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Top Customer Reviews: Shepherd ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
4 / 5
Formed: Record of elep exactly that it is has been expecting
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Enya has a voice of an Irish angel.
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD condition Adds partorisca the element has used. Enya In this album is his usual fabulous self. The music adds partorisca meditation
5 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio Touches lucido like partorisca feel it and partorisca conserve his albums (prefers to buy that download, the quality is 4 better times !)
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Good music. Use in clinic of therapy of the massage
5 / 5
The condition adds partorisca the element has used. Enya In this album is his usual fabulous self. The music adds partorisca meditation
4 / 5
there is Wanted a tune as it can maintain to sing also all has joined other tunes. The knots operates original.
5 / 5
Touches lucido like to feel it and to conserve his albums (prefers to buy that download, the quality is 4 better times !)
5 / 5
And this a fact. Of then listening he partorisca a first time behind in 1991 the ees has loved this album. It spends rear images of a travesía along has taken them around an east meso. It was to some breaking of earth of the terracing and was certainly refreshing. There is not the bad note on dipped a class of bar of big for his with this album like the feel that each album of then has to that be compared his. Has in this consideration has failed. Any to say his newer works are not of the utmost registers, is. But they are like this good so many moons of shepherd. It thinks Moons of the no. of shepherd is the must has for any collection.
4 / 5
Enya Is one of my favourite artist. I in the first place listened of the his while taking the message. It is very calm and relaxing. I touch his cd for my boys while they go to sleep he his calm and fall the sleep easily would recommend this cd still all the ages. It is really it adds to incorporate to the routine of time of the bed.
4 / 5
Highly recommended for any one any Enya music. A lot relaxing and soothing music. A music in this continuous CD in a same fashion as in of the leading albums.

Top Customer Reviews: Celtic Woman: A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio Loves the variety of music navidea.
His fashion is to good sure the must has!
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD voice of ngel partorisca holyday time.
5 / 5
Formed: to CD of Audio likes-you the Celtic music, will enjoy this mix of songs navideas.
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio has loved each song and he gave me to us goosebumps, the most dipped me in the way navideo that is taking harder that do every year
5 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio Ossia the fantastic CD and the joy listens his to love his music and already have the majority of the his CD is
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio Absolutely good-looking music!!! I have looked the special in television and has fallen enamoured with a celtic music. This was an only CD that has touched on some holidays!!!!
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD His concerts do not cease never partorisca please me. I want to look his and wants to listen to them. They are the beautiful group of women
5 / 5
Amur The variety of music navideña.
His fashion is to good sure the must has!
4 / 5
I really like his music that listened them on a TV. Excellent cd
5 / 5
has loved each song and he gave me to us goosebumps, the most dipped me in the way navideño that is taking harder that do every year
5 / 5
like to him the Celtic music, will enjoy this mix of songs navideñas.
4 / 5
Ossia The fantastic CD and the joy listens his to love his music and already have the majority of the his CD
5 / 5
Absolutely good-looking music!!! I have looked the special in television and has fallen enamoured with a celtic music. This was an only CD that has touched on some holidays!!!!
4 / 5
His concerts do not cease never partorisca please me. I want to look his and wants to listen to them. They are the beautiful group of women
5 / 5
A good-looking interpretation navideña classics.Particularly It Has liked Him his version of A Wexford Carol
4 / 5
Want to some beautiful voices, clear , cleaned. The sounds like this of the angels could be flange . It has given this CD to two friends those who have Irish funds. They have loved that.
4 / 5
A lot enjoyable the frames want to sing the action with all your full friends a room with fantastic thrilling music.
5 / 5
I have ordered this cd and another because the partner of mine likes Irish music, but so only some women. As these have been bought like the present.
4 / 5
In a subject of a season navideña has dipped this CD on and spends it everything behind in perspective.
4 / 5
A CD was a lot of but take DHL far too long partorisca the rid Ossia all can say Teresa Allen
4 / 5
Wants to went it so much to see them in concert awesome

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
My Enya CD NAVIDEÑO has arrived almost the month sooner that has promised. Among the beautiful chance and boss with the little removable booklet, touches soooo in amazing. And, a lot to the mine is two CDs in this has not known that when I bought it like this, was súper happy of the opened up and see more Enya that has thinks that has taken! And, as I am coming to expect to court to listen to a sound of angel!
4 / 5
Are a defender of old time of Enya. I have been surprised to find that a harmony and the fashion is so much one same like another 4 or 5 CD is that I possess. Still, they are by train of the enjoy and too bad does not come with to the words like them to them some of the his CD is to do.
Lovely, so only lovely. I can listen a transmission in his voice but is still like this lovely and the enjoy immensely.
5 / 5
Amur Enya, but everything of sound registers like the order was done bad , In spite of everything of our crew there was to swim really could do the salvage his albums.
5 / 5
Are a lot disappointed to find that ossia so only a CD Amarantine but with the coverage navideña. I have taken of a plastic on and expósito that a chance of CD was inside another coverage. When Have take a good pecial Edition navideña' displaced, down was so only a Amarantine CD that already have. It have verified this was attentively, having be fooled for his another Christmas Cd concealed there is so only four songs. Reason a coverage looked different, any have @@give has been to repeat it. This was the tear was. They are a lot disgusted with a marketing of the his CD is and am no longer interested to buy Enya CD is.
4 / 5
Has bought he for a song among one falling is the add cd.
4 / 5
Súper Songs
4 / 5
In accordance with everything of another wonderful music produced for Enya... It can listen his all day.. Like this smooth and relaxing.
4 / 5
Enjoys almost anything for Enya
4 / 5
love this cd!
5 / 5
Very sure if the book was one same likes 2005 publication but very pleased with him. A good addition my Enya( and Nicky comprised) collection. Thank you

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
4 / 5
Formed: CD of the Always listened audio the Enya partorisca the years have required the new CD.
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD My partner is the defender and had lost this CD in the movement. It is overjoyed partorisca have it substituted
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Very well like all his disks of Enya
5 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio there is retrouvé his songs that I écoutais wonderful.
5 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio That of memories! An Album that mark, without age! A incontournable, that!
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Good music partorisca clinical of therapy of the massage
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Enya the voice and the accompaniment of music is glorious and a more soothing and inspiring music in a planet.
5 / 5
It was first enamoured with Eithne Neither Bhraonain, aka Enya, partorisca listen 'Orinoco Flow.' These graces of piece his second have opposite, 'Watermark,' of the that the coverage is adorned for the daringly demure photo of a singer among burgeoning flowers of rouge. In this album Enya the voice redefines that it is quintessentially ultrafeminine. By means of his products of the his poetic--all the music brushed for his own pen--a plaintive songbird wafts by means of insuperable gales. A euphonious chanting this complete his flight possesses the mystical and cavernous vibrancy. It articulates his thoughts with an elegance of etched glass. His vocabulary is sometimes evocative of the odd tongue is to oblige the fathom, because of the his charmingly Gaelic old worldliness. Enya Is also the classically has coached pianist and, like the concert done for the daydream, exhibits his fanciful use of keyboards during this dulcet disk. Each one that like this of his ways are exhibited with hauntingly deep percussion, like the myriad heartbeats in awesome anticipation. Some the majority of the timeless gems in this CD are: one follows of title, 'Watermark,' it conjures on the pensive moment, likes rays of alone teasing the limpid pond; estorms In Africa' (two part), which bars by means of some plains of adventurers musing; and 'in your Cost,' it ushers in @@@wellspring of loss and hope: estrange like my beaten of heart/to find your cost./Odd that still seat/My loss to comfort gone before.' Enya Results a Nightingale of New Age in this his--CD mellifluous and immaculate largess to some annale of popular music. The for like this entreat you partorisca purchase this amethyst for your chance of jewels and leave his powder of seductive fairy the tantalize you, reason in 'Watermark' for Enya, 'the Eternal Feminine steps of his celestial ship to caress our ears.'
4 / 5
I was the DJ in institute when I am spent to the cassette used of Watermark. Memory to choose the on and thinking "oh, ossia that singer the one who owes odd song Orinoco the flows am gone in a radio." So only it has listened it Orinoco Flow the little time, but take tonnes of airplay. I have decided to choose that it arrive (still although my flavours in music were totally inapposite the Enya way). I have taken a house of tape--and swear--I has had to seat reason was like this overwhelmed reason listened. Sack to think "ossia a so only the majority of the good-looking voice has not listened never in my life." Of this point on, my flavour in music has changed dramatically. Ape that the all begun with ENYA. I have touched an album for my parents and my siblings and was equally stunned for his beauty.
Watermark The production is immaculate and shop windows Enya in his better (although I like him to him all is fact ). I am amused by a bone-the commentaries of boss have done for Enya-haters the one who say "this music is sooo boring," or " it is like this pretentious." It is it likes to listen the flu changes deaf that the requiem of Mozart is to dull or self-of entity. CLOSED ON, BE SILENT, and take your tone-deaf selves to a venue ska tent! Enya The music is so only dull to character the one who has ears of beat or is like this musically disinclined that a does not know the whole note of the hole in his bosses.
Also strongly disagree with people those who say that Enya the voice is "toneless." It sings in the very traditional fashion (call them fashionable be and is exemplified for aspired/breathy flange). You will listen any SOUL to feign DIVA sliding (Mariah Tortoiseshell or Crustina Aguilera). Ossia Reason an Irish have the fashion of traditional flange that is not influenced by a western classical tradition (or any pseudo-fashion/of soul of the gospel). Enya Row and almost vibrated-less embroiders is really incredible. It does not think has a lot another the one who can match his purity of the yours (perhaps Lisa Gerrard the one who is almost superhuman).
In all the chance, this music has changed my whole musical perspective and still movement to this day. Always you are one the majority of of musical entity revelation in my life.
If you do not possess it, precise goes to fall one $ and the choose up :-)
4 / 5
In a late 80 is the new fashion is been born. But a like this-the call of New age was in focus to catalog hard new music to consider "instrumental" or included "new classics".
Thinks Enya is mainly "culprit" of of the this, and this album is, for me, he beginning was. Has a freshness and a magic of a new, an odder and a mysterious.
Is a start and an end, reason any another can be compared. A focus "New Age" it has been created and the enormous quantity of artists has begun to compose "New Age" music that was dipped quickly to "New Age" shelves of tents of music and has been bought for "New Age" lovers.
Watermark Is more than of the this. A collection of only and different songs. "Watermark" And "Crown Clare agrees" it is the pair of reflections of beautiful piano. "Falls of evening", "in your Cost" and "Exile" it is impressive exposures of the pure and majestic voices. "Orinoco Flows" has something concealed achieves by all the world and the the only but song really populate.
Alpha And Omega. Start and Arrival. Still for his, registers like this last could not match his; I am so only state "tentativas very".
5 / 5
This for far my preferred Enya CD (clue for Moons of Pastora). This CD looks besides pursuing to to the songs likes them-him the exile and Cursum Perficio (in fact quite dark touching paralización Enya that I amour). They are more the defender of his material of melancholy that some too happy songs, and this OBJECTIVE CD to please.
Of course is still the merry material goring like Orinoco Flow (mine less favourite in fact) and African Rain I+II. The African rain has percussion a lot well in him (MORE iI of I). I add to shake a paving has the good system. But another that that, the majority of some songs is more in a side to pursue things that a merry side.
Anyways, CD adds. Ossia A a concealed caused me to evangelize his like this to friends and family. Now all the world knows listens to his (this in spite of some will not admit his) :)
5 / 5
Picture this, are in mine freshman year of university, 17, has gone to the predominately African-American institute (this has the point)and now are in the small university in a backwoods country. I fulfil a a type in mine dorm the one who is also African-American the one who is touching Enya in his room. Like this in the first place they are that it thinks that that it is totally gay. LOL. But then after hanging in his something have @@give that was enamorar with this album. Yes, Enya has burst cherry of mine of the new age and I am not never be one same. LOL. I possess each album so only has not registered never but this one resists special setimental value of mine. Has the little darkness, murky run among some light almost angelic some. Enya HAS one of these voices that the frames believe in fairies and all the supernatural and good things. Needless To say master this album!
4 / 5
Watermark Is the only album, totally fantastic! It is incredible like the person - just 27 years in that then - was able to create an album has taken. It likes-me a whole album, but have two favourite clues; a prime minister is one of Enya swipes more utmost... Yes, of course it is one spectacular Orinoco Flow! A second is Storms In Africa that was it the swipe also, although the much smaller a. Other songs that prefers is Cursum Perficio, River and Some Long Ships but, like the mentioned first, a whole album are adds. A music is of 1988 but ossia impossible to listen, well can be been a music of today.
Here comes the short description of some clues in Watermark:
1. Watermark - Instrumental; a lot relaxing
2. Cursum Perficio - Latin; quite powerfull, special
3. In your Cost - English; beautiful, relaxing
4. Storms In Africa - Gaelic; I add, wonderful, special
5. Exile - English; beautiful, quite calm
6. Miss Clare Agrees - Instrumental; relaxing
7. Orinoco Flow - English; I add, powerful, wonderful, special
8. Falls of evening - English; beautiful, quite calm
9. Remachar - Instrumental; well, beautiful
10. Some Long Ships - Gaelic; quite powerful, special
11. In the Laetha Geal Me óige - Gaelic; calm and relaxing
Hard to say reason these songs are special, but perhaps reason do not touch like any one other musical materials. There have it so only a person ossia able to create songs like these and his name is - Enya. Calm has him that listens, but does not forget to try his albums another like this of the Moons of Pastora and A Memory Of Trees.
4 / 5
Enya, A one one the majority of talented the musician has not listened never, for real gives it everything in this alone CD. It was not new; has has listened songs for Enya in some pasts but has not listened never to everything of them. In Watermark, one of his his albums old plus, softly and fantastically expresses some contents of his heart. His music is resulted the real inspiration to another and I. When I in the first place listened to Watermark, one first clue, has @to @give that ossia pure gold in shape of music. Any the one who desires to explore some of some more early and good-looking works for Enya the must there is Watermark. Like this state of Description of the Editor, his first start of this cd has done the enormous imapact in his' auditors. This cd personally has impacted my perspective in music of New Age. I me @give that the new things can be found in old work. An effect in touch' the auditors is a lot calming. An instrumental music besides with Enya the voice has induced partorisca relax and will relieve stress. His celestial voice, in the sweet tone, help sooth and dip the smile on some' expensive. Ossia Operates it for real inspiring for that considers a "Diva again-Age" and listening to the his wonderful achievments will have a same effect like face for me.
4 / 5
There is so only the few albums that last year after year with which year and 'Watermark' is one of them. While there is abundance of subsequent albums of Enya this are add, 'Watermark' has some of his better work, of a Latin 'Cursum Perficio' to 'Orinoco Flow.' There is not a bad yard in this album and a Celtic flange and the Latin is hypnotic and mysterious. It is any marvel a lot of some tunes have been used in of the ads--you so only has to that take to listen. I want to this one.
5 / 5
Ossia Simply one of a much finer register has has not listened never! An absolutely pursuing rhythms and the complexities subtiles of this album is simply character in work. A musical masterpiece with some of some the majority of the originals of musical passages has listened. Ossia One of this very scarce CD is concealed looks musical perfection with each note by means of the each song. Ossia The must has disk in everyones collection.

Top Customer Reviews: The Book of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
Amur His music but this is to be announce like him 3 near of album --has taken a record--swipes more utmost expected--felt the tad rasgó offed--the suppositions would owe that read an ad more attentively---has not liked him a way was dipped was--shame in calm--
5 / 5
CD add partorisca listen to in any indulge in the cup of caffè with your feet on while it listen
4 / 5
the classical album adds. Awesome Touching vinyl. More than everything comes with the good inner sleeve.
4 / 5
I do not know all his Albums but is probably better edges.
5 / 5
Good-looking music, good-looking voice, good-looking words.... Pursuing and mysterious. Ossia Has experienced it more chair in the coverage that spends for big water or the vast expanse of hills and give them, the glass of wine manually and the sweet breeze tickling yours nose.
5 / 5
For real magic! His music is divine! It achieves inner and awake and rwminds me of the places have travelled another time!
4 / 5
Loreena The voice is magic! Some experiences that elicited some papers are exceptional. Simply I love his voice and music.
4 / 5
There is not a lot a lot of to say here. I have found this cd partorisca be beautiful, pursuing, and emotional. Highly recommend it like Celtic cds, Enya, or partorisca music partorisca relax excellent!
4 / 5
On 400 descriptions in this cd and an average is 5 stars out of 5? He this say that well the cd ossia? You have bet. It likes me everything of Loreena work and this one east the preferred . Especially 'Dante' Prayer' those use a Heart of Chamber of St. Petersburg that sings a beautiful and pursuing 'Alleluia Behold A Fiancé' as intro and final, with Loreena the papers and the wonderful music go in. No acted out of cd is likes a bit the artists do and aims in a quality partorisca do fact. Each song is a lot has thought was, fijamente and produced, likes is writing the novel and condensing he to five to ten histories of minute. Corrected me if I am bad, but his next album has taken almost ten years to exit. (With the alive album goes in.) How it has been anticipated highly and there is not disappointed. His ideas comes from/come from his experiences and no of any focus rep that demands the cup ten only. It maintains it real Loreena.
5 / 5
A Book of Secrets was a prime minister Loreena McKennitt CD I never purchased, and rest my preferred of these I own. His music combines elements of Celtic folk tradition with other cultural influences (Oriental Means, etc.) As well as his own original innovations. McKennitt Is blessed also with one of one the majority of beautiful flange, the rich voice has has not listened never. His vocals vary to pursue the lulling, and can transmit an amazing depth of emotion. It is simple that some songs are all very significant his, which the even more wonderful to listen to. For real it touches his heart and soul his music.
Some songs is both touching of the inspiring. A CD inserts/to insert give some information in a fund for some pieces (the papers are comprised also), but this album has augmented my interest in learning more than a historical context. Some songs are fixed amiably, the sweet clues that alternating with more animated some. 'Prologue,' eskellig,' 'The Sober' (instrumental) and 'Dante' Prayer' is very smooth and soothing, while 'A Mummer' Dance,' soyarco Polo' and 'Walk at night By means of a Caucasus' is more on-beat and energetic.
My favourite clue is 'A Highwayman,' based in the poem for Alfred Noyes (is also one follows a longer in a CD, clocking in in 10:16 minutes). It is a tragic history of an idyll among the highwayman (outlaw) and a daughter of an inn-keeper. Bess, 'The owner' black-eyed daughter,' is expecting the rendezvous with his sweetheart. But when the troops of a look of King in an inn and take his hostage, knows has to that find the way to warn his lover to turn behind, that is not sure. It has joined his with 'a musket under his heart,' and his only hope for a highwayman is to warn with the gunshot - a concealed will kill. For this a highwayman evasions, but when it learns that Bess has died, trace behind in the fury to avenge him, so only to be shot down and killed he. A history is incredibly sad and poignant, and McKennitt is pursuing the tones send tingles on my plug. Also it recommends to look on an original poem, like the pocolos to them are remained out of a song.
Ossia A beautiful album , and is among my preferred out of my whole collection. I listen his all a time, and some songs persist in my boss long with which. If you are already he Loreena McKennitt defender, or simply enjoy Celtic / folk music of type and is looking for something new (although you can have listened 'A Mummer' Danced in a radio - was quite amply touched for the moment), 'A Book of Secret' is the sure winner. It is also the idea of the present adds. I recommend it more highly.
5 / 5
This was a prime minister Loreena CD has taken, with which listen "A Mummer Dance" in a radio. With each subsequent listen in a course of some last varied years, find me that loves this disk more and more. A music has more than the Average-Oriental texture that the majority of his earlier work, and a quality of his east, in my better opinion also, leaving an auditor to listen Loreena to to the glorious voice likes never first.
1.) The prologue is the piece that fantastically dips a way for this together dramatic. Mostly instrumental, with some of Loreena lovely vocalisations.
2.) A Mummer dance is reason I, and so that another, has bought this in a first place. A instrumentals are to add (especially a fiddle when it sings the one who "the sounds of look of birds to fill a forest when a fiddler games"), and some papers are amused and catchy. This has said, this clue is no longer for any bad my preferred on here. It is, for one the majority of part, a hook that mine reeled in.
3.) Skellig Is the calm fact, the little too calm for my flavour, but perfect to relax or meditating or taking the massage.
4.) Marco ossia for the pleasure more. An Oriental-dance it flavoured has beaten that the frames want to go and take bellydancing lessons. Some drums in here is my preferred. Ossia Basically another instrumental that characteristic wordless vocalisations of Loreena.
5.) Highwayman--Well, there is really any word for a beauty of this song. Based in Tennyson poem, with pursuing instrumentals, this ballad there will be you on a flange of your chair, although calm listened it before and KNOW an end. It tries any to begin to bite your fingernails when it sings "Tot-one-plot, tot-one-plot, has had has listened the, a horse hooves clear row..."
6.) A lovely song, sweet, in the to same line likes Skellig. Moody And lush. I add for the house of rainy evening.
7.) Walk at night By means of a Caucasus is not so only my favourite song in this album, is my preferred Loreena McKennitt song and one of my favourite songs of all the times. It is the dark song in travelling at night that the frames feels likes is driving by means of a desert or some mountains. (For any and all has interested, this was a song that is to be touch in a Soldato of film, and is not in this soundtrack.)
8.) The prayer of Dante is one of a more pursuing the songs of amour have has not listened never. Based, of course, in a Divine Comedy, this song is pure poetry , with to the lines like "when some at night dark looks without finals, please agree me."
A liner the notes in this album are also A Mask and a Mirror, forms the class of newspaper of Loreena travesías, and aim that has influenced a writing of these gorgeous songs.
People, yes could give this more than five stars, I .
5 / 5
This is far from Loreena McKennitt first album, but can be his breakthrough album. In this register has taken the glorious cross-section of Celtic-influenced international-themed songs. A soyap topper' in an album is 'A Mummer' Danced, ironically any in a version that is to be listen on more American emisora irradiate (ossia he souped-on the version has released on CD-ONLY, which was used also for a music of @@subject for the short-the television series lived 'Bequeathed' called). This has some rhythms, instrumentation and lyric quality one is coming to associate with modern Celtic tunes (one the Enya, Marie Brennan, Clannad, etc.).
Other songs are modern-day retellings of folk songs: 'A Highwayman' is the decidedly anti-song of British occupation, in that a hero sacrifices his life to save his lover the one who is ready to be captured -- some Celtic villages have learnt Roman time to a present to drink deep of a cup of sorrow, and this song (among another in an album)is the generous portion for this cup.
My favourite song, this in spite of, has to be eskelling' -- it conjures on visions of monastic swears and solitude, the travesía to the vocation of the life that requires both inward and outward travesías far of home, never to return, but finally when be content and sure in a community. Dulce and melancholy, a fray has learnt, reminiscent of Francis Santo for his amour of animals, essentially is that it gives his wins final and , the majority of spiritual property further estimating, of any with swears of poverty.
Interspersed Is diverse instrumental interludes, with differing characters (some decidedly oriental, other western, all this in spite of that resists to focus Celtic strong).
Ossia The perfect introduction to McKennitt work, but no for there. His leading work is a lot the value that explores.
4 / 5
Informs no only the quality of voice, but to a material that this voice sings. Loreena McKennit "Book of Secrets" it is an auditory property , he lush collection of songs that conjure on incense, velvets drapes, mediaeval castles and exotic earths. It writes like the result of a wanderlust this has taken his by means of a world, his "mosaic" it is the musical property .
A prologue is the clue that is to come, with eerie, drum-accented music and soft flange (at all more complicated that "he" and "in the"). "A Mummer Dance" it is when pursuing, almost mystical travesía: "The one who will go down to a shady groves/and summon some shadows there." Then we period to a melancholy in firm of the monastary in "Skellig," where listen it lament of a lot of years and of finals ("the daylight has gone almost/the birds have sung his last/the bells call everything to Concentrate").
"Marco Polo" it is an exotic instrumental interwoven with him Sufi melody. In the Then go to a realm of poetry, where a tragic poem "A Highwayman," in the bandit and his convict sweetheart, dipped to locate music. "The Serendissima" it is the plus in bylines, less sad melody. "Walk at night By means of a Caucasus" it is reminiscent of " Bundle," because of the his hauntingly surreal iconography. And "the prayer of Dante" it is surefire way to stir your tears, with a funereal music and unspeakably sad heart: "Launched your eyes to an ocean/have launched your soul to a sea/when some looks of the dark night without finals/pleases to agree me."
Loreena McKennit The music has the depth that a lot of other singers like Enya and lack of Church of Charlotte; there is the feeling of weight and history, which is so only do more adds for his use of material likes "Danyte Prayer." The part of his skill is to take several bits that buys by means of Asia, a Half-East and Europe, and weaving them beside the tapestry of sound. Violins, drums, mandolins, mandolas, pianos and cellos is comprised in a music ( has apparently electrical guitars also, but can not imagine was where is).
My main complaint with this album? It is too short! There is so only eight songs, and while a richness of them is overwhelming, is remained hungry for more. In spite of, that is looking for something intriguing and that feels archaic would have to that listen to "Book of Secrets." Calm will avert you with a song of angels in your alcohol.
4 / 5
The time has been suspended. An air was electrical with emotion and a threat of raindrops. An atmosphere this overcast tomorrow of Sunday in October 2002 was magic and has transported all has gathered there to the mediaeval time and place. A Raleigh the garden of Rosa had been transformed to the Celtic glade with posters coloreadas around a circular source fill with palmeras of umbrella and iris of water. Some Roses were abloom and his scent that loves. A bell was rung three times to signal a start of a ceremony. Some guests have been given the reception to and a fiancé and his groomsmen entered of four directions. Celtic music swelled (A Mummer Dances for Loreena McKennitt) and developed, uplifting all the alcohols that that the look has daunted likes fiancée and his father dulcemente and majestically swept down a white cloth-has covered aisle. Tears seeped of some eyes of a fiancé as it looks his promise comes advances. A fiancée, beautiful in a normal way, resulted it raving beauty in his plenary flowing beaded gown and coverage of fines-colored the flowers that encircles his boss. With his hands clasped together forming a symbol of infinity his hands have been joined with the red cord that represents a saint bond of pair. And like this joined a pair has said his swear, a fiancé grieves able to utter all some words have written. Some coverages have been blessed with air, fire, rooms, and water. A fiancé looked under the wave of confusion to the equal that insists on dipping a coverage in the right hand of a promise-later has corrected. A pair has drunk symbolically has come of a cup of life. Some guests have promised to sustain the married life of a pair and has begged the prayer of A Gentleman together with a pair. With which a pronouncement, in the habit that glass of pauses like this ancient that an origin remains ignored, a near broken pair a glass of the as there has been drunk a wine that promised to want each one which so another until some fragments have gone back neighbours. It has not had so only a kiss but a lot before a pair is behind come from down a aisle go in acclaim and applause like this once again a magic Celtic music swelled in celebration!
5 / 5
Has not been that to say in this woman. To the left begin with these words. That the voice! His voice is one of one the majority of distint and beautiful has listened the LONG time. The mine is full and deep and rich, but this in spite of is tender and sweet and light all a same time. This album there have gone hooked of a first note. It is the Celtic album to be sure but there is dashes of musical flavour other cultures in him too much for the give the only sound and the an even more obliging experience.
1- Prologue: This really does not have any words in him. It is basically Loreena that it sings the melody backed for drums and another instrumentation. A melody sings here is simple and beautiful, and with his angelic voice to give it the life suck you well in, likes is driven to the long of in the sleep to the place of marvel and awe. His voice is a key this opens a door and pulls a shrouds behind.
2- A Mummer Dance: Ossia very good and animate. Drums And good-looking violin with percussion and of the serious exóticas.un felt of the history that is said around the campfire while the party is instead full.
3- Skellig: A beautiful but tragic history and musical portrait of an Irish priest that comes house to say his history and raisin in his legacy to the partner. McKennitt Marcos of chair of extraordinary flange as if you are a a when be said to spend in the tasks of a poor man.
Polo of 4 Mark: Drums, plucked serious and some mix of Oriental flavour Meso with Loreena voice (like a Prologue, any real word here, so only the melody) to give you the sense of emotional by means of the desert in Middle East to somewhere foreign and intriguing.
5- A Highwayman: A beautiful, noble and tragic amour the history based in the poem of an included written name for Alfred Noyes. It is spent the vivid life for beautiful Lorraine, embroiders dignified and ardent, backed for soft but drums and adventurous of electrical guitar with the violin to pursue melody.
6- The Sober:Another mostly instrumental piece here, with Loreena that sings the melody without papers. No the very Celtic-touching piece, but is beautiful is right own .
Walk of 7 Nights By means of A Caucasus: Ossia the piece adds . Noble electrical guitar and adventurer and the drums spend this with those touch likes an accordion or some class of work of exotic keyboard. An effect is involving and wistful. He in fact his like me musical accompaniment to any one taking the travesía along at night for horseback. Enough quickly and hearty BUT stately and dignified a same time. Any look of papers to say of the person imploring his amour a lot so only to take it jorney with them but to take time to reflect in some things of an earlier age that his both have known and has loved. Also it looks to be the challege, for some lovers to be that they dare enough to explore a world-wide around him. So only the supposition but ossia an impression has taken words. It calms that could listen and feel something totally difrrent or take something different out of him.
8- The prayer of Dante: Ossia the beautiful mix of Loreena lovely voice with those touch as it sings Gregorian in a start. Work of the lovely piano and other instruments are used also. This one east the WEEPER. Spend your Kleenex. Some papers reinforce something that thinks that that all feel. All beg for a value to be opened to want to and some marvels and joy that the amour can open ours. All in time asks, or included beg any one wants to have a value to love in the behind. And all have a desire deep down to be agreed by those want to afterwards is to go.
In short, ossia the good-looking piece of work. Very emotional, gripping and intense. It is heartbreakingly sad in some places, and terrifically joyful in another. It achieves it was paralización yours your heart and ask to carress the. It breaks your heart And soothe it, and impulse he up in joy, if has a value to LEAVE this heart be touched.
4 / 5
Has revised this album already, but one revises is not never enough! A sepia-yellow palette of some clues of art of the coverage in the dreamlike interlude where is taken to other earths, everything in a consolation of your house or car or wherever is is listening. A Book of Secrets is like him numinous travesía by means of exotic musical landscapes and poignant histories. And McKennitt the flange is breathtaking. His voice a copy of the beauty and the heat transmitted with superhuman technical.
Although frequently categorized eat 'Celtic,' A Book of the secrets is not like this easily identified in with traditional Celtic motives. Instead, some roots of Celtic instrumentation are there, but McKennitt is sweeping achieve as you stir them of composer was and touches countless world-wide influences. A production (cure of McKennitt she) is perfect, all at the same time dreamy and robust with lovely echo. In an end, is not easy to describe, but _is_ easy to love.
'Prologue' is an ethereal and fantastically pursuing clues that present quell'a bit ways of exotic percussion that will pepper the songs of a disk. McKennitt Sings so only wordless melodies of chilling beauty.
'A Mummers' Danced, an alone swipe, is probably one the majority of traditional touching song in an album. A bouncy percussion and frames of contagious heart for enough he danceable folk impulse (in spite of his slow time). Some quirky oud agreements here too much.
kellig' Says a history to die it cleric the one who speak to the brother in his life. It is communicated with calm, luscious vocals and mournful violin overlays.
Soyarco Polo' summons advances the vision of mythical Oriental landscape, with the Oriental touches Means, likes a bit Persian-the melody has influenced near an end. A song is without papers, but no without vocals -- McKennitt the voice is so only another beautiful instrument. A perfect song for the travesía of street by means of Oriental earths.
'A Highwayman' is, of course, McKennitt dipping Alfred Noyes' tragic poem the music. How it is 10-small long and all some verses are melodically some same, looks strikingly repetitive for a prime minister a lot listens. Repeated listening the pays was, my friends! Like builds of history to his thrilling final, some turns of surrounding music to accommodate desperation in a poetry. A percussion grows stronger and more urgent, a vocals softly building in tension, a denser instrumentation to signify action of trace. It is surprising.
'The Sober' Is the slow, picturesque instrumental looking McKennitt harp and a violin of Brian Hughes. Melodically Influenced with sure Gulf of Venice/Mediterranean touch.
'Walk at night By means of a Caucasus' is another lush Celtic cloth of music splashed with full, energising arrangements of serious and worldly polyrhythms. Some premiers pocolos versas are calm and sung with celestial beauty. McKennitt Beats very a lot of be a God to Sing.
A valediction of 'Dante' Prayer' is almost prophetic given a tragedy that attacked, that dips his career in an indefinite hiatus. With that in alcohol, even more is moving. Some papers are tearful but uplifting in the special way: 'Launched your eyes in an ocean | have launched your soul to a sea | When some looks of the dark night without finals | Pleases to agree me.' Smooth series , harrowing weave in and out of McKennitt sober melodies of piano. Some ploughs of song and closes with a Heart of Chamber of St. Petersburg, which touches bit it morose and eerie.
So that east. Buy this album and enjoy his advantage.
4 / 5
The one who would not want to read the book of , ossia a listen to.
'A trips no a fate, results the source of marvel.'
Loreena McKennitt Is spent the few years that thinks in Celtic nomadic ways. Ask if this need is arisen of a insatiable curiosity. It dip it go partorisca travel in Rome and finalising the Istanbul. Giappone Of start and finalising in the train by means of Siberia. A booklet of CD, is interesting partorisca read calm so that it listens and develops his sources of inspiration. Of course after reading a booklet, could feel thank you partorisca go was for your account travel
Some songs in this album are all the reflection of Loreena knowledge of a world. It looks partorisca be looking for, exploring the possibilities and that express as it has taken.
1. Prologue - inspired by 'Of A Saint Mountain' for William Dalrymple. There is the sure emptiness and the remorse woven to this piece. Perhaps yearning it that could have it been. Calm almost can imagine the fray that travel of monastery the monastery to collect sensatez ancient.
2. A Mummers' Dance - Loreena has incorporated a heart of the traditional mumming the song and his words take on new meaning when @of which mumming involves the group of interpreters those who dress up in of the masks and dresses bedecked with ribbons and spending stir of greenery. This soyumming' has his roots in tree worshiping, which will do consider reason spend the tree in in time navideño, at least well consider. Although I think that that the people are interested more in worshipping materialism in some shopping centres.
3. Skellig - These results of the almost hypnotic song as it looks to turn in of the circles or perhaps is more like this flicker of the sail that grows more brilliant like calm approximation he in the dark night.
4. Marco Polo - Loreena there is interwoven a true Sulfi melody in a start and average of this piece. It is quite intoxicating.
5. A Highwayman - the friends have suggested to dip Alfred Noyes' poem 'A Highwayman' the music. While in a studio, Loreena has imagined a sound of the horses that gallop down the moonlit route. More to listen to this song while reading some papers, which are comprised and paint the tragic history even more dramatically in song.

6. The Sober - Delicate and pursuing.
7. Walk at night By means of a Caucasus - some notes explain like the people are affected for music and neither listen a spiritual meaning or a material sound.
'In a velvet of a darkness
For a silhouette of silent trees
is looking, is expecting
is assisting to the mysteries of the life.'
8. Dante' Prayer - Dante inspired is A Divine Comedy (a vernacular poem in 100 flanges), Loreena thinks in a human condition and as all want to believe does the better place that our own. An almost sorrowful this in spite of melody alentadora. Italian poet, Dante (1265-1321) has given an explanation of the like raisin with which die and this question is still like this controversial today.
Perhaps was inspired by: ' I dread has given to lose alive among dye, that this time will call Ancient.' (I fear will lose life among that will call this ancient time.' Sing 'Please agree me.' Also it speaks of 'Besides a gel and a fire.' A innermost the hole of hell is for Dante, gel. A dark forest involves a present state of humanity and when you think in this while listening, some words suddenly result more significant.
Has found this CD to be an expression to continue knowledge. The knowledge of some flows gone through half of Loreena McKennitt consciousness and turns the music. It is an evolution of travesía and contemplation. By means of his experiences, the music evolves to moments of pure beauty.
Inspiring And Deeply calming.
5 / 5
In this remarkable album, LM continuous his travesía of traditional Irish-verses of Celtic melodies of the varied works , hypnotic richly layered with Oriental sounds and of the Half Europeans. (A variety of instruments has listed in a liner the notes is staggering--those who but LM could integrate a harp, kanoun, cello, bodrahn, whistles of has beaten, shawm, etc.? That is the shawm, in all the chance?) By means of him all, this in spite of, McKennitt hauntingly angelic drive of voices, caresses and inspires, portraying the fray to die in "Skellig" or an Italian poet in "the prayer of Dante" or relating Alfred Noyes' darkness, involving ballad "A Highwayman" for ten minutes of hard, vivid storytelling.
Each one that like this of some three clues notarises them--"Prologue," "frame Polo" and "The Sober"-- it is beautiful and captivating in his own legislation. A hypnotic "Prologue" insiemi a way for a whole album, with LM the voice that surfaces mid-way by means of to complete an enchantment. An exotic "frame Polo" has his own magic: you owe that movement, this in spite of slightly, while it touches. Finally, a languid, violin-resisted "The Sober" delicately evokes an alcohol of Renaissance-was Venice: far music on torch-has lit-waters.
Has no present of mediocre clue here. This has said, one the majority of splendid is a last, "the prayer of Dante." Following a breathtaking voice of a Heart of Chamber of St. Petersburg, LM own increases, offered and defending and pure: "Launched your eyes to an ocean, has launched your soul to a mar. When some at night dark looks without finals, please agree me." It was not that there is the most good-looking song in my whole collection.
Likes more, if any everything of his albums, this is to appreciate more at night, perhaps with wine and candlelight and the thoughts that turn to far-was worlds, heaven among them. As in his leading album, "A Mask & A Mirror," LM writing of the papers of deep spiritual desire, here augmented for an allegory of travesía. ( It sings in "Skellig" of "the rivers that the deep career, under an endless heaven"--and they look.)
If the civilisation gives support, the justice demands that these songs give support also. I think that that they are timeless. Certainly, an essence of timelessness pervades him. I give this album my very main approval and expect after, no quite daring to expect that that can surpass A Book of Secrets.
5 / 5
In some notes of accompanying/Booklet to this CD,Crown McKennitt invites an auditor in his travesía,and to determine like each desires to be effected by his music ,and music in general,ossia to listen a spiritual message or listen a material sound,each one that that having the sound that the recompense is in offers here,and a task is to see that classifies is returned law of CD in the number of McKennitt has written,adapted,has touched on,sung a vocals and has produced the minor has melted traditional folk or the again World-wide music with the rich Celtic heritage that intices and intrigues an auditor like the novel of Umberto This is this in spite of satisfied his wanderlust and amour of Half Oriental musical is at all if no an experience and ambitious!!
Some interpretations have ,poignancy and brilliant storytelling narrative cemented in the folk/gender of Celtic music.unla Basic is a vocal interpretation and that clear and angelic voice,sufficient to have an auditor there is swept alongwith his in his travesía,and that trip,like the travesía of long train has available canal in his period to leave a traveller to disembark and follow his own personal reflections and to consider the one who some songs and a music mean to the each one personally.
Of some narrow streets of Venice and Istanbul,to a solitude of a Skellig Islands,to a romance and daring of a 18th century Highwayman,to a beauty and stoic existence of North Italy and a monastic life,to some Russian Steppes and some hard scenery of Siberia,to be the passenger in the caravan with Marco Polo and to remark a Fools dances with rich ribbons and boughs of one east the wonderful travelogue for some senses.Some arrangements are bellos.un the Celtic flavour is mixed with a mystery and a percussive his of a type of Half of the Oriental musical tradition of the music defies classify lista.un the concept is not the new a,and can be seen in some endeavours of Roses Floyd and Alan Parsons to appoint so only two,but like any tentativa has achieved a work of must of the product,and ossia the example the far plus of Lady McKennitt developing maturity like the interpreter.
Personally recommends a beauty to pursue of Skellig and a romance and a storytelling of A Highwaymanwhich captures Alfred wonderful Noyes poem and shoots an each one which as his own,but would be hard has pressed any to find this CD that grows on you with which each one which as escucha.un CD okay a price to purchase so only for an accompanying booklet that offered an idea to a rich tapestry that has formed a base of of the one of the east an easily accessible rustic and joy in character of a Mummers' Dance,Dante to pursue' Prayer and a Walk at night By means of a Caucasus, is in still the recommendation,is adult,accessible,beautiful,imageladen and the worthy addition to his catalogue and in any serious lover of these some people of has thought Enya with the 4 1/2 to 5 star in laws on the sweat of some senses and travesía some streets of your imagination with Marco Polo and spy to this Book of Secrets!!!
5 / 5
In the first place, for way of download of authorship, would like me be able to allege that I am in fact be the defender of Loreena McKennitt right of a start of his longitude and illustrious career, but alas! A sad truth is that I have discovered so only the few short years does thanks to the friends those who there has been his 'A Recognition' CD that touches in his SUV when I chose up for lunch. Needless To say, has been blown was reason listened in the like tooled down some snowy streets of Cambridge has spent a ivied rooms of Harvard in our way to the venue espaguetis places. Having already result the defender confirmed of the Celtic music with Irish artists likes Van Morrison and Clannad, has bought quickly all of the his CDs, and like the result is coming to admire his work extracted adds. Needless To say, this particular album, 'A Book Of Secret',is the personal favourite.
His voice is hard to describe, another that to say has pursue the, ethereal quality that it is a perfect vehicle for his compositions and arrangements that diverse wide. It is hard to classify his work, reason comprises enough fix generate different. It is sure to say that it draws of an astonishingly rich tent of different classes of traditional music, and looks to breathe has won to unify force in ridding in the way that is immediately both traditional and innovative. Like this, of some inaugural tensions of a 'Prologue' by means of a mystical treatment of soyarco Polo ' to some sounds of finals of 'Dante' Prayer', a work resembles edge he near seamlessly, included although some sources for some individual songs is often quite different. An only way to properly appreciate his wondrous the capacities is to experience them. Otherwise, Chair like a type that tries to convince his partner of lady to take his roller of prime minister-coaster walk. You owe that explode down all a way of a cup of an edifice to comprise a haste. How it is with our lady Loreena. It buys it and rig for a haste!
5 / 5
Wow! Blown has gone by this register, the technological masterpiece, in that a music has presented to to the sounds like is of treaty (calm import the virtuosa action) in of the elderly Celtic instruments simple. In fact the pair of some clues touches a lot Half Oriental inspired or Indian in origin; like a "Prologue," and "frame Polo." This in spite of some of my favourite clues, "A Mummers' Dance," his a lot of Celtic in his rhythm and vocalisations. This song was inspired originally in the Mummers' troop the one who has been on board the stranded ship in Newfoundland to entertain a crew. This song has is roots in of the elderly Celtic rites to Change coincide with traditional folk celebrations of Day of May in Inghilterra Of the sud. A clue, "Skellig," for chance, although written in Tuscanny, was inspired by some fray Irish the one who has been regulated with a "saving of civilisation," in some Dark Ages. Sequestered In a Skellig Islands of a cost of western Ireland this fray have maintained alive some of a finast examples of saint literature while doing comment world-wide real in some margins of many of these texts. "A Highwayman" it is the piece bourne out of Elizabethan the legend and a fully attended have to that final of happy Hollywood that follows together with some papers. Be prepared for several transfers and of the turns! Many more intriguing liner the notes explain some songs and lyrical development further. My favourite piece in a register is, "the prayer of Dante," almost one complain Celtic elderly that looks of the papers that shouts them was to a by force underlying lover/, to please, " memory." That marks this registering like this incredible is that Loreena McKennitt has composed all a music and writes 98 of all some papers! Of the different time and age, the view to the rich tapestry of iconography! Ossia The must has record for defenders of inspired and World-wide music Celtic the gender is.
5 / 5
Of a Loreena McKennitt CDs has revised in this website to date, ossia mine less favourite . His voice remains one of one the majority of beautiful has listened. This in spite of, although his work is of a gender 'celtic', many some selections on 'A Book of Secret' his Oriental Half plus to the mine unrefined ears. Ossia Well, of course, if an east having the lunch in the kebab marries, but any when I am expecting something with the flavour the Irish plus or Scottish. I mean, I know a Celts lived external of Ireland and Scozia, but pode any picture the to Damascus, Jerusalem, Beirut or Cairo. Instead, perhaps it is celtic, are am so only too transmission of the know.
There is still two clues in this CD that it is quite wonderful, and cause me to give an integer the insignificant thumbs up. A prime minister, 'A Highwayman', is a poem of a same name for Alfred Noyes dipped to Loreena song. Like the adolescent in the institute ailed with a obligatory classifies in English poetry, was fascinated with a vision conjured up for some words: 'A wind was the flow of darkness among a gusty trees. A moon was the ghostly galleon tossed to a cloudy mar. A street was the ribbon of moonlight in a moor has lived. And a highwayman is coming to locate, horse riding, horse riding. A highwayman is coming to locate, until an old inn-door.' Then, of course, there it have it a bit regarding a black owner-eyed daughter with a knot of dark red amour in his long black hair. The must there has been something to do with raging hormones. In any case, this rendition of a poem is wonderful.
A second remarkable clue is a last, 'Dante' Prayer', the soft and soulful tribute to amour remembrance. Oh, Like this beautiful.
5 / 5
Ossia An exceptional piece of spiritually uplifting music.
At all to like music that takes one to a realm of a mysterious, a delighted, a beautiful; where the souls find peaces among our much deeper desires, and evasion the travesías spiritual and of the cultures forgotten.
In that said the one who, this CD for me is quite something, fulfilling an on further of ways that many, comprising other pieces of Loreena McKerrits music. I know to to the people mostly like to write so only in pieces of music that likes them, but partorisca of me ossia something well besides a normal.
Resists the subject compatible by means of some individual pieces, while when being able, in time, the entice a soul again and fulfiling adventures.
Loves some few old celtic cultures, and in general the people have come today to recognise that some of some old celtics'better held cultures, both in ancient and recent time, was, and is, in his' music. And a beauty of of the this, is that the music does not die or spend was, but to our tongue by means of yearning gulfs of time and place, and leaves to feel something that alive in forests of ancient Europe aoens done.
For me, this CD give both hope adds, and add fulfilment. If ossia a class of music that the people are able of, if ossia a class of stirrings this resides inside , then at least for me, renews my faith and my amour of both elderly celtic culture and humanity in general.
Thoroughly Recommended so that like this deep and pursuing music, and so that they wish to explore some inner depths of both his own souls, and some souls of those in different time, and different worlds, those who have gone before.
5 / 5
That is roughly McKennitt music that has a uncanny described like this movement an east emotional state , one is whole consciousness , to the time and situate concealed is dreamed so only roughly and desperately yearned, this in spite of there is never is existed? Or it have to that exist. There is the class of intuition in his melodies, something has hid, that yes possibly decoded and comprised, everything would be developed.
-A Book of Secret- has an atmospheric quality throughout, which would have to be touched in rainy overcast evenings for the warm fire while reading the good book.
McKennitt There is there will be it diverse of a past concealed surrounds, although his music, in spite of echoing secret histories, the histories forgotten long, possesses the newness that resplandores by means of, something prescient and that imports - the message? Certainly I resupply with quite a lot of clue - a coverage of REAL CD, the little book of entrances of the newspaper taken of his travesías long and his papers, illustrates that his music defies any particular category, and is informed deeply for a lot of sources - history, religion, literature, poetry and myth. To be sure, has the conscious looks for Celtic origins, but a music has a lot of influences -Celtic, folk, Sufi and jazz. This flu delve to a past, although magically it press him advances to a present; mixing some notes like him tentativa to achieve of an alchemist some Philosophers Stone. And a tentativa sincere in that...
This CD is the property to possess .
5 / 5
That one begins to speak in this music? After listening to this album, chair that all mine another CDs is pale, rough, and uncouth compared to that listens in a Book of Secrets. Loreena McKennitt trancends Some limits have situated our in a past, and uplifts music to the new level, his level. One of some enormous reasons, supposes, is because Crown McKennitt writing for his own sake and the person more is, like this in the sense comprises like this sees a world. This in spite of, if ossia true, are in the loss to explain the one who that sees, feels, and comprises league with his auditors like this deeply. His songs spend to like, joy, and sadness that bolt, no in your boss, but in your heart. Of a first time his music has been touched, takes root and has grown in me, and changed. A does not see a world-wide one same after listening east.
Further of descriptions I habladuría in a music, but am not sure regarding the describe, thus different for each auditor. I will do my best.
More the artists have the particular force, be it singing, instrumentation, or songwriting. Loreena McKennitt Is a prime minister muscian has listened the one who can do all three brilliantly. Any of an on forces overshadows another; they flow together equally.
One the majority of noticable the quality is his voice . It is not your half shouting diva voice. It is quite so only. It can be clear with joy, thickness with sadness, whispery with marvel, or strong with desire. It is also a first artist has listened the one who has used his/his voice like the perfect instrument, likes in a Prologue or frame Polo. In planting to be a house of his music, is simply leaves of him.
The instrumentation is another tone . In this CD Loreena McKennitt mostly touches harp, accordian, piano, or keyboards, although it also touches something has called the "ranoun." (?) Further of these instruments, takes external tonnes, the means duquel could not identify for a name. It collects him of during a world, and blends joint them to create ancient melodies. ( Any remarks a name of a player of violin in "frame Polo? Llamas simply, "Osama." They are not that it suggests that it is a illustrious terrorist; I simply found the humerous.)
Then has composition. That can say? Some melodies remain with some papers in such the way that can not separate a two. You each one which so it expresses that it is required: melody a more gut-sense, while papers a conscious recognition. Without any, a music would be missing of a rich meaning, spiritual and result empty. The simplicity is added where is required, likes in "the prayer of Dante." "A Highwayman" it is more complex, this in spite of subtly so much. "Skellig" It break your heart. One .
A bit those that miscellanious observations here. "A Mummer Dance" it is a song that has done his famous. I see reason. Has the heart that claves in your brain. "The Sober" it is almost renniassance-touching; it is the serious -only orchestral piece. I think that has 6 different instruments in him, but they all wrap around eachother in of the discharges so that any instrument takes an advantage. While it thinks that to have this melody quite simple there is nailed down, everything slips around and places of transmissions. "A Highwayman" it is ambitious, if any one the word can describe it. All 10 songs of minute are. At the beginning, it looks monotonous, this in spite of, when listened to closely, one can relieve a very thin instrument and the time changes that it marks a build of tension, until we take to an a lot of last stanza. Still I give goosebumps, and has been listening his stops more than the year. "Walk at night By means of a Causcus" it is so only that involves, the walk at night. In planting to listen roughly the, some papers and the emotion spend calm his, weaving the web around you until it swear is in the horse riding with faceless mates in the desert, down some stars. "The prayer of Dante" it is one the majority of awesome piece, for Loreena McKennitt has fulfilled something that little of the Christian singers have directed: it expresses and personifies a soul is yearning Goddess.
There is So only one asks left to do Lady McKennitt. Please he a lot of leaves ! For everything of you the one who does not know , his fiancé died in the boating incident the few years done, and of Loreena McKennitt has been in a indefinate haitus, possibly never to return. In a side a brilliant plus, has read in a piece was "contemplating returning to a phase." You leave we expect that estacas in some business the little while longer, for some world-wide needs more people those who can do to to the music likes concealed.
4 / 5
Sure was predisposed to like a film 'Never With which' when we have seen a trailer and listened 'A Mummer' Danced used like introductory music. Loreena McKennitt Is 'A Book of SECRET CD is one of my albums of favourites of early morning with the quite only fusion of the Celtic melodies with the Oriental rhythms Means more represented in soyarco Polo.' I also like a Russian flavour on 'Walk at night By means of a Caucaus,' quell'only me more appreciative of McKennitt capacity to adapt music of different traditions to his own ends (resembled that Paul Simon has done in South Africa or Page & Plant in Africa North).
McKennitt Also can use his voice to good effect, included without to the papers likes them to them the fact in a 'Prologue.' Some clues of the longest in an album is his adaptation of Alfred Noyes poem 'A Highwayman.' This poem was a staple colegiala elementary when it was the simple boy , but there is probably long of then disappeared of a curriculum. To those of us that has had to memorise parts of a darn the thing done thirty years there is certainly he nostalgic quality to listen his abridgment (taking to look special of as the drums are used in a fund in some last stanzas).
One special extracted is McKennitt liner notes, when it explains where is (Istanbul, Tuscany, etc.), That law, and that think when it composes these songs. Such ideas to the work of a composer is appreciated always but usually a lot like this elegant.
Calm like this album, would suggest that it check was 'A Mask And Mirror' afterwards. Thank you.
4 / 5
Loreena McKennitt Continuous show his order in combining musical elements of different cultures partorisca come up with seamless, heady compositions that is uniquely his own. 'A Mummers' Danced and 'A Highwayman' is standouts. McKennitt' breathy, understated vocals Never overshadow a richness of some arrangements notarises them down his, a sound of his voice that is result so only a plus notarises in the swirl of plaintive laments and ardent fire. The words look unsuitable to describe this class of music, the product of such lushly creative imagination that it is difficult to conceptualise yes has did not listen it in fact. As it goes partorisca find links it to click on, and listen. And you have listened once, you will comprise, and some words will not import . McKennitt Prolific and innovative work to date has been for real seminal, spending inspiration to the planet-full of auditors and opening new visas in world-wide music. It is been are years now has released of an album of new material, and comprise is the data endures some difficult time in an interim. Loreena, has fulfilled already more in a lifetime that the majority of us could in many. But you find more music in your heart, if looked your past or different work, would be graced and honored has to that choose to share your visions with us once again. Blessed Be.
4 / 5
Loreena McKinnitt Is surfaced with another fantastic addition to his cannon of music. Quickly I am resulting engrossed w/his cultured and tasteful musical excursions.
One of some good characteristics of his CDs is a footnotes that detail a "behind some scenes" frame of his inspirations. McKinnitt Uses, among other things, a diverse character, intimate experiences, extended to travel around a ball as well as his considerable erudition likes push for his work. Different the majority of musicians (or pseudo-musicians, like the chance can be) there is for real the deep history for behind the each & each one which of his songs.
McKinnitt Presents the fusion of diverse musical and ways his art. One can listen elements of a coral, Embroiders Gregorian and folk songs (among other things) inside his music. All contribute to enrich his only sound. In "the prayer of Dante" an even can listen thematic (textuel, any musical) overtones of Mozart "Requiem."
Like this with his other albums, highly would recommend this CD to any one looking for something a lot-mainstream and of tall musical quality. Work well for so much that already can choose up in his allusions, as well as that has a desire to. As it exits and choose on this compact disk and leave you in in the too-secret very maintained....
5 / 5
For those of you the one who have purchased Loreena McKennit is other albums, like "A Mask and Mirror" and "to Drive a Cold Winter Was", some of you could have found that has the comparatively more subdued tone. While some there is enjoyed a subtlety, another - like me - would have sense that Loreena could have pressed that one thousand extra to do his music more appealing.
One converged to an on equals a beauty of this album. In fact, "A Book of Secrets" the sounds hardly Irish at all; in fact it touches more oriental. This in spite of with only eight clues, each one one is painstakingly long (ossia where LITERALLY knows not timing) and obviously tip an endeavour dipped to compose each piece.
A "Prologue" the starts were with these familiar restrained sound: Very good and mystical, but volume that urgent feels to want to something to suddenly the explosion was and surprise you. Ossia Where an emotion of "A Mummer Dance" it goes in. Of a start to an a lot of well, strongly the rhythmical percussion and to the dreamy tune take on the travesía animate by means of some eyes of the interpreter callejero traditional. This in spite of six minutes long, calm in fact would wish it could continue on more.
Then the things take the shady plus gone back in "Skellig", whose poignancy does not collapse behind in weepy boredom, but instead charms wonderfully with his lens, soothing sound. Then this in spite of another wait surprised in "frame Polo", which results irresistibly catchy (does not concern - I there is not spoilt he for you: Some beaten is INDESCRIBABLE!).
Follwing That comes "A Highwayman", which poden initially not appealing too been due to his period (roughly eleven minutes - calm has said knows not timing!). Perhaps it was because of a restriction of some originals of poetic verses that has done Loreena melody unimpressive, this in spite of of some returns of way to match a very tragic history. So much, listening his diverse time would take calm in a transmission of him. This precedes "The Sober", which boasts a true essence of Music of New Age with some hypnotic series of the harp.
Sadly, "A Book of Secrets" it comes with the no-like this-befitting conclusion. "Night By means of a Caucasus" simply recombines "Skellig" and "The Sober" to spend out of the relatively monotonous song. "The prayer of Dante" it is, again, sad, and beautiful in his own way, but does an unsuitable end for such the animate album.
Still, this in spite of Loreena literally knows not timing, she no in the metaphoric felt also, in that has really any flange to a versatility of his music. If it can register this in spite of another album that relives a magic of "A Book of Secrets", you are the sure winner .
4 / 5
Has had a follow of the his in the Celtic Chillout collection. You are A Mummers' Dance, an extraordinary clue, and in a force of that, has bought A Book Of Secrets. That finds he - a whole album is extraordinary.
Has like this to write in this album that has tried express all has loved to say, would lose me in one never-torsion of decreasing. To the left it is so only say this Lady McKennitt has the a lot good-looking and original voice, some subjects of his compositions are varied to say a calm less - look to be taken on the mystical travesía, to the the bit likes read the gentleman Of Some Coverages the day. This in spite of, there are a lot of influences that show his in some papers and some melodies; a musicianship is for real masterful and has produced the next-perfect album.
A reviewer of his music has suggested to be necessary to be experienced whilst having sex. Material quite attention of piece his prime minister and maintain my partner that attended .....!
Ossia An exemplary album and the good way to take the Lady McKennitts mark of Celtic music - so much have. A so only can ask reason have taken like this long to discover on sound.
5 / 5
The adequately and fully express my feelings thus CD would be impossible reason goes like this deep to my heart. The BOOK OF SECRETS is wondrous, inspiring, touching, relaxing and for real Magic. It flows like the longitude-winding the full river of fast currents as well as calm, something romantic with intriguing Secrets , countless to be discovered to the long of a way. As I listen, it is taste are in the horse riding of canoe to the long of this "river" learning some Secrets...
To good sure, has been meant to find this. Herein Is Truth and Beauty and at all less. A second I listened to a first song was hooked. And a More listens them, one more intoxicated I result. It does not go never of him. Again I owe that reinterate, is MAGIC!
Loreena HAS something very special inside his heart that accione, no with some world-wide immediately, but with each individual auditor. The sinister sound sings to your heart, trust up this one. I give this my indication of mine big plus. It buys it, calm will not feel ! A masterpiece for some senses of some extremes to the another.
"Launched your eyes in an ocean. Launched your soul to a mar. When some at night dark looks without finals, please agree 'll increase on these earthy cures." Loreena (The prayer of Dante)
Soaring Corazón
5 / 5
Different the majority of partidários here the one who possess all his albums and think that is to say the toneless turn , feels them so only an opposite. This was a prime minister Loreena the album has bought, and after buying all some another, has seen some shadows of brilliance and included some brilliant moments in an early some, but enough frankly, has been bored enough and less intellectually animate, as well as that has arrangements that was too traditional. For the while now, has been experimenting with combining a lot of cultural sounds, which I extol paralizaciones of sound.
This album contains a Mummer Dances (which is far better that a radio version becaue touches more natural), which falls like the second prójimo my favourite clue "frame Polo", whcih is one all-out of oriental jam ancient Average! :>
Has other interesting and atmospheric clues (some of them with the light transmission to one dulls or a pretentious), and the prayer of Dante is one of a bit what follows the simply can not be . But to the songs like "A Highwayman" it is quite interesting to say a less. And no, it does not find anything wrong with a period of some songs. I have it that has liked him always those.
Ossia The good album for the variety of musically exploartive people.
5 / 5
Is longtime McKennitt defender. Seeing so that that practically alive of Celtic lore, history, and music, as it can not being? This album is highly reminiscent of his leading emission, "A Mask and Mirror," it incorporates to plot of some same elements. But it conceal it does not take out of the own high points of this emission. "A Highwayman" it is fantastic, more powerful and directed that "A Crown of Shalott." "The prayer of Dante" it has to that row among his the majority of lovely songs to date, in pair with past masterpieces likes "Samhain Night" and "A Dark Night of a Soul." Joy "A Mummers' Dance" but it is hardly a masterstroke all the world-wide the fact was to be.
Has read other descriptions for another longtime fans those who accuse McKennitt to sell was with this emission, so only reason achieves the widest audience. Well Chico, Joni Mitchell sells was when it wins some Grammys and has taken inducted to a Room of Afamada? It has done Anus DiFranco bandage was when Rolling Stone has written a piece in his? Hardly. Achieving the widest audience a lot necissitate selling was. The sale was when he dissolves Quinlan Issues totally and begins to do Revlon ads. This is selling was.
To return to one @@subjects manually, hardly would call an ad of album. There is no such thing like commerical Celtic. But please, another longtimers, give a lady the pause. If you want to accuse any to sell was, at least he it querella valid. After all, it does not attack on the treat WB to distribute his material in 1991 with "A Recognition?" Hmmm?
4 / 5
One very first time has listened them A Mummers Dances in a trailer for a film Never With which has liked him to them really a song has listened them in this trailer. That remained with Fable of the thousands of Robert was the perfect party but the does not know reason some producers have not used some two songs in him because A Mummers dance it would have been perfect. When I have taken this cd partorisca christmas was them excited like this in a way to see my sister of mammas the lisitened his almost all a way by means of. His music is a lot pursuing and very mysterious. All some clues are good but some better some are A Mummers Dance and A Man of street. Both am a lot good-looking pursuing pieces of music. This in spite of Lorenna McKenitts the voice is also a lot soothing a same time. A lot of people compare his music to Enya the one who the also likes a lot of. Enya The music is more uplifting and Poingnat and is more angelic or celtic music. But Lorenna McKenitt is is more irish and angelic. Both interpreters are able to transport you the different dreamscapes and is very beautiful but thinks them am taking them to like Lorenna McKenitts music more than Enya reason the mine appealed more than Enyas but the still like Enya a lot of and the always will continue to. But finally it would buy them this Cd to all the cost because it is very beautiful and a lot pursuing.
4 / 5
The book Of Secrets is my preferred Lorenna record to date. Here she toys with so many different sounds that is hard to catagorize his fashion of music. Funds everything of Celtic to Half Oriental to same Egyptian, as listened more obviously I in Marcos Polo, the a lot of upbeat song with small vocals but a lot of feelings. Still it sings an amply acclaimed poem for Alfred Noyes, better known likes Highwayman, which is to dip ready very long that show in in (10:19) but a concealed will leave you seating in a flange of your chair in colgante. It touches it was as an emotional history of tragic amour entangled with blood and death like his horrid the end untangles first of your eye. It is all very intense! Another to listen thus I Stroll at night By means of A Caucasus and the prayer of Dante, which begins was fantastically with some bass to pursue line of munks that directs calm to the history saddened of amour.
Like listened during an album I promise that never once grow tired of his a lot of influences. If you are new to McKennitt the music that suggests to start with was with east. And you are a partidário old that continues to listen. It is the travesía beautiful to a lot mystifying earths.
Also control out of A Mask And the mirror where can find you one pursuing Mystic Sleep.
5 / 5
Has been informed to a music of Loreena McKennitt reason have expressed to to that likes him the paralización Enya, would have to know that McKennitt frames Enya to his likes the background music for comparison. Fulfilling, not betraying , a Celtic, Oriental and mediaeval inspirations Averages for behind his music, all extracted an original piece of art. It is one of a bit those that serious singer-composer the one who gives full expression to a dramatic promise in his music without touching overproduced or struck or sentimental. Each note is sincere and "there." It does not disappear never for behind a big quality instrumental accompaniment. My personal favourite in this album is "A Highwayman," this poem has learnt in pupil of note. With the gradually building, chilling fury, amena out of an emotional impact of a history, one this is to be lose in an emphasis of relentless room in a rhythm, rhyme and memorisation. His diction is flawless. The BOOK OF SECRETS is my preferred of his albums, to a large extent because of "A Highwayman," but his another work, like The MASK And The MIRROR is also worthy of attention.
5 / 5
Although so only it possesses the little of Loreena the albums can no partorisca see me choosing the preferred of a four I own. Each album Loreena dips was is gold. A music is stunning, if any breathtaking. "Book of Secrets" it is the continuazione of his travesías world-wide. That sees during his travesías inspires his music that so only finds absolutely captivating. I think a excerpts of his magazine is interesting partorisca read and an auditor takes an idea of where Loreena takes an idea partorisca the particular song.
A music in "Book of Secrets" it is the stunning masterpiece of beautiful, breathtaking melodies and delicate vocals of one of my long time favourite artists. That I amour in Loreena Mckennitt the music in general is that it dips out of compatible music that can never hate. There is not an alone song of his to to that does not like . I love each song in "Book of Secrets". There is no preferred particular reasons each song in this album is the preferred of mine. Loreena The skills like the music is like this incredible like his flange and the really resplandores by means of in this album. That more can say? Simply it is in amazing.
4 / 5
Likes Ren Of Fairs, Anne of Green Gables, the death Can Dance, or celtic folk the songs buy this!! Ossia The wonderful CD inriched with history. A song, A Man of street, is the history of amour in the man the one who is enamoured with the young daughter. It promises to come for his some prejudices after with which flies extracted adds of gold ( is the man of street ). Before it arrives the men of King George come and join his until his bed infront of a window with the musket related under his heart. They are trying to take his lover. Of then it can any untie taking ahold of a trigger. When it Listens his horses hoofs pulls a trigger, murder she, while a sound will scare was the safty. Law. So only it discovers the day later that it had spent it and of the hastes partorisca kill some men those who has killed. It dies in a process. Now it pursues a street. This history is said partorisca be based in the true history, and a song is like this good-looking and sad. Other songs have the bit of Indian flavour, some have an Irish flavour, and some have Scottish clave. Very beautiful. These songs have been looked in a lot of popular films and is touched on canal of rock.
5 / 5
Each one which so only Loreena McKennitt the register resists something wonderfully new and inventive in a way is presented. Ossia Any exception . Although this lack of disk of a Celtic feel of "A Recognition", some sounds and the instrumentation in this CD is in pair with anything Loreena has released in a past. An amazing part of this CD is is qualified to totally of entrance and seduce an auditor. Some sounds are like this new and refreshing that is impossible to comprehend a complexity of the each nuance, each sound of the each song in just one listens. A lot it listens it is required partorisca appreciate a brilliance that this woman possesses. "Skellig", "The prayer of Dante" and "Walk at night By means of A Caucasus" it is upper endeavours . It is like this gratifying partorisca know that another feels some same and has been drawn the Loreena that follows a success of "A Mummer Dances" like the alone. Unfortunately, this can be his last endeavour of studio , that follows the very personal loss - the disappointment adds partorisca say a less. Here it is while continuous the mesmerize with his intelligent, achingly good-looking music.
5 / 5
A Good:
This album, better still, this musical piece of art recieves the very scarce 5 indication of star of this reviewer. These aims of albums some a lot of musical forces of a underated and no-prestigeous Loreena Mckennitt. 'Book of Secret' exposed a variety of celtic ballads this is to fill with passion, beauty and force. Mckennitt Is the plus powerfull, more musically bent Enya. Where Enya Confidences on harmony and wonderfully hypnotic sounds, Mckennitt trusts a force of his voice, his bone-chilling papers and an artistic use of serious, piano, and countless another well instruments synchronised , melodic. This album will take you on the travesía. Stimuli your alcohols and he will sink your heart. Ossia More then an album, is an experience .
A Bad:
Almost always am able to find a 'bad' to go with a 'well.' In this chance is hard to look for out of the 'bad' in something as 'a lot of'. Mckennitt Is the celtic singer, and celtic music isnt for all the world. Some people could find his voice the strong or can find his tone to extreme. A mans the good-looking voice is another mans headache. Ossia In no way one has on beaten, on album of time and the people that looks for cheerfull, happy, dancy the album has to that definately the stay was.
5 / 5
Exiting arguably his best and more cohesive album (A Mask and Mirror), Loreena McKennitt continue his travesías musical by means of this album, A Book Of Secrets. While no like this strong likes Mask and Mirror, this album still has the plot to offer.
Any the one who has been the defender of LM for any period of time can locate the gradual curve of Celtic influences of his early albums to his recent exploitations of oriental sounds means and ways. This album takes these same exploitations further, and is @to @give fully in wonderful tunes like A Mummer dance it and Marco Polo hypnotic. Other strong clues are A Highwayman and a gorgeous the prayer of Dante.
Also, his liner the notes are (to the equal that in a last album) written in shape of newspaper and find like this when the be bit it pretentious, but ossia the smallest flu . It hears to a music!
So that they want to really utmost of world-wide music that blends this and west and is easy in some ears, calm can not take very better that Loreena McKennitt.
4 / 5
When Have in the first place listened this album has been attacked for this extraordinary and only music there is enjoyed alot of celtic and Irish music, has has not listened never anything like this before. This album of elderly celtic and the half oriental music is incredible. In the world with like this music of the copies of cat is good to listen music with old primeval instruments. I love a way Loreena uses his voice like an instrument that goes big and down with a music especially in Prologue and frame Polo. These two songs are excellent examples of average of oriental music. They are better that some correct songs the esees has listened of this part of a world. The Sober Is the piece of good-looking instrumental harp. Skellig, Walk at night By means of A Caucasus and A Highwayman is some better celtic songs in an album. They are more like this of the histories that just songs. A Mummers Dances (in ancient tree worshippers)has been released like the alone,although it is not a better song in an album. A better is The Sober,A Highwayman and the prayer of Dante to the church to captivate likes the song. If it love celtic and world-wide music would owe that give this glorious album tries it.
5 / 5
Ossia McKennitt The newest album, and possibly one of the his better. Different some of his earlier albums that tends to be all a time, has the a lot of-has balanced blend of fast and slow songs, each good-looking in the only way. While another has commented that his diction tends to be poor, this is not always a chance, and his voice is one of one the majority of pure and tone-has fill has has not listened never. While "Mummer Dance" it tends to be a more spoken-roughly song in this album, my personal favourites also comprise "the prayer of Dante" (which even more is moving is familiarised with A Divine Comedy) and "A Highwayman," the good-looking interpretation of Noyes' famous poem. While his songs can tend to be quite yearn some, the meeting is a perfect period to really take to a music. This and his last album, A Mask and a Mirror, show McKennitt musical expansion, particularly with an use of percussion and different time. His notes in a cd the booklet explains his inspirations and of the sources for his songs; if possible, read these also to take the best comprising of some historical funds of his songs. Although another has looked for to imitate McKennitt way, there is not founding never any the one who poden quite left until his only music (and believe me, has looked.) It calms it has not listened never McKennitt before, ossia a perfect album with that to start with.
5 / 5
Has had a follow of the his in a Celtic Chillout collection. You are 'A Mummers' Danced, an extraordinary clue. I have it quell'has purchased so only the pre-release PROMOTIONAL CD of A Book Of Secrets, of the as one follows aforesaid comes from/comes from. A whole album is extraordinary.
Has like this to write in this album that has tried express all has loved to say, would lose me in one never-torsion of decreasing. To the left it is so only say this Lady McKennitt has the a lot good-looking and original voice, some subjects of his compositions are varied to say a less; there are many influence that show his in some papers and some melodies; a musicianship is for real masterful and has produced the prójimo-perfect is an exemplary album and the good way to take the Lady McKennitts mark of Celtic music - so much have. A so only can ask reason have taken like this long to discover on sound.
5 / 5
Loreena Is the storyteller of unsurpassed antiquity. A Book of Secrets amenos history and of the legends of old to the soulful wave of traditional celtic sounds. Using the instrumental music is clearly the way to share a beauty with a soul.
Loreena angelic The voice comes on his heart to the equal that sings of of the east a lot on in the prayer of Dante, "please agree me." A Highwayman is the ballad in fact long, but so only Loreena soulful the voice could spend it to a light of day in such the way to the equal that to give some colds everytime is listened. We could not forget Mummers Dances like the history of the days has spent of longitude, some the wonderful papers and the good-looking sounds is like the majority crediticia of knots to find this one of the artistic icon bondadoso.
With each new creation leaves that they want to more. With the wide mix to want to expósito or stray, of legends and lore, or his sounds notarises them, A Book of Secrets is purely the legend is own time .
4 / 5
Are reluctant to add to some 343 descriptions herein of this cycle of songs, but simply can not resist.
Has been listening to this register for on two years, on and was, always with a same result. He questions me that this work of utter the musical character always will be pigeons-holed with like this-of the music called 'Celtic'. It is a work of Van Morrison Celtic music? It is one dark cinematic jouissance of Godard simply 'house of film of art?
In all the chance, any herein complaint because McKennitt the looks of music to leave one in a lurch so much-to-speak, or still to cover fallen. It says 'devastated' is the better term. But devastated in a way that transcendentally the extraordinary works of art move an alcohol to look to a vortex of time. Be too much to mention Mahler in this context?
This cycle of songs is the musical magazine (travesía), and one the accompanying booklet locates these travesías by means of the a lot poetic and scarce commentary to Be-There. This has said, challenge any to say me where a 'there' is in a pursuing, prendiendo, gorgeous the prayer of Dante ... Skellig Can take in North Italy, and leave in the state of observance of melancholy of a past life of a fray Irish, but also speaks mine of mine 'final' own. Still, to somewhere in a lyrical and aural matrix of McKennitt ravaging the music would owe that admit, sworn to reams of the smallest music, those some places and people she canvasses is everything entirely of an alcohol and heart.

Top Customer Reviews: A Day Without ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
A late plus of Enya builds of all some basic subjects of the his almost 15 years of albums of suns. (Hard to think that long the time is spent!) And like all these first albums, or at least of "Watermark" on, a formula remains one same. Highly polished dreamscapes has meant to evoke ways, mostly of a variety relaxed and has contented. Like "Only Time" tried in some consequences of 9/11, music that objective to the calm still can spend beauty to the tragic situation, and peace to turbulent hearts.
An inaugural three songs of "A Day Without Rain" easily it could be a better ten minutes of music Enya has has not treated never. And I, for one, any moan in a disk brevity. Better to have the half hour of perfect illustrations prójimas that for the have marred for external farce. (Example, a wretched "radio mix" of "Only Time" this crowbarred the hip-hop clue of rhythm in the ploy to do he airwave friendly.) Apresamiento Enya Until five years to act his records, and almost to the T, the fully formed start, seamless whole pieces. If I want to more, always I have a lot the shabby copies of his another CD is to slip to a player of disk.
"A Day Without Raining" it contains a jarring has surprised, one dark "Tempus Vernum." It will surprise a lot of the one who sees Enya like this pocolos more than an empress of bland, like breif Latin the flange breaks one calms of surface of an album with something the little more stirring. I took it was gaurd quite that resulted it one of my favourite moments in an album, and one of a bit those that time in a Enya album where pauses a formula. Still I me hungry for more than album, but I supposition I still will owe that expect other five years!
4 / 5
Enya Door once again a music to pursue that it is his mark , written in of the multiple tongues.
CD has joined takes was with some sweet instrumental 'A Day without Rain.' A piano resupplies a main musical instrument with Enya humming in harmony. A music evokes character in peace; forest with the light breeze the fresh day, clouds read dotting the peaceful heaven. Calm easily could sleep to this music. Some goodnesses notarises them the 'Wild Girl,' the fast plus paced song that stays inside a subject musical of a peaceful alfresco, but now a music has a subject of a wild, still innocent boy, frolicking in a half benign. Enya vocals Is like this instrument like some instruments they. This song is good-looking in his conception and execution.
'Only time' follows. Enya Tries once again that has a capacity to create good-looking musical poetry. A deceptively the papers read can pull an auditor to the deep contemplation of amour and life and some streets that chooses, and that we have to have patience because the only time will leave everything to be developed in fullness.
Enya Then changes subject and ways to the equal that moves to the Latin song with the tomb has weighed that behind. A literal translation of 'Tempus Vernum' is espring Time.' Some look of papers to be the series of words that could considered to be opposites, like this east and west, earth and star, and autumn and cradle. Like this in a Rome of commentary the papers of Ryan look to be exploring a Yin and Yang of some Asian philosophies, a contrast of opposites. A serious heavy tone of a music is strongly contemplative, deep philosophical evaluation of the subject; beautiful in a selection of words and a musical party.
Some transmissions of your musical again to the Gaelic lament, 'Deora air me he chroi,' or 'Tears in my Heart.' A sweet music, sad belies a real translation of a Gaelic, which is full of beauty and happiness. An effect is more in a poetry of a Gaelic and which well a music is matched his more than a real meaning of some words. An execution is a lot artistic and poignant.
Enya Then relieves a music with 'Flora' Secret,' that has the step the fast plus that a forward two selections. This song of amour is musical poetry is beautiful and full, the musical wine. Calm neither can interpret a song of an appearance of character, or of two lovers. In all the chance, this song is an experience .
'I embers Fallen' is the sleep, the memory of the leading amour. Dulce, dulcemente, but sufficiently ethereal to maintain to be heavy. Enya The good-looking voice is a centerpiece of a song. Some instruments add fullness, but his voice so only could have spent this song.
ilver Embers' Is another instrumental with the no moderate. Short and, like this always, beautiful, that heads to 'Peregrino,' that is another lament. Personally it enjoys this song because a subject is that there are a lot of streets to choose in life, some duquel heads to nowhere, this in spite of like this do not have any clue to the equal that to the how is which , and which is a better. We are all the pilgrims in life, and this song is our song .
Sometimes have difficulty in interpreting Rome the papers of Ryan. Such is a chance with 'One for one.' I comprise that this song is roughly amour, but some of some papers involve does the constraint among him and the, and is desire to be free of these constraints. This in spite of a final stanza involves that the amour joins him and never die. A bit confusing for my poor brain.
A fast plus-paced 'Lazy Days' finalised of a CD. Given a subject general of character and love this song looks the tidily wrap on a CD with a promise of things still to come.
Enya There is once has created more another sumptuously good-looking work of music that can listen you to time with which time so only to start with to appreciate a complexity and poetry of this music. This music is so only and almost stands in his own category. It is artistically and technically flawless. This in spite of, finds a defect with this CD. It is way too short. A CD is so only bit it on 34 minutes long. It could contest that for a beauty and quality of a music in 34 minutes is the period adds, but mine to look that bit it more the quantity would have done this absolutely PHENOMENAL CD. How it is, it begs to be remained with another short work to create the good full CD of music; certainly the smallest defect, but a precise east be distinguished was.
A perfect music and vocals marks this CD the must has for any one any good-looking music, and certainly for Enya defenders.
4 / 5
I amour Enya music. So like this, the ONLY TIME was a processional in my pair. Enya HAS the rich, soothing voice with his only fashion. "A Day Without Raining" it is an ideal example of the his uncompromising attention to detail and investigation of perfection of his musical art. An album is the combination of happy, darkness, reflective, mystical, upbeat and ethereal styling. Like this Pode an artist fulfils this? Ossia That defines Enya.
The ONLY TIME is a song that underlines more in my alcohol. An original version in this album (like opposed to a remezcla) is contemplative, still somehow reassuring. Door a message of having faith and hope. "The one who can say if your amour grows like your heart has chosen? Only time." Like the note lateralmente, Enya is giving some imposiciones of total royalty of sales of an alone ONLY TIME to an Association of Uniform Firewomen Widows' and Fund of Chico. "My hope is that, in some small way, these funds can help to relieve some worries face some families in some consequences of 9-11, and other families of fighters to shoot that is to be affect for the tragic loss of life," Enya has said. "The mine thanks regime to a UF for all his endeavours in helping these families."
A heart like beautiful like his music.
"Tempus Vernum" It is a darkness , mysterious song in this album. It combines Latin papers (Time of State) with the deliberate, has beaten dulcemente. It is an interesting counterpoint the "Chico Wild" which is to good sure upbeat and more modern in fashion.
Throughout all some songs, a thing remains obvious. It is Enya. 100 Enya. Has the quite only approximation the vocals - is almost all Enya. Enya Registers multiple Clues for a same register, doing a vocals in perfect harmony. It is the shame Enya no extracted alive, a lot. It is a superstar the one who has directed to avert a lot his audience to adore.
Has not resisted calm to repeat my accolades for some remaining songs in an album; I think that that they are all wonderful.
Yes, are a Enya defender - of for life!
5 / 5
WELL, as it has taken other five years after a soundscape of A Memory Of Trees to do another followup. Of a coverage of album, can say Enya is entering his Green Period?
An instrumental and dreamy piano soundscape synth the clue of title is in some lines of "A Memory Of Trees." I always rest waiting for those, like an introduction, an inaugural chapter, or same prologue to one of his albums.
A rhythmical canter of "Chico Wild" it promotes these to give in the character and enjoy it, has left some rains fall, and the "take a time of a helter skelter" of newspaper drudgery, reason "Every day it find, everything is in kilter/does not need the reason, has left a day goes in and on." That the day, the one who the day to take to...
One wanting to mystical "Only Time" with his pizzicato-like rhythm, asks the plot of questions, that run awash with his usual soundscape. "The one who can say reasons your sighs of heart like your flies of amour", "The one who can say reasons your cries of heart like your lies of amour". Answered: only time. Enya Must really be the romantic, as it always looks to a future and is mystical in things.
A Latin incantation "Tempus Vernum" or "Time to Jump", it is the sinister number likes "Pax Deorum" by heart Of Trees. There is the plot of opposites and concepts that is exited. "occidens And orientis" When being "west and east", "autumnus and tempus vernum" when being "autumn and time to jump" it is like the storm, and follows the "Deora Air me he Chroi", or "Tears in Corazón", which touches like one calms after a storm. Also it sings a Gaelic adaptation, which has meant different of some English papers.
The strong series underlines "Secret Flora" which is the next prime minister the "the Blue Caribbean" of the moon of the shepherd and celebrates some blessings and of the presents and one will have to that want to that some trees and the flowers have.
With Enya is echoing vocals in "the embers Fallen", there is topped in perfection and vocal splendour. East details the amour has spent this has gone now: "Once, all the sleeps am cost to maintain/ was with you." Like this sad, but the standout in this album.
One instrumental "Thumbs of Money" has some to the same serious strong likes "Secret Flora". A song consulting of the sage here is "Peregrino". Any street chooses, has to decide "which of these is true/the street that favour to nowhere, [or] a street that favour yours." A refrain foretells the travesía long: "Peregrino, is the long way to discover the one who are." It is like this odd that so only one the majority of introspective of us really stop to ask, " it find a response in everything says or do?/ You find a response in you?" Really appearance like this-- concealed is that I am counting on, an answered that it is. Another standout clue.
"One for a" uses an analogy of trees' the leaves that fallen one for a pleasure the comparison of reason a lot of sack of pairs. "One for one my leaves fall/One for some my histories are said", and when this raisin, when our souls are too coffins, another can learn more than master roughly and " it sacks, it sacks, Goodbye." Another sound of strong series.
"Lazy days" it is the dreamer delight: "the lazy old day that/goes /dreamed a day was/does not want to go /now that are to flow/crazy amazing day." Ossia That really likes me in Enya, concealed to dream romantic character of the his. It is there anywhere can order these days to the for elder, reason will corner a phase?
Yes takes five years to do this in spite of another winner spellbinding album, the sound has left to take five years. I can expect. Like this those who can say when Enya will exit with a followup? Only time. And the one who can say will dip in of the most Gaelic songs in him? Only time.
4 / 5
When Enya Is resulted the singer in his own, was the idea adds . I am not saying Clannad has bad music (I amour his music), but they well in his own and Enya has such music adds, everything of his albums cost to add your collection.
At the beginning when I have listened Enya, was always in a car - my dad plaid the. I have thought always Enya was the band or something - I a lot included know a name that well. They are then state given this CD for my anniversary, and has loved that. I have begun then listen to everything of Enya music more and more.
Although this CD is so only in the half hour long, costs he for the buy. Some songs are all utmost.
1. A Day Without Rain; it is instrumental. But it is a lot enough.
2. Chico wild; "Never take a time, never stop and listen, never feel alive, and there is at all losing. Calm does not need the reason, has left a day goes in and in".
3. Only time; The one who can say, only time. Ossia The song adds .
4. Tempus Vernum; I am not sure that tongue ossia in, but touches very orderly and darkness.
5. Deora Air me he Chroi; it Is in Spanish, and is beautiful.
6. The secret of Flora; it is the song roughly amour, and one of a better in a clue.
7. The embers Fallen; it is the enough, dulcemente, song.
8. Thumbs of money; it is instrumental, but a way bounces' the fact such the fun song to listen the again and again.
9. Peregrino; it is the quite a lot of song , but is slow and can look boring.
10. One for one; it is another song roughly amour, and is the quite and fun song.
11. Lazy days; any one all the world wants to go back to his lazy days? This sun is amused like this, is adds.
5 / 5
Finally after expecting five years Enya is returned finally with all new material. While I am proud to possess this CD I class to feel it smidgey the bit has deceived. First of this CD is so only 34 and the half miniutes long. It looked more like this he demo tape. Has CD SOLTEROS ossia more 34 minutes long. It could perhaps in his next album composes songs that is an average of five or are minutes long. And the pair of songs is like this unfinished demo tapes. Deora Air me he Chroi And the thumbs of Money are probably one the majority of uninspired boring clues Enya has not written never.
Cela Does not mean that this album is less than adds. It is in fact one of my favourite albums of 2000. I ran it it was and it bought it on a day is exited. While I lose one dark and stromy atmosphere of Watermark that Enya has offered is no less than amazing. This album is for far his sunnier album and more allegro to date.
A clue of title is your instrumental typical piano with some vocals here and there. The wild boy is the good-looking song with plucky serious and the a lot sunny atmosphere and rhythm. The only time is like Anywhere Is but much slower. Ossia That I supposition is his his swipe big plus of Orinoco Flow in fact 13 years. This another good-looking song. Tempus Vernum Is a winner in ADWR. This song is totally different of some leading songs. It is the a lot Gothic song with the papers sung in Latins. Ossia Like the severe thunderstorm. An only complaint is that it is so only 2 and the half minutes long. It could be be lengthen to roughly 5 minutes. Deora Air me he Chroi Is like a calm with which a thunderstorm is spent. Unfortunately I am not very moved for this song. It is one of mine less preferred in this album. The secret of floras is the good-looking song roughly two lovers that dance in the garden of petals in the blue heaven. Definately One of mine favourite in this album. The embers fallen is bueatiful song that the sounds to the bit like him the roses of Cina but no like this romantic likes that one but this in spite of the good song. The thumbs of money is the courts notarises them that it could it,sees remained of this album. It would owe that the be be substitute with Isobella. Isobella Is the beautiful pursuing song that is so only available in a version of Japanese import of this album. The thumbs of money is probably one the majority of uninspiring song Enya has not done never. The pilgrim in another hand is the he song a lot sober that would touch when cruising to the long of a river in the warm cloudy late. One for one is another good song . One of some stronger songs in this album. The lazy days is the utmost more afterwards to this album. It touches to him it weaves it to to him it likes in Of My House of Way but more brilliant and more optimistic. It is like a third mate of Orinoco Flow.
In general while this album is defective ossia the sum of new offering of one of mine all-time female singer. My desire this in spite of is that it would comprise Isobella in this album. As I have said before it is beatiful pursuing song that would have has beaten each one another song in this album. In fact Enya would have to that arrest and recopilar the full CD of B-Sides and scarce songs. There is at least ten of them. It would aim one same More adds them probably of Enyas amazing talent. Another desire is that perhaps his next album could be more electronic touching that Watermark and at least 55 minutes long.
A same thing fresher that it could spend is the collaboration among Enya and music of New Age Patrick Or'hearn. So only imagine Enyas pursuing vocals remained with Or'hearns soaring environmental electronic synthesizers. It would be an album of better New Age never. I can odorare he in an air.
But still although it concealed can not spend Enya will remain one of my cup five preferred divas of all time. It goes and buy this album. While mostly I recommend it to the veteran defenders would be the introduction adds the partidários new also.
A lot of ossia all folks.... He! He!
5 / 5
Enya Has has had always touch possess his a lot of differential, comprised of equal parts of his glorious voice, lines of emphatic bass, serious and melodic piano, everything with roots in some Celtic folk song, but transformed to something all can enjoy. With this album, has created the mosaic of pieces that is all a lot different of each another (something concealed could not be said some of his clues in of the earliest albums), but the one who the forms have jointed the picture that emotionally is that it satisfies and solidly there is rounded.
The only time is a clue of characteristic , the number a song this has had incredible that can of rests in some maps, but is so only one among several by force equal clues. One for one combines the heart to pursue with the together of dramatic he/she papers, he paean to a power to remain fond reports that hangs challenges. Lazy days, a last clue, will dip you on yours behind in this field of state of longitude , when had a lot of date of caducity to fulfil, where a day was yours to situate of the ones of way that has loved. Tempus Vernum Is the point of centre around that joined other clues mix, with the heavy, driving rhythm and choral vocals in Latin ossia pure Gothic, the clue marvelously different and inventive. The wild boy is rock of next pop , the song that will pull calm in with his heart phrasing. And so only to try that it can mesmerize without his voice, the thumbs of Money is one all too short instrumental.
A together remarkable to captivate songs. With more than album, is lucky has two or three good pieces. With east a, does not have any uselessness, so only different flavours, each one which scrumptious.
5 / 5
In his later emission, Irish vocalist Enya there is once has taken more some alcohols and ears of auditors around a ball with a hauntingly mesmerizing "A Day Without Raining". Full of vivid emotion, will tug in your heart and soul with an urgency that is missing of in music more modern.
Enya The albums always are soothing, and this one is no different. It explores Everything of tranquil bucolic settings to one in the dread all faces with which pardon has wanted to him join. This in spite of, she he with the fashion and grace that is second looks unmatched in today of world-wide of music.
A cradle-like 'Wild Boy' is one of a record' better endeavours, as he reminisces on some cured-free days that all wish still reigned in our lives. 'Deora Air me he Chroi', His piece of Gaelic tongue in this album, is both pursuing and offered in his emotional delivery. 'I embers Fallen' is sadly tragic still strangely soothing like this Enya laments a loss of amour.
For far, a better piece in an album is a alentadora 'Only Time'. Ossia The different version that a pop-ified radio swipe. It is much slower, more instrumental, and more solemn. This in spite of, there is the diverse emotion evoked in this delivery that a upbeat lacks of version. Without some drums, is easier that feel both a desesperanza and optimism that an Irish lass is communicating.
In general, ossia an amazing album that left listening his on and on again. 'Only time' presented me he Enya, but was "A Day Without Raining" I concealed I me the defender. Immediately it is touching, soothing, and hauntingly mesmerizing.
5 / 5
I desire could say something well in this album, but his impossible to. For one, theres a quantity to time that Enya has taken to do east. With the five-year self-imposed hibernation, one would expect the wonderful work thats instantly captivating. Enya Has not taken never that long the pause to release the record. Included a pause among hepherd Moons' and some long-awaited soyemory of Trees' was shorter that an attentive partorisca east.
A second peeve has is a period of a CD. Clocking In in 35 minutes is quite bad, but his number of point three that really take me that goes. A music is absolutely unoriginal. Included one the majority of hardcore Enya the defender @gives this, sure. Where it is a spark of 'Watermark'? Or it is so only that the old age has taken finally to the ours beloved singer Celtic?
The majority of a gimmicks used in some albums plus a lot old is replicated here. One 'Pax Deorum' - 'Athair Air Neamh' duet this has looked in soyemory' resulted 'Tempus Vernum' and 'Deora' - but the difference of his ancestor these clues are bland and inert. Also, it remarks a mindless sticking-the-formula that Enya looks to do down. This almost looks 'A Memory of Part of Trees 2', when finalising with the a lot of 'in a House of way'ish the clue called 'Lazy Days'. This is not the bad song, and included could be a better clue in an album, but his so only a lot enough.
'A Day without rains' well could be agreed like Enya' the majority of poignant deception. A toil here is obvious, likes Enya apparently touches all some instruments, but a result of final is inconsistent and distorted. More importantly, some songs are to dull and emotionless, and touch one more-Enyalike. That has surprised are that in spite of some illustrations of wonderful coverage, some the inner illustrations was tacky and haste of date, different some illustrations of splendid inner coverage in his earlier albums.
Some follows here is so only too reminiscent of soyemory' to forgive. I ask yes It Tops Bhraonain is stuck still in 1995. Also, some of some instruments have used to give some songs an involuntary '80s feels, which does not think is the good thing in this context. Enya Has Had his just action of flak for 'Only Time', and when being a prime minister so only, agreed immediately of 'So only Yes'. It touches like this resembled all Enya is fact, aiming seen again of Stone of the Rolling to give this album one of some worse descriptions of a year.
In an end, this album is the total disaster in each level. This sadden me, as I have been a partidário avid of Enya of then 1986, never of an album to start with. But with this low quality piece of work, marvel that possibly could come up with something to save type. We require something different, Enya, and yes insist on that it sticks to your old sound, well, then at least he properly and in the give something more than half-one-now long, for the amour of God!! At all recommended. I am not pleased.
5 / 5
Although this CD could be short, is to good sure value each penny. It wants to, enlivens, brightens, and relaxes your day. It begins it was with "A Day Without Rain", the closely looked song the "Moons of Pastora", with ethereal vocals and the line of strong piano. "Chico wild" it is an easily accessible pop -like number to the long of a vetoes same like "the Blue Caribbean". A pizzicato the series touches like this fresh as never here, and Rome Ryan, Enya lyricist, looks to be that they expand his horizons with slightly of papers more experimental. "Only time" it is hypnotic, with the slow 4/4 rhythm and dreamy vocals. In a interludes of phoenetic flange, a line of basses has the small transmission among sentences that gives a song has added magic. "Tempus Vernum" It is the heavy song , Latin that has the a lot of Gothic, ominous feels. Door your alcohol to the dimension of storminess and cloudiness, but you happy to be there. An only question with this song is that it finalises too punctual. It looks it it would have to that have more afterwards. A sweet ballad sung in Gaelic, "Deora Air Me he Chroi" it soothes a soul and alcohol, and combines Enya is pursuing the alone vowel with multiple overdubbed interludes. "Secret flora" it is the quickly emotional waltz where Enya voice almost soars atop a section of serious, chiming to the long of. I can apple the gram of the pairs that dance to this song in an external pair. "I embers Fallen" figure of Enya vocals on a mix, in place of there is sotterrato inner he with a lot of overdubs. Tip has genuine vocal talent and does not require to hide inside discharges of production of studio. This ballad looks to be the clue (and improvement) in " it Paints A Heaven With Stars". "Thumbs of money" it is the stunning but everything to inform instrumental tune with pizzicato serious and the soft series, background section. "Peregrino" it is another ballad that characteristic Enya voices on front in a mix. "Calm can not change that it is on, but so only where goes...", it Sings, and a music returns it exactly. "One for a" it is another upbeat song, which has the section of good-looking heart. It is looked the "Anywhere Is", where some verses are of entities in tones this in spite of some looks of heart to be smaller in key. Mina all time preferred in this CD, and perhaps one of mine all time period of favourite songs, is a clue of enclosed "Lazy Days". It begins like the typical Enya song, and some verses are a lot enough with sweet harmonies and a section of energetic series. But when some swipes of heart: BAM! It results like this hypnotic and pulling the calm chair is in bouncing he in an ocean that leaves some waves mecer was yours questions. Very effective and very powerful. This CD to good sure will be in my player for month, or same years to come.
4 / 5
Enya Are adds! When I in the first place listened 'only time' in a radio has loved that. Enya HAS the voice adds and his music is soothing. A whole album is peaceful although the fourth clue of an album ameno of the thoughts of darknesses and terror to an alcohol. An album is very different of some albums listen these days. To the point of Poster of the summit of 2, this album in the serenades of way an alcohol to peacefulness. It is the collection of ideas and sweet melodies that evokes has thought. It is really inspiring and reduces stress. It is an album for all the defenders of music of New Age (specifically Enigma) as well as enough the few defenders of pops for chance Alanis Morissette (although to the plot of his music is alternative) and Celine Dion. Like this as well as his eshepard album of moon and better that his 'Celts' album, this album is the must -have. Has songs for all the classes of flavours (except R&B) of a fast strong emotion in 'wild boy' my favourite song in an album 'only time'. So only it wishes this soyay the be' was comprised also in this album. Speaking duquel, a music of a clue of title 'a day without rains' adapted me of soyay the be'. An album with him is sounds of the echo is like the peaceful version of Expensive the paste of bundle 'believe'. An album with him is collaborations of mixed music and soothing the musical subjects is fantastic.

Is buying This album to spend peace your life-sure listens 'lazy days'. Otherwise Is the defender /of pop of artist of new age-listen all some songs! An album is also for all the lovers of Celtic music with is sum of Irish background music. Of then I want to 'Riverdance', has loved this album!
5 / 5
Are a normal adolescent and has been the defender of Enya never are has listened of his music in of the ads two years ago. There is not never the time when his music is not wanting to and mystical and this album tries it reason this album is for far his best. A music is like this free, brilliant, and spirited like an Irish music is. There are slow songs with smoothness, beauty, and enchantment, like a clue of title, "Deora Air me he Chroi", "the embers Fallen", and "Peregrino". There is also some highly to the energetic clues like "Wild Girl", "the secret of Flora", "One for a", and "Lazy Days". A music creates the picture of brilliant of sunny summer, tomorrow of cradle, with brilliant colours, the wind that swipes, and no melancholic rain. Also it has serenity and tranquility. Enya Music, together with Blunt Papers, expresses some subjects of true amour, especially in of to to the songs like "Only Time", "the secret of Flora", "the embers Fallen", and "One for a". The majority of a music is very Celtic, but Enya has had to interest Latin influences in "One for a" and "Lazy Days". Like this always, it has created the a lot of Gothic and breathtaking Latin clue, this time "Tempus Vernum", which describes some a lot of elements of an earth and heavens. There is an a lot of touching Gaelic clue, "Deora Air me he Chroi", which comprises some papers that the be be adapt. Everything of this music is like this wonderful, is hard to think of the favourite clue, but there is enjoyed listening to "Wild Girl", "Tempus Vernum", and "the secret of Flora" on and on again. Enya I defenders will find a lot of characteristic interesting in this album, a prime minister is a fact that this album has the very different sound of his leading albums. A music has not been like this durating or repetitive, but faster and original. Ossia A first album where big technology the digital register has been used, which has done a music underlines and the express more. Still although a music is a lot of synthesized, touches so as the real orchestra. One touches of music some ears and of the hearts so many, is hard to resist this album. So much, included if you are not in Enya defender, this album brighten your day with hope, joy, peace, beauty, and enchantment. Some turns of rainy day to sun with this album.
4 / 5
Still again, Enya has resupplied the magic tapestry of music the delight
. It Likes him the amazon reviewer indicated, his music has the "regal
mysticism" ossia I last to quantify.
Personally, my preferred
is always state "Moons of Pastora", I clue for
"Watermark". This new album is an improvement in "He
Memory of Trees", but like another has declared, there is at all new
A lot it ossia altogether the bad thing. "Wild
Chico" and "the secret of Flora" it is wonderfully hummable
and infectous. Everything of some courses have Enya particular and only mark
of synth-harmonics and "regal mysticism" this looks for touch
auditors like this deeply (albeit a bit slightly here).
My only real
the complaint is that a disk is simply a lot very long. Some CD clocks in
in just down 35 minutes.
A relative brevity of a CD can be
well of the point of view of an artist to do the complete statement, any
subject a time limit, and a work is finalised. But I personally
would not have imported another yard or two with which five years.
the disk is the keeper. After all, if Monet paints partorisca wall mural or
a postcard, is Monet still. This work is lighter that Enya
leading endeavours, more as the day of sunny Cradle that shines.
A disk
can not help but be popular. I do not think that Enya has auditors,
or same defenders. Has partidários. His creations that resonate like this deeply
with like this called of different people to import one timeless, he
historical, a magic, a depth of desire, touches of melancholy,
and histories of king, queens, castles and dragons. In short, ossia the one who
"regal mysticism" it is everything roughly, and Enya has produced he with
Similar presents are scarce.
5 / 5
Enya The consistency like the artist of register is to good sure because of a fact that all his albums of one 1986 start 'Enya' (later renamed and issued as 'A Celts') has had the subject very dominant. Quell'Together 'A Day Without Rains' averts of Enya' the rear catalogue is his unusually allegro, almost jubilant tone - the far cry of a ominously moody hepherd Moons'.
Although it could offer on million superlatives to describe Enya music, also could contest concealed is history' would be one of some first words to burst up. For a first time in the longitude while, Enya is along creatively and given his partidários some for real surprised intriguing to the long of a way. Whilst HAS, in no way, discarded one 'Enya' his (the clue of title is a lot of 'Watermark', and a lot some other songs celery likes there is contemporaries in Enya is other records), to the plot of this record is the little more melody-has based that atmosphere-has based. Resulting too commercial? Bending the pressure? Selling was? No, any of those ... Simply that the @give that his talents do not mean can not produce a infectiously hummable tune.
A prime minister so only, 'Only Time', is vintage but beautiful Enya (control out of a slightly peppier remezcla in an alone of a same name), whilst five clues to a disk 'Deora Air me he Chroi' is the forgettable snorefest. Each one another clue in an album, this in spite of, has the far more than shining vibe that anything Enya has not taken never officially before. 'Flora' Secret' is the beautiful tribute to jump idylls, referencing 'lovers in a long herb', whilst 'the embers Fallen' resulted a perfect clue for these cold nights with your partner in front of the crackling fire. In spite of the career of almost fifteen years, Enya has not lost his for magic music which can evoke the time and place in a blink of an eye.
'A for some' rests of the neighbours' the majority of inclusion to oblige. One follows how is roughly like this further 'pop' as Enya has not gone never, his melody is undeniably the brilliant and some papers are quite lovely, that pause of the subject of the amour broken. Could be it a disintegration of a romance mentioned in 'Flora' Secret'?
More than ever before, this album has the true flow and his subject. Remarked To the fellow concealed 'A Day Without Rains' looks the travesía by means of the year of a person, or any period of desire to time to use. A result is concealed 'A Day Without Rains' creates the durable effect in an auditor that a lot Enya the leading emissions have failed to resupply.
In the fulfilled the Enya Leaves 2001 this registers all a special plus for me, but is without biasing that highly it recommends this album. Enya Has gone to force to force, but looks really to have excelled she on 'A Day Without Rains'. Everything of an inaugural heartfelt piano in a clue of title, to a deliciously crafted more after 'Lazy Days' ... Included a stunning'easonal' the photographs have contained inner ... It reflects true beauty. In spite of durable only forty minutes in period, this so only can be Enya have opposite.
4 / 5
A later emission of Enya is really one of his better work never! A disk opens with a titletrack, another point has underlined instrumental, likes all another titletracks of leading emissions. Then, there is Wild Boy, is upbeat song, with the catchy heart. A third song is a first only ; Only Time. This song there is crafty papers and the good-looking part in a half of a song where Enya layered vocals is everywhere you. Then it comes Tempus Vernum. Ossia My favourite song of A Day Without Rain. Ossia A side a dark plus of A Day Without Rain, so only likes Cursum Perfecio of Watermark, and Pax Deorum of A Memory Of Trees. A Gothic sound and one pursuing, layerd vocals of Enya is really stunning. To bad that it is like this short, but Tempus Vernum slides softly in Deora Air Me he Chroi. One classifies of lullaby. A translation in English is the beautiful poem. Number of song six is another catchy song; the secret of Flora. Another song where some papers are very very done. The embers fallen is the piano adds ballad, with some of one more vocals of Enya. The thumbs of money has plot in common with Moon of House of the Tea of A Memory Of Trees. The number of new song is Peregrina, another lyrical the point has underlined: you find a response in everything says and do? You find a response in you? One for one east another catchy song, clue for another instrumental song; First Of Autumn. This clue is so only in a European version. A last song; Lazy Days, is another preferred of mine. Calm can not seat stil that listens this song. Some last parts of a song go: And to the equal that cruises era... It was... It was... I think that that ossia he resemblence to the his breaktrough only of 12 years behind, Orinoco Flows.
Overal, Ossia a perfect new emission of Enya, although it is very short. I recomend the highly to all Enyafans!
4 / 5
Has expected three years partorisca Enya'a register a late plus, and has not been disappointed. They are in accordance with another; it is not his better work, but is NEW! A lot of his songs owe same layered vocal model ( is his voice , sometimes baptised on 120 times) that some other artists have all too obviously tried to imitate.
Is everything in hooks. Each song that Enya the fact has one, which is one reasons reason has touched some of his albums 1,000 times or more in some last 16 years. His better work is the subject of opinion, but would call his second leading register "A Memory of Trees" (1995) unequaled, so only on "Sheppard Moon" (1992). In this album, "Chico Wild" it is one of mine favourite, as well as an introductory clue, with his hauntingly angelic seventh agreements that really have the way to do me homesick (I follows an angel in the organism of the man, agrees?) This album of him for me dissolves all the aversion and stress inside my soul, which is reason I uses Enya like my Number A Recipe. I bought it simply reason was Enya, Enya anything. A park of what only same to negative would comment is that a whole register is so only 34 minutes long, but can compensate simply to dip on REPEAT EVERYTHING. I have listened to "A Day Without Raining" sometimes four times in the row, and expósito that two hours are spent of to the longitude likes was ten minutes.
Interest that when this first album is exited, three of the his others the albums were suddenly pulled to a cup ten in a section of New Age. An artist has four album in a dec. of cup there is more or some another groups NEVER that? Not even Beatles? It has said enough. It buys it today without thinking. 1 recommendation.
5 / 5
Another year, another Enya cd. A a shortcoming of Enya the music is that he seldom transmissions. Listening to all five Enya cds drives this house of point. Has an amazing voice but she is not Peter Gabriel with his music. There are differences read of cd to cd, but Enya mainly takes his formula for pop of New Age. "A Day Without Raining" starts with a song of title, so only like 1995 "Memory of Trees", 1991 "Sheperd Moons", 1988 "Watermark" and 1986 "A Celts" begun his songs of title, some notarises them concealed does not add or embezzle of a whole disk. "Chico wild" the sounds resembled "Orinoco Flows", "the Blue Caribbean" or "Anywhere Is" while "Only Time" the sounds resembled "Chico Wild". Another instrumental "Tempus Vernum" to to the sounds like 1988 "Cursum Perficio" and it is like this short could have it remained of a cd. "A Day Without Raining" it closes with "Peregrino", "One for a" and "Lazy Days" that all touch utmost, but has no Enya done these songs before? I have been the defender of Enya of then 1989, but with his last two cds has begun to feel has deceived slightly. He Enya think his partidários would abandon has changed with each new emission? The no. Has the voice adds and frames some songs add, but his cds, like the whole, is beginning to be likes to eat my favourite lunch every day. If you are the defender , calm probably will buy this, but yes calms so only is taking to Enya, compraventa "Sheperd Moons" or "Watermark" or included his best of compilation. They are now while to Enya to surprise with his music--that has has taken to lose?
4 / 5
Before it begins my description, so only would like me express the recognition that Enya is still register...
A lot another reviewers has declared here that this album is "simpler" it concealed them another, which is quite true. I will try any to repeat his commentaries, but give my own opinion. First of all, the Wild boy would owe that it has been a goodness so only for this album, in place of Only Time. It is another "obvious" so only, and a ossia one more upbeat. It has chosen upbeat follows like this first solteros for his other albums; curiously, it has gone with the slowest piece east times around. Together with Wild Girl, the secret of the flora is standout clue. It is the homage the poetry, of one a lot before line (Lovers in a long herb...). Like good poetry, his papers look the few dark words that will aim you to consult your dictionary!
A third point underlined of an album is a diptych of Tempus Vernum and a gaelic song that follows. Some first time have listened Tempus Vernum, felt that it would have to that be longer, but in the second has thought is appropriately brief and intense, as the violent thunderstorm.
Have two critics for these new Enya albums. One is that it is missing some of an experimentation of the earliest endeavours. Specifically I am thinking of Tea-Moon of House of A Memory of album of Trees. Another critic is that a part last of an album is quite feeble. It does not disappoint never in his symphonic capacities, but these songs verge on when being boring, and are sure his critics will resist that against sound. Rolling Stone and Entertainment the Weekly magazines have done already...
In summation, treating Enya, one has to that agree this art is long, and the life is short. As no attended to fully digest Enya qualified with the prime minister, superficial listens.
5 / 5
An only complaint has to that "A Day Without Raining" it is a lenth of of a CD, which apparently only clocks in in 34 minutes? That is up with some 2 songs of small, Enya? When I Attack this anxiety an original register for an artist of Enya magnitude, attended alittle has bitten more. If Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears can crank out of endless cd is of disposable rubbishes, reasons on the earth can a lot Enya give the "double album" of épico porportions likes in "A Celts"? Material there is the definite phase partorisca Enya, and one can any never take enough of his sound of mark. It remains compatible and never deviates of the his mystical still his familiar. Enya angelic vibe Prevails in his later emission "A Day Without Raining". Ironically Speaking, a title of his album asks sun when Enya the music clearly evokes the plus moody, will have solemn. I create the dark plus, edgier the album there would be more effectively takes his sound, but calm can not discredit Enya is the optimism found again. I quite applauded his apparent " I can see clearly now" inspired revelations, although I yearn sounds of his earlier works. "A Day Without Raining" it is the perfect follows on partorisca "A Memory of Trees", an almost formulatic replicant. One follows celtic, a radio next clue friendly Enya pop (has such the thing), there is at all remarkable or distinguishable of another. There is a goodness for this newer emission of Enya. If steps to have the disk-system of transmission in your player of CD, can upload all a forward Enya album in, and his touch behind partorisca back. "A Day Without Raining" blend fantastically.
4 / 5
Enyas First album of all new material in five years musically, is cost a long wait excepts that this CD is ridiculously short. 34 minutes? Coming on! This day and age of 80 storage of minute the capacity there is pocola excuse partorisca do an album that is while the episode of cartoon of morning of Saturday. This CD would have been the five incident was at least be to the 50 minutes a lot to time like them more than of albums today. Have EPs Ossia longer that 34 minutes!
Enough in a period of CD. Ossia An amazing album and is for far his sunnier album and more allegro to date, almost opposite the Shephard Moons or an ominous masterpiece Watermark. An use of pizzacato the series is weighed on here especially in Flora and Secret of Wild Boy that is one of mine favourite in this CD. My absolute favourite this in spite of is a racked Tempus Vernum with this gothic atmosphere.
Here is like a song lenghts would have to that it has been likes:
1. A Day Without Rain 4:06
2. Wild girl 4:26
3. Only time 4:21
4. Tempus Vernum 5:53
5. Deora Air me he Chroi 3:46
6. Secret flora 5:30
7. The embers Fallen 3:58
8. Thumbs of money 2:58
9. Peregrino 4:38
10. One for one 5:28
11. Lazy days 4:59
A worthy CD to possess but could have been like this more has had the summer alot more along that so only 34 minutes.
5 / 5
Has been raving in that I AMUR Enya music in a past few years, excessively gushing roughly that astonishingly it can combine ethereal vocals and serious instrumental with the spiritually soothing aesthetic. It is good to see that with which five years (well, three, in fact, if accounts in "So only Yes" and " it Paints a Heaven with Stars"), it has not lost his magic touch, and "A Day Without Rain" the shows time well is spent.
In this album, Enya is returned with the more subdued offering, spending out of the odd nostalgia of "Moons of Pastora" and "A Memory of Trees", this in spite of finding like this entirely original, almost to the equal that are taking the integer of new sound of Enya. It is also audible that Rome Ryan is resulting more adventurous like the lyricist, for example, having Enya sing of the "crazy day" in "Lazy Days". She , also, credit of merit for some still poetic verses that blend in perfectly with Enya music.
A clue of inaugural title is still in a footsteps of "Watermark" with the sincerely beautiful piano recital, that tip any irony that this is to be compose in the calm Irish morning after the days of inglorious rainy time. He then entered "Chico Wild" this has the liveliness that surprised like this adorably and almost surreally amena of the rear memories of juvenile liberty. This precedes "Only Time", which results a classical instant with the perfectly peaceful melody, beside other legends like "Orinoco Flows" and "Anywhere Is".
"Tempus Vernum" Continuous with appearance the "Pax Deorum": This same dark atmosphere that touch hauntingly subtiles, but brightens up like continuous the "Deora Air Me he Chroi" (brilliant of musical tactic here!). There is also "Thumbs of Money" this touches like this enjoyably like "Moon of House of Tea". "A Day Without Rain" then it concludes wonderfully with "One for a" (catchy tune here!) And "Lazy Days" (somehow, agree me of "A Longships").
This in spite of, this album is not without his defects. Different all of Enya is other albums, "A Day Without Rain" it spends the formula that no quite flow, and his look of clues to burst on here and there inconsistently. It is perhaps for this reason that sure songs, like "Secret Flora", "Peregrino" and "the embers Fallen" found like this quite unappealing. One follows of prize - "A Prime minister of Autumn" - it is probably Enya worse instrumental adventure to date. It is the harm that "A Fiancée" of a "Only Time" maxi-only is not in this CD to compensate for a disappointing material.
And perhaps a defect of plus that Enya would have to that the commentary is a lack of variac. In his pack musical later. The auditors would owe that consider: we have had the vocal mark layering in "Orinoco Flow" and "A Longships", but we also the African drums have listened in "Storms in Africa" in a still album "Watermark"; we have had uillean pipes in "Sunstream" and it has included the hypnotic electrical guitar in " I want Morning" of "A Celts". Still here almost each looks of the clue laced with serious, concealed, without some melodies add, his in fact his bland.
Still, a can not help but give Enya and a Ryans a praise has won to create more good-looking Celtic music - successfully considerable - once again. They are still a lot that looks forward to Enya after travesía musical - I so only attended does not require to expect other five years!
4 / 5
Always enjoyed Enya because of his fresh sounds and harmonies. One could feel that alive in the world of fantasy, so only listening to the full CD. This CD is any exception his celestial voice. All some voices listen is his, ( baptises his voice so that it is likes to sing with his) Been due to of the this, takings a sense that a angelic the organism is singing, still have a type of heart feels.
Gives this CD four stars a lot because lack of as the singer, but reason two other reasons. 1.) It Likes him another has declared, a CD is very short. 2.) Some songs that is available in some CD looks to be one, equally. So only the little of some songs "clave out of" to be so only. Joy Enya because of his uniqueness among another. Still, ossia the CD adds to have among any CD collects. It has felt to yearn more, but has not satisfied result, reason has not had more. This CD CAREERS to be roughly 30-40 minutes long.
Another compraventa recommended:
Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary
Enya: Watermark
Enya: A Celts
Enya: Memory of Trees
Enya: Moon of Pastora
calms everything ready has any of these, and like them, he casualidad is will enjoy, "A Day Without Rain" also.
4 / 5
After an excellent The MEMORY Of TREES, has expected a wait of five first years of a prójimo Enya the album would result in material quota , vibrant. Lamentably, A DAY WITHOUT RAIN is the for real disappointing emission.
The MEMORY Of the TREES there has been a lot-on-the-produced of mark and mixing, but A DAY WITHOUT decrease and calm production of the RAIN done a paving of the his of the album and one has to that pull to choose on elements of song.
Enya And Rome Ryan has achieved apparently an end of a line according to which his songwriting the talents go. This album this late more than the one of the east but the repackaging of some same elements have has used always. There is an inaugural New-Agey clue ("A Day Without Rain"), an unavoidable darkness and brooding Latin song that does not say any a lot of ("Tempus Vernum"), a token song of Irish tongue ("Deora Air me he Chroi"), and like this on. There is really at all new here, and together with a terrible prodction this album is the patient-the disorder has conceived.
Quotes-hard Enya the defenders probably will buy this in all the chance, but so that they have not listened Enya before, I steer calms to the MEMORY Of TREES or MOONS of PASTORA. It is the shame that five years to expect result in the product (and ossia for real the cookie-cutter commercial product) concealed left me down so much.
5 / 5
Which more can be said in this remarkable artist?! Enya Continuous the original present, graceful the in shape musical beauty unheard of of some compositions of early classical artists. I have been the defender of the his is of then 1989, and does not go never of his consistently original works. Like the leading poster has indicated, his sound is established and identifies closely his. Stereotype? Unlikely, considering Enya reserve the sound clearly inconfundible to the each one like this of his pieces.
Start with a poetic instrumental 'Day Without Rain,' a piano to flow directs to transmit his importance with trickling tones, serious airy, and that goes for the derive (almost inaudible, but effectual) echoed, that dips a way of this whole album. A composition 'Tempus Vernum,' begin quite omniously so only to graduate to the blissful and a piece to want to, synonymous with a sun that clocks the rainy storm. A rest of this CD is like this marvelling and pleasant to listen. No too dissimilar to his leading albums, 'A Day Without Rains' comprises another instrumental piece with waltz-has oriented the songs sung in Latins and his native Celtic tongue.
Is interesting a composition 'Only Time' synonymous result to agree some chances of September 11th (the album was coincidentally has released the leading months). This in spite of for real the remarkable piece, a song there is enhanced so only his somber brillance with being identified with one of some the majority of tragic days in of the Americans (and world-wide) history. If it takes these unmentionable chances or resulting embraced like an original piece, 'Only Time' so only will remain entrenched like the musical moniker for remembrance for years to come . . . .
'A Day Without Rains' continuous show Enya' deep and elegant fashion that will echo timelessly to some coming decades. Absolutely graceful!
5 / 5
Although any in fact possesses this album, has listened his in is entirety before. I possess Enya is 'Only Time' together of boxes and the majority of my favourite songs of that is in this album.
Enya Is soothing voice and a music that behind his record perfectly, likes two pieces of puzzle. I think that that it is an amazing feat that writes all a music, touches all a synths, and baptises all some voices she. Ossia Probably reason his CD emissions are like this pocolas and far go in.
Has so many good songs on here, like 'Only Time', which has been used for a September 11 coverage. It is beauty and simplicity there is soothed the nation wounded after this tragic day. Also I love 'Wild Boy'. A suitable song to take and take time to enjoy our half, to take and smell some roses. 'Tempus Vernom' Is quite different of a rest of an album, and works wonderfully here to give some more upbeatness to an album.
A reason has given these 4 stars in place of 5, which the more he to good sure merit, is because of a short period. It looked mine that grieves an album has begun, was on.
All Enya the defenders require this album, in my humble opinion, his best still.
5 / 5
This woman was an endemic ONLY artist to a decade, whose work is cost purchasing in 90s!! His ethereal music, noble is kissed for some angels, in a temple, for a moonlight, wa-dee-gift-DAH!! ANY ONE was until his level, with a possible exception of 80s holdover Hammered, and as that am concerned, there is governed like this Reign Regent of the female artists of a decade. Artists like this viriles his results-the songs looked obviously imitating some predecessor and generally cranking out of mediocre crud, Enya is resulted a music of some spheres, music where almost could SEE a cherubim flight out of your speakers.
Ossia Probably his better album, as the one who the exceptional melodies are concerned, beating out of leading albums "Watermark", "Moons of Pastora" and "Memory Of Trees", matching his prime minister epinymous album for sheer sweetness. The points have underlined is "Chico Wild", "One for a", "Lazy Days" and, of course, a grossly overplayed "Only Time". Ossia Also an album a late plus thus present of Heaven to achieve a cup of dec. of Poster
Personally, can not expect for his prójimo a....!
4 / 5
Has done CAN in 2000, Serial 2-85986, touching Time 37:35
taste ENYA, but are not of an unconditional defender.
Ossia Enya 6th album (incl. "Produced..."), And it presents once again with charming "dreamy" melodies. Each one once in the moment, touch the CD and in an end, has wins for more: one of these " it is already on?"
A lot in this chance, is already on reason is short, any reason have has wanted to more; it is the lovely album , but found quell'quite a-inspired: it is like the toneless "Moons of Pastora"; I seat it likes him he is writing with the recipe: some sounds are typical, some the vocal arrangements are good-looking but predictable; a keyboard that touches, with an use of "synthesized" serious, is generally basic.
At all here concealed feels "creative", it excepts perhaps "One for a", where some textures of sound are quell'has bitten innovative for his gender.
There is enjoyed this (short) disk, but is probably a last an I would buy if I have not had any of the his other albums; or perhaps it would be a prime minister , reason is everything better with which this: if it likes ADWR, will LOVE of another...
5 / 5
When I in the first place bought and listened to this CD, my thought was "This to CD SOUNDS likes him all his of another material!" At the same time, it would have given it three stars because although it has had some really good clues, has had some half clues also. And also, I asked it was time for Enya to try something different with his class of music...
Well, With which two month, this CD has grown really on me! ALL some clues are excellent! Of a clue of inaugural title to "Lazy Days", takings at all but good-looking music. Included this in spite of all his material sounds of the same, somehow, directs to write hauntingly gorgeous, captivating songs that continuous yours attention and soothe your alcohol. A calm music also take to an imaginary earth fill of marvel and bliss, is that I bad. I mean, as she he??? Perhaps it is better after all that takes his formula. After all, "If it is not broken, do not fix it !"
My only complaint (likes like this another the one who there is complained) is, yes, a whole CD is so only less than 35 minutes long. Then again, the quality is ALWAYS MORE THAN ENTITY that quantity!
5 / 5
Enya The music has been the part of my life for almost 15 years now and has loved each album has released - up to now. Now I do not hate this album at all, is still Enya and is still quite but is like this formulaic. A sound explored in his leading album is capitalised here to repetitive effect. Some drums was, some same plucky serious of keyboard, some same overlayered vocals ossia signs to his sound (and his gorgeous in his leading emissions) is not like this fresco here. Included a flange 'tempus vernum' is little more than the 'pax deorum' breakings 2. Each leading album there has been is suitable only sonic soundscape and this new a so only does not underline the mine so much supposes.
I supposition prefers his darker, harder soundscapes explored in Moons of Pastora and A Gentleman Of Some Coverages.
Now, all this says, still listens to this CD believes it or no. ^ . ^ As I have said in a start, is still Enya, and is still enough... Still it is pursuing like this always... And you are the hard data Enya defender, really has to that have this.
To to The Clues like 'deora air me he chroi' so only do of this value of CD while, is one of his the majority of gorgeous moments of music in his whole career.
ALSO, I reccomend his his CD late plus of comiles a lot of clues of everything of his works. It is much more complete that Paints A Heaven With the stars and contains some better out of the this and his another.
5 / 5
Wow! With which ' Paints a Heaven With Stars' does not have to that think that Enya could take any better. Well, can! 'A Day Without Rains' is the beautiful mix again deeply moving songs of Enya. This the fantastic CD, an orchestration is different anything has not listened never first that. Some papers are like this perfect, loves cry. Enya The voice is light, sweet, beautiful, and pursuing. It is such the gifted singer . All so only goes near in this CD, want it!
Some of mine favourite personal on 'A Day Without Rains' this;
-A Day Without Rain- A beautiful mix of sounds and emotions.
-Wild girl- Catchy with adds it has beaten. Amur This song (one of my favourite songs!!!)
-Only time- A beautiful and the song @@subject emotional of a film weet November'. This song is for all the world, defenders and the same pop of rock the will enjoy. Left me so only say, has wanted to see esweet November' with which hears this song!
-A for a- Justo adores this song! Dulce and significant.
-Lazy days- Catchy and upbeat, ossia a perfect song ! The lazy days is also one of my favourite songs! Perfecto.
5 / 5
A year, was entirely "enya" had any idea the one who this wonderful artist was. I have then listened "Only Time," and it was instantly captivated and mesmerized. My passion is resulted researches it --an investigation to find an artist and a CD that this so only belonged to. Last January, A DAY WITHOUT the RAIN and I have been joined; I have been blissfully contained never of then.
This CD is tranquility of audio without peer, soothing it and relaxing breathe of the ours frantic, frazzled world. A music conjures on images coloreadas of long past days: the minstrel in the room of the king, the maiden in the meadow. As the consecrated "Tolkienite," I imagine to listen a voice of Enya sing softly in a background as I have read in a magnitude of Rivendell, or a peaceful landscape of a County. (And it comes like any surprise that Enya is in a "Ladies of some Coverages" soundtrack?)
A DAY WITHOUT the RAIN can not be recommended more highly, included of the burned-out of ex-rocker taste. "Deora Air me he Chroi" it Has to that be music of Heaven he!
4 / 5
Look Around with your ears! It goes to the shopping centre, control some television ads for future programming, and will see Enya. You will see his with your ears because almost every day in your life will listen the tune that touches that is of one of his albums. This work is one of his better. A music is sum and "games in your boss" a lot like his leading yards in leading work like a " it cruises it Was" song, this CD is chock filler of memorable and pleasant tunes. It has had included one of his courses has used in a classical film "An Age of Inocencia" and calm will find uses your ears to look! A better music in an album is "Chico Wild," "Peregrino","Lazy Days", "One for a", and perhaps a More adds them and more memorable, used by countless shows in television and announce him is "only time". If a CD has any weakness is "Tempus Vernum" because of an use of ancient tongue and touching that if perhaps we are answering the satanic the rituals and the curse is calling up. In general they are add, so only skip clue 4.
5 / 5
This CD is so only too beautiful for words. It opens up with the piano to relax number this selection by means of a soul as you listen, moving to some thin still uplifting songs as 'Wild Girl' and 'of the Lazy Days'. And while 'Only Time' can have helped some people by means of a horrible accident that occured on 9/11 has done very little to appease my ache and anguish - although it is the song to touch . Each clue here just flows with emotion. Ossia That marks this like this beautiful album. An only stray, creates, is a gothic 'Tempus Vernum' that fallen to the long of some lines of the oldest songs like 'Boadicea'. A punctual album recovers his merry, mystical atmoshpere, this in spite of, once 'Flora' Secret' go in' with his good-looking series arrangments and layered vocals.
Although A Day Without the rain does not contain any tunes like this for real rememberable as 'the Blue Caribbean' and 'Oronico Flow' an album like the whole is his best to date. My only complaint is his [bad] in common time of 34 minutes and 26 seconds.
...(The songs are short but sweet).
5 / 5
Likes more Enya partidários, I expected (im)patiently for a new emission. Of course, I preordered he of (...) You grieve a key was in a screen. I think that more Enya the partidários is equally avid. With such devotion, some hopes for better....
Does not take Me bad, a CD is quite good. It is certainly a lot like this glorious like forward two emissions, but each yard is still pleasant and a lot is very good. A question is that, in the patently tentativa obvious to express bucks of partidários, has the number of versions of a CD; everything of some other versions has more ran that a version of EUA ( has seen some other complaints roughly the when being courts, well?). Many of some courses of some other versions are CLEARLY among some better in a CD. (I sees ... It has begun so only spend one of some other versions).
Gone in of the people, knots of court the pause. The desire could recommend that it expects it to you so only until the full version was available, but could do likes has done takes "Anywhere Is" and " it Paints a Heaven with Stars" and release the composite CD with just the little run new.
5 / 5
Knows am risking bad email of entity, this in spite of, has found this album this new more the bit of the disappointment. First of all I have: Watermark, Shepard Moons, Paints a Heaven and Memory of trees, as I am a bit familiarised with his work.
Has had two questions with this album.
1. It was lacking some of the his more spirited songs. Any of some single has had a "oomph" for a lack of the better term that some of his leading swipes have done. All the songs looked quite soft. If it likes exclusively that then there is not of any question.
2. This album, although any specifically the time (roughly 30 minutes long), was way too short. Calm alcohol in 11 solteros was equivalent to A Memory of album of trees and both Shepard moons and Watermark has had so only 12 this in spite of, suspicious some songs were longer. It could be deceived, but is not 45 minutes some few levels in elepé old. In my experience, CDs tends to be included longer concealed it. It felt he has taken the bit shortchanged here.
In general this album was a lot of (therefore one 3), but no his best.
5 / 5
Ossia Such the beautiful album , an only reason has not taken five star is some still downfall more Enya the albums have: it is WAY TOO SHORT. If you are going the crank out of the cash, think that you would have to that take more than thirty some minutes of music. But, oh that the wonderful thirty some minutes is!!
Has to that say, ossia my preferred Enya album to date, some better clues that is a prime minister three and "Secret Flora". One of my favourite things in Enya is a fact that is a bit predictable, but directs to maintain the fresh things. Calm will not be disappointed NEVER with Any Enya album... EVER. "Chico wild" it is one of the mine absoulte preferred, especially for the "to the left it is to take a day has begun" song.
With the melodies will be humming all day and upbeat hearts this'll has to that I smiled inside small, (although, there is the little more somber tunes) "A Day Without Rain" it is one of a better calm music buy could do, for calm or the partner.
5 / 5
Has been too much long of Enya last album, A Memory of Trees. It looks to take his time among album, which suppose is not too amazing of his work is everything original; any coverage, and imagine all these effects and fines-layering takes time to register. In all the chance, A Day Without the rain does not disappoint , averts of his relative brevity these days of 16 - 20 clues on more albums, and touching time of around an hour. It is surprising, for like this, that this there is so only twelve clues. In spite of, has twelve clues of qualities. The wild girl is possibly one the majority 'announced here, and is very good; having to that prefer clues like Secret Flora - wonderful iconography of some lovers in a long herb - and Only Time. I add to listen to: near your eyes and be past was! Oh, And as well as if this sound of CD Resembled Enya leading work? If she anything another that this so only blend of Celtic music and pursuing melodies, does not want to compraventas!
5 / 5
Is thinking to buy this so that the present for any, maintains to look, is my joint. Ossia To the equal that is coming mine. I can not say ossia terrible music reason is not . This in spite of, I chair as if they are underwater in Atlantis while listening his. It is this music of New Age? If it is, no material go to be the partidário of him. Another reviewer has mentioned that you were an artist , could like produced to this. They ARE an artist and can not imagine painting to this he so that it is too blah. It would concern me my illustrations would exit too blah, or perhaps soggy. This so only is not me. I remark there is 3 has used some already for sale in this page that any a lot of surprised me. To That person of age likes this music? It could be well in the hospital or nursing dipping to house so it is restful is the mine has thought so only. You could spend parts of him well on to your funerals also reasons his of to the sections likes them to them the submarine dirges. It thanks God Sade album has been comprised in a container of present together with east a!
5 / 5
Has listened "Only time" all been long. Have enjoyed really an alone,but any enought to buy Enya CD,"A Day without Rain." With which 9-11,and that have all been by means of,"Only time" really it has special the song to cure ,and spend peace by all the world any one an inaugural Instrumental,"A Day without Rain," door confert to ours can not taking thinking on some people those who has lost there bolt,and some have wanted to one is left behind when it touch this song and "Only time"for some reason,but know there in the more other preferred,"Deora air me he chroi."(This an exceptional east)"the embers Fallen,"(A beutifull amour ballad)and "Peregrino." A last number,"Lazy Day," it would be another fantastic any one is having the question that listens again the music,"A Day without Rain" it is the add begining.
4 / 5
I mean really! It is partorisca be in east partorisca roughly 14 years now: each pair of years king-record some same songs like this before, with perhaps so only the few smaller differences, takes that Nicky Ryan bloke in partorisca the produced, then punt was to a world-wide and attended partorisca a readies partorisca flood in. It is any marvel is one of some women some rich plus in United Kingdom/Eire (seriously - has dozens of millions in a bank; there is topped the urn of recent magazine of the women the rich plus of United Kingdom).
This day and age, each one another artist in a world has to that strive and fight partorisca take the agreement of register and partorisca take one his music has listened. Reason has to that Enya take an easy walk? I will say you reason - is reason some the companies records know that punters will buy his albums in droves irresepctive of a quality. Other bands of some late eighties (when Enya in the first place begun) is gone in partorisca do defiant and imaginative new music, but look partorisca have the enormous difficulty that finds the treat record (likes Lloyd Scuola & A L), while Enya carelessly cough out of bland pseudo-classical pop in cynical fashion without the cure in a world.
Is everything so only another symptom of as it joins partorisca focus record of the entity is concentrating so only in some artists know will do one the majority of money, and that ignores an artistic integrity and musical variety of all some another.
And partorisca add insult partorisca hurt, she so only annoyed partorisca register 37 value of minutes. It has found perhaps his own music like this bored could not spend to add more. No? Gone in Enya! Other twenty small of environmental humming and plinkety-plonk the piano can' sees has done all a difference!
Here is while partorisca some electrical guitar or the alone of drum in a sixth unavoidable album, foreseen in 2004.
5 / 5
Enya Is the talented and gifted crown. They are the defender of time with a longitude of his and the musical endeavours of his familiarised -- Clannad. A lot in fact they will critique this album. At the beginning looked, touches much simpler that his leading endeavours. Almost undressed, but ossia which or two listening the sessions will direct you to believe. Frankly, I find this album much more enjoyable that A Memory of Trees. I left that feels that it had connected really his, a way and his feelings. The memory left disconnected although it likes that of album a lot. This album is shorter that a rest. I think some subjects and the election of apt headline adds. It is interesting to listen Enya touch a dark side to feel in Tempus Vernum. He intrigued me. They are in accordance with another reviewer --- sounds like the violent thunderstorm. Really it thinks has the present and would have to that maintain go forward. My only desire is that an album was longer... My favourite song is Lazy Days .
4 / 5
Does not take Me wrong I amour Enya, especially "Moons of Pastora" and mine all time preferred of 1987 "Celts" and a a concealed there is taken on a map "Watermark" with his only Cup 40 swipe "Orinoco Flow".
But Enyas later "A Day Without Rain" it is resulting to touch like one same ole', has included ole' but more than the drowned was version.
Seats that of "Celts" Enya is creatively be that loses his sound and way little by little, and to good sure aims now with "A Day Without Rain".
My preferred are "Thumbs of Money", "Peregrino" and "the embers Fallen", but it concealed it does not help a rest of this CD which turn the music of elevator of rear earth.
Is not the bad album for any half, but is so only any one his better endeavour.
Said wants to take to know Enya purchase his earlier works first, especially "Celts".
5 / 5
So only can repeat the one who another has said here. It is the CD well , but he
is shockingly short. Especially after such the long hiatus among
emissions. People the sting has said was pretentious to release the 2-CD,
"at all Like a Sun." This in spite of, Sting of Ladies (?) It has given at least
we our cost of money. In an end of an age of elepé, the sting has released quite
material to fill the CD, although it has meant a version of elepé would extend
has spent the capacity of a half. Maintaining there is Enya releasing the register
so only 34 minutes long, in the half that it can resist he more than two times concealed.
Would call that it bit it pretentious. And no very respectful of his
legions of defenders.
And that it is one extracted a Latin chanting
material? I have not comprised never that.
Also could do the little
less than a keyboard that touch pizzicato. Taking tiresome.
otherwise, am happy bought it...
5 / 5
Wow! Reason love this album? I owe that confess that my musical flavours are far stronger ( Hard rock, industrial, alt. Rock, alt. Metal) that Enya, but know beauty and talent when I listen it. It would be wrong to mention concrete songs, of a whole album is a aural experience, but "Only Time" it has to that be mentioned reason is quite possibly his better song still; to true musical epiphany. I love a fact that a whole album is not in English; some Irish and Latin clues are the really good touch , especially for me of then studies both of these tongues for pure interest. It likes a lot another reviewers, of my only complaint is that there are not clues of tongue MORE IRISH, and an album the little longer. A very small complaint, this in spite of, when measured against an incredible effect this album has in the able auditor to appreciate the one who this Celtic hero there is bestowed ours.
4 / 5
Loves this CD. Almost it has given half some clues (five) excellent indications, while two more take indications really good. Of a rest four clues, two takes good indications and, unfortunately, two taking simply COAST indications (is for this that can not give a global CD an Excellent). In general, Enya directs to do this to produce beautiful, calming music that no only turn to a fund (like these two "OKs" do). It remains in a foreground and the frames listen his. My indications of concrete clue are:
1. A Day Without Rain -- 5 Stars
2. Wild girl -- 5 Stars
3. Only time -- 5 Stars
4. Tempus Vernum -- 2 Stars
5. Deora Air me he Chroi -- 2 Stars
6. Secret flora -- 4 Stars
7. The embers Fallen -- 3 Stars
8. Thumbs of money -- 5 Stars
9. Peregrino -- 4 Stars
10. One for some -- 5 Stars
11. Lazy days -- 3 Stars
5 / 5
Although a lot Enya the defenders consider this spend it downfrom some of his material sooner, finds it like this well if any better. Of course, all the world is familiarised with "Only Time." It was you take it unexpectedly enormous last year and has done included a cup 10 in some maps of pops. Any bad for the artist of New Age. But "Only Time" it is not even a better song. This goes to a breathtaking "the embers Fallen." Enya The voice is gorgeous in this clue and this song is the tear-jerker if I have not listened never one. A "Day Without Raining" instrumental is also enough. "Wild girl" and "Secret Flora" it is definite stand -outs. And a can not leave out of "Peregrino." Still again, marvel vocals and gorgeous melody. This album is 6x platinum in some the EUA and Enya bestselling album like this far in his career so only at the head of Moons of Pastora. Obviously it has something.
4 / 5
Enya The attention has obtained in the first place with his exotic 1988 radio phenomenon, 'Orinoco Flow (the sail Was).' After this turn of song to a distance, she does not anchor it his sucedido radio stunning until more than 10 years later with 'Only Time.' This song is but one of innumerable reasons to run and purchase this delicious album! 'Wild boy' transcend calm to your private world typical of liking and liberty, while 'A for a' calm earth again and the mark cries the subject of stray amour. Enya Latin and Gaelic vocals, on two songs respectively, will resupply musical variety and sweetly envelop yours ears. Finally, you will want to discover 'Flora' Secret' and melt is gone in the plush reclining chair while it absorbs some sweet sounds. I have not imagined out of Enya secret to create such good-looking music, but is doing magic how was 1988 throughout again.
5 / 5
Quite honradamente, as another has signalled was, Enya does not have very changed his first album. His tones, rhythms, and that sings the fashion is remained practically one same. But it has to that change really be necessary? It was, after all, enough almost a founder of a whole gender this has grown and has developed enormously. So much, no, Enya the album he the new plus is not that very different of the his leading some. But so only I see this that advantageous; too many artists those who find his niches feel obligated to change and no out of the fashion that reads for them. Enya Is Enya-- must she really transmission?
His rests of music to soothe and uplifting and entirely that dominates his field, with imitaters falling far behind. It has given A Day Without Rain five stars a lot of reason is different, but because tip it Enya the personal fashion gives the support and that that can remain some his and his own niche without balking before cynics. Thoroughly It Enjoys this cd, and although has a lot of his another-- and yes is quite looked-- is each one the root of the talented woman that does not require to change a lot to discover his own gender.
5 / 5
While I am always be the enormous defender of Enya good-looking music, my long wait for his 2000 emission, after the empty of 5 I dictate it?...In disappointment. It was while anything different? Perhaps the loveliest melodies, as listened in any timeless "Storms in Africa" or "Faerie Counts", "Orinoco Flow", "Ebudae" "in my house of way".....Frankly, somehing has been missing. This in spite of will mention one a remarkable exception to my ears: a lovely and wanting to "Lazy Days" , which calm you hum to the long of instantly, in his simplicity and melodic melancholy. While present rave in Enya "New Age" (I marvel the one who that is?) Music, few people annoy to recognise a beautiful and mystical papers of Rome Ryan, those who is, a lot aptly, half Enya. His lovely poetic talents shine in brief again in "Lazy Days" and "Chico Wild". Perhaps as ruined a mystical experience to enjoy Enya the music was a lack of music of him. Although one could contest that any of these songs could be lifted out of the forward Enya album, to my ears, a music is one spiritual beckoning this was like this blissfully present in his earlier works. Perhaps it is time for Enya to try something uses some different instruments! Prpers Having said such the mouthful, I also adventure to say that it still would buy his new music, which is, after all, infintely better that that it has to listen to bawling bands of boy and untalented pueril pre-the adolescents sing insipid tunes to the domestic generation in MTV.

Top Customer Reviews: Celtic Twilight ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
4 / 5
'Celtic dusk' (the title given for William Butler Yeats partorisca one 1893 book of histories of his Irish homeland) is the compliation of selected of a Heart of Spatial catalogue. They are the auditor of time with a longitude of the Celtic music and are not that it attacks HOS but, other albums in this gender are more worthy. This album is the mix of electronic synths harmonising with fiddle, bagpipe and whistles of has beaten. They are good-looking to listen them and is a lot relaxing. Some four pieces of the music of Bill Douglas is quite good and combines some elements of Celtic, African, Indian, jazz and classical. An only piece that come any prójimo the Celtic is a Joanie Madden (Cherish some Ladies) piece, 'Women of Ireland' and has listened on John Boswell' piece kye Song to Bounce' (of a traditional Scottish) and the piece of Alasdair Fraser that touches a fiddle on 'Lassie with a Golden Hair' (traditional Scottish).

The May suggests the few good Celtic albums that fulfils east is satisfying in his fashion and pure form-Joanie Maddens is esong of a Whistles Irish,' Séamus Ennis soymena that Irish Piping,' 'Castles of Gold,' 'A Thistle & Shamrock Navidad Ceilidh,' and 'Gaelic Voice.' Hope That some of these will help in your selection of Celtic music. In my experience more compliation the albums are not all these utmost. The majority of songs adds is lost that it was necessary has been in an album. Also be careful of imitations and read these descriptions of client if an album is genuine or no. Good regime!
4 / 5
This cd is breathtakingly beautiful! Hardly I can think that that ossia smaller known, but any subject. Sometimes some more utmost properties are found in some plant some small plus. Deirdre Of a Sorrows and the pasadores Ancient have so only does cry. They are such sad pieces , solitary , and with Loreena McKennitts vocalise in of the Pasadores Ancient, really seat a class of empty, tormented feeling. In both ask see the young woman that chairs in a bank of the lake or river, or in a cost of sea, is spending hair along, the boss and hood, class of Renaissance-was. It is crying, his expensive is in his hands and is just cryings, and some winds that swipe, theres the clouds the tall ashes and the rain is falling to a deep green herb. Also I see the big field, vast , green, the current, and going hills in a distance, and also see bounce he of forest is or ships debris floating in the sea to go, and the rain is falling in both of these pictures also. A beautiful, vulnerable boy , fashionable of the voice of soprano Jane Grimes thank you Bill Douglas' Deep Peace. This integer cd is the gem. Highly I recommend it. A Celts would be proud. They are so only the adolescent, but love this class of music. His so only like this spiritual, as calming, this in spite of, likes melancholy. They are so only separate Irish and separate Scottish, but seat the deep connection to both of these roots, especially to some Irish. May he all maintains the base of.
5 / 5
Has bought this CD because it looks very mysterious with a title and a picture of coverage and everything. I have chosen the little CD is because of his coverages, and is not always be the pleasant surprise... This time, this in spite of, has not been dissappointed. An album has this true Celtic feeling in the, and when I seat in my room that listens his can see some good-looking landscapes of Ireland clearly before me. There is so much CD is of Celtic and Irish music, and the plot of them is so only [JUNK]. They are so only very happy to say this has not been.
To Some clues has-liked me one the majority will owe that be clue nr 1: John Doan with Goodbye, follows nr 4: Joanie Madden with Women of Ireland, nr 6: Bill Douglas with Windhorse and nr 9: Radhika Miller with Origins. The origins is an album better clue. It is very emotional and love cry, simply reason is so that it adds.
Likes -you the Celtic music, would have to buy this album.
4 / 5
Has bought this CD because it looks very mysterious with a title and a picture of coverage and everything. I have chosen the little CD is because of his coverages, and is not always be the pleasant surprise... This time, this in spite of, has not been dissappointed. An album has this true Celtic feeling in the, and when I seat in my room that listens his can see some good-looking landscapes of Ireland clearly before me. There is so much CD is of Celtic and Irish music, and the plot of them is so only crap. They are so only very happy to say this has not been.
To Some clues has-liked me one the majority will owe that be clue nr 1: John Doan with Goodbye, follows nr 4: Joanie Madden with Women of Ireland, nr 6: Bill Douglas with Windhorse and nr 9: Radhika Miller with Origins. The origins is an album better clue. It is very emotional and love cry, simply reason is so that it adds.
Likes -you the Celtic music, would have to buy this album.
4 / 5
I in the first place listened to this CD last State when raisins vacacional to beautiful and green Washington State! You explore In the flower & perfum the next tent a cost and suddenly that the celestial music has begun to touch... I am missing words with that to describe a joy felt that moment... It is as if the god was gone in person to hail me... All these flowers and the good smell of perfum during a place ... It was already so only too perfect that way... This in spite of, takings even more perfect so only for having Bill Douglas that touches these lovely songs... Has has had to that simply buy a CD ! While I listen his in my house in Brasile sunny still can take and agree these magic moments was first presented to this good-looking series of Celtic Dusks...
4 / 5
Has bought a CD as the present for any while it was in Parigi, has listened his to do sure the be the present well, and has decided is the better present on its own name:) it is the a lot of relaxing and mystical collection of mostly of the selections notarises them that it is a lot appealing. My preferred is "Song of Boat of Skye" this in spite of a rest of a collection is also very good.
4 / 5
Has in the first place listened this compilation roughly 7 or 8 years ago. My woman (fiancée at the same time) had found a cassette in the tent of character and broght the on. Has long of has spent a cassette was. It was like this happy to see that it can take another copy (this time in cd). Ossia A better collection of Celtic music in a world. Period.
4 / 5
I sampled this album in a tent, and has thinks that was quite catchy ...... I purchased it and it liked a lot. My nurse called on a telephone with this album that touches in a fund, and has thought sound quite especially love a dance floor of Diamante.
4 / 5
When I have bought this CD expected for a gritty music of real life of celtic alcohol HOS is famous to touch. Instead it seats it likes it was compraventa in some new-age wannabe tend where touch that think is supposition to be celtic music. Basically, it is almost all watered-down synths and occasional flute medlies. I do not recommend it .
4 / 5
Of then listening Steve McDonald, now have a recognition for Celtic music. I want to go to Scozia/of Ireland. Each title in this CD are adds. Beautiful listening music.
4 / 5
It arrives punctually like this expected and a quality was a lot. Thank you.
4 / 5
Of then listening Steve McDonald, now have a recognition partorisca Celtic music. I want to go to Scozia/of Ireland. Each title in this CD are adds. Beautiful listening music.

Top Customer Reviews: Celtic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
Has this CD and has wanted to purchase a pleasure the present for my sister. It has frustrated to look by means of some options, not knowing that the songs were in this CD. I have ordered this one & has arrived today (although a chance is broken, grrr) and is a one there is wanted. These songs are on that:
Last Rose of Summer (Intro)/Walking in an Air, That can be, Isle of Inisfree, Danny Chico, A World-wide, Bird Maria, Send me the Song, Siuil A Career (Strolls My Amour), Orinoco Flow, Someday, has Moved Thru' a Fair, In the Fantasy, A Butterfly, the game of Harry, A Goodbye Soft, create me On
FIRST of ALIVE CLUES: A Ashen Sacked/A Contradiction, If Mhaimeo I (Rico Widow)
finds some songs uplifting and loves some few clear voices. One of the mine favourite CDs.
5 / 5
The album to start with of the celtic woman was absolutely breathtaking!

Each song is a lot well or amazing!

An original 4 singers: Lisa Kelly, Chloe Agnew, Bank Fallon and Meav is endowed description further, how is a fiddler, a an and only Mairead Nesbitt.

A lot of some songs are some better songs of some ladies' careers of solos previously the Celtic Woman, comprising Danny Chico, walking in an Air, and That can be.

His voices are angelic and treating together is is sublimate. A Goodbye Soft and A World-wide is incredible and Create me Up is unforgettable.

Celtic woman, under a musical direction of David Downes does incredibly very remote to the equal that am concerned, has better person in a planet!

His sound really is one the majority of the his beautiful in a world!
4 / 5
Could not expect take this and in fashion of Amazon some east arrived in two days, As they that? Excellent service. Now touch an only way to take music / of the books according to which am concerned.
A CD is like this beautiful and some voices are exception . Some streets in this record are particularly very chosen to appeal the people of all the ages. It buys it, his value each penny.
4 / 5
Has had a first Celtic Woman dvd for some time, but has not had a cd up to now. A lot I enjoyed a dvd, although the majority of some songs is so only for a person on phase. This in spite of, is a lot common to have cds with singers of suns and so much am able to the chair is gone in my yard and listen to all of the mine cds with liking a lot of, comprising is one.
4 / 5
He isnt traditional celtic music that is that it has been expecting them but talented singers a lot a less
4 / 5
This group is wonderful and do not last to look in. It listens to one of the his CD
5 / 5
I have bought this disk because of some descriptions on , of people to to those who liked them Yanni Of Alive-A Chance jointly, the disk there is wanted. It was A lot of DISAPPOINTED when it has taken to look this. While a Yanni the disk has looked the wonderful line-on the glorious musicians that extracted original music, this disk recycles old and traditional songs with small musicianship. Has some Irish appeals lasses, and the production validate quite well, but some women have like this-like this voices, few witnesses of real and amateur phase-levels to touch capacities. If they like him some few songs and have the something exerts in your heart for Esmeralda Isle, then for everything means to go for him . . . But it felt like this he was like the big-show of the talent escole has produced for Hollywood.
5 / 5
Has seen Celtic Woman A Travesía New in PBS and could not expect buy the. A combination of new and old music is sum. My preferred is 'In a Celi' has looked a DVD several times, whenever they feign tenerprpers touching in a background but his voices and a spectacular show in Slane the castle always draws me was to form that they are not never doing. Thank you PBS Or would not have had never the occasion to here these fantastic singers.
5 / 5
Unfortunately for me, has bought this CD that thinks was a version of audio of an emission of DVD for 'Celtic Woman'. Some coverages of jacket are looked; but ossia where some finals of similarity. While these are some same singers , is neither the poor quality alive action or the register of studio of years after a 2005 Celtic Woman concert that presented in the first place (and external millions around some world-wide) to these awesome singers. This @@sparkle of pause @of the CD and snap of an original of alive concert. Be warned, if you have been expecting the version of CD of an original DVD: the enormous disappointment is beginning your way.
4 / 5
This was the present navideño for my husband. A lot it enjoys good music in a car, which is where this is to use mostly!
4 / 5
On quality of his half. Good orchestra although less known (Polish). A filming he a lot well , camera by heart of work of big quality. Works more with big quality and TV of big format & on half quality loudspeakers.
4 / 5
A lovely mix of songs and music any duquel was the real surprise but a lot enjoyable all same. A prevails glimpsed was really very interested to listen on some lives of the Celtic woman to the equal that has begun and his the majority of lovely favourite songs!
4 / 5
A date of emission is mentioned like Feb 2007, in that direct me to think that am ordering a Slane Castle DVD, which was an original intent of cost of mine. My disappointment, is his first album of 2004. A lot good and value of the money, but was after an action of Hayley Westenra in a first place
One can contest that a coverage of DVD SIGNALLED in a right direction. This in spite of, in chance to clash information, calm usually trusts a text in an image.
If a cast of clue has been distributed with a description of element, the confusion could be be avert.
5 / 5
This album is of my favourite combination of Celtic Women, Chloe, Lisa, Meav, Bank and Mairead (the harm there is any video partorisca a fiddle player - but has load on Tube). Like this usual a music is fantastically has treated.
5 / 5
Finds this group in a television and there is enjoyed a liveliness of his action. Taken the like this the present partorisca hubby and has had he in his car, where does well, albeit the little syrupy, background music but obviously can not appreciate a skill of a fiddler dances as it touches if any one calm saw it.
5 / 5
Likes the delivery has described a lot quickly a lot of packaged will buy again graces
4 / 5
CD he the delight, this in spite of cd the chance has been streaky. Enough the long time in arriving.
4 / 5
4 / 5
Present partorisca my husband like master this type of music.
4 / 5
Are the defender of Enya but listened of Celtic Woman and thought it is cost ordering. The flange is before class and the majority of some songs has known. Well listening.

Top Customer Reviews: Celtic Woman: A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
It joins très pair of good-looking Action has offered his singers of Celtic Woman that submerges in lucido the time gives parties. His voices are glorious. The image is clear and classifies edges as if we étions in the salt he. In it does not see lucido the time spends in the écoutant.
4 / 5
Buys this partorisca a nursing manacles has wanted to it one east in. Something different in the natal DVD, with a awesome talents of some Celtic Women. We think it in us they could be enjoyed partorisca years for residents there, how is the good blend of old and new.
4 / 5
Absolutely fabulous! Some integers of amours familiarised partorisca look it, has included a creature. A perfomances is besides the words and in the does not tire never partorisca look and listening to this amazing production. David Downes is the genious and some glorious ladies. A must has partorisca all the lovers of music.
4 / 5
This DVD cost each penny. I looked it three times in some last 48 hours. These five ladies have incredible talent. A flange is beautiful and inspiring. Or' saint Night and Or Come All Ye Faithful is treated perfectly and fantastically. You life your alcohols are sure. Look a volume, seats behind and enjoy it. This DVD would have to that it calms dipped in an alcohol navideño.
4 / 5
Like this beautiful... Masters that !

Súper Fast nave... Thank you !
5 / 5
Has looked for this DVD in retail venue outlets and could'nt finds it. To the amazon has has had to that I nave required and has comprised two has been purchased. An element was easy to order and rid my door a day has promised. Probably I will use Amazon again.

Top Customer Reviews: Hi How Are You ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
5 / 5
I know it is not new, May . . . . .
Was aimed somehow partorisca look for out of this album in mine look for highly listenable the music of violin concealed is not necessarily classical, and no ancient Boss Bretón. Ossia! I surprised like this to that am enjoying this album. Good work Ashley!
4 / 5
Wishes a clue of prize was ''Kill your enemies'' like'' in mine fellow' disk of a same name.
4 / 5
Has received this CD in the timely way... Much faster that a date estimated partorisca the receive. I want this CD - is such an amazing fiddler!!
4 / 5
Basically, the king-emission of the his 1996 album of a same title, but with four extra clues tacked to an end. These clues of prize are alternative mixes of "A Sandman", "A Deep Sleep", and two versions of "A BKS Boom of Chameleon". Perhaps Ashley is trying the recoup his losses after the bitter separating with a Loggerheads record of focus, the one who has done that naughty fiddler promised to any to call them NEVER again!
4 / 5
Highlanders Has cleared the hills have left Scozia partorisca a new world in Victorian time and the a lot of a lot of arrive in Boss Bretón in Canada. They have taken with them a traditonal dances and tunes of Scozia, and has maintained partorisca spend his down some generations. This culture has maintained developing - has separated now of Scozia. Bundle of any for the chance is remained strong among Canadian gaels while it has died is gone in Scozia. A way with the fiddle to the tune has developed the slightly different emphasis by means of Atlantic to. Finally the young man that grows up in this satellite the Highland tradition has left his house in New Scotia and has visited New York where has found nose-bleed techno music and thrash punk. It has done then this stonking album. Has paste a 90s folk scene like the tonne of bricks. To to Scottish Groups like Shooglenifty has taken of an old music to new territories sure enough - but this exercise in supercharging folk the music has in my opinion a lot of peer. Some clues veer of simple fiddle tunes by means of mecer on wig-outs in some pipes. Sleepy Maggie has to that be a funkiest the never sung thing in Gaelic. His one astonishingly exciting and diverse album that delight any with an open alcohol and feel he for traditions that continuous evolve more than place in aspic. Scales, He soars and mecer. If it likes Afro Celt Of System of the his, Shooglenifty, Amoebae of @@@Tartan etc - then would owe that verify this was. It prepares to have your wig blown was.
4 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
Ashley MacIsaac is the a lot of talented fiddler out of Boss Bretón, that has in the first place seen in some Celtic Tides - A documentary of Musical Odyssey and more has seen late in the session with with Some Caciques in his Some Caciques - Alive On Ireland: Water of one Very documentary. Has known actions that has loved to listen more, and here, finally, in the king-@@subject of one of Ashely CD sooner is, find a fiddler deep in fusion, bringing together sounds that agree immediately of Green Day and of some antiquated Celidh (celebrates of house) band. His thrashing, driving rhythms in some more traditional tunes (like 'A Devil in a Kithen') is matched so only for a directness of his fashion to bend one a precision of his fingering. Somehow, it is both disciplined and wild a same time. There is the passion to the delivery of an artist that maintain pressing a key of response is one. A beauty of a ballad leepy Maggie' -- with Mary Jane Lamond in vocals -- balances out of a behaviour, disciplined mayhem. This CD also has 4 remezcla follows which am a lot enough for a bundle. If it likes-you the Celtic fusion, try this CD!
5 / 5
Ossia The substitution for the streaky one has had, as I have known would like me.
4 / 5
I have bought this Primarly partorisca Sleepy Maggie, but a rest of a CD is very also
5 / 5
this cd is a awesome way to wake up and take that it goes!! So only I want to you dance me! Very traditional touching as well as modern tunes.