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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
A western fact really a lot of with a subject old and the new and very different mould. It was the big defender of an original and has to that say that this one is like this enjoyable with good acting and engrossing characters.
5 / 5
A Glorious Seven(released Seven/16)stars,among another,Denzel Washington,Chris Pratt,Ethan Hawke,Vincent Of Onofrio,Byung-hun Law and Manual remake of the 60s classical, spends his own dynamic,turning an original in his ear and cut his own street.
A plot has the city beaten down and peel dominated , the one who has bought and paid partorisca all there,which comprises a possess and runs an only external mine of city, and now wants to send a populace in current to buy on his muck of earth declares his offer to buy when he and his band of bullies interrupts the meeting of the city in one is on, comes from the torch and kill a bit the one who opone his rough men that mango of some of a attendees.
A woman whose husband has been murdered in a feeble,the trace was and heads to hires,albeit the regañadientes,a duly has appointed territorial black hire of tower six more, which vary of the shark of paper and Indian to the highland man.A group fulfils on behind in the city of a woman and comes from immediately partorisca take on of some bullies Bogue left behind,while it has travelled behind the Sacrament,Ca.un marshall sends a sheriff was to say Bogue that is going down,and that loves his city behind, has better had come to see and negotiate.
A word is spent and Bogue amasses the mini army of men those who go down in a city inside the semana.un recruited seven search to teach some cities folk like this to defend them and assist them strengthen a first wave of assault of Bogue the army fails to do a trick,Bogue unleashes the deadly Gatling gun,which directs to dip the deep dent in a by means of sheer guts,determination and astute some defenders direct to take some upper Bogue comes face to face with a marshall,the one who knows each one which so another of one looks Bogue a time killed a marshall family,which explains a last taking a work in a low prime minister for an account and a city and that remain of his inhabitants remains to start with his alive again,without Bogue and his out of a seven walk was to struggle another day.
Like any film,ossia the history of the morality said in the western can be a lot against harm(in any number of forms),men against his and utmost winners odds to achieve sucedidos,and on and this chance is a lot against harm in a form of the capitalist(Bogue).The start of a film,and in fact look and feel throughout gives to continue nods to those of Clint Eastwood,especially in Sergio Leone an inaugural soundtrack has to that wistful Ennius Morricone yours to Ă©l.un original 60s Soundtrack of the LADY is not listened until to final of a film duquel,the fact that a fusion,characters and location of the plot of this film has turned totally an original to the rovescio,and fact,is wins it to some costruttrici of the film and one is certainly an entertaining a, and one this maintains has interested throughout.
A film is clear and crisp and in his original w/s a/ this commentary and the featurette.
In general the worthy remake of the 60s classical this is to join to please his actor heads to imbue his character with the flicker of life,any subject like small some 1/2 stars.
4 / 5
A blisteringly the adventure of action has packed to start with to finalise. This film packs the terrific exposure of stars, way and entertainment. Calm maintains you thank you until an a lot of the end that bands like this a lot surprises like this done of the balls and emotion. In some hands of the spirited Manager and his dazzling all-star launched, ossia a western this continues in a must-see cast always. A awesome haste of adrenaline until a last has has shot. There is alittle something for all the world.
5 / 5
Has a lot of little Estimativa Big, star of big name' Westerns the be has done anymore.
A gender has turn in of the recent years but each one once in the while the manager of big name directs to take the Western good quality has done.
A mould of big name excels is one and the kings-the look long.
Some colours are brilliant and some works of mix of his well in just TV or with surrounding fixes it.
4 / 5
Amazing version of a 'original' this seven is all glorious to rid action and giving support he hectic physical experience (the characteristics of prize have explained all) but still owe clock (SEVEN SAMURAI) a Japanese godfather of Westerns and some the enormous influences has had in a gender.
4 / 5
An original 7 is still my favourite film and I have bought this a bit it expecting be no like this good. Ossia The a lot of neighbour as , looked in of the ways, different in another. Fact a lot well with the mould adds.
5 / 5
One very a lot of remake of a 1960 version. With Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Vincent Of Onofrio, Chris Pratt and the few better actors. (2016, English and Spanish languages with respective subtitles, 133 minutes. Characteristic of prize also have subtitles.)
4 / 5
The film is sum . A delivery was fast but same although it has declared a product was 'new' a container has not been still to shrink wrapped like the new film would have been. A DVD has touched adds and looked new.
5 / 5
This last Version gives Seven mercenaires comports some differentiate rapport of pair to the version 1960 but his actors and is also excellent. Master a lot.
5 / 5
The line of history adds that it differs of an original but a lot of action. Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke and Chris Pratt does not improve while

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Western (2017) for Valeska Gisebach is the true pearl of cinema.

Some uses to film some agreements of a Western gender of a classical American cinema in the vey way of character.

A German company sends the group of workers of construction to an isolated location in Bulgaria approaches a Greek flange partorisca build the hydroelectric dam.

Approaches a place of construction is the small picturesque village lived for proud Bulgarians the one who loves his village, and is devotees of his customs and old traditions.

A contact among a group of German workers and some inhabitants of a village is unavoidable, how is unavoidable an ethnic and cultural accident among them, with an exception of a protagonist of a film Meinhard (Meinhard Neumann).

With this history, in brief summarized here, Valeska Gisebach transposes to a Balkan region of Europe a typical landscape of the Western American film, situating a group of German workers in a place of modernizers this door the basic infrastructure to the inhospitable region of Europe, a villagers is situated in a place of Indians, simple recipients of a basic crew of civilisation, and some vast and rugged landscapes of Bulgaria substitute a XIX west century run of United States, when this part of United States was colonised and modernized.

Of course some codes of uses of the film of Western American cinema, but Valeska Gisebach has surprised in a way the conceptualise, using the method that mark these Western the very singular film; his film has the photograph with the a lot good-looking natural sunlight, any-diegetic music, some actors are all any-professionals, and an absence of the common tongue, some Germans so only speak German and a Bulgarians so only speak Bulgarian, with an exception which does not disturb a general diagram of a difficulty comunicacional among some two groups.

An only thing less a lot of successful, in my opinion, is in a way some scenes and the sequences of a film has been gathered; here some lacks to film some hinge among some scenes and some sequences, doing it the little slant, discontinuous and a bit elliptical.
4 / 5
Artikel entspricht völlig Gives Beschreibung, schnelle Lieferung - alles A lot
4 / 5
Another addition adds in Berlino School Cinema where an American of Western gender has been king-invented in the city of Bulgarian flange with groups of Germans and the local villages that competes for a control of local water. Our looks of hero to be the 21st century John Wayne-researcher to write always looking and looking for the place to return in. But it does not expect an action-packed to finalise so that it is to say a true to take of Berlino School Cinema to transgress a Western gender !

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
This coffret is interesting In this sense that reagrupa well 4 tones of law of the western. Looking his 4 films, in the good panorama of this gender, with of excellent comédiens. An alone Remorse : extracted so only of a reagrupación of 4 CD that could find he in lucido trade with his jackets hétéroclites and his content has left such that. He any And The harmonisation have among his 4 coverages, and does not treat of image of files jubilados or optimisés but of the register of base. They are this in spite of Content of this compraventa.
5 / 5
Has bought Games a present, can not be valued to his just value.
4 / 5
Gives westerns mythical the visionner with a Glorious pleasure,
he coffret has arrived to good port and his time
5 / 5
has bought this coffret games to do a present in my father, adored it. He coffret is very beautiful and his DVD is gives classical. I recommend.
4 / 5
Truth a lot that Feigns coffret that effect of apt edges, touches his amateurs of western to the estimativas small recommends that this compraventa touches a present.
4 / 5
The present Game his 82 years of my mother and she the adored !
Recommends like this the product Touches his seguace.
4 / 5
A lot Feigning coffret that he good-looking effect the noel. Pair Against, quite disappointed that decrease of Amazon lucido the prize joins time noel raisin, him some ready days, have Ă©conomiser 5 euros..

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
schon durch. Nicht Gives gives Film ganz nah an Inspector Callahan (Harry Sporco) kommt, doch Clint Eastwood und gives Regisseur Gentleman Siegel haben yesterday, sagen wir, eine Vorpremiere gegeben.

Dieser Film ist in giving Westernart (auch nicht ganz), aber auch Harry Sporco ist kein typischer Polizist bzw. Inspektor.
Beide Film haben einiges gemeinsam; it gives Zynismus, gives Eastwood in vielen Film zeigt, ist yesterday ausgeprÀgt, is geht von gives Irony bis zoom Sarkasmus, alles ist gives. Harry are Beginn sozusagen.

Wie Man lesen kann, waren die Dreharbeiten the skin gives Film nicht besonders 'nett'. Shirley MacLaine, Die als Grandmothers Sara has dipped dem Söldner Hogan (Eastwood) durch die WĂŒsten reitet, war alles andere als erfreut, als sie hörte, dass sie has dipped Eastwood spielen wurde. Man sagt, die beiden mochten sich nicht. It is kann aber auch heart, dass dies nur eine war of History, damit gives Film besser ankommen sollte. Wie dem auch Knows, MacLaine mochte auch Gentleman Siegel nicht. Sie wusste, er wollte Elizabeth Taylor fĂŒr quotes Rolle haben, auch Eastwood war nach Wayne 'nur die zweite Wahl'.
Manchmal ist Is aber Gut, dass given 'unverhoffte' Besetzung die Arbeit ĂŒbernimmt.
Wenn Man noch Budd Boetticher erwĂ€hnen sollte (give Drehbuchautor), gives eigentlich die Regie fĂŒhren wollte, ist gives ein 'Zufallsfilm'. Oder?
Naja, wenigstens Ennius Morricone quotes of WAR erste Wahl. It gives perfekte Komponist zahlreicher Film (nicht nur Italowestern) the yesterday given hat ganze Arbeit geleistet. Die Musik trĂ€gt seinen Stempel, sie ist charakteristisch fĂŒr ihn, gives Haupthema ist perfekt dips give Szenen im Einklang. Of the kann NUR Morricone.

Zu Gives History: Ein Mann reitet nach Messico. Er hört GerĂ€usche und rettet eine Grandmothers vor Harm MĂ€nnern... Sie wollten sich danach verabschieden, als sie französischen Soldaten sehen. Given Grandmothers Sara (natĂŒrlich MacLaine) bietet give Mann a data Hilfe. Sie Is eine Juarista-Sympathisantin (War of JuĂĄrez of Benito gives PrĂ€sident von Messico, er kĂ€mpfte gegen quotes Franzosen, die als Herrscher Maximilian gives Thron 'gaben', dem Bruder gives Kaisers Franz Joseph I - wie heart Leben endete, ist bekannt).
Messico ist ein The weapon Lands und hat nur wenige Soldaten. Deswegen nehmen sie Hilfe von allen möglichen KĂ€mpfer. Hogan ist ein Söldner, fĂŒr ihn ist nur Gives Geld wichtig. Er möchte einmal ein Casino haben - und VIEL GELD!
Weil Sara eine Grandmothers ist, er ihr helfen. Die beiden haben eine etwas komische Art miteinender zu kommunizieren (vielleicht haben sie sich privat doch gemocht). Hogan wundert sich, Was eine Grandmothers alles kann, z.B. trinkt sie (wenn er sie nicht sieht, ziemlich zĂŒgig Gives Whiskey), spĂ€ter sagt er ihr, sie wĂ€re fast ein Naturtalent, like this schnell hat sie sich one gives Alkohol gewöhnt. Aber, Sara ist auch sonst zĂ€h, sie reitet zuerst auf einem Maultier, spĂ€ter dann auf einem Esel. Beide Tiere sind etwas störrisch, aber nicht Likes sehr wie Hogan.
Sara spricht Spanisch, was Hogan nicht kann (auch Französisch nicht). As wird sie ihm helfen bei dem GesprÀch has dipped seinem mexikanischen Auftragsgeber. Und sie kennt Chihuahua, Die Stadt, in giving sich die französische Garnison aufhÀlt. Sie kennt sie sogar sehr sehr Gut.
Quotes Reise nach Messico ist trotzdem beschwerlich. Eine Klapperschlange ist schnell zu hören (und sehen), eine Cougar auch. Keine Dipped freundlichen Absichten. Und nebenbei bekommt Hogan noch einen Pfeil von Yaqui-Indianer. Immer wieder retten sie sich Gives Leben. Man kann fast nicht mehr zÀhlen, wer vorne liegt.
Und, seien wir ehrlich, zwischen Harm beiden knistert is. Aber, Hogan bleibt ein Gentlemen, eine Grandmothers ist die Braut Christi und nichts fĂŒr ihn.
Nach etlichen Abenteuer(n) kommen sie zu dem Colonel Beltran (Manolo FĂĄbregas). Er Hat zwar die Soldaten, aber is FEHLT a allen. Wer hilft? Sara, given Grandmothers! Und wer fĂŒhrt Quotes Juaristas in data Stadt? Erraten - Sara, given Grandmothers!

NatĂŒrlich kommt Is zu dem Kampf, die Franzosen könnten ihren 14. Juli nicht feiern. Im Kampf sind Sara und Hogan schon ein eingespieltes Notarises. Wie Is ausgeht, ob Hogan gives Geld bekommt, ob Sara ihren Kreuz (gives funkelt like schön) immer noch like this liebt, gives lassen wir that...

Gives Film; 1970 entstanden, gives Originaltitel ist eigentlich ganz in Ordnung - Two Mules partorisca Sister Sara ist ein Gentleman Siegel Film und ein Werk, gives etwas a Western erinnert, dann wieder some Films of data, given of data Befreiungskriege als Hintergrund haben. History of data spielt one 1865, gerade endete gives Sezessionskrieg in Amerika. Viele Soldaten waren auf dem Weg irgendwohin. Und dazwischen spielt dieser Film. Zwei Menschen treffen sich, jeder wollte etwas von dem Krieg bekommen. Given half Grandmothers aus give Überzeugung gives Mexikaner, Hogan handelte in einer Knows'.
Obi sich Quotes zwei einigen konnten, wem sie helfen, was sie wollen und wer sie sind, ist auch ein Teil gives History.
Hat of Eastwood of Clint yesterday know Rolle als wortkarger (fluchen konnte er) Soldato perfekt gespielt. Auch Shirley MacLaine konnte als Grandmothers ĂŒberzeugen. Sie spielte sogar zu Gut ihre Rolle, Was give Zuschauern etwas sagen sollte.
Wie Taylor QUOTES give Rolle spielen wĂŒrde, weiß ich nicht. Sie War zu gives Zeit in einigen britischen Film zu sehen, die zu gives besten gehörten.
Aber, yesterday haben wir DIE MacLaine, die meiner Meinung nach quotes bessere Wahl war.
Ein Film fĂŒr gute 1,5 Stunden - Entspannung. Und, ich gebe zu, öfter habe ich mich Gives Augen give C. Eastwood verloren, is ziemt sich nicht, aber, er war like this - mĂ€nnlich!
Nebenbei, Are hat unsere Roxy eine sĂșper Rezension geschrieben (place 5 P), kann Dich verstehen, aber ich cube etwas Ă€lter und muß ernst bleiben. Gute 4 (5 gibt Is fĂŒr D. Harry)
4 / 5
Deurch seinen Megaerfolg dips 'Harry Sporco' wurde Gentleman Siegel gives 70.Âșr Jahren Zoom verehrten Kultregisseur, aber gehört bis heute zu gives umstrittenen Filmemacher give Trivialfilms, denn viele Kritiker sahen ihn lediglich als Routinier. Zu seinen bekanntesten Film gehören 'Terror in blockade 11', 'Given DĂ€monischen', 'Flaming Has an accident', 'Tod eines Murdered, 'Harry Sporco', 'Nur 72 Stunden', 'Coogans großer Risked', 'Give letzte ScharfschĂŒtze' und 'Telefon'. Seinen letzten Kinoerfolg landete er erneut Has dipped Clint Eastwood und dem Knastfilm 'Flucht nach Alcatraz' im Jahr 1979. Danach wurde Is Still a ihn und er verstarb 1991 im Transmissions von 79 Jahren. Clint Eastwood bezeichnet Gentleman Siegel neben Sergio Leone als seinen wichtigsten Mentor fĂŒr are eigenen Regiearbeiten. It is War auch Gentleman Siegel, gives given Karriere seiner Regiekollegen Sam Peckinpah und Michael Reeves unterstĂŒtzte.
'Ein Fressen fĂŒr Quotes Geier' entstand 1970 und wirkt fast wie ein Italo Western, was vielleicht damit zusammenhĂ€ngt, dass die Geschichte im revolutionsgeschĂŒttelten Mexiko spielt. Man kann gives klasse fotografierten Western (Kameramann war Gabriel Figueroa) aber auch als lockeres Buddy Film im Stil von John Hustons esign African' oder 'Give Seemann und given Grandmothers' ansehen.

Quotes Musik stammt von Ennius Morricone und gives Films erzĂ€hlt die Geschichte vom Aufeinandertreffen gives Ordensschwester Grandmothers Sara (Shirley McLaine) dipped dem stoischen Söldner Hogan (Clint Eastwood) irgendwo in Mexiko. Und Given Grandmothers steckt in massiven Schwierigkeiten, denn drei ĂŒble Kerle wollen gives Frau a data WĂ€sche. Zoom GlĂŒck ist Hogan ein schußbereiter Revolverheld, gives the place Gives Schurken kurzen Prozess macht. Obwohl er dann alleine weiterreiten und Gives Ordensfrau viel GlĂŒck bei gives Weiterreise wĂŒnscht, Is partorisca give Schicksal, dass die beiden unterschiedlichen Menschen zusammenbleiben. Denn beide haben aus ganz unterschiedlichen GrĂŒnden vor Quotes franzosische Garnison in Chihuahua zu zerstören...

Zwischen beiden entsteht eine Freundschaft, Die natĂŒrlich platonisch ablaufen muss. Eine Ordensfrau rĂŒhrt Man nicht a, auch wenn man sie Ă€usserst attraktiv findet. Die Kritik urteilte damals eher verhalten. One gives Kasse konnte give place of Film ca. 4,8 Millionen Given of Dollar recht hohen Produktionskosten immerhin wieder einspielen.
5 / 5
Hinweis: Die Rezension bezieht sich auf quotes Blue-ray

Gives Film ist definitiv polarisierend: Clint Eastwood parodiert sich selbst, Shirley MacLaine spielt eine there isßand Grandmothers, Regisseur und Eastwood-Buddy Gentleman Siegel und Drehbuchautor Budd Boetticher - sonst für härtere und minimalistischere Arbeiten bekannt - betreten ungewohnte Wege.

Zur History:
Ein EUA-amerikanische Söldner soll gegen Bezahlung in eine mexikanische Garnison eindringen und rettet auf dem Weg dorthin eine Grandmothers vor einer Vergewaltigung. Die stellt für gives Söldner ein Glücksgriff gives, kennt sie doch quotes Garnsion durch ihre missionarische Tätigkeit sehr gut. Die beiden auf gives ersten Blick nicht unterschiedlicher heart könnenden Charaktere machen sich gemeinsam auf gives Weg, die Frau ist allerdings nicht likes fromm, wie sie eigentlich heart sollte. Eine ziemlich schräge Liebesgeschichte entwickelt sich ...

Neben Gives actiongeladenen und eigentlichen typischen Italo-Western-Geschichte place herrlichen zynischen und witzigen Chat überzeugen MacLaine und vor allem Eastwood, gives sichtlich the spas dippedß dabei war, als vermeintlich ungleiches Paar. Die Titelmusik 'Two Mules partorisca Sister will be von Ennius Morricone ist für mich eine gives besten Western-Kompositionen überhaupt. Selten The hat is ein like typisch europäisches und schräges Espaguetis-Western-lastiges Lied in einen amerikanischen Film als Hauptkomposition geschafft. Quentin Tarantino verwendete quotes Melodies übrigens für gives Soundtrack von 'Django Desenfrenado'. Ein herrliches Stück The place Notarises, Die Eselsgeräusche imitieren und Einspielern von geistlichem Gesang, umgeben von einer tollen und einprägsamen Grundmelodie.

Ich hatte bisher nur DVD quotes gives Film, obwohl ohne jegliche Extra lohnt sich die Anschaffung gives Blue-ray: Tonne- (dts-Pleasant 2.0) und vor allem Bildqualität sind für mich subjektiv hard verbessert worden gegenüdrink give DVD VERSION. Die Farben kommen manchmal aber fast schon zu intensiv hisüdrink. It gives Film ist übrigens im klassischen Panavision-Breitbildformat (2,35:1) gedreht worden, bei 16:9-Bildschirmen tauchen oben und has extended also die üblichen schwarzen Balken auf.

MODIFICATION vom .: Bildschirmformat, Blue-Ray-Hinweis
5 / 5
Gives Film ist hart, lustig, hat alles was Spaß macht. Dollar of the trilogy given bleibt ungeschlagen, 'Give Texaner' ist auch spitze, aber spätestens kurz danach kommt für mich dieser. Keine Small langweilig.
5 / 5
Salvation-Have! Ah The music of Ennius Morricone, still joins time!
To the sud this aventuren in giving landscapes désertiques, with joined grandmothers little community, andante to the sud his routes to two of mulet or of baudet in religious habit, bravant his bandits and taking the party touches his Juaristas and his Indians, Clint Eastwood is an adventurer has motivated (still! See The heroes of Kelly...) I look it anxiety He of the Profit. Like this always, any Bad of humour. Gentleman Siegel, that has prepared to good sure already edges poulain and fellow youngster Clint his future career of realizador, projects perfectly the actor in function of edges.
The image the little aged, but is 1970, and is in 2016. This in spite of, Can leave pair of bus this history rocambolesque that coaches in Messico where his French is his méchants. It films the summer turned in this paid, games partorisca change of California and give decorations italo-Hispanic where Clint still and always to horse (in spite of allergy of edges to the animal!) It is pressed partorisca Touch his needs of the script partorisca run over joined tarentule and partorisca kill a serpent the bells (in spite of his répulsion in front of the maltraitance gives animal). The actora Shirley MacLaine is lisse, a bit too much. It appears That lucido the function would have has had to that be the pair has touched Elizabeth Taylor, that Clint had known among another during the shooting of When his Attack of Eagles (Where the eagles Dare). It can dream to this that would have done of this function...
Still A Film of Clint Eastwood of the econde period', that glielo long paste to the skin, of actor of western my justicier my adventurer without scruple, first of any stacca with his own realisations and sack of pair of the arrival (definitively?) These Avatars to the stay give ectoplasmes, in Pale Rider. Two Mules is partorisca see in VO (+ English subhead, if need). It excepts it Is obliged partorisca be still in VF, obviously, but marks the rhythm and the humour gives dialogues,can any and be transcrit totally: better costs partorisca do augments it partorisca change of linguistic software in his boss and of merendar his joys of the English, if pode. When it takes to the game partorisca see some-some of these abonos old films, looks all the filmographie and retains his answered-taken of the each one one. - Here : 'Crown if you have not been the nun, would leave partorisca save your own bacon.' 'All the world is taken the legislation to be to sucker once.' 'In of the emergencies, some administrations of stock exchanges of the Church. ' Soyary Has wanted, Mother of Goddess, helps this atuvo any good to shoot directly.'... 'Reason a tequila? So only to oil on my arm. Ossia Everything .' It acclaims!
5 / 5
Launiges, glaubwĂŒrdiges Spiel zwischen Eastwood und sexy MacLain.
Ich schreibe ĂŒber Quotes Originalversion. Eastwood Stimmlage ist unmöglich zu sychronisieren.
Dipped give Morricone Musik give eigentliche 4. In giving Reihe gives . .
Schön fotografiert.
5 / 5
Has given Film kenne ich aus meiner Kindheit und war echt total ĂŒberrascht gives die FSK gives Film auf 16 eingestuft hat. Eigentlich dieser Vollkommen Harmlos finde ich. History partorisca die ist sehr ansprechend, und Clint Eastwood spielt know Rolle gut. Shirley Mclayne ist meiner Meinung nach aber eher Gives Juwel gives Film aufgrund gives Rolle gives Pseydo- Grandmothers. Wirklich ein sehenswerter Film aus einer Zeit, wo noch echte Film gedreht worden sind, und die Schauspieler noch leistung zeigen mussten.
4 / 5
Shirley MacLaine als Say im NonnenkostĂŒm und dipped gives toten Klapperschlangenklapper klappernd, Clint Eastwood wie immer als trockener, abeklĂ€rter, zynischer Söldner, gives is auf die richtige Seite zieht und wegen einer Operation im Freien völlig besoffen mittels eines Gewehrschusses eine BrĂŒcke hochjagt, spĂ€ter dann in wanted to Montur zu vorher Genannter in dying Badewanne steigt, one gives Abspann zu genießen - Klassiker!
5 / 5
Achieved the film for 7,99 Euro. It is the same that modification in Spagna, ossia, the international edition. One are estimate is worth it, although there is the discharge, reversible as almost all the Germans, with the logo of the age of Germania.
Recommends this fun film with a good soundtrack of Morricone, restored with an image of a big quality.
4 / 5
This is not that has expected, me have pair the good critic that has described a pleasant film. I found it ennuyeux , avert the fin that is a bit pleasant, embezzles is also has launched pair his hairs. This Film is breaks that I have seen with Clint.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Coffret Nizza, Embezzles more than partorisca dip in planting a DVD of games of reader partorisca read them.
5 / 5
He the transports is deceptive ' Coffret Western 6 films Charles Bronson ! '
Does not touch That so only in Era the time joined in the one of the west
Cela does not doubt the quality gives other actors
5 / 5
has received That before that planned.
I Play present Christmas.
4 / 5
Scarce product and of collection. Well It Films western of the see and the see again lucido Tuesday like the last session. Feigning coffret simple and coll.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
“I will not be wronged. I will not be insulted. I will not be dipped a-rid on. The no these things to other people, and require one same of them.” To John Wayne Likes J. B. Books in a Shootist.
A classical line of the classical film that it is on John Wayne partorisca me.
His the interior of shame a moment the almost the interview of 50 years has a terminally has offended to bubble in a mouth that asks (social) justice...
Has feel the these humorless down 40 year pearl clutchers has not seen never the film of Wayne of John.
Would owe that begin here with A Shootist.
In a prize a better way to take this film, together with Liberty Valance and Katie Mayor, both classics.
Three disks in the DVD of house of regular measure, each disk has his own place without overlap.
The quality of picture is good and has the good picture of Wayne in a front. So much Wayne emissions is economic, with questionable PQ.
Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Iconic film with the icon of film! I have loved so only buy A Shootist but was two times a prize on is adapted of Amazon like opposed to buy this box dipped with three film in him. Happy has bought likes other two films is a lot very also.
4 / 5
Three John Wayne the films that comprises some last 14 years of the career of John Wayne. Each one which has been excellently transferred and all three is classics in theyr own legislation. I can sincerely recommenf this collection.
5 / 5
A Shootist are add, some other two films, am not annoyed like this roughly, has taken for less than ÂŁ5 while A Shootist the stand so only was around ÂŁ15 on DVD, any brainer.
5 / 5
Which can one says, a greats of Wayne and Stewart in a film.... oh And it leaves any one forget Marvin has read that Valencia of touches of Liberties.. It looks it and enjoy..
4 / 5
Currency a lot very partorisca to to money especially likes of these has not been in my collection previously
5 / 5
the material Adds of a big type. Like A americans has not won never one west without him will not know never. And his probably a lot neither.