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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
LeGustado That Justin tip more row, particularly to to that likes when it uses of his big voice. Well partorisca exert to.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
It produces it is not that Feigning visualmente, the audible quality is equally to the date!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Produced EXCELLENT to a very good prize. It recommends this CD of Album that is that it spends is quite complete to touch all his abonos collectors of popular musics in French. You And you will feel a Total of 13 songs of this big singer Céline Dion. This Compilation is edges 28th studio of the album exited in 2007.
4 / 5
Beautiful cd of Celine! It has to that buy six the celine collector!!
4 / 5
Has looked for this CD of does long and did not find that in Mp3. Alive Amazon and his prizes imbattables!
4 / 5
Is likes had said before roughly Celine. Awesome The artist and my prime minister want to all his music in french. This one is included classifies main in a cup 10 for his. They are happy likes him like this.
4 / 5
This so only could be the finest work of Celine never. Although specifically tailored for a French audience, the flows of passion of Celine superbly and easily during this absolute gem. Of his prime minister so only 'And is not remained that joins (would be cell-the)' desire and crisp vocals to the paste of sure fire 'Woman like each one' that can it very very crossover to HOT Poster AC map this Summer. This album is poured in women. And it does not fall short to rid an absolute stunning tribute. Some songs meld to the beautiful potpourri of emotions and brilliantly has executed vocals. If ossia yours one and compraventa of ONLY CD in a Summer of '07, the buy. Seducer, emotional and fabulous.
4 / 5
The continuous amazon fall a ball with this album. In the first place, they have had a name of wrong artist (Celion), and now two weeks to release, still any listing of clue. There is also two other editions. One with the dvd (of course, the amazon does not describe that it is on that!) And the booklet roughly Celine. Another comes with the sample of the perfume and the main booklet. I create these two are limited editons.

This album is class of the sequela to the 1995 album of accident of Celine Of them (for them). Of them it means one same but specifically for women. (Fast french lesson - inform to the group of men or men and women. It informs to the group of women). All of some composers are women. Calm does not require to comprise french to want to Celine when it sings in his native tongue. I do not comprise the majority of him and I think is breathtaking.

1. 'And it do not remain That it joins ( it was That)'

('And there was So only A Left of Woman ( would be That One)') 2. 'Immensity'


3. 'To Cause'


4. ' I look for The Shadow'

(' am Looking for A Shadow')

5. 'His Paradise'

( esome Paradises')

6. 'The Diva'

('A Diva')

7. 'Woman Like Each one

('to the Crown Like them to them Some Another')

8. Esi Was Any (Like The Another)'

(' Was Any (Likes Some Another)')

9. 'They are at all That'

('are not An One')

10. 'Lucido Time That Counts'

('A Time That Count')

11. 'Paper Of Georges Sand Alfred Of Musset'

('Paper Of Georges Sand Alfred Of Musset')

12. ' It is Loved A Cause '

(' Want Each one which so Another Reason')

13. 'Berceuse'

5 / 5
Like the francófono, there is enjoyed his French register, especially his earlier work, but these looks of albums on-produced and a bit repetitive. Ella coulld better....

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5
You gotta have this if you are a type of Audio . Ossia The glorious register and a CD mastering is awesome, which in fact surpasses an original cd pressing of 1989 are Loans.
Wants. Quality of fantastic audio. Value a seal of prize.
4 / 5
200g but on 52 minutes, has to of state released on 2 elepé. The quality suffers.
5 / 5
Exactly to the equal that has described/has expected
4 / 5
the chance of Jewel there is Lined. All this imports in good condition.
4 / 5
Jewel Marries there is Lined. All this imports in good condition.
4 / 5
Has the plot of music adds on that. I want Haste! My preferred is One raisin . One 80 is was his better decade!
4 / 5
French version to the continuazione..

With almost 25 years of hindsight ... Simply a better album of haste.
Some pure compositions, powerful imbued with intense emotions, deep philosophical subjects, immortal music. All can love in the haste is in this album. A Lightning of Canal of the song that this in spite of look one the majority of arid in his infancy in my opinion is a better song of a group. Available light, Red Tide, the show does not say , Anagram, Superconductor, One Raisin, and all some another touches all masterpieces of modern musical art. A sound of SADC is to launch to an earth.

RUSHES congratulations partorisca east another trick ... A trick of hat of human character.

With next to 25 years to shrink... Everything simply The better Album of haste.
Some pure Edges, gives impressions of powerful compositions of intense emotions, gives deep philosophical subjects, joins immortal music. All this that Can want to he of the HASTE is to the sud this album. The Lightning of song of canal that this in spite of looked to like the most arid to his starts is second me the better song of the group. Available light, Red Tide, the show does not say , Anagram, Superconductor, One Raisin, and all his another touches all give boss of works of the the modern musical art. Lucidos Edges of the SADC is your to project earth of pair.

Bravo HASTE touches this another recognition of magic... One Recognition of the hat of the human talent.
5 / 5
Producing new Rupert Hine has spent the sonic clarity the esady' in a cost of dynamic row. The electrical piano is used in place of synths. Down, Geddy marries in a mid-row of an instrument in a cost of an inferior end. Alex is pressed never main like low and piano, and Peart drums, intrude in his space.

Mina, ossia the album adds for an automobile stereo. A lot of some limitations of the audio is not like this apparent in the car levels stereo to the equal that are in the decent house stereo. Also, I really taken to this album that walks behind and advances to do behind when I have lived in Londra and commuted the St. Thomas, like this always memory of a street.

Some general commentaries in a sound of this album, particularly in an original, any one-remastered emission: Some drums do not have any one has fallen and class of sound of wet or, in time, clattery. A sound of electrical guitar is a lot of wiry. Some pedals of basses purr in place of roar. All some instruments look to have the dynamic row has limited.

Has behind fact to back comparisons among an original emission and a remastered versions that looks in estrospective III', and is clearly better, but in no way perfect.

I like a intro the esqué does not say '. A tribal drum has bitten, then the one who the sounds to the mine likes them to them a musical equivalent of any that falls some stairs. Alex teases the plot of different, but wiry, sounds out of his electrical guitar of Byline. These characteristics of song some exceptional touching. I think a reason that the is not resulted never populate with defenders of haste or with a general audience is that some look of papers bit it too obvious.

A snare drum on 'the lightning of the sound of Canal adds! I love a smaller tone of this song, and love a way that some drums and the look of electrical guitar to flash like lightning. Lyrically, Love a bond in of some astronomical and atmospheric effects with a communication of ideas and energy.

A more listens it , a plus that thinks that 'One spends' is gorgeous. For some reason, has used to hate a line of basses and riff--now really likes to of me, but think that it has been touched in some wrong bass. If it listen to this same song of 'Haste in River' will remark a global improvement in a sound of basses. Mina, this song has Peter Gabriel real feels his in of the places--perhaps is a synths. The alone of the electrical guitar of Alex is fantastic! It is a lot imaginative and emotional.

'Produced of war' is the good song with simple music and of the papers add.

Cars' is funky and frescos. It likes- one atmosphere that creates. This song has the better dynamic row that has joined other songs in an album. Ossia One of mine favourite of both an album and a recognition. I have it quell'has believed whenever this would have done the add so only.

A clue of title, esady', is one of these songs that really grows on you. Aprisa Has been that presses this song in the thin way for the long time. It is inclusion in a estrospective III' the disk is the that is still for behind the. They could have chosen many other more obvious clues for a retrospective late plus. There is to good sure that ossia the song adds . Has the good use of acoustic electrical guitars, the papers add, in amazing flange, and fix it beautiful.

An use of cowbell in uperconductor' always me laugh! This song is pop quite sincere -metal. This song can have better fact like the alone if they had not done that video of horrible music. The elements of this song adapt me to us of Origin of this same era, but the little harder.

'Anagram' characteristic so much to dip ready very fresh and some fun wordplay in some papers. This song would be returned well in his 'Circle some Bones' albums. It finds some really stimulating papers for an imagination.

Esd If it feels dizzy' the characteristic fix it fantastic with the sound adds. Some papers are quell'has bitten obvious in time, but say things that would have to be said--ossia another song of the protest likes esecond Of Character' of 'Control Your Fire'.

'Quickly' is an interesting song. It is amused to listen to all some transmissions and of the tricks.

All come together on 'Available Light'. It combines powerful words and some of Geddy embroiders better never. An arrangement and touching is first tax. This song looks a thrilling mix of texture. Has does not rush really listened until you have listened this song.
4 / 5
I loans is without the doubt one the majority of underrated album in a cannon of haste. It is also one the majority of heartachingly good-looking music a sale has has not created never. In fact, an only thing that maintains Loans to be my album of haste preferred is a thin, a-textured quality of a register and production. It is a lot noticeable a first pair of time listens to an album, but calm will forget it a lot prompt, trust. Early it is that well.
In 1989, aprisa moved out of a synthesizer-his directed had showed in his leading few albums, which is coming to the summit with his leading endeavour, 1987 Control that disappoints Your Fire. There is abundance of keyboards I in Loans also, but the much more organic sounds and human, and Geddy Law uses to plot of piano also, to effect add.
I loans was in fact an a lot of last album in his rear catalogue I taken when in the first place it result the defender of haste, mostly reason was underwhelmed for esqué does not say ,' that is an only song of an album had listened at the same time ( is in a collection of Chronicles as well as some Different Phases alive album). Still no respecto a lot a lot of for a song, but felizmente, is an only weak spot in an album (any one the good thing, considering is an inaugural and first clue so only!). 'Lightning Of canal' is a upbeat, súper-the fun song with Alex adds Lifeson electrical guitar riff. Apparently, a song uses a time like the metaphor for human reports (only Haste...). One follows of the title is quite possibly one the majority of emotional song, ardent for Haste. Geddy Law so only touches like this sincere and solitary in his vocal delivery. 'Available light' and esd Tide' is both good-looking, piano-has based-songs, with some last having an of a bit those that arrive-moments of synthesizer of the front in an album. Esuperconductor' (Or is this esleep With A Doctor?') Mecer Hard, while'cars' has the a lot of the funky feels ( has to that listen an alive version of this song in the bootleg, is incredible).
And of course, has 'One raisin,' an of my three or four Haste preferred songs. It is the heart -wrenching downloads against suicide, with some of some the majority of the ardent papers never writings for Neil Peart. Musically, Is quite unassuming for the song of haste, with only the simple bassline and drumbeat with acoustic electrical guitar and electrical thin flourishes (Good, has the alone of electrical guitar that pugno of bombs in there, also). Now, they are usually the quite stoic, unemotional person according to which mine outward any one goes, but when I have seen rushes touches this song maintains the base of the his 2002 recognition, has taken tears in my eyes (and is in good bet some other members of audiences have done also). 'One spends' is purely magic.
To the equal that are Loans . It likes me quell'has said, taking spent a quality of flat register, and have an experience of unforgettable haste. Have Still the equal he (2002 Trails of Steam have come a lot, a lot together, this in spite of). It looks the quite spent album for big, and ossia the really bad thing . It chooses up It Loans now, calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5
Has on grown during a @@@1980s - and has Haste like this fact. For the majority of a decade, Haste masqueraded like soltera band. It is resulted to the songs add likes them esubdivisions,' 'Of Far Early Opinions,' and stand to Time Still,' but failed to produce the record like solid likes 1981 is soyoving Pictures.' I except esady,' released in 1989, blew was with his maturity, skill, and global brilliance. A lot of defenders of haste will disagree, but strongly seats that (with a debatable exception of soyoving Pictures') 'Loan' is his better album.
'Loan' derive his power to remain of one maturing of haste songwriting skills, as well as his aggressive this in spite of tasteful musicianship. In this album, the synthesizers resupply atmospheric support, more than dominating a mix (to the equal that has done for a lot of a @@@1980s). Like the result, the main instruments of a trio king-surface - the majority of obviously in an aggressive inaugural clue, esqué does not say ,' but also in to the the songs like escoches' and esuperconductor.' Geddy Law' transformation of shrieker to the singer is complete, while Alex Lifeson looks reborn; his electrical guitar that the touches are inspired as well as it is been of then 'Permanent Waves' and soyoving Pictures.'
Neil Peart' the papers achieve the creative summit I in esady.' No longer writing in computer, spaceships, or creatures of fantasy, Peart faces weightier to to subjects likes him to him the suicide ('A Raisin') and a half ( esd if it Feels dizzy'). It is not all serious: it can imagine an entertainment has to that devise a wordplay of 'Anagram (for Mongo)' (takes the next look in some papers is one!) A motive of magic self-evident in uperconductor' and a clue of title, as well as in a coverage of album (the bunnies, inflatable form, is resulted the staple of the alive shows of the haste).
Ossia One of the majority of varied record of the haste. One scarce, atmospheric 'A Raisin' follow to a pounding intro of 'Produced of War,' while a funky, cars of grave behaviours' contrast amiably with a strummed acoustic agreements of a clue of title. Esuperconductor' Rocks authoritatively in 7/4 without touching forced or has created. A wilful intrepid piano the walks sond Tide.' An album in bylines with a thin still powerful 'Available Light.'
Rupert Hine' Production, controversy at the same time, adds the slightly trebly gloss to a mix, resupplying the palpable and compatible sheen to some songs. A sonics is not quite like this intrepid and brilliant like this on, said, 'Gracia Down Pressure,' except 'the loans is' the global sound has better aged that a muddy ignals' or of the strongly produced 'Controls Your Fire.'
Aprisa Has perfected his work with esady,' without rehashing a sound of any of his leading works. Fifteen years later, remains musically and thematically pertinent. It does not lose it is a - is the masterpiece!
4 / 5
Stylistically, the loans is in plot more afterwards to late 80 pop that an epic prog and rock of sand that aprisa is more famous for, which is probably a reason that a lot of defenders of haste of the purist the paintbrush averts. Ossia Too bad, prompt reason is one of haste the majority of melodic, accessible, and album mature. Like the lyricist, Neil Peart has on grown admirably. No longer it writes with a detached pedantry and stilted symbolism that marred some of his earlier songs, but now speaks directly, wryly, and sympathetically to an auditor. A music reflects this new consolation with the sincere plus, overburden approximation less, and a result is positively hypnotic. Alex Lifeson lines of fluent electrical guitar, Neil Peart rythmic drumming, and Geddy Law mantra-like this vocals intertwine to create the emotional resonance sublimate that it does not have to that be the defender of prog rock to take.
Has bought this CD when it has gone sophomore in university, and a very connected music with a state of quantity was in the the same time: wistful, alentador, when being so only down cloudy heavens in a flange of campus, looking students in motion among classes, feeling both restless in and in peaces with some world-wide around me. There is some abonos rockers, likes "Superconductor" and "Red Tide", but it was songs more melodic likes "One Spends", "Anagram", "prompt", "Quickly", and "Available Light" it conceal echoed and there is enhanced my inner atmosphere has touched. And "Scars", in my opinion, is one of one the majority of songs of good-looking haste never. It follows down an incredible alive version podes.
Yes, when it was 18, can have think that the Permanent waves and the Moving pictures were some knees of bees, but now that are ten old years , recognises that it early is the most fulfilled work . A "old" aprisa can have done wants to pump your fist in an air, but this one will do you pause and reflect. Still if any one calm consider you the defender of this band, enjoys beautiful songwriting, take this album -- will be you has surprised. If you ARE the defender of haste , then remark some respective attitudes of that writing some positive and negative critiques and mark on your own alcohol.
(Also recommended: I run some Bones, another underrated classical)
4 / 5
1989 "prompt" aprisa of shows to continue to evolve, pressing in of the different and first of moving directions like the group more than resting on formulate tried and tired. As with the plot of work for Haste, a precise take repeated listenings and read some papers to take familiar with a work. It listens to this one in the headphones and you will be hooked.
Some attacks of music add it blending of some three musicians' instruments, full of throbbing tomb, snappy drums and discharges of electrical guitars. Things that underlined for me on this register was a dynamic sum among strong/and hard calm/soft. "The lightning Of canal is the good example of of the this. Agreement that a keyboard touches like this dominant by means of his @@@1980s has issued really law here, both in his and atmospherics. One same can be said of some electrical guitars, as Alex Lifeson achieves the variety of his to follow to follow often that loses in of the leading disks. It likes that it uses to plot of acoustics of electrical guitar in of this emission. "Scars" it Is the good example of this sonic quality.
There is also some type of genuine piano that touches, likes in "Red Tide." Aprisa Revives the bit of his mathematics/of rock of fusion in "the show does not say " with beginning and of the attacks of delicate/rhythms of stop.
Each clue touches different and has his own voice, and liked a overlapping vocals for Geddy Law in "Lightning of Canal."
Some papers also have social relevance. "One Spends" it takes on suicide of adolescent. "Lightning Of canal" it is the dare to dream and long hope. Neil Peart continuous call some auditors to press they, persecution his sleeps and alive life both for some presents and future.
Liked a direction of this disk and where boss in of the terms of a sound of haste.
4 / 5
Punctual(1989). He 13th album of studio of the haste.
Aprisa Has finalised fairing quite well in a mid 80s, as they have had has released so only two masterpiece album, Windows to Be able to(1985), and Resist Your Fire(1987). While they both have exhibited some of a Haste of music more the orders had not created never, the defenders have asked if it rushes so only buried them in some monoliths of synthesizers and keyboards to adapt the sound of permanent pop. Have Here, aprisa has decided to break out of Record of Mercurio and join Atlantic, undressing down his sound the bit to spend on more than the contemporary prog way of rock. That have here are Loan, the relatively calm album. It does not try never be revolutionary like some past albums? No. But is that necessarily the bad thing? At all.
There is remarked that a lot of defenders of haste allege this album to be 'a turn to a sound of early haste'. This could not be worse reason:
A) A sound of the haste early has not gone so only harder, but also touched with to main skill. So only reason the electrical guitar heavier is used a lot necessarily mean that a music is weighed more.
B) He also looked of long ski-fi histories and numerous start. Early at all to return to this fashion of songwriting.
C) has the STILL KEYBOARDS has USED PROMINENTLY. They are to the thinnest plot here, but is still quite noticeable, and against which the majority of look of defenders to think, the song of the good haste is not determined for as few keyboards are used.
All this says, the loans is quite the album adds. A subject @@@subject crosses several different appearances of human emotion as well as touching in a subject of magic and character. I know that a lot of people can interpret the one who each song means far better that can, but will resupply the brief explanation of some clues, likes to please bears with me. Here it is a clue of desglosa-for-clue:
1) the no Said show I no- Add jazzy song of haste, BUT Is The ONLY SONG THAT the CREDIT TAKEN Out of HERE. Lyrically Is roughly that there I need to be test to believe in something. Geddy The tomb that that the touch underlines. 10/10
2) Lightning Of Canal- A lot of blend of melodic synths and crunchy the electrical guitar that touches. This song is Neil expressive take on his fascination of time. 9/10
3) One Spends- A memorable ballad, with adds vocals for Geddy. A song to touch roughly suicide. 10/10
4) Produced of War- A chug-to the long of rocker. Material roughly is comparing some feelings of boys and daughters, but could be wrong. Well, but a lot anything to brag roughly. 8/10
5) Scars- EXCELLENT CLUE. Has the good African drumming has beaten accompanied for Alex jazzy electrical guitar jangles. Song a lot atmospheric in emotional senses that traces behind the tones nostalgic points in the life of the person. 10/10
6) Loan- A light acoustic clue roughly wishing everything to be well by means of churning the magic wand. It contains the melody adds during a heart. 9/10
7) Superconducting- This song is the fast rocker this locates his fashion behind to a last pair of album, this in spite of like this uses the sound of the electrical guitar heavier, doing this one the winner. One @subjects here is the dancer that appeals to an audience. 10/10
8) Anagram (For Mongo)- Another melodic follow which has no real meaning besides a fact that all look disjointed and nonsensical. It does not add , but it does not disappoint never neither. 8/10
9) Red Tide- Another fast rocker that pause roughly fauna and flora. No like this memorable like this Superconducting, but still interesting. 9/10
10) Quickly- This clue takes constant unnecessary bashing for defenders. The data is not one follows better on here, but certainly is not bad neither. Lyrically So only speaks roughly taking lost in the world of sleep, but a melody that goes with this a lot of good. 9/10
11) Available Light- A good, but a lot memorable closing clue. Mostly soft styling with the keyboards that accompanies a step. It is roughly character again but also speaks roughly that finds a better way to look in a world. 8/10
While it Loan at all to aim of a band is touching skills, is still an essential collection of good songs that any defender of haste would owe that be without. In a much less, early is the way of the haste to aim his defenders that is not never be in in his bosses with some tones. Some say that a production here is bad, but ossia so only reason the people are used now to listen a remastered album, and for some Ready reason is remained was. I estimate it 4 1/2 stars in general. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Also control out of a next album, run Some Bones(1991), where loan the fashion is perfected.
5 / 5
After spending a lot one '80 is exploring synthesizers like the main instrument, aprisa has taken the brief hiatus after his 1987 album Resists Your Fire to reassess a direction a band has begun. Felizmente For defenders, this new direction was out of a dominance of a synths. And that begin of new direction with the only album in a Haste catalogs, prompt.
Like this already mentioned, a relegation of some keyboards out of a spotlight and to a fund is a noticeable characteristic of this album, but has not gone all near, this in spite of imagine quite prominently in the pocolas select (the old habits die hard).
These leaves to change Geddy the bass of Law that touches to shine once again. With some drums and bass more integrated and freer, the sure celery and the groove can be remarked in a lot of songs, something so that the hastes has not gone really known.
This in spite of, guitarist Alex Lifeson the laws of electrical guitar remains of the same as in of the recent albums: thin, atmospheric and toned down. This, together with a slick, almost polite production of Rupert Hine (first does of his production in the disk of haste), the sounds of Ready mark roughly so that the contemporary adult like this never and more afterwards to the Steely Give album sonically that speaks that the album of haste.
Other defenders of characteristic will remark is a prominence to back vocals, which had begun cropping on sparingly in of the leading disks, but here result the main part of some songs. It adds to a sound of a band, and to the songs likes them to them the show, does not say and the superconductor is a catchiest and arguably has joined the majority of the radio friendly clues never bet down for a band.
Drummer Neil Peart has had has created also some of his better, more mature and accessible papers never here also.
The majority of the defenders of haste spend for big this album because of the his soft edged, lack and feeble production of work of fleshy electrical guitar (and ossia reason so only give it 3 stars), but a melodicisms, arrangements (still quirky like this never) and in general feels the do the worthy to listen for any one. It does not spend for big this disk - his a lot of one-Rushness the fact the magic album in his own legislation.
4 / 5
Lyricism Or overarching the beauty has been seldom among the creative aims of the haste and his work reflects this. But this album abandons that stricture almost entirely.
A clue of splendour of approximations of the title. Listening his on aerial that has taken was, was blown almost was. Geddy The voice is clear, ringing. The electrical guitar of Alex is shimmering and brilliant (to take loaned the sentence of another Anglo-Saxon band). A fantastic interweaving of the basses and the drums is still there.
A polyphony that like this marked "Signals," "Grace Down Pressure" and " it Controls Your Fire" it is backburnered. While maintaining of way " it adds-ons" the "orginial" music (anything thatis supposition to mean), some synthesizers are more complementary that integrates. A music would have been like this good-looking he acoustically.
Oddly Enough, this was a last recognition has been to. With Alex up in felony load, has has has not bought gone in this time. They are fearful expensive and is unable to do some shows, some fiscal and the management will say, hey, "Spent 'in knowing a risk; any repayment!" And here in Vega Fences in, has some prizes of the main entrance in a world! Hopefully, A whole disorder'll straigthen was and will take to see them.
This album represents a last excellent studio endeavours in the part of my favourite band these last fifteen years. Obviously the tragedies of Neil clearly has impacted the quality of a band as well as quantity.
" I run some Bones" had the pocolos something brilliant, "Counterparts" and "Test for Echo" it was simply forgettable. So only with "Trails of Steam" has his aesthetic moved more afterwards to something can identify with--tho' find some alive actions in LAUGHING to be better that some versions of studio--closing too muddy (the musical flavour to paint these last ten years or as)for me, "...Trails" he at least the aims have gone back the life . A glorious " it rushes in River" it have to that it has dipped it any rumours of the deaths of the haste firmly to rest (at least of creative exhaustion).
But some boys have has said always his music for them; if to to the person more like, of a hell with him. And that the attitude is a Haste of the reason has, with two and the half exceptions, is remained one of one the majority of laws and creative sand more popular in north Amsterdam.
BTW: A reviewer to the grammar indicates the Brit. Apparently, Lady Williams is unaware of "affirmative action." Ossia A @@@subject that Neil was sp brilliantly satirizing in tje marvelously clear, easily comprised "Trees" (one of the his a lot of masterpieces). A chance of cultural ignorance can forgive his paralizaciones. (Although probably we have to that no; everywhere it is of the racial fresh summer tried --the Accident the euphemism is "affirmative action" it has failed absolutely of Indian the Hindú).
But an album is concentrated like this and tight likes "Windows to Be able to" and avert the, in time, meandering musically and lyrically of " it Controls Your Fire."
If so only are presented when being partorisca Rush , this would be an excellent work .
5 / 5
Drummer/lyricist Neil Peart can say is "any to believe in magic," but it has had always something special I roughly Ready. Perhaps it is reason was a first album of haste several years where a melodic alcohol of a music has not been iced on for too many keyboards. Perhaps it is reason (mine at least) has something irresistible in a brilliant quality of a songwriting here. "One Spends" blends the remorse and the hope with some perfect bittersweet charm; "Anagram (partorisca Mongo)" shows a lot marvelously inventive wordplay dipped to a surca contagious; "prompt" it offers some unusually fanciful papers with an irrepressible heart-heart of lifting. "Superconductor" And "Scars" develop the clue of funk, something practically unheard of still Haste. A power of Geddy the bass is inevitably toned down reason a mix of his lack of any clear-cut low end, but ossia the smallest complaint . Aprisa Is not never be a audiophile sale in all the chance.
A pair echoes of a band synth-heavy 80s phase recur, as in a heart of "Red Tide," but a whole thing was the step in the new direction of a leading Control Your Fire. A sometimes-overused the keyboards were used finally like an enhancement to a music more than the dominant ingredient. But finally it is always a writing I entrance to, and is a writing this is die loans a power to remain is had partorisca in the decade. Neil remains one of one the majority of brilliant lyricists a world of the rock has not seen never, and Geddy & Alex tunesmithing consistently has varied among simply good and incredible. This disk comes from/comes from the time when a band was that it begins jump the new phase of his career and all click resembled. A shame is like this criminally spent for big in a catalogue of haste of then he (mostly) lack of big swipes.. But the swipes am not never be the big consideration for these types in all the chance. If you are quite of the defender of haste to have a essentials already, then really would not owe that be without Listing also.
5 / 5
_I loans_ looks to divide a lot of the defenders of the haste. Ironically, For the band that usually takes closed unexpectedly for some critics, _early_ has received some of some descriptions plus a lot strong of the career of the haste of a press. This in spite of, fans this was thirsty for the sound of haste more weighed like the eighties has drawn to the neighbour can'goes state disappointed with an earthy, organic _prompt_. This has said, like the defender of time with a longitude of haste and all his "phases", this remains my favourite album of a group.
Like the majority knows, after _some Moving Pictures_ (1981), the hastes has continued to use keyboards and synthesisers until they took it according to which on could _Resist Your Fire_ (1987), an album that has has contained papers very personal of Peart but is exited slightly cold because of a dense (and sometimes inert) keyboard and synth sounds. With _Listing_ this in spite of, aprisa took it well. They have combined Peart unusual personal, heartfelt papers with the one of truth his quota , earthy. Ido is some sounds of cold keyboard, so only to be substituted by work of electrical guitar vibrant acoustics of Lifeson. Besides, the voice of Law has not touched never like emotional likes on Ready __. Ossia Undoubtedly his better vocal action to date. Ossia Really an album where everything of some better qualities of haste are integrated felizmente to for real of the songs add. You will be hard-pressed to find the heart he beautiful plus that a one in "Lightning of Canal"; catchy electrical guitar riffs is also present during an album, more notably in "the show does not say " and "Quickly." This in spite of, a better quality of _Cast_ is some papers. There is like this gems in this album - a summit that is an emotional more after, "Available Light" ("Game of light - the photograph, a way has used to be/some bad-unknown forgotten, does not mean that a lot of mine").
Like this, if you are the defender of haste and calm no active _prompt_, the failures was on some of his better work. Mecer Like his 70s is exited? The no. Contains staples of rock of the sand like his prompt 80s is exited? The no. But contains his best songwriting, his better papers, and Geddy better Law vocals to date. And still although some will call a production "thin", some controls of albums on extremely a lot almost 15 years after his emission.
4 / 5
Likes self-designated intellectual and uncompromising defender of progressive rock, could have me expected to hate the synthesizer of the haste laden synchronises concealed has begun with Signals and finishings with Resisting Your Fire. Well, any enough. I want to all these albums, and Resist Your Fire especially seats comfortably with aprisa is another greats. A 80s was the time when aprisa has been to derives further out of his progressive roots, and has begun to write more melodic, groovier songs. Although it early is very different of a four that precedes record, thinks that to take that melodic quality more. It is one of my album of haste preferred (a cast duquel can see you in mine Roughly You page, has to seat an impulse , perhaps to comprise better where am coming from).
Lifeson And Law, the one who writes a music, clearly have an incredible ear for melody. This album so only is that it bursts with the song looks a contagious heart , an electrical guitar that takes dish of ear, or the tuneful , often, is everything of an on. Here, have toned down in an use of synthesizers, although they are present still , but now add the thin texture to a music. In planting to drive a song, his supplement he, likes in "Superconductor" where some helps of keyboard elevate the intensity of a song to the equal that build under a song catchy refrains. Lifeson The electrical guitar is of tower in a forefront on much more, although his riffs looks more drawn partorisca tight, hooky rhythms and no technical flash or big crunch. Here, it is everything in fantastic melodies. There is also to plot of agreements of simple piano that dipped the good melodic foundation in of to to the songs like "Available Light." And lyrically, Peart would be hard-pressed partorisca match a quality here. "One Spends" it is some of the his more touching writing. Also, the sound asks environmental awareness in "Red Tide" it is not caseous likes is with another lyricists the one who face a subject. Some rocks of song also. There is remarked also "Lightning of Canal" it does not take to plot of praise, but think that is the song adds with an unforgettable melody.
Could speak each song individually, but does not see a need. Each clue is the perfectly crafted song, concise, musically prendiendo, with glorious vocal melodies with some emotional redolence that sometimes evades the music of the haste. I owe that say a thing this in spite of. Annoying Peart to say me "A mirror always there was mentido" (of " it Paints of War") when basically each one another "mirror" the song has listened says a mirror _never_ there was mentido. This scrape me on a line when test and sing to the long of. Shucks... But ah well. It is the stupid complaint , transmission , and does not change a fact that ossia one of my favourite albums of one of my favourite bands.
5 / 5
Aprisa Was once one of some the majority of bands of entities in my life. Together with Jethro Tull, his really accounted for the majority of a music has listened to in institute. My flavours have changed of then, matured and has expanded. Have Also results enough of an audio-friki, obssesed with soundstaging, "air", spatial cues, etc. One wins to the magnitude of this album is a fact that loved it of then a start of day this in spite of listen his all a time. One first what that the insiemi averts of the leading work of the haste is a dynamic plus, his open. Any all touches broken near. Also it averts to touch too slick and so only finds so it adds it, almost raw, his of full band. No quite audiophile caliber, but to good sure easy in some ears. Some papers are go in better Haste, any on-the-upper but still sufficently fantastical and scientist. Imagine a full album of songs in a level of "stand of still time" and "Alcohol of Radio" and you will take an idea. One touching is, of course, insanely well. And you can listen each nuance thanks to the perhaps too detailed full-digital register (DDD). Calm really can listen reason these types are has considered musicians of music . A rhythmical interaction go in Peart and Law is probably some of one the majority of complex never committed the tape. Some structures of songs are particually interesting, almost funk-has influenced. His really pause out of a sameness that Leaves a lot his work. One follows of the title is the standout, moving of accoustic passages to funky interludes and that mix with soaring the electrical advantage. "Available light" it is another stunner, and "One Spends" has one of one the majority of adictivo the start has has not listened never. These days, is an album of only haste I never listen to all a way by means of.
5 / 5
Can agree that is looked forward to this album when it was liberto behind in 1989. So only two first years, one of my favourite albums have been released to resist Your Fire. Yes, you have read that correctly. I think that that it is the album adds for the band adds. One follows until HYF, List, is also well, but no quite like this very like this HYF or some Windows to Be able of earlier. Prpers Having said that, can take some whining for a faithful Haste when have in the first place listened this album. It is almost as if some love each album to be 2112, Permanent Waves, or Moving Pictures. While those are good albums , ossia the band the one who refuses to be pat, almost as if they always are asking "that can have after tried?"
Of some first strong incidents of "the show does not say ", we are to give a song with which another of variable of musical direction and some typically thoughtful papers that extracted the wide row of subjects. "One Spends", in a side of melancholy, is the song adds together with "Quickly" (which has received has limited airplay), "Available Light", and a song of title. Another, comprising "Lightning of Canal", " it Paints of War", and "Red Tide" it is not quite like this strong but there is no bad songs here.
Ossia So only one of several albums for a band of a late 80 /punctual 90 is that now precise revisiting so that some of a congregation can see that it has been missing it. Suspicion a lot will be surprised.
4 / 5
With which has listened them a swipe soltero "the show does not say " and "One spends" it has asked them in that is a rest of "prompt"...I alredy has Known Haste and has them little had of his albums in mine of the defenders of haste said me that ossia one of his his albums toneless plus of all the times and that would be them necessary leave it on a compraventa - and has found them that it is propably a bst album of haste up to now!
Comprise because people a lot like this - a production is polished (his of typical late eighties),the clues are no longer that 5 minutes (aprisa is famous for wonderful 10 minutes -on long progressive dresses) and the songs are not catchy with which first definitly if this album will grow on you,calm can not taking the listening.
Geddy Touch his bass here sweeter although some lines of crazy bass are still to be is almost a lot of sytnhs but Geddy is using bit it his electronic very thin...("The show does not say ","Scars").Alex Lifeson Tries that it is one of a better "Atmospheric" guitarist in a Neill tries that anything touches in his Drums touches it of the best.
Generally - loves music of good Rock or like to him aprisa calm surely will want to more,his the majority of emotional (but the moved admits that "Moving Pictures" it is also in my private cup 3 album of haste) and the majority ,an enormous piece of music!
5 / 5
Mina, 'Loan' is a same album as 'run Some Bones' but without a profit added of sure-shoot radio-friendly swipes. Both have been produced for Rupert Hine, and his scarce triple-heavy approximation (chime of electrical guitars more than cruch, clicks of drums more than thump, the bass is audible but muted, synths is present but no overwhelming) has defined a sound of both of these albums. But where like this RTB has contained some instantly catchy to to the tunes like 'Dreamline', 'Of Ghost of the Casualidad' and a clue of title, a material on 'Loan' has to that be listened to the little time to fully absorb this new 90 is-Haste of model. For this reason, probably appealed to longtime defenders of haste more than is done -for-radio successor (I raisin to prefer RTB I).
In general, aprisa has underlined melody more with each emission of any of his big prime minister mainstream breakthrough 'Permanent Waves' behind in 1980. These looks of albums to continue that streak, directing more on qualities songwriting that simply that uses the song strucutre like the foundation for an intricate fine-sign to time jamming that has been known stops . It is these classes of towers in direction that divides defenders partorisca Rush old and new, but is also these moves concealed ensures a sale always THERE WILL BE defenders like this old and new, and no only some forwards.
4 / 5
I loans was my first album of haste that has bought, had listened the number of songs of his earlier albums. I am not Never be the enormous defender of Geddy big Law pitched the flange but his talent is not never state has questioned.
On Loans everything comes near perfectly. Neil Peart drumming is simply spellbinding and his throught causing the lyric writing is among his best. Geddy Law vocals is always ardent state but on some years his voice has deepened to so only a right tone. Alex Lifeson the electrical guitars are awesome like usual. It marks it I Loans underline is an a lot of evocotive texture that there is weaved to some songs. A thin percussion that opens the show does not say , some agreements of Piano in an end of One Raisin and during Red Tide and Availible Luz, an acoustics of electrical guitar in Punctual.
Stand outs Is the show does not say , One raisin, Red Tide, Superconductor and Availible Luz
Producing Rupert Hine spend some new transfers to the music of the haste. Ido is a Ski Fi synthesizers, is Piano and crafty lines of keyboard. Neil Peart the never has touched drums like this powerful, Geddy the bass of the behaviour of Law is glorious and Alex Lifeson the laws of electrical guitar is diverse and each one does to note to perfection. Early it is the wonderfully crafted album of Rock, has thought to cause the songs and the sense add of melody.
The music of the haste has evolved on some different years many of the his contemporaries, A ten electrical guitar of alone minute and Esquías Fi the épicos can be gone but Law, Lifeson and Peart continuous touch music that is intense and impassoned like this never.
4 / 5
Typical of a lot of modern day "rock" defenders, to the some people so only any likes them to them the transmission, any type of the experimentation for the band is fulfilled with fierce opposition and condemnation. The people have cried is gone in horror when Springsteen has registered "Nebraska", but now a lot they think that albums to be one of the his final plus same with "prompt", sad "Moving Pictures" it is no "Tom Sawyer" or "Limelight" it is one , but which takings is perhaps still better. You listen the band concealed has matured, concealed is not fearful to explore new territory and try different directions. I mean it is not this a same band that clue on a monster of hard rock "Moving Pictures" with the pipe of synthesizer "Signals"?? Still ask any Haste fans the one who his favourite songs are and is sure to listen "Subdivision" and "Chico Equivalent" comprised in this cast. In "prompt" as any one can neglect an emotional impact of the song likes "One Spends" that extracted a terrible plague of adolescent suicide, is further me. Obviously "the show does not say " it is the concession to a "game so only some attacks" it steps, but the others to clues like "Superconductor" & one follows of the title is up there with any of a Haste "classics". A lot of people berate and complain in this period of the career of the haste (ossia " I run Some Bones" & " it Controls Your Fire") but I think that that these albums constitute some of some signals underlined of the musical history of the haste. His like this easy for some to compare and albums of critique of haste, but each stands in his own and would have to that be short in his own. That exactly is a supposition to compare an early electrical guitar to heavy album likes "Fly By night" with the contemporary to one like him " I run Some Bones" or "Test partorisca Echo". The force of the haste is his diversity and qualified any to mired in the boy-bandish formula that change never that takes old quickly. A "Where it is Now It Files" it is full of bands and work that never dared to explore new ideas and stuck with the simple approximation. "Prompt" it is Haste in his more final.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
W The walk is an amazing album . A sweet and soft synth the effects do this diffrent of deadmau5' classical house and drumkick sfx songs, but is still enjoyable to the each last bit. Thank you Partorisca The quite priced album. I recomend This to any to the that likes to be situated in the calm and relaxing way for music!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
5 / 5
East reissues is an improvement to a sad touching MCA copies that has to that 70 east. Unfortunately it does not go far enough for my flavour. There is more depth to this edition but, some the early copies have had a lot of pocolos if any and this has some but a lot enough. At least these looks of version to close in in a fund of my main speakers, but needless to say a subwoofers there is at all to do. A tone to the equal that would expect is fresh if no those shines in time. A phase of his this quite small. To good sure any one a audiophile masterpiece. A vinyl was adapted but unfortunately in my copy there was the little more ticking (yes will forgive a pun) that had expected partorisca in some last two clues, forcing me to give a quality of vinyl so only the note of no.
4 / 5
Very good cd and plot of good songs in the he rememberes weaves it to me of good memories roughly he
5 / 5
After a classical mammoth this was 1973 GOODBYE STREET of YELLOW BRICK, Elton John & his lyricist Bernie Taupin has had to has felt the bit drained creatively after active place his whole talents to this album. In today of industry of music, an artist would remain to dip down afterwards to recover an energy. But with Elton two-album-a-agreement of year behind in a mid-@@@1970s, the clue has been required, although a duet there is little state to offer this time around. Because of these conditions, 1974 CARIBOU is thick data the cold shoulder in the long career of Elton. True, is not one all-was the bombs are thought often to be, but certainly is no blockbuster neither.
CARIBOU Had been written & registered in a small space of the month to be liberto at the head of big world-wide recognition, and an album has more than the little hallmarks of him when being the subject hasty . Elton there was & Bernie state data more time to register this album, he casualidad is some songs included would have been neither done besides far or discarded altogether. But with quell'have, the analysis is still necessary.
In the first place was, some sour grapes. 'Grimsby' Has been has considered long the joke that record that retrospectively is quite distasteful. It do not go that far, but certainly it is a lot it gives a way down below of Elton & Bernie is more.
olar Prestige A Gammon' has been said to be writing in reply to critiqued overanalyzation of a duet' music, as his meaninglessness is perhaps intentional. But while Paul McCartney directed to do the classical out of roasting his naysayers ( esilly Songs of Amur'), Elton & Bernie does not touch answered to go down also.
' Has Seen A Saucers' is roughly sightings of UFO, which in spite of to just shows likes him Elton & Bernie extended for material to complete an album. 'Dixie Lily' Is a bit of the good country workout ossia a lot while it touches, but perhaps has the reason because Elton has not done never another album like TUMBLEWEED CONNECTION. It is hard to take lightning two times.
While those are a so only glaring embarassments, CARIBOU has more than his action of reason of etres, and so only grieve win some never present swipes in a street. A short 5 swipe 'A Bitch Is of tower' is one of Elton' more final rockers of the time when still expensive the just quantity of him (interesting election of Dusty Springfield for the backside-arrive singer). ' You are Like this Static' & estinker' is fun, without sense rockers ossia much more memorable that another deliberately superficial material in CARIBOU.
A ballads is some songs that do to plot in doing CARIBOU the much more enjoyable album that is done often has been to be. 'Pinky' Is a slow number that it is shockingly any die more attention in the career of Elton. One concludes 'Ticking' is an ambitious epic in the murderous of serial that is literally a register of only of Elton with mostly so only his piano. In spite of being hailed like the low in his career, these helps of song try Elton & Bernie still could plant sweat his alcohols the good day.
But is to good sure a classical 'does not leave A Low Sun On Me these frames CARIBOU the value that chooses up. To good sure in a cup 5 of Elton ballads (although a lot the abandoned time that a lot of songs of traditional amour), this song deservedly peaked in 2 in some maps, and finally would see 1 when Elton animal-has registered he-as it alive duet with influence & of partidário George Michael. A fact that George, Oleta Adams & Joe Cocker have all does well for this song is the clue of the his timelessness.
Some clues of prize in CARIBOU is certainly some of some better in some integers reissuing campaign of Elton backlog. Esick City Cold Street' was relegated to B-sides, but Elton & Bernie try that so only reasons are in another side of the 45 does not mean is inessential. It is it adds to have these more easily available so that they have not saved his old single.
The appearance of Elton in a version of film of One The one who is TOMMY was one of his points has underlined main & his coverage of his 'Pinball Wizard' is so only wonderful. His piano that the touches rows up with his best, and his insertion of the fragment of 'Can not Explain' is character. A The one who was attacked like this has gone by that, that when they have covered aturday the night is Well to Struggle' in TWO TRIBUTE of ALBUM of ROOMS, is returned a favour to insert the little of 'Take To A Pilot'.
Estep The Christmas' has deservedly result the modern Yuletide level of his appearance, and once again indicates that any one @subjects the one who bondadoso of gender of cliché faces, Elton & Bernie still dipped his focuses possess on that. Any to mention, is like this contagious, has included one the majority of Avaricious-as the auditors will feel obliged to join in.
Elton John & Bernie Taupin was in fact visibly exhausted in CARIBOU, with them perhaps registering an album simply for takes it & has not pressed they to create something magic (probably reason have had very long to). An album of the SWIPES more ADDS that it has arrived late in 1974 would buy a duet some time for them to go back in a clue again, but in a moment, CARIBOU has had to has concerned some people those who has thought Elton & Bernie had lost his touch. But when neglecting a rhinestones in the collection like CARIBOU, is much easier to discover some gems, although some of them do not shine so to the equal that has used to.
4 / 5
This album has suffered the number of questions, of the big one more duquel is that when you maintain to release album with which album that pushes a flange, that is that it goes to follow up with? While a lot of people have been disappointed with this album because some of some songs are relatively read, a music of the core here is solid, and there is the pair of gems. Besides, this album was one of a bit those that Elton that is to be appoint for album of a year.
Comprised in this king-the emission is four songs of prize , which will comprise in my description.
Some songs that is a less serious and more afterwards to be throwaway the songs are 'Pinky', 'Grimsby', and esolar Prestige he Gammon'. This in spite of has agreements that will look familiar when compared to a music of 'the Fantastic captain', these songs are not in one joins same.
' Is like this Static' and 'the bitch is of tower' is fast-the moving songs in one vetoes of aturday the night is Well for Fightin'' and 'the Yours the sister Can not Dance' of 'Street of Goodbye of Yellow Brick'. I owe that launch 'Pinball Wizard' in this group because it is the fast rocker also, included although it underlines reason was originally the The one who song, treated for Elton in a film 'Tommy'.
'Does not leave a Low Sun on Me' is a level of John of Elton, music and good-looking papers, each one has bitten also likes anything Elton is done never.
Has two songs on here that finds personally that satisfies, this in spite of neither is really pop. I am not sure where is returned, in fact. A prime minister are ' has Seen a Saucers'. A subject is so only the one who a title has said; it is the slow sweet song in visitatore of another planet. I love fiction of science, love a song. It is one of some scarce songs with the fiction of science flavours this is to do well and at least seeds-seriously, versus the songs bobas Likes them Present Lived Eater'. A second song is 'Ticking', which incredibly is moving and sad. It likes-you touch me this strong song, and tank to some papers. There is the history to this song that is in the category resembled 'Daniel Bailey' of 'Street of Yellow Brick'. Calm almost can see a history of this song like the headline.
I also liked tep the Christmas'. Some people can think that that it is bobo, or unsatisfying, or anything. Well. Still it likes to of me. There are few songs navideñas of the rock that is a lot well, and I personally enjoyed is one. Another that touches noisily reason thinks that that it is well.
Has the pair other songs that has lost, as ick Cities' and 'Cold Street', which was B-sides to something. These songs are so only. Elton better, but good to have.
While this album has not been Elton better, some values of production were very big. There is the number of songs that is very good. Some songs are so only in Elton John playbook. You owe that have this album if you are the defender of John of Elton serious . If you are the random defender , buy his more utmost swipes and spend this an on. This in spite of, before steps this one for, recommends that it listen to the copy and decide for calm like to him a music. Still oar to this album likes one of Elton 10 more out of some dozens that is done.
5 / 5
A year with which EJ has released his together of two album, "Street of Goodbye of Yellow Brick", it was not long before it was in a studio that tries to take a magic once again. Unfortunately, you fall far short; any that sells registers hurt too much. Some starts of albums out of promisingly with some hard-edged and funky "A Bitch is of tower." Of this point on, a situation takes dicey in fact. "Pinky" It is the good amour , thin song, but perhaps the pocola sweet too sticky for some. "Grimsby" Marcos a point roughly like that bolt in the far-flung, the sea populates lateralmente is in some better ways that some hills to go of a country or a gritty life of city. "Stinker" It is the raunchy blues rocker with the work of horn adds and good soloing for Davey Johnstone. This in spite of, to songs likes them a gibberish-laden "Solar Prestige the Gammon" achieve the new nadir; this song Elton has taken probably more comparisons to Liberace that any another. " I have Seen a Saucers" it is interesting, but any last longitude in a memory. " You are like this Static" it is so only simple terrible, and "Dixie Iris" it is a without importance song roughly fishing in a Mississippi. "It does not leave a Low Sun on Me" it redeems a dross enough to plot. Some finals of albums in a downer narrative, "Ticking." I'ts the history that grabs to plot of headlines today: Some the solitary gunmen resist hostage of people because it is deranged, and arrivals to kill the little the one who tries to escape. A history tends to overlap a melody too much, but a frantic piano overdubbing follows a history a lot well. For chance, when some balls go to fly, some notes of piano am touched a lot quickly. It is debatable as to if an in fact displaced history, this in spite of. There it has no too here quell'conceal that has not been first fact, or more to a point, BETTER fact, in another EJ album. My description in fact could be more afterwards to 2-1/2 stars; calm really has to that be in a way to listen his.
5 / 5
These rows of albums a lot down in my cast of favourites that has on dipped. But I stil really the like. I agreed of Reg Strikes behind and [the bear says] Victim to want to when I listened it in the first place because there is one same goofy charm of these albums. They are albums bobos charming that often exited to the equal that to plot of fun. Unpopularly, With which tinker' and ' has seen a saucers' my favourite song would be esolar prestige A Gammon', is like this goofy has to that smile calm grieve listen the fake of Elton Italian voice. It does not leave a low sun on are quite the dramatic ballad. Also together with '21 IN 33', 'he gel in shoots' and perhaps 'does not shoot me ...' It is tentativa of jazz , with to plot of brass. Although it is more in a vetoes of rock of brass. The thought 'Pinky' was very beautiful and of-run 'Grimsby' has has thought was fresh. I know that the word can mean anything but a way some sounds of electrical guitar, a tune, some papers ... 'Ticking' Is the ready piece, darkness and shows Taupin way at the head of his time, predicting some down-sides of obsession with the Religion. I think that that this song tries the character. And of-run, 'A B has gone back' rocks, as this deserves 5 stars.
5 / 5
Coming Hot in some heels of Elton masterpiece, "Street of Goodbye of Yellow Brick", "Caribou" it was the crushing disappointment to critics and of the defenders equally. Elton had not been never a partorisca dip out of "produced" partorisca a sake partorisca satisfy some questions of a record company execs, but ossia exactly the one who this is. There is not any egg has gilded here, although there is the little decayed some, specifically " you are Like this Static" and "Solar Prestige A Gammon". " I have Seen A Saucers", "Stinker" and "Ticking" it is an exception and each one which so it would touch house of legislations in "Street of Goodbye of Yellow Brick". Very other clues are filler . Considering a pressure Elton was down and a hectic visiting support of time, this sin of an album is understandable but the very short falls of some big levels Elton had dipped partorisca he with his series suddenly 70 gems. Sadly It Was all downhill of here....
4 / 5
Clearly exhausted of a grind partorisca result the multiple albums inside the short times have turned, Caribou does not take Elton in his better. Has the number of gems sprinkled during an album but more than his just action of filler. Still, which filler! Included a material a toneless plus is still quite catchy and memorable.
An ironic thing is that Elton has hated does not leave A Low Sun On M when he in the first place complete it. This in spite of directs to result one of his tunes of byline. A production of upper flight of Gus Dudgeon and the arrangements direct salvage the majority of some feeble tunes. Yes, the Solar prestige is gibberish (and has been meant the poke entertainment at all those looking for illumination in the work of Elton) but like a gibberish in a White Album still directs to entertain.
Carbiou Was certainly the touched to lose after an almost flawless GYBR of a leading year. A garish the coverage says it everything.
5 / 5
Although any on pair with Goodbye Street of Yellow Brick or Honky Chateau, Caribou is another album of John of Elton worthy. Of the 10 songs of an original album, 5 is interesting, 5 east of the rubbishes. An interesting some are an opener A Bitch Is on duty (a well arrive-song of time for defenders at night of Saturday Allright), does not leave A Low Sun On M (one of Elton better never songs), Stinker (some abonos bluesy rocker), is Like this Static (another good song, but like Bitch, an alive version on Here & there is upper), and Ticking (an a bit pretentious album more next). Of some clues of prize, Pinball Wizard, a The one who the discharge of Tommy film is the worthwile song also. Some other songs of prize are decent if any spectacular. If you are Elton John fans this belongs in your collection, but the frames calm sure have some of the his other first albums.
4 / 5
Like this with all these ramastered "Some Classical Years" album, comes with the good 20 booklet of page with all the papers and of the photos of EJ and band. Also he 3 1/2 page tries in an album for John Tobler. Also comprised in an album is 4 clues of prize . So much, included although this has not been one of the albums the plus end of Elton John, a bit extra is the fact the must for Elton some defenders. An original album so only spawned 2 songs unexpectedly, but a rest of an album is not without merits. Among, "Pinky" it is the good romantic ballad. An album also has some filler this in spite of, likes "Grimsby". But in general, I am sure more to the partidários still would like him have he in his collection.
4 / 5
This was a prime minister EJ the element has bought like the adolescent. It have enjoyed a radio game of Of the one who has left a low sun on me and A bitch is of tower. Other songs that has found that has thought was a lot of was Ive seen a saucers and ticking. A worse clue is Solar prestige the Gammon. Transmission. Any another touches enjoyable but no utmost. I have been in to find some other albums and would be in accordance with another reviewer that ossia the toneless album in comparison the street of Goodbye of Yellow brick, the Fantastic captain and some of some another but in general was still a enjoyable 45 minutes of music.
I of the one who has a remastered version but an addition of Lucy in a heaven and the liberty of Philadelphia would do east the decent compraventa
4 / 5
Well, that can calm says writes? This album is The WORST of his golden years (Empty Heaven til Blue Movements). It does not think Elton John has taken his career seriously at all, and he all touch like this refried with several exceptions. "A Bitch is of tower", "Ticking", "it does not leave a Low Sun on Me" it is some only reasons to buy THIS ALBUM. It agrees any saying me "Rock of Crocodile" it is a song more boba Elton has not done never. You a lot here "Solar Prestige A Gammon". That is concealed? I think that that Elton John has spent of the "To the left join me to to album like him to him Beatles" phase. I really a lot like this one, has had the bad feeling roughly he of a start, and so only goes to aim. It does not compare to classics like you "Street of Goodbye of Yellow Brick" or "the Fantastic captain"... Only no.
4 / 5
Everbody The one who has not bought this, has lost is gone in a song Ticking. I have written this description, reason to the amazon does not give you a casualidad the sample Ticking, and ossia a song that pushes this album on to a 'Buy' category. In this song, the young man exasperated drives mad with the gun and finally takes shot for some police. A song adds, like this pertinent today was when you are writing.
That is coming to appreciate roughly Elton on some years is a variety of his catalog. Breaking on, going back together anguish , adolescent, furry creatures of forests, sex, violence, circle & of rock, Elton has it all has covered.
5 / 5
Liked a music registered in this album in a past to the equal that have required he in my collection.
5 / 5
Ossia One has spent often of BIG CD. It does not leave A Low Sun On Me and An energetic A Bitch Is of the tower is attack more commercial but some other clues are a lot touching. Pinky HAS some good-looking agreements and Ticking is an emotional masterpiece. An additional of Pinball Wizzard and Go in the Christmas so only elevates this work. It chooses it on punctual, calm will not be dissappointed.
5 / 5
After producing an of some albums of mecer more utmost that all the times (Goodbye Street of Yellow Brick), is any marvel that included to to the the character likes him Elton would run without of respite. His his endeavour toneless plus afterwards for Mecer of a Westies shows a depth of a capacity of artists to 'telephone he in.' Of here it move to main and better start with 'the Fantastic captain' and final 'Blue Movements' except 'Caribou',despites his esun'-ny swipe and 'Bitch'-ing ditty the decent material lacks real. So only in 'Ticking' fact EJ and Bernie continue his storytelling in any serious level. One to lose sure!
4 / 5
...This CD is very compared to Blue Movements and some rubbishes that has followed he partorisca years! A lot Elton better, but was of the his was better, and contains possibly his best ballad never: 'it does not leave a Low Sun on Me . A pair of [any like this a lot] the songs and a rest are well. Search to listen to Blue Movements all a way by means of and then speak mine roughly quality! Perhaps I am biased of then I has seen Elton bolt when this album was new.

Top Customer Reviews: Duets: Friends ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
5 / 5
It goes partorisca aim that the voice of Anne has survived a test of time. Still although this CD has been registered much more late in life, his voice has aged but still maintains that the sweet byline smoothness that agrees. My preferred are his duet with Dusty Springfield and especially with his daughter Dawns. Any one sings the song of to the amour enough likes him Anne Murray, music that calm and relieves all your daily emphases.
4 / 5
Ossia The register adds . An evening has listened them to a register sooner of Anne is and founds to sign me to his place of web. It was there where has found this CD. When I saw It versions of the duet contained of a lot of my preferred has has had to that the take. There is a duet with Celine Dion which is really something that considers a recent loss of his husband.
4 / 5
Touches this the plot as I have on grown with Anne, and master a bit the duets sings with other utmost singers. They have chosen some right songs to sing joints and sweats the must for a defender of Murray of Anne.
4 / 5
Quality of his excellent that looks talented female vocalists. Some the musical arrangements are also excellent. It is the wonderful production .
4 / 5
There is so only a better thing that Anne Murray CD and ossia the CD that has his registration with other artists add
5 / 5
I really amour Anne the music of Murray!! Out of all his albums this a, 'Duets of Murray of Anne' is mine very preferred a!!! I can touch this an on and on again!!
5 / 5
ANNE MURRAY. VISITED The MUSEUM of Murray of Anne this summer in Springhill New Scotia. A real extracted.
5 / 5
5 / 5
Excellent register, too bad a quality of a Sony the player has not been until sado.
4 / 5
Anne Murray does not disappoint never. Ossia My favourite CD thus famous, talented artist!
5 / 5
Excellent album j aodore anne muray and his artists that and sing
5 / 5
taste Anne Murray but is especially good to listen some other singers with sound.
4 / 5
In a course of his long and prolific career, Anne Murray there is carved she the only niche in history of music. Any exactly the artist of pure country, any exactly the singer of pop, certainly any one the singer of rock, there is constantly straddled some common zones of these musical genders with successes adds. His voice is differential and expressive, and has directed to take well of priest of him; like evidenced for this album, his voice is deeper that it was the days the young plus but has lost any of his flexibility and expressivity. Ossia All a more obvious data a fact concealed 'Legends & of Fellow - Duets' find his paired with the wide variety of female interpreters. Perhaps that reflects a diversity that always underscored the music of Murray, this row of interpreters of one some that would expect the duet with his (Olivia Newton-John, Carole King, kd lang, Emmylou Harris) to this calm any (Nelly Furtado, Sarah Birghtman, Daughters of Indigo, Shania Twain). This concept is a lot appealing, of then there is not any a lot of album of the duet that looks so only interpret female. Some songs have registered is here be elected by means of the compatible repertoire of Murray and has a lot of points have underlined in an album, like nowbird', 'the person wants to like me calm ', 'Danny' song', 'A bit good informative', esong of Amur', 'Daydream believer' and ' has required me'. In spite of a diversity of guests and generate musical, an album has the smooth and warm flow his; calm does not take one that feels that these duets have been simply patched together so only for a sake of an easy sells. Although « Legends & of Fellow - the duets » were meant obviously like the crowd pleaser, is certainly an effective a.
5 / 5
Thanks advantage for a web of place, where can show all some clues complete. One 30 according to snipets in the competitor of Canada rival has not gone enough. Although I have ordered one of Canada, some the USA will take this gem on 1/15/08, and done the present of good Anniversary for mine 50th.

Has not been conscious that the leading album of Anne of ' will be to See you' has been feigned to be his last. I took it like this continuing his 'Croonin'' the fashionable albums and that face another era successfully adds. His video in an album of the new duets in a web of place have mentioned has Anne that declares that ' will be to See you' (in all his formats and of the titles) was a LAST, but the DUETS have come to the long of. A project has done his way of duets with several singers the only ladies. I think that that it is better in this way, and he casualidad for possibly the Duets II down a street with some types. Some video of Anne records with these artists adds to look all the world is having the ball.

My curiosity thus near it was an electronically created duet of 'I Falls Justo Enamoured Again' with a last add Dusty Springfield. Knowing of the admiration of Anne of Dusty work, the one who the way adds to spend the song full circle. Of then Anne, Dusty, and Karen the same carpenter has released a song inside the discharge of the year, would have been something all three crown could have been gaze. Still, this new version with Dusty is glorious. My second curiosity was nowbird' with Sarah Brightman. It is Sarah would not be operatic and use his voice of pop. If no appearances Sarah, would have thought it was more, partorisca in my ears, to to Sarah sounds likes him Olivia Newton-John (of the one who looks with Anne on 'Cotton Jenny'). Perhaps it is so only me. Still the good rendition. A surprise was 'Another Pot Or Tea', which is the preferred of clue of personal album . Although I am not big in Emmylou Harris, his voices blend gorgeously and this clue is the true standout. My only bummer is any duet 'new' with Celine Dion. Although 'When enamoró comes from/comes from 'An Intimate Evening', and some clues has not been in a CD, but in a DVD/VHS so only. I have expected for the different song, or included the king-record.

This new collection has his power, and yes achieved, am sure will see the Duets II, resembled that Frank Sinatra has issued before his step. If Anne goes with 'the Types' as some partners, there is abundance more than his songs that would do like this of the duets, or included go with a concept of one of the swipes of Anne/is still in against one of the clues/of swipes of a partner viril. I think that that all the world wants to see Glen Campbell partnering for sake of old time, more some of another greats there.
4 / 5
In revisiting his swipes, Anne has done any tentativa partorisca re-create some original register. Neither it has you try to do tricks. Simply it sings to to some songs likes them-gliela his street today, which is not always like his street yesterday.
Some duets are partorisca one the majority partorisca separate true duets, with some two singers in a together studio, and artistically this does such the difference. Everything here is fascinating. Particularly I love 'Cotton Jenny,' with Anne that does to to a song likes to write and Olivia Newton-John noodling in and out of a melody. Anne and k.D. lang, Anne and Jann Burn and Anne and Dawn--a lot these voices so only blend sumptuously. It thinks that Anne and Carpenter of Karen would have touched like neighbours. 'Another Pot Or' Tea' resupplies the point underlined but, hears, EVERYTHING in an album is the point has underlined! Fantastically Fixed, fantastically has registered. You are the big vendor , big .
4 / 5
Wow! That the surprised that Anne has decided to do another album after toying with an idea this ' will be partorisca see you' would be his last. In 62, and with which 40 years in a biz, the voice of Anne resplandores still. Highlites Are ' has Required me' with Shania Twain. His voices blend surprisingly a lot together and both give the stellar action. 'Another Pot Or' tea' with Emmylou Harris is the dreamy, touching tribute to an Irish grandmother, and his voices are so only celestial together. Nelly Furtado coverages in the strong action on 'Daydream Believer' that has the entertainment, uptempo has beaten. 'Calm will not see Me ' with Shelby Lynn is the must-the one who the catchy vocal beaten and strong of both. Jann The burn Is always excellent, and his take on esomebody is always Sayin' goodbye' is also the standout. Tape & of Anne of Céline was maintains the base of 'When enamoró and Amy Grant has the pleasant take on 'Could have this Danced, with beautiful vocals. A two real showstoppers this in spite of is 'A bit Good Informative' with has has updated papers (substituting 'Bryant Gumble' with 'Dianne Sawyer' and Ireland with Gaza) where the daughters of Indigo and Anne do justice to the original of Anne with moving it. A last number is quite possibly a better. Esi Never see again you ' with Quebequesa diva Isabelle Boulay builds on until the heart joins in in an end. This song packs the powerful punch. Anne loves calm-please any one any to take never! PS-I almost has forgotten, his posthumous duet with his fellow late Dusty Springfield simply is pursuing...
4 / 5
This register are really adds. I have been the defender of Anne Murray for the long time and has listened of course these songs many times but this cd is different. Some songs are fresh in some hands of some of some better singers around. It was especially happy to listen Song for Myra like this beautiful this in spite of like this seldom touched or seen in of the compilations of swipes more utmost. Good decision Anne! Happy retreat golfing !
4 / 5
To my heart and alcohol, has two singer the one who represents Canada - Gordon Lightfoot and Anne Murray. While Lightfoot has written and has has treated songs that captures a Canadian personality, Anne has presented in a world-wide phase like the proud Canadian and has built the significant career his way, which has comprised to remain in Canada.

Has songs like this joined to the voice of Anne that asked to to him likes the format of the duet could any never enhance. It takes the lovely plot the reinterpret to to the songs like required', 'Danny' Of Song' and 'A Song of Amur' but Anne bravely goes in the territory tried and shares a spotlight with today upper female vocalists.

Some the majority of successful pairings, in my opinion? k.D. lang On 'A Song of Amur' is worthy of serious radio time. This song is now the classical reborn. Shania Twain the contributo have ' ' Required On' leaves the tone that heart of pauses to this good-looking song. Olivia Newton-John on 'Cotton Jenny' leaves a twangy, the country feels of a song to aim his face. The daughter of Anne Dawns offered one the majority of sweet vocals of everything on 'the person Loves Me Like Calm '.

Some of some other pairings are curiousities. Carole King vocals in a song writes 'the times do not run Was on Me really does not help a song recovers any relevance. Nelly Furtado on 'Daydream Believers' sounds as if it is by train to ask like arrival in this situaton.

But can not ignore a fact that these vocalists of guest have gathered to register with the singer has admitted, and pursues it respect. And for this reason, Anne has done proud, a lot proud.
4 / 5
Some of some songs of Murray of Anne better animal-registered with a help of female artists known well. A whole album can be listened to in the web of place of Anne, to start with to finalise, and has to that say, this album is the must . Any one bad remakes or different takes on his songs. Some the musical instruments and the arrangements are so only like some the original songs registers all these years does. It remains some his formula that has done the success. To to The Songs likes them-gliela person loves me Like me Calm , sung with the daughter of Anne is sum. It touches so only like his mamma some early days. Other points have underlined in this album is some songs in the Martina McBride, Sarah Brigthman, Amy Grant & Celine Dion halves. A true gem of this album this in spite of, is a duet with Shania Twain, for a song Required. These 2 ladies are some some Canadians songbirds, and is the organic voices has been done for this song. This good compraventa so only an album. Ossia To good sure good recognition behind to old classics with more modern touching his & of quality. A must has!
4 / 5
Are like this proud of this CD. I can not expect for him to paste some the EUA.
Has had to take copies for like this of my familiar and friends with which have listened on-line. I expect that some emisora the radio is touching he in Canada and people be asking thinks in some the A bit Good USA Informative goes it to paste big voices all blend to the equal that to listen the follow up with one and Buble' that it combo that it was...
Taken to see Anne sings with Nelly bolt in the profit of Club of Gilda on was awesome....
5 / 5
Then am satisfied to choose to revisit some swipes of his career, and has comprised the circle of voice a lot well in music in doing like this.

Am impressed for almost all some pairings, and a duet with his daughter Dawns Langstroth is wonderful. That the voice! But then, I suppose that it have to that coming like any surprise.

My preferred of some seventeen clues are: Another Pot Or Tea (with Emmylou Harris) / the song of Danny (with Martina McBride) / I Falls Justo Enamoured Again (with Dusty Springfield) / the person loves Me Like me Calm (with Dawning Langstroth) / Jamai See again you (with Isabelle Boulay) / and A lot Always is sacking (with Jann Burn).

That can be 37 years of Snowbird launched his career in Canada, but still has some ribs to pull of the project like this with his professionalism of mark and way.

Thank you, Anne!
5 / 5
Looked forward to the new emission for Anne Murray. No appearances the Duets CD, but an album of new material, but am happy dipped something was in all the chance. It likes me to him the majority of a CD, an exception when being his duet with Carole King which really only tugs to the long of, more like this because of the flange of Rey that Murray this. They like him some few arrangements, especially on 'will not see Me ', but finds a music for one the majority of part is too much in a background compared to some voices. My preferred are some tunes with Emmylou Harris, Shelby Lynn, Dawns Langstroth ( the good-looking new voice ), Shania Twain ( his voices blend perfect together ), Some Daughters of Indigo, and especially Dusty Springfield. Anne Murray has one of one the majority of original, so only and good-looking voices in music. I expect that it maintains to record and please to the left is to listen Anne Murray' type of album that dips is gone in 1996, which was fence any, his better endeavour never. I expect that I surprise his next time was.

A longtime defender!
5 / 5
Like usual, the voice of Anne is flawless. Especially it likes-me Cotton Jenny with Olivia Newton John, Song of Amur with KD Lang and will not see Me . Congratulations Anne in another album add.

PS - A person the one who has given 1 star because an album cost the $ 1 more in Canada - take the life. There is 300 million people in some the USA - is has has called economies of stairs.
4 / 5
WELL, Is the bit of the explosion of a past but LOVE an idea of having two women that sings duets. We live in Canada. We celebrate life and amour. An album is like the present giant . It likes me hope Anne Murray will continue for years to come.
4 / 5
My mother-in-law want this CD, and estimate an on-line experience with 5 stars. I have bought this CD for the Present navideño and there is did not listen it even, but, was very impressed with a speed and efficiency of .
4 / 5
Because it is this Canadian interpreter with a lot other Canadian interpreters that is on for more than money that when a Canadian dollar much more? I do not take it ? But I will not be buying of ... Perhaps itunes? It listens some apresamiento today in CBC the radio and has touched utmost.

Top Customer Reviews: Discovering The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Fantastic album. It can not listen his more so it has gone the touching 24/7
4 / 5
Silverstein was the really very included before discovering a waterfront. But with cd, was clear that this band goes partorisca go far. Singer really well with amazing hearts. A cry is really very compared to another screamers in hardcore. This is not a class of band that doesnt know like this partorisca do the powerchord (sees Atreyu!). My Hero is a song more orders in a cd. Lame was everytime listen his. Disconvering A waterfront, your sword vs dagger of mine, the fist wrapped in blood, smiled in your sleep and call he karma. This rock of songs. Well youre looking for the screamo/hardcore cd, this cd a more could find.
5 / 5
Discoving A waterfront is a awesome CD- is fill- with voice and of the sincere papers that show real emotion. There is not any defect to this Cd. Tip Shane pissed it was. 'Always and any' Never is supposition partorisca be as it surrounds it to a Book 'Lovely Bone' and has been surprised in like this bows in. My favourite papers are in 'the fist wrapped in blood.', 'Discovering a Waterfront' and 'Called he Karma.'

Yours sword Vs. Dagger of Mina: 5/5 <---just that has surprised
Smiled in your Sleep: 5/5 <---The does not take never has held. I give cold.
One Goes Of March: 4/5 <-- any to sure in this song. Kinda Depressing...
The fist Wrapped In Blood: 5/5<--the papers/of Cries are awesome.
Discovering A Waterfront: 6/5 <-- Slow song in an album. His my inner favourite song a moment in this album. It listens to some papers. All the world can relate to this the one who spent it stops.
Defends: 5/5 <----it Loves that. Some cries and the mix of voice of Shane well is.
My Hero: 5/5 <---the heart are adds! But he kinda to to the sounds like to them the call he Karma.
Always And Never: 4/5 <-- This song mostly is shouting. I so only like a heart. ' Will has the heart any you prenderá ...'
Already Has died: 4.5/5 <--I like quell'has said before- Silverstein has done an amazing work that joins this to a book.
Three Hours Behind: 4/5 <-- I does not find this one a lot of catchy.
Has called He Karma: 6/5 <---A vocals and behind up is sweet- All in these rocks of song! 'And a cycle is not never when finalising, and this fashion overdone...' The HEART Is The MORE OE in this CD!
So that yea- Touch an AMAZING TALENTED band... And I live around where his of as CD is economic. It goes to buy a CD. If alive around there- a Cd is like this $
4 / 5
hrmm has been them to the tent and he have said for this cd was them liek WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Silverstein the amour silverstein so that the bought the marries it to them goring and has been them blown was is soooooooo very better then there first cd, but the the still amour When Broken has Fixed Easily, the say or likes Silverstein, has included a bit buy this cd now of the one who squander ur time in crappy to to the bands like to blink 182 haha or likes underoath, or n and the thing like this buys this cd now of the that included thinks roughly he
5 / 5
After the fast listenning... Lame to say this Cd Is Awesome. The papers are like this always very Good. Heavier that a prime minister a. The Better way!!! A Must For All Screamo-emo Defenders!!!

Top Customer Reviews: L'Heptade Xl 40th ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
4 / 5
This edition remixée remasterisée Of this boss of the work of Harmonium is absolutely very achieved and strong pertinent. It feels finally The Heptade to his just value! It is it likes to listen touch the all première time. Lucido DVD pair against can disappoint visualmente more than one but the audio is glorious. I expected to finally see Harmonium in concert, will have to gladden of some wonderful scenes vaguement captées in a fog flou to the effects doubtful vintages. It embezzle merit 5 stars!

This remezcla remastered edition of this masterpiece of the harmonium is achieved absolutely and a lot pertinent. Finally we hear The Heptade in his true value! It is it likes to listen his for one a lot first time. A DVD for gilipollas can visually disappoint more than one but an audio is good-looking. I have expected to finally see Harmonium in concert, will have to be content with some wonderful scenes vaguely took in blurring it the blurred vintage effects doubtful. A merit of rest 5 stars!
4 / 5
Old greeting 'PROG-gueux' of Quebec!

SVP, read The excellent commentary (bilingual) of 'Distantshore', has dated of 29 November 2016. It reflects a lot A lot the mine has thought.

In the first place, tongue strictly of the product. Commentary SONY Canada unél able state to do factory he coffret of a mythical group and farouchement Quebequés, to them the EUA? SONY Anchors it forgotten partorisca correct lettrage give 2 audios of disks (CD) and sees to the sud each one which of them the registration : 'Disk 1' and 'Disk 2' ! It joins irony (and wound) that Serge Flores any has had to see?

Subjects More serious, the new mixage is a lot well but reason (touches a prize of $25 ) has not done partorisca do a mixage MODERN in 5.1 while it has had his master bands in main? Probably That Navidad 2016 has arrived too much quickly ($ $ $ )?

Lucido DVD-the video is of a lot, a lot, a lot bad visual quality but of good audible quality. Embezzle so only agree Audio/of video of the Heptade in spectacle or... 'Alive', as it say fellow French. Another buyer mentions that his 2 viniles blue, in the special edition X-XL (marketing sexualisé imbécil?) They are Of piètre qualities ! Then , manufacture mitigée Of the part of Sony but pognon has ensured!

There is also a coffret The double audio (2 CDs) of a spectacle of the Heptade titled 'The Heptade in turn' that will find to : %C3%A9e/dp/B000069HTH/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485544104&sr=8-1&words keys=heptade+in+tourn%C3%A9e. This coffret is equally See you, in import, games less expensive!

The 'Heptade' rests a boss of œuvre timeless... But A boss of œuvre this in spite of demanding Games the auditor! Partorisca Read, to the respect, The excellent test of Luc Picard, in lucida notebook.

Of numerous bravos to Harmonium and one all small the SONY!

5 / 5
Was 10 years when you listen this music Of another world.
Agreed me of almost everything, words, music sometimes too long...
Lucido The current disk is improved a lot. It feels his instruments in his 2 heights-parleurs.
More than planting to the voice of Flores. Many changes Of the sud lucido disk 2. Lucido The text does to comprise reason. DVD not interesting according to me.
4 / 5
Excellent, has had the original album but the new version is excellent and the music is also good-looking and prenante, a boss of work of the pop of music of these years. The audible quality of the Album is genial especially reason my system of edges is better truth that that there was antaño the one who my permission of redécouvrir this album. Congratulations to Serge Flores and Alain Valois touches this wonderful version remasterisée! Thank you Gentlemen!
5 / 5
He And The long has had this album cassette of the sud and finally there is décidé to buy lucido CD. AprèS 40 years his songs are also a lot remember it. This complèYou it my Collection of a group that have always objectiveé.
4 / 5
I concur with some of some observers here. A version of original vinyl is the little has bitten more organic that sounds that this version, which obviously was digitally mastered and has the bit of a digital byline. In spite of, value having if you are the defender of Harmonium . Well to have both some originals and XL version.
4 / 5
Looks for still Is difference with Prime minister of mine CD moin of pendant to whistle his classical extreme averts this ,
4 / 5
Excellent album... Magic music... That no An aged fully... I any one Me lasse of the voice of Flores or of that of Monique Fauteux... This Version is still better that the original... You sublimate!
5 / 5
A complete container is wonderful but a second elepé-side C is the bad pressing -- the audio distorted with more than click that has not expected never. I am disappointed of then I has expected elepé of quality to match one wonderfully remastered CDs.
4 / 5
Touches his defenders of the group. Well remixage. It did not spend to Touch lucidas accounts of DVD MAINTAINED to give average during the shooting, in and sees included give lines of 'that follow' during the visonnement.
5 / 5
Looks for still Is difference with Prime minister of mine CD moin of pendant to whistle his classical extreme averts this ?
5 / 5
A remastered the sound is warm and clear in a CD is. Still although some images are dated and bit it rough in a DVD, one 5.1 sound of the full concert is the godsend. Door for behind the plot of memories of the earliest days. Well value a prize.
4 / 5
True this Version is of much better. His Instruments, his voice, everything is clear bravo
4 / 5
was the record add while new in 1976 and is a test of time. Partorisca Listen regularly like Dark Side of a Moon.
5 / 5
TrèS Good réAdaptation! You Consultings. Serge Flores sings also well that before.
5 / 5
The rematriçage of this boss partorisca do gives it still better. When In in fact it joins it listens active, the Heptade XL is envoûtante. That says besides. 5 stars.
5 / 5
Serge Flores masterpiece! Improved sonics has compared the original, and stellar pressing.
5 / 5
Has possessed some originals and this version has spent for behind a lot of good memories.
4 / 5
Music very good and content Of this Album of Serge Flores (Harmonium grupal)
4 / 5
Better album of the harmonium does not have to that it never leaves partorisca do the music can very better that quell' Excellent remaster of a classical masterpiece more more than the images jointly add a new song previously unreleased - could not have asked more!
5 / 5
Vocals Is augmented, some suns are different. Still the endeavour adds of Flores and a band.