They are conscious that "Be Fresh," a sequela to "taking Shorty" it has been he was punctual and, while "Be Fresh" it is among Leonard less favourite novels ( has read 26 of them) am expecting the good film.
5 / 5 Jann
Am spent to look this film in a a-the cut of the version and I have to that admit that I have been annoyed by a overwelming use of vulgarity profanity. WELL, I did not turn it it was but I am spent a whole film with a sound down while any one would wake up and listen quell'listened to. I am coming to comprise that ossia part of a stock in trade for the film of Tarantino of Quentin. Too bad, has seen some of his work that has thought was very a lot of (excepts...). "Jackie Brown" result to be an excellent film with the plot that moved to the long of quite fast to maintain our interest and quite slow so as to follow a line of plot and development of character. There is the plot of well doing in this film. Samuel L. Jackson his delivery regulates that orders a screen, Robert DeNiro in fact looks partorisca rid the scarce, sub-pair preformance, Pam Grier does a lot well in his function of the title and another help was effectively also. This in spite of, when a film is on, a durable impression is a function of a bail bondsman has touched for Robert Forster. Ossia An actor recognises but can not agree of where. I have seen this after a acadamy the prizes are exited in 1998 and could not think that Forster has not won a prize (especially in light of a dismal preformance this has won a prize). It sees for calm and see adapt . Some costs to film to look also for his' development of intricate plot also
have the suggestion to see this film; it show in the regular TV after a censorship has done his have to that. I took it another night in just such the format. They are not that it says that a film would be good for a whole family. This in spite of, at least calms will not owe that turn a sound down.
5 / 5 Annita
"Jackie Brown," I seat to say, is the clunker. Coming Three years after "Fiction of Pulp" (a intolerably long wait partorisca partid√°rios of Tarantino), this Pam Grier the vehicle simply does not have the obliging quite a lot of history to justify his time to run. Have Absolutely at all against some long films, but when you can feel a period of the film, has the question, and such is a chance with "Jackie Brown."
Tarantino apparently felt a need to try can do the " it hangs-out of" film like "River Bravo," in those some characters take the long time to recite a lot of dialogue and basically seats around that does the whole plot of at all. Frankly, after a "Citizen Kane"-like character in writing in "PF," I for a has not required to know that QT could do hang he-was film.
Here Tarantino basically is that it directs the fact-for-film of television, using a lot of a stock filmmaking technical shuns it in "PF." (Habladurías Of character. Cut to another character. Tongue. Cut behind to another character. Near-up. The half look for-up. Two has shot.) The dialogue of Tarantino are add, and is one of some better managers those who never lived, but scene after the scene in those two people is smoking the cigarettes and that speak in the quite bland and the boring office memory more than the Film of a Week that Tarantino.
A history is quite miniscule but is widespread was the long time, long. Ossia coupled With a unfortunate done that Pam Grier -- sad -- can no . It is almost there in some scenes, but time and again shows the complete inability to spend the film convincingly. Samuel L. Jackson grates to to the nerve likes Ordell, and Michael Keaton, although enjoyable, is squandered sadly ( has perhaps of seven total minutes of time of screen). The habladuría roughly squandered -- Robert Of Niro is here in the Tarantino film, and is one the majority of underused actor in a whole film.
Robert Forster resupplies a grace of only saving. It is solid likes Max Cherry and has deserved Oscar appoints. Too bad a film has not been the big quite sucedido to launch his career to a stratosphere where belonging.
Like this, "Jackie Brown" it disappoints. But ossia WELL. QT There is resurrected with a dazzling " it kills Bill," an epic that the frames have included "Fiction of Pulp" it looks the game of the boy. Any harm, any foul.
5 / 5 Allene
ORDELL (Sam Jackson):
"This TEC-9? They announce it like this when being one the majority of popular gun in American crime. It can you think that s? In fact it say that in a bit booklet that comes with him. The majority of Popular Gun in American Crime, likes is proud of this s!"
Of some first lines of dialogue of this immensely entertaining 1997 caper, is to press behind in a world of Quentin Tarantino. A beauty of the writing of Tarantino/that directs the fashion is evident in an on quote. A "chit-cat" it speaks that the majority of film would have left in a paving of cutting room these days are not left so only in JACKIE BROWN, but is a heart of a film he. Roughly ten minutes to a film, a half popcorn chewing film-goer would ask "reason are still in speaker?" After another ten, probably take that it is going in.
Rests under the wave while looking JACKIE BROWN. There is not never a lot cliché scenes where the points of plot am closed unexpectedly down in a spectator. A plot is said by means of dialogue and narrative. So only like in the leading film of a master, FICTION of PULP, dulcemente prpers give that a dialogue any prenderá in any point. If they are speaking roughly something so it says, if or not taking inner of the trunk to repay the favour is rational, or something more serious like the felony paralización, a spectator is resisted in the complete awe reason is going down in a screen.
Any to say a film is boring. There is murder, action, idyll, intrigue so only like any one another caper of crime. This in spite of, by means of this endless current of conversation, coming to concern on some characters. Some of them despise. This does an action that transpires in the thousand times more intense then anything concealed has come from/come from that volume, tired, lobotomized Jerry Bruckheimer action flicks in of the recent years.
In JACKIE BROWN, Pam Grier touches a character of title, the person of 44 years but gorgeous the auxiliaries have stuck in that goes-nowhere occupation, the one who the helps arrive to final of month in his meager salary for smuggling in cash for the Good-looking Beach-has based trafficante of arms, Ordell (Samuel L. Jackson, in the fitfully pleasant action). A day, while spending in a cash, a Brown hapless is busted for ATF agent Ray Nicolette (action to notch upper of Michael Keaton), and is launched to a ATF/DEA extracted to capture Ordell mid-way during a smuggling of the means-million dollars... In cash.
A DVD is uploaded fully, with a hourlong documentary, the ape has has deleted scenes, a Siskel & Ebert description (two way of thumbs on, of course), and a MTV the promotional opposition inspired a flick.
If you have not seen this film, eats. Right now!
5 / 5 Diamond
Ossia My film of Tarantino of Quentin of favourite , and is a better of all some versions of films of a Elmore Leonard novel.
Quickly place, a movement and the novel are in the auxiliary, Jackie Brown, the one who has been that flies in of Bahamas some illegal profits of Ordell Robbie, those who sells guns for the living (for a way, the descriptions of Amazon took it bad. Tarantino does not change Ordell race in a film. In a book, is described like the light skinned black man). A Feds loves Ordell and try use Jackie Brown to take. Jackie Brown has ideas of his own, this in spite of.
Tarantino attacks an exact right tone to take a ready writing, realistic of Leonard. And, how it is often a chance with Tarantino, a film could not have been better mould. So many utmost actors have taken his foreseen in this film, and justly like this, mainly one adds Pam Grier, touching Jackie Brown. I have loved always Pam Grier (the one who any one?), And never there is, never the better effect has had the habit of. It was also he adds to see Robert Forester, the one who turns in the like this thin action and has ensured grieves does not take more work. One of the forces adds of Tarantino like the filmmaker is his probing fusion of has appreciated under actors and dipping them in perfect functions where shine. He he for John Travolta in Fiction of Pulp, and he he again with both forester and Grier.
In the smallest functions, but any less interesting, Michael Keaton there is showed reservation and utmost control like the a lot of convincing ATF Agent, and Bridget Marries was perfect likes Melanie, the daughter with the plot of attitude and any of him well. Considering Samuel L. Jackson, sufficed to say that one of some actors of character more utmost in of the turns of history of the film in another gem.
This film is coming like the surprise to partid√°rios, like this the film has the very very different and way that Tarantino has loved better films - much less violent and splashy. But it thinks some critiques of a film (also slow, too sluggish) is so only flat injustice. It likes filmmaker has said, desires to do the film for grown ups. Certainly it has.
4 / 5 Tatum
"Jackie Brown" it was received amply like the clue that disappoints to Quentin Tarantino "Fiction of Pulp," but I think that that it is in fact the better film, if less obviously so much. It is hard any to be blown has gone by "Fiction" because of the east sheer audacity; "Jackie Brown" it is the film the calm plus that shows Tarantino has some potentials to result the mature and sophisticated manager.
Is a bit ironic that Tarantino, associated with a youngster hipster audience, has done this film, reason in a basic level "Jackie Brown" roughly it is taking old. Everything of the cradle of motivations of Jackie of a fact that beginning in early will result impossible for sound. Cela Some available options to the some shows of half age, level it lower, the black woman in modern Amsterdam is has limited severely. Tarantino aims an amazing courage to take to a boss of this woman. His sensitive direction coupled with Pam Grier the action to notch upper combines to do Jackie one of a more obliging and sincere female characters the paste a screen of film in of the recent years.
A rest of a mould is uniformly excellent also. Robert Forster underlines like this bail bondsman Max Cherry, the one who partner of Jackie of the results in crime, as it was. Samuel L. Jackson does well with a class of separate looks been born to touch, but his character is not like this interesting likes another and like this frames less than an impression. Bridget Marries is the scene stealer like the beach of California bunny, and one contrasts among his and Pam Grier is used enough effectively.
Is interesting partorisca remark that in a book this film has been based on, "Punch of Ron" for Elmore Leonard, Jackie was white. Changing a race of a character to title to the black adds the integer another dimension to a film that some lacks of book. Ossia A chance where a film a lot of improvement in his material of source.
"Jackie Brown" it take some commitment in behalf of a spectator. It is leisurely paced and more connecting on studio of character that Tarantino is other films , but these are not of the detriments. Simply they illustrate that Tarantino has some row like the manager, and expect that continuous explore this row.
4 / 5 Melba
Included after looking Tarantino later " it kills Bill", still I create "Jackie Brown" to be the better work of Tarantino. Perhaps a lot like this witty like this "Dogs of Reservoir" or like this sparkling and innovative likes "Fiction of Pulp", but to good sure the very mature, complete to do that it is able to touch a subject of deceptions of life and old age. Perhaps a charm is created because of a delicious music (that has a spectator - only likes Max - in of enamoured descent with a "Delfonics") or a fast paced history, moving among all these incredible characters. For me this in spite of, an element the one who "fact" this film is Pam Grier - Jackie Brown she.
Grier Gives one of some heroes of better women to be seen on screen; the beautiful, strong and independent character the one who Grier looks to give the true substance. Ossia Any heat has shot the full young lady of his and sure of his powers. Jackie Brown is motivated by a thing so only - any to have that begins throughout again. "This" it says Max, " it is more scary then Ordell". Samuel adds to to Jackson likes Ordell is like this very like this never ( is well in of any function except lately am beginning partorisca tire to see in a function of type of commander of army) and Robert Of Niro touches the different function then those he usually fact, but his really Pam Grier and Robert Forester the one who gives this films his value added and is able, with only the neighbour on look in his experienced, mature (beautiful closing) expressions to give a film an extra message.
5 / 5 Lesia
It is finally here partorisca possess on DVD. Quentin Tarantino is 'Jackie Brown' is now available on DVD, and different a lot another Dvd, this one has been released a right way . This that means that he casualidad is does not have to that rebuy this film adds, reason everything of some bells and the whistles are has comprised.
Tarantino is like this popular result and like this achieved in so much of small time. It is the gifted manager as well as a hell of the writer. Although a film is based in Elmore Leonard is 'Punch of Ron,' Tarantino has written a script like his own. Calm knows has to that be a lot this in spite of a orignal the author was daunted of a film!
A film, like 'Fiction of Pulp,' has the quite complex structure his. It does not mean that it was hard to comprise. It is very easy to follow. But, if any one was to ask me that exactly a film was roughly, could take and be silent for several seconds, when being unable to answer in the satifying way. So much, I will refrain to do like this. So only maintain this in alcohol: If it liked esservoir Of Dogs' or 'Fiction of Pulp,' the casualidad is that you will enjoy this film also.
This film has a hell of the mould; comprising Samuel L. Jackson, Pam Grier, Robert Forster, Michael Keaton, Robert Of Niro, and Bridget Marries. Jackson really flies a spotlight, once again when being able to say Tarentino conferences like this natural that the all the flows beautifuly. Robert Of Niro is also awesome, when being very thin and down-keyed. Pam Is terrific, of course. But you know that, there is not a person that no his or his justice of part.
And now, for a DVD:
the picture and the sound is very upper-notch. It is DTS, as I can touch he in this if your system can touch it. Different 'Fiction of Pulp' and esservoir Dogs,' this film is a lot of coloreada.
Some extras are there, and there is abundance of them; comprising trailers, an interview, the documentary, has has deleted scenes, Siskel & Ebert informs of a film, and a lot, much more. One of the mine characteristic favourite is one 'Chicks with Guns' video, aimed in his complete form.
Was very pleased with a DVD, and has forgotten that adds this film was. Although it still considers 'Fiction of Pulp' to be Tarantino' better film, 'Jackie Brown' is triumph it and he breathtaking film. Some can call it long, but is the defender of Tarantino, some flies to time to like you would not believe . Calm will not love a film to finalise.
5 / 5 Junie
Jackie Brown has done finally his start of DVD five years after his original emission. A film was very anticipated, as it was Quentin Tarantino has followed to his groundbreaking Fiction of Pulp. A film was an adaptation of Elmore to attack of Rum of Leonard that movements a location of Florida to California. A film has been fulfilled with mixed descriptions at the same time and has suffered in comparison with Fiction of Pulp. A film is the good film with some actions add. A lot it likes with John Travolta, Ladies Tarantino there is pulled another operates acting adds of the forgotten 70 icon, Pam Grier. In a function of title, Crown Grier touches a character with a sass and grit that has done his famous in a blaxplotation the films is famous stops . Another B-hero of film Robert Forester gives an action of his life like the tired bail bondsman the one who tomb for Jackie and helps in his diagram to ray so much the trafficante of gun and a Feds. Gentleman Forester has won the a lot of nomination of Academy deserved of Prize for his function. A mould is first tax comprising Samuel L. To Jackson likes him the trafficante of gun, Robert DeNiro touching a bit against type like the dimwitted, associates of Ladies Jackson, Bridget Marries so that to pot of Ladies Jackson that promised of smokes, Michael Keaton that one of a Feds and in the small part, Chris Tucker young the one who fulfils a untimely well in some hands of Ladies Jackson. As with Fiction of Pulp, a dialogue is acute and the selection of Ladies Tarantino of the music has died on combining such 70 r&b to to the gems likes them-Bobby Womack is "By means of 110th Street" and Bloodstone "Natural Big" with Johnny Charges "Tennessee Stud" and a Herb Roots' 60' the classical pop "Confessions at night Half". While this film is not until a level of Fiction of Pulp, any a lot of film are. Ladies Tarantino has entertainment with a film and in general is the highly enjoyable film.
4 / 5 Darius
Based in Elmore Leonards novel "Punch of Ron", Quentin Tarantino fresh and classy the adaptation is considered for a lot of (in Europe, at least) to be his the majority of mature (dresses) and perhaps does more refinadas (probably disagree). This in spite of, whilst Jackie Brown can not have an impact of instant of Dogs of Reservoir or a wide appeal of the fiction of Pulp is still his fresher, film thinner and intelligent to date. This film and Tarantino have suffered in a wake of the expectation that follows a critical success and populate of Fiction of Pulp, with too many people while he retread or at least it fast plus paced film. Sadly Perhaps because of a dissapointing reception this has received, Tarantino has not done another film of of the this is to be do roughly done five years but has to that say that I have loved each minute of him and the work of Tarantino is a lot sadly has lost.
This in spite of, this film (or at least a European DVD) is not announced like this for Warner Brothers. It is not a thriller of action. It is much more of the thriller of slow burn, starring Pam Grier (likes help Jackie Brown sexy), he smuggler taken in a law for an ambitious cop (Michael Keaton), whilst doing for corridor of gun Ordell (touched for Samuel ). It adds to a pot to melt, the partner of Jackson in the ex crime-with Louis (Robert Of Niro in the a lot of understated action) and other turns of the support for Bridget Houses like this Ordell is perpetually lapped out of bitchin' beach bunny fiancée and Rock of Chris in an impressive straight function and you have the together mould very impressive. And whilst Michael Keaton resupplies to the entertainment adds likes Ray Nicollette, in the function he later reprised in Out View, a show is flown for Pam Grier and especially (Oscar has appointed) Robert Forster like the solitary battle shabby bail bondsman, Max Cherry, the one who tomb for a glamarous but ageing Jackie Brown. The hate revises concealed calm say you a whole plot, as it suffices to say that ossia the thriller where the majority of some main characters is double treating and double crossing each like this another to take his hands in Ordell money and a rest as they say is in a saying. Certainly I do not want to spoil this for any the one who has not seen already the (and is cost certainly to look more than a swipe)!
Is ready, has wonderful dialogue, an excellent mould, understated black comedy, the typically different, typically classy fashionable soundtrack of the Tarantino and the history adds. So only it oozes class. I have bought this on DVD in United Kingdom and am surprised enough that it does not look to be available (inner a moment) in this format in some the EUA.
WELL The VALUE that the CONTROLS WAS!!! (And the half)
4 / 5 Beula
to 1997 film of caper of Quentin Tarantino has not been available in a format of DVD up to now, to an irritation of defenders of a manager and his star, blaxploitation girl of poster Pam Grier. 'Jackie' The rich attack a first time is gone in the edition of a Collector DVD, decked is gone in of the good-looking images and funkadelic audio. ' Calm loved to salivate,' Tarantino has said of a delay as it presents a characteristic.
Tarantino says 'Jackie' is enjoyed with viewings more multiple that leave to 'hang was' with some characters. 'A first time, has to weaves in a way,' said, quoting 'River Bravo' as the film of kinship.
A documentary ameno an usual round robins of praise for a manager, but some players especially have some insightful things to say roughly Tarantino. Bruce Willis calls the soyodern Talks Dickens.' A Thurman Says his present is to dip 'daily minutiae up against hyper-real work.'
Has deleted the scenes have collected on 'Jackie' comprise the fascinating clip in the Grier character coldly details his plans the fraud so much cops and scoundrels. A film would have the very your dark plus with a scene in, some notes of manager.
A stereo-like mix on 'Jackie' is especially playful, anchored by the crackling Philly fund of soul. The songs can be accessed directly of a main paper. A recent interview with QT hoards some extras. You can compare a film to a script in the characteristic of DVD ROM that the works add.
A together of DVD has a together same-arrive as 'Fiction of Pulp' emission. Ossia The good thing .
4 / 5 Meta
Well, after expecting five years, a DVD of Jackie Brown is finally was! And the one who the together of DVD!
A history is basic in Elmore Leonard is 'Punch of Ron,' except a screenplay bear Quentin Tarantino' unmistakable and wonderful personality. It is not so much an action film (like some ads of television and the trailers he his) like the history of the pair that extracted, double intersection, and a desperation of a character of title. Leonard Has been taken enough with the direction of Tarantino, more especially with a fusion of Samuel L. Jackson in a Ordell Robie function.
Jackson is a lot like this Robie (but I amour Jackson, and to the equal that are to good sure biased!), And door his mark of intensity of character to a function. A real surpise, this in spite of, is Robert Forster likes Max Cherry, the bail bondsman without-atrocity this in spite of heart-of-sensibility of gold. Falls of cherry for Jackie, and an underlying sexual tension among them, while understated and never consummated, is electrical! Pam Grier (Of blaxploitation afamada of film) is excellent likes Jackie Brown, and his really done portrait a root of spectator for Jackie to exit advance in an end.
An extra material is quite well, although I am so only happy to have a film on DVD! It was amused especially, this in spite of, that an integer 'Chicks with Guns' the video is comprised -- for real a unsung classical!
Has read a book, or the fiction of Pulp liked, gives Jackie Brown tries it. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Carrol
In typical Tarrantino way, other fines-levelled, a lot charactered, in-yours-exposure of face of the people that that requires to do when the extreme situation reports action, Jackie Brown is another masterpiece. Sadly, it do not receive all a hype and the ascent has done like this a leading sound, Fiction of Pulp, but like a lot of things, concealed has pocolos that resists in a magnitude of a film. In the loan, savvy, sexy action, Pam Grier smolders with to to brains and talent likes him to him the character to title that tries to take his life retreated in clues. With sustaining adds of Robert DeNiro (looking a lot of disgustingly soiled and dirtbag-ish), and absolutely that has surprised Robert Forster (a bail bondsman with the heart), Samuel L. Jackson (amour his attitude!), And the I a lot annoying (but in this "well" sense) Bridget Marries. I doubt to give was anything in a plot so much of a pleasure will take of this film is looking a plot unfolds, point for point. So only trust me up this a, will see the calm things would not expect , and the things expect will be done in of the ways to the equal that will blow your alcohol. Sure, attended a lot of violence, sure, attended a lot of foul tongue, sure, attended some is Quentin attended? If you object to this content, then does not see this film. If calm @give you these are levels in Tarrantino work, calm then will see far has spent this, and see a work adds so that it is: good writing, and glorious acting. Robert Forster has been appointed for actor of support for this work in 1997. His bondsman is pure heart. See this film!!! It sees it now!
4 / 5 Evelia
Among the works of Tarantino, "Jackie Brown" it lacks a propulsive speed of "Fiction of Pulp"; it takes patience to follow an intricate setup for a final caper and his consequences. (Ossia Adapted of any film based in the book for Elmore Leonard; Leonard want you very so only to comprise exactly the one who a caper this, but the one who exactly is that it tries to the attractive went it.) A period of a setup, this in spite of, pay was fantastically when a caper he--involving it dropoff of money of drug in the shopping centre suburbial, under a purportedly watchful eyes of some policemen--explodes by means of a screen, aimed of some points of view of several different characters. And the one who characters! Of some inaugural credits, when you see Pam Grier--a actora of extreme sexiness and charisma--race by means of an airport to a tune of "By means of 110th Street," you know six in still the cinematic extracted. Grier Was absolutely glorious is--reason does not take Oscar appoints , and reason has any declare offered more functions of advantage of of the this? It is also the delight to see Robert Forster, the actor of hard type of one '70s, give the thoughtful and commanding action like Grier partner in crime. And one prays' gallery of the actors of character adds in functions of support--Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Of Niro, Bridget Marries, Michael Keaton--add further to "Jackie Brown " Exc global, doing this the calm film will not forget never.
5 / 5 Yvone
Thinks likes a lot Tarantino followers was bit it dissapointed with JACKIE BROWN after seeing it when an in the first place opened film in of the theatres roughly 1997. I have walked out of one saying of theatre, "Ehh, was A lot."
Has decided to choose on a 2 edition of disk of JACKIE BROWN so only to complete mine Tarantino DVD COLLECTION, and has to that say that this film was the joy to rediscover. It is still any FICTION of PULP, but now @give never was meant to be PF. Tarantino says like this himslef in a disk that the has not gone included really done for the to same audience likes PF! I have enjoyed to take few gems in a film that there is not remarked never a first time around like a brilliant subtlety of Robert DeNiros hilarious action.
Absentee of a Dvd plethora of the extras is the Tarantino comment , but take something like this good: an hour long 1-on-1 interview in that Tarantino a lot so only break a film, but a whole atmosphere that surrounds a film during him is emission, his hopes and dissapointments the emission of a film has spent, and reason this project was such the work of amour for him.
To the equal that leave your jive expectations of PULP in a door,sucka, and rig to so only enjoy the good film with outta characters of view and he surca of funky that so only will not leave . Booyah!
5 / 5 Eldora
A lot like this groundbreaking, but more balanced and more mature that "Fiction of Pulp", with adding, seedy locations of everywhere L.un., Of Compton to Torrance. There is more than the history here, also, that has had in his last film. It is to caper of the crime that involves an auxiliary of airline, the bail bondsman, the trafficante of guns, and varied other scoundrels of small time. A history of core comes from/comes from a Elmore Leonard novel. Robert Forster likes Max Cherry is the revelation, the simple and thin action that it is more implicit that explicit. One same goes for Pam Grier like character of title, one of one the majority of has has ensured actions in recent years that pode. Of Niro Is the scruffy ex-with which is looking to removie a "ex" part. Sam Jackson is a heavy of a piece, Ordell Robbie, patient and menacing. Tarantino uses a storm trickiness that he singlehandedly revitalized in of the modern films. It moves in the leisurely put. Ossia WELL reason some characters are wonderful to be around. Besides, you will listen everything of Bills Withers the Delfonics to Lil Kim to Bobby Womack to Johnny Cash in a soundtrack. It does not lose it is one .
5 / 5 Barry
His in the 44-host year of old airline Jackie Brown the one who has followed of some police to transport money and drugs for Ordell Robbie, the guns and trafficante of drugs. Robert Forster is Max Cherry, the bail bondsman the one who has done subject with Ordell two times (once for Beaumont, the one who has done takes Ordell but has taken murdered for Ordell to be unreliable). Ordell HAS the million dollars stashed is gone in Messico (fact of soiled money), and confidences on Jackie to smuggle the for behind his in some the EUA every time flies. When One civilises has found was, needless to say, Ordell has had any scruple roughly kill, unless it avenges up with the plan around a situation, that . In all the chance, the plan of Jackie was inventive and heads to ray on both one police and Ordell and taken all of the money for his in an end, with a help of Max the one who has developed in fact he fondness for sound. It likes a lot Tarantino of film, there is the bit of amour, a lot of violence and swearing, and movement he in the each plot. Ossia The well a reason a plan Jackie is coming up with era like this ready and like this risky. In an end of a film, has has had to that it look again and a loan-ness of him all is resulted included clearer. To good sure take some thumbs-on women everywhere those who will say "Thanks to Jackie Brown, the one who has tried that the oldest women can be attractive and more loan that all the world-wide more..." Or people those who say "Thanks to Jackie Brown, the one who is still another example of the black american women that the ass kicked", etc.. Anything says in this film, has to admit, his really Tarantino masterpiece. I go to look Kill Bill 2 afterwards!