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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5
Formed: Paperback His awesome because his ape and likes them one me-twists
Lol was that it has to that buy this book.
Im 9 years and there are them enjoyed is some sad part also😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭 but his still a awesome book.
4 / 5
Formed: Kindle Edition This book has been fill with emotions that affected and both of my young boys. We giggled and our eyes teared up. To sure lovely reading good! It is the special perspective in has thought history of cause.
5 / 5
Formed: Paperback the history Adds!! My granddaughter of 8 years there is enjoyed really this book and has then taken has loaned he of the his to read also. It is the history adds partorisca boys or of the daughters and the parents to action have read joint also.
5 / 5
Formed: Paperback Better pound I kings-read constantly partorisca my edges. Such the fantastic history. We love it to us. I reordered the reason read it the death.
PLEASE parents, read this book. Your boy will adore it. I have added voice partorisca some characters. You will be happy has done.
4 / 5
Formed: Paperback My twins of twelve years are really enjoying this and his steuggle partorisca remain directed. Has bee. An emotional bed on its own name and has created a lot of conversations lateralmente.
5 / 5
Formed: Paperback liked a history and was amused. It liked that a gorilla has thought that that it was so only and has has had no of other friends of gorilla. Then it go to the z/to the zoo and of the friends of the gorilla taken. But it was also a partner of the ruby of elephant has appointed .
5 / 5
Formed: Kindle the edition rid adds.
Love a history and like all is written.
5 / 5
Formed: Kindle the edition knows this history will pursue me partorisca the long time. That the gifted writer and the one of truth gut wrenching history, fantastically has said. I will not forget never Ivan.
4 / 5
Formed: Kindle Edition This reserves incredibly is inspiring and beautiful. I recommend this book to everything. I have wanted to you love/ it That! It has wanted like this author dipped a perspective of the animals to the things likes them the z/the zoo is and cages in a book.
4 / 5
Formed: Paperback My edges has read he in 2 days and has said really enjoy a history.
4 / 5
My edges has read he in 2 days and has said really enjoy a history.
5 / 5
The grandson was excited like this partorisca read this book. It listens roughly he in pupil and has loved the bed in a summer when all has been to camp
5 / 5
Read that to mine 7 old year. There is some very emotional part that was hard to take on but a writing was fantastic and a travesía incredible.
4 / 5
Has loved a plot and a way an author has transmitted the feelings of Ivan....
4 / 5
the voice is sooooo boring. My class has preferred to listen read a book
4 / 5
has Loved this book, easy to read and touching. I recommend for boys but also for his parents!
4 / 5
This was the warm and heartfelt history. All has loved some moving pages. We have read he aloud together and is one of some better histories that has read. Highly I recommend it!
4 / 5
Ossia One of some books of the adult/of better boys there is not reading never. I recommended it the a lot of people.
4 / 5
My edges (ages 10) and read the neighbouring. You love it. A lot thoughtful.
5 / 5
Ossia The book adapted for the boys have aged 7-12. I love a format, short chapters, few words but very transmitted in a bit those that the words have used!
4 / 5
This was the beautiful touching history roughly friendship, family, happiness and hope.

My edges adored it.

Highly recommend this book!
4 / 5
This book is fantastic. Both mine edges and the daughter there is enjoyed he immensely.
5 / 5
The one who the lovely bed! It is such the good history - Ivan, a Silverback Gorilla the one who cures of Ruby, an elephant of creature. @It give that deserves better that partorisca be stuck in the cage and like this he which beat partorisca take his to the z/to the zoo. This history fantastically wrote; Katherine Applegate of the the sense that Ivan is the real, his thoughts, and sleeps, his hopes, his opinions, everything real and true. A friendship among VAT, Bob, Estrella, the ruby and Julia is like this heartwarming.

Has cried in an end. A very quickly read, probably would be load of fun to read was-strong to boys.

Has recommended.
5 / 5
Mina 7 old year has loved this book and his dad there is enjoyed really read his. It has been it adds to look his figure out of the spent like the history has developed, and opened a lot of good conversation and new awareness for his. Ossia The book my daughter will read again and again and take something new went to him every time likes to take older.
5 / 5
A novel writing in of the short chapters of poetry of to free. Beautiful, sad ( dead), and realistic: that soul but no perfect happy final (the arrival of characters in the bondadosos and that the zoological worry.)
4 / 5
A bit boring but otherwise well for the boy of 10 years. Has the quite well lessen also.
4 / 5
Has-liked me a history but, considering it has been written of the perspective of a gorilla, think it would be considered more than the boy is or the book of the young adult. It thinks really you love it.
5 / 5
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was hesitant to begin another reservation like this pocola after Allegiant. I left with the enormous hangover where my boss is stuck still constantly thought (and possibly crying) roughly that. Like this needless partorisca say it would not be fair of me partorisca begin another book, my heart would not be in. It was not that it absorbs a history. Probably I do not have any idea that in fact is that it goes in. But have has not wanted the take to the recession partorisca read, as I have decided in the book of half note. And choosing on A an and Ivan So only am resulted partorisca be the good thing. It is the quickly read concealed does not require like this attention. A history and message this reservation pertains tongue partorisca he and with a way am feeling now included take still meaning deeper with me that has not been like this mopey.

This book is said of Ivan POV. It is the gorilla . Yup, Ossia that has thought also, this could take interesting. And it is. Applegate Has based his book of the informative history of the few years done in the gorilla that begins was like this any one is 'pet'. Having a book of Ivan' POV was an only way this history could be be say with meaning. His seen that is spending his and that goes in around lucido the hardest paste in this way that it was of the bystander to the situation of Ivan.
Ivan is 27 and has spent so only the very tiny portion of his life out of captivity. It begins out of living in Macks (his owner) house and when it take the big partorisca is there state moved to the cage in the circus of shopping centre. Ivan go his cage like his half, reason does not know any better. Ossia Until Rubí, quell'elephant of creature, comes his life. And that begins partorisca @give this is not where belonging or any animal belonging. They belong with his own class.

All another present of animals in this book there has not been the good life. Of Bob a stray dog. To Star another elephant the one who is spent his whole life in the circus and now suffers with the very infected foot. And that Ruby the one who has been taken of his family in Africa and shipped to Amsterdam partorisca be another animal of circus. It is a very sad history .
But is a way a habladuría of animals to the each one like this another and voice his opinions in his world-wide this maintains partorisca take unbearably sad. I have taken taken up in a history and that a lot they all was roughly humanity that distracted me to him of any of the entity feels.

Has seen the people say that ossia too sad to be the book of half note. But I disagree. He so only works like the book of half note. Partorisca A have Ivan, his voice is a lot directly and to a point. It is the gorilla . He he easy to comprise that it is spending. Also, the boys are a lot of perceptive. They know a difference among right and wrong. We owe that the to us give more credit to know that like these animals are treated is not in fact well. The animals are living creatures also. That gives any one a legislation to maintain them has on enclosed for 30 years? There are lessons very good and has meant the boy can take of this book. And it is for this that reading this together with them and that that pause some subjects is of entity. You are augmenting his awareness in a subject @@@subject of entity.

To the equal that has mentioned first, is some animal takes on humanity that has found one the majority of interesting. And like a reader an old plus, am sure the majority would adapt. Bob a dog sees human so many quite bad people. It is not surprised when his something bad. Always it expects a worse of them. And in an end is surprised sincerely when in fact it helps Ivan and Rubí was. Ivan can see a so much very and bad in of the people. It does not comprise reason his roughly of the things do. Estrella Has to that constantly adapt that this is not where belonging. His cage is not his half, is in cage . It deserves better. And so only it likes him Ivan go, there is of both bad humans like Mack and to to the good humans like to them George (the janitor) and Julia (his daughter) in a book. Ivan is an artist , draws on paper that sees and was of help of Julia. How it is an artist also. A report among them is endearing.

How is the book of half note , there is of course the happy end. Which is as required and another reason because it has chosen the up. I knew it it was not disappointed.
Love this book. A message rid. And a history he. You are one has read again.
4 / 5
Has loved this book. I have finalised so only read the and spent it directly to my edges of 10 years and he has said has to that read the. One classifies people of the book of all the ages will want.
5 / 5
Ossia The really utmost boys book. Students of mine there is enjoyed really read the and learning in a real history of Ivan ( Ivan has had real).
4 / 5
Ivan a silverback bolt of gorilla in the shopping centre. Has the fellow the one who is the elephant of creature Rubí has appointed. Really, REALLY GOOD! In fact, it is like this well that it was sad when a book was on. It likes to like his llama poo-of balls " I go-." It can not taking laughing! :-)
5 / 5
A an and Ivan So only is the book adds reason a plot is suspenseful and one of some characters is the very storyteller. It is sad reason something scary raisin to one of some characters. A book speaks roughly evolution, which to the bible is not in accordance with . This in spite of, has the happy end. You recommend for note 4 and up.
4 / 5
The net has loved that and enjoy a lot so only reading his but also his ours reading. Sensitive storyline
4 / 5
A must has read! My class of Note 4 students were enamoured with this history and could not expect read more. Wonderful occasions for significant discussion in the subjects of entities that comprises animal rights.
4 / 5
This book will require a lot little convincing to take professors, librarians and boys to choose it up. It is the scarce book that can take it an attention/of heart of all three equally. Then again, A an and Ivan So only is the scarce book, period.

Ivan, he silverback gorilla, has lived to Big Upper Shopping centre almost like this so it can agree. His memories of a jungle and his longitude-the stray sister is fleeting, and is contained in his habitat. It wants to paint, that speaks with his neighbour (wise elephant Crash), visits of Julia (the daughter of a janitor), and Bob (a stray dog). But then Rubí of the elephant of the creature arrives, and Ivan sees the Big Upper shopping centre so that less than the house and more than the prison.

To call this sweet of book is undermining some complexities Applegate has like this attentively woven his rich history roughly turn. A narration is not the quite free, but has one same simple, polished and exacting feels to like this free the novels do. These leaves of form for simplicity of tongue but with maximum of emotional impact, the combination adds partorisca reluctant or struggling readers. Also it leaves Applegate to manage potentially disturbing scenes (comprising a with the hook of elephant of the metal) without too much of graphic detail.

Defenders to Love This Dog, One Incredibly Travesía, Sounder, Piper, and anything writes for Michael Morpurgo cherish One One and Ivan So only. A contemporary addition, so only and praise to a cannon of animal histories for boys.

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Top Customer Reviews: National Geographic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Lon
We have eaten everything in elephants now and a book is informative and perfect for mine 5 old year.

Top Customer Reviews: Hooray for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Cheri
Simple bed partorisca 4 year with the history partorisca involve. It was not disappointed and your boys will want to read again.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Laureen
Our hijode 28 month loves this book and he am resulted a first book asks to maintain in his cradle at night while it sleep. An original ('Spent for Sale') was also the preferred but to the ours little lover of music likes this a better because of a band and instruments. Rid adds to read shortly after the boy experiences the fair, carnival or circus because they can relate his experience to the pictures and the history of a book. A text is a lot a lot (but no like this well like first book, simply because I think that that a first book there is for real exceptional text.) A book is a lot slightly, but any objectionably has dated, considering race and of the representations of the gender but some values have described in a history is good and developmentally pertinent for toddlers on up. To sure lovely reading good.
4 / 5 Ludivina
Our 3 1/2 old year thoroughly there is enjoyed this book - first loves a bit cover them and then loves all a circus that goes-ons. A time to share do fault like the introduction adds to the peddler and there is then there was empathize with his feelings and the experiences like this to cover them has been taken of him and then his only character recognised for some people of circus. Highly we recommend this book!
5 / 5 Shellie
My granddaughters and the nephews want to some pocola Spent for Sale and to Cover them of Circus for available books. I gave him a music and narration version of cassette of some originals of Discharge for Sale (with Ann Marie Mulhearn) to help them learn to read and has has wanted to more. The ones of way that give him then Spent of Circus for Sale. They love some few illustrations and think a history is 'orderly.' I have tried to find a version of music of this also--I comprises it would have to that be available punctual but has not been able of the find. Appearance Slobodkina editor(s) king-release more books of his boys-- is the property .

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Lavinia
Formed: Kindle Edition This book was the entertainment has read; a rhythm of some rhymes was really good and a history was pleasant and easy to comprise thus group of age. Some illustrations are good-looking and pertinent partorisca this book and age also.
5 / 5 Mica
Formed: Kindle Easy Edition partorisca read and enjoyable. My boy has followed a history to the long of. The illustrations are good and flows well with a Format
4 / 5 Harley
of history: Kindle Imagination of the edition been missing of
5 / 5 Nevada
This book was the entertainment has read; a rhythm of some rhymes was really good and a history was pleasant and easy to comprise thus group of age. Some illustrations are good-looking and pertinent partorisca this book and age also.
5 / 5 Josue
I books of amour where some boys are involved like this in a history that begins partorisca shout out of answered or of the directions to some characters - the blockade of good edifice partorisca read comprehension! Some illustrations are amused, especially wants to all some animals.
5 / 5 Val
Easy to read and enjoyable. My boy has followed a history to the long of. The illustrations are good and flows well with a history