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Top Customer Reviews: AOMEI Partition ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Everything is perfect. Lucido The service is súper.
5 / 5
Easy to use-will not execute fulfilled until or authorise street one applies key-as it gives or the lock of first security to come from to execute some tasks or places
4 / 5
is true a súper good program ouf his principle his bug of Windows and much more in partition súper
5 / 5
another that that funds Unallocated the space will take the moment partorisca treat, although you are the person of reparation of computer of novice . It has taken roughly five times partorisca imagine was like the 'clone' the disk partorisca do he bootable.
5 / 5
A software was concerned more roughly when be registered like opposed partorisca determine yes could manage a work partorisca develop the partition of system has reserved, partorisca resupply enough space for an operating system upgrade. Backup and options of recovery, while mentioned to be 'released to somewhere in an Internet, has not been apparent in this product. If I have loved to continue experience with this product, a licence there is grazed probably lost after a 'Blue Screen of death' equally, indicating an operating system to exist no longer could be begun.
5 / 5
This an excellent product, if works with the calm hard walks then precise this program. A program of utility has better used, and has very used.

Top Customer Reviews: AOMEI Partition ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
It had cloned an operating system to the new SSD, and the windows would not allocate a unused space of a new walk that quotes, inexplicably, spatial considerations (with almost .9 Tb Free!). After trying 2 another vendor proggies has paste the AOMEI and, looked, an operation was achieved. Now I have the C: ossia 1 Tb in measure. Really it likes that of this program had sucedido where the windows and other programs have failed. Has a lot another characteristic that has not tried still, but have confidence in this program because, well, work.
4 / 5
Has had the disk with multiple partitions has required to delete. I have had an external hard disk that has required to change a measure of partition and type. This has done easily these tasks. Highly it recommends these precise products fix questions with partitions of disk, transmission a measure, or change a type.
4 / 5
AOMEI Assisting of partition Pro. Produced excellent. Used for years.

Top Customer Reviews: ACRONIS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this with Image Any 2013, a software is really well is doing the plot of work with partitioning walks and wants to something concealed sees the little besides free has bitten partitioning tools. Has the question with as economic some disks are that Acronics uses. One is like this thin and light 90 of a time will not turn of the legislations in a walk of DVD!
4 / 5
This product has good packaging and slick interface. Unfortunately, they are so only able state the getit to do properly in an of a lot of tentativas. Simple operations like resize or melt the partitions neither hang or toss me the my debugger of Visual Studio. This program has looked for to be the worthless vampire of time. I have had results looked with True Image.

Are almost displaced $ 100 combined for zero value. How it is this company still in business? (The Windy taste to of his supposition)
4 / 5
has used Acronis produced in a past, and considered him always the reputable undertaken.

My experience with Acronis Manager of Disk V11 disappointed. I have used he for the VAIO VGN-SZ440 portable with the 120GB SSD and the view Negotiates 32-has bitten. A program has changed a measure of partition likes request, but a transmission has not been recognised for View. I am spent of the countless hours with a Acronis support of technology without success. A SheckDisk has informed a system to file corrupted, and a SSD has failed in the little reparation of hours further. That was one the majority of disappointing, was a Acronis civilises, that does not guarantee any hardware or security of data.
5 / 5
Has bought this software for the very concrete purpose -- to recover die of an external hard walk (Maxtor A Touch II) this was no longer recognised for an operating system. After the test that walks a version to try downloaded, has think that this software would do a work, but was bad. A full version could not take a walk to initialise or recover a volume in an external walk with a data has saved. Although a software has the good AM YACIDO, at all that it can it he you any with software that is available for FREE of Seagate or Western Digital, or comprised in of the Windows 7. Finally, it has had to use this program the reinitialize and reformat a walk, that loses a data has looked for to save. For me, this software was the very enough, complete waste of money. Unfortunately, it does not think it it can be returned.
5 / 5
He the one who Windows 7 could the no. has had the dual boot hard walk with Windows XP and Windows 7. Windows XP has had the measure of the main partition that Windows 7. I have had to shrink Windows XP in the first place, and then augment a Windows 7 partition. It has done well. I recommend the backup all your files in the first place, and to do all the operations of inside the two half to kick of a disk.
5 / 5
Is the piece to crap! It can not kick of it likes him to him the promise and The Windows 7 does not recognise a damn what!!! Steer clesr
5 / 5
Very essential like a tool of entity. ' I add for working with walks. All the operating systems . Very powerful and attentive. Easy to use.
4 / 5
That is feigned. I have received the new ultra rids recently like partitioned a hard walk to the walks, which aim found to be an annoyance. It combined him easily behind to a main partition for me.
5 / 5
He all a required sizing and transferring partorisca you. I thought it that it would be it complicate, but a software has done almost all a work. His awesome.
5 / 5
He Love an easy way the partition your walk, controls for errors, then Acronis is a way to go. There are a lot of free programs there but there is remarked that the open source does really bad there is comfort it in any one that has to that it pay for software, this in spite of any one wins money was the, then long the open source is not a better solution unless simply it calms can not resupply a paid for software. This usually really so only spends with software of graphic drawing and in 50 bucks for Acronis, pay for him in place of gone free. Some the free programs are difficult to use and he the very easy fact for any to haze his walk.
4 / 5
The application to be able to. I have loved really this product. A must has for a wife pc.
5 / 5
Has done without loss of data. I have required the diverse raisins and one has forced reboot to complete, but am satisfied entirely with some results.
5 / 5
Has bought Manager of Disk because I have been using Acronis True Image for some last 4+years and found the partorisca be the upper product. The Disk has expected fully Manager V. 11 to direct my partitions of hard walk in View 64 Bits and Windows 7 64 has bitten as well as Magics of the partition has done in of the Windows XP. Well for the dipped bluntly this is not a chance. Directing of disk V. 11 it Is difficult to use and when I took it finally to king-has measured my C:\the partition has zones of hides of the place of unallocated spaces before and with which each one that like this of my partitions. When I have tried to do the backside on image of C:\ using Acronis House of Image Any one 2009 the no . Reinstalling Image to house fixed this. I have done a backside on Image but to try to start with my PC a next morning found it would not kick and was unable to use Acronis True Image to restore a Boot (C:\)Partition. Felizmente I reformatted my C:\ Partition and has used the laptop of Hard walk to restore a Partition of Boot. Acronis Directing of the disk does not mention this incompatibility in any of his documentation. I am returned that Directs of Disk the Amazon and thanks to his police of turn has taken my money behind. I will look elsewhere to direct my View and Windows 7 64 has bitten partitions.
5 / 5
This product has done like this advertized, would recommend to all interested in the modification of partitions of hard walk. Fast and easy to use.
4 / 5
Has collected the majority of some products of test of the system on some last fifteen years and ossia at present a better second of a band. This in spite of, some needs of system integrators and system of windows optimizers is very known and is not fulfilled properly for any product.

First of a integrator can install an operating system in the assembly of new computer, several requirements to try of a computer has to that be fulfilled. With which installation, a product would owe that give an user one intuitive view of an action of global system.
1. A installion dvd has to that be bootable and be able to treat memory and motherboard tests of system and partition and format hard walks.
This product can so only formed of partition and partitions of hard walks in time of boot.
The partitions of windows were formatted easily but the partitions of Linux have taken like this long to form( 30 minimum of small ) that has counted that characteristic like defective.
2. Any one tests by heart of the boot was available. I have had to download Memtest 86 in a iso forms of file and burn he to disk to try memory of a bios level. As they Think that that I can take the installed system with bad memory in place?
3. With which installation, a product would owe that be able to show defragmentation of a walk with which installation and leave defragmentation strategies.
4. Startup The optimisations clearly would owe that leave an user to decide that the products would owe that remain to kick and give side in time of boot.
5. Although this product has alleged that it could melt partitions, has had any way to select a specifice two partitions to melt.
6. I multiboot the majority of my systems and needs to have Linux and Windows that the together law. When I have tried to take this product to setup this type of fijamente has deleted my partition of Linux and has configured to to a space likes NTFS. Perhaps the period of real test could expose this capacity. A manual a lot included tries to describe this class of operation. NOTE, ext4 is a favourite form for Fedora 14 and SUSE 11.3. Clearly, any one Linux partitioning the capacities are severly neglected here.
7. Everything really can say in a manual is that it is fragmented and unclear in a together of characteristic. I think that that they would have to assume the technical writer to modify an emission and add the pertinent introduction to a product. Right now, have relegated a product to second place in my file of tools of the system. Avantquest Continuazione Of system 11 is in the first place, but also suffers the majority of some same questions. This in spite of, configures partitions of Linux and a test to surface in fact works, if a lot of dulcemente.
8. The interior a moment has any primere tool of system, although this type of utility improves with time( think glatial was ). If they would speak the real HE people and integrators could take to a together of characteristic end ten times more quickly.
Rodeo: Ossia the utility in progress, and he remain a lot of to be fact. This in spite of, is the value of the tool that has and am happy to have he in mine together of tool. If they will add configurable tests by heart and qualified of partition of current of Linux, then will give it five stars. Until then, Acronis is like Opinions, like this better.
4 / 5
At all do, could no any format a disk, could not leave a disk. It looked it it was partorisca do, then some the red opinions have dreaded splashed by means of a screen---I question there was like this with Manager of Disk 10.
5 / 5
Has not used all some characteristics but he fulfils expectations like this far. More familiarity and the use the far plus of a program would owe that elevate an indication.
5 / 5
Well, has not saved my life, but helped partorisca take pulling out of my hair!

Has added the new SSD to my computer and has wanted to move my C: walk to a SSD and boot of him. I have wanted also resize some partitions in mine original of hard walk. Acronis The manager of disk has simplified really a process of a forward and left esmedida to an accident' that Windows' built-in the utility of partition can any one .

A software is a lot intuitive and fact like the charm. I particularly like a characteristic that the leaves configure transmissions and see one has has expected first result to commit some transmissions.

And can not beat the prize of the amazon in this utility. Well value a cost is doing any interview/of partition of the walk besides a basics.

Has had some questions in a procedure to add my new SSD, and folks in a Acronis the forum was a lot of useful.
5 / 5
The expectations lose main has bought them a product with an intention of format usb stroll has them two directory on 3t the walk has required the mbr redoes failed to examine and results of product
4 / 5
One 'licence' was useless and has finalised that it has to that purchase the copy downloaded of a Acronis put. This has looked to be the element 'used', the chance has broken obviously and like it has said, could not use a tone of licence. Alive and learn of 20 error.
5 / 5
A Acronis the manager of Disk programs it to us useful for formatting, copying, or modifying the hard disk.
Was familiarised with Commander of Partition to the equal that finds this the bit clunky but takes a work done.
4 / 5
Uses this for the application of dual boot and he a work a lot a lot
want to will buy it again
5 / 5
has purchased a product to recover the files have deleted in partitions. The never found programs him. I have had to that purchase another product, icare Recovery of Data, concealed found a file immediately and has completed a recovery.
4 / 5
Does not know any one a lot in Acronis another that that is trying to fill the empty big in a subject of software this time, with support for the volumes the big plus that 2TB, which is resulting 'in vogue' with a marketing/of arrival of big HD is, a pleasure duquel has not seen a last of closing. Western Digital, Seagate, and now Hitachi is selling 3TB HD is these days: ossia correct in calm chance any one the the known but in December 2010 all 3 companies of entities in a subject of hard walk is selling 3TB HD is! Ossia Causes for the worry adds among a community of consumer, reason at present there there is really any way to use this monster HD is with 3TB of unformatted space, and am not kidding!

Unless it consider pure, plain, and to to simple storage likes him to him the purpose of having the 3TB volume in your system, ossia! Storage, can for one BEAR YOU be doing in 3TB GUID volume, or multiple partitions perhaps, nope, can not be done to arrive to this point AFAIK, perhaps punctual, but any cigarette still for some good people in Seagate, Hitachi GST, and Western Digital for things 3TB and main!!

Acronis Manager of disk 11 fails MISERABLY tries to sustain such HD is, and any volume any big plus that 2TB thus subject, like this the software fails a test of manager of RAID and systems of RAID in general, and does not give an user some necessary tools to use 3TB, 4TB, or the volumes the big plus has built of HD smaller that , for example the variety of RAID of 4 x 1TB HD is, especially variety of RAID that is administered for controllers of RAID of the hardware!

A Gosh Danged software any one same ee' volumes of RAID that is used for controllers like Areca frames, or Adaptec, any mark of controller of RAID of the hardware thus subject, like the software is totally useless for this class of application, and failure miserably in of the terms of Technical Support of Acronis still kick, and will say you everything in my experiences with Acronis '24/7 technology sustains' thus produced, which has failed like this miserably to the equal that produces has failed my needs.

In short, has squandered almost $ 50 in this stupid piece to crap software, and does not recommend that any here in the buy, for support of volumes, or HD is thus subject, of me more adds that it measures, reason will fail miserably, totally, entirely to assist an user in administering these big volumes, which Acronis said has been done to do! As it goes figure that was, good readers! He any LAW!!!...Upper dipped the frankly, a bit, and factually!

Repeats again, THIS SOFTWARE any LAW!!!

Has bought a software to sustain a Areca 1680IX-8 RAID of Controller of Hardware, and has a lot another there that RAID of hardware of the use to administer and agents of big volumes of 3TB, 4TB, 5TB, and big measure also, is not so only partorisca Areca controllers that this description is writing, is for ALL THE PERIOD of CONTROLLERS of the RAID! This software can not SEE or big GUID the volumes have created for hardware, or RAID of software thus subject! So that it is value then to those of us those who use these big volumes: AT ALL it concealed it is which , well AT ALL At all!

Buyer Beware here, DOES not BUY THIS SOFTWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has tried to do with Acronis like this-the support of Technology has called, but is totally incompetent also! So only like a software is!!! I am gone through the sordid litany of any less than 11 separate Technology Agents of Support in Acronis Software, OUTSOURCED The INDIAN, PAKISTAN, Or SOME ANOTHER 3rd WORLD-WIDE COUNTRY COULD ADD, with small to any knowledge in a software, likes work, as it does not operate, or thus @subject how is supposition to do , and ossia of train of the place A bit! These people are quite stuuuupid, if questions Wavey Davey!!

Could no with just an agent, nope, concealed is not a chance with these people! You constantly toe-flop yours demand of support of the technology to agent with which agent with which agent until you are Blue in a FACE with agents that does not know the hard walk of a SSD hard walk, and then at all takes praise, at all at all spends, remains simply with the a lot, flavour very bad in your mouth for Acronis software of all the types in this phase, and has to that say some stupid people to TAKE that COMMUNICATES WITH YOU 100, the CHANCE has CLOSED, reason can not be solved, is so only that simple!



I mine squandered entirely $ $ $ in this software, reason has come from/come from to 3rd party, no , has come from/come from the reseller in a warehouse because it was out of stock at the same time, and NOT EVEN could RETURN a PSO POS the software yes there is wanted, of then was 'against some police of vendor to accept open software of any type', and have like this state stuck with him, could does not return, could does not use, does not operate, and he so that it is the total loss of my time, energy, and $ $ $ to kick, like this the software is the complete failure in every respect . I do not want to Any one OF you the one who anticipates support for or volumes more utmost to buy this software UNDER Any one CIRCUMSTANCES!


Are soooo disturbed in these people in Acronis that could spit blood out of my right eye, ossia the one who pisssssed was are in this waste of $ $ $ software, Acronis Manager of Disk 11, the one who the crock!! I never, usually appeal to prójimo-expletives when I am writing the description, but this simply has taken so only a cake of all the BAD EXPERIENCES have not had never with software and plant them to pasture, reasons this experience with Acronis the software was the nightmare on Street of Elm personified fences in any, was a worse time has not spent never try imagine was software that any that has announced, has failed miserably in everything alleges that he , and he so only the simple any LAW with volumes of RAID in some buses of controllers of RAID of the hardware, reason can not SEE some volumes!! That roughly concealed?

WELL, am done opinions all the world in of the this has called like this to bless disguised partorisca or the main volumes, any of RAID or HD period of measure, ie the 3TB HD, reason yes is in the bus of RAID of the hardware this software can does not see at all, @fare to recognise any HD or volume at all in the bus of any controller of RAID, and ossia an end of a history!

Could go in and on roughly that bad my experience with these people was, where one of some agents has wanted to take control of my computer remotely and 'fix things' when it could not be fact for God's sake He, and has had to that say to stuff it, can, starts of a house, knows concealed? I have had to that ask his Supervisor to take involved with a mix of things, and his Supervisor was worse that an agent was!! There is WANTED ALSO REMOTELY TAKES CONTROL OF MI COMPUTER!! Well, it suffices to say so only left him for fear of them wrecking my assemblies of RAID, two of them to be esatti administered by mine Areca 1680IX-8 RAID of Controller of hardware, a 3TB and a 4TB variety of the RAID DONE with Western Digital Black 1TB HD fyi, so only has not given some good people of Acronis a casualidades to wreck anything of said them enough to stick it where a sun does not shine and has left he in that! STUPID PEOPLE!

Can do it much clearer that this: STAY OUT OF ACRONIS MANAGER of DISK 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will squander it Your time, yours squander $ $ , and squander your brain to a maxxx, reason some people of the support of the technology is impossible to communicate with also!

I supposition so only /can any any one/will not think that Acronis is able to do something this bad, to the to something likes that, because of agent with which agent in Support of Technology, how was, failed to included read some notes of a leading agent before informant with me, has seen email or téléphonique! Yes, they have had my number téléphonique, ossia true, and has tried call when it was out of my office, thank heaven for that, reasons would have had probably the conniption ACCESS roughly included that tries to speak with these people, was like this far is gone in Sinister Field roughly Manager of Disk 11!

All righty then! This class of on on my general commentaries in this software! It could take cement throughout again, could recite all some the stupid emails have received of everything of some agents of support of incompetent technology that has law for them in Courses of External Mongolia, wherever resulted some people are in fact of, but that it is a point is this :



Ossia junk, pure, plain, simple junk, and any belonging in warehouse or store pertinent, is so only that bad! I do not have any idea because or so that it published them this material, but does not act; it does not operate ; any one anything promises to do and ossia for the wrap!

Wavey Davey - 12-10-2010
5 / 5
Kicked Some means comunicacionales and was immediately able to resize my C: the partition of mine Wins 7 x64 system. Easy to use. Fast. The fact adds.
4 / 5
A product is the add sterp on v10. Work perfectly with Windows 7. Prizes very well partorisca a capacity to change measures of partition and more.
5 / 5
Thank you
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Has done final of history
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Creates really Transmission 'RDI'

Top Customer Reviews: Flower Fantasy ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I bought it partorisca help with our landscaping paving. Has not to found it very useful.