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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
4 / 5
One 80 is spent in the Robotech. The hand drawn/has painted soul is 80s has wrapped up in a boxing has called A Protoculture Collection. It looks the bit has dated in comparison the todays material digital, but is each one has bitten as well as the memory when it was 11. A dialogue can take the bit campy, but a history that says and some characters still sell it. All three histories in a collection and an additional 7 disks of materials of prizes (coverages of book of a lot of comic). I have thought this together, with 21 disks, would have all three films, but there is so only one; A Sentinels. Some Chronicles of Shadow and Love Alive Alive is part of one 20 disk 'Robotech: A Complete has Dipped.' It is that it is, and no really frames that the big difference like this is the neighbour adds , and has been pleased partorisca find he in the reasonable prize.

Macross Saga, Some Masters, the New generation and some Characteristics of Prize are everything in his own concrete chances with a disk for page, as it was, with some four chances that return neatly to the relatively sturdy map liner. A bit bulky, but is everything near, likes work.

Like the note lateralmente, a esmastering' the process has left roughly a lot pixelated/grainy the bits scattered throughout. It is more noticeable in an inaugural and closing credits, like this ossia where the plot of some transmissions have been done. Any one really was necessary adds of an impact, but is noticeable, and can be the small in entertained.
5 / 5
When I have seen an ad of this box has the place was returned immediately to that quell'was one of a better serious soul without subtitles and voice very credible that read. Like another person the one who has commented, got along behind to these days when it go the school, and haste-me-was house partorisca take Robotech. A big difference go in east and a lot other aims of boys concealed was in television in that then, was that this one has showed characters those who there have been emotions very real and a lot multifacted personality and attributes. I will confess that I have begun you grieve to look a DVD of prime minister was hard to take tonight, some histories are involving and some characters are entertaining. In a lot of ways I only desire that a history leaves for even more time to the introspection and that sees that pass for some alcohols of some characters, but suppositions so only the well writes Robotech the book would resupply this. If you enjoy soul, loves to look something without a need to read subtitles and wants to look an unfolding of the history adds, then take this together of boxes. It is alot more than the just robots/melt/the aliens that struggles each one another, this one has the real history that goes in by means of a whole series.
4 / 5
A dialogue is caseous and dated of some translations are of 80s, but for some defenders does not import , is still one of a More adds them animated never. It can be hard for new age partidários animated to take to, but has on grown with east, and while GI Joe and Transformative had had bad histories and any death, this show presented to an animate series with a current storyline and characters that was very developed and people those who given. It was a base for all my animate interest and still although I have grown out of animate of then, ossia still one of a series more orders never mine.

This place of the boxes contains all 3 seasons and 7 disks of materials of prizes that comprises some never have completed premiers few episodes of a Sentinels. Value each penny.
5 / 5
Although this show is a oldy, and in todays world-wide view of the animation that is acute and quickly, a Macross the saga resists his own. A history is a lot plausible same for todays levels and to the hard data Animates Japanese to fan this DVD would have to that be he the integral part of his library.
5 / 5
Like this last to find but is finally mine!!!!!! With all honesty I well adds like new, has taken any time and reasonably priced couldnt be happier
5 / 5
A lot a lot of introdutction for me the robotech, very pleased with a time is spent to look a dvd. A characteristic of good prize is a robotech film included in some extras. Something of one 80 is that I expect never die.
5 / 5
With the shot of the success in a 80 east, a Robotech: Macross the serious still has the place for a lot fans today and distribution the strong cult that follows. When being the defender of a series like the girl, has decided to buy an integer Robotech: Macross serious, but has found a overwelming quantity of editions to a series. It has known no that to buy, as I looked him everything. Here it is some differences go in the different boxsets (all offered by means of Amazon):
Robotech: a Complete Macross Serious
A Boxset: 6 disk
Sells partorisca around $ 60-$ 65
Swimming of individual, quality of the picture is not to order, but bearable. Among a compact boxset with all a disk in him. Any reccomend that takes this edition unless so only love the copy of some serious and wants to spend a less possible quantity of money.
Robotech: A Collection of Legacy: Macross Saga (Collected 1-3)
Three Boxsets: with 3 disk in the each one
Sells partorisca around $ 40 each one that like this boxset, integer near around $ 120-$ 130
quality of Same picture like this on place, but with addtional characteristic. It comes with some the majority of extra out of any insiemi current, but was then, is like this-so much. In fact you recommend to take one on edition as I have not been impressed with some extras, some have interested, but he definately has not justified a prize. Your that pays almost two times a prize.
Robotech Remastered: A Macross Saga (Volumes 1-3)
Three Boxsets: Two disk each one that like this boxset
Sells partorisca around $ 25 each one that like this boxset, integer near around $ 75-$ 80
Remastered quality of upper picture to both insiemi on, qualities of his a lot of has improved. Ossia One of then recommends. A prize is abordable and well value of the extra money has compared to a together prime minister. Also it comprises the few images of prize.
Macross: Súper Dimensional power (Together 1-3)
Three Boxsets: Three disks each boxset
Sells partorisca around $ 60-$ 70 each one that like this boxset, whole series around $ 180-200
Macross is an original Japanese series of a Robotech: Macross Saga. A storyline is slightly different with sounds and different music. When it Was spent in some the EUA, Now well of Harmony has added a Macross material with two another Japanese series to do Robotech. Macross Is more "mature" and it comprises several scenes taken out of Robotech. The quality of picture is even more crisp that a Remastered Serious. I reccomend so only to die-hard Robotech defenders. It is quite expensive and fault of really a lot real characteristic extra.
4 / 5
When The people think of classical soul, often think épicos of old spatial work that has initiated a now gender of enormous Fuse. And when you think of a Fuse clasics has two series that a lot often come to import. One of them was a prime minister that would result known like Gundam Legated, an original Mobile Dress Gundam. Another east that was to result one first splits that the Americans call Robotech. The MACROSS SAGA.
That is a Macross Saga? It is a lot of things . It is a history of race of giant warriors of another part of a universe the one who earth of attack to go back his missing súper-spatial-can. It is a history of this ship and his crew the one who constantly has to that struggle the war with this race of alien simply to survive. And it is a history of Rick Hunter, the one who for this series that Christopher Blair has done for Commander of Wing. It is so only a place of normal type in of the extraordinary circumstances, surrounded by stirs it of stange characters, and has forced repeatedly to result the hero in the war that knows is pointless.
Some of some episodes are utmost, some of them are not like this utmost. And a show to good sure lags the bit to an end. But some battles are spectacular, a music is classical, and the majority of a voice that read them is memorables (is not Shakespeare, but am not complaining). One is well a first hundred times I listened 'to be enamoured', but with which he so only the desires had left in a japanese flange, can is not possibly worse state that this.
Anyways, This series looks some for real memorables moments, some amiably stylized animation, and he darn fresh plot. Taking to be the pocola too much way of soap of work in time, but is the data -the hard animate defender is used ot that for now. A music is sum , a flange is not . And starts partorisca bore to an end, has patience. Each utmost Saga has to that confronto, and this a delivery in axes.
Finally, each one which animates it the partidário would owe that possess this Saga. It is fun, is entertaining and is the classical for any one is levels . And of course a reason because it has begun to look a show in dvd in a first place was: it is the prize I really adds partorisca soul in dvd, especially in six episodes to the dvd!
4 / 5
That sees here is quite which takings, and am not complaining. It is not elegantly packaged or uploaded with extra, but this collection of Robotech Macross episodes (all of them, 1-36) has one of one the majority of adictivas mixes of character, plot, and frankly action never to cartoons of grace after escoles.
Has bought this 6-DVD collection done of just days partorisca line the itch to persist for the show that has been obsessed with when it was 9 or 10 years. They are 29 now, but Robotech still has not lost his capacity to suck you well in: A spaceship incidents to the small island and a world comes neighbouring that looks for to imagine was regarding the restore; the aliens come after a ship and the intergalactic hell breaks loose, directing on the spatial-épico of of the one who detail emotional and energy Tolstoy or Hugo to good sure would have agreed. Has the pop to locate singer, some boys those who want, a prissy administrator that'll calm charm later, a fighter jocks, some moments of Investigation of the Star... Ah, it Is glorious. Yeah, Of course, is kitschy, and in the way any 9 old year would have taken, but is still hours (roughly FIFTEEN HOURS, if I can manage it!) Of fun.
An annoying thing so only--but some could not find this annoying--is that some ads of commercial pause are still there. It is well that some ads are not , but still is that they distract, how is some credits in a start and final of each episode. Of then it is the DVD , calm of course can paste your way by means of him with ease, but is better just state to be able to float in a seamless common of 900 minutes of Robotech.
Is the hardcore defender, could do well to buy a more entirely and minutely box of the collection of Legacy detailed conjoint. Has one of them, and is amiably packaged and full of extra (likes sketch of technology, outlines of plot, etc.), But probably will be to sell the now. That took intoxicated to Robotech in a first place, behind when it was knee -big to the @@@grasshopper, has not been some plans, was some people . This Complete Collection has all I need: 900 minutes of sheer soul bliss, in the prize adds, compact.
4 / 5
Are the big Robotech defender. Like the boy I throughly there be enjoyed to dip ready in to see each one which so and each thrilling episode. And while I have loved each episode of a Macross serious, agrees like the boy that finds this part(2) to fall the little short.
One of some main questions thinks is a lack of the heroine to identify with. It does not import six the daughter or the type, does not see a lot in fact listing Dana Sterling like the preferred Robotech character! Headstrong, The little transmission, and is such the complainer. Also a second serious has been missing of a bit in frescos artilugios. While a Macross the saga there has been a awesome Veritechs, and a thrid has had these awesome motorcycles that the armour resulted of organism, this second course so only has tanks. Fresh tanks. But no really ski-fi imaginative tanks. Now while I have said that, to the left it is it says it is the person that does not spend on some first two reasons.
Well, He thrid the reason is not like this well, is one dulls line of history. Macross Was full of mystery in a Zentraedi, and included a ship was on. You have taken behind some people to the equal that have tried to live the normal life, when all a moment the giant aliens battled! There is a very emotional amour triangle among Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, and Minemi. Has climatic battles, and abundance of action. Now while some Masters rids to the plot of action falls short in of the human emotions.
Like this which all this bad in a long career? Well, if you are the Robotech defender, also could buy. If you are interested to possess a calm series then has to that take. And it is not that they are not that recommending! It is roughly well soul. A DVD adds to have in your collection. Definately The value that possesses! But so only I want to you warn that it is not like this well like run 1 and run 3.
5 / 5
Obviously, the plot of these descriptions are fed for nostalgia. Any the one who says that this look of show adds is fooling they. Be of @1980s and no in that has been remastered at all, looks quite terrible. Although they had cleaned on a scrolling, which his no, still looks bad in comparison to today of animation been due to his age. An art is simplistic in better, and has had the PLOT of the shortcuts taken in an animation (the still frames look the plot). Then it has a Americanization--new intros, finals, and the commercial pauses have been joints launched to exist images, with the new text has written on him. This especially bad look, with a text all pixelated and some same images grainier that a show. A music also leaves a lot to be wished, mostly because of a time was done in and a fact that is the cartoon . It thinks esuperfriends' and escooby Donó and is quite well on.
But, does not go the thought is all bad, reason is not . An underlying history is in fact quite good. A voice that read them is also decent for one the majority of part, and a lot of some actors those who have taken his start with Robotech is gone in to do to plot of work of famous voice, included still doing today. Another good thing is that included when you are originally airy, a content has not been modified like this strongly like some of one the modern plus soul the shows are. Dragonball Z Has to that it weaves of a violence and the tongue have takes, for example, to a point where aim of the plot of entity is lost. Robotech, While it has modified creatively for Carl Macek, takes the much more mature approximation and @give that sometimes in sound of war, the data of people.
With so many available disks is a container for such reward it relatively low, ossia really an only way of the take.
4 / 5
Like his Speed of predecessors Racer, Battle of some Planets and Starblazers, Robotech contributo to generate the base of defender partorisca soul in Amsterdam is inmeasurable. Included considered in his own merits, is the orders of spatial work that the closing is a test of time. Without him, they animate it it have not evolved to that is today.
Ossia Reason can a lot of quite compare an upper series of today(likes Origin of Neon Evangelion) to Robotech in an equal base; one has preceded another for on 10 years (was although NGE is better both in storyline and art). Robotech Is classical Japanese animation and would have to that be seen like such.
5 / 5
4 / 5
Have So only rewatched in the chamber of this series, after looking them for a first time done twenty years. It is entertainment adds to revisit these episodes. A thing that slightly is surprising is that it has resisted it well up in my memory, which is wins it to the a lot of writing a series is and has executed well each episode.
Quality of the picture is not of entity of mine and I waste to penalise that earth of pauses mid-80s lame animate 'unsophisticated' animation or anything. An animation is like this thrilling now to the equal that was then, but that it is more than entity, a history is for real excellent. Excellent characterisations, development of excellent history: a Zentraedi, a Veritech struggling, a SDF-1, is all has presented dulcemente and cure had real die to create tension and building the universe. I admit that I find some very same things that annoying that has done like this he a lot the time done: Minmei am a lot annoying, for example, and Lisa a bit stuffy (although mine 8-the old year self has had to run over he in his), and some caseous/ditzy moments.
But my emotion in finding this on sale series has been mightily has fulfilled. This was the series of cartoon that is trace on that it has to that be. It matches his propiciado by épico with clear characterisations, comprising the surprisingly mature amour triangle. Any to mention fresh fighters and fresh fights.
Has known no Never until now that any three part of a Robotech the saga has been joined later for Carl Macek the entrance of EUA. This was brilliant.
5 / 5
Love these serious - I agree bolting house of colegiala of the look. Here in Australia was seldom aired after this first exploitation in '85 '86, and forgot it enough until I have read in a coverage released it on DVD.
Needless To say has bought all three there is boxed dips immediately!
A quality and the sound is quite excatly how is originally with leaving for the admit, some really dodgey animation, but like one 8 old year I no really look. Now, although I still love these serious I desire would revive a whole thing, maintaining a history exactly to the equal that was but with todays animation.
But for a moment are absolutely content to the cold was with Rick, Lisa, Menmei, Dana and Scott Bernard. Material adds.
5 / 5
A reason for mine 3 indication of star is simple. A lack of extra and a lack of digital recovery. Considering some extras, has any one. Except previews for 4 another animates titles in the each one of some disks, ossia roughly like this coffins-bone to the equal that can take. You do not look some in the first place first previews to take a lot of some episodes, reasons these previews for recent emissions have acute animation , modern spoils it a dated and murky-looking the animation has offered here in a 'Robotech: A Macross Saga' serious. Not To Take me bad, a history is still orders , but the difference of a recent original of 9 disks Macross has the place released in Giappone (looking original storyline, and cleaned-arrive scrolling), 'Robotech: A Macross Saga' look like this murky and grainy like appearances the animation to look of 80 without a profit of digital recovery.
Can see a reason because this box-the neighbour has been created. The majority of mid 20-something until prompt 30-something character the one who would want to buy this box-dipped clearly has soya través of' in alcohol, when they love animal-alive his nostalgia for 'Robotech.' Like I, is not necessarily hardcore defenders and completists, those who do not want to shellout extra bucks for outhern Cross' and 'A New Generation' for his library of DVD. So only think of the esCaminata of tar: A Prójimo Genration' fan the one who is not interested particularly in 'New Deep Space' and 'Travesía,' and will know exactly that am speaking roughly...
Also, a random fans the one who can be interested in soya través of,' can wants to purchase this edition, reason an American-the version of English tongue is a one that his grewup with, as well as his fondness for a Zentraedi backstory has created for Carl Macek. Like this as well as Japanese version of an original Macross is the Macross purists and a diehard Robotech partidários there, nostalgia beckons random Robotech defenders to animal-visit a soya través of' serious his grewup with (complete with American-talk English, transmissions of name of the character, and Zentradi storyline..) In American and Canadian TV.
Finally, so that they want to have a bit Japanese Macross together (has released the recently dipped with a digital recovery), but can not resupply a $ + seal of prize, this 'Robotech: A Macross Saga' boxed-dipped is the way adds to buy this (this portion of a Robotech serious, in all the chance..) For 1/4 of a cost of his Japanese counter much more expensive-part.
Have known in an arrival of this box-dip 9-does month, has expected an emission of this 6-the disk dipped all this time, so only to save [money]? Any way, could very then, has loved to have this creature, NOW!!! :)
4 / 5
While a Robotech the history is original, full of action, and human emotion; a second law was to fail a lot of some things that has done a prime minister a like this irresistable. There is not any clue of intelligence until well to an end of a history and he so only done an implication of a famous "protoculture" all a more confusing. In spite of these questions, there is enjoyed this era in a robotech history, but sure there is not one feels of the real military fund that founds like this appealing in his first law.
4 / 5
Has been hooked in Robotech of then avenges in Ski-Fi I I follows 20 now so that it has not been long, has looked teh Macross Saga and Saga of Masters on Coverage of Cartoon and has taken a New Gene. Of here. But I have to that say this, Macross and a New Gene. Has the lines of history adds while some Masters falls some courts of magnitude.
Dana Sterling Is a main Character , buring some the whole things aim little in of the skills of leaderships and do more like the boy. This in spite of in some books is differenet ( hard to find but value a question to take) find comparing a show to some books, while a Macross the show and the short book a lot well like some some Masters is is not . Dana In some books is more than the leader with the Rebal edage. Then the boy with the hoovertank.
I really wants to list some questions with this dvd,
1. The characters are blockade and dull at all really adds roughly his
2. A Saga there is more the battles and that speak in battles that anything more which dull (but atleast is good fights )
3. To a lot of inforamtion is dipped in a spectator and sometimes the spectator has to that look a ep. The little time to take it everything.
4. In Macross and New. Gene alot Of human emoations is dipped to a show to take a spectator to really take to a show, but some Masters has like this pocolos ossia dry and fells almost bland.
All although a show has it the questions is your closings to a Robotech Saga in all the look of chance in him. It answers questions in Robotech, on some Masters and yes included some terrible and has hated Invid. Also it answer that bigest people to question ask when his in the first place geting to a Macross Saga.
"It Happiend To Rick, and Lisa and some another?"
With this I will leave it like this this Robotech the master is key to a history any subject like bad hate it or loves that. It is the must sees included with these questions is still good and enjoyable just leaves that feeling of emptiness with which finalises to look the. But for those of you the one who is looking is and thinking roughly buying it would take delivery down and with out the second has thought. So only agree to take Macross and New Gene. Together with him and calm there will be calm the a lot of ol' time and plot of sleepless nights.
4 / 5
Has received this dvd the almost done collection 20 days and has completed so only a 6 collection of disk and to the left say that I am very impressed of a quality this collection has! He'! A quality, a sound, a marvel because in the name of the god this collection has taken so that anxiety to be offered, but this collection costs a wait. I am 26 years old and behind in a mid 80 follows was hooked to the each cartoon could muster! He-Man, (mine very preferred), Transformers and of course, Robotech. Buy this collection, enjoys a lot of some things were too many youngsters to comprise and feel like the girl again with this excellent soul of Robotech: Macross Saga!
5 / 5
Thinks a thing the majority of these reviewers neglected to mention is that ossia an extremely narrative very written. It is class of tanley Kubrik praise Voltron'.
Ossia To plot more than your usual animated 'demon of him Bad has to that be slain' and is certainly any porn of demon of the cartoon. Ossia He bona-fide épico. A concealed more Westerners will find much more that satisfies and acceptable that a artsy big-stylization of the to to something likes him the hunter of Vampire D.
Further of some scenes of battle of the MURDEROUS that is not never state matched in any cartoon of then (literally can a lot of comprehend a number of projectiles and combatants this is moving in some of these sequences), this show has treated some subjects of war, comraderie, dead, rebirth, amour, humanity and sacrifice in the complexes and textured way. Those draw animated pour you where objective a whole earth that takes dried out of level of earth? I square this: the little daughter innocently that speaks to the police to smile the breaking according to before his (and a whole population of an earth)is vaporised peel Zentradi arms of destruction of JUST mass In front of your EYES. It can I say, 'Nipponese grappling with the clear-cut culture for two atomic explosions'? I can not think of the cinematic treatment of nuclear war more ghastly concealed it.
To the left say it to me a time of plus: HAS A GOOD PLOT. You will BE ENTERTAINED STILL LIKES the SOCIALLY FUNCTIONAL ADULT.
Was the defender of Starblazers or G-Force when you were the boy , then ossia a masterpiece of this gender has been moment to.
4 / 5
A quality of this together of DVD is very good. You owe that maintain import that Robotech has been done in a mid 1980 east. A reviewer has been according to that partorisca say that his registered VHS tapes of 86 has had better quality that this together of DVD. My registered VHS tapes of early 1998 when it was on coverage of the cartoon has a lot of poorer quality that that of a together of DVD. It can it is not possibly state bieng sincere reason his tapes are 12 old years that mine.
Has bought this dips partorisca expect the to have quality his and poor, but the really has wanted to all some episodes. I bought it and my delight was BETTER WAY that some people was partorisca be. Perhaps the people of those who comprise that ossia of 85 and qualities of animation of this era is not very impressive. It looks exactly he likes done when it was created.
4 / 5
Can not express a disappointment has felt partorisca see this together of DVD. When Robotech Is exited house rushed in the first place furiously of colegiala of the look and then later on automatically the record when I have bought the VCR. A history is everything there and a dialogue but a main thing that the lack is quality of Image. I have thought at the beginning that has had the together of player or bad disk of DVD BROKEN. This to my horror has not been a chance. My partner has had has bought the only also and have asked roughly a quality of image. I can you do not say that says in this description partorisca dread to offend. Needless Partorisca Say has not liked him. It has stuck in the VHS tape of 1986 of an old series and sure enough he included looked better then a together of DVD. A together of DVD is compressed highly and pixilated with defects of films and all plainly and easily seen. You look in a backside of a box closely of the DVD and clear invernadero and crisp the pointed images of a series. A thing is sure some costruttrici of this together of the disk has not taken his art of some disks is selling. It conceals a lot it is clear. Frankly they would owe that be embarrassed of them. Ossia Clearly the chance of dud advertising and ridding the produced defective to a consumer. The inferior line here is does not take this together of disk. If calm included is while a calm picture very then will be disappointed.
4 / 5
Partorisca Some reason, the recieved this in a 21st of september, likes opposed to a 24th, and can say them that ossia an amazing soul. There is the reason says that this was that it has spent an amour of soul in some the EUA, and there is not any deception that this series is one of a better. "A year 1999, big on macross island in an of the sud pacific, the phenomenon occured in some heavens that has changed a course of human history" these are some words of the to narrator likes him to him the object more has called late a súper demensional to be able to macross has clashed the macross island, and like the humans have begun partorisca reconstruct this giant behemoth of the car, the city has grown on araound the, and has developed the technology adds, which has left the fighter partorisca transform to the mix among the mech and the fighter, and still to the mech he. Ossia The a lot of indepth history of war, as it prepares you for an unexpected.
5 / 5
Ossia Which took headed animates. Robotech. A name is synonymous with "animate defender". It looks behind to these days when it was the boy and looking he for a first time, has believed to be one the majority of enthralling the show had not seen never. And now here it is, everything in a DVD. So only attended not to modify it at all of an emission of television. I have seen some of VHS the insiemi and take big chunks out of them. It likes when Rick Hunter has to that find of way to take to a Miss Macross Concurrido and has to that appeal the snagging the bicycle to go. This part took entirely is gone in a VHS emissions. There is another but can no to agree them right now. But although his , am sure this still would be the neighbour adds to possess. Has a collection of Cross Of the sud in the order and I would have to that be take the punctual. Dana Sterling there is always does to smile. In all the chance, extends to everything of you, the one who has decided to buy this Robotech collection, mine the majority of desire and sincere jealousies... At least until I take it to me, ossia wink
5 / 5
go to maintain this real short, ossia a worse of a three robotech serious. It is way to pscychodelic for me.
Is the user of illegal substances, calm perhaps would find this good, but not having never, would not promote he thus piece of poo.
5 / 5
Like the girl, has not dipped ready in the Robotech until a second episode of some Masters. Like the result, has not seen Macross until it was bit it older. This has said, is a chapter of Masters that hooked me on Robotech, and I highly reccomend these Dvdes to any those who there is enjoyed Macross or A Next Generation.
5 / 5
Is like one he heck of the flashback to a 80 east. Seeing Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Lynn Min-can, Max & , Even Captain Gloval was fresh to see is taste to him so only agreed it every day with which pupil except these times do not owe that expect untill a next day for a continuatuation. A colour there is definately has improved. He also his awesome on surround sound. If yours the Robotech , if you are so only Partidário Animate ossia definately one for a collection and he have to that have for Robotech defenders! The estimate a lot I together with Akira or Hunter of just Vampire that well!
5 / 5
Are the big Robotech defender. I Like him a lot,and of this part 2 is a better part in robotech the think. Although there is any so many heroes, but is like this deep and has like this complexity of the to to characters so only like to them Dana,Zor,also Robotech Master. This part is a core of Robotech, is mysterious, solemn and stirring. Them me partorisca see that a real meaning of Robotch is not so only anti-war, but one for ever of principle among universe and be. So only this part can aim concealed. If you can not comprise this part, calm can not comprise an integer Robotech.
4 / 5
Has to that be an only reviewer the one who there is remarked the one who terrible a quality of the video and touch it were.
Thinks that this together of DVD was mastered of some old VHS tapes that dipped in the box in any one is cupboard.
Contrast, some Transformers Dvdes has bought has a lot well, richly his and saturated video.
4 / 5
I beginning that looks Robotech When In the first place it Avenges To Amsterdam In 1985 When it has had Eighteen Years And Now that Im In Mina Mid Thirtys Still Enjoyed A Robotech-Saga of the masters And the New generations have not Been Happy With Robotech-Macross One First Serious But Another Two I has Liked him A lot of Mine the Only remorse Is That A Coverage of Cartoon Goes is The Like this Question Of Replaceing A Opeing Credits With There Own Mine And Concealed Is Some Waste Complete Of Time But in to all the chance like him Robotech Be In Of Dvd And it looking Broght Behind Like this Meany A lot of Memery For me
5 / 5
4 / 5
Well Likes robotech then of east is the must has, takings the 6 dvd there is boxed place with some premiers 36 episodes in english, a quality is in a same as when it was in TV in a 80 east, quite good but no excellent, thats reason the so only the give 4 stars out of 5, still ossia the good shot .
5 / 5
Can not comprise reason to the to any one likes him to him a 1st saga of Robotech, is complete rubbishes . I have enjoyed both Masters and New Generation, but can not be one first saga at all. Some characters are very superficial, especially a protaganist Rick, is the complete and total jerk, with which one 1st few episodes have expected a Zentradi would blow out of a heaven. A mech draws him are really lack, and a history is entirely dull and boring. This series is so only simple terrible.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
A lot unsettling account of some psychological effects of violence in of the girls. It disturbs and it destroys everything in his lives, comprising his means. It is surprising that after all these centuries of then leave some grottos, the humans still have the difficulty that surpasses his animal selves. And prpers the call has civilised! We are an only living establishment the one who takes to like in killing and destroying.
The aims of Sea some two venues of expression of the weakness of the man. Neither we take ours and try look for solace with deities that prpers has invented, sucking our energy for interior and moving gradually out of our material existence. Or, we express outward, channeling to our energy by force of destruction that finally embrace all, comprising. A bit those that time, tends to do both.

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4 / 5
Robotech A Macross Saga 5: War and Paz, contains episodes 25 by means of 30 of some legendary animate series of a mid @@@1980s.
Robotech Was one the majority to populate of a Americanized Japanese animate series the waves of paste of American TV during a @@@1970s and @@@1980s (together with Estrella Blazers, Voltron, Transor Z, etc.) Known partorisca his animation of cutting flange, scenes of battle of big technology, futuristic arms (paving, tanks, motorcyles this transforms to robot), fresh alien invaders, and realistic and obliging storylines, Robotech swept a whole generation and has helped the Japanese place Alma partorisca always in a map of culture of American pop.
Conjoint a 21st century, Robotech is sweeping the saga has comprised three generations, weaving together three has separated the real animate series Japanese. A premise of basic history is that an earth is resulted partorisca always changed when the armoured plate of mysterious alien has clashed on earth. Some people of a world, now that knows that they are not so only in a universe, finalises all the wars and join to comprise and assimilate a technology advanced and prepare for an invasion of unavoidable alien that is sure partorisca come. Like the history unfolds the humanity would go in partorisca result besieged in an intergalactic fight, battling three alien has separated races on some prójimos 60 years. A sweeping intergalactic saga he this in spite of, simply results a backdrop of the 'human' the saga of deep plus.
These adventures of chronicles of the volume of a first season ' A Macross Saga. In this volume an action achieves his enormous climax to the equal that see a definite confrontation among an alien invaders and the defenders of the earth, and his subsequent fallout. Here it is some episodes has looked in this DVD:
Bell of Episode of 25 Pairs: An unusual commitment of Max and Miriya that heads to a historical union among humanity and Zentraedi. Also, Dolza in a movement.
Episode 26 - A Messenger: Exedore visit a SD-F1 in the historical mission. Also, Dolza sentence: Died to Everything. Send one Main Fleet!!!
Episode 27 - Force of Arms: A historical final confrontation among the defenders of the earth and Dolza army of 6 millions. An unlikely alliance and a unconventional attacks of counter. More, Rick saves Lisa of the like rests of one will hold
Episode 28 - Reconstruction Blues: Sleeve two years after Dolza attack, he tentativa of survivors of an Earth to reconstruct his lives, Zentraedi surviving and renegades roam an earth and Lisa Hayes' the feelings partorisca Rick Hunter continue to grow. More, Max and Miriya creature and Lynn Kyle results unstable.
Episode 29 - Robotech Masters: Among questions with Kyle, Minmei returns to visit his familiar and starts to @give his feelings some paralizaciones Rick. I disturbed Zentraedi renegades causes havoc. Also, the one who is a Robotech Master?
Episode 30 - Rick, Lisa, Max, Miriya (w creature Dana) and Claudia joins Breetai in the secret mission to the Robotech Can' Also, a Robotech the masters Zor???
Incidentally, these volumes do not have characteristic of SPECIAL DVD (averts ads of trailer for another soul the series that is exited on DVD of ADV). Any to dread this in spite of. If you buy some collections of together boxed, each one which so there is it boxed the collection dips will come with a 'Extra: Elements of Robotechnology' SPECIAL DVD THAT will contain all a SPECIAL CHARACTERISTIC DVD could love on DVD: interviews, trailers, something commercial, specs, etc... So many for everything means, take a neighbour boxed is planning on buying.
Robotech Is FOR FAR one of the products of BETTER animation NEVER. If it calms it has not seen never Robotech, simply dipped YOU MUST. An action and a work are obliging, clearly aiming reasons Robotech resulted the icon of culture of the pop. It is a series that for ever of the Japanese place soul in a map in some the EUA. If you have on grown with Robotech, gives these the clock again. They are utmost for the travesía down walks by heart. Honradamente, Looking these episodes now honradamente can say that they are better that agrees. Calm can not lose!!!
The main recommendation
4 / 5
A fifth volume of DVD of a Robotech the series contains six excellent episodes regarding several endeavours to spend peaces among some Humans and a Zentradi, comprising a eyecatches to and of commercial pauses. In a late @@@1980s, . It have released the videotape of these same episodes have modified neighbours to form a "film;" while this was well, this presentation for ADV the films is far upper, leaving easy access in any particular episode on can wish see.
Ossia One of my favourite animate series. This in spite of, so only can estimate this DVD as the "3" for two reasons. In the first place, regarding a construction of DVD, a main paper begins with the brief clip of a series without any selections of the real paper immediately available, which can cause confusion for some users. Secondly, And for far one the majority of significant downfall, this DVD is not compatible with a PlayStation2, while a DVD of the prime minister in a series has done perfectly with a PS2.