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Top Customer Reviews: MR BAR B Q 05017X ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Although some chips are big, an aroma was excellent and the chips were dry and release of defect.

Top Customer Reviews: Outsunny ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
A boss in an element to heat has broken inner any 48 hours of use. Quite disappointed in a poor quality :(

Top Customer Reviews: Weber SmokeFire EX6 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. First of a grill has suffered the harm dented during shipping his almost 200lbs.

This grill has been he at all but questions of then assembly to use, elements not returning properly when when be together places, defects, control of poor quality.

First 40min the pause in a grill was well, first time that looks for to roast steaks a grill has taken like this hot the warped and a heat spreaders has fallen averts in an interior and has attacked a hot box out of place then an also taken grill on fire, one 30 small has closed down accuse where the burns have included hotter that rid he of excess pellet he worse....

A lot thats The things refinadas spend second session of grill uses it to to us likes him to him the smoker once was reassembled again, the smoke directed to the the excessive grill is resulted one of some coils had burned already was and a grill was smoldering, well any extracted big to the coil has substituted clean out of one shoots of the pellet has behind shot on, has smoked the brisket and several lunches for 15 hours a lot @@subject the UTMOST questions have solved bad....

Third grill of session of the fire to roast taken almost again to grease these times of one smoke session, will be aggressively cleaning this grill after each use to prevent the fire of fat.

Fourth use another session of smoke has on shot in a morning all was a lot 240f was cranking out of clean heat, has situated everything of my flesh in a smoker 45 min later take the temp look down, a grill has gone cold and has been that touches the pellets to one feed without fire for 30 min that fill an inferior half of a grill..... WELL after cleaning a fund of a grill out of fat and pellets ANOTHER COIL WAS BAD SUBSTITUTED, clean empty shoot I turn a grill on with the fresh coil 20 minutes later am smoking out of a blockade some pellets have not ignited fully of a new coil, comes from to close of a grill to inspect and erupts in of the llamas been due to a defender that has fallen on partorisca has closed down everything of my flesh to arrive to this point is drenched in smoke and now that burns been due to the llamas that kick up....

This grill has has not caused only tonnes of headaches and questions but now has has ruined hundreds in of the dollars in alimentary and the weekend.... weber Need to do in this grill A lot your clients owe does not produce testers for your unfinished products.
5 / 5
Previously to purchase a SmokeFire EX-6, would read everything of some histories of horror other buyers. I have taken the casualidad and has purchased he in all the chance, reason my Weber Génesis the gas grill has been quality like this big and treating in a past 5 years. It could not be pleased more with an Ex-6. Perhaps reason is a 2nd version of generation .
Has had roughly 10 cooks like this far, and have all excellent summer. A lunch has been delicious, and a temp probes and wi-fi the connections have been flawless. An only light @@subject that has found is that some pellets a lot all the slide down a hopper in a same tax of all the sides. So many during 1 cook, has had the Faldo alarms in low pellets, and has has had to that then open a lid and press some pellets for a part, to level a volume in a hopper.
Otherwise, The product adds and am very happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5
I fires of grill are real with this smoker. With which 4 hours to smoke the ribs are looked a heat to revoke sear some ribs. He all struggle taken in a subordinated and has begun to burn a flesh. The fires of grill are real with this model.

Has has had of then some successful smokings, although maintenances a temp down 375F
4 / 5
Unfortunately, these are not on the dot for consumers still. A temperature so only will fall was and die without warning and will go back the arrival or bad flesh that loses hours or flavour. Weber Was well to substitute a controller and try all could, but ossia the defect to draw of some class and has been finally is returned.
4 / 5
This Weber SmokeFire EX6 (2nd Gene) the grill of pellet is fantastic! A grill is order looking and built of prize-material of quality. A lot especially, he a awesome operates it that it smoke and roasting. While they are not the Master of Grill for any piece, am impressed incredibly with this beast of the grill!

there is enough the bit of the assembly required with a grill, but Weber does an easy process. Some instructions of assembly have comprised is a lot of-writing and easy to follow. If you prefer, Weber offered some instructions of assembly in a Bilt application, which is release it 3D no-for-audio of any/application of visual assembly. I have used a manual form, but has looked in a Bilt application, and certainly would be useful during a process of assembly. So only doing, and in the slow step, has had a grill gathered in roughly two hours, comprising cleanup afterwards. Weber Has Drawn a process of assembly to be like this easy like possible to comprise has identified clearly boxes with each of an interior of components has packed in an order that is used in an assembly.

Appreciates that Weber comprises two transmission ignitors. I do not know any one a lot roughly grills of pellet, but assumes that a ignitors the wear was like this quickly to the equal that do in propane grills.

A grill operates to upload pellets to a hopper that has the motorised auger concealed releases him like this required to a chamber of combustion, where is ignited. There is the partidário that help a process of combustion and helps with a circulation of heat and smoke.

Has the poster to control quell'use to dip some varied parameters of your cookery. Here, you can regulate the temperature of a grill, time of cook, alimentary temperature, or select the preprogrammed way of cook.

Has a capacity to use four alimentary temperature probes (two is comprised with a grill) and frame each one that like this of these probes for his alert of own temperature. Ossia Of particular use is cooking measures or of the different types of flesh and wants to control each one that like this for separate.

One of some characteristic so only of this grill is a SmokeBoost setting, which operates a grill in the low temperature (among 165-200 terracings) to in brief smoke a flesh, before you have shouted a temperature to sear and complete a process of cookery. In a low temperature, some pellets damage maximum to smoke like a lunch absorbs. When you Change to a main temperature, some pellets burn that before, generating less smoked and quickly completing a process of cookery.

A Weber Connect the application connects to a grill has seen Bluetooth or WiFi. A calm application leave control and control a grill almost one same like calm by means of a poster of control, but without requiring to be in a grill. A Bluetooth the connection has limited row, but using a WiFi the control of leaves of the connection of a grill of anywhere. When in the first place accessed, an application walked by means of a Bluetooth accuse of pairing, and then by means of an optional WiFi connection. After being connected, an application has initiated immediately an update of the software of a grill. This has taken roughly 20 minutes. Probably for purposes of security, a grill can not be begun of an application; it has to that be begun of the poster of control of a grill.

The connectivity with an application was the question for me. I can connect to an application with any Bluetooth or WiFi, but yes so only connects with WiFi, am unable to see any temperatures or regulate any settings. Some shows of exposure “have connected,' and a WiFi show of bars, but am unable to in fact use an application. With WiFi on, grieves transfer in Bluetooth, all the work usually. More curiously, if then I disable Bluetooth, but leave WiFi running, all continuous do usually. It is as if Bluetooth creates the “bridge” for WiFi to connect properly, and once he , Bluetooth can be disabled.

With which assembly, has followed a process of recommended seasoning, which is to spend a grill until 450 terracings for 30-40 minutes and then has left the quota. During a process to season, has taken a grill roughly 3 minutes to begin to smoke, in that time a lid has been closed. It has taken then a grill roughly 15 minutes to take to 450 terracings.

With which roughly 20 minutes, a grill has begun firmly losing temperature. I have received the opinion of Drop of Temperature of Grill in an application, saying to close a lid and verify some pellets. A lid was already down, as I stirred some pellets manually. This looked to fix a question. In the minute later, could listen the pellets that has fallen in a chamber of combustion. A temperature has taken like this down like 225 terracings before it has begun to locate again. Later, it has had the opinion of Low Fuel. Of any I fully uploads a hopper, when some pellets have fallen under the sure level has caused the sensor, which turn caused an alert. I am thrilled with this characteristic to look far, of then is useful to avert subjects of cookery.

After a time to season required, has initiated the characteristic of closure of a grill of an application. The pressing and that resists a @@@knob of the poster of the control sends a grill his way of closure, where immediately to feed pellets, and comes from the cooldown. It has taken roughly 15 minutes to complete this process.

First USE:
For my first use of a grill, has smoked and grilled thin (1/2') steaks of pig. After seasoning some steaks with the dry rubs, situated him on a grill and has begun a SmokeBoost setting, which have been announces 1.5 hours. It Likes him the course of my process to try, two steaks have been situated in some upper rack and two was in a low plus racks. I have used both of some probes of temperature have comprised to measure the temperature of a flesh. It has had to that well sure the significant quantity to be of smoke has generated.

A complaint that has is that during a SmokeBoost process, neither an application neither a poster of exposure, inform the temperature of a grill. I have used my thermometer of own digital flesh to follow a temperature. During this process, a temperature has not surpassed never 138 terracings, any quite any 165-200 terracings that a manual has said that it would have to that achieve in this way. An external temperature was roughly 65 terracings. While this is not the question of rows that the hot smoke of 100-200 terracings, am curious to the equal that to reason has not achieved a temperature to aim specified in a manual. In an end of some 1.5 hours, the temperature of a flesh was 91 terracings in some upper rack and 93 terracings in a fund rack.

To arrive to this point, has regulated the temperature of a grill (that uses an application) to 425 terracings for final cookery. Some steaks of pig has been situated in some main roasting surface for the pocolos small, flipped, then take out of a grill.

Our steaks of pig were slightly overcooked. They would owe that it has been it it takes of a grill roughly 3-4 more collected minutes (to the equal that has declared sooner, are not the Master of Grill). This in spite of, were absolutely delicious. They have tried it likes him to him he was smoked-fully, included although they have spent so only 1.5 of hours in a smoker. During a whole lunch, has maintained to repeat to the each one which as another so only that estupefaciente a pig smoked has tried.
4 / 5
The one who the majority of people has has has had questions with resisting true. It is the unit adds , calm leave to do a bit awesome flat but a gene 2 still could be better. An up to date feeds the ramp still does not leave some pellets to flow properly, will require to stir from time to time or risk having the llama was. Also, my unit has has not achieved never a plenary 550 mark of terracing. Felizmente Any of some cooks has done required it still, but still is disheartening for which spend in this unit
5 / 5
has ordered in fact the month and used it the time of dozen. Literally it uploads in 6 I are with a big material and taken to do.
Marie goes in lunch and upload a material a small plus and the dinner is ready in 6. Stays 200 all day long.
The mine has not varied never up or down. Everything does of pellets while they are a same form . Has has has used pellets of all 3 frames of name.
There is so only does Easter with some parents and of the nephews and my people of edges and abundance have had to that to the left overs.
If your pondering a measure an elder..... So only he.
My dad was impressed like this has ordered them one for him and was in his house a day with which have behind travelled.
Called in of the tears on that. It is that awesome of the smoker.
Has had two weber propane roasted concealed added until 15yrs among both and does not know yes ailing uses him again.
Like this easy to cook. Clave of zero ups. Not verifying in your flesh. The excellent probes. And to see them on your telephone is priceless to the equal that have drunk in a hole to shoot all day and not having never has concerned.
4 / 5
With which looked to be the defective start has bought this with some trepidation.

Now can say that I have cooked all my preferred and some new things and this dang ossia pro quality. It feeds it is cooked perfectly, tries to surprise!

Upkeep Is minimum, rule cleaned up is simple and no the load.

So only wish this thing there has been the muffler, still too noisy for me, but then are to the expects silence - no really reasonable for the grill of pellet with the constantly blowing partidário.

Any recognition in to a place still likes him the grill (as ) this probably not being a subject for you.

A guidance of software is after the useless, but mostly do my own thing - especially after losing numerous cues of a nondescript the guidance dips has gone by an application.

Felizmente Can recommend this grill.
4 / 5
For my spectacular, want to me the flavour of the flesh !!!!
4 / 5
Weber 23510201 SmokeFire EX6 (2nd Gene) Grill of the forest of Pellet has shot, Black
Comprises two probes of temperature
Beast of the grill
sure has help partorisca move it
gather is the cochera has then moved he by means of a yard to a coverage
Some wheels add in of the surfaces like cements and has registered forests and herb a lot so much
the assembly was simple with just the few tools have required partorisca complete a work
Like this far has has done pizzas and of the ribs in a grill and both are exited perfectly
the Spatial interior is unmatched
could has done easily 8 racks the ribs in one time
was able to do two measure familiarised pizzas the time
the wise temperature can take it all a way to 600 terracings that want to adds partorisca searing steaks after down empty
My husband has been that uses the mark appointed of entity that begin with the T partorisca vary years now and this Weber has blown he out of an action of wise water
A Weber takes the temp quickly and stays in a temp without requiring to be constantly looked or fiddled with
having functions of timer, functions of the heat and the application ossia has taken seriously his pellet of forest that cooks to the enjoyable level now that I no longer need to babysit the constantly
Can not recommend this Weber Grill of the drink of Pellet has shot quite
4 / 5
admires Weber audacity here to create something new and different in a space of grill of the pellet.

First of all, is weighed really. I require two men to move to a backyard after receiving a container. An assembly is very simple, calm also needs to buy pellets before roasting,Because it uses the different carbon that the normal roasting!

Takes to the rasgando 600 terracings downwards 10 minutes, and has on shot and all said it to the every time like this far. All have done in the he so that far it has been it delicious, with a perfect quantity of the flavour of forest has given to a lunch. If it do not love grill, he excels down and slow smoking and BBQing. With a Smokefire, dipped that, estaciona anything yours cookery, besieges he in a Smokefire and close a lid. You can control temperatures of your telephone, of anywhere. Need to run some errands or arrival any cry while, no the question.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia The difficult description to write . I have had it roasts of pellet for some last 15+ years of another mark of entity and when I have seen a Weber SmokeFire, has been excited roughly taking the grill of next generation that included all this is to be learn other grills of pellet on some years. It had seen some commentaries in originals SmokeFire grills so many was that they animate that this 2nd Gene the grill would have all these kinks is exited. (Spoiler, Has any one excepts are alentador.)

Looking in some characteristic of a grill, was has impressed really. A wifi & Bluetooth controller with 4 built-in the spaces for thermometers looked of sound. A quality of the build of a grill looked really adds with fat metal. A zone of global cookery of a EX6 is welcome with being able to cook like this eaten to the equal that want to like this opposed to limit our recipes to roast spatial.

Had impressed also with some of the to some few ideas likes them to them one falls that a slide of pellets down in place of the street of horizontal pellet that can leave pellets to burn first of his time.

I also really like an integrated fat drip flat and collector of ash in a fund. Has thinks that that this would do an occasional cleaner of a grill the breeze. Something has done seldom with our leading grills.

Unfortunately, when a grill has arrived , has comprised question of day a. After a grill has been gathered, has turned on for now, a partidário is looked, and then has produced immediately the error of defender (E2). With which some time with Weber sustains, has decided that has required the defender of substitution. It has arrived the few days later and while it takes an old one has seen a question. A boss of partidário has been installed wrongly in a factory and he have caused the pair of some bosses to be cut how was screwed in. Sure enough, a defender of substitution has solved a question. It was the bummer while a bit those that days for him to come. Weber Offered the free stock exchange of pellets like an excuse for some questions but there is not coming never. I sent him an email and they have excusado again and is coming.

Chair to say, has not been still to soften cruising after a subject of defender. I will save you all some details but some prójimos 4 cooks were each delayed by subjects with a grill. A time a grill would not begin , with which some investigation, has found that has had the subject common with one covers of glow that loses contact and not doing . I have substituted of the discharges and has used the bit of baling boss to ensure it and concealed has not been a @@subject of then. Retarding ours dines of turkey of the Thanksgiving for an hour and the half has not been something was has appreciated stops.

Has had another subject with some pellets not feeding correctly and a fire that begin. More investigation has developed that takes a guard of toe that prevents calm to stick your toes to a auger can cause pellets to not feeding correctly. Lame and quell'concealed that has not been a @@subject of then.

Has had the pair of subjects that looks to be software/firmware subjects, has to have the few updates of software concealed looks to have has softened the things am gone in this front. FYI, Has the few things to update, an application of iPhone, a controller to roast firmware, and a software of controller of the grill all could require be update. You will want to verify all 3. I have run to a subject where a process to update a software has not done and has discovered finally that the version has not caused an alert of update but has left an open application while it has been street has connected Bluetooth to finally update in a fund in his own.

While it looks to be doing by means of some subjects, have still to have a lot of cooks go entirely seamless. Ours first rib later has done for the Christmas is exited to surprise but has been to visit my parents while it was in a grill and has verified a progress has seen an application and he have lost the connection and I has had to call house to have any one checks a temperature for me.

Weber HAS recommendations that is supposition to help minimise some subjects with his grills. Specifically, they recommend to clean a thick grill and so only using Weber pellets. While they are sure these will help, to the chair likes is not of a core of any subjects with a grill. As I have mentioned I have used it roasts of pellet for 15+ years of a mark of grill of original pellet and has cleaned so only a grill every year or so much and has used always any pellets have loved and has not had never any subjects. They are sure Weber draw his pellets to avert subjects with a grill and the cleaner will help but to the chair likes of those would not owe that be the necessity for a grill to do correctly.

Does not want to finalise a description without mentioning a positive. This grill eaten astounding fact. When All goes smoothly is fantastic. A level to smoke this comes from/comes from down and the slow cookery has done for any one adds brisket and the pig pulled. As you can see pictures, a brilliant of pink zone in an outside is a esmoke coverage' and fantastic regime.

A fact that a grill goes to the main temperatures is adds for searing steaks and cookery burgers. I have found that included in of the main temperatures a grill the work adds to give the flavour of solid smoke that has not seen other grills of pellet have possessed.

Are alentadora that a combination of me doing by means of some subjects and Weber doing progresses with his software in some signals this the grill adds can feel sure in still each cook. Now included I am hesitant every time uses it and feel like I need to be maintaining an eye in the more often that I have to that.

Are very sad to have that gives this raises such the low indication. In my investigation that read by means of subjects, has found some very useful groups of people those who have had the entirely different experience that mine and highly can recommend one raises him. I have seen included some studio of owners where each one the alone person thinks that that some grills are surprising he like this look, my subjects are so only in some way.

In general, am pleased still with a 'Weber 23510201 SmokeFire EX6 (2nd Gene) Grill of the forest of Pellet has shot, Black' and love a do one. My hope is that I will be able to update this description the future months that says that some subjects have had is everything in a past.
4 / 5
A grill was a lot of packaged and arrived in a topmast without the scratch. Mark sure to look in some papers several that fallen out of a packaging. Some of them give you some touches on like this to build and touch a thing without breaking anything or it having circle and fall in your foot. There are some signals in some instructions there is not remarked to this effect, which calm to ask you to dip the box to compose under the portion to project of grill.

The assembly has been well. Mark sure taken some legs and of the wheels in some right places. They look he likes is build to go so only in a something. But there is in fact two ways, one of his wrong (oops).

Setup And that spends for one downloads of the application and the registration was similarly a bit tedious, but has done also. A same grill cheerfully installed his own firmware update.

Likes that it comes with four thermometers to control cookery, but has had some subjects with taking disconnected a first time and not having @@give alert of mine was no longer dipped well. Some thermometers locate easily for storage.

The lunch has tried well, and cooked well. Waaaaay Better that an oven, with the level looked of consolation. It has not smoked too bad, and all has done.

Give high points for construction and characteristic and generally a lot screwing anything up. It would have liked him it has liked some section of unused the space there is poured in the storage of things likes a bit thermometers. An application could use some work, but felizmente, ossia something concealed so only could spend in all the chance.

In general ossia the really big quality , good-looking unit that feels to like easily could be be give like this of the present navideño the one of our family, reason is so only really competently, amiably built and a lot shiny and appeal..

Buy a coverage to roast to go with him, and returns perfectly in a grill and generally protects it really amiably. It is such the gorgeous unit that has arrived hardly, have @@give was little ready of the external place without having a coverage of grill arrives, and has been perfect in maintaining a rain was.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This in general some utmost steaks but has defects.
An application was easy to use and there is pre-types of the flesh dipped, thickness sized temperature for a type to cook the finishing loves. Always I will be the scarce steak meso eater like some probes that come with this grill is sum to maintain an eye for some flesh doneness.
Of the leaves of application is when to toe and take flesh.
With which have taken my flesh was and asparagus of still cooked mine, a temperature has maintained to locate so that worrisome that is not maintaining a temperature dipped and mine of smoke jerky so much will be able to try that out of next weekend.
Mainly has taken this for this reason that is supposition to control a temperature and are not that it has to that chair was messing with a temperature for the control to 200-225 to smoke mine jerky.
Weaves to have of parts that is to come fraction, as in, has bent pieces. Everything of some still have done functions this in spite of.
When I Am done smoking mine jerky, will update this description to see like this has controlled it a temperature to smoke.
5 / 5
This description is for Weber 23510201 SmokeFire EX6 (2nd Gene) Grill of the forest of Pellet has shot, Black

the Better grill there is never has possessed. A process of installation is really easy. Ossia The smoker of solid/grill a lot cheaply does at all, is black shiny with tasteful adicións/the additions of stainless steel polished.

Can cook down and slow all day long or sear steaks in 600 terracings. An Application is slick, comprising an intuitive Weber spends-for-drive of any to cook. A grill has to that it weaves of flexibility, to smoke to roast. It distributes a heat equally that the perfect fact has has smoked ribs.

Top Customer Reviews: Weber 22510201 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5
In spite of all some negative critiques by means of an internet in this product, has bought one. I have not had any subject like this far and used it multiple time and partorisca 12+ now long cooks. It maintains it clean, does not store pellets in a hopper, and maintain a software has update. The product adds and know that Weber will be for behind his product if any one subjects finally arise.
5 / 5
He Love the smoker, compraventa is one! I see some complaints of a feeder that estacas or subjects with a unit but any complaint here. Ossia An amazing smoker with characteristic and exceptional quality.
4 / 5
Does like this announced, partorisca this new to smokers of pellet- as any cookery there is the curve partorisca learn. It is not the microwave to the equal that requires some entrances of an user partorisca be achieved. Has some quirks but in general a lot happy with him like this far.
4 / 5
Wants a bit characteristic programmable here. I choose a flesh and of the insiemi of car on a temp, toe, core temp. A heat of this thing wow. Solid build a door is to have that has weighed . And a flavour adds is like this value he. Now it calms you Can it does not begin far and no for the cube each one that 8 hrs of use. It has taken some time to gather but no hard. Once in way of the calm closure can not restart still 15mins. But it looks it is the product of prize in the prize of prize.
4 / 5
5 / 5
Has failed 4 times in two cooks to come until temp. It will not come until temp when beginning without adding pellets manually, included although a auger clearly is ridding pellets to a chamber. Randomly It Loses temperature in a half to cook also and has to that be restart. I actuate Still to have one the real cook goes well. Ossia On perhaps a process of worse drawn assembly in a known universe. Horrible product , horrible.
4 / 5
A igniter failed when has in the first place begun. A second igniter failed in a half of one smoking. A system no
4 / 5
is easy to use - Like capacity to see of interior of home
4 / 5
will try to maintain this short description and sweet!

Has not had any one questions with an application that other people are experiencing (using the iPhone new 12 Pro). Updating firmware DID taking 25 minutes. This was the ache .

Setup Takes roughly 1-2 hours according to the well is with instructions.

My product is has arrived chipped in 2 different places, and does not comprise any one touches-on produced partorisca east. While it does not rust.

The control of temperature is awesome, but perhaps bit it inaccurate. Steaks of mine have aimed likes 135 in a centre, but is exited súper raw, as have has had to that the dipped behind by other 5 minutes.

A pellet of forest 'hopper' is good and effective. It likes that of a calm application notify when it begins to go down in pellets.

Produced the end adds-has produced. I have used Traeger pellets of Costco ($ 20 for the 33lbs stock exchange) and was seriously one of some better steaks has has not done never. Fantastic sear in 500 terracings. It can not expect do the long smoke with him, but knows it will be the winner also.
4 / 5
I have had it roasts of pellet partorisca some last 15+ years of another mark of entity and when I have seen a Weber SmokeFire, has been excited roughly taking the grill of next generation that included all this is to be learn other grills of pellet on some years.

Looking in some characteristic of a grill, was has impressed really. A wifi & Bluetooth controller with 4 built-in the spaces partorisca thermometers looked of sound. A quality of the build of a grill looked really adds with fat metal.

Had impressed also with some of the to some few ideas likes them to them one falls that a slide of pellets down in place of the street of horizontal pellet that can leave pellets partorisca burn first of his time. A defender of variable speed is the good addition . I also really like an integrated fat drip flat and collector of ash in a fund. Has thinks that that this would do an occasional cleaner of a grill the breeze. Something has done seldom with our leading grills.

Has the few nuances of a grill that is annoying. I find a location of hopper of the pellet in a backside of a difficult grill partorisca take to in time and a fact that does not resist the stock exchange discovers of pellets unfortunate.

Have the big plus 2nd generation Ex6 that looked partorisca be swimming but question, of a start, think that it has learnt (likes to take a guard where some pellets go to a auger) and some of some updates of software have paid was partorisca do east a plus of confidence partorisca we. We order it to us mainly partorisca burgers and is not doing a lot of long cooks so that it can be the factor also.

HAS Have the little software/firmware the updates concealed looks partorisca have has softened the things was. FYI, Has the few things partorisca update, an application of iPhone, a controller partorisca roast firmware, and a software of controller of the grill all could require be update. You will want to verify all 3. I have run to a subject where a process partorisca update a software has not done and finally found leave an open application while it is connected street Bluetooth to finally update in a fund in his own.

Weber HAS recommendations that is supposition partorisca help minimise some subjects with his grills. Specifically, they recommend to clean a thick grill and so only using Weber pellets. I have used it roasts of pellet partorisca 15+ years of a mark of grill of original pellet and has cleaned so only a grill every year or so much and has used always any one the pellets am wanted and has not had never any one subjects. They are sure Weber draw his pellets to avert subjects with a grill and the cleaner will help but to the chair likes of those would not owe that be the necessity for a grill to do correctly but are by train to use them and looks to maintain the things that reads more consistently.

This raises the amazing lunch done. When All goes smoothly is fantastic. A level to smoke this comes from/comes from a SmokeBoost the characteristic is sum . It is good to be able to begin was some cooks with the little smoke extra. Apresamiento And Bake to the pizza is one of ours favourite.

A fact that a grill goes to the main temperatures is adds for searing steaks and cookery burgers. I have found that included in of the main temperatures a grill the work adds to give the flavour of solid smoke that has not seen other grills of pellet have possessed.

There is still some nuances with a grill that finds the little funky and am expecting will be solved in time. An annoyance is that it calms can not look to take all an information of a place. When you are using roughly of a built-in of the programs of cook, will be able to see a time but no a temperature. A fact that a grill has 4 probe of the locations of temperature has found in fact that I can use multiple a same time. Generally I will use one with a programed cook which will aim time and the second in a same piece of flesh that shows a temperature. Also it uses one 4th space like an environmental temperature to give me the double control in a temperature inside a grill. Which can give me look for advanced if something is by train of gone bad.

In general, am pleased with a 'Weber 22510201 SmokeFire EX4 (2nd Gene) Grill of the forest of Pellet has shot, Black (SmokeFire EX4 (2nd Gene) Grill of Forest of the pellet Shot)' and love a do one.
4 / 5
With being the grill and the smoker, some possibilities are without finals. We have already diverse fact different things with already this winter/of fall, but really can not expect until time of state. Has-liked me the use an application to take it dipped on better that some instructions that has been comprised. I think that that I have taken roughly 1.5 hours among my husband and I to take it near. Cookery equally, there is remarked this in spite of that a reading of temperature is the little was (which have been able to Guage of then). Mark takes your software is always current first to use.
4 / 5
Massive and well has done. It has taken roughly 3 hours to dip up. Everything among the enormous box. But my box was harm creates thru a delivery accuses like this the instructions have not been inner neither external. This in spite of, have gone to his web of place and was able to download the manual. So only a piece has been bent and scratch. I try to fix it but it is a lot of noticeable. In general all some works to do like this considering is quell'has bitten pricey the desire would resupply the coverage to protect.

Top Customer Reviews: Pit Boss 71700FB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
5 / 5
The cost checked has had this grill partorisca the month now and want it to us. The utmost alimentary flavours and always looks to remain moister then the propane BBQ.
5 / 5
The cost has checked smoked adds. Time On 500. Everything is exited excellent.
4 / 5
After listening all my friends that own the grill of pellet that requires partorisca take one. I can it does not believe it taken this long partorisca buy one. I have bought this of Amazon reason could not find a anywhere more. A unit was easy to gather and a lot of solidly has built. I have used he partorisca the majority of a typical BBQ elements and has done 2 Turkeys now and never he another way. I a lot seldom use my gas grill now.

Any one there is rid this in behalf of the amazon has left this in mine front doorstep without any home. I give a delivery 2 stars.
5 / 5
Are really enjoying this grill. There is the bit of the curve partorisca learn with some settings, especially in timing colder. A lot easy to use and good quality. Controls a good temperature. Hopefully Will last.

Likes another has done, has modified a slide that exposes a hole of fire with the cane and boss partorisca do the better functionality.
5 / 5
Has Had this grill partorisca to the long of the month now and want it to us. The utmost alimentary flavours and always looks to remain moister then the propane BBQ.
4 / 5
The smoke adds. Time On 500. Everything is exited excellent.
5 / 5
This spends afterwards according to the use and the guarantee does not cover anything.
5 / 5
Continuing update this description...

For any this has followed my description of this hole will know that it has loved that. This will be my final update like mine 700FB is fully state amortised, and while it is still cranking with which almost 4 years, will be fully justifying upgrading to the pellet of Boss to Face the punctual grill newer. A 'open llama' grates has spent FINALLY by means of. Frankly, it had been moment to SOMETHING partorisca gone bad with this hole for a last year to the equal that could justify upgrading. A auger the burn of engine was? No. A firebox igniter regime? No. A box of the grill or mark it rust era? The no. has had to nitpick the burned was to roast thankful coverage to convince my woman is now of sees to a next level. It does not say it it could substitute that thankful partorisca in $ 50... And it does not say me neither, lol. I love the new plus, badderass boss of Hoyo dammit! The HUNDREDS of the lunches are cooked in this hole in a last almost 4 years. If you are thinking roughly verifying out of an experience of pellet, could not choose to better hole to start with IMO. Transmission of life. The tent has mentioned down, this hole is often available in Wal-Mart for low $ me, this was in $ 1 for use... 10 STARS!

Has paid $ 396 with first free delivery for this hole, and this description is based in this prize. Be sure the tent this faces yes see priced here main. Walmart Also offers this periodically thus prize.

Update 3... Well, we are a lot on 2 years to possess this hole. Honradamente Can say, that is to die tomorrow, would not concern me and would not change mine 5 description of star... Already the money is a lot displaced. I have done some poor investments (comprising mine $ 4000 Tread cooks of Calls of gas grill that has not used has bought of a Boss of Hoyo (read further down)...But proudly I can say that have nailed is one . Still we disappear it on AT LEAST twice the week. I can see at the same time of this writing is offered partorisca in $ NOT DOUBTING to buy this hole thus prize! I have paid $ 396, and THIS was the subject . (And NO, I have not been paid or compensated in any way thus right up. It TAKES ONE!

Update to the long of the year in. I have it quell'has shot easily this beauty on at least 150 , 2-3 times the week. With a coverage, a cure, and occasional, deep cleaned (just deep has cleaned he for one 4th the 1-2 now simple indictment) honradamente looks a day dipped it up and do like this well. Pizza of mine is a habladuría of the group of youth of my edges buddies ( does not love him say his Wal-Mart taking and bake) and can now grill/of smoke/of the cook literally anything in this hole. My question of mine big plus now, if you have read down roughly not using mine 4K Tread Calls gas grill anymore (STILL has a lot of then), is that my woman yes busting ribs of mine for rasgar out of my original 'external cookery' to release on more spatial in a yard! I will maintain to do excuses to avert that, but true be said, this hole rendered mine Tread the useless llama. No a 't doubt to buy this hole (agreeing a $ 400 prize of aim).

Are update of month.... AMUR This hole. It can not say that it has changed it a way I cook. I have bought initially he for an occasional time wants to smoke big flesh... brisket, butt Of pig, ribs, belly of pig, etc., And is AWESOME for that. Totally eset the and forget it.' But, there is has substituted entirely mine $ 4000 Tread gas of Llama 'external cookery' for EVERYTHING. Burgers, Wings of thighs/of hearts/of chicken/etc, ribs of pig, steaks, veggies, take a point . Literally I have not turned in mine Tread-the call purchased it of then. Our thing preferred informative is buying economic frozen pizzas and lasagna and doing them to to flavour likes has been shot in of the oven of brick- without heating on a cookery our months of state to Knit hot. Down it is my original description , modified in the pocolos something where has obtained some knowledge and added some notes.... And, yes, I have used this for a party of graduation has mentioned down, and yes... It was perfection . I have been asked to cater alike chances.

A pair of mine buddies had bought Traegers and has had a pleasure of sampling a smokey goodness these types of grills can resupply- without hassle and disorder of the smoker of forest. But, money any' grow in Traeger trees, and dipping out of $ 800 + partorisca to 2nd grill (I use the gas grill also), so only has not been in some papers. Sure I am happy has found this hole.

Is a PERFECT measure for knots. Quite big to cook for the party ( could take the plenary-measure brisket, it pork shoulder of meso and rack he of ribs or two in this grill a time although the uses so much racks), but does not take on upper of an integer backyard. Taking quite hot, so that you could roast some hearts of chicken or neighbourhoods of leg, and/or link of sausage while your briskets and the ribs are resting. I plan on using this to feed roughly 100 guests and the party of graduation of my edges, and no the think still will be the piece with some a lot timing and when finalising any brisket and pork shoulder in an oven.

A unit arrived in perfect condition and was extraordinarily simple and intuitive to dip joint. It is in fact harder that unpack that gathers! I took roughly two hours, so only taking my time without help. One of a loan, probably computer aided the elements to draw is that some legs are ambidextrous, and some legs and the inferior tray use a same hardware- so that it does not spend an hour that looks for to imagine out of leg of the right/leg left and dipping order 60 rays and washers. A boss and stop of the lid already has a hardware screwed in, as any brainer there neither. After dipping are near once, could unpack and gather another less than an hour. Some instructions are extremely a lot of writings- no the odd “Chinese the American” translation issues anything. One drives is poignant, and in fact humorous in time.

Be sure to read a first manual of operative. There is vital information there, especially for a first fire up. A remarks that a manual does not mention , is that when in the first place I fill a hopper, takes several minutes for some pellets to achieve a firebox. In yours first 'tentativa', are likely that a firebox will turn was before some pellets achieve it, and will think that your grill is defective. His no. Any 'prevailed a firebox with the small handful of pellets, or has left the cycle once, unplugs, and restart in moke' setting. Calm always would owe that begin a grill in moke' setting with a lid on until an initial smoke clears and listen the 'roared' well of the pellets that burn...

But, the one who concerns roughly all concealed!? It likes Cookery? Has the known grills of pellet could rid a flavour based in mine buddies' samples. And we said me to us the one who easy was, but really did not believe it until I have launched 4 hearts to break and rack he of ribs in my Boss of Hole for his travesía maiden. I LITERALLY at all, but my usual rubs and dipping them on. With which 2 hours in a chicken and 3 in a rib racks (Creature Behind) in around 300 (then that the foil has wrapped a rib for another half hour), has had PURE perfection. Each heart was cooked equally according to measure- and did not touch them never (in my gas grill has to that constantly shuffle everything around for even a sleep likewise cooks (and beg for any flare-up). The toe there is never neither and a temperature was 160 upper in depth in some hearts when I pulled them. I have been cooking hearts to break for 30 years…these was a more has not done never- and all have has had to that it was cervecero of drink. Some ribs were smokey and has had the coverage of REAL smoke. They have not fallen off “ a bone”, but so only pulled was perfectly. LIKE THIS very… honradamente, this feels likes to deceive!

My first career was the warm day with small wind and a temperature resisted +/- 15…in a same like an oven and much more in firm that claves, chips, or charcoal. It is extraordinarily effective. I have smoked two times and roasted once and has not used but perhaps 10lbs of pellets ( has been that uses a Competition Blend Pellets of Boss of the Hoyo ($ 20 in WalMart for 40 lbs) . WAY, the most economic WAY that charcoal to run (and almost any ash!). There is everything of this habladuría in PID controllers in holes, and has not been if this hole has one or no, but if no, this habladuría is overrated in my opinion, reason can not imagine requiring any tighter control. A hole also there is “P” the value that dips that it leave to trade to variance of the widest temperature for more than smoke and less use of pellet. I have not touched with it close it, but it touches intriguing ( comes the factory dipped in a half).

Update, this does not have the PID controller... You can buy a aftermarket that access partorisca in $ 150, but frankly, does not think calm the precise. I have touched with a P values- can not say to whole plot of difference, but am smoking , race a P value to 5 or 6, and yes am roasting, I use 2 or 3

My Boss of the hole and I are still in our honeymoon, as I will update this estaca periodically a flower exits one is trace . But like this of right now, it could be kick my Ex Gas Grill -Fellow to a curb (literally). If you are thinking grilled of pellet (and see this for one $ 396), attractive a trigger, Any TRAEGER!

The honeymoon is on, but still love a pair! Any one loves it buy Tread Gas Grill call???
5 / 5
Experience this raises the months of the pair done for my husband. All quell'roasts/the smoke results perfect (and is not bosses)! A lot happy with this compraventa and will not go back never the gas grills or other types of smokers. This grill is like this versatile and easy to clean. A flavour and texture of briskets, steaks, chicken, fish, burgers, etc result like this well, feels taste is deceiving. Some temperatures that dips is in the aim and he equally cooks a lunch. It is to have to that very heavy and look forward to to use this grill in fact a lot of years to come. If you buy this calm to roast you will not complain it . A sewing of plus, has been the worry that the would not be quite big. It is it adds for the family of 4 but also does well when having guests. It would say that ossia the a lot of mid-grill of measure. If you are looking for the big grill to entertain with you can wants to look for the main measure.
5 / 5
Has lost the enormous Traeger in a divorce, and looked to substitute it. A Traeger is now $ 1300!! It looks he likes there hase to be to less expensive way to take that it adds smoky flavour.
Well, Has! I have bought this grill for the third that a Traeger costs, and guess that? He the work adds!! There is the pair of immediate goodnesses this grill has in my old grill. One, can sear with him. It can any one in a Traeger. Two, can regulate a 'P' setting for enough has smoked. Has the mine dipped to the little elder that half. Any adjustment in a Traeger.
Leave the hours of pair for setup. It is quite easy, so only follow some directions. Be sure to leave time to 'the cook was' some first oils of calm in fact use it, this takes the hours of pair.
The only complaint is that it has suffered hurts in shipping. According to Boss of Hoyo, these looks to be a thing of Amazon, like this seldom spends elsewhere, and is doing with Amazon to correct it. Some ships of boxes is big and heavy. Service of client of Boss to face SURPRISED, took included to shelf that has been on duty ordered in just the few days.
I highly recommend this grille. Built, hell overbuilt, to last the lifetime and utmost lunch!!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Like this here it is a big thing in this smoker: it does not add the pellets have based in some interiors temp. It adds him it based it punctually. So you have dipped he for 300 terracings will do (for example) 1 pellet each minute. In 400 terracings will do 2 pellets by minute. He a lot in fact look and say 'oh, temp is falling, adds more fuel' or 'temp is taking big, any fuel of plus!'
This also the dangerous fact. Mine overfed pellets for some odd reason. I have opened a lid when I have seen the crazy quantity of smokes to exit. When I have opened a lid, has had the enormous backdraft that singed my facial hair and has begun the big fire so only could dip was to take the hose. Pictures of some consequences (was with which spraying the down, a fire has behind begun on)
Another that that, is the quite good grill . Good measure, good construction, big hopper.
5 / 5
The smoker of grill/adds, and this of the purist of smoker. We use partorisca all, smoking, roasting, searing, baking with the arrival of smoke, the appoint. I have been using boxes partorisca go in new month, by means of some dead persons of winter in some mountains of Colorado and a heat of state. We have had the few subjects with a auger in a start, which entirely solved when in taking them the pellets of mark of Boss of Hoyo. When we have tried some pellets for another costruttore has caused a auger partorisca tie up and has closed down a smoker repeatedly (the exposure has aimed a code of error), which was súper annoying. But it has stuck of then with pellets of Boss of the Hole exclusively, has has not had never another subject. We love it to the knots so much are buying a for my Dad partorisca his anniversary next month.
5 / 5
Has arrived very a lot of packaged. Lot is of this map of cockroach of thin Asia, and Styrofoam. Two products that so only the American company does not use . An external house is armour plate very thin , a product is perfect. A shield of heat is is armour plate very fat. ( It looks 301 stainless, but the time will say like this resists on) the assembly was quite easy for a person. Roughly 20 min. there is 20 Phillips rays that goes to built in the die is. 16 In a leg is and 4 for one the low plus racks. It is very easy to undress one of these was. Again, the very Chinese feels to them. I have purchased this product because of a fact in a logo of EUA. It thinks a fact in some the USA am gathered that while in some the EUA, any one some parts of grill.
5 / 5
Has had this model less than the year. It has done I add at the beginning but now it does not maintain temperature. On it cooks included in moke put'. His ruined diverse rid flesh. I have tried to contact his support/of technology of the client in of the this and has not received any response. I can it does not trust still the use again. I can it has to that buy the Traeger!
5 / 5
Purchases our Boss to Face last year after doing some investigation in smokers in our row of prize has wished. In hindsight, the desire would have opted for an expensive plus and far more reputable smoker of another company. If you have read other bad descriptions believe each one which of them. These produced is cheaply fact and always is breaking down. A first time has broken down call his services of client (which is equally like this terrible). It has given my instructions of husband, he that has said and cook again. It has broken then down again. It has called again and his response was that we have had to use his pellets. As we exit and it has bought his pellets and calm guessed it, has broken down again. A auger the jams and you have to that take a whole thing averts for the fix and the take that movements again. A product has spent after only the pair of month in spite of purchasing a coverage of Boss of the Hole for him. Tonight I have been to go to turn a piece to crap on and a lot he same turns on. Service of client any shoot of mine of helps inclusas of question of the husband anymore. It DOES not BUY THIS. You will feel it likes me so only it is to do .
4 / 5
Loving my first pellet has bitten grill of boss. But I have done the few modifications on that . I have added LOCK of LAVA GASKET the door as it would not lose the smoke and the heat and has added I also the cradle latch to help focus everything. And last what has added was the bottle opener lol.. I owe that say that ossia the good piece of crew.. It adds to do like the field. The ones of has given 5 stars but I have has had to that and the little mods.
5 / 5
Alas ossia the product has loved to like more. A product requires the period of discharges of the smoke as you would owe that expect see the main value initially. My smoker dipped in 200 or 225 unfortunately cycled to 300-400 terracings in his period of whole cookery in a lot of chance 8 more hours. This was to all the cost of p3-6 setting. The boss of hole has tried corrects the and his crew is well. Now I have 4 controllers that show some same results. Two temp probes that have tried has seen metre of ohm and was compatible. And finally the second hopper fill mechanism that takes a auger of a possibility of error. Has multiple independent WiFi probes and units of instant that alas also aim some drastic temperatures when trying and graph an error. Again sostenimiento of client of the boss of hole is surprising. Unfortunately probably they require to be. I know a lot in the first basic of name. Given all these some starts to eat “a lot” mainly fished of chicken and pig. The adventure could exit add w the different smoker. Morals takings which pays partorisca with this device. Has has wanted to really like this unit
4 / 5
the product is chipped out of a grates. Like the substitution for these peices and will change my description. The box has maintained in of the perfect conditions and there is no other harms, averts of some dings in a cube of fat but those were fixed easily.
4 / 5
Has Had east maintaining for roughly 3 month. The subject only is the ray in a hinged the lid snapped during traffic, but has has has not affected operations. In general the cost adds. It recommends to buy the number of a quell'has beaten foil that raises the casseroles like my grill is still spotless interior - reduces cleanup time to basically at all.
4 / 5
I on everything really enjoys this smoker/of grill, the law adds and each cooks of things of sound. It LEARNS to USE Yours ..P Settings , out of temp. And some uses of pellets will change some notes of cook ..In the 95 deg day my smoker has resisted 225 in P7 with a comp blend of forest ..In the 80 deg day one same dipping a fire is exited , in the P 6 has resisted well ...The hot days go down a auger speed ..So only the shoot on dipped your temp give it 20 mins to see yes require to regulate again then forget some big temp self time of clave that lines , used it on a lid and he have done the big wireless temp far and will be surprised in cooks the one who lazy in this grill is.. It would buy with temp cambios.yo often uses 200° and he P0 dipping to take the 225° ..Cold days this can run cold . I have added 1 or 2 magnets of round to close 2 of some 5 holes too much loss of heat of the stop. And it has had to go also 300° P2 in the 35° day to paste 230°
5 / 5
I really like this except a thing. It looks that a sensor of temperature is has ignored essentially. You can dial on 225 and in fact experience 250 instead. It appears that a solution to this the for aforar a grill that use a P settings. It would have preferred to have a grill controls a auger without manual calibration to a control of temperature of then according to a diverse manual according to fuel and of the environmental conditions.
4 / 5
There is has not finalised included unpack some parts. Both grates broken and all some rays have broken open and has touched everywhere inside a grill. All this has to to the his substandard the packaging in those looks would be the good smoker if it is not has arrived broken.

Update: after speaking to a boss of service of disguise of the hole, has said that would send new parts partorisca substitute one broken some. Complete cast of broken/has broken:
Grates, legs, band of ray, boss of grill, hinges of lid, and the pocolos fulminas real have taken has bent! I headed to mend the majority of him averts of a grates with the plot partorisca hammer and big temp produced, and was able of the use.

One one something brilliant is a big a this in spite of. Fantastic smoker! Easier for far to use vs my masterbuilt, and easier that clean.

I 5 Accident this produced if a costruttore comes by means of with a new grates( still any email of them like this fiancés), a rest of a harm is cosmetic so only.
5 / 5
Has has used so only this grill two times now and both times a lunch is resulted moist juicy and chock full of flavour. We have had previously the smoker of forest the propane grill and the charcoal the grill and this the crown everything!! Lunch of wonderful test. Phenomenal!
4 / 5
Ossia My first time not smoking never and sense like the pro. A reason because it has bought this smoker was reason the partner of the mine have the Traeger and taught like this partorisca do jerky. It has said the mine does not spend of the money and buy the Traeger can take you a flesh of smoke of same quality with the boss of hole. Of course I my own investigation, the boss of Hoyo was less expensive, was easy partorisca me partorisca dip near, and has done as it has expected. It was a lot of sturdy and solid. It would say this in spite of that there was the errors of pair in an instruction, in reference to a type of part in a step partorisca attach some legs. Some errors are a lot obvious. My ribs have taken and my brisket has taken 9 hrs. I have smoked my flesh in one racks without using foil. A colour was good-looking. It has been wrapped in foil after cooking.
5 / 5
Has 2 other smokers - an is forest/of coal, a second is electrical. This grill of pellet outperforms both, delivery down. It believes it or no, it is included easier that use that a tram! Take a coverage, discharges he in and the turn on. Once it is lit (so only the pair of small), dipped a temperature and the walk was until it is done! I used it at least 4 times the week took it of then, doing use of some different functions - smoke, grill, sear, roasts. Some two things do not have does still is partorisca bake ( will do the forest-to the pizza has shot early, and has not done any LONG smokes in him still, but this weekend will do the butt of pig - probably around 14 hours.
4 / 5
Begin like this left with packaging a box arrived in my door entirely wrecked each corner broken in of the pieces and gashes during a place has been disappointed immediately fearful would be necessary to send it behind

A lot of mine surprised has opened a box partorisca the find was packaged like this well although a box has been destroyed a grill was entirely unharmed a lot as much as the scratch or scuff

the assembly has taken less than 30min and all precise is to 1/2” wrench and the good Phillips tabs of screwdriver in some legs where bent the bit but this have looked partorisca be the defect of factory and has not had a lot @@subject the dipping near straightened was that presionado the down

was impressed extremely for a heavy gauge of a grill and legs this is the quality there is still partorisca find the party partorisca very done

Now the performce are to to the low and slow smoker likes 180 or 160 less is of optimum but to the left is to be sincere is quite hard for me to do this only accident to expect he of the grill

A grill has 0 subjects that maintains 180 for 16hrs has daily temp to the spikes likes them to them the fall of pellets but is more than manageable in 10-15

A capacity to seat with a door of llama is surprising used it to seat out of the roast have shoot like this finalised of flavour of the amazing forest added on a smoke

Clean up is a lot easy and well much less pieces to maintain clean that another mfg is And a fat in fact slides all a way to a cube down to a last drop can do not saying the one who awesome ossia!!!!

Vacuum Out of a box of the fire and you am done. The transmission of pellet is insanely easy! Attractive a crowbar and fall your pellets in the cube any pellets of plus of waste been due to humidity and leave you to change flavours without the vaccum cleansing lol

In general solid 10 out of 10 very done hole boss
4 / 5
after researching grills of pellet for the pair of month has decided to buy a Boss of Hoyo. A grill has not gone too difficult to gather. After an installation has been done has followed some instructions for some initials startup and a lot mine surprised a no light grill . Some pellets have fallen to a shoot but a mechanism that has been supposition to light some pellets no . I have called a line of support of Boss of Hoyo and there was transmission a wiring in a poster of control. This has not been an easy process and in my opinion would owe that it has taken a grill behind and has substituted he with the working unit. With which take it to us rewired a light grill and was able of the use, well classifies of. I have bought this grill to use mostly like the smoker and I am not never able state to regulate a heat to smoke in the low and dulcemente estimate which is the one who the majority of experts suggests to cook tender flesh like brisket and another flesh. I have had a tram of smoker before this and are not the novice to smoke flesh. A grill is way the heat and a smoke that the products is way to a lot. Yes, I have used all a 'P' the settings and no the difference and I have has used pellets of Boss of the Hoyo. A smokey the flavour done a flesh uneatable. I have found the work around to smoke a flesh partorisca in an hour and covering he with foil of aluminium. These cures of some excessive smokey the flavour but a hot smoker causes a flesh to dry was. An only positive in this grill is has loved so only roast and not smoking work quite well and a flavour of flesh is very reason is not in a grill like this long. My suggestion to any buyers would be to buy your grill of pellet locally so that it could return it or have it serviced has a subject. Calm inclusa then would owe that verify to do sure need the send behind that there has no the load to do like this reason my grill of pellet was weighed and would incur the substantial cost for the ship behind. After this experience I shy out of Boss of Hole like the mark.
4 / 5
Daría this the 5 stars except a temp the control is an approximate that that never temp has dipped a auger will run in the cycle timed so that it is feeding a quantity estimated of pellets to maintain the insurances a temp read out of his obvious that a cycle to time on and down to the plot with a pellet goes to take so only a half temp setting in several hours. Mina Masterbuilt the digital smoker maintains precise time but has to that maintain adding forest a does not require any diet but a cycle to time to plot. I have found that the smokes adds in some place plus a lot low, 200 or has included so only moke' and will maintain enough the time to the smoke likes me the smoke for 24 hrs like abundance to time to take an interior of a flesh until fully cooked is totally possible that one manufactures incumplimiento P the setting is the half setting , and that when being in a sud deep is too warm and precise less pellets to maintain time and reason am taking more time that loves for the setting given...
5 / 5
A flavour of the smoke is not to in powering. He sears adds in the hamburger. The grill adds.
5 / 5
Takes some taking used to. Read and follow some instructions attentively. The , this in spite of did not imagine it was. It would not dip a fat catcher on until you have done some burns was. Pellets of mine any right and overflowed a hopper that creates the battery in a fund of a grill a place he blaze that he a thing takes 500+ terracings , literally that burn some produced was, and closing down. I have been said that this was the place the and the forget bondadoso of grill. Like this far, quell'concealed that has not been a chance. At present some pellets do not feed without me poking the clave to a hopper down to a auger. It is so only be he has used 4 times and I have not contacted a costruttore still.
5 / 5
The partner of my husband there has been one and has loved that. As it has taken for Navidad last year. Has 'clogged' also time to count. It does not import quell'use of pellet or is covered or the no. can do not saying how much eaten of the times have been cooked for another half. It will begin, then clog and start. And then it needs to be taken averts to do again. Now an engine is shot less than the year. Worse $ 350 I has not spent never. A disappointment of entity!!!!! I will be to verify with a guarantee to Treat Square and will update you .
5 / 5
A grill has been packed well, and quite easy to gather. I plugged he in and has turned a dial the esmoke' for some instructions to verify that a auger has turned, which was. I have added some pellets in the preparation for an initial burn was, has turned then a dial behind the esmoke'. After being announces the pocolos second, has had the noise to grind. It looked in a grill and there is remarked that a auger was no longer visible of a pot of fire and no longer has turned . I have read the description of the google user that has had some same subjects esatti, which has helped to fix a question. I have had to empty a hopper of pellets, disconnect everything of some bosses for an inferior part and take averts an assembly of hopper. There it is supposition to be the ray that control a auger bushing to a house. A ray has not gone there, which has left an engine and augur to behind was and jam against a backside of a house. I have found a ray lying free in a house. I have been the reinstall the to find that a hole has been supposition to be has been undressed was. Ossia Neither the poor creation or was so only in torqued of a factory. I rotated a bushing 90° and dip a ray in the no undressed zone of a bushing and reassembled.
After these some looks of units to operate, although he the clunking noise that marvel me all is good or no... It was able to do an initial burn was, which has caused the plot of a product to turn white, like the grill looks quite bad now, another disappointment.
Another subject has is that it maintains to trip my GFCI. I dipped it/ I dipped It on the no GFCI outlet for my initial cook but ossia so only the workaround. I will look for to install the new GFCI and see if these works, but this character one there is so only 2 years, and has not been tripped but perhaps once in a past.
Was finally able to roast some thighs of chicken, is resulted well, so only the plot of hassle to take there. We will see it can remain near for quite long to do value while.
4 / 5
Has on begun for a first time and bursts my GFCI breaker. It will change my description yes pitboss helps with this subject.
1 description of year: I have been by means of 6 ignitors, a box of control, and an assembly of new whole hopper (all electronic new) down has guaranteeed. Pitboss HAS a lot of be useful to take my subjects have directed. It was said finally to use less than a recommended distance in a probe and I now can use a GFCI and like this far has not spent of another ignitor cane.
5 / 5
Would have been easy the repackage and send behind would have. A box is arrived near has resisted so only for some plastic straps and there was chunks of the map that loses of an external discharge of poster of boxes. With which assembly and beginning a hopper that prepares the procedure there was the strong grinding the noise and a hopper have prisoner. Coming to discover that a ray that resists a nylon bushing in an assembly of hopper has burst was. Support of Boss of the offers of hole of the generic solutions to fundamental issues. Careful with your wording to call them, his all have beaten to deny the claim of guarantee. Harm during transporting your residence is not covered by guarantee. It has been after all repaired although the law adds. Grilled and has smoked 3 different things in the and has surprised every time. Ossia The grill of pellet , he coming from/come from to use gas or charcoal and try use this grill like these other grills goes to have the hard time. Read some instructions. No, really, read an instruction.
4 / 5
Day an and the one who the doozy!! Giving a smoker the provisional 2 star like the recieved has bent, broken and incomplete. I took two extra hours to imagine out of a house of the augur slipped reason has been missing the ray. It would recess To far to a hopper and has closed down. If it listen the grind noise of the yours this could be yours question . The fixed mine was to take the ray to a white augur that marries to maintain he in place. A lot some pieces are bent, streaky, dented and no like this expected this in spite of.. hopefully I Taking discount it reason this thing is to good sure a lot like this announced. Going to do my first cook Wednesday, will update then!



Update 4/23/19

I couldnt box to expect friday to try a smoker... It has Smoked 3 eyes of rib and the giants albacore the steak and some results were impressive. This smoker was terrible form when it is looked in my house, he didnt work, has been missing pieces and was riddles with dents and curves but after cooking with him thinks that am enamoured. More updates to come.

4/24 update

has smoked salmon today and some results were incredible. I love my boss of Hoyo.
5 / 5
Is to come boxed well. You the good work of the box. It has taken roughly 1 and the half hrs the unbox the and the place that joint. Begun the on and turned it on for instructions for initial start-up. Burned of a residue of a shield of deflector. I marinated the 3 lb Londra broil at night. Taken a grill that goes heated that to 225. Place he temp probe in a flesh and reverse seared the until roughly 118 terracings. Then slided a sear flat on and has taken a grill until temp, 500 degreed. Seared Each side for roughly 3 or 4 minutes. As the one who complain in a temp when being inaccurate. It has varied roughly 50 terracings but, With which roughly 5 or 6 minutes after a grill have levelled was was so only roughly 10 terracings was. Real work well, the'n that looks forward to to smoke some brisket next week.
4 / 5
Has bought this unit when it has been on sale during July 4th and has a lot of be happy with him. I have not done the marathon that session of smokes still, but is managed well for 8hr sessions like this far.

A box is not gone in a better condition, but a reinforcement that has given to a packaging the good work to protect a unit, with only minor bending to a drip cube (easily fixable).

A worse thing in of the this is some instructions , does not have any one a lot there; this is remedied easily to do a bit fast on-line investigations. I think that some of a inconsistent subject of hot and that the burns on a unit has to that do with a lack of pertinent instructions in a cycle to prepare. I have found some useful information in a Traeger forums that looks for having helped with east. A basic gist is that I need to maintain both a lid and a shield of plough of deflector during a first initial cycle, while to a fire to die down before I have closed all arrive (roughly 5-10 min). While my time would be the little warmer that that has dipped he in in a dial, attributes some of that to a fact that has to that smoked in 105-115 times of terracing in Phoenix (still in a shadow, ossia HOT to smoke). To struggle this precise to do sure to regulate yours timing to take the pen or small screwdriver to press a key to adapt your climate.

I HIGHLY recommend this to any one looking to begin to smoke and can not pay extra to go further is one.
5 / 5
I really enjoyed a smoker, two years later still in strong current. I have not had any subjects out of him, there is roughly particulars in this unit but has too many descriptions and video roughly the one of way that will leave it your to discover. This has the five costruttrici of year have guaranteeed that it is better that some of some names to mark there. It was able to dip for 10 Boston of butts to reserve a same time. In the number of smoke, was able to dip two butts of Boston and 112 book brisket without subjects. This has the five costruttrici of year have guaranteeed that it is better that some of some names to mark there. It was able to dip 4 10 rids butts of Boston a same time. In another smoke, was able to dip two butts of Boston and one 12 book brisket without subjects. Has the familiar and the work and whenever it goes to do lateralmente like this typically I not having long to annoy with trying to take a smoker of offset has on lit and the heat up. Leaving stabilise and for some times are done , is six his hours. Or something concealed is compatible and economic to operate, is a lot of value of the money is spent is. According to a time, this smoker spends for roughly 1.5 pounds of pellets for now in 250°
5 / 5
has bought a smaller version of this barbecue done six month. I have wanted to it loved/ It To it so much. A flavour of a lunch is like this good.
To the equal that have bought this big plus for my edges and his family. It loves sound! I love mine! For a money can has not beaten the. Some alimentary flavours like this good. An only reason has not given 5 stars to control of the temperature is a temp can fall when open. I think that that it is probably reason open mine too often during a process of cookery. But I just amour for odorare a forest that burns and an alimentary cookery. I have had my sister orders an exact same one to be rid in his house of Arizona. It loves it also.
4 / 5
Ossia The product for real adds . Start with an assembly. Ossia engineered For ease of the better assembly that any product has purchased that has had to dip together calm. My woman and I , both in ours mid 70s, dipped this together smoker in roughly 45 minutes. A course a harder helped a UPS the engine takes out of a truck--his heavy, but value he. In all the chance, so only know that ossia very easy to gather. Now to a soycome' of a subject. OMG. It has done a pause-in and has smoked some better ribs have not done never. Ossia Mine 3rd smoker and is compraventa far a better and like a profit added priced well. I have studied some 3 players of the entity in a pellet feeds way of smoker and decided in this Boss of Hoyo. More quality that expected and reward it favorecedor while when being excellent quality. And a product of final --DELICIOUS!!! My edges wants to buy a now. You can feel well roughly buying this product. I am not receiving anything for this description.
4 / 5
Has had subjects of zeros with a grill. Already cooked on he 7 times and all (steaks, ribs, hamburgers, chicken and pizza) is resulted extremely well. A time is right where calm dipped the and very effective on use of pellet. They are very impressed with a workmanship, quality and functionality of this unit!!!!!
5 / 5
State having a subject with a auger/right of partidário out of a door. So only it has used two times like this far. Doing the sound partorisca grind when the pellets are uploading “”. I everything for a book. The look of pellets if “the jam” and am using some “Pellets of Boss” of the Hoyo. In fact fearful to try it the 3rd time because of noise. Looked for a subject on-line, almost looks like this will owe that the attractive averts a Box of Hopper to see yes can see a subject. It has not contacted Boss to Face CS still but ossia my next centre goes to use anytime punctual and have a subject same.
5 / 5
Possibly one of some compraventa worse has has not done never. To start with when I took it in the first place a consistently fluctuated temperature, no for the pocolas terracings but literally for hundreds of the absolutely scorching terracings all of mine BBQ. A cure of client rep that has done with him initially was really awesome. It is remained in a telephone with me for an hour and the half and has tried everything. Finally it is it looks to remain in compatible temperature that lasted for roughly 2 to 3 cooks. With which is been during a map. There is pulled today a smoker out of a cochera plugged he in and turned it on. It has been he announces roughly five minutes then the explosion of a poster of control… is fried. Called to priest of the client and they have said had purchased the to the earliest weeks there would have been five guarantee of year. Too bad for us sends 100 bucks and will send you the new control. I am going it surrounds this POS was on to a curb for some rubbishes chooses up. The desire has not sold never mine weber smoky mountain.
5 / 5
A smoker has built solid/barbeque hole. Amur A fact that the automatically feeds some pellets and control a temp. Of course hot of calm of precise control closing as it will go in that has dipped partorisca. That is very he is that it calms does not have to that fool with charcoal and can begin the fastest cook. A production of smoke
is well. All that cooked quell'has been excellent. Any fact of thin metal, as it would owe that last years to come. When it Has arrived it has to that dip the neighbour but is simple to do. I prefer to use the in my Komado grill!

4/5/20. Still that loves this hole but has wanted to add the precaution. Mark sure regularly cleaned was/vacuum a pot of fire and be careful with constantly changing a temp of the big to the low. Too much build On the pellets in a pot of fire can cause the small sudden explosion. Ossia With all the frames of smokers of pellet. It is spent mine after smoking the pig raises for 6 hrs. Mina temp has begun to fall and smoked likes hell. The on a temp @@@knob and a temp has maintained to fall. Suddenly I have listened the boom and has seen the flash. Opened a grill and could see the fire under a stuffs. Plied Was and a fire has been concentrated in a pot of fire. Turned all was and has extinguished a fire (finalised my roast in an oven). The next morning has cleaned a grill totally and still works properly (lucky). Now I know for the clean more often and that to look stops. Google And calm will see info of these hips that spends with traeger grills also. Something any of them mentions!
4 / 5
Has had this grill for the year and 4 month. My favourite characteristic is a sliding to baffle under some thankful. It leaves one to expose a llama directly to a lunch. You can sear and then cover a llama for hot indirect. Also, after opening a lid to toe, stirs it of rests of heat was. So that it has opened a baffles to direct llama to spend a heat has retreated on quickly!
Has seen the modification on Youtube where the something to write welded the 1/4' the die to one baffles, there is drilled the small hole in a side of a grill and has inserted the threaded cane to a die to operate a baffles without inaugural a lid! The thought 'Well, the one who the idea adds!' I have been the enjoy a test of beast griiling has has not had never. Any one imports that it has dipped it in him, the start adds! Thank you Boss of hole!
5 / 5
Has done well for the few months. Now he no . Auger Does not feed pellets and cane of the heat does not heat up. A lot disapointed
4 / 5
Some work to roast well any one some better for a prize and that proclaims that it can cook like the pro of the competition is the causes of far piece some works of partidário too this launches of time in a smoker drastically is meant to smoke the small elements at all big like the brisket tried and left it he for 3 hours and he have taken to start with Temp in 225 ( with p6) and directed achieves to 400 in a main chamber in 30 same minutes although a auger the box has said that it was so only 275. For a prize are past has to that of has bought a smoker of the offset of then am ailing looking to to time likes of a the only plus are does not have to that feed a material in
4 / 5
is honradamente so only like rtic is to yeti. Work so only like the Traeger. Unfortunately, so only it is giving 3 stars because I am spent for 3 of them in the 2 period of week. One paints (or spent of powder) in an inferior side burned on like this looked terrible. I have contacted boss of Hoyo and has been said so only would send me was can the to touch on products. Apparently it has to that have something wrong with him to do that. So that kinda said where boss to face state for behind his product. Some other grills have suffered harm strongly during shipping. Felizmente To the amazon has finalised to do the legislation and has cured of me on this. I finally finalised with a concealed is in good condition and the law adds. A packaging could be the little better. It results some of some better flesh has not eaten never.
4 / 5
This thing is sum . Better that has included a better BBQ restaurants. I have smoked brisket and ribs for my sweet daughter 16 party of anniversary. It was like this easy and incredibly well. Just salt, pepper, and garlic. So only now, I the reverse sear in of the steaks. It was one of some better steaks never. A lot of juicy and flavorful. Again, súper easy. The only thing has added was the Bluetooth thermometer. A probe in a flesh and one to verify a grill temp. It is gone in handy reason was the chilly, wet, day of Noreste.
5 / 5
Ossia One of three smokers of pellet I own. It is also for far a worse a. It is done to the most economic plot that mine another two (Traeger and Louisiana) and also is not even close to maintain the good temperature. My two main subjects are that quickly it rusts and the one who bad is to maintain the very temp. After possessing the few grills of pellet can say them spend your money to somewhere more and does not take the boss of hole.
5 / 5
Has not taken included he casualidad to use! Sent the to father-in-law of mine for the day of the father and some fuses have blown when it has looked for to begin the on and a joint of circuit is fellow . The boss of hole has said would be 6-8 weeks for substitution separates how is entirely unacceptable. It has tried contacting a vendor roughly returning a grill and I have not taken the response.

Top Customer Reviews: Konesky Pellet ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
I have not used it likes the less is of good quality .
4 / 5
So only rid with 1 S hook any 2 as in a description!

Top Customer Reviews: Smoke Infuser ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Pros: Lunch of smokes well, easy to use, construction of quality, easy to disable and clean value , well in general.
Gilipollas: It has to it cleaned after each use, the smells when stored (bought the cube sealed likes storage) , the stock exchange that focuses them imagine no the usable characteristic too feeble.
4 / 5
Easy to use, gives the flavour adds partorisca eat in of the just minutes. I recommend a plastic dome like an accessory partorisca maintain a smoke in and around a lunch.
5 / 5
Has wanted to use vaccum Games to close joins boats of the wine and this no
4 / 5
This has been I adds to smoke my own flesh, cheese, and fish. It likes-me a flavour of the ham has smoked, chicken, and heart of turkey for the sandwiches but I displease to buy expensive deli to flesh the taste so only ask my own courses and freezing still sandwiches in a future. This smoking the gun can be used with the variety of flavours of chips of different “forests” to achieve a flavour has smoked to enjoy. You can control the one who smoky loves a flesh to try.

You Also can use this for vacuum sealing feeds to suck an air was but my consecrated feed sealer done the better work. It is mainly well it has a type of vacuum sealing ziploc stock exchanges with an air outlet hole in a side and I so only have the little of those.

I amour that ossia wireless and upload via microUSB to the equal that can use he without wrangling the cord to be able to or that it has to recharge EA or AAA first battery of the each use.

A main disappointment with this gun the smoke is that it is an incomplete box to the equal that will owe that buy some chips of forests and coverage of bell of dome for separate. It was able to take creative and has used the dome of coverage of the cake with the hole drilled in a side to create my own bell for now.
4 / 5
Very happy Of cost of mine
To the equal that describes
truth of Responses the needs of month.
Thank you
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A esmoke Infuser AFTER-SHINE Portable smoking Gun with Vacuum the Cold system Smoky Flavours partorisca Feed and Drunk Rechargeable and the creation Rid has resisted Black' works very good to add the smoky flavour partorisca eat. There is the plot of things partorisca like, but the pocolos aim negative also.
In the first place a good material.
- Upload quickly (has taken on an hour to fully touch a gun)
- relatively calm, although any silent.
- Quite small to store easily
- comes with extra screens (3 in of the totals)
- comes partially averts to clean
- very effective same in a speed of slow smoke.
A negatives.
- Likely no really an inner smoker. There is the plot to the smoke has produced concealed does not spend for a tube of start, or stay in a bell, and fill a house with smoking quickly. I guess it concealed it is very you loves your house for odorare like the campfire.
- Any sample woodchips is resupplied.
- Smoking the bell and other containers are not distributed with a box - purchase for separate.
- The instructions are scarce
- a lot the tools of cleaners are resupplied, but there are nooks that is difficult to clean without special paintbrushes.
- No the bad thing, but certainly to be remarked - a process to smoke stain your dish/of tray under the bell with a smoke. Utilisation something disposable or something does not concern you roughly.

In general, this gun to smoke works more as an external activity. Some works of gun in the alone load to smoke your lunch quite effectively. A gun is not very easy to clean this in spite of, and elements of compraventa precise of support, like some chips of forests and containers for a chamber of smoke.
4 / 5
- Sincere and easy to use. One has resupplied the instructions are clear and concise
- Works as well as he 2 in 1, for both smoking as well as vacuum sealing.
- Master that ossia rechargeable more than using EA is like alot of some options to compete.
- Big burner spout, as I can return the big quantity of chip
- Powerful suction for vacuum sealing containers or stock exchanges

- A lot of pricier compared to another smoke infuser options
- While a vacuum the suction is sum , he so only works for containers and ziplock stock exchanges that has a pertinent hole. Much less versatile when compared to some systems of flat stock exchange of saver feed.

In general:
has mixed feelings in this smoke infuser. In one a hand, has the plot of the characteristic is that they comprise the big spout for a lot of chips of forests, a capacity to touch with micro USB, and a functionality added of vacuum sealing. In another hand, ossia the most expensive plot that another smoke infusers, and a vacuum sealing is the little limited in of the terms that in fact can use stops. It would say if ossia the particular characteristic of then is looking for, this will be worth it for you. Otherwise, If mainly I want to so only the good smoker, that would save of the money and look elsewhere.
5 / 5
- Rechargeable
- Noise under
- Tents easily
- Spare smoke
- fourth Big
- Adds thin smoke or intense flavour
- More smoked that has thought
- Any chip has comprised
- Any unit of coverage, like the clouche (can be purchased for separate)
- Hard to clean and any tool like the thin paintbrush

When I have received this, there is no @to @give that there was vacuum function. Also I owe that no @to @give the one who fast and which smoke there would be. I tried it in the first place it is gone in the glass for the smoky Manhattan. A glass there is retained the good smoky flavour, but also could have been a quantity of smoke around a room. I have used less chip a second averts, but there was still the fair has bitten of smoke. A bell or some class of coverage or stock exchange can have helped contain a smoke. A second element has tried to the smoke was the wedge of cheese. I used it @saláis big plastic bowl that I flipped on and has stuck a nozzle down. Still the fair has bitten of the smoke has escaped. I will owe that purchase the pertinent bell to improve results and the less smoky room. It has given a room the smell of good bonfire this in spite of.
After using a gun to smoke, disassembled it to clean. Had the little crevices that knows has not cleaned reason was too hard to achieve. I have used the paintbrush of more cleaned of the straw, and was some that effective. I have not taken it casualidad to use a vacuum sealer function because has the lunch sealer.

In general, I like an idea of this unit. It is something so only has known has required or has loved. It would recommend to try this prime minister of external unit to take the boss in some laws of way. Ossia The unit adds to have like try new artilugios and like an idea to be able to smoke your lunch, drunk and dessert.
4 / 5
This does a lot similarly my mark to appoint that Gun of Smokes but in fact directs to add a capacity the vacuum focus also which is the orderly trick but truthfully, would imagine more people those who buy the gun the smoke is also probably to also already possess the foodsaver.

Has found that this smoking the gun has not looked to do the work adds in emotional a smoke in my dish has covered. Compared to an original, expósito that this has had question with escaping that quickly it can fill a roam with smoke and place of an alarm .

Top Customer Reviews: CAMP CHEF PPG20 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
Already have the CC Woodwind (1st gene. With sear box). We camp enough the bit and was chomping in a bit to take it camping but a thing is so only too big. It was in processing to look in of the grills of portable pellet other companies and when it has been for pulled a trigger, CC is exited with an Investigation. It is like having the little brother for my Woodwind. Any need to learn another system. Works so only like a Woodwind (same controller, the engine and the ash clean was). The prize for me is that has Slide to Roast imagines like my Woodwind does not have . First lunch (chicken of bacon cordon blue) is exited excellent. I love this thing!
5 / 5
My husband and I am full time RVers and has lost really having the way to smoke flesh of then all have had was our very small Volcano grill. The law adds to roast, but any way to smoke and a lot he quite soiled to cook for the crowd. I have begun to look for options of portable smoker and found grills of portable pellet. It looked in Traegar and Green of highland grills and was almost ready to pull a trigger in an of these when I have found an Investigation of Boss of the Camp. Already we possess the Boss of Camp two camp of stove of burner and has used he for years, as it has known that the boss of Camp has done the good product. It liked Really of a fact that an Investigation has two racks and a Slide and characteristic of Grill, which has meant could both smoke and grill in this a unit and was able to cook more elements the time. A weight was the little weighed for the laptop, but has found that is exited well. We have cooked several batches of wings of chicken, the pair of the storm of the creature has retreated ribs, boneless thighs of chicken, fish, steaks, pizzas and the butt of Boston like this far. We are still tweaking time of cook, but everything is is exited tasty like this far. We are looking for to imagine out of it temp to cook some pizzas on to the equal that have burned some funds the time of pair. We have done I deceive it and the foil used in a tray of fat to try and he easier that clean, but for some reason it really maintained a heat a lower that has loved, likes foil of use with precaution! We buy some mats of grill for any one-of clave and use them on a short to rack so that it is not of the suppositions to be exposed to direct llama. Like this far, has has used so only our Investigation while connected to 110 power, but has the small inverter, could use the automobile or battery of truck like the source to be able to take tailgating or was-camping of grille. Ossia The really versatile smoker and grill!

When in the first place we receive a grill, has had the question with a igniter. It has on begun, but after the pair of small would trip one the fault of earth in a unit. We contact Boss of Camp and his overnighted we the substitution igniter to the equal that go to be so only in this campground for the pair more days. Had also to break in a plastic boss in some legs that discovers later and his promptly sent we a substitution for him also. The boss of camp HAS a lot of state responsive to our needs and feel a lot sure that will use and enjoy this grill/of smoker for years to come.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have read a a, two and three subjects of stars are. The majority of them do not read some instructions.
When I @@@1000s of something, is joined to have the few lemons.
In an on chance, politely contact a company, describes some subjects and asks advisement.
Thanks a company, 'Thank you for advanced for your service of client a lot' calm Now take the one who precise.
Has the procedure to start with a Smoker with which has been transported and the procedure for the neighbour down.
The cleaner is easy, taken out of a two storm and a drip casserole, spray with more cleaned of oven, wait, the thicket and the hose was.
I spray PAM in an on first of reinstalling, frames for easy cleaned up.
While an on is was, take a paintbrush of old product, sweep some ashes for a part and vacuume some ashes up.
A box of pellet and lock of lid on, dipped a Smoker in the foreigner, towel or piece of carpet to bend some legs in.
Now goes like the short dolly.
Likes to go a smoker to trailer of mine of travesía, everything to a camp likes to see that it is cooking.
Has cooked four Tri-tips, four storm of ribs, two stock exchanges of wigs of chicken, like this yeah resists to plot to feed.
Uses the Bradely racks to cook the majority of material and casseroles of use of Half deep steam of Costco for another lunch.
A big favourite is has smoked the potatoes there is rubbed in oil of olive, with Kosher rooms and Italian seasoning.
To to The People like to complain instead material and give elements the poor indication and or does not resupply an alternative.
Any complained on a bit cube that hangs for a part of this smoker, he clanged agains a smoker when a wind has blown and for has estimated so much a smoker a low plus, is kidding me?
Ossia The compact smoker adds .
4 / 5
Has received a grill in the timely way. It was a lot of packaged and undamaged. The assembly was súper simple. A grill is the tad has bitten weighed to be portable. Using a grill mainly with our RV although have houses like this used also. I used it four times and has treated perfectly. I have purchased a stock exchange of the travesía and the yard spent for him directly of CampChef. As another has mentioned, an only defect is that it calms can not take some pellets of a hopper like another CampChef models.
4 / 5
An amazing work that flesh of smokes, very heavy, his on 100lbs and seats quite big once closed up. No a way more orders to bend some legs when travelling. In general the good product, a treager tailgater is lighter and has weapon that folds it the easy plus, but calm is not able to do 4 storm of ribs. It would buy again, so only main and more weighed that expected it to be.
5 / 5
Has chosen on this grill to dip in mine RV to use on camping the travesías used it two times now and the cook adds
has done tri tip and ribbs desires a leg turned in the little easier but is the a lot of hight to cook and drops down and the accesses in mine bumper rack
5 / 5
did not use it a lot still, but has found the few unexpected subjects. In a positive, does not have any a lot of pellet of travesía roasts available of costruttrici. I do not feign to travel with him, but taste that that can be he of possible. I have loved mainly the grill of smoker/of the pellet that easily could move indoors, of then maintain the base of a cost and a salty air and chemicals reek havoc in external crew.

Pros: Light weight and less bulky like other smokers/of pellet. Dump of easy and flat ash sliding to roast. Has 2 extra probes to cook based in temperatures of inner flesh. External bottle opener.

Gilipollas: It does not have a Camp of dump of Boss of the mark of hopper, or glass of view in a side for easy inspection of level of hopper without inaugural. Neither it has a lot of a lot of funneling of some pellets of hopper to a auger and has to verify it frequently or a regime of fire ( can do better when entirely again, does not have a dump of easy hopper). Has instructions of bad writing and there is not coming with any guidance for elections of forests, likes a bit manufacturers (likes Boss of Hoyo). It was also extremely difficult to take some legs have fallen to plant (but felizmente for us are not probably to travel with him and is by train to leave them has closed down permanently).
4 / 5
Has opened so only a box (cut the on) unfolded some legs and tried for the go the few feet.
VERY Like this now one first question.
Some wheels will not turn . They use the thin wall that tubes that is like this feeble that when they have installed a wheel in a factory has blocked a tubing like this now some wheels rub against a tubing and an iron is to court to dip the spacer in.
Which to do.
Sends behind or build the new pair of legs? That to do. I have bought this to use in mine motorhome.
This was one first question and expect no more questions. Or A second question are has found one same BBQ for $ less....
Will write more
Left in the enclosed door out of a property in a street. They have said that that has been mine dates, call BS.
Goes to fix now some wheels.
Are a lot disappointed with this company. They are now in mine no spent of cast.
Emailed A company.... ANY HELP!
Will not buy of this company again. They were any help in taking it fixed.
5 / 5
A buddy presented in a world of the pellet that smoke in his Investigation of Boss of the Camp. It was impressed like this with a construction and operation of his smoker that has jumped in and has ordered one. A detail of construction like latches in a door of grill and hopper, built in bottle opener, to the innovative engineering likes a bit legs that of fold and closing for easy transport and a construction of heavy metal, together with a new 2 guarantee of year has done the believer out of me. Some results of cookery have a lot of be satisfactory and am looking forward to a lot of days to smoke bliss!
4 / 5
So only has taken in last night and ordered it to Saturday like him 2 days to ship. Extremely fast nave, an initial burn on last night will be to cook on he tonight.

When being portable was the one who does to choose me this model. It is portable but to good sure pressing a type that the fact mostly causes of a measure.

Would say his to good sure able to cook the a lot of some of the flesh for me would say easily the group of 10 doing burgers or ribs. To good sure can resist to butt of pig of good measure also. It will inform on like cookery after a weekend.

The chicken has the result adds tonight.
5 / 5
As I have had an Investigation 20 partorisca the week now, after doing the plot of investigation. Has has has smoked sausages, reverse-seared steaks (using a eslide & grill), has smoked the batch of jerk wings, and more has smoked recently he 4-pound meatloaf. Terrific smoky is resulted in the each chance.
Unpacking / The assembly was easy, as it has uploaded a hopper / auger (LumberJack 100 Hickory).
He Ossia heavy / uncomfortable to bend / unfold some legs and impulse in / out truck. To all the cost, is a smoker 'portable' so only there with characteristic of full measure etc. Like this like this expected / am satisfied.
Has has confirmed settings of temperature with the row and the thermal gun is +/- 10 terracings. Well.
A grates is good quality, there is lined a cube of tray & of the fat with foil and clean up after a past few days of cooks was easy.
Has purchased some gasket material partorisca improve a focuses in a door. It will be partorisca look to buy a coverage that isolates partorisca time fresher.
4 / 5
Has had this smoker the while now. It is portable and does the good work when you can maintain a together of temperature. See a subject has is that a auger has the hard time that maintains some pellets that movement by means of a unit. Any @@subject that use of pellets. As you take bogged down and some pellets can block one feeds of a auger. These results in the constants that look partorisca do sure work. Or paths was and gone back partorisca find any pellet is moving by means of some units so many drops of temperature or partorisca all hover and your flesh is not cooked. This is more be of the ache partorisca use that they had expected . No an economic smoker neither has expected like this better action.
5 / 5
Buys the Boss of Camp 24' smoker of pellet partorisca ours house of winter and has loved that. 2500 miles was thinks that would like another but opted partorisca the small plus, smoker more portable that take when we visit familiar and friends. To Work so only likes one 24', the smallest hopper this in spite of but abundance partorisca cook spatial with a 2 full storm. Still although it is portable is still quite heavy but with 2 people is not too bad to dip in a backside of a truck. It has smoked to rack he of ribs. The result adds. Afterwards it is smoking half of chicken with our preferred marinade. It can not expect.
4 / 5
That can say, looks well,and is the Boss of Camp. I have been the believer in bylines in your products for some last 15 years,as I have purchased a Smoker of Investigation. I marinated the a lot of tri-touch at night,shot on a smoker,then 8 minutes later an opinion of sensor has come on. So that now it has to that attended for the thermometer of substitution before I can use it.
Will follow up with my description with which transmission out of a thermometer. Until then, it is travesía of cooked oven-tip.
4 / 5
I really really really love this grill of pellet! They are always be the steak adds to toast, but of then using this, has done some better steaks have not eaten never. I am smoking the turkey tonight for thanksgiving. It likes him another has said, maintain a square piece of styrofoam for use with folding some legs. It is quite difficult, but can not think of the better creation, how is that it is. Hanged roughly 100 pounds, as it marks sure calm can manage it first to order. A lot well it built it. We spend this with our RV, together with the Campchef stove of browser and slowly upper griddle accessory, and our external cookery is the sleep . If prpers have been considering other frames, no! When being able to move a dish of deflector while a grill is going, is that it marks some steaks to roasts to do like this well. Also a system of the scrolling of frames of ash patented Campchef like easy likes to take to clean up. Do your investigation, ossia a grill of better portable pellet in a phase. ( You can it stimulates.)
4 / 5
Usually does not have the question with Camping Boss the grills but I have bought so only this and in March and I used it 10 times and a auger is exited of him undressed out of a gearbox has taken to send me the new one but is the operation of entity to take an old one was and dip another in the just saying sometimes takes bad some I supposition I still loves the when he
4 / 5
My husband loves this like this the interest appointed it! It has taken the dry heat to take a hangs of him but maintaining use he all a time!
5 / 5
A smoker is to come fraction. It was shorting out of my electrical house, and an inner thermometer was severely has bent. Service of the client in the boss of Camp was fantastic. Spoken me by means of the process of diagnostic. Envoys of instructions and new parts to install. It installs it was the little hard for a thermometer (the whole was exactly a same measure likes connector, but has taken in. The works perfect now. Easy to use. Smoked adds. My subject only is that still by means of some fold of legs and has the boss and of the wheels, this beast is not really that portable. I took it to a cabin for Xmas, but has taken basically two people to take he in and out of a truck, and until a cabin. Calm also precise material something to a main compartment like all some parts do not bounce around and break a smoker.
4 / 5
Has the Boss of Camp SmokePro ZG that use at length in home, and has has wanted to something to use when we were is gone in our RV. An Investigation returns a bill amiably. Has some same controls that am used already to in a SmokePro ZG, and there is almost all some same characteristics. Fold On amiably and accesses in a compartment of storage of a RV. Setup Takes so only the few moments, and is going smoke. Highly recommended.

Pros: Boss to camp The quality and the characteristic is the portable container . Tents amiably in a RV
Gilipollas: it is weighed - around 80 lbs - like this helps to have any to assist when it is now of dipped went it.
5 / 5
Has touched with them all and this one is exited up in just in the each category that @@subject. SO ONLY The BUY YOU WONT The REMORSE.
5 / 5
Our propane the grill rusted was. I have it quell'has had always the gas grill and the gas or electrical smoker in a past. It has wanted to combine to a unit. Wow These returns a bill. It can dip sear frames in the steak and has smoked down and slow for 10 hours. The flavour adds and easy to use. It does not think that it is to say the smoker of small/grill . Laptop but can return the plot to feed on that. A lot of video in youtube on regarding the use also.
4 / 5
Has tried the burn in. The grill is trace 600+ terracings. With which was able of the prójimo down a never done grill again. I have called a company and they have had to that take the things averts that I have had any business touching. It could it does not take for behind near how it is returned.
4 / 5
Ossia The add pocola cookery but no sure in a portable part. Very weighed to move around and dip near every time calm uses it. We use in our living neighbourhood tailer. It remains in there. You can cook anything in the and begin him adds. So only really question a Portable part. I gave it 5 stars because the work adds.
5 / 5
Has had this for the few months now and can say that the wouls buys it again. Easy to begin, cook on, and cleaned. Pellets of uses very small.
5 / 5
Absolute rubbishes, auger will not feed with which 250 terracings. Ruined the travesía to camp...
5 / 5
Easy spouse up... Fun and easy to take creative with lunch. Volume or fish of spear and this does and amazing work. I have used one 3-2-1 recipe of Rib and has had more ribs never... It has done 3 hugh storm... The chickens are fantastic... Rigging for the brisket. Also use this to camp... It bit it weighed (but strong) I so only dipped he in mine choose on truck.
4 / 5
Has arrived defective, the boss of Camp is dicking me around on sending was parts of substitution reason has been bought on Amazon. Main temp the bosses of sensor has been cut, the unit will not operate has taken.
5 / 5
Ossia My first grill of Pellet . I produce it adds. Excellent personnel in Boss of Camp.
4 / 5
Take everywhere and use he home. Iv Has used this smoker the plot and is lasted. A drop latch still emptying has burned the pellets is the saver of time . My only complaint is having subject when those ran in of the big temperatures. Twice now a fire has tried behind-feed behind to a box of pellet. It likes I the maintenances down 400 and everything is well.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my husband for the day of the father! It uses it a lot it times the week. A flesh results perfect! A lot of moist and offered. It was the little less expensive of a Traeger but my husband has said that it is sturdier and has done better. There is roasted also veggies on that. They result utmost also!
4 / 5
Partorisca The small portable smoker ossia the unit adds , a heat is compatible, a cube of pellet is quite big that calms does not have to that constantly fill, some lids latch for both grill and of the cubes of pellet. Amur This
5 / 5
has used my smoker the little time and absolutely loves that. Had another mark previously, but has required the small plus a to take on a street. One Researches produced the product adds, a temperature is better controlled and is easier that clean, especially some ashes. To the Two things would like... Way easier to change out of pellets and a surface of attachable work.
5 / 5
Buyer beware this grill is not instrumented with wifi in a controller. Some instructions have the data downloads an Application for Boss of Camp. Reason?. His no dipped that in his drive to buy the email has owed to bear an information . There are grills of pellet in a phase that has a WiFi controller for less than money...
4 / 5
Ossia The grill adds for a RV. Has 4 boys, total of six of us and this grill has abundance of room to feed everything. It covers he in, dipped a temp, dipped a flesh in, all thats has left to do is game.
4 / 5
Easy to transport and can manage the big quantity to feed for such the small grill. I have added this my current Woodwind SG and is perfect to take on a street. They are able to smoke down and slow and then use a slide and characteristic to roast to sear or fast cooks for hamburgers and hotdogs. Extremely versatile and has built extremely well.
5 / 5
An excellent grill, but a retainers for some folding legs have has broken as well as a boss for a control of llama. This all is inner spent 30 days.

This thing has not weighed so much, would return it.
5 / 5
Has to that of beef of the unit grown jerky is not that well to do is one. To camp it will be good. A slab of the ribs add. Like a grill of pellet likes work. Winding And the rainy days are pocolos questionable.
4 / 5
Utilisation an Investigation 20 in my house of engine. Fact very well. It is the little heavy but has directed partorisca take it loaded and downloaded by me. Operated well and has done the work adds that it smokes and the direct llama that raises.
4 / 5
Has bought these six weeks does and now a auger does not operate. It does not know it partorisca do????
4 / 5
Ossia As well as our Boss of main Camp but like this portable to be able to take with camping and does not have to that lose our big more a house.
5 / 5
The grill adds like this easy to use and the results are fantastic
4 / 5
has been looking for the grill of smoker and portable pellet partorisca quite some time. HAS almost has bought a Green Mountain but then this is coming to the long of. Read all rave descriptions--hard to find one in decent prize. A secret was was. A folding characteristic was probably a number a reason to buy east. It is 38' L x 18.5' W x 21' H has bent. A height was key to return under my dish of barrel of diamond in a F250. Unfolding And bending some legs is the bit wonky. Outside of that, roasts and the smokes add like this has to that. Hopper, auger, hot Section, drip casserole, unit of control, stainless lid, and latches is excellent creation. I have bought the wireless dual temp monitor. The desire there has been the folding or removable chimney but I can add that later. To the left say me that has loved really give these 5 stars but a lot in good conscience. These are mostly creation and quality fails, like this usual. My flus is some following:

1. Some wheels rub in a frame. The majority of a time some wheels a lot included rotate when moving. Included worse when bent as it rubs in a box of hopper. I have presionado some axes of wheel but any data. I will require to install spacers. This probably caused for 2.
2. Some legs and the supports of leg are craps steel as with more than grills. They are unstable when it unfolded. And there is way also give in some supports of leg. Again, probably I will modify. Fatter gauge the steel is not too much to ask in $ 400-500 bone!
3. An attaches of cube of the fat and the location is the trainwreck. A cube is unstable when it has attached. If there is any class of wind, a fat usually finalises slime down a leg, to a wheel, and then in an earth. Unacceptable. And a cube rubs in a leg. I will require to think in a modification is.
4. A record on ash cleanout casserole and an upper thankful is again crap. If you do not have the coverage, a casserole of ash clang around like bell of church in of the windy days. I take A cube and casserole of the ash when it has put takes to bed. Highly it recommends the coverage. Calm so only is launching your money otherwise. An upper thankful has fallen has been little time, usually take this. It can add some fireproof gasket material the casserole of ash and substitute some thankful. Simple material, Boss of Camp.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Looks and good access well. Well fact and really help preheat time and controls temp really well in alone figure out of time.
4 / 5
Was súper easy to in my pro seriáis 1100. It reduces transmissions of temperature in a wind and cold. But a better part is that he yours roast work more effective, reducing pallet consumption. It looks very too much.
4 / 5
Has used a coverage in my grill all the winter. Access perfectly and looks very too much.
5 / 5
The laws of the frames add the enormous difference maintains the compatible more temp same when his cold out of
4 / 5
the perfect accesses and has done the enormous difference in stabilising a temp!!! Very simple install and scrolling.
4 / 5
Has wanted insulate mine traeger pending grill of the cold months. It returns. The work and my experience to roast is well.
4 / 5
Returns 1100 pro perfectly and saves on use of pellet and taking to temp the fastest way now in winter
4 / 5
Amur A coverage of the boss of the hole wraps resists in a heat.
4 / 5
An element does not return amiably in mine PB850PS2 as you detail of literature.