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Top Customer Reviews: Acronis True Image ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Old product but bolt until his name. Created the Windows 98 image without questions; treated the test restores without questions. Any the one who has not used never Acronis knows work.

Top Customer Reviews: Windows Live ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Windows Alive OneCare control your computer partorisca spyware and virus and resupplies the cortafuego and phishing filter. It directs weekly 'tune-ups' and enable you to behind-on your files. He defrags like this required. The installation is very easy; each one which has not been explained clearly likewise to to the novice like him could comprise. A system there is remarked has had Norton and uninstalled he during installation.

In a side besides, the chair takes to use the product of Microsoft specifically drawn partorisca protect Windows. It is easy to say a state of my computer for a colour of an icon in a fund of my screen - green, yellow, or red. Weekly tune-ups scanner my files quickly partorisca dangerous viruses and spyware. Doing the backside-up is quite fast and easy.

In a down side, volume two or three pop I really annoying on the daily messages that say to click in an icon for updates in planting to update automatically like Norton. Another negative is a prize: His $ the prize of annual byline is main that Norton.

Can take the year to decide maintains OneCare or go back the Norton/Spybot. Like this far, like this good.
4 / 5
For some last fifteen years, has used McAfee or Norton for my protect of virus. I have received the numerous time of the virus and has has had questions with my cortafuegos be plant too big for some clown I assumed the one who was an expert . A worse part was that Norton and McAfee never notified to update my byline ( is supposed to). Perhaps it was my failure . When I have mentioned this to my computer expert grandson his first questions was, 'the system was I using?' Microsoft. I have me advised to touch Norton and never use McAfee. If has the windows Seen, has not felt to use the product of Windows?

Installed it of then, an only question has had has taken my past username and the correct signal. It runs Much faster that any one another software has had and is simple to install. Uninstalling Norton Was harder that installing east. All look to have that learns a hard way. Windows Alive OneCare the work adds!
4 / 5
Although that can be has contested it easily that OneCare is not one the majority of comprehensible security the available application, there there is more the health of PC that just security.

Of that installs OneCare my files are backed on, my printers are shared, and my cariche of computers and runs faster. I also like a capacity to control a state of until three computer, Microsoft calls this yours OneCare Circle. To add the computer of my Mamma in Calgary to my Circle are able to maintain tabs in his same car although it follows 300 kilometres am gone in Edmonton!

OneCare Is the add to program which looks to be constantly improving, and I hope Norton and McAfee fly the page of him is playbook. Good-work!
4 / 5
Although it can be has contested easily that OneCare is not one the majority of comprehensible security the available application, there there is more the health of PC that just security.

Of that installs OneCare my files are backed on, my printers are shared, and my cariche of computers and runs faster. I also like a capacity to control a state of until three computer, Microsoft calls this yours OneCare Circle. To add the computer of my Mamma in Calgary to my Circle are able to maintain tabs in his same car although it follows 300 kilometres am gone in Edmonton!

OneCare Is the add to program which looks to be constantly improving, and I hope Norton and McAfee fly the page of him is playbook. Good-work!

Top Customer Reviews: Norton Ghost ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Has thinks that that this was the current program , but the support has been interrupted in 2013-2014. This will not do partorisca win Windows 8 or Windows 10, and Symantec / Norton says you partorisca the send behind partorisca the repayment. There is any fix for an error of validation. Basically, when you enter the tone of valid product some reports of system behind that it is invalid. You can go any far plus. You can use he partorisca 30 days but then reasons? Calm would not be able to restore anything there is backed up. The support will try to sell you two other produced that it can use you to back on files. FYI This question headed like the bug but has decided any partorisca apply any fixed and just movement on to other solutions of backup.

Good regime, but stay out of this headache.
4 / 5
If your pc has the calm information on can the a lot of without, then Norton the ghost is the must has program. I repair computer all a time and ossia a thing that the people do not look partorisca comprise is then when your accidents of hard walk (physical harm where a data is stored) loses that die, and in some chances if an accident is calm quite bad can not take any that was it in a walk behind. Norton The ghost will back a whole system on, or so only some dossiers want to backed up. A backup of system learns the fact to where although your hard walk has clashed really bad and has had to take the new a. A 'copy 'of complete security' can be restored to your walk of new and calm space will be back up and running so only likes at all never spent in just the few hours (the time depends in that information has had in a backup and that quickly that the information can be transferred behind to a pc). Ossia Reason a complete system restore dips it to the to everything behind likes to of him was before. Like the computer will begin and load when one restores is done.

If the more than a computer in the coverage that would like me maintain backed on, can take the 'the coverage strolls external', and use the transmission of coverage to connect a walk to all some computer that has. Then so only dipped on the each computer to send is backup to this walk in different time.

After a first backup fill a program that has called increment backups. Which means it so only behind on that it was transmission thus day or a week (the difference among a full backup and a prójimo a). In this way your external walk does not take full with complete backups. Example: After the leaves of full backup to say an only difference was 10 emails , 10 documents, and 10 pictures. A increment backup only backup these things because a rest is already in a full system has retreated up.

Can you backup to an external walk, and extra walk already the in your pc or can install extra walk, the flash walk if quite soiled is on that. Or Dvd. A backup also can be compress to save spatial which is the option in a program. Some backups can be planned automatically so that a system he the time has planned any calm days love it to. Like this calm does not forget for the do. A CD that a program comes on is bootable and has utility to help fix the walk. Calm also can do the backup of just kicking a cd to any source goes to use. And so that costs here in the amazon is a lot of value an investment.
4 / 5
Has been the user of Ghost for years and be very happy with leading versions. But Ghost 15 in my new computer that the careers Wins 7 Pro has been he at all but the headache. It has not installed correctly a first time, although a 'Install Completed Felizmente'. The ghost could not find any of some walks has connected to my computer for fates of backup. A second installation (and third) has found some disks but will not run a backup of image properly. It will do the image of base of my main disk but hangs when subsequent incrementals start. Calling Norton lean it and that leaves a technology has the control was the big deception . A technology was the hack . It has ignored some reports of error of Ghost and has begun to do another material, erasing files and changing other settings in my computer. It has said the ghost will not begin if a car is sleeping, which is so only one of some wrong statements has done. The start is not a @@subject in all the chance, completing east. While erasing files, has done deceive and has erased the pair other files. Had then reinstall again and retry. Retry Has meant to dip on the series autobackup works and while 2 days for them to run. It has not had any transmission in of the questions of the ghost and I have had to animal-setup my control to be able to and software of virus thanks to a technology and recover the pair of files. I have begun to run more experiences and expósitos that could backup a main segment of my disk and one of some two underlying segments (Recovery). But I have comprised another underlying segment (Dell Utility), will not run an incremental backup of anything. I consider this the fatal defect. I love the image of disk for my backups. If has the accident of disk, this means can very so only recover a disk without loosing these utilities. I owe that spend for the computer reconstructs yes wants to take everything. It has taken to follow it on called of Norton. A type has had such the fat emphasis, has had to have repeat each sentence dulcemente. It has not had any idea that has followed on on. I have explained a question and has been said, 'A question is probably with him Dell Utility' A type there is clearly be any idea. It has suggested I kings-install a software and 'gone back was all Dell Utility'. I have asked more. I ignored to have like this hanged. I am spent 8-10 hours this in spite of does not have the solution.
5 / 5
Has been the long time Norton user of Ghost - and has saved mine and it bacon of my woman more than a swipe when the hard walks have failed and taking some bad virus' in our cars. BUT, of emotional to 64bit Windows 7 and adding USB 3 controllers to our systems, I so only expósito Norton Ghost to be ridiculous in his requirement for 32bit versions of engine SO ONLY (a horrendous the requirement yes is running 64bit Windows). And then, although you direct to find 32 has bitten engine, has to exit you by means of all the classes of hoops to build half comunicacionales of the recovery done of the commission for Each CAR possesses. In my chance has saved my images of Ghost to the USB 3 walk, one which have had has not built still the CD of Ghost of the recovery done of stops of commission. Like this when I have been for the restore, fallen of a Ghost CD - But could not see my USB 3 walk with some images of Ghost of my system. So much, it has had to take my USB 3 walk to the mine portable, hook on the USB 2.0 walk and copy some in his images and then dipped an USB 2 walk in my car to house to restore an image. I have found this to be ridiculously nettling - sooo a lot of type that has taken the hard look in Acronis 2012.

For $ 33, here has included on Amazon - can take Acronis 2012 Image Some House 2012 Backup of PC and Recovery. Out of some laws of boxes SO ONLY WELL with each alone device in my system, to COMPRISE our house IN I the walks that RAID of career. Like this simple, has taken one of the mine old 4GB USB 2.0 walks of thumb and Acronis loaded he with all has required to kick up for recoveries of system. I tried it on each car in our house (HP desk, SONY Vaio, and 3 different HP Pavillion portable). Each one which of them kicked of a walk of thumb of the USB, and Acronis was able to see all the devices in some cars as well as our coverage of house. SO SIMPLER that Norton Ghost!!!!!!!

Any to mention some available tools in Acronis which are, in my opinion, far more robust in some capacities the one who that is offered in Norton Ghost 15.

Decides to move to Acronis and have more than a car, goes to Acronis' put web and control out of his 'Band Familiarised' extracted that it is available. Enough smokin extracted, and for a month on November 2011 is launching in a Acronis Bandage besides for FREE which give you a bit extra kewl tools. They are A lot VERY HAPPY with our movement to Acronis - far upper product in our opinion!!
4 / 5
A C: walk in my computer with one 64 has bitten Seen the operating system fracasado - sometimes doing the sound of click, occasionally causing way of control of the disk automatically to delete corrupted files and mark of bad zones of a disk, and generating messages of error during one trying of monthly system. While it has continued to do, it has required to clone a walk of system to the new hard walk. Had also the logic D: partition in this walk that required to be copied.

I to plot to read on like this to do this prevails beginning, and has bought this Norton Ghost 15.0 in a force of one of some descriptions written here. Another reviewer has the 64 has bitten the system Seen and was able to clone his walk in a prime minister tries, any question. So only follow some instructions in a manual of pdf has comprised in a DVD, has said.

No such regime for me. In a first tentativa Norton hanged in 86 conclusion. Of then it had fallen slept during a process, has known no that the time has taken to take to 86. Reason does not have does more progress during a half hour prójima, has begun on. Three hours later, a second tentativa hanged in 97. It looked to be accusing files, but like this dulcemente that has been still in 97 three additional hours later.

When I have closed down Norton Ghost, has directed to close on a computer and has had to restart he to resist down a transmission to be able to until it has closed down and rebooted. When A computer rebooted, a C: the walk was in question big and is automatically be the way of disk of the control. For a prójimo two hours a computer has deleted corrupted and mine-indexed files in the fast tax, any-stop. With which concealed, has begun to add files behind to a walk. I put to bed me expect that a walk would be reconstructed automatically, but while a worse. In a morning a computer has been kicked on and ready to go. Amazing regime!

Enough of that. With which some investigation roughly further in an Internet, has downloaded a free version of Wizard of Partition of his place of web. This rock of looks of the program -solid. It has done without work. It has taken 12 hours to clone a walk but he he correctly, comprising a D: partition. An interface of user is easy to comprise and a place of web has the good FAQ section. After a walk has been cloned took it some do with an utility Seen of management of the disk and some tweaking of a BIOS to take an installed clone like new C: and D: walks. The works add! The wizard Of partition values the look.

Warns: With which have verified that a new C: it is on and running properly, has closed down a computer and disconnect a walk of boot takes. If it calms no, a forward C: it can go back the life as it zombie and take on a computer of your new walk. This will spend during reboot, when a bad walk is reasociado behind to C: and your new clone is given the paper of different walk . So only disabling a walk of leading system in Dress of Manager of the disk is not quite - that can be reactivated likes C pending walk shoes on.

Does not have any substitute for experience. Good regime.
5 / 5
One a thing would owe that agree is is tried to buy this program, gnaw of your own arms so many can the no. Has the history to use Ghost the image the PC to the equal that can disorder around and reimage behind to where was before. It is always state clunky but of confidence.

When I have required to do a same house with a HP 2140 netbook has bought the copy of Ghost (maintaining Symantec) 15.0 to do these images. One first what is spent in an external CD that comes with one 2140. It would not read a Norton CD. Mina MacBook the air could read it and to the equal that could mine Windows 7 partition of mine iMac. As I have copied all some files were to a Windows 7 desks and burned the new CD. I have taken then that CD to mine 2140 and that felizmente read in. Clearly this did not dip me until having sucedido like this far.

Has installed a program to a computer and has looked for a capacity of image of the disk. It is not existed, at least any under this name. It weaves to have of capacity of the backup has not concerned me roughly but well, perhaps backing up was that it has loved. As I have dipped the dual layered DVD in an external walk and has selected a backup to time the regular compression verifies.

The could not take 12GB to a disk and use two disks. After the colossal quantity of transmission of disk, has died with the cryptic error. As I have tried he without verification with maximum compression and at least has not required another disk. But it has died with one same cryptic error. Any copy. Any visible file in a disk, but something was there for a capacity.

Has has tried gone in-line to ask help. It could no any email, forced to the cat. It has not had any selection for ghost to the equal that have chosen a anti-section of virus. I have expected roughly 20 minutes for a window of cat for gone alive (certainly this was 8 in a morning). Finally any one is coming on and has said a history. Has has said oh this is a wrong forum. I have been he was and 30 minutes to exercise this in spite of a escrolling' to a right group there has been has not spent still. 30 More the minutes had done my financial bill that paid for a week and still at all.

The ghost has died. A lot of alive time is successors in other companies.
5 / 5
Has bought a product because Norton Ghost 14 has subject with Windows 7. Mostly this product is one same likes version 14 with two exceptions:

1. This produces calm to leave you to do cold backups in your system to kick yours Recover CD. Ossia The utmost characteristic but an only question is that you have to that enter your number of serial every time. Ossia The ache in a butt.

2. I have found that Symantec there is spoilt some functions of browsers of the file in a Recovery CD. You can explore your good files but some functions of file have been disabled. Ossia The big thing reason have used to be able to copy joined the majority of recent files of my computer to an external walk before I reimaged a same walk if it could not kick to one YOU. Now I owe that maintain a Norton Ghost 14 CD of recovery thus purpose or boot to Linux in the clave of USB so only to fulfil this in the computer with the broken YOU.

Liked the version 14 and are disapointed in version 15 mainly because of transmission 2 has listed on. I can do around a shortcomings but feels has to that it does not have to that . Still all and everything is the product a lot well stops more than solutions of backup of the villages.

Update 11/28/2012

has been using this product is exited of then. It is now very dated but Symantec has done endeavour very small to release the new version. He no correctly in a Windows 8 half although Symantec say you that can use to do cold backups of Windows 8. USB And big walks 3 walks go to cause @subject buy this product. It is old and outdated compared to compete produced. Symantec I looks have bent on pressing the clients the byline has has based produced that do work. After using this product like the consumer and a The PROFESSIONAL for years, am done with Ghost. Symantec Lost to like the client.
4 / 5
Has been using Ghost 15 under Win7 has installed of Win7 almost done 2 years. It has done always well. While he , Ghost 15 was 5 stars. Now it is 3, reason liked while it has done.

Suddenly, the few weeks have @@give any behind on my C: walk. Any so only the has not been the backing on, but exactly 30 by means of the backup ( has taken me quite the moment to find a correlation among accidents and Ghost) Win7 totally would take up. Has has had to that do to hard boot for the take behind up. I thought that it that it was the question with my walk -- fraction, corrupted sectors?. As I have tried to back on C with Win7 utility of backup -- and work well. I have tried to back on C with Acronis utility of backup (used a trail of 30 days) -- rear on finals.

Perhaps Norton could help me figure out of that is bad, but is more economic that buy Acronis that to spend an hour or two of my lovely time in a telephone to PERHAPS fix my question. (Sad, Norton, but are not the defender of abroad personal to sustain the one who clearly are using at all more trees of decisións and have any expertise at all with your products.) I have tried Acronis and work amiably. I also like an option besides, which would enable me to emigrate my integer YOU The new hardware, which will be to buy punctual in all the chance.

Was the Norton client of backside when Peter Norton has written a prime minister Norton Utility for TWO. But I gradually escaped of all a Norton produced to the equal that have turned to bloat-ware and there is retarded my system down (anti-virus, etc). When I upgraded to Win7, has had to buy the integer of new Ghost. And it has had to touch PartitionMagic reason has had no upgrade at all to sustain Win7. (Cela Would be necessary have has said something.) Sad to see the ghost gives on a ghost. It is a last Norton produced never use.

(Will I really likes Acronis in a long career? The one who knows. The mine that tries he so that there is far has had to the good results, and is where am going at least for now.)

A sewing of plus: they are not uninstalling Ghost for the moment, and am saving my backups of Ghost. It could require it restores it, and that the function looks the still work well. Still just lunch has thought to go to change on. But I am turning time of backup of the Ghost.
5 / 5
Has been using Norton Ghost 10.0 paralizaciones 4 years more, always backing on a system weekly and diligently take old copies of files of backup to leave sufficient space of one 250 gB external. Recently, my old PC (Windows XP) is infected with the malware or the FIRMLY attached virus to Mozilla Firefox. A virus is esmart' quite like this one can a lot of uninstall a Firefox. I have tried Norton Ghost 10.0 but my distribution has purchased, drawn to use like the disk of boot has failed takes to kick. Norton The ghost can not have the habit to RESTORE a whole C:\ walk inside a half of windows. So many, has thinks that has to that purchase an IMMEDIATELY directly of Symantec first of my consultor of computer comes to visit for a purpose to configure mine 2nd computer (Windows 7). A Ghost has restored a system felizmente. Had some scary aiming some errors DURING one RESTORE process, any exactly 'the friendly user'. But in an end, has AIMED estáalmacenado Felizmente'. All some files have been restored without any glitches.

One first copies of Ghost 15.0 has been ordered of the vendor the one who has sold his open but unregistered copy in prize very reasonable. I have used that copies to first BACKUP and then RESTORE one enters system in mine late more DELL Workstation. Again, it has done a lot well. To the to interface likes him all a software of the ghost is not exactly 'the friendly user'. Calm ask you to identify a same file for date. Then it calms also it could ADD even more files. Without knowing if a system has been backed on incrementally Or the COMPLETE System, has selected 2 files. A result was the add RESTORE, all the files are well with this relatively new system.

Happy that a Symantec engineers finally something ADDS that it follows some phenomenal tarpaulins of Peter Norton several do varied. The sincere mine thanks to them.
4 / 5
Has bought the new computer two years ago. One of some first programs has dipped on was Norton Ghost. I then installed all mine another software and has created the image of disk so that it would not owe that install a software again. I also bought Norton Security of Internet. Reason was all has done well until him roughly done 3 month. I upgraded to Norton Security of Internet 2012. This time, my computer has begun to retard down/freezing. To retard I down means it would take the minute to rubbishes an icon. An only thing could do was the register was. A do one well for any one the pocolos small or the hours and he then freezes again.
Has thought virus, as I have reconstructed my whole computer of an original disk. This was the difficult task reason, for example, has had to install an original Photoshop, upgrade the, and a upgrade the season has to that again policemen. The thought had solved my question, again has done the image of disk. Inside the pocolos small, this in spite of, my question has been of tower.
Has on dipped with east for two month that looks for the solution. Finally, I reinstalled everything. This time, has taken days, doing sure that each program was stable. I have had all my software in my computer and has done perfectly. It has installed Norton Ghost 15, has done the image of disk, and has been to sleep for a night.
A next day, my computer there is hanged again. I have used Revo Uninstaller Pro to take never traces of Ghost of my computer, and has done perfectly for several days now, as I assume was lacking Ghost.
Has informed a question in Norton put. It guesses it was useful. Basically, they have said to the launch was my original CD , downloads the new version of his web of place and then create the new start on disk. This can or can no . I see any reason to take the casualidad. I am giving this product the bad description, any to punish Norton, but to warn other buyers of my question. I assume Windows 7 is complicated so no the perfect software can be write anymore.
Have the Window 7 64 has bitten car with a i7 processor.
5 / 5
I am spent some last 3 days that tries to take Norton Ghost partorisca do in mine Dress x64 portable. The ghost has done well until last week when I have seen an icon of the tray of the system looked different. I have found a saying of message of the error 'the ghost could not reconcile transmissions of then last session' and 'the ghost could not connect to an agent; Service not running '. I have verified an Internet partorisca the solutions and a joint looked partorisca be partorisca download a Symantec Tool of Scrolling and run the 2-3 times partorisca take Ghost and then reinstall Ghost. I this three times. Every time, a hanged computer when a tool of scrolling has tried to close down Windows and restart. Has has had to that manually turn a computer was and behind on. Then I reinstalled Ghost and every time has taken messages of error after an installation completed and the live update has downloaded the 15MB up to date version of Ghost.

After doing more trying an Internet partorisca help with a message of error has taken of live update, has found the description detailed of a solution of 4 MORE in a Norton put Community web. I aimed it down. It has to that BE KIDDING!

Of then when it is the supposed user fijamente the Symantec question of live update partorisca modify some tones of Register? It was a lot of reluctant to buy the Symantec produced after years of the bad experiences but many have respected the users said me to us Norton the ghost was a software of available better backup. It had lost the majority of my data after taking the error of Windows Seen of corruption of file of boot and has discovered that Backup of Dress and Restore the software any behind on any of my executable files. I have had to reinstall dozens of programs and juries partorisca buy and use the software of good backup.

Inferior line: ANY NEVER BUY A SYMANTEC has PRODUCED. My experience in a past 10 or more the years has been he at all but ache. Here it is a Symantec recommended solution to one the fault of live update has found so only:


1. In the first place, it follows some have not outlined in this Norton page partorisca download a concrete patch that is causing LiveUpdate partorisca fail:
In my chance, a concrete patch that has failed was ''. You will download a file of ZIP with a patch and unzip some files to the file.

2. Once you unzip some files, of a line partorisca order execute one .EXE Lima that there have been you unzipped, using a /LiveUpdate transmission so that LiveUpdate is conscious is running a patch manually. When you Execute a patch manually, follows some instructions in some dialogues that comes up. Look for a following error partorisca come up:

error 2738 could not access vbscript runtime

Ossia a reason partorisca one the fault of a patch. A patch apparently needs run some VBScript so much part of some steps partorisca install, but can any reason a VBScript Runtime is blocked because of the setting of register.

According to Heath Stewart of Microsoft/MSDN
In of the Windows 7 and the view is likely that a HKEY_section_of the CURRENT USER of a register will have an entrance partorisca a VBScript and JScript (Javascript) Runtime Engines that will prevent an Installer of Windows partorisca run these. This is to be do like the measure of security partorisca prevent malicious the script the career has elevated under privileges that the session of the installer of the Windows could be use.

Partorisca Take a patch partorisca install, will require partorisca take some following tones of a HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU) section of a register:
'HKCU\Classes\of SOFTWARE\CLSID\{ B54F3741-5B07-11CF-A4B0-00AA004A55E8}' partorisca 32 has bitten cars, or
'HKCU\Classes\of Software\Wow6432Node\CLSID\ B54F3741-5B07-11CF-A4B0-00AA004A55E8' on 64-has bitten cars.

Partorisca Take this, can use any RegEdit or statements of line of the mandate partorisca take to this key and the take. BE SURE partorisca BACK ON YOUR FIRST REGISTER to DO THIS TRANSMISSION, IN CHANCE PERHAPS.

4. Calm also would owe that look to verify that this tone exists in HKEY_LOCAL_CAR (HKLM) (same structure but HKLM in place of HKCU). If there is, calm then would owe that be all the place partorisca come from - calm does not need to king-record a scripting engine. If he no, calm then will require to king-record this under HKLM or he no run. It informs to one links on to Heath posting in MSDN partorisca more than info.
5 / 5
Has used Norton Ghost partorisca the years with successes adds. On some years have purchased a lot of versions of Ghost and has grown partorisca depend on that. I am running Windows 7 pro 64 has bitten with the quota installs Windows. All the engine and the updates have been installed. An image of disk can be saves without questions. Norton The stops during the system restore with a message 'verifying Requirements of System...'. I left it partorisca be announces hours without successes.
Once in the Ghost for the moment will give fault by heart partorisca arrive to this point and clicking annuls will cause it partorisca restore a walk. The diagnostics indicate the memory of a computer is well. Norton The web of place and the support of technology is useless. I have touched in FAQS and spent a lot of hours that tries to find the solution. All was paralización naught. This has been the very disappointing experience and the waste of money. The no this deception again.
5 / 5
Does not leave any or any software touch my documents or of the files and I always dipped everything of my documents in any one the separate partition or the hard walk separate interior. So much, I in fact Ghost of only use 15.0 to manually create an image with and then restores an image when has questions of computers. Note, this in spite of, concealed in a chance of Windows 7 has to that create the partition partorisca both one bounces of partition of system and a 'C:' partition. With XP calms so only has to that do a C: partition.

Use one recovers disk to both create images and partorisca restore images. Note, this in spite of, that when it creates an image, using a Ghost 15 recovers disk, has to enter a code of CD.

Has has not had never any question with creating images with Ghost 15 and then in his restaurant later, when required.

An only reason that have downgraded my indication for 1 star, incidentally, is because of a prize. Calm in fact can take software that does a class of what I Ghost of use partorisca, partorisca free.
5 / 5
I course a HP Flag with Windows 7 HP and does not have any third exotic party malware chasers, programs of coupon, etc.; The relative has suggested this partorisca help me by means of the substitution of dual hard walk. I have bought a physical CD by means of Amazon. One produces NEVER INSTALLED to a box 'Arrived' of dialogue. There is hanged in a 'installing A calm to Look you Selected' box of installation partorisca HOURS. It could exit of this box, reboot, and then pack it seemingly operational has looked; this in spite of, calm could not use a soyake Disk of Recovery of the System' tool, as it has generated a code of error because one installs has not installed some container partorisca write of the mean comunicacionales. More, has not had a lot of link to a live update partorisca a product, although a manual of user has said that it was in a lower left of a screen of House (any in my screen of House!) Partorisca Add insult partorisca hurt, a defective installation could not be take has seen Programs of Windows and Characteristic; enough, you have required partorisca download a 'Norton Tool of Scrolling' of Symantec to thicket your car. In my car, has taken An HOUR and FIFTEEN MINUTES partorisca this tool partorisca take a defective installation. Symantec The cat has suggested that that come from a version downloaded of a S/W (that comprises SP1); this in spite of, have had a same result. Any full installation. Any capacity to build Recovery of System, etc.

Was able to use a partial installation to fact the complete backup, and Symantec distinguished was that a OEM CD does like this Disk of Recovery of the System. This in spite of, reason has to that I casualidad my programs and die in the substitution of hard walk to this iffy program? It is the DOG .
4 / 5
Has thought when it has done backups of Image of the System that Windows of use 7 backup and facilitated of recovery to a hard walk outside that if my computer or the hard disk have failed, would be able to recover any files of only mine of user but Windows 7 and application also. Any true! When My hardrive has been substituted for Dell, has had a version of old Windows and another software of when have in the first place purchased a computer of Dell. It was able to restore my data of the user but I have had to animal-upgrade the Windows 7 and hunt especially a software had purchased some subsequent years that was the enormous endeavour. I have downloaded of a lot of some applications have purchased, has maintained a test of compraventa in mine archived file of Perspective of the Windows. Big deception reason this data has been lost. It maintains hard copy of all your application compraventa. I have researched and expósito that Norton Ghost , in fact, the image of backup and real system of data of the user initially and then backups of the incremental system added as well as backups of file of incremental user. Appearance do not owe that never go through this question again.
5 / 5
Am using windows7 64-BIT. A software installs and work seemingly without any questions (any messages of error). This in spite of a pre-the backup has defined the backup soyy documented any behind up anything. That I bad for that is that a 'norton backups' the file in my external walk is measured 1.3 GB, when there is roughly 250 GB of data. The state aims a data is backed-up on (green), but is not . If I choose the manual backup and choose a file that is soyy documented retreated especially, this in spite of is virtually very available to recover because of a way some works of browsers to file dip, sees next commentary...

Partorisca Do the worse subjects, any of then is backed up is in binary format and no readable outside of a Norton interface of Ghost. Inside an interface some files so only can be explored partorisca write in a name of the file that has been backed up. If I write partorisca see all the files say me that a cast is too long partorisca show everything. So only to the file can be recovered; it is not possible to do recovers the file. It appears if I in fact required partorisca recover my integer soyy documented would be weighed in a less, possibly impossible to recover some files that surpasses a limit of exposure (does not think you can recover to file if it does not look in a cast).

Absolutely a worse solution partorisca back on files could any never imagine.
5 / 5
Norton Ghost 15.0 is a later emission of this product. It likes reason has retreated on the complete image of my hard walk, in that give me an option partorisca recover the in Indian file or the alone file, dossiers or multiple multiple files, or my complete hard walk. I have recovered my complete hard walk on two different occasions, when I have had the hard walk corrupted perhaps because of virus. More than trying fixed anything was bad with my walk, I so only kicked of a Norton CD of Recovery with my walk of external backup has attached, and has taken the paper of mine leading C image of backups of walk. I have chosen a the majority of recent backup, and less than 30 minutes had restored my hard walk to a way was when I had backed the up. Norton The ghost is the product adds .

Norton The ghost also leave partorisca restore files and dossiers, although I that less often. When I Create or modify to file, I the copy to the according to computer, and need the recover, the find easier just to copy he of the mine another computer, more than partorisca go to take my outside to drive which maintain partorisca security in the different location.

Are all the redundancy.
4 / 5
Has lost my tone partorisca east, and when I have called a company partorisca take another (so only like two weeks later) said to us any a product anymore, and partorisca some illogical reason that also means can not produce new tones partorisca people those who has lost has to them that buy another copy. Felizmente Has had them has bought also the copy partorisca my dad, like this has used them his tone, but this was really uncool.

In general some works of program and saves to plot of the times partorisca any one like me to us those who formed enough often. But there are some like the random programs will not run properly partorisca restore (like acrobat of season) and so many has to that restore of an image then all look partorisca be GOOD. It is spent the time of pair now.

MODIFY: Too many questions of software (that down of 3 to 1 star). Over time they begin partorisca build up and calm finally precise begins fresh and do the new image, doing all an useless time that is spent partorisca develop is one. In a signal, in fact has lost entirely an image and has has had to that REALLY begin on. I have lost everything. Simply a lot of dependable.
5 / 5
Like him longtime user of Norton GoBack partorisca protect me and my system of goofs, and of Norton Save & Restore for backup, was disheartened when it has taken the laptop with Windows 7 and has taken one dreads alert 'incompatible'. After trying Ghost my worries disappeared and now are partorisca the convert. Neither Norton On-line Backup neither Norton 360 will do the backup of full system; Backup of Ghost your whole system, so only a walk, or dossiers and just files. It is easy to dip up and use, but be sure partorisca follow some instructions partorisca create the Disk of the recovery done of commission. When being habituado partorisca do it GoBack restore inside Windows, I skipped some facts partorisca commission RD and has felt a lot prompt reason some of my engine of entity is upgrades of some costruttrici of part and no in a incumplimiento half of recovery. The ghost is very flexible. The users can configure it to run multiple backups the day, of the each one 15 min. To the each one 23 hrs. It has dipped on the work partorisca run each 2 hrs. Partorisca Normal use and another partorisca run each 30 min. when I am doing video or digital painting that it modifies. One drives of user could use some expansion but a support of on-line cat is very good and a forum of the user of the Ghost is excellent, fill with connoisseur folks the one who are happy to help.
4 / 5
Simply place, Norton Ghost 15.0 sucks! A lot it deserves still some stars. I have done in him professionally partorisca on 10 years and this product is:

- pathetically slow
- often causes a computer partorisca freeze (yes, included new, quickly pcs with abundance by heart and storage)
- renders doing in a pc simultaneously almost impossible (unless I want to cause Norton partorisca freeze in any, I a lot usually laws in a pc in time of backup (during a night), but I , closes almost every time doing simple tasts)
- Norton support of technology (I bad 'Norton' pathetic tentativa in supports') is the complete joke. You will improve the support has spoken to the chimp in a telephone. I have not resisted calm with a 3 saga of week of his total incompetency.
- Can do the fantastic work in creating your pressure of blood and giving you the headaches concealed is that it loves

This product is disgrace to Symmantec. This be has said, has done the terrific work with his later versions of antivirus and security of internet (much faster and more stable that first).

Does not squander You money, the spend in the product that works. I will be partorisca try Acronis and Comfortable partorisca see like this extracted .

Update 9/2/11: some investigation and expósito Rebit 5 software of backup. Seen again of PC and another have the data informs of sound, as I am trying a 30 Day free trail and like this far is doing add and is real time ! The initial backup apresamiento quite the moment (any one very different that Norton excepts does not freeze and in fact the responses love pause and resume the time he late plus!), But then after an initial backup is virtually state undetectable according to that interfering with pc action. It loves it!

Update 9/4/11: Rebit 5 has done awesome. It has done the complete backup, wipe of hard walk, and restore and has done like magic. I so only the bought the copy!
5 / 5
I have purchased this program so that it could do the 'image of clone' of a Hard Walk in my PC. I have used this program partorisca years behind when Windows 98 and Windows 98was to populate. I have used also he with Windows 2000 PRO. Then when I have been the Windows XP and the windows Seen, and finally Windows 7 I has used so only a built-in software partorisca back on my HD. I have been using Norton/Symantec has produced partorisca the years with successes adds, but ossia a first time that has purchased the product that conflicts with the software of a same manufacture. When I have tried to take any responses of Norton in this product not doing with his 360 produces everything of my surgery is has been one-has answered. Down partorisca GUESS that it was partorisca use this product like the stand so only' the hard walk has retreated on program that the probably would do well. But using he with another Norton the product does not operate. When I have tried a-install a Norton Ghost of my PC of then clashed with a Norton 360 My computer has refused. I have tried all and has has had to that finally king-install Norton 360 reason there is prendido partorisca do also!
4 / 5
Has been using different versions of Ghost in fact a lot of years. They are not in New Bee to this. It could not take this partorisca do in the Flag HPE H8-1050Z. Has the Tent has bought Windows boxed 7 Pro the installed clean version (NEW HARD WALK). I have tried also he with an original HP has resupplied Windows 7 Prize partorisca House that is coming with a system. Also the has not done. I am using a 64-has bitten version so much Or/S is. Continuous take 'the no deep engine or compatable' errors. I have looked for an internet partorisca days. Has has downloaded tonnes of or called' fixex and could't comes up with one this has done. I have seen then all a NEGATIVE feedback in this product. The desire saw it in the first place first to purchase a product but I have had confidence been due to past experience.


Windows 7 (At least a Pro Version) has his program of work and own image. The one backup of image in an additional hard walk and has treated the successful restores. I have done also he 3 conjoint DVD of a same image and he have tried out of final.

Save money or wait until another versoin of the ghost results available.


4 / 5
Has done in a The FIELD in fact a lot of years. I have done with a lot of different versions of Symantec/Norton Ghost A Company and the versions of consumer are the must partorisca any user of computer. Version 15 of Norton the ghost is probably a version of better consumer still. 1 bootable CD is an installation partorisca Windows and a esscue' disk. This software creates an image of some typical Windows XP the installation that comprises applications and data in roughly 40 minutes. You can kick of a CD and restore this image less than half that time. A half that has used was the removable SATA hard walk in the PCIe SATA II CONTROLLER that has given me probably these amazing speeds. I do not concern it takes 2 or 3 times like this long. If it has retreated up and it restores, it is the saver of life . It maintains partorisca import that with an external USB pipes this time could be significantly longer. A remarks here concealed so only surprised is that one comforts of the recovery is like this the rich characteristic that calm included can install additional engine partorisca controllers of disk in a fly and law.

Daría this he 10 was an option .
5 / 5
Has has wanted to something partorisca back on my PC, which was unstable and roughly partorisca clash with which have installed RegCurePro. I uninstalled RegCure Pro but my PC was still unstable and roughly partorisca clash. I have installed Black but uninstalled the reason has had like this characteristic besides backup that has gone the massive program, unwieldly, very slow, and confusing partorisca use (excepts backup). As it has taken Norton Ghost 15.0 partorisca back on my PC and has lived felizmente never with which.

UPDATE: Four month later--A program clashed and has done apparently my unstable computer. I have had to take a software of my computer partorisca restore his stability. A program was difficult to take. I have tried a lot of things but unfortunately does not agree like this has takes finally a program. Investigation a scrolling on Google, any Ghost gone in has called malware.
5 / 5
Has bought Norton Ghost partorisca clone my walk of old hard disk to the new, walk of disk of big capacity. Ossia One of one has announced uses of Norton Ghost. Inferior line: it has not done. It has transferred it files but no an operating system, which is essential to the disk has cloned. With which 2 days of frustration, has used Seagate DiscWizard (free in a Seagate put of web) which has done perfectly, cloning a whole disk, comprising an operating system, and doing the bootable disk.

When I have bought Ghost, has done adequately partorisca back on files. But it concealed it is not reason bought it and any that announces.

2/13/2012: The ghost no longer does partorisca back on files of mine. It gives the message that clash with script of Microsoft. This software is worthless partorisca any purpose because he so only the works partorisca the PERIOD have LIMITED then closes down.
5 / 5
He Goes to a Norton Forum partorisca 'Other Produced', Norton Ghost 15 has 90 of some complaints and a lot of pocolos are labeled olved.' Some Gurus damage a joint to not even use Lima and Backup of File (which is 50 of a product) reason is like this the time that eats and a Listing of starts of Lima of sync. For example, you delete Lima and Backup of File in NG15 and in a walk of fate, a deleted files still look in available Lima that loans partorisca recover. But they can not be recovered reasons have been deleted. An only way to take touched of of them in a listing is partorisca take and king-install NG15.

There is prendido partorisca use Norton the fact has produced 20 years because Norton the security of Internet there is taken on my computer and was the nightmare to uninstall. I seat partorisca say that it looks Norton Management (Symantec) is still laboring under a delusion that is all stirs it of Hobbyists the one who there is at all partorisca do with our time but figure out of that is bad with his products.

Also, last but much less, sure, any LAW WITH WINDOWS 8!
4 / 5
Ossia A better solution partorisca restore your computer. These produced is no longer sold for Norton. You owe that find to somewhere more partorisca purchase the used one or new a ossia still available. So only do a file of image of complete C: Walk and when you read of computer on or incidents. You can restore he in roughly 20 minutes. A tone is partorisca have a Hard Walk installed extra in you computer to the equal that can back on your C: Walk to an extra of Hard walk and never be down partorisca longitude.
4 / 5
Norton The ghost has been interrupted like this of April 30, 2013 and the basic support will remain until June 30, 2014. Symantec Will be partorisca move to the new product has called Symantec Recovery of System 2013. Any one annoy buying Norton the ghost of the support will finalise in roughly a year. If you are looking for an alternative and does not want to give Symantec more money, then would recommend release it, adds imaging/the software to clone has called Clonezilla, so only do the investigation of web and calm would owe that be able of the find easily. It is open source and has maintained fully. You can download a cd iso file and burn the copy to cd and have the solution of backup adds. It is recommended highly for techies the one who do not want to maintain launching the money was to Symantec.
4 / 5
Norton 360 has TAKEN NOW on some functions of this product, as it does not look Symantec will sustain this produces a lot takes a message of error , has links it to soyayuda of past in a web' except so only say me to upgrade. Of then I have bought so only this, does not want to pay extra to upgrade! Also, hide of errors in a tray of icon, and is not easily has to that do the point partorisca go check my backups and see like this has done it. It would owe that have the pop-arrive or something partorisca do this more obvious.

Has taken an error in mine 'Files and of the Dossiers' backup, has had to go to a Symantec put of web and find the solution that has involved uninstall/reinstall and some another for the moment, but now are that it takes that error intermittently again. When it buys software of backup, does not love the disorder with him would have to that be install, schedule and forget. Disappointed in this compraventa.
4 / 5
Has too many uncontrollable parts to this system of backup for Norton. Of here, calm restrict to Norton paving of game partorisca backup. My software of leading backup has does not have to that the like this graces. Perhaps because of a new hardware 64x, need all some bells and whistles. It has taken so only also yearn me partorisca begin. But they are the defender of Norton, as I installed it. And, after several tests, has done.

Done of the sure tests a backup and restore function. It does not take for him it has admitted it it calms HE WELL. It tries one restores, immediately. If your backup has not gone properly dipped-on, or yours restore, one same ... That the waste that all these backups, so only partorisca find was bad. Hope This description helped.
4 / 5
Perhaps I something wrong, but all have required partorisca do was partorisca move mine 320 GB C:\ to the 1 TB (new plus) walk partorisca be my C:\. I have selected included an option that has said was partorisca create the new walk, copies a MBR etc. When it Has been done, has thinks that has been perfect until windows 7 finally loaded and has taken the BSOD that says that the windows has not been Genuine. I have finalised basically do the net installs and king-installing all my programs of scratch. I owe that say although I want an Amazon 5gb storage of Cloud. It was able to back on my files 'critical' and has had once my new image done, was able to easily download them. So many for a purpose of upgrading to the main walk like your walk of boot, has not done for me, happy I so only squandered $ 12 on that. Perhaps it will do for more, but ossia my description .
4 / 5
A function of the copy of the walk is nowhere approaches like this sincere as once it was. In the first place, he so only works by means of Windows, for like this inevitably will have some variances of the windows constantly is updating files. You have used to be able to kick of a CD and copy to drive to drive. Calm now can so only backup or restore when kicking of a CD. Also, the calm mark sure any partition or format a walk of fate. Neither a manual neither a process of software has any indication of this requirement, but a Symantec the forums are full of some results of this subject.

Some backups & of the file of the file is a lot dulcemente a first time. Ossia For the creation been due to a method has used to copy some files for the Symantec estaca of member in his forums. Also, some backups of the file is not of the just copies of some files and calm has to that use a software of Ghost to explore some files inside a backed on version.

In general, he that says, only no in an easy and sincere way. Calm once imagine the things was and take by means of a first backup, work.
5 / 5
Has used to WANT TO Norton. The leading versions of Ghost were of SOUND... But now No. This program takes on your computer. One of some things has done to the mine has been has linked my primary walk with my secondary walk without saying me and of this point advances this two walk has had to that be installed for my computer to kick. If a pipe fracasada (which he ) another is result unbootable and unuseable. Also a program no accident disables one planning protion of a program. Which is craps. I will back On my system when it loves any when norton said to. Anyways... Find another program and steer out of the this. I caused SUBJECTS A lot A lot of with my system. JUNK!
5 / 5
Does not expect any a lot of software of backup just backup my directories and files, and be able to restore is necessary.

One first question has come from/come from to select that the backup. I copy of the security has loved so only sure walks, but has had to that struggle a software ( has loved backup everything, that comprises some walks of backup - stupid!).

I finally taken like this fallido that I uninstalled and has looked for the different product. Now I am using Paragon Utility of Disk, which is much more powerful and easier that use.
4 / 5
Has had the no his time a lot the time done - the ghost was a level in fact when it is coming to PC imaging & HD cloning - Norton so only trashed this product adds - I thinks way of way of the way behind - the ghost was created in fact in Canada - does not know so only that PC are there is cloned in mine 20+ years in him - but use of Ghost to do really a lot of - this produced suck - could the a lot of included do the simple by means of one clones of boss of two simple Dell Desk is - has had to that appeal to undermine on one of my versions of the oldest ghost & in fact cloning a HD is inner a Dell Desk - waisted the solid hour ... I eat ... Already ... Newer is not always better & ossia the example adds when the bad things spend to that quell'was once the software adds ...
5 / 5
In that experienced that two Walk of Failures of Boot in a past 8 month, has purchased Norton Ghost to the equal that protect to spare I an ache of the third failure.

In a past was familiarised with Norton versions of Ghost 6 - 9. Like the engineer to draw of senior software, law of Ghost of the use to quickly dry the PC and install different versions of Windows for some purposes to try software. With a past success and reliability of this product has not had any reservation that chooses Ghost v15.0 For my house of own use. This was the big deception .

The oldest versions of Ghost were so only in his capacity to take the snap-shot of the hard-walk, and be able to king-install this image in the different hard walk. A new version of Ghost looks for to go further that like the backup of Lima/of solution of total Image. Ossia Where has blown the totally. An interface of user has dozens of cryptically labeled options that is inadequately explained in a file of help. But worse still, can be Ghost to use to do a backup of image that can a lot properly restore an image; and calm is not informed of this until it experience lacking of Ghost and the hard walk run to restore your image of hard walk.

Here is my personal experience with Ghost v15.0: After my first failure behind in December, has has had to that king-install Windows 7 because of some way there was the result corrupted. I took three month to restore my PC to a state was in before a failure, but felizmente all my data has been still in a hard walk.

With which have begun to use the program of free backup of SourceForge has called Areca backup. Ossia The programs of files of only backup, but has saved bacon of mine when my PC Seagate 760 GB HD has died behind in June. This forced finally to consider, that so only was previously be the sweet worry of mine, the strategy of serious backup. As I have been to Amazon and has purchased the Without Digital MobilSTOR MS2T+ 2 Bay SATA to eSATA enclosure of external walk, and two Hitachi Deskstar 2 TB 7200RPM SATA III 6 Gbps 64 MB Hides hard walks. Some the external walks have the habit of backup my three interior 1 TB walks. Oh, I also ordered Norton Ghost v15 a same time.

Marcos on Ghost to do a backup of Image looked to be sincere. I have used the majority of a incumplimiento the settings and a backup looked to run felizmente without accident. This in spite of, any one @subjects that has tried, the ghost a lot properly creates the backup of file. It would leave me create the configuration of backup, but when I have tried to run the, would be announces roughly 10 minutes then stop; showing the cryptic code of error. Included trying the backup the alone directory with to file of alone text in him, has failed. A recognition to a place of the web of the Ghost has aimed that I have not gone so only experiencing this question. And nowhere it was the solution that is offered for Symantec. Basically it was for my account to imagine out of a question.

A question of the backup of the file has annoyed enough, but that has spent afterwards is that murdered my opinion of Ghost for ever. As I have said, it had been doing backups of image of the Ghost of my PC, when I have done the terrible error modification some settings of permission of a hierarchy of subdirectory of entity. Yes, it was my failure . It has not paid the next attention to some Windows of opinions was yelling in my face, and I he in all the chance. But I thought 'Any question. The ghost will have saved bacon of mine.' It had done a backup of image so only a sail of mine soyistake'. As have pulled out of my Ghost CD, kicked on, and said it to restore an image had saved in an of my outside SATA walks. The ghost churned for awhile then dipped on a message of error that has said something to an effect 'YOURS PC WAS WEIGHED DOWN UPLOADING WHEN The BACKUP has BEEN DONE. The IMAGE CAN not BE RECOVERABLE'. !!!!!!! That one $ &%$ ! I say this With which has done a backup and am looking for to use the, any WHEN I have done a backup! So much, with which am returned of my anger has induced short walk, has been advance and to the left restores a questionable image.

The ghost has finalised is what , and I rebooted my PC. At all. I take the TWO saying of message has a a-bootable C: walk. Felizmente, after going through this rear in December, has decided to try using my Windows 7 Pro installs CD to repair my PC. Of a paper has chosen to repair some Windows to exist installation. The windows has churned for the bit, and said it had fixed a sector of boot. A second tentativa of the boot has failed, as I have repeated a process. This time said it had repaired Windows. A third reboot, and has been of tower to the mine old (pre ray-arrive) image of my PC. The inferior line is this . The ghost has created an image of my PC. But the difference of the old versions did not restore it to the totally bootable condition.

Considering the ghost that says that my PC was weighed down uploading during a time has created a backup, ossia pure BS. The ghost was an only program running at the same time. My PC has a Intel Duet of Core I7 GHz processor, with 6 GB DDR3 RAM. The ghost grieves registered in my Resources of System graph, and then so only in an of the 8 cores of a processor.

Has takes of then Ghost of my PC. I am using Windows 7 built-in capacities of backup of the Image thus purpose. For the backups of file am returned to use Areaca Backup. My strategy of backup is this : Weekly backups of mine D: & And: walks. They contain since it does not change any a lot of. Image and weekly file the backup that Windows of uses inner backup. And Nightly backup of mine C: the walk files that I do with newspaper. Hopefully My nightmares of the accident of the PC is on.

A sewing of plus. Has Ghost of date 1 Star, so only reason to the amazon does not have the way to attribute negative Stars.
5 / 5
Has purchased this product so that it could done the bootable copy of a hard walk to another, and walk newer , hard. I have followed a Norton instructions in of the tentativas múltiplas and every time one that receives the hard walk would try to kick, but a paper of the walk would not be to correct like this of the files of the program could not be found. A day has looked for the blog in a Norton place and found some instructions that has resupplied some two a lot of the Norton has had to that the left was. In the first place, sure mark that a walk to receive is 'unallocated spatial' and dip a walk to receive paper to 'any'. For following these two any one add some work to program so only well.
5 / 5
I like Norton produced and use NIS and his program of utility, but this program is not sustained. Test:
is not windows 8 compatible. It refuses A code of product and says fault of engine to upload properly, included after using live update. It has bent to Win 8 times of boot, and travesías on a Metre bypass program that all the world-wide uses to take a key to start with behind. It wins 8 quell'has been was for 8 month and longer for developers.

Is still version 15, which is 3 years old ! Salvation.

Has read the majority of an enormous manual so only to find for on-line investigations that the no with Winner 8. The good thing took it free.
5 / 5
Has used Ghost v15 has been of then has released done several years. Works well in XP, View and Win7 (comprising x64). It did not try it on Win8 still, but listens it could have some subjects of compatibilities (also listen rumour that v16 will be liberto punctual?). It can not beat this drop of prize ...$ 75 -&62; $ -&62; $ ? A quantity of time has saved to restore the system (20 min? Typically) it is enormous profit
although it strolls hard physically incidents. It saves on that consults the time that does setup again wiht a lot of updates, etc. When The people are too economic to buy the program of backup, I his question because annoying to buy sure of house, health or sure sure car. Software of the backup is not the waste of $ $ $ . Because game russian roulette with your life and your information?
5 / 5
Buyer beware: Norton Ghost 15 is incompatible (as to write this) with Windows 8.

While Windows 8 has .I mark CLEANED 4.0 installed automatically, Norton Ghost 15 requires .I mark CLEANED 2.0. Unfortunately, 2.0 it is unsupported for Microsoft been due to final-of-cycle of life of the product.

Has squandered my money in the product that no [fully].

Shame on me partorisca not verifying out of some requirements of operating system.

MODIFY 11/18/12:

after doing some reading via Norton Community forums, 'cold' imaging works. A 'hot' imaging no for Windows 8. Spent the full product, but so only can use average that it is has drawn stops.

Also, patch will be available for Windows 8 users some time in a future (according to Norton support of client). It will update when available, installed, and has tried.

MODIFY 11/19/12:

Afterwards communicates with , to the amazon there is refunded an order.

Amazon, My respect for you is trace so only.
4 / 5
I have purchased this partorisca a thing, partorisca back on a XP computer that kicked out of the CompactFlash walk. He a lot he. I have had felizmente has cloned the CompactFlash in another computer that use Norton Ghost 8.0. Unfortunately, Norton Ghost 15.0 has been 'improved' and no longer sustains this function.

The one who the waste of money and time. Taking was the functionality is unacceptable.

Was able to clone my bootable CompactFlash using CloneZilla, which is free download out of an internet.
5 / 5
Fails partorisca comprise because person (unless I have lost he) has mentioned that calms CAN not kick of version 15 cd partorisca recover the files that use a 'analyse' then 'explore my computer' then the click on modification then copies. It has been disabled but a lot on version 14.

Does not mean the point of recovery neither. With an older version of Ghost 14, can kick any pc with him and then selects 'analyse' then selects 'explore my computer'. Calm then can see everything of your files and select modify then copy them to a hard walk outside or another local walk. According to Symantec, require the point of recovery has done first. As my response is that version 15 of the ghost has a characteristic of copy of the file mentioned in a location on, but is DISABLED. Support of the technology could not solve this.

Kick of the Symantec version of Ghost 14 recovery cd in any PC, can copy files without question without doing any class partorisca restore first point.
He Kicks of the Symantec version of Ghost 15 recovery cd in any PC, CAN not copy files to an external walk.

If any one has any idea or the experience with this question pleases estaca the note.
5 / 5
I installed this in my computer of Notebook partorisca have Copies of the mirror planned of my Hard walk. Yes it could and it uses an Utility of the backup of Microsoft has comprised, but has been burned once before with him not restoring correctly! A product of calm Ghost leave the Image of same Mirror on Ethernet to Another Computer to the File partorisca Walk/Shared or to the Device of Coverage of Semi-detached Storage. Also it verifies during a backup. A backup can be planned partorisca the particular time, as when I am not quell'using when I am asleep or can be manually run any time want.
4 / 5
Are a The PROFESSIONAL and has to that say Norton the ghost is FANTASTIC to try your patience! For example you try the full backup by means of the simple peer the peer coverage that last 15 hours so only partorisca see the opinion of imprecise failure with zero assistance in a report of error.

In another system was impressed enough to see a later version is not compatible with Windows 8 was although a control by means of previously to a upgrade has not listed Norton Ghost like the no compatible product, are adds to see Symantec and Microsoft that does like this very together.

Finally thinks that the ghost is a perfect name thus produced reason almost calms does not see it never doing correctly. It could go in and on roughly all some questions but calm is has left so only 5000 words.

Are ashamed I recommended Ghost to the few clients has changed of then to the combination of the free product for an image of walk and a built in backup of history of file of windows.

ps Gives the graces for a loss of hair
5 / 5
really taste that well this program extracted in every aspect . I think that a course a more delicate that learn can be like this to create the CD of the recovery Done to commission that will use 16-has bitten engine for an interface of coverage when it wants to restore an image to a hard walk. That has discovered was that a Recovery Done of commission CD use the Dress of Windows 16-has bitten the half and ossia reason join the engine of coverage is like this delicate sometimes. So only know that calm easily can buy something like a SMC USB to adapter of the ethernet and will have some concrete engine to upload when it burn a recovery CD,
5 / 5
Unfortunately when it install and try register he under a version of Windows 8, calm say that your Tone of the product is not compatible with the version of test of a software. That really means is that his no left calm installs it down Windows 8.
After speaking the Norton Support, has learnt that Norton so only will offer the corporate version of the solution of backup for Windows 8 devices. Call like this precise and negotiate an agreement of annual support. I guess Norton no longer concerns roughly solutions of backup for a no business user.
5 / 5
Has purchased Norton month of new Done Ghost and tried to use a program to Copy My Hard Walk to the main measure. A program has failed to say that eset Actuate is not sustained'. I have tried to restore of the image of backup and has taken a same message. Apparently it calms it can not copy or restore your partition of boot. I have called support of technology and has declared that a product was no longer sustained and was basically out of regime unless I have loved upgrade the Symantec Recovery of System. It has to that have so only heeded a consultor external and has gone with Acronis. Goodbye Goodbye Symantic!
5 / 5
Are like this happy has not paid full prize partorisca east, has left so only on $ 10. I bought it specifically to do IN THE Backup of walk and he the averages a work has said that will do and forget Norton support! There are two types of the backups does. My Computer and then files and dossiers. I have had to go with an intruder more My backup of Computer daily like this of the dossiers and of the simplest files the backup simply does not operate. It gives a code of error that the can not find anything. But one My backup of law of Computer well. Frustrating and there is little help regarding a code of error. That I expósito, I , and any fijamente - just squandered the weekend.

And forget Norton support! I have tried each corner, has included the call has planned behind my which his never gone on down half of on. And they dipped it up! You can take by means of the very relatively quickly, but can not manage support of products of the Backup. Hardly you transfer it was, you are in his black hole to forget-roughly-the.

At least am taking mine $ 10 out of him, but does not squander your times yes are doing IN The-the backups of walk have based.
5 / 5
Has used Image of walk for some last 10 years, but does not sell this anymore. So much for my new PC, has bought Ghost 15.0. My new Dell has had some type of software of image to the equal that could be upgraded; but to the amazon was way more economic to go that those paid for a Dell upgrade. I have not restored any images still with Ghost 15. I have not had Never any question with Image of walk and I to the plot of image restores; but I do not have any experience with this product another that installing it and that does an image. So only I some images of time; and it does not plan any backups of document, etc.
4 / 5
Can think that Norton does not know like the backup 64bit engine. His instructions? It exits in a web and find some precise engine for your devices. This response is.... Tauro. To Symantec credit, leave me to return a software. I have purchased New backup that done perfectly. In fact, I have it quell'has restored fully my system that use New, and all has been like this smoothly that there is remarked hardly the recovery had taken place. A way would owe that be. Certainly a lot Norton way.

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5 / 5
The cost has verified These products no with OEM licences. This limitation has not been apparent in the description of the amazon of a product when I purrchased the.
4 / 5
These produced no with OEM licences. This limitation has not been apparent in the description of the amazon of a product when I purrchased the.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Enough frankly, Alarm of Zone Pro 4 (ZAP) a work. And he a good work. With customizable setting for programs and of the web of places, and configurable popups to leave you, an user, chooses that exactly it is and is not left to access an internet, ZAP is essential.
Well, Could ask, "As that? A cortafuego is supposition to block to the things likes-concealed them." Yes, ossia true, but ZAP constantly asks permissions. Annoying? Hardly. It leaves it is that it is doing a work. You can mark the popup to dip it so that the program always can access an internet, or can leave accesses an internet for only that time, or vice versa. It thinks that that something is running in a background and retarding your computer for constantly connecting to an internet?
The casualidad is ossia possible . It is for me. I have had the plot of the programs that connects to an internet that to good sure does not have to that it has been doing so much. Alarm of zone Pro 4 have of then window and, without knowing the one who a program was, inspected it further. The short long history - the never spent again.
Maintains the continuous register and screen of permission to the equal that can examine/transmission anything. It maintains the counter to run to leave know those that intrusions ZAP has blocked of an installation.
An only question with ZAP is that it can be too confusing for those without any experience of computer. This in spite of, is the necessity and is the MUST. The security is vital.
4 / 5
Code of the limit of the product is supposition to arrive interior two-three business days for email. This has taken three weeks. And calm HAS It THAT has to that run a software. With which finally taking a code, has had a lot of questions with a software BUT could do not returning reason for that time, a period of turn there is expired. If has the coverage of house, this is not the good election.

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4 / 5
I have bought this after the try in a test. This version is old and does not have a facebook cat the happy in that.