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Top Customer Reviews: Cougar Panzer Max ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The CHANCE , an outside of a pc.
The people maintain partorisca ask and does not look partorisca comprise his so only a shell,
need to buy your rgb cancer,mobo,papers of map,ram,processor,hdd/ssd, supply partorisca be able to ect seperatly.
I of the that knows why the people are expecting the full pc partorisca $ 200 lmfao
master this chance, easy to take averts everythings magnetic
5 / 5
is Coming 1 prompt day and looks to surprise, all my friends want to all and still has room to breathes. It would recommend it. :D
5 / 5
is enormous. A lot of room. At all it compared it to the mid gone back in any way. I have purchased this for the 240mm rad the freshest water and easily could return 300+mm rads any question. The hard walk adds to plant. And a clicking scrolling of push of all an air intake the filters is brilliant and classy. It feels an opposite of cheep. Big quality.
4 / 5
Left beginning to say some draws of chance is the creation adds. Like the people say that it leaves easy access the parts and has the zones add for management of boss. My question is with to the things likes them to them a bit defenders and coverages, concealed is cheaply has done 2/3 partidários has arrived physically broken in an of some sides. A front shrouds the pins of annex are broken and facts a lot cheaply, and looks this was put in a computer that knows it has been broken of a piece that there is broken was is not in a box or with a chance. In general this quality of the build of the chance will head to the turn if the cougar does not answer my current entrance. This in spite of, looking in of the descriptions of his service of client looks doubtful will answer. For $200 it remains clear of of the east a there is a lot of chance of the main quality for $200 . Owe the responses of cougar my entrance and direct a @subject @ gladly will change this description.
Modification: any response to the entrance that changes this to the 1 star and returning.
4 / 5
The only complaint is that a headphone the hook will not bend to an organism of a chance, permanently the estacas was. Alao One has distributed the defenders are not utmost or lit, as some people can be expecting. It averts of I am a lot happy with this compraventa. Quality of the build and the characteristic are everything there.
4 / 5
In general some looks of chance to surprise, but is hard to do with, alleges to have 4 partidários comprised, the witch so only comprises a front 3, any rear defender, has 2 usb3.0 In a cup at the head of a chance, so only 1 is doing for some reason, the chance also alleges to returned until the 360mm rad in a front of a chance, but you cant dipped a lot rad there because of a location of chance retreated flatly, some holes for rad the rays are has covered partially....... An only way to run a rad and the defenders was the appeal to press setup of a cup of a chance with a rad inner, and defenders among some 2 external poster, so only under a poster of glass, in general the look adds, the desire was full metal with creation of glass and wine with fanning it alleged, but oh well, the amazon does not give calm never wants to be his supposition the
4 / 5
love this chance, everything is thoughtfully organised and there is spaced was paralización a lot of room. Easy to disassemble and modify for waters to cool. Tonnes of places to dip the defenders and a supply to be able to shroud maintains a subordinated looking clean. IHowever, are not the defender of a window lateralmente; it is flimsy and to acrylic likes easily scratches. In general, the good chance and the good prize for the full on duty chance.
5 / 5
Big chance, elder that has thought them. Real Easy to access zones/of the engine of the defender likes spent is push-clips. Wine with all some parts, bosses and rays for some keys and of the defenders, this in spite of in some pictures aims an open port in an upper and the mine is closed in with those looks any way of the take, as any one sure like a defender a liquid of fresh plus will locate there but when the the take and the install will look for them to update my estaca. It looks could locate them he in a front but enough the upper mountain. Has come also with 3 pre-installed 120mm defenders that is not RBG but declares a RBG is not comprised like any minus for that.
4 / 5
Is chance of full measure . A lot easy to do with. A lot of room for management of boss and hide stylish and to to the build likes him to him the tank .Easy access to both side of chance . It would buy again . It has Had only questions with adjustment of speeds of the defender in a headed at the head of the chance but concealed will not take any star was.
4 / 5
Love a chance. It took it so only and it has been it bit it impacted so that the big was but had mixed on some measures. Like this far súper easy to dip things in and regulate some characteristics of a chance. I will be to install an extra defender and some punctual final part. Estaca The pic once is done. It will not be quite like this the hate tries the perfect , but would have to that be good.

Top Customer Reviews: Cougar CONQUER ATX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
4 / 5
The chance has taken the moment partorisca gather, there is enough the bit to do has involved, once is up is to add it looking chance, to swim more likes to of him or in my better same opinion then this. Only downfall is that reason a glass is not sealed, is quell'has bitten noisy. I am running 6 total of defenders and is quite noticeable. Otherwise If you are wanting to something concealed will turn bosses, looks no further.

Also buy it to him, the mark sure goes in AliExpress and buy this rgb the substitution of poster is a better final touch can do for the arrival was. Only orderly, the'll update with my setup yes agrees 👍🏼
4 / 5
glorious boitier completement useless. He boitier n accepts no his radiator besides 15 mm the view d the eye touches elevated of the boitier if any to return arrives in confilt with the defender and luzcáis falls of radiator in front of him mobo that empeche to dip his connecteur sud near. ... Impossible No more d the pair of installer transports tall boitier n is no perforer the past games lucido tube. In Façade L space is also limiter yes has master a rad besides 30 do 30 to lack to take supply of hides to be able to and place l arrive and the incursion to go down transport his hole n arrives with those give seguace car his defender is elevated too much in him boitier ... As it Touches his fat radiator c is a fat zero .....
4 / 5
Loves this chance really do. My subject only is that it has been missing that the backside exhausts defender that is to be announce. The wine with mine 3 red has has DIRECTED defenders in a front that is quite good btw but any stock exhausts to the partidário likes has been of the says of the wine has comprised. It has taken my shipment almost 2 weeks late been due to some strikes of Estaca of the the Canada. It does not blame that on Cougar but for a time has taken around to build my new PC was a lot of spent a date of turn of the Amazon. And really I have not loved to spend for a hassle for the send behind for 1 partidário in all the chance. I will add my own and honradamente love this chance. I do not have any remorse. Some pictures a lot the justice in my opinion looks better in person. And touch the freaking unit this thing is big. You can water fresco for the days but does not look empty neither when the fresh air and have paper of big map.

Like the sound that takes 4/5 so only reason an exhausts the partidário has been missing. Otherwise Has zero remorses with cost of mine.
5 / 5
A very well has thought was if, and there is revenido glass so much, for a prize... Very competitive and hard to beat. When being the constructor of system has done with the plot of the chances and this chance there is quickly result one of mine favourite.

HAS a lot of room to do in, a lot of characteristics, and has looks abonos real (like the majority of chance of cougars) which would have to that appeal to a gamer audience also.

This chance is way more compatible of another has done with in this row of prize, and will accommodate the majority of a hardware that loves you launch his.

Mentions that it has it to him revenido glass? GLASS REVENIDO DARKNESS. Highly it recommends this wonderful piece of art to any one looking for the chance with this class of quality, durability, looks, and customization that marries three times a prize. I love this chance, Period.
5 / 5
A look of Chance adds. Because of a tapered the forms of a base has the tendency to touch easily tries slide he lateralmente but a subject worse is that it kills hard walks. Some two highland points for desk the walks is for behind a poster of rear glass. And I mean so only for behind the. They are near a front of a chance, vertically oriented without VENTILATION. Still with three partidários in a front of a chance, three in an upper and one in a backside, there are any ports of available ventilation to some walks. A room of rests of the chance temp and some walks are burning up. I will owe that modify a chance drastically to avail some movement to air around some walks. I have it quell'has lost already two walks how has been trace in an upper place to constant overheating and now has to that run a car with a behind has been to avert an external loss. $ For the chance this has killed $ 500+ value of walks is any @@subject at all. It maintains to look and find the chance has drawn better.
5 / 5
Love a chance. Has very characteristic for a money. Now it has known them some photos in the amazon was strongly photoshopped. Although you take a S model. That comes with 3 partidários red. All some defenders are situated in a front. While some photos show red and blue front in some backsides.
I Foreseen on using my partidários own anyways,
has trace easily the upper radiator and can use the method & of push of the appeal

installed 2 SSds in a backside and 1HDD.

Installing SSD is on a PSU could try difficult. As sata & ports to be able to is a lot near of a motherboard. And calm could not have he quite soiled for advance of USB/sata gone in if a SSD space on a PSU is used

has seen the on-line video. It would have seen a logo of Cougar is orange brilliant under a glass. Well they have changed that to the logo of ash of cougar has smoked. As his a lot of hard to be seen,
4 / 5
This chance is not for builds of estimativa. Spend your money in of the better parts in place of an expensive chance. This be has said, if has of the money and wants to go wild ossia a chance for the do .

Some materials are big quality and is coming a lot of packaged. The mine disassembled entirely for coating of powder and reassembled he with Alan yours and the Philips screwdriver of boss (any comprised), without any question and without a bad instruction has prepared manual.

A unit comes with 3 partidários that looks to be quality a lot well, this in spite of am red has DIRECTED so only and substituted him immediately with RGB. A glass siding this comes with a chance is fat and durable with the light ash has maintained his and (unfortunately) the 'Cougar' big mark in a fund. Sadly unbranded Glass of the substitution is not an option.

There looks to be the really big aftermarket selection of part thus chance to continue that it modifies it, as RGB substitutions of poster of the organism and the apt water done to commission that cools joints.
4 / 5
Product a lot well, conceived to Touch the esthétisme, his edges are very hid to touch profiter and lucidos delays of poster to touch his SSD and HDD well has thought. This takes Pair against Game lighted up a lot sees the interior transports his crystals are dyed this in spite of has darkened. I recommend !
5 / 5
Has been near a lot amiably, the subject only has had was that a supply to be able to so only can be locate a way, defender down. That he like this the result was acceptable for mine, of the mine has any RGB control. Incredibly a lot of packaged. Note that traces of need more than 2 HD or SD is necessary to install them on a backside of a motherboard walk, or come up with another way totally.
5 / 5
Bang For your buck. His enormous chance with two tempers glass. His real glass and no the acrylic poster like master fresher dips in his chances of estimativa. Engaged In an external organism. Looks cheaply build And need a lot of pressure taking out of an upper and advance of poster and takings so only some followers.

Top Customer Reviews: Cougar MX330 PC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
4 / 5
The chance is partorisca come fraction. A dish of plastic face has had all his fastening pegs snapped was when I recieved the. They have looked partorisca be very fragile but partorisca the $ 50 chance I supposition can not be surprised. It has had I any state impacienten and impressed by his aesthetic, would have been returned. This in spite of in spite of my objections of friends I fixed with some self touching ss rays partorisca finalise. It has done then the thorough labour cleaner on some shavings. The better looks imo. Management of boss very good and easy opened and reassemble.
5 / 5
Wow, Has been in him partorisca 20+ years and I have not seen never such the functional computer chance partorisca low $ 100. This creation of chance are adds! A side of glass is well is the decorative LEDs and management of boss lol. My only desire is that this is coming with 2-3extensions of thumb of plastic feet. A room where this computer will reside has fat carpeting and a powersupply in this chance faces down so that it will not take so to the ventilation likes on the hard surface. I probably 3D has printed some feet thus chance, otherwise his perfect. One 1' of spatial for behind a motherboard for the management of boss is fantastic.
4 / 5
Has taken this chance for $ 55, think that it has changed. This chance is probably a better and more economic chance that can sustain it 5 defenders and has the supply to be able to cover which is very scarce to find in of the economic chances these days.
Things I amour:
- has See by means of zone of partidário in a cup of a chance with removable magnetic point.
- HAS 4 space of USB in a front.
- HAS the coverage of supply of the power that mark a look of clean chance
- has the plot of spatial inside a chance which can resist until 5 partidários
- has the very a lot looking key to be able to.

UPDATE: although this chance is well, a thing one has to that be conscious of this that the will not be compatible with AIRING coolers sadly. This chance is quell'has bitten thin is therefore that.
4 / 5
Is meh, a chance are add thus space of management of the boss and prize, which is well, but would not buy it if you do not are ready to add more defenders and treat the constantly animate/hot computer.

Has had to that add several defenders to pull an air was partorisca take my relatively economic and fresh setup of overheating, a quantity to air pulled by means of a front is minimum. A front two defenders come with two separate 3partidário of connectors of pin and any adapter that the setting does on partidários the real ache.
5 / 5
Ossia The description of an economic plus, any model of acrylic poster.

This chance is slightly smaller that a chance has substituted. Has abundance of spatial for options of different cooling. I particularly like an option to locate the 200mm defender to a poster lateralmente. It has to that have the supply to be able to regulate, can hide all some excess bosses in a basement. And it dreads any one has the plenary sized paper of video, can take he in without worries. Has papers of dual video? Any question. Three? This could be of the too many .

A decent chance for a prize.
4 / 5
Has found this chance for $ 69 and was bit it nervous that it was more economic that some of some quite known options, but is resulted to be the election adds. The management of boss was easy, and some still connectors USB, audio, etc was very marked and easy to install to a motherboard. So only a backside exhausts the defender is comprised and has turned on 860 RPM, can add until 4 more. I have opted to add two intake defenders in a front. Had any @@subject that traces a MSI Tomahawk MAX motherboard in this chance.
5 / 5
Adds to look chance with a window lateralmente of glass revenido. Some of some subjects I cams by means of era that after a fund of a chance, where a supply to be able to is , has had room very small the street some bosses by means of. Also, a poster lateralmente backside is a lot stagnate in spatial doing management of boss the necessity to be able to close a rear poster. Still with using Velcro straps and bonds of zip, has had the plot of the question that after a rear poster. In general, the good chance is in the estimativa (would not recommend for constructors of PC of the beginner because of lack of spatial boss and clean the management when being the requirement )
5 / 5
For a prize has not beaten can be. Decent airflow and management of boss. Calm probably will want to add in 120mm defender or two in a front, dramatically improves a airflow.
4 / 5
Dissipation of heats any like this as well as I have expected, could be my cpu dissipation to be able to level too big, but the just prize for him is functional and expandable inner space.
4 / 5
Games lucidos prize, this boîtier truth to cost the combs. The delivery was very fast (received two days for advanced), lucido the rear poster slightly has pumped the leaves well order all he cablage quite easily. The So only the negative point is that to the sud my poster in glass he and joins it small égratignure of at all. It RECOMMENDS STRONGLY!!

Top Customer Reviews: Cougar Conquer 2 PC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
I love a fact that partorisca do transmissions in my system, appeal a system out of a chance like the drawer and can access all have required partorisca change. Be conscious ossia A BIG CHANCE . It is in a measure of a compartment of engine in the full measure that motorcycle of visit partorisca comparison.
4 / 5
Different creation, big of good quality with sufficient space partorisca any configuration
4 / 5
I like a look and is the only chance but there has no really anything special roughly that. The majority of your quota that loop of looks of the water and the component will be covered for some poster.
This is not the chance partorisca all the world, more the people will be better was with Wrapping The O11 or something, and has too many gilipollas partorisca justify a prize.

- An orange product is a lot ugly, be poised partorisca paint on that.
- Has no inaugural in a fund partorisca any of a headed
- A lot of plastic. More than him it would like
- Of A logo of cougar in a front can not change colour, he doing a lot last to coordinate to paint
- Included this in spite of has the point for partorisca mount the vertical GPU, has no compatible laughed boss. Like this characteristic is useless. Unless you gueto to the rig likes.
- A lot of poster, but block the majority of a view of your component
- the Upper defenders require the filter
- In spite of a 'Detachable Sub-Creation of Frame' is not really detachable. Calm once connect a poster facing a motherboard, is no longer detachable. They owe that it had done it some bosses of poster of the detachable front also..
4 / 5
Is that it surprises it looking if a lot intrepid and to good sure deserve to be the room centerpiece but sadly with the subject to draw and the empty pair that has taken of a chance that has to that take of the pair of stars.
Amazing creation and a lot intrepid
has Drawn partorisca relieve to build
Adds Time
A lot very RGB
Can not connect the I shield to a motherboard(any one the subject enormous but personally would prefer to have the I shield)
One of some blockades grupal behind some ports of USB of a motherboard
has not Been able to connect one of some rear group after dipping a build in(a partner has tried imagines has been also and was unsuccessful) quite sure this is to touch partorisca lose to the light defect in my chance but any way to know sure have had also the pair of rays that has been the mark has bent partorisca use again
after connecting some connectors of poster of the front there is not the easy way to take an inner frame of a chance done his when be blocked by some poster of glass and still after taking them is not a bit difficult to pull out of some bosses with framing partorisca be there(could touch to lose mine that there is slightly the main hands but is quite near of half measure partorisca male)
the interview is difficult because of a reason has listed on as well as struggling partorisca take a groups in
Front RGB fins of the defender of the cougar was slightly the big to the equal that has caused constant of strong noise to the equal that has has had to that sadly take this part of a RGB to not going insane(probably the bad one but still has spent no a less)

In general personally was the quite a lot of valley marries partorisca build in but without being able to do interview easily and the majority of some ports of USB that they are difficult to access as well as a light defect and/or defect to draw for an inferior group that has to that jump the stars of pair. A chance is a chance of open air like his environmental will match your room the easiest plot as there is half decent cooling you would have to that have any @@subject that maintains your PC in a lot of reasonable the good temperatures.
4 / 5
Have this chance. Calm once take a chance in your hands, will see that really calm does not have like this room in an interior like a video can suggest.
In fact have the very small quantity of room partorisca do with inside a chance. A radiator of only measure that with the accuracy can return up without that owes toe some defenders up is the 360 28” fat radiator, or he 360 AIO. Calm can not return too material in this chance. If any one calm believe me, buy it and see. You will see that this chance is a lot tiny in an interior, but an outside of a chance suggests that calm perhaps can dip the plot of material in him, but this is far from a truth. Also, a chance is hard to do in. It likes, masters quell'inner of a chance, has to maintain unplugging all and taking a racks was, then you gotta slide a racks behind inside a frame and king-attach everything. It would suggest not buying this chance. If it had known as it has taken to, it would not have bought this chance. I seat it likes me he loves neither sell this chance, or dip a damn what in a battery of rubbish.
5 / 5
Love a look of a chance. It is quell'has bitten big that has been expecting the to be and would not import was the little smaller. A bad informative is that I am unable to connect a RGB key to a box partorisca control comprised reason a boss that is to be comprise any one propiciadas a C-SW port. A RGB the functionality was one of some things that attracted to a chance in a first place. They are the little disappointed with a chance partorisca like this expensive .
4 / 5
Ossia Mine a lot first chance of PC has not purchased never and this chance has an amazing appearance. This chance has the slide was characteristic of frame. This in spite of, need unplugs some bosses/of bosses of a chance to the yours motherboard when I need to slide out of a frame. It does not import permanently take a tempers glass of a sinister chance partorisca management of boss or adding new parts to a chance, but so that frequently they plough his PCs partorisca add the parts or the direct boss, would not recommend a chance. So that seldom they plough his PC or so only love the quota that PC of looks, goes partorisca he. This chance is not partorisca all the world, but some can love it. A Box of Core that comes with a chance partorisca a RGB defender(s) has deserted on confine me the day that disappointed me. I can no longer change or synchronise a RGB defender that is partorisca come comprised with a chance. A law of chance still and synchronise by means of the software. In order partorisca a chance partorisca synchronise RGB, has to resist down a symbol of hexagon afterwards to a key of power to synchronise RGB of the software sustains.
5 / 5
A lot does not want to listen roughly that calm quite is does not want to listen roughly like this or concealed can be delicate when you are building in the chance like this or calm would not look in the chance as well as you want to know is the one who some questions are here the one who some questions are one a Box of controller that control a R GB is craps requires partorisca the update a 1 this comes with him is not compatible with all motherboards maintains motherboards maintains that import so it is planning in those careers a rgb of the yours motherboard find another way another that a Box of controller that comes with east to run these R GB Outside of that is not the abundance of the bad chance of air flows a a partidário has on stuck against a glass this in spite of the fact bondadoso of the joke

Top Customer Reviews: Vortex HDB 120mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
One of some defenders glitch was when some FOCUSED is goes red the source of orange wheels partorisca be able to separate and different RGB headed partorisca a controller of defender
5 / 5
Lucida Box fonctione perfectly controler parl and systeme assus there will be or pair the manette

Top Customer Reviews: Cougar Panzer Max-G ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Or the product has in the material construction visibly strong, is possible to go the material quality, mainly has compared the others together.
Further of an optimum structure, or the inner space is very big, so a lot wave will go you partorisca drive mad like pieces, that acted will go partorisca do the acomodação two bosses. ( Or space partorisca or the management of bosses is very big).
Or space partorisca Followers you and refrigeração is also a lot well, being possible situates has joined 3 partidários of 120mm in the front and any tope and one in the breakings traseira.
Or the joint does not come with Defenders, comes grieves 1 in the breakings traseira, but this is not a question, of then in planting any one says that it would have to that come with you defenders.
Or the joint has spatial specific partorisca Hds and SSd in the Lateral part, besides gives baias partorisca readers of boxes.
A bay partorisca or the reader of boxes is of easy placing and remoción, the be grieves necessary to go in and presionar a presilha.
So only has Likes hire or joint, experiences partorisca have a joint with like this the quality is really so only!!
The joint of joint comes countless rays, drunkards and accessories the May...
5 / 5
These photos resupplied is Highly misleading. This chance Panzer Max-G does not come with Any RGB defenders pre installed at all. In fact so only it comes with PARTIDÁRIO REAR, period. Partidário Rule..
Even Although some specifications say that it comes with Two partidários leading pre has installed. He NO!
4 / 5
Has had the mid-gone back before building the full on duty computer. A space of chance was essential to dip partidários multiple partorisca maintain my CPU fresh. It was able to dip 4 x 140mm defenders and 1 x 120mm in a backside of this chance. Like this far, my pc has been in the quota 33 terracings with regular use. Looking spent an use of a chance, is one of a better chance that the industrial look. It has surpassed to good sure my expectations.
4 / 5
Has loved a line of Cougar of chance up until this compraventa this late plus. It used him in 3 builds now and there is enjoyed a look of them. This in spite of a chance is result unusable in a compraventa a late plus. A unboxing has tried that a partidário so only that comes with east the by heart black solid , not liking a 3 RBG defenders in a picture in a page of Amazon. Well I Took To you there, my bad for any reading all some descriptions that has declared that.
Looking in a chance there is remarked that a slider the transmission for some speeds of defender has been stuck in a setting to accelerate lower and so only not even would move the tiny has bitten. Well I can live with this I so that software of uses to control my defenders.
So only 3 of some 9 holes of ray there is lined up with my mobo. I have taken included the old plus mobo this was in the chance of leading Cougar this in spite of any joy. Tried several ways to see could them 'fudge' a mobo in place and was able to take he in. Valley can live them with east.
Has dipped on a whole system so only to discover this transmission to be able to is faulty and is closed in a 'press and controlled dipped like the system has maintained rebooting and that the ladies and the gentlemen was a final straw . When I have tried to return a chance finds them that too much time is spent of longitude, as it has to that expect on all my others separates, that a chance is no longer returnable because of a Covid-19 and Amazon any when being pas able to fill some orders in the timely fashion. Like this now I have the really big powder the collector that chairs in my cochera without idea that to do with him, so only tossing was in seat likes to take $ $ $ and tossing the the fire.
4 / 5
Ossia One the majority of amazing chance has has not bought never. It is expensive but is like my mother has said always taken like stops of pay. Amur A material of edge of the carbon and I also want that some sides exit a lot easily and calm does not have to that fulmine to use for the dipped behind the just clicks was and behind to plant. It was easy to take everything of my husbands moves and old chance he to this new a. Thought to buy one on its own name reason now are jealous.
4 / 5
Really Liked Me a look of a chance and a poster of new glass has compared to an older fashion that has used the small poster and plastic also is really easy to build in. Tho I hate as it says that it sustains 360mm radiators that the except 1 of some defenders is almost totally has blocked was.
5 / 5
This was a chance of perfect computer for our edges! It has been thrilled with an ease to add defenders and hard walks. A travesía of mark of the bosses to university súper easy.
5 / 5
Has been surprised, he.S Box really big, but really well the construction done , solid, good quality
5 / 5
the clip forward is gone in broken.
A MB is extremely difficult to return like this behind ME does not attribute for Any wiggle.
So only comes with 1 partidário.
4 / 5
I have been of upper the mediocre. Ossia Mine 4th or 5th if it has purchased. It will be my last chance of them.