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1 Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headset Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headset Corsair
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2 SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ Wireless Gaming Headset – Lossless 2.4 GHz – 30 Hour Battery Life – USB-C – 3D Audio – for PS5, PS4, PC, Mac, Android and Switch - White SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ Wireless Gaming Headset – Lossless 2.4 GHz – 30 Hour Battery Life – USB-C – 3D Audio – for PS5, PS4, PC, Mac, Android and Switch - White SteelSeries
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3 Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset (2nd Generation) with Blue Voice, DTS Headphone 7.1 and 50 mm PRO-G Drivers, for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S,PS5,PS4, Nintendo Switch, Black Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset (2nd Generation) with Blue Voice, DTS Headphone 7.1 and 50 mm PRO-G Drivers, for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S,PS5,PS4, Nintendo Switch, Black Logitech G
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4 SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset - DTS Headphone:X v2.0 7.1 Surround Sound - RGB Illuminated Earcups - for PC and PS4 - Black SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset - DTS Headphone:X v2.0 7.1 Surround Sound - RGB Illuminated Earcups - for PC and PS4 - Black SteelSeries
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5 Razer Kraken Gaming Headset: Lightweight Aluminum Frame - Retractable Noise Isolating Microphone - For PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Mobile - 3.5 mm Headphone Jack - Classic Black Razer Kraken Gaming Headset: Lightweight Aluminum Frame - Retractable Noise Isolating Microphone - For PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Mobile - 3.5 mm Headphone Jack - Classic Black Razer
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6 HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround Sound, Memory Foam Ear Pads, Durable Aluminum Frame, Detachable Microphone, Works with PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One – Red HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround Sound, Memory Foam Ear Pads, Durable Aluminum Frame, Detachable Microphone, Works with PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One – Red HyperX
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7 GIZORI Gaming Headset Xbox Headset, PS5 Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo, Gaming Headphones with Noise Canceling Mic & LED Light, Compatible with Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC (Red), (K2) GIZORI Gaming Headset Xbox Headset, PS5 Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo, Gaming Headphones with Noise Canceling Mic & LED Light, Compatible with Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC (Red), (K2) GIZORI
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8 Razer BlackShark V2 Gaming Headset: THX 7.1 Spatial Surround Sound - 50mm Drivers - Detachable Mic - PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Mobile - 3.5 mm Audio Jack & USB DAC - Black Razer BlackShark V2 Gaming Headset: THX 7.1 Spatial Surround Sound - 50mm Drivers - Detachable Mic - PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Mobile - 3.5 mm Audio Jack & USB DAC - Black Razer
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9 Gaming Headset for PS4 Xbox One PC, Over Ear Gaming Headphones with Noise Cancelling Microphone Volume Control RGB LED Light, for PC Laptop Mac Tablet Smart Phone Gaming Headset for PS4 Xbox One PC, Over Ear Gaming Headphones with Noise Cancelling Microphone Volume Control RGB LED Light, for PC Laptop Mac Tablet Smart Phone 通用
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10 SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse - 8, 500 CPI Truemove Core Optical Sensor - 6 Programmable Buttons - Split Trigger Buttons - Brilliant Prism RGB Lighting SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse - 8, 500 CPI Truemove Core Optical Sensor - 6 Programmable Buttons - Split Trigger Buttons - Brilliant Prism RGB Lighting SteelSeries
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Top Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews: Corsair HS35 Stereo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5
Mic The quality is very well partorisca a prize. The quality of build feels sturdy and is comfortable in mine on means sized boss. Any discomfort after the few hours of gaming. Quality of his east sub-pair, often feeling feeble and muffled because of a lack of low out of a box for this a description of 3 stars. Has has had to that EQ in my PC to do touch better, unfortunately could any one one same in consolations because of a lack of options for EQ. With which EQ a sound is clear and extracted like this as well as my old HyperX Cloud II is this has broken recently.
5 / 5
A sound are add, the headphones are comfortable, and a Mic the transmission of key is the good option . It comes with an adapter required for Mic hookup.
4 / 5
Grave utmost. Súper Comfortable. It is the good characteristic to have the transmission of key and the broken of his in a side. So only down the side is does a lot of way to connect a microphone unless it buy an additional splitter.
4 / 5
These utmost , has tried in a lot of program and has answered well.
4 / 5
Finds this headset bit it tight (probably loosen over time) and the does not have the big boss. Controls in a earcup is very good. The boss is not too long (thats like my last headset has died the gone in a boss with my chair. This model requires the splitter wants to use a microphone.. It has been it has comprised no in mine pack.
4 / 5
My PC has required the And-Adapter (some can any one) and this was useless without him. Any value sourcing the separate And-adapter, returned, and found the pair quite to the equal that has comprised one And-the adapter and has been on sale doing it more economic that this together. The tampons of ear were foam , and was well, but can retain sweat of an user, and could odorare later?? The new vinyl near used and was like this comfortable
5 / 5
These headphones are in general utmost excepts a thing, has transmission to these of mine $90 star a10 this and a quality of audio of these is slightly worse, but at all terrible. After the hour to use them has forgotten entirely a difference of quality of the audio and has forgotten still steps the different headset.

A consolation is the strong dress with these headphones, the fats that cushions in some cups of ear and cup, his the very good headset in this consideration.

A mic in this headset is quite terrible compared to something like the Blue Snowball, but his understandable and typical for the headset mic.

Some cords long and comprises the splitter for use of PC for a black version, I of the that knows in other colours.

A lot of headset For $40 , would recommend it.
4 / 5
Audio of headset games by means of the A lot ANNOYING microphone send these headphones a lot behind. The audio is surprisingly well for a prize and very comfortable but feel seat very economic in these once will break mine 25 dollar any headphones of name are built better and stronger very disappointing considering these is corsair auricular.
5 / 5
Almost súper comfortable.
Good sounds so many for a prize
Awesome extracted. Yes, you would have to expect for one discount. Without it discounts no like this worthy to the equal that could think.

Isolation of the his is not well. But, well. Ossia The sacrifice has to that it mark for a sake of consolation.
Quality of the better build expected to the equal that comes from/comes from it reputable frames. But, any to feeble build for any half.
Detachable mic Is well. But, if would have the secondary mic that could be used while using he with my telephone that would be it adds. It does not know if ossia too much to ask this in spite of :3

5 / 5
Ossia an excellent quality headset for a prize. A quality of his excellent east and some bass are present. A mic is the clear and strong glass. Ossia Have to that has is looking for an excellent quality headset in the estimativa.

Top Customer Reviews: SteelSeries Arctis ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
In the first place the bit of history:

has possessed and has wanted a lot SteelSeries produced in a past, of a Senei to a Xai and arguably my favourite PC gaming headset never, a Siberia V2. Like this when it is coming time partorisca substitute my Star to age A40s in a PC I a rabbit of description of Youtube pierce usual of investigation the headsets and these consistently have come up as 'the best gaming headset never' or 'A some contend to a Star A50' (in a chance of a wireless version).

So much, there is pulled a trigger. Had the few things have looked for in the headset:
1. Consuelo
2. Spatial audio
3. Quality of his


Although one esquíe goggle and 'airweave' creation of looks of cloth partorisca be, on paper, like the good idea, in practical short tomb. Side clamping force in these is in fact more adds that my old A40s and concealed to annoy me like the glasses wearer. Also, a headset fact classifies he of rubberized deep 'creaking' noise when you flex yor jaw or move your boss like material slips against some arms of your glasses. In a contrary, a material 'blurred' in a A40s never this, also a tape, in spite of any when being pas fact of this goggle material, is more comfortable.

A lot so only was a Arctis pro less comfortable, but a tape of the suspension is not like this adjustable as it looks. It has had to that has it near of an end of his adjustement for my boss and a velcro fastener was alreay for the pending half-of his mountain so only to try and take that extra 2-3cm to achieve.

Has retreated To a clamping forces, these headsets tends the 'attractive on' in yours skull more than resting on him. An elastic goggle works of band like the cradle, pulling a earcups has retreated for up creating the quite unsettling feeling in a side of your face.

Spatial audio:

DTS Headphone X 2.0 is billed like saint grail of positional audio for this headset, is also a prime minister for the sustain. A question is, there is literally the z/the ZERO mentions roughly how is actuated. Do the games owe that explicitly the sustain? Magically It Enhances to exist stereo and surround currents? Any answered, and any information is given in this another that the quite bobo info-piece in Steelseries' the place to disguised web likes one 'interview' with a goodness DTS engineer for Headphone X.

Also, theoretically, Headphone X looks misguided. It bills like able to esproducto an original mixing room' audio of a material of source without in fact questioning if a creator loves that to spend to start with with.

Takes a creation of his excellent of Battlefield 1, for example: When DTS is enabled, (tried with each in-dipping of game) an audio tends to be hollowed was, and a soundstage widens but precision like this in fact lessend for him. I really tried for the give some time for my brain to regulate his but the few things have me finally does to give up. In the first place, a esimulation of technology of room in DTS was like this aggressive that a orchastral the bookmark touched during BF1 the parties ruined absolutely for an effect, and second a female voice announing dips them the tones during a party are resulted like this echoed that it has had to them that bend verify my settings again and again.

Mina of looks, at least for audio of game, that Dolby has had an upper hand for years in DTS and that the tendency does not look to be revoking anytime punctual.

Quality of sound:

the Spatial audio averts, has it to them that gives to a Arctis pro is here. Some engine has very deep, crisp and cleaned after regulating a EQ to my flavour (impulse of light bass and tiny drop in mids / tiny increase in triple) the found a stereo presentation quite well, full bodied, albeit quite 'closed' in of the terms to touch compared to some seeds-open A40s and A50s.

Has touched some clues in iTunes and A/B has tried my Steelseries with my old A40s and a Steelseries generally advance of start, slightly. They touch soybrillante of ore.'


A GameDac is well, some papers are really quickly and snappy and turning on/of DTS Headphone X is the push only of the key. I have tried a Salvation-Rey Way but have any content (and little to zero game I in fact sustains 24bit/96Khz) to try his value. I have used simply my clues of tent of the iTunes to experience a Salvation-Rey Way and has listened so only a tiny plus of differences in a esmoothness' of a presentation of clues, something can be them in fact be cognitively the verse biased like the blind test could have been better for me.

For a prize has paid, and so that it has wanted to (something his absolutely the swipes was my old A40s) has not taken a real shot of Steelseries. There are two things has required thus produced to have sucedido and the falls courts there: 1. It solves DTS still Dolby like spatial sign of Headphone X is terrible while I experienced it. 2. Rey-Do a consolation and access of these headphones, a eski goggle' the idea is pleasant but glasses of the ski is not of the suppositions to be some saints grail of consolation, is drawn to remain in your skull like rasgas down the mountain, comfort it is secondary. Reason take inspiration of the product that not even is aiming to achieve your paramount aim?

Although my old A40s does not touch like this well, his spatial Dolby the setting of audio is solid of rock without a lot of sprain or muddy room-the effects have added to a sound of game. I will expect for another offering of Steelseries or simply see that Estrella has tent afterwards.
5 / 5
Is not the bad headset but for the little has bitten more would have to that it has bought one the Master wrist Fresher MH750. A reason partorisca east is reason have has had so only this headset partorisca less than the month but a detachable microphone has there is prendido already law, the unplug often but I always tried to do sure that has seated sure in my rucksack.

Ossia A lot unfortunate durability and although ossia the 'presupposed' headset, still is quite expensive in comparison with a lot of another headsets easily available on Amazon and with First nave, has paid to light prize excpecting more quality of the prize but the supposition was bad.

Has tried to contact Steelseries directly by means of Amazon before it has to that write this description but I could not find anywhere to contact them, as it could owe email his support to neither take the part of substitution or the repayment.

Ossia To the shame really likes me really liked that convinient this headset was to use for me, he plugged to all my devices and am able of the take everywhere, and a mic is in fact quality really big but he apparently to do or unplug it too much, so only the bosses up!
4 / 5
Has had these maintaining for roughly 6 months. As this is not one first class of initial impressions of description. I have read the one who the plot of people has said and looks the few people think that that they comprise things that a clearly any and faults some headphones for him. Like this to the left it is it goes.

Consuelo: Honradamente, this goes to touch to lose your form of ear and measures probably more than anything. If has few ears, or ears that the chairs stagnate to your boss - then in of the terms of consoles can adds on more to say calm probably will forget calm his the on in time. They are comfy, light, and chair well with a system of band of the ski. They are the 6 '6 male of adult. I do not have the little boss - still like this these headphones remain on me all day yes im in the gaming marathon or working and listening the spotify. A calm only ache probably will take is has ears that jut out of your boss because a earcups is quite superficial - as your ears will be pressed against a unit and concealed can result painful in long periods of game; I have owed for some premiers few days to spend these but did not feel it of then.

Quality of build: they are any the one who will pay the plot of money for quality. The quality of build is the factor in me maintaining or returning elements. Has no in 6 month bored to choose a headset on and it dipping on. It feels he adds. It feels he likes cost. At all it spent it down, coming free, etc. so only maintain to look and treating well.

Wireless and Battery: they are comboing this section because they are has related directly. You take 2 battery , like an always is touching while another east into use. The transmission takes 5 second and I have to that down to the 1-the science rid. It is laughably easy to exchange and touch some batteries, any those who complains in this probably failed note school recess. A life of diverse battery in the phase of use has found - but was to say in meso is looking in MINIMUM 6 hours with constant music in full volume with the basses that augments (more in these prójimos) and so as the full day calm so only leave them has turned on and only use some real speakers sparingly.

In of the terms of wireless row, can broadcast of mine upstairs computer (using a wireless dac) all a way to a basement (3 levels) and of a front of my property to some corners of the mine backyard (big plot). A look of only time to have Any subjects with row is when I am inner 5 ft of a microwave and is running. Def Interference there - does not recommend that it covers the explosions of pizza while spending these headphones.

QUALITY of SOUND: I have left this finally, and my inaugural commentaries were mainly in this section. The people that complains in a quality of his and that dips that in some headphones do not know like works of audio. These speakers are absolutely able the start of incredible loyalty and a mock surrounds the sound is also notch upper for headphones in a phase. A subject is not a hardware here. It is some limitations of a source and the one who a dac is able to do with this sound. Probably, you are planning on using these headphones on PC. Windows incumplimientos The audio is quality ____ of dog . The really take one the majority of out yours hardware, require the third audio of manager of party to unlock some like this same capacity a headset yours using when reading east.

Does not believe Me , very left me calm show. Opened on google and look for 'boom 3of (pro tip, is also on steam). Will have 100 free test complete. It downloads it, and dip the up. When that running, the turn on is to surround his and choose to to a bow likes, typically leave it on 'of of the windows'. I have bet your economic walmart the headphones suddenly touch the better plot. If it love crazy good music in a arctis headset, the turn surrounds was and instead dipped the the max loyalty (same row to the equal that surrounds key, to a legislation) and augment a slider controlling a bow. I will bet the calm money can not manage a sound that exited in full volume without developing tinnitus.

Go, there is at all to do with a headset he. A headset is money. The people so only no @to give that his computers, telephones, and the consoles have all the classes of limits of factory or settings that really gimp an audio. You can spend like this crazy and does not imagine never was reason still feels empty. There is another way to unlock that his, but Boom 3D is a more economic way and easier that the direct everything. More than everything, yours $ 10 licence can be used on 2 computer, as you can give one to the fellow and look the hero.

All has said, this headset is surprising. I have had HyperX Cloud II before this so that it has catered/is come from the very a lot of headset with big expectations - and a Arctis has been all had expected that would be.
4 / 5
Had left the description of 5 stars because everything in this headset has surprised. I used it every day. But it is been 16 month and for a past month, can not take a battery to touch properly. I am taking perhaps 4 hours of the first battery of a light goes red, and any @@subject that the times upload for, does not go never on yellow.
4 / 5
Maintain import has used them this in PS4 and a lot on PC

Allright. Sound My promise has bought one same headset but has been satisfied with his east, the decided to buy a wireless version, thinking the d have a same quality without boss.


-I has paid $100 more
-the equilizer give you 5 rows of his in place of 10,
-you can not control your mic volume of a game dac
-you can not change a mic the colour focused(wich is smaller)
-it soud is not like this a lot(still very good but compare with a version wired...)
-Yours voice in the cat is not like this a lot(still like this on)

In general this headset has quality of good build, his well and feals verry a lot still after the long thing is, would have all concealed with a version wired is had to that save one $100 ;)
if any one the closing recomand of then is still the very a lot of headset.
5 / 5
To the left be me absolutely clear. These are very you of the that has cured roughly: 1. Loudness, 2. Deepness, 3. WHOLENESS - MIDTONES. A SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset his also like this Beaten for Dre auricular, Everything is clear to good sure on that this in spite of so only like the sound beaten Empty and empty to spend you a clarity has.

A direct comparison of SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset still Star a50 this [Gen1],
A Star a50 is is stronger, the better sound in each way, all celery 'fuller' in sound.
A winner among these is clear mine.

Here is some of some things love in a SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset,
An accessory of battery; these needs to continue in of the tendencies - sinister I on transmissions our headset battery,
feel lighter that Incidents a50 east but some cups of ear are smaller for just the bit this in spite of a cushions is rich feeling and a lot a lot of stitched; I can not say one same to Star reason , although his cups of ear are form and measures is , one looks waste come always .

In general am returning my pair because a quality and expectations Steelseries sold on has not gone there.
Any one the alone description mentions the one who empty these SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headsets sound.
The star Owes partner until doing it headset together with consolation and of the removable battery of the material band BUT with some engine of the his still star a50 this but im dreaming.

Will be to look for the pair to Star a50 this [4th gene+] in a future. Sad Steelseries there is wanted really like your product. It results so only liked likes look and no it sound.
5 / 5
The sound adds but a quality of build is like this bad is unbelievable mine so that cost. I have had multiple substitutions reasons I a prime minister there has been the factory deserts a rest of them together with a joint of prime minister constantly does plastic squeaking sound of some cups of ear pivoting in your boss and so only takes jaw or movements of small boss to do a squeaky sounds. Has has wanted to really like this headset, I like a fact can have sources of multiple audio that touch immediately. It is so only I last to enjoy a sound adds when he punctuated for plastic squeaking of around some keys, a @@@knob of audio or earcup movement. I wish a build was better reason love me really like these.
5 / 5
At the beginning has to that buy a steelserie p800 . Didnt Really like a sound of quality of him like this decides them the turn to try a artic pro wireless. Supposition to be 'the best headset 'still gamer. My clue ... Ossia definitly A better . I touch alot he battlefield game and another game fps and trust me will listen footstep the mile was. But in the first place you really need of the tune and he firmware updates he really inprove a quality of sound.
He He expensif but this headset will do for any console that will go in future.
Any remorse here expensif but so happy with him
5 / 5
was happy with this product until a moment it begins to do plastic breaking noise. They are any concealed to take cured a lot well of all the electronic devices and I has been surprised that with which two years this headset has broken with normal use. When it contacts support of the client has not offered any help out of a 1 guarantee of year. Ossia He 450 $ headset with him lifespan of two years? I did not leave any election but to contact our agency to protect of local consumer.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech G PRO X ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca Begin was are a audiophile, I preffer the open rear headphones and usually so only use the headset around the mine with the when touching games, but god damn, a quality of his in these. As I have used partorisca use a Sennheiser Games Some May have decided to choose on Logitech new in rear pair bylines because of positive critiques, like this to the left is to take his. A quality of his east in fact very good and the better plot that I excpected, would say that it is comparible or included better that an Audio Technica ATH-M40x that has better quality that a M50x that was impressive and this was without software. A mic the quality without software was in general meh this in spite of, but has tried once an A lot of the friendly user Logitech software, here is the one who happend. I have directed to do a mic his like this the Blue Yeti in of the terms of qualities, which is really saying something, a yeti is an expensive microphone and having the headset microphone that well is damn impressive. Now a quality of his is not quite like this well like game A reason has opened behind always will touch better IMO but is still value he for an amazing microphone, but a XLR microphone with the mixer always will touch better. A boss is DETACHABLE! A semi-detached boss is always the breaker of extracted for me when buying headsets or auricular and the plot of gaming headsets does not have detachable bosses like this well in Logitech for that, and different the majority of companies those who distribute with bosses of hule, Logitech has given the braided boss to the as my cat to any does not like to chew different some bosses of hule of a Game A where am gone through 3 bosses. The global amazing cost and I would say a microphone is included very still streaming but would have to that use a XLR still streaming, 10/10 headset and when he inevitably to to the pauses likes them to them to them all the pieces of the technology probably will buy another.
5 / 5
I have bought these headsets, as my old some have chosen on background noise of my woman and his big volume Netflixing. The arrival that annoys a lot has found them and borderline the breaking was all my friendships with my gaming community. It liked, and all the rests adds, but of an ear bleed that induces the television that the looks was no longer currency he.

Like this has been them recommended this headset. That the difference of both an user standpoint and an on-line community. A sound is crisp and clear. No longer I can listen a TV in a room owed to the noise that annuls, and my gaming the friends no longer listen some the violent actions of any one are touched in a TV, neither can listen my mark of mine of woman comment abusive, the resulted in an uncomfortable crying in mine wide of a headset.

The jokes averts, these things are awesome. I have not thought Never it would use them the wire fence headset again, but these things are of SOUND in consolation, sounds, communications of voices. A program installs for these headsets also leave you to have astounding customization, as I can really hone in your voice. You can take a quality of his of the broadcaster, or regulate it calm so that to to sounds like is using of a pilot of old helicopter headset.

A bit those that of us uses these now, and not looking behind!
5 / 5
Absolutely in amazing. Left me so only say this was Logitech last casualidad for me. I have been having to that it weaves of subjects and especially with his G Hub software that no adequately (any concealed is the Logitech the user comprises a frustration of his subjects of software). I have been an owner and normalised to Logitech for a lot of a lot of years, this was a last straw after a sheer RUBBISH that a Artemis headset was. This headset is EXTREMELY good quality and a mic the quality is in fact better that has listened in any one another headset has has not possessed never comprise big final, Estrella, etc NEVER. An audio is in fact audiophile worthy and is extremely of confidence, a quality of build is sturdy and impressive also, almost would give this he 10/10. A 4 star is reason his start of sound could be the tiny has bitten stronger but concealed also could be the personal preference, are any concealed loves music on quickly. I have had this headset the month now and no A RED FLAG like this far and are immensely picky. Thank you, Logitech!
5 / 5
I upgraded of the G35 to this G PRO X and the one who the difference.

Easy setup for a headset. Downloaded a G HUB software for a BLUE VO! The characteristic and was súper easy to enable. Already there is enough the little loaded presets comprising roughly of a TSN eSports squads. You can also the user of download has has created profiles by means of G HUB. There is the recorder voice declares has built in calm so much can touch with settings, registers it and listen you. The people immediately will remark your voice, sounds súper clear and well, like sounds he entirely until you. It likes a FM Irradiate preset Of I.

Regarding sounds of game, audio of cat, music, ossia also very good. One surrounds is on point. Calm can any gone bad with east. It is wired this in spite of, while you are well with that you will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
prefect headset, But my only copmlaint is that my ears maintain to touch and in hard disposal against an interior of engine
5 / 5
Honradamente, amour a headset. A consolation, some speakers, a mic, everything for his prize are adds. They are the enormous gamer, mainly csgo and rainbow six and these headphones really helps with situating the place of an opponent. It can be an enormous upgrade of a G430 to these, but am enamoured with these and cost a prize!!

Recommends these the tonne to any gamer.
5 / 5
Way to small same in full measure earcup has seated in a fund of my ear, dts 7.1 is the joke has reduced significantly that it could listen it of mine leading headsets Dolby 7.1
4 / 5
has not Been these suppose to come with the chance .... I sure like this heck has not taken. In
4 / 5
Lucido The helmet is perfect 10/10

The so only the negative point is not without edge ( is any truth a defaut. )
5 / 5
Any like this amazing to the equal that has announced.

Top Customer Reviews: SteelSeries Arctis ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
A capacity to mix audio of the cat with the audio regulates that it uses the physical dial in a headset is phenomenal. If it calms it is not never be in the crazy boring t-with, this headset will change your life. You can mix one the majority of that life of drains called of telephone with background music of épico. Meetings that sucks the soul will cease partorisca drain your life-force. The desire of people had died will result tolerable. It is that well.

A quality of a wireless mic is like this as well as better wire fence mics has listened. Still in a half dense with devices on , takes the row adds .

A quality of some speakers is well, but with some tweaking with PAZ (bow) some speakers are EXCELLENT. Do the quickly look for Arctis 7 eq curves.

Consuelo-wise, a headset is very easy to spend for long periods. My ears take the little warm, but any sweaty.

The life of battery is well. I touch it once the week.

Honradamente.... There is at all can be critical of.
5 / 5
I have been looking in this headset partorisca the long time been due to a fact that really hated a life of battery in mine 2015 Incident A50s. When they Have come on sale for $ 150 I has imagined, the one who a heck. With which received him, liked really a look and feel of them, qualities of his east well, a fact that beats to the music in my telephone is amused also, a wireless row is sum ; but I have to that say a mic is not like this as well as my Star is (or at least I so that I am said). An experience to listen is amused, but there is remarked that some cushions of the ear has not gone quite deep like my ears have touched some speakers. I have thought at the beginning, any big shot, but with which 8 hours... OMG Leaves my boss! These are not comfortable for long periods of wear. Sometimes I can have my headset in my boss for 15 hours directly, but have another thing that comes thinks that that I will do with this level of discomfort.

This headset deserve to 1 star: the no. is not that bad, but for a money and drawbacks, can do the better plot; and like this it find they are entirely any value your time and money. The Hate when the people revise the product and say that there is better there, but then the leave your to find has product said, as I also will say, has bought Razer Naris instead. The wireless row is not like this well, but is very comfortable.
4 / 5
The ones of the that Knows where to start with east a.... It has Bought this to substitute my hyperx cloud 2 and has looked for something bit it more economic. When it Arrives you look well but with which roughly 10 mins to use the the hated. HAS ZERO HIS ADJUSTMENT comes with only a Velcro something for a band and some sides of those who regulate like more do. Cups of the ear is not quite deep like my ear is there is run over highly. And now for my big some.... An audio is worse absolute rubbishes that touch that apple earbuds and roughly like this strong also, some cups of ear swivel but his no quite strong to listen of your boss like this thats useless. The BOSS Is THEN And FACT OF HULE LOW QUALITY And LOOKS VERY EASY To ACCIDENTALLY of PAUSE. Literally an only good thing in this receiver is a built in mic and a feeling of the box behind until taking the repayment
5 / 5
I read like this descriptions, of Amazon, Eurogamer, and IGN and has been engreído that this would be the good headset... No a chance.
Consuelo: I have thought a eski sells' the fashion would be súper comfortable, no a chance. It is decent, but slides of your boss and really applies alot of a headset pressure to a small zone. Still with a 2019 edition your ears will touch an interior of a headset..
Sound: worse part roughly him. Sounds suuuuper walk. Utilisation hyper x clouds and has thought them has has touched plans, but at all has compared to the which plan this sound. More, max volume with these is not very strong.
Mic: Any complaint, chooses on the just quantity of background noise.
Wireless: the works add. Wireless adapter seamlessly transmissions among the starts that depend if a headset is on or era. My adapter there has been a subject @of audio and so only has left touched.. That mine has directed of him.
5 / 5
I add gaming headset. Any heavy and ear cuff the cushions are good and squishy. Any heat in some ears. Has the little boss and of the glasses and have any question that spends for hours in finals. Some the only things could complain roughly is:
1-An elastic band that remain in your piece of boss more probably to a unreturnable point in some point after a lot very a lot of month of use, and apparently, some bands are backordered partorisca always which is something to consider.
2-A software that installs does not say you a percentage of life of battery that remain. Just bars. Also, when calm the tones, does not say you when a headset is touched fully, and there is the bug in a software. To perceive he for hours, unplugging it and it turning on, a software and headset will not update a level to be able to - has to that replug he in order for a pertinent level to update.
But averts of of the this, is to add it headset. You recommend.
5 / 5
It give 5 stars without hésitation Games lucidos helmet if this has not been of the question that has had with his écouteurs objective.

Lucidos I edges is excellent and lucido micro is everything so much.

Are not Partidário of the strap to regulate games the boss finds ca less comfortable but this can differ of the person has joined to the another. My question of fat Plus with his écouteurs is in election of edges of matériaux. Him the The OBJECTIVE plastic has used is a lot of poreux and lines ultra easily. And believe me when I say ultra easily, my edges I substituted his ecouteurs corsair the transports of games of the aim of model mirco no longer facts and has wanted to try yn noyveau model. It is habitué to touch with a oreillé for behind lucido the with the Touches a better consolation. With Lucido helmet Corsair, has not had never a lot of probleme, but the plastic of steelseries is three poreux and absorber of looks dye of the oreillé of my boy. Meme probleme If your ado to the idea of talent to touch with a kangourou and dip his capuche of the sud his boss that touches, the colour of edges kangourou there is it lined his ecouteurs. I went back him first believer helmet to another question but lucido the result is same with him 2.ºt. Choissez His Series of black steel with the end to avert gender of question.
4 / 5
I have read at least 5 professional descriptions first to buy this headset. It was excited really and anxious to try them was! That in disappointment! First of all, quality of his bad east so only. I have tried to do with a bow and other options of his, there is at all could do to take the profile of decent music. I have bought these takes PC gaming, again, has had any way to take one 7.1 to do, any way to identify direction of sound! I seat to say that I will be to return this headset and going back to mine HyperX CloudII
5 / 5
A quality of his decent east. It is at all he concealed is glorious here. As any the one who mixes and music of masters, the east that lacks of in the quality to sound bit it. Has some things of good sounds insurances, there is the decent quantity of low. I have listened to the few songs and has not touched too bad, could have better touched this in spite of. I have tried the game and he in fact hurt my ears the bit, especially in CSGO. Sometimes a highs is so only too big. One 7.1 surrounds the sound is not bad but is not a More adds them, sometimes touches very mock and no some at all. Now I know the things and the sure songs will touch different based in an engineer of audio the one who has done in a project, like the sound is @@@subject to change based on that in time, especially for music. It likes quality of his decent east, any phenomenal likes some have alleged but can regulate a EQ is to help find the better sound for you.

A headset is comfortable. Calm grieves can remark that it is there. A strap of the band of the ski is the neutral thing for me. A headset is not that it adds for people with the smallest bosses. An only way to regulate this headset is with a band of ski apparently, which the mine is kinda transmission. In fact it prefers an old way and find that it looks pleasant as very upper of a headset will be to the estaca was like the sore thumb.

A RGB is beautiful. I can not complain in that at all, any light is using, looks fantastic. A question with more headsets and RGB in general is, the person does not go it never partorisca remark, especially is touching so only. A microphone RGB is orderly and is good to know when your microphone is muted. A light and the colour is like this vibrant that in fact blind this in spite of, this light literally hurts my eyes. A key to transmission a microphone any any sense of mine, would have to press a key in the transmission, no another way around. A transmission of key for a microphone is also bondadoso of economic, taking press stuck in the the sure way sometimes. No material are the enormous defender of a be of dial of the volume in a sinister side of a speaker, find me accidentally paste he when regulating a headset.

Some cords are good and like me. That has read looks is hard to take if his never pause, so that it is not the good thing. An USB ChatMix the thing of Dial is class of useless, especially if you are not touching with friends on discord. They would owe that it has done it this element the connection of cord. They owe that it has left it also have of the discharges of capacities he in a headset by means of USB without a ChatMix Dial. A ChatMix the dial feels good and is built a lot very this in spite of.

A microphone touches quite well when I a bit come from in a PC. This in spite of in a Xbox A lack of in the quality to sound bit it. Every time I have registered the message has the strong ear that hammer hum in a fund. When I plugged in the cord to a controller, a sound goes was, but has had the odd choppiness effect. As I assume it is reason is using battery and perhaps my cord for a controller is for data.

A software in general is well. Some functions for a headset in a software is good but kinda lack. It was better an enhancement of basses and has had etc more than options more than just or big basses. A EQ is good and how is some other options, is so only is like this basic. Reduction of noise in this headset is the beast, calm can not listen anything in a fund. In general this product is half for a prize. It is not the bad election but I have expected the little more in of the terms of action of audio and functionality of software.
4 / 5
If you know the one who the pair of good headphones is supposition to touch like, then does not buy these.

Has possessed a lot of headphones and at present use the pair of Bose QC15s, and fantastic. I have bought these for my edges those who has the pair of ten years Razer SC2 the headphones that thinks that would be a upgrade. They touch tinny, and the bass have weighed seriously distorts these headphones in some lower rows, doing them down robotic or species. I spend the countless hours that regulates volumes of his, installing done to commission EQs but any one the adjustment can do approaches that Razer SC2 auricular in fact ten years, or mine Bose QC15 auricular.

A good song to try on is 'to Forgive' to Break Squashes. These headphones can not manage some bass to start with and intro of this song, any @@subject that the type of adjustments does.

Am not sure reason these headphones are estimated like this big so that the hundreds of web of places estimated. If you know anything roughly psychology, then will inform you to a term ocial Test.' There is so only a way these headphones could be estimated like this highly, and concealed is if a costruttore paid for these descriptions.

Besides, a material some tampons of ear are done out of squeak he moves your boss. It is hard to explain, but súper, súper annoying and is the terrible election for material of tampon of the ear.

Take conned and has purchased the pair of these, the calm mark sure returns him before your careers of time was and purchase something with quality of his better. Your ears have obliged.

Know is reading this thought of piece 'Well, those doubts is so only some crazy audiophile, will be well for me!' Can ensure you that they are not that picky. They are so only some half doubt the one who knows that the quality is and that is not .
4 / 5
Steelseries Is of a quality of the main hardware, when it touches to lose to Headphones. To date, governs in this category. But I have to that admit, there Implementation of Software with respecting to 7.1 Surrounds the at stake precise sound FIJAMENTE and FAST. I will give quality of the his 3 out of 5 stars, because of such the reputable undertook, would not owe that have his compromising at all. To the to Some can like him like this sound of Headphones, yes come from other headphones of companies, but for me, that takes my late Steelseries 5Hv2 auricular of USB, can say that mine 5Hv2 the sound clear plus and a lot of muffled. Simply they touch appropriate. These Arctis to 5 sound likes calm is in the box when DTS Headphone:X v2 is enabled. And disabling that the characteristic sound slightly better.

Luz, Mic is clear quality , big build etc., Something Steelseries is still very known.
I controls are easy to access street on controls of audio of the ear.
Connect via USB or jack still fines-sustain of program.
A Prism RGB looks very good. Characteristic fresco.
An USB ChatMix Dial that clarity to help further to balance your voice and a music of real game in a fly.

DTS Headphone:X v2 Surrounds has some SUBJECTS Of ENTITIES. It touches better when this characteristic is turned was. Steelseries Need to fix this muffled subject of sound. This has been the complaint for month now, for 1,000s in Reddit & Discord. Ossia The Subject Real , and am sure Steelseries is very conscious of him.
The software is WELL, but no a better. There I need to be more automation, like this car-calibration to help well dips ready a sound.
The sound in general is WELL, but faithfully can allege that my forward teelSeries 5H V2 USB Gaming Headset with Virtual Surrounds 7.1 His' had soyuch Quality of his Better' A 5H v2 has the response of Frequency of 16 - 28,000 Hz., Where that Arctis 5 has in 20–22000 Hz. Any sure if ossia a reason because one much older 5Hv2 the better sounds at stake.

Top Customer Reviews: Razer Kraken Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
4 / 5
I have thought always Razer the prizes are way also when compared to his fellow competitors. But one of my friends suggested partorisca buy this headset.
A moment a headset is gone in a house was enamoured with him. Some looks of way and a way razer has dipped so many details to when regulating the tape could see number which does not think any one a lot of headsets has ... It can be only unuseful but could feel an endeavour a razer has dipped his.
He mic The quality is quite good ... But still it has to that improve to the plot but he is well of way for this estimativa.
Personally has not felt some cushions to cool announced but has used he in the piece for 15 hours and has not felt never a weight of a headphone in my ears.
Finally when you use Logitech g933 and while drinking water with a headset in my ears, a headset the slips was but razer sticks quite well...
If any one is looking to buy a lot of headset with mic .....So only go advances ....Value each one which buck is spent
An only thing would want to see of razer is the edition has limited panda version of a headset.
4 / 5
Please to the amazon dipped an element in the box so only does not send an element with the code to scan in a container ossia the expansionary element that any one is home he can be easily take flown , thank the advantage was home for delivery.

Been that tries to look for a lot of gaming auricular for a sound , more like this far is these the majority of headphones tends to be way to strong same when you regulate a volume a low and no good plus HD touch it only shivers , These headphones are really good. You can regulate of big to low and a clarity HD is really good. These are still utmost to listen the music and rhythm of games of game also

A consolation is excellent, was quite lucky to take dread when they are on sale :)
4 / 5
A sound are adds with the headphone amp. One cooling gel operates a lot well for me and these are extremely comfortable for longitude gaming sessions to the equal that return entirely around my big ears and a tape is well cushioned.
Razer Also comprises a digital 7.1 surrounds download of the his free of load. This work adds when gaming or listening the music. The twist go for video of Youtube and Film (Dolby surrounds the sound has turned on for film).
An adjustment of volume is very easy to move when rubbing in your shirt or paste he with your arm. I have situated the small point of SUGRU on the into use and full volume mine amp to regulate a volume and this has solved a question.
An aim is stylish and look adds in the headphone stand in my office.
A mic the better works that expected has a inline slides and transmission of transmission to a headset when any into use.
Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Has very satisfied with a product, but very disturbed to see like my container has been managed. I have come late also ! :(
5 / 5
Likes any the one who has subject with the headphones that spends my glasses, these are hands down in amazing! I do not seat any class of pressure in some sides of my boss. Can spend him for the hours and my ears do not take sore. A sound is surprising. Some speakers are utmost. When I am speaking to any can not listen any environmental background noise, so only my voice, included when I am writing in my keyboard maquinal! They are like this happy with cost of mine!! My subject only has had is that I have purchased an open box but he has been missing a mic/audio splitter, so that it was the little disappointing. This in spite of, achieved it was to the amazon and was a lot quickly to help in any way could!
4 / 5
Kitty Version:
has Purchased this for mine Xbox and PS4 to the equal that was supposed to be compatible with both. (Several responses of client have declared is) but has spent he of USB any audio jack.
There is disappointed INCREDIBLY.
The descriptions have said that that avenges with an adapter but I have taken an open unsealed container and at all has listed in a box that promised any form of adapter.
Has contacted a vendor and was basically the hard regime has said.
Is a lot quite otherwise. I owe that go to buy an adapter to see like sounds I supposition.
Will change my indication if this is to rectify otherwise.
Would suggest a vendor maintains a diffent versions of this headset in of to the separate listings like some questions and the responses do not take muddled in neighbours.
Disappointed and angry to say a less.
4 / 5
These are well in some appearances. For example, can listen them exactly where an enemy footsteps east. Some sounds are crisp and clear. This in spite of, these headphones do not take very strong. Included in max volume, so only is not like this strong to the equal that would owe that be.
5 / 5
Has given these headphones like present he in mine bf. Unfortunately these are not a better quality. A sound in his final is good but in another end, that speaks with his partner, has an echo. Also, the computer does not recognise when these are dipped in with which start up. Going to be returning and finding another together.
5 / 5
Has bought these like the presents navideño for my add-grandson. You love him, it says that it is really comfortable and have quality of his add. Also It likes Him one covers has resupplied that gives extra options to use them. A bit pricey in regular prize, but like extracted he of Black Friday, was the value adds . They have fulfilled his expectations, which is one the majority of what of entity .
5 / 5
Has Had he for the few months now. Amur A colour. Súper Comfortable also. My subject only is that easily a control of volume in a cord so only turns a volume down when so only grieve paintbrushes against the alone surface. Also a cord kinda has broken the little near a control of volume. Taking as calmer or stronger like a cord is bent that really it sucks. If it can take the substitution, would want to know like this can go roughly the one who . Another that that, absolutely loves a headset. A control of volume in a cord only looks to cause all some questions.

Top Customer Reviews: HyperX Cloud II - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has checked partorisca Ail boil this down to the cast of pros and gilipollas;


-his Amazing, this headset really sounds a lot on has included so only one 5.1 surround his (which is which he defaults to when using this headset partorisca Xbox or Playstation), while gaming can listen you each one which touches around clear you crystal, and adding some amazing bass with him, is perfect.

-The quality of microphone is fantastic, my friends those who speaks to in Xbox Alive say me ive never touched clearer.

-A price is really well so that it is door to a table.

- Comes with the protective stock exchange can maintain him sure in

-the cord is braided like the half is not breaking unless it try the pause


-the microphone is detachable and no fold partorisca arrive well wishes the tuck has been, calm would be necessary to take it immediately

-I has taken the interior to look some speakers so only partorisca see like a quality of boss was, and is not that it surprises, as you could wants to be careful with these and any to attack them around

In general amazing product, to good sure value a compraventa
4 / 5
The cost checked as well as I have tried the little gaming headsets in a phase now still which comprise Steelseries Arctis 7, Steelseries Arctis pro+gamedac, Corsair VOID pro wireless, Corsair VOID pro RGB and to good sure can confirm that a HyperX cloud II headset is one the majority of comfortable and has a better sound in general. If not to impose you touching with the wire fence headset, then ossia. An only two gaming headsets has tried concealed has not hurt my boss because of my glasses was a Corsair void pro wireless or USB-RGB (also heavy and too free) and a HyperX cloud II.

So he spends glasses and love the glorious sound with the detachable mic, 2 insiemi of earpads and to 2 guarantee of year, then looks no further.
Highly recommended.
5 / 5
The cost has verified These are horrible or at least a pair has received. They have done at the beginning well but then it stirs it of questions has begun partorisca spend.

In the first place some headphones no unless an audio jack has been turned around the sure way in a paper of sound. It has treated this question partorisca dip down tape and taping a jack to the sure place.

Then an audio has begun a yard was and fizz when touching sounds in of the sure frequencies (or at least ossia my supposition ). I have decided to live with him

Then on last just week my mic the suddenly fallen quality when touching some games with my friends. A sound of the mine mic has had the plot of static and has had this constant buzzing. I check With another headphone and a mic was a lot. It was not that has caused this.

Finally when it dip some headphones behind in a box. There is remarked that an upper along been due to my form of the main boss and an elasticity of some headphones have been lost.

Really disappointed in these headphones and I will be to try to take the repayment. It has thought that it would last more the averages the year.
5 / 5
The cost has verified So much a sound and mic the quality is excellent. This in spite of, there is the question with audio mic has combined jack, can do not substituting, and my new mark one has a question of connection of inner boss with one 7.1 virtual audio usb port, like this during my gaming, has has had to that king-connect a jack or hastens 7.1 on/was key. The people says that it is the firmware subject, but I already updated to a later version, and there is remarked that it was a question of boss . It was not if ossia the nave of the amazon that question of mangos or a costruttore ossia according to the time has bought gaming headsets of amazon and his all there have been questions of boss, (could be sell refurbished without saying?) (In the first place one was of the knife and ossia kingston). Has another headsets like a one of sennheiser, but by means of different place and has had any question at all.
5 / 5
The cost has checked Games partorisca begin lucido the system regulates is odd he no tien in planting when it has fulfilled hard my boss falls all so only am slept me with and is resulted the apresamiento is plier a bit and with which two month lucido the leaves of helmet so only more I tien the agree that this costs 60 is helmet of second of the question of same substitution is can be a concidence can be that his two has had to give Incumplimiento of manufacture but well I advise you more than turning you verses of the Logitech all his edges of helmet like .
4 / 5
The cost checked After several months of heavy use, without accidents can say ossia an amazing headset. All the like this described work and takings the lovely plot partorisca your money here.

True to his name, a Cloud 2 is exceptionally light. Often I forget still I am spending the the. This has to that way that be refreshing after the years partorisca use bulky, heavy headsets that would be uncomfortable during prolonged use. A quality of his excellent east, and one 7.1 Dolby Digital Surrounds works of key of the Sound perfectly. Regarding a microphone, is opportunely detachable quality , big, and noise of sleeves that annuls correctly. A headset he, while light, does not feel economic. The materials of big quality am used throughout, and feels especially sturdy. A boss is one of these awesome braided nylon has has covered cords that is exceptionally durable, seldom takes tangled, and does not develop kinks. An only way can imagine improve these products is doing a soyute mic' transmission the little more pronounced and easier the toggle without that has to that look down and the find. A smaller flu, and has included then is the no-issue that I have adapted to.

In general an excellent headset, has any complaint of entity. Calm really take your costs of money here, does not believe has the better bang-partorisca-yours-buck headset in a phase. Sure, you can spend of the hundreds of dollars partorisca the crazy headset but a value partorisca cost the proportion is not partorisca value he for then. A HyperX Cloud 2 a lot each penny, and can do not recommending enough for any that looks for the big quality headset without breaking a bank.
4 / 5
The cost verified has bought this headset partorisca gaming. It can not be happier. A quality of his east amazing. Calm clearly can listen everything in big, average, and low rows. Also it bases a lot down so only mecer some ears. The explosions are a lot realistic. Taking the boss has shot of the sniper is A lot REALISTIC lol. It surrounds sound in of the games that sustains is awesome. Sper Strong while any loosing quality of sound.

Has researched a lot of headsets before I bought it and am happy has done. I have very tried in a venue but same tent although they were competitors of the entity has not been done also. These were some so only some in this price vary concealed has has had frames of metal in place of plsticoes.

Also partorisca the music is sum . Calm simply gone back of one surrounds his for clicking a key and you take some stereo sound. You can also simply skip a boss of USB and covers his directly to your mobile phone.

Gilipollas: If I have had to that find something wrong with them. It say that they are the little tight in a boss. Any uncomfortably so much.
5 / 5
The cost has checked Awesome headset, the quality of sound adds AMAZING consolation, mic the quality is also really well, an only thing is that he doesnt have mic control, but a lack of any software has required to the career does on partorisca that. It can be the bit of the ache that goes of the turtlebeach or logitech headset likes has done them to one of these reasons this doesnt active mic control ( quell'the when it can kinda listen your self by means of a mic like six yours no yelling) but honradamente didnt take all this with a longitude partorisca take used also. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
The cost verified has used partorisca possess Stars A50 for advanced, and has to that say, this celery a lot well partorisca a seal of price. They take a work done, mic is good and how is a consolation . It is ordered that comprises skin and the majority of breathable option partorisca spend of longitude (which is a an I prefer)

Any subject still. Except a lack of 7.1 option. I seat left down, of then is announced 7.1 and comes with the paper of his, but ONLY works on PC. It has wanted to comprise that for advanced, would have chosen another pair. Also a lack of adjustment of his in a fly is substantial, has to be an option in these.

Also, for some odd reason, when it covers these headphones by means of a paper of his my Mac, when regulating a sound in a HyperX controller, always clashes a sound 2 increments for click. Idk If his a controller ossia too sensitive, if it is the subject of compatibility or as, but is quite annoying.
5 / 5
The cost verified has used these partorisca years on PC and wants to him! Have broken my pair with which 2.5 years of heavy use and has bought recently the PS4.

These headphones lose:

control of Volume
Mic controls
quality of Volume

is A lot of faint and can not regulate a volume that like this never. Included in max settings in a PS4 is sper down.

Has the engine of available update but are not that it spends for a hassle for a quantity of money has paid.

Shame in calm Kingston for DUD ADVERTISIG

Top Customer Reviews: GIZORI Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Hooks until controllers of consoles or also has the usb partorisca use of computer. Global utmost cost partorisca our familiar as has multiple uses.
Film/of the games escoles relaxes/it.
The product adds, and a lot economic partorisca a quality.
5 / 5
The look adds, feels well, but other games say that they take feedbacks when it is on.
5 / 5
The new mark out of a box theres Static coming by means of when I move your hands. The averages a time so only 1 headphone works. The volume does not go very strong.
4 / 5
Lucidos I edges is excellent games his games or listen of the music.
5 / 5
Has taken this partorisca my edges partorisca his PS5 and loves it, is surprising has said that a quality of his this clears there is no static is wonderful
4 / 5
is so only stupid has any others comfort will do except a mic no for transmission. Waste of the money and I will not be that they buy again returning asap. That is a point of the have when a microphone any still law.
4 / 5
Unless the the male has separated the adaptadora female dual to attach to the audio of the your laptop jack, a mic no in laptops. The receiver has not been recognised by a computer, that does the even more difficult configuration.
The quality of sound was well for a prize, the receiver was massive and cheaply has done.

Has tried to contact support of company initially, but his email is inactive/off duty. It would not recommend you are using this in the laptop.
5 / 5
Does not comprise like this can him do this sake and load like this little. The alcohol soufflé
5 / 5
is Returned my boss easily and can not listen the thing when strong quite

Top Customer Reviews: Razer BlackShark V2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Has way too much scooped mids, overwhelms it bass, & severely that lacking of in a highs.
Is good and low profiled, feels well in some same ears with glasses, has isolation of the his decent, and any noise of cord this in spite of so only touch economic and bassy IMO.
Has been was Hardware Canucks informs they and am impacted Demitry, with which usually that spends the big end opens the sense backed for his gaming rigs, has said these have touched utmost.
Has had big hopes for one everything in a headset to use on and was when it does not seat likes use my Sense and boom mic but still after the pause in does not have any way these go to develop more highs.
Is mostly mids and grave and for music and of the games are just bland and inert.
4 / 5
Loves this new released razer blackshark V2 + usb paper of sound. Very comfortable in some ears. It does not feel too tight or I too free. Correctly in some ears comfy. It feigns to use this for conference of video of the long hours that fulfils in office as well as listening music while doing. I love a fact that is like this light. Also, there is usb discharges of paper of the sound that can use you for clarity of his better or calm could so only detach the and use a 3.5 mm right to your mobile. A mic is detachable also. The sound of global audio adds also. To good sure the must be is looking for use for music of use of office/along/gaming
Been that uses the week in office, very comfortable in some ears for video conferencing in hours. Mic The clarity is sum . For music, is not too grave as it does not import his balanced. In general, awesome gaming headset.
4 / 5
Been using a V2 X (An economic plus a) for the days of pair now. Here it is my thoughts :
quality of his east well; very balanced and natural touching, with step of compression and small audio. Some bass is well, but good for the gaming headset. A lot immersive experience of his in general, included without one 7.1 surrounds sound.
The quality of microphone is utmost; crisp and clear without a lot of compression in of the main frequencies, and in my opinion in pair with much more expensive gaming headsets.
A headset is very light, can spend he for hours in finals, has any points of pressure and a clamping the force is in his point in my opinion.
The quality of build is well, a system of drives for an extension of the band of the boss can take some taking used also, and feels albeit fragile how is literally so only two thin metal drive. It would be the little cautious when managing a headset over time.

A V2 X could be one of a better gaming headset for his row of prize. Gotta Give the Razer with east a, seldom listen estimativa and Razer in a same sentence...
4 / 5
Feels really light and does not dip the plot of pressure in my ears or boss for long periods to use
5 / 5
Of any jinx the May this headset is sickkk. Amur This produces like this far thank you knife!
4 / 5
A name of a product is not an a lot of one. It could be confuse for some people. Like your Razer V2 X is a Razer V2 and a Razer V2 is a Razer V2 X. They are changed
4 / 5
Another that a fact that both mine computers have had the hard time that relieves it some first time used it, and that Synapse STILL can does not find, is auricular utmost for his prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Gaming Headset for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
I have ordered this because of some descriptions and a prize. It was quite skeptical and in fact find a RGB lights horrid and there is almost annulled my order two times because I didnt love the ball of boxes in my boss. Felizmente Some lights are cold and in fact yes calms so only use a connector, his of the that turns inclusos on at all.

Im The big type, 6'2, with the giant boss and he return so only well. The sound is clear, is comfortable and they a work. My only desire is that you could regulate a mic an opposite way as it could spend it on my legislation. But for a prize ossia absolutely the solid gaming headset in the estimativa.
4 / 5
My edges had been asking light the headphones with mic for the while now, these some have been priced well ,and loves him. A sound is clear both for just listening the music ( just toe a moveable mic backside) and adds for gaming also. Also control of adjustable figure of volume.
In general is very happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5
Absolutely adores these headphones and stand thus it marks 110. I have bought these like the substitution headset and has fallen enamoured with them. The to plot of register of the audio and I find that a mic is excellent and chooses on touching a lot well. Also they have a control of audio and mic change which use often in everything of my meetings of Zoom, leaving me sure a lot accidentally result unmuted, like this ossia my second spent to protect to do sure I no. An only question very small has is that a cord for some headphones is quite short, as I owe that seat a lot of neighbour my TV when I have them hooked mine Xbox. Another that quell'minor inconvenience, I defiantly recommends these headphones. It would buy him again in the heartbeat when I need the new pair.
5 / 5
Has purchased recently this headset and loves that. They are a lot of comfy to spend. If it covers you in a usb, a headset luzca. Ossia The add headset with quality of his well. It comes with all the necessary accessories that comprises the along usb boss of extension and 1-to-2 adapter. The people have spoken the on-line gave that is by train to listen me well, likes quality of a mic is very too much. Any setup has required at all, game and discharges so only. It produces well you would owe that buy these headphones highly recommend these headphones.
4 / 5
Ossia One 2nd time am buying these gaming auricular for my edges like his first pair after being very used in the daily base has broken finally down with which almost 20 month that is surprising. Has has wanted these some again to the equal that has quality of his add and control of volume and was very comfortable to spend and a mic the arm has been drawn in the very convenient place that has not felt for likes it was in the to way likes them to them another has had in a past. Please maintain these in stocks to the equal that are utmost and will be to buy again when it spends this pair was!
5 / 5
Has commanded 2 edges of games of games of month Navidad.. I looked him before his emballer and is geniales, comfortable, has one reward of quality of excellent rapport. It is hyper stylé, More good-looking that many in his tents and the give prize exorbitante.. It does not embezzle More than to try them with which sure good Christmas :) they Are edges of happy car month gamer go to be to the angels!It does not complain aucunement shabby of mine, recommend them!
5 / 5
Is returned unfortunately mine because a cord was too short for my together only on, has taken this in spite of him casualidad to use them. Strongly it would recommend these for any estimativa gamer the one who that is that it is very conjoint of headphones.

Has done the model with the longest cord, would take it
5 / 5
Here is my description. I have bought it Corsaire wireless headset roughly done three years and has begun to do odd, but does not have to that money to buy another of then is quite expensive. As it looked on amazon, there is of then this one has had to that surprise descriptions and was in my row of prize.
The May says does not complain it at all. There is so only two things that any joy. When I have dipped a headset in my ears takes the pocolos second to take regulated to like this feels and has not had this subject with a Corsaire has had. Also, it does not enjoy a texture of a microphone, likes sometimes would not be taste to him situated loves it to be.
But to the left is to be sincere, is so only two smaller things that annoy. A rest is quite awesome, the friends say that my sum of sounds of the voice and when I listen to the show/of TV of the film or touch the game, a sound is also very good.
In general, would say that it is the compraventa adds, he, honradamente, really deserve that 5 stars.
Enjoyed, costs it!
4 / 5
Is really well for a prize. Comfortable to spend and a quality of his decent east. This in spite of, some engine is not 50mm likes described in a page of vendor; a box clearly declares one is 40mm engine. Some lights are not too bad, his so only dulcemente colours of transmission and is not too brilliant. There have it also the light in an end of a mic (I are not the defender, the find that it distracts) also a transmission of key is not very concrete is muted or no, so only said on/was.
In general is the good cost for him headset down $ 40
5 / 5
has taken this for my boy for Navidad, ps4, absolutely loves it. For in the first place, masters both ears to do change your setting in a Playstation. In order for some lights to be on and be able to speak or adapter of use of the must and calm of discharges in the ps4 so much or have the boss, if or does not concern in one covers of lights directly to some far 5 stars for value

Top Customer Reviews: SteelSeries Rival 3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
MODIFICATION: as of July 2019, around the year with which shabby, some sides have begun partorisca fall off. A glue and creation of like this is attached to a mouse is so only I does not add . This be has said, Steelseries the support is surprising and was extremely proactive and reactive. -1 star partorisca a question, +1 star partorisca a support, note like this same in an end.

One of a mouse has better purchased in some last 10 years.
Has used partorisca be the defender of Logitech G5/G500 but like it the sense has has wanted to something lighter, slightly smaller with more grip.
And there comes Steelseries with his amazing Rival series.
Could not be happier. His rocks of software, his rocks to draw of the mouse, some rocks of hardware.
5 / 5
I freaking wants this mouse. They are by train of the give 5 stars in spite of some smaller flus have had because of what do.

Has listened to the odd things like to say some smiles has the bad grips but I honradamente think is well. I do not know why the people say that it is flat and no-grippy but is sticky, twisted and considering is silicone , will not spend era. A creation in some grips also look good and do a lot enough. An only flu is that it causes some sweat to some toes but is not bothersome at all mine. Also, this mouse honradamente looks well. It does not think of the pictures to the justice but I honradamente think a creation is add, and is SÚPER comfortable. Have Relatively middle fingers and the palmera where my hand-held measures in thumbs of a fund of palmera to a middle finger. I think that that it returns it adds. They are the type /of palmera of the toe gamer. For creation/of consolation, would give this he 9.5/10. I am satisfied sincerely.

Now for some keys. Some have left/the right keys am honradamente very too much with decent clicks that has the moderate actuation. An only thing that it is does the LIGHT (but like this light and hard to press to take grieve noticeable) travesías for down after the click. These are Omron the transmissions have estimated for 50 million calm clicks so many will be good for longevities. A key of half mouse has the good force to click, is a bit light but no too light - is a lot so that it is. Also it has the light to the equal that will speak later. Some keys lateralmente are good and big and are a fps gamer like this hardly uses him but is the little harder to click. No an easy plus to spam, but like it has said, hardly use them. They are a lot so that it is and think one planting/the measure is fantastic. Regarding a CPI key, is situated to somewhere calm tin a lot accidentally paste the, which could be the pro/with still some. I think that that it is the good zone reason I a lot accidentally paste the, and want to , can use a half bone of my toes to paste he. The keys are the solids 8.5/10. So only it wishes some keys lateralmente were the little easier to the click but are a fps gamer like this really does not import .

A software is in fact quite good and easy to follow. You can find the a lot of options likes them dipped on multiple configs with different games and programming until 6 keys. An only flu has is with a CPI, there when being so only 2 options at most. It locates in increments of 100 which is enough. You can configure acceleration/deceleration, the corner that snaps and polling tax. Although it does not recommend changing acceleration because this mouse is announced for some 1:1 that follows until 3,500 CPI (further that until 12,000 has very small lag or anything). You can change a colour of the your mouse with two-describes to light in a logo and wheel of roll. There is the option in bylines for the alone colour, Turn by heart in that can you to it have your cycle of mouse by means of an infinite row of interior of colours yours has wished boos, Fines-Paint Breathe where breathes by means of multiple colours, the trigger where breathes to click and an option where turns a light mouse was entirely. Doing so it will leave calm with the aim, any-illuminated SteelSeries logo that looks like this good. Calm also the ones of the applications of engine in that that can you sync colours with yours another SteelSeries produced, an audio visualizer, integration of discord, and the integration with games likes CS: it GOES, it endows 2, Gigantic, Minecraft, Utopia 9, and iFeelPixel. A software is the solid 9.5/10, so only have the subject very small with CPI the be has limited to 2 settings but is fresh.

A light is quite brilliant, but is the tad has washed has been been due to an aim overlay. If it try to dip the to red looks the little aim-ish. But some colours are brilliant and answer fast to a software. If you come from out of an audio visualizer, a lag for the audio of a mouse syncing is very minimum. Still it thinks that one lights him look well and is always the good addition. And RGB, ossia to good sure he +1. 8.5/10 Reason the colours are not quite strong but still thinks the look adds.

The weight of a mouse are to add and is done of quality plastic house. They are very material . Some feet are also quite well so that it is and is removable would like of substitute him.

The seguace is something on and has not had any subject in gaming. Has has has had to that well sure shots more attentive but goes to take some taking used to have had like this the mouse with some acceleration on that. For real it thinks one 1:1 tongue for him and is adds.

In general estimate this mouse the solid 9/10. Besides a slightly washed out of colours and some few keys of the mice lateralmente hard, loves EVERYTHING in this mouse and he to good sure will be my election for enough the moment. Please does not leave these smaller subjects you prenden, I HIGHLY reccomend this mouse.

MODIFY: To the long of the year later one smiles still is that it resists on adds. One smiles still is that it goes that it surprises, so only that some grips tend to fall off to a side so only the little. Just glue in behind in place. Still my mouse preferred.
4 / 5
A wheel of roll is doing up in shooters and is annoying reason is changing arms any stop. Really it would like a lot to have the transmission of a wheel to go keybind.

A sensor and forms it good celery but a wheel of the roll and some clicks do not feel legislations.

MODIFY: A key of the thumb no anymore with which 2-3 month of use.
4 / 5
Is has left mostly rid and has looked for the mouse that was for real ambidextrous, and found this mouse by means of deals of Warehouse of the Amazon.

A packaging was the tad fraction and looks an inner mouse liner had been opened, but one smiles looked pristine without any semence or a lot other maculas.

A Razer the software was quite easy to download and did not ask me to record or create an account or anything more. It was also quite easy to use and calm once take a hangs of him, very easy to program. Calm also can change a colour of a logo and a way (Red and stabilise for me)

One odd with this that when I have wanted to program a key lateralmente, could a lot of he in a game he by means of some options of game like this usually would have. You owe that go to a Razer dashboard of software, choose a game and the say the one who some do any. Kinda Lacking and has had to that look that an up.

Some Smiled is quite comfortable although after the long sessions my hand felt the tad cramped. His easy to use, the period of cord is good and his very a lot of responsive.

Has not run to any subjects with some cushions lateralmente to peel of like this some reviewers has declared. They have changed perhaps a glue or I have any paste although sole of glue.

A lot recommends this mouse, especially if the warehouse of Amazon has in treating it well. I found it to be the smile adds for me like this far. Hopefully A continuous reliability like this the continuous time in.
5 / 5
Has bought this mouse for 2 reasons. 1. Mina Razer one has taken old and a sinister click has taken the little soft, and 2. Razer Has lost my confidence and loyalty with me with which one of his place misleading took to buy and download the program for 50(ish)CAD concealed has not gone included for my product, refusing to repayment a compraventa, and quite saying me 'oh a lot of'.

A same time, has taken the keyboard and headset (changing everything out of Razer). This mouse is for far, one smiles better there is never has used. When being like this economic has not expected to whole plot and so only expected to take feel he for a mark of series of the steel and software, but the SAINT was I in still the treat. One smiles feels to SURPRISE in a hand, and a tax of clue is very better that mine another. There is the TONNE of customizable settings for a mouse, with A lot of rbg (which is SÚPER the brilliant can add) configurations. Some clicks solid celery, some macros is easy to take to, and according to that FPS gaming goes, has improved to good sure in the mine that touches because of this mouse.

Is looking In the new mouse, but does not want to spend to plot, this mouse is for you. Of the leaves of software calm your own, and one feels is súper that satisfies and chair of frames in control.
5 / 5
Is too small for grips of palmera, so only the bosses up to characterise. A mouse is very a lot well in this point of prize. I highly recomend in Razer. An arrival is well with some almost the powder of walnut runs over in a coating. As he the good grips, is very light. A steelseries need of engine to be installed himself love access to LEDs. Precise to the click in a 3 has underlined plant to regulate directed or turn them was. It was the curve to learn that it looks for to disable a LEDs but has imagined was. In general it is a perfect gaming smiled, am very very happy with him. Especially in this prize!
5 / 5
For a time a plus along, has debated yes to take this mouse (Rival 310) or a Sensei 310. After looking some descriptions of video, there is pulled finally one causes in a Rival 310 because of this right-handed orientation . It has taken the used one for the good prize. But it felt new and I couldnt be happier. This in spite of, my hand could any never take used his. I have used he for the week but so only feels like this uncomfortable when Im in the resistant (usually use a claw the grip and am coming from the Logitech G9). As I have decided I for the turn, and has ordered the used Sensei 310. Perhaps my hand prefers a ambidextrous has smiled? I will see punctual.
4 / 5
Decided to resist is gone in the hasty description because of apprehension of mine with Steelseries produced. I have not used a never in my life to the equal that have been the longtime razer/logitech user. Has massive hands and have questions with conventional 'gaming sensor of note' smile owed to the his horrid small measure. I have used a razer deathadder elite and 2013 versions and find the height to be of one smiles the little big. I find a height in a g403/502 to be very good but a period of mouse too short for palmera of mine. For now, this Rival 310 looks to have a half happy with a height that is the little in a short side but doable of a period is a lot enough. Although utilisation the mionix naos 7000 from time to time, some grips of the toe of the side dipped was and really augments a weight too much. This is not so only the mouse for those with big hands, offers the half happy among palmera and claw grip - my hands no longer incident during regular use and especially in my games.
4 / 5
BF Loves this thing. Has characteristic programmable, on a ying yang. It is able to program different profiles for each game that touches. And of course have it enough of the lights that can alternate you or the turn was entirely. It does not have the man hands too big, but says that it returns well, any stresses to be too wide. It prefers this one to wireless, has no cutting was and of course any need for battery. Has speed that you also can regulate, and sensibility of a movement of mouse and clicking. It is the little big in some stairs to price, but value of the money at least.
5 / 5
A Rival 310 Gaming the mouse is comfortable partorisca to the user of the grip of the palmera likes. A unit is light, some keys give feedback very good and need so only a right quantity to force to be pressed. Some keys lateralmente are very situated and the good measure.

A mouse follows a lot well. There is no lagged once. Compared to mine old plus Steelseries Sensei, ossia the real extracted.

My only complaint would be a cord . My last steelseries has the braided cord and ossia plastics on. This cord tends to hang more. I think that the bungee would fix that, but ossia an extra cost .

In general the good mouse.