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5 / 5
It has Bought these in oct 2017 and has used he partorisca two winters. They are the perfect but much more thin access that some original tampons with so only once layer of has has reinforced edges in some tampons. Like the result, with which two seasons partorisca use these tampons ( a bit the originals am lasted 8 years) there is rasgado in the each one like this of one has has cured tampons and require substitution. It would not purchase these again. My sum of laws of the car but these cushions the decrease is action drastically. It looks it will spend them of the money and take an original OEM tampons of . Desire could take them my money behind partorisca these.
5 / 5
Law well and accesses like the glove, this in spite of before the order would have helped partorisca know some real dimensions. I have had to that order based in a measure of my car of the snow and that have looked. It has expected they would return, they have done felizmente. If it would have found an element elsewhere with the pertinent dimensions have listed would have ordered it there.
4 / 5
Has taken that have ordered inside a time limit has indicated. The installation has been smoothly. His utmost !! An only thing has not considered was a $ upload to have to that when I have chosen on a container in Estaca of Canada.
5 / 5
Has arrived punctually and was very easy to substitute an old paddles