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Top Customer Reviews: Handcraft Little ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5
Measure: 4TColour: Resupplied can do not imagining was, but something is was with these underwears.

My edges has broken ALWAYS has been with small swipes in his bum every time spends these. I have been convinced partorisca a time a long plus is an use of detergent , has tried transmission the, and he still continuous. I thought that it that it was roughly another nettling until I have found some cloths confine with sharks in his, which my amours of edges, as I have bought the together of those. After spending them partorisca 3 days directly, some swipes have been he was. When you have dipped his PAW Patrol some on again, is returned sure enough. Changed behind to some sharks and they have been gone. It was not it touches a material or some dyes have used, but something is causing the reaction in his skin. I launched him of then all was.

My edges is 3 and buy a 4T, was returned perfectly, spends 4T trousers and shirts also, as it say sizing is in pair.

The wise quality, some pictures have on resisted after numerous washes with a lot of pocolos it turn. A material is not that I add, feels the little rough likes some another has commented.

I obviously would not buy these again. I am convinced they are treated chemically with something that does not love in the skin of my edges.

- My edges wants to PAW Patrol

- Caused odd, possibly allergic reaction
- has has had to that the launcher everything out of
- Material is not a more utmost quality/soft
4 / 5
Measure: 2t/3tColour: Resupplied after reading some positive critiques have been excited partorisca purchase these (2T/3T) partorisca my edges those who is 2. First of all they are it looks like this enormous would return the 4 or 5 year. Secondly, A quality is a lot poor. They are the rough material and the look cheaply has done! I have expected inner dresses of the soft good quality based in the descriptions have read. Some models have not been like this of the shows of the ad but I have expected that has based in that some other ads have said.
4 / 5
Measure: 4TColour: Resupplied Terrible. A cloth is not soft and a waistbands has the rough texture. I can require the launch was him why have arrived to the smell likes died, likes is exited of any one is of old moldy basement. They looked clean but a smell was terrible and also like the strong chemical smell, possibly of economic dyes? My boy wants to paw patrol boat to the equal that has tried washes him... Four times in having to that weighed with detergent, oxyclean, and adding bleach a fourth time (the colours do not have turn with a bleach so that it is an only plus ). Still odorano wierd like this probably going in some rubbishes.
5 / 5
Measure: 4TColour: Mina Resupplied 2.5 yr old amours his paw patrol trousers!! Potty The formation was easier with this so that it sees is boy like this big the trousers/ reward/ perhaps is still in a crew! Anything is, work! Has other trousers of big boy but is not interested like this or wants to spend him anymore.

Mina 2.5 yr measured of old wears 4T, as it returns small.
5 / 5
Measure: 4TColour: Resupplied Our edges there has been has not had previously any interest in resultant the basin has coached. But when I aim these on-line underwears, is very excited. As we have expected partorisca of the underwears partorisca arrive, his Paw the Patrol underwears was one of some first things mention his daycare professors when tongue in his upcoming weekend of formation of the basin. It is almost entirely that the basin coached in just the pair of house of days (camp of boot) and is sure this there has been something to do with his excite for a process. Also, we can say that of the cloths confine is done material of good quality, some colours are brilliant and a stitching looks a lot of-done.
5 / 5
Measure: 4TColour: Resupplied A good: thrilling models partorisca the boy that likes Paw Patrol, returns well
A bad: poor quality, seams falling averts after two washes (that follows some instructions of cure)
A verdict: more and more my aim is partorisca buy elements that is done with integrity and quality - these do not qualify and could be marketed like this disposable clothes confine. The desire could spend him down to mine another boy when a eldest is done with them but with two already spending was after the pair of the washes so only will not last . It can do better that this!
5 / 5
Measure: 2t/3tColour: Resupplied This gone back perfectly in my boy. They are a lot well it has done it. An elastic is very too much. No too tight, quite comfortable. They are soft as it does not cause any rashes against a skin. There was partorisca on 6 months and is still like this very like this new.
Has ordered the 2nd time so that they spend for cloths litter and dryer once the week.
4 / 5
Measure: 2t/3tColour: Resupplied Very pleasant paw patrol. So only 3 stars because that receives is not like this pictured. They are entirely different paw patrol models. We choose it is a because taken the rocky and each creature for separate. One some take has had any rocky in any of them. Different creations with just some main creature. Mina 2 old year was sad any there has been rocky on him! Also it returns small as described in other descriptions.
4 / 5
Measure: 2t/3tColour: Resupplied My Edges WANTS these undies. Some Creations are utmost. An access is perfect and has spent the no. has given the new pair every time he, felizmente, has used a potty. This amazing undies has helped to have our basin of edges-coached (without more than 4 accidents) in 2 weeks. INCREDIBLE. Value each nickel.
5 / 5
Measure: 4TColour: Resupplied Exactly that has expected: they are sper pleasant. It has given 5 stars, if some motives would have been some same how were in a picture in a posting... They are different colours and have different characters in them... He still described some characters of paw patrol in his, but different. Which is very partorisca we, as to to my edges really likes him to him the heaven, as it was sper happy, and that really is all these accounts... But it can see as it conceal it it can not exit as well as expensive partorisca me
5 / 5
My Edges WANTS these undies. Some Creations are utmost. An access is perfect and has spent the no. has given the new pair every time he, felizmente, has used a potty. This amazing undies has helped to have our basin of edges-coached (without more than 4 accidents) in 2 weeks. INCREDIBLE. Value each nickel.
5 / 5
An underpants receives was the little different that pictured has bitten could not be happier.

An access of underwears and treat like this expected that. Some images are so only different. Still Paw Patrol - But Patrol boat to Air in concrete ( merchandising transmission of outfits of the latest season ).

Has Heaven on him! And our edges want to all some creature, any only some boys. Big question this in spite of.... Where it is Everest?
4 / 5
My edges absolutely loves his Paw Patrol underwears. It is like this happy choosing to to the pair would like to spend each day. It is the small 2 1/2 old year and, different some other underwears has purchased in a same measure, these some remain on lucido any question.
4 / 5
My edges I headed to his porter to almost 3 years
has commanded measures it 4t and is perfect
A bit frand to the thighs but is perfect like this
5 / 5
more Pleasant pocolos inner dresses and my boy adores some creations. So only it say that to the good sure career bit it enough that his didnt quite that his wont returned for very long really.
4 / 5
My edges has loved that his favourite characters of Paw the patrol was in these. The desire there was more options with Skye in his this in spite of, reason loves Skye so as another creature and there there is so only a perhaps two in there with his on him. It is like this proud to be able to spend underwears of big boy this in spite of like this these were the swipe !
4 / 5
Ours toddler was potty coached with these underwears and loves him. They return more like this he 1T it 2T the little snug, but is lean to the equal that was well. These really helped lucido not having accidents because not loving take dirty.
5 / 5
Has bought this like my edges is the enormous Paw Patrol defender. I have ordered it measures it the elder (based in some descriptions) (4T apt smaller that a averaged 2T/3T). A cloth is not like this soft to the equal that would like and desire that was it in a picture is that arrived (any Rocky or Zuma) but my boy loves paw patrol. I can not have purchased in a tent....
5 / 5
Sees pictures so that spent to some cloths confine after just A WASH . Poor quality obviously of then one has fallen averts and an elastic is a lot rough for the toddler .
5 / 5
Well But pricey for novelty of a paw patrol impressions. Cloth a lot that adds for a prize. Wont Buys again.
5 / 5
Awesome Partorisca My edges those who isstill learning, quality Very well also! It has Had these takes awhile and his still frames of new look!
5 / 5
Adds but the little bit in a side a same small plus when I have taken a group of age 1 old year.
5 / 5
My edges absolutely loves a creation of these! Very comfortable for him also
4 / 5
These are really pleasant but is not all a same measure. My edges is 2 and roughly 30lbs - some good access but some have holes of the smallest leg as it does not return and some have the band of small waist and is too tight.
4 / 5
Exact same like some pictures. A shot adds and a same quality as in any tent. Happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
The underpants Of quality adds. Little type looks comfortable spending them. The prizes add also
5 / 5
Perfectly underwears of fat formation but could be bit it more snug in a band of the waist of my boy is in a lean side
4 / 5
Like this far (3 month of use) has on resisted well. Mina 3 yr old is in a small side and measure 3-4 is so only in legislation for him; the little More the free would have been better.
4 / 5
Of the underwears is utmost . My edges loves him but return small. I have followed a map of the measure and I seat would owe that it has bought a measure up. Ossia An only reason gave it to 4 star.
5 / 5
Has taken one 2 -3 for mine 2 old year. As first undies. All has wanted to him. Any soft. But practical, and coloreado
4 / 5
My boy to 2 years and means and His caleçons of measure 2T/3T lucida source perfectly. Good-looking colour, the characters looks to the true, has received exactly Lucido to the plot has illustrated to the sud the photo of première, patrol of air of the plot.
4 / 5
My boy loves him! For me these were the help adds to promote to start with potty formation. Another advantage is that they survive cloths litter a lot well.
4 / 5
Quality very good. Good material. And description of precise measure. To to I My edges liked really.
4 / 5
Has produced of good quality for a prize. I access my edges well, and there is has not had never a subject with them.
5 / 5
The elements are described like this, any complaint on quality - look a lot of fact (repeated washing and the time will say). Little type loves him and was has had to that done to try potty formation so only to take to them
4 / 5
The magnitude is perfect.
His sewings am very done
4 / 5
Too expensive but in general a quality is good and my edges is has wanted to can spend Paw Patrol in his undies, how is to win he in my books.
5 / 5
The product is cheaply fact, the raven has sewed, the material is rough, the majority of some underwears is not a same measure and 4t is too small for mine 3 old year. It do not suggest squandering your time and money.
5 / 5
3 Of them they do not have any a lot of has printed paw patrol in a side forward. As well as my edges are interested more partorisca see a paw patrol while there is on, he to his spend reverse!
5 / 5
Awesome The quality has washed once soften bit it. Toddler Wants to, is helping with potty formation!
5 / 5
A bit in a side a small plus for 2/3 measure
like me some better models then one some in some photos in fact very very soft
4 / 5
the turn adds and has to that the long of. We have had these for on 6 months and is to good sure ours preferred undies. They are returned snug enough to remain up in mine 2 I.
4 / 5
Is returned a product, too small.
Did not like Me a cloth.

Top Customer Reviews: Closecret Soft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5 Rafaela
Measure: 4-5 YearsColour: Way 3 Mine 4 old year WANT TO these. A regulate 'tighty whiteys' strolls on, as it take these instead and loves some pocolas impress amused (which are not to turn still!). They return quite a lot of ( raisin 4T trousers and he 5T shirt), good and stretchy, quite fat (any too fat). They are not sper thin like some cloths confine usual to the equal that are utmost for him. Love, and recommend for any one.
4 / 5 Myrle
Measure: 2-3 YearsColour: Way 3 I has purchased these underwears partorisca my grandson of 2 years. I have been impressed with as soft era. Some dinosaurs and the cars were that stimulates add partorisca he to potty train. It was returned amiably. A yard and the fashion were perfect, like this often during these premiers few days, spends this so only. You recommend these to any any one comfortable, underwears of qualities partorisca his boy. To good sure will be that it buys this mark when it is time partorisca my little a to potty train.
5 / 5 Micah
Measure: 2-3 YearsColour: Way 3 Good quality and sper pleasant. Bought one 2/3 and one 5/6 and as you can see for a picture, is quite a same measure esatta. Bookmark for my daughter as it can return all mine 3I undies also (and wants to him), but so only be conscious;)
5 / 5 Veronica
Measure: 3-4 YearsColour: Way 3 Perfecto partorisca mine 3.5 I. Probably included better more afterwards to 4I but my boy is big and lean! Had any subject after washing them. I add it finds!
4 / 5 Cythia
Measure: 3-4 YearsColour: Way 7 did not wash them still and this description is not partorisca a wear and the longest quality. Measure 2-3 looks partorisca return comfortabley in mine small 4 year. A look of comfortable yard. The desire there was any seal but I only cut has been (for this a 4/5 indication). I recieved one same to to some likes him to him the frame chooses. I will update an indication once takes the better sense of a wear and tara.
4 / 5 Emerald
Measure: 4-5 YearsColour: Way 4 These are like this pleasant has finalised partorisca buy 2 more conjoint after a prime minister. Read other descriptions that has declared the small turn, this in spite of me didnt really find concealed and have the little a ossia big partorisca his age. Measure 4 access he 4t (roughly 40lbs) comfortably. To good sure buy more like this required!
4 / 5 Larissa
Measure: 2-3 YearsColour: Way 6 Cost these underwears partorisca my edges of 2.5 years exclusively. It loves some pocolos give form and a fact that of the cloths confine is so only like this of the dads. Sizing Is attentive mine.
5 / 5 Karrie
Measure: 5-6 YearsColour: Way 3 quality Adds cloth, models and good colours! My edges loves him, is very comfortable.
5 / 5 Margherita
Measure: 5-6 YearsColour: Way 7 My edges loves these underwears. They return true to measure and is very comfortable. I asked to take more. To good sure cost again.
4 / 5 Amos
Measure: 4-5 YearsColour: Way 6 My little type loves his underpants of big boy! They are soft and comfy has said. They have arrived punctually also
5 / 5 Particia
Buy these underwears partorisca my edges of 2.5 years exclusively. It loves some pocolos give form and a fact that of the cloths confine is so only like this of the dads. Sizing Is attentive mine.
5 / 5 Steven
Knitted of the quality adds, give form and good colours! My edges loves him, is very comfortable.
5 / 5 Casie
Material soft, returns well and durable to date. Orders again. Access well in mine athletic 4 year and looks it will be of good for at least the year and perhaps longer.
5 / 5 Maryjo
My edges loves these underwears. They return true to measure and is very comfortable. I asked to take more. To good sure cost again.
4 / 5 Gus
My little type loves his underpants of big boy! They are soft and comfy has said. They have arrived punctually also 🙂
5 / 5 Natosha
These are súper pleasant and soft. Little then expected big but always well when you havr in increasing boys
4 / 5 Camilla
the creation Adds but more like the short booty . Any to to a right yard likes to write of the boys would owe that be but he still done a work because so only use them on the diaper .
4 / 5 Norine
Fun creations and has on resisted well in multiple washings. I access my big, lean 4 year
5 / 5 Coralie
Perfect access for my almost four year. A cloth is soft and loves that a sale of elastic waist is covered by a cloth. It likes him a dinosaur and of the models of tractor too which is in prize . To good sure will be to buy more.
5 / 5 Tiffanie
Wonderful quality - durable. Colours last, has printed also. Soft For toddlers
5 / 5 Gerald
The underwears of qualities adds. Very soft and comfortable. My amours of two years some models and look utmost. It is the boy the small plus around, 24-25lbs and turn perfectly. To good sure buy these again!
4 / 5 Francina
I pleasant boxers and my edges finds him comfy. Only negative point: after the pocolos washes, already looked the bit has used. But in general, it likes to of me to plot. We reordered !
4 / 5 Asley
These there is appealed mine because a waitsband elastic is closed in cotton. Other underwears rubbed my raw edges in a waistline. These are perfect. Súper Qualities, the good access and loves some pocolos give form. Shopping again.
5 / 5 Filiberto
A better undies for the toddler súper pleasant and wants to spend him
5 / 5 Anneliese
Accesses to the equal that has expected. Press of quality, waistband and and stitching.
5 / 5 Desirae
Very Sewed and attractive creation , pleasant that appeals to toddlers. Good value for a money. This in spite of, there is the little too plastic packaging.
4 / 5 Buffy
This active quickly result our preferred, my edges loves him. They touch to lose the small maintaining all has packed amiably without rubbing. They are also like this soft and is the true access.
4 / 5 Herta
My edges want to these. Good quality, comfy, easy for our preschooler to use, lava a lot well.
4 / 5 Carmela
A quality of this product is utmost! To good sure will be to buy roughly more for my edges.
5 / 5 Demetra
Is easy for mine toddler to locate and era. A soft waistband is comfortable for him and taking has stuck. It loves some few impressions except some shot some. It has been add if it was another truck or printed of dinosaur.
5 / 5 Aide
Access of mine 3 old year perfectly
And loves some pocolos give form
4 / 5 Mariela
has loved an access of these for mine 2 old year. It is in a side a small plus and was hard to find some this returns amiably! These are a some👍🏻 Also have wanted to all some different options of impressions to choose of.
5 / 5 Gussie
To good sure shrink the bit after washing and turn but for a cost and of the creations, can any gone bad! You love him!
5 / 5 Maureen
To to My boy likes, of odd that tip but oh a lot of
4 / 5 Elli
These are LIKE THIS PLEASANT! They return like this expected. To good sure buy more
5 / 5 Gertude
Perfecto my edges want him well a lot extensible simple washes it.
4 / 5 Palmira
Want to these! They are excellent quality and return our edges partorisca the longitude 1.5 years and still accesses. It take even again when I need more!
5 / 5 Shanae
My edges want to these! It is his motivation partorisca potty formation. His comfortable dinosaur big boy undies!
5 / 5 Reed
The cloth in some underwears of the truck of the fire has received is different that that it was pictured partorisca purchase. Disappointed to the equal that have preferred really to be pictured.
5 / 5 Rona
Slightly main then expected but the quality adds and my edges want to some few creations :-)
5 / 5 Venita
the utmost look on arrival; hopefully the cloth will resist until frequent that washes
5 / 5 Douglass
the cloth is like this soft and my edges feels comfortable of the spend on partorisca the day. Perfectly access. Recommended

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Brand - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
4 / 5 Johanna
Súper Pleasant alot of the cacti that goes in here , could have offered more variety of @@subject but very happy with a record and quality . To to I My edges likes him to him an access says that they are access very comfortable is some the sizing.
5 / 5 Latina
An Absolute fantastic value. The quality was wonderful . And they stood up the a lot of lava of then shabby. The colours are vibrant, my edges have said that an access is comfortable. defiantly Buy again.
4 / 5 Fermina
To the equal that has described! Quality a lot well, my edges enjoys to spend them. They are the touch in a side a big plus, but think that is as well as I prefer him a lot of partorisca be too tight and any last very long. You recommend.
4 / 5 Kimbery
The product adds. A lot elastic in some waste and my edges have said is really comfortable.
4 / 5 Carolyne
This true record to measure and is good quality. My edges chooses these knickers of his drawer in another possesses so that it is comfy! To good sure the good prize partorisca a quantity receives compared the tents.
5 / 5 Christina
Is big fact this in spite of. They maintain but no presionan any a lot of to the level Gives legs. Has tendency partorisca locate when On it fulfil his trousers. My boy adores Him and finds him beaux for real.
4 / 5 Jefferey
Where partorisca begin. My amours of 6 years these undies. They return utmost and is resisting on really well. Some models are awesome and good quality
4 / 5 Elvie
Some impressions are adorable! My stepson has said that they are comfy and that was returned utmost. They look he likes is the quality adds and can any gone bad with a prize!
5 / 5 Mona
Soft creations , returns and pleasant material well. Waistband Was fatter that has expected and yes too small could be uncomfortable but perfect for the measure of my edges. To good sure will buy more
4 / 5 Lenore
My edges loves a little impression and fun colours.
5 / 5 Shonda
A model is printed in a cloth when he Tis has extended white tip. No a better quality. Bandage very fat.
4 / 5 Earnest
A product of quality adds. My grandchildren have loved some colours. The washes add!
4 / 5 Louis
These are too many big for mine 7 and 8 year. It does not remain on at all
4 / 5 Kimbra
These are underpants adds . My edges loves him. The value adds and good quality. Very soft. Shabby more when it has required.
4 / 5 Rasheeda
I aversion that the amazon would ask me to resupply the photo of clothes confine of boys. It likes that of some cloths confine are returned
5 / 5 Nelson
the tonne Had but the second is the too apt plot of the 2 years
4 / 5 Shelba
I will be partorisca order more like my boys outgrow this together.
5 / 5 Kerri
The product adds partorisca a prize. Quite true to the measure that can say, looks to be that they leave also!
Some colours and the impressions are fantastic!
5 / 5 Lee
A bit in a side a big plus as they will last the time the long plus. A lot comfortable, did not shrink when you dye washes and add
5 / 5 Cathryn
An elastic in these is not a better! As it ensures your boy in fact returns of the measures is ordering properly!
5 / 5 Felicitas
My edges loves him. They return well and it is súper comfortable.
4 / 5 Nella
Has ordered to 10 band and looks any one has taken 5 era. Súper unimpressed.

Top Customer Reviews: Fruit of the Loom ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Damian
Measure: LargeColour: Fines/the quality by heart Adds! Fruit of amour of a Whip! Apt are adds in my edges
4 / 5 Shamika
Measure: LargeColour: you Fine/Way to Paint too big. Go the measure down.

Top Customer Reviews: JackLoveBriefs Boys ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Vickey
Colour: BSize: 2-3 (Encircled 32-38in) At the beginning looked, has ordered a following boxer because a price was a lot of and has not expected the plot of an order. Result partorisca be the order adds an I am a lot happy with a product.
Some boxers are gone in the abonos 3 band of 3 boxers. A thing adds in a boxer is that his all have different colours and have creations that to to the my edges like. Each morning, my boys of 2 years enjoy his time partorisca choose that it spends of model partorisca a day; some trucks, some dinosaurs, or some stars? They are no expert, but some looks of good cloth.
5 / 5 Eliana
Colour: A3Size: 2-3 (Encircled 32-38in) 2T mine of returns 19 old month amiably with some room (26lbs/34.n; Usually it spends 18-24 funds). It wants to it choose it I have been so has some of his favourite things in his (excavator, in the say, bananas). Soft cloth, pleasant impressions, has washed well, asks out of the bit with the wear but ossia well for us partorisca first inner dresses - does not feel like the diaper with a boxer returns like this there is not any confusion. The quality is well, although no like this fat/soft cloth like the mark of tent of our favourite boys. A pair arrived with holes, and vendor quickly refunded partorisca this pair. Shopping again.
4 / 5 Shon
Colour: ASize: 3-4 (Encircled 38-42in) These undies is comfortable, stretchy, and soft. My edges of 5 years loves him and enjoys to choose fun creations. Ossia A second band that has bought like this far and a quality is compatible, a point of price is so only!
5 / 5 Christin
Colour: A3Size: 4-5 (Encircled 42-46in) Pleasantly surprised in a quality of these. It has been expecting thin and with the band of economic waist, but these are surprisingly substantial and a band of elastic waist is so only a right mix go in sturdy and comfy. It does not locate too down like the plot of my daughter is other cloths confine, but no like this big that is hugging his key of belly.
4 / 5 Chanda
Colour: ASize: 6-7 (Encircled 45-50in) the underwears is good quality and very soft. An elastic around a cup is exerts also and not liking some fat white bands that other frames have. My edges Wants a bit the pleasant creations and each pair are different creations. They go in good packaging, 3 pairs in the each band. The price adds for the band of 9 writing of boxeador.
5 / 5 Ernest
Colour: ASize: 9-10 (Encircled 53-59in) This band of underwears was perfect partorisca my edges, really enjoys some models of some underwears! . It is very active and some returns of underwears well while it run around.
Likes that a soft material is comfortable partorisca he partorisca spend the whole day long, and some accesses of band of elastic waist snugly but any one stagnate it.
5 / 5 Humberto
Colour: BSize: 9-10 (Encircled 53-59in) These underwears of boys is a pleasant plus. It has awesome creations of picture in his, mine inclusa 8 old year loves him. It says that they are comfortable also. A map of measure is corrected and has washed on good and did not shrink. To good sure buy these again.
5 / 5 Lajuana
Colour: A3Size: 4-5 (Encircled 42-46in) My edges is 4.5 yrs old. It returns but I am sure still it can spend he partorisca the year. It likes a material that is 100 cotton and soft. It likes a normalised and feels comfortable when it touches sport. A sale of 9 is also enough for daily use and to spare.
5 / 5 Janet
Colour: BSize: 4-5 (Encircled 42-46in) This product was the present partorisca the fellow abroad. His edges is 4 years old , but more afterwards to the 5 old year in measure, like this
decide in a main measure partorisca a writing. A measure was perfect, and a quality and feel of a material
was excellent. A boy was very happy with some varied creations in a writing, and there is wanted especially he
dinosaurs. This container with some 9 different creations in the materials of the quality is in good value sure good for a price.
4 / 5 Frederick
Colour: ASize: 8-9 (Encircled 49-53in) My edges was very happy with them. They are 100 cotton to the as it likes me. They are also stretchy and some cut the pleasant.
4 / 5 Lizeth
These are fantastic, 100 cotton. Apt exactly as it has expected, súper elections of pleasant model- wash amiably also. My kiddo likes him.. Amours a shark some (which have to that admit is súper vibrant and fun) would recommend- point of reasonable prize a lot also!
5 / 5 Yang
Loves this pleasant little writing of @boxeador! The selection adds impressions, true records to measure ( has taken one 2 -3t), is potty coaching this like this required summer the stock on on underpants, this was the prize adds , and good cloth also. I seat it likes him to him he will wash very a lot of
4 / 5 Criselda
has taken these have done mine 4 old year and wants to him all, especially a dinosaur some. These are his gone the underwears now. A quality is resembled a cougar some he at present have perhaps so only bit it thinner. Shopping again for a value and a fact likes him.
4 / 5 Kathyrn
Looked in some descriptions that has seen a undies access to the equal that has expected... I have bought the measure 4 still although mine 2yr the old boy is a lot lean. They return with the very small quantity of room to grow. I washed him twice now and already I see to turn. It is too bad reason are like this darn pleasant
4 / 5 Zofia
My edges is 4.5 yrs old. It returns but I am sure still it can spend he for the year. It likes a material that is 100 cotton and soft. It likes a normalised and feels comfortable when it touches sport. A sale of 9 is also enough for daily use and to spare.
4 / 5 Olivia
Ossia Like this pleasant! We follow some measures and they are returned our 4 old year perfectly. Some impressions are súper pleasant and wash on utmost. A cotton is lovely and there is not complained never on one feels. We would buy him to us again!
5 / 5 Jacqueline
This product was the present for the fellow abroad. His edges is 4 years old , but more afterwards to the 5 old year in measure, like this
decide in a main measure for a writing. A measure was perfect, and a quality and feel of a material
was excellent. A boy was very happy with some varied creations in a writing, and has loved especially he
dinosaurs. This container with some 9 different creations in the materials of the quality is in good value sure good for a prize.
5 / 5 Yolanda
These underwears of boys is a pleasant plus. Has awesome creations of picture in his, mine inclusa 8 old year loves him. It says that they are comfortable also. A map of measure is corrected and has washed on good and did not shrink. To good sure buy these again.
4 / 5 Quinn
Was hesitant to purchase these for my edges, but am like this happy has done. They are done of excellent material , soft , thickness. Utmost creations. The girl the master. To good sure will be to buy more in a future.
4 / 5 Tijuana
Loves these for my edges! It is been spending them for four months now and has resisted until washing a lot well. I have followed a map to measure when ordering and was true to measure when they have arrived. They shrank The tiny bit in a prime minister washed to the equal that have expected and has not changed form or measures of then. My edges is very small, 27lbs and 30 in big in 2 years and these return well. To good sure buy again when we require a next measure up.
5 / 5 Gala
Access perfectly mine 2 old year the one who is quite small in a waist. The quality adds in excellent prize. I have been using them for the few months now this in spite of look new, some colours do not have turn at all. Calm will not find the treat better elsewhere!
4 / 5 Carson
Is done with cotton! Has a lot boyish models. My edges there is complained not even once in a look! It is soft to touch. And it has dipped in dryer . It do not shrink at all. The value adds
4 / 5 Theodora
My edges was very happy with them. They are 100 cotton to the as it likes me. They are also stretchy and some cut the pleasant.
5 / 5 Betsy
Good quality. Very soft and a measure is expected like this. Any lint has been developed after several washes. My boys love a creation of variety. It loves him spend every day.
5 / 5 Dorthea
An absolute fantastic value , the product is described like this , the quality was wonderful fot really well, has taken them , stood up like this washed like this far , the to good sure would recommend this product!
4 / 5 Jeneva
Hey! These things shrank the roughly 1 to 2 small measures after only a prime minister has washed. A lot disappointed, but can do not to return them now. The supposition will be TIGHTY whiteys.
5 / 5 Dwight
Amours of 3 years some creations. Measure on shrink the little in a wash. Always shabby too big for this reason, more taking more wear out of them the cause grows to them.
5 / 5 Alyson
This boxer the brief underwears is soft and well and is stretchy.un the model is attractive to spend for a quality is well.
4 / 5 Shandi
Loves these for my boys!! Utmost models and soft cotton. It can not beat a prize or quality. I have it quell'has purchased already another band. Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Clarence
Has bought for my edges of friends.. A creation is súper adorable , his to both likes and look to be a lot of comfortable some time peanut.
5 / 5 Anderson
It is underwears partorisca my boy is very good. An impression is a lot good-looking and a very comfortable cloth. A measure is very well also
4 / 5 Kristeen
to the access likes has expected
Súper pleasant creations
9 different creations entertainment
Hope this potty the trainer the easy more
5 / 5 Bert
the measure has bought 9 to 10 and this returns perfectly partorisca my boy of 9 years. Material is very soft and comfy wants to him. Well a prize
4 / 5 Ozell
Good product. Good quality. They are very soft and comfortable. To to I My edges liked really. They are good measure also.
5 / 5 Chantel
My edges WANT TO these. Raisin measured 4/5T and these return correctly.
Has been washed the little time (dried down) and havent shrank at all.
4 / 5 Arvilla
Is coloreado and very animate. My edges his rest that expects his daily response but some measure run small. It take my edges some measures of the main still hjs so only 3 1/2
4 / 5 Lyda
has taken one 3-4yrs for my old access, excellent. Cotton Of good quality, very soft, good-looking and comfortable impressions.
4 / 5 Thu
To to I My edges like and is a lot of comfortable for him. It is happy with all the creations 😀and the quality is also good
4 / 5 Allegra
Utmost underwears. Taken eat them the present for my grandson and im very happy with a quality and the prize have paid.
4 / 5 Myrta
My lil the boy is like this happy for his mark the this of underwears and new dinosaur of pineapple!

The returns to measure perfectly! :)
4 / 5 Josue
This writes of turn of boy exactly partorisca boy of 8 years, real cotton, after the pair does not wash any transmission in colour. Thank you
4 / 5 Val
Nizza, soft cotton - I likes that a sale of waist is also cotton. My edges wants to him - very comfortable and easy for him partorisca pull on/down during potty formation.
5 / 5 Laureen
Has bought these for mine 2.5 old year. It likes him a bit creations and and easily take them on and was independently. I have been washing a lot well. Probably I will buy him again in general measure when required.
4 / 5 Ludivina
Good quality, this has a same quality as it conceal of the mark of the girls the plus populate for less a prize.
4 / 5 Annabelle
Exactly that has looked for. My Edges loves some few creations and finds him comfortable. They return like this expected this in spite of, I measures on the next time like some boys grows like this fast.
5 / 5 Twanda
Has been expecting the sportive material for some reason but they were basic boys undies. Record a lot and comfortable.
5 / 5 Kristen
His Boxers are of the good measure, lúcete the cloths is of the good-looking quality joined and my boy adores him !
5 / 5 Temeka
The quality adds, and comfortable, my boy of 9 years loves it. It returns amiably. To good sure buy again.
5 / 5 Mammie
My edges like his new undes ,pleasant impression , the material is good and some looks of cloth comfy . True to measure.
4 / 5 Bryon
Am satisfied with these boxers. You look for good boxers for my edges. It likes-me it his quality and material. A lot a lot looking with fun creation. A lot of abordable. In fact, there is stirs it whole in the container. To to I My edges really like to of him.

Top Customer Reviews: Fruit of the Loom ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
4 / 5 Danica
Amur These underwears, but a colour is not one same haha. Any green at all. My band has had brilliant orange instead. But not to impose you reason my edges LOVES a colour. An access is perfect. I recommend! So only be prepared that a colour can be different.
5 / 5 Colton
Purchased these partorisca my edges as it wants a bit dye in an Image/of picture. Unfortunately, it has been sent the by heart different diagram that my edges has refused to spend. One writes is quell'has bitten big of container but with which 1 wash has had some shrinkage (cotton) that resulted in the most regular measure. Please note ...The clients can receive the by heart different diagram to write when ordering this product.
1 / 5 Dominique
Sooooo Big ... Doesnt Even felt of mark... We buy Small and would say that it returns well partorisca the adolescent... No partorisca the boys of 4
5 / 5 Nina
This produces arrived right on time and is of quality and good accesses, was exactly as it has announced.
4 / 5 Harriet
They are big and slender. Slender Is well but because like this long? They are on he found of belly. Well it is very partorisca winter
5 / 5 Tory
This mark always resists on well. Comfortable partorisca boys.
1 / 5 Jacquelin
These were insanely enormous. I have ordered the different mark in a same measure and turn well. These were man sized.
5 / 5 Maxine
It returns very well partorisca my big 3 I, easy to dip on!
5 / 5 Adaline
My edges loves his new underwears. They return perfect in lucido.
5 / 5 Su
Well, Am said these is a more there is never has had. As I have had to that order more.
5 / 5 Wm
Access in my key of belly of the edges. Very long in a torso, uncomfortable access
4 / 5 Jerrica
At all Dye them same that that has commanded, but this in spite of very satisfied
4 / 5 Laura
Ordered a green-blue-black container, has received an orange - ash - blue is the 4 -band, any 5 to the equal that has warned...
5 / 5 My
No a better quality but returns well and good prize.
4 / 5 Julene
Has fallen averts in any looks a first day . A lot of dissatisfaction:(
5 / 5 Shemeka
Sizing the map was wrong and the colour has not been one same but am still happy with an element.
5 / 5 Angella
My edges does not have any complaint, as I guess is happy then.
4 / 5 Vada
Sizing The map is bad. It says big accesses 10-12 but when they have arrived a sizing the mapea in a real packaging says big is partorisca 14-16.
4 / 5 Sherita
I colours are brilliant and maintain after washing on and on.
4 / 5 Claretha
Material really good and perfect measure. Amado a product.
4 / 5 Lucille
These are the sure small access but also, has bought this same writing more than a swipe and a container of the same measure varied in record. East times an access was a same measure like the smallest pair has had has purchased previously. So only a fyi partorisca be prepared that an apt consistency is not of confidence. And so only partorisca add so that asked in the colours have received, has received green, blue and a burgundy colour. I have finalised partorisca return this in spite of.
5 / 5 Talia
After a first time of pair partorisca wash, three of some five pairs have fallen averts in a seams. You do not buy these have discounted writing again.

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Brand - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5 Leeann
I am surprised in fact for some overwhelming positive critiques is. These were VERY SMALL (other descriptions know the big turn??) A 2t hardly returns mine 18m old (22lbs 50th percentile). Has elastic zero (as it looks that annoying) and is sewed odd (sewed offskew). It is coming weirdly packaged also (individually scotch taped). Global im there is disappointed
5 / 5 Beatrice
the values A lot adds partorisca childrens underwears. They are all good vibrant impressions and very sewed. They were the little has bitten big that has expected, but shrank slightly in a dryer. Nizza Material soft.
5 / 5 Alia
Done well, well has drawn. These are not súper economic, a quality is well. They were slightly main then has thought. But to good sure any one spend he of show, highly recommend!
4 / 5 Dione
There good underwears for my edges to the although they are returned bit it pleasant. A waist is perfect but a sound to long and slightly free among some legs. They would be perfect if his thighs were fatter.
4 / 5 Rosalina
Perfecto! The edges loves him. Amours that has some days of a week in his
the material Adds! It do not shrink when wash.
5 / 5 Dorsey
These are excellent quality , soft and durable! They return quite true to measure but shrinks the bit when wash and dried like this yes among measures, measure up. Similar fun models and colours also!
5 / 5 Keli
Was happy in that quickly take of the underwears for my edges and the one who pleasant was, this in spite of of then having them for the few months, has extended was. There is not an elastic in a waistband like his slide down when pulling the trousers was also. They are well, but the next time will buy the different mark.
4 / 5 Elsy
Has received my measure selected in 7 out of 10 pairs. A rest 3 was at least 3 big measures. You love Amazon to king-send me another place in light of his deceptions.
Otherwise, Amur some impressions, and turn well.
4 / 5 Mee
A measure is corrected but a band of waste in any stretchy at all. Beside hat some looks of product a lot
5 / 5 Chauncey
Well for a prize. Any one súper thrilling but hey is just underwears that is going to last for the short period of time. Like this yeah theyre quite well for a purpose.
5 / 5 Bianca
Well partorisca a prize. Any súper thrilling but hey is just underwears that is going to last partorisca the short period of time. Like this yeah theyre quite well for a purpose.
4 / 5 Pei
My edges is the lean grain !
The majority of measure whose returns well.
This was perfect!
4 / 5 Teressa
Perfecto for mine 3 old year. I will be to buy more in the near future.
4 / 5 Pam
Returns like this expected, good variety of models/of colours. He a work!
4 / 5 Yolando
Has arrived fasted has then declared taken his fri 4 early days are big and there went him the pleasant smell still that goes to maintain them hope to wash them a smell will go was
5 / 5 Desire
Returns my big 7 yr old so only well after washing. The thin good cotton.
4 / 5 Sonny
The good magnitude Touches 2 years. The élastique to the measure is not indistinto to the sud each culotte. Of the times he no étire any a lot of
5 / 5 Len
there is ask very small.
My boys love. They love some few days of a week written on the and some beasts of colours and small creations.
A cloth is decent.
5 / 5 Debra
Nizza Quite measured as I am not too big. It does not shrink in a wash, leaving room to last the moment.
5 / 5 Latoya
Knitted of good quality n elastic. Access of mine 7 yr old perfectly.
4 / 5 Maryetta
Really like a cosy elastic waistband for my edges and of the brilliant colours , has amused.
5 / 5 Shari
Is almost true to measure. The desire would have taken measures it the big
5 / 5 Illa
variety of Good impression but the encircled elastic in the majority of some underwears am free. Whenever it falls off a waist. Poor quality.
5 / 5 Corrinne
A quality is not too big. Several pairs have had a stitching goes after two washes.
5 / 5 Han
The accesses adds and the quality knitted really good.
Fatter that more than would buy in Walmart etc. Pleasant Colours.
4 / 5 Agnus
This gone back well and look partorisca be that they resist there forms and colour!
5 / 5 Kathlyn
Didnt Takes the colours of same/models have aimed in picture. Otherwise Was a lot.
5 / 5 Lakesha
Good quality, thinks the cotton and my edges finds him comfortable
5 / 5 Roman
Quite big for the 6-7 and measure. Tent and maintain for next year.
5 / 5 Adell
Looks well. Nizza And brilliant! To my boy like him some material models!

Top Customer Reviews: benetia Boys' Soft ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Chung
This very soft celery and well has done. Happy with this compraventa! You measure bought 4T partorisca mine 2.5 old year the one who spends 3T further of frames of cloths. I think that that they are the good access . It does not look they shrank after washing and drying.
5 / 5 Vicenta
I love these underwears reason is fact out of the cotton and is not too tight. I have ordered a measure on, and was add partorisca mine 3-year old edges.
5 / 5 Rosalind
It is it has been it likes in photo the as
5 / 5 Takako
Hey is a lot of soft and comfortable partorisca my edges.

Top Customer Reviews: benetia Boys' Soft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5 Sandie
One writes is adorable. Pleasant impressions, my edges loves a pair of construction! They return like this expected. Wash on really well. You recommend to another!
4 / 5 Joella
I have bought these partorisca mine 2 and/or and wants to him. They are comfortable, accesses well, and wash well.
My only complaint is that they lose his form the little over time. It is July now, bought him in March and is beginning to extend was around some legs the plot. It was to order again when it measures up.
5 / 5 Sarita
I have bought size2T/3T partorisca my boys of twin, 2 years and 11 months. My boys are lean/small partorisca his age, but this pleasant undies is returned well and wants to all these pleasant impressions on him. Material a lot also. Shopping again.
4 / 5 Sunshine
Quite true to measure although it looks to extend was quickly. 3 yr Old is learning in wedgies.
5 / 5 Librada
Amur These underwears! My edges is obsessed and so only spends these!
5 / 5 Simona
I add undies! Sper Pleasant also!! Only downfall is a material has been the ache partorisca take stains of.
5 / 5 Warren
It was the swipe with my grandson. Apt well, has washed well.
5 / 5 Tennille
Sper Pleasant quality , sum, my little man loves him!
5 / 5 Hermila
The models are pleasant. The easy soft underwears partorisca girls.
5 / 5 Gerardo
Is returned bit it small and the colour and the forms turn quickly
5 / 5 Meg
Utmost undies! Súper Pleasant also!! Only downfall is a material has been the ache partorisca take stains of.
5 / 5 Tamela
Was the swipe with my grandson. Apt well, has washed well.
4 / 5 Adrien
Very good! To my boy likes him. The measure is not all one same; some are the pocolos main that another, but good access.
4 / 5 Philomena
A good alternative to all a jockey-way partorisca small boys.
5 / 5 Kim
Súper Pleasant qualities , sum, my little man loves him!
4 / 5 Milagros
Little one wants to these and they return quite true to measure.
5 / 5 Lynell
Honradamente These are surprising! They are returned my A lot lean edges a lot and is comfortable partorisca he.
4 / 5 Marivel
The material is súper soft before and with which washed. The colours do not wash of the together and apt stays some same after the pocolos washed.
4 / 5 Bobby
Perfect access and pleasant fashions. The desire there was the bit of viscous in a cloth
4 / 5 Austin
Pleasant and comfy little writing! My edges has loved some models.
4 / 5 Neta
Soft And breathable, very comfortable, and LIKE THIS PLEASANT. These were preferred of instant
4 / 5 Jovan
Lovely! A quality is really good and a drows is like this pleasant
5 / 5 Carolin
Satisfied to the description, thankful cloth to the touch, comfortable.
4 / 5 Ivelisse
Has liked him a material and some models but has extended was quickly.
4 / 5 Ramon
Like this pleasant and apt adds! My little type is thin and remain up.

Top Customer Reviews: Closecret Kids ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5 Tierra
Colour: Way 4.ure: 3-4 Years produces A lot well, will buy again and suggest to rest of familiar with girls. The map adds, the net loves him.
5 / 5 Azalee
Colour: Way 4.ure: 4-5 Utmost Years toddler underwears, has purchased all some impressions partorisca my edges and finds him a lot comfortable.
4 / 5 Pa
Colour: Way 5.ure: 2-3 Years Lovely creations, very soft and wants to that an elastic is encased in the cloth is returned mine 2 old year a lot and wants to him. Arrived promptly also
4 / 5 Marybeth
Colour: Way 4.ure: 2-3 quality of Years adds and excellent price. Pleasant models also.
4 / 5 Karie
Colour: Way 5.ure: 4-5 Years have loved of 4 year- easy on and down partorisca self pottying- paw the patrol is a thing
4 / 5 Jolie
Colour: Way 4.ure: 2-3 Years dressed Utmost interiors. It feels he adds. A bit big but no bad at all. Access enough to measure. They are like this pleasant and feel like the quality adds. Very happy. I will order him again.
5 / 5 Jonnie
Colour: Way 7.ure: 2-3 Years My edges does not tolerate partorisca go down them-dressed with a lastique to discovered there is doubted of then he to the skin hyper wise and does not have truth pas has complained my compraventa ! Hyper Satisfied ! I recommend another very soon !
5 / 5 Julieta
Colour: Way 5.ure: 4-5 Delivery of Years as it has expected. Writing partorisca with which washed.
5 / 5 Detra
Colour: Way 5.ure: 4-5 good Years small undies, wash and good wear. Apt as it has expected
4 / 5 Karlene
Colour: Way 4.ure: 5-6 Years produced Good, my boy was happy with some colours. Accesses as it has expected.
4 / 5 Leta
Wanted by 4 year- easy on and down partorisca self pottying- paw the patrol is a thing
5 / 5 Muriel
the quality Adds and excellent prize. Pleasant models also.
4 / 5 Classie
I boys love his new underwears! I have taken so many some boys and the daughters and some girls there is not complained still. There is wanted also a variety of models/of colours. Some boys were excited sincerely for his new underwears!
4 / 5 Helene
My edges does not tolerate to go down them-dressed with a élastique to discovered there is doubted of then he L the skin hyper wise and does not have truth pas has complained my compraventa ! Hyper Satisfied ! I recommend another very soon !
4 / 5 Corrine
I underwears does well.. Fat material.. Edges of good access
4 / 5 Joette
Súper pleasant models. Good access, resists on well to wash. Soft.
5 / 5 Sheilah
These undies is like this pleasant and soft and my edges are excited further roughly spending them. Here it is the potty formation!😏
5 / 5 Shelton
These underwears is very durable and soft cotton with colours and of the pleasant models. In general it was very impressed and would order these again.
5 / 5 Monique
Nizza, impression and soft material, but very free partorisca mine 5I.
5 / 5 Lyla
My sexy edges loves these underwears. Súper The good access and I so only love a dinosaur 🦖 some. The better underwears has not bought never was amazon.
5 / 5 Dallas
An elastic around some legs have extended was after three months, or roughly twenty washings. Disappointing because an access is good but no hard .
4 / 5 Heike
Súper Pleasant, and access comfortably - my edges loves him!
4 / 5 Anika
Mina pocola a there is had subjects with elastic exposures.
These have an elastic covered and is very soft. Some impressions are of sound, an access is well.