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Top Customer Reviews: Calvin Klein Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
My Pendant of boy this cold time has loved roughly has CHOSEN of styler and of hot! WOW! It adores him, he his door often in the house in place of the 'is his second pair ... The concealed will not be his dernièès comfortable, sweet and true the the short indicate in his info Thank you...
4 / 5
Utmost comfortable trousers. Quite heavy that it can the to you raisin was and still look stylish but no too weighed to be the trousers of sweat have considered. Looks And feels súper comfortable. Long enough for big men.
5 / 5
Quite well for a prize. A material is comfy, well like this living room trousers.
4 / 5
I order he with logo white is wine with deferent colour

Top Customer Reviews: Calvin Klein Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
So only the little longitude in some legs otherwise the product adds. Nizza & Exerts very comfortable.
4 / 5
Washes on amiably. So only a right heaviness partorisca fall and winter. The cloth feels soft and comfortable against a skin. I do not stagnate in a calf zone.
4 / 5
Has received my container today and a heft and measures it of a container has confused me. Surely, it was impossible to return the sweatshirt and trousers in such the small flexible nave stock exchange unless they were both dense mesh . A container has contained so only the pair partorisca exert/lounging trousers. Where it was a hoodie pictured in a marketing like this prominently? I asked like this they resist partorisca sell both neighbour in such the reasonable prize. A response is resulted partorisca be that it is roughly fifty dollars partorisca some trousers so only. A cloth is the blend of cotton and poly which is the preferred combo of then will limit shrinkage and enclosed breathability. A yard and the access is perfect partorisca mine 5'10' 165lb frame enmedio. A waistband is good and width with a cinch in a half partorisca the good closure and comfortable access.unvosotros The pockets are lined with the alike or perhaps same cloth like some trousers to the equal that would owe that be durable also. Calvin Klein has embroidered the name/of logo is in a sinister leg in dark stitching like this again has the look of quality but is thin and hardly noticeable as it does not shout in you that prefers. It feels soft against a skin and would have to that be durable also by means of repeating washings in of the cold water over time. If it was marketed more transparently, easily would give these main frames. I gave it so only 3 star of looks very deceptive to the equal that to the those calm in fact is ordering. Any only some photos that show mostly a hoodie, but a description also any one the clear fact that calm so only is taking some trousers of sweat. They call it the 'Jogger'? Any this involves is a plenary outfit? Still, the a lot of looking, well produces fact , comfortable partorisca sport or just lounging or random wear. So only be forewarned, is buying trousers partorisca sweat so only.
5 / 5
WOW!! A solid pair of sweatpants He not having never a… besides heavy Fact weighted cotton, these have substance to good sure roughly at all economic or synthetic for any half.. Which expect at all less with CK mark! TBH, A point of prize is marked like such, all partorisca a quality of designer..

Has purchased partorisca mine 17yr. Old stuck in the organism of the man… has chosen a black XL and is returned his 6'4”, 185lb., 33x36, Active but any apple bulky surplus quite well. Happy these have the series of bond in a waist to obtain the personal access.. My edges is mostly legs with the slender waist. In 17yr. It loves a jogger way.. In fact, it is the requirement ! So much, if concerned in a period so only knows- these can be the bit to forgive of joggers is cuffed in an ankle and can be spent 1-2” shorter without looking “riadas!” For any parents that requires adolescent states in consonance sweatpants- these am returned a bill.. A tapered apt begins subtlety in a thigh and continuous equally down a leg to a cuffed ankle- although these are cut way / perfectly to look hip in class of gymnasium.. I seat a weight of a material is not conducive to active exerting, as they are fearful would create too hot and bulk.

The pockets have very deep! These tones of control/cellphone and have perfect hand-held placing but, apresamiento commentaries- no the zip has closed!

These are the perfect pair of sweatpants for the random day in his plus end… has! A sheer the quality in fact will kick random day on the notch! The mine used for the school attire rule- paired with the hoodie and was perfect.. It looked almost better dressed then those in “real” cloths.. Note: we finalise to call sportive spice for a day but, a teasing is optional!! Yes, these are this class “ of sweatpants” a lot of upscale and trendy! These are perfect for weekends and lounging around and better part of everything, as I have found with more CK attire.. It will last for years to come.

Careful to wash with dark colours SO ONLY and do like this, to the rovescio to avert any pilling.. We have chosen to 50/50 line/the dry car and has had shrinkage of zero. These am such the quality and soft material- volume that stops of has paid. Appearance this info can helps your decision.. I recommend for any one looking for the solid, in the short tendency the one who is loving quality especially.
5 / 5
I amour that takes our familiar astonishingly Calvin and comfortable dresses Klein joggers is for real comfortable! It was a lot of impacienta with me because it has loved really spend these! They are incredibly soft, comfortably warm, and absolutely is that it loves him.

Has loved to mention that although a picture indicates ossia the hoodie, is not . These are a joggers, which are so only really well, really add looking sweatpants!

For reference, my husband is 6'2 and weigh right around 200 pounds. These am returned lucido perfectly and loves a look of way and feel. Also it loves that although some careers of logo down a side of some trousers, is done in black embroidery in the black trousers and ossia incredibly classy!

Has washed these these in of the cold water and has had so only the little bleeding to a water and so only some first time the lava to us. With which concealed, a water has run clear. Reason my husband was like this anxious to spend these, dipped the to us in a dryer and dried him on hot of half. Had absolutely any shrinking neither! They are exited to look utmost! And it has had a lot of pilling. I suggest that lavas and dry this only with your darker colours reasons can choose on lighter that lint.

Is looking for Adds it looking pair of random trousers, or have any in your present that gives ready the one who would love the pair to add that it looks trousers of tall sweat, looks no further, these are exactly which any one would want to! Both of our edges is has seen these and has asked the pair for his anniversaries!

Highly Recommended!
4 / 5
- Inseam 30' incl 1.5' elastic cuff
- Side seam pockets, the deep abundance
- 2' big waistband, fully elastic
- Functional external drawstring
- Done in Sri Lanka
- 60 cotton, 40 polyester
- cold of wash of the Car, sweet, any-bleach of chlorine, Tumble down. Iron down. It can dry clean
- Stitching the good looks

does not concern me a lot a lot of for one feels. An outside is soft-ish but has the slick arrived, an interior is terry but no soft, almost abrasive feeling.

Ossia That felt likes mine, washing them, spent them then and complained of a same thing.

Is fat and heavy, and, for once thus mark, does not run small.

Is also massively overpriced but ossia normal thus mark. Calling it 'joggers' in place of some trousers of sweat is, is not to value an extra $ 25+

does not forget to use an allocution - is a program of Amazon where a lot of compraventa of the daily things will generate the small donation of Amazon to a charity of your election in any yours is cost. Info Here:
4 / 5

A sizing the map is attentive in these joggers, has based that has been sent.

With this said, some trousers are more than the tapered returned for joggers.

So many, yes prefer the tapered apt, buy your normal measure. This in spite of, likes the baggy, roomy of apt, opts for a main measure.


polyester/of Cotton blend.

These joggers is heavyweight throughout.

Has said of another way,, these are joggers in looks so only. You will want to spend these to run errands and living rooms around in, any workout in.


Stitching is a lot of fact and has reinforced. As I have mentioned, the materials have used is very fat.

In these joggers, is taking the pair of trousers that would have to resist up for several years.

In general:

Like the random jogger, I really like these trousers. They are facts very good and his quality is quite apparent.

4 stars
4 / 5
Simple pair of cotton terry joggers, adds for lounging around a house. Long drawstring and 2 pockets in a front with one in a backside and these are quite good to spend was if you are by train of gone súper random. The period is good and a sizing split a map of the measure like big measure is the good returned for me. Usually it spends the 34 or 36 encircled and I likes him joggers to returned bit it free likes these are perfect.

A consolation is a main characteristic of these trousers, and loves him spend all a house of time. There is release it elastic in an ankle that is not too tight and looks correctly. A name of mark of Klein of Calvin is embroidered in a side of a sinister leg, but is hardly visible in some black trousers. Any I same sees at the beginning, and have it remarked later.

The pair Adds of joggers, and one the majority of comfortable has not spent never. The quality is much bigger that has expected and am very happy with these.

Top Customer Reviews: Calvin Klein Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
If you are familiarised with or have Calvin Klein clothes confine modal, well these are some same feels, consolation etc... In pyjamas inferior fashion. The pockets are the good addition , this in spite of as material another reviewer remarked - a waistband could be improved partorisca do it slightly wider and perhaps the little control more in bylines around your waist. These funds are a lot of stops around a house, but would consider them trousers of clue partorisca alfresco. Any sure would pay full prize, but on sale would consider another pair.
5 / 5
Is really utmost. So only a question-too thin. Very comfortable and the access adds but l has to that writing partorisca spend down that. It has looked for something l can manage without the writing but these are like the thin points and my masculinity Baryshnikov dancing to a Nutcracker-take a picture?
4 / 5
Adds PJ trousers. Some pockets are utmost. A sale of waist is sum. Very light and comfortable. They return tightish this in spite of, has taken the half and are for the half buid. Still with a half is still good but taste pjs partorisca be of the little freer. To good sure will take another pair but I will try big this time.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my edges like the presents navideño. ALIVE in dips him in some dirty clothes maintains partorisca ask when they will be cleaned again. It has said that they are like this comfortable....
5 / 5
Really comfortable but expensive... They are not fat like this utmost to time warmer. A quality is good but does not think will last the long time. They return well in a waist but is long in a leg. Given a cost, is well.
5 / 5
Poor and poor quality material, translucent at all recommended I almost deceived to buy two
4 / 5
has Bought these for my boys! They love, like this soft and comfortable!
4 / 5
My husband The one of legs very long and this down of the pyjamas does perfectly.
4 / 5
I Games for real to sleep, model very intimate, lúcete the cloths is plustot transparent cest plutot one the fashion combines that pentalon,
4 / 5
I loveeee these trousers! They are like this soft and comfy. Perfecto for pyjamas or living rooms trousers now that am doing of house. It is slightly in an expensive side but a quality the value done he. Some pockets are utmost also, well for your telephone. The 10/10 buys it again.