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Top Customer Reviews: I'd Rather Go ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Michelina
Amur Eleanor and his music in this album is any exception. Voted 3 stars because a SACD the version is not until some levels of this format, so only buy a CD regulates.

Top Customer Reviews: Craigie ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Peggie
Now Craigie Dhu is the wonderful CD that shows old and new songs that cost the down and any when leaving partorisca collect powder in the shelf. Meeting listening his the plot. Has fewer selections but that it is does; the variety of the master musician, singer and writer of worthy song of accolades. I want that it is impossible partorisca me. I want to go the Perthshire and answer his Festival. Alas some oceans are too many widths partorisca me. Dougie MacLean Is the for real gifted man; the character of comfortable music shares his talent with all the world-wide the one who is quite lucky to find or that initial joy to discover his music. I have not expected the plot of this CD but am pleased. I have found the diamond in a rough.

Top Customer Reviews: Down the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Clotilde
Satisfied Of this cd,he boitier was a bit broken...But it was usagé Embezzle,the quality is good and the delivery n,a no taken too much of time. thank you.
4 / 5 Chase
An album opens with a clue of title, dipping to a tone likes one of the reflection the days have spent of longitude. This sweet mid-song of time with intricate instrumental flourishes is gone on down a buoyant Fulfil in an Indian Summer, he catchy song of amour.

Flies My Heart was is also the song of amour, but slower and more soulful with evocative iconography, Hey Ladies DJ is the chugging number of pop with lovely backing vocals and the bit of Morrison wordless vocalising, whilst the habladuría Is Economic is the slow bluesy song in a pitfalls of afamada.

A tuneful ballad That Marks Some Beaten of the Irish heart is the point has underlined definite of an album, infused with Celtic soul. All the Work And Any Game is the pleasant quite pop ditty and a prójimo a, Any Past To PJ Proby is really interesting likes dipped of several dark British singers of a @@@1960s.

One of mine favourite is a stirring nostalgic ballad A Beauty Of Some Days has spent of longitude with his gorgeous melody and poetic papers. Also I want a tuneful and lilting So only A Sleep. A last song, Fast Train with his organ to appeal and harmonic me think of Arlo Guthrie Last Train, but is nowhere approximations so that heart of pauses and intense. And ossia that loses in this album: Van intensely devotional moments.

Down A Street shows all has joined several fashions of an artist, as R & B, rock and his Irish soulfulness but claves mostly to some means of a street. Some songs are mostly good and sometimes utmost as in some aforesaid clues. Down A Street is really the album of 5 stars, but has against measured Van Morrison vast organism of musical character, goes in in four.
4 / 5 Reatha
Any the one who has estimated this 4 or 5 precise star dipped of a Guinness. Ossia A CD well for any of the one who the muse has cruised was the Avalon Decadence. Consistently, This collection of unremarkable tunes, albeit very touched, there is little his durable value, and defy any to take and sing some words and melody of any song in this disk with which a prime minister has listened, excepts perhaps for teal my heart was' or 'Fast Train.' Esteal' Is the lovely waltz ballad and 'Train' is to classical Van rant, but a rest is entirely disposable.
Reason on to the van of continuous earth pay homage to Mose Allison, and in this disk, Acker Bilk, is any one is supposition , particularly of both idols, or enough go them, hardly could be less significant in a course of music of 20th century. Allison, The totally white singer the one who would not know the bite of blue note in some burned, and Bilk, the rigid British imitation of the the Hirt, minus any sense of rhythm of New Orleans and surca, figures of looks of odd hero for the man the one who once could muster all a soul of James Brown, Solomon Burke and an integer of Celtic Dusk. Perhaps it take whacked upside a forward the walk by means of Belfast roll of ship. I am dreading a perspective that afterwards is prostrating his talents in an altar of Lawrence Welk, Florence Henderson and Pat Boone.
Likes Neil Young in some eighties, to the van looks for having lost an edge. It is not that ossia the horrible disk , 'Common Earth' and 'Period of Transition' have these honours, is so only that his acid reflux suddenly Belfast interest him is besides comprehension, particularly when it consider that there is not any evidence of any of this boring music in a Van that surfaced with essions of Attack' and to soyoondance'. If this was that tune in in Lussemburgo Radio, Big Bretagna would have to has imposed martial law in some Six Counties in a 1950 east.
Perhaps some Caciques will come to a rescue again, and thus subject, perhaps to the van can resuscitate his hips, or perhaps has the 'Wavelength' roughly to surface. In any case, it is time for his record comapny to say behind to a sake. Take another travesía was to Coney Island and see yes among some bounced of jam and moulds, some sense of this can once was necessary to be rock Yeats can rekindle he in a garden, wetted with rain.
Lonnie Donergan, Mose Allison, The sister of Jerry Law, and John same Law can seat a prójimo few disks were. They are not helping subject. And for a way, has had the time when to the van could have rid 'Georgia' as passionately like this Ray of Brother, in place of as the law of casino de Vega. Belfast The cowboy is in danger to turn to Wayne Newton.
5 / 5 Dannie
A last Van of time Morrison has cut an album of original material, "Behind on" (1999), you look to be that they leave a production overwhelms some songs. Emotional (once again) out of a soulful R&B inspired music that he rediscovered on 1997 "A Game to Cure", you look that to the van has been to derives behind to soft (and soft-begun) also-lush musical arrangements more appropriate for lite-canal of jazz or parties of retreat.
This Van of shows of new compilation behind in stride - "Down a Street" it is perhaps his better turn to form of "Hymns to a Silence" (1991). As in this double album adds, taps of Van to and invokes a musical hertiage concealed there is powered his try his plus end in a past 30 years - a clue of title, he mid-time king-write of "Ido Real Real", "Hey Ladies DJ" that evokes a better of Sam Cooke, "PJ Proby", "A Beauty of some Days has spent of longitude" and a final clue "Fast Train" everything reflects his fascination to continue with a soulful side of R&B and show his capacity to build tight that obliges arrangements that adds depth the traditional bluesy melodic structures. His rendition of Carmichel "Georgia in my Alcohol" it take his "So only the Next Walk with Thee" in "Silence" - to the van wraps his voice to growl around this regulate and ameno was all a desire can muster. It is an amazing action .
Some high points in "Down a Street" probably it is not like this big likes those in "A Game to Cure": three clues of this album - "the Rough god Goes to Trace", "Piper in some Doors to Dawn", and one is of the clue of the title likes three of some finer songs are done never. This in spite of, "Down a Street" it averts a lows of this album also - has no misfires here, at all loves skip on. At the beginning, the looks of van to be simply retreading a lot of some old sounds and riffs is first fact - "Choppin' Forests" and "All the Work and Any Game" to his like me bars he-levels of band - but an album has the cumulative power that solves included some more have derived clues to the cohesive whole. A beauty of some of some final clues - "So only the Sleep", "the man Has to that it Struggles", and "Fast Train" especially - Van to show unwillingness to leave his fashion to result formulaic.
In general, the animate and lovely album - to meditation to develop in a unrecoverable displaced and a uncertainities of a future but without a moodiness this has characterised his earlier statements in this subject. To good sure recommended - especially for this long cross-travesías of the street of the country will be to take this summer .
5 / 5 Luciano
Has to that admit that when I have listened the new Van have Morrison album roughly to be released groaned.
Does not comprise bad. I have loved and it has admired his work for years and of the years and well...
A last pair of album down some Virgins imprint dipped me immediately and therefore it has declined to buy is one. Until I have found he in the tent of competitor for 12-99 and I thiught, reason any one?
Are happy that has done reason with his turn to his old focus now renamed has to that have the turn to a Van of old. No a van of a Caledonian the soul Expresses but a Van of them, a Van of Georgie Afamada.
To the equal that travels behind to his r'any b roots to the van there is redicovered some sounds of one 60 east and that still veto rich the mine. Some songs can touch like an early sixties, as another has signalled here was but an interpretation and some originals are all Van. My initial scepticism was supplanted for tears of joy to the equal that have listened once and then listened again. When To the van is returned in investigations of Ireland of a Caledonian Alma, some of his defenders have not comprised and has been lost. Increasingly this investigation directed behind his youth and some songs that was in a radio and in of the records at the same time.
A photo in a front says it all and in the chair of way priviledged to share in Van displaced and his his years late plus. There is nostalgia here but has passion also. Finally Van Morrison has followed his own street of the discovery and his songs reflect that it has found it. Some songs can be of a sixties but his book in his way inconfundible own. If I have had to choose out of my personal preferences would underline 'Down A Street', soyeet M in an Indian Summer', Hey mr. DJ, 'Those Marks of the Irish Heartbeat', but in general think that that ossia he gret return to form of the man the one who has been diverted but the one who has found his way behind to a main street. The normal service has been resumed.
Will be to buy a next Van Morrison the album on is day of emission.
5 / 5 Dinorah
Has read in the middle of some descriptions of this CD that it is posted here and has listened to a CD at least 50 times. I do not comprise that they refuse Down a Street because it is not Moondance or Astral Weeks. Of course it is not , but it can any one these critics listen that an alcohol of this longitude done the days still pursues Van Morrison soul?
Personally, thinks that that ossia better Van , album quite rounded of then Too Long In Exile. Has all a joyful bounce of Corazón callejero and Moondance as well as the flavour of the his introspective mid-ways of period.
My preferred are Habladuría is Economic, Choppin' Forest (GOOD, one background vocals is obnoxious but his still the song adds), a maligned All the Work and Any Game (his those background vocals again), a soulful Anything is Spent To PJ Proby, So only A Sleep, and Shadows of Evening.
That last special merits mentions. Originally It Writes it likes one instrumental for 50s pioneering of soft jazz Acker Bilk, to the van adds papers the Shadows of Evening that really returned a music he then ameno Bilk on board to do the solo of the clarinet in his own music has spent the life! Enormous!
In an only song does not concern me for this Van rendition of Georgia in my Alcohol, but while the song is not never be the preferred in all the chance.
Are with a reviewer the one who has said does not concern to the van has broken any new earth. It has given a world forty years of wonderful music and his hard to see the one who the new earth can possibly pause. Highly it recommends Down a Street to an and everything.
4 / 5 Terrence
Already'll Know that there are people has called Deadheads? Well, they are the Man of Van . They are so only roughly like this obsessive roughly Van Morrison like these Deadheads is on any nomination of this group I Van to control Morrison is registered start when levelling it big plus that a random defender or has to that. They are probably any a lot of defenders of random Van in all the chance so that courts to a fast here and so only say that it is Gentleman Morrison better offering of "Hymns For A Silence". I touched it a first time and has undermined a material of the defender of obvious Van likes "Hey Ladies DJ",and "Choppin' Forest" (a lovely tribute to his hard working dad), but like this usual with Van , is a oddball,the material skewed slightly that claves. In this CD a standout short all share some same iconaclastic terrain that to the van has been mining during his career, while, seemingly , feels to like. "Anything is Spent To P.J. Proby", "Fast Train","Down A Street", and the bone knockout version of "Georgia in my Alcohol" it is so only the sampling of some of a better material this reluctant master has released in the decade. Yeah, Am excited. They are A Man of Van already'll!Oh And P.S All you another Van trainspotters there. This one has an add, 70 is, County Marino, Van Morrison Band alumni David Hayes down, and John Allair in Hammond B-3 in meso some clues. Ruff! It goes fetch the!
5 / 5 Saran
I like this new Van Morrison album, to plot. No the think quite measured until his better material, but is the big step on the majority of a material dips is gone in one 90 east. Has sonic elements that called to import virtually all the phases of his prolific career, but a period that is more often evoked is a classical 70 registers - 'His Band And Corazón callejero', 'Tupelo Honey', etc. Some leaves of the at the beginning strong album with 'Down A Street', soyeet M in an Indian Summer', and esteal My Heart Was', but then paste the lull, with only a song out of a prójimo are ('Choppin' Forest') doing the strong impression. But it finalises strong, with five winners in some last are songs. Of these, a standouts is soyun Has to that Struggle' and 'Fast Train'. An album in a whole has the very comfortable, relaxed vibe, with instruments more acoustic and less production that the majority of his albums of some late 70 east. But also it touches around with some blues and tunes of transmission, as it was often his habit in a 90 east. In a past 10 years an album of only Van is him better liked was a glorious 'Behind On'. This fine album that follows closely in some heels of this triumph give me hope that this decade can be one of a better still for Van Morrison.
5 / 5 Jennifer
'Behind On' to the van has won the record of gold. One of some the majority of prolific artists, takes 3 years for 'Down a Street.' Of a coverage to tend it record with soyemorabilia Record' in a window and then stacks of elepé in an inner picture, knows is in stops the look behind. To the van rids this with fashion and talent. For me, one the majority of interesting clue is 'Any Past to PJ Proby?' It compares the musical footnotes Scott Walker that & Ladies of Cries Sutch and the builds to some finalises zinger, 'Any past mine?' With some horns and pulsing has beaten, ossia to the van adds classical. Another preferred is 'Choppin' Forest,' the midtempo boogie has beaten , 'A lot a spark has been gone but has spent on; very calm only a plus that could you.' In the way, these sums on a 'Down a Street' experience. While some tunes do not touch like new territory, sometimes looking behind is a better form of reversion. This music is the creature boomer bonanza of @@subject, like this comfortable like the pair of well-shabby tejanos. Crank On a victrola & to the van to the left turn on! It enjoys!
5 / 5 Nannette
That can he devotee expect of a man the one who there is a bit thirty album to his credit? The constantly reinvent after more three the decades so only could be done for Van a Man.
Any one has some ribs to reinvent the Conversation of ray saves for Van. His version of Hoagy Carmichael "Georgia" has moments of brilliance where shows of the van still there is "fire in a Ventre.
Shuffle Tunes, "Down a Street", "Choppin Forest," and he
exceptional, "Hey, " Van of shop window that submerges saxophones of paralizaciones and series and organ. His roots are in a blues and this Street takes there.
New Orleans is given his foreseen with him lyrical interpretation and so only for famed clarinetist, Acker Bilk.
Probably any one his "more"album but certainly value an Angry/Celtic/Irish/Blues the veteran is returned to the sweet plus pathway.
Well to have the new album with this splendid voice that evokes nuances and phrasing like any and growling and sweet and to the equal that have come also to expect, musicians those who complete this icon.
4 / 5 Jonelle
Having so only has discovered recently one a lot-cradle of Van Morrison talent, am thrilled with this CD. While it looks mine more mainstream that Hymn to a Silence, is any less poetic, genuine, and skillfully rendered. I can very included choose the preferred - some flows of WHOLE CD; joyfully in time, sometimes rebellious, then again, with sensatez of melancholy. Morrison The mark is his only hybrid of philosophical poetry. His music often invokes the centrical melancholy to the travesía of a philosopher, but without cloying feeling or remorse - more like the Socratic playfulness. Ossia That appreciates in his of like this "yeah, is class partorisca confuse, and sometimes hurts so only partorisca think roughly the, but hey! whaddyagonnado? - You gotta ALIVE!" These songs can not be complex, or long, but the mine is weighed with spiritual (and musical) fruit.
4 / 5 Alene
Has bought probably this CD DONE on the year, has listened his once or two times, and later do is way to a backside of my collection of CD.
Very sure that me the attractive was today, perhaps is reason has another NEW CD was, but has given this another test with the expectations go down far. The lesson has learnt of my part, has found that it has liked him to it to him to WEAVES it to me more than in my fist listens.
Like the defender, has to say that I am often has left down for the newest van CDs. Every time appearance immediately find this gem in pair with "Moondance", " I dominate", etc. The question is, while some of his songs are sums on in the first place listen ("Brown Eyed Daughter", "Wild Night", "Jackie Wilson has Said"), many my songs of Van preferred likes them "Tupelo Honey" and "Caravan" it has better grown with repeated partorisca listen when I left him only tank in.
A musicianship in this CD is like this far in the majority of that is in a radio today. Cela In is worthy of the few stars. It is so only SUCH the refreshing transmission to all more there that you really the be due to your ears partorisca give them something this substantial. :)
Have an import of this CD that comprises "Shadows of Evening" and "Fast Train". Well an extra little bucks.
This CD has the pair of clunkers and unfortunately come early on - "the habladuría Is Economic" and "Choppin Forest" (that fund vocals unfortunately so only kill this song). Buy a CD, burn the copy without these two tunes, and the touch the next time has friends on partorisca dine. I trust, you will take at least the few guests those who ask "Those who is this ?" And in such the calm setting probably will appreciate this CD that much more also.
4 / 5 Molly
Is not fault of all Van. The critiques have been saying Van and Bob that his recent work is like this as well as his prompt classics, if any better. Ossia The sad chance of misinformation, plain and simple. Bob so only does not have a voice has left partorisca register the album adds again although it love, but Van, well, has to have something has left.
Down a Street is ably produced for Morrison; horns crisp, snare snappy, but where is a transmission in some tunes? 'Hey Ladies DJ,' an album' first only, there is neither a swagger, neither a transmission of alike Morrison rave-ups taste ' Dominates.'
With a threesome of 'the habladuría is Economic,' 'Choppin' Forest,' and 'Those Mark an Irish Heart Beat' Morrison takes the stab in two Stax-way blues tunes, and a Nashville yard of country. All three feels more like the songs written partorisca return the fashion, more than the piece of music that spends partorisca fall to a fashion or another.
teal My Heart,' the better passages, underlining like the utmost Morrison song of amour with his delicate organ and thin melody. Like this, 'A Beauty of the days Gone by' and 'Fast Train,' separated they of a band.
In truth, so only a song, 'All the Work and Any Game,' is downright bad, but, baring the little standouts, an album in the serviceable album, but at all more.
The van has another adds one in him, this so only is not the.
4 / 5 Dannielle
Dissing To the van to sound likes Van -- the tack taken by some reviewers of this CD -- is like this whining that Babe Ruth was a dimensional reason all was careers of paste of house , or that the portraits of Pablo Picasso has not looked real people. The van is that it is. As any those who has listened to even so only one of his albums can say you, Morrison abhors hypocracy more than any one another human frailty. It prestresses And dishonesty is simply any in the musical character of a man. Reason some 'defenders' would expect or loves a little class of mid-the musical life metamorphasis of escaped. Down A Street is Van Morrison the one who there is always does more: distilling his own special blend of blues, rock, country and jazz the next perfection. This CD does not have the klunker in the and is solid evidence of reason the people continue to go massively the Van after all these years. It is not dissuaded for a nit-pickers and nay-sayers. If it likes-you the van, my forecast is like this CD -- the plot.
5 / 5 Adrian
In the society where an industry of entertainment has produced an endless number of some marvels of paste and engineered laws of pops, is often he tiresome fulfilled partorisca find for real good music. Besides, it is also the rarity partorisca find talented musicians that beats withstand a lot of years in an industry of music. Few artists excel in both of these categories. This in spite of, of then 1967 Van Morrison has released constantly album, and continuous do like this today, with his new album "Down a Street." Once again Van Morrison work to intertwine jazz, country, folk, and R & B partorisca produce the only and his rock of circle. In his new album, Van Morrison does not hide his critique of music partorisca pop today with papers as, " there is at all partorisca relate the anymore/Unless I want to be mediocre." Instead Van Morrison is "facing boss-on and in that he the my way." His alone prime minister, "Hey Ladies DJ" it is not one of a strong plus in an album, but other good clues comprise, "Anything is Spent to PJ Proby" and a clue partorisca headline "Down a Street." At the beginning it was pessimist in a CD, in the believer that was so only a last casualidad for Van Morrison to pump out of another album. This in spite of, was pleasantly surprised after listening to an album. If you are the defender of Van Morrison, and has followed "Down a Street", then ossia another album adds to add yours collection.
4 / 5 Delcie
Has bought this CD as an impulse. When being the defender of the van of way has known behind that it was to bet . Has paste a jackpot. Some first two songs have touched well. 5 seconds to a third, Fly My Heart Was, has had goosebumps. A simple song, this in spite of a Man of Irish Soul was quietly electrifying. Any Van Morrison the defender will love this CD. Has no real feeble songs. Any enough in a level of his more utmost albums, but would give it 9 out of 10 stars in these stairs. The van is sweet but upbeat, wistful but any melancholy. The arrangements Of horn adds, which add so much to his songs. A good variety of different types of tunes, comprising Georgia in mine imports which is given the byline VM treatment. Calm the favour and buy is one.
4 / 5 Kazuko
In of the recent years, while another one of the majority of artists of prolific register of music of pop, the van is taking increasingly has tended to surpass his to achieve. No longer it looks interested in venturing the unexplored musical realms, apparently content the mine this vetoes more closely associated with his musical roots. On this, a 28th Van Morrison album in our collection ( has more, but is not fanatical), sticks to a basics--instantly familiar touching tunes, mostly R&B (with an emphasis in a 'B') with the little nods the Alley of Casserole of beat it and to his Irish heritage. A point has underlined, of course, the amazing voice of Van of rests, like this emotionally evocative and viscerally pleasing so many have very listened.
5 / 5 Marvel
Down a street is a perfect title thus cd. He conjures on the images of the street familiarised have travelled many times, but the street that favour to has renewed the possibilities every time is travelled. Mines of van his traditional blues/jazz/r & b history and attacks the little nuggets of gold (like the fact the productive day). Some the individual songs do not underline in his own, but listened to as the whole, calm @gives was better was that it takes a walk. Like another reviewers has said, if you are the defender of van , well, probably calms already have this. If you are new the van (to the equal that can concealed to be?), you Can it wants to begin elsewhere,but, this would not be the bad place to start with neither. This cd grows in calm with the paving has repeated.....
4 / 5 Belinda
In his 900th emission (so only the supposition), Van Morrison does a better Blues album of Brothers of then John Belushi has died. It conceal it is not quite so only to Van a his - Man blues the roots run faster and deeper that some acting duet, but some pleasures of Down a Street is like this superficial. To good sure, Morrison is a singer of soul of the the. His viscous melismas, like the howl by means of molasses, is the mark (sometimes an affectation), and although these songs are involving, is also light. It is coasting - sometimes elegantly, sometimes showily, sometimes so only grieve at all. Exceptions: an elegant, showy hadows of Evening', and his version of 'Georgia in my Alcohol' [...].
4 / 5 Fernande
'Down one Issues' will not go down like this one of Van Morrison is all time classics likes soyoondance,' or 'The Music,' but is the worthy addition his remarkable discography. Personally I prefer it the 'Tupelo Honey,' that has agreed me of. The majority of some clues has the warm, nastolgic feeling to them and has the little romantic ballads ossia quite beautiful. An album is background music very pleasant . A bit those that of a standout the clues are 'down a street,' esteal my heart was,' 'hey mr. dj,' 'choppin Forest,' 'those mark a irish the heart has beaten,' and 'any past to pj proby.' Think 'the beauty of the days has spent of longitude,' ought to having closed an album in place of 'fast train,' so only reason 'beauty' looks to order of sum on some of a feeling in an album.
5 / 5 Kimberly
The van does again!! The points have underlined of this CD is Down a Street, That an Irish Heart has Beaten, the beauty of some Days has spent of longitude, So only the Sleep, and Fast Train. Some last three songs are for far some deeper songs and more powerful in this CD and do a CD a lot of value a compraventa. All the Work and Any Game is the fun song in spite of a backing vocals that any look partorisca concern stops. This CD goes everywhere go, of a house to a car to do and behind houses again. I love it! I do not comprise reason some people always want to repeat he of a past and compare each new CD the Astral Weeks and another. A thing roughly the looks of van partorisca be is not fearful to express his feelings in the words and the music and writes his songs like this those who is today. I love the work of the van of his a lot of start and love his work today. His past work is for real a beauty of some days gone by and expect that a Van of street is on he now continuous in partorisca the long long time. Overflows of van with like this leaves of talent partorisca explore so only in any desires of street partorisca take. The van is Van , is true his therefore it is true to his defenders and I want to that in this artist.
4 / 5 Annelle
When being a quintessential 'defender of Van' of way behind, the Van Morrison CD has to that be for real terrible partorisca me the casserole he. But 'Down one Issues' have me wringing my hands, that asks yes has in me partorisca find so it fails.
But do.
A lot of then 'A Period of Transition' has Van Morrison has product such the lackluster collection of have hum tunes. They are in accordance with another reviewer the one who contends that Morrison the better work can be found in his poetic, folky, same spiritual work. But here, Morrison breezes by means of a class of nooze blues' Kenny G could have treated. Some tunes are simply forgetable in better and embarrasing in worse.
Sad van, well try but am stuck with the drunk coaster. Where it is Lady George when precise?
4 / 5 Colette
Van Morrison new album Down A Street is the addition adds his wonderful work. To the van still is looking for. Like the day William Blake, this new album of songs is the restatement and update of his own personal songs of experience. Partorisca Some reason, when I listen to this album some names of two other utmost wordsmiths come partorisca import; Walt Whitman and Gram Parsons. Alma Mates everything in this band of researchers of some Real. To the van still directs partorisca see a world by means of new eyes and with the new heart. Still it is assaying that landscape among a mystic and a real in his traditional mass-rear sure way. Calculation that leaves of a reason because Van Morrison appealed the so many people is reason is able to articulate in of the words and music that struggles that all the world spends stops; this travesía of obsession and addiction the liberty, darkness to light, tears to laugh; the class of R&B, bluesy Celtic dark night of a soul. It listens to any of some lovely songs in this new album: I fulfil in an Indian Summer, A Beauty of some Days has spent of longitude, So only the sleep, Choppin' Forest, Any Past to P J Proby. The like this animate songs-express one of the van is giving endures subject; this unquenchable joy that maintains by means of against all a odds. Van Morrison is one of some better artists when it comes to express in his own heartfelt way that more universal that subject: a human/ of travesía spiritual of a self to a Self
4 / 5 Darrick
Down A Street finds Van an immersed Man closing in a cocktail living room jazz and urban journeyman blues stylings this has been Van mantra of then 1993 is Too Long in Exile. Down A Street has Van that does his byline blues shuffles, cocktail living room jazz, jumps any jive jazz, the waltz, some folk rock, and some Irish folk/rock ballads (among others ways) on Down A Street. Some papers are very simple and look to be the lighter of has bitten that his last two emissions (Behind on and A Game to Cure).
That is amazing mine is that it is still able of the masterpiece or two after all these years of creativities. To the van has created like this music of then 1964 (almost 40 years!!) It thinks roughly all a wonderful (Gloria), so only (Brown Eyed Daughter), to his populate Warner Bros. Album (Astral Weeks, Moondance, His Band and Corazón callejero, Tupelo Honey, St. The Preview of Dominic, Hard Nose a Street, Period of Transition, Wavelength) to his spiritual period (To a Music, Common A, Good-looking Vision, Inarticulate Tongue of a Heart, Felt of Marvel, Any Guru Any Method Any Professor, the Poetic champions Compose, Avalon Decadence, Illustration, Hymns to a Silence), to the his plus jazzy/bluesy period (Also Long In Exile, Days Like this, A Game to Cure, Behind on and now Down A Street). To the van is 57 years old this year; I am happy that there is not taking already and I respects to try to create the little musical magic with which 40 years in a subject of music.
The critiques will say this Van is not breaking any new earth with Down A Street. I say that ossia WELL; no appearance Van Morrison to break any new earth. A pause of earth on some last 40 years is a lot enough for me.
Likes -you his start of then 1993, will enjoy this new emission. This in spite of, are yearning the king-creation of a 70s/80s or punctual 90s exited of the van will be disappointed downwards a Street.
5 / 5 Jorge
I parents of the van have used to possess small record tent in Fairfax, California has called Caledonia Record. They are in the first place gone there in a mid 70 east and would spend the whole day to look by means of stacks and at all some wonderful things in a wall. The dad of the van, George often steer me out of any horrid piece of rubbish of pop and direct-me to some unheard groan. I have had to be an only 11 year that listens to Rhythm and Blues. Later you touch tomb in the band of country and his mamma, to the violet would come up and sing Mexicali Rosa with us. Nizza folks.
4 / 5 Samantha
Take the sense of the van that is very dipped behind registering this album. I enjoy to touch a CD to the equal that am doing in an of mine a lot of projects; edifice of mobiles, HAVE edifice of train, produced.
Has some the favourite songs in a CD likes him Down A Street, Fulfils in an Indian Summer, Choppin' Forest, Georgia in my Alcohol. This CD really mellows was.
That a heck, included could seat and write the paper to 'A Lovely leading Lady McCarton' and say that has thought of his.
Spent this CD. Calm will not feel .
4 / 5 Shavonda
Further on down a street with Van Morrison finds territory familiarised, but is everything of him well. I say in "Anything is Spent to PJ Proby" it conceal, "My Memory is taking like this dim," but sure the has not forgotten that it mark the song adds or album.
Of his country bluesy harp in "Down a Street" his astral harp in "A Beauty of the days has spent of longitude" it touches the base with ways are visited before but gives fresh his takes on here.
A travesía down a street with Van Morrison is logging the miles am very displaced.
5 / 5 Natisha
Of then is reading this description, has to have this music already, or is considers to buy the. Calm also has to that be a bit of the defender of Van to included take this remote, as my yours the joint is for the buy and calm finally will love it.
Like this with the majority of the music of the van, does not like me of any a lot of a first pair partorisca time listen his. Included I can it dip has been for the few days, or the week or like this, if there is not a lot of the songs that really take my attention. I have bought this and Van "That is Bad With This Picture?" A same time, and has liked him in fact another better CD in a start. No like this now. Still it thinks "That is Bad With This Picture?" It is one of the tries it toneless plus of the van, and are the defender of enormous Van .
Has begun fully that appreciates a magnitude of this CD with which have had he for the pair of month. There are five clues that is brilliant songs, in my opinion. They are, for order of magnitude: That Marks An Irish Heartbeat, Any Pasts to P.J. Proby, Georgia in my Alcohol, Fly My Heart Was, and Down a Street. So only the Sleep is decent, and a rest of some songs is spear was material. If you are the defender of Van , would think calm finally will love this CD. It gives it some time. If you are for real the defender of Van, calm , and will be winning. If you can not appreciate this music, goes to Walmart and paid $ 14 partorisca Brittany Spears CD. You know that I bad.
A point loves the mark is that to have 5 or 6 good songs in a CD is fantastic. So only reason a rest of a music is rubbishes any this much less of the CD. If you have read these revises often, will remark that so only roughly all taking it 4 or 5 description of star. Ossia Reason some people that revises is generally the defenders of a music are revising. So many, am really very different, excepts that it was critical of Van if a music has not gone well, but concealed is not a chance here.
Particularly has not concerned me for his version of Georgia in my Alcohol, with which a lot listens. But ossia the very strong endeavour that is one that so only can not take enough of now. His vocals is so only fabulous how is a rest of his band.
Like this, the supposition am doing the alike point that another reviewer has done. It does not judge material of Van for the pair of listens. It hangs in there and you will be that it want with music that will spend you countless hours of joy. There have it probably so only the small percentage of a population that has an intellect and a capacity to appreciate the music of the van. We are not a Walmart croud. We are readier that more people and is the flavour is better that the majority. We are 10 of a population that has the clue to the equal that to that is going in in this world-wide and the amour and recognition for a music of Van Morrison is so only one another thing there is in common.
Compraventa, or burn this CD and enjoy.
5 / 5 Felice
Unfortunately the a lot mediocre endeavour of Van. A lot to these sounds of disk likes him fill, and in fact some clues date rear years, in that has remained of the earliest albums. When Compared the recent masterworks likes 'Hymns To A Silence', and 'Also long In Exile' and included 'Behind On', (while no the classical), is all very better that this offering. For real to to the sounds likes him-the to the van is boring and has telephoned he in. They are sure a next disk will be miles at the head of this filler in consonance.
4 / 5 Bruna
That Ironic to listen this line of our fellow old in a half of the sound adds new ballad teal My Heart Was' in the morning of sunny Sunday, reason a lilting the melody perfectly takes one feels of this morning of particular cradle. Gentleman Morrison looks to have a inexhaustible described like this produced this class of material of quality in an almost annual base.
Has in the first place listened a clue 'Hey Ladies DJ' the few weeks done in a radio [of all the places], and mine intial the impression was that Gentleman Morrison Sam has covered dark Cooke tune. Has a fat brassy sax of this era during a number, strongly dosed with uplifting serious flourishes and a grizzled Irishman while partorisca to good tune in a radio reason does not know whats coming afterwards.' A lot of listenable, likes the majority of Cooke catalogue, but he Morrison original this in spite of. A remarked Cooke defender, has comprised a Cooke collection among some albums pictured in a record rack in a coverage of album.
Finds a final clue 'Fast Train' to be in a current of the vain consciousness of 'Ancient Street', of 'the days have Taken'. It has to that wanderer' lament his, with an irony of emotional to the long of in the 'fast train to nowhere'. You take a sense over time with Gentleman Morrison that he roughly of his better thought [and probably writing] of these solitary moments in a street. A full electrical guitar punctuate some papers to effect adds. Good number.
A rest of some rounds of neighbours out of a regular approximation of a esar arrives' record: resonant solid vocals, fluid hammond organ and bouncy sax riffs. So only a 'Irish Heartbeat' the number takes it cue of a sound of country of a last record with Pleasant Gail Lewis.
Gentleman Morrison worlds of the fast to to the 15 clues like to of him was easy, and the each one that 12 to 18 monthes without a lot of fanfare. Sound the extraordinarily prolific run that we are lucky to behold of such the veteran law.
Would think you there would be to plot of paste or lose with his material, but a thing roughly is unmistakable:
his quantity a lot outpace his quantity.
Still there is enough to plot to say in the a lot of listenable way.
4 / 5 Lawana
Having had enjoyed Van Morrison music of a prompt @@@1970s, has not expected partorisca listen the disk for him that could Tupelo Honey, Moondance and St. Dominic Is, but now have. Ossia Van Morrison in his mature more: the jazz adds, heartfelt blues, and the richest voice that in any one another disk has listened. And I have listened more, if any everything of his music, comprising some officious registers poden an action of day with us. Listening to Down one Issues this pair spent of the days owe that me smiled, touching my toes, and reflecting behind, like the van drive by means of the wide row of emotions, thoughts, and remembrances. It is the privilege partorisca listen his poetic and musical art. This disk can finalise my preferred one has taken still.
4 / 5 Digna
Follows van like this happy has taken his sound has retreated some melodies a blues a magnitude the beauty of the amour of some days has spent of the longitude is one of some the majority of emotional songs the never listened agrees them partorisca buy this cd with my late mother and means so much mine like the memory of his and take me each one damn the sad time but the van of amour and down a street goes the music of hope done til is 90 goes van
4 / 5 Zola
One of some things adds roughly Van Morrison is that age with such grace, while exploring in his music all some ramifications partorisca grow old. Constantly it asks that it can maintain a creative ... The fires that burn so that it grow the old age and a response(s) finds to his questions are that it is more fascinating in his recent music. Van Morrison, for now, has has created already the vernacular that it is a lot familiar with and the subjects arrive & animal-arrive-in his music. Again on DOWN The STREET examines subject of experience & of youth, a start of sensatez, doing against a odds, and his songs of extraordinary amour... As it Directs partorisca create such freshness in of the ideas there is explored in countless album?Defenders of the music of the van will see this like the modern-day HIS BAND & The HEART of the STREET been due to is R&B/Blues house. But the better clues of this album is is ballads, 'A Beauty Of Some Days Gone by' & 'Fast Train'... And they are for real good-looking, mysterious and of the depth adds. A rest of an album is just Van in his better , is in a cup of his game and this effortless the album exhibits his awesome voice in the variety of musical fashions.
5 / 5 Ferne
After reading roughly other descriptions, all the world loses 'Fast Train'? To the van has so many good-looking songs in his wonderful career, could very possibly choose my preferred, but 'Fast Train' grabs your heart and soul - listen attentively to a harmonic guitar, electrical of slide and the violin that touch soulfully as it whistles he of train - listen his with headphones! Really it has something partorisca say in this song - is absolutely incredible. A whole album are partorisca add - that the man can touch a harmonic with LIKE THIS feeling and his voice speaks yours - I am surprised constantly for him and yes, has pleased constantly. 'Down A Street', soyeet M in an Indian Summer', esteal My Heart Was', 'Those Mark An Irish Heart Beat', 'A Beauty Of Some Days has spent of longitude', 'So only A Sleep', soyun Has to that Struggle', eshadows of Evening', 'Fast Train' - a better choose - all the world HAS TO THAT be able to relate to these! And yes, some another touches well too - but then, can find something well in everything does. Please give listen he - you will not feel .
4 / 5 Tabatha
Listens to this album, or in fact Van later, That is Bad With This Picture, more days. I want a joyful hinge of a ups and downs of normal life. Some streets and byways of consciousness. A sheer celebratory the evident quality in the each one and each song. It is add partorisca be able to mediate to the travesía of a man down a neverending subjects the peace, harmony and integration. Sheer Joy partorisca live.
5 / 5 Penny
Listens to Van Morrison music of then 25 years now. Has everything, and has said ALL SOME RECORD of a Master (he quantity of more than 40 cd is, any partorisca mention any bootlegs). To the left take me legislation to a point : they are partorisca ask me if some of a reviewers here seriously know that it is speaking roughly when they value these new Morrison is looks that in this era of poor musical start a lot of, to plot of the lovers of music has lost any critical alcohol in that listen to. It looks that they are like this exasperated that when they listen anything the little has bitten better that rap or all an insignificant ad pigswill in a radio, is quickly partorisca the call the «masterpierce»...
That like this expert «» gives 4 or 5 stars to this new record, that any reviewers says that ossia a better Van Morrison album of the long time (???), « it Is (very far) besides mine comprehension»... It likes to the van sings in of one of his new songs here. Down a Street (with more than 67 minutes of new music) is certainly a toneless more Morrison album of an a lot trite Illustration. If you are discovering Van and think that that you are giving calm the representative of just idea of an immensity of this Artist when listening to Down a Street, well... To the left say me yours that you are entirely out of a picture... To the left explain me, in seven clear points, reasons this new album is, in better, mediocre.

In the first place, is now to good sure gone this solid, rich and his global enormous has had on Too Long in Exile (1993), Days like this (1995) or A Game of Cure (1997) where all some the musical instruments can resist his own against a much less powerful voice of a Master. Here on Down a Street, the voice of the van is so only in an advance of scene and some musicians for behind lucidos his very discreet any partorisca say lean or a lot of songs here which have economic bass-sound of drums and small light beaten (the terrible Indian Summer and the man has to that it Struggles, etc.), Like this songs that any in the same listen an electrical guitar, etc.
Secondly, Also gone is an exceptional cohesion of a Van of band has had in a nineties. Ido is a brilliant Pee Wee Ellis in saxophones and to the left say that his absence is obvious in arrangements of horns and touching on Down a street. The god loses Georgie too much in an organ...
Thirdly, Finally gone also is a androgynous voice of Brian Kennedy which to Van enough has liked him obviously to to the plot likes them Kennedy was with him of then the days have Taken. Any that the voice of Kennedy is terrible but was more than timing to try out of another class of backvocals... A question here on Down A Street is that a new backvocals is like this economic that takes ourself Kennedy is disappeared!!! C soyencima, listens to this terrible vocals in Choppin' final Forest, these responses of parrot in a start and final of All the Work and Any Game, etc.
Fourthly, Thank you so much (!) To Ben Sidran to adapt in his liner notes that the street of the van is and is always be a blues street. Unfortunately, to van I offer in the new album a lot platitudinous blues (the habladuría is economic, All the work and any game and a better a, Choppin' forest). A bluesy side of Down a Street is, in better, of as interest... Any comparison with, for chance, his enormous blues album of 1993 (Also Long in Exile)
Fifthly, to offers of van on Down a Street three beautiful ballads which are, in my opinion, some of a bit those that strong moments of this record : Fast Train, where to the van takes on bluntly a beautiful harmonic line same that a one in a Game to Expect (in a Game of Cure -1997), a celtic ballad A Beauty of some Days Gone by and especially Fly my Heart was... It does not consider here a renewal of Georgia of mine imports which is not the composition of the Van and as, in all the chance, is rendered here worse that a sweet original with an acrobatic, sinewy and out of place singing the exercises to van is doing in this version. The slow songs are, any surprisingly, one the majority of effective some of a Master is in his plus when it trusts mainly in his acoustic electrical guitar and harmonic (like Dylan). But these slow songs on Down A Street in no way quantity to, neither in an appearance of melody neither in an appearance of emotion, this recent glorious Van classics likes, for chance, in a Forest (1993) Melancholia or in an Evening (1995), while Game or A Game of Cure (1997), When Some Leaves Come falling, agree me of you or in a Midnight (in Rear arrive-1999)...
Sixthly, Has thinks that to the van had cleared his whims of damned countries with Calm wins Again (2000). It looks here that it is not a chance. I do not know roughly you but personally I country of music of hate. It is because long time has not liked him splits it to me well of Tupelo Honey (1971), is peels that really it did not like me Wins Of Again (2000) and is also one of a reason because I a lot like this a neither. If it likes him to you he touches of electrical guitar of pedal steel (ej.: Fast train), violin of country and rhythm of the cowboy in his horse galloping dulcemente to sundown (ej.: Ladies DJ), a lot have more occasion that me partorisca appreciate to plot of moments on Down a Street, mainly That Marks an Irish Heart Beat (a country ballad like some thousands americans «talented» the stars «of countries» do every day)...
Finally and mainly, this album does not possess any spark or flash of to the characters like Morrison is like this of able to give anytime. Those of you the one who agrees, for chance, Ancient Street (1995) or Piper in Some Doors to Dawn (1997) knows that I bad here. To At all it likes that in of this Down One Issues any one very inspired. Not even near.
4-5 stars for east a ? C soyencima !... Agreement up !
4 / 5 Neely
To the continuous van surprise after all these years! This album compares favorably with a Game to Cure add and a glorious
Behind On recent years. In fact, this album arguably has some of the better songs of the van of a past decade. It remarks a clue of title, 'Choppin' Forest', esteal My Heart Was', 'So only A Sleep',
and an amazing 'Fast Train', which adapted one of a classical
'A Game to Expect', especially a harmonic intro. If quell'conceals has not gone enough, listens to an extraordinary rendition of 'Georgia in my Alcohol'.
Some of some clues here evoke some of the earliest van 80 east and 90 work, especially 'So only A Sleep', the gem in him. He
The sax and the good-looking piano here is welcome turn to a jazzier side of Morrison. And a lilting 'This is That it Marks an Irish Heart Beat' is evocative of a prompt 70' Tupelo Honey and Hard Nose a Street, with the country and western feels. Beautiful!
In 'A Beauty of some Days has spent of longitude', to the van sings, '... Stimulus your glass and create it big/to a beauty of some days has spent of longitude'.
Love! But to the van is creating beauty still, to soyaintain me the youngster likes
grow of old'. Ossia The hymn adds directed for acoustics of electrical guitar with the part of wonderful organ. Sending behind to Avalon Decadence and included it preview of Dominic Santo. To maintain me youngster, in fact!
With his triumphant trio of A Game to Cure, Behind On, and now Down a Street, to the van once has tried more, together with Neil Young, and Bob Dylan same, this age is any barrier to true character. Already they are that it looks forward to his prójimo classical!
4 / 5 Douglas
Dipped me in a camp that recognises this like another mature demonstration of an incomparable writing, flange, fixing and producing skills of a Master. Any the one who controls in with a web of place of Wavelength knows that to the van has been polishing these songs for a past two years. These are not , as another has suggested, fill in consonance or songs read without endeavour. ( It conceal so only it suggests mine an immaturity in a part of an auditor.) Any plot better horn arragnements his music? And after the long absence is treated once again to the section of full blown series in several songs. His is no better practitioner of his work that Van Morrison. Each song on Down A Street, with which repeat listenings, shows an entirely so only (this in spite of that grows, is not gone in still) musical row of Van a Man.
5 / 5 Hong
A good endeavour again of Van a Man. I owe that admit that they are the big defender and possess everything of his records. I can say that this record is leaves well. It is not his best, but still value five stars in fact! That roughly 'Fast Train', really fresh. And that it is even more fresh, two of some songs in this record will look on Solomon Burke new outing (Fast Train & So only A Sleep) does not give On On M. To Solomon was it necessary has liked him these songs also.
Some songs are not very deep this time, more like this of the songs of this Band And A period of Heart of the Street. But it is still entertainment and solid material. No really the bad clue at all. An only real coverage is Georgia In my Alcohol and I think that would be one follows a feebler here. But hey, wins some you loose some. I fully recommand this in any musiclover. Continuous go Van! It is too late to take now.......
5 / 5 Marlyn
Has been the defender for more the years that would like me admit and this emission is compatible with some words that this man speaks and I amour. Tongue for my heart. An ache and joy that is one this life . I adore his work but my question goes to reason is that it does not touch of the concerts in Amsterdam? We love this man and his art. We buy his music this in spite of is not graced with him. They are sure that it has to that have the reason but in a true alcohol of amour for the music of this man I just marvel reason is no blessed with his good-looking presence. It loses to like some meadows pardon a sun and would want to look him treat his magic again before they are so only the spark in a darkness in a hand of man. His words and the thoughts are am resulted how is this recent CD . If any calm possess it and love Astral Weeks and further in the art of this man, has to skip your weekly pleasure and purhase this CD eats is the delight . No the be lovely touches in Amsterdam in 2002? A sleep that comes true, among another.
5 / 5 Shannan
While I enjoy the van is to arrive it the horn forward has based blues arrangements (better that the majority of that is there) is his Celtic, folky, rocky, troubador, work that looks for soul that has there is always has loved a plus. This CD left down the small to the respect; admitted has some good things here. (I probably "burn" some any-offerings of horn to some "more than some last 10 years" Van CD). Still it thinks has the little Poetic in him I like this continuous enjoy in increasing old with this only artist and his music.
4 / 5 Octavio
An absolutely inspired action for Van Morrison (and his band). Like this as well as you could expect, and then so more. There is release it, swinging, the melancholy feels to a music that perfectly emphasis Morrison potent blues poetry. A point has underlined is any song spends to be touching inner a moment.
4 / 5 Kaley
Van peers behind by means of time and by means of genders in "Down one Issues Again." The van done each way of music his own - of Blues to Country.
An album is fill with the horns that evokes a music of the past time that alludes indirectly to John Legge Hooker, Sidney Bechet, Woody Herman, and same Hank Williams.
DTRA Agrees moments some plus end of Too much Long in Exile, Days Like this, Play it of Priest, and Behind up.
To van a lot so much roams was to a mystic in this album, but famous and anxiety a music of a past. It is a memory of this music and a king-creation of him concealed is by train to maintain young. The music there is now result his "youth of 1,000 summers."
Ironically, roaming Van by means of some ways of music of past of the days is to breathe it remarkable of fresh air when an industry of music has gone stale with mediocrity.
4 / 5 Janna
The catalogue the late plus of the van of blues and R&B has oriented the songs are solid and wonderfully crafted. Van rendition of "Georgia in my Alcohol" it is for far my favourite clue in a CD. The inaugural tune of the van "Down a Street" it is an excellent introduction to a CD - - the energy of a song will excite a fresh auditor to want to listen more. "Hey Ladies DJ" it is the fashionable rock of the 50-n-tune of circle with a type of the character embodied for the predecessors of the van. This CD is to good sure an excellent edition his awe catalog inspiring of music; certainly it want to in general new generation of defenders!
4 / 5 Tod
Down a Street is certainly any one the better album of the van. This in spite of, is very solid that considers the majority of some other rubbishes there today . There is 3 clue does not concern me that a lot roughly. The habladuría is generic Economic sounds. All the Work and Any Game is an only song in an album would call bad. I find a backing vocals in a start and final to be a lot of grating. Also it can have done without a coverage of Georgia. It likes- one song but some of a Van of the things done with his voice is cringe inducing. Still, 12 out of 15 it is not bad. Esteems this a slightly on A Game to Cure and a lot enough to a level of Backside up. Like another reviewer there is remarked, there is the plot of songs very good but no utmost some.
5 / 5 Evelin
Listening to this CD on and on, my admiration for Van has achieved staggering heights throughout again. It dip this up there with "Days Like this" and "A Game to Cure" as one of the majority of generous presents of the van to a rest of us. It is everything here: blues, soul, ballads, Irish touches, ache, spite, triumph, reverence, spiritual of him.
If you are the defender of Van , will know that I am speaking roughly, he so that has any need to describe each song with lush adjectives. An only thing to do is to take a CD and give thank you.
4 / 5 Alesia
Of a moment has dipped this CD in a player, knows this goes to be good. Sure, to van any stray too far of some personnel. Like this usual, has the little blues, the little jazz and the pocola animates celtic, but a flange of quality, songwriting and touching and a heat has added to a comfortableness of an approximation of the van so only leaves you feeling well in your heart. This has been in heavy rotation in my player of then took the favour, the buy and give treat it.
4 / 5 Bennie
Ossia Another CD adds for one of some talents of voices & more utmost in a field of music. Morrison Mixes of blues, jazz and irish
mark for the wonderful collection. Test esteal My Heart Was' (clues 3) wants to listen Morrison in his better.
4 / 5 Bryanna
Down a Street is totally enjoyable and in satisfactory. Although Morrison does not pave any new streets his revisitation of some old familiar byways is abslutely flawless. Astonishingly, His voice looks stronger that never and a backside on the musicians is exceptional. To think that all but one of some songs is original Morrison the calm compositions ask you that in a continuous world create like this modern musical masterpieces. Recognition of Amsterdam of only desire. A man is the character and can not continue continuing for ever.
4 / 5 Adriene
Ossia The album adds adds / is almost one first explosion of vocals in a first song, is a a distictive voice that capture for a travesía whole by means of this collection of songs. This type is in 60s and to to sounds like to van of 1965!! Each song is the blues the laws have based like this for a summer.

Top Customer Reviews: The Best of The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Trudie
Sounds really good.
5 / 5 Margarete
5 / 5 Myung
the sound Adds
4 / 5 Lorretta
Are very happy of mine ,lucida the discharge of the CD was broken.
Pair Against, lucido the compact disk goes a lot , would fail the uses joins boite of goleada,
ca protegerait better the boitier . I recommend this vendor,

Joins satisfied client

Sylvie H.

Of the the Quebec

Top Customer Reviews: A Day Without ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5 Virgil
Formed: CD of the audio never has begun of then listen the Enya a lot of years, I always shows partorisca his new emissions and king emission of his leading music. It have moved and it has lost this cd so that it was happy this has spent this and thnat could order it.
4 / 5 Noel
Formed: CD of Audio has Arrived punctually and in good condition. The album adds, a lot happy took it.
Thank you.
4 / 5 Ciera
Formed: Audio CD One a lot packaged the element has used that works. Any complaint of me.
5 / 5 Ruben
Formed: Audio CD offered partorisca my mamma. I want to enya
4 / 5 Lyndon
Formed: Audio BEAUTIFUL CD, relaxing music. Enya HAS the wonderful, soothing voice.
5 / 5 Letha
Formed: CD of Audio enjoys it. It is coming as it has promised.
4 / 5 Winnifred
Formed: Audio CD Enya, If it likes-you it his music will want to this!
5 / 5 Twanna
Soft good songs, was more looking for an only instrument
5 / 5 Lakeshia
had lost my original and has taken this for the substitute. One has to that maintain in my collection. It suggest this to any the one who loves like this easy listening soulful music.
4 / 5 Jame
There is enjoyed both, but prefer 4 feathers in black and white
5 / 5 Dalia
A Day Without Rain for Enya is also a fourth cd in the collection of my husband that a lot enjoys also. Personally I know that my spouse there has been this cd of then at least Giappone reason touches A Day Without Rain for Enya the plot during our first months to fulfil and knowing each another in Giappone. A Day Without Rain for Enya has multiple gorgeous and good-looking songs inside this collection like A Day Without Rain, Wild Girl, Only Time (that it was it looked also in a film of Sweet November that incident Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron). In all the chance, A Day Without Rain is perfect so that they enjoy fusions of music of new age, chillout, and genders of classical music.
5 / 5 Maye
Well, His quite apparent that some are tired of Enya while another still emotion in his musical emissions. ADWR Is the beautiful album, that sees Enya moving to the sound the classical plus. Yes, I know an album is short, Enya still sounds like Enya, blah blah the fact remains a PERSON that pode of the melodies written more attractive that Enya and ANY ONE has such the perfect voice. The secret of Flora (my preferred), One for one, and the embers Fallen is three of some better tunes that has listened in of the years. These songs do not touch like this of the remakes besides aim Enya songs. Such the critical failure when the person in fact LISTENS to some songs. The critiques refuse Enya like this floaty, new-age pseudo pops, but I (and external millions) is spent for still be moved for his music. There is the sound in his voice that is so only incomparable . I listen to the wide variety of fashions of music (I amour Dido, Protishead, Schubert, Rubbish, so only to appoint the small), but Enya always will be my preferred. I affected in the way that no another artist has. For an anxiously will expect music of Enya while continuous do he--leave a rest of a world-wide so only go his own way!!!
4 / 5 Yen
A Day Without Rain is an album that tries recaptura a beauty, majesty, and magnitude of forward Enya emissions, having sucedidos and fumbling, sometimes was in a same song. Like the defender consecrated of Enya is, has purchased this album one before week was liberta in Amsterdam, and has been surprised, delighted, and has impacted. It is the different emission for Enya, very light in yours, any almost like this touching or contemplative with a lot of a vocals that slips to a fund of one all too prevalent lush serious, and consistently Enya the message is not like this flowed or pronounced in this album.
A Day Without Rain opens an album, and is the fantastic instrumental composition. And reason any one the, he considering has been based in Watermark, Enya astounding, calming instrumental of his album of fourteen years, Watermark. A vocals and the instrumentation is simply inverted, poetically almost, considering Watermark was an album has centred in waters, and A Day Without Rain is like the day without this water. Wild girl, is the 'pop' dinámicoesque piece, with lush serious, utmost voicings courtesy of Enya, and the melody to roar that it is slightly defective for some incessant repetitions of 'That the way / to do he by means of / that the day.' 'Only time,' a real swipe of A Day Without Rain, this has been 1 in Germania and Canada and 10 here in Amsterdam, is the contemplative piece, emotional and feeling, this looks almost too short. It is still an amazing piece, with a diverse and peaceful instrumentation, ruminative papers.
Tempus Vernum Is where Enya starts the falter. Has not founding never a Enya the clues there is not enjoyed until Tempus Vernum. It is the horrid clues that the does not deserve to be comprised a Day Without Rain. A Latin is glorious (although a pronunciation of a word 'ergo' is quell'has bitten questionable) this in spite of Enya the house is non-existent in this piece. Tempus Vernum ( Espring Time') has a feeling of an old gothic manor his does not jump , and included Enya is said tries to transmit the feeling of all four seasons, any be so only. Deora Air me he Chroí Is the song, likes a lot a Day Without Rain, need concealed more papers. A message is there, but a deep crude that Enya is known partorisca, simply is not . It looks almost weepy in a piece, effective some time, and annoying in another. To compound subjects, ossia an only Gaelic song a Day Without Rain. Where it is a longitude, sensuous to the songs like Smaointe... It conceals really exhibited Enya is strong of Gaelic? The secret of Flora, tentativas to rekindle a beauty of some first three clues and does like this quite amiably, with lush pizzicato serious. And, as we are to come to expect of Enya, takes abundance of liberty in some papers. The embers Fallen, is the real disappointment. Touted Like Enya favourite song in ADWR, a feeling is there in a piece, with harrowing vocals and papers, but a message could be more protracted in delivery. Calm so that chair the one who Enya is transmitting, a song is on, a lot that a lot in ADWR. Sad really, that considers this song has so much potential. A a minute, thirty-seven second Thumbs of Money, looks almost economic. It is simply a same composition, has repeated two times, with an inclusion of the second instrument in a second repetition. Fault of a power and force that another Enya instrumentals looks to possess inherently, reason Enya is the fantastic composer, as well as singer. The pilgrim finds Enya where she excels. Songs roughly character, direction, hope, life, and the travesías is that it is does more, and the pilgrim is any exception . It is the very powerful piece that rows up there with Only Time and Wild Boy. One for one, is another fantastic piece , this finds Enya, trying some waters of something new, while combining some elements of musical pasts forays. It is a Enya preferred of mine, because of some amazing fines-layered vocals and stunning inclusion of Spanish papers. Lazy days, there is Enya in a way of Wild Boy again, and is the mainly effective movement , with instrumentation of series a lot prominent and the melody to roar, ossia able to dip the smile in your face. Then, sadly, ADWR concludes in an almost confusing note. Calm ask you, 'That was Enya that tries to transmit, for traversing fashions like this musical and subjects?' A fact is, does not think included Enya really knows. In this terse album (this hard the meager, to say a less, 34 minutes) looks that Enya is that it tries to find. A assuredness of A Memory of the trees are not felt in ADWR. A soaring, passion without obstacles that was Watermark, is not to express in ADWR. A grandness and majesty that was like this keenly a aural delight of Moons of Pastora, is tried to be recaptured by means of such songs like Secret Flora and One for one, but is not never really fulfilled enough also.
Like the defender of Enya music, am very happy that Enya, by means of ADWR, has has achieved finally a commercial success and the recognition deserves, but also the find ironic, considering is his album his feeble plus . All-in-all, ADWR will take you on some songs, tank to a fund in another, and a lot really leave an impact another Enya the emissions have, for an end of his 34 minutes.
5 / 5 Vanita
While Enya looked the little aimless and misdirected in a version of EUA of A Day Without Rain, was attacked the a lot of strong for any artist, he so only simply has not lived until some the leading precedents has dipped with other albums like Watermark and A Memory of Trees. Backed For some single Only Time (which has been 1 in Germania and Canada, and 10 here United States) and Wild Boy, which are all stunning and completed by truthful papers , significant, this Aussie pressing of ADWR improves to a version of EUA with an edition of A Prime minister of Autumn, Enya the majority to stir instrumental to date. Complete with serious, cello, violins, and the plethora of another stringed the instruments is the ardent song , sensual that is to complete with stunning voice for Enya. It is an absolute stunning piece that adds more time and the different perspective to A Day Without Rain. While some of some pieces in an album can be bit it rigid and austere (Tempus Vernum, Thumbs of Money), songs like A Prime minister of Autumn and One for an absolutely is stunning and show because Enya is one of one the majority of paramount artist of our time. I recommend this cd is the defender of Enya pieces and has looked for something more than a meager 34 EUA to press of minute of A Day Without Rain.
Listed of clue: 1. A Day Without Rain, 2:38. 2. Wild girl, 3:47. 3. Only time, 3:38. 4. Tempus Vernum, 2:24. 5. Deora Air me he Chroí, 2:48. 6. The secret of Flora, 4:07. 7. The embers Fallen, 2:31. 8. Thumbs of money, 1:37. 9. Peregrino, 3:12. 10. One for one, 3:54. 11. A Prime minister of Autumn (clues of prize excluyente), 3:10. 12. Lazy days, 3:42.
Total time: 37:28
5 / 5 Mari
Perhaps so only I have not been sharing this CD with some right types. In any case, each woman was (my immediate friends) has has wanted to this a - each type, in another hand, the no. And these are not of the write the one who are to hard rock or rap or punk music. It likes-him the classical and the easy music inclusa that listens music of type (although it does not classify Enya like this easy-listening or Muzak). This CD is result ooe of mine favourite- lush, romantic and inclusos ethereal in time. Tongue of mine. A bit those that years behind, has think that Enya finally could result repetitive or boring but thinks hur the music has grown deeper and more complex with time. Another, this in spite of, feels quite differently likes to be forewarned. If you are the type , fall the line and to the left know me your partorisca take on all this. Appearance I"m injustice in a female/breaking viril when it comes the Enya.
5 / 5 Dionna
Included Although Watermark is my preferred Enya CD, this one is really really good. Enya Pauses to any very new territory musically with this album, but the suppositions concealed is a lot of reason there is staked his sound of byline, and does not have another there the one who really can match. So many in the sense, is one same but is different reason his music is in the class of is adapted. This in spite of, a quality of his in this album is very better that in forward some reasons the technology spent more sythesized "material" to dip his music. I definitly buy an album if you are the hardcore Enya defender, or yes has listened any of the his another material and enjoyed it, reason is a lot so only like some another. This in spite of, if calm so only is taking the Enya and is not familiarised with his material, and love a CD has better fact, would buy Watermark instead.
4 / 5 Dino
Ossia Enya The majority of emission that the earthy sounds (to contrast his spaciest a, Moons of Pastora), reminiscent of the party of garden. Perfect production and vocals (a bit too perfect for some), a main defect is a bit of predictability, (also found in a forward A Memory of Trees). Some papers are sometimes roughly further down-to-subject of earth to the equal that join to alternate with a more recently typical the tars are shining ... Follow your sleeps' types of feelings, but a lot some last in some something (and because of a superficial surplus in his emissions anymore) has paste to good sure an unsatisfactory limit of 'Hallmark appeal of paper for me. A Day Without Rain is the quickly listen, but certainly mine of value for ONE FOR ONE and of the LAZY DAYS.
5 / 5 Millicent
Enya The music has a capacity to captivate any with his good-looking voice and of the harmonies of new age, the only fashion that has derived to a large extent of his time with celtic band Clannad. This album, an original prime minister a place in a phase in five years, is any exception to a principle.
Although it love that, are not that giving five stars, reasons some looks to touch to have bit it stuck inside a same fashion. Not To Take me bad: it is the album adds (a bit cut also, but well...) You have listened already Enya material before (like "Watermark" of "Moons of Pastora," both duquel highly recommends), door at all new. This in spite of is beautiful
4 / 5 Leroy
A DAY WITHOUT RAIN is the briliant CD. One underlines the clues are like this always a clue to title "A Day Without Raining", "Wild Girl", "Only Time", "Secret Flora" and "A Prime minister Of Autumn". This in spite of, like another reviewer, has to complain that this CD is far too short. I mean, those have paid $ for just on 35 value of the minutes of music is the little too many extremes. Surely Enya has abundance other songs that pode in his CD. Never a less, Enya has been always the terrific and persistent artist and expect always continuous to do that she more.
4 / 5 Robbyn
Although this album is the little in a short side, are TRUELY surprised again, as I have been for some last twelve years, with a tallent and beauty of a music of Enya. It is tallented besides words with his voice and use of instruments. I have been totally enraptured thus tallent for on twelve years, this in spite of listens to his album 'Watermark' in the weekly base. This album is the step in his music of maturity a next step will be in PUNCTUAL CD!!!!
5 / 5 Jeane
A lot Apparently Enya decided to give Canadian (and the pocolos other countries besides some the USA) an extra clue in our yard of ADWR. The well of sound. If any of calm in alive Amsterdam near of a flange would recommend to take an evening to just walk on here and choose on a 12 copy of clue is that a lot the partidário hard die, otherwise is not losing a lot. It likes- one extra clue "A Prime minister of Autumn" this in spite of, is well. Still I can not give this album the perfect bookmark reason was necessary has been the little has bitten longer. My question is: Reason do not dip EVERYTHING of some new clues does to his album? It can have added "A Fiancée", "Isobella" and "A Prime minister of Autumn" to do the total of 14 clues. Cela Would have been more respectable. I love an album this in spite of.
5 / 5 Vanna
A music in this CD is magic, flowing to follow to be still in ethereal fashion, without even the clue of synthesized fluff. A sound is more mature, more refined that Watermark, which is still quite good. But suddenly, unexpectedly, a flow is haulted -- silence in only 34:28, leaving an auditor that loves more. Sure, all the things owe that it arrive, but in this chance an end is quell'has bitten too punctual.
4 / 5 Lakeisha
Although this album is the short a, a voice of Enya in spite of taking me was and stunns me with his beauty. It has discovered Enya fact 11 years, and to this day his voice stunns me with his beauty to pursue. A so only another artist to do that it is Loreena Mckinnet. Again, although this album is the short a, Enya again pursue me and take me was with his fond, pursuing voice!!
4 / 5 Ladonna
This CD counts a wonderful Only Time, which was one of some soundtracks of "Sweet November". It is gorgeous.
Enya Continuous be mine favourist singer of all the times. His voice is surprising and in the each one of the his CDs the something very special.
The wild boy is the piece that say like this to explode each alone moment of all our lives. Again a singer and the composer say to take a day.
The Only time finds streets that favour to love. A song is perfect for a film.
Is dificult to elicit a better song, reason everything of them there is the odd charateristic.
A CD is wraped up with "Lazy Days", contrasting, in my opinion, hardworking days with a relaxing any".
Listen to Enya once and then will be entirely adicted his gorgeous voice. Calm only volume a lot anxious to take his next CD.
5 / 5 Raymundo
Enya Is fantastic! You result the big defender after listening "Anywhere Is" in a radio in prompt 1996, although it was very conscious of his by means of "Orinoco Flow" and one very successful, Moons of Pastora. My favourite music is heavy metal , but has bought a music to cover to an album of Moons of the Shepherd partorisca piano, and revive my amour partorisca touch a piano. I have it quell'has bought of A Day Without music of discharge of the Rain (after expecting the year partorisca a music to cover to exit) and will be partorisca touch a very populate "Only Time" in our graduation in May. Regarding an album, is Enya the majority of uplifting album partorisca date, in my opinion. I add partorisca the rainy day, incidentally. 1995 The memory of Trees was gorgeous but darkness (in the good way), and was my preferred until Day W/Or the rain is start . My favourite clues are, of course, "Only Time" (I adds partorisca listen Enya in a radio again), "Wild Girl", "Secret Flora", "the embers Fallen", and "One for a". Very active griped in a 35 minute , taking on the, a music is awesome! Yes, another song or two would have been adds, but some flows of joint of music perfectly. Way of gone Enya! And the work adds in a LOTR Soundtrack!
4 / 5 Zulema
Never close your eyes? Ever stop And listen? These words, found in an opening of a song "Wild Girl," it follows 2 in a disk, is exactly the one who calm will find you doing with this music. I have been the defender of Enya of "Watermark," and with exciting it has expected each new album to the equal that was perfected dulcemente in a studio, and a lot once have I been disappointed. "A Day Without Raining" it is any exception . So only when you think that Enya can not take any better, that his music has achieved his pinnacle, improvement. You will find in this disk a beloved Enya his, with his harmonies partorisca flow and attacking instrumentals. Some songs owe wonderfully uplifiting lightness to them (Wild Boy, Secret Flora) while another has the sound slightly darker, (Tempus Vernum, sung in Latin) this in spite of is everything wonderfully produced masterpieces. It give six stars, given an option. Calm can not lose with this incredible music.
5 / 5 Sherell
Has listened this music in the first place while spent in the bookshop, with any second second songs that pull me on to an office of information. Usually it likes-me the rock and The Circle, but found this music correctly like this background music partorisca read or think-stops. You recommend this title to students - good music partorisca study to, and artists - is music of excellent way . It enjoys something that is really different and of big quality.
5 / 5 Lincoln
Finds this CD partorisca be a lot of comforting. I for real the enjoyed. My daughter of 4 years absolutely loves it. Especially it wants to it follows 3 - "Only Time". Personally I want him everything. It is the for real gifted artist . Now I know I have to that order "Watermark" reason love a song "Orinoco Flow" also know like this " it cruise it Was". You recommend this CD to any one any music.
5 / 5 Deneen
In the first place has taken the flavour of this cd when my English professor has touched he during our silent reading that/time of studios. Have enamorando With him never of then. Enya The songs so only want to run by means of a dew of an Irish meadow. I reccomend this for any any one the wind a lot-down-and-relax-in-the-final-of-the-soundtrack of day.
4 / 5 Maximina
A song the Lazy days is the song that me music of amour. Period. Talent, ....
5 / 5 Brant
Want this cd is the verry fresh cd. Has thinks that I a lot of
like an integer cd but do. It is the a lot of orderly cd. I want to all of his songs. They are a lot soothing to listen to. You relax you when you listen to some songs.
5 / 5 Danial
Highly recommended for any one any Enya music. A lot relaxing and soothing music. A music in this continuous CD in a same fashion as in of the leading albums.

Top Customer Reviews: Best ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca Any the one who has not discovered a Waterboys (any a lot of known here in Canada but improving) ossia the fantastic start . Partorisca Fans is our manna . I mean I am speaking in a Waterboys!!!!
5 / 5
Good band, good music. Arrived in good condition and sooner that has anticipated.
5 / 5
In his better, A Waterboys matched a brilliance of founder Mike the heroes of Scott likes him Pacts Smith and Van Morrison, creates poetic masterpieces with the spiritual essence/trancendent quality - 'the Big Music' as Scott calls it.

The examples are a darkness , powerful killing My Heart, a tender ballad A Whole Of A Moon and a soaring Alcohol. In his worse, Waterboys have given singalong Celtic Folk likes And A Bang In an Ear and another, but included these are rendered memorable for catchy melodies and a wonderful mix of instruments.

The majority of some tomb of songs to somewhere inbetween, although a tuneful A Man Is Enamoured and All Some Things Gave Me also stand with a Big Music. Really it prefer to give the four stars, but an album with classics likes to Kill My Heart and the alcohol deserves a plenary five.

Top Customer Reviews: Greatest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Demarcus
Ossia The quite good collection of "Hothouse Flores", and identical his import "More than", more more two clues. Of course it is missing the few good songs, but that it is here does up for that. It include it Is numerous clues of a "People" album, like " I seat", "it does not go ", "Older take", " it was Easier in a Morning", and "the amour no In this way". More some songs add " it gives Arrivals", "House", "For ever More", and another. In general it is the "Hot" collection of the band ossia the little rock of has bitten , folk, and Irish.

Top Customer Reviews: Celtic Woman: A New ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
4 / 5 Dee
Ossia A DVD of the better concert has not seen never!

The celtic woman was in his much more in this concert and in a summit of his popularity. Each alone song is exceptional. Some five main singers (Chloe, Lisa, Meav, Bank, and Hayley) is incredibly interpreters and of the gifted singers. A fiddler, Mairead Nesbitt, is the boundless source of talent and energy. Some ladies treat to perfection and is backed for the terrific heart, the full orchestra, and some powerful arrangements of composer musical manager David Downes.

A phase looks incredible and he blends wonderfully to a spectacular backdrop of Slane Castle in Ireland. Some look of ladies partorisca surprise and some dresses are gorgeous. Everything in this production exudes class and quality.

A DVD comprises the special for behind a look of scenes and is a lot interesting to see all a work that has gone to this production.

I amour this DVD so much! It give this DVD more than 5 stars can , reason is literally a better thing has not seen never in my life!
4 / 5 Hal
Loves this music and His decorations are so that it Feigns, his formidable singers as well as lucida the election gives songs, personally, my sleep would be to assist alive to one of his concerts, May?....
5 / 5 Sandi
Done of the years, my woman and I have seen this concert in television and has fallen enamoured with Celtic Women. Has is then state to the real concert and tried to find more material in this group, but always seats short of an original experience. It was a lot happy to having found this concert on DVD! For any that asks , there are more singers in this concert and a setting is a lot ncer also, when be fact in front of Slane Castle! Simply it calms can any gone bad with this DVD! Supberb Image and his with 25 songs! It buys it!
4 / 5 Trinh
Wonderful action - I has seen these gals in person and have good-looking voices. Ossia That embroiders is everything roughly and is in a
classifies everything for them. Today the modern singers can not touch these gals!
5 / 5 Nelle
Has received so only my copy of Celtic Woman/Slane Castle of Amazon today (the service of delivery adds, has arrived much more punctual that expected). Both a picture and the sound are scenery is majestic in an Extra of Primo soyaking of the travesía new'. Incredible actions of 25 memorable is the concert that will enjoy long in some advances of months.
4 / 5 Genia
So that they love celtic music ossia, picture of his of the quality adds, the collection adds of wonderful music.. I have ordered of this company, fast service, as described by vendor... As it seats behind and listen the sum of celtic music...
4 / 5 Saturnina
The Better concert of the celtic woman of his/of phase and with 4 of a better world: Chloe Agnew, Bank Fallon, Lisa Kelly, Meav neither Mhaolchatha, Mairead Nesbitt and Hayley Westenra first appearance with Celtic Woman. 24 songs!
5 / 5 Julius
Excellent action and well has fixed. David Downes an excellent work to compose and that directs a music. Some look of women partorisca enjoy that they treat neighbouring.
4 / 5 Armand
I especially like this because it looks more numbers for Hayley Westenra that 'A Travesía more Add'. Of course a lot it enjoys all of a DVD of Celtic Woman is that I possess.
5 / 5 Mariana
His voice is glorious! This DVD is the property partorisca possess in my collection as it is not a same talent in this group after a start of all these wonderful women.
4 / 5 Stephan
Value 10 STARS in my opinion! Spellbinding Music and choreography! More than a swipe, a beauty of music has spent rasga to my eyes! A setting partorisca concert was so only and half perfect addition to a mould & of music! Ossia Sure partorisca be one of mine the majority of treasured pieces in my library! I know I will be partorisca touch the on & on and be sharing he with friends & familiarised. If it doubts yes partorisca buy or no, any attentive! The money is very displaced. He the Present a lot thoughtful partorisca any

Irish or no! Needless Partorisca Say, LOVES It!!! For real Talented mould!
5 / 5 Loreta
These are some a lot talented Celtic women. Also it has one astonishingly young & talented orchestra. All the world takes to this video. A drummers is incredible. A DVD is like this good together place, to the chair likes is there, especially with of surrounding sound. Some dresses are places coloreados , wonderful and a wave of music-compulsory. It does not doubt to dip this one in your collection. It is the concert will want to look & on again. It is in fact value more than 5 stars.
5 / 5 Ronni
Has found stumbled to these singers by means of or tube and was blown entirely was. Very sincere Very powerful For real the heaven is missing some corners. I do not have enjoyed never first music of
4 / 5 Evette
I amour Celtic Woman, joy his actions and is well of his have for my account CD
4 / 5 Marchelle
excellent production and the wonderful concert with a setting of evening.
4 / 5 Gabrielle
Súper lucido Besieges is enchanteur and his daughters are geniales
5 / 5 Tasia
Like this beautiful ... Masters that !

Súper Fast nave... Thank you !
5 / 5 Sang
These women are more partorisca Familiar viewing! And music a lot good-looking!
4 / 5 Nydia
This was excellent. His and the quality of picture was very good. Looked the long.
4 / 5 Lilli
Awesome Marco of bolt has registered, door out of an Irish
5 / 5 Vertie
thoroughly there is enjoyed these cd is Celtic Women. His voices blend like this well and has has wanted to all of his songs.
5 / 5 Linsey
Sum of Irish music, lovely interpreters, the voices add! All some daughters are amazing - Hayley has an almost operatic tone his voice on some clues, the bank touches a harp as well as singing, Chloe has the wonderful voice and looks awesome, Máiréad a Pixie is to add it fiddle player, dances and looks adorable all a same time! All orchestrated and fixed for David Downes, the one who has to be one of some utmost musical managers of his time.

Slane The castle is the wonderful rear drop and has some utmost lighting effects like this of the draws of evening in.

A thouroughly enjoyable 1 1/2 hours of enertainment.
4 / 5 Marta
Loves the good music possesses in the hundred. Ossia One of some external register , alive better, has found to date. It is a thing to register in the room jointly where the majority of things is under the control of a producer, this in spite of, alfresco can be intimidating. Then to have one registering alive where calm so only take a casualidad in him really dips a pressure on.

In this DVD will find well has lit dips, glorious surrounds quality with excellent selection, and intelligent mix-down this adds to one ' are really there' feeling. So only roughly like this well it likes to take! BTW: Some songs are not half bad neither.
5 / 5 Sanjuana
Could not expect to the game is Definetly a lot pleasing to some eyes and of the ears.

Top Customer Reviews: From The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 Indira
I have bought an album behind in 76 or 77. Always liked partorisca all the world-wide
5 / 5 Risa
work of Beautiful keyboard for Rick Wakeman adds magic to these tunes maravillosas.un this his brilliant in this remastered cd,Like this happy reason have spent these years.
5 / 5 Vivienne
Is in fact state partorisca go to see a Strawbs in concert without possessing a lot of his albums, but that has listened to the few clues in a FM emisora radius in Albuquerque, New Messico where David Prevail the group focused was the personal favourite of the pair of disk jockeys. This would have been when a Strawbs visited out of his 1975 "Album of Ghost," quell'clue "those Explosions in a Seams" and "Hero and Hero" and near it constitutes that a lot it consider his three better albums. "Of a Witchwood" it is to 1971 emission that represents a transitional period when a Strawbs has been partorisca be an acoustic folk group, where Sandy Denny was the singer for the moment, to the progressive folk group, with Rick Wakeman touching keyboards, first to move on partorisca be more than the group of progressive rock in some half Seventies. Partorisca Arrive it to these Cousins of outrage of the point and Wakeman a group has looked of Richard Hudson in drums, John Ford down, and Tony Hooper likes guitarist of advantage.
Of course is difficult any partorisca choose up in Wakeman the organ and the synthesizer that touch in the majority of these clues. Sure it underlines in this version of "A Hangman and a Papist," more than agreeing of another version has of this memorable counts roughly two brothers in of the opposite sides of a fence in Tudor Inghilterra. An album opens with a pastoral "Glimpse of Heaven," originally the poem for Cousins that now looks Wakeman accompaniment of organ of the church, and that defines one melting of a folk displaced and progressive future of a band. A folk the impulse probably exits stronger in a cautionary history to drug "Witchwood" and some intrinsic sensibilities in "Sheep." I always liked "A Hangman and a Papist," but "the song of Pastora" it is a one this underlines this time, both in of the terms of some vocal harmonies and Wakeman is has has simulated horns and of the series in a fund.
A clue of prize in this remastered the album is John Ford "Maintain an External Devil," that has an acoustic opening first to turn to hard rock. You are registered during a "Witchwood" sessions but was in emission so only likes B-side of "Benedictus," the alone of one 1972 "Grave New World" album, with the "Of a Witchwood" has a more in common. A Strawbs is the group of progressive rock forgotten to a large extent in this side of a pond excepts for those of us those who has had everything of these albums on vinyl and/or cassette. They are so only happy to see that more and more that these albums are resulting available here so that I do not owe that maintain in his of entity.
4 / 5 Ned
Ossia Class of one among- album partorisca Strawbs, registering during a period in that give a turn to be the slightly-electrified folk outfit to be to full-band of the progressive rock blown. In fact his fifth register, is a prime minister one has done in a studio after being joined by keyboard then wizard ignored Rick Wakeman, the one who would leave after this album to join Yes (and a rest roughly the, as they say, is history). His function here was aventajada, and certainly has not been relegated to one background -- but has done neither his organ, piano and harpsichord the work dominates the sound of a group to the equal that have come to do later in his work achieves.
Has directed of composer/of singer/of the guitarist David Primo, with his differential voice always the mark of Strawbs' his, a group was still, for all intents and purpose, the folk-based near -- still although this register marked his first use of the box of full drum. Some subjects, melodies and 'feel' of an album was still 'folk'ish. Some beauties of character, mysticism, pacifism, a horror in the eyes of the young boy see sheep slaughtered, the vision of the secluded give them for the hermit fray -- these are some subjects and images in these songs, mostly penned for Cousins, some for Hudson and Ford.
A standout tune for me, this in spite of, is Dave Prime' 'A hangman and a papist'. In this unforgettable work, see the fray young has condemned to die reason does not renounce a pope and swear loyalty to a king -- and see the soldato young, chosen by a drawing of the plots to do likes them the hangman. We are to do privy to some thoughts of both of these men -- each one which as full of his own mark of fear, trepidation and value -- and then see his worlds collide interior a moment that for heart when a hangman, under his mask, recognises a fray as his his brother young plus, estanding proud. A hangman tries to protest, but is ordered to come from -- the his trembling hands begin to take a tension. His eyes are blind with streaming tears, cries for everything to listen: " they lose God, hang us in thy name..."'. Ossia Strong material -- an album costs a prize thus piece so only, but everything on here is in the first place-has imposed.
After this register, Wakeman has left a band and has been substituted for Blue Weaver of a Corner of Love of the band, and the sound of a band is result more oriented partorisca mecer. It has dipped out of several ends lps with which 'Of a witchwood' -- 'Grave new world' and 'those Explosions in a seams' is really a lot of -- but this was, creates, a pinnacle of the his tarpaulin.
Thanks to A&M Records to do is registering available in this clear, king-mastered form -- leaves to again appreciate the classical.
4 / 5 Grady
A Strawbs has begun was like the folk group. With this album has begun to evolve to the plus "progressive" his, undoubtedly spurred on for Rick Wakeman, the one who guested in this album. "Glimpse of Heaven," that directs this CD was, is the perfect example; it begins like the pastoral folk piece and evolves to the a lot of half section faster, with Hammond organ flourishes, then returns to a folky start.
This first song dips a step for those to follow. Although an album is not repetitive or dull, there is a global " it feels" to an album that is a lot representative of his time (punctual '70s). Lyrical I subjects tend to a mystical, and an use of sitars, banjo, dulcimer and table, together with Wakeman creative keyboards, add colours to a music that attractive he out of a "folk gueto" it conceal to the plot of alike bands has taken captured in.
Dave Primo, a main composer here, is not never fearful state to be earnest or romantic, sometimes to an embarrassing discharge, but his occasional missteps is offset for some contributi of John Ford and Richard Hudson, the one who any perfect accompaniment resupplied so only but has has contributed songs of his own.
Some pocolos of some songs have not dated well, but there are a lot of magic moments in this album, where some vocal harmonies of Cousins, Hudson that's that of Ford with a modernized (and sometimes quite psychedelic) British folk structures of some songs to create the for real differential sound.
In the personal note, has extracted adds of condition for this album. It was useful mine when you try to break out of my youth of heavy metal, as I ask that well this description will relate the people in general. This in spite of, think that that this CD is the stray classical, and any the one who enjoys Clannad, Lorraine McKennitt, and another modern progressive folk the music will find to plot to like here. Personally I love this album so that it is; excellently has treated progressive folk, sometimes with hippy overtones, but always sincere and always credible. They are really happy to see this has retreated was on CD, as I am gone through two copies of vinyl already. For defenders of calm music , intricate , emotional, a Strawbs "Witchwood" it do not have to that be spent of longitude.
5 / 5 Iva
Ossia My favourite personnel Strawbs album although this a by means of the hero and The Hero is quite amazing in his own elcectic way- but volume a sense that dulcemente is trying his best to sell was and has done finally. But this a WITCHWOOD is an excellent album that comprises Rick Wakeman in of the keyboards before one He (incaseyadidn'tknow) and has some of first Gentleman the finest compositions that comprises Hangman and a Paptist, Shepards Song, and preferred personal witchwood, Sheep and Glimpse of Heaven (truely). My only complaint is in a production of a song Among some Roses, which is one of his more beautiful songs never, has a excruciatingly strong screeching sound when some cords of transmissions of the guitarist- deceive it careless that they could be more careful state roughly but a screeching the looks to touch to be like this up in a mix that you can not help but remark it when that tries to enjoy this otherwise a lot blissful song. Otherwise A production is really quite strong and a remastering really gives the balance adds (where a holycon to the compilation does not have sucedido also). It is album to mate Grave New World as well as a more directly foreward that it Bursts in a Seams and his Hero of the mate and the hero are everything highly enjoyable imaginative albums that combines a lot of together different ideas. Four and 1/2 stars partorisca Witchwood
5 / 5 Malisa
does not believe reviewers when they describe this album like him medaevil album. Personally it have to that be slapped to have taken like this long to buy 'Of a Witchwood'. Ossia A vision a Strawbs was after, a synthesis of folk and rock, with him smattering of the each one another way launched in just to maintain you guessing. 'A Glimpse of Heaven' is one of some the majority of perfect inaugural songs never the grace an album. It is the flawless song . It listens his three times and he touch to any calm worry you roughly. Each song in Witchwood is singular and timeless. Another standouts is a two song combo of 'Flew and 'A Hangman And A Papist', a peace of thematic transmission and the discord among these two songs is wonderfully unnerving and drastic. A last is one of Dave the cousins is more pursuing songs, and rows among his best. If you are quite lucky to possess premiers two album of this band, will take to the songs the 'Likes A Battle' and one 'Vision Of A Lady Of A Lake'. After an album' original more after ' will spend In Near yours' arrivals, he still resonate for some time afterwards has transmission to another CD. One follows of the prize soyaintain An External Devil' is the worthy addition in a way is supported by a predominant peace-@@subject of discord of a Witchwood album. 'Of a Witchwood' like 'Grave New World' is the classical keeper and would not owe that be spent on a casualidad to listen his comes.
4 / 5 Edie
I in the first place listened of a Strawbs some 12 years done, but is not never able state to find his registers until an emission of a "Halcyon Days" anthology; listening his, has found my wins for the music of this band whetted with the revenge. I have known you grieve that A&M had reissued his elepé of 1970-75 on CD, has known that this would have to that be a desquels has purchased. And I am happy to say has not complained a decision to do like this; "Witchwood" it is the classical to begin to finalise. A yard of title is when pursuing cautionary history that Rick characteristic Wakeman on clarinet (!), "A Hangman and a Papist" an angry diatribe against religious persecution that does not fail never to spend tears to my eyes, and "Thirty Days" the well, breezy little piece looking sitar concealed is remained with me of then listening a CD. Highly recommended.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 Genaro
has resupplied Well of music. Door for behind fond memories.
4 / 5 Corliss
A Rankin the family is the real Canadian property - I also have the something exerts partorisca an Irish influence as it loves Celtic music
4 / 5 Kurtis
A Rankin the family is the little known group of Boss Bretón. His music is excellent for celtic music. This album comprises North Country, Lisa Brown, a hilarious Mull River Shuffle, and Increase Again as it has had a lot of radio game in a prompt 1990 east. It is definantly the cd the must has for each Canadian.
4 / 5 Evita
Has bought these CD a lot of years when I have looked finds he of prize a night and a family has been presented. I love it and this CD converged to my heart every time. Some sisters have all the voices of the good-looking big tune alike and some songs are lovely. When I have listened to this record, the peaceful chair and add!
5 / 5 Carylon
A lot of 'ol fiddle and the a lot of songs can sing to the long of to. A must has for any Maritimers for a collection of party of the cookery.
5 / 5 Aron
Excellent quality CD, has had a casette the few years behind this in spite of want to all some songs!
Fast nave, is hassle free!
4 / 5 Jama
Very resupplied of music. Door for behind fond memories.