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Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin Secure ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Tomasa
The cost has verified My woman and I have been using this partorisca 18 month now and his still the very lovely course and of entity of our daily lives. Taking used probably 8 times the day, partorisca periods very short but has used this in spite of. I am giving this element to 5 stars likes them the work as well as the tampon of the transmission and ossia that has bought he partorisca, but his characteristic marketable is more gimmicky mine that will speak down.

A 'Xtra-Grip' feet in a fund very a lot. Without any weight in a tampon (any creature) calms easily can press this foreigner with your pinky toe while his in the table. As any I exactly says resupply grip. When we have dipped our edges down, is quite hard to press but am sure ossia more to do with a weight of our edges that hanged one kills down.

A strap of Security is sum in theory, use he two times and has given quickly up. Our so only dip edges there until it learn like this to toe on. Once it was able to do that, was able to toe with a strap applied unless it pulled a lot stagnate that it causes some sides to crimps up. When it Goes with a strap has applied, was able to go a whole foreigner with him. He also among a way of flipping on his onesie and has done to change that much more difficult. I have finalised to cut it went him. I know more people those who love this characteristic has an idea of this perfect nursery in his boss where can locate this in the table of transmission, but his no really practical. Much easier and surer to dip this in the bed or included better, a paving. Way too stressful that the worries roughly yes calm little a toe, circle, chair-arrive and fight or try leave while it looks for to pull wipes of the stock exchange and apply cream to concern in falling. The utmost looks in of the magazines, no in a real world.

Some lives of surface of Easy Wipe until his name. His no-porous and the toallitas humid cleaned a lot easily with the baby wipe. Ours is cleaned like this likes the day buys it to us. You could use this without the coverage has loved also.

The wise measure, our edges there is now 18 months and 36' big like his feet now hang of an end. Any sure the one who longer will take use out of the this, can has to that change to to pillow under a forward a paving.

- Soft And comfortable
- Good measure
- Sper easy to clean

- grips of Feet very a lot
- value of the strap of the Security is questionable
4 / 5 Era
The cost verified has required partorisca buy the tampon partorisca change that apt the Hardware of Recovery topper, which has finalised partorisca be harder that has thought. This one returns perfectly, with the little wiggle room in some finals. It was hard to see in an image and description the one who some dimensions are in of the thumbs: it is 16' x 31'.
4 / 5 Marcus
The cost checked has Compared to kidicomfort change it cushion which is slightly more economic and this one has very better cushioning. Has not dipping the coverage is, and is very easy to dry down. Had a lot of episodes of poop while in processes partorisca change in the new diaper and a disorder was dried easily down with toallitas humid wet. I can not imagine changing diaper without east.

Essential partorisca all the register of creature
4 / 5 Mellie
The cost has checked Well and deep - big sides partorisca maintain my sure creature. The majority of some other tampons in a row abordable is quite superficial. It is the snug the access in my subjects of transmission so it can not comment in the a lot of some grips in an inferior work. A fund of a tampon is the hard base with games of grip. It is white simple and easy to dry. Straps of white security to ensure the creature is stepping out of a table
5 / 5 Victorina
The cost has checked expected partorisca be able to use this tampon partorisca change without the coverage to a) saves money and b) saves on doing dirty clothes all a time (like several commenters had said is easier so only of the dry was). This in spite of, has been disappointed partorisca find that calm properly attach some league to a backside of the your dresser of the table/of the transmission likes focused, leaves the orange opinion highly focuses visible (any-removable) sticking is gone in an opposite side of a tampon of transmission and yes wants to preserve an aesthetics of my nursery now has to that also purchase the coverage to hide this.

Reason has not dipping a focus to look orange in a rear side of a product where some straps of the annex of the dresser is located???
5 / 5 Kiana
Spent the tampon checked of the transmission adds. Very soft, awesome quality. The only reason has taken was some stars is partorisca two reasons:

1. The grips in a boat are unimpressive... Any a lot of grippy to a surface of table.
2. I have expected some wall partorisca be main that a tampon of the half transmission based in a way these products is marketed. I have not found that a lot the difference among a height.
5 / 5 Loren
The cost has verified gave it 4 stars because has the odd smell. A smell has been he was after washing it two times. A suggestion to any that plans to buy be sure partorisca take coverages of tampon of the transmission because otherwise a plastic takes cold and annoying a creature. Otherwise Is sure and sper easy to clean that I amour.
4 / 5 Donnetta
The cost has checked Excellent tampon. Correa of security is sum and useful when that leaves a creature 30 seconds partorisca wash hands. The surface is sper easy to clean. To to The Creature included likes to be directly on he without the soft coverage. Baby Feels sure thanks to one has created flanges.

Very really try a 'Xtra-Grip' as my table the transmission has flanges partorisca maintain a tampon in place.
5 / 5 Maryalice
Measure partorisca Purchase checked and to to the description exactly likes them the measure. It has not used the to change the creature still, as it was not that a grippy the feet would do in the situation of real life ( look partorisca be side when testing). I will be partorisca use the coverage of transmission with him and will be partorisca dip he in the base - so that I liked them really that it was in of a smaller end of some of some comparative changing tampons there.
5 / 5 Jo
The cost has checked are like this happy has been with east a, is soft but quite hard maintain in place and sure,
loves even so only dipping in the when it was younger that take like this happy to dip on that.
Is like this easy to clean and feels like such good quality
loves a bit grips that helped maintains of sliding uses it to to him elsewhere likes in a paving etc. And a price is like this very compared to other places!
4 / 5 Don
I have been using he partorisca 6 month with the tampon of transmission of waterproof cloth on forming that a cold plastic no the cold of skin of the creature. The law adds and comfortable partorisca creature. The attach to us to the our dresser as we have not had to that buy the table of separate transmission.
4 / 5 Brook
Ossia Dud announcing chairs. A “sturdy grip” in a fund of a mattress is literally gel plastic. At all at all to ensure a mattress to anything. You owe that nail he to something to in fact feel likes is sure. Neither it is one the majority of comfortable, we still dipped to the pillow under our creature is advance the.
Easy to clean.
5 / 5 Oscar
To Measure and to the description exactly likes has measured. It has not used the to change the creature still, as it was not that a grippy the feet would do in the situation of real life ( look to be side when testing). I will be to use the coverage of transmission with him and will be to dip he in the base - so that I liked them really that it was in of a smaller end of some of some comparative changing tampons there.
4 / 5 Bradley
Like some tie where can ensure you your creature when changing a diaper with a creature. Although a grip can ensure a tampon to change, he doesnt ecure' a place of a creature ( still with some straps, coz a creature still will move around in a tampon). In general, it is the product adds and the value that shabby.
5 / 5 Brianna
Ossia The tampon of good transmission , gave it 3 stars because it gives of the chemical smell very strong, this has been now going strong for 3 month. Otherwise Is easy to clean and is quite fat to be comfortable. I also like a gel this of low tampons maintains of emotional around.
5 / 5 Ela
Ossia A tampon of excellent transmission ! It likes- one characteristic of grip in a underside, a tape of security, and one has created flanges. It is very waterproof and looks to repel disorders - has had diverse messy poops and pees in this tampon, and all have required to do is transmission a coverage, there is has not required even to dry this down.
5 / 5 Kassie
Has taken this tampon to change for my creature, like this far his working perfectly, a tampon is in bylines and some coverages are really well also (any one comprised in this element) of then does not have the table to change in my nursery the opted for the @@@cofre of good drawer and some the sure tampons in some subordinated to maintain a company of tampon in his place.
5 / 5 Gaylene
Tampon of the transmission does not move and did not anchor it to change table. Easy to clean. The ones of the that has the coverage for him, the cause has 2 boys and well, would be to wash the multiple time every day.
5 / 5 Kam
Loves a liner is! No the quilted liner like another concealed the easy fact for liquid to seep to a real cushioning. This one east súper easy to clean and some grips in a fund are utmost!
4 / 5 Katharyn
Has not used this closing like our boy is not born but is the measures adds , and some grips in some subordinated the maintain well and stable on our table of transmission.
5 / 5 Raylene
I wont be able to give the full description partorisca other few months, as my creature is not here still. This in spite of a tampon the transmission is gone in good form and has some grips. To good sure was useful to maintain my comfortable creature while changing.
4 / 5 Malka
All look well but my prime minister a there is had to the to the really bad fuel likes him the smell to the equal that have exchanged he partorisca another and this an also owes smell. I dried it and it go it was
5 / 5 Alease
has taken really! We do not dip the coverage on he for like this doing disorders like this easy to clean and poopy diapers any estreses! A grippies so only is not a lot of grippy but global good element.
5 / 5 Linwood
This tampon partorisca change easily is returned the toddler (the good regime that maintains him there). It likes him-me some league that sure this to a dresser has it on. It does not move after being ensured with the pocolos fulminas fast.
4 / 5 Monroe
A very good creature that tampon of transmissions. Material of big quality. Tape of the seats also helps partorisca maintain a creature ensured while changing. We take a munchkin waterproof changing tampons also that really helps with preventing stains in a coverage. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Sheron
Far the big, unhappy with some dimensions, the product is not partorisca ensure in a place. An use of a strap is pointless against my wiggly 10 mnth old.

So only go and buy one of Ikea calms really want to one.
4 / 5 Bobette
Does well like this far. The amours of creature is kinda odd.
Returns perfectly in our table of transmission. Propiciado By access of table of regular transmission.
4 / 5 Marleen
A lot happy some straps in a fund are able to be ensured as it moves around closing the bit on our dresser. A lot of comfy and good measure for our creature this in spite of. Toallitas Humid easily when our little type trick!! :P
4 / 5 Renna
Buys this now still to look in him. Of the money is better spent like this far, together with these coverages have announced. Mark sure to ray he in the subject properly. Then it has amused changing diapers!
5 / 5 Rose
The utmost utmost looks . There is not had to that clean still but is that old still material plastic toallita humid like this easy was am assuming
5 / 5 Maia
I have ordered this partorisca change our new little granddaughter on and work perfectly, maintaining his sure partorisca go, and he so that it grow with a tape of security.
5 / 5 Bart
The tampon is fat and comfortable. Touch very well with a grip down as it maintains partorisca situate amiably. We have taken this tampon with us on the holidays and he can be places to any surface and in the knowledge that remains partorisca situate while we change a bit one.
4 / 5 Chandra
Has had he partorisca 6 month now and an only thing there is remarked is that some any tampons of the slip in a fund there is prendido working :( another that that, the product adds! Almost I ask if I something wrong? I have it on a cup of dresser!
5 / 5 Herlinda
As well as the spatial saver. I find the tables of transmission are the waste of spatial and can very really be used for anything more. Save your money and take one of these to burst on the dresser of the creature (or your own to the equal that have done when babe has been still in our room).
5 / 5 Rafaela
A esecure grip' really is not that sure but works as well as the tampon of transmission otherwise. Has our in ours dresser of edges and he slides around too easily when it is both on and out of him. The desire would have taken some class to frame to resist he in place.
5 / 5 Myrle
I tampons of grip are useless once your creature is able to go and movement around. My edges loves crawl was slope of the transmissions of diaper, and east cushions so only moves around. We buy the less expensive one without some sure grips in some subordinated and has had any subject with him!
4 / 5 Micah
Like a bit feet of the grip in some subordinated to maintain a tampon of emotional! They are also happy that some coverages already had received like the presents will return in this tampon to change--I has taken the risk and I am very pleased in general.
4 / 5 Veronica
Hopefully You only Need a. There are options more economic but this has the good strap and the good grips in some subordinated
4 / 5 Cythia
Accesses snuggly in a table of the transmission of the diaper has. It is comfortable for my little some hips. Excellent value for prize!
4 / 5 Emerald
Uses this in my counter of bath. For something that looked for with a prize, he well.
5 / 5 Ellsworth
Access in a dresser perfectly, and used rule sized coverages of tampon of the transmission
5 / 5 Carolyn
Very good. Stays in place. Enough long. The just desire has dipped that warns orange in a side or behind.
4 / 5 Irmgard
Some grips do not calm once have the coverage on that. I have bought this for some grips in some subordinated and there there is really signal very calm of then has to that use the coverage in a tampon of transmission. Tampon of good transmission but any value of the money
4 / 5 Sherly
Is a practical piece of then can change a boy in not ascending that piece of the house and move easily this pillow the langer. Good-looking invention!
5 / 5 Melynda
Has used likes the laptop that changes the tampon and is like this practical for me there is like this refused to buy the table to change reason takes on too spatial. It is súper comfy and easy to clean!
5 / 5 Rosalba
Easy to clean, sure and comfortable. The measure regulates like this returns all or more changing tables and coverages
5 / 5 Carolynn
think that this will do better once my creature is quell'has bitten main. The desire was deeper thorough.
5 / 5 Rowena
These are tampons of excellent transmission , a lot sturdy soft closing for comfort it of the creature. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Lecia
Looks comfortable in this tampon of transmission. It is easy to clean and some straps resupply extra security for the wiggly creature
5 / 5 Susie
Like this far at all has broken still. We spend it to us on and down stairs every day, like our stays of creature in main paving during a day.

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin Waterproof ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Munchkin Liner I use these constantly, he easier that clean up for only that they have to grab the new one in planting to change a tampon of the coverage of whole transmission is returned like this often. The desire was longer as they could take spit on and any leaks of time of the diaper also. Other descriptions say that a wash ruined them. The mine is less bad with which 5 month and I wash frequently. I use creature oxy cleaned partorisca any stains, washed in of the cold water in a cycle 'random' and plant them in a dryer in low heat.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Munchkin Liner has has wanted to these at the beginning. I have bought the plot of them partorisca dip under my creature everywhere because it was always spitting on and these have protected any surface was lying on. Well Like this burp cloths also. Unfortunately a raincoat that the backs are destroyed in a lot of the because of spending for a dryer. It sees picture. A focuses said that they are the sure dryer but concealed is not true. With a number of this I use the day and the creature are not interested in hanging them to dry. As they are still usable so only any raincoats for long. My creature is less than 2 month.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Munchkin Liner has the Playpen with the tampon of transmission in our room familiarised in a paving of topmast and a material of a tampon of transmission is a plastic raincoat material that can be very cold. I have purchased these and the partorisca line a tampon of transmission with the material of soft plus ossia much less probably partorisca result cold. Baby does not cry so much with this so much the barrier. I add compraventa, the effective and waterproof dinner. They would be the little small to use calm so that it is tampon of only transmission , but add to bend up and place in a stock exchange of diaper in an emergency.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Munchkin Liner is good measure , utmost partorisca stock exchanges of diaper of the travesa or like an extra in a box of glove because they fold on like this amiably. This in spite of if creature pees interior a moment very wrong to change the diaper, (like the majority of creatures is of sound ) some liquid groups and then is stuck with the group of pee in a tampon. Calm now is trying the not leaving a pee go in a wrong direction the babe and treat like this partorisca situate of without spilling on anything more. I have expected a side of Cotton partorisca absorb a liquid while an opposite side prevents partorisca filter the things down that. I have taken partorisca use the coverage partorisca receive on top of as in absorbent.

Has expected after the little wash would change it but any never. Any one the less still uses some tampons often.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Munchkin Liner These are like this add!! My creature almost always begins peeing grieve volume his diaper was and these are the timesaver! So only I owe that change this liner in the place of a discharge of whole transmission kills when he the disorder. Also it loves that these liners has a side is the side of the blurred soft cloth and another side is the raincoat coated side for wet disorders. Also, I have washed these stirs it to time now and resist on a lot well! Still one same likes day a! To good sure will be to order more!
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Munchkin Liner does not know why tampon of transmission liners would be done so that poden any withstand the washed sanitary. Given all an excrement is done to extracted has not felt mine. In some pictures I posted, can see the one who flexible a liners resulted when a plastic backing regime. Has thinks that perhaps still could him use but then some plsticoes backing only tears like the grocery tends plastic stock exchange. Once it is movements like this flexible around too partorisca be useful in a table of transmission. I have used sanitary wash and tumble dry low and type in 1-3 washes. You recommend to use a TillYou liners instead (more come with 6 in place of 3).
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Munchkin Liner Wants to these! Like this soft but test of water! Perfecto for a bassinet and a stock exchange of diaper! Also dipped one in a cup of a tampon of transmission like any precise coverage to be washed like this often ( have frequent explosions). It was to do buys it to him of present of regular creature.
Like the creature grows will not cover a table of transmission learns in of the public baths so it is buying he for that for a boy of the oldest/creature could be disappointed...
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Munchkin Liner the Good measure that tampons of transmissions but could a lot of withstand washed multiple. After using them partorisca 1-2 months (1-2 times in a washer and dryer the weekly delicate cycle), a spent plastic inferior in an of the tampons have begun partorisca separate of a material of upper cloth. But his his , and has maintained a canal partorisca change more cleaned.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Munchkin Liner These are literally one a thing recommends that the majority has fellow the one who is having creatures. These really saved a day numerous time while it learns that you have to that have the diaper ready partorisca dip down the with which takes one of LOL. An upper side is very soft and a product is a lot of raincoat with enough absorbency that a pee any just leak of some sides and do the disorder around a foreigner. I have been using these for 8 months and is still forms really adds although I hang them to dry like this often like this possible
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Munchkin Liner will do adds partorisca subject to change to help maintain the good coverages clean. It have thought to use in diaper caddy in main paving also but am not sure if the global measure is quite big. It can it has to that buy the transmission slightly main mats so that a whole creature (arms and legs) is not that it touches a surface to walk. You aim picture down of comparison of measure of a matt to change that is coming with my stock exchange of diaper.
4 / 5
Un piaciuto il e ha preso 6 ha dato quelli. Un attivo 1 addirittura a cambiato la tavola e io hanno messo la creatura in vicino della materia impermeabile. In tale maniera facilmente che può asciugare stesso e non marchio vicino a tessuto. Un soltanto lavargli con acqua tibia ma non partorisca asciugargli mai in diede a lui secador grande temp gli può rompere. Labran mangia nuovo tutto l'arato mondiale ha lavato :)
4 / 5
il costo Aggiunge partorisca un tampón ha dato trasmissione piccola. Un utilizzato questo partorisca la creatura della mia creatura lounger (in ha dato mariti inesperadamente outs o spit addirittura) ed è ritornato perfettamente. Un anche utilizzarlo sotto il suo capo quando è nel suo scenario ha dato gioco o sotto il suo durante tummy meteo partorisca spit sopra. Gli utilizza lui in mina breastfeeding almohada anche. È È facile d'utilizzarlo partorisca proteggere altri tessuti e allora tocca lui in partorisca lavato quando prendi spit addirittura o drool in quello. Un colgarlo partorisca asciugare con che. Il non sono sicuro mangia l'impermeabile che recula farebbe nel secador.
4 / 5
I proprio 16 ha dato questi. Pappagallo'King perfeziona partorisca a tavola cambiata e anche è ritornato il playyard cambiando canale. Per recular risultati super liberi con che alcun che lavati questo nonostante, e pappagallo're nessun il il spesso o grande un altro liners. Hai un pesato più bagnato che costantemente pees Nella metà ha dato trasmissioni allora questi prodotti non partorisca il vostro. Otherwise, Avendo un handful è il manejable puoi gli i cambi era prendere bagnato o poop stained senza quello dovere quello tranquiliza la mia copertura ha dato il tampón ha dato trasmissione intera
4 / 5
istruzioni care Facili. Possa toccare al washer e secador qualsiasi problema. Il pappagallo esy una misura buona e labrar un tipo ha dato il tessuto ha dato Terry morbido ha dato per sentire addirittura a un lato, e una gomma materiale/plastica morbida addirittura a un altro. Nessun noisty. Uno vuole utilizzare un in il mio bassinet il proteggere aggiunto scendo la copertura è ritornato, e a un altro due sarà rotated per il mio tampón ha dato ha cambiato.
5 / 5
Esattamente che aspettiamo. Guardano io ha dato qualità buona e rimasta morbido con che Il premier ha lavato. Aggiorni descrizione se tutti i cambi. Voglia quello ha avuto colori Vivi o delle opzioni hanno dato bozza.

Lì è aggiornato: all'ordine ha dato 'rubbery' o lato plastica che è supposizione per mantenerlo impermeabile è realmente fragile con che alcun che lavato (colpi d'altri tessuti o i buchi hanno dato marchio delle cerniere) o lo lava il caldo, encoge.

Labra una misura buona per addirittura per andare, ma c'è sa idea preda I più aggiunge caro ferma ha lavato. Ma quando lì c'è poop in quello e tranquillo esy un padre giovane che ha meteo a pre-lavarlo manualmente in tibio ma non acqua calda
5 / 5
ha comprato est tampón ha dato ha cambiato liner per la mia creatura e lì è comprato alcuni per i miei amici anche! Realmente buono! A volte le creature giuste pee o poo arresti orecchini partorisca cronometrar trasmissioni a pañal per pappagallo! E ossia davvero impermeabile! Quando la mia figlia ha dato la creatura era peeing orecchino partorisca cronometrar uno ha cambiato pañal fermo il suo, lei peed in est liner e impedisce a tampón cambiato per essere empapado! Il padrone! Altamente raccomandare
5 / 5
ha comprato una banda ha dato questi in uno gli hanno dato capricho un prodotto suggerito quando comprando coperture per la mia creatura nuova. WOW! La quantità ha dato il disordine e questo ruba il pappagallo salva sta sorprendendo. La mia creatura passa per essere particolarmente cattivo in spitting addirittura a caso meteo. Un ha dato questi Nel suo bassinet e nel suo tavolo ha dato ha cambiato salvare le sue coperture e materassi almeno due volte al giorno. Hanno ha dovuto che che realmente bene, anche, I'va c'è ha dovuto che quello ha lavato almeno ognuno un altro giorno per sette settimane adesso e qualsiasi segno o lasciando in la la plastica è're ancora totalmente vicino ad acqua, e qualsiasi roughness nel tessuto. A Uno gli piacciono è molto, ha comprato un'altra banda per mantenere ha da allora deve che che quello comprato per lavargli sapere spessore. A buono sicuro raccomandare.
4 / 5
Gli utilizzi è il un tampón ha dato legge cambiata. Quando la mia creatura È peed nel non incluso il mio prpers dare prigioniero bagnato avuto senza crusca in lui. È una misura buona a fuori lato per creature. Uno lo sieda potrebbe essere troppo piccolo per una creatura principale che pode movimenti in tornare a musulmani facilmente.
4 / 5
Prodotto aggiunge. Impermeabile. Mantiene espíldoras' fuori il materasso e la copertura ritornata nelle nostre culle. Questo nonostante è un po' piccolo per i nostri ragazzi che tende a movimenti all'incirca muchos.

Comodo e morbido e raccomanderebbe sicuro mantenendo ad addirittura in alcool.
4 / 5
Questi sono stato quella sorpresa Nelle prime poche settimane dell'arrivo della mia creatura. Pappagallo'Andare i disordini inaspettati hanno preso qualunque che meteo e labrar facile ha dato ha lavato. Pappagallo'Aller ancora partorisca retener qualunque macchie e diede labró che il buon nuovo con che esploso gli in la lavatrice. Gli utilizza questo in una copertura ha dato il tessuto nel mio tampón ha dato trasmissione impermeabile. Qualsiasi lamentela!
4 / 5
These are like this handy! It is like this good to have in my table partorisca change so that has the bit of the calm disorder so only can launch he in a wash in planting that has to that take he of a coverage of tampon of whole transmission. He of then among the three band of some soiled to you so only substitutes he with another while it is has washed.
4 / 5
These are smaller that has expected, this in spite of, the utmost law as they maintain a discharge returned in a transmission kills good and cleaned reason I so only precise launcher these in a washing machine for the cleaner (the majority of a time) when it has an accident.
4 / 5
Starts the pill with which one or two washes. Also I know a focus says to wash in of the cold water so only.. But when theres poop and pee on he of a creature like washed of the things in of the hot water for the give the good cleaned. I have washed these in the hot water and a rear plastic part have melted totally. No very durable... You do not buy again.
5 / 5
These are the lifesaver as I do not owe that change your coverage of tampon of whole transmission when the creature decides to pee hardly take his soiled diaper! Has 9 of them and find concealed is so only a right quantity so that we do not have to that do cloths litter every day. I will be to buy these takes all the presents of shower of future creature.
4 / 5
Uses these to protect tampon of mine to change coverage. I have it there was so only for the pair of weeks, but is a lot handy as I do not owe that change a coverage like this frequently. I have it you wash him already the little time and a raincoat that the backs looks a lot flimsy like it rasgará punctual (any insurances if ossia true, but looks as) to the equal that has been hangs to dry his with diapers of mine of cloth. I go to buy another band to the equal that has more in rotation and his so has longer. You the work adds for a prize.
4 / 5
These are amazing - maintain the little in each table of transmission. Way easier to wash that a coverage of tampon of the transmission. I have ordered 3 but then 3 more a lot shortly after that reason are like this handy - was with these good and soft terry for a creature bum!
5 / 5
A liner law well to protect your table excepts that has no absorbency !! As any liquid (like pee) cut directly out of him or of the stays a lot on that. I need to be more absorbent so that some any one clear of career to be the places has protected.
5 / 5
Is waterproof. Soft material in a side - easily washable. Mark partorisca stir it will take some the bad stains was and calm then can wash he in some cloths litter. Used in a tampon of transmission and also can dip one in a car chair to prevent any leaks of diaper of entities to take to another the hard-clean places.
5 / 5
Ossia The must of table of the change him the dad ossia new the transmissions of diaper! It was to wash a coverage of tampon of the transmission three times the day if we didnt have these haha. Also I use him when we have travelled reason are like this easy to pack around. Amur This product.
4 / 5
These are quell'has bitten smaller that has been expecting, but suspect our creature also will be smaller that they are envisioning. I will require to buy some tampons to change big also but these will do for some early days.
5 / 5
First parents of time and our small to one liked liked of just before a new diaper is trace . These have done utmost to take a disorder and has saved a diaper that layer of transmissions of table more than the little time. We finalise partorisca buy another container partorisca have extra and avert that it has to that do a wash each few days.
4 / 5
This three band partorisca change the coverages have been the must has. Always I have one in my stock exchange of diaper with a Skip Hop transmission of travesía caddy. An interior of this caddy is plastic like this sometimes cold partorisca my little a.

These wash REALLY well and has not had any shrinkage or sprain.

A fact that goes in to 3 band in this prize adds, calm can any gone bad.
4 / 5
Ossia The must partorisca new parents! It has dipped this on my tampon partorisca change to take any leaks and utmost. I also dipped a down my edges at night so that some discharges are protected if he not having never the leak of diaper. It schemes washable, versatile, durable, highly recommend!
5 / 5
No like this big to the equal that would like, like this of a swipe your creature is main that the creature, begins partorisca hang of a tampon as it do not take anything. Also stains quite easily which is unfortunate for something concealed is done to be used around pee and poop. His , but can be the better plot .
5 / 5
These were like this utmost to have in some premiers few months of my life of edges when there it was a lot of blowouts and the transmissions were messy. It finds that no the utilisation very a lot now that it is one but was awesome when I used him. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
Has been using these in ours diaper that tampon of the transmissions of a day takes our pocola a house . To help sure good to maintain a tampon to change the clean discharges and take all some bad leaks. We have washed this long now- the stains exit easily and has on resisted enough well. Taking was a star because I think that that a measure is the little small and could require find something main like the creature grows
5 / 5
Perfect measure for my little a. It has done a lot of disorders in these and always exit clean. You can dip these anywhere reasons are not bulky, stock exchange of diaper, cradle, pen of game, etc.
5 / 5
Master a bit waterproof mats! I maintain one in stock transmission of diaper, on table of transmission and in other zones of house. A lot handy. Easy to wash in cold, so only be sure to dry down for perhaps 20 minutes. Then, it dips to finalise to dry.
4 / 5
Like this usefull! We use for transmission of diaper. Claro so only remains up has been cloth. We will buy more those. In fact we buy 15. 4 Has holes in a plastic side with which roughly 10 washes. Early they will not be usable
5 / 5
has Fallen averts after the washes of pair. Continuous wash Instructions diligently (reasons are neurotic). A separate lining and has begun for rasgar. He maintaining stir up in a tampon to change rendering the useless. It is actuality counterproductive like this constantly am trying rule the while it changes my creature.
5 / 5
It likes that of him it does not crimp in some flanges after washing likes roughly another liners. 4 stars so only reasons is not always immediately absorbent if the creature has an accident in the reason a side of cloth is like this thin. But in general the good product and does a trick!
4 / 5
Has used these partorisca two creatures now. I add so that taken the bit of the disorder when doing transmissions of diaper. Calm so only can take and wash this piece and does not have to that take a coverage of tampon of the transmission.
5 / 5
This good work but is the bit in small side and does not wash as well as the alike product has purchased. His no last a lot much more with use and washing. It can be softer also.
5 / 5
Is well, but cold in skin of creatures. And they can very never be places to a dryer or has maintained near of anything hot how is plastic very thin . Better just to take the coverage partorisca change
4 / 5
Really easy to wash and resist some liquid in the, also dry súper fast. An only complaint is that it returns small in a tampon of transmissions, likes really small. But I recommend it partorisca buy he partorisca a easiness of a process partorisca wash and with the creature costs a compraventa.
5 / 5
Any fearful of disorders of table of the transmission now! These few things save me many times that they have to that change a whole tampon.
And like this handy have included dipped one in mine skip hop changing tampon partorisca a stock exchange of diaper. Nizza And soft partorisca the creature and calm is not him dipping down in cold plastic! Highly recommend.
5 / 5
Compraventa A lot these his so that it is like this useful. The only commentary is that a plastic side extends the bit after the pocolos washed in a car, but any one has broken still. The prize adds and fast nave.
4 / 5
The point of prize adds BUT the side of vinyl will separate and turn partorisca feel like the stock exchange of rubbish of the cookery! Taking stuck with other elements in a wash that his hard to agree to separate he partorisca go to one is the private sleep and that looks for to express cry of house while a bit one sleeps ossia a last what wants to treat! It Finalising that it use him that they receive to the coverages like liners for a bassinet and of table of transmission, better work that these!
5 / 5
A worse product has has not purchased never. Save your money. Very small to begin with and a water proofing spent under any last more than 2 cycles in a wash and dryer. I have followed some instructions also tumble dry basses and he quite widespread, melted and has disintegrated. It DOES not SQUANDER YOUR MONEY
4 / 5
These are utmost partorisca in a table of transmission or has included so only to dip down when changing creature around a house. My daughter has had also the enormous pee in the and any of him drenched by means of so that I saved to good sure to clean the disorder
4 / 5
They Liked him and lame 6 of of those. Has 1 in a table partorisca change and I have dipped a creature in a side of a waterproof material. In this way easily I can you dry it was and it does not mark a side of cloth. So only I wash him with warm water but any to dry them never in a dryer like big temp can break him. They are like this new all the world is washed :)
4 / 5
the value Adds partorisca the tampon of small transmission. I have used this partorisca the creature of my creature lounger (in chance unexpectedly outs or spit on) and turn perfectly. Also I use it down his boss when it is in his gymnasium of game or under his earring tummy time for spit up. I use it on my breastfeeding pillow also. It is like this easy to use it to protect other cloths and then launches he in a wash when it takes spit on or drool on that. I hang it to dry with which. I am not sure like a raincoat that the backs would do in a dryer.
4 / 5
I own 16 of these. They are perfect for a table to change and also is returned a playyard changing canal. Some results to back súper free after the pocolos washed this in spite of, and is not like this fat or big like another liners. If has the heavy wetter that constantly pees in a half of transmissions then these produced no for you. Otherwise, Having the handful is handy as I can change him was to take wet or poop stained without that has to that reassure my coverage of tampon of whole transmission
4 / 5
instructions of Easy cure. It can launch to a washer and dryer any question. They are the good measure and is the type of the cloth of Terry exerts to feel in a a side, and the plastic of material/of hule soft in another. Any noisty. I want to use one in mine bassinet to the equal that protect added under a discharge is returned, and another two will be rotated for my tampon to change.
4 / 5
Exactly that wait. They look of good quality and remained soft after a prime minister has washed. Description of update all the transmissions. It wants that there was more colour or of the options of outline.

Has update: One classifies of 'rubbery' or plastic side that it is supposition for the maintain waterproof is really fragile after the little wash (swipes of other cloths or holes of mark of the zips) or wash it to him the heat, shrinks.

Is the good measure partorisca in a gone, but there is knows the idea has cured more adds taken to wash. But when there it have it poop in the and is the young father the one who has time to pre-the washed manually in warm but no hot water
4 / 5
has bought this tampon to change liner for my creature and has bought some for my friends also! Really good! Sometimes the just creatures pee or poo during some times transmission a diaper for them! And ossia for real waterproof! When My daughter of creature was peeing during a time has changed them diaper for his, she peed on this liner and prevents a tampon to change to be drenched! You love it! Highly recommend
4 / 5
has bought the band of these in the whim like the product suggested when buying spent for my new creature. WOW! A quantity of disorder and do these things save is surprising. My creature spends to be particularly bad in spitting on at random time. One of these in his bassinet and in his table to change save his discharges and mattresses at least twice the day. They have had to that really well, also, have has had to that that wash them at least each one another day for seven weeks now and any sign or leaving in a plastic to the equal that are still totally tries water, and any roughness in a cloth. They Like him so much, I have bought of another band to maintain that it has to that buy wash them like this often. To good sure recommend.
5 / 5
Uses these that the tampon the transmission reads. When My edges of creature peed in the a lot of included me prpers gives had taken wetted without looking in him. It is the good measure to out side for creatures. I'm sorry it could be too small for the main creature that can move around more easily.
4 / 5
The product adds. Raincoat. It maintains espíldoras' out of the mattress and the discharge returned in our cradles. This in spite of is quell'has bitten small for our boys those who tend to move around the plot.

Comfortable and soft and would recommend sure maintaining an on in alcohol.
5 / 5
These have been that surprised in any one first few weeks of the arrival of my creature. They have taken unexpected disorders the little time and is easy to wash. Have Still partorisca retain any one stains and is like this very like this new with which burst him in a washing machine. Utilisation this on the coverage of cloth in tampon of mine of waterproof transmission. Any complaint!

Top Customer Reviews: Disposable Changing ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5 Chasity
I have purchased these disposable changing tampons partorisca use while in the travesa of street and when it was after finding the one who soiled change more public the tables are. Thinking roughly everything of some germs that traces my annoying reusable tampon. These liners is a barrier of perfect & solution!
5 / 5 Sondra
Has thinks that that this was quite overpriced, but gave him the shot anyways. Now it was not that it would do without them. We use him to us on tampons of transmission in home reason our little one tends to have accidents when it change. Also I want to him when we are travelling, to dip on our tampon of travesa. Again, if it has an accident, we so only the chips was & does not have to that concern roughly cleaning them.
Are like this sure in a absorbency of these, has used so only a liner in my mother in of the laws white carpet!! Haha.
Like this in general, the product adds. Value a price!
5 / 5 Saundra
It can not live without these with creature peeing in his transmission cushions each one another day in some early phases of his life. Also I use him partorisca transmissions of diaper when I travel in other houses of villages. Very waterproof/absorbent
5 / 5 Lise
These liners has been the saver of life. Of the that Has to that maintain washing king-usable some. Mina 3 old month literally attentive until we take his diaper the poop throughout and a table. Especially like the creature! If it was not partorisca these disposable liners would require partorisca do clothes litter each day only. Perhaps still two times the day. They began it it was when being quite expensive to the equal that have run out of a 50 band in 2 weeks at the beginning but to the equal that begins to regulate his poops and taking older is now able state to use to 50 band on has turned he of the month. Calm also can use one for more along that so only an use of time. If calm so only dipped the down his bum in a side can usually just fold on that a side and the turn around and use another side for the 2 uses for one. Or sometimes it calms included it can spend for several transmissions of diaper without any poops or pees and animate-the use until soiled ! They are also sper absorbent. We ran it it was tried like this a mark of walmart that also sell on amazon 10 discharges for around and is absolutely terrible! Any absorbent at all. Waste of money. Peekapoos Is a way to go.
5 / 5 Sally
It is the good product , value a compraventa. It recommends it. It is also very partorisca when your creature has the diaper rash, easily can use these partorisca leave an open boy and then situate of a foreigner. Also very partorisca in a gone.
5 / 5 Julee
Vety Absorbent, And he quickly quite that he no only career down a bit one! I have used to buy 10 bands of the thin paper liners of Walmart, has maintained so only a kill clean and has not absorbed quickly enough... It saves the plot of clean transmissions of cloths, as less dirty clothes also... I produce it adds!
5 / 5 Rocco
It is expensive but do very a lot well. Of the that change he after each use because it can tolerate the plot of liquid. It has absorbed big quantity of urine and good works.
5 / 5 Krystyna
I have bought these partorisca change my creature around a house and they there is really go in handy. Especially late at night when I do not want to wash a transmission has spent kills. I will buy these again, again
5 / 5 Mae
These have done some first 6 weeks of having the creature like this easier. It spends the tampons of pair with me in my stock exchange of diaper and can launch him was anytime or wrap dirty clothes in them.
5 / 5 Jacques
I have bought these tampons partorisca my granddaughter. My daughter inlaw the master.
5 / 5 Soo
is expensive but do very a lot well. Of the that change he after each use because it can tolerate the plot of liquid. It has absorbed big quantity of urine and good works.
4 / 5 Williemae
What better the new dad could ask. We save partorisca do cariche countless of cloths for this have paid partorisca his in of the savings of electricities and time. It is add partorisca be able to turn a lot something to the grandson that changes zone while visiting fellow or the office of a doctor. New goes the present of party of the diaper.
5 / 5 Sydney
These are big quality partorisca disposable tampons of transmission of the diaper and very absorbent also. I add partorisca travelling, in a gone, and in home when required. They did not like him Never tampons of of use of transmission in of the zones of public transmission and then that it has to that dipped behind in my stock exchange of diaper. These are the solution adds !
4 / 5 Susanne
Is the product adds but my creature (9 weeks) is already too big partorisca a period. I will owe that combine 2 the punctual time
4 / 5 Sabrina
I like this the produced and we have used he partorisca our house of edges and external. It is very good and highly recommends this.
4 / 5 Lottie
These are surprising! It absorbs all súper fast and a measure is orders also. We cut him to us for the half partorisca prolong use and if they do not take soiled does not situate him but reuse him. They can also returned in of the stock exchanges of diaper easily cuz if his compact measure.
4 / 5 Shelia
This product is awesome would recommend this to the each father. It is add partorisca a table of transmission and partorisca in a stock exchange of diaper!! It does not leave house without him.
4 / 5 Fern
Would not be able to live without these! It is gone in quickly, looks so only like a picture.
4 / 5 Alysha
Bought this so only can him situate when I need to. Foreseen on using in an aeroplane and anywhere travesía.
5 / 5 Roselyn
Has bought these tampons partorisca my granddaughter. My daughter inlaw the master.
4 / 5 Inger
Adds for house or in a gone. We use him to us all a time. Marcos for easy cleaned up. Perfect measure. Well absorbency.
4 / 5 Regine
Short and very thin. Well for a prize but a quality is not the value that buys for a creature
4 / 5 Dexter
is the good measure & a band of 50 sees the long way
4 / 5 Salvador
there is at all quite roughly that... But hey is for pee, poo and spit ups... He a work.
4 / 5 Avery
Ossia Mine very useful and can not live without them. So only he all easier. The same uses it with which his baths so that it does not have any accidents while they are by train to dress.
5 / 5 Evie
The product adds especially when have the boy of creature that surprised calm with the source of pee every time to change :)
4 / 5 Katie
produced that Surprised - I has ordered this two times now and works like the charm with our creature. Highly recommend this for any one like to see this band gone in of 100 with the prize has discounted!
5 / 5 Diamond
THESE ARE UTMOST. The desire there would have been him more collected. Do dirty clothes every day partorisca one matt to change. These are the no brainer compraventa
4 / 5 Tatum
Easy to clean up. The cost of money. No too that absorbs, but works.
4 / 5 Melba
Transmission of diaper of easy convenient frames, any disorder and in a gone!
5 / 5 Carolee
Amur This product. Like this easy to dip in a table of transmission and to the continuazione well has an accident my creature could have during the transmission.
4 / 5 Tricia
Liked has liked the. Yes, they are expensive, and require the tonne of him, but the quality is so only perfect. Especially in comparison with the most economic tampons
5 / 5 Debra
These are some better, as they absorb a wetness quickly which prevent spills it big! I am going the stock on again once goes on sale!
4 / 5 Latoya
A lot of gain to change diapers of creature and partorisca tummy time.
5 / 5 Maryetta
Has tried other frames and some tampons were thin and no those absorbent. Happy has tried these some. Rey-Orderly and will order again in a future.
4 / 5 Shari
Like this easy to spend around in a stock exchange of diaper. The people have commented on the idea adds is

Top Customer Reviews: Lekebaby Foldable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
4 / 5 Krysten
Checked Purchases No sure because almost all the tampons of the transmission of the creature is vinyl backed but cotton in a front. I seat it likes it to me he has to that be sper careful using other tampons to change reasons do not love him to take stained. This a perfect east this in spite of and is seating in my stock exchange of diaper!
4 / 5 Larhonda
The cost has verified This tampon of the table of the transmission is so better that a one this is coming with my stock exchange of diaper of the creature. Fold Easily and amiably. It is easy to clean and is good and big. Another has had, my born prime minister outgrew the like this quickly so it has not had any point in the use if his legs were or whenever they hang era. This a, creates will last my new been born the long time.
4 / 5 Euna
The cost has checked I amour this tampon of transmission! Like this useful to maintain in a stock exchange of diaper partorisca when you are was in public and does not want to dip your creature in some tampons of gross public transmission. Also it adds for emergencies in a car. Easy to clean, soft for a creature to dip on, utmost measure for a stock exchange of diaper. I have wanted to it wins/ It To it so much have bought also one for the fellow the one who is pregnant.
4 / 5 Arie
The cost has verified This product are add partorisca when there are any tables partorisca change around. Has has had so only he partorisca the month and used it multiple time already
5 / 5 Monserrate
The cost has verified Ossia better that the majority of some other portable tampons have tried it! It is cushioned throughout and light - sper easy to clean and partorisca pack my stock exchange!
5 / 5 Vannesa
The cost verified has bought this partorisca add to the diaper caddy, like the present of shower partorisca my niece. It is the product adds !
4 / 5 Gladis
The cost has verified A simple washable the transmission of vinyl kills that has looked for!
5 / 5 Abe
The cost has verified More priced partorisca change tampon I expsito and well of the money! A quality any sw economic at all.
5 / 5 Karan
The cost has checked Returns really well in my stock exchange of creature and is the main and more soft plot that a a that originally it is coming with my stock exchange... Amur This. They are like this happy that has lost my tampon of original transmission and has required the new a!
5 / 5 Alva
The cost has verified has has not used in fact this still how is partorisca a stock exchange of creature partorisca a hospital partorisca creature any one.2 But it open it and it looks well
4 / 5 Cassondra
I love a waterproof material and a measure. It was usable partorisca the 2 old year. It is so only that it expect it it was.
4 / 5 Albertine
A simple washable the transmission of vinyl kills that has looked for! 👍
5 / 5 Dion
Has bought this partorisca add to the diaper caddy, like the present of shower partorisca my niece. It is the product adds !
4 / 5 Ethyl
Has looked for the foreigner of small transmission partorisca dip in our stock exchange of diaper. This one was an economic plus and fulfils our needs. Easy to clean and tent in our stock exchange.
5 / 5 Phyliss
More priced partorisca change tampon I expósito and well of the money! A quality any sw economic at all.
5 / 5 Wendolyn
Returns really well in my stock exchange of creature and is the main and more soft plot that a a that originally it is coming with my stock exchange... Amur This. They are like this happy that has lost my tampon of original transmission and has required the new a!
4 / 5 Chelsea
This tampon is perfect partorisca a stock exchange of diaper if yours there is not coming with one. It is good and big and folds on súper easily and quickly. Also easy to the just wipe cleaned after the disorders.
5 / 5 Saul
Has has not used in fact this still how is partorisca a stock exchange of creature partorisca a hospital partorisca creature any one.2 But it open it and look a lot
5 / 5 Karolyn
Light weight! Test of water! It give it so only 4 I accident of then has another month partorisca go first of planned date! def The update dipped it once to good use! The looks add this in spite of!
4 / 5 Donnette
According to the waits, simple to clean and the magnitude believed them.
4 / 5 Autumn
Nizza And big. We use in the room of a creature in place of the pricey foreign of transmission. We situate the coverage down he partorisca more cushioning.
5 / 5 Randi
Is comfy and cushioned, good to use he in restroom changing canal.

A material is better that a one this comes with my stock exchange of expensive diaper.
5 / 5 Wilma
Perfect measure partorisca our little 1. Easy to clean and his foldable with velcro how is easy to store.
5 / 5 Marceline
A lot cushioning, good measure partorisca the stock exchange of diaper, light and easy to clean.
4 / 5 Agustin
Exactly need like this had, grosseur perfect, Simple to clean. At all partorisca Complain me!
4 / 5 Ashleigh
Does not take any a lot of Place in taking the rind and súper simple to clean!
5 / 5 Celsa
Very produced. It is partorisca Adapt to the description.
Am satisfied Of cost of mine.
5 / 5 Jonelle
Wants! Perfecto still travelling and like it better how is easy to bend and tent
5 / 5 Alene
Like this easy to clean, to travel with, the better way that a tampon of transmission regulates
5 / 5 Molly
Exactly as it has described. At all elegant, so only the portable transmission kills
4 / 5 Shannan
Simple the déplier and replegar, any volume of place in taking the rind. The Games of consolation lucida creature.
4 / 5 Octavio
Material of good quality; quite big but easy to use in a gone and / house
5 / 5 Tressie
Highly recommend. Folds on perfect partorisca measure and of the accesses of the smallest stock exchanges until the toddler, very pleased!
5 / 5 Isabella
Exactly east so that I expected. It corresponds perfectly ours needs the games take the rinds.
5 / 5 Alyce
The foreigner Of transmission adds the shove in stock transmission. Easy to clean surface.
4 / 5 Lelah
Is easy to clean good measure and foldable.
Is the good product

Top Customer Reviews: Disposable Change ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5 Dee
Measure: 10pk has purchased this because we travel with a creature and has wanted to have the clean surface when changing his in a gone or in public restrooms. Some mats are the good measure and cover a whole surface of the majority of tables of transmission and do fault like the base for our in a tampon gone of transmission. I have hated An idea to dip a tampon to change directly in of the tables of public transmission and then behind in a stock exchange of diaper. In this way, our tampon of transmission is always in the clean surface and a disposable the foreign can be tossed with which uses. Among like this handy in of the aeroplanes, airports and any one public restrooms. To good sure will be to purchase more for daily use when in a gone.
5 / 5 Hal
Measure: 10pk looking behind, does not have to that it has purchased this. Had soooo a lot of poop and pee disasters in the first pair of the creature of month that has finalised to to a whole box likes less than 2 of month. Save your money, take you 5-6 washable waterproof liners/mats and toss his in a wash when they litter joint with everything of creature is another poopy pjs.
5 / 5 Sandi
Measure: 10pk Use in public washrooms under my tampon of travesa. Good works. An impression has received is not a pointed impression, would have preferred a pointed impression but considering uses it and the launch was... No the big shot.

Has purchased in fact this reason my husband can not change the diaper without puking. Haha. As it take these he so that it was able to change diapers in a paving more than a table of transmission. It is control taken of then of his piece reflux.
5 / 5 Trinh
Measure: 10pk These are really nifty mats. The creation is different of a picture, but is well, has few bees in the, which is really pleasant.

Absorbs a lot well, any leak, and very durable. I use it on the foreigner of transmission of the cloth partorisca give it the bit partorisca protect extra, so that I do not owe that wash every day. Durable, that means that I can use it like this long like this required (until it takes an accident on he), without losing his form.

Is the good measure , as I in fact cut the to the smallest pieces, partorisca have more the use of some boxes. With 10 pieces so only, calms the raisin for quite fast.
5 / 5 Nelle
Measure: 10pk can not explain like these are useful. I recommend all the world. Especially yes or it is travelling. My creature has 9 month and the still use he partorisca he. Paper the calm product is a lot adds. I also uses if my creature is sleeping without diaper, any fearful to take wet my mattress of Bed.
Sometime the spent of reuse although he stil very partorisca use.
4 / 5 Genia
Measure: 10pk can no partorisca spend me partorisca dip my boy down in the table of transmission of public bath - a thought is by train partorisca give me hives. These are utmost is forced partorisca change in an of them or partorisca change in a stroller / in a gone/ of the beds of the hotel etc. Can his reuse if I do not dip him to somewhere disgusting...
5 / 5 Saturnina
Measure: 10pk This was the necessity in the recent abroad travesa. Any all the airports or active public basins disposable changing spent of table (or changing tables!) Like this is to go in really handy. We do not have it it has had to that concern roughly that reusable door some that can bulk on a stock exchange of diaper. They are good and thicknesses and measures it really good. To good sure the necessity.
4 / 5 Julius
Measure: 10pk Some mats are of sound, thin but waterproof. Has the little in a stock exchange of the diaper and I always use while I owe that change a creature in a car, partorisca protect some chairs of skin, or in public changing room, of a table to the transmission is not very cleaned. They are not economic, but if any calm take it dirty can bends behind and reuse he partorisca the pocolos change.
5 / 5 Maryellen
Measure: 10pk wants to this! It is light as it can pack slightly. I can also reuse he for just storing he in the grocery stock exchange with an interior bent in (like any soiled part will touch my L).

I also think is good to have manually in chance perhaps calms does not love your transmission of diaper to touch a public transmission.
5 / 5 Leta
Measure: 10pk have so only king-has ordered this produces again! Ossia Very gone in handy partorisca my creature as I am able to change comfortably without him not filtering never by means of. Always it has in my stock exchange of diaper likes to take on the cup of the minimum space has compared to the washable changing kill or the travesa that foreign of transmissions. There is also go in handy in audience changing canal. I access the height of a creature a lot well. A rear side is also usable!

Although it have preferred a material to be bit it more smoother, still does quite well.

To good sure would recommend this product to new parents!
5 / 5 Bennie
I want to this! It is light as it can pack slightly. I can also reuse he for just storing he in the grocery stock exchange with an interior bent in (like any “soiled part” will touch my L).

I also think is good to have manually in chance perhaps calms does not love your transmission of diaper to touch a public transmission.
4 / 5 Harrison
There is so only king-has ordered this produces again! Ossia Very gone in handy for my creature as I am able to change comfortably without him not filtering never by means of. Always it has in my stock exchange of diaper likes to take on the cup of the minimum space has compared to the washable changing kill or the travesía that foreign of transmissions. There is also go in handy in audience changing canal. I access the height of a creature a lot well. A rear side is also usable!

Although it have preferred a material to be bit it more smoother, still does quite well.

To good sure would recommend this product to new parents!
5 / 5 Augustus
Paralización Amazing a lot of reasons! Used the down my tampon to change when in a shopping centre or out of a house! Also it is using in my canal to change in of the things of chances takes messy, so only can change a foreigner!! To good sure repurchase
4 / 5 Brett
has had the 24 flight of now to Indian with my little daughter n this foreigner of transmission was the lifesaver. It is a lot of convienient to the use are put audiences . Highly recommend travesía
4 / 5 Nathaniel
He so only precise use this once and situate is to add but is taste and the use in a tampon of of transmission more than lining hard a tenth a time of a munchkin frames (also costs less). It is quite thin and does not add to absorb accidents. Also it flies on easily which is annoying when calm require it to remain place when it was and roughly.
5 / 5 Georgianne
These are the good product . I complain to buy his this in spite of as has several reusable that mats to change that it always uses instead. It does not use these mats.
5 / 5 Josie
The excellent product but is overpriced. Calm so only take 10 discharges. If
was more economic would buy this produces again. The law adds.
5 / 5 Wendie
A lot disappointed. These are way to thin and tear easily. They are not quite big to cover your table of the regulate and transmission of mine 11old month can easily grab/the kick out of place during the transmission. A lot it prefers a pee use of tampons in of the hospitals. They are fatter, more absorbent, more economic and much bigger.
4 / 5 Francis
Has bought pair of them for my travesía international. Very shabby ! My accesses of 8 months well is. Used in a flight as well as some transmissions of soiled diaper, ossia the must to to clean and launch he to some rubbishes.
5 / 5 Tajuana
Very good and produces soft, excellent for the soft skin of the creature. Arrived punctually and the looks adds too
5 / 5 Alvaro
Of my creature spits on all time this was the compraventa adds ! Helped saves a lot of dirty clothes
5 / 5 Amira
Adds partorisca change tampon while travelling, please does not leave it free maintains in stock transmission.
5 / 5 Clara
The product adds, the only desires have had main lovely bands. At all it filters by means of, good measure, a lot convenient!
5 / 5 Simonne
Adds partorisca travelling. Quite expensive launch calms and only use. I have thought there'll be more his quilt but has been disappointed.
5 / 5 Dawna
Good quality
This was one 3rd time has purchased this element and really happy with him
4 / 5 Rosalva
Súper handy, has him on our table of transmission and still in our stock exchange of diaper, for when we go to a clinic to weigh-ins and does not want to dip my legislation of creature in some stairs where all has joined other creatures have been!
4 / 5 Isidra
These are utmost partorisca in some gone, and in of the shopping centres or wherever love the shield among your little an and all some germs.
5 / 5 Sheri
Comes handy when travelling. It is the must for the stock exchange of diaper.
4 / 5 Lyn
Has been well to have the different more visually appealing normalised to choose of.
5 / 5 Brande
Perfecto to dip is gone in any one surface to change your creature in
4 / 5 Nelly
Amur Questi molto pratici!! Labran grassi e molto morbidi
5 / 5 Scotty
Super convenienti e muchos musulmani sanitari che non-disposable alcuni. Questo nonostante probabilmente nessun molto partorisca Il mezzo
5 / 5 Luke
Aggiunge partorisca addirittura partorisca andare e tummy meteo senza pañales.
5 / 5 Alan
Partorisca teñirles gli stampati è cattivi, dei comprati un altro in walmart e ai colori era migliori,questo uno guarda una copia cattiva o una contraffazione un. I carices hanno dato funzionalità buona.
4 / 5 Davis
Realmente decepcionado con questi, era sapere sottile ed economico, basicamente equivalgono partorisca mettere la creatura giù addirittura l'asciugamano ha dato carta
5 / 5 Shawnta
Aggiungo d'attivo nella borsa di valori ha dato pañal partorisca emergenze. Utile partorisca creatura cambiata rapidamente In germy posti.
5 / 5 Jeremiah
Molto utile! Perfetto partorisca in partorisca andare. Morbido E facile ha dato partorisca prendere era e se cochinamente- facile a soltanto toccarlo mentre viaggiando 🙂
5 / 5 Mariano
Super manejable partorisca viaggiando. Qualsiasi perdita o incidente, può reutilización la stessa copertura molto meteo. L'imballaggio e Il Modello è differente delle tabelle tho.

Top Customer Reviews: Kidiway 1617 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
5 / 5 Violeta
Amur This tampon of transmission! It is a perfect sweetness and access well on our IKEA SUNDVIK table of transmission. Some buckles damage the little extra guarantee that our creature any toe or the kick of a table.
5 / 5 Cyndy
Has bought this partorisca have like my second canal partorisca change in my main paving. He a trick. It is not súper soft for any half but a prize is well!
4 / 5 Penni
The tampon of transmission adds partorisca a prize! And has the discharge of waterproof vinyl that wins he like this easy to clean :) tampon partorisca Change also comes with the rays in chance require to ray down your tampon partorisca extra security.
4 / 5 Thalia
Happy with purchasing so that has sufficient cushioning and is sufficiently ensure for creature
5 / 5 Dann
the Good product and he have come with straps of security partorisca ensure a tampon to anything is using. For example the dresser. The delivery was quickly
4 / 5 Veronique
any active stickies in a fund like this slides around on table of transmission. It have to that buy no-slip matting separate. Another that that this in spite of, good product!
5 / 5 Audrea
Really like it, drought easily there be an accident and return our table of good transmission.
4 / 5 Maya
More economic like this very like this in the creature of mark is colder hangs it transmissions of diaper that the hospital does not love any fuss
5 / 5 Toni
the measure and the quality Add. Amur One has created flanges to maintain creature to go was.
5 / 5 Porfirio
Really impressed with this product. Same quality like the tampon of paid to change $ 40 paralizaciones. Happy with cost of mine!
5 / 5 Valeri
Good measure, easy to clean, simple to attach and the accesses perfect in a dress.
4 / 5 Spring
-Does not slip of my office
-soft but undertaken partorisca good consolation partorisca my creature
-easy to clean
-light and easy weight partorisca transport
5 / 5 Marge
Good prize, good thickness to a tampon and he have come quickly
5 / 5 Eladia
Perfecto, any complaint. Good quality, easily dried down of accidents. Good strap. 👌🏼
4 / 5 Anya
Well partorisca a prize. A lot slipping this in spite of, maintains partorisca fall off my dresser. A bit rigid ...
4 / 5 Caroline
Súper comfy And easy to clean. No-slippery when I dipped it on a countertop in a bath. A tape of security is like this convenient. Very shabby !
5 / 5 Mason
The texture the fact the little harder that clean, but otherwise very happy with this product.
5 / 5 Vicki
The element has received so only looks genuine this in spite of past of the vinyl is not removeable far as I can see without the knife.
5 / 5 Yuriko
In bylines and sturdy-feeling changing tampon, the surface of vinyl cleaned-ups easy. Coverage of mark of the girl of Summer accesses perfectly on that.
5 / 5 Raymundo
Like leading reviewer has declared, is foam of the polyurethane manufactured in Cina.
4 / 5 Zulema
The quality adds partorisca the prize adds. Exactly that has looked for!

Top Customer Reviews: Ultra Soft and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
2 / 5 Lyla
ANY raincoat AT ALL!! Some needs of description partorisca be changed! A container arrived and does not say his raincoat, has said that it is breathable (that this! Lol). PLEASE UPDATE YOUR DESCRIPTION OF THIS PRODUCT

If you are not looking for something waterproof then this are add, sper soft, BREATHABLE and controls on all well in a wash.
1 / 5 Dallas
I do not have any idea because same would label to to this likes him to him the raincoat. THIS Is not WATERPROOF. Any only is a no waterproof product , a product is not easy to clean. He the incredibly easy stains and any pee or liquid poo easily seep by means of the your tampon of transmission. I do not have any idea like this the product has so many good descriptions reasons CLEARLY these people are not changing creatures on that. If you want at all but the soft coverage that the easy stain pleases to buy this product. If you want to something concealed is waterproof and creature poo and pee resistant. Dipped your money to somewhere more!
5 / 5 Heike
Master produced of the bamboo partorisca anything closes to the skin of my creature. Ossia Easy to wash, quickly partorisca dry, and a form of outline and elasticated the turn of sides contoured changing mats well. As they have thought partorisca comprise spaces in a side partorisca return one changing the tape of security kills by means of
5 / 5 Marci
I love this coverage of tampon of the transmission! It is like this soft and warm and returns perfect! Simple to wash and dry launch , so only he in a dryer with all more. My edges loves the reason there is almost like the texture of his honeycomb
5 / 5 Dalton
Very soft, amour some few swipes adds an additional discharge of consolation partorisca creature. Spear partorisca wash when soiled and like this new again. I access a tampon partorisca change add and very easy on and era. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Tillie
The coverage adds partorisca tampon of transmission, a contoured the cloth done a tampon of transmission looks more upscale, more as the mini mattress. A cloth is soft how is quite comfortable for creature to dip down on that. The material of cotton is easy to wash and maintain clean.
5 / 5 Deandra
We buy two of these and is utmost like this far. Nizza And soft. Returned a tampon partorisca change perfectly. They are leaving like this far and easy to wash and air dry.
Baby Loves his time in a tampon to change!!
4 / 5 Maybelle
Soft, Lava well and table of transmission of the accesses. No really sure how is the liquid raincoats looks partorisca absorb but to the lava was easily.
5 / 5 Carmelo
To good sure recommend. Washes and good sweetness on well. The also looked price reasonable and competitive.
5 / 5 Sheba
Turn on perfectly in mine tampon of extra of deep transmission, which has been difficult to take covees paralizaciones... It is sper soft and my creature loves it.
5 / 5 Marjorie
Soft, Lava well and table of transmission of the accesses. No really sure how is the liquid” raincoats “ looks partorisca absorb but to the lava was easily.
4 / 5 Yon
To good sure recommend. Washes and good sweetness on well. The also looked prize reasonable and competitive.
4 / 5 Hermine
Has two of these I so that it can exchange him when creature pees throughout. A cloth is soft and dry easily
5 / 5 Alisha
gone back on perfectly in mine tampon of extra of deep transmission, which has been difficult to take covees paralizaciones... It is súper soft and my creature loves it.
4 / 5 Deeanna
This returns my kidicomfort has twisted to change kill well. A product there has been the faint earthy smell when I have opened a container - I washed it and the air dried it. A coverage remains very soft and looks comfortable. A colour has turn slightly after washing it.
4 / 5 Charlette
Has has had so only a tampon, as I can not compare. Like this far, this one are adds: comfortable quality , takes , well, well looking.
4 / 5 Velma
Returns well in munchkin tampon of transmission. Soft And good thickness. Active has PURCHASED of then more two. They are not waterproof and yes soiled with stool, has to slightly thicket to exit because of texture of coverage of tampon. It has not had any subjects with staining.
5 / 5 Beverlee
sooo woth Of the money! His like this soft and my creature loves it!
ive Has launched this in a washer & dryer the multiple time and still looks the new mark!
4 / 5 Margot
He a work, looks it will absorb waters it but enough would have it control of water.
4 / 5 Augustina
Has taken for grandbaby the daughter loves it. Easy to clean and to continuation well of
5 / 5 Lillie
Produco aggiunge! Super Morbido e ritorna il nostro kidicomfort contoured cambiando tampón. Lì è messo In partorisca lavato e tumbled lì è asciugato lui in brodo basso. Non dica il suo impermeabile Per è, questo nonostante. Molto buono thickish l'elemento ha dato qualità.
5 / 5 Jessica
Bello e comodo. La verità Unisce housse ha dato qualità bella. Raccomando unire così senza prenda.
4 / 5 Del
È ritornato una tavola ha dato la trasmissione più vecchia perfettamente, buono e morbido.
5 / 5 Brooks
È una copertura buona ma non L'asthetixlalt compiacendo piacerebbe. Lì è non c'è lui ha incluso utilizzato.
5 / 5 Tana
Quando ho comprato questo la descrizione lì è detta è impermeabile. Non è ! Un remarcado ha aggiornato la descrizione che è bene. Il molto deludente lì è amato una copertura impermeabile.
4 / 5 Kellye
Ha rapidamente venuto e accesso perfettamente. È cotone morbido acquisterebbe un'altra volta.
4 / 5 Rigoberto
Gratamente Sorpreso dei tessuti! Super Golosina e molto quello Finge.
4 / 5 Clarine
Accessi kidicomfort. I carices buoni. non c'è lavata ancora Sappia la meteo dirà. La qualità ha dato mira

aggiornamento. Hai resistito fine molto molto lavato. La qualità aggiunge
5 / 5 Chere
insegnante queste coperture e mediante un momento disperato quando ho richiesto un bassinet la copertura expósita che fare in uno gli ha dato pizca un Halo Bassinest la copertura ha dato materasso anche (mantenendo pappagallo're tutto I uso).
4 / 5 Francesca
Aggiungo basico cambiando tampón, ha situato lui in un piccolo ikea l'unità ha dato balda e sommo nel vivaio. La copertura era facile ha dato lavato e morbido.
4 / 5 Isis
I realmente piaciuto al tessuto ha dato copertura, ma sfortunatamente non c'è intero in vicino partorisca il nastro ha dato sicurezza. Un altro che quello, è ultra morbido, ritorna bene.
4 / 5 Leeanne
Cenere più leggera allora è stato all'attesa. Materia buona, buono e morbido
5 / 5 Karen
Ha lavato bene, ritorna un piccolo più nessun contoured il tampón aggiunge.
5 / 5 Floyd
Salva aggiunge, i regresos costano aggiungere e buono. Raccomandi! Morbido E comfy partorisca il mio poco tipo :-)
4 / 5 Alda
Amur Questo prodotto. Super Morbido e comodo partorisca creatura e molto facile ha dato partorisca pulire. Acquistando un secondo un partorisca quando L'in primo luogo un est in partorisca ha lavato.
4 / 5 Wilbur
Sa morbido e perfetto ha dato partorisca misurare il mio poco ragazzo! Il padrone!
4 / 5 Modesto
Molto buono I quello vuoi e consegna molto rapido 📦 grazie.
4 / 5 Angie
Meraviglioso! Molto morbido e durevole.
Excursionismo per essere che acquista un altro Il dietro sopra.
4 / 5 Florence
Fluffy E tessuto buono. Accedo qualsiasi modello. Premio buono.

Top Customer Reviews: Skip Hop Changing ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
3 / 5 Hoyt
Had refunded after using for 3 month and the resulted in the big stain. Always maintained clean and on 3 month develops the big discolored something still with which always drying. A mobile so only can go in a side and some mirrors and everything am lateralmente so much creature cant has included sees he so that it is pointless and the take. Maintaining have a keekaroo and find it better and more cushiony although it finds this a quite a lot of cushion also.
2 / 5 Esteban
Pros: Well looking; easy to clean; a mirror partorisca hang the creation attracts the attention of the creature during changing.

After the use of towel of need of wipe cleaned to dry wants to use immediately, otherwise feels very cold and wet.
A texture is hard and feels fresh, my cries of the creature every time situates on he still is time of state ; As well as the picture aims the needs to situate another propiciado by paper towel regular towel to avert a coldness and cries, which is missing a whole point to take this product;
A measure of this product is in a side a big plus, as you can use he for the slowest period in the hour, but also he hard to pair with a table to change, usually so only situate it on a bed or sofa.
A flange is not quite big to protect rollover;
need to situate your creature on he with precaution, an object to hang could paste the face of the creature;
Perhaps suitable for creature, my creature is 1.5 month now, feels transmissions so only in a bed is much more easier that using this tampon to change, or so only using a traditional changing tampon with coverage of cloth, my creature is more comfortable with that a.
5 / 5 Tyrone
I love a colour and look of this tampon of transmission. We buy it to us partorisca go in upper of the ours IKEA hemnes 3 dresser of drawer and returns with room partorisca the basket also. Very happy with a compraventa!
5 / 5 Maryrose
The product has bought the month, use daily.
-presentation very detailed of an on-line product(those imports partorisca have a measure)
-good boss, easy to move around
-the light that that can be like this useful during a night
-access everything of creature s the elements in a situate: a side- incinerate- of organism, shower gel, box of nail, box of paintbrush, the nasal spray and aspirator, diaper rash incinerates and aquafor cream. Another side I use partorisca approx 10-15 diapers
-can regulate you a splitter in a half as mentioned in a description of product
Any aversion
3 / 5 Kirk
So only I am giving is the 3 for now- so that it has not had a creature still, as I am unable to leave a sincere description on yes in fact dry clean. It looks partorisca like quality very good and looks partorisca be able to be dried down. The difference of a Peanut and dumbo changers, these looks of tampon partorisca have the textured feel and no like this cold to a bit one; this in spite of, also are asking if this means it will not be he so that there is easily has dried. The time will say, a bit one is foreseen in just the month and I at least can have peaces partorisca import that a nursery is ready, and wants to a bit the mobile has attached to a tampon to change!
4 / 5 Carmelia
So only it take a product and did not use it but looks the product adds

That has been disappointed with this that a real tampon was in the box that has had the window to a tampon and he have had any one wrapping around the have seen like this soiled fingerprints in a tampon of any one managing he-
Of then is the toallita humid cleaned tampon , washed him so only was but was very partorisca buy the product that comes properly packaged and cleaned.
5 / 5 Mauro
Ossia The tampon of the transmission adds . Our daughter is 9wks old and this tampon of transmission has survived several poop disasters, and has been peed on so many has lost often accounts. A better part is so only can use your cleaner of favourite of spray and the dry spotlessly cleaned.

A capacity to weigh our creature while they wish has given peaces partorisca import reasons have been able to see at all but growth in firm partorisca ours creature.

Recommends this reason there is. Any coverages of tampon partorisca wash or protect with other things that would have to have washed. In a calm start does not have an extra bandwidth partorisca extra cry.

A caviat is that it can be cold like this you the creature could not appreciate that, but soul quickly so that it is not the breaker of extracted.
5 / 5 Melani
I plan to use this partorisca a half of some transmissions at night and in mine living room during a day. A light is brilliant but not blinding, and points down to an organiser. Has no to give that a light was the sensor partorisca touch , love my lights of sensor of the touch like this this was the characteristic ordered has not expected.

A centre divide is movable to adapt your needs of storage, and velcros to some sides partorisca remain in place. Some the external wall of an organiser is sturdy and to the equal that look will resist on partorisca quite some time.
5 / 5 Abel
This saved so many soiled dresses! If my kiddo pees with his diaper was, so only goes was and is taken by a ridge in a fund. The toallitas humid cleaned, any staining but always clean with the wipe partorisca babies immediately litters . Any sure the one who comfortable ossia partorisca his I so that has the bent soft receiving coverage partorisca his like this the pillow. It does not look partorisca import if a surface feels cold or to no. likes him to him a mobile in an upper and the boy of 1 year of my partner Has LIKED HIM REALLY a mobile. You recommend!
1 / 5 Murray
A prime minister a wine with the light that the no. of works has asked the substitution and he have come all there is lined up.

Where is a quality and when that can expect? No spent unless you want to be in an endless cycle partorisca return produced defective
4 / 5 Janay
Simple, the law adds! Our lil a crawls and walks around all day and remarks a table of transmission can litter with fuzz, hair of pet etc quickly but the wipes clean in the flash. It does not slip when the creature is dipped down or elected on that it was ours main worry . Highly you recommend. When calm in the first place the receive, a tampon of transmission has the heavy scent of hule but that claves quite quickly too much.
5 / 5 Michael
Has wanted well these products before he and the form joins fat line to the half Beau of the mattress. Still with A pertinent interview to the semence does not leave . Creature The to comb 3 month. I am forced to say that it Touches lucido prize, these produced does not satisfy at all lucido criterion of durability. I will owe surely buy Joins another mark.
4 / 5 Kacey
Look Well and cleaned. I access my decor perfectly but a «  no characteristic » of the stain really is not attentive. Our creature (the one who does not have full diapers;) ) stained he a first day. Maintaining use protective mats so only to be ash of sure rests.
4 / 5 Issac
Has bought this for my shower of creature of the daughter .His the good measure and access on dresser of creatures perfectly my only complaint is a plastic and bar of the metal in a fund could a lot easily line a dresser . I have bought few things of hule of Imposición of house and dip his in a subordinated and has done perfectly to maintain he to line a dresser and they maintain of sliding and emotional.Definitely it recommend this product .
5 / 5 Sharlene
I really like this changepad. It is easy to dry clean. It classifies of lint of him the grasps to the he, but has expected concealed and does not annoy me so much. Shopping this and recommend he in the heartbeat to any one looking to buy.
4 / 5 Minda
Has taken the jump and has purchased this tampon to change. Slightly more expensive that a traditional changing tampon, but more compact (a must in the small space). Little I know that our boy of creature pee grieve the cold air has touched slope of the transmissions. This table is like this easy to clean and hygienic. Further that LOVES a table. Master dipped in the and enjoys a mobile. Each creature is different of course, but does not find it cold or uncomfortable in a slightest. Utmost cost!
5 / 5 Dante
The work adds! It does not look never it fry which have been concerned in a plus. Baby Never fusses when shes on that. The only bad description is his developed the something yellow in a half that would not wash never was and looks to be that they take main. If never there is the disorder his cleaned on inside a transmission of creature and never left to dry on. I have read other descriptions with same complaint :(
4 / 5 Alissa
A first moment there is @@give was happy to purchase ossia when my daughter has had his explosive prime minister poop ordeal. It was happy that was to clean easily and has not left the stain. You recommend for another new father
4 / 5 Imelda
Adds little caddy. A dividers the interior is resisted near for velcro and he easy to create your own compartments. You do not trust a light to see that it is doing when it comes to change diapers, so only lights enough to see some elements in a caddy he. Global good product.
4 / 5 Jenni
Is so only state using for the short time as I am not sure the one who this durable but loves the one who easy is to clean and has the little grip like my creature any slide around yes takes wetted. Also it looks very contained so only dipping there sometimes.
Is the cold of has bitten for them but that is not . Also I disturbed a bit toy that hangs and whose uses he. It is well in mine expensive when changing.
4 / 5 Gavin
The quality adds, a light is a subject only . It does not resupply any a lot of light and is turned accidentally on all a time (poor creation). The stock exchange adds another then concealed.
4 / 5 Deidre
Ossia The diaper adds caddy! I access the plot of elements!
An only tiny downside is that some light turns on quite every time resist a caddy but a time still his súper useful at night!
5 / 5 Zane
The diaper Adds caddy this has very spatial for all diaper of creature that change essentials. A light on a boss is the characteristic sum for these transmissions of diaper at night late. A caddy is durable and big quality. Happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Bo
So only the receive so his hard to say the one who durable or comfortable will be it felt the creature is not been born still but his easy to see that his quality is gone in an original packaging and has been rid very fast.
A hule is tick and easy to clean, a bit adapter with a mirror of cloud is adds adds that they are sure creature will adore.
4 / 5 Manie
Sturdy Very Drawn and very convenient to use because of portability, has has organised compartments, and more than all a light at night, which meso-of-the-diaper at night that the easy transmissions to resupply quite a lot of light to see in a darkness, but dim quite any to disturb creature. Really I enjoyed this product! Looks Really well in my table to change also :)
4 / 5 Edwina
really loves like easy ossia to maintain clean and does not have to that it never concerns roughly changing coverages. This in spite of, can take quite cold to a touch which imagine my boy does not love , although it is not never really fussy.
4 / 5 Ruby
Like me a bit produced, soft easy to clean, comfortable.
Is a way was shipped. Any extra of box, so only arrived like this aimed in picture with an inaugural. Marcos black on he to ship. It was disappointed enough with this this amazon would not dip this in another container. He mostly all exited with the magic eraser, there is still the small stain that is not to value a hassle to return.
5 / 5 Elida
He encroach everywhere the easy fact to properly of lie your creature down in a tampon and is also soft paded. Value a calm investment of then will be to use this long during a day
5 / 5 Cleopatra
has bought this to substitute the cloth that tampon of transmissions that has been tired to wash a coverage every day or 2. This one this quality a lot well , a surface is dried easily down and has cleaned.
5 / 5 Milissa
Loves this changing tampon! Perfecto for my creature the one who tends for the take a lot dirty.... Like this easy to clean and a creature loves look in a mobile! Amur This produced, highly recommend.
4 / 5 Sonya
This tampon of transmission is fantastic, very easy to clean, my amours of creature staring in some few toys in a cup, and wants to that has the tape to maintain the creature in one kills in chance perhaps.
4 / 5 Lorraine
Loves this product. Looks of creature to find it much more comfortable. It is very durable l, extremely easy to maintain clean and disinfect. Also I love a quality of a tampon. It sticks a lot well the cup of dresser and ensures any movement, included with the creature that enjoys to move and has fallen.
4 / 5 Allan
Produced of good quality. It likes that there is of some ask removable, in the chances go in a way when changing. The table is exerts to touch, and easy to clean.
5 / 5 Dominica
The work adds! Amur Calm can dry was easily and any to concern roughly that washes the coverage. A mobile easily can be take that it is as well as it is in a way when you go the creature of lie down.
5 / 5 Alesha
I like a measure of this diaper caddy. It was big that has been expecting, and is main that another has seen and has used previously. A lot of room, and several pockets/of compartments are really handy to organise. A built in light is an excellent characteristic. You love it.
5 / 5 Maria
Want this tampon of transmission. It is like this easy to clean and does not add to one a lot when finalising never history of dirty clothes with a need for coverages of tampon of the transmission. Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Arletta
Want to this produces was adds for our creature and in the at present is using he with our young plus now. I want that I do not owe that wash anything in a washer and that I can disenfect the every time uses it!
4 / 5 Traci
The product is coming with something black on that. Used the natural cleaner and he am exited for one the majority of part. A mark in a mobile. Leaving 4 stars for now but will go back after my creature is born to revise if need be.
5 / 5 Marine
The table of transmission adds, easy to maintain clean, and his add still to hang other toys of a bar to maintain our busy edges when required
5 / 5 Andrea
Ossia Such the good and handy caddy. A light in an upper boss is utmost partorisca an evening when it needs sees. It is a lot of spacious. Access a lot of diapers and essentials.
5 / 5 Roland
Any one the tonne partorisca say here - returns 20 diapers in a side, and all my diapering train in another side. A light is fresh, but no really a required - still, is well. Amur This, would buy it again sure.
5 / 5 Ingrid
LOVE this tampon of transmission. It is súper easy to clean, the creature is always sure and sure and wants to know that it is in the matt a lot of riddled with germs. Ossia The MUST has PRODUCED in your nursery!
4 / 5 Bernarda
Pro Is: very easy to clean, well looking, stay still in a table partorisca change.
With East: feet too many colds partorisca my creature for this have required partorisca dip the coverage in the which attack a purpose of an original creation.
5 / 5 Janee
Very easy to clean tampon. My creature tends the fuss when dipping in the reason is a bit cool to a touch. A Mobile on a tampon can go in a way but calm can take. The straps are handy to ensure creature.
5 / 5 Delia
Little a fact the disorder but he is easy to clean and very light to move if needs be.
4 / 5 Wenona
Uses this roughly 10 times the day, is perfects that I dry cleaned. It is the good measure , any risk of him slipping a dresser, and love some bows of security concealed maintains my wiggly creature in place.
4 / 5 Joaquin
Is easy to clean for small accidents... So only downfall is are cold partorisca dip creature on .. As I have dipped the coverage partorisca receive on him! Another while , value a prize .. Any always owes linens partorisca wash
5 / 5 Arnetta
Easy to clean, but the creature takes cold and class of looks of hard partorisca his boss. I have finalised partorisca dip the coverage on way that the bondadoso to squander a purpose. A fence in a side with a mirror and the sun is in a right side of a tampon partorisca some reason and among a way.
4 / 5 Oleta
So more economic that his competitors and the work adds! Easy to clean, comfy, and looks durable.

Top Customer Reviews: TILLYOU Soft Large ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5 Muriel
Colour: 6 Bandage These were the saver of life some premiers two months with my boy. It is too big now partorisca these in 4 months I upgraded to the tampon the big plus but was perfect to take disorders some first months of pair. Perfecto partorisca a stock exchange of diaper partorisca dip in tables partorisca change while it was. Perfecto when in the friends and calm has to that change his bum has said on law of friends or couch. It saves the plot of dirty clothes partorisca require to be wash.
5 / 5 Classie
Colour: 6 Vendar the estimativa Adds partorisca this tampon partorisca change liners, good and exert up and adds absorbency in a fund. The desire was a thumb a wide plus but ossia so only the personal preference like the vendor he 100 clear in a measure, has given dimensions clearly and have photos of creatures in some like this calm tampons clearly can see a measure of his relative to the creature. Very happy with a compraventa!
4 / 5 Staci
Colour: 6 Band Wants to these! Has thinks that that they would be too small when they are exited of a band but decided to give them shot it. They are like this useful! And Becuase is like this, has him throughout a house. They fold On real small as I have him in the each diaper that change caddy and in both mine stock exchanges of diaper.

Has to that give so only can him use lateralmente in a house yes grows out of his Becuase I only need to cover a zone of diaper. I want to have his handy for tables of public transmission also Becuase not having NEVER a disposable liners there. My creature is almost 3 month and half sized, still returns on he well.

Washed him multiple time, any subject neither.
5 / 5 Kirstin
Colour: 6 Bandage A liners is useful partorisca my creature spit up in his bassinet and partorisca pee on table of transmission. The desire was slightly main to cover more zone in both chances. A tampon partorisca change liners has on resisted well in a wash, the difference of a Munchkin some that has had a backing falls off.
4 / 5 Eleonora
Colour: 6 Band would say, yes his absorbable and waterproof- very happy that my tampon to the no soiled transmission . An only thing am not happy and this description afterwards is using he partorisca at least the month, a quality is not well. A tampon is taking thinner every time so only wash it. The two compraventa before prpers prpers give. Now when I see this tampon has to that no partorisca use it still. His the big difference. Calm still can use but has not been when tear up.. A lot early I think so. I will continue to use the until it is unusable cuz has paid partorisca he. But I know it it require partorisca purchase new changing tampons. You can see of a picture a difference of a one has to that no partorisca use it still and a one has been the using. And it is so only be the mes.no will purchase these some again thats sure.
4 / 5 Aurelio
Colour: 6 Bandage I really like this liner. It is soft and easy to wash and is the decent measure. I washed it the little time now and compared to a munchkin tampon of transmission liner, looks partorisca be that it resists on well. Partorisca A price, is the good value . To good sure buy again
5 / 5 Darby
Colour: 6 Vendar wants to these and is like this happy took him to us! Has one in a halo bassinet, in a cradle, in a has sawed sleeper, and in a tampon to change. These liners the mark to maintain our nursery decor and coverages in touch, while the transmission was and washing a liners which take paste with a pee, poo, and spit up. So only we situate him on some the varied surfaces and change it have been like this required that. I washed him so manually and in a washer and has had a lot of subject. They are sper easy to use and highly recommend them for all the nurseries
4 / 5 Anika
Colour: 6 Vendar has been using these partorisca several weeks now and finds these partorisca be the saver of life. In planting to change a discharge every time my little type has an accident, so only has to that change a liner. To good sure recommend!
5 / 5 Granville
Colour: 3 Bandage These are quite thin and surrounds on around some flanges, does not seat slowly. They are very done this in spite of and an upper material is very soft. They are well for a price but I desire would have opted the few dollars more for the product the plus fat, comparable.
5 / 5 Alix
Colour: 6 Stains of Band are hard to take. It absorbs like the sponge has to that anything filters his. Works and good measure a lot in tampons of transmission. Easy to wash in a car (but again, controls to all the stains)
4 / 5 Dot
I really like this liner. It is soft and easy to wash and is the decent measure. I washed it the little time now and compared to a munchkin tampon of transmission liner, looks partorisca be that it resists on well. Partorisca A prize, is the good value . To good sure buy again
4 / 5 Shemika
You a work! Easy to wash out of stains. It absorbs liquid very too much. Also the pleasant polka creation of point around a flange. Quickly partorisca launch in stock transmission of diaper or house of use. You recommend!
4 / 5 Dorothea
Wants to these and is like this happy took him to us! Has one in a halo bassinet, in a cradle, in a has sawed sleeper, and in a tampon to change. These liners the mark to maintain our nursery decor and coverages in touch, while the transmission was and washing a liners which take paste with a pee, poo, and spit up. So only we situate him on some the varied surfaces and change it have been like this required that. I washed him so manually and in a washer and has had a lot of @@subject. They are súper easy to use and highly recommend them for all the nurseries
5 / 5 Wes
want to these. I use him on mine keekaro tampon of transmission (absorbs any open air pees), has them on his transmission/bouncer/living room pillow and under his bassinet layer. They wash well and so easier that taking the transmission etc averts to wash! I wash with his cloths in delicate and hang to dry. It has not had Never any one subjects!
4 / 5 Orval
Uses these takes hule ours that tampon of transmissions so that the creature does not take the cold behind. It wins it and it has shared some links with other new mammas!
4 / 5 Zada
Has been using these for several weeks now and finds these to be the saver of life. In planting to change a discharge every time my little type has an accident, so only has to that change a liner. To good sure recommend!
4 / 5 Ardella
So that it is paying - these are really good. A fund ticky' the side has decent grip in the surfaces and a cup is soft. They look to resist on enough well after multiple washes. Any one the majority of absorbent - but again - so that it is paying is class of the no-brainer.
5 / 5 Candance
The stains are hard to take. It absorbs like this to the sponge has to that anything filters his. Works and good measure a lot in tampons of transmission. Easy to wash in a car (but again, supervise to all the stains)
5 / 5 Remedios
These are soft and enormous!! Quality really good and has on resisted in multiple washes. Kinda The desire is gone in more colours. Global súper happy. Bought 2 bands!
5 / 5 Arlette
These are fantastic! They are soft and comfortable for creature, and much easier to only launch in a wash that a coverage of tampon of whole transmission. His so that far it has it on resisted well in a wash. I hang them up in planting to dip them in a dryer, which can help with east. In general, highly it recommends!
5 / 5 Quiana
Amur That poden launched in a wash. Always have a down and in upper of a tampon of transmission. Also spend extra in a stock exchange of diaper in chance perhaps. These are surprising partorisca be like this economic!
4 / 5 Michiko
Has given this like the present together with another material and has loved that. Ossia An element that is required and seldom leaves of the question of present of shower of creature. If it wants to take something really useful ossia the addition adds your basket of present 🧺 🎁
4 / 5 Omar
I like a quality of this product but thin to like bit it more fatter and no of big quite the period is perfect I like a too soft texture !
5 / 5 Angelina
Had bought A container of 3 games to use of the sud lucido on mine spent-mattress the langer and like this avert his overflows during transmission of rind.
Very satisfied ! Like this practical That has commanded another container of 6.
5 / 5 Kaylee
These are like this soft and add! I did not try him still as I am still in the while the creature, but washed them in a washer and dried in dryer: they are to exit well! They can a lot of last súper long, but will see!
5 / 5 Maryann
These are lovely and soft. Not Using still but feel as it will be absorbent.
5 / 5 Kimberlee
Works, but is class of small. And the fund is slick and movements around alot while changing creature, which is annoying.
4 / 5 Ashley
These are utmost to change my pocola some house of diapers and to burst to a stock exchange partorisca in a gone. They dry on really well they litter and yes I am too dirty so only the launchings in a wash and dryer.
4 / 5 Dyan
Has the informative born creature and has bought this product to be echo friendlier and save money. Work well! It is absorbent and wash easily
4 / 5 Lanora
has bought these for my studio of photo like this sometimes have more than a creature a day/of room and has loved to use fresh underpad every time is changed. They are incredibly soft, and arrived in my door less than 24 hours with which have ordered. Very satisfied! :)
4 / 5 Waylon
They have him-it liked me these and was utmost when my creature has hated a cold in his backside when in the first place we have done transmissions of the diaper but his REALLY EASY mark.
4 / 5 Gilberto
These are quite smal but they a trick. If your creature is younger and does the plenary pee raisin for
5 / 5 Judi
love this product! It is very soft and does not nettle the skin of a creature
4 / 5 Willow
is utmost like arent contantly changing out of your coverage of main tampon
5 / 5 Nida
His lines leave hardly, visas the magnitude, use with creature that is born the pair afterwards touches too small
4 / 5 Darleen
Was really happy in as absorbent some tampons the transmission is. Perfecto to drench on a pee when my edges has an accident during the transmission of diaper!
4 / 5 Debora
Compraventa Well for prize, the washed adds manually or in dirty clothes, exactly like this expected
5 / 5 Clinton
Adds to maintain your quite changing spent of tampon cleaned.
4 / 5 Marica
Does not love Him true any one! Yes his Absorbent well but slip constantly hides Of the sud the langer to the every time that movements of creature or when in repliegue lucidos dressed under his buttocks. The déconseille
4 / 5 Versie
I ABSOLUTELY loves these.
Would buy these again RIDS down for my
Next creature.
5 / 5 Maricela
Nizza partorisca Use house or was and roughly. Folds easily partorisca take with you anywhere. The same leave one in mine SUV in chance perhaps!!
5 / 5 Ivey
The product is very soft and adds partorisca creature, compared to another some am very thin and movement around alot in a tampon of transmission, like the perhaps future suggestion some could have the heavy plus that backs to them.
4 / 5 Clotilde
These are like this handy and to good sure has to that haves partorisca parents. We use him to us on a table of transmission, cradle, and bassinet and the transmission has been him when there it has he spit on or leaks of diaper.
5 / 5 Chase
Is the good measure , and raincoats in a fund. This in spite of am a lot the thing and will not fly long with going to a washer...
4 / 5 Lala
Is much smaller that the quality described and very poor. I will launch him it was
4 / 5 Millie
Delivery ultra fast! Produced faithful his Description, the dimension is partorisca create them game lucido mattress to langer! I not having still has declared him lavage, will see good.
5 / 5 Nan
Very soft, adds concealed is washable. Some stains do not exit this in spite of.
5 / 5 Katharina
The product does like this feigned, I only desire there was some any patch of slip in some flanges or something. A fussy the creature can move these mats around enough bit it.

Top Customer Reviews: Lekebaby Portable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
4 / 5 Hank
It is the foreigner of good transmission . A material is good and a pocola pillow is good BUT is súper small. Perfecto partorisca the creature but I does not add partorisca my giant boy.
5 / 5 Pamela
To the foreigner Of transmission adds. Amur A cushion of boss and is easy to clean. The desire was the little more tightened as it can return easily the stock exchanges. If you are using the stock exchange of the giant diaper then is not a subject, but launch taste a essentials to of my personnel of hand-held stock exchange.
4 / 5 Jene
My creature is almost 8lbs and returns comfortably in this tampon of transmission and still has some ways to go before I owe that take the big plus a. I love a rest of the boss cushioned and a fact that returns comfortably in his stock exchange of diaper.
5 / 5 Reita
He a work but much smaller that has been expecting. You do not recommend has the big plus that half creature. Also, part of the pillow is not like this cushiony to the equal that has expected.
4 / 5 Kristy
I have purchased this to substitute it Leke the travesía of creature cushions this is coming with the stock exchange of diaper that has lost. It grieve returned a creature in 2 month (big creature, but still) and will not suffice down a street.
4 / 5 Junita
I add for travelling but found the partorisca be the bit in a small side, but the service of client adds and answered punctual!
5 / 5 Adriane
Big then has thought but the accesses stop in a stock exchange of diaper
5 / 5 Allyson
has Bought this for one 8 travesía of car of day by means of a country. It was the saver of life for knots and a creature.
4 / 5 Trey
As it has announced. It produces very convenient to having
4 / 5 Delisa
produced adds. Exactly to the equal that has described. Access well my stock exchange of diaper.
5 / 5 Xavier
I have purchased this partorisca substitute the Leke the travesía of creature cushions this is coming with the stock exchange of diaper that has lost. It grieve returned a creature in 2 month (big creature, but still) and will not suffice down a street.
5 / 5 Tressa
Adds foldable changing tampon. Soft, Easy to dry, and looks very also. Quite small to easily spend! A pocola pillow is good and he the easy fact to agree a side 'upper'
4 / 5 Leanne
Looks really well, easy to clean, good and easy quality to bend up. Access in a stock exchange of diaper really amiably.
4 / 5 Franklyn
The look Adds, the use adds and like this handy to spend around in stock transmission of diaper!
4 / 5 Tamala
Adds for travelling but found the partorisca be the bit in a small side, but the service of client adds and answered punctual!
5 / 5 Karl
I desire the t could be bent a time of plus but honradamente, the sound adds.
5 / 5 Jeane
Like a measure, has arrived quickly and works as well as the laptops that change tampon.
5 / 5 Vanna
Receives Súper quickly and is súper Simple to clean
4 / 5 Terra
Big then has thought but still access in a stock exchange of diaper
5 / 5 Alden
has Bought this partorisca one 8 travesía of car of day by means of a country. It was the saver of life partorisca we and a creature.
4 / 5 Carmel
A diameter is tightened too much, can so only use partorisca days old boy .
5 / 5 Roxie
Loves a rest of boss of the pillow! Material add and easy to clean with accidents.
5 / 5 Kaitlin
Looks well, easy to clean, waterproof and portable.
4 / 5 Charlyn
The product adds. Exactly as it has described. Access well my stock exchange of diaper.
5 / 5 Sonia
Produced excellent partorisca travelling and easy to clean!!!
4 / 5 Melvina
This product has been purchased of the register of creature to the equal that am unable of the estimate .