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Top Customer Reviews: Abi and the Boy ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Elida
Abi And Chico Spends Next - Skye Fond is my preferred , but Abi is the second prójimo . Another net, heartwarming history in the daughter of institute with the turbulent fund. Has his fond grandmother partorisca aim the different life. Some neighbours and some classmates open his his hearts and aim more than the fond, accepting world. Of course, there is his fellow better new, the edges of a neighbour. A storylines is interesting, some charming characters and a growth some experiences of the young woman in his life is intriguing. Skye Looks long of then Abi goes the school with Andrew, as it was amused partorisca see Skye Fond of the different corner.

Tops Stelting done the wonderful work with his young characters that gives him the level of maturity and dignity that often is that it loses in today is repeatedly of the plots of stupid formula have used. With each book, an author aims his growth with his work and each new book is the joy partorisca read. No longer it is my typical gender , too much stupidity and work, but will read each book Tops Stelting writing. Well writing and modified, ossia the good bed partorisca all the ages, especially ALREADY. I have contacted an author partorisca revise his books. 5

Lonesome Skye 1 - I usually no law any one a lot in this group of age, but ossia an excellent history in the youngster of institute and his tests. Ossia The a lot of the history written , intriguing filled with the gamut of emotions that maintains a roots of reader partorisca a main character. All some characters are developing by means of out a history and I find his realistic dialogue and mature in place of moronic. Any have to Him legustado a way a book has finalised, but assume there there is more to a history that comes. It is not the cliffhanger, but has wanted to maintain that it follows his history. I am interested to read more thus writer; more comprise and pertinent practice modifying. The desire had read this book before All Some Things He Left behind, of then one is spent and another future in some of these characters' bolt. 5

Skye Resultant 2 - good Starts with which Skye is exited of a hospital and is his year of youngster of institute. Again, no respecto too much thus group of age, but master that Lady Stelting can do with a word written. His vivid descriptions, his characters and his works, and like the things are boss with the bit of maturity, in place of an usual stupidity like this common today for characters of a lot of ages. This history is cleaned and without sexual misbehavior, so only punctual youngster-to-be the adult that tries some better of his situations and bolt. Skye Is determined to have sucedidos and was when some papers are stacked against his, no fold and give in. It suffers a swipe but turn more determinate and with new plans that dips the action. Crown Stelting also directs to modify his books with only the few errors, in this chance, three words that would have to been egregious. 5

Skye Fond 3 - Ossia mine preferred of Skye serious. Well writing and cleaned, full of fun and work but still heartwarming for the person this youngster to continue on when the things are bad. Skye Is an interesting character and manages the better things that his group to age usually fact. It does deceptions and sometimes that does of the slaps of what right upside a boss. Has the partner of good support, in fact more than one, and a rest of characters is human, also. Crown Stelting done the good work with all his books. 5

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Nguyet
Amado a book for bedtime. A fun read for all the ages and in first reading for girls. Olivia loves the

Top Customer Reviews: Boy-Crazy Stacey ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5 Clay
Formed: Kindle the edition Rid Well
is the little has bitten partorisca bore but in general is the good book
would recommend this reserves the daughter the one who likes them romance and work but at all Formed
4 / 5 Rhea
extreme: Paperback One of the favourite books of my daughter and writter! The histories add partorisca notes 4-5 and perhaps more :)
5 / 5 Sachiko
Formed: Paperback A lot of inculpadas partorisca Formed
5 / 5 Nita
of boys: Paperback my daughter could do not dipping down Formed
4 / 5 Crysta
Formed: Paperback Utmost novel chart, the girls have loved that.
5 / 5 Hyun
Good book
is the little has bitten partorisca bore but in general is the good book
would recommend this reserves the daughter the one who likes them romance and work but extreme swimming
4 / 5 Patty
One of the favourite books of my daughter and writter! The histories add partorisca notes 4-5 and perhaps more :)
5 / 5 Marietta
the niece of 10 years loves this series. Colours and utmost map
5 / 5 Daphne
My granddaughters (8 to 11years) loves this series.
5 / 5 Ellena
Likes to of me the has had any questions that takes it the mine rid or envoy at all which is well.
4 / 5 Alba
My daughter has loved this book! Fast nave and good prize.
5 / 5 Clarita
It was very any one a better book the bed but was oki desire he wherlonger this in spite of . The ones of the that Thinks stacy has all a work but yah

Top Customer Reviews: P.S. I Still Love ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
5 / 5 Phylicia
This book was such the explosion ! A whole series law like this quickly and a content is very light! I have had usually the transmission grin in mine expensive while reading this book. There is to good sure some LOL moments.

Considering some characters in this book. It thinks a main pair of this series has defective personality, which is class of refreshing in ALREADY.
Has like this pleasant and awesome chance in this history, that has to that recommend that this likes ALREADY contemporaries!

I also liked like a main character is is Korean average! Another mentions in his culture in a book, which is also very interesting.

PS: This is not so only the history of amour, family and returning is the subject of entity is in this series!
5 / 5 Winfred
After reading a first book of a series, 'To All some Boys am Wanted to Before', has known has had to that read a clue grieves type. I have had a lot of the expectations. Unfortunately, they can have been too big reasons, while have enjoyed a book, finalised it still feeling quite disappointed. It is to good sure the way down below of a leading novel, although has is own qualities .

A thing I as quite unhappy with era an absence of Josh in this book. Swipe the function of entity in 'To All some Boys', but for a lot of this book, is so only in brief has mentioned. While Peter looked to be a popular 'boy of election', was drawn more Josh and, while I have not expected for his to fall for him, I class of has wished to be at least a bit difficult for Lara Jean still take on. Instead, another boy that this characteristic of book in another the one who has received some papers, John Ambrose McLaren. And it is well. It is good and sweet and very romantic, but felt any attach his, in spite of the obvious strong annex of Lara Jean. Simply it seats that it was unnecessary to present another character, as first book was already in the triangle of amour.

Another thing that has not gone totally happy roughly was a growth of character. The a lot of people have mentioned that Song of Tejanos of Lara annoyed them, but could not help to appreciate his innocence and romantic tendencies. While it can do younger of an average sixteen year, a majority of ALREADY of books (and shows and films) characters of characteristic those who do much older and have a lot of quite that those of his age he usually fact, as this was refreshing. In this book, is still looked, but all some qualities found to interest in his: it does not swear , there is the strong desire to not having sex until with which pair or until her like this very enamoured... They are not quite like this present. While ossia natural for any adolescent daughter, felt these qualities has done his only. This is not common for any ALREADY the character and he felt definite to his character, as well as possibly more relatable for some daughters those who was in the to boat still likes them Lara Jean in of a first novel.

Really, this in spite of, has found he unfortunate that this book has not been like this interesting like forward a. Had the definite lull approximations an end, has had some pocolos odd part (the scenes with some senior residents, for chances). It outrage it is, sometimes it seats Jenny Has references to the means comunicacionales social and the popular culture has looked has forced. Instagram Is mentioned, a song ' master' Build the Snowman?' It is also, more much more. They looked unnecessary and likes will not age well.

In spite of all these factors, this in spite of, has to very sure good quality, and the like this still a enjoyable book. Lara Jean is still a lot of enjoyable, Peter constantly the games with Lara Jean is (and a reader is) conditions, and that chooses to read an ailing book be ask the one who has arrived of Jean of Lara with until one very last now.

That has appreciated more, this in spite of, as Genevieve backstory. During both novels, Peter has an attach his that rests during his fights of secrets in his personal life. It is not mentioned never until prójimo an end and, while a real discovery that mark Tejanos of Lara certainly is disturbing, that learns of his character and as extracted resupplies more depth to his character and a bed will learn to feel empathy for sound. This in spite of sure appearances of a subject of touchy, is managed a lot well, and also the helps resupply more idea to the personality of Peter also.

In general, this book like enjoyable, in spite of being the disappointment. It is to good sure a lot so much of the light pleasant bed likes first one, has to entity drawbacks in comparison, but is still a enthralling idyll, with only characters, dramatic plotlines, and faces to to subjects likes him to him the feminism, of subjects familiarised, and mental health gracefully.
4 / 5 Annett
Has looked a film in netflix first, has discovered then touch the book! I think that it have been on sale it as it has thought them would have the bed. Better decision never! Súper Pleasant. I add writi g and easy bed!
4 / 5 Jestine
I class to wish this and a second book were so only one. This be has said, I still really enjoyed as there is clued especially of his histories :)
5 / 5 Brigid
A for real excellent and enjoyable has read... Spending me behind to my years of adolescents join feelings of first amour
4 / 5 Leena
I have not gone too sure like partorisca expect of this book of a prime minister one has on wrapped like this amiably. It has been it bit it disappointed for a first portion of a book, as it was the plot in his dad, and his volunteering in a seniors' house. Had at all bad with these appearances of a history, so only expected more cutesy the idyll and concealed has not been that have taken.

A cutesy the idyll is coming later this in spite of and has finalised a lot when being pas disappointed with a history like the whole. I have preferred a first book, but there is enjoyed still is one.

So only like a first book, did not expect it partorisca finalise a way done. I expected it totally partorisca go another way, which is a same way felt in a first book! Perhaps I will be poised more partorisca things partorisca go in an opposite way that thinks partorisca a third book – haha!

Has-liked you a first book, does not think calm will be disappointed is one. While a first bit was different, a rest has given of the to same feeling likes of first.
4 / 5 Emogene
With which reading (and fond) so much a novel and adaptation of film of “To All some Boys am Wanted First”, was excited really to take to this second delivery to see that it is coming afterwards in the history of Lara Jean.

Like a first novel, is the pleasant and warmhearted has read that left with everything of some cosy feelings. With this be has said, so to the equal that has considered he “warmhearted” there is still dramatics which can be expected of any come of institute of contemporary age. This in spite of, have-liked me a work because it maintain a history that excites.

A surprise of a novel I to good sure predicted and can guarantee that another probably will be able to also. It is regarding the sure grandson and although at all it is said explicitly, is quite obvious.

Would say to to that him me like this quite to the equal that liked one first novel in a series. Lara Jean is such the relatable the character and these histories sincerely adapt me of the film of Hughes of John. I can not expect see like this the novel will be adapted to the film!
5 / 5 Cecelia
Has loved this sequela to the All Some Boys am Wanted to Before.

Has not been sure as to expect of this book. Of a whole history of some papers that is the correspondents has been was completed in a first book, has known no how was to spend more. A lot of work had and some triangles of amour in this history.

Has found a last third of a really emotional history. I do not want to spoil that it spends, but it say that that has had the plot of the romantic feelings has confused in this part of a book. I me feel like this emotional, which surprised. I think that that these feelings show that a history is very realistic.

There is enjoyed this book, and am curious to see that it spends afterwards!
4 / 5 Jacqualine
This volume is a continuazione of an unexpected idyll among Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky. A history has described the idyll of prime minister of Lara Jean with all some questions that come with him. As with a first novel in a series, a romance described is pure and to the equal that would wish for when reading of the first amour. Any report is perfect, and ossia that Lara Jean Scopre. Some obstacles to his amour are believable, how is some resolutions .

Has wanted to read this volume as well as I a prime minister. I have turned some pages with the smile in my face and, included although a work has described is the work of typical adolescent, is not overdone. Ossia An excellent sequela to a start of some serious and I look forward to to read a next delivery.
5 / 5 Dinah
A second book in some serious roughly Lara Jean is to good sure my absolute favourite. My daughter has endowed this mine for my anniversary, and I zoomed by means of him like this fast. I have laughed and it has agreed my amour of own institute-fights to the equal that have read by means of a history. P.D. Still Masters, is to good sure one of these feel-good books that brotas calm with the warm and blurred feeling, and the quite solid ache to run was and buy Always and For ever, Lara Jean, a third and final book in a series. Which is exactly that has done!
5 / 5 Claudio
Really enjoys the fashion to write of Jenny; I suck me well to a history.

While I quite enjoyed this book, was the bit there is disappointed that Lara Jean and Peter have gone back neighbours in an end. I take that any one is perfect and is adolescent , this in spite of a WORK spends for with him so only does not look is. I guess I will see that it spends in a next book!
5 / 5 Gladys
4.5 indication to star

Jenny Has is one of mine all-the time, contemporary writers definite favourites. His histories are captivating, so only and finalises enamorar with each amour viril so only interests the one who Lara Jean dips his eyes on. It is that history of perfect amour this'll leave you thinking roughly first amour and idyll, and will not want never takes read. Sadly, This was so only the duology and the history of Lara Jean so only finalised here, but the and the history of the amour of Peter maintains the base of.

P.D. Still I Want to you have been it fascinating and gorgeously writing, so that everything of some other histories that possesses for my collection. Lara Jean and Peter am resulted to be a pleasant plus, bittersweet pair in everything of ALREADY of fiction for 2015, and to the only chairs like rasgar on and leaving everything of mine feels explodes. No each author has to that qualified to do each, fall of reader only enamoured with his work, but Jenny has to that qualified. I need everything is written never, all has sent mine in the quite, posh to to the card likes them Lara Jean is, and will spend of a rest of the eternity that the read everything. I have required to read it all immediately, in a gorgeous seating.

ome I longer minutes, stronger, more vibrant. Everything knows is that a lot the minute without him feels interminably long, taste to him am expecting, so only while his to go back mine. The, Lara Jean, knows is not , but my heart does not look to comprise is on.' (256)

This continuous well of where a last book has to that the left is gone in. It is Day of new Year and a Covey the family is going all was, taking elegant, although Lara Jean can not taking thinking roughly Peter and roughly all this is to spend among them in a past. More collected that later, find them to us behind together for real now, and Lara Jean is a happier daughter alive. When The type of the mystery of his looks has spent in his life once again, finds to fall enamoured with two amazing types, where has to that do a main election of everything: The one who choose?

Is the freaking hard decision for his to do. And a better thing is that Lara Jean is an intelligent young woman the one who entirely knows like this to speak behind, as to win in mark and of the people of stupid conversations those who hurt the sound feels bad and guilt. Two types of his infancy are foolishly enamoured with his, and is enamoured secretly with both of them. You know all hate idyll of instant? Ossia Any of that, reasons were fellow of the infancy of then was able to walk and... It is magic. I can not taking thought in an attractive among his and John or Peter and... It was not that it would have done yes it was in his shoes.

A smaller issue which have had was Peter. It TAKES LIKE THIS DISTURBED IN HIM And GENEVIEVE And I has WANTED TO DIP MY HAND By means of the PAGES And PASTE HIM. Ugh. So only I will ignore it concealed and to stop bellows it reason at least an end was perfect with him at the side that.

'Sew them celery likes will be for ever, but is not the amour can go was, or the people can, without meaning even to. At all it is guaranteed.' (29)

An end to this fabulous duology is special and 100 in satisfactory. So only I can not take a significant history out of my boss and especially everything of some characters. Like this always, Jenny Has to that writing is wanting to, mesmerizing and like an illusion— am stuck in his fictional worlds for ages with which I toe by means of some last pages. I am enamoured with this book, as well as Peter and John Ambrose. It reddens
5 / 5 Georgeann
has not been to this sequela with big expectations, reasons Liked P.D. Still Masters, but do not love that. Like this happy has maintained to go with a dualogy reason have wanted to loved/it the so much more.

Takes to see Lara Jean in the romantic report (finally!) And then it has the new boy that takes launched in a mix which have found to be more than the device of plot at the beginning. But agree be the age and the be of Lara Jean súper indecisive in boys. The ones of way that there is of course to the left is a slide. As it Can I choose among two wonderful boys that you both amour? It is quite impossible. I want to like Jenny Has skillfully the shows like each boy is different for Lara Jean. Obviously the rooted for one of them, and was although it was while at the end climatic enormous, was still sad for his decision. I have loved the growth of Lara more than anything and like this always Kitty amours to fly a show. Also I want like this we take to see more sisterly amour among a three. Saying of Jenny of the memory in touching that signs that has been inspired by Small Women , and honradamente can feel an exact included vibe of him. Lara Jean and his sexual conversation with Peter was could not taking laughing in this part.

My heart is like this fill right now.. AHHH Pleasant and such an adorable amour history. It goes to choose it on loving the smile in your face because it is to remain with one!

Top Customer Reviews: To All the Boys ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5 Jim
It is the really picturesque easy bed. I have flown by means of of the this any time. It is the little unbelievable in of the considerations to as it has been enamoured so that time and to the equal that was included much younger then, but this adds to the charm of him. I have bought a sequela immediately! :)
5 / 5 Anitra
This book was full in romcom, and a lot of entertainment. It was the touch disappointed for an end this in spite of. The guess have been moment partorisca the different election partorisca his.

Has been surprised in that I identified with Lara Jean, especially with his dreamy side, romantic!
5 / 5 Brenda
My daughter has aged 12 has loved this book and has finalised he in the weekend. And then it enjoy to look a Netflix the film based in a book. It has bought also a two follows on books. It liked him also but of any as much as this prime minister a.
5 / 5 Hulda
Oh, This was LIKE THIS PLEASANT! This idea of whole book was so only adorable and a romance-- a lot included take me begun in that. Still although a revelation of the one who has sent some papers was bondadosos of really obvious, was still such the entertainment, easy bed. And I loves me bake and clean a house and bake some plus.
5 / 5 Jeanine
Could not take to this book. I found it so only the little too teenagerish (doing on words now). Usually I want to read books of adolescents but no east a.
4 / 5 Shane
The book is coming as it has expected. I have bought this for my sister like the present, and read by means of him in the pair of days. You love it really! You recommend.
5 / 5 Michaele
This has paste me well in a feels. I have wanted to you love/ it That. Had a perfect quantity of adolescent anguish to maintain really pleasant. I have laughed the plot while reading this book.
5 / 5 Von
A lot of rithm to a history, bit it predictable but amused to read.
Him the I of the sisters will be able to relate in some of some episodes. The fun book when calm so only wants to unwind with the no narrative also has complicated.
5 / 5 Jacquelynn
Touch the book. Based in the film. For adolescents.
The niece has loved the I so that it follows happy.
4 / 5 Latricia
It was a lot but to good sure expect more. Ossia An only time has has not said never that a film was better that a book.
5 / 5 Alaine
This book is really relatable, with a lot of transfers of plot. It follows real adolescent questions while still when being fictional. A book is the real page turner and can not expect read a prójimo a
5 / 5 Pedro
AMOUR THAT RIDS LIKE THIS !!!! I want to read in kindle !
5 / 5 Marjorie
Excellent book. Maintained my reading of adolescent until it finalise. Ossia Scarce .
5 / 5 Yon
Amazing. It avenges sooner that expected and a book has SURPRISED!
5 / 5 Hermine
Sound the adolescent adds romance book. I want it each one has bitten of him.
4 / 5 Brooks
Has loved this book! Easily it can relate his history. Writing very good!
4 / 5 Monika
For the few months, all have listened was that that surprises this book was. You are described like this “of the characters” or “the better book never”. Of course, it has wanted to see the one who a big shot was, as I have done my way the Amazon and has purchased this book that has had all the like this excited world.

To All Some Boys am Wanted to Before for Jenny Has is a history of the young daughter; Lara Jean, the one who, to take on the sound runs over, he his writing of the papers of amour that loss everything of his thoughts to them. This in spite of, these papers are not never has sent. They are hid is gone in the box of hat Lara Jean maintains in his cupboard… that was a plan, in all the chance. A day, Lara @gives his papers have all be envoy to the his leading run over when suddenly they approach sound that asks an explanation.

After reading a synopsis, has been excited to read a book. This history has touched like this entertainment. I asked to like Lara Jean would maintain the together things, that avenges up with and exactly that would exit of his predicament. Alas, I have been disappointed with a result.

First of all, are not the defender of Lara Jean like the character. Although I comprise that it is only boy of 16 years, does not agree me , or any one another boy of 16 years, to have his mindset. Has such the childish, whiny voice, has maintained to imagine is 13. It looks to have little experience in enough each appearance of his life that I me ameno to ask me “that has been doing for 16 years?”. This daughter would owe that be rig for university in simply 2 years and does not look inclusa together to be able to maintain the base of the his own .

A plot is not a lot much better neither. Although I thought it that that can be an interesting a, enough at all significant raisin during a book and that spends is the result of the lack of Lara Jean of backbone and maturity. In planting to suck on and that says a truth to one of some boys those who asks to explain a paper and say that there are feelings for him and still could him have, decides to dip joint the history that snowballs and his taking to the surrealistic situation. I comprise that the girl of 16 shy years could not have some guts to develop his feelings to touch run over, but raisin for like this question to avert the bit to hurt which has the hard time that comprises.

Although it admits, the little of some scenes were adorable, felt the majority of a history was unnecessary . A normal adolescent would not have reacted a way Lara Jean has.

Knows ossia the book this has been to want to for a lot of but was seriously any one my cup of tea.
5 / 5 Shakira
Has listened to a audiobook version of this book and I enjoyed it really! An audio narration was a lot of a lot of fact. Highly you recommend to listen to this audiobook. A narration of audiobooks is like this of entity and this a there is not disappointed! It was hooked a whole way by means of!

Has loved this history so much. It take the turn that really has not expected , but surprisingly was in embroider with. In a start, would not have guessed never that a history was to go there.

Some characters were all really very done also. I have loved a report among some three sisters and his reports with some boys. All some reports were significant and of entity and loved them so only everything.

This book was like this captivating. I pulled me well in and it have connected entirely to the character of Lara Jean.

Gah, This in spite of, this end! Uncertain final hate like this – haha. No in the bad way, so only does not like me not knowing exactly that spends. But, I suppose that ossia the one who a sequela is partorisca, well? Although it does not feel like a type to reserve this requires to sequela. But, anything, still can not expect read a second book! You recommend this book to defenders of a sure gender!
4 / 5 Leontine
Have Finally, after countless viewings of a film in the first place (gasp), decided to read this book and was all that has expected takes. It is witty, pleasant, charming, and incredibly relatable. Well, a character of Lara Jean is relatable. It was not if a circumstance esatta could be considered relatable or yes was relatable for thinks that it would finalise well in reality. But I digress.

So that like this of the romantic comedies or so only like him warmhearted majority of history of age, to good sure would verify this one was. So that it is apprehensive roughly reading this book after looking and that loves a film, would recommend it also. Like this always, a film is a “adaptation ” he so that has transmissions but liked so much of a film and a book in of the equal quantities. If anything, am surprised to be able to me to to him likes film Peter Kavinsky more than Peter novel. This does not spend never for me! Typically, it favours a way of novel characters more than that is described on screen. But it is toss up with east a reason a film was like this a lot of fact.

This was the good introduction to a trilogy and am curious to see that it unfold afterwards.
5 / 5 Kelvin
While law this history, has been adapted of reason enjoys to read Young Adulti romance Novels. A storyline was breathe he of fresh air without overt sexual scenes, and a description of the first amour was tender and empathetic. When I have read roughly Lara Jean, could imagine my daughters of own adolescent that experience his first amour. An interaction among a siblings, as well as among some members of an opposite sex, is believable. I have loved this history so much, could not taking the reading and has finalised he inside the day. It has dipped a novel averts for my daughters to read - and has ordered a next book in a series. If you enjoy romance histories, will enjoy is a (any @subject @ has read the book of Adult of the and/of the Young or any). This history is appropriate also for young adolescents, he so that has any need to concern you daughter or desires of grandson submerged it she in him.
4 / 5 Tamra
This rids to good sure lived until a hype. I have fulfilled Jenny Has in the book that signs last year, and have all some books in a series, but has had any reading any of them up to now.

Has loved Lara Jean. I have found a lot of relatable. It does deceptions and can possess until him. Still although it was not his failure that his papers have been sent was, still accepts that the past and tried to move on.

Liked a familiar dynamics of a history. A Covey the family is so only. His dead mother when they were young, and his works of father like the doctor, as the majority of a housework and the cookery has fallen in the shoulders of Margot reasons was an old plus . Then it has to that spend that it go to Lara Jean when Margot has left to go to pupil to Scozia. A younger sister, Kitty, was like this pleasant. It is sarcastic and wise besides his years, as he comment pleasant a lot of.

Has loved this book. I have had already some spoilers to that has spent of then is reading like this late, but I still really enjoyed the.
5 / 5 Dorthey
Jenny Has is so only an amazing contemporary writer. To All some Boys have Loved Before it was one of mine the majority of has anticipated reservation of 2014.. And basically the book expected of Jenny there is never of then write A trilogy of Summer… and this was does years. To say has had the big expectations of him is a understatement. But To All some Boys was all I never loved in the contemporary, is like this like this pleasant, adorable, entertainment, has has mentioned pleasant? And I amour of amour has loved a main protagonist Lara Jean. It is half korean and has has WANTED TO that. They are such the enormous defender of a korean culture and has been included in vacacional to Korea of Of the sud as reading up in his culture and the fund have me so only does like this happy. A synopsis is one of some better synopses there is not reading never in the contemporary novel. It is the character , seriously. His secret papers to all his runs over to take mailed to them everything? A catastrophe! A clumsiness that ensue, and a hilarity has promised was so only too thrilling!
Of course, without the doubt, Jenny Has there is rid. It was able to leave these characters come the life and imprint in some readers.. Still I agree him everything, Lara Jean, Kitty, and Margot, known like some daughters of Song, as well as Josh and Peter. Also, Has has known as to write the book of the perspective of the adolescent daughter.. It is believable and feigns travers a writing. Lara Jean was such an adorable character and I have has loved pieces. A situation was dipped in era like this embarrassing but some bosses of way was so only like any panicky adolescent . I especially loved young Kitty and his pleasant still lethal tempers. This daughter can resist the grudge and I have loved so only his to know it all the attitude also. Considering Josh and Peter, and all some other boys in some papers, liked really. I have loved for real one of them but I do not want to say which any to skew your first perspective to begin a book. I have adored this in spite of and has loved so only his report with Lara Jean. It was swoon worthy still innocent still pleasant still frustrating, this in spite of (inserts/inserts each one another emotion can think of). Basically, these two was a hell of the crew!
To All some Boys is not so only fluffy, as with everything to Have books, all some characters spend for development of character and calm witness that gradually. Lara Jean in a start of a book is the different, this in spite of one same, Lara Jean in an end. It is more mature, there is more the life experiences concealed has done his grow, and one, any better to say, version more developed of the his self. I have loved a dynamic among some daughters of the song and I has loved to go in sweat sisterly hugs been due to was that adorable. I can not say quite a lot of positive things in this book. I have wanted to love it to the pieces and I will be that they have read animal the punctual reasons require to go back in the world of Lara Jean, dips the smile in my face and give me happy feelings &60;3. I can not expect for a second book, P.D. Still Masters, and are like this impacienta.. But a thing knows sure, go it to love!
5 / 5 Lasonya
Lighthearted At the beginning, taking adictiva near a half mark and when some pages have left to read scarce result, simply calms does not love a book to be on. With thrilling am moving to a 2nd and 3.os books! Finalising this one in 4 days. Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Jeanna
Has loved this book so much, of the ours oh-like this-relatable protagonist Lara-Jean, his sweet family, and a overwhelmingly pharmaceutical adorable among his and Peter! A heartwarmingly pleasant bed to crimps up with the sour Monday to relieve your way and be the scanning was to the travesía of the daughter of self discovered.
5 / 5 Maragaret
Has finalised he inside the week, so only could do not dipping down.
5 / 5 Lavonna
Has not gone enough that has been expecting, but has loved that this in spite of. It can not dip this book down and finalised it interior 3 days. To good sure recommend this book to any the one who enjoys this type of novel.
4 / 5 Ora
Today is posting the description fully some Boys have Loved Before for Jenny Has. Ossia One of a bit those that the contemporary books have read this year and both the enjoyed.

Now, is not enormous contemp the defenders like this rids has not been big in our cast, but with all a hype has has had to that the give the bed! It was in entertainment , light history that any adolescent could enjoy and/or possibly relate to.

Purportedly, contemp the defenders say that that Has is another ALREADY the books are better, although we can not be a judge of that of then has to that any to read other books (excepts Burn for Burn, which Sasha has read and has liked him!). Have thoughtfully has woven to joint the history roughly papers of amour that flowers to like this more. Some characters have been managed well, although an end has left to plot to be wished (this could be a lot or bad, according to a reader). The good thing is the series !

The things have begun dulcemente in a start, but has begun to choose up in a half of a book and result quite interesting! I think the partidários contemporary that looks for something light to read could find something special Has emission later.

More, sees some diversity with our meso-Korean of main character! Woot! :D

This is not big up in our “cast” of favourites, although we will maintain our eyes was paralización more Have books for comparison! :)

In general give it
5 / 5 Jamel
I have wanted really this book so that it can do not dipping down all ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
I hope loves it so as I .

Top Customer Reviews: Today I'll Be a ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Keila
Pound quite small with history very simple. But perfect if your young boy has the thing for Unicorns.

Top Customer Reviews: Sports Fairies #5: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Vern
My granddaughter of 7 years loves these books and when being a good grandma that they are, hahaha, always promote to read like this anniversary, Navidad or still for any reason, these are always the good election.
5 / 5 Gil
My daughter of 6 years loves these books!
Has arrived punctual and was very pleased with a prize!

Top Customer Reviews: A Tale of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Cheree
Highly recommend everything of these books of authors. My daughter of 10 years can any the dipped down. These are any first reserves that has given finally the amour partorisca read
5 / 5 Lisbeth
It has given so only this reserves the 3 because it is in big impression, which an enormous and a lot fat book, concealed could overwhelm a lot of boys. This in spite of, if your boy has difficulty of view, then this format would be adds. I have begun my granddaughter in a first series, Tierra of Histories, roughly done 3 years and master quell'immediately. I have distributed his with a whole series that she proudly exposed in his bookshelf. If this series is anything like a prime minister a, your boy or the net will love it. They are so only while to the regular measure paperback and then, that assumes my granddaughter is taken like this with to him likes him another, to good sure will take 5 stars. :)
4 / 5 Elouise
Arrived in perfect condition, that looks forward to partorisca give the like this the present, my daughter loves these histories.
4 / 5 Marry
Says that a history is like this wonderful to that likes to of king-read the and that it is one of some “better histories never”.
5 / 5 Caridad
Rids is in good quality, a lot of haste partorisca begin my conference!

Top Customer Reviews: The Girl of Fire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
I have found some continuous references to the physical appearance of Elisa (when be hanged on) has begun was like this nettling and then result really annoying. Although I comprise partorisca draw the attention to the defects of characters has the importance adds in a reader that comprises a character is reading roughly, has found in this book was in a cup.
5 / 5
A Daughter of Fire and Thorns is the a lot of entertaining book that calm maintain you constantly reading to an end of book.
5 / 5
Was sure that this a bit would be partorisca like Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass. And reason are a defender a big plus of fantasy, has had big hopes that would result it partorisca be looked to the brilliant concept that I in the first place read he roughly done two years. But, no. A Daughter of Fire and Thorns was so only and interesting, yes, but so only there is not this spark that would have preferred to devour and enamorar with. If you enjoy cover-ass female heroes the one who only is battling all in his own without romance or action anything, then seriously recommends to take loaned/purchasing this novel and enamorar with him.

TGOFAT Has not been my cup of tea. Mina, entirely bores, unentertaining and more trying he-be-based-on-weaves that anything more. It was so only like this feeble compared to anything has treated more partorisca the long time. It scrapes Carson Is the good writer , and still have big hopes partorisca Walk on Tierra the Stranger, but no like this big as it have enjoyed has read this and adored it.

Went it the few weeks with which have finalised partorisca read this and has to that say that hardly it agrees the one who this book was included roughly. A main character, Elisa, is struggling with his identity how is forced partorisca marry the King hardly knows and is the piece of royalty she, beside his sisters. All that lucido the modern life is looked of of the this the lie and so only wants to find the way and street partorisca relax. Of course, this involves to struggle, the more small and boring action material remember it of reason there is not enjoyed that law to the fantasy has retreated then.

Could very included find any one quotes that I me really whirl and cry out of liking. I have seen an equal quantity of negativity and positivity here, this in spite of. Like this sinister just state some good things, reasons know that all more would be negative anyways.

That there is Enjoyed In TGOFAT:

1. Some Characters lateralmente: the sisters of Elisa, Alejandro, Humberto, has has wanted to him everything. If it was not for them, my hate for Elisa would be much more strong state. It is this the odd situation reason have hated Elisa while another has adored?

2. A Pacing: it bores, yes, but a history has moved on quickly and before we know it to knots, was in another descriptive scene. I have adored the descriptive writing of Carson, also. Good things had, well?

3. Like Six One of a Prime minister of his Class: Ossia to big fantasy quite old has compared to some another this is to be release. For old, means that it is old, published in 2011 when it has not had too many fantasies there. Now, the fantasies are like an epidemic in ALREADY but this was new, fresco, and of course, unexperienced in my opinion. Somehow it does not take that all the world is driving mad roughly.

Scrapes The first novel of Carson in this magic series was quite disturbing in the terms that likes me. I have better loved, has loved more than this whole fiasco that Elisa has dipped in, and has loved an extra dose of romance the things of spice up. You know the one who some authors add in too much for the extra entertaining? This has required to have an extra pop, and has not finalised seeing a lot of that for an end. They are quite picky with fantasy, but of then ossia a lot populate, has decided to take a risk and go for him. Calm?
4 / 5
Finds an original description here:

was excited like this to start with this series. I expects it to me until a last book has been released in August to the equal that can marathon him. I am thinking 'this is big fantasy, are not that it goes to want to expect the year among books. I will forget things. Things of entities.' And the one who the left down. I mean it was well. So only you listen such amazing things that has thinks that was to take another Graceling or Studio of Poison or Throne of Glass. Like this perhaps ossia my failure because those are big shoes to fill. But really a material was there, an execution has not been.

Like chair Carson has tried like this hard to do this different book then another ALREADY Fantasy there, that ossia that has found. A 'try.' First of this book is soooo slooowww, that took to him far to a lot of days to take half way by means of. It can so only read the chapter perhaps two the time before of the entity ADDS to kick in. Lame to take by means of roughly 3 neighbourhoods of a book before it choose up and has taken the little more interesting for me. That really retarded this book down for me was:
1. Elisa. Guh, Has BEEN annoying. WELL, it liked really of a fact that Carson has given this atypical hero. It is hanged on, any roughly súper model, athletic princess. It enjoys his studios, especially tongues and war and tactical of battle. It is class of a Princess has neglected, which aims in his personality (especially lack of confidence). Elisa to growth of good sure aims of character in a later half of a book. It begins to return to a circle of leader that is destined partorisca, included although it was not never has taught these skills that grows on reason again was a 'another' Princess. His older sister, better will be Reign of the his reign a day.
But leaves gone back to a thing of weight. I have appreciated that on sound. But I have not required to be adapted of him each one another page. I took it when we were to present his. I can comprise his thought roughly not returning to the dress again or anything each one once in the moment because I add, is insecure. All are. But his constantly thinking in feeding, eating feed or anything calms more do with feeding has taken so only out of a history. Any one could very included begin the serious conversation with his without his first saying ' has wins.' And another person probably is thinking 'yea, of course is.'
2. As Elisa has this Godstone imbedded in his navel. It is part of the his. Each one that 100 God of years chooses any to be a bearer. So that, his or in this chance Elisa, does not know . Obviously ossia in Elisa is each one which wake thought in life (besides feed). In sixteen, when it is in active his finally has to that try God? I have found an integer Godstone class of what of odd and uninteresting.
3. Now this book is also very weighed in a religious content. Which is well, but no really my thing. As I have found a quantity of time Elisa is spent to study some scripture or begging, etc... Really retarding down a history also. It have preferred more the time spent in that is going in a world-wide or more information and rear history in some countries of enemy. Seeing like your in a verge of war with them.

Has really does like a fact that Carson has used tongue and know popular Spaniards. Ossia Like maintained to read me. Ossia Like a history has different and interesting bits.
Liked Also of a clue of magic. Desire that was propiciado a history more. But perhaps it comes more to a forefront in a next book?

Am expecting that of this first book was in plot of aying' a next book will be more'howing.' I love an action and magic this has been missing here. Like this although I have been disappointed with A Daughter of Fire and Thorns goes to continue with a trilogy (mostly reason possess a second book and has taken so only a third an out of a library) in some wait that the so only can improve. Toes of crosses
4 / 5
Imagine was one Chosen One... But it has had any idea that was allocated to do, and has had any discernible skills.

Such the daughter is in a heart of 'A Daughter of Fire and Thorns,' the richly textured fantasy in the seemingly normal princess the one who is allocated to be involved in a lot, much more. It scrapes Carson Obviously dipped to plot of amour to his world of fantasy, as well as the heroine the one who defies the majority of one 'princess' tropes.

Once each century, the boy is marked with a divine Godstone, that tip that are allocated to do lacking Goddess somehow. Princess Elisa is his newer bearer .

And because of the treaty, is reluctantly married to beautiful, class King Alejandro of Jewel of Sand. But his new homeland is the odd, any-a lot of-giving the reception to plant, especially of a pair is by train to be secret maintained for mysterious reasons. There is abundance of backstabbers, rival and included he brewing war with Invierne.

And in Jewel of Sand, Elisa early discovers religious truths in a Godstone that the person in his country would say. But when the band of revolutionaries kidnaps, finds to struggle Invierne animagi -- and the terrible magic that use Godstones and blood. Maintaining Elisa has to that no only to save it, but his new country also.

Sorcery, Religion, political texts , ancient and the legendary jewel that the one of God of canals -- any one can accuse Scrape Carson to write the book without plot. In fact, 'A Daughter of Fire and Thorns' is dense with brewing if that finally explodes to battle, with colour, richly descriptive prose ('the togas like aims likes him quartz').

Carson has come also up with the thoroughly likeable, unstereotypical princess. Elisa is the chubby, shy daughter , studious in the start of a history, self-conscious in his weight and daunted by his sister and Alejandro. While it grows in confidence and force, never to feel like the real person the one who takes ashamed and uncomfortable.

And a world Carson comes up with this quite fascinating also. Investigation be based in Spanish and Meso-Oriental cultures, complete with the class of pseudo-catolicismo that characteristic strongly in a plot. It is not preachy, but Carson is not fearful to face some hard questions of the of the god, destiny and religious distribution.

'A Daughter of Fire and Thorns' is fill with cultures of rich fantasy and sensual writing, but a real draw here is Elisa she. And calm leave you that it wish to know that it spends to the his prójimo.
4 / 5
Ossia To fantastically first novel to write to Scrape Carson. It is reminiscent of the young plus, more toned down storytelling to to type likes him Jacqueline Tortoiseshell is known partorisca in his Kushiel serious. A tongue is like this vivid and imaginative. I can apple each alone thing that is spending in a book, like the little film that the touches am gone in my boss.

'Together mine, Ximena' the ash of bun has come free and his transmissions of hair under his shoulders.'

Are immediately intrigued for this gem that is located somehow in Elisa bellybutton zone. But I am guessing that it is a point ! It is a lot that interests like this reacts to the emotions and the actions of Elisa with hot and cold, almost as if it is the living creature , still last pleasure bone.

Thinks Elisa, a main character and hero of this novel, is one of mine favourite of female characters the long time. It is not to perfect. It is not a definite slender and stunningly beautiful advantage that it is more often seen. It is 'lumpy' and 'uncomfortable' and 'clumsy', and is much more probably for readers to be able to comprise. His sister is a familiar favourite and likes Elisa is ignored often and has pressed averts, invisible.

One of my favourite things in this book is concealed a lot so only is Elisa has described likes a overweight daughter, but is not so only has signalled was once in a start of one novel and then never mentioned again, while a reader will forget is not to perfect. It is spent on on and on again during a whole history, without being too obvious. It is remarked in his actions, and in a way some people around the his lucido perceive and react his. It is woven astonishingly in.

' Seats like this slowly like roll to my husband, my belly and the hearts that bounces painfully with each step.'

To the equal that progresses of the history and the sure things arrive is interesting like some works of same author in some fluctuations in his weight, eating way and character and global appearance like his forces of life down different streets. It experiences amazing growth during a history and finally verse of law and deserves a strong function his character is situated in. And it is not so only Elisa, all the characters take equal treatment of an author with depth and of the vivid descriptions of emotion and development of global character. Each character is his own person the one who there is and fights with his own histories, emotions and experiences his own growth.

Has quite a lot of action in this history to maintain included one the majority of overactive the boys that chair with excites in a flange of his chair. It adds to this all a mystery, to intrigue and the politics and calm has one doing of the novel adds!

Some parts of a history are highly predictable and therefore take an accident and awe out of that takes place. Also, a lot some zones have found lacking flow and a lot shaking to a reader, hopping of one separates of a history to another without any class to warn pause or pause. There is also some minors modifying subject with words disappeared, wrong words and spelling errors that shook a reader of his flow to read, but like this is an ARC is to be expected.
5 / 5
Wow. I have loved absolutely. The no. has LOVED. This book. So much, to that likes roughly that? First of all, a setting. Has some influences of a Spanish yard, but with to plot of elements of fantasy also. Some elements of fantasy are quite good and so only there is magic involved but no your regular magic has the habit to read in some novels of usual fantasy. I have thought a setting and of the elements of fantasy were quite different and so only. It is the add blend of historical fiction with fantastical the elements go in. There is magic to any too much to postpone some anti-readers of fantasy there. An action and the elements of intrigue am also a lot of writings in this book. Certainly it adds more substance and also adds bit it more variety to a reading.

Elisa is the wonderful character . It can not be one the besides sexy majority one there is not reading never, but that have loved in his east his inner force and his intelligence is looked during a book. These qualities have inside his fact his development of character a lot enjoyable to read. Sure you develop it especially during a part last of a novel.

Some other characters in some books are also very done. I have not concerned me a lot for Alejandro although I have thought that that it was quite feeble (more, a way extracted Elisa, especially after his transmission in the appearance really has not seated well with me). Also, it looks some characters in a book so only disappears of a novel. Yes, there is the second an after this, but can help to discover that it can have spent to them so only like the reader will not forget these secondary characters.

Still, well a bed. I have loved a setting, and a good blend of fantasy and historical fiction. To good sure recommends this to another ALREADY READERS those who are to a gender of fantasy.
4 / 5
Read of February 07 to 08, 2013

Fresh fantasy!

Fulfilled Lucero-Elisa of Wealth, the princess of 16 young years of a realm of Orovalle, the one who is forced to marry king Alejandro de Vega of an allied realm, Jewel of sand. Both realms are at present in a verge of war with another darkness more opposing realm, some Winters. It has been chosen by his 'God' (of whichever religion that ritualises is trace thorns and , very odd but fresco). His be'chosen for God's sake' is represented by the jewel that is alive in his navel, has called a Godstone. You are situated for 'God' dichodurante his ceremony to appoint.

Elisa is a lot so only: has a disorder to eat and anxiously eats like this a lot of pastries to the equal that can, which obviously reflects in his self estimate, measure and form of his organism. It is ready but shy, the very intuitive, young scholar-doing he--, the one who pours in his studios, especially Classical Tongue, his self-evident war: War of Beauty, pastries and embroidery. This in spite of, his whole world is moved, once is joined to king Alejandro, how is expected to move and live in the different place, Joy the one of sand' main, Brisadulce.

Be light, adventurer and creative. That distracts it to join me the majority of era a step, calm not having never time to delve to a last chapter has read, how is the 'gone,goes,sees type of history until his on. Another thing that took that I smiled, was (of course) all some Spanish words :-)

has to that admit that against the fellow reviewer was mesmerized for some alimentary descriptions, and has found all this amazing, especially reason our main character Elisa is very struck to feed, which the fact the big part of his personality. My husband done one the majority of amazing coconut scones and has had included a pleasure to try them while reading this book. I can imagine some soups, the chickens and the feasts have and the desire has had all these recipes (as it can give him to my husband, of course).

Like the things have expected , a lot of remains unresolved, like this ossia part of the main series. A Daughter of Fire and Thorns is the first book that there is rid good entertainment. There is self discovered, adventure, learning, treachery, mystery, amour, friendship and loss.

I before it looks for a next book!