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Top Customer Reviews: Stan Getz With ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
The smooth jazz in is more! They are Getz and Laurindo Almeida with 6 compositions add and fabulous arrangements. Hours and hours partorisca listen like. A must has partorisca Are Getz defenders.

Top Customer Reviews: World's Greatest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD A collection of the vocal register very real. Recommended
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Sweet ways with deft touching and flange. Ossia The Sper exemplary of Audio of a Chesky catalogs glorious register that dipped some legislations of band in your room..
5 / 5
A collection of the vocal register very real. Recommended
4 / 5
Sweet Ways with deft touching and flange. Ossia The Súper exemplary of Audio of a Chesky catalogs glorious register that dipped some legislations of band in your room..

Top Customer Reviews: Beach ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
It is the lovely day when Astrud is in a stereo! His husky, sweetly nuanced still has been the voice of centre goes sum with the rain or the external sun, and his election of songs is ready, surprising and relaxing. His duet with his young edges in "calm there is not had to that Be Like this A lot of" it is quite charming(and looks to be his response to the leading duet, "Some Coffins Necessities", found in a CD "Windy")and "A Sale(Parade)" really it takes your pumping of blood. Some arrangements are classy, ornamentadas, transmission and jazzy. His delivery(and his question with an English tongue)can do some auditors unaccustomed to the his pure sweetness squirm the little, but these attuned to Astrud pithy, almost-throwaway the advantage will be has wanted. It was. It comprises 5 clues of prize, the hips found songs in "A Sure Smile". A-
5 / 5
As Astrud the registers go, this one is enough out of a normal fold. But it conceal it is not the bad thing at all.
The majority of this cd is quite smooth, soft and easy. Ossia True for the majority of his registers, like this perhaps would owe that elaborate. Ossia A lot of ballad and "rule" oriented, and any so much Samba-ish as his another register.
Is the very good emission . And, although I can not dip my toe in the, and words to the equal that to reason generally escape me, is one of mine favourite.
4 / 5
Astrud Sings Brazilian levels and of the Americans in the classical 60 albums. Although that lacking of a bit in row, and force, Astud does up for him in fashion and sensuality. It is so only simple sexy! A prevails added in this subject of CD is 5 additional clues of an album done with one the Brazilian organist adds, Walter Wanderley.

Top Customer Reviews: Shadow of Your ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
With this king-@@subject, Verve has resupplied fans of Astrud Gilberto with a definite version of this wonderful album. One 1987 ilver Collection' that contained a complete 'Astrud Gilberto Album' and 'A Shadow of your Smile' also the few clues of prize, the minimum packaging suffered and his poor, a result less-that-tapes of desirable source. This CD, he 96kHz, 24 has bitten scrolling, contains an original liner notes, as well as information of additional location. A sound is improved a lot, although some tapes are aiming his age. These registers are, after all, almost 40 years. This in spite of, in tunes like soyanha of Carnival', 'A Sweet Rain', and 'Pleasant World' with his soft electrical guitar intros and arrangements subtiles, a hiss the one who plagued a CD sooner is noticeably absentee, those results in the most intimate feeling. A stereo sifts, the mark of a 60s-production of era, is still there, but a definition is better, adding to an impact of songs like "No-Paralización in Brasile' with his reverb-and flutes in some legislations and impossibly lush and serious good-looking to some lefts. On-all, the welcome improvement to an album that finds enjoyable and relaxing, has included after all these years. It have given it five stars, but in this prize, would have to has given AG fans a first album, cleaning on a hatchet the work done in a scrolling of ORIGINAL CD.
4 / 5
Astrud Was first listened by defenders in Getz/Gilberto and was regulated not even originally in a elepé. A clue "A Daughter Of Ipanema" you result the number five swipe in mid-1964 and a Getz/Gilberto album is resulted an album of jazz that sells better then it Astrud the phenomena.
This 1964 album for verve has some of his finer songs and more good-looking - specifically a clue of title, Aruanda, Tomorrow of Carnival and Fly to a moon.
This emission improves a sonics and packaging - 24 has bitten remastering and the mini packaging of format of the elepé. It was really lucky to take a autographed copies of this album of Astrud. The partidários would owe that verify out of his tent to plant personal / web-front where one can buy autogrpahed copies of his albums and printed of his products.
Ossia The album adds of the for real only jazz voice!
4 / 5
A soyini-elepé' the packaging could not be ideal, but a remastering is -- and, of course, how is a music ! In a course of dates of diverse register to take place among February 1964 and June 1965, Astrud Gilberto and Create to produce Taylor has found the one who this writer feels is a perfect balance among a pure jazz of the his Getz collaborations and a pure pop of the his late-'60s album.
The SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE (also the perfect mate or sequela to the ASTRUD GILBERTO ALBUM) is the celestial listening experience of one first notes to a last, brimming with innocence and sadness and beauty. Particularly fascinating is a unit that a record directs to achieve -- recopilar material registered in a course of 16 month (to the equal that has remarked on); some duties of map am hurt has been to three different arrangers, and some joints of mix of the songs then-current American songs with the little for Brazilian masters Luiz Bonfa and Carlos Lyra. Somehow, he all return beside a coherent whole, with each opposing influences synergetically completing a rest.
Gentleman Sebesky contributes three orchestral settings -- 'A Sweet Rain,' 'Any one-Take To Brasile' and a clue of title -- with his usual ear for beauty and transmission. 'Any one-Take To Brasile,' especially, has fixed adds that it looks the saxophone to swing /flute unison segment the one who conjures on an almost tangible 'the jet dips' way. (A bit violins here, touching big-register glissandos, included touch something like the private jet that takes was for River, coming to think of him...) Such the wonderful mix of lush and the sounds of hip is extremely scarce, included for Sebesky.
Resupplying the foil for Ladies is almost his cinematic is Verve house to fix Claus Ogermann, the one who chimes in with characteristically lush landscapes of the his for 'Pleasant World,' 'The one who Can Turns To,' 'Day For Day' and to 4/4 version of 'Fly To A Moon' quell'I considers to be the definite register of this song. A last two also looks a impeccably sweet trombone stylings of Urbie Green. Ogerman The maps have the most dipped-his backs that Sebesky is; more autumnal and more in tune with a bittersweetness of one new -- and for this the perfect party for Astrud vocals.
The majority of true of all are some three songs has fixed to return favourite Joao Donado (pianist in Astrud leading album), looking in the each clue an earthy valve trombone of Bob Brookmeyer. Esadness,' 'Or Goose,' and 'Aruanda' is valued for the seven-piece Brazilian jazz combo (that it would have to please it some auditors the one who are less than thrilled with some orchestras of series of Claus and Ladies). These songs are calm looser and jazzier -- and resupply an album with a variety that the like this strong fact.
This in spite of, one the majority of the stunning clue of all was the arrangement of boss: Luiz Bonfa is soyahna Of Carnival.' Looking Astrud' the voice has accompanied so only of the acoustics of electrical guitar of a composer, is an absolutely hypnotizing action of this classical song. Some first time have listened to this song, his period less than two minutes leave me to us have surprised. Have Still to recover.
Has used an adjective 'celestial' to describe The SHADOW OF YOUR earlier SMILE. To the reflection further finds that a term can be justly applied to all the appearances of this production, but to any quite like this deeply like vocalizing of Astrud Gilberto. His never touched voice better, neither before or of then; his airy tone, his occasional excursions was-tones, his light Portuguese emphasis, and his detached/naive the image is all has represented fantastically. Worthy although Astrud is other albums of them so only can be, any quite achieve a 'heavenliness' successful for the SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE in of the terms of vocals, backing arrangements, and global way. It is frankly the masterpiece, essential for all the lovers of a sweet Brazilian sound of one '60s.

Top Customer Reviews: A Jazz Romance A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
Ballads, Creates, is a real test of musicianship. And this collection has the judicious and delicious selection that it is perhaps one has balanced more one is partorisca look one all time moments add - the treatment of Clifford Brown of Rodgers and Harts Where or When put you tears to your eyes - as well as quirky fewer known works - If a Moon Turns Green sung for Billy Vacanze - a "old", Ben Webster, together with a "new" Mark Whitfield. Please does not think that is partorisca say or would have to that be "background" music. Calm so only has to that listen to Bill Evans that touches with Paul Motian and Gary Peacock in CD1 partorisca @give ossia the collection of some of some more utmost moments in music of 20th century, to all the cost of gender.
4 / 5
Beautiful. Billie Holidays blends seamlessly the Dinah Washington to Johnny Hodges to... This four box is a perfect background atmosphere partorisca your swank celebrates of cocktail or that late of candlelight idyll. Some compilers have collected the remarkable selection of music of classical Verve jazz heavyweights likes and Louie, Sarah Vaughan, Clifford Brown, Coleman Hawkins to, surprisingly, the few French artists known to to minor likes him Michael Legrand (the one who has written a bookmark partorisca a French film 'His Umbrella Of Cherbourg') and Laura Fygi. Ossia The classical jazz highly recommended collection that fantastically compliment your romantic evening in and apt amiably to any music of lovers of collection of classical jazz.
4 / 5
This selection contains stirs it of utmost course and the little that it could live he without, especially a Blossom Dearie clues. This in spite of, like opposed to the majority of collections with feeble clues, this a flow to the long of like this well that it is the pleasure partorisca dip all four CDs on and has left the cheek in a background to underlying evening "In." I prefer a mate 4 conjoint CD has called "One Prejudices Was with Verve." It recommends "Out of" in "In."
4 / 5
Has dipped this cd conjoint in mine Amazon wishlist, and was very pleased partorisca take likes the present of my lover. All some songs familiarised old, together with songs that thinks that partorisca agree of my infancy, transport partorisca space where romance and sentmentality feels likes sweater of comfortable old wool. It thinks so only I will seat behind... Sip Some good hot hope a fiancé one on a couch

Top Customer Reviews: Girl From Ipanema: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
This was the very good election . If have have to that so only have a cd for Antonio, this that would be. All some songs are done fantastically and both my husband and I enjoy it. It is resulting the lover converted in fact new. I recommend this a lot highly.
5 / 5
Ossia The solid songbook this is to exit roughly he perhaps done 6 years. It looks a lot of different artists of jazz and margins of genders of different time with his interpretations and of the remakes of some of Jobim classics. Calm also have some of some original new artists here too partorisca good measure. Joy this cd included today. Sometimes it has the remake of one of some songs has looked here that I specifically to the chairs like to listen.
One of these remakes enjoys it is Oscar Peterson remake to a classical "Wave". Certainly any like him to him an end of a song. But a way begins was, like this fresh and mysterious give me memories. And then after a build-on, a way goes in with a piano, without failure, sing me together with him " I Go partorisca count you, You eyes já they can not see"... Another good tune is a dark and sensual version of "Amur in peace" or " I have loved once" for Shirley Horn. It is not to like a wonderful orchestration that accustoms in a classical Jobim album but still likes to of me because it calms that can feel... "The amour is a more sad thing when it goes was". Wes Montgomery is to take of Insensative is also solid but still prefers a one with Getz in a sax.
In general would recommend this. Be forewarned this in spite of - has load of bossanova compilations and this one has some usual staples (Daughter of Ipanema, Waters of March). And some apresamiento did not take me; this version of the sadness is not for me - wants to listen the add one, listens to an original in a "Orpheus Black" Soundtrack. There is something roughly the, an electrical guitar and the city acclimate and sambas. Also it remarks that this cd has the direct mate pice has titled "Wave: Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook". Has the alike coverage and is done in the mould looked like this one.
4 / 5
Ossia A CD adds. Any only is some wonderful songs, but a liner the notes are well, a simplistic coverage and coloreada the art is lovely, and a CD has an interesting look. Partorisca To to the auditors like to of them, those who want to Jobim music but prefer a plus populate some, and usually like this displaced more often that some original, ossia for you.
Begins was with a clue of title, that never popular level, "A Daughter of Ipanema." It is sung in the first place in Portugese (as intriguing) and then an easy, effortless voice of Astrud Gilberto pause in with some English papers. First of a song is on, will listen the version of good piano of a tune, preceded by player of sax of legendary tenor Are Getz beautiful. (I amour a part where begins and stops repeatedly.) It is easy to see reason this register is resulted the classical.
The second is one of a better disk, jazz diva Sarah Vaughan lustrous version of "Corcovado," or "Calm Nights of Calm Stars," like this English one goes. Ossia One without the doubt one the majority of beautiful register has has not listened never. An arrangement could not be better, and one same goes for Vaughan voice. Some starts of what whole with the a lot of relaxed, daydream feels his. It listens closely to some papers; it has dipped such vivid pictures in a this alcohol, still is such simple words. It is like this very romantic, and is a better song in a CD to dip on yes calms so only loves dipped behind and forget your questions together with a whole world. If only left calm calm funds to a music, has left the envelop you, really all the slip of frustrations out of you. Jobim Music, when he properly, can do that.
Some will go wither way on Billy Eckstine "Felicidad," but it likes. Once a start (with some those shouts and a Eckstine the voice that echoes) is on, the electrical guitar in firm and contagious the rhythm takes on, and an auditor is treated to Eckstine rich voice , deep likes swoops by means of of some notes.
After up is the song that has to that to to an effect a lot likes that of one a lot relaxing Of Clue 2, one fijamente intimate and a lot sexy of "Favela" (which create is, curiously, a Portugese word for the small hovel). ( There is, for a way, the little-the Known English version has called "To somewhere in some Hills." It can be found in a CD of Fitzgerald of the You 'You Abraca Jobim.' Fitzgerald also looks in this CD.) Touching much more like the at night late way-enhancer that usual, a risk to good sure the paid was, that creates the clue that dulcemente and enough quietly sizzles to start with to finalise. One beats (and rhythm of Jobim electrical guitar) pulled calm in, and calm does not love never leave a song goes. Jobim Torres in the only lovely, and that the bassist always adds Joe Mondragon, although has the so only a lot well, is has had to that a lot of credit for a quality of a song and subtly done his known presence by means of a whole clue. But nontheless, is Getz and his vaporous sax that dominates here. Dipped-rear and fresco, the sound that the touches is like this relaxed and effortless (a lot likes the voice of Gilberto) that looks to result one with a rhythm. He no still to his likes is trying at all, so only swimming together with a melody. But it conceal it does not mean that it touches lazy; each note is more intriguing that a last. With which some suns in some means of a song, on 4:20, some beaten chooses up and Getz roared behind in full-force, sometimes crooning, sometimes wailing, sometimes growling, but never jarring a way or that launches a feeling, cruising jazzily to an end. This part, among an alone of basses and of the restarted of a melody, is musical gold. After this segment of incredible improvisation, slips perfectly behind to a tune in the hushed, your muttered almost, relieving an auditor to a same calm deeper first of a song unfortunately the turn was...
Clue 5 abruptly begins with some voices of Gilberto and Jobim and the light but catchy the fact has beaten that reads his way to your blood and of the frames love the career was to Arthur Murray and take lessons. Gilberto sings a soft melody and then begins a heart: "Water to drink, water to drink camara..." Before she and Jobim launch to a jazzy according to heart. I love this song, hips, and All Jarreau done the dynamic version on he "More than..." CD (also the value that shabby!).
"Like this Danco Samba," or "Jazz Samba" like the quota of American knows it, is on prójimo with a tune that is spent for Leo Wright on flute. A liner the notes say that Jobim is on piano, but I marvel if ossia true, the one who is touching electrical guitar? Reason a lot he be? Oh, Well. A solo of the piano is a lot well in all the chance. The dynamics of alive coverage of his Fitzgerald of this song of the French concert can be found in a 10-star 'First Lady of the spouse of Song boxed, or in a two-CD 'You & Duque In a Height Of Blue,' that has the little a lot of tunes but a lot much more listened lovely. A bit those that other coverages of this song for You can be found in another CDs.
Wes Montgomery in "Quell'Insensitive" it is the calm standout. It is very beautiful (I maintains to use that word, but is an only way to describe this whole disk) and a bit jazzy, and to good sure deserves to listen it.
To this end of a CD is of the those that clues that does not seat well with me. I am not fond of Shirley Horn " I have Loved Once." Has the good voice, and listen that it is the very good singer , but this register is not pleasant mine. So only it looks to roam and tug, aimlessly and unsure, and the horn touches quite boring. And all this for six minutes and fifty-eight second (are second long that "Favela").
One the serious boat is done with a "A Note Samba," looking Charlie Byrd and Getz, in his third and final appearance here. Three is in plot for the CD that it is the mix of the different artists that Jobim work, but aims so only that big the hand Are "the Man" had in a done-new explosion in a '60s. "Samba" It is a lot of jazzy, especially in Getz run. Here it is much more jazzy-bluesy that in some other clues. A very a lot of "A Note" it is in Dizzy Gillespie "Compact Jazz" CD.
"Meditation" it is another concealed a lot tickle my elegant. It resembles amble eats "Once."
A following clue again saves a day, this time in a form of "First Lady of Song" You Fitzgerald that sings the a lot of fact-new touching "Desafinado." While it is my favourite singer , this is not my favourite register of the his. This in spite of, is the good register , and to to sounds like is having to that it weaves of fun with of him.
"Dindi," One of the mine less preferred Jobim compositions, held. It thanks God resembled stagger all of my aversions so that there has been preferred among them.
"Wave," One of Jobim better (control out of Franco Sinatra classical rendition in a fantastic 2-CD spouse 'A Much more of Franco Sinatra!' It loves that!), it Is managed amiably here for the jazz adds pianist Oscar Peterson. Improvisation and fresh arrangement. (You Fitzgerald also done it fascinating take on this song in an expensive, but a lot the value that mortgages your house for, 4-CONJOINT CD is: Some Years jointly.')
"Waters of March," for the long time, was a chamber and last of some clues that did not like me. It is, this in spite of, that grows on me. To listen his while revising it here, @gives that a melody is very pleasant, and Jobim and choose Queen is having to that it weaves of fun dueting here, especially to an end, when Reina has question stifling his laugh. You can listen a smile in his face around this part, and takes the little goofy (probably to do Jobim laugh). It is in fact bondadoso of fun.
Clue 15 and go back some distance before I have bought this CD, the year and the half behind. I listened it in the first place (all ten minutes and eighteen seconds of him) likes to last clue in a highly-recommended and a lot Latinesque Dizzy Gillespie volume of one 'the jazz Compresses' serious. (Compraventa-- Calm like this clues, will not feel !) @Begin relaxingly (and continuous that way), with sounds of the beach with a tide that goes in. A punctual melody go in, touched by a sax a lot of fresco of Leo Wright (floutist in Clues 6, "Like this Danco Samba"). Dizzy Is not far behind, this in spite of, and early is that it directs a song. Lalo adds Schifrin offered on the jazzy only of piano, paste all some right notes. Dizzy Go in with the only good, the clue for Wright is extremely rousing, wailing, a bit contemporary jazz-touching so only, then going back to Schifrin for the second only that it begin of calm but then results wild and stomping, with Lalo that paste some like this hard tones that his toes were surely red. This prededes the alone of good electrical guitar. A melody is then reprised, that directs a song to the arrival to clash.
This CD is one of a better if so only want to take easy for the moment. Well a prize so only partorisca Vaughan and "Calm Nights," Getz "Favela," and "No More Blues." It is for far a better Jobim CD, compilation or no, that has not listened never, and is sure to love the love jazz or has done. Still if no, the try, will like you at least of the few clues!
4 / 5
Antonio Carlos Jobim is among a few musicians of 20th century have regulated with inventing the musical gender: one sensual, spiritual new fact marrying samba rhythm to improvisation of jazz. Jobim The differential electrical guitar and the introspective papers have created one of some @@@1960s sounds of byline, that inspires the generation of jazz and singers of pops and, for better or worse, influencing today dominant "smooth jazz" formed radio.
"A Daughter Of Ipanema," released shortly after Jobim dead, is the album of complete tribute in the interpreters the plus end of this jazz vocally and instrumentally hug Jobim fragile melodies , intricate. They are Getz helped Jobim ameno new fact to Amsterdam; his duets in "Daughter Of Ipanema" and "A Note Samba" it is two byline Sixties' pieces of jazz.
But with which Frank has listened Sinatra collaborations with Jobim in "Dindi," "Corcovado," and "Quell'Insensitive" (all in his classical 1967 album), these versions for Astrud Gilberto, Sarah Vaughn and included virtuosa guitarist Wes Montgomery compares bad. This in spite of the spare reading of Shirley Horn of " I have Loved Once" (the newest clue, of 1988) is suitably alone-kissed and blood with which seven minutes. Ella Fitzgerald sprightly "Desafinado" bests some Singers of Charles of the Ray' charted version.
"A Daughter Of Ipanema" softly present of the defenders other genders of jazz to a heart of this master singer, instrumentalist, and composer. But also it checks it was Fitzgerals complete Jobim tributa (on Pablo Record) of 1980, Frank Sinatra collaborations with Jobim in Recovery and, for everything means, a classical original Getz/Gilberto begins of 1964.
5 / 5
To good sure the CD well, but try any to leave ossia yours only exposure to a fine music of Antonio Carlos Jobim. Some selections here are to a large extent of the interpretations of Jobim by other artists, and, as such, is in plot of fun. But be sure to choose on one or two of Jobim own albums, also, reasons "pure" Jobim is not to be stray. "Wave", Especially, it is the good place to start with . Included Jobim collaborations with Frank Sinatra offer the good sampling of an only Jobim approximation.
4 / 5
This CD is now one of mine favourite, but has not been at the beginning. A question that has had with this CD and to a discharge still has, has to do with a fact that a lot of some songs are on-orchestrated, and the elegant melodies and the harmonies subtiles is hid with jazzy embelishments. For just an example that am speaking roughly, compares the version of Sarah Vaughn of Corcavado (clues 2) with Joao and Astrud Gilberto is (Verve Master of Jazz 13 clues 1). While Vaughn voices is rich and silky smooth and his flawless technical order, something definately is lost in a translation. In short, many some songs have comprised in this disk there is more to do with a living room-lizard-done-new-phenomenon that swept some the EUA in an early 60 is that a music of Jobim in his purity.
4 / 5
Does not have to any idea likes any reveiwer of this album could have anything but praise for him. Especially that says and Sarah the versions of Vaughn of 'Desafinado' and 'Corcovado' (respectively) was 'butchered'! Unbelievable!
These are two of a standouts in a cd... Ella rendition is fun and uptempo --- move it scarce in this good-looking song that could be it sung by your deaf singers and the still sound adds.
The version of Sarah Vaughn of 'Corcovado' would have to that be a level because each coverage of this song is compared -- is simply wonderful!
Oscar Peterson version of 'Wave' is a better coverage of this never registered song (comprising Jobim is!). If it does not blow calm out of a water, any music never .
Ossia That the must there is cd for any one has interested Done New/Latin Jazz and yes has not listened never to new fact in your life then ossia a cd wants to take to start with your subject of amour!
Each fellow that has touched this album partorisca in a last 2-3 yrs has purchased the copy for them. One of my better friends was fulfil his (maintaining) woman after leaving my house to immediately purchase this album (a tribute to return to a music).
4 / 5
Antonio Carlos Jobim is a preminent master of bossanova jazz, and this CD lucido any justice. It is the album of tribute to Jobim that so only would buy was a last Cd has required for my collection. To to A few clues like 5 and 1 underlines, but with which of this artist lucido more than the disservice to do this down half tribute.
5 / 5
New fact had created essentially for Charlie Byrd, when it mixes Brazillian rhythms with jazz improvisiations, then result quite known in a world-wide jazz thru Getz, and in a world-wide pop thru ametuer singer Austid Gilberto. This in spite of there is not the clue for Byrd, at least any as the leader, has the actions add for vocalists Sarah Vaughan, Billy Eckstine, and tonnes to Take/Gilberto. Although this will not cover alll you the need and you would have to that go righy was and buy a Byrd/Takes disk and a Getz Gilberto disk, ossia the fine copy and like this as well as any another out of therem if any better.
5 / 5
Has read some of some descriptions here and some complaints see looks to come from defenders of hard core of a Getz/Gilberto classical album. While the defender of this album/cd can cringe in some of some arrangements here, please is not misled, all the world is gem . A last clue (w/ Dizzy) is surprising, and the waters of March is one of some the majority of good-looking songs, with a upbeat still sublimely and melodically harmonised refrain--sometimes his almost pursuing in his beauty.
An aforesaid Getz/Gilberto album Is the must has, but for the perfect variety of Jobim--this Jobim Songbook the collection has to that no lost too much far of the yours "island to desert" cast.

Top Customer Reviews: Bossa Nova ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
The quality adds, sweats partorisca add in awesome container
4 / 5
Probably my best touching Record ! There is his amour has dipped.