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Top Customer Reviews: Nova Development Us ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
I have had to that buy this Version when I 'Upgraded' the Windows 10. I have used this program for more than 20 years has a lot of be useful and extremely easy to use up to now.
Down there is posted to that that does not like on this new version published when New the development there is taken on.

---------------- Bit of Artist of the impression -----------

1. Any respect for leading versions - angering!

2. A window of Lima has opened does not open signalling to a last file has used. Incumplimiento Has required here.

3. A window of Lima has opened always opens in 'Tiles' way more than a last a selected for an user. Incumplimiento Has required here.

4. Ctrl-A does not select all the objects unless one or more is already state has selected.

5. Some frames of the ruler and the scale are súper tiny in my big animal screen - unreadable.

6. Drop down the paper does not comprise selection of source.

7. The source can not be changed of paper of right click.

8. No longer able to upload multiple files (as in of the leading versions)

9. The working file nomination no showed

10. ESC The tone does not close paper of right click.

11. Ctrl-Enters no complete the text modifies.

12. Ctrl-Z A lot always revoke a last modify. The the screen has been zoomed to the field Ctrl-Z jumps the way of full screen. A correct shortcut for that is Ctrl-W. Ctrl-Z Would have to that maintain his universally recognised function.

13. Effects to paint fact of the commission no properly. I have entered the field of text of the title and somehow has taken one background to be white which is which there is wanted. I have copied and pasted this field because I have loved the new field with some same attributes but when I a paste a fund of a new field was transparent. I am spent the plot to time to try to change it to aim and has failed. Absurd!

14. Alt-I ploughs one inserts the paper but the subsequent tone presses does not enable selections in this paper. In fact a lot of years Alt-I+I would open the field of entrance of text of title. Súper Easy to agree and execute. No more. Foul. ( It could use Ctrl-Gone back T has wanted to change one of my desk shortcuts, which I no - ossia an unnecessary conflict ) Sees element 15.

15. A lot of shortcuts excellent keys no longer read. Left a mousy the users have his goodies but please respect longtime clients/of user the one who are keyboarders.

16. Selecting 'the colour Effects' of a submenu opens some 'Profiles of Boxes by heart of selection (reason a transmission of name? - Confusing).

17. 'Profiles of boxes by heart of explosions of selection on legislations in a field that is modified and can not be moved with a mouse (or otherwise) without the cause to close...?---

Has been using this program has been Artist has appointed of then of Instant . Felizmente Would go back to an original version (or any forward) more than this abortion would do with Window 10/64. Reason no spent never anything more than New development!!

Here is a headline that present a product in his web page:
' has used Artist of first Impression, will be pleased with his new look, modern and the characteristic new of this version'

The one who the joke!
5 / 5
Has purchased recently the new PC with a Windows 7 Edition of House. My software of the leading impression has not been compatible with a Windows 7. For like this, I have looked for a Web for software of current impression. After the plot of investigation, has decided on Gold of Artist of the Impression 24. Like this far, I am pleased entirely with him. There is still the little
characteristic dulcemente am learning to use. This in spite of, the very useful and informative pocket novel of the measure of instructions comes with a compraventa boxed. I inform his while I require help on something. Some results of this product have been exceptional, and has received a lot of compliments of people those who have seen some of my projects. Highly it would recommend this software to any one looking for the good, easy to use and the addition priced reasonably to his PC.
5 / 5
Hey New Develop - - - is that hard to comprise the tutorial for a program I orderly and uploaded in my computer. I have ordered Gold of Artist of the Impression 24, has uploaded the, and then clicked in a tutorial as it could familiarise me with as it has done. In place of a be tutorial on Gold of Artist of the Impression 24, was for Explosion of Photo. THAT?!!! It concealed it is not that the be be order and any that it is in a loaded disk!!!! It is that hard to comprise the tutorial for a right program?!!!!

Immediately he so only ticked was. A next thing was attractive on some papers to hail to look in a map. That the piece of junk! A map is like this elementary and juvenile. New development gone in. It can do better concealed it!!!! If no, then exited of a subject of software.

Does not recommend this to any any one does hailing papers that looks an adult him.
5 / 5
When I have installed this program has been impressed reason was easy to use and has had all some characteristics of Tent of Impression that is to be install in mine XP computer. Has this program on two computer that Windows of career 7. When I have tried to save or print the project, take a message of error : 'the window is has found the question - the program is closing down' also has taken the message: 'This project can not be save to your hard walk.' When I have tried it saves the to another hard walk, has taken a same message . Also it has taken a message of error when I have sent a project to a printer: 'the no available printer - please boss of the frames of sure printer is connected,' my printer is wireless!!! Ossia A straw that has broken the behind a camel: I have tried recovered the project has saved. A screen of preview tip a project saved with both picture and text. This in spite of, when I have uploaded a project to a space of work, a text has been missing. Also printing around a picture inserted in the box of text is unmanageable. I have not had Never this question with Tent of Impression. I am returning Artist of Impression the Amazon for the repayment. My recommendation: Very heavy - save your money!!!
4 / 5
I use Hallmark Studio of Paper like my regular paper and software of sign but has bought this to give me more selection to hail papers. All was to add until it has been ready to print some papers and found the only impressions in a discharge more ink and more expensive envelopes. As I can use he by other projects there is no available with Studio of Paper but for that a failure would not recommend it wants to use he to hail papers.

Addendum: Dec. 4 I has spent so only the plot of time with on-line cat thus software with New varified my own possible to print the paper of fold of the neighbourhood of a pre-done of self the paper has created. If it had not possessed the past some 30 days would return it so that it is almost useless mine.
4 / 5
Has been using Artist of Impression 2000 of then was in institute. I have not wanted Never transmission or upgrade reason loved it so much and was like this comfortable the using. When it has taken my new computer and has discovered has not been compatible was like this sad! I have broken finally down and it has taken this version and I am like this happy has done. The artist of impression is extremely friendly user still for my husband that does not have any idea that is doing when it comes to the programs have taken. They have simplified all some old characteristics that loves, added some new material, and runs the million times faster that my old version has done. My only remorse is that I a lot he more collected!
5 / 5
Has purchased on May 19,2014 but has not tried to install until today, Aug 20, 2014 because of illness. This in spite of, will not install - the ploughs of the wizard and the installation begin has expected this in spite of for 10 minutes to see if finally it would begin to download. I have taken like this far a page of face of Edition of Gold and when I clicked Install - is gone through all comprising reading info etc. But when it installs to the fence is visible result, has not had any indication of any, repeats any, downloading of software. When I Have been to see could take the substitution on Amazon - was too long of then purchase like this has had them so only 90 days. Very unhappy.
4 / 5
Has had to that give up in my Artist of old Impression 2002 when he no run in of the Windows 7. This bet of the newest version has gone by New is the very poor substitution. A map is not almost like this well, and a capacity to modify the colours in the art of clip looks for having missing. A manual of user is bad writing and does not look to relate to a software. A capacity of the help of the software is no better. Taking to plot of groping around to do anything. Any sure reason any still would annoy with a PhotoPower form, quotes the one who cryptic is to try to use. I will be to look around for the pertinent substitute. This is not the keeper!
4 / 5
Frustrating has produced. They are familiarised with the program of graphic software so it does not think is so only me. The desire would have read some negative critiques previously to purchase this product. A Tutorial Video could have been useful was for Artist of Impression! It is for another of his products - Explosion of Photo, which is useless mine . I have been to one the New besieges developer and there is not founding the tutorial for Artist of Impression. A characteristic of the investigation for maps is VERY CONCRETE. 'Camping' Offered any result while 'camp' graphic of offers of the people that camp. A word 'present' ... Any result.... A word 'offered ' works. They are sure I has had time to look for each category, finally would find that there is it wanted, but this taking bit it old. Especially when you move of a category to another and your word of investigation has to that be animal-has written every time.

Has not used any of some leading versions. Perhaps these users will find this acceptable version. Perhaps I am missing so only something. Thus new to programs of map, creates does more the friendly user some there.
5 / 5
Has bought this in January 2012 to substitute the program it different old plus. I see other people are having questions. Also it has has has had questions. When I Go to save some work, if memory, reopen a project has saved, one has saved the transmissions are missing. Has has had to that then redo that it has been missing it. It was the ache , too much degradation, but finally has taken a project has finalised. Obviously, a software is not tried thoroughly enough for the do the free bug. And there is not never any updates of software, does not comprise that when like this the people are having questions. Have So only some projects that has saved and this was an original an and has not done any one his transmissions. I go to leave well quite so only. I will owe that try doing another project to see if a question still exists, if like this, does not think will purchase the future product, will have to try another mark.

Top Customer Reviews: Printmaster 2011 ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 9 ratings
2 / 5
Previously utilisations Printmaster 18 Platinum that was very satisfied in. I have purchased recently the new computer that Windows of careers 7 which is incompatible with version 18. For this have purchased 2011. That the disappointment. Has less personal but will link until Broderbund the web of place where want to you partorisca buy new personnel.
Although has some has improved the effects/ of functions has takes also options. I have enjoyed to do neighbourhood-fold partorisca hail papers. This option has been take and can so only marks 4x6, 5x7 and papers of half fold.
A lot disappointed with this new version.
3 / 5
PrintMaster 2011 Platinum is quell'has bitten too complicated partorisca an user of novice. A partner has said an original one was better and has not required partorisca be changed but obviously this is to see like this progress. I will struggle by means of a manual again with his extremely small type and perhaps will take a hangs of him.
5 / 5
5 / 5
Ossia The software adds . I have had the little of an Impression Master softwares by means of some years. So only like a rest is the element adds
3 / 5
Tutorial has not been adds
2 / 5
They have changed that calm uses it and does not like me .. Before it was easy to use and now has not taken some pictures that is good pictures some cartoons are likes the men of clave are like this square.. A lot it is so only objective & black.. In some sections theres no the plot partorisca do with.. They use partorisca have map of cartoons that looked real now look the two year olds scribbles... I all my own papers partorisca anniversaries and christmas, now has to that look for an internet partorisca dicent pictures partorisca a front of my papers... The American greetings Create the paper was a better but can take this program anymore..
1 / 5
I have used Broderbund programs of paper partorisca on 10 years and until it has been now very happy. I have not been conscious that there is no longer the option of fold of the neighbourhood and that used partorisca be the very simple process partorisca do the paper of half fold there is now result the total ache. The past programs were simple and could do that I have loved without the plot partorisca look for travers of the subjects of help, any now. There also used partorisca be the option of investigation, no longer. A map is harder that find and a lot of my preferred old are nowhere partorisca be found. If has has not used never the program of the then calm paper perhaps will think this one are add, but my opinion is that it is it to it resulted to him more complicated and downright frustrating. I will not buy another version of this program never again. A subject end is that his service of client is poor, absolutely any answered, calm bought it, is stuck with him.
1 / 5
I have purchased this program look it in fact days. I am spent the plot of time with him. I will take it to the ours local 'thrift tend' this afternoon. One announcing in just in the each plough of page is unexpected and annoying and would not owe that exist in the program that is not the version of test. An art of clip is poor calm and more advertising send on-line to PURCHASE clips of the better quality. Amost All the papers of healths require stock to measure fact of commission and is all 4-folds. Any personnel of paper of half fold or the option done of the commission is available. Ossia A class of the paper expected in the program of the boys. The photo that modifies the options are pocolas and poor quality (any one painting that/shadows/of clones/of forms etc.) And a stir of red eye is useless. I have used I TOP ' Apple public' partorisca years (level of same price) Printmaster is not even close in of the options, content or quality. Partorisca Call this program 'Printmaster' is the joke and of the flanges in my opinion fail partorisca announce in a much less.
Shame in Broderbund, has used partorisca produce quality sotware.
1 / 5
While a number of options has augmented an usability is gone down hill ! We use partorisca use printmaster 18 partorisca do everything of our anniversary, christmas etc papers and now has to that buy different measures of stock of paper partorisca print them easily or of course link to the place partorisca print paid. Ido is a good 1/4 curves papers that was done easily home. Save your money and look more where.

Top Customer Reviews: Core Learning ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
A software has not uploaded on 64 has bitten Windows 7 but was very on 32 has bitten. It was able to the port took it once uploaded in a 32 and a question was in a loader. Some three versions are announced like this and a program is easy to comprise on all the levels. Works well with my pill and I have no other subjects.
5 / 5
Easy to use, leaves a rabbit or work of pen like an art utinsil, really taste use he.

Top Customer Reviews: Printshop Photo ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Received in timely manor,has not been used,has not been conscious concealed has not been current edition partorisca print able to use; packing was adapted and any harm has been done to product
5 / 5
the program Adds. Very easy cruise it with good basic editting tools. The program adds partorisca beginners.