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Top Customer Reviews: Frank ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio Frank represents a genial album begins of the incomparable singer that was Amy Winehouse. Alas less known That Retreated to Black, look more sophistiqu musicalmente, more has oriented to lucido jazz and the technical quality of his production and is upper. The 2nd first disk is lucido also excellent with joined impressionnante vocal action to the sud the song That is. It mixes him rap is less interesting, especially that besides Strong that me that is to lose to the mine look. Petit bmol Only games 2 disks to listen without moderation! Some years, If this is not lucido already if, will be able to say he and Sarah there was Vaughan, Dinah Washington, You Fitzgerald... And Amy Winehouse.
5 / 5
Formed: to CD of Audio likes-you Amy Winehouse, calm like this album. Full of anguish and bluesy music with some soft rock and ballads has launched in. His add.
4 / 5
Formed: elep Brilliant Record songwriting, the voice adds, and remarkable accompanying musicians. A Dap the king shines like this last on many of some clues. The desire has lived longer.
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD This album is wonderful, and has included a CD of costs of price partorisca have. A jazzy Amy with the blues commentaries lateralmente artfully rendered. Although a time of delivery was longer that usual, arrives so only when they said it and some save character have. Client very happy.
5 / 5
Formed: CD of voice of Audio has joined reconnaissable among everything. A record that goes like a glove. Genial 1st Album. You do not love all His songs but his another slope the combs.
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Wonderful melodies and the papers of the singer add. Easy listening and very registered and mixed. A joy partorisca possess.
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Another album adds for Amy. As it was still he alive.
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD I absolutely LOVE this album. Ossia Amy in his prime, in my opinion.
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD a start of something those surprised. A talent just silts of this first album.
5 / 5
Frank represents a genial album begins of the incomparable singer that was Amy Winehouse. Alas less known That Retreated to Black, look more sophistiqué musicalmente, more has oriented to lucido jazz and the technical quality of his production and is upper. The 2nd first disk is lucido also excellent with joined impressive vocal action to the sud the song That is. It mixes him rap is less interesting, especially that besides Strong that me that is to lose to the mine look. Petit bémol Only games 2 disks to listen without moderation! Some years, If this is not lucido already if, will be able to say he and Sarah there was Vaughan, Dinah Washington, You Fitzgerald... And Amy Winehouse.
4 / 5
This album is wonderful, and included a CD of costs of prize to have. A jazzy Amy with the blues commentaries lateralmente artfully rendered. Although a time of delivery was longer that usual, has arrived so only when they said it and some save character have. Client very happy.
4 / 5
The voice has joined reconnaissable among everything. A record that has been like a glove. Genial 1st Album. It does not love all His songs but his another slope the combs.
4 / 5
Shining songwriting, the voice adds, and remarkable accompanying musicians. A Dap the king shines like this last on many of some clues. The desire had lived longer.
4 / 5
Action a lot good-looking of this big artist.......
4 / 5
Papers and the wonderful melodies of the singer adds. Easy listening and very registered and mixed. A joy to possess.
5 / 5
Another album adds for Amy. How it was still he alive.
5 / 5
Absolutely I LOVE this album. Ossia Amy in his prime, in my opinion.
5 / 5
A start of something those surprised. A talent just silts of this first album.
5 / 5
AMY good-looking, That tonne the lacking glorious talent!!!!!!!!!!XX
5 / 5
The record is gone in in the a lot of Canada faster that has expected. A lot well, thank you!
4 / 5
Fabulous, Like this happy was finally able to take this in vinyl
4 / 5
like to him Amy Winehouse then calms like this album. Vocally You an amazing and calm work really can appreciate that it spends in his songs. I estimated it 3 stars more than papers for real where any the fulfilling like this something can relate to at all so that it is partorisca say something partorisca me that music of mark of better rear earth that something partorisca be enjoyed word for word. Still a good album and the good addition like to him Amy.
4 / 5
Amy Winehouse - Franco (Universal, 2003)
has read roughly Amy on and has had to that verify this album was. It does not disappoint here. It can take some time to take his voice, this in spite of. Has that tops Dynamite/Nelly Furtado the thing that goes in (although it would listen to Furtado in these two artists). Still, calm help the " Helps" and an ape but some "F M Bombs", where Amy has said the woman the paralización that saw you a way loves a bit respect in some clubs. Producing Salaam Oars (In God' Edges, Fugees' A Bookmark) contributes here also; in fact, "in my Bed" characteristic some beaten same of In the' "Look in fact". -EJR
5 / 5
Although Amy Winehouse has been in a scene of music of an emission of his album to start with 'Frank', in 2003, is so only of an emission of his album his late plus, last year is 'Behind To Black', that has done any real impact.
'Frank' can have won the nomination of Prize of Music of Mercurio and a Ivor Novel prize, but there has been sucedido of map very small with an album or single.
On 'Frank' sound as it has treated the time of thousand in smoky clubs of jazz.
To the equal that comes like this roughly surprised to learn that it is so only 24 and has been domestic to Londra north.
Seating to somewhere among Nina Simone and Erykah Badu, Winehouse the sound is immediately innocent and sleazy.
Alleges that so only can write in that has learnt it already, but some starkly frank and humorous social observations in a brazen only, estronger That Me .
Standout Follows 'Take a Box' is the stunningly soulful account to return an ex-the possessions of the lover and ' send me flying' does so only that, thanks to the colossal vocal talent.
ong Of October', while, forges uplifting jazz out of a death of the pet canary.
Has contradictions - but is hard any to listen an honesty and soul that resonates during this album.
4 / 5
To listen my copy of 'Frank', many my friends have has done comparisons of Amy Winehouse begin to other artists of Lauryn Collina & Erykah Badu to Billie Bakers & of Josephine vacacionales. Sure, I can see where such comparisons are birthed, but the first project of Amy is solidly so only.
A monotoned, jazzed-arrive syrups of the voice in courses likes estronger That Knows' & ' Now', while depth & to vary pervade 'Take A Box' & 'Love is blind'. A music is eclectic: a reggae-tinged gone back of his coverage of soyoody Way Partorisca Master' & a hip-hop inspired 'in my Bed' resupply variety among a generally subdued yours of an album. But, for me, one the in a hole is Amy papers . Active the slew of literary devices throughout, aiming the multiple listens to take everything of some latent references.
A player has fulfilled, the strong vocalist, and an inspired writer: Amy Winehouse is in the class for his - the one who the worries is the boy of has bitten -crazy?? The majority of the daughters of 19 years are...
4 / 5
Aged 52, has bought this CD mainly partorisca listen that today the flavour of the young people is likes.
In that listened that to 'Frank' several times, are not disappointed. This CD resupplies the perfect reflection of today of mentality: the very strong individualism, with consistently the low sense of community. And, Amy Winehouse no fearful to express his annoyance with some males around sound.
Musically Thinks 'Frank' quite pertinent. But his strong point subtracts paste of sound of today of way to an a lot of core.
5 / 5
If yours buying is thought yours that goes to take the normal R&B/album of the soul then could be the bit dissapointed.
Any of some songs on here will have sucedidos of map simply because of a fact that some clues on here are many to mature for today of maps of pops.
The voice of Amy is glorious. Touching like the singer of Jazz of the 50, his voice is hypnotic.
A content of his songs is very real, although very feminine that the auditor viril taste the respect but a same time there is the light annoyance with that is saying (that is roughly men).
Clue 1
Intro / Stronger That Me
A storming start. Stronger that are the fantastic song and one of (if no the) better song in an album. Ossia So to the soul like them the one of your that goes to take. Some beaten are heavy and his words are sincere and real. 9
Follows 2
Sent flying / Cherry
Another storming clue. My preferred in of the terms of his vocal capacity. His quite he chilled clue, and once again his papers are very real. Simply in the woman that is poured and when being the bit has impacted roughly that.
After these ends of clue goes to another clue has called "Cherry". Amy Tip his pleasant side. It has to that read some words to the east a, fun material. 9
Follows 3
Know Now
looks like Amy is speaking roughly is at night here. " Have gotta Know you now, can any never fulfil again".
Has bitten More upbeat here and once again his voice is in final of working mandate. 7
Follows 4
Fk Pumping
Yep thats that says! Another clue with humorus has contained. Basically his turn of subjects the women those who only is looking for the stand at night and have any life!
His voice is the tiny bit drony is one, but some papers are ready. 7
Follows 5
has has listened Love is blind
His only 2 minutes 10 seconds long, but if yours has thought roughly buying this album, so only buy he partorisca east! His hilarious. It is defending deceiving to say " it looked you ".
Unmissible. 9
Follows 6
the way of the way to Want to
A reggae fashionable clue. His voice here is the one who shes roughly. Soft And has some his real soul. Amy Tip his fashionable different fashion and the vocal row of music is one. 7
Follows 7
has No Amur More the Add
You really to to the sounds likes him to him any one likes Nina Simone is one . His jazz roughly deep material. Better song for his voice. 8
Follows 8
in my Bed
is familar with Rap launches 'In the' then will remark that one follows to back on here is one same backing clues he on soyade Look' of an album 'God' Edges' stops In the.
Once again a voice goes the little has bitten to an annoying catogary. But his still the clue that musically am feeling them. 7
Follows 9
Takes A Box
Now ossia fantastic. A better clue in an album for the mile of country. A atomosphere that surrounds this song is so only something can comprise to listen his. His quota, the calm but does his point. His the very powerful clue. 10
Follows 10
Song of October
has bitten more upbeat. As it Felt this precise album more than.
The song of October is a half clue this in spite of. In my opinion the 'farce'. No a better. 5
Follows 11
That Is Roughly men
Another fresh clue. With an addition of this song really goes to aim that a title of this album is returning. It is frank and sincere. 7
Follows 12
I Like this one. It has bitten More postive in of the terms of the his tune. Catchy Corazón, and the good song to cold was also. 7
Follows 13
Amy Amy Amy
can not look to take to the east a. Like a r&b/boy of soul his difficult for me to say a lot in this song but his longitude, and very boring. 4
Shes the talent, and has clues on here for a lot of lovers of music.
Like him rnb/artist of soul, has some follows does like this a lot well. Another simply is not my thing.
He the voice is very different and this album is not a same old thing. Sound the very impressive start although no to like me all some songs. Ossia testement To some clues add on here that really they are adds.
I reccommend control this was.
5 / 5
That can the say? Really I enjoyed this album... Have in the first place listened in Heavy TV, that sings an acoustic version besides Strong that me, and the really loved his quirky, jazzy voice. A daughter can sing! Then it has discovered them has the album that begin, and has thought them, valley the'll taken a casualidad and the buy. It liked me his voice! :) I bought it a day is exited,and the honradamente can say that his cd is still in mine cd player!! It is irrestible! An album is brill to start with 2 arrival, but mine beans the songs are Stronger that me, know you now (WOW!) And take a box.
Is ailing Of mainstream inner of music a moment and loves something different, ossia an album 4 you!.. His voice resembles erykah badu, billie holidays, but still maintains his own sound, without touching like the better swipes cd of billie holidays 4 example. It is so only, fresco, british and 19!! I can not believe in his age, can come with such the "grown on" his, and his papers are funny and witty.
Can not say more than, so only the take and listen his. It is the very impressive start . It maintains comin with him Amy!
5 / 5
Amy Winehouse - Franco
has in the first place found Amy Winehouse when explored by means of one 'coming punctual' section of Player of Means comunicacionales of the Windows. Had the clip of short audio of the "new arrive-and-coming artist", as I have decided that touches a clip on repeats while verifying my emails. This in spite of, have been surprised to learn that still after the plenary twenty minutes still had been listening to some same two clip of minute... This means ten times in the row! This said immediately two things: one, requires to take my ears have verified! And two, Crown Winehouse has taken/taken/will take that it listens easy to the integer another level.
Can not disagree with any of some commentaries of a sticker in a coverage forward: 'A colossal vocal talent', 'An of some the majority of impressive British starts in of the years', estunning began. If the 'as easy in an ear' album, to good sure would recommend this. Of course, if you are to sucker for the female voice also would recommend Dido (that is concealed ... Has took it already... Any surprised there), Katie Melua (the most Next thing to Crazy...), Norah Jones (Sees was With His) and a lot that thinks is Emiliana down estimated Torrini (Amur a Time of Science).
Does not exit of my way to seat and actively listen to an album. Instead, I prefer to touch he in a fund. So much, when I buy an album will touch to start with to finalise, reading the book while it is touching. If an album flows a would not owe that be able to say those that clues are in an album - would have to that to look likes him to him a long music fest. But, for me, if it is not the good album will not flow . ( It is surprising that well these works of method. It tries it... He done really!)
Enjoys to listen to album like this Album that is album more than the collection of single. The albums like this resemble has been lost on some years (listens mine... I am touching like an old fogey!). Album like this flows like the history, like the history there is always the subject underlying diverse. But it concealed it does not mean that there is a same old passage for each clue, afterall all the good histories have the transmission of any, and ossia true of 'Frank'.
When Have in the first place listened an album, has had to very sure some follows concealed has underlined immediately. I immediately recognised tronger That Me' - was a song that had listened in Player of Means comunicacionales of the Windows. (I just desire could touch a heart on repeats again and again...). 'Fk Pump me is probably responsible for one 'the Advisable Parental guidance' sticker in a front of an album. But, it does not leave this place have been you this sassy undermine in of the women that undermines gold. To good sure requires the second listen to appreciate some papers: 'without to to the daughters like to of them there'd be any entertainment, would go to a club and not seeing any, without to to the daughters like to of them there'd be any nightlife all these men so only go house to his women' (ouch!). 'In my Bed' and 'Take A Box' is sure to result classics in his own legislation. (Info So only for defenders: 'Take A Box' in fact has a title 'Frank' in some papers; again, Crown Winehouse can be teasing in the so many to a real meaning for behind a title of his album 'Well Hunts Fashion).
This in spite of, on listening to an album the pair of the time there was one follows that it underlined it really. But, while I have tried to find the has not had any regime! When I have found finally one follows on listening to an album again has noted down his location. It has discovered that it is the clue has hid !! It does not have his number of own clue, is not listed in a backside of an album but has his section of own separate papers in a sleeve of accompanying album. It is located in fact follows 2 (5 minutes and 15 seconds the clue 2... To be esatti!). One follows llama 'Cherry'. It is hid probably reason is the short clue but taste think of to him likes him the underlying gem - perhaps one of my favourite clues in an album. 'His name is Cherry . So only we fulfil. But, already I know better that calm'. Included one the majority of cynical among you will have the smile in your face after this song. A vocals in this clue thinks epitomise a whole album, Crown Winehouse is more when so only leaves his voice goes and is like the album declares 'frank' with his papers.
Are always like this concerned partorisca to the artists likes him to him the lady Winehouse reason has such an impact in his start, is like this new and like this fresh, one has to that ask where can go of here on in? This in spite of, perhaps are when be bit it presumptuous... afterall Dido Is doing well. ;Or)
Like the starts go ossia phenomenal.
Like the albums go ossia awesome.
I for one am looking forward to that Lady Winehouse comes up with prójimo.
The wait there is enjoyed a description and found the gain.
Any album decides to buy that I expect is a legislation one for you.
4 / 5
In spite of all some attention of half comunicacionales Amy negative Winehouse has, is the pertinent voice and of entity in music. Has the spare talent and his start is in the better same ways a lot of that his sophomore album Behind to Black. I love both albums, but there is something on Franco concealed to have me paste a key of game thicker that with his clue.
5 / 5
Which can I of a better female voice British around.
A cross among Billie holidays, macy ashes, Nina Simone and is still
Able to touch so only.
When I have listened Amy in Jools Olanda has thought that that it was to the oldest plot that
His 19 years. His maturity and writing of song, that the lyricism and the talent surpasses his
Stronger that me, fk pump them to me is songs very strong and ' has a lot
the amour more Add' juxtapose his different vocal capacities and row
recommends any person the one who enjoys classy woman vocals to purchase
This album because it has not left mine cd player
4 / 5
That can say it-ossia To good sure one of some better albums has listened this year!!
Had blown entirely was,this lady to good sure deserves to be the big star in a upcoming year.
Has found this album for incident, as his better record undertaken takes sound the by train and leave the people there know in this amazing secret!!
Simply fantastic still hooked, listening daily.
5 / 5
Wow!!! This daughter can blow!! That the fantastic voice. I have been in a music biz for 18 years and I have not been this has excited!! In the new female artist the very long time. I love his musical ideas vary of soft jazz ballads to Hip of funky Hop inspired clues. I can not expect see sees comes in visits in some the EUA. Listening this cd me very happy!! I highly recomend the.
5 / 5
Like this with a lot of another has found this for incident when the partner has asked he for Xmas and of course, has has had to that the listen first of the wrap! I have listened so only so only his and loves that. There is enough the few songs in this CD which are the alone woman down 30, will be able to relate to or will know any the one who poden.
Definately The value listens it....
5 / 5
Big Bretagna is resultant any talented new voices, comprising Joss Bone and Jamie Cullum, but a world there is still to listen Amy Winehouse. While it is twenty young years is in another joins that another twentysomething is like Cullum.
Has learnt of the his for accident while it takes the room of Music of CNN. And it was blown immediately has gone by his gritty and sultry voice. It is throwback to Billie the holidays but his urban papers could be be write for Lauryn Collina or Alicia Tones. But they are not that he his justice with that is now cliche descriptions of promising new muscians in a jazz/r&b/hip-hop scene. You owe that listen Winehouse to believe a hype.
Agree that it is Frank outrageous has not been released in Amsterdam. The one who pays $ 30 for an album?
5 / 5
The fantastic voice and the album add. Some papers his music aims animates it turbulent. His death is the total shame and one of some losses more are of talent to a world of music. Rests to Be able to in peace.
5 / 5
Following a chance of his tragic start, has purchased this album not knowing which partorisca expect. For real sublte and perhaps the majority of frank work of Amy. Door simultaneously the smile and the tear.
4 / 5
Any one has interested partorisca take to know Amy Winehouse would owe that buy this album. It is highly adictivo & could not be happier is occupying space in my player of CD. I have left way too punctual but is songs like these this will persist on partorisca years partorisca come.
4 / 5
Amy Winehouse Is looked in a lot of CD of of the east of British compilation and have decided like this to finally choose on a CD and am like this happy that has done!! Amy Winehouse Rids a perfect blend of jazz and r&b. His only vocals is to good sure refreshing. It is the well has produced CD and highly would recommend it. It thinks Billie the holidays mixed with a soul of Mary J!!
4 / 5
Has taken a copy of this album one of some descriptions was something likes is sounds like him 40s singer of jazz' ... It likes 40of s/50s jazz how was pysched partorisca listen this ... It was the left down. This is not jazz, some songs can have the jazz feels but is much more soul/R&B that jazz ... His sounds of voice to the bit likes Erykah Badu, any that has expected it. It is not BAD ... So only a lot to the equal that has looked for.
4 / 5
This album has been a better r&b/album of jazz partorisca the longitude of long time, his sultry vocals with bloated hip hop the beaten an album that surprised to require artists more exceptional likes amy....
5 / 5
This CD is ailing! A lot of soulful, and looks very too much!
Choose up!
5 / 5
Likes -you Amy Winehouse, calm like this album. Full of anguish and bluesy music with some soft rock and ballads launched in. His add.
5 / 5
In general the reasonable that record to the equal that has detail and heat. It can not help feel that his voice has been restricted from time to time. A reasonable that record that repay further listening.

There is not dipping was partorisca write descriptions of a content of the music like “the beauty is in some ears of an auditor”. These descriptions are in a quality (or any) of a sound has registered. Partorisca Read roughly like some descriptions are done partorisca please to see my profile.

• Clarity – goes well good dynamic row, the instruments are audible, separated and a lot of
• sifts of Canal - a lot of
• balance of Canal – a lot of “centre” orientated but given a character of a vocals act a lot
• Phase of his – no bad, very rich and width, like the phase of small club with a vocalist and some instruments to take phase to centre
• Sprain – no audible
• Compression – no audible, good dynamic row, the register has life and transparency
• Atmosphere – reasonable, any one the majority of atmospheric register, flanges to the small club more than the studio that gives one registering the warm intimate feels
• Grave – low frequencies – reasonable, the drums are good but the little soft. Electrical guitar of the basses is not always very clear or has defined. A drum of has fallen is reasonable but again soft “” like that any partorisca overwhelm a vocals
• Triple – big frequencies – the piano is reasonable electrical guitar , the tram has the clear concrete tone and his
• Vocals – good row but feels like this have been limited from time to time that tends to free a power of his voice

Like the general principle of registers of thumb of one 1960 east, 70 is and 80 is is almost always better in an original vinyl. Remasters Often fail to please he so that it is so only a lot possible to do the purse of silk of the ear of dice, A lack of original register of a necessary detail to be accused digitally and aim an audible improvement. In fact similar step can do a worse sound.

Modern register which have been accused digitally to start with to the arrival can be like this very like this vinyl. CD is is often unfairly critiqued to be poor quality. This is not a chance, is an original register or one accuse how is to blame. Modern “remasters” beat it so much enhances and degrade the register. A statement GIGO (Rubbish In of the Rubbishes Was) is a limiting factor. It ignores this in your cost.

Top Customer Reviews: 1996: Grammy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
All some better songs of 1996. A good overview of a year in music.

John Walsh
5 / 5
I compilation of amour CDs this comprises swipes of the sure year. These songs are often never listened of again. Solution? 1996 Grammy Presented! This excellent CD comprises enormous swipes (One of Us, Kiss Of Rosa, Waterfalls) that the result that ails of. Now, 4 years later, in the ask where has been. Ossia The CD add partorisca be listened to in any of time. It is a lot of upbeat and comprises some first swipes of Shania Twain (those who now there is roughly 60493 swipes), Hootie & a Blowfish, Alanis Morissette, and Joan divine Osborne. This disk is recommended partorisca his wide spectre of fashions and varieties. You will want to this!
4 / 5
This was the good year in a Grammy is. Alanis, Mariah, And another has created the good mix of music partorisca this album, and was happy to in fact see some diversity in a show of prize. 'A Sweet Day' 'calm Is not So only' 'Any Man of Mina' 'You Oughta Know' and 'An of Us' is some something sweet in an album. A good year partorisca a Grammy is.
5 / 5
Another adds Grammy album. 11 good songs of a Grammy has has appointed songs of 1996. Some categories are "Record of a year", "Song of a year" and "Better new artist". Looking artists that diverse like Coolio and Shania Twain, fact partorisca the good mix. Something partorisca more than flavours.

Top Customer Reviews: Grammy Nominees ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
4 / 5
Very partorisca found this! I complete my Grammy collection of Candidates.
5 / 5
Has received a wrong CD. I order 1997 Grammy swipes. Blond cement received instead
4 / 5
Some songs are your basic Radio versions , but the utmost still sound and that I agrees.
4 / 5
Well, am trying to collect all a Grammy Presented Cd is like this this was in my cast. Some some songs are not bad neither.
4 / 5
Loves a music. It would give it five stars, but like this usual, when ordering CD is of Amazon, an element arrived with the chance of CD has broken.

Top Customer Reviews: The Miseducation Of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
My favourite artist of all time is Lauryn Collina. Sadly, A company the one who cuts an album does not produce the product of quality. I have bought this, listened to everything is everything , and he skipped constantly. Each one another song, is well. This song skipped. It is returned, has taken the new a, same song, has included damn what. I am returning this, and does not want to buy another record of Amazon again.
5 / 5
The addition adds To Any Collection of Collina of Lauryn .
4 / 5
The utmost sounds, could not find this record in any tent and probably would have has had to that pay the pair for him has done . A song skips the small but on all the mine of still value
4 / 5
The majority of this is not my fashion of music, but respect his capacity and musicality, and his legislation to produce and sing his music. There are songs in him to that likes. It goes Lauryn!
5 / 5
Some partoriscano ran utmost, but a rest of this record a lot particularly underlines for me.
5 / 5
5 Essere album, ma partorisca lo registra è stato pulsato leggermente buchi. c'è ha dovuto che che file all'incirca partorisca centrati del l'album sa che lui spino correttamente.
4 / 5
Era molto dissapointed, il cd era skipping mediante indizio 2 a 9. Molto muchísimo frustated. Uno è rimasto in attesa di buttato a questo ha aspettato cd.
5 / 5
Ha comprato è il un presente partorisca un amico che quello lì sta voluto. Sfortunatamente trova che un paio degli indizi skipped. Il non sono sicuro se è la qualità del record o mangia al prodotto è stato diretto durante imbarcare.
4 / 5
Quando Lauryn Collina era con Il Fugees,le persone hanno pensato che qualsiasi due ruba:Lauryn lì è ha avuto tutto a talento e Wyclef e Pras ha morso del suo talento,o Wyclef c'è ha avuto tutto a talento e Lauryn e Pras il bit ha dato talento.un personalmente essere d'accordo con l'in primo luogo uno,ed è tutta becuase di di l'est è di me più aggiunge ha dato per passare l'anca-hop dà allora "A Cronico".Quest'Album è 100 caratteri ,e non sarà mai il sostituito l'anca più ordine-hop album in storia.
Lì Labrar muchísimo ruba che marca quest'album un classico,ma a un principale pro è a questo labrado ha dato le carte è genuine ed è hearfelt che ti non può aiutare ma prendere ai primi esempi hanno dato questo labró suo ascoltare al suo est,"Zion",il desgarrador "Ex-Fattore",e il socialmente carattere "Dono Wop(Questa Cosa)".Non soltanto Alle carte impecables,ma la voce ha dato Lauryn è turly un ha dato una classe,non soltanto con un contagioso rapping voce("Adesso Finale"),ma una fila che metterebbe Mariah Carey la vergogna,l'esempio principale che è "Il Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina".Un'altra cosa è A producendo interamente sta relajando,ancora così tranquillo'il re ancora capace ha dato per ballare al quell soyarcas l'andatura non è anca unica-hop e R&B battuto,ma ossia davvero ad album più vario del '90' il movimento ha dato reggae-indotto("Perso Alcuni") l'animi("in assoluto Inclusivamente Importa") a un latino-la chitarra elettrica sazonada("Zion"),ogni canzone è un refreshing e il pezzo guapa ha dato ,l'interludes,apre non narrato a qualsiasi cosa la canzone principale lì è detta,ma molto registro essenziale sono interludes,bene?
Gilipollas: Trovi un soltero difetto con questi Album, arato il pickiest persona a mai vivere(a meno che interludes molestato tranquillo)!
Può vedere,quest'album è a buono sicuro uno a non c'è vissuto finché hai ascoltato a est un!
5 / 5
Nel mid-90 est, il Fugees regnato supremo addirittura a R' B scene. Con la sua macizo Non.1 album per Valutare e un enorme molto-i milioni che vendono Regno Unito Non.1 In fermarlo formato per Uccidermi Delicatamente, al talento ha dato Wyclef Jean shone molto brightly. Oltretutto Wyclef talento, questo nonostante, ha avuto un altro. Un altro talento che spalle e capo essere addirittura tutto i mondiali più, dei musicali e lyrical il talento non dà allora a giorni d'artisti tale Aretha Franklin e Joni Mitchell. Sia naturalmente, al talento crudo ha dato Lauryn Collina.
Le aspettative erano grandi per materia Unica del Fugees membri. Alla caduta ha dato 1998 lì è passato primo record unico ha dato Lauryn Collina del suo successo con il Fugees. Chiami 'Il Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina.' Ad album stormed a Qualunque.1 Ed è andato 7x Platino in EUA, anche coronando a mappe in muchísimos altri territori stranieri. A pochi quello ha chiamato hype, ma ai critici erano gushing per Collina ha dato señorita. Letto qualsiasi descrizione ha dato quest'Album per un critico professionale e arato di pappagallo ligaron per chiamare quest'album qualcosa lungo le linee ha dato 'A quella terra di pausa, classico che totalmente re-scrive l'Anca Hop il libro ha dato principio.' Lauryn Collina merecidamente earnt un record 10 Grammy nominare in 1999, e lì è vinto cinque (Album dell'Anno, Artista Più Nuovo, Più R&B album, Più Femmina R&B Azione Vocale, Più R&B Canzone).
Il Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina è un record classico , il quale è lassù con album per artisti tale il Stevie la meraviglia è e diede Marley ha dato Bob uno del più influente e record che terra di pausa nella sua categoria. All'album è soltanto nella sua moda - comprendere muchas maniere e catture muchas influssi hanno dato senza, amore, depressione, vita callejera, voglia, ricchezza, il passato, presente e a futuro. Lo premio canzone, 'Perso Alcuni,' è rapidamente partorisca desvanecer gli stereotipi d'Anca Hop culture per apechugar con un @subject differenti che la maggioranza un altro rappers album. Lauryn Canta approssimativamente la trasmissione ha dato persone della maniera, e mangia non è sempre per il migliore. Per attaccare solteros 'Ex-Fattore' spettacoli un lato molto emotivo ha dato Lauryn. Canta ho dato un amante quello che è con, ma la sua relazione è sappi difficile dovuto alla sua dipendenza nella sua.
'Zion' pause una verità reale approssimativamente Lauryn' passato turbulento. Bidones marziali E un angolo bello partorisca per finire marchi questa canzone totalmente epica. 'Dono Wop (Questa Cosa)' è per dirigere solteras dell'album. Lauryn rapping È nel suo migliore addirittura qui. Tutto il turno vicino È molto - carte, battuti, assetto. È tutto eccellente, ed è estremamente che le cause hanno pensato. L'abbastanza dreary uperstar' andare Lauryn furiosamente attacca tutto a rappers che arato soltanto riguardato con a soldi, le figlie e il bling-bling. È seguito-sopra delle mondi meravigliose 'Adesso Finali.' Lauryn' rapping In questa canzone è addirittura-forma, e la mia parte preferita è dove canta, 'adesso sono uno prende il mozzarella mangia un Rockerfeller. Ancora essere nella chiesa ha dato Lalibela. Cantando inni una Cappella. Posato In Maribella in Cucire. O collectin' residuals ha dato è stato per Valutare.' Sta sorprendendo. La maniera lo canta, a il il vostro nella sua voce, l'emozione e il catchiness ha dato lui tutto - il realmente fa per toccare le profondità della vostra anima.
'Quando Dole È Cattivo' è una canzone eccellente amore confuso approssimativamente, mentre ' ha Utilizzato arresto per Volere' è un duetto fantastico con Mary J. Blige In quello i due cantano il suo un pappagallo di tipo undici lì sta voluto, ma offerta't anymore. Semplice e Semplice. 'Perdonargli Padre' è una canzone approssimativamente I pecadores che persone d'uso e allora parlargli giù. La canzone che le cause hanno pensato a quello prende persone per lì è ammesso. 'Ogni Ghetto, Ogni Città,' è un brillante e funky R&B canzone in quella Lauryn reminisces nel suo passato d'infanzia, e mangia accorda tutto. 'In assoluto Inclusivamente Importa' è un duetto con ha dato Angel, e un bel ballad. Tranquillo soltanto può sedere dietro e relajar a questa canzone meravigliosa.
'Tutta È Tutto ' è a buono sicuro un punto sottolineato d'Album. Battuto llamativo e meraviglioso vocals il labró unito con carte sorprendenti con remisiones alla bibbia, egiziano spostato, culture europee e muchos musulmani. È un @subject muchísimo che interessi addirittura vita e mangia ha scelto vivere quello. All'indizio ha dato titolo dell'album, 'Il Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina' avere un brillante dolcemente, e Lauryn vocals il labrado quello anonada. Gli indizi hanno dato il premio comprende una copertura ha non 'dato Possa Prendere I miei Occhi era Tranquilli' ed esay.' Entrambe le canzoni fantastiche, il quale è necessario'andare statale inclusivamente in ogni versione ha dato quest'album magnifico.
Entrare muchas le canzoni addirittura 'Il Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina,' prendere per listato a una lezione ha dato il liceo in quella Lauryn dovrebbe quello essere presente in, ma non è . Parlano maggioritariamente approssimativamente amore e persone - mangia per trattargli, e le persone hanno dato la maniera viva. Lauryn È evidentemente non ha presentato per le lezioni, siamo offre la sua soyiseducation' mediante lui le sue canzoni. Gliele sue canzoni Labran la sua soyiseducation,' ed educa l'auditor nelle sue esperienze. Quando ascoltando alle canzoni, tranquilli ti @darsi che Lauryn nessun incluso preciso essere presente nelle lezioni - è fatte bene nel suo proprio, ed è un carattere totale . Tranquillo'il re che vicino un magnifico R&B album tutto mediante, mira non più distante ha dato Lauryn Collina che pause terra classica, 'Il Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina.'
5 / 5
Le parole non possono esprimere che meravigliosi "Il Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina" è. Il suo inizio Unico marchio un nuovo e lì essere migliorato per iniziare nella sua gara senza Il Fugees. Stupefacentemente, Compilas tutta è appreso il suo R&B musica e l'esprime il suono proprio. La maggioranza un altro Presente d'artisti t compilare i suoi livelli finché pappagallo're nel suo forties. Lauryn Collina era soltanto 23 quando libero questo. Combina ole skool R&B, anca hop, e rap. Il suo messaggio poderoso è espresso splendidamente in ogni lírica. Tale qualità lì è ha meritato c'è Grammy nominare, girando a cinque voglia, comprendendo Album dell'Anno per 1998.
Ogni indizio è Il profondo e catchy l'a continuazione. Il suo rap destrezze excels ugualmente alla sua soulful I ha dato l'angolo espresso in "Perso Alcuni", "Superstar", e musulmani. Punta il suo pesato soulful R&B lato in "Ex-Fattore", "Il Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina (l'indizio), e musulmani. "Zion" è una devozione emotiva il suo est. " Perdoni Padre" esprime il suo evangelio affililiations senza perdere Il catchy surcos. Il suo 1 solteros "Dono Wop (Questa Cosa)" combini ogni qualità musicale nel suo album, dandolo un @subject nuovo e soltanto.
Con che cinque anni, "Il Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina" gli ho dato riposa le quote al giorno fu liberata. Muchos critici hanno salutato è I ad anca migliore hop album in storia. Labran bene. Questo sarà un classico Gli anni seguenti prossimi. Ossia Un Album d'entità per mettere in una collezione ha dato CD. Dopo ascoltare a questo, molto pappagallo sarà c'è altamente ha compiaciuto.
4 / 5
Lauryn Collina era soltanto venti-qualcosa quando libero questo inizio unico pasmoso -- un che registri che lì è superato quell'principale Fugees' sforzo. È basicamente un R&B Record, ma lì apre anche centellea ha dato rap, anca-hop, funky e pop incluso ('non Può Prendere I miei Occhi Fuori il vostro') e rock.
Alla musica è piena ha dato momenti originali, nono delle le canzoni toccano ugualmente. Lauryn lì è definita la moda chiamerebbe 'bíblico rap'. Evita ho dato rime pronte, il suo rap intermezzos non narra materia abituale approssimativamente sesso, droghe o pistole, ma contenere il buon senso profondo c'è addirittura basato all'esperienza della bibbia e la vita. La collina punta Il un insightful osservatore al mondo, puntando tutta la sensibilità bassa la sua superficie liscia. E... Il songwriting è variato fantasticamente.
Dinamico 'Perso Alcune' file tra il suo Superiore rap azioni. Emotivo 'Ex-Fattore' mangiare direttamente fuori il cuore, pieno d'emozione cruda e quando finendo con una chitarra elettrica ordina soltanto partorisca Johari Newton. 'Zion' è autobiográfico, anche, touchingly descrivendo al dilemma ad artista/ha dato la figlia affrontata quando approssimativamente per dare vita al suo ragazzo. Chitarra elettrica d'ospite per Carlo Santana anche resplandores, quello fa la canzone un tutti-i buchi opera, insieme al bordi estoyarqueando, marching, marching Zion...'
Altre tonadas straordinarie è ha opposto, 'Dono Wop (Questa Cosa)' avere le carte aggiungono (tratti singolarmente il blend ha dato la lengua parlata naturalmente, rap e angolo). ' Ho utilizzato arresto per Amare' caratteristica ugualmente brillante d'azione vocale per Mary J. Blige. 'In assoluto Realmente Soggetti' è un smoky duetto d'anima Lunare con amico R&B essere ha dado Angel. Edgy Serio addirittura 'Tutto È Tutto ' fa fantasticamente, il buon l'hammond l'organo fa nell'indizio ha dato titolo sorprendente, accompagnato dai suoi crepés 'deliziosi', venendo gli conosce ha dato un record d'elepé vecchio...
Nessuno fine labrado ha dato Paio uperstar' e localizza nascosto'ay' ma a potenziale globale Lauryn lì è qui puntato è enorme. L'arte Individuale della collina è innegabilmente una priorità superiore per la sua; malgrado non piacendo il suo 2002 'Desenchufado' ha dado gli prójimo molto toccarlo iniziando, è ancora un record abbastanza respetable, dà allora verter per avere dado gli musica i suoi difensori sanno il suo -- l'indipendente, africana-femmina americano quello ha muchos per dire. Nessun libero mai qualsiasi cosa più, il soyiseducation' è vastly abbastanza per mantenere il suo nei libri in musica popolare.
All'album sta enmarcado ferma gli ha dato le scene dell'audio hanno dato un (grandi?) Scuola, dove Lauryn non è presentata in una lezione e così perde buchi nell'educazione. Invece, I offre la sua soyiseducation.' Malgrado non sono mai stato un truant in scuola di mina-anni, qui sceglierebbe a ultimo, anche.
5 / 5
Un Collina ha dato Lauryn dell'amore e io sempre . Ma dopo ascoltare al suo "Desenchufado" Album e vedere quest'anno in Smokin' Surcos, crede che la mina si vuole aferrar a che vivo nei passati e mantenere che scontrano questo record, A Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina.
In ha dato mariti nessun quell'ha dato a te questo conto, 1998 era quando anca-hop/rap era accettabile a TUTTO IL MONDO. Dietro allora, tranquillo non ha meritato partorisca avere qualunque amico non ha toccato A Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina, Volo. 2 Colpo Ultimo la vita o È Scuro e l'inferno è Brodo nelle vostre feste. Ho dato fatto, l'inclusione dello scontro ha dato Lauryn, "Dono Wop (Questa Cosa)", addirittura radiar playlists aiutato prende Arrendajo-Z e DMX nel radiofónico e MTV.
Mai primo ha ha ascoltato una donna che potrebbe ha cantato E rap aggiunge (Místico così anni più pomeriggio). Del reggae-influenzato "Perso Alcun" (qualunque, non è il suo Wyclef, contrariamente la fede popolare) al mucha ultimo indizio ha dato premio, quest'album offre un cariz ai dolori ha dato Lauryn, amori, fedi, e naturalmente, talento. "Ognuno Ghetto, Ogni Città" dice il suo didietro-in-le-le situazioni hanno dato giorno, "Superstar" critica wack emcees, e "A Zion" è un tributo aggiunge il suo seme. A duetto con Mary J. In " ho Utilizzato arresto per Volere" è anche stellare (buchi di controllo il prelievo subtil ha dato Raekwon "Gelato" in questa canzone).
A Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina è in nessun modo un album perfetto, l'evidenced addirittura ad anca innecesaria-hop/R&B remake ha dato "non Possa Prendere I miei Occhi Fuori Vostro" e addirittura a suoni pigri di quello ha dato Angel Duetto, "in assoluto Inclusivamente Importa". Ma questi diserta Arato molto più piccolo paragonato alla magnitudine globale ha dato quest'album. Un presente't sapere se Lauryn non sarà mai è aggiunge un'altra volta, la ragione adesso è un emotivo wreck e un carattere sicuro lì è nominato Arie indie Simpson hanno prigioniero il suo il suo ha dado gli funzione "il compositore ha dato nero di cantante/femmina con una chitarra elettrica". Ma Lauryn, asso un difensore ha dato di per vita.
5 / 5
Normalmente In qualsiasi gruppo musicale, una persona outshines ad altri membri, a volte undeservingly, ma nei mariti hanno dato Lauryn Collina, questo potrebbe non mai essere certo. Merita L'attenzione. Il partorisca cantante diretto dell'anca basata in New Maglione-hop/R&B gruppo A Fugees, ha ascoltato la voce grande guapa ha dato Lauryn in ha dato i colpi tale il "Fugee-il", "Puntuale O Non" e a wildly ha dato accaduto remake di Roberta Flack classico, "uccidendomi Delicatamente Con La sua Canzone", il quale basicamente venduto a Fugees' CD network hanno dato/ provenute, Il MARCATORE, in 1997 e c'è fatto un Grammy contende.
Quando Lauryn lì essere deciso per dare un non è entrato il suo proprio e lì è fatto Il MISEDUCATION ha DATO LAURYN COLLINA, punta il mondiale quello non è andato soltanto partorisca cantante diretto o rapper nel Fugees, ma un compositore prolífico e sensibile, anche. Questi multipli Grammy-CD VINCENTE è costato bene a hype. Quando lì è passato questo CD in agosto 1998, ha a mina saputa piacerebbe, ma dopo ascoltare per avere dado molto cronometra la mina c'è @darsi conto addirittura che questo era non CD NORMALE. Ha il suo bangin' battuto in modo che labran per cercare che, ma anche c'è un touchingly tende il suo lato, il quale è che la mina ha principalmente attratto a questo CD nel posto primo. Prendere il mio due lì è Ha preferito canzoni, "Ex-Fattore" e "A Zion" , il quale sembra Carlo Santana e il suo hyponotic destrezze addirittura a tram così mi padrone il grido con la memoria ha dato un amore persiano lungo, e pensando approssimativamente all'amore incondizionale può avere per il vostro ragazzo. Assolutamente limítrofe addirittura brillantez! Lauryn lì è scritta queste canzoni del suo cuore e tranquillo può dire per la maniera canta. Getta Sa mucha emozione a queste canzoni, tranquilli non può aiutare ma sentire piace fa. E inclusivamente anche non sono il muchísimos ad anca-hop piace I undici era, c'è ha voluto tutti hanno dato questi corsi in il, anche. Lauryn lì è un flusso incredibile nella sua anca-hop indizi, le sue destrezze rivaling quelli del più furiosos cattivi rappers. E c'è appuntamento REALE R&B vita nuova. Questo sista c'è TALENTO! Non dorme nel suo o questo CD. Una garanzia, vorrà tutta in quello. Una speranza Lauryn è all'incirca per una meteo lunga, mettendo fuori la materia superiore ha prigioniero!!
5 / 5
Quanto premio voglia con quest'Album? Un di chi sa a esatto ma il numero Malato prende una supposizione......... Uno mazzo? Questi premi, differenti alcuni, era molto-lì è meritato. Ogni canzone è crafted partorisca dietro gli strumenti vivi Reali e alloggiare arato Carlo soltanto Santana, Mary J. Blige, E ha dato Angel. Incorpora Jazz, anca-hop, R&B e molto altri elementi a questo album classico. Alla produzione ha dato quest'album prende alaba molto grande, questo nonostante, è Collina songwriting che propels quest'album a livelli straordinari. Le Canzoni piace Perse D'Alcuni trasmettono l'emozione e La fiamma doluta era l'amico ha dato una meteo e partner Wyclef Jean( o almeno sembra). La sua capacità a enlighten Ad audience in Dono Wop ( Questa Cosa) a tale dettaglio aggiunge è quasi surreal. O il suo insightfulness addirittura Quando Dole Sa Cattivo e Tutto è Tutto . In assoluto Soggetti Inclusi, la collaborazione eccellente con ha dato Angel, è una canzone approssimativamente depressione e mantenendo un ha voluto uno.
Semplicemente messo ossia uno degli sforzi il plus unico lì è non c'è mai ha ascoltato. L'emozione anche tocca un tono d'elemento e i tatti piace ha dato il fatto cercato ha dato nel suo Album e luccichi brightly.
Quasi latta molto @subject ha pensato ha dato questo ritratto in questo cd. Lauryn Collina sprinkles conoscenza, andatura, ballo e angolo guapa a questo envase. Inclusivamente Abbia alcuni delle sue carte hanno dato la moda ha dato battaglia vecchia addirittura qui encubierto sembra al Fugees heyday. Dovuto a queste caratteristiche con che finire per ascoltare la sua, tranquillo lascia estremamente soddisfatto. Inclusivamente se Lauryn Collina non è mai caduto un altro album era heralded il di Anca-Hop è ( o R&B per questo @subject) più aggiunge. A Mosto-Avere nella vostra collezione.
4 / 5
Ha scritto descrizioni partorisca dell'est ha ancora dato per cronometrar gonna con dell'est ma adesso dovere quello scrive un nuovo uno un'altra volta dà allora all'amazona lì è aggiunta questo sistema ha dato descrizione nuova. Hai soltanto letto un lauryn alla descrizione In lui è questo uno sa può lasciare o sapere se o offerta't sa. Alla quota è passata dà allora ultimo lauryn e musica giusta nella totalità. Quest'Album nuovo ha dato lauryn è un classico! ..Periodo! Uno vede tutte le critiche negative in qui e sapere che lì labra haters ma o soltanto non può mettere giù questo cd quando alle carte è sa forte così self. Lauryn Collina lì è un ha dato il più soulful voce in anca/hop e thats la ragione pensa e mary j il regnato supremo quando mangia ad anca/hop R+B.
Miseducation Ha dato lauryn la collina è soltanto una metafora ..Uno lo pensa è stato il prigioniero ha dato un libro e lei soltanto cambiato partorisca ha nominato all'incirca. Shes Il refrán era miseducated In scolare perché tutta ruba approssimativamente la vita deve che quello apprende nel suo proprio. Adesso sa e quello dice tutto In questo cd. Le canzoni qui encubiertas sottolinea labrado: Dono woop, lì è Perso alcuni, ex-fattore, superstar, in assoluto realmente soggetti, firgive il suo, tutto è tutto , miseducation, e non Può prendere i miei occhi era o. Ogni canzone qui è un classico e può avere fatto qualunque un solteros. Per cercare di e meteo che immersione a questo lp può essere ascoltato, veduto, e senso in everyway. Lauryn Habladurías il suo rubare thats contraffazione. Lascia O sapere str8 in questo shes non cercando ha dato ha salvato thats ruba ha dato la maniera è e shes refrán o che la necessità ha dato ha cambiato. Lauryn wasen'T così tutto ad avuto i suoi giorni selvaggi con l'adesso è addirittura con e shes in un livello differente adesso. Una speranza a fugges tornare vicino ma sa Lauryn continua ha dato per fare nonché shes facendo adesso.
L-boggie(la mia figlia) c'è premio vinto ha dato musulmani tra ultimo anno e quest'anno che alcuni artisti vincono in thier gli ha dato vita scopre un a grammys punta soltanto vicino ha dato con la sua 7Xplatinum album. Uno lì è saputo che soffierà addirittura mi non l'ha aspettato per essere avere prigioniero. Nessun pronto a questo album dovuto all'hype. Premio quello O pronta, dimentica che ti ha approssimativamente ascoltato a cd e soltanto fingere o offerta't inclusivamente sa il vostro nel cd e soltanto lanciato in una mole forte. Manivela Lui addirittura e Buttato a tutto a strumenti differenti (dolcemente, stupro, arpa, trompeta, bidones, trombone, battuti ha dato studio, organo, gitar,ecc..) E la sua voce e aplazar e O sentirà questo cd guarenteed tutto mediante il vostro o avere anima,rhythem, e mangia musica e angolo buono o diffinetly senta questo. Ognuno ospite fatto qui il suo Album più ristagno che è già. Mary J. Ho messo tutta l'anima e voce a " ho utilizzato arresto per volere". Santana C'è fatto "Zion" la canzone ha dato musulmani realmente marchi o sentire il tuono lì è rasgado lui con il suo reggae chanting in " perdoni padre", e Dell'angelo anima extra messo a questo indizio "in assoluto importa". Questo cd è partorisca Ai corpi e io pensano thats quello ha in alcool con dell'est.
--- In ha dato mariti o può essere non alcuni difensori grandi hanno dato lauryn e a fuggees. Lauryn .. O passare per leggere questo ..Uno ama alla sinistra o sapere che vostro ha dado più stesso e non può aspettare per un altro.----------
Lauryn non è per pregiudicare sapere tutta allora la necessità ha dato rumors a parones. Proviene che Fare una donna Nera realmente può andare scrivere il suo proprio ryhmes e carte con aiuto e producendo la sua materia propria. Ossia Crudo, infinito talnet questo prende musulmano che esplosioni così uniche -suoni- alla sua ombra.
A tutto quello che Offerte't sapere la sua questo labró quello esce perdendo della meteo grande e tranquilla richiede per prendere questo. La vostra collezione soltanto non sarà Completo senza lui.
Prendere educato con Lauryn e vedere mangiare caro miseducation qualcosa del passato. Quello prende!
5 / 5
Unirgli il principio generale non è un difensore grande ha dato R&B. Troppi fluffy, cliche Canzoni d'amore e troppe canzoni stupide che tutto soltanto vicino ha dato per trovare una maniera differente ha dato per dire "alla sinistra è prende in ha dato le pelli".
Era il mio costo recente d'Erykah Badu è (un altro R&B artista quello che è abbastanza Creativo ferma ha cantato i suoi musulmani che soltanto prendendo in ha dato le pelli) più nuovi cd la mina encubierta ha forzato il finalmente cerca ha dato questo cd. Lui folks, è quasi 2001 e ha soltanto comprato Il MISEDUCATION ha DATO LAURYN COLLINA approssimativamente 2 ago ha dato settimane.
Quello sono stato nel frattempo a?? Questo cd chiaramente illustra che Pop/R&B/Rap ha dato il fatto può avere sostanza, profondità emotiva, e intelligenza. Possa essere approssimativamente Vivere che quello vicino ha dato per valutare un colpo e possedere Lexus. Malgrado ossia Lauryn soltanto premier unico cd c'è provveduto/è provenuto che è uno dei poeti più d'entità della sua generazione (la mia generazione).
Lauryn l'Ha tutto, nella mia opinione. C'è una voce guapa, lei rap con un senso unico d'andatura, atteggiamento, forza, e intelligenza, e gliele sue carte labran incredibili. Differente alcuni delle descrizioni hanno qui letto, pensa molto ha dato Lauryn dichiarazioni spirituali ed emotive piacere più forte durante il suo rapping. c'è soltanto non ha negato a potere della lengua di verità universale che cuelga a rap le pause lì è PERSA ALCUNI, ADESSO FINALI, e TUTTO È TUTTO .
Lauryn Sieda ed esprime la fila piena d'emozione vocale. Ho dato tutto-forze di buchi, per ansiar desiderio per una vita migliore (per un altro, nessun lei), a un quasi omniscient channelling all'anima umana.
Tutto il mondo tratterebbe vita e Diede musica sietevi qualcosa per essere cherished, qualcosa encubrió può acostumbrar aiuta un altro e ha passato l'allegria a popoli vive la maniera Lauryn sarebbe nella nostra maniera a questo mondo migliore che il sonno d'umanità ha dato.
5 / 5
quello Segue Lauryn è libertà expósita un'altra volta del Fugees, manifestare questo primo brillante record unico, prendendo all'essenza ha dato r&b, rap, anima e regalo incluso wop in un prezioso, heartfelt album. Un presente't accorda quanto Grammys questo cd vinto, ma era per togliere un numero straordinario. E per Undici in un bluemoon, crede che Lauryn Collina ha meritato ha dato tutti hanno dato accaduto lei garnered mediante la sua hardwork e talento unico. A megahits in questo disco, Ex-Fattore, Dono Wop, e Tutto è Tutto apre alcuni degli indizi più fini, un'altra volta quando essendo correttamente vincenti per la sua bellezza e originalità. Questo non è soltanto un Record ha dato per scegliere in partorisca a sbatti questo nonostante. Lì Labrar muchos nicchie preziose hanno dato quest'album lungo quelli marchi per ascoltare sperimenta molto personale e amorevole. Ferma numeri ho dato sala breve interludes labrado in questo disco, dove l'arato di ragazzi per parlare approssimativamente l'amore e quello significa/dove sta ritrovato, con una chitarra elettrica acustica guapa nel backround. Ruba piccolo piace che realmente dell'aiuto questo un atemporale ed endeering Album. Anche, tale ha dati indizi gli a Zion, In assoluto Soggetti Inclusi, e localizza 15, l'in primo luogo ha dato due indizi hanno dato premio, labró estremamente cautivando e gorgeous. In generale, quest'album è un pezzo molto speciale ha dato musica e dovrebbe che quello essere un hallmark in tutto il mondo è collezione .
5 / 5
Addirittura Ad anni, ha cresciuto un contemptuous atteggiamento partorisca a Grammys partorisca a unspeakbaly le elezioni cambia spesso fare quando dando premi. Ma hanno attaccato A bullseye in 1999 quando Lauryn Collina lì è fatta una porra pulisce prójima ancora il suo inizio "A Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina." Un terzo del Fugees, la collina lì sta asomado i suoi presenti largi in questi moderni classici ha dato un produttore dei dell'album, compositore, cantante, e rapper. Tramando Anca hop, anima, e Marley-inspirato vibes, "A Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina" è eccellente ha dato per iniziare per finire e mai falters. È duro ha dato per resistere A catchy la trasmissione ha dato "Dono Wop," il suo funkified makeover del classico "non Possa Prendere I miei Occhi Fuori te," e la chimica tra Collina e ha dato Angel in "in assoluto Soggetti Inclusi." Ma Collina, pensa, è più convincendo quando canta la sua maniera mediante un cuore spezzato, l'evidenced in "Ex-Fattore," " ho Utilizzato arresto per Volere," e il mio personale preferito "Quando Dole Sa Cattivo." Lì Labrar alcuni registra che abbastanza coscienza di fuggire quando alla musica è addirittura. Ma non "A Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina." Mangia un alcool ha dato stanza, tranquillo perseguire con che ogni stampo finché resto imprinted in memoria, la maniera i record aggiungono spesso fare.
5 / 5
Tutto buono tranquillo'il re lì è approssimativamente ascoltato A Miseducation è certo. È anche un understantment. Incluso Scrivere questo, le parole non possono esprimere che siamo quest'album è. Mai avere anca-hop carte battute , sublimi, e oustanding la produzione mangia il vicino ha per principale Fugee Collina ha dato Lauryn ha dato la donna ha dato frente. Tutto Ad accolades quest'album lì è ricevuto (Addirittura 50 prestigous attributi per comprendere Grammys, il premio ha dato Musica americana, Al premio ha dato Fonte, ecc) Quest'album lì non è soltanto ha restaurato la mia fede in musica ha dato giorno moderno, ma la mina ha anche iniziato nella mia missione musicale. Questo è per raccogliere I molto gli ha dato album possilbe per trovare qualcosa in quello a carices la magnitudine certa ha dato quest'album a. Miseducation L'agitamento è stato a R&B, Anima, Reggae, Rap, e Anca-Hop a creato uno totalmente classe fresca , nuovo ha dato suono la differenza ha dato qualunque la maggioranza d'attivo non c'è mai ha ascoltato. Lauryn Collina è responsabile al mio amore ha dato musica e qualsiasi glowing la descrizione scrive nella sua opera potrebbe non mai apprezzare alla sua abbastanza per darmi (e tutto per riposare al mondo ha dato musica) a privilage ha dato benefitting ha dato la sua miseducation. (Nel mio stampo d'Album ha dato per Declinato, Quest'album mangia in in 2. Nei miei album più sommi hanno dato tutta la meteo pronto, situa 31)
5 / 5
Dopo per rompere-nel Fugees (AKA l'accampamento ha dato rifugiati), a membro unico questo è oltretutto stare ha dato accaduto è stato Collina preferito ha dato Lauryn del membro. Tutta è caduto Innamorato con il suo dopo a soltanto nel re-marca Roberta Flack "uccidendomi Delicatamente (Con La sua Canzone)." Benedetto con un Phenominal voce e Supremo rapping, Lauryn era truley un touchstone in tardivo 90 R&B e Anca-Hop. A standout l'indizio in questo album lì è per essere "Dono Wop (questa cosa)" come sia per fare la sua la maggioranza ha dato popolare solteras, insieme a "Ex-Fattore", "A Zion" e un impecable remake del classico oldies "non Possa Prendere I miei Occhi fuori il il vostro." A buono sicuro a un altro Fugees i membri erano talented, ma Lauryn guardava per dovere che che la scintilla sicura ha dato talento che le persone ammirate e lì è amato. O non deciderlo ha liberato un altro album nel futuro, questo uno lì è per essere un ha dato il più soltanto-ha dato-operare grupal ha dato tutta la meteo. Qualunque possono mischiare R&B, Anca-Hop, Motown e il pop la maniera Lauryn può. Kudos La sua e hopefully un'emissione nuova nel futuro. Opera buona Lauryn!!
4 / 5
L'album d'inizio ha dato Lauryn Collina deve che quello essere un ha dato il più critically lì è acclamato album (e certamente inizi) negli ultimi 25 anni. Ascoltando il suo un po' quelli che cronometran addirittura, è facile ha dato per vedere ragione: strumenti vivi, un brodo sicuro e attenzione prudente a dettagli piccoli, e naturalmente estremamente molto-crafted canzoni. Toccando Il soltanto gli ha dato angolo buono rapping, Lauryn lì è messa il suo cuore e anima a questo album, e la passione ha dato fango delle canzoni: "A Zion" è un meraviglioso ascolta al suo giovane è, "Tutto è Tutto " è un enlightening e uplifting canzone d'anima, e "Ex-Fattore" è semplicemente desgarrador. Malgrado per entrare--canzoni skits labrados a volte troppo molto meteo e arrestati al flusso dell'album, l'arato non localizza dato separato, il quale realmente avrebbe ucciso ad album. È facile ha dato per vedere ragione A Grammys onorerebbe Lauryn le ha molto fatta : è pensato-causando (kinda sicuro), somma e musica tibias. Qui è nel frattempo tutto per acclamare non c'è ucciso la sua gara: re di nodi ancora nel frattempo all'indizio...
4 / 5
Soltanto nell'insistenza ripetuta del mio amico A. Siedo e realmente a punto a questo album. Un mosto ammette che considero molto contemporaneo r&b e anca-hop con scetticismo dovuto alla stessa carenza d'individualità che è rife nel ragazzo-il repertorio ha dato banda. Qualsiasi cosa con elogio grande in una foca grande (E.G. Columbia)--Specialmente qualsiasi cosa encubrió prende elogio grande In "premio" spettacoli, è necessario d'essere sub paio. Lauryn Collina sa questo--e canta approssimativamente lui ("Superstar")--e produrre un album che amore. Al risultato è qualsiasi cosa ma normale. La sua voce è sedosa e rivolta, e la sua lírico listo e ha diretto. Ossia Anche anima--la sua in ha dato le pelli che resiste, il suo profondo doluto, gliele sue allegrie più grandi. La canzone, "Zion," i meriti che possiede ad album soltanto. In questo tributo a suo è la collina passa ad auditor le lacrime ed esprime in un po' quelli che minuti corti che la musica d'anima è realmente approssimativamente--la sua essenza; una madre ha dato musica, ha dato fatto. Semplicemente in sorprendente.
5 / 5
Lauryn Collina è davvero un carattere. È ugualmente talented Ha cantato, rapping, scrivendo e supplente. Un amore questi album ed everytime quello perde o qualsiasi mosche mi hanno dato, partenza e cop lui un'altra volta. A Uno piace tutto delle canzoni addirittura ad album ma a certo standouts il mio labrado "in assoluto Ha incluso Importa" ft. Ho dato Angel, " ho Utilizzato arresto per Volere" ft. Mary J. Blige, non Può Prendere I miei Occhi Fuori il vostro," "Quando Dole Sa Cattivo," "Il Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina," e l'indizio nascosto " Dice." Quest'Album è un masterpiece. Uno sono ugualmente inspirato nel suo vocals quando canta e i flussi di maniera quando è rapping. Possa entrare e addirittura quando sta fluendo, dove i tatti mangiano il suo un freestyle. Uno come la moda di Lauryn vecchia in questi album e quando sia con il Fugees. Il piacere preciso è stato con un altro ha dado gli album molto quello gli i musulmani che fare b/c lei lui tutti sanno bene.
4 / 5
L'album d'inizio ha dato Lauryn Collina è soltanto pieno d'indescribable talento. Un amore questo CD. È un avere dato di mina lì è Ha preferito passato, con melodie guapas, toccando carte, ed è soltanto sapere heartfelt. Uno potrebbe listato a questo CD ha dato per iniziare per finire tutti i giorni. Alla quota ha dato queste canzoni lì è avuta significative radiar airplay, ma ha dato fatto il mio preferito di labrarles't questi che ci sono necessariamente rotti a tazza ferma 40. Ex-Fattore (localizza 3) è un ha dato le canzoni migliori in questo CD, è le sue relazioni, e tranquilli soltanto può sentire che Lauryn Collina sta parlando approssimativamente. Un Utilizzato per Volere, un duetto aggiunge con Mary J. Blige Porta un senso ha dato forte femminile self-empowerment. Quest'Album è soltanto anche Lauryn. Vedi La profondità ha dato la sua, gliele sue sensazioni, e non è pretencioso in qualsiasi maniera. Il Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina (localizza 14) sicché soltanto lo dice naturalmente lì labrar il nascosto segue, non Può Prendere I miei Occhi fuori il vostro, e Untitled. Un non può entrare abbastanza il suo questo CD.
4 / 5
Un'educazione ha dato Lauryn Collina e la sua musica è in negozio in modo che listano a questo celestiales freshman comincio unico. All'album è un audio -pictórico delle esperienze hanno dato Lauryn e il sandpaper-brazened emozioni che è stato mediante. Non-atrocità commento sociale nel suo migliore, Lauryn è nel suo musicale soapbox.
Qui è con i suoi falli e la sua bellezza, quello espone la sua anima per tutto.
Goza quest'Album emotivo ha dato per iniziare per finire, la meteo ad album sieda mangia un vecchio-scolare @@1970s riunione familiare, specialmente con a ragazze unrehearsed interludes tra canzoni. A evangelio di moda sieda è l'elogio degno. L'arte ha dato copertura dell'interiore I lascia per vedere un forte, ma anche Lauryn vulnerabile. A compositore, produttore, e artista il cui fondo comprende Anca Hop, Reggae, e R&B, Lauryn lì è sweetly lì è adattato tutto il mondo encubrió l'anima è dove la sua in.
Apechugar con vicino a dito,
- Daz
4 / 5
non è un difensore enorme ha dato rap. Anca Hop è VALLE ma può essere molto redundando e phony. È era con una mano cautelosa quello ha comprato Collina primo soltanto cd, ma dopo il mio premio pronto, è stato sorpreso! Il cd sentiva totalmente reale e un-seflconscious. Un prigioniero un senso ha dato un artista certo con qualcosa per dire, un messaggio per inviare e non una copia ha dato carbonio lì quello passa per le mozioni senza un shread ha dato condanna. Il cd fatto rido, ballo, pensa, grido, e SENTIRE il suo eof quello canta approssimativamente. Quello musulmano può chiedere? Uno era movimento . Sei felice ha comprato questo cd e a punto il suo spessore, canta nel mio capo quando non sono . Qualunque con qualsiasi riserve la sua questo compraventa prendere Nota: sarai suprised e sorpreso nella sua poesia e realness. Non passa sopra in questo opprotunity. Uno la sua speranza unica segue addirittura può essere il quell'incredibile questo. Il'd fila lui in tazza ferma 5 album migliori mai!
4 / 5
lauryn La collina lì è un fabulous la voce ha dato passione, pop d'anca e anima. Ognuno solteras la canzone in questi Album è essenziali ha dato listato a, e lì labrar qualunque localizza uno stimerebbe meno quattro stelle. È overwhelmingly talanted ha cantato, scrittura, rapping e supplente, e lei lui per il suo con praticamente qualsiasi aiuto. Cela Brillantez di chiamate, persone! Al vincente ha dato cinque prestigioso grammy premio, e un núm. 1 spazio per musulmani che un mese addirittura alle mappe hanno dato cartello, soltanto riflette il suo sforzo duro e opera che immersione a questi album guapos. Malgrado tutto Il brillante ha dato labrado degli indizi, per essere-buchi alcun per me labró "ex-fattore" "il zion" "ognuno ghetto, ogni città" "in assoluto ha incluso importa" e "tutto è tutta ". Una speranza i miei commenti hanno aiutato decide sì partorisca ha comprato quest'album sorprendente o núm...
4 / 5
A Mina gli è Piaciuto Lauryn Collina sa molto nel Fugees, Di lì è ha dovuto che quello prende il suo primo album unico. Uno è stato soffiato era con quale ascoltando! Quest'Album esibisce il suo rap destrezze e angolo meraviglioso vioce. Incluso l'interludes tra le canzoni labran soportables!! Naturalmente "Dono Wop (Questa Cosa)" è un ha dato il mio preferito, dove buchi d'obiettivi tanti dei suoi talenti. Alle armonie labran incredibili!! Un altro faves Comprende "Ex-Fattore", " ho Utilizzato arresto per Volere" (a duetto con Mary J. Blige), E "Adesso Finale". I due non ci sono gozado era "Superstar" e il suo duetto con ha dato Angel, "in assoluto Ha incluso Importa"("NEANCHE" è soltanto troppo molto meteo!!). Questo CD è un mosto per qualsiasi a a quello piace l'anca-hop, ha dato R&B, e/o (leggero) rap. Prendere vostro "(Il mio-)Educazione" ho dato Lauryn, e sette tuition buono-è passato!
5 / 5
A quelli hanno dato vostro quello critica questo CD perché cade corto ha da allora anca-hop dovrebbe che quello essere.... Un odio per rompere questo vostro, ma Lauryn nessun record un'anca-hop album... Record e R&B Album e c'è una differenza.
Ragione così unica lei rap addirittura un po' quelli che le canzoni non mea sta cercando ha dato per fare un rap/anca-hop record. E anche il suo rapping la moda può toccare mangiare Lil'Kim, soltanto accordare che Lauryn era rapping con il Fugees molto meteo prima che Kim lì è attaccata le scene con il suo inizio.
Lauryn lì è costruita canzoni sorprendenti. Sì, ha utilizzato prelievi... La maniera pertinente!!!! C'è una differenza entra mangia Lauryn orologi musica scorsa e quello Inflazionato e Mase regurgitate quasi canzoni intere con alcuni che rap versus inbetween a cuore originale.
La necessità ha dato persone partorisca ha arrestato di creare che che qualunque sta mancando ha dato Merita ragione così unica artistica ai critici affittano thier opera. Creo, gliela Chiamata di Ricerche della Tribu o Outkast o Mary J. Blige C'è prigioniero ha nominato per Avere grammys, prenderebbe a stesso backlash che Lauryn sta prendendo.
Per intitolare la canzone evoca emozione, bellezza, orgoglio, l'umiliazione e le anche anima che non ho ascoltato dà Stevie Meraviglia " non c'è Mai Sognato lascerebbe in Summer."
Il pasmoso, anonadando il pezzo ha dato musica.
4 / 5
Quando io in primo luogo ascoltato a questo album, ha aspettato ruba GRANDE dà quest'album è stato nominato per 10 Grammys, e lì è vinto 6. Al principio, sono stato decepcionado. Ma questo era con che ha ascoltato il soltanto un po' quelli che indizi. Allora un giorno quando sia realmente noioso, ha ascoltato all'album intero senza skipping qualsiasi cosa(quello comprende i parti dove alle ragazze labran soltanto quello parla nella sala ha dato classe) ed era soltanto sapere, bene, BENE! "Zion" è probabilmente la canzone d'amore I più aggiunge I'andare non c'è mai ha ascoltato. C'è angolo bello addirittura per attaccare "Tutto è Tutta ". "Dono Wop(Questa Cosa)" e per intitolare labrado d'indizio anche entrambi aggiungono. Tu gli piacciono le sue opinioni le sue persone bianche(I sono bianco) o non, tranquillo puoi non negato che ossia un ha dado aggiunge lui r&b album del il passato ci sono anni o sapere.
4 / 5
'Il Miseducation ha dato...' Spettacoli Ad artisti del R&B/Anca/d'Anima-Hop i generi mangia un album reale è fatto. Undeniably 1998 Grammy Vincendo: ALBUM DELL'ANNO. (Posteriore quando Il Grammy è riconosciuto musica buona!).
Il critically il record caratteristico ha acclamato le quantità vaste hanno dato diversità musicale. Dell'anca ha dato nucleo duro-hop addirittura 'Perso Alcuni', alla Chitarra elettrica spagnola intro ha dato 'Zion', al suo dolce ma cuore dell'evangelio inesperadamente duro, alla melodia organica ha dato 'Tutta È Tutto ', al classico dolcemente l'allenamento ha dato per intitolare indizio.
Le alocuciones hanno dato Collina della signora muchos soggetti/di soggetti/mangia altri artisti nel núm. di generi questiona Il negativity e (sessuale) inmoralidad d'anca-hop leggi in uperstar', all'emotivamente uccidendo idilio/dell'odio dell'Amore anuda'andare tutta lì è addirittura sperimentato 'Ex-Fattore'. Il nostro avvertire approssimativamente A pericoli d'inmoralidad sessuale addirittura 'Dono Wop (Questa Cosa)', a Ha datato unchanging grazia e forgiveness addirittura 'perdonargli Padre', completamente a testimonial Lauryn addirittura 'Adesso Finale'.
Piace più R&B album, una maggioranza vasta ha dato i prelievi hanno dato la caratteristica delle canzoni ha dato '60s e '70s canzoni. Addirittura'uperstar' ingeniosamente incorpora lyrical e Musicale excerpts ha dato Jim Morrison e Porti' classici esanuncio Il mio Fuoco' le prove il suo punto nel downfall di musica d'esplosioni. Un altro punto sottolineato ha dato '60s flashback è nel suo rendition ha dato karaoke colpo 'non Può Prendere I miei Occhi era Tranquilli'.
È c'è ha pensato causato, inspirando, fascinating e inclusivamente la vita che cambi. Lauryn Fatta delle persone intorno ai mondiali ha pensato azioni. Nella mia opinione uno dei record d'evangelio I più aggiunge, la mia opinione ha dato 'Evangelio' sta dicendo le persone hanno dato ha dato Parola. E Il Collina ha dato Lauryn della maniera dà conferenze in cristiani ethics nel C21st addirittura sesso, soldi, tentazione e senza mai toccato sa bene!
Quest'Album prende un bene lì è meritato 5/5, la ragione è un ha dato il più soulful, reale e relatable l'album ha dato 1998 a 2003. Lauryn lì sta scrivendo, fisso e prodotto ad album intero, nessun cattivo per uno spettacolo ha dato Delle Donne!
5 / 5
Un ha dato il fatto ha aspettato all'album ha dato Collina di Lauryn partorisca essere il musulmano ha dato un rap album, considerando la sua opera con il Fugees. Ma risulta encubra non soltanto possa rap, può ha cantato, scrive, prodotto, e fare un ha dato gli album migliori I propri. Alcune canzoni nessuna mina è piaciuto avere data il principio, ma vuole quasi ognuno mette a punto addirittura a disco. Malgrado io'andato ascoltato, pensa "Perso Alcun" è il mio preferito (se battaglia Wyclef lì, crede che ami, ha incluso anche la sua "Carnevale" l'album era abbastanza bene") lui Mary J. Blige E ha dato Angel Suono in tazza ferma del suo gioco in " ho Utilizzato arresto per Volere" e "in assoluto Soggetti Inclusi." Ed essere sicuro per Listato a per finire. Ho dato fatto il mio CD contiene un acustico Bíblico riff lì si apellida " Dice" in per finire, sa non sono sicuro approssimativamente il listato d'indizio dell'Amazona. Ma yeah, offre't già avere questo, avrebbe che andare a comprato. Battuto d'inferno delle assicurazioni a frickin' "Thong Canzone" o "Qualsiasi Matorral."
4 / 5
Oltretutto missy elliott, ossia la donna unica nel rnb industria che quello può fare tutto. In questo Album scrive, prodotto, fissato, e lì è registrato tutte le canzoni. Non soltanto canta, lei rap e la sua voce è piace che ho dato toni braxton, lui sooths l'anima.
"Regalo wop/Che quello che", "ex-fattore" [il mio indizio preferito assoluto addirittura ad album] & "tutto è tutto " il labrado soltanto semplice e semplice sorprendente. Tu offro't normalmente piacere mediante un talento così, e tranquillo non troverà a a un altro piace, in ha dato una meteo lunga. A fugees essere, e facilmente il possesso più tasada resplandores, migliore allora mai in questo album.
Che fa per riposare dei i risultati d'album? Magnifico! "Il miseducation ha dato lauryn collina", "non possa prendere i miei occhi fuori il vostro", "a zion", "superstar", "l'ora finale", " perdoni padre", & "l'utilizzato per volere" arato estand reale outs, e ohh lascia non dimenticando "ognuno ghetto ogni città". La persona era puoi brillato il suo in questi indizi, persona.
Adesso il vostro probabilmente quello chiede ragione se Un rave il suo questo cd, allora ragionare capo così unico 4 stelle? Dovuto alle ragioni seguenti. Gli indizi deboli: "quando dole sa cattivo" & "la cosa più dolce" remix, labró misplaced in questo album, pappagallo realmente offerta't appartenenza e a incontable, e una meada incontable interludes rovina a countinuos il flusso ha dato partorisca ha registrato.
Il globale questo nonostante, ossia un album aggiunge e che spettacoli quando venda 5,000,000+ copia in giusto a lì sta unito stato. Uno crede che che dobbiamo visiti di punta hanno dato labradas per tale talento, e prendere per mettere fuori altri album.
4 / 5
Latta soltanto assume che alcuni crudeli, ma la musica ha rispettato molto critica, lì è dato questo rumore uno gli ha dato indizio grande una barzelletta per vedere che effettivamente, un mindless, Stepford la nazione lì è seguita il suo vantaggio. Sicuramente, c'è adesso sta sedevo dietro ad alcun luogo, ridendo histéricamente e pensiero "GOTCHA !" La mia valutazione ha dato questo rumore terribile è questo . Immaginare il vostro nemico peggiore che fa a rumore più sgradevole c'è può fare per un'ora o dei musulmani, non localizzare mai neanche giù con a irritato vostro, ma quello entra e addirittura e addirittura con a horrendo, cattivo, il suo quello induce suicidado finché risulta assolutamente unbearable. Questo Descrive perfettamente la barzelletta/ha dato lo scherzo ha dato Signora Collina ha dato un Album. Assolutamente A rumore suono più/horrendo lì è non c'è mai ha ascoltato. Crede la vostra mano qualunque può dire davvero dire che toccano questo CD spesso e gozarlo ? Sai qualunque che il tono ? Adesso, crede la vostra mano tranquilla se sei stato ingannato per credere è era musica ma adesso @darsi eri la vittima ha dato una barzelletta crudele. AHA !! Un pensato sa :)
5 / 5
è scimmia, puoi non immagina mai è stato al soggetto ha dato musica e MTV qualsiasi musulmani. Ossia Oltretutto overrated, overhyped l'album non ha mai ascoltato, questo nonostante il pappagallo così parla approssimativamente piace è il presente ha dato del ai difensori hanno dato musica. Uno ammette lì labrar un paio d'indizi in questi album che a mina piace, ma per riposare dimenticarlo. Quando essendo una persona un po' introspectiva I, comprende che quest'album è un'espressione personale ha dato classe, ma dov'è la melodia nella maggioranza ha dato questi indizi? Un amore soulful, heartfelt gli ha dato musica molto il a tipo prossimo, e pensa forse alcuni d'altri artisti lì possono apprendere che ho dato Lauryn; questo nonostante non c'è nessun molto più in questo album. Uno ha pensato che Brandy è molto migliore che Lauryn, ma non prende quasi per regolare merita.
5 / 5
Lauryn lì è sacca c'è semplicemente fatto un ha dato l'I più aggiunge cd è che non ho mai ascoltato nella mia vita. Ogni canzone che è in questo Album sta sorprendendo. Quello gli il tutta partorisca materiale approssimativamente Lauryn che è un razzista I supposizione alcune persone crederanno qualsiasi cosa quello ascolta. Pensa del Cd anche getta il suo cuore e anima a questo album e per persone per dire che sprechi la meteo è orribile. Tutto Ad artisti nei generi che persone Lauryn hanno messo in labrados è guardato e Lauryn è uscita e lì è fatto un cd che le persone possono listate a e la latta inclusa ha passato buchi alcune emozioni in pappagallo> dice che ho dato mangia sia detto ha dato per dovere che quello ha un aborto nella canzone "A Zion" ancora così lui la decisione per avere il suo ragazzo. Che un altro artista direbbe questo nei suoi record.
5 / 5
Soltanto per lasciare tutto il mondo sa, Lauren Collina reportly lì è detto ha dato per sapere sapere molto "persone bianche" listi a questo album, attivi non c'è lui mai fatto.................................. OOOOOOOkay, per Perdere nato un'altra volta cristiana, pratica quello o ha predicato.
È una vergogna ossia certo coz Una mina ferma piacerebbe listata a questi album occasionalmente ma nello stesso token, I offerti't vuole sostenere qualunque con una lengua si bifurcó.
Per ragionare uno lì è dato 3 labrado ha dato protagoniza:
un essere gli arresti lì è persi onez
un essere arresto zion
un essere per lui non può mantenere i miei occhi fuori o
5 / 5
soulful, Anca hop-py amd aggiungere!!!!!!!!! Tutto A resplandor ha dato canzoni, è fa la sua voce. Punta tale scrittura e componendo destrezze in questo Album.
Intro -
Lì è perso Alcune - Quattro Stelle
Ex-Fattore - Cinque Stelle
A Zion - Cinque Stelle
Dono Wop (Questa Cosa) - Cinque Stelle
Superstar - Quattro Stelle
Adesso Finali - Quattro Stelle
Quando Dole È Cattivo - Quattro Stelle
ha Utilizzato arresto per Volere - Cinque Stelle
Perdonargli Padre - Cinque Stelle
Ognuno Ghetto, Ogni Città - Cinque Stelle
Nuotando Importazioni incluse - Cinque Stelle
Tutto È Tutto - Cinque Stelle
A Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Collina - Cinque Stelle
5 / 5
Quest'album è a buono sicuro evita avere da allora a A&E i lassi hanno dato canale "Un'altra volta Classics". Lui epitomizes Sa a essentials ha dato R&B e Anca Hop che quasi 5 anni il suo inizio, ancora c'è nella rotazione pesata in CD di mina ha cambiato.
Tu surca, tranquillo tu grin, desgarras.
Lauryn lì è messa la fondazione, una fase nuova per un differente ancora il suo familiare. A nascita di re, è per parlare, ha dato ruba buono di piacere nostro , alternativa. Questo nonostante è labeled, a volte preciso un catalizzatore.
A Miseducation ha dato Lauryn Essenziale.
5 / 5
Qualunque con qualsiasi cosa Negativa ha dato per dire approssimativamente Lauryn o il suo presente hanno dato musica t sa che è approssimativamente e necessità d'andare in un altro luogo con a negativity. È un outrageously talented, donna che i pavores ha dato quello che sta prendendo i suoi messaggi positivi sono stato a quello vogliono e necessità d'ascoltargli. L'ha dato c'è Lauryn posteriore e quando c'è è prigioniero il, in assoluto negativo inciderà. Lauryn non è un razzista e lì è detto è. Avendo l'orgoglio In una questa razza non è un delitto e la sua musica è qui a uplift. Il un auditor, ha che essere nel midset che Lauryn è nel realmente comprendere e apprezzare la sua musica. All'album è eccellente.
5 / 5
Offerta't deve che quello è qualsiasi cosa ma un umano con orecchi per sentire a scoppio hanno dato Lauryn Collina. "Perso Alcuni" sia incredibile, quello sono stato "Ex-Fattore," "Superstar", e "...Zion": Questo è un athem per madri dappertutto. E per intitolare indizio? Perfezione!!! A interludes fa il mio ultimo nervo (può dire "premio rapido"???), E offro't caro per "L'Ora Finale" o "non Possa Prendere I miei Occhi Fuori Il vostro", ma otherwise, un classico. Hai tratto a un delle emissioni migliori dell'anno. Mantiene per fluire Collina ha dato señorita: non possa aspettare vedere tranquillo In March!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Greatest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio that can it the say roughly that... If yours the defender of bullies of bone n harmony this would have to that take this album of the swipes more adds yes or havent has had any of his Format of leading
4 / 5
If you are the defender of Bullies of the Bone then needs this record
4 / 5
that can it the say roughly that... If yours the defender of bullies of bone n harmony this would have to that take this album of the swipes more adds yes or havent has had any of his leading albums
5 / 5
さすがとしか言いようがないですね!!Bully LuvとGhetto CowboyとHomeが収録されてるだけでも即買ですよ!!これは!!知らない人も初心者の人も安心して聴けると思います!!絶対聴いてみて!!さすがベスト!!さすがボンサグ!!!!!!!!!!
4 / 5
A soiled version of a lot of album sucks, reason a radio version is that it will take a hooked; an aggregated explicits a bit ruin the flow of a song, rhythm, etc. Take a clean version if any like to him a sound of a soiled version. Some the explicit albums this in spite of different of a radio is point and averts in quality; included it is these pocolos: 'Grammar of Country' for Nelly, 'A Project' for Jay-Z, 'A University Dropout' For Kanye West, soyy Beautufull Darkness Bloated Fantasy' for Kanye West, Red Light District for Ludacris, 'Cee-the Green A Car of Alma' For Cee-the.. In these there is typically less words of curse, but sometimes more than a typically will find..
4 / 5
Has bought this record 2 times because it has thought them has been broken but was in fact my record player has taken the needle of tip of the diamond partorisca my record player and his both do perfectly now like this the supposition the have 2 in chance that something spends 2 another came it also with the cd of 6 bone instrumentals ruggish bone tha amour of $ to my eyes rott ,bones,bullies of bones and an enemy tha amour of $ instrumental is different of tha moe clue of cheese of creepin in the come on the fact can listen to this version around your girls if any calm already know a moe the instrumental cheese is enemy tge amour of $ instrumental with the woman that does noises of sex and his like this annoying and incorporate 4 same adolescent partorisca be that they listen has left them to it my girls listen 2 each clue except moe cheese in this ep anyways enemy an amour of $ instrumental is the better way in this instrumental cd expect my description helps a lot ossia the must has vinyl partorisca any defender of the bone of course there is tha crossroads on he 2 likes thats the plus of entity trackslist 1. Carol Of Tha Bone (Layzie So only of Bone) 1. Thuggish Ruggish Bone 3. Enemy Tha Amour Of $ 4. 1st Of Tha Month 5. It presses In Up 6. Budda Lovaz 7. Days Of the our Livez 8. Tha Crossroads 9. Bully Luv (ft. 2 Pac) 10. Notorious bullies (Notorious Big ft. Bullies Of bones-N-Harmony) 11. Desglosad (Mariah Tortoiseshell ft Bullies of Bones-N-Harmony 12. All A lot of (Felecia Of me he Bullies Ft. Krayzie Bone) 13. Look To my Eyes and thats a cast of complete clue partorisca bullies of Bone-n-the flight of strikes of the most utmost harmony. 1 And yes in a cd there is so only 12 clues but in a VINYL (Record) has 13 a clue of the prize in this situation is look my witch of eyes was originally one first song on disk 2 but flight. 2 starts with blaze the and continuous for order of a cd partorisca all 13 fly of clues. 2 Has 13 clues in place of 14 like a cd flight 2 fails the look my witch of eyes is now averts of flight. 1 sad said it to them so much but some people so only do not comprise any @@subject the one who the calm time said them or the one who calm perfectly the write was a lot expect my helps of description a lot of amour
4 / 5
My records have come with stickers in some grooves and supposition that has done it? I have said the amazon there was the defect And has SUBSTITUTED HE without extra cost or ache and in 48hrs has had the new copy, perfect. The one who concern had the misstep in his step? To all a haters... It asks the substitution, hears to some Bullies of Bones and cold, is everything in a music in an end and they done the a lot of I like this surca on!
5 / 5
Wants to listen this old skool swipes... Door for behind a lot of memories... The desire would dip 'could teach a world-wide' on here, this in spite of... On it follows 2 clue of number 4 for some reason will not touch ... If these two subjects am not existed there would be has given the 5 stars
4 / 5
are the ginormous defender of Bullies of Bone n Harmony. But I a lot like this album. Any have to Him legustado an order of song or a playlist.
4 / 5
So only the few songs are so only well. It likes quota of the songs there are in 2 cds, So only three songs are decent.
4 / 5
Bullies Of bones and Harmony, each one has bitten as well as it agrees, this in spite of a lot of pertinent. To to The Person more likes to of him, the young people would owe that give the listen!
4 / 5
Both agree is warped. Any one happy in that at all. These were the presents navideño to my husband. They touch, but still. It has said any to concern roughly trying regresarprpers. Any value a question! It does not recommend and it would not purchase again. A lot disappointed.....
4 / 5
Would give a 1st CD 5 stars. And one 2nd is more like this he combo of there that of music of only and owe of has had more than a music of bullies of the bone culos has had any awesome clue
5 / 5
has ordered this product because has think that a cast of clue was one same how is in a clean version any have @@give the has not been until I received it, both copies say some more utmost swipes, a clean version has the few better swipes personally. Kinda flustered, In general...
5 / 5
But touches to value well! There is some b songs lateralmente on that. The desire there was the on concealed pair is not . On everything satisfies!
5 / 5
I really like this a reason have beaten good and also give the glimpse to a hardcore fights of daily life that far too many people suffer by means of. It is not in accordance with everything of some papers and/or everything of some messages but some the same times do not disagree with everything of some papers and/or messages neither!
5 / 5
These touch utmost records. Felizmente Has not had any of some subjects of control of the quality with this record.
5 / 5
Wow! His add,to the condition adds arrived in,managed with priest,ossia he cd to tressure,because of the am not seeing a lot other artists that is able to rap like these types have done and possibly STILL CD is!
5 / 5
This record is skipping a lot one of some records has any gunk or something in the and has to that take he to one record tent approach to me.
5 / 5
Perfect collection of his better, the chance is partorisca come broken this in spite of 😡
4 / 5
has listened to the east a to plot the few songs untiil has been substituted for Peter Bianco
5 / 5
So much the records are warped... Súper Disappoints it reason really do not want to return this. Looking behind in some leading descriptions is class partorisca say that his all says that his records were also warped.
4 / 5
The album adds in the prize adds!!Happy the shopped prime ministers of amazon like this always!!!All his better clues on 2 cds is impossible to do excepts is quite near has lost the few clues and dip the pair on here would have them but awesome on everything!!
5 / 5
So only the album of solid compilation. It would have liked him it has liked some bullies in a song of house of this film of Jones of Orlando, but all more was perfect. Phenomenal hip hop.
5 / 5
Was the little concerned in this compraventa after reading some descriptions. I am spent to take the perfect. The quality that presses like this, perhaps some subjects of forwards reviewers has been solved.
5 / 5
Vinyl of quality a lot well are súper happy for a prize($ 22).
5 / 5
Loves a music but some disks do not touch in any of the mine cd players. It has had to download to half comunicacionales of Windows to touch and a game of songs in the shuffle.

Top Customer Reviews: 2009 GRAMMY ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
4 / 5
While it look for another CD has found this an also ,which was adds 2 birds with a lap .
5 / 5
Ossia An excellent CD . Thoroughly It Enjoys to touch the in my longitude commute to and of work.
4 / 5
While it has looked for another CD has found this an also ,which was adds 2 birds with a lap .
5 / 5
Grammy Presented 2009 is well. I love it. It is worthy partorisca you partorisca have. Highly it recommends partorisca you.
5 / 5
2003年版(ヴァネッサカールトンやアヴリルラビーン収録)以来の名曲集だと思いました。ずっとかけていても飽きません。1曲目のCold Playでいきなり満足!と思うまもなく、カニエが心をすっきりさせてくれ・・。買ってよかった、大満足。個人的には最後の方のOne Republicが一番お気に入りで、それが終わったら主人のお気に入りのMaloon5で・・1歳の娘は、多分、Duffyが好きかな〜?・・と、我が家は家族で楽しんでいます。
5 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5

5 / 5

5 / 5
Well to having found this! I complete my Grammy collection of Candidates.
5 / 5
Has been buying a Grammy presented' CDs partorisca 5 years now. I buy him and download them the iPod of my edges. It exposes to a music of variety. Now I am doing backward to 2000. They Like him, as I will continue to buy him.
4 / 5
4 / 5
has been purchasing an annual Grammy CD stops to the long of the decade and I would estimate this year resumido like this a lot so only. Obviously, ColdPlay is ' Bolt The Life' dominated a airwaves this year and underlines a Grammy to CD likes the clue 1. With which concealed, has the wide variety of artists of Any-I to Jonas Brothers and Radiohead the Duffy. It is the a lot of ecclectic mixes of a 'better' of 2008. Perhaps I am taking too old to be touch with today of flavours of music, but has found this year mixes partorisca have at least like the quota loses like this of the swipes. Also it can be that 2008 it was so only a good year partorisca popular music. I think that that my girls adapt when his holler 'Prójimos' of a rear chair that ask to skip the clue or two or three the time. Still it remains the way adds partorisca possess the compilation of a better year and probably will buy next year CD also.
4 / 5
A lot of good songs. Except on buying a lot of album.
5 / 5
Like buy a 'Grammy' collected reason present to the music would not listen another way. I listen to a radio perhaps 2 hours the day in one the majority of and there has no the plot of the new material touched in this period of short time.
Liked some of a music, but has to that admit that a yard of the brothers of Jonas leave me colds. And some Eagles? A harmony is still orders , but leave singing the amour has lost roughly like him @@@1960s adolescent boy. They are sure both of these commentaries aim my age and flavour in music, but hey, is the one who are.
Takes the peek in some listings of clue and see is interested in a cd. If any calm worry you for some artists, probably will not like you a cd. But it is taste and like extend of your musical horizons, the controls was.
5 / 5
The collection adds songs and full empty on year that has lost taking it.
5 / 5
Will not be disappointed for this collection. Any only comprise upper artists but a placing of the clues is so that it would owe that be generate of the mix has taken. Highly recommend!
5 / 5
Excellent production quallty of some utmost swipes. The whole family enjoys this album. Packageing Of an album is very artistic and appealling.
4 / 5
A music is sum . It has taken in just the few days. Like this always, A Grammy the candidates always look a music I really likes to listen to.
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca the partner. He stil listen to this cd on and on. It says that it wants to never song. It is so only that there is wanted.
5 / 5
Another year adds for music and everything in a CD. I have not appreciated Never a more NEXT song for Any-I until I have maintained to touch a CD. Wow, The one who the hook adds!!!!
5 / 5
Smooth Likes butter - All these artists deserve grammys' Any one a lot often take Jonas Brothers in the disk with a lot of these other artists.
5 / 5
Like order these compilations of a later music, but there is enjoyed the selection of last better year. They are happy to have the little of some single in this CD, but a rest very a lot for me.
4 / 5
When being more than the person of classical rock, a Grammy serious of the candidate enable me to have music more current in my library. Current 2009 emission there is not disappointed; included my daughters listen.
5 / 5
A music was utmost. One has touched more more liked. Everything characterises different of music. Really enjoyable.
5 / 5
I want to having all my favourite swipes in a CD. Reason buy the CD partorisca a song?
4 / 5
Adds cd all the good songs. I listen to this cd in my way to do every day. It would recommend he in any lover of music.
4 / 5
Enjoys compilations of good music. It averts a 'b' music lateralmente that have never really liked in all the chance. I enjoy a Grammy Presented CDs.
5 / 5
I like a resupplied of songs. I give access the songs a lot usually listens to. I have said another roughly that !!

Top Customer Reviews: Lioness: Hidden ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5
Well posthumous Album of the glorious singer that quell'was Amy Winehouse. You do not expect Pair against to the same heights that Frank, the album of edges begins and Retreated to Black, the album that has consecrated he mondialement. It was a lot of perfectionniste and no A left a lot unpublished. Good-looking version of the organism and The soul sung in duet with Tony Bennett that it will be it to it alas the denier study of recording of Amy. Well Album then , but no a boss-of work.

Has read to some recoveries That this vinil touched to the speed of 45 visit, but extracted to good sure of a pressage European that would have been done in Czech republic. The Version that has bought of bel of cheek of the Amazon and good in 33 level of visits (probably a pressage American or says international).
4 / 5
Has received this album a lot quickly in a topmast, less than the week partorisca be esatti. It was packaged a lot well, and is gone in excellent form. Unfortunately, an album has not been produced correctly. When I Have in the first place begun to touch an album, has listened the voice of the very low man and has thought this album was the coverage of Amy Winehouse songs.. It have CONFUSED LIKE THIS. I have changed a speed to 45 rpm and the voice of Amy has listened finally usually. This in spite of, this album has been imported of Czech Republic and probably done in a wrong speed...? Any sure has received so only the faulty album or everything of sound likes him that. Outrage hang concealed, this album is the wonderful 2 near of piece. Amy Winehouse Was brilliant.
4 / 5
A beautiful album that develops several sides of Amy, likes to take on cup of old favourites (for example, the beautiful duet with Tony Bennett, one of his idols), songs of presents that probably would have been in his third album, and sings original versions of the songs already know (and amour). It is unfortunate that any with such beautiful raw talent could be tugged to the Superstar pursues never wanted to and be like this unhappy, and law in such self-destructive ways that finally would direct his death. It can have governed a world...
4 / 5
Has opened this on and has begun to touch he in 33 rpm and was pleasantly has surprised that it is the 45 rpm conjoint. Like your audiophiles would know, 45 rpm has better musical detail. The sound of album adds. The shot adds for $
5 / 5
A bit those that good tunes but clearly some unused the material was unused for the reason... Amur Amy but this felt the bit like the money grab for this manager for his legacy.
4 / 5
A collection adds of unreleased Winehouse songs (some of his coverages) has accompanied with alternating external versions. A must has for any big defender.

Bend 12.ºlepé Of thumb Gatefold. The papers written in some inner sleaves of a door
5 / 5
Excellent album. These songs really are held. The talent of Amy is has lost seriously. Ossia One of the mine fav is. You recommend.
4 / 5
Like this sad that the absolutely preferred mine Winehouse the album is exited posthumously. It was an extraordinary music and this album that shine is wins it his magnitude. Well the value that has.
5 / 5
Recieved 2 For a same part 3 & 4 but any side 1& 2. That this raisin? It look forward to this and I maintaining has to return it.
5 / 5
Has arrived punctually touched adds and are believes one of his better albums
5 / 5
the quality of sound Adds and good pressing . Pair of the songs are not my flavour but a rest are very good.
5 / 5
Is like this sad that Amy Winehouse has gone, this in spite of her left behind some amazing music. Any defender of the his would have to that add this his collection. Rest in peace Amy
4 / 5
It was not quite that has expected but still a lot all this bad. I will give the little more test and perhaps grow on me.
5 / 5
The felt has cleaned on a vocals too much. A rawness this was Amy so only has not gone there. Still the CD a lot of but no like this as well as I have expected.
5 / 5
Had not listened never Amy before and was blown totally has gone by a purity of this woman vocals. This last album of the his will be like the real tribute to his legacy.
5 / 5
Loves this daughter and I really love this album - the must there is
4 / 5
Amy Winehouse Is one of the is the shame is no longer graced for his presence and has left our work like the star partorisca shoot.
5 / 5
Some of some songs skipped before time that dips it on a record.
5 / 5
Would not recommend this element. I have bought it likes the present navideño. My container and the vinyl looks true, but when we touch it to us there is @@give is not Amy Winehouse. That was recieved is a unidentified sings viril Amy Winehouse songs. It was certainly a lot like this product has been announced partorisca be. It was disappointed extremely to the equal that was my fellow the one who there was state excited partorisca receive likes the present.
4 / 5
Ossia A CD that surprised for Amy &B dips ready partorisca comprise the duet with Tony Bennett, 'Organism and Alma'. I love his versions of 'Valerie' and 'A Daughter of Ipanema'. It is sadly he lost it. An amazing talent. The music of Amy will maintain the base of still always.
4 / 5
Has all CD of Amy is and two DVD is! His amazing voice and the poignant papers actuate always captivated me. Lioness: It hide the treasures does not disappoint ! His younger voice is good-looking, rich, and vibrant. I listen to this CD at night when rigging sleep. Such the world has not listened in a lot of years. It listens attentively to his papers in of the Tears Dry In his Own. I want to this there is retarded down the almost better version that a last! Ossia To the equal that has meant he to be listened. It is very tragic will not listen that it can have a defender in me is permanently cemented. A good-looking voice, has very stray!
4 / 5
Retreated To the Black defenders will not be disappointed like this a lot feels like his roots. His resplandores of only musicality by means of - active has listened already 100 more time! An original version of the Dry tears, Valerie, Alma & of Organism, and A Daughter of Ipanema is everything adds listens. But I especially to to amour likes him the smoke. I seat the joy adds to listen to this music and the sadness adds that it is likely a last she never action with us.
5 / 5
Has bought this like the present navideño and my sister in the law so only loves it. So much that are by train for the buy again for my partner bday now..( I same can take me the copy)
4 / 5
the album has composed Fantastically! Highly it recommends to purchase this album. Amy Winehouse turned It on him knotch with this C.D. Each clue so only takes an essence and beauty of his talent

Top Customer Reviews: Back to Black ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
3 / 5
My three indication of the star is not partorisca an album but partorisca a format. A five album of star for Amy but a Blue-disk of the ray of Pure Audio is quite disappointing when compared to the emissions of another artist in a same format. Any has not taken a time for the do well and for this the justice. I owe that say the better sounds on CD which is not well. Also, there is remarked a first song, eshab' in my disk does not look to start with in a start of a song that is very odd in fact to the equal that was new mark and sealed when I received it. I think it that that can be defective and will owe surgery with a costruttore to the equal that to him is the failure in a register or with to to a disk likes him one would expect to try control more rigorous / that quality for Blue Pure Audio-disks of Ray. Unfortunate For me.
1 / 5
I have tried to touch this has received grieves and was terrible... Has record of a 60s this touches fantastically but to to the these sounds like is covered in scratches. It is returned partorisca declare have it that is fault of manufacture and has asked the substitution. The substitution has arrived yesterday this in spite of does not touch ! Obviously my substitution has come from/come from a same batch!
5 / 5
Ossia My first compraventa of any music for Amy late Winehouse. Seriously I have not had any idea of the like the music done. With which have read a book Amy 27, has decided to try this album. The enjoyed well of one taking goes. I have touched this partorisca varied visitatore that has no more knowledge of his material that I. To the to All the world liked of a first transfer. This does his same tragic death that much more disturbing. May his resplandor of star partorisca the long time
3 / 5
Shopping a redbook CD instead. A mix is too hot to benefit of a resolution augmented of this format, and any value a price. A music is terrific this in spite of.
4 / 5
A main CD are adds; the slightly different fashion that 'Frank' except this edgy Amy way so only one same. A CD of price has added is not I so that it adds but still reasonably enjoyable. Certainly it do not take a time of game that a main CD that takes, and would not be lost if it was not there. A time of delivery was long but as expected, and a price was a lot.
5 / 5
I LOVE this album. It is one of mine favourite. Frank was to add, but ossia the integer another level. Hey The voice has matured and his heartache has created the masterpiece. It is very stray. RASGA, Amy.
5 / 5
Excellent vinyl that has arrived fast and well packaged without scratches. Winehouse Voice and an amazing band and original of old pupil Motown like this beaten.
1 / 5
An album is surprising. I love a music. A quality of a vinyl was poor. And it was line of necessary imports as it has caused skipping. It has been returned promptly.
3 / 5
Well Now this a delicate east ,the quality of his east at all like Lioness:the treasure has hid likes to please take he in consideration.
3 / 5
While the voice of Amy is glorious, has expected takes more jazz, a class of Fitzgerald of his, that is in a CD. Sad, but has found the majority of him enough have and hum which is sad reason his discharge was like this more.
4 / 5
Has tried to touch this has received grieves and was terrible... Has record of a 60s this touches fantastically but to to the these sounds like is covered in scratches. It is returned to declare to have it that is fault of manufacture and has asked the substitution. The substitution has arrived yesterday this in spite of does not touch ! Obviously my substitution has come from/come from a same batch!
4 / 5
Ossia My first compraventa of any music for Amy late Winehouse. Seriously I have not had any idea of the like the music done. With which have read a book Amy 27, has decided to try this album. I enjoyed it well of one taking goes. I have touched this for several visitatore that has no more knowledge of his material that I. To the to All the world liked of a first transfer. This does his same tragic death that much more disturbing. May his resplandor of star for the long time
5 / 5
the album is done of thin vinyl and has had the bad warp. The quality of sound could be better been also . Tried to return but the amazon has the any one civilises of turn in his amazon basic albums. Album of raveware in this place is better quality and accept returns
4 / 5
Such the album to pursue. Has the magnetic flow of an extreme to the another. Calm leave you that loves more music of such an original artist. Amy Because leaves???
4 / 5
A main CD are adds; the slightly different fashion that 'Frank' except this edgy Amy way so only one same. A CD of prize has added is not I so that it adds but still reasonably enjoyable. Certainly it do not take a time of game that a main CD that takes, and would not be lost if it was not there. A time of delivery was long but as expected, and a prize was a lot.
4 / 5
LOVES this album. It is one of mine favourite. Frank was to add, but ossia the integer another level. Hey The voice has matured and his heartache has created the masterpiece. It is very stray. RASGA, Amy.
5 / 5
An album is surprising. I love a music. A quality of a vinyl was poor. And it was line of necessary imports to the equal that has caused skipping. It has been returned promptly.
5 / 5
Would purchase​ a redbook CD instead. A mix is too hot to benefit of a resolution augmented of this format, and any value a prize. A music is terrific this in spite of.
5 / 5
Transcription very poor that/record on vinyl. It dulls, Walk, any glue. Exactly an opposite of Amy.
4 / 5
Bought this in October partorisca Navidad. My daughter opened it and touched it once has the scratch in the and is unable of the touch is spent a second song , and does not have any option partorisca turn or repayment.
4 / 5
A lot Now this a delicate east ,the quality of his east at all like Lioness:the treasure has hid likes to please take he in consideration.
4 / 5
In the stars was reason a hole to centre looked the bit messed on , defect of costruttore? Still works this in spite of...
5 / 5
A first side of an album has scratches in the like this everything of some songs skip. They are a lot disappointed of some songs in a side 1 is my preferred and is a lot last to listen to when they are skipping each pocolos second. An album is almost not even the value that listens to.
4 / 5
This record has not taken long to take the mine but I has not been impressed with a fact that a record of vinyl had left by means of a jacket in a seam. A focuses in a half was peeled also behind and has bent on. It looks mine a lot so only by means of this container near and has sent was without the cure. A real music in an album is fantastic, especially is and Amy Winehouse defender.
5 / 5

AS The other Of EUA..........
To the And CRISSY

5 / 5
The record has arrived warped use further, but a box was in has not been damaged. A record was warped before it was shipped, and has sent all the chance.
4 / 5
A vinyl is quell'has bitten thin but a quality is a lot in spite of
5 / 5
A quality of diverse sound of as well as a clue. You follow 2 and 5 it is a lot good; a rest is the bit dismal.
4 / 5
Excellent album with an incredible name of tubes. Had Joins extraordinary voice and on imagine potential that has had. It gâchis That it remained it to it Yes collects.
5 / 5
Luv luv This CD , is a better female singer for far , has purchased this like the present partorisca my prime in Poland, has them mine of the long time
5 / 5
Good service and produced good. Excellent album . A consultor
5 / 5
a music is are partorisca add but has the good system that calm give you one the majority of out the calm register will not listen to this , a scrolling in this cd is a worse has them has not bought never . It does not buy east will give you to them mine
5 / 5
Three satisfied of the product
Leaves well. At all Say it.
5 / 5
Amaxing cd ... Them me sad when I listen why have lost such the gifted soul.
4 / 5
An only voice and talent - embrace - so many ways to swing the punk this in spite of like this wrings a blues of the each clue.
4 / 5
Has listened to this CD like this still touch adds! RASGA Amy has wanted...
4 / 5
Has received inside a clear-cut and in good condition time
4 / 5
Looks Of art of the good coverage. It shrinks it Was tight. It have to that be by all the world he is collection . Another artist adds tragically has lost.
5 / 5
This vinyl skips of some first time touched it. I know that it can not be to my player the pleasure any of the mine others registers skip. Unfortunate.
4 / 5
The sound adds, the boss of album is the little thin but still looks well.
5 / 5
This was a awesome lp - very better that a cd. Has the sound I really adds and is the pressing a lot of - to to the sounds like to of him has been done in 60s.

Top Customer Reviews: Into The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
time Very good. I have received he in morisson is a better.
The container was well, without any question
5 / 5
The difference of a mournful "Astral Weeks", Van Morrison is '79 "The Music" it is the start to the revelational subject spiritual. Clearly Morrison has involved the spirituality partorisca write one 7:59 small-powerful 'A Cure has Begun'

is sure partorisca say has TWO SEPARATE HALVES to this CD and a LAST half is point and averts in that is reminiscent of a better album of all time, 'Astral Weeks'. Here, it is where Morrison the hypnotic results and fashionable hardships when he wails, whispers, cries, mumbles, and sometimes slander these words. Partorisca Say that it sings a music is a understatement, thinks that results a music, a voice results an instrument , and an extremely talented 'Van a Man' the presence emanates.
Start with 'Angeliou,' as he ' in the street of city the one who would think you could any never be touched by the total stranger, a lot me.... Then a music spends calm to a process partorisca cure like this Morrison has said: we go partorisca seat there and game partorisca hours and of the hours when a cure has begun. Of course some Irish starts here to the equal that sings 'partorisca ars and ars and ars'. Again, Morrison' the influences reflect in his music: Aspic and Circle of Muddy Waters.
Immediately in like this ardent 'the cure has Begun', goes to ' this All in a Played. Any writing for Morrison, this '60' classical has been done popular for the reef of Inghilterra Richards, the one who sings in soymena that Van Morrison'. To an end of ' this All in a Game,' without skipping beat it, is to the his ' know That it is Speaking Roughly'.
Also, one first half develops a spiritual side with the frolicky happy sing-tune of Hills of song partorisca Go',......Among some hills to go, will read my bible still. In 'the by force Full gale' Morrison written that it was lifted on again for a Gentleman.
This CD is fill with the variety of the instruments that comprises violin, rapes, stroviola (huh?), mandolin, Sax, trumpets and small trumpet. A music is enhanced for a backing vocals of Katie Kissoon and Herbie Armstrong.
No quite like this as well as 'of the Astral Weeks', is a prójimo more
4 / 5
This work of vintage for one of a sixties and seventies more talented and the composers and the versatile singers is one for some books records. Any one so only contain his enduringly the paste of popular accident to A Mystic', which propelled the on some maps partorisca to the long of stay in a cup of a better Poster that sells album, but also exhibits Van Morrison jazz and amazing voices-character of the fusion with numbers likes 'Angeliou', 'And A Cure has Begun', and spellbinding coverage of ' this All in a Played. An a lot of fellow of the mine has appointed Glenn waxes on and on roughly the action of the van so every time a subject comes on this I has has had to that the mention, especially of then adapted that it is the only action .
Everything of some songs here am very done, of 'the gale by force Fill' the 'Hills to Go' to ' Do me Feel Like this Free'. Always it likes to listen to ' it Is That it is Speaking Roughly', the Van of song follows his way to of ' this All in a Played, and, like this usual, Van a man done a transition so much seamless and memorable. Ossia An absolutely terrific album of Van Morrison in his earlier phase, the man in a cusp of his fashion established and repertoire of song and roughly to launch to the number of new directions all immediately. It is interesting to compare some songs in this particular album with those immediately preceding and in the following. The van has continued to grow and experience by means of a plus of thirty years of active register he now control under his buckle. It enjoys!
4 / 5
These take of the joyous album was with a snappy Brilliant Side Of A Street and continuous in a vetoes powerful same with a still Gale stir by force Full, the plenary throttled celebration of spiritual ecstacy. A beautiful violin is a hero in both stepping Has been Reigned and a bucolic Troubadours, whilst going the hills is the hypnotic Celtic ballad with singing he-to the long of heart. I seat Like this Free is the soulful song of amour with infusions of delicious sax and Angelou, the song of ardent amour embellished with lovely snatches of violin and piano, shows the vocal courage of the van. With his soaring melody, whoops, hollers and shimmering violin, And A Cure has Begun is my personal favourite in this extraordinary album. But a subdued is Everything in a Game and a longitude know That it is Writing in this brilliant also. In this album a music is infused with happiness and a uplifting spiritual quality. The the music is a lot up there with to the van is acclaimed masterpieces that Tupelo Honey, Moondance and Hymns To A Silence.
5 / 5
These take of the joyous album was with a snappy Brilliant Side Of A Street and continuous in a vetoes powerful same with a still Gale stir by force Full, the plenary throttled celebration of spiritual ecstacy. One the beautiful violin is a hero in both stepping Has been Reigned and a bucolic Troubadours, whilst going the hills is the hypnotic Celtic ballad with singing he-to the long of heart. I seat Like this Free is soulful song of amour with infusions of delicious sax and Angelou, the song of ardent amour embellished with lovely snatches of violin and piano, shows the vocal courage of the van. With his soaring melody, whoops, hollers and shimmering violin, And A Cure has Begun is my personal favourite in this extraordinary album. But a subdued is Everything in a Game and a longitude know That it is Writing in this brilliant also. In this album a music is infused with happiness and a uplifting spiritual quality. The the music is a lot up there with to the van is acclaimed masterpieces that Tupelo Honey, Moondance and Hymns To A Silence.
5 / 5
If you are looking to dip the smile in a face of a uninitiated for Navidad, give 'in east. To the van could be described likes a aquired flavour. And some of his his albums late plus, well ... mired In cliche after cliche after cliche, crank-'in-out of tunes to satisfy a focus, Defenders of cry of Van done. One could say one same of Dylan and another. But when to the van has been inspired, as in this album, rock 'n goes for real achieves to a sublimate. "Brilliant side of a Street", "Angeliou", "And a Cure has Begun" it is all hypnotic, chock full of this Celtic mysticism that is Van of mark. Taking "The Music", and take happy.
4 / 5
Figures of goddess heavilly in "The Music," but still it adds unwashed can enjoy some for real celestial results. It was all the music of church this good, scalpers would sell gone in to a pews. Particularly well it is some songs "stepping Has been Reigned," "And a Cure has Begun," and " you know That it is Writing on." When not singing in his gravelly voice, Morrison yelps and growls in the way this has to that be listened to be believed. Far and was, ossia Mosrrison estaca better-"Moondance" register.
4 / 5
There is not a negative word to say in this piece of brilliance. The voice of the never first van or after this album has touched like this INSPIRED. It is like this to the each song, which is that it marks this an add, like opposed to spend for some motions in other emissions, which while well and better that the majority of another material there, any one has included approached to this.
I album of amour that can take you to other places while listening.
Songs that can spend you the tears and arouse the god knows the one who thrill, because of the his sheer beauty.
To the van there has been has done so only other 5 albums have taken....
5 / 5
A world of music van quite have the writing has gone by a free time this masterpiece. The people have thought that that it was "for behind a time".
Van of the what good has not listened to them! This CD practically the busts in some looks with joy. It feels like the warm sun that expensive your paste. Songs like Brilliant Side of a Street, that the by force Full gale, feel me Like this Free, and well a whole album is surprising. If your feeling down at all beats this album for therapy!
4 / 5
Music very good. I have received he in morisson is a better.
The container was well, without any question
4 / 5
This work of vintage for one of a sixties and seventies more talented and the composers and the versatile singers is one for some books records. Any one only contains his enduringly the paste of popular accident to A Mystic', which propelled the on some maps partorisca to the long of stay in a cup of a better Poster that sells album, but also exhibits Van Morrison jazz and amazing voices-character of the fusion with numbers likes 'Angeliou', 'And A Cure has Begun', and spellbinding coverage of ' this All in a Played. An a lot of fellow of the mine has appointed Glenn waxes on and on roughly the action of the van so every time a subject comes on this I has has had to that the mention, especially of then adapted that it is the only action .
Everything of some songs here are very done, of 'the gale by force Fill' the 'Hills to Go' to ' Do me Feel Like this Free'. Always it likes to listen to ' it Is That it is Speaking Roughly', the Van of song follows his way to of ' this All in a Played, and, like this usual, Van a man done a transition so much seamless and memorable. Ossia An absolutely terrific album of Van Morrison in his earlier phase, the man in a cusp of his fashion established and repertoire of song and roughly to launch to the number of new directions all immediately. It is interesting to compare some songs in this particular album with those immediately preceding and in the following. The van has continued to grow and experience by means of a plus of thirty years of active register he now control under his buckle. It enjoys!
4 / 5
Is looking to dip the smile in a face of a uninitiated for Navidad, give 'in east. To the van could be described likes a aquired flavour. And some of his his albums late plus, well ... mired In cliche after cliche after cliche, crank-'in-out of tunes to satisfy a focus, Defenders of cry of Van done. One could say one same of Dylan and another. But when to the van has been inspired, as in this album, rock 'n goes for real achieves to a sublimate. "Brilliant side of a Street", "Angeliou", "And a Cure has Begun" it is all hypnotic, chock full of this Celtic mysticism that is Van of mark. Taking "The Music", and take happy.
5 / 5
Does not have a negative word to say in this piece of brilliance. The voice of the never first van or after this album has touched like this INSPIRED. It is like this to the each song, which is that it marks this an add, like opposed to spend for some motions in other emissions, which while well and better that the majority of another material there, any one has included approached to this.
I album of amour that can take you to other places while listening.
Songs that can spend you the tears and arouse the god knows the one who thrill, because of the his sheer beauty.
To the van there has been has done so only other 5 albums have taken....
4 / 5
A world of music van quite have the writing has gone by a time has released this masterpiece. The people have thought that that it was "for behind a time".
Van of the what good has not listened to them! This CD practically the busts in some looks with joy. It feels like the warm sun that expensive your paste. Songs like Brilliant Side of a Street, that the by force Full gale, feel me Like this Free, and well a whole album is surprising. If your feeling down at all beats this album for therapy!
5 / 5
The the music is a soundtrack partorisca any the one who has been enamoured or is expecting partorisca be enamoured. It is immediately heartbreakingly beautiful and romantic and uplifing - stepping was queen, full force gail, troubadors is wonderful songs in his own legislations but Angelou, A cure has begun and Sweats everything in a game is like this near of heaven to the equal that will locate this earth - at least with the player of CD.
4 / 5
Ossia Probably any one a better album never, perhaps any one an album of better Van neither. But a thing is sure - is one the majority of complete. With which has repeated listenings will result convinced an artist opens a lot simply his own soul, but also a soul of universe, a soul of some spiritual and incredibly evolved , goes further some songs are in his right "place" - takings the feeling could not be be build or situated in another way. No A SONG in a record is bad, no A mediocre SAME EAST. It combines irish folk music with pure soul and of the songs of sweet amour. The sounds of voices of the van like a voice of an angel with the throat done of gold the one who has discovered recently a secret of pure and constant bliss. Otherworldly.. With ten powerful songs - ten poetic statements.. So only feel a power of "Steppin' was queen","Brilliant side of a street" and another eight ...oh.... oh .... The results of MAN would GIVE IT To him SEVEN STARS COULD ....
4 / 5
..Any that the never has been really anywhere, but this has been revelation going in some heels of Wavelength, and really ushered in his more mature period. Starts with the bang with Brilliant Side of a Street and that the by force Full gale, comprises a awesome the version of him is Everything in a Game, and so only maintains the wonderful energy and presence throughout. One of his better albums, period.
5 / 5
A character is any the one who master his form, then transcends the. Morrison Has been in another side of a wall of a day has done this album. Simply place, Morrison there is showed that it can be done with popular music in some right hands. Lyrically Powerful, joyfully musical, calm and intense -- is everything here. I am surprised constantly thus piece of work.
5 / 5
... It is quite scarce these days in the professionally registered album. Oh, I have listened lost of the bands say that " they are trying to take an atmosphere of the alive concert" in his record, but has not listened any alive until this promise. This in spite of, "The Music" has a ferocity, passion, and energy of the concert of Van coupled with a polish and quality of his of an official emission. Certainly suitable that ossia Van better Emission of Moondance (although Veedon Fleece dips on the strong fight). More curiously, I have very listened alive register of some songs in this album, this in spite of feels that one has registered the versions are better, which surprises included I, reason love alive register. To all the cost, some rich melodies and animate atmosphere of a first half of this album is splendid, especially "Troubadors," the beauty to shimmer of the a lot of-written and creative song. A second half of an album is an incredible rain of emotional, romantic, and evocative songs, comprising a heart-wrenching crescendos of "Angeliou" and a soft conclusion of an album. Impossible to listen the casually, "The Music" questions -- and deserve -- attention, respect, and awe.
5 / 5
A moment Van hoarsely yells " I can no partorisca be me!" In a song "And a cure has begun" it is pure rapture. Short free in this album, especially Side 2 (elepé) likes in any another. "His all in a game" taking bit it long with which has repeated listenings but a raw emotion of an album in general is unsurpassed.
4 / 5
Sad "Van traditionalists", but "The Music" it is an apex of the career of the van. It does not have any song of better album for song (although "Moondance" it approaches) and seldom tip such wonderful variety. A pure joy of such clues likes "Brilliant Side Of A Street" and " I seat Like this Free" on side an east completed for a contemplative masterpieces on side two. For any any one the voice of the van, some emotional heights of "Angeliou" it is enough to send colds on your plug.
4 / 5
If it has not been for the pair of feeble songs, like Troubadours and is Everything in a Game this would have been the 5 Album of Estrella . In fact almost it takes 5 stars for Louis Armstrong impersonation in Brilliant Side of a Street. If you are the Christian will be you pleasantly surprised by Full Force Gail to the equal that could and would have to that be the level of service of the adoration.
5 / 5
In 1979 I has seen a light, well I listened 'And a cure has begun'and I falled enamoured and in a faith of a mystic soul... Thank you Van. In mine own tongue: 'GODDESS THIS ANY SOUL, VAN MORRISON And Or HIS PROPHET' the stops See Morrison' the music is more than music, is some class of the mystic experience, the religious experience, calm and are in fraternity. Greetins Of the "muslim" in West Europe Of the sud, Final of Atlantic Earth, Galizia Cajun!
4 / 5
...Calm in the chance perhaps loses one.
In that has it trashed Van Morrison emission later, "Down a Street," I seat thank you to write something positive roughly Van and his music. Like this here it goes...
"The Music" it is a better album never released for any one. Period.
5 / 5
This means is the music like noone more this has some good songs like troubadours and is everything in a game is awesome the van always will be the music and all the world-wide more would have to that be too
5 / 5
Ossia one of van morrison less impressive albums.
Tries Moondance instead.
4 / 5
The old tape of my decade has spent was and doing odd muffled noises, as I upgraded to the cd still enjoy in mine new cd player. It touches even more fabulous that my old tape and really Take me Behind to when I have comprised a Light. Oh, to be free and in these travesías of street again, travelling around United Kingdom, Ireland, Amsterdam and France - trying quedarprpers in a Celtic Ray with my Van Morrison collection. Alas, I do not drive any one much further that my local park these days, but walk dulcemente can so only roughly direct listen to the integer of classical album in the travesía of round.
4 / 5
A disk is coming and when I have tried the touch absolutetly at all is spent. Escomo Had been erased, any same register.
Has written and has said a vendor roughly the and has been ignored.
Would advise not buying of this vendor produced poor and zero cures of client.
5 / 5
Has been looking oput for a remastered version of of the this for month and does not have any disappointment. Ossia One of his the majority of that affirms life the albums and a band is particularly well; small, agile and the row adds texture. Particularly it likes-me violin of Marcus of Tones of the sounds of resonator how is unusual, tasteful and memorable, but is in fine company here. In this occasion, Van more to good sure WAS the music.
4 / 5
An album adds of van. No the feeble clue and a quality of songs are maintained throughout. Some clues vary of a uptempo, Brilliant side of a street, and the by force Full gale to a romantic and earthy, Angelu and A cure has begun. Both sides have the signs celery and all the clues have abundance of tasteful brass and arrangements of violin. An album like the whole is a lot accessible and is loves to listen repeatedly his that listenable. If you are quite new the Van Morrison and has listened so only attacks more utmost or Moondance and Astral Weeks, To a Music would be the addition adds and chance that the rows to the long lateralmente his very better work
5 / 5
Ossia the substitution for any one am happy with this cd
4 / 5
Absolutely exceptional album. A vendor has had packaged the a lot of very and has to that say that it has arrived quickly.. That more is there to say another the one who is exceptional with a two prize follows concealed is not in an original vinyl.. Thank you Amiably ;-)
4 / 5
has bought these years of the album done and has loved that but was in my car when it has been flown and was difficult to find the substitution. It looks the plot of Van Morrison the rear catalogue is disappeared; it is not in itunes. It was very pleased to find an album for sale on Amazon, has come from/come from some the EUA, in good order and enough quickly when you consider a distance.
4 / 5
The gospel influenced in of the places, ossia one of Van Morrison early works and presents a row and breadth of the start of his prolific artist.
5 / 5
cd Has come well with a time has left Excellent cd his different this in spite of Van very diverse Morrison
5 / 5
Which more can be says roughly Van a man! If calm wants to will want to this: The Music in fact!
5 / 5
One of the most utmost albums of the van. When it Is it adds they are really it adds.
4 / 5
Another collection adds of Van a Man - an only reason did not give it five star is that it does not think Each CLUE has a wow factor, but ossia so only personal flavour. All are eminently listenable, like this always with Van Morrison.
5 / 5
Fantastic, any far for behind AW, Moondance and T Honey. Side two is Van in a cup of his game.
5 / 5
1979 Van of hat Morrison 'To A Music' herausgebracht. Elepé Of data wurde alsbald ein wichtiger Bestandteil meiner elepé-Sammlung. Klar, ich besitze sie immer noch und habe mir zudem vor einigen Jahren auch Given CD gekauft. Auch im Transports man ja exzellente Musik hören.
Gives Album beginnt schwungvoll has dipped zwei fast, für Van Morrisons Verhältnisse, Stimmungslieder. 'Brilliant side Of A Street' und 'the by force Full gale' gehen flott in data Hörkanäle. (Übrigens, beim zweiten Song spielt Ry Cooder electrical Guitar of Slide of the data.) Auch bei teppin' Has been Reigned' bekommen wir nicht gives, im positiven Sinne, nölenden und garstigen Morrison zu hören. Yesterday ist auch ein sehr schönes und fetziges Violin-Only zu hören. It gives it Reproduces Song 'Troubadours' ist ein wundervoller und sehr emotionaler Song. Auch Yesterday lässt sich give Master von give Geige begleiten. Mein persönliches The point has underlined von 'To A Music' ist gives nachfolgende Hills of Song partorisca Go'. Eine tolle Melodies, und ja ich wiederhole mich, Die erneut klasse von gives Geige gespielt wird. Of this Lied lädt zoom Tanzen und Mitsingen ein. It is mag auch One gives folkig gespielten Whistles of Penny liegen. Vielleicht ist Is eines give schönsten Lieder, Van of data Morrison geschrieben hat. Bei ' Seats Like this Released kommen nun aber auch dates Bläser bad like richtig zoom Einsatz und gives auch place richtig viel Schmackes. Bei 'Angeliou' handelt Is sich a ein sehr gefühlvolles Liebeslied. Of the achte Lied 'And A Cure has Begun' ist has dipped 8:02 Minuten gives längste Stück give Album. Einfach ein Traum. It is ist meinem Erachten nach gives zweitschönste Song von 'To A Music'. Van Morrison singt und spielt yesterday in Bestform. Ruhiger und wieder sehr gefühlvoll wird Is dann wieder bei ' Is Everything in a Played. It has dipped dem Song ' Is That it is Writing on' endet has given ausnahmslos genial Album.
'To A Music' ist meiner Meinung nach eines gives besten Alben die dieser Ausnahmekünstler gives Musikwelt vermacht hat.
4 / 5
Is not my very preferred Van Morrison album, but is the a lot of one and value some 5 stars. I possessed it before, but a lot on CD. It appeals to the to those likes me to him any one a ecstatic-spiritual Van, but is on time and has the popular appeal wider also. I have been disappointed partorisca learn the while done that some of his albums have been interrupted and this comprises some of his better ecstatic-spiritual some that neither possesses on CD, notably Any Guru, Any Method, Any Professor, and Hymns To A Silence that has some fine meditative clues. Perhaps yes enough of we say that we want to a bit of one has has interrupted album, will be produced again...
5 / 5
Is ist nicht leicht zu sagen, welche von Morrison Alben know besten sind. Sicher gibt Is allgemein anerkannt legendäre Alben wie 'astral Weeks' und soyoondance', aber dann? 'The Music' von 1979 zählt sicher zu seinen Meisterwerken. Of the Albums ist erfüllt von Spiritualität und doch like thin und lebend zugleich. Luftig arrangierte Writing schaffen eine Basic, auf gives Morrison are Gefühle ausleben kann. Eine keltisch-irische Stimmung prägt Gives Album, Bläser und Chöre verstärken gives Eindruck give 'Caledonia Alma'.
Gives Album beginnt dip 'Brilliant Side of a Street', einem religiösen Song, bei dem Morrison beseelt quotes Mundharmonika bläst. It has dipped vollem Schwung geht Is weiter. Of the ebenfalls religiöse 'the gale by force fill' steigert sich zoom Ende in einen Gospel. It gives nächste Song, esteppin' Has been Reigned', treibt dipped R&B Feeling vorwärts. Lebensfreude Pure! Bei 'Troubadours' wird' dann vom Times His gemächlicher, Trompete und Violine setzen quotes Akzente. Eine Violine, Die eine Melodies anstimmt, bildet gives Intro zoom irisch-ländlichen 'Hills to Go'. Bei Damage letzten beiden Songs ist Robin Williamson auf gives Whistles of Penny zu hören. Bei ' Seats Like this Free' wird' wieder souliger, während gives nachfolgende 'Angelou' wieder irische Töne anschlägt. Majestätisch erklingt, von gives Violine getragen, 'And a Cure has Begun' und Morrison gibt seiner Inbrunst has dipped harder Intensität Ausdruck. Nachdenklich wird Morrison bei ' Is Everything in a Played, a dann im nächsten given of Song Frage ' Is That it is Writing on' zu stellen und quotes Stimmung zu verdunkeln.
Auf diesem Album beweist Van Morrison eindrücklich, dass er einer gives größten Sänger ist und auch ein großartiger Composer. Morrison ist ein Meister seines Fachs, denn wie er Quotes Töne und die Worte dehnt, quetscht und phrasiert ist schon bewundernswert. Sena Energy und heart tiefes Gefühl sind sprichwörtlich. It gives Mann lebt know Musik.
Dipped dem Remaster Cube weniger zufrieden:
Klangqualität wurde nur unwesentlich verbessert,
Bonustracks sind alternative Fassungen zweier Albumtitel,
Booklet enthält zwar jetzt the text given, aber sonst nicht viel. Keine History, keine Photo, nicht bad data Zeitangabe zu gives einzelnen Songs, gives ist dürftig. Andere machen Gives viel besser.
Trotzdem, Die Musik verdient fünf Punkte!
5 / 5
Ein souliges Werk von Van a Man, sogar tanzbar hie und gives und vergleichsweise kompakt und hell. Ansonsten wie immer bei ihm: kompetent, großartig gespielt, eigenwillig, those shines im Klang. It is mag eben wegen seiner Zugänglichkeit bei Spezialisten nicht zu seinen größten Werken zählen - mir ist is viel lieber als einige ambitioniertere Werke gives Meisters.
5 / 5
Gefühlvolle Balladen und folkiger Pop vom Feinsten. Of this sehr frühe Van of good Album Morrison gehört zu meinen Lieblingen. Hatte Has given yesterday bisher nur auf Vinyl und mir vorsichtshalber given CD bestellt. Inhaltlich und qualitativ nicht zu beanstanden. Musik, Man of data einfach immer wieder gerne hört.
5 / 5
Ich Cube froh, has given CD erworben zu haben. Ich hatte sie bisher zwar schon In Vinyl, aber has given digital Version lässt sich gut für private Playlists verwenden.
Außerdem sind Yesterday als Prevail eine zusätzliche Version von 'Troubadours' und'tepping Has been Reigned' drauf. Die ganze Platte ist ein Ohrenschmaus und ein Muss für jeden Van Morrison Partidário.
Quotes Musikerin Tones Marcus ist yesterday noch als Violinistin dabei!
Sie und Quotes Sängerin Katie Kissoon leisteten für has given Scheibe einen wichtigen, ja entscheidenden Beitrag. Leider gehört Tones Marcus inzwischen nicht mehr zu Morrisons Sells.
5 / 5
Van Morrison 11th album of the starts of studio was strongly with a Brilliant Side very known Of A Street. If you know this calm clue then will have the good idea of a fashion of an album already with with the Celtic roots of the sound of the van mixed with R&B and soul overtones, with the horns that is prominent throughout. There is abundance to underline the clues that comprises 2.os so only and 2nd Gale of the by force Full clue, which looks Ry Cooder in electrical guitar, and one a coverage in an album, release it reworking of this All in a Game where Morrison gruff vocals add the new dimension to the majority of mine of the known song treated for Louis Armstrong. A whole has echoes Astral Weeks, with an original side 2 obviously has thought well was and sequenced to form the a lot of pleasing whole. Ossia The in shape excellent van. My original plan was to buy his albums for order of emission, but the availability of a lot of is delicate with a lot of out of impression and only available for money bobo without the careful strategy. But in a force of of the east to good sure will be to the look covers it some empty. Ossia The strong album , turn upbeat and relaxing. Well the value that looks for era.
4 / 5
Excellent album of Van Morrison, that mixes different rhythms. Van Morrison has been a pioneer in the fusion of fashions.

Top Customer Reviews: Mariah Carey'S ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
I like this 2 album of disk as it gives everything of the swipes of Mariah. I have not possessed everything of his album and has had so only 2 on cassette of audio of backside the day. This leave partorisca have one all some songs of swipes.
4 / 5
CD adds with the little of all has done on some years. Row of eighth amazing & easy partorisca listen to. Amur Mimi!
4 / 5
This album has been released in the to year still likes him the album GLITTER. Mariah has released this a partorisca do on partorisca GLITTER the failure and he have done certainly. This one contains everything of the swipes of Mariah of 1990 until prompt 2000.
Disk 1:
Of a Tortoiseshell of Mariah of the album (1990). This was Mariah is a lot first so only. It was also his prime minister 1 swipe. It is an incredible swipe and will remain partorisca like Mariah better.
Of a Tortoiseshell of Mariah of the album (1990). Although I want to listen ballads, this a does not look for my approval to the equal that had expected. But it is gone in partorisca result according to 1 swipe of Mariah.
Of a Tortoiseshell of Mariah of the album (1990). Another ballad concealed does not look for my approval, included although it was Mariah third 1 swipe.
Of a Tortoiseshell of Mariah of the album (1990). One of a better pause-on the songs have not listened never. A song like this would owe that be the 1 swipe and, obviously, has done to the result isolates 1 swipe of Mariah.
Of some Emotions of albums (1991). No really appeal of mine so much, but is resulted fifth 1 swipe of Mariah so only. It knows like this to maintain he in a 1 something.
Of some Emotions of albums (1991). Ossia The good-looking song and was Mariah sixth 1 alone swipe. It would be his last 1 swipe partorisca awhile.
Of some Emotions of albums (1991). Ossia The song adds . In this song, the tongue roughly how has been to be the at all to be the a lot. Ossia An incredible song that is resulted the 2 swipe, when it would owe that it is resulted the 1 swipe.
Will BE THERE (alive with Trey Lorenz)
Of an album MTV Unplugged EP (1992). In 1992, Mariah has been joint dipped the concert has televised alive has called MTV UNPLUGGED. Ella peformed three songs of the his first album, three songs of an album of Emotions, and has treated this clue, which is his rendition of an original Jackson 5 swipe. Any one only extracted this song, has treated he with Trey Lorenz. Any one bad.
Of a Box of Music of the album (1993). Although it does not agree of this song too much, Mariah has behind found in a 1 something with east a.
Of a Box of Music of the album (1993). Ossia The song that everything of the defenders of Mariah can relate to. A lot his partidários has had some questions in his lives and has found that this song helped them by means of his questions. When I have lost my grandfather three years behind, this song helped by means of a painful ache has experienced. I am still in my ache, but this song has taken the majority of my ache was. Ossia The good-looking song and has won one 1 something.
Of a Box of Music of the album (1993). I can not agree the one who originally has registered this song, but has listened an original and has not been impressed. When Mariah has listened rendition, has been blown was. It is to good sure the classical remake.
Of a Box of Music of the album (1993). A good song for your better friends.
AMUR ENDLESS (with Luther Vandross)
Of Luther Vandross' Songs of albums (1994). An original has been registered for Lionel Richie and Diana Ross and I think that one is in better plot that this one.
Of an album Daydream (1995). This time in the career of Mariah, has begun experimenting the little more with hip hop and R&B, but his sound was still strong in one was of Pop. This another awesome swipe.
Disk 2:
A SWEET DAY (with Boyz II MEN)
Of an album Daydream (1995). A good-looking song.
Of an album Daydream (1995). I am ailing and tired to listen is one, although it is the song adds .
Of an album Daydream (1995). Memory to listen this when I have begun the half school and I have known no never a name of him until it has taken an album when it was in an eighth note. I have wanted always know a name of of the east a reason was and is another preferred of mine.
Of an album Daydream (1995). No his fashion.
Of a Butterfly of album (1997). For this time, Mariah has broken out of his conservative fashion and is resulted the new and improved sexy-like this-hell Mariah, taking complete control of his career. She included taken more to a rap-hip-hop-R&B sound. This swipe aims concealed and is a awesome swipe, but an album of the butterfly is not that it has expected.
Of a Butterfly of album (1997). No the bad song.
Of a Butterfly of album (1997). Ossia Mariah still good-looking song. This Spanish sound and the voice of Mariah has combined is at all less than beautiful.
Of an album 1 east (1998). Any one has impressed.
WHEN it CREATES (with Whitney Houston)
Of a soundtrack of picture of & original motion A Prince Of Egitto (1998). Of an album 1 east (1998). Of the album of Whitney Houston My Amour Is Amur (1998). Ossia Still another that surprises Diva duet. It is still another good-looking song and another devotion to my grandfather.
Of an album 1 east (1998). This was originally register for Brenda K. Starr The one who has given Mariah the shot like the backside-up. Ossia Mariah beautiful tribute to Brenda.
Of a Rainbow of album (1999). One of a better of Mariah.
THANK CALM GOD FOUND YOU (with 98 Terracings & Joe)
Of a Rainbow of album (1999). Although the good-looking song, I desire 98 Terracings have had at least one or two suns.
CAN not TAKE That it WAS (the SUBJECT of MARIAH)
Of a Rainbow of album (1999). Mariah And the good-looking song is well. Any @@subject that, the people can not take was your success and your personality.
ALL WANT TO FOR the CHRISTMAS Is (AS LIKE THIS DEF MIX) (with Jermaine Dupri & Lil' Bond Wow)
Original version of a Merry Christmas of album (1994). A version of album is much better.
Some lack of songs, but in general, is an amazing album . So much, buy it.
5 / 5
Ossia To the compilation of Mariah Tortoiseshell attacks more sum that 1990-2000. This album more than presents some auditors with his songs; also it presents like this it is evolved like an artist of the his breakthrough in 1990 with "Vision to Want to". It takes auditors to the travesía of his days of contemporary pop to his days to pop that goes easy to his hip-hop days. These clues are leading takings ten albums (look deep down for a cast), excepts "Glitter". Behind some cloths to develop is one of some female voices more are in history of music. His row of seven eighth and his tone-perfect big And-the plan is so only some of a lot of characteristic astounding in voices of Tortoiseshell. Ossia One of the a lot of reasons because it is won to a title likes second big selling female artist by all the world with sales of roughly 140 million copies (so only surpassed for Madonna) and big selling by all the world in a 1990 east. It is deservingly broken a lot other records. If it is singing a upbeat song or he ballad and to all the cost of the gender has pronounced, shines in each musical note. It sings each word with intense emotion, forcing in some auditors' hearts. Each alike clue in this album will result the classical in some immediately following years. His again released remezcla of "All love For the Christmas is", treated with Lil Bond of Bond and Jermaine Dupri is also the value that listens.
Unfortunately, "Swipes more Utmost" it is more unappreciated emission, so only peaking in 52 on Hoards of Poster 200 Maps of Album because of ascending lack. This in spite of, ossia a definite album for defenders of Tortoiseshell of Mariah to possess. East will entertain auditors for the long time.
Loans leading albums:
"self-has titled"(1990)
"MTV Unplugged"(1992)
"Box of Music"(1993)
"Happy Christmas"(1994)
"1 "(1998)
the albums have released of then:
5 / 5
Ossia Mariah Tortoiseshells 28 more Add the paste stands out it almost 95
right collection of Mariah toons ossia the album adds of a number a female artist was all the time -Madonna-Cher-Aretha-Tina-Janet-Britney-Christina-Celine each one which is behind her notr have a voice I better thinks that Celine excepts has the voice adds this in spite of ossia the good collection of some years 1990-2001 Ossia a song for description of song of his album
of Amur-His 1st song is to add it one 10/10
takes time-more than the ballad for Mariah 10/10
is the smooth flange adds bliss 10/10 loves cry-Another ballad a lot has produced 10/10
shows some emotion in this clue 10/10
't to the left go-Mariah classical likes the majority of them 10
7. I will be there-A good solid has beaten that it could be still MCs 10/10
8. I will be there-Trey and Mariah utmost alive 10/10
is another song adds that she sung 10/10
is one of Mariahs more never a lot adds 10/10
me-Probally my song of Mariah of the third this are adds 10/10
the time requires the friends-Ossia the good song 10/10
Amur-with Luther no an original but still adds 10
ODB the version is better but this are adds 10/10
1st album is to perfect any Farce so only awesome music
Sweet Day-flange Perfecto there both adds 10/10
be my creature-second better song His does not add never 10/10
think this was and the album has cut is a lot 9/10
some stars-I agrees really to to that likes is one 9/10
of the pop Adds tunes ossia a lot 10/10
adds to like all some another on here 9/10
All-A good ballad of 1998 ossia a lot 10/10
is the action adds for JD 10/10
create-Whitney and Mariah are on here 10/10
10.Still I create-Ossia to good tune 9/10
Z does the memorable extracted that access this 10
the god has found calm-The a lot of last 1 his song 15th 10/10
't take that it was-Ossia the add ballad 10/10
want to take christmass is-No an original but well 8
According to the album is almost like this well has some better songs
A short 5 on here
Day Dulce
be my creature

was one of a bit those that people those who has bought this in 01 but his add
4 / 5
I think that that all the world-wide go me partorisca be in accordance with when I say esto.un '90 is was a decade of era Mariah,and enough frankly,everything of era so only,ALMOST each album,and all those on-the cup outfits Mariah compilation is the must -have for Mariah defender,and each person shouldn possesses this to listen one of some voices more are in history of pop.Some follow punctual is probably one the majority of delicious,especially the start of Mariah so only,the classical pop "Vision Of Amur".And,of course,Mariah would owe that be considered a Ballad Reina,in that has under his tape some of an utmost plus ballads of all the times,comprising some good-looking "Butterfly",the sensual "it Can not Leave Ida",and an epic "it Can not Take That it was",which is one of some points have underlined main of Mariah is ,Mariah has done some of some better upbeat clues,hips,ESPECIALLY one of his songs of mark "Fantasy",which can be my preferred upbeat Mariah if it has not been for a gospel-induce " it Marks Raisin",where the voice of Mariah inspire to have calm success in any one wants to have sucedido in!And,the row of transformations of this daughter a lot up there with Madonna or Danny I am speaking roughly is his transformation of an all adult-contemporary diva to the hip-hop legend to pop flavoured,this be exhibit in some later songs(the critics' preferred:"Honey",the hymn of the stalker and one of his songs of better amour "Always Be My Creature").And of course, there is Mariah songs of mark,comprising some colossal "Heroes" and a paste this is lasted the record 16 weeks in a cup of some maps of pops "A Sweet Day",looking R&B group Boyz II is not the bad song in one stirs,at least,except one no required remezcla of "All love For the Christmas is".In place of that,ossia the must -have essential compilation.
A Verdict:This compilation tries that Mariah is an amazing artist and the legend.
5 / 5
Has the big question with a sequence of "swipes" in this CD. In the first place it was, like the quota of defenders there is remarked, ossia basically some same songs and (almost) same order like his album of leading swipes "1 " which is the shame ... Reason this album could have been like this better. Reason I already bought "1 " I have decided any to take it.
My version would be a bit has taken.
Vision to Want to
the amour Takes Time
Anytime Require A Fellow
For ever
Mina All
Down Some Stars
Can not Take That it was
does not love Cry
Without you
Can not Leave Go
Still Create
When it Believes
A Sweet Day
Thanks God Found You
Never Too Far
has Taken There to Be A Way
Thrill (12" Mix of Club)
Fantasy (regular version)
All Want to For the Christmas is (ORIGINAL VERSION!)
Always Be My Creature
HeartBreaker (original version)
Mark Spends
Heartbreaker (remezcla ft. It gives Brat and Missy "Misdamenor" Elliot)
Thank calm God found You ("Hard Mark For ever" Remezcla)
Honey (bad boy remezcla)
Fantasy (Remezcla ft. ODB)
Desglosad (Me He Bullies Remezcla... Basically same but long version rap)
Loverboy (remezcla)
Basically could have been to somewhere to the long of some lines of Whitney GH. Mariah HAS like this remixes has decided to do his own Remezcla album... As he wouldnt be like this well if there it went him on one 2nd disk. There it could have been he likes first disk-slow songs and seocnd disk fast songs. It could have comprised the prime dvd also. Also it could he partnered with Virgo (has given the after all the little mill to leave a focus) and dip some 'Glitter" songs on there for some defenders. And of course the prize follows which are basically remixes that it has taken a lot of airplay in a radio. I vote any or Yes but ossia my opinion . I want to Mariah and I think this GH the collection could have been Like this better!
5 / 5
Any the one who has followed some means comunicacionales the recent years probably knows that Mariah Tortoiseshell has adapted people in 1998 that the collection of the his 1 was "no the collection of swipes more orders," and that had not been registering long enough the stops to something likes concealed. But has come then, sadly, Mariah GLITTER disaster. Because of these terrible chances, is probably a lot also that surprised that his focuses leading Columbia the records have decided to gather this collection of SWIPES more ORDERS, which is, thinks roughly the, hard to see like this anything but to slap in a face for Mariah "it has not been registering long quite" commentary.
But to the left is to escape of these suppositions and look in a cast besides ADDS PASTE : that this contains is everything of the swipes of Mariah that has valued during a @@@1990s ("Hero"; "the amour Takes Time"; "Fantasy"; "Always Be My Creature"; etc.), Some songs that has received heavy radio game ("Butterfly"; "For ever"), and the little standout clues of albums ("Amur Endless"; "Down some Stars"). Now, it can be contested that the enormous success of Mariah was had to partially to time (could see "A Sweet Day" resulting the swipe in 1985 or today?), But still, some songs here aim that Mariah was an artist of dimension and significant row. And to list some songs for chronological order, a compilation gives his shop window the profit adds to locate the evolution of Mariah of dance-burst to contemporary R&B to hip-hop effectively, everything a moment in his coverage of the contemporary adult balladry. His talents during his summit would not owe that be underestimated.
According to that a selection of some songs goes, there is at all really missing (averts of personal favourites, perhaps Brian McKnight duet "While llamas"). But there it is any complaint with this collection, is that this shop window along can be the little also yearn some of some more random defenders, especially of then Mariah is always be clearly more known for his swipes so only. It is for this that the random defenders still would owe that consider purchasing 1 is instead, of then with an exception of his first three clues and a "Fantasy" remezcla in place of an original, dips everything of his big swipes, an after another, in a disk. But you prefer the thorough overview of the summit of Mariah, then the most UTMOST SWIPES is your compilation to buy .
4 / 5
Mariah Tortoiseshell Was once an excellent, highly-talented young lady the one who has sold around 15 million copies of the each new album have released. Today it is so only an ignorant, strong-mouthed disorder the one who needs the crew up with the load of rappers to do anything.
This esseca more Added the album has been released after his 'Never Too Far' only and his 'Glitter' film/of album all has failed miserably and the things were firmly down hill.
Any the one who is Mariah partidário real of there is remarked of a tracklist is a lot resembled this of the 1998 collection of Mariah 'Some'. Esseca More added figure of all a big plus that sells swipes Mariah have had around a world together with the few clues that has not been released commercialy. There is at all new excepts of 'All Want to For the Christmas is'.
Now considering some clues- has two disks: an excellent one and the moderated a. It goes exactly in chronilogical the order that begins with 'Vision Of Master' and when finalising with the coverage of Phil Collin is 'Against All Odds'.
Almost everything of a first disk is excellent containing Mariah better ballads and upbeat clues and does not have it rapper in sight! The voice of Mariah is also to plot less cratchy' and eshrieky' on Disk 1 that disk 2.
Sadly, A second disk is plastered with mediocre r and b to to the songs like Still Creates' and sickening ballads as 'When it Believes'. Some worse clues this in spite of sound a bland 'Heartbreaker' and a unbearable'weetheart'. REASON FINDS It NECESSARY to BE FILL WITH TALENTLESS FOOLS LIKE JAY-Z?
Here is drives of some different rows of songs:
Vision to Want to
does not want to Cry
Raisin of Marcos
Without you
the amour Takes Time
Mina All
Anytime Require A Fellow
A Sweet Day
Thanks calm God Found You
Down Some Stars
[junk] FOLLOWS
When it Creates
Against All Odds
All Want to For Navidad (Remezcla)
Still Create
5 / 5
For the diva, the one who has released has joined the majority of disappointing soundtracks never, those who has protested his first collection of swipes for the call the no utmost swipes compilation, and changing of Columbia focus to a Virgin of focus for the rebirth, this collection simply Attacks appointed , more Utmost, is to compilation of 2 disks that marries in Columbia years of 1990 to 1999. His 1998 collection, 1 is was very incomplete and in a liner notes of 1 east, has declared that was the officially release the collection of swipes more orders that went it to look solteros concealed any included some maps. So many, can say that the most Utmost swipes is an anthology . And believe me, ossia the long collection . Disk 2 is my favourite reason taken everything of his his swipes late plus. Felizmente, three of some clues of prize of 1 is is here. Disk 1 is the add an also, but has too many of these preferred of partidário on there. All of these early swipes are on here. One of some clues in this collection are one of mine favourite of Mariah. It is diplomado "Honey", which was to a lot of transmission for Mariah in a late 90 east. I think that that this would be the better introduction the music of Tortoiseshell, in place of 1 east. A container could have been better this in spite of. A booklet does not contain any lryics, pictures, or liner notes. So only it contains some botched notes of production and pictures of his single. In general, ossia the add summarization of Columbia years.
5 / 5
These days looks that all the world loves bash Mariah Tortoiseshell
consedering that damage both 'Glitter' an album and a film
same when the respectable artist is result more than the magnet for a tabloids and the easy punchline for Jay Leno that the force of entity in some maps of pops,can not deny his talent.
Mariah Is one such this two-the wipes of the disk more Added
the collection is the must -have for Mariah-philes and defenders quite random of any(or both) the music or the pop of Mariah in general.
Culled Of the six albums of studio of Mariah for Columbia('90 is soyariah Tortoiseshell','91 this 'of the Emotions','93 is soyusic Box',
'95 is 'Daydream','97 is 'Butterfly','99 is 'Rainbow'), esseca more Added comprises days of Mariah' more demure,ballad-heavy
days to an apparition of the sexy plus,more outspoken,hip hop-the tortoiseshell flavoured.
Among some better clues on here are 'Vision Of Master','Emotions',
' will be There',Anytime require A Fellow','Always Be My Creature',
'Honey','Can not Take That it was(the subject of Mariah)'.
But as expected,he esseca more Added is fill of any golpesenormes, profitable of Mariah more surburban,intrepid,
sure,AC radio ballad days('90 to '96).Ossia Right 'A Sweet Day'(the plus along never so only to remain in 1 in history,for a way),'does not want to Cry ','Heroine',and 'the amour takes Time' is among a more snoozers on ,Mariah has moved out of barren to to the material likes that of more than nailing Of R&B and hip hop influnced to the clues the 'Likes Honey' and 'Fantasy'-both desquels is comprised here.(Although it has not felt 'Heartbreaker' also).In fact, it is it has surprised concealed 'Cry Baby' with Snoop Dogg has not been comprised on here.
Some more utmost swipes worthy that offered of one of some the majority of successful artists of a nineteen nineties,this dips does the good work to offer roughly of a work more coloreada of the choose-and-choose to to the artist likes him Mariah.
4 / 5
Mariah Is certainly state fodder for some tabloid magazines and a period of means comunicacionales. While some people perceive his career like "finalising" to to another likes disagrees. In the way is the new begining for the new mellenium. Although the majority of recent Album of Mariah Glitter (Also released in Seven. 11th with the no-like this-mate of good film) has not been the success, was happy that his undertaken record forward Sony answered behind with this album. Sony Suitable [the audiences] that Mariah is still strong and to listen to his leading years for the try. I any reccomend a first album, how is mainly a sequence esatta likes 1998 "1 it is." This in spite of, if it is Luther Vandross defender and HAS TO THAT listen a duet then goes advance and the buy, together with some songs "Without you" and "Anytime I require A Partner."
A second album comprises the majority of his current works, comprising a no-commerical emission of "Butterfly." It thinks also it would owe that it has added it "Desglosad" looking Bullies of Bone 'n the harmony for him was also a lot-commerically released and the preferred of Mariah is (likes cast in his paper to some defenders in "1 "). Also it thinks it it would have to that it has comprised it a "Honey" remezcla with P. Diddy (Dad of puff) as well as a "Fantasy" Remezcla looking ), together with "While llamas" feat. Bryan McKnight. If have enjoyed his album of Rainbow ossia the keeper, to imagine "Heartbreaker" (looking Jay-Z), "it Can not Take That it was (the subject of Mariah)" and " it thanks calm God found You" (feat. Joe and 98 Terracings). Reason is people complaining in "A Ceiling?" It has not been the swipe adds! In fact the has not gone never included touched here in Pittsburgh, as well as other parts of a country. "Still I Create" it is the good ballad, this in spite of more than the swipe in some adults contemporary maps quite then a pop/r&b maps. He no returned well with this mix. Sony Has to that it has comprised also a no-remezcla version of "All love For the Christmas is." It does not agree never listening this one in a radio and in my opinion is so only the way to take ascent for Jermaine Dupri and Lil' Bond Wow. In general, I think that that this album is a lot if you have not purchased 1 is. And yes calm has enjoyed emissions more recent of a "Butterfly" and "Rainbow" album, ossia also the compraventa well.
An only reason reason gives this album four out of five star is reason a first album comprises too many of his songs of 1 east. I had him it has listened it it was the afterwards purchases he in 1999. A unfortunate remezcla of "All love for Navidad..." It is another factor , together with Down Some Stars that looks Luther Vandross--Although it has mentioned he in the paper of the his 1, owe reality of type: it has not been the swipe adds.
Can say Mariah has not released this album she. In his paper to some defenders in "1 " it has declared specifically that it was "too punctual" for one. Then, reason three later free years one? It was simply the Sony-has created answerback to a harm has promoted Glitter soundtrack and film. It has declared even that would comprise songs as it desglosáis and am sure has comprised also Sweetheart (feat. JD), When it Creates (Duet with Whitney Houston) and a regular version of All master For the Christmas is. Hopefully Mariah will release his album of the swipes more Adds own that contains everything of his material sooner until his the majority recently, comprising songs of some current Glitter albums. Besides it would comprise future albums that hopefully will be achieved (and also hopefully not incorporating too much hip-hop). Mariah: Some defenders still appreciate your work! Continuous struggle and sing, sings, sings! Some Defenders: it has not finalised his career so only still. In the way, with his new record undertaken, so only is beginning.
4 / 5
With an emission and the fast death of his Virgin Records debuts "Glitter", it is gratifying to see Mariah once again celebrated for his music in this "swipes more Utmost" compilation. "Glitter" Probably it will be agreed like his deception of the main career never, and some songs on there are sincere to God, terrible. So only take for example an alone prime minister "boy of Lover", which touches like the bad remezcla of 2 Pac "That does or master the". But it concealed it is not a point. This compilation of swipes more the orders collect EVERYTHING, and mean all, of the swipes of Mariah in Sony Records. Of the his 1 that begins "Vision to want to" on until "Against all odds" of the his (in fact quite excellent) 2000 elepé "Rainbow". No the swipe the only rests was, Madonna different "GHV2", it has released a same time. My songs of Mariah of the favourite: "Heartbreaker" with Jay-Z, "A sweet day" with Boyz II MEN, "Fantasy", "Butterfly" and "Heroine". This album aims that in spite of class to be of Mariah of the stock to laugh in some means comunicacionales (resupplying mesos some jokes for Conan Or' Brien and Jay Leno in television at night late), is still probably The QUEEN of music of the pop the one who governed a @@@1990s with the rigid hand. Even Madonna, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and all another female superstar the singers have to bend to Mariah so only because of his formidable and invincible organism of work in a @@@1990s. As Madonna has defined a 80s, Mariah is to good sure, and undeniably The shaker and movement of a 90s, like this collection like this rightfully testifies to. So only I expect that Mariah will recover of his current "Glitter" slum, and king-invent he for the new decade. Now with the Virgin records that falls, perhaps will return the Sony and continuous do the records of pops add.
The vocal skills of Mariah are the legend in of the songs like "Vision to want to", "Someday" and "Mina all", on which achieves eighth the simple mortals never sleep of. The control was Christina Aguilera , Jessica Simpson, and all another pop of adolescent launchings. They are ALL trying emulate Mariah.
This album is Mariah definite . Well a prize of sticker reason the calm often take 29 swipes of entities on 2 CDs?
A classical in the each sense of a word.
4 / 5
A start to Lose Tortoiseshell of Sony has aimed to good sure an emission of this 2-CD Swipes more Utmost. It has not been he he so only done three years a megalomaniacs emission the CD of 1 swipes of EUA? Now very calm so only take those, but everything of swipes of Tortoiseshell and my-swipes. Any exactly treat it bad for some random defenders, those who will take basically everything of only 1 Vision to Want paste of his recent rubbishes Heartbreaker. Sony Has launched also in some radio swipes that didnt map and in some international editions, has a Tortoiseshell-Westlife the duet Takes One Looks In me Maintaining.
Mariah rag-To-rich the history is now a lot-known and has listened. His eighth-scaling the voice is sometimes be well for his, and another time, simply repulsive and inappropriate. Has a capacity the scale some clues although it could be be save for better use sometimes. It thinks Someday and Emotions, which has done sweats that dog of whistles screech the name of house. That The tortoiseshell has done consistently in some premiers 5 years of his career, raking in of the enormous sales and 1 east. Virtually everything does for his, included insipid remakes likes it will be There and Without the the big fact on some maps. Ossia Also thicker when his voice was more misused. Had some good clues of this era, likes Can not Leave Aller, Heroine, Down Some Stars and Melt was that it has exhibited it the softest side of Mariah minus some cries. 1995 it saw it also his Fantasy of emissions of the monster and one 16-week 1 swipe A Sweet Day, another collaboration, this time with a now-unheard of Boyz 2 Men. That The tortoiseshell has begun also use rappers on some of a remixes.

A like this-change called in musical direction that essentially amounted to swim begun in 1997 when Tortoiseshell to Lose employee more 'black' production on Butterfly. His image is resulted vamped up with his dressing DOWN. One first alone Honey, produced by a then Dad of Puff, swipe 1 much less but has seen less radio support that extended to a clue of title, which has tried to re-create the success of the hero. A decision has come then the not releasing Butterfly commercially. Similarly, he desglosáis that looks Bully of Bone & Harmony was axed of the commercial emission been due to under airplay. Finally, Mina All has been to 1 with the commercial emission that has comprised a forward 2 unreleased clues, rehashed...... A song, this in spite of lyrically uninspired, has looked the wonderful melody and it gorgeously video for Herb Ritts. Some signals of period some decrease in support and airplay when Butterfly so only manged half (5m) that Daydream achieved in some the EUA.

An emission of 1 is is exited in 1998 and that the tortoiseshell has valued the Cup 10 with Closing Creates, he remake of Brenda K Starr swipe. A followup emission Sweetheart was canned. A strongly touted duet with Whitney Houston, When it Creates, of A Prince of Eygpt, while well, any exactly dipped some maps on fire. But a commercial powress of two of a big more divas has helped an ailing song on some maps to 15 and scored Gold for both.

Rainbow in 1999 has continued that is to remain was the butterfly and she have added two more 1 swipes there with Heartbreaker and Give the thanks to the god has Found Or (with Joe and 98 Terracings). A followup Can not Take That it was/Crybaby then is resulted his low plus-peaking swipe in 29. It can not Take That it has been it hints strongly in Tomm Mattola that still with his divorce, he cant take in all the chance out of sound.

Quite the control is enough. That The tortoiseshell Has to that the accident Sony for Virgo and the one who looks the good movement is resulted his elder of commercial disaster to date. 400k+ Of Glitter sold, he flop-film and an almost that extracted no only Loverboy. Several depressions and rumored tentativas of suicide later, that the tortoiseshell has gone back to entertain soldate in Kosovo and trying salvage his ailing career with east.

To finally take flight like the butterfly, Mariah needs to some work in his musical/lyrical depth and creativity. So much for one of some singers plus very big of one 1990 east.
4 / 5
Hot in some heels of Mariah first and hopefully so only flop (GLITTER), the majority of UTMOST SWIPES offers two-the hours of the points have underlined musical of Mariah. A disappointing leading collection 1 is aimed that the career of Mariah has too many something brilliant to record to a CD. Two CDs is so only a right period to cover virtually everything of some clues keys of the first decade of Mariah of superstardom. It is the 28 -paste still counting! Yes, they are way besides tired of the his mean comunicacionales does not see me in losing the interest anytime aims when it comes to the music of Mariah.
While the majority of some clues in this anthology have been overexposed in some means comunicacionales, has the power to remain that it is more scarce that achieve that one would think. Anything a reason--lucida impressive voice (generally more nuanced, emotional, and thin that the credit given for), some attractive melodies, a tastefully contemporary production--I found after listening to both CDs that has not burned is gone in this music at all. In a contrary, taken like this it community look more impressive with a step of time. Ironically, I Think that when it is trying a hard plus to be contemporary (p. p.ej., Recent rap/hip-hop clues), his musical forces take underlying and a music quickly loses interest. This dips to a large extent steers clear of that, except his the majority of attractive hip-hop flavoured crossover swipes ('Honey", 'Fantasy').
Perhaps Mariah is not a musical innovator, but does not see reason can not be impressed with any the one who consistently resplandores while they remain inside parameters of mainstream music of pop of culture. Almost without exception in these two CDs his uptempo the tunes have dipped calm in the happy way, while his ballads touch a heart. Of course, some artists write the deepest papers roughly amour and reports, but some dips ready here do lacking vehicles like this well to spend was the forces of Mariah that it vocalist. To his critics: reason nit-choose a lyric discharge when the vocal interpretations of Mariah damage some songs resume sufficient? Partorisca To plot of knots, a sum of the better music of Mariah is more adds that some parts.
4 / 5
10 years is the long times and Mariah has been around quite long to release the most utmost swipes have dipped. Sure, there was MTV Unplugged that it joints gathered a lot of his earlier swipes and sung maintains the base of a CD. And then there it was 1 it is which was the collection of all of the his 1 east (in some measure to release in all the chance). Both have mentioned CDs, joy wholeheartly and duquel gives the reception to an emission with open arms. But these more utmost swipes places, has the question with. Sure, the majority of some swipes is here, and sure, is roughly times too much, that Mariah has released the most utmost swipes. Opinions my last sentence there. Soyariah Release the most utmost swipes'. Now ossia a question of first order with this together. It has been released for Columbia Record like him tentativa take to do the latest emission of Mariah 'Glitter' fallen of the same faster grace. It is everything in a money these days is not the?
In all the chance, personally create this emission is the disgrace. It is half fact heartedly without the big thinks booklet underlining Mariah has achieved in a last decade. A last now the collection slapped jointed to the touch is gone in of the consumers during a christmas period. Oh I are this CD has failed miserably reason the majority of defenders has known in a reason partorisca is existence but servants like an introduction to Mariah Tortoiseshell yes has been living under the rock or in another planet for some last 10 odd years or so many.
The music, sure, all 15 1 is is here. Sure, some the extra clues are added on, but a question is, the majority of these clues has looked already in the collection of one 1. In fact, 16 of some 28 clues here are in the collection of one 1. But in all the chance, to an another 12 extra clues in this collection. Everything of is swipes, everything of sound Mariah and everything of favourite sound. But an annoying thing is, this is not the true representation of the whole career of Mariah. There is far too many disappeared solteros to spend this was like the container of the swipes more adds complete and is not to like there is not any room has left in a CDs. It is so only simple lazy in a record company behalf.
Which there is here is well, but where is:
- has Taken There to Be A Way
- is In
- any to forget you Never
- Open Arms
- Desglosáis
- A Ceiling (Backside In Time)
- Against All Odds
in an end of a day, Mariah is still an amazing artist, a the one who possesses an amazing voice, this like this called dry more added has a majority but left out of far too many to be considered the true collection. The defenders do not require it , neither has to that you reason there is at all new.
5 / 5
Mariah Tortoiseshell Was a main woman songstress of one 90 east. It has had very a lot the paste of successful album with which swipe (at least on until one 'Butterfly' album.) This album is the look adds behind in his amazing career (although a first disk has the majority of a good material on that. Mariah has done for his success and his first album have yielded 4 incredible swipes (Vision of Amur, the amour Takes Time, Someday, and does not love Cry) was all enormous in radio and commercially (all the doing to 1) the 2nd album of Mariah 'Emotions' has not gone enough like this successful like his prime minister, but was still the fantastic work that the churns was three of his better songs (Emotions, Can not Leave Aller (breathtaking), and Raisin of Marcos) This in spite of again, all three was big in radio and commercially. Has come afterwards to the long of the his big plus acheivement still soyusic Box.' Four fantastic soltera clue (the 2 1 is 'Dreamlover', 'Hero', and an equally deserving 'Anytime Require A Fellow' and 'Without you.' In '95, Mariah has released still another enormous album 'Daydream.' 'A Sweet Day' was one of a buggest songs in history and 'Fantasy' and 'Always Be My Creature' was also astonishingly has achieved. 'For ever' I have been free also was 'Daydream' but never charted (which is further me cuz is the fantastic song .)
Is where Mariah has begun to falter. '97 And 'Butterfly.' It has begun to go to a hip-hop the scene and the radio has turned quickly his backside in sound. 'Honey' and soyy All' has been to 1 but so only because of commercial emissions. His both have received lukewarm airplay. 'Butterfly' never included charted. In '99 'Rainbow' has been released that resupplied some amazing songs, but was overshadowed for a hip-hop (...). 'Heartbreaker' And 'TGIFY' has been to 1, but still again, has released grieves a lot of airplay and so only headed to cuz of commercial emissions....
Retreated To a music that has spent or the scene. It does not squander your time with music that does not aim of your amazing talent.
4 / 5
Mariah Bombarded Tortoiseshell and debuted in the Hot posters 200 albums with his 2 CD disk dipped in a embarrasing , mustering on the pawltry 30,000 unit for a first week.
This tip that Tortoiseshell especially for his first Swipes more Utmost have of his star is dimming. (...)
Mariah Tortoiseshell There Has been some very good songs in his early career with 'Vision of Master', esomeday', 'Heroine', soyake Spends', but the second goes in in his career sees his music that worsens with 'Fantasy' that is the tear -out of Clubs of Tone of Tom 'Character of Master', 'Heartbreaker' that is the tear -out of 'Fantasy', 'Honey' quell'begun a whole 'Fantasy-Heartbreaker' disorder and a excruciating ballad with leaves to see can take some defenders to sing with 98 Terracings 'Appreciate to the calm god Found'.
That is funny that his later delivery in some maps of his disasterous career of film and soundtrack 'Glitter' some suns 'Loverboy' is not comprised in this together, probably reason 'Glitter' still has not been the gold certified and there is has sold so only 442,000 copies to date- a focus probably thinks that a Tortoiseshell the defenders will buy 'Glitter' for 'Loverboy' otherwise known like Cameos 'Candy' with 'Fantasy' and 'Heartbreaker' and 'Honey' like melody in this no-hookable song. But included 'Loverboy' has been ignored of defenders.
For the tortoiseshells tries CD earlier 1 taking 5 stars , 1 star for CD 2 with an exception of his Christmas remezcla song that pushes he until 2 averaging this collection of Swipes more Orders to 3 stars.
Unfortunately does not have any a lot of respect for Tortoiseshell in his career of music anymore, singing with to the likes of Snoop Dogg, or of any one another rapper just to try to the main map. An artist would have to direct in his art and the place was music of his heart, obviously in CD 2 aims with one likes 'Honey', 'Fantasy', etc. has sung of his bustline.
5 / 5
Ossia The good retrospective is the ex mine-favourite singer with his swipes of 1990 by means of 1999. To listen to this CD can not help but feel sad for a lady the one who lost it simply after an album of Butterfly.
Some songs on Disk An east adds, emotional, and is pure classics. The amour Takes Time, Vision Of Amur, and does not love the cry is beautiful warm and very written. Emotions, Dreamlover, and Someday is songs of killers to dance around to. I enjoy a rest of Disk A.
Disk Two is another history. It begins of good with a somber A Sweet Day, a duet with Boyz II MEN. Ossia One of Mariahs better songs to date. To marked fantasy Mariahs gone back in the more hip-hop direction that overtook his of 1996 from now on. It has done on Fantasy, and included the honey but he would ruin my respect for his afterwards. Heartbreaker Is so only another rehash of Honey, Dreamlover, and to fantasy but fault of an artistic quality of any of these songs. Sweetheart Is downright terrible and one of some worse songs I,sees never listened of sound. When it Creates with Whitney Houston musically is good but to to his siren likes them the clash of voice with a song and some songs the emotional qualities are litterrally launched directly out of a window. A last song on Disk Two with Lil Bond Wow and Dupri is mediocre.
In general gives Disk One he five, and the two for Disk Two. These averages this Double Disk dipped the four.
Unfortunately does not have any a lot of respect for Lady Mariah anymore. With his flange with talentless rappers just to locate some maps is so only a lot that is the talent is. It would owe that sing real music that is classy and the one who wish, no for commercial purposes. And please Mariah, dipped some cloths behind on!!
4 / 5
While never accused to be the particularly significant song interpreter, Mariah Tortoiseshell there is nonethelesss has produced some of a better pop of a last decade, a majority duquel is presented here in this very generous twenty-eight compilation of song. While his career as it looks is by train of gone still to the sud further thanks to his unjustly critiqued GLITTER album(and a mate flop of the film), ossia the good memory of reason, in his summit, little could approach to record Tortoiseshell of clue. While it was constantly prone to adult contemporary sap('does not want to Cry ', a horrifically maudlin soyy All'--an of his worse records never), has produced also the number of prime minister-estimate solteros('Vision Of Master', 'Fantasy', 'Emotions'). Sixteen of some clues are to spend-overs of the his leading 1 collection(rendering that together pointless), together with clues of RAINBOW, as well as the entirely unnecessary remezcla of his clue vacacional 'All Want to For the Christmas is'. Besides, a neighbour comprises a lot the tortoiseshell is no-commercial solteros(the sterling 'For ever', 'Butterfly'), as well as one of the his better, more there is fully @@give of the songs never('Down some Crash', which was inexplicably never released). A smaller omission his east that of 'Desglosa', one of a bit those that the points have underlined of the his otherwise dreary album of BUTTERFLY. Otherwise, Ossia the way adds to filter by means of a cream of Tortoiseshell Sony years.
4 / 5
Can find Mariah later 2-CONJOINT CD in the decent prize, The TAKE!! Otherwise, Think his "1 " CD has released so only 3 yrs does is the better value (any to mention this oh-like this hot pix of MC in the skintight white mini-dressed in a coverage). "1 " it Contains the majority of some songs in this 2-iron, and probably sells in the prize he down plus, especially to the equal that has used. Mina, this later emission that goes in some heels of his just-has released "Glitter" soundtrack in of the Virgin sounds suspiciously like the last endeavour of solves for Sony to touch in in his cow of leading cash, the one who has jumped now ship to Virgo.
That can say roughly the amazing voice of Mariah concealed has not been said already? In his better, think that his voice surpasses those of Whitney and Celine. Mariah Is is stronger and big---ossia, when Miz MC priest of the his. Crown Dion & Houston there is hubbies in his watchdog while Mariah still is regulating the life like the alone woman. If you are an absolute data -Mariah hard fans the one who has to that have this later emission, then probably at all go you to take, but more probably calms already will have his CD is containing these same songs esatte, unless calm want to him all in a CD and maintain a stunning pix of Miz MC in a coverage with his butterfly of mark for his side.
A good remezcla of "All love for Navidad..." It is the good touch for Sony for some holidays.
5 / 5
Are not the big defender of Mariah Tortoiseshell is. It has had always the few songs of his that there is enjoyed this in spite of, and ossia that marks this collection perfects for me and another taste to of knots. I have resisted to buy lucido another collection of swipes more orders 1 is reason have thinks that has been missing few newer songs well. Felizmente This dips does the much more by means of work in covering his points have underlined musical, and comprises all some songs want to have (comprising such newer emissions as 'Honey', 'Always Be My Creature' and 'Heartbreaker'), but also comprises too many songs that does not love never listen again (taste 'When it creates' and 'Heroine'). Another flu, a booklet is skimpy. When I producers learn that the needs of booklet of the swipes more are to give info in a date of emission of the songs, listed of map and another info? Everything takes here is tiny pictures of some coverages of alone emission. Still, for people with the random interest in Mariah likes, can a lot of really gone bad with this together and is sure to be an only Tortoiseshell cd will require to buy.
For core the hardest defenders can not think of the alone reason for the buy. Calm more probably have all his albums (comprising 1 is) and an only new thing here is a terrible remezcla of 'All Want to For the Christmas is'. These looks to be the collection meant for random fans the one who has not bought never 1 is.
5 / 5
Mariah Tortoiseshell Is perhaps one of some the majority of good-looking creatures the god there is has not created never. His sweet sexy voice is like this pure and good-looking. A music in this album is for a true romantic.
A CD of prime minister is more intense this in spite of like this has it some few very romantic songs, while a second is much deeper and emotional in general.
'Butterfly' is still my favourite song reason speaks of as it is all the individual souls that can not be possessed. Always it creates similar good-looking images of the day of summer and of a liberty to love without possessing. Soyy All' is highly emotional and one of one the majority of evocative songs roughly the desire has has not listened never.
' Am thinking of you
in my sleepless solitude tonight
If his wrong to want to you
Then my heart so only will not leave me be right
the cause am flooded in you...'
Has seen has interviewed once when it has spoken roughly helping the boys find the families and I so only have thought that that animates it good-looking has to that be. Some the inner qualities possesses looks to exit in his music.
I hope that any subject where the life takes, that always will find amour quite unconditional. It is a desire of the deepest soul.
The voice of Mariah so only is in amazing! If shabby so only one of his albums, this one would be my recommendation . Have
happy state without a clue of prize.
5 / 5
When I the voice of Mariah has listened in the first place to his start, was mesmerized. Then, I dulcemente Mariah equally, in following bad joint of his public prosecutors, has done a mistep with which another. All know where is hard to recover of a disaster of 'Glitter'.
This 2-cd the neighbour is an excellent chronicle of the fall of Mariah. A CD of prime minister aims his in his better, clue for the quite swipe-and-lose group of songs that still directed for the do on some maps of pops. Some second starts of CD were with his excellent duet with Boyz II MEN, then tip his fast downward torsion, accelerated by his association without talent rap artists.
And that it was Columbia thought of with this ear-wrenching version of his previously pleasant song, 'All Want to For the Christmas is'? This remake the starts were with foul tongue and goes downhill of there that. Reason in a world-wide use this piece of rubbish in place of an original yard?
Of the historical perspective, ossia the quite interesting neighbour . This in spite of, an only CD of a two you probably will want to listen of more than a swipe is a prime minister although so only in of the small doses.
Oh, For only that it could have been with Mariah. A voice of a so only had not listened to some executive records.
5 / 5
This album is the two collection of disk of everything of the swipes of Mariah, comprising number 1 swipes and further.
Disk some songs of offers of his self-beginning titled to a Daydream the album that resembles no-song of album Endless Amour, it duet with R&B legend Luther Vandross.
Disk two songs of shop windows of Daydream to Rainbow. It comprises the clue of the prize of All master For the Christmas is excepts ossia a Like this like this Def Remezcla looking Jermaine Dupri and Lil Bond Wow. A second disk also looks no-of the songs of albums (excepts on Number 1s) Sweetheart, When it Creates (duet with Whitney Houston of a Prince of soundtrack of Egitto) this in spite of Create.
In general, this album is looked to Number Some, if you are Mariah defender , suggests to take both but if so only like him to him Mariah solteros, this collection has more songs that Number A lot therefore it recommends that you take this a, this in spite of a cost is quell'has bitten main.
If not to impose you that spends of the money, to good sure would recommend this, is the collection adds to touch if you do not have time or so only does not feel likes transmission a CDs on and in just to listen songs of the variety of album.
4 / 5
Mariah 'discovered' with his 14th 1 so only, 'Heartbreaker', in 1999. An only reason I any one has listened never before is that it was 10 and my mother has not concerned partorisca Mariah Tortoiseshell sings (still no-- is crazy). I immediately 'Rainbow' bought and was pleasantly surprised when I bought '1 is' at all of a material has registered. Some CD collects of my sister and I now contain each album has registered partorisca date, comprising duplicated of diverse. This album is an excellent collection , far better that '1 is', reason Mariah' the better songs have not been to a 1 place in a Heat 100 (although 15 , giving his plus 1 single that another woman, and, of a two the one who bested Elvis with 18 and Beatles with 20--no longer is registering, has the shot in a something upper). It goes in they are a caseous but beautiful 'Endless Amour' coverage and soyake Raisin', which am not never able state to listen to without saying 'Wow'. We are everything familiar with his row, but this song is driven by his vocal power, which is surprising (and was so only 21 when this song has been registered!). This CD is an excellent CD , and tip his career that induces awe with Columbia Record. It was one the majority of the artist achieved of 90s, and esseca more Added to good sure come from reason, but does not buy this CD if any like to him the music of pop. Ossia For one the majority to separate that it is, and is so only bobo to buy the CD that calm know you will not like and then complain that it does not like . ( Has has had to that so only say concealed.)
5 / 5
In the simple 3 years that follows the compilation of the his 1, Sony free this double CD of everything of the swipes of Mariah, as well as the handful of clues of albums. A tracklisting is decent, but would want to having seen "Desglosad," "A Ceiling," or "any to forget you Never." Some the strongest courses here are "I do not love Cry," " it Marks Raisin," "Emotions," and "Honey." All more rows of a bland ("Hero") to a unlistenable ("A Sweet Day"). These shows of compilation reasons Mariah is one of a more frustrating singers around: has the voice adds, but his election of material is usually questionable. Dump a gooey ballads for Walter Afanseneiff, and will do well. If you are Mariah defender or the random auditor, ossia an only CD will require. A final note: a packaging of this collection of swipes is shameful. There is not any paper, any commentary, any one rodeo of his career of register. You would think that Sony would dip the little more amour to a pacakging of this double-CONJOINT CD, but supposes concealed is not a chance, here.
4 / 5
Was so only in late 1998 when Mariah 1 the album has been released and two no-album of compilation,RAINBOW and a GLITTER the soundtrack that follows it. Here it is the 28 more utmost swipes that Mariah in Columbia Records of focus. Columbia Has Taken Mariah behind after having fallen of Virgo. All the songs have been previously released in the earliest albums of Mariah except ENDLESS AMOUR with Luther Vandross and the remezcla of ALL WANT FOR the CHRISTMAS Is with Jermaine Dupri and Lil Bond Wow. AMUR ENDLESS has been written for Lionel Richie which had registered with Diana Ross for a 1981 film of a same name. Mariah Is and Luther the looks of coverage in Luther album of DUETS,released in 1994. This year same,Mariah has released his album of HAPPY NATAL where ALL WANT FOR the CHRISTMAS comes from/comes from. A version of HAPPY NATAL has a sound navideño in him. Lil Bond of the bond said in a start of a song," there is not damn Santa Claus!" His mother yells," I Excuse me to me?". An introduction is a excerpt of a traditional classical JINGLE BELL.
5 / 5
If you are the partidário new or the defender of a start, this CD is the must ! It is such the neatly layed-was the disk and some illustrations is like this simple, but good-looking. In an inserts/inserts does the small picture of the each only coverage, as well as it has released internationally songs, but wish that has had more the pictures of one shoot of photos where a picture of coverage has been taken. This collection of two disks contains each one which so only never released in some the EUA or elsewhere of 1990 by means of 2000, covering a diva amazing career of 10 years (first of a breaking with Columbia Record, which there is disappointed a lot Mariah defenders.) They are the quite new defender and desire that this CD had been released behind in a summer of 2000 when has in the first place taken my eye. Long-defenders of Mariah of the time: the attended until this CD is on sale unless has of the extra money now. (Some could consider it the waste to buy if it already has all some album. Has all his albums, but am still happy has bought he anyways.) Mariah partidários New: I NEED to buy this! Calm will not be disappointed!
4 / 5
Was so only the @@subject to time before one of one the majority of sucessful singers in a world (Mariah) place out of the container of the SWIPES more ADDS. Now, this cd is excellent in covering the career of Mariah of 1990-2000. It appears 15 number some swipes! More another cup to ten swipes likes him "it can not leave gone", "without you", "anytime I require the fellow", "endless amour" etc. It went It there never an artist with the collection of swipes more orders that comprises FIFTEEN NUMBER some swipes in an album? Material no! So that so only it tries Mariah sucess and talent. Listening to the majority of UTMOST SWIPES will spend rear memories. They are sure that all the world knows at least Mariah song so that it is to say the collection adds . My only question with this collection is that "desglosad" and "the ceiling" it has not done a final yard. Also, any new clue but is extracted no big . The most UTMOST SWIPES of Mariah is the pop of diving/r&b collection that all the world would enjoy.
5 / 5
Has not gone never never Mariah with which have seen "Glitter", I have thought, "If it can do the film this 'll gives the casualidad!"...And I have done. Ossia So only the one who any disrepecting need of person to add his collection; "Honey", "Heartbreaker", "Mina All"..."Butterfly"-- they are all here in full glory. People always razz on me roughly the, but when I pulled "Swipes more Utmost" it was always they says..."Ooh, Master 'Heartbreaker', dipped the on". It does not fail never to take a party that goes. Mariah Has been touched to lately, and there is not denying has had some less than perfect moments, but there there is neither denying has created some of some songs of better pop of some last ten years. I prefer "disk a"...Old skool Tortoiseshell I..."Someday" It is so only a better. In all the chance, taking on calm and emission Mariah inner.
5 / 5
Mariah has produced/the writing/sung is neither be strongly influenced for another writer or looks the very obvious sample of the classical yard.
Marries on the dot:
the fantasy directly copies Club of Tone of Tom "Character Of Amur", the yard of dance to dip it.
Honey direcly Treacherous copy 3 "A Rock of Organism", the yard of dance to dip it.
Heartbreaker direcly Tortoiseshell of Mariah of the copy "Fantasy", the yard of dance to dip it.
Thinks that taken my drift.....
Still, music of the pop has not touched this good in of the years. And it can dip up with a overabundance of has dated punctual 90s treacly ballads, volume to a good material, which is mainly in a second disk.
A small question: no quite remixes, B-sides, unreleased clues, or rarities. Calm also can buy 1s, like this ossia essentially the repackaging of this 1998 near. It excepts Cost less. Of here so only he 4-stars to estimate still east.
5 / 5
The voice of the amour Mariah, and would do well to return his leading fashion more than following his current street. This CD fences in shabby reason contains all some good songs that has done Mariah a star is today. But podes discard the majority of Disk 2 which contains that it would call a start of a downhill slide of his career. That is for whining his way by means of his current music all prenden his attention? Like a slutty outfits has not gone quite bad. I will leave to buy his CDs if it does not begin to use his vocal talent to the equal that know can. It listens to the the clues the 'Likes Vision of Amur,' esomeday,' 'Emotions,' and 'Heroines,'...All these early emissions exhibit his true vocal talent before it felt a need to result the screechy, whiny, hoochie-heart (a the integer 'Glitter' soundtrack). I think that that I can forgive his digression but so only his next emission tip a talent has is in his pipes and no in his hearts.
5 / 5
This album has each song Mariah has on released until an album of Rainbow with an exception of 'Desglosa,' 'A Ceiling,' and 'Crybaby.' The desglosa was probably his better hip-hop collaboration to date, how is sad is not on here. If these songs would have been in an album there would be it given 5 stars. This album are to add so that they are so only random defenders of Mariah and so only loves some few songs unexpectedly. Mariah the Enormous defenders also would owe that it takes to: 1)so only it has in Mariah collection (if not to impose you that spends of the money), 2)to have a wonderful 'Endless Amour' duet with Luther of then is not gone in any of his albums, 3)to possess some of his older work if Mariah only is resulted recently calm partidário, reason ossia classical, and 4)has bought the albums of Mariah on tape, could wants to take his songs add on CD, and buying an album of the swipes more adds will be less expensive.
5 / 5
Mostly the auditor of music of the country, has been the 'kinda' defender of Tortoiseshell of Mariah of "Vision of Amur" and this CD is perfect for another 'kinda' fan the one who want to all of his better songs in one situate. Mariah Tortoiseshell The voice is a-of-a-bondadoso and his life has been it rollercoaster of the emotion reflected in his songs. He the time of utmost row, everything of a melancholy ("I do not love Cry") to an inspiring (" it Marks Raisin" and "When it creates") and an entertainment ("Honey", "Emotions" and "Dreamlover"). My personal favourites are his coverage of Jackson Five " I will be There", "the amour Takes Time" and "A Sweet Day". A remezcla of "All love For the Christmas is" it could have done without, but in general this neighbour of 2 disks cost each penny.
4 / 5
This CD has to that be a compilation of the swipes more order more ORDERS I own. All that Mariah has the place is gone in a radio like the only has the place in these disks. An only thing that does not require partorisca be is is the tired remezcla of "All want to Partorisca the Christmas is" (again, I have to ask, that is bad with an original??). Another that that, Mariah defenders will be pleased listening his swipes in this collection, like "Vision of Amur", "Emotions", "A Sweet Day", "Honey"...Well, a continuous cast in and on. Each song is the gem . Ossia Very better that the travesía of Whitney Houston to the 2-the disk attacks more utmost CD because the songs of Mariah are all the originals, so only likes was in of a radio (Whitney, takes note & it does not orient your defenders in yours prójimos "GH" album). A must partorisca Mariah fans everywhere. Calm will not feel !
4 / 5
Mariah Tortoiseshell ATTACKS more UTMOST, spent his 10 more than year pursues quite well, offering defenders 28 different songs during this period. It echoes of the his past compilation of 1998 1 east, everything of some songs found his way here also (with an exception of While llamas with Brian McKnight). Some of some songs in this collection is not never state released commercially in some the EUA, or so only has not been swipes at all, but is still good songs. For example, Butterfly, Desglosáis, Down Some Stars, etc was all has released external of some the EUA, but never commercially here. Mariah There Has been an impressive career with the slew of 1 swipes, but his no only some 1 swipes that is well, but these other songs that was sorely lost in radio. In spite of ossia the good retrospective of the career, and sweats the must has for defenders and of the partidários new equally.
4 / 5
Absolutely can not be Mariah Tortoiseshell new music, comprising a hoochie-sucks image that dips with him. His no for me.
But, album of Tortoiseshell of the Lady of swipes more utmost is in good sure value a compraventa is the his older songs. "Swipes more utmost" it is as the renewed " 1 " (first Swipes more Utmost His album).
This album is much more thorough that "1 " and really the amazing voice of shop windows Mariah. A first disk is my favourite reason have on grown on some of these songs are resulted like this the part of my life. Disk two is quite well, but has begun to result annoying mine around the "Honey" phase. "Mina All" and "still I Create" it remains like this some of my songs of favourite amour.
Are happy that this album has been released and full of songs that is remained out of "1 ". It would recommend this album to any the one who enjoys Mariah Tortoiseshell and his wonderful voice.
5 / 5
Arent The majority of these songs on 1 east? Well it was Mariah , would try to touch in too much. 2001 the has not been a lot takes Tortoiseshell, professionally and emotionally. It has suffered the desglosa, his first film was the disaster of office of the box and is the soundtrack has been kerplunk also. The most utmost swipes offers the pocolas tunes like " it Marks Raisin" and "For ever" this didnt frames 1 is. The chronicle of both disk his amazing voice, catchy bugglegum pop, and effortless sensibilty this has maintained his in a cup of some maps during one 90 east. It is talented, although his look of recent swipes bit it mediocre. The one who couldnt amour "Vision Of Amur" and "Mina All"? If you want look of depth elsewhere, if so only loves some few songs of good pop, enter an eighth big in emotional dramatic world of Mariah Tortoiseshell.
5 / 5
Could look odd to some that this compilation has been released, especially of his prime minister resumido of swipes, 1 east, has been released in late 1998, so only three years previously to an emission of east a. The most UTMOST SWIPES comprises everything of these 1 swipes of an album 1 is, but also songs that any like this big summit. It is the quite comprehensible collection of swipes of his career with Columbia Record, of the his 1990 start MARIAH TORTOISESHELL until his 1999 RAINBOW of album. It is good to have songs like "Butterfly", "Down Some Stars", "Anytime I require A Fellow" and another has comprised, of then is like this very so much gold like his 1 swipes also. The partidários new will enjoy this collection, is the good place to start with , and avid Tortoiseshell the defenders will want to invest in east some hips!
5 / 5
This Double CD of Mariah is a collection of swipes EACH LOVER of Music has to that have! It does not import the type of Music Loves this collection for a an and Mariah the only tortoiseshell is the MUST !
Still although Mariah has called the "pop diva" besides then 1 occasion any never has limited to so only a writing of Music...
Has used a lot of types of music to Express one of the Musical talent bondadoso! It has used: pop, soul, R&B ,Hip-hop,Rap,Gospel,Dance,and still Regge(on some of his song remixes)!
So that it sees does not import to love music of pop or calm is the defender of Hip-Hop Mariah has something for ALL THE WORLD!!!
Still although Mariah is highley appreciated and estimated likes one of these world-wide better singers (if any one some better! In my opinion is a better!) It would have to that be the appreciated and has respected much more then is now!!! Spent this Fold cd and Mariah will aim you desrves all the said in his here and then some!
Mariah Is a BETTER present this world-wide have never!!!
Your defender For ever!
4 / 5
Well, as some of his songs are like this sugary, sweet, and syrupy that can give you the cavity. Right? But although it hate music of pop, has to admit Mariah Tortoiseshell has an amazing voice. And it writes and it produces his own music. Cela Took to have some respect for his, the difference of one a lot bland Celine Dion. Mostly it listens for mecer but sometimes when it wants to take the pause of this gender I unashamingly listening to burst music. It is light, entertainment, and calm does not have to that think a lot roughly the when you are listening to a music. It does not like when Mariah adds of those annoying rappers in his songs and I has had to take was some stars for that. In all the chance some better songs are Can not Leave Aller, Heroines, Always Be My Creature. It has amused exploring your softer side!
4 / 5
While Madonna free his 2.os Attack more Utmost to compilation that directs in the start of the his 90. It has Had 11 1 songs in a 80 is! Madonna has directed to scrape on roughly 15 songs inluding so only one 1 swipe Takes A Bond. A lot his same launch in Madonna at present touched Medley! Mariah there is amassed 15 1 solteras and 28 bonified the swipes in a 90 east! For this this fat 2CD collection surpasses Madonna is in a lot of ways!
I desire has added some to other upper songs likes them the prisoner, disappearing, Everything Dispels , Is Where is Going To and Against All Odds. I expect that they release the collection of the dance of everything sweats remixes of these single likes Whitney Houston has done for his collection. The majority of a remixes have, but would be a lot all on 1 or 2 CD is!
4 / 5
Mariah Tortoiseshell HAS the good-looking voice, and everything of some songs that is in his "Mariah Tortoiseshell - Swipes more Utmost" cd a song "Heroine" it is my preferred . This song touches an a lot of serious of my heart and I cry every time the listen.
LOVE that song. For real it is inspiring almost like him self-promoting spiritual. While they are for to take on the task that is considered for real to a lot for me or defy me for something bit it deeper or stouter that am not used to. I touch this song. I touch this song. I touch this particular song, until I am sure that to all the cost of a challenge that YES can locate to a occassion.
Thank you Tortoiseshell of cups -- You partorisca always will be one of my favourite singers.
5 / 5
Mariah Tortoiseshell Has in the first place achieved 1 in 1990 with an alone, Vision of Amur and has then achieved a place of pole with Amur Takes Time, Someday, does not love Cry, Dreamlover, Hero, Emotions, Heartbreaker and Appreciate to the calm god Found. Everything near, Mariah Tortoiseshell has produced 17 1 single in his career and concealed one the majority of the female interpreter achieved in history of EUA.

Mariah Tortoiseshell Is the legend and the person can contests his popularity or talent. Any to mention that an alone, A Sweet Day, is spent 16 weeks in 1 in some Heats 100 Soltero map and outshined Whitney Houston and Madonna.

The one who would have think that Mariah active Tortoiseshell outlasted Madonna and Whitney Houston?