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Top Customer Reviews: Coolmusic BP40D ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Ciao There!
Touches an accordion in several functions, and although has unit of the main amplification, has looked for the product that has had actions of sure sure characteristic. I create this one returns a bill. Compact, the battery has operated, manageable, and a lot of functional characteristics. That has impressed was a quality of his and a power has partorisca his measure.
Although has there is has not had he partorisca very long, am expecting that extracted a lot some days partorisca come. This unit has been certainly the positive cost partorisca me and I would promote a lot there this is thinking to the compact, battery powered, mobile amplifier with abundance of characteristics, partorisca have the serious look in this unit. The communications with a vendor has been also positive, and ossia something concealed I value.
Would have given 5 stars partorisca this unit, this in spite of, this is to reserve partorisca my woman. Hope Ossia useful.
5 / 5
Has received so only this CoolMusic BP40D speaker, and tried out of characteristic different. In general a work of characteristics, except a port of USB.

I place in the claves of USB, touches some songs in a clave of USB (the way is supposition partorisca be ). But when change to another clave of USB, does not touch some songs in this clave. Modification some files of song in a first clave of USB (deletes some files of mp3 and added some files of new mp3), now does not touch a first clave anymore. In both chances, a light on a key partorisca be able to maintains partorisca flash alternating among amber and blue.

Has tried to ask a question directly to a vendor, but there is still to receive his response. To draw the attention of a vendor, the supposition has it that writes here and give the low indication (1 star), and hopefully draw his attention. I will update a commentary and estimating when I take the satisfactory response .

has been communicating my subjects with an element with a vendor the one who has a lot of state responsive, and there is agreed to to send me the unit of substitution, have king-has estimated a vendor, and will do another description of a product when I receive a unit of substitution.
5 / 5
Has bought this to substitute an old 100w electrical guitar amp that was simply too weighed to spend around. This amp are add partorisca busking and touching anywhere without electricity. A sound is quite well with good lows and pleasant highs. We use to sing and touching electrical guitar. Bluetooth Touches excellent but plugging a clave of Mp3 in could not touch a better as it can not be looked a lot. The volume can be maxed was while touching electrical guitar without sprain of speaker. Utmost cost!
4 / 5
His taken like each class of connection and sustains more anything loves spent in, touches súper awesome, need to add your own crunch and saturation to the electrical guitar but I would prefer these leaves in all the chance.

His taken adds ambience effects, and is the fundamentally awesome tool to practise with in a living room or spend was to touch the show callejero with or use the personal monitor in phases
5 / 5
has taken delivery of this amp around done 2 weeks and loves that. I bought it mainly for external actions and busking, and also sessions of jam around the buddy cochera. Has the Yamaha P515 the digital piano and I use the own inner speakers of a keyboard so only for my own monitors and then this to project a sound outwards for an audience. Also it uses the condenser headset mic and this amp resupply a 48v phantom precise power that save that it has to that have the separate phantom box to be able to.

This amp is good and light - around half a measure and hanged of Roland old KC-100. In the paper is 80W, but an abundance of looks of the volume and of some looks of way more than Roland old that it was 100W. Condenser of mine mic require one the majority of impulse been due to like light and there is detailed is - like this generally have a main amp volume roughly 3/4 and a condenser mic for the half way. A piano I only need on 20 of his volume of profit.

Jamming With some types for roughly 4 hours, and this comprises one of some write the course his dynamic mic also of mine amp - and some batteries have aimed still 4/4 of the full load. Quell'Concealed can not be linear I am not sure but imagine this durable at least 10-12 hours of the full load for my usual use.

A built-in reverb for a vocals is a lot handy of then finds the touch of reverb softens my voice was. The no really use reverb or heart for a piano, of mine Yamaha has all his own reverb settings, but imagines a reverb and the heart would be handy for guitarists those who so only loves these pocolos characteristic simple.

Bluetooth Laws so only well. I am unsure reason the little ppl has said there has been @subject - has to that agree to resist a dial of volume down in this control to change to bluetooth way (the small light goes of orange the blue).

Is really hard to see this amp the be has beaten for a prize, quotes a variety of characteristics and his add offered. Highly it would recommend this product, and honradamente could not think of the best amp for my purposes.
4 / 5
The element are has expected like this. I will use for concerts of house and busking. It is coming inner 2 days to the equal that has promised. It likes-me a fact that 2 guitarists and 2 mics can be uses in this battery powered amp. It is perfect partorisca busking and ie fast to dip up. They are like this happy has purchased this amp. I use it at least once the week and plan to touch to plot alfresco this summer. Thank you
4 / 5
I like a amp but have a question, has bought 2 coolmusic dm 40s, one of them is defective to the equal that can a lot of recharge like it very light go in when it uploads is plugged in. Theres The light in uploading but at all in amp. His says that theres the 30 limit of day for the transmission. He this bad I am outa the regime and To the amazon can a lot of anything for the transmission?
5 / 5
Has used a speaker for 2 month then he so only randomly died on me. I left him it knows the one who past and that has required a asap reason touching is like this wins the big percentage of my imposiciones. They have sent 1 it was mine immediately. Had the new one in 2 days. It has surprised. Service of client I better there is never has found. It can not recommend these writes enough.
5 / 5
Compact and the sound adds, everything in a unit. A bluetooth doesnt crank like strong like mic and entrance of electrical guitar but the hard boss a mic 1 empty to the mine portable and this thing is bumpin

Top Customer Reviews: Coolmusic A-ME01 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
5 / 5
Any real standouts in some effects, but any one is really bad neither. An election adds is trying decides that to to effects like and wants to spend more than the money in the pedal has consecrated. It would not doubt for the alive use.
4 / 5
Good effects for a money. Any big wait digital pedal final here
5 / 5
Ossia the quite solid fine pedal of modulation of the effect. It likes all economic fines-pedals of effect, has some effects that his quite bad, like a periodic speaker and heart, but some another diverse of 'usable' the esurprisingly well.' There are some rarities given a character of some @@@knob, likes having the mix in the dynamic wah, but concealed is not the big question.

A point underlined for me one detuned effect, which touches awesome you run the fuzz by means of him. A coverage mod is probably one has touched more in a sub $ 100 row, also. A tremolo can go of thin and slow to downright stupid, a phasers sounds really well, and a flanger is well.

A big plus downside is a lack of the manual. Some characteristic of @@@knob diverse among effects, as it would be good to have an idea of the as they , as to know a row in of the effects like a detuned.

All on everything, enough well for $ 50.
5 / 5
Has bought this little pedal that expects a WORSE! Taken the, and (so to the equal that are the pedal snob ) plugged he in... Here it is my SÚPER fast description... He 90 of some effects perfectly and touches FANTASTIC!!! 10 of some effects are not terrible, but could finalises to be deleted of a pedal! (CLUE: A Modulator of Coverage is quite useless and is a worse effect in a whole pedal)

Value $ 50? ABSOLUTELY!
5 / 5
A pedal has not been that has been expecting, some sprains were all the sprains of type of heavy metal and are not to this gender.
Probably laws for any concealed touches this fashion
5 / 5
This pedal has had alot of good sounds but sucked alot of a tone was and looked to do likewise when it was.
5 / 5
Loves 2 test this 4 jazz 4 different sounds depends in a song. I will see and try in church and of the actions
4 / 5
A lot of effects. They are no pro how is well in my book. They are not flawless. He touch different. It is the good fiddle pedal.
5 / 5
Was the good investment for me to help me decide the one who pedals of effects to take for my neighbouring I also adds he in a fly for ideas
4 / 5
Pedal add in the prize adds. I want to having some options of the fine pedal of effect. A wah the utmost sounds
5 / 5
has utmost effects, the prizes adds. Control out of the Youtube demo partorisca calm !

Top Customer Reviews: Coolmusic C-DI02 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
You take that paid or,... Or no. This box of effect is absolute rubbishes , and ossia immutable. A unstoppable hum these riadas out of a sound of some bass to all the cost of a volume, setting, or source partorisca be able to.

SPENDS I MONEY and take a worthy pedal effect of yours touching; THIS PoS is not the.!
5 / 5
Has ordered two pedals and partorisca one of them are broken out of a box. When Involved a sound mutates, and as showed in a video so only touching a @@@knob partorisca begin a sound has restored to that it would have to be it but so only partorisca the second partorisca break. It has bought also a fresh power EP-10 supply partorisca be able to. The instructions say that it comes with the boss of conversion of the polarity but has not had one in a box. Achieved was the coolmusic Angelina of his place of the support and a response has felt partorisca a confusion of a instrucstions, has verified a warehouse and he does not come with a boss.

Top Customer Reviews: Coolmusic C-FC1 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Has dozens of pedals of sprain and has bought this one specifically partorisca his capacity to blend a clean sound in with a sprain, which he perfectly. There have it nothing special in a sound of a sprain, but at all bad with him neither, so only another flavour.

Top Customer Reviews: Coolmusic C-DI01 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
This is to be purchase like the present. I do not have the plot of knowledge or before hand-held experience with pedals of electrical guitar, but a character has purchased this partorisca has the quite big collection and comprising of them. I have been said that compared to other pedals and of the frames inside this row of prize, this one was one of a more is tried. To the good sure sounds like this is the pedal of the effects adds!
5 / 5
5 / 5
adds to touch pedal!
The supply to be able to is your daily pedal 9 discharges of volt of negative centre so that have

Top Customer Reviews: COOLMUSIC C-CS02 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
It has taken this pedal of electrical guitar because it has been announced like the door of noise. But it is labeled the compressor. A real simple lesson partorisca all calm the types there is that the compressor evens out of a big squeaks of a signal and a door of noise takes out of a hum and a low troughs. It has taken this like the door of noise for a low hum and static, and when I dipped it on, he that.

Has not been if a product is labeled correctly but has taken to good sure out of hum of my signal. They are in fact quite pleased with this pedal. Has the level, sustains, your, and controls of attack. A level is that it imports Reason he in of the impulses your signal. One sustains is a lot well in this pedal in those looks to fatten your sound. A tone I usually any disorder with reason form that in an electrical guitar. And an attack is well in those looks to do a signal more crisp. Already I have the pedal of good compressor, and ossia one in fact labeled like the door of noise, but are by train of the maintain in my canal to signal reason done a sound of better signal.
5 / 5
Like another reviewers, has ordered also the pedal of Murderous of the Noise and has received the pedal of compression. Also like another reviewers, does not have the question with east. A pedal has received is gone in the generic Coolmusic box, but was labeled like him CS02 Murderous of Noise. Under a focuses there was two ANOTHER SEALS like this denoting a CS01 Compressor. Clearly some class to mix on spent here, also see that a Murderous of the noise now is aiming like this unavailable...
Has built the quite widespread pedalboard the while behind and are in a slow process to choose on pedals here and there to build another smaller joint, as I have not had any subject with receiving the compressor, will take used. It can be the very thin, still vital, effect. The reduction of noise is fresco also, of course. If a Murderous of the noise results available again, can consider choose an up.
Of then can not revise a Murderous of Noise specifically, will give general info in a Coolmusic pedals (I also have a Void reverb pedal). Has class of an odd form in that is profile a lot down . They do not spend a onboard battery, as you require some class to supply to be able to or connection of external battery. These are regular 9V 'the negative tip' like more pedals. I create all Coolmusic claim of pedals to have any bypass (all circuitry has take of a signal with a pedal was) and this can be true, but does not have a mechanic to have to that weighed tomp the transmissions of boxes associate with pedals of electrical guitar (and old vehicle headlight dimmers, if you are quite old to agree those!), they Look to be so only the micro transmission. These have been used in the plot of pedals of big name also, as they could still last the long time but can not take like this abuse like transmissions maquinales heavy. The difference of the plot of classical pedals that so only have the red tiny has DIRECTED light to indicate is on, these light the coverage around a footswitch as well as that lights some points in any @@@knob. Really handy yes is trying rule your pedals down/very light! Some pedals looks very built and a jacks feels good and tight. These look like this of the pedals of estimativa well!
4 / 5
First of all, has not taken that has thinks that has taken. A box was mislabeled. It took it Coolmusic compressor inside the box labeled like the noise suppressor. Same prize. More than returning it, are by train of the maintain reason this compressor is surprising! They are the pedal junkie and possess the MXR Ross modded Dyna Comp, Squeezes of Way of Enormous Saffron, an Analog Alien Joe Walsh Piega Classical, and this one beats him everything. So much, you are looking for the description for a noise suppressor, can does not give. Can give you the description in a compressor, but concealed is not that it is looking for. That CAN say is that a quality of a noise suppressor is like this very like this and calm is not the snob of mark of the name, then pode has not beaten he for a prize. Five stars in all the chance.
4 / 5
Like another reviewers, has taken an excellent Comp Pro Compressor in place of the Door of Noise in my box.

After returning a Comp Pro and taking sent this in spite of another Comp Pro in the box of Murderous of the Noise, has sent a vendor the message and was able to ship me a Murderous of real Noise. Súper Useful support!

Has been value an endeavour / of wait?


Quality of same positive construction like another Coolmusic pedals, excepts a @@@knob does not have to that a point has DIRECTED like him to him some of the his other pedals. A lot of footswitch and the light of coverage FOCUSED. Low profile and sturdy.

Has tried this in the few ways: a red canal of mine EVH 5150 III (very active preamp the tubes means a lot of profit and hiss among chugs). It has loved to see that quickly a door could clamp down and his tight that could feel. Also, for stacking some pedals of profit to a green canal and aiming for him bluesy feel and to the equal that could impact yours and decay of note.

In general.. A lot of gain for both ways to touch.

My settings for heavy chugging / the big profit was typically with a toggle the transmission dipped to Hard. When A door involves, he clamps down abruptly. He this sake and fast and turns a EVH of annoyingly hissy to a lot of behaved. Tope Around -10 has done well.

For more bluesy touching, where the nuance and the dynamics am required, a Soft dipping Tope and better work around -20 was a lot. You love notes to decay of course and this has done everything for the too.

When you Begin to touch, one spends disengages quickly, any lag.

In general, I really like this pedal. A critique so only is that there is the very light volume drop when it is committed but is VERY THIN and a lot negatively impact your tone.

Easy to recommend for any that looks for his first door of noise.
5 / 5
Runs the long series of pedals of effects? They cause the same racket when you are not touching anything? You want to cut a noise without having an impact in yours touch it the compressor usually will have?

Answered 'he' to an on, this pedal is for you.

An idea is simple: dial in your tope of noise, and anything concealed falls it will not take gone through half of the your amp or mixing near. Cela Calms mean can cut a lot a buzz and hum of all these pedals out of your sound. Calm so only will take his when calm in fact GAME.

Takes some experimenting in the really dial he in, especially yes have the most dynamic fashion and game softly like this often like tones aggressively. Felizmente, with a hard/soft transmission and some messing around, can take quite near of some results want to, everything WITHOUT impacting your dynamic a way that the compressor done.

This is not an essential pedal for any half. The majority of the guitarists probably will not have any a lot of use for him. But it is taste, mixing and of those parties a variety of pedals and often struggling with the busy, buzzy his when any in fact touching, is the real boon clean things on has bitten it.
5 / 5
I usually spends on the like this based product on recognition of mark and looks so only but ossia the door of the noise would not owe that sleep on. Sure, a name and the logo is the little volume but a chance, colour, and functionality of this pedal more than doing up for these things.

Like this ossia the door of noise . It calms that can dip before your pedals of muck or with which, is until you. So only be sure for the dipped first of your delays and reverbs.

The law adds, has the row adds for sensibility, and a hard/soft transmission is the characteristic sum that calm leave you his court quickly or sinister turn for the touch it natural plus. To good sure would recommend this to the partner. Usually pedals of the utility like this is hard to take wrong and this one is any exception .
4 / 5
Has seen the video on 'electrifying' the hammered dulcimer and has been taking the few effects of pedals of electrical guitar to change a sound when I am attacking some series with some hammers. This one has been that interests to use, some pedals that creates some tinniness or reverb when in the use can be helped to use this murderous of noise. It is fun learning something new - of then are not the player of electrical guitar, ossia the integer of new shot in electrifying my hammered dulcimer and it giving some only sounds.
5 / 5
Has ordered this pedal but has received a Comp Pro. Any subject, at least can revise some physical components -- is the quite good unit . That @@The @Knob Is smooth, the creation is cleaned. It likes when the pedals owe that hule in a fund for grip, this a there is not concealed. It is the minor quibble this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: Coolmusic BP80 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Certainly ANY 100 SUMMIT of watts/50 watts RMS... More like 20w RMS! Canal 1 is underpowered compared to canal 2.
Very Partorisca the action of canal of the metre but no quite strong for action callejera.
4 / 5
Awesome Tomb. A quality of his east fab. I add for any new bassist. It has taken for my grandson and his mamma has taken the bass. It loves it and it touches enough it adds!!
5 / 5
Really take the plot for your money with this Coolmusic speaker. It likes-me that has the plot of different entrances for the microphone, electrical guitar, reproductor of Mp3, ready telephone or any Bluetooth device. Has 100 watt amp has built in and to the left say this speaker is strong. It has to that 3 band EQ like the sound is a lot adjustable. A main reason has been with this Coolmusic the amplifier is that has the built in battery. It can run without plugged in still around 8 hours. Still it has the port of USB to the equal that can touch my telephone. It is the heavy, the amplifier does well with the hard protective corners and the fat vinyl wrap.

Top Customer Reviews: Acoustic Guitar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Simply the portable speaker adds packed with fresh effects, has bought this partorisca my niece partorisca his classes of practice of the electrical guitar and we entirely satisfied with a compraventa.

A whole container is quite classical, with an incinerates point of the edge painted with poster and golden flanges of control of classical tune, and also a black vinyl does more beautiful.

Has said of another way, is useful for guitarists of student to choose a amp that will leave him to experience with estimativa of interior of different sounds.

Hears sentences like solids, dependable, of confidence and is not bad at all, when his comes to the quality or a portability this a mecer still a backup of sum of hard battery!

Has been to surprise for a start of the his and some bass with such small measure amp with abundance to touch customization potential and tonal clarity.

A coolmusic acoustic electrical guitar amp beaten of grunge to boom, and noise for mecer, one is rig adds for beginners and intermediate players! It is built like the studio of big measure amp with the classical aesthetics.

My niece has begun to register his playbacks with amp and is coming well without any noise.

Coming to a measure can looks small compared to a picture of product but can easily able to treat mid the local of measure am planning to use the pleasure the outside soundbar bar 😬.

Curiously, a simplicity of this amp is as helped gathers more the bookmarks/marcadors is not had to so only to measure or less eq options! It is roughly that clearly it has produced a sound and a build.

1. Súper Is exited of his
2. Classical look
3. Laptop
4. Battery
5. Easy to pair
6. Less hassle for setup

does not have any a lot of to mention! It excepts it does not come with a lot eq options
5 / 5
Ossia one a lot recently amp and has all some characteristics a bit means busker or open mic the player could love. A WIRELESS and RECHARABLE the functions are a prize added ! It is strong and calm will not require never take the furthest 4 settings! You could wake a dead person has done ! My only FLU is that an only XLR is poured in a mic. One 1/4 ' need of discharges to having converted using an adapter! Calm can any gone bad with east, although it suspects one 40 with a beefier looking corner and external shell protectors, would be adapted more for long use! Ossia The a lot of house or occasional busker use.
4 / 5
Of a start of Part has bought this amp three times. All have some same annoying 'hiss' when it has turned on. I have achieved included it has been to a vendor and has had any response.
Clearly ossia a @@subject to the equal that have seen other descriptions of 2021 informing a same question. Like a vendor to give a very on and send me the unit of substitution that reads correctly. Still I have a last amp that has bought on April 10 but listen at all for May 6 I will return this some hips.
4 / 5
This amplifier is compact, portable and able of his well for a measure of his speakers. It likes-me a heart and reverb characteristic as well as a fact that is rechargeable.
4 / 5
The unit is very built, solid, versatile weight , well. We plugged electrical guitar of basses, mic and bluetooth player all a same time to practise. There is the hiss, but a lot of noticeable when touching.
4 / 5
Ossia The add amp ossia small, light, powerful, and touches warm.

Are the professional musician and at present am touching for an appeal of Gondola in a Venetian Hotel in Vega. We use battery powered amps and has looked for the small, portable, well touching amp. This one returns a bill perfectly!

Characteristic: Petit, compact, portable, hanged less than 8 lbs. Two canals, a mic canal and a canal of electrical guitar. Ossia Perfect sing and accompany you a same time. Also it can have the habit of discharges in 2 mics or 2 instruments. A mic the canal there is XLR/1/4 thumb gone in and controls for volume, bass, treble, and reverb. A canal of electrical guitar has to that 1/4 thumb gone in and controls for volume, bass, treble, heart, and reverb. Also, in an upper poster, has key of blue tooth to connect your pill/of telephone and the control of separate consecrated volume. There have it also he 3mm headphone spent. So much in a way, ossia he 3 canal amp! Finally, there is the indicator of power for a state of battery (full, the averages, down).

A backside has spent for headphone (1/4 thumb), has GIVEN (1/4 thumb, to connect to PA or an external speaker), To the IN (3mm, for the connection wired of a player of mp3 or the telephone) and quell'USB-C discharges to touch a amp (using one uploads this comes with a amp or the bank to be able to) with an indicator FOCUSED.

Sound: A amp the warm sounds, deep, big, and cleaned! There are tonnes of headroom and does not distort. A sound is reminiscent of Roland JC. It has to that 6.5 thumb woofer and to 1.5 thumb twitter speakers. Both reverb and the effects of heart touch very good and natural.

Loudness: It is really the 30 watt amp! Ossia To good sure enough for busking and any alive situation where has no the available external power. It will do it adds for actions of solos, as well as duet and quartet/of trio.

Rechargeable Battery: taken 3-5 hours to fully touch an inner battery. I have used a amp in my work and he am lasted by means of my integer 4.5 turn of now. As it goes to be to good sure enough to last for an average 2-5 action of now.

Portability: Petit and compact, weighing 7.7 lbs.

Versatility: while drawn for an acoustic (electrical/acoustics) electrical guitar, this amp the sounds add with electrical guitars (alone coil, humbuckers, solid organism, seeds-empty and empty organism the electrical guitars) also. As it has mentioned on, it is the very cleaned touching amp. This in spite of, takes external pedals (likes sprain, wah, etc.) Well.

In general, ossia an excellent touching amp with tonnes of characteristics, in the light container, compact, portable, rechargeable and ready to be used for any external action, busking, and much more. It is a lot reasonably it priced.
Highly recommends it!
4 / 5
Has purchased this CoolMusic amp to use with my acoustic/electrical violin. A bluetooth the characteristic is wonderful. This leave to use Tomplay accompaniments of interactive music and his touch by means of bluetooth while law a music in mine ipad. Utilisation the cherub violin pickup plugged to a amp mic. jack. Ossia The powerful, clear and a lot portable amp. I love it! So only exactly that am looking for.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The fresco that looks amp but turned it so only on and he hisses. I toggled each key and has connected a Bluetooth but he still hissed. I am returning.
4 / 5
Has been surprised in credit it this thing done in fact for a prize. It is light and portable.. Besides the little has built in heart the one who the good fact to touch my acoustics of electrical guitar by means of.. Careers of the battery and comes with a supply to be able to.. His strong abundance for small venues and there is a bit your decent. For the little type.. If you do not want to lug your 30lbs amp and is has had to that to sacrifice the little in a volume.. Work with both he mic and instrument.. Very practical.
4 / 5
Uses this 30watt amp with my acoustics of electrical guitar that it is outfitted with the Fishman Infinity pre-amp. I love a Bluetooth characteristic and a measure and rechargeability. An only complaint has is a unsettling hum can not find the way to turnoff. Hopefully Is the failure so only my compraventa has and no the common failure. To all the cost of a hum, a amp servants my purpose and I a lot so only the buy again, also would recommend for compraventa.
5 / 5
Has-liked me a measure. Súper Portable and strong sleeve. One uploads of hard battery the pair of hours easily. We have tried he partorisca four to five and one load was still mediates full. Easily chargeable with USB C boss. A sound is clear and the effects are has directed easily. Partorisca The small amplifier, ossia the quite powerful speaker . Work very home for personal use and registering as well as in meso sized local. An acoustic is utmost. That I amour one the majority is that has both an instrument and entrances of voices. As it does not leave his tiny measure fool you.
5 / 5
In general, this was exactly that has loved. Like the pair other descriptions has mentioned, there is the faint and background constants hum. It has not gone quite strong to cause me to concern roughly that. I have touched keyboard, harmonic, another synthesizer, and music of my telephone by means of him. Like the bluetooth player of audio, is well, although no those surprised . There it is consecrated Bluetooth speakers that the sound bit it better. This in spite of, this thing takes really strong for his small measure. It is basically the three canal amp, with some two main canals more any one to the in or bluetooth. Some effects are surprisingly well.
5 / 5
This little amp is awesome - I has loved the portable battery amp that could spent in mine electrical ukulele and he 3 prong boss of microphone - this little type returns an only perfect bill - has the rechargeable would beat that last the very long time - I has had mine for almost 2 month and has not had to recharge the closing in spite of being used for roughly 6 hours already - I has gone back the Amazon to buy another and there is remarked that it was no longer available - ossia truely the bummer reason is a mate of travesía perfect for the mine that touches and singing
4 / 5
Very portable, good volume and his clear. A fact that the speaker of a microphone has his own sound and the control of volume is the plus in this mini electrical guitar amp!!!
4 / 5
Likes all some extra characteristics but has an annoying hiss. Like this far it is bearable but are by train to ask me will take worse with time. A better characteristic is has his source of own power. No more cord of extension that the careers were the coverage of the group and a sound is a lot well for a amp this measure. I also remarked yes calm the places atasca down in the coverage a hiss is muffled.
4 / 5
Súper Strong effects , good but does the buzzing noise when it is on probably reason a amp is like this powerful am assuming them. And on that chooses up in radio churn which is like this annoying when I am touching them electrical guitar and there is the blurred song in a fund. It has Asked a amp no the radio. If it has not been for this would estimate them this amp 5 stars.
5 / 5
The work adds like the portable electrical guitar amp. Also it has it bluetooth - can have you the background clues that touch in some mobiles
5 / 5
This product has functions and of the characteristic is. Ossia The utmost practice amp.
4 / 5
His really well partorisca a prize a lot that has weighed easy to use