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Top Customer Reviews: 8 Mile (Advisory) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
eminem Book in this album with losing you and career of rabbit, jay-z also well devises 8 miles n runnin my favourite clue in a whole album. The didnt like gangstarr and the didnt like obie trice trying the rap with venom. It has killed his ash was outta time of talent of the place of your life. Of the one who Take bad this song is partorisca dope but is not was WELL with wants to be me
global dissapointingly-half...................
4 / 5
I, ossia the add cd. Eminem Is awesome on all his clues. Also 50 Cent shines like this brite like this In fact, more obie trice, d12 and every1 more are adds. Included one 2 r & b the songs are well. Also I think his really fresh that some songs are inspired by a film. If or luv all hip hop like the , chooses this cd up. Goodbye!!!!
5 / 5
Purchases Needs this cd or anyother with which have been modified, calm would not owe that do a compraventa. So only reason some litter vocab the words have been take, a subject global is one same. Has a unedited version of eight thousand and a lot enjoy it. A cd is not feigned for an immature audience wether modified or the no. that Buys a modified cd is the endeavour goes and yes disturbed some words, does not listen to a song.
5 / 5
So only has taken this CD yestrday. All some clues done for Eminem is quite well except a a that looks Obie Trice and 50 cent.
Mina 3 favourite songs are 'Lose you', For Eminem, (which there is
state taking alot of radio time, 'Rap Played For D12 and 'Put to go' For 50 cent. I owe that say, Obie Trice totally messed on an album. I expect that this description was useful yours. Paz was!
4 / 5
Thinks 8 one thousand is a awesome soundtrack for rap and Eminem defenders everywhere. You lose it has fallen!!!!!!!!
5 / 5
Is true! Eminem The film is was and the one who better way the celerbrate that hears to one is taken a better rappers in a cd!. I will advise you to see some papers are not like this personal is. And yes D-12 is in him also.
4 / 5
Ossia The fresh soundtrack . You lose it is a better! How it is 8 one thousand and rabbit of those is emin3m clues!

Top Customer Reviews: Original Album ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Each upper tune of the each upper album
Run Dmc and Jam the Master jay touches like this fresh his still thump a beaten today
Tear JayđŸ™đŸ‘đŸ€˜đŸ˜€
4 / 5
5 CDs in a classical boxing rap old has has not listened never run dmc and wants to listen in some old school rap ossia the good place to start with .5 CDs For a prize of the new wants to go back to a prompt 80s rap better place to start with.
4 / 5
Ich habe Gives frĂŒhen 1980.Âșrn angefangen Hip-Hop zu hören.
Has dipped The big master Flashes fing is a und wir tauschten the tapes dip to give Söhnen give bei some stationierten Amerikanern. Ich dachte damals Gives is unheimlich schwer ist An original Alben zu kommen; nahm has given Musik als absoluten Subterranean war. Heute weiß ich Gives In dieser Zeit kaum Alben rausgebracht wurden, von daher sind quotes beiden ersten Alben von Rund DMC schon eine RaritĂ€t.
1986 dann ist the place gives 'Hell of Creation' und give 'Authorised to Ailing' von gives Beastie Boys eine neues Zeitalter angebrochen. Hip-Hop wurde gives breiten Mass bekannt und is kamen auch von vielen anderen KĂŒnstlern Alben raus.
Von daher Quotes of hat Szene gives Band auch viel zu verdanken.
Auch Quotes 'Harder that Skin' enthĂ€lt like einige Evergreens und war ein wĂŒrdiger Nachfolger gives Bomb 'Hell of Creation'.
1990 gab Is dann eine weitere Entwicklung im Hip-Hop. It is kamen unzĂ€hlige neue Bands auf und dipped ihnen auch ein bunter Blumenstrauß an Experience und neuen kreativen Idea, gives Was of the data of the war gives s.G. New-Pupil. Of the Albums 'Behind Hell' dokumentiert give ganz gut. Man merkt gives man sich von gives the idea gives Szene inspirieren lĂ€sst, ohne given tall Szene und sich selbst dabei zu vergessen. Ich kannte Gives Album ehrlich gesagt garnicht und obwohl is keine dry' enthĂ€lt finde ich is rundum gelungen.
Dipped dem nÀchsten Album 'Down with a King' 1993 gab is einen kleinen Imagewechsel und man orientierte sich offensichtlich etwas an Onyx, ein eher aggressiver Rap, ernster und nass rasierte Glatzen gaben gives passende Aussehen dazu. It pursues DMC kann auch hart durchaus, gives ist auch kein schlechtes Album, is war ab gives aber nicht mehr likes abwechslungsreich, verspielt, experimentell. Man schien sich mehr festgelegt zu haben.
Somit sind Quotes fĂŒnf in giving Box enthaltenen Alben eine perfekte Zusammenstellung; Nicht nur ĂŒber quotes Entwicklung gives Band, sondern ĂŒber given Antwicklung gives ganzen Szene!
4 / 5
PURSUES DMC gehören devinitiv zu gives Wegbereitern give Hip Hop. Ihr DebĂŒt Album 'PURSUES DMC WAR 1984 give erste Hip Hop the album gives Now a lot fĂŒr are erlangten Verkaufzahlen erhielt. Sie waren Dies erste Hip Hop Gruppe the data is aufs the discharge gives berĂŒhmten Rolling Stone Magazins schafften und likes nebenbei waren Sie auch dies ersten die als Rap Musiker eine Grammy Nominierung (fĂŒr trolls in this way') erhielten. Die in giving heutigen Zeit vielleicht nicht besonders spektakĂŒlar klingenden Erfolge kamen zur damaligen Zeit - als Hip Hop noch mehr auf gives Straße als gives Maps zu hören waren - jedoch einer Feeling gleich. Als MTV dann auf Sendung ging, welches RAP Video wurde als erstes ausgestrahlt 'Rockbox' von PURSUES DMC. Ich denke All die zeigt eindrucksvoll wie sehr PURSUES DMC gives Werdegang von Hip Hop mitgeprĂ€gt haben. It has dipped dieser Box of album erhĂ€llt man nun die prĂ€gensten und erfolgreichsten Alben gives UrvĂ€ter gives Old School Rap: ' it PURSUES DMC', esy of Mecer', 'Hell of Creation', 'Harder that Peel' und 'Behind Hell'. Auch wenn Gives fĂŒnfte Album dieser Zusammenstellung fĂŒr mich persönlich qualitativ ein wenig nachlĂ€ĂŸt, like this sind die ersten avenges Alben give Sell jedoch jedes fĂŒr sich ein echtes the point has underlined. Neben Harm typischen Rock/Rap Crossovern fĂŒr welche Sale of data berĂŒhmt geworden ist (und damit as nebenbei eine neue Stilrichtung entwickelt hat), enthalten die Alben jede Menge bekannte Songs im Old School Gewand gives damaligen Zeit. Jeder Gives Die Anfangstage gives Hip Hop noch mitgemacht hat, oder gives guten alten Zeiten sogar ein wenig hinterher trauert ist bei dieser Box genau richtig. Esound Likes concealed', 'Hard Time', esy of Mecer', 'His delicate', 'Peter Piper', oder soyary Mary', a nur einige wenige auf gives fĂŒnf Alben enthaltenen Klassiker aufzuzĂ€hlen, sind denke ich jedem ein Begriff.

Mein Fazit: 5 Sterne, eine Absolute Kaufempfehlung. 4 Album Klassiker dies hervorragenden Old Schol Hip Hop bieten, dazu noch dips 'Behind Hell' ein weiteres Album und gives zu diesem unschlagbar gĂŒnstigen Preis... Wer Die Alben noch nicht hat zuschlagen! (TEAR JMJ)
5 / 5
reward it Well he wants to you with all the boxes of the group of the tug. It concealed yes, it is an edition in those the boxes come to melt of goleada that any edges too many practical. It launches less the typical boxes of plĂĄsticoes of the Cds
4 / 5
The better compilation that has been able to has existed, and for all the lovers of the Rap/HipHop a jewel that has to that to have in his doubts of collection sinned 💿🎛🎚!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Def Jam Music Group ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia A better collection of rap has not gathered never! And they are in accordance with a reviewer, ossia history in this a collection. Of a mid-80 thru 1995, ossia some of a hip more order-hop tunes in a history of a gender! Of legends like Public Enemy & LL Fresco J to upstarts like A Beastie Boys & Nizza And Smooth to to the some marvels unexpectedly likes them to them Nikki Of D. & I dominate, this collection is a bomb !
Buys this collection and I could recommend the beaten more Utmost that Tommy Chico and A Hip Hop Box partorisca go with him. Among these three, calm active almost each big hip-hop the tune of a 80 is until at least a mid 90 east! Value of the money!
4 / 5
This Each one WHICH add def song of jam on he for everything of a def jam or of the that like this undertaken record then whose estimativa this cd or buy for people that 3 COPIES Of HIM! Or r No the true def defender of jam without him. Or it was not dissapointed -1- master
4 / 5
this Focus is a Motown of Rap.un of the one who the one who of Enemy, J,EPMD,Slick Rick is a lot of esential to any collection speaks of the time and era.
4 / 5
This has a phatest run of ape of brass to jam 10 contains some of a dopest songs of all the times with to to the artists Like L.L. Frescos j,a lot n smooth and slick this album will take yoou behind to a origon of hip hop beginings I highley reccomend this to hip some hop defenders and lovers of music everywhere.
4 / 5

Top Customer Reviews: SpeakerboxxxLoveEx ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
5 / 5
It was lucky to having been born in a prompt 70 east and experience a birth and summit of hip hop. They are the data hard hip hop boss, and partorisca me Outkast stands in a cup of a battery (with Of the soul, Tribe, Band Starr) like one of a better to never represent a gender. They are an epitome of growth inside a gender and has has not produced never an album that has not satisfied. This album this in spite of, is his look of toneless plus in his collection like the integer and is also unfortunate that it was his last. Now this is not partorisca say that it is the bad album for any half, as it is distant a lot. There are some serious swipes in me here together with the number of clues that has not taken mainstream recognition. It underlines the courage of the each member partorisca consecrate an integer ide' the big Buey (Speakerboxx) then another to André 3000 (the amour down). This approximation is that I drew initially to an album this in spite of in an end, is that it marks an album a feebler canal in a link so it is overkill. There is far too many clues (isolated to the each member) and chair like big Buey and Dré would have to that it has released these for separate and no like this one 4 album of elepé. This be has said, is still Outkast, still hands, and is an album that his garnished another Grammy. The only desire would have chosen another half to finalise the monumental discography of a group. I lose Outkast a lot, but feel blessed partorisca have them experienced in my late and late adolescents twenties and in a height of hip hop was gilded. They are easily a better group to never represent hip of the sud hop and ossia to good sure values partorisca choose on, especially yes is the record collector . (A pressing is solid and the sounds adds in his chunky wax).

Hootie Hoo!!!!!!!!
4 / 5
First of all, that is with all some bad descriptions? Hey No longer is annoying, is one the majority of what innovative partorisca exit in of the ages. The roses is not the transmissions of song, is like this creative like Hey Already, ape also. The common of the people neither do not know some words or so only does not comprise it . And big Buey, has not sold was, is better that never: example - A movement of Way, one has beaten, a flow, a hook, everything roughly the the song adds. Ossia Like this very like this mainstream the music takes.
Was that all the world is thinking. I have thought a same thing also when I have bought an album when he in the first place type. I have thought "That a hell is Andre doing?". His CD is roughly 90 rap-less, and considering is the success of entity like the rapper, the person expected it partorisca be very good. But now without accidents can say that Andre , is the character . "Happy valentine day" it is one extremely song of funky of the word spoken where he in fact rap, and the sound adds while doing so much. He also spits the verse adds in "Propagation". In this particular song, his flow easily matches a speed of big Buey. "Prototype" it is the Prince -esque ballad in "the perfect woman" in the view of Andre. And all the world knows "Hey Already", a brilliant, danceable mainstream incident. Big Buey leaves his mark in "Roses", a second only of An Amour Down, add it an also, quite pleasant also. "Rosa & Blue" it is one the majority of interesting song in an Amour Down. Produced for R. Kelly, this one has a better end in the song has has not listened never. " It is Alive" it is the a lot of touching clue where Andre sings in his mamma that has shouted Andre everything for his. And finally, "A Day in a Life of Benjamin Andre" it is one of a better rap the actions have not listened never (any exaggeration), reasons Andre only spits rhymes no-stop partorisca roughly 6 minutes directly, and a lot included require paralizaciĂłn. Ossia So only that adds is.
Big Buey side, "Speakerboxx", it is a much more conventional CD of a two, but is still so only in the way. Any partorisca say that they are not partorisca add, still are add, and each clue touches different also. Some CD starts were with "Ghettomusick". Now it is not fooled for a techno-beaten, this clue is probably a 2nd more in a CD. Big Buey rap probably a to better has not listened never (once again, any exaggeration). His flow & the speed is almost unmatchable, a so only rapper the one who surpasses big Buey in these categories is Twista. "Ghettomusick" Constantly it is changing, begins quickly, he then behind down with the good Pacts LaBelle sample, then asks again. A prĂłjimo standout is "Bowtie", it funky 70 is has beaten mixed with big Buey usual flow: the conceals can any never fail. "A movement of Way", mainstream swipe, and partorisca the good reason also. Big Buey so only has said he with a line " I know it it has loved that 808, it can seat that B-A-S-S tomb", it informs to a 808 car of drum that resupplies this clue with one of a better bassline beaten never. "War" and "Church" it is both excellent songs , with big Buey rapping in a material of entity and has sucedido in doing sound very too much. "Church" has the heart of church resembled a one in a 2000 swipe, " you Pump On Baghdad". Here come a guest appereances, Ludacris looks in " it Falls of a Boom" another very strong slow song, & Jay-Z sings a hook and it verse in "Toe Flop Rock", he slick piano-surca based that it also looks Mike Murderous. "Reset" it Is it adds also, with Cee-The and T-Doing it to me this in spite of another appearance in a Outkast CD.
Is obvious reason this Album has won a Year in a Grammy prize, if IN FACT it listen his the little time and has left the tank in, in planting to write the bad description IMMEDIATELY, calm would owe that give @ splits it to you of Andre that brilliant is, and that fundamentally his, still so only Big Buey the part is.
5 / 5
Have enjoyed Outkast of the his first album and has been I also always surprised in like this form and hip of transmission-hop and music in general with each album. Each album until this double set was so only stronger with time. This in spite of, Speakerboxx/An Amour Down perhaps one of some test some the poor plus has seen of Outkast. He puzzled join me first the times have listened he in 2003 and still has no grabbed my attention. Besides, ossia an only Outkast CD has found has used CD TEND that has these have used copy partorisca the sale and is bulky quantity of them. Of then it is the two near of disk , has given classifies it separated to the each one one and combined him then partorisca the total.
Big Buey disk, Speakerboxx, is in no way a disk a product of strong plus for him or Outkast. Some first are clues are hip -hop 'pop' as I like him consider literally to the chairs like was of any in the cartoon or I had on elected some music of dance of new poppy. 'A movement of Way' has been overplayed and so only does not like me a fashion of him with the sound of pop. This in spite of, am impressed that Sleepy Brown is taking recognition partorisca look in this clue and he would have to that help to launch the sale of the his CD partorisca Only A Grown and Sexy. 'Bust' Was the good clue while 'War' was the very deep song that can not be in accordance with but is still absolutely that surprised in Outkast fashion. Of there that to an end of a disk, big Buey launches partorisca surprise the rhymes and some appearances of guest are as to any one. The majority of some clues of 'Bust' onward are partorisca add but 'Toe Flop Rock' has to that be one of my favourite clues in a disk of big Buey, Mike Murderous, and Jay-Z rap with like this way, is definately a clue of any @@@titan of hip-hop. Although I can not say ossia a better disk for Outkast, has the new fashion and although lacking of in a start, on partorisca he a rest of a way by means of.
An Amour Down is one of some worse disks have not listened never and has tried listening to this part of a double-album the multiple time and still am disgusted every time. An only clue with redeeming the quality partorisca me was is Bolt In Lap of Mina' with his vibe and thin rap and rhymes. Andre has had 3000 fact the own with the songs that come from this class of rhythm and ingenuity, perhaps would have liked me this disk more. I have found a lot he partorisca be a lot the pop that touch and one 'jazz' was at all more than bursting disguised mine. This disk for far me @give Andre so only like different and big Buey this but that his both require each one which so another partorisca do the spectacular album like Stankonia, Aquemini, ATliens, and behind. In general, this disk has tugged an indication down of then did not enjoy it, does not have it expĂłsito innovative or catchy any one. Hopefully This is not a direction Outkast will go in a future but will continue to be in a flange that cut minus a 'pop' feel.
5 / 5
First of all, the majority of you concealed is on here dissing this album neither did not give it the little very sincere listens still, enjoys today mainstream rap, can not comprise papers unless they are speaking in gangsta is, B is and Hoes or does not like any unworthy of the music concealed a writing of music that you always listen too much. I have on grown listening to at all but hip hop and Outkast have a longer period partorisca consist Exc and innovation out of any rapper or rap group. Period! All of his albums are directly classics comprising is one. Big Buey the album are partorisca add and Dre is is phenominal. If you do not fall to one of one has listed in the categories and calm simply does not like an album, then ossia well with me and I totally respect it concealed. But, unfortunately, the majority of some people that diss this fall of album to at least one of these catagories. But in all the chance, Signals underlined in big Buey the album comprises 'Gueto Music', 'Unhappy', 'Bowtie', 'Rooster'--Oh attended the minute--I can also so only say you a no like this the points underlined and this would be a skits and a last song. Ossia. All more in this album are adds. Dre The album has to that be taken like a whole history; like the whole concept or he can not be taken the everything. Dre Has written basically the film or the game in shape of music. Each song adds to an integer partorisca do for the more obliging history. Especially I am feeling "Rosa and Blue" right now. Sure, Dre the flange is the little bit of key partorisca the majority of an album but a sense of chaos that creates with his voice so only adds to a power of a history. Usually hate skits in of the albums but Dre skits here, a lot that one some in his timeless classical, "Aquemini", it accesses perfectly and enhance a history. Ossia With an exception of "Good day Good Gentleman". Cela One could have been ommited in my opinion. But some another utmost sound. " It is alive" it has taken the moment partorisca grow on me but has loved a rest of this album of an island partorisca listen. Ossia Very taken four well listens before it take this album . At the beginning it was crazy in Dre and has loved to take a cd behind, but has continued to listen in all the chance, reason have known that has had something really that interests that it goes in. Mina yours together all is that calm one same first to form an opinion in this album. This the one of truth the piece partorisca oblige of the work and I strongly would recommend it.
5 / 5
Outkast 2000 masterpiece, Stankonia, Is probably a hip more order-hop album of a millienium. Stankonia Is his better album never, he his help experience with different sounds. Although, any like him to him to hip-hop, thinks that Speakerboxxx/ An Amour Down is the brilliant album. Memory of Beatles' 1968 classical, A White Album. Speakerboxxx/ An Amour Down is the bloated, but excellent album of 2 disks of 2 albums of suns for Andre 3000 and big Buey. It is the visionary masterpiece this has some of his his swipes big plus like "Hey Already" and "A movement of Way". Big Buey disk, Speakerboxxx, is an experimental hip-hop album, which comprises his his swipe big plus, "A movement of Way", a fast-paced techno tune, "Ghettomusick, and one of mine favourite that it is jazzy song of type, "A Rooster". Big Buey has a lot of collabrations with Ludacris, Jay-Z, Lil' Jon & A Eastside Boys, and Mike Murderous. This disk also has a awesome, standout clue, "Church". Big Buey Speakerboxxx the album is the add R&B and hip-hop conventional classical, but, there is alot of defects here. One of some defects is that there is numberous filler that would not owe that be here. Big Buey resplandores during a whole album. Basically, I have spent this album partorisca Andre 3000 eclectic disk, An Amour Down. It is the different plus funk, jazz, R&B, and album of soul. So only like big Buey disk, Speakerboxxx, this has to that it weaves of filler. A swipe a big plus on here has to that be a very known clue, "Hey Already". A song is the funky and jumpier tune of dance, ossia probably a better on here. "Happy valentine day" it is the on-time funk-clue partorisca pop that it touch as it remake of Prince "Kiss". A way a piano, vocals, beaten of drum, and the electrical guitars are mixed, is so only unbelieveable. A more odder, "Propagation", it is where Andre 3000 east in his the majority of creative. Probably it is using the vocalizer or is overdubbing some vocal effects, during a song. "Prototype" it is in slow jam that touch like the school clue older. One 1920 jazzy, clue of big band, "Amur Hater" it is one of mine favourite personal also. I think that Andre 3000 is An Amour Down is better that big Buey Speakerboxxx stops to plot of reasons. An Amour Down has the enormous row of fashions and sounds, is more experimental, and there is a lot follows that shows Andre 3000 musicial concepts. Speakerboxxx Is in hip-hop record this has a lot of arrangements that so only is flowing with ideas and of the feelings. Both disks have needless interludes and alot of filler. Speakerboxxx/ An Amour Down is Outkast according to masterpiece, this has the wide rows have dared of fashions. An album is in hip of diving -hop, R&B/Alma, and album of jazz, in my opinion.
5 / 5
OutKast There is pulled of the scarce feat with a together of DOUBLE CD peakerboxxx/An Amour Down.' Any only is a collaboration of long time go in Andre 3000 and big Buey alive and well (in spite of persistent rumours to some contrary), but parties to olo' albums, how is here, a material is still strong, innovative and a lot especially, enjoyable.
Andre '3000' Benjamin takes some the majority of risks with his album, 'An Amour Down.' Spending some worlds of Lawrence Welk, Beatles, some Players of Ohio and escreaming Jay' Hawkins inside the loosely hip-hop sounds of context like the intimidating task, and is. To his credit, Benjamin absorbs everything of these influences and more to the seamless blend of music and skits that could for him is one the majority of interesting album of 2003. 'An Amour Down' is the odd time, partorisca be sure, but after the pair of (strongly recommended) full listens, note musically in a same way that Beck the albums do: it is eclectic but surprisingly cohesive. The points have underlined partorisca comprise a lunar-Prototype of soul,' a flipped in his May of ear-idyll of December of 'Rosa and Blue,' an autobiographical 'A Day in a Life of Benjamin Andre,' and a contagious, ubiquitous '60s the pop influenced 'Hey Already!'
'An Amour Down' stops would cost a prize of admission, but Antwan 'big Buey' Patton is espeakerboxxx' sweetens one extracted. In a lot of ways, a random auditor in the first place will write this album like derivative, reason takes far less risk that 'An Amour Down' and is more classically hip-hop. But still if it is not reinventing a wheel, is like this strong likes anything OutKast has released in his career, and ossia impressive. Patton Papers, the delivery and the subject @@@subject are strong as never and some beaten and the samples are fresher that more mainstream rap superstars. The points have underlined partorisca comprise a hear festive to players Of the sud 'Bowtie,' a sure fire-radio swipe 'Toe Flop Rock' and hot, inescapable so only 'A Movement of Way.'
Has vocalists of guest during espeakerboxxx/An Amour Down,' comprising Ludacris, Norah Jones, There Jon and an East Side Boyz, and Jay-Z, but ossia one of a bit those that conjoint of albums where some guests do not fly a show, and sometimes go in a way.
Anything your flavours in modern music, there has to that very sure that will find something partorisca like roughly espeakerboxxx/An Amour Down.' Buy he without hesitation.
5 / 5
Partorisca Those of you the one who have listened this album but is unfamiliar with Outkast the earliest works, leave me partorisca give surround it quickly. It has debuted with some remarkable "Southernplayalisticadillacmusik" album in 1994. In 1996 things have taken included better with his classical album "Atliens" album. This album is undoubtedly his better work and one of some better albums in hip-hop history. Aquemeni Is gone in 1998. Although no like this very like this Atliens was considered still partorisca be to hip-hop classical for a lot of. Outkast Later tried new innovative sounds in 2000 with Stankonia. If it liked Speakerboxxx/Of An Amour Down then would owe that go and choose on all these albums also. Now partorisca a description.
When I in the first place listened Dre and big Buey has done the albums of suns was the little sceptic. Always you love which well have completed each one which so another in his others the albums but I is not sure state like this was partorisca result. I have bought an album in all the chance of then is one of my favourite groups. Speakerboxxx The starts were with the courts intro and then takes to a powerful uptempo beaten of "Ghettomusik". A production is sum and big Buey is dipped behind and the sweet flow goes well with one has beaten. Standout The clues in this album comprise a radio accident "A movement of Way", "War", "Church", " it Falls of a Boom", "Toe Flop Rock" and "Reset". In "War" big Buey taking socially conscious. Jay and Mike murderous-Z looks on Toe Flop Rock partorisca the stellar action. Any side that sees the video partorisca this song but I doubt Big Buey will choose likes the alone. The tomb of a Boom was the clue that surprised. Figure of the sud rappers Konkrete, Big Gipp, and Ludacris. Except the little, more than the one of the sud rappers does not appeal mine. This in spite of, big Buey and all three of his guests rasgan this song. It is it adds. An only question with this cd is the little of a skits and a song "Last Call" with Lil' Jon. A hook is annoying and how is Lil' Jon' voice. It is an only one has to that skip all a time.
Low amour
To the equal that can all know for now, Andre has the place was a rhyme reserves this time around and decided partorisca sing instead. I listen that it is bored with rap right now and can not blame for that, a way rap the music is today. Andre has produced all the clues in his disk and some appearances of only guest are of Kelis in "the pair of Dracula" and Norah Jones in "Taken Of your Quota". For now a whole world has listened an alone swipe "Hey Already" as I will not annoy that it explains that one. My favourite clues in this disk were "Prototype", " it is Alive", and "Propagation". A production in an album is utmost and still although Andre is not the vocalist of prime minister, does not look partorisca import here. He on partorisca he with good hearts and with a piano and of the notes of uses of organ in a lot of some songs. So only I can not taking listening to this album.
In general, is bored with a poor state hip-hop is maintaining even then choose this album up. It is something refreshing and innovative in this industry of bling, gel, hoes, and guns. Still if you are not in hip-hop defender, this album will draw calm in. Big Buey the disk will expose you to innovative hip-hop, although the disk of Andre probably will appeal to no of hip-hop partidĂĄrios more. Of both disks were like this well, is hard partorisca me partorisca say which is better, be you a judge. My joint, BUY IT!!
5 / 5
That the one who defies gender, brilliantly eclectic and has built CD. There are numerous failures of course. Big Buey the papers can appreciated, and Andre any rap quite and the question of control of the quality. But it has to that respect such the endeavour partorisca dare. And there it is not denying there has width standout clues.
In Speakerboxx (the best CD) 'Ghettomusick' is the hard-edged progressive rave-up with quickfire rapping and random spaced-out of sections, 'War' is chilling and seriously a lot-write lyrically; 'Unhappy' is strangely harrowing in spite of the luscious retro surca. 'Bust', With Mike Murderous, is harrowing and awash in gothic electrical guitar of metal. An occasional piece of mediocre hip , regulate-hop like 'Last Call' occasionally infests the seriously brilliant and innovative CD, but nevertheless his brilliant. It can be a conventional plus of some two disks, but boasts generally ready papers, incredible instrumentation with fabulous production and an occasional piece of real beauty (the just control estĂĄpuesto'). In spite of a CD' the a lot of collaborations is Big Buey the only follows that really underline.
An Amour Down is more experimental but far less compatible, still has material adds: 'Hey Already' is so only a embodiment of the song of pop of UTMOST 21st century; one follows of the title is the surprisingly convincing crooner; it is Alive In Lap of Mina' is a piece the randy, hollering funk that a lot a CD is trying but failing partorisca achieve. Instead to big Buey CD, where has a lot of collaborations but some the better clues tend partorisca be so only; here it has few collaborations but is utmost: Kelis explosions up in a quirky 'Dracula' Pair', and Norah Jones intones some beautiful vocals in an acoustic 'Take 'Of your Quota'. Again, some occasionally plagues of clue: a horribly caseous 'Happy Valentine's day' cradles partorisca import. His the shame that Andre has, in the first place, there is prendido rapping, and secondly, elected partorisca write on sex and amour so only more than any conscious commentary; but his seriously progressive in his production, certainly.
Overally, Roughly 4 1/2 stars partorisca Speakerboxx and roughly 3 1/2 partorisca An Amour Down. Like this in general, 4 stars. Certainly value your money.
4 / 5
Outkast Speakerboxxx/An Amour is Down be the success of entity. Possessing a number a space in some maps of Poster and recently taking home a Grammy partorisca Album of a Year, that results a first hip-hop group partorisca allege price. An album is really two album of only, Speakerboxxx for big Buey and An Amour Down for Andre 3000. The endeavour of Andre has been taking more than an attention and praise how is the start of the sud Soiled of a group stylings. In fact, there is lovely little rapping in a disk. Andre canals his inner Prince, as like a Purple A, follow his own muse. Person the fashion is looked the album bounces of living room music to jazz to psychedelia animates it to funk with the touch of hip-hop. "Hey Already!" It is a big swipe only and is partorisca deserve all a praise massively there is garnered. It looks the ping-pong keyboard riff and a contagious heart that it is both mainstream experimental closing. " Alive In Lap of Mina" it is one the majority of overtly fashionable Prince of the song and "Roses" it is directly on funk. Norah Jones lodge in a jazzy version of a "My Favourite Things" of a Sound Of Music while Kelis guests in some odd "the pair of Dracula". An album in bylines in his his moment big plus, a reflective and eerie "A Day in a Life Of Andre Benjamin". While Big Buey is remained more afterwards to the roots of a group, his Speakerboxxx has been unjustly overshadowed. Big Buey has not tried partorisca sing in place of rap in his album, but concealed no the fact any less experimental. It presses some experimental sounds that the group has used Stankonia to new levels. "Ghettomusick' Take of a disk with blistering beaten and "Bowtie" direction of transmissions partorisca employ beaten of funky of big band. "War" to sounds like some politically touched Motown psychedelic swipes of soul of some late 60 east and punctual 70 is and is standout clue. "A movement of Way" it is also the number a swipe and balances of the his sledgehammer verse with the slinky and silky 70 Earth of era, Wind & heart of Fire for Sleepy Brown. "A Rooster" has the Latin groove that it is goosed up for wah-wah electrical guitars. An album in bylines with one vicious "Last Call" this looks it maniacal pause of horn and the odd touching theremin like his the harkens "Good Vibrations" gone wild. Both disks deserve his own attention and praise and Outkast has aimed that mainstream hip-hop can press the flanges and of the orders can be more utmost of some parts.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed Outkast of the his first album and has been I also always surprised in like this form and hip of transmission-hop and music in general with each album. Each album until this double set was so only stronger with time. This in spite of, Speakerboxx/An Amour Down perhaps one of some test some the poor plus has seen of Outkast. He puzzled join me first the times have listened he in 2003 and still has no grabbed my attention. Besides, ossia an only Outkast CD has found has used CD TEND that has these have used copy partorisca the sale and is bulky quantity of them. Of then it is the two near of disk , has given classifies it separated to the each one one and combined him then partorisca the total.
Big Buey disk, Speakerboxx, is in no way a disk a product of strong plus for him or Outkast. Some first are clues are hip -hop 'pop' as I like him consider literally to the chairs like was of any in the cartoon or I had on elected some music of dance of new poppy. 'A movement of Way' has been overplayed and so only does not like me a fashion of him with the sound of pop. This in spite of, am impressed that Sleepy Brown is taking recognition partorisca look in this clue and he would have to that help to launch the sale of the his CD partorisca Only A Grown and Sexy. 'Bust' Was the good clue while 'War' was the very deep song that can not be in accordance with but is still absolutely that surprised in Outkast fashion. Of there that to an end of a disk, big Buey launches partorisca surprise the rhymes and some appearances of guest are as to any one. The majority of some clues of 'Bust' onward are partorisca add but 'Toe Flop Rock' has to that be one of my favourite clues in a disk of big Buey, Mike Murderous, and Jay-Z rap with like this way, is definately a clue of any @@@titan of hip-hop. Although I can not say ossia a better disk for Outkast, has the new fashion and although lacking of in a start, on partorisca he a rest of a way by means of.
An Amour Down is one of some worse disks have not listened never and has tried listening to this part of a double-album the multiple time and still am disgusted every time. An only clue with redeeming the quality partorisca me was is Bolt In Lap of Mina' with his vibe and thin rap and rhymes. Andre has had 3000 fact the own with the songs that come from this class of rhythm and ingenuity, perhaps would have liked me this disk more. I have found a lot he partorisca be a lot the pop that touch and one 'jazz' was at all more than bursting disguised mine. This disk for far me @give Andre so only like different and big Buey this but that his both require each one which so another partorisca do the spectacular album like Stankonia, Aquemini, ATliens, and behind. In general, this disk has tugged an indication down of then did not enjoy it, does not have it expĂłsito innovative or catchy any one. Hopefully This is not a direction Outkast will go in a future but will continue to be in a flange that cut minus a 'pop' feel.
4 / 5
The one who that defies gender, brilliantly eclectic and has built CD. There are numerous failures of course. Big Buey the papers can appreciated, and Andre any rap quite and the question of control of the quality. But it has to that respect such the endeavour partorisca dare. And there it is not denying there has width standout clues.
In Speakerboxx (the best CD) 'Ghettomusick' is the hard-edged progressive rave-up with quickfire rapping and random spaced-out of sections, 'War' is chilling and seriously a lot-write lyrically; 'Unhappy' is strangely harrowing in spite of the luscious retro surca. 'Bust', With Mike Murderous, is harrowing and awash in gothic electrical guitar of metal. An occasional piece of mediocre hip , regulate-hop like 'Last Call' occasionally infests the seriously brilliant and innovative CD, but nevertheless his brilliant. It can be a conventional plus of some two disks, but boasts generally ready papers, incredible instrumentation with fabulous production and an occasional piece of real beauty (the just control estĂĄpuesto'). In spite of a CD' the a lot of collaborations is Big Buey the only follows that really underline.
An Amour Down is more experimental but far less compatible, still has material adds: 'Hey Already' is so only a embodiment of the song of pop of UTMOST 21st century; one follows of the title is the surprisingly convincing crooner; it is Alive In Lap of Mina' is a piece the randy, hollering funk that a lot a CD is trying but failing partorisca achieve. Instead to big Buey CD, where has a lot of collaborations but some the better clues tend partorisca be so only; here it has few collaborations but is utmost: Kelis explosions up in a quirky 'Dracula' Pair', and Norah Jones intones some beautiful vocals in an acoustic 'Take 'Of your Quota'. Again, some occasionally plagues of clue: a horribly caseous 'Happy Valentine's day' cradles partorisca import. His the shame that Andre has, in the first place, there is prendido rapping, and secondly, elected partorisca write on sex and amour so only more than any conscious commentary; but his seriously progressive in his production, certainly.
Overally, Roughly 4 1/2 stars partorisca Speakerboxx and roughly 3 1/2 partorisca An Amour Down. Like this in general, 4 stars. Certainly value your money.
4 / 5
I gotta rid the the Outkast. I have taken always interested in his work, because each album , tries something new when using some typical black genders. Partorisca Something new that Outkast done in this moment, in planting to do a big album partorisca the people like to them, Andre 3000 and big Buey go in his separate ways and each one which so they the album of only, and have two album of has released so only like this one. That a fairness of a two-in-a concept be? Here it is my short description partorisca each of these two elepé of suns: AMUR DOWN and SPEAKERBOXXX.
AMUR DOWN: Ossia a class of the young album'some can listen to talent' his parents, if they do not import the use of an album of "ecstasy" it has launched. Andre 3000 the album tries the blend in R&B with jazz and funk, and of one 1 1/2-small 70s-piano/of violin-mixed intro of his album, has known goes partorisca do, and was a lot. After a intro, an album took it on the notch: "Amur Hater" it is full-on jazz, short but jivin'; "Propagation" it is dirty, but darn well, with a creepy deep of organ to a catchy snares with some trumpets playin' on the one hand, and to the left is not Andre freestylin'; "Roses" has fund of organ also, but the plot of funk has been dipped in this song, and a lot so only his fly, but slick for some papers (listens a second to, and will discover); "My Favourite Things"...Well, it is the instrumental, but is good to listen to accelerate of full right-the jazz has taken; and to the left it is not partorisca forget "Hey Already!", 'Cause almost all the world loves "Hey Already!", I amour "Hey Already!" AMUR DOWN is hot in all the corners, and included some fillers am cost to listen to. It spends it up in a start, but delays down in an end, but does not tug never down totally. Ossia The energetic, the next album to perfect ossia full of passion and soul, and there there is alot of soul in him, and'know that they are sayin'. (5/5)
SPEAKERBOXXX: big Buey album of only, this in spite of, the less passage achieved in of the terms of endeavour. SPEAKERBOXXX HAS songs that come from the blend in funk with so that it believes. "GhettoMusick" Has Andre 3000 hook up with a heart and of the hooks, and this song a bit has beaten good and the abonos slow 2nd hook with a fund sista vocals soul of flange, and boy, can Buey rap; "A movement of Way" it is a pinnacle of big Buey album, like the commercial swipe well with the catchy heart; and "A Church" it is well with some beats that can snap it my toes to, and again, can Buey rap! Sadly, These are some so only to to three songs like in SPEAKERBOXXX. All has joined other songs are any tedious, bland, dulcemente, or so only is not the value listens. "Bowtie" It is fast talent ' action, but slow in a same for music, which have thought does not have to that it reads it the like that; has has thought premiers pocolos second of "A Rooster", takings to somewhere, but taking sloppy and has not been sure the one who bondadoso of gender this song has begun; the boring boredom arrives in a " it Falls of a Boom"; and the one who a heck was Buey thinkin' when he a monotonous "Last Call". Big Buey has the sure rap to the way likes, but not even that the so only can save of this album bland songs and irrelevant fillers; not even an assistance of Ludacris, Cee-the, and Jay-Z can save this album. Ossia Sad also, 'causes I in the first place this in spite of big Buey' the album would be like this as well as the album of Andre, but now, has imagined if it was not to take Andre for Buey side, was at all . Sheer disappoinment. (2/5)
ALTOGETHER: it Tries to dip these two albums to a, and his no really come on like this ambitious like STANKONIA or, included better, AQUEMINI, but is still the solid album, this in spite of. A house of him all is really Andre 3000 he. I LOVE his perhaps so only the little too much, which finds big Buey album such the accident-down. If I gotta amour an album, has to there is master another with a same passion, but this has any to be. So much, in an end, this the swipe-or-lose 2-disk in this chance, his-And-lose. Ossia Solid still , but Outkast has to that to good sure not trying this gimmick again IMO; they would owe that stick neighbours to do music as they always have.
5 / 5
In the world where music in general and a hip-hop the industry especially is taking more watered-down, generic, and mediocre, a presence of for real of innovative artists like Big Buey and Andre 3000 of OutKast is not so only breathe he of fresh air, but also the memory a lot of entity of an importance of originality and musical creativity. OutKast Has been around years, but result that the import mainstream law with 2000 album to dip tankonia' looking such classics like soyas. Jackson' and Fresco concealed, Like this Cleaned'. Estankonia' Achieved a feat bend scarce to achieve widespread mainstream acceptance without sacrificing an ounce of OutKkast musical credibility (the peas of Black Eye would have to that take look). A magic element is a combination of big Buey old school, hard-core rap sensibility with Andre 3000 eclectic jazz, funk, and the creations notarises them. In 2003, big Buey and Andre 3000 continued to press a musical envelope to produce the risky and intrepid double album. Espeakerboxxx/An Amour Down' is essentially two album of has combined so only to explode a OutKast name of mark. A espeakerboxxx' the disk is Big Buey' creation, while 'An Amour Down' belong Andre 3000. It does not leave some albums of rumours or only dual of rifts of entities among this two diametrically opposed musical talents fool you. While I do not produce near, each artist has a undeniable influences in another this disk. On 'An Amour Down' Andre 3000 has not forgotten a hip-hop MC skills that Big Buey has propiciado a table, neither has big Buey, in peakerboxxx', is spent for big some powerful effects of 3000 eclectic musical stylistics.

peakerboxxx': This creature is Big Buey' pride and joy. While initially it seats that Andre 3000 was a plus talented of some two members of OutKast, espeakerboxxx' test that big Buey is an equal talent. Certainly more than the traditional hip-hop disk, this half of a CD is there was still to spend more to a game that any one another artist 'traditional' is quite brave to try. Of an inaugural full clue, an electronic, crunk-inspired 'Ghettomusick' to one biting political commentary on 'War', espeakerboxxx' win his shots a lot of time on. When you Listen the inspired clue of the 70 like 'Bowtie' (the done of the references to Bailey' Irish Cream and Butterscotch Schnapps besides a hip-hop staple, Hennessey), loves to flash behind to the bygone decade. This coming just two clues with which 'Ghettomusick' flashed you it a future. Calm then take one follows a more fulfilled of a whole disk, 'A movement of Way', which spends out of a better of Tierra, Wind, & Fire (the horns), Marvin Gaye (Sleepy Brown background vocals), and big Buey own MC lyrical skills. Espeakerboxxx', In his own, would destroy any competition. Almost you look unfair to pair he with his equally spectacular brothers:

'An Amour Down': Where big Buey spent a crunk, is Andre 3000 the one who spends in a funk. 'An Amour Down' gives 3000 that casualidad to indulge his vast and long musical flavours. Taking it casualidad to indulge his desires of big band in an inaugural clue fill 'An Amour Hater'. The, there is a horn-imbued funk tune, is Bolt In my Lap'. Andre 3000' the alone start of this album 'Hey Already' is the example to shine of the tune of inspired rock of the 60. It is amused to listen to; it is amused to dance to; and it does not take never old. Then it slaps an auditor upside a boss with the musically powerful strike in these women that undermines now well in 'of the Roses'. Factor in a third final of a disk that comprises to to the stellar clues like 'Behold of the Lady', 'Rosa & Blue', 'Amour In sound of war', and 'Dracula' Pair' and there is roughly like this perfect an album like possible. As it has said before, so only it looks like this unfair to a competition to group he together with peakerboxxx'. But, everything is enamoured so only, war, and an industry of music.

Original, inventive, and undeniably the good time, espeakerboxxx/An Amour Down' is, without the doubt one of 2003 better (if no a better) album. If any one tries to press some of this Timberlake tripe in calm like better album of a year, only call 'in on and say ''Hey Already', is roughly times volume crunked for some 'Ghettomusick''. Big Buey and 3000 will comprise.
4 / 5
Outkast Has released there beginning in 1994. Sold well. They have released another album. Sold well. And they have continued to release more album, and has continued to sell well. And now, today, they are some better selling artsit. Easy to see reason. It comprises the a lot of swipes is. I eat.... A movement of Way. Or I eat... Hey Already. Outkast Has taken both of these songs to be the no. 1 map topper. And in some maps of albums, Outkast' espeaker Boxxx/An Amour is Down' gone in like this No. 1. It comprises much more swipes, like Ghettomusik. Or, Bust. And those are some main reasons that ossia a more more selling cds never. On speaker Boxxx, enters a cd with some attacks Gueto Musik. Later, cast of clue 5, will find a number 1 map topper 'A Movement of Way' with Outkast' big Buey looking Sleepy Brown. With later, coming to the to to swipes likes him-him it bust, and much more that I do not have in a cup of mine haed right now, but there is much more. With which listen to a cd of peaker Boxxx' now will listen to one a lot very very odd cd of 'An Amour Down' with Outkast' Andre 3000. It Likes him the speaker Boxxx, will begin of a show has gone by a intro. And you will listen to some very odd material, calm then will find some clues of material plus very odd nine, 'Hey Already!' To the equal that in a video, will see some group called 'An Amour Down' this all look some same , and his all look Andre 3000. With a group, will sing tis pocolos ing-to the long of ' known as 'Hey Already!' And calm then will find in an a lot of well of a cd, will find a Untitled the clues have hid, has called... Well... It is untitled... And.. It is hid, and with which will listen to this clue has hid, this big swipe cd final. And calm bet will be you surprised like this for a material has listened. While listening to these two cd titles, 'An Amour Down' and espeaker Boxxx', will find a quantity of skits. The majority having humour in them. I eat... A two intros. Or for An Amour Down, 'Where is My Knickers' and much more. In general, this unexpectedly big map topper, thinks taht ossia he 10 was 10 album of star, to good sure in that. This album is a lot of awesome. Ape, serious, odd, and funky.
5 / 5
I finally taken around to Outkast Grammy-has appointed 2003 CD with which the weeks of the places was. With all this is already be to say in "A Low Amour/Speakerboxxx," there is not a lot a lot of for me to add that no calm already know. Big Buey and Andre 3000 emission separate albums that also can come from two different planets. The public opinion has baptised Andre 3000 disk like "arty" one, and ossia any lie . In this disk, slips by means of the dizzying row of genders of '60' mod pops ("Hey Already!"), perky Jazz ("Amur Hater"), and Prince-inspired funk ("Propagation," and so only in the another clue). But my preferred is a dynamite "Prototype," to silky smooth jam ossia an obvious nods to @@@1970s old school soul. An only serious misfire is the botched, drum-and-the basses that update of "My Favourite Things." Sad, but will stick with Coltrane version. Another that that, Andre 3000 "An Amour Under" controls on enough well during his 78 minutes. Big Buey "Speakerboxxx," in another hand, is another beast altogether. While "An Amour Under" it is a eclectic endeavour that has gone during a map, "Speakerboxxx" it maintains his feet firmly grounded in hip hop. It can be 20 short minutes that Andre 3000 disk, but there is like this a lot of to solid moments likes him one memorable "A movement of Way," big Buey collaboration Cee-The and Khujo Goodie in "Reset," and "Bowtie" with Sleepy Brown and Jazze Pha. Special mentions also has to that go to a rousing "Church," that, like the title involves, has the spiritual vibe ossia uplifting. While these two disks are not flawless, on one of some more creative emissions have listened in the moment. Outkast Is one of ATL talents more utmost, and "A Low Amour/Speakerboxx" they are quell'has attacked intrepid that transcends lazy categorisation.
4 / 5
Well, 2003 Is roughly on, and with an exception of the little hip of emissions hop left me down again. It is predictability, self ensured ego and lack of the depth and the emotional power have had almost leaving (as Common dipped he) and have me listening of more than music of rock. Then a day of fine August, something magicial is spent; Outkast, one the majority of talented, progressive and frankly group of the known funky to the man would be in knots of paste in a boss without one, but TWO CD is !And take this; they are albums of SUNS ! It is this a final indication that big Buey is fed up with his partner in rhyme Andre 3000 ultra eccentric lifestyle and is by train to leave? Or it is Andre fed up with hip hop ultra blandness and has decided to leave? Or it is both of them so only flexing his
creative muscle in a tentativa to give urban music one has fallen in an ass he sorely need? A response to some last three questions is no, no, and HELL YEAH!
For a hip of right advance hoppper, Speakerboxx is a one for you. Had big Buey released this in his own, this would be easily a better hip hop album of 2003. I have thought always Andre was a lyrically stronger one of a two; I guess it is for this that are the duet , and any MC and he hypeman. An alone prime minister, "A movement of Way" it can be take everything of a airplay, but ossia a LESS song of quality in this CD. While there is a material of usual player that big Buey espouses; it is not almost like this cliched like the majority of a rappers cluttering on a airwaves. There is material in relections roughly when being the father(the same edges his facts he cameo in a song), war and politician and roughly when being black In Amsterdam that would make public Emeny and KRS-A PROUD. A guest apperances are add, of one A lot underrated Mike Murderous, one A lot overrated Jay-Z ,the VERY PLEASANT and whistful Ludacris, and an A lot of has ANTICIPATED Sleepy Brown(when it is his album that goes to fall?). But a two circus of coverage that is Outkast NEW CD is not on; in fact, a better is still to come.
An Amour Down. If it can describe he in a word, he . Amur For hip hop. Amur For music. Amur For friends and family. Amur To make love. And especially the amour for this emotionally ambiguous species his like this woman. Andre 3000 has been decribed in a lot of ways; odd, eccentric, wise, powerfully alluring. But this portion of a Outkast the album will take another description; CHARACTER. A reviewer said it perfectly; ossia a Prince of the better album has not done never; it have to that it know to be the defender of big Prince(thanks to my mamma; thank you mamma). He trancends gender;the only "Hey Already" it is taking big rotation on 40 and radio of alternative rock; the half that Outkast has more the defenders that knows.
Andre extracted a lot of emotions; on some songs
is "the rain has lived" Prince, in that extracted confusions of life
in and outsides of him, and in other songs is "Controversial" and "Sign Of A Time" Prince, in that James Brown a bit dipped the, loves paste the and the leave. I ask like this it do not take never Kelis(the one who ironically agrees me of Vanity) and Norah Jones(the one who ironically agrees me of the plus soulful Wendy and Lisa)to guest in his album? In all the chance this registers so only could be a better R&B album of 2003.
Well, Ossia my description of long ass of Outkast new album. While ossia the a lot of value that shabby, so only servants like the memory that big Buey and Andre 3000 is butter of peanut and aspic; well sepearately, but add near. Thus deep to hip hop and is fed up in a way our music adds there is decayed, chooses this on and have your faith has renewed. For which could buy this and would want to take to hip hop more, is not fooled for a radio, MTV and BET that that sees and listen represent all this hip hop has to that offered; there is abundance of material adds there(Gangstarr, Goodie Mob, Jurassic 5 ,Black Eyed Peas, Slum Village, Common, Lauryn Collina, more album among 1988 and 1994)so that they are to have look. As to close on, there is but a question: That is afterwards?
4 / 5
My first reaction (how was to a lot of) would be to burst in a CD and ask, "Ossia Outkast?" Both albums - Big Buey Speakerboxx and to the discharge more add, Andre 3000 is An Amour Down - sale to go of a street beaten and create some wildly diverse music. An only chemistry among a two MC is is always be the characteristic to define of Outkast. With an exception of 'Ghettomusick' and 'Rosa', this in spite of, average in his own separate albums. That is to take is gone in the chemical is more than has on fact by a distillation of two almost entirely so only artistic visions that has not had never an occasion to be fully expressed in of the leading albums. In fact, a house of a complete container is in an exploitation of each responsible separate element for chemistry has said. A two CD of only is inevitably will be compared to the each one like this another; personally it prefers a romanticism and disorder of multiple personality of An Amour Down in a slightly more conventional and traditional Speakerboxx, although they are both glorious listens.
Speakerboxx - A majority of Outkast defenders gravitate Big verses Buey CD, which trusts more in a hip-hop elements that has done leading albums like this utmost. An album does not squander any time with one incendiary 'Ghettomusick', opening with the boisterous techno beaten and wildly bouncing behind and advance with, of all the things, the good-looking Pacts LaBelle sample. Some results are at all courts of spectacular. This clue is followed for one the excellent foil resupplied for 'Unhappy' and a flavour of big band of 'Bowtie'. 'A Rooster', 'War' and 'Church' is also excellent, substantial listens sure to be appreciated by defenders. Unfortunately, a later portion of a CD can not sustain some the tall heights dipped by a first half. ' It falls Of A Boom' sustains too far to conventionality with this annoyingly thuggish, typical papers and lackluster has beaten. A final piece of a CD is laced also with far too many interludes, interrupting a flow among other solid clues as 'Toe Flop Rock' (with the line of piano of quality to notch upper), a poignant estĂĄpuesto' and a upbeat 'Last Call'.
An Amour Down - is Prince -leanings probably will be the difficult sells to the majority of defenders of Stankonia and Aquemini, but the terrific listen this in spite of. Any first two clue - a Sinatra-esque 'An Amour Down' and a loungy 'Lovehater' - dip a record directly of a bat; if you are looking for that it shakes hip of booty-hop, launch this CD out of your car window. So that it was always fascinated for some peripheral elements of Outkast leading works, ossia a CD that will stick with. The car of Amur of Andre shtick rows of entertainment boba ('Happy Valentine's day', 'Dracula' Pair') to boudoir-fourth ( espread', is Bolt In Lap of Mina', 'Rosa & Blue') to self-doubt or anger ('Rosa', is is Alive'), all combining to form contrast it very intriguing. Outside of a grating is Bolt In Lap of Mina', a far-too-Princey 'Behold A Lady' and an unnecessary politician leanings of 'Vibrate', is everything highly adictiva and often forget that ossia a work of the "hip-hop person". My personal favourites are espread', of the old-that feels pupil 'Prototype', a fantastic only 'Hey Already', some beaten sophisticated of 'Amur In sound of war' and a biographical more after 'A Life a Day Of Benjamin Andre'.
Like the whole, An Amour Down is more diverse, romantic and cohesive that big Buey counterpart, while Speakerboxx is more energetic, serious and technically impressive that CD of Andre. All the world will find at least one of a CD is to be extremely interesting, and according to which mark tick, would have to be intrigued and entertained for both. In a whole, the highly recommended listens.
5 / 5
Are not the defender of rap music. For one the majority to separate rap is likes music of country in that there is the format that more rap the groups follow to appease his audience of core. Prpers Having said that, probably has not listened never to these albums. Speakerboxx Is the little more formulaic, and is a music that hardcore rap the defenders will enjoy. It is in good sure quality rap music, does not take me bad, but is basically a formulaic rap music to the like the majority is habituada. An Amour Down, this in spite of, is a dramatic start. TLB Is, enough simply, some of one the majority of brilliant music has listened some time. I hate to draw comparisons, reasons this music is like this refreshingly original, but can say Dre is spent extracted adds to time to listen to Prince. There are moments in this album for just in each lover of music. Some papers are funny and brilliant, and a music is jaw falling. A intro so only, to the left is knows that you are in still something you has not listened never first that. He a picture Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis jr. In the 70 special that smoke the cigarette with lovely ladies around him. Amur Hater Will take you was the guard with him is fashionable experimentation of the jazz. It can be my favourite song in both disks. Still if it is not, it can have been a song that loves me run was and buy this disk with which any one left the take loaned. The happy Valentine's day memory of the Bone grupal known smaller that Amur of the mother has called. It is to good sure shows that Andre Benjamin has the craftsmanship that is among an elite in his subject. If you are the rap, jazz, or the defender of rock has to that appreciate when any one achieves this level of craftsmanship. I am adapted of the line the majority to use to describe Michael Giordania: work like this hard, looks easy. You listen to these first few songs, and remain to interest that all the world is not doing music this estupefaciente, this crisp, and this effortless. There is at all here that will do contemplates a theory of relativity. In Long and Prototype, for example, calm simply has the man that sings roughly amour and his perfect woman, but Andre tries that it calms does not have to that sing in a fall of Imperio Romano to be brilliant. Hey Already! It is a a that all the world knows. It is a swipe . You think Boys of Beach and Prince. It is an essence of this music that the fact like this enjoyable this in spite of. It is odd in a way that David Bowie was odd in a '70 east, is groundbreaking in a way that the rain has lived was groundbreaking in a '80s. They are usually any the one who investigation out of a more independent fashion of music, to the long of some lines of Mike Patton or Damon Albarn, but ossia my favourite album of 2003, and is resulting burned to my player of CD. I am going the supposition that you probably will see Andre Benjamin results the artist of only after this disk because has any justice in this world-wide the piece of art like this the disk will situate in a stratosphere for years to come.
5 / 5
Ossia The emission that takes the moment to absorb. As all the world-wide probably knows to know, or reading a description of Amazon, is essetially two disks of suns of a multitalented rap duet Outkast.
There is definatley two sides to this coin, and as that am concerned his so many bosses of look. Big Buey SPEAKERBOXXX the side is more traditionally be supported by some groups rap fund. The last paste, the wise and hard street, adheres more to a tradition of groups, but still presses a envelop sonically. In the place of a hip regulates have beaten one can listen to techno inluence on some clues and one is the ringer died for Curtis stray Mayfield swipe. A big paste The MOVEMENT of WAY has heart that touch like late 70 soul. In general, esteems this disk 4.5. I jump he the averages the star to appeal to a rule pimp and routines of bully that is predictable and boring result(Taken for the maintain real, afterall).
Andre 300 is AMUR DOWN the SIDE is simply mindblowing. It looks to be that short all the bonds with hip hop and that follows to one has beaten of the his own drummer (or car of drum). Obviously informed for Prince and P-Funk, Dre launches so only roughly all but a tank of cookery to his side. Some of him has sucedido, while another still has not registered with me. His songs are bobas, sincere and very creative. Global note. 4 stars.
So only can expect that these are not a sign that this group is in flow and roughly to breakup, but so only flexing his first individual muscles to go in to do a magnum have opposite that his like this clearly have in them. Outkast Is the group that looks to want to destroy musical boundries and create the music adds more than just pop out of the pair soltero and rake in a cash. I see alot of low indications of another reviewers this looks to daunt for these groups achieve. I say that they require to follow some immortal words of George Clinton and release his alcohols.
In general would give these 4.5 stars. Dre The side could use the little pruning, big Buey would owe that direct on music in macking and any one would have to that it has modified out of a volume skits. Still ossia the emission of entity that combines talents that I beleive is continuing to arch main and main.
5 / 5
Are quite new to Outkast in general, as it thinks that that I can say that this description is quite objective.
Like all the world knows, ossia 2 cds: one of big Buey and one of Andre 3000. Big Buey cd is a lot of product and all-around a lot rap music. Some songs underline (the majority notably a swipe "it likes-me a movement of Way") but like the whole, is not in amazing. This in spite of, is very impressive no only of the perspective to rhyme, but musically quite diverse for the rap cd.
Andre 3000 the disk is the little more interesting. It combines 20 music, jazz, funk, soul, rock, and probably each element can think of... This does well in of the places and no like this well in another. In an integer this in spite of, highly is entertaining on in the first place listen. On repeated listens, in the middle of a cd resulted the little tiresome and my movements of toe to a skip key. Some clues of dialogue are so only pleasant so that time. Of course, "Hey Already" it is a standout but on-the-upper songs like "Propagation" it is amused also. Mina, one follows a stronger is a last a... Ironically, These characteristics Andre rapping without a lot of that goes in musically. Perhaps ossia where Dre would have to that it is remained in place of experimenting so much. But then, An Amour Down would not be quite so that interest ?
In general, has to applaud some endeavours of Outkast so that they want to grow like this of the artists and experience. He a lot always laws for some better, but hey - has done neither a White Album! I think that that these types are a lot of talented although they can be the little has estimated on... It can not expect see that his afterwards!
5 / 5
Outkast Has released the series of critically to the hip acclaimed-hop disks in a last, almost, 10 years. Composed of friends of infancy of Atlanta, big Buey (Antwan Patton) and Andre 3000 (Benjamin), Outkast is known for his experimental fashion, humour, and qualified to blend rap with the spectre other genders. Obviously, that this work grupal is some complementary flavours and of the talents of some 2 artists. This results glaringly apparent with an emission of this double cd, where each artist has created his own album. Of one 2, big Buey is espeakerboxxx' is a far more conventional. In spite of his glorious use of alive instruments and sterling samples (especially that of Pacts LaBelle to the point underlined of an album, 'Gueto Music'), was this a whole container, probably would not have been interested. But Andre 3000 is 'An Amour Down' is to treat it. A spent and impressiveness of this cd would cause to consider 3000 (some of these names are drawn to do to feel beast) likes successor to Prince (the one who has had also the name bobo for awhile) and one the majority of innovative artist that has listened in R&B today. There is smorgasbord of sounds and ways with Andre and of the friends that sings like this or more than his rap. The voice of Andre is like this playful and was-kilter how is his compositions , 21st century ditties-often vulgar, sexual, and profane, like this often pleasant, romantic, and acute. His arrangements are imaginative and jazzy, harkening behind the Earth, Wind, and Fire, P-Funk, and a Isley Brothers. While fellow rappers Jay-Z and Ludacris guest-spear in big Buey together, Andre launches curveballs like Norah Jones, an Orchestra of Series of Wright of Benjamin and quell'hippity-hop version of soyy Favourite Things' (wing Coltrane for way of 'A Sound of Music'). We could do without one among-song skits and patter, a proscribe of a lot to hip-hop album, looks. Amusing or pertinent like the small (a lot little) is, his detract, somehow, of a continuity. Ergo A key of first of fast. Then again, some of some songs in this 2-for-the-prize-of-a record (especially on 'An Amour Down') is like this contagious, can be paste one repeats key even more.
4 / 5
Well, apparently a known circus like Outkast could no longer returned to a C.D.
Andre 3000 disk, a jazzy, funk inspired 'An Amour Down', is defintleythe record more experimental of a two. Also call this disk to hip-hop the record would be the flase statement, when being that Andre so only rap on two of you songs, 'Happy Valentine's day' and 'A Life a Day of Benjamin Andre'. Some leaves of rest Andre' freak fly of flag, with odd, time skewering to the clues the 'Likes An Amour Haters', one '60' inspired only 'Hey Already!' Or a jazzy, slow emotional 'Take Of your Quota', featiring heroine of current jazz Norah Jones. Included Big Buey explosions up in some 'Rosa' excellent, which touches like the sum of stray clue of tankonia'.
'An Amour Down' pursue the little too long, and a skits could all have paste easily a paving, but when the song comes on, calm turn he on strong. Real Strong. More, has to give points to any any one takes music to his limits. Or better still, leaves everything of a backside.
A ying to the spatial man of Andre yang, big Buey the disk is quite that would expect of Outkast resident beach. Some clues are all ran of Big Buey flows, like this very like this anyones, as well as music that is also gender expanidng. Big Buey there is never really taken a props merit, and concealed does not look to be changing now, but leave calm concealed distracted you. One follows an odder that any record is 'Gueto Music', which alternate among the song to house to the jazzy desglosĂĄis, changing among a two without blinking.
A big question with big Buey the record is a tepid guest apperances, any desquels is really memorable besides a apperances for singer of soul Sleepy Brown.
After listening to this record, see the one who a two need each one which so another. Hopefully A prĂłjimo Outkast the record will look a two that looks togather more often then his here. But according to which this record goes, espeakerboxx/ An Amour Down' is defintley the value that the controls was.
4 / 5
Never has listened of one 1st only "the ball of the player", of his start CD "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik", I have been the defender of Outkast. This CD has has opened doors for alot of groups of one Of the sud ossia around now. Could give you the long ready page of my favourite songs of Outkast. Always of the an innovative sound every time around. Neither they are fearful to try new things. "ATliens", "Aquemini", And "Stankonia" it is classical albums so many like his CD to start with was. Sometimes, the hard sound to follow the project when your partidĂĄrios expect you to create some swipes like "Elevators", "Season Rosa", "", "Crown Jackson" and "Like this Fresh And Like this Cleaned". With "Speakerboxxx/An Amour Under", Outkast spent a CD of only of big Buey and a CD of only of Andre 3000. Although they are packaged together, clearly will see that both of these CDs is totally different of an another. Big Buey any stray too far out of a Outkast sound. Andre 3000 has produced "Ghettomusick" it is the fast paced roller coaster strolls that so only retards down long enough for the Pacts Labelle sample. Big Buey drops the memorable 16 bars and Outkast the defenders will not be disappointed at all. "Unhappy" Has big Buey that pause roughly any the one who also could try have the little entertainment before there the arrival of misfortunes to take with them. "Bowtie" Fallen well in accordance with one 1st so only of "Speakerboxxx", "A movement of Way". Sleepy Brown is looked in both songs and they are both " it feels a lot of" type of songs. To good sure he a right election for a prime minister so only with "A movement of Way" like this Big Buey fast paced rap is retarded down with Sleepy the voice of Brown and a full orchestra of horns. Ossia To good sure one of Speakerboxxx better clues. "A Rooster" has the "Crown Jackson" it feels his, but no calm lose "Crown Jackson" at all. Calm probably laugh in that is saying if anything. "Church" it is another of these " it feels a lot of" songs of Big Buey. If you are not careful, calm included could wake up in the pew. "War" it is the song that you in fact will look for to listen to that is saying eventhough a song has two diferent his beaten. " It falls Of A Boom" it is the lyrical free for everything among big Buey, Ludacris, Big Gipp of Gooide Mob and Konkrete. Ossia Another of my favourite songs of "Speakerboxxx" like this far and big Buey has fallen to good sure the beaten well for a song. "Toe Flop Rock" has big Buey, Jay Z and Mike Murderous rapping in the fast paced beaten and some works of to the collaboration once again likes 3 MCs was looked already with Twista on Jay Z "Poppin' Seal". "Reset" The Big characteristics Buey, Cee The and Khujo Goodie. This calm suitable clue besides yield Goodie Mob clues and will have to that it wishes that an original group still has done swipes like "Therapy of Cell" and "they do not dance Any one Me he". Speakerboxxx Does not look any wack clues. An only song that can not listen to the time is "Last Call" reason listen Mello more than calm big Buey. In general, if has the habit of a Outkast his, "Speakerboxxx" it is an extension of that.
"An Amour Under", this in spite of, is something totally different. If has think that Andre 3000 would be droppin' some classical bars that has the habit of, then is in still the surprise. Mainly, Andre 3000 east corner and that speaks in the majority of some clues. An only song that it is in fact rapping on for a whole song is "A Day in a Life Of Benjamin Andre". Another that that, will listen Andre that sings a blues, to to the flange likes him the prince and actaully that tries to resist the note. Now while I took the pair of listens to take used to this, Andre formual actaully law on some occasions. "Prototype" it is to good sure An Amour Down better clue. A song takes place like Andre has has had so only was at night with the woman that now is feeling and now is a morning with which. Andre expresses his feelings by means of song and "Prototype" memory of a slow jam colegiala old. " Alive In Lap of Mina" characteristic a lovely Rosary Dawson and would have to that it has been an alone prime minister. Yes to good sure has the Prince "If it was Yours Promise " it feels his but one do one more marvels that "Hey Already". "Propagation" he a same also, excepts he in fact rap in "Propagation". You will be to try to imagine out of that song of Prince that Andre 3000 is remaking but ossia an original creation . "Happy valentine day" it is the version of Andre of the feel good song and is good to in fact listen rapping also. An only song that big Buey is looked on is "Roses". It falls another memorable to as Andre is saying women that "Roses" it is not whenever look to be, informing the women. Some songs in "An Amour Under" he no for me this in spite of. "Amur Hater" Has Andre that it touch like him 39 old year blues flange of singer in the local club. "The pair of Dracula" looking Kelis a lot neither. This in spite of, a Parliament of Clinton/of George feels of a song is beginning to grow on me. "Hey Already" it Has to that that is not never free state. Yes a video is coloreado and is in fact quite well, but some sounds of song like him 50s imitation of Richard Petit, if anything. "My Favourite Things" it have to that the be be maintain in a studio. I any precise to listen one instrumental of a song on CD of Andre. If you can take Andre has spent 3000 singing all a time, can enjoy "An Amour Under". A music is well, but has to that take use to Andre antics in some songs.
In general, Outkast has done the good work, the wise marketing, to release so much of these CDs in a container in a tax. If has the habit of a traditional Outkast sound, "Speakerboxxx" it was a better CD for you. If it likes "Hey Already", then "An Amour Under" it can be better for you. This in spite of, if you are a Outkast the defender can not resupply to spend up in these 2 CDs packaged likes one. A music is good and a sound is still innovative like usual.
James' Hoard 5
Prototype- Andre 3000
A Movement of Way- Big Buey
Tomb Of A Boom- big Buey, Ludacris, Big Gipp, Konkrete
Ghettomusick- big Buey, Andre 3000
A Day in a Life Of Benjamin Andre (Incomplete)- Andre 3000
4 / 5
-- Outkast - a this is to be exclude of society or system. A group of this caliber could not have had the better name. Excluded in a sense that ANY ONE does music like these Gawjaw boys; and excluded in a sense that the society has acclaimed them like this one of a bit those that flanges to press for Hip Hop music. Big Buey & Andre 3000 is the musical legends and they have to that skill to find a surca. Outkast A lot so only create hip hop music, but create MUSIC each person can enjoy. His sprinkle each inkling of music each one of his albums Rock, soul, blues, funk, country, classical, hip hop, r&b, techno, breakdancin, gospel, jazz etc. Etc. Each album is surprising and neither flat outshines another; instead his perfectly compliment each one which so another. If it listen to one of some albums will be obliged to listen to another. Outkast Is to good sure one of , if no the, more hip of groups hop has has not produced never. Any so only continue impress his longtime defenders, but somehow finds the way to add partidĂĄrios new with each subsequent album. His he partorisca remaining true to them and a music, and a lot that follows never the formula. A Outkast has any flange; A Outkast has any house (way closely), and try with his albums. Any to have you never has listened a Outkast album that touch like another Outkast album.
Does not go that it thinks that reason of the rests of albums to two part, this Outkast has lost his chemistry. Big Buey & Andre shows his brilliance individually, doing an ask the one who really was a character of a group. A response to this would be both of them. Each one which to the equal that has the hand in another this album quite the be writing a song, the characteristic, production, or ad-libbing and doing a heart.
Is true that opposites attracts. With musical fashions like this different is surprising that a lot soyesh'. It controls 'Ghettomusick' in big Buey' album with his estupefaciente beaten ( any even know like this to categorize he), then pauses to some slow Pacts Labelle sample, and then Andre among rhyming a heart sĂșper fast and is simply musical heaven. As they Think to the material has taken?!?!?! Or control 'Rosa' in an Amour Down, with a heart 'Rosa really smell like Booboo' and Andre sings roughly wishing some daughter would clash when solving and die. Then Big Buey among and behind on his boy, rapping on some challenge to give sustain the reports gone horribly wrong as well as verifying some daughters those who think that that they are 'all that'; then Mike Murderous goes in in an end chanting 'Crazy B!tch'. Usually, this could touch offensive, but do and will go down like this one of the songs more are of a Dungeon.
In Speakerboxxx, a gospel tinged, 'Church' exposed some groups religious side, with an incredible pause 'Reason Is Here?' And the heart adds, then breaking to one all was church stomp. HabladurĂ­a Roughly taking a saint ghost. Andre conversation in falling enamoured in an add and 'Dracula' metaphorical Pair' looking Kelis. Some first time has think that speech in the woman, but now thinks that is speaking roughly music and to the equal that is terrified of a potential some products of music could have. It say of another way,, a rest of a world of music would owe that it look was (all the speculation of course). And looking Kelis in a clue (the one who is not known to be conventional and experiences with different type of music also) so only added to wins has he of a song. 'A Life a Day Of Benjamin Andre' is 6 minutes of Andre that goes in & on in his life and his career up to now; I add it introspective storytelling clue. 'Bowtie' In Speakerboxx ameno for behind the old Bootsy Collins/George Clinton funk with any of the sud playalistic type of vibe; Sleepy Brown attack was a box . Or a Prince esque is Bolt In Lap of Mina', in an Amour Down, which simply is in amazing.
Can be curious to the equal that to reason has revised in this way. Simply place, calm can not have one without a so only would not touch legislation. It can not imagine so only listening to one of some albums, and not having a pleasure to enjoy another half. It can go in for ever that pause roughly that adds this album is. Ossia Easily a better album to fall east concealed said to plot that considers that it adds to hip of year hop has been having like this far. A complete Masterpiece.
5 / 5
My initial description of this masterwork has been written in the haste and I a lot really give a elepé a time and attention he for real desrved. After the little dozen more listen and listening so only that a lot some 2 disks go together, but was equally strong in his own, are engreído that ossia Outkast acts stronger to date. While I am still quite partial to AMUR DOWN, SPEAKERBOXX, has taken the little more with a longitude to grow on me and now has perfect sense. It looks he bit it ramshackle and unfocused at the beginning, but has dipped once averts my fond memories of "Stankonia" and you listen his without doing comparisons, my ears am not never state happier. Mixing several tensions of techno, crunk, drum'any tomb, of the sud funk and music of basses of Miami, big Buey has created vary it, shaking piece to do east develops the little something different with each transfer. Dre Are to leave me transmission. The one who would have thought the decade that produced he ballad that lovely like "Prototype"(better moment; his good-looking electrical guitar intro with two countermelodies touching against each another and his first heart of..' I think that that they are in LOOOOOOOVE again..' It is sheer magic)and a sheer perfection of pop of "Hey Already!" His modern takes on dignity,pride and class "Behold A Lady" it is boss nodding funk is more and his conversation with An Almighty ("GOD") in the gorgeous acoustic electrical guitar backdrop is a classical instant. A Grammy the committee took it finally a lot this year and has confirmed so only that we longtime the partidårios has known of then 94 "the ball of the player", Outkast is futuristic, funky and just simple brilliant!
4 / 5
"Speakerboxx/An Amour Under" it is the pair of big Buey is and Andre 3000 endeavours of suns. In of the prizes, experience with different sounds: R&B, dance, techno, pop, and jazz. Ossia More noticable on Andre 3000 half. Ossia One of a better hip-hop the albums have released in 2003, giving worthy lessons to these sellout hip-hop artists that has done mainstream this year. This roughly is having entertainment with music, any roughly doing so only that it is to populate.
Andre 3000 half, "An Amour Under", has the flavour of funky. It experiences more than just with music, sings in the majority of his clues. His parties of voices perfectly with a vibe. His amazing duet with Norah Jones in "Taken Of your Quota" it is a point underlined of an album. This in spite of short, is very sexual. "Hey Already" it Shook a dance floor to the new level and has improved. It is blend of pop, R&B, and techno the points have underlined Outkast uniquenesses. "Amur Hater" It expresses his musical diversity further, to rarity for the mainstream rap reads. One follows blends 40 way light jazz and R&B. Andre 3000 flamboyancy is strongly noticable in his clues. His talents so only tries that Outkast will continue to the albums unexpectedly records for the long time.
Big Buey half, "Speakerboxx" it is also highly experimental, but remains true to well-known rap way. It remains of more adds rappers of today, as tried in this album. His duets with Ludicris, Mike Murderous, and a lot another gives some clues a musical flavour has added. Big Buey writes his papers of his heart, and he the clock wonderfully, that forces an audience for the feel. This in spite of slightly less lyrical that leading endeavours, continuous evolve. An alone swipe "A movement of Way", his duet with Sleepy Brown, is a point underlined of his half. It combines rap, R&B, and dance. A clue gives the flavour of half the subject of an album. "Gueto Musick" It is another catchy dance/rap clue, the album adds judge of start. Big Buey the average gives an audience an aggregated enjoyable musical experience, expanding Outkast uniqueness.
That is tired to listen to a talentless sellout hip-hop the artists have touched in any irradiate today would owe that buy Outkast "Speakerboxx/ An Amour Under". They return a sense of musical recognition ossia stray state for a past two years. Test to be one of some the majority of creative works in 2003. If Outkast continuous evolve like this of the artists in such way, was to excite to listen his next album. Defenders of this album and that are in accordance with this paragraph also would owe that buy Some Root "Phrenology". This will give auditors a further evasion of a heavy sellout mainstream.
4 / 5
Has been the defender of OutKast of his alone swipe, "Season Rosa" it was first touched in the emisora irradiate university local in my city. I have thought "Stankonia" and his disk of the swipes more adds, "big Buey & Dre " it was both estupefaciente, comprising his early work like "Aquemini" and "ATLiens". I have decided to buy this CD because you sew them to them good have listened roughly the and that a prime minister so only of the disk of Andre, "Hey Already!" It is like this catchy the could not resist. Personally it thinks big Buey the disk is a strong plus of a two and will be recognised more than then in fact does rap in the majority of his disk. The disk of Andre is still character but some (like the ees already visas in many other descriptions) will not like he because of him is jazz-has influenced touches. Here it is my thoughts in both disks.
For big Buey disk (Speakerboxxx), the to good sure think it has had some stronger clues a lot of. Big Buey has turned to the very powerful source in hip-hop and has very had cameos some years of the pair spent in of entity rap to to the albums likes him-him it jay-Z Project 2 ("Poppin' Seal"). His album is after flawless. The start was with an amazing clue "Gueto Musick", which the can not look for take listening to. Some signals underlined main sure comprise a funky "Bowtie", an alone swipe "A movement of Way", "A Rooster", "War" and "Toe Flop Rock". Other clues like "Church" and "Last Call" also it have to that be remarked. Big Buey has done an excellent work in Speakerboxxx and deserve to 5 indication of star.
Now for the disk of Andre (An Amour Down). As it says them before, a lot it is critiquing Andre to try to be original. If you are by train to critique, this bad is used probably to watered-down, overproduced pop of hip like Chingy and Nelly. True, Andre something has not seen never first, but critical reason to be original? In all the chance, his disk is the very good piece of art. He blends jazzy clues with slow clues , soft and spear in any ape interludes to the long of a way. Some signals underlined of the entity comprises a infectiously catchy "Hey Already!", A slow ballad " it is Alive", "Rosa & Blue", "the pair of Dracula" and "Taken Of your Quota". This in spite of, on some follows Andre any that those surprised of work. "Propagation" and "Prototype" both shop window a downside of an album, which is mainly a reason for my global 4 indication of star of some two disks. Also it would like to add that "A Day in a Life Of Benjamin Andre" it is the very good clue , and felizmente, in fact has Andre rapping on at least one of some clues of his disk. In general, 4 stars for originalities and a lot catchy songs, only rests out of clues like a one is mentioned on and "Amur Hater".
In everything, one 2-the disk dipped of Speakerboxxx/An Amour Down is to good sure value a compraventa any one @subjects the one who a prize. Any calm so only take an intelligent and stylish rap of big Buey, but a jazz and influential sounds of Andre 3000. It goes to buy this if any calm the the, is the I breathes true of fresh air to a sagging been of hip-hop. It say of another way,, sound he masterpiece.
5 / 5
First, left preface this cost to say that they are not quell'hardcore hip-hop defender, but taste. It was excited really to take this album because I have known goes to be different and, frankly, any artist in any gender is by train to be different right now. They are really be while to an album like this to come to the long of. I have listened his nonstop took it of then and already feels like the classical, likes is been around for the really long time. Well, here it is some clues : Speakerboxxx: 1. INTRO: Ossia Quite short and the regular intro class to dip on an album. 2. GHETTOMUSICK: Amazing. Walk so only out of amazing. I have it that has not listened never anything like this before and is one of my favourite songs of both albums. This song is like this catchy and has the dances adds has beaten. 3. UNHAPPY: This has the sweet class of slow melody intercut with rap to. It is very good and to good sure could be the alone. 4. BOWTIE: This song has the sum of big band feels his and some horns are really catchy. 5. The MOVEMENT of WAY: I want like these starts of song of bondadoso of slow and then builds until the big, soulful heart. 6. The ROOSTER: I love this song. It is funny and has the class of beaten well of reminiscent of Jackson 5 clue. 7. BUST: Ossia the really interesting song . It is incredibly funky and a lot rocky. Class of sounds of the mine of scary and apocolyptic, but perhaps ossia so only me. 8. WAR: Another interesting song. It begins it was as the creepy, loungy class of vibe but then changes to the whole different class of song. Very interesting. 9. CHURCH: I love this song ( want to him all). Has the gospel adds feels, especially when some requests of music in an end. 10. BAMBOO: Ossia a interlude presenting 'Tomb Of A Boom'. Any a lot of can say roughly that. 11. TOMB OF THE BOOM: Ossia that the traditional plus that touches rap song but has adds it has beaten. 12. And-MAC: Another interlude. 13. KNOWING: I love this song. It is a lot of soulful and has the beaten really interesting concealed looks to be very simple but addicting. 14. TOE-FLOP ROCK: Another more hip-hop oriented but good song, this in spite of. 15. INTERLUDE: Ape like this interlude any included have the name. 16. RESET: Ossia the really slow song , a slow plus in an album, and the good transmission of no. is very beautiful. 17. D-BUEY: Another interlude. 18. LAST CALL: Ossia perhaps one follows less innovative in an album but I think is really catchy and quite good. 19. BOWTIE: Ossia The short restarted of a song and resupply closed the good to an album.
AMUR DOWN: 1. AMUR DOWN: Wow! Ossia Technically a intro, but more like the fragment of song. It has it crooning to the way a lot likes Franca Sinatra. Listening to this, know this album will be different. 2. AMUR HATER: A plenary in jazzy song that follows amiably of a intro. I love a line roughly to dandruff and ossia so only amazing material. 3. GOD: A interlude, but more like the poem or monologue. It is touching and ape. 4. HAPPY vALENTINE DAY: Like this catchy! Ossia So only innovative material. I love a way that that the cupid has been reinvisioned here. Ossia The pleasant song . 5. PROPAGATION: Again, the a lot of catchy song that is quickly and amused to listen to. 6. WHERE it Is MY KNICKERS?: An ape interlude. 7. PROTOTYPE: A slow ballad with the catchy and so only of electrical guitar of the murderous. I love this song!!! 8. ALIVE IN LAP of MINA: Oh my god! The well this album takes?? This song is SURPRISING!!! Everything is perfect. 9. HEY ALREADY!: Perhaps a catchiest moment in both disks. This is surprising! A new fashion of the music has been literally invented here! You will want to this any one imports the one who are! 10. ROSES: Ossia hilarious and a lot of funky. Memory of Prince. 11. GOOD DAY, GOOD GENTLEMAN: Ossia an absolutely hilarious interlude. 12. BEHOLD A LADY: Ossia add it upbeat tune that has the class of electro funds. Again, memory of Prince. 13. ROSA & BLUE: Ossia the slowest song wonderful and is a lot of catchy. 14. AMUR IN SOUND OF WAR: An a lot of quite and catchy song. Andre can sing!! 15. It is ALIVE: One a lot of jazzy and touching song intercut with some spoken has separated that add like this. 16. The PAIR of DRACULA: Ossia the short song but one of a better in an album. It is like this catchy and like this entirely jawdropping in his amazingness. 17. MY FAVOURITE THINGS: For some reason this song is not listed in a listing of clue in a cd. It is the very interesting and wonderful instrumental reworking of a classical song. Groundbreaking. 18. TAKEN OF YOUR QUOTA: Another short song, this touches mostly improvised but is a lot of laidback and adds. 19. It VIBRATES: Ossia to a lot of song of funky that has to that it weaves of his depth. I love some few papers. 20. A LIFE the DAY OF BENJAMIN ANDRE (INCOMPLETE): Ossia the very odd end to the very odd album. I owe that listen his more reason is class of defiant.
4 / 5
Before it begins, to the left mark me two points: 1. No, OutKast does not have on broken, and 2. OutKast Is not NEVER known state for straight hip-hop (agree 'Walk of Funky' of Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik?) Aight Then...
André 3000 - A Amur Down (Flange, 2003)
there is hardly a lot of rapping in this album excepts 'A Life a Day of Benjamin André (incomplete)' (incomplete reason André' the life still is that it goes!) Which is a autobio of his rap life, 'Rosa' (with big Buey), espread' and 'Happy Valentine's day'. André is playfully flange in some other songs but a main house is in his production and some papers (really listen to 'Hey Already!' To take a message). André speaks roughly amour, the amour has lost, and some joys and aches to be André so only. A classical. For real it is a outcast in a rap game. -EJR
Big Buey - Speakerboxxx (Flange, 2003)
While the album of André is one the majority of creative, big Buey is is one the majority of solid. Also it is the producer adds, concocting follows it more orders of an album, eståpuesto' looking Debra Killers like usual in vocals, Khujo of Goodie MoB and Cee-The previously of Goodie MoB (any hard feeling among some last two artists, I supposition). This song amena for behind a smooth ATLiens sound the big Buey album while 'GHETTOMUSIK', produced for André 3000, ameno for behind a Stankonia the complete sound with the boomin' the bass beat and he Pacts Labelle sample. I am not crazy that has to that it weaves of stars of guest in big Buey album because every time I have listened big Buey rhyme, is usually with more in all the chance. An example of of the this is on 'Toe Flop Rock' looking Jay-Z and Mike Murderous, and although it is any 'Poppin' Seal', a hook for Hova is catchy. Another classical album. -EJR
In general, ossia an add unconventional album that Common the Electrical circus would have to that it has been (in this description, has said to listen to this album until OutKast drops another album). Always depend in OutKast for original hip-hop.
4 / 5
This emission of Outkast is in fact two album of solos, for two cats those who are not collaborating with each another too anymore. Big Buey and Andre 3000 so only has sawed-has written the few songs scattered during a container, and treat in each another is clues less still. Both also spend in a lot of stars of guest to assist in his clues when they could have used each one which so another. This any bode a lot of
Of some two disks here, Big Buey album (Speakerboxxx) is a strong plus for far and is a half of this container that more leading Outkast the defenders will be to look for. Big Buey has developed to one of some composers plus a lot strong in hip-hop, and has the net takes of like this to create the music and the strong papers adds to go with him. Big Buey is in-knowledge of depth of a P-Funk the tradition is evident throughout, especially in "Bowtie" and "A Rooster." Has some sounds of amazing house in "Ghettomusick" and ominous extra funk in "Last Call" and the big winner of an album " it Falls of a Boom." Big Buey the side of this container is almost he masterpiece.
Contrast, Andre 3000 disk (An Amour Down), underlines one of a downright the cats he odd plus that reads in music today. It is now the smooth loveman more than the rapper, and likes the Prince-like jack of all the soul. Andre mediates of this container can delight more adventurous Outkast defenders, but can alienate all the world-wide more. Andre experimental (and usually self-indulgent) soul schtick really works in the pocolos places, like "Hey Already!" And "Roses." You gotta give a cat props for his wild sense of adventure, but unfortunately often falls to walk in his face. Andre embarrasses in a jazz of odd acid freakout "Amur Hater," an orchestral ballad "Rosa & Blue," and a jazz tried-hop spent of "A bit those that of my Favourite Things" (which is not listed in some credits). Andre songwriting also tends to outreach his capacity of flange, likes in a otherwise a lot-fact " it is Alive." In short, Andre has enormous quantities of creativities and value, but both needs to be reined in and refocused.
Outkast Is no longer it colaborativo subject, but two a lot talented character the one who is flying is gone in of the different directions. I recommend that officially they have left up. So only it is technicality to arrive to this point. [-doomsdayer520-]
5 / 5
Dipping this like this simply to the equal that can, leaving on Hip-Hops the majority of the dynamics and that the explosive duet is that it interests - this in spite of no quite like this fullfilling likes two doing in unison. This has said, if ossia a direction a geniuses has loved to go for an album, has more than has won that well his years of the gender that change rap.
I hardly buy any rap album anymore. The majority of him is tired enough and old to arrive to this point. I can count four laws that constantly looks for new material of, and ALWAYS sustain to buy his albums - Outkast, Me them Def, Roots, and Jay Z. This work averts, all the world-wide more is touching catchup until his next emission... Then that touches catchup again. Well, another rappers better place in his shoes to run - has to that it weaves to take until doing afterwards is one!
Has been excited, but nervous, buying an album that the Big breakings Buey and Andre 3000 to different album. Have Always seats that a character of a group was that they have maintained each one which as another grounded so only enough, and has maintained each one which as another verifies so only enough to be breaking of earth without being too much in a cup. My fears have been confirmed, but is not like this bad to the equal that think.
Andre 3000 album was up in my chance, as I gave it one the prime minister listens, and almoste loved it immediately closes was - but is Outkast, as I have maintained to listen. There is the few quite good songs, this in spite of the majority of him is too experimental for my flavour. Never think the rapper would release the bonafide album of soul? Well, here it is. Big Buey was sorely lost on Loves Down, with an exception of the roses where resupplies a estupefaciente rap. I expect that when a regime of film, those helps joins it all together for me.
After the little more listens, has @to @give that ossia one of one the majority of insanely the brilliant albums have not registered never. It takes the little listens to sink in, which the mine is always be a sign of the truely the album adds. At all truely the original would owe that tank in in a prime minister listens. It thinks roughly that odd you expĂłsito Wilco Hotel of Yankee Foxtrot to in the first place listen, and that arrived to change that it attended out of music. Apple the album of Prince, then picture Andre 3000 doing it even better. Ossia The one who this is - pure funk. 5 stars to Want to Down.
Like this Big Buey has been lost on Loves Down, Andre is lost in Speakerboxx. The in the first place listen, ossia definately a strong plus of some two albums, but that fails is an experimentation that Andre ameno to a group. Cela In an upper flange that was on Loves Down has has improved a lot a Speakerboxx album. Big Buey is on his game here this in spite of, and still although it is the lackluster album for Outkast levels, still is a material has better listened all the year out of a gender. 4 stars for Speakerboxx.
With thrilling follows to anticipate his next movement. So only I can imagine Amur that adds would be Down state has been the Outkast album, blending his two talents. Appearance this Amour down is the sign that is to come from a duet, and that they can go back to a studio ASAP and go back to the as his more - working TOGETHER!
4 / 5
Of Outkast in the first place paste a musical scene, has been one the majority of eclectic, inspiring and group partorisca break of the earth in an industry, comprising some Roots. A collection of double disk of big Buey (Speakerboxx) & Andre 3000 (An Amour Down) is album of only is that they take breathes. This two continuous artist in and further of this is expected of the hip hop group partorisca release an album that is one of a better of a year by means of all the genders of music.
Big Buey sticks to his rap roots and free a full album of gangsta-conscious rap with quite a lot of political inferences partorisca try this CNN has substituted MTV in his bus of recognition. "GhettoMuzick" It is add, how it is a beast "Rooster". A jazz-and on "movement of Way" first so only I am partorisca add and definetly clave with you. Other hot clues comprise a rock has influenced "Bust" (looking Mike Murderous), "Church", "Bowtie" (Speakerboxx better clue) & a yard of possession "Toe Flop Rock" that boasts guest appearences for Jay-Z, Andre 3000 & Mike Murderous.
His no big Buey album of only that marks this two disk dipped like this special this in spite of, this honour is attributed to a member an eccentric plus of a duet, Andre 3000. An Amour Down is a eclectic mixes of rock, rap, R&B, jazz, gospel & lunar-soul. "Hey Already" it is the brilliant of alone prime minister , while clues like "Amur Hater", "Valentine's day", "the pair of Dracula" (looking Kelis), "Taken Of your Quota" (looking Norah Jones), " it is Alive", "Roses" & "Rosa & Blue" it maintain your attention has drawn to this material to break of the earth. Partorisca Say that I surprised with his album of only is a understatement.
Sure mark that calms does not sleep in this album partorisca his guaranteed partorisca be in compraventa satisfactory partorisca any consumer. Like this Outkast again tries that they are one of some more utmost artists in a hip hop industry, knows has developed his sound and something that no another group has not done never in a history of music. Innovative, he-boring, the no. Chooses on this album.
5 / 5
Will develop this on front: ossia one first hip -hop album I never seat to listen like this closely. Not even Eminem the works have had has listened partorisca take like this time in the row like Outkast laws later.
These stands of the double album like the work adds, the gender averts, with the album of Andre ('An Amour Down') approaching to that considers partorisca be the classical out of a box. With the diverse sound and feel when calm compare it the espeakerboxxx', his album is conceptual in character, saying bit of the history of amour that flow of a song to a prĂłjimo, in the no-cliched way (this in spite of, has to be said, uploaded with cursing and heavy sexual content) and that goes to some deep subjects, like alone motherhood and some natural fears that arise when involving in the serious report.
An alone swipe 'Hey Already!', With his uploads of fun that the confusions on some the majority of dancer little ready is so only a tip of an iceberg. I am engreĂ­do is in a presence of the different talent a lot around these days. With his songwriting, singing and musical talent, Andre underlines like the beacon, doing Outkast one of some the majority of interesting musical experiences will run to in the moment, molding his music with material native the hip-hop and imported of R&B, Alma, Funk, Electronica, Transfer and a lot another quite 'far musical earths.' There is abundance of brilliants of musical moments in an album that loves revisit, of some Temptations-likes open, to an intimate (and fun-packed) cat with God, to some big musical points of an album: 'Happy Valentine's day', a Lenny Kravitz-'Prototype' heavy (hands down, a BETTER song in a whole album), 'Hey already!', 'Rosa & Blue', that Prince of sounds and deep is is Alive' , 'Take Of your Quota' and one concludes very atmospheric... All sprinkled with some clues of the word spoken to cleverly balance out of a history and add the touch to laugh extra in time.
Regarding big Buey is espeakerboxxx' draws besides influences of elecronica and drum-and-low, how is evidenced in a contagious 'GhettoMusick', 'knowing' and estĂĄpuesto' and also ocassionally attractive in any heavy R&B horns, as in a chance of 'A Way Moves' (one of mine favourite) and 'Bowtie', to balance his hip-hop sound. This in spite of, so to the equal that love that, have not seen a same level of creativity and art in this disk as in the work of Andre.
In general, am very happy with an album, the furthest work pectacular' (like one of some jokes of clues), highly recommendable and the solid five-stars.
5 / 5
Is that do:
musiq soulchild is a prĂłjimo stevie marvel...
jill scott Is the hip hop billie holidays...
jahiem Is a new luther vandross...
Well, I of the that knows is in accordance with any of that, but andre coulda been a next PRINCE if he and big buey hadnt teamed on fact ten years and headed crankin out of a hip hop quotables...
dre To good sure give 'the previously known artist like The PREVIOUSLY KNOWN ARTIST AS' the state announces his money!!! dre Loses the few notes, but he almost out of purples a purpled a hisself!!!
(The better prince HARD entrance or more he gon' lose his crown!)
And be sincere... Those times take your emisora preferred urban radio to start with warmin until dre "hey already"??? (laughinmyassoff!)
In all the chance,
big buey proly has some of his better papers to date, some so only drawback has them with his side is that it is so only a lot enough of him; his verses could have been bit it more along and his guests so only of those who is exited like pertinent rappin-partners (any jay-z, ludicris, ceelo - any of 'in!) ... More, his looks of juice of the production to be so only the bit was mine ; it thinks them woulda the state has better to do fault has has had the leaves have ORGANISED NOIZE to produce the few clues (a "they throw a band has retreated together" it classifies of what)...
...But ossia juice me...
Had done them this revises the months of the pair done, the proly woulda has given so only this emission 4 MAXIMUM of stars! ...But it woulda the juice been hating me on 'in... The expectations were BIG SO HELLLL for this emission and am them sad to say that the wasnt able to give sustain this thang immediately... Big buey the side has had to grow on me he lil has bitten... And it is still a terrible hard thing to do tryin to take used to listen a one does his thing without another...
But fareal... This thang aint nothin but gnatbootie still... Tight, yall!
Follow lovin the!
4 / 5
Before groaned of people and groan in my description- comprise that they are them a outkast defender. His only flavour is breathe he of fresh air in a redundant world of hip hop. For real I think that outkast (to the equal that to two crew of man) is a better lyricists hand down. No one same-or same-or ignorant rap in women and of the cars.
The prime minister cd OUNDS of AMOUR like an artist formely known likes the prince produced it. Very calm thinks that ossia a rapper expressing likes an artist. To the left say reason disagrees them. Reason is expirementing with this no-rap way that clearly mimicks Prince. Any rap beaten-all singy-songy and a lot has bad has produced. CD would HAVE TO THAT HAVE Any STATE SOLD in the HIP HOP/RAP AISLE IN of the VIRGIN RECORDS Or MORE BUY! An amour cd was a worse rap emission and main flop in a subject of entertainment of J-The FILM GIGLI.
The second cd saved this cd to be a worse rap album never. (This something is to resist for AMG according to cd) a clue with ludacris is quite a lot of- an only good clue in this double loser.
Save your money and send emails to Outkast- say them to return to thier hip of roots hop. Stop A expreiments before his collabo is with Jewel and Abril!
Buy his cd is used yes calms still wants to listen this bull. It goes to or to the to anything likes concealed.
Like a type of book of the comic of a esimpsons' said...'Worse album never!'
Quell'eside Of Amur'cd influenced for JA PRINCIPLE? It is JA flange of PRINCIPLE? Reason is that it tries to sing like this ja principle? Any rap?
New conspiracy- Ja the principle is in outkast!!!!! This cd suck- all some people that gives outkast 5 stars thus wack the album of ass is so only hardcore defenders or outkast they signing on to confuse you. Interest in my life this cd suck- does not buy it ! I will sell you my copy for $ 5 new mark! So only I have listened his once- never again. I will not buy Never a outkast album again until Ja the flange of Principle has influenced outkast goes back to rapping.
He Loves to real hip hop cd- try canibus new cd 'Tear a Jacker' or jedi the alcohol tricks 'visions of gandhi'.
5 / 5
Has purchased so only Speakerboxxx/An Amour Down yesterday, and has to that say that they are thoroughly impressed taste of course expected w/ Outkast, of one the majority of innovative hip hop group to never surface of one Of the sud. I have thought an idea to comprise 2 separate CD is of the each artist packaged taste one was brilliant. It anticipates CD of Andre more so much of big Buey this but has to that say that they are both CD that shine is. Like the lover of true music, am giving a nods to Andre "Amur Under" CD which is the travesĂ­a musical by means of an original evolving the alcohol of the artist. There are so many influences of Jimi Hendrix, Parliament Funkadelic, and Prince. And take this, Andre so only rhymes on 2 songs, but for some lacking reason these works and is still hip hop! Big Buey CD was equally impressive but there has not been very surprised there, so only that has expected of him. In a clue with Jay-Z and Killa Mike, Jay-Z the terrible sounds and the looks to the equal that is struggling to maintain up with a fact paced ??? mister Tongue twister Sophie Hawaiian, can a lot of rap fast anymore. A number of skits in big Buey the album has taken also some signals out of his CD. But global big Buey CD is solid, and the majority of some people those who has bought an album will touch his CD more so much that Andre 3000 CD. To be sincere hip hop partidĂĄrios so only aint ready so that Andre is trying to do. You will see abundance of descriptions dissing the album of Andre reason is singing, chanting, and scatting, but trust these critics for real do not comprise music, and a time still will fail to @give that in order for hip hop to remain in this precise planet evolves. Only calm can not have the successful growth in anything all finally looks and touches one same. A lot of props to Andre for any that concerns roughly the one who some masses think. It is to be he, and calm can not attack a brotha to take this hip hop art to a uncharted dimension. Right now, I think that that this CD deserves the 4-4.5 indication for him is prevalent continuity. But the one who knows,,, this album has a postential to grow on you and could result to Hip Hop Classical!
5 / 5
Which signalled to write the description: the song of André "Prototype." Ossia The Bootsy Collins-level funkfest, with sultry papers, the sexy bassline, and slime of bad ideas of the each syllable... Although a song is quite darn sincere, a fashion of same mixed emotion of Bootsy. Memory to plot of Bootsy "Munchies for Amur," although André is is to good sure his own song.
Has enamoured simply with the whole disk of AndrĂ©, of an inaugural living room number to a last incomplete clue. Mina standout the clues are all in the row: Prototype, Bolt in Lap of Mina, Hey Already!, Roses... You the sĂșper the funky run of music. Something Prince, Bootsy, George Clinton would be proud of. "Happy valentine day" it is the Parliament -way funk flange, and the propagation is... wow... It have to that do more the people wet so only listening to some premiers pocolos second.
Big Buey decidedly less has been-wall CD (Speakerboxxx) is simply less than interest of mine; I have not listened his by means of entirely still. This in spite of, I really terrace Ghettomusick and A Rooster. The majority another reviewers here would be quite-versed know if this was the good part of an album - in fact, more the descriptions have read has covered big Buey part. And it is well, if I do not add, it likes rap/hip-hop. I can not classify the album of André likes rap/hip-hop... A word rap would have to that remain was.
Likes a cohesive whole of an album, would have to say some albums compliment each one which so another. Appearance Outkast is not breaking on, reason still want to see the one who a two can do near. This in spite of, am gratified extremely for big Buey leaving 3000 goes to explore some new sounds in his own, reasons totally digs where Dré is going.
Any the one who there is enjoyed forward Outkast the music will find the big quantity of a music in these albums - is difficult any to, with on two hours of jam of music-packed to two little CDs.
4 / 5
I any profess to be to big hip-hop defender, but each one once in the moment when the people allege some the new emission is different of a normal daily Hip-Hop, will take to look. Outkast New DOUBLE CD any quite returned a description that has thought initially. Big do big his thing in Speakerboxxx and Dre done his on 'An amour down'. Big Buey' the endeavour is far better still although it qualifies like same old Hip-Hop. 'A movement of way', estĂĄpuesto' and 'Church' was my preferred. It has had some other decent songs that could to, but has not gone totally his this in spite of.... Then it comes Dre part. That stirs it of rubbish ossia... First of all, it can not sing value the lick and some papers are extremely dense.
Was more serious in of the this, probably give a one for the endeavour likes the production is in fact quite good. It likes-me a fact that looks for to employ jazz the his songs, but launches everything of that was with absurd papers that the looks to the equal that have been peel written 16 old year. If the people accept his endeavour like the legitimate musical endeavour, think that a subject of music is in question DEEP. This is to assist on more than few songs. So that an example, 'Amour Hater' and 'Prototype'. Starts of prototype of serious and then all of the sudden to an end an absolute joke out of him. Seemingly that speaks to his producer during a song and then saying to the to something likes him the calm lake... A lot..' That a heck that bad? And in his skit 'God'. It is totally horrendous. It takes something serious likes to beg and does the joke out of him with his absurd esees has taken types like Pharrell and Dre going around with absolutely ANY CAPACITIES of professional flange that tries masquerade like the singers and the people are buying this crap! This whole industry is in question. I'm sorry, it likes more content that so only he slick beaten or of melody.
4 / 5
Outkast Is one of a better hip-hop groups to never come to the long of. They are also one of a better hip-hop but no-like this-hip-hop groups to come to the long of also, like this Stankonia showed ours everything. Inside his Cups unexpectedly that it paste Jackson heavy, his blended hip-hop with rock of the sud, country, and included the little bit of gospel. With Bombs on Baghdad, a group has undermined to some roots of techno, that creates the new fashion of rap. Everything of this characteristic so only has done Stankonia one the majority of original hip-hop album to never be liberto. Then Outkast breaking for this album, releasing two different records, An Amour Down of Andre 3000, and Speakerboxxx of big Buey. Each one which so it is like this original likes Stankonia, and a build of album to a legend of Outkast this is to be do today. These albums are awesome, with suns of trumpet, jazz, and the mix adds of hip of the sud soiled-hop George has fulfilled Clinton. An effect is stunning, and both big Buey and Andre has created inner of legendary songs some albums. A song of plus very known in big Buey the album is A Movement of Way . With acoustic electrical guitars, beaten of heavy drum, and blaring trumpets, this song is a instanr classical. In an Amour Down, Andre there has been his own swipe, Hey Already. It likes Hey Already of better, reason is jumpier, and as distinguished in a video, has the enormous row of instruments partorisca to hip-clue of hip. There is the mini-heart, the electrical guitar of basses, an acoustic electrical guitar, drums, and an electrical keyboard. With this neighbour, has a awesome mixes of techno, funk, voters funk, psychedelic, rock of the sud, and country, as well as hip-hop. There is a lot another awesome clues in both albums, like the church and Bolt in Lap of Mina. Outkast Has created another miracle! These albums of only is like this add like Outkast had registered near, and any defender of some ways has mentioned on would owe that give Speakerboxxx/An Amour Down trying it today! A better hip-hop has not created never! Period. My Indication-9.5!
4 / 5
This album or pair of the albums still has no really paste me still. I have been the enormous Outkast defender of some days of ATLiens and have each CD has done. Ossia For far one the majority of experimental and unfortunately, to rows likes them one of the mine less preferred of everything of his albums. If you are looking for directly-arrive Hip-hop, chooses on Southernplayalisticaddilacmusic. If you are looking for the experience of entity for two artists add, ossia yours action . Speakerboxxx Is more than the hip-hop album and resembles record in the little better with some classical albums of Outkast, minus the voice of entity of Andre 3000. An Amour Down is a eclectic mixes of prince, sly and a bone familiarised and Frank Zappa humour in time. Andre 3000 hardly included rap in a whole album, which is dissappointment mine so many chairs that is one of his strong dresses and he could have been the little more varied in his experimentation.
In general, ossia a class of album that goes to buy neither or no, more based in leading experience and radio swipes that anything more. It is in plot of clues of some solid artists, but almost to look likes could cut for behind the few songs each and so only do the CD so only out of him. A standout the clues are of the solteras and potentially "A Day in a Life Of Andre Benjamin" and perhaps "Temple of Boom" looking Ludacris and another.
Personally, would suggest to buy a lot of Southernplayalisticaddilacmusic, ATLiens, or Aquemini before I have suggested this album, unless you are interested more in a sound a new plus of Andre Benjamin. For me, enough it have the little mix of old and new.
4 / 5
Like the longitude-time Outkast defender (of then album 2), when I have listened exited with the double-the disk dips aka some projects of only has not been sure as to expect... Of "Southernplayalistic" to "ATLiens" to "Aquemini" and then "Stankonia", these types have did not disappoint me NEVER, and with this continuous new neighbour be mine all time fav rap/hip-hop group!!
Speakerboxx : It is exactly the one who some frames of the sounds of name likes!! Here Big buey uses all a funkified the tunes could possible digs up out of the together of hip-hop salvation-fi is in effect good, that the mine thought that was a better hip -hop disk of a two. Like this usual he spits verse like that candy-dispenser of bar aturdida!Comical To the Songs like "Rooster", the tunes of right club likes him "Toe Flop Rock", conscious to to some like "War" and some down to the tunes of earth likes them "Unhappy" continuous try that big Buey is the formidable MC all for him. A definite contend still to Hip Hop album of a year!
An Amour down: Now here it is where really different taking. Those of you that esees has listened Aquemini would choose on like this punctual like any left a cat of Jazz out of a stock exchange and is Andre 3000!! Now personally the found this disk adds, and the definite transmission of the yours avergae hip-hop album. There are some pieces add that "Happy Valentine's day" (a catchy tune roughly struggling amour), "the pair of Dracula" (good with creepy instruments), "Propagation" (yea, exactly that to sounds likes him) and "Hey Already" ( rock of funky), and is quite listen it, in that see expres his amour-funk thru a half of ballads. Now in my opinion 'Dre can rap and has been adds to listen launcher the little more verse in this disk, but nevertheless was to add and really resupplies contrast he well the big Buey together. CD a lot of but perhaps any for your daily hip-hop junkie!
In general: it gives Speakerboxx/An Amour Down 4.5/5 stars rids down!! There are songs for each Outkast defender, and an usual supply of wild,crazy groundbreaking beaten here. In my opinion a better way to listen the ossia slips like this CDs in and dip your dial in any Outkast experience!!
5 / 5
While tankonia' was his forward fully-fledged masterpiece but still partorisca enough the row limited of hip-hop auditors, with peakerboxxx/An Amour Down' OutKast is sure to find much more defenders among r&b, soul, funk and included enthusiastic of pop. BigBoi Half of an album, Speakerboxxx, is the traditional plus of some two halves and more probably to satisfy rap/hip-hop fanatics, still able to offer run really delicious for all the world, like 'Unhappy', 'A Movement of Way' and 'Bowtie'. 'Toe Flop Rock' with Mike Murderous and a lot stylish Jay-Z is another point has underlined to add, how is estĂĄpuesto', the surprisingly magic collaboration that looks Cee-the. And if not to impose you explicit papers a lot, will like you also of a bouncing 'Last Call.'
This in spite of, for me Andre' disk 'An Amour Down' was the true musical revelation. The comparisons with Prince abound here, and correctly so much. It conceal it is not to say the OutKast rasgĂł-was. Far of that. Included a -be Prince pastiche is Bolt In my Lap' looking Rosario Dawson is classy in his a lot of own playfulness, 'Hey Already' is a classical instant, the blend of hip-hop and electrofunk ossia difficult any to jump to. 'Amur Hater' To to I sounds like in of absolute more around, 'Rosa & Blue' smartly motive of heart of the samples of Aaliyah late is 'the age Is at all But A Numbered -- funky, catchy the rhythms are abundance also on 'Happy Valentine's day', 'Amour In sound of war' and is is Alive'. Andre' collabos with Kelis and Norah Jones also finalises a lot big and a next plus 'A Life a Day of Benjamin Andre' (probably a lot so only some Beatles of incidental appearance' Sgt. Quell'Pepper next plus 'A Day in a Life') looks a type rapping roughly the majority of his personal life.
Some other songs, especially in Speakerboxxx is uselessness of mine, how is more interludes, but a final word here has to that be: OutKast has done certainly one of upper albums in 2003, full of fun, joy, relaxes and especially imagination, but also fill of opinions and social commentary in ours world-wide today.
5 / 5
Some two better songs in this place of double disk of a group a hot plus in a world-wide right now. They are already 6x platinum. Less than 6 month thats power!
An Amour Down: A more comprised and eclectic of a two. Everything of his songs that can innocent and whimsical have the deep message and lyrical content. The points have underlined is a handclapping Happy Valentine's day. In an end will listen a happy goes to fck Valentine's day. The propagation is the short but the sex has touched so only in a CD that Andre defends for the daughter to Extend for him and on 6 shes askin where is his knickers? You say Prince, cuz his influence is during east a! It is in jam of surca 5 min a lot the time ossia sweet and definitley for some ladies. If you are not one yours attended a prototype! Clever. Hey Already A contagious and the way has touched was paste! The roses are amused to sing, but a meaning of him is too true. Or it knows fellas or'll be to somewhere and or'll sees the end gurl but his attitude is so only like this stunk and everything of the sudden looks really ugly. Andre hears already! Behold The Lady is in good jam that it is one hear a real lady, any one all these wannabes and hos (yeah has said he) was here. Andre juice loves the good lady together with more fellas. Rosa and Blue is to the jam of fire takes of calm storm that explores the subject of Andre with an older woman. The pair of Dracula is one always song too short with a brilliant Kelis (His album Tasty is that it shines to go cop he for real!) Way a lot ready to treat committed. ' I have killed a lot before, but I am terrified of tea With Prototype and Rosa and Blue a prĂłjimo highpoint is Vibrates. It is askin all the world-wide to create grow up and VIBRATE main. The endeavour adds but are fearful a lot will be expectin this album to be as a poppy Hey Already and has to that be ready to listen to some words with east a.
Speakerboxx: One of mine beans the parts of an album is which in an end of some songs these daughters say espeakerboxx' a lot of frescos. Now Big Buey has had a plus 'Outkast' album his resembled his other accidents ATLIens, and Stankonia. I want to Speakerboxx and I amour as it show a singer more adds another Lady of mamma Pacts Labelle. A techno can launchings was, but his all in a g-h-and-t t-or-m-or-s the-c-k. Unhappy Is highpoint this extracted big Buey that grows up. Bowtie And another overplayed but ass of funky Some Movements of Way is juice creates and songs of dance. A bassline of Some Movements of Way is like this damn hot. The war and That the bust is the songs add . The heart of the bust is hot talent a flange. As it video game, but is questioning ur or any one is to know where or need to go. A desglosa is hot 2 ! The tomb of a Boom is hot with some verses plus a lot hot comin of the new eats Big Gipp and a everpresent king of DTP Ludacris. Reset And Toe Flop the rock is a last real bangers in an album ( his big buey everysong is the banger rite!!).
Joy so much album to plot, Andre is is my preferred, reason develops to Outkast and his music is not easily has comprised. Calm leave you to sing the longitude and interpret. But they both resisted it down and are so only waitin til a prĂłjimo a!! Control down for a ATL!
4 / 5
Tierra to Outkast. Tierra to Outkast. I read?
The one who a HELL is spent? I can not believe ossia a OUTKAST CD. A OUTKAST CD!!! &$ $ &!!! Ossia Likes, friggin', Eminem and Dr. Dre Singing on beaten of Tortoiseshell of Mariah. Any seriously, like horrid, and unreal like these sounds - Outkast somehow, someway, has done raisin. It was not that - and the GOD does not want to know reason - but somehow Outkast has done one of one the majority of lamest Hip-Hop album never. There is at all innovative here. Hip-Hop and 50 music to change the joint did not mesh any LAW. I REPEAT. He any LAW.
Has the difference among trying something new, and when being creative - then meshing 2 was is of completly different music and somehow doing the register of him. OH MINA. Wow. There is any word to say you the one who horrid this 2 CD is is.
1 SONG of COSTS in this WHOLE CD. And ossia Big Buey So only "A movement of Way"-
Ossia. At all more. "Hey Already" - Although that can touch it as the fun appealing song at the beginning - has to that be a main shame to Hip-Hop NEVER. They are happy Westside the connection has said something in this (Gangsta Nation dissin Beyonce, Andre, etc) atleast a lot there in an industry knows rubbishes when they see (or listen) he. CRAZY ASS Props the Mac-10 and Cube of Gel.
Atleast Any one is by train to remain true, and a same time (creative) to a mainstream game.
Like each another 1 star informs there - is new to Outkast, PLEASE choose-on Stankonia or ATliens (both are BETTER WAY then this,... Plastic junk) and listen to the that these writes REALLY is - when they are not everything doped on on cocaine.
4 / 5
Master! It is like this pleasant that the people think Outkast never anything has done in a past. If it calms it has not followed never his at all calm music then would know never has been some same. Has has combined always several elements to produce the flavour that so only could.
On some years, has lost my passion for rap, but big Buey spent behind to a consolation to enjoy hip hop. The people have forgotten that hip hop represents lately, but felizmente has some interpreters those who still knows like this to use creativity to inspire something new and different. 'Bowtie', 'A Movement of Way' and 'Gueto Musick' is so only simple entertainment!! This in spite of when two Goodies is gone in in estĂĄpuesto' a vibe was like this serious! They are by train to feel you Creature. 'All raisin for the reason.' Some beaten, a work has jointed.
Considering Andre am impressed like this! It takes amazing confidence to complete An Amour Down, that comes from/comes from his fund. It is hard to obtain acceptance when you want to dips was the others ways of music, but took! I can not take enough of this cd! It is the memory that the art does not have any limit, calm so only has to that explore that the interior. Are compared to my favourite singer for alot of the people and are by train of the feel the little has bitten too- but does not compare ! So only appreciate!
pread', 'Prototype' is Bolt in Lap of Mina'...Well I can not mention each song but am blown still was!
Both members have taken the risk for the transmission on, but they he well and expect that they continue! I lose a vibe has had with each another in all some clues, but so only tip that continues grows! Forget all an Amour Haters!
4 / 5
Has loved Outkast of Aquemini, and has chosen of then especially of the his other albums.
When I in the first place listened of a concept of this CD, was the bit has concerned that it suck. Some first time have listened "A movement of Way" and "Hey Already!" It takes it there is really has concerned. But a plus and listened him more, a plus and liked more. Now it possesses an album and are awestruck. You he again!
Speakerboxx For big Buey is quite traditional, but is the tight album. Has some clues add on that. I love a clue where dips his little boy on to rap. It can not taking laughing when I have listened that! It underlines the clues of mine are: "Unhappy", "A movement of Way", "Church", "Toe Flop Rock"
An Amour Down for Andre is surprising. Simply in amazing. I have listened his first Speakerboxx and was so only hypnotized. This disk is not for ALL THE WORLD, but a prime minister listens drawn me in, and has listened his constant time of then, in that want to it every time. Ossia A prime minister has seen any test somthing experimental and totally have sucedido! Andre is for real the musical character. Standout The clues of mine are: "Happy Valentines Day", "Prototype", " alive in Lap of mine", "Shes Alive"
Outkast any to remain never an album is different. While transmission among Speakerboxx and An Amour Down, his hard to believe is gone in a chance of same jewel. You both are extremely different. His hard to imagine that these two would have done 3 upper selling first album of this "album". Each one which to the equal that has the totally different music fashion, but that has his others the albums know when Big Buey and Andre mixes, takings roughly beautiful and bumpin Hip-Hop.
Definitly The value looks for he Outkast defenders, old and new. They are sure any one will like Speakerboxx, but be sure and give A Low Amour to little casualidad. As I have said, his no for all the world.
4 / 5
Andre 3000- AMUR DOWN
AMUR DOWN (INTRO)- Ossia he 50 s touching piano-walk dulcemente cut that shop windows Dre vocal capacities. I have not known to be able to sing also. This in spite of, can not help but the laugh in that grace is to listen in fact sing something has taken. It is hard to take seriously.
AMUR HATER- Jazzy, the heavy horn, swingin' the song concealed there is Dre singing roughly amour haters. It is hilarious here to listen singing this reason is difficult to take seriously. To to I Sounds likes him-the something of a 50s also. B+
HAPPY vALENTINE DAY- Out of all some three clues before this, ossia where a CD really begins to take was. This psychedellic, that the funky beats taken on a song in the good way of the pleasurable. One background and some arrangements are well. As with many of his songs, this one has his comical the elements but is the good song this in spite of. Has potential like the alone. A
PROPAGATION- To good sure reminiscent of some of a music of Outkast 2000 CD. A song has beats it kinda like this of the BOMBS ON BAGHDAD but has this pursuing element here in a song. It is the good followup to a good HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. Strong song. One-
PROTOTYPE- to to the Sounds likes him to him-him some 70s music of soul. A music dominates a clue. Dre Sings here but there looks to be more music that voice. The song speaks of a person when being at least a prototype or copy of the soulmate. It is in a category of song of the amour to good sure. B+
BOLT IN LAP of MINA- Midtempo, scary touching song that has clues of music of rock in him. Dre scary The voice takes on this aleady pursuing song. It touches it likes him the prince on crack in this song but acts this in spite of. It COSTS Song. Rosario Dawson, a actora, an appearance here. B
HEY ALREADY!- 1st only. All the world knows this highly only song that takes the moment to grow in already but when he , really done. Ossia The good song and am surprised and also happy that has done it like this well in radio. A
ROSA- Midtempo that really at all for me. A vocals does not do and is annoying and some beaten is the little too out of place here. The really done song any sense. All the cansay for this one is OKKKKK. C+
BEHOLD A CROWN- With which some disappointing ROSE, Dre does much better in this cut as again it has to that pursue the vibe his to somewhere in a synthesizer or his fund. Everything comes near better here with Dre touching likes Prince or a lot once again. One-
ROSA & BLUE- HAS a intro of the AGE of Aaliyah AINT NOTHIN BUT A NUMBER. Has thinks that that a song was really that goes to do something but once again that freaky, scary vibe is here. A song nothign for me like this really done any sense and Dre the voice does not help as no an odd music. B-
AMUR IN SOUND OF WAR- With which a disappointing leading clue, ossia the good song . He in fact to to the sounds like to them something of the videogame with to to his war likes has beaten but is structured in of the song of amour kinda way. The only question is when Dre begins to sing. In place of sincere flange, the sound that touches around launches a song was some . But it is the good clue . B
Is ALIVE- Begins like a CD is skipping or something and with the cryings of creature, a song at all at all. A vocals is like this bad and a music at all for a song he. C
the PAIR of DRACULA- I am not surprised to comprise the song roughly Dracula like the majority of this has to that the elements of Dracula films or something likes him concealed. More, has to have roughly partorisca be the defender of Dracula. This song is no better that a lot one some have said that it displeased it. I do not seat this song at all. Kelis Looks here. B-
MY FAVOURITE THINGS- the song is essentially jazzy music of the piano driven with clues of rock and that hiphop likes the cochera has beaten. It does not listen any vocals. It is like this song 'Favourite thing' except remixed I supposition. One-
TAKEN Of your QUOTA- Norah Jones lodge in this song that is in fact one of some better slow courses that works. Norah Sounds a lot here in these acoustic, the electrical guitar has directed slow jam. Both of them the very together work. One-
VIBRATE- Another Outkast touching clue, a percolating has beaten, a presence of a piano, and some the vocal arrangements do well here for the casualidad. Like this always, the song there is a bit jazzy his elements. A
A DAY in the LIFE OF BENJAMIN- To good sure something Outkast likes but with more SCARINESS his. The song is probably one follows stronger here without odd vocals. Has potential to somewhere. A+
A CD is not something has expected. It is so only any question but this is not a class of music are to. There is too many monsterish, scary sounds to film to a song. In a lot of songs, Dre vocals no mine. I know it is not the singer but a way sings is not really something concealed returns some songs or any song. A CD is well in of to the sure places likes him a beginnning and the end but a half is a lot feeble. IN GENERAL: B/B-
GHETTOMUSICK- Has gone frontrunner to be a second only, this short as there is Dre on also is the very odd song. There is a fast, chaotic intro and then the part where Dre just frames some unnecessary noises. In two points, a song is redeemed for Pacts LaBelle vocals of AMUR, NEEDS and WANTS TO YOU which looks out of place is during a song of place. B
UNHAPPY- 70s touching hip-hop. I think of something Bullies of the bone and the harmony would do. This yard is the one who a title suggests- kinda unhappy but nevertheless, is the good song. In the first place we take to listen big Buey rap here and is the pleasure as it can spit. A lot slow steppin' jam. A
BOWTIE- Elected likes 2nd so only, this 70s the song of funky is well without a overproduced singin vocals. Produced by big Buey he, a song is the good election for the alone as as has potential. Buey rap Help a song was to good sure. A subject is funny too much in extreme speaker having the good time but with him bowtie on. One-
The MOVEMENT of WAY- 1st so only of big Buey CD, this song that is produced for Carl Me it and big Buey has two his parts: Buey fast rap and then a slow plus, heart of funky. It is the good integration of two ways in this song. A
The ROOSTER- HAS the real quota intro. Produced for Carl Me it and big Buey, a beaten is tight and a rap is well. A song is kinda odd in some ways but acts this in spite of. The question is that his too busy wihtout really establishing he anywhere musically, vocally or his comical character. One-
BUST- Mike Murders an appearance in this cut that to to the sounds like to them something of Dre CD with his odd, pursuing vocal. A yard is satisactory. B+
Swimming of WAR of individual in this midtempo to the equal that speaks roughly war and has these odd vocal qualities his with some background singers. These looks to be both of the his specialties. Towars, A half some transmissions of song on and taking faster but once again is occupied too much. B+
CHURCH- PRODUCED for big Buey, this fast funky cut this pause roughly that goes the church when need be. He being nothing special and is well. Beaten good and characteristic Sleepy Brown. B+
FALLS OF THE BOOM- Tight janky has beaten concealed continuous in beaten of drum of 1, 1, 2. The song is strong looking Konkrete, Big Gipp and Ludacris. One-
KNOWING- Produced by Ladies DJ and big Buey and with some odd vocals again. Song really swimming and is occupied too much. B
TOE FLOP Mike Murderous that ROCK of Looks and Jay Z is probably The BETTER CLUE with the jay that dips his 'young hova in a place to be...' Flow the song. One follows can be the only and is tight. A+
that RESET of Looks Khujo Goodie and Cee-The, this slow song that it is prodeced for big Buey is the good clue that it is more sad and slower of some another but really speaks some deep material. A
LAST CALL- Slimm Calhoun, Lil Jon & a EastSide Boyz and Mello appearances to mark here in this song that has to Of the sud clubbin vibe his. The song is good and can see it when being an of a single. It can do the good video. A
Although big Buey has some odd qualities to his songs also, likes them better that Dre Buey rap is quite as well as it is in of the class for him, some songs are as well as the integers and the things so only do better here. IN GENERAL: A-/B+
4 / 5
well, Outkast emissions new albums,
am assigned when I have listened this informative,
are the young defender of Kast of the his last album Stankonia emission! Ossia To hip hop masterpiece!
Well, behind to the east a.......
Few words to describe these new Outkast albums.....
"Odd, complex, groundbreakin', fresh"
in fact is for the alcohol the auditor of open plus!
Has listened that Andre album is in a cup of a cd walk, and big Buey is in inferior, but the mine is adverse,
has dipped like this Big Buey material in d prime minister of player,
with which a Intro, Ghettomusick is IMPACTED M!!!!
That gives fuk!!!???
That gives Hell???
Almost comprise bad that has taken the new Prodigy album[Any one in MOBB DEEP!]
Well, Buey there is rap in this song and this one is quite good.....
Then take to Hip of Big Quality Hop has Beaten Music and big Buey papers stagnate, the flows adds, his breathin' timin' is really awesome!!!
And A Swipe "A movement of Way" it is extremely he adds!!!
Is the Quota and Groundbreakin' hip hop the album compares to another hip hop artist the one who so only copying themself and this hip hop the music is maintains copyin' repeative and to the stop improves today!
Album really Good!
Roughly Andre 3000 side.........
Is HARDCORE hip hop rap defenders,
Are not a an I mentions on,
are open more imported,
but a question is,
"Do me need Andre touches this class of sht? If I love another music bondadosa, there have a lot of better election outta everywhere, reason Andre any the Rap album?"
His music in here, the complex mix of Jazz, Folk, Pop, Funk, Techno, R&B and Hip Hop!
Has Influence of Heavy Jazz, can listen element of Jazz Almost everywhere, that the jazz is one the majority of element of Influence in this album,
more than anything,
feels sad to all rap defenders, Hip Hop is not a lot of look in this album!
Andre Almost a lot of RAP in this album, yeah, is True Doubt!
Andre Almost A lot of RAP in this ALBUM!!!!
Andre more like the R&B the singer is one !
In all the chance, left to start with this description,
A Intro are really adds!!!
The singer of jazz sings it catchy song like the soundtrack of picture of the motion!
And a next song "Amur Hater" it is the song of Jazz also!
Sounds really GOOD! Andre sings good and this one has the part of Only of Drum of the Jazz also!
After listening this two Jazzy song of Amur, am really Happy,
causes besides Rap and Heavy Metal, that the jazz is my preferred !
But, Andre does not maintain Jazzin' in this album!
Does not have any idea in "Happy Valentine's day",
An Alone Swipe "Hey Already" it is the British Pop [Cranberries?] It likes him the song, a song of acoustic electrical guitar......
Thinks that take hardcore pissed was......
Rosa and Blue is nothin' except the Atmospheric Techno Song,
" it is Alive" it is another song that REALLY JOY,
a Song of Slow Jazz Well, Andre sings well is one!
This piano is well!
"My Favourite Things" it is the Jazz Instrumental song with the Fast Techno/Drum Any one the bass have Beaten! The good mix and experimental song!
"Taken Of your Quota" it is another song of Acoustic electrical Guitar, really a lot Relaxin' Folk song!
In general,
thinks no the a lot of people can accept Andre to touch some Experimental Music,
another point: it is Andre talent taken really to touch this class of music?
Thinks no,
hears some material of Experience of another artist,
any concealed tries to mix little totally the different music to one situates, and always produce some reallt catchy and impress music,
Andre has the Good Idea, but a thing is not to exit,
there is any talent to do this class of sht!
Andre tries to dip so that it sews near,
and a result is really odd, chaos and sometimes fuked on fact!
If so only approximates on Jazz, and Hip Hop more music of small Pop, thinks it would have to that be More Better!
Joy roughly another artist like Daft Punk, ., And Prodigy [ANY ONE It MOBB DEEP A!] The one who doin' mix and Experimental Music!
Well, big Buey the side is the good/Quota Rap album,
and Andre one is the Experimental Material and can say that it is 50 Flopped!
Well, gives big Buey 4 star and give Andre 3000 3 Star!
5 / 5
This album takes more frames for any one when being any fearful to experience with ideas and of the new sounds in hip-hop. It is something the Outkast does a lot well, nine years his career. This in spite of, in timing this tug of album. They aim so only the one who far averts Dre 3000 and big Buey has gone to derive sicne Stankonia. Dre 3K there is entirely morphed to something more than the hip-hop artist, included although never quite abound these sensibilites. Dre Is out of experimenting this in spite of having entertainment. "Hey Already!" It is the song of fun poppy that any one can grow to love. Some of his clues so only will not seat well, but is admirable that is trying to grow out of quell'hip-hop is.
That is looking for some classical Outkast his definatley like big Buey album much more. Speakerboxxx Follows a successful Outkast formula: slick production, tight rap, a lot of flow, and abundance of crunk. Some samples are acute and entertainment. "A movement of Way" abundance of canals of 1983 pops funk and a hook is silky smooth. A lot some collaborations are excellent also, if any one typical (the majority of some guests is another Dungeon artists Familiarised).
In general, ossia the album to satisfy that it grow on you, this in spite of, is not like this groundbreaking like this forward Outkast album, especially Stankonia. We will not be that they speak in the new sound or recognition for hip Of the sud-hop afterwards to to this album likes after one. Any way, this in spite of, these albums are fill with abundance of fun and a lot of clues crunk.
5 / 5
Left to say it a lot arrive front. They are not the defender of rap music. Once and the moment, will have it rap song in a radio where will think that is fresh, but then held with him real quickly. One of some only exceptions partorisca east is songs for Outkast. It looks so only roughly everything of his songs that takes touched in a radio is songs that finds acceptable to listen too much. Even Way behind when in the first place they have taken touched, liked the songs like "Sad Lady Jackson", "A World-wide Integer", and now, "Hey Already!".
Ossia He 2 cd near. It is in fact 2 totally different cds, for two different artists that marks on a group Outkast. There is big Buey the one who sings in Speakerboxxx, and Andre "Cold of Gel" 3000, the one who sings in an Amour Down. I hate to say it, but there is not founding anything appealing in big Buey Speakerboxxx. Sound like any one another rap cd, and of then are not to fond of rap, did not like me. Andre 3000 is An Amour Down in another hand was totally different. It is a lot creative. Has catchy songs that people that does not like rap could relate to, and is funny also. That more can ask?
Would have been a lot happyier he could finalises to buy Andre 3000 half of a cd and left out of big Buey is, becaue ossia a cd that do not listen never too much. The active has estimated probably this for the give 5 stars, but because of Big Buey, tugs an indication down to 3 stars.
4 / 5
Are not in hip hop defender, but Outkast is one of my favourite laws in music altogether. They are always innovative state, creative, and gone against a downward torsion that hip hop has been taking on a past few years. When I have listened in a concept of Speakerboxxx/An Amour Down, has believed to be an excellent idea . Andre 3000 is one of one the majority of underrated RAPPERS in hip hop, and big Buey is is also a lot of talented. Saying this, is not never state more disappointed in an album, never.
Speakerboxxx Is the decent album, but much less that has expected of big Buey. I have thought always it was able to fall the classical album for him, but unfortunately tries that it can no. With which a masterful, socially conscious undertones that a lot of rule SouthernPlayalistic, has thinks that avenges up with something the little better that War, which is so only a uninspired rant. This song comprises my whole feeling of Speakerboxxx: there is a foundation, but some ideas am not exited never of the like this excellent songs. Ghettomusik HAS a same class of has beaten that has done . The classical, but lyrically so only is boring. The tomb Of a Boom seat like this am listening in any one another of the sud rap the record has released some years of past pair. There are some strong moments in Speakerboxxx, this in spite of. "A movement of Way" it is a way that a whole album would have to that it has been done: Place behind with still pinch of Outkast soul. Unwell, Knowing, and the clue that Jay of looks-Z and Mike Murderous is some signals underlined of this disk.
An Amour Down is where an album the only falls averts. So as it wins to say that so only I do not comprise the disk of Andre, or that I a lot like this bondadoso of music to the equal that can a lot really the judge, is simply a lot true. A music is TRYING to the mark is a music I amour. Funk, Alma, with the little jazz launched in still good measure. Unfortunately Andre only looks to be that it looks for to be odder that really is. Hey Already Is meant to be the TRL steps pleaser, but in fact finalises to be extremely catchy. Happy Valentines' works of Day, and Take Of your Quota absolutely is stunning. But a rest is so only too odd, and Dre so only does not have a voice to pull something like this was. You will owe that struggle to take by means of to the the songs like to them the amour Hater, and a beaten and hook for Long is like this unbearable that it can not take by means of him without taking a skip key. For some time takes to an excellent A Life a Day of Andre (where he finally RAP), is ready the only burn some stop good songs to an end of Speakerboxxx and launch An Amour Down out of a window.
In an end, ossia so only the bad album has executed. Perhaps Andre so only required to take this class of album out of his system, and now can do again that he more: when being a better MC in a more add rap groups never.
Speakerboxxx: 3.5 Out of 5
An Amour Down: 2 out of 5

Top Customer Reviews: Slim Shady ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio Ossia a classical Slender Shady as there is expired with which soyarshall Mathers elep'.

In fact, can look in of the to this likes him the father found of a Slender Shady person, because this would be a first period regulates professionally has produced the full album of some pleasant vulgar rhymes the typical waits of a youngster have bleached Eminem. Of course the part of some clues where Eminem pokes entertainment in one the majority of sensitive of subjects, there is also some clues where relates his ache. A capacity to leave an auditor relates to both sides of him, both ape and pained, is for real which has done Eminem so only.

Has-liked you Marshall Mathers elep then ossia the must has. It is the walk down walks by heart really and like this value he.

Please to be warned that this album is full of foul tongue and suggestive material, in chance that are not conscious.
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD A better Eminem album in my opinion.
Was in a flange of sper-the sucedido and he a lot they was to know it.
Has bought this reason was so only $ 5 and that finds my original copy in my basement of parents looked likes more than $ 5 of work.
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD My favourite album. His add and economic
5 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio wants to possess all his albums this one was delicate, but will grow on me.
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Very good glorious new Eminem slender shady LP1
Adds, recommends partorisca a price. The element of collector adds
4 / 5
Formed: Cassette of Audio I any received a 3D coverage. Another that that it is well.
5 / 5
It has not been happy with him the one who soever a lot so only was some albums no in a right order in fact was in a wrong order was extracted no big as it can do them that. But it was them curious his new mark and ive seen other albums partorisca choose avert like this has opened them a pastic wrap which any one can print to sticker and shrik wrap it. But a hole partorisca centre on all some album were messed like me to him has had state used or the really terribly record treaty the one who would send any that when a box is mint but a corner has suffered harm how has been fallen how was packaged. That never a chance is touch each album there is ruined the cant frames this and sell to any neither maintains on its own name or would be them like this bad
5 / 5
This fantastic album, Eminem when it has not given a F. All grow up and mature out of this phase but his amused to jam to this and agree like a legend has begun. One pressing is partorisca add some times rap the albums can be subpar on vinyl but this one is well. Some beaten in this album is like this well could take some papers altogether this in spite of would be the good album , dr dre that does his thing.
5 / 5
A better Eminem album in my opinion.
Was in a flange of sĂșper-the sucedido and he a lot they was to know it.
Has bought this reason was so only $ 5 and that finds my original copy in basement of mine of parents looked likes more than $ 5 of work.
5 / 5
Ossia A classical Slender Shady as there is expired with which soyarshall Mathers elepé'.

In fact, can look in of the to this likes him the father found of a Slender Shady person, reason this would be a first period regulates professionally has produced the full album of some pleasant vulgar rhymes the typical waits of a youngster have bleached Eminem. Of course the part of some clues where Eminem pokes entertainment in one the majority of sensitive of subjects, there is also some clues where relates his ache. A capacity to leave an auditor relates to both sides of him, both ape and pained, is for real which has done Eminem so only.

Has-liked you Marshall Mathers elepé then ossia has to that has. It is the walk down walks by heart really and like this value he.

Please to be warned that this album is full of foul tongue and suggestive material, in chance that are not conscious.
4 / 5
SĂșper There is Disappointed in warehouse of Amazon. When obviously these a lot of people complain of a same harm to there vinyl especially a coverage, was obviously a whole box in this state this in spite of any where are has said or is a prize has reflected. This was partorisca the collector but this remote of condition of collector. Disappointing.
4 / 5
The collector adds king the emission of the album adds the real keeper
4 / 5
the vinyl touches like this well, basically has taken this partorisca give my adolescent boys an impression his dad is partorisca say them but no the hate 🙂

Top Customer Reviews: The Slim Shady LP ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Formed: elepĂ© the Record vinyl touches like this well, basically has taken this partorisca give my adolescent boys an impression his dad is partorisca say them but no the Format 🙂
4 / 5
of hate: elepé Formed Record: the elepé Registers A Format
4 / 5
partorisca begin: the elepé Registers One of Eminems better albums of all time.
5 / 5
Formed: Record of elepé Was the present , but a recipient is a lot happy with him.
5 / 5
Formed: the elepé Registers Any a lot of difference among a vinyl and CD QUALITY still the album adds.
5 / 5
This fantastic album, Eminem when it does not give a F. All grow up and mature out of this phase but his amused the jam to this and agree like a legend has begun. A pressing is partorisca add some times rap the albums can be subpar on vinyl but this one is well. Some beaten in this album is like this well could take some papers altogether this in spite of six the good album , dr dre that does his thing.
5 / 5
The vinyl touches like this well, basically has taken this partorisca give my adolescent boys an impression his dad is partorisca say them but no the hate 🙂
4 / 5
Was the present, but a recipient is a lot happy with him.
5 / 5
Any a lot of difference among a vinyl and CD QUALITY still the album adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Encore [2 Vinyl ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5
Eminem Is an only artist the one who is music I in fact shabby . Ossia My favourite album for him. I will be partorisca buy his other albums of here punctual! Among excellent condition. Cd Has not been broken or anything.😊
4 / 5
eminem cd Stops less than $1 are adds extracted adds :) it avenges without cd the chance but a paper of presentation was there
5 / 5
Eminem is the brilliant artist. Has the only fashion that no another rapper could touch in his sleeps his wild plus. I have not thought Never it would listen them the white type spit like good and if any better that more african has spent a rap game partorisca quite some time and now is beginning to spend a torch to 50 and A Game. Some the better clues in an album are "Mockingbird" and " it spends Some time". You follow like "Mina 1st only" and " it like Soldato of Toy" you attack it really down the bit but he is still a global good endeavour.
5 / 5
Well has listened some of some earlier descriptions for people those who allege Eminem lost it and this album tries it. A lot they say escaja' is unoriginal and recycling and has listened included any one says that it touches likes In raisin any more than 5 minutes in the each clue. Well I disagree. This album is so only tries further that Slender Shady is still a better rapper was today, and easily one of a better of all-the time. Some songs in this album can not be of the to gender still likes of those of his leading albums in of the terms of public appeal reason alot of some beaten is dark and subtiles, but Eminems the never powerful papers, like this always, goes further of this. How it is a chance in his leading albums, almost each song is the swipe and although perhaps a content or the subject @@@subject is resembled some of his leading work, Still is original. In general, I think the people are not giving this album quite credit. I can not appoint an album this is to exit this year like triumphs on Eminems the character is one . It is behind and it is quell'has taken still and already am anticipating his prĂłjimo a.
4 / 5
Ossia undoubetdly Eminem BETTER CD still. Tip the integer lateralmente new of him, so that an audience has taken the little tired of a hard type, any emotion another that classifies of cholera of Eminem. In mocking bird, (my personal beans) Eminem said of his hardships his daughter. When it Sings ," it remembers for behind a year, when the dad has not had any money, mommy wraped some christmas presants, and has stuck him down a tree, and has said some of them were of me, and remembers them the remained on some at night whole cryings, cuz dads felf like the bum, sees, the dad there has been the work, but a work was to maintain a lunch in a tabel for you and mamma, and each bolt of house has maintained to take broken to and robbed, or has on shot gives blockade, and your mommy the money saved for calm in the boat, so only calms so much could go the colledge, there is almost has had the thousadnd dollars, untill any one has broken in and has flown that also, and knows it to them hurt like this bad, break yours sucks heart" so only it breaks MI HEART!!!!! Calm never really taken to see a personal side of eminem first of this CD. But still, some beaten is done for ", sĂșper dooper dopes beat costruttore" and REALLY THEY ARE sĂșper dooper dopes, yup, definetly K-Mart. True, some songs are the pocolos more in a softer side has compared to the his last elbums, but Given-hard eminem defenders as well as Newbies for real will enjoy such add hardcore to the clues like Mosh-attack on shrub, 1has shot, 2shot-of public violence, and much more. But there is some has amused some on there also, so only LOOSE The, and the VERRY HALARIOUS "to to the Ass likes That"
4 / 5
eminems the new album still is the stellar perfomance. Any a lot of surprised in an album but his whenever it surprises to listen the new eminem album.
Up: some curtains locate
Actions: the song adds to start with an album that speaks roughly like his dad has not gone there when it was young but 1st to kinda sloppy. (4/5)
Quite Dogg & 50 Cent: short but satisfing. Born Dogg Launches the good hook and 50 has his to More adds them of an album (4/5)
Street of Brick: one of my favourite songs in an album. (5/5)
5: it Like Soldato of Toy:Awesome habladurĂ­as of song in beefs with Ja and Murda Inc. & Benzino. (5/5)
6:Mosh:His roughly that period of hates of Shrub. (4/5)
7:Puke:He rap the "HATE of AMOUR" song to Kim ej. (3/5)
8:Mina 1st Only:song quite fresh... If this was his prime minister so only does not think does has sold million copies (4/5)
9:Paul: like this usual paul calls in
10:Man of Rain: it classifies of the stupid but good song. (3/5)
11:Big Weenie: it has them any commentary on song.(3/5)
12:In Paul Has called:movement of sound he in calls paul... While taking crap he
13:So only the lose: the say anything. (5/5)
14:to the like Cela:he rap in to the daughters like Hilary Duff, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani and Jojo.(3/5)
15: it Spends Some feat of Time. Obie Trice, Stat Quo And 50 Cent:Brst song in an album (5/5)
16:Mockingbird:his one of Eminems songs more emotional. (5/5)
17:Crazy enamoured:ossia quickly paced song roughly when be enamoured(4/5)
has Shot 2 has Shot feat. D-12: song of better collaboration.(5/5)
has THOUGHT:any one a lot to say
20:Still feat. & 50 Cent: amazing Song this in spite of 50 so only on for 10 seconds. (5/5)
5 / 5
The people are bashing this CD because it does not like rap or does not like Eminem. If it does not like rap of the music then does not listen his, if it does not like Eminem then does not come on here saying of a world-wide that thinks that that it sucks, because worries of person . Like the defender of rap, ossia which thinks of "Still"
These songs are all 10 out of 10
Street of Yellow Brick
Likes Soldato of Toy
These are 9 out of 10
In the like this American
Ricky Ticky Tock
Wants to you More
Evil deeds
So only lose it
Curtains/ Fermi Down
is arn't the a lot of songs have left in a CD, but is mediocre, to crap in better.
4 / 5
Has to that listen to the to to this CD him him like 10 times to really comprise like those surprised is. Improvement and better a more listen his. Respect Eminem to be different that all the world-wide more. This tries it. STILL it is surprising. Has classical hip hop elements, more some only elements EMINEM could dip in.
5 / 5
It can any one explains so only the one who happend to a talented uses of the artist to him there is given 2 stars an I am like this fill of guilt because this CD is the complete joke . So many sounds and the background noises taken external he throw' lazy or that? So only I can not it believe has expected partorisca this piece of junk. You can listen an album all day long and no the alone clue resembled has been done further of 5 minutes. A main loses is in his touch! But hey, is human this in spite of the test.
5 / 5
Man, that is to spend to Seriously ? They are a Eminem defender, but this CD is full of happiness, and is not a serious side of Eminem had expected when it has purchased them this CD. They are quite dissapointed.
4 / 5
yeh Was kinda bugged in this album grows on me and the think his still to dope the look is goin in the new hip hops all one same now require material like the defender of enormous ass the think his value his start to like before everything of or wud be as "oh touch one same craps again"..More theres the fight has meant for behind one struggles sarcasm..
4 / 5
Eminem Is the good rapper, but this album is for far a worse. It hold. Mosh Was A lot. All has joined another so only has tugged songs on and class of has touched one same. Apparently have it at all to rap roughly, for this maintains dissing other artists, which is like this immature and volume. So only it shows to that likes to the entertainment of other people to do seat better roughly he. Like a Eminem defender, am disappointed absolutely in this album.
4 / 5
Ossia The add cd of the that listens to this another reveiws concealed active probably listned to a cd 1 or 2 times. This cd is the add peice to do you so only has to that listen his the time of pair and really listen to his papers. Some of some better songs are Evil deeds,never enough,likes soldato of toy,spends some time and mocking the bird and ossia so only a cup 5 has a lot of songs more are in this cd definatly the must buys
4 / 5
oh, and m, if ur reading this and say that im an idiot, well ossia that or think of evereone els, like this heres the flavour of ur own medicine. Or it Sucks. All or do is to swear and whine roughly the one who ur the life sucks and that evereone more stinks, well, heer or goes. M is so only he lil kid the one who wont gro up. It maintains livin in a past and tokin roughly like his mamma sucks and calling evereone names, bilding he on and makin evereone more feel down lucido. hes The bully and he whiner. The Hope evereone comprises this, becuz im the good person and the hate when the hav to listen to the people complain like eminem done. His muzic is depressing and the ones of those who comprise reasons does million to stick on a middle finger and living in a past, whining like sissy creature. I cant Taking reason the people will pay hundreds of dollars byin cds and dvdes and watchin lucido in TVs. evereone The one who is with me, pleez writing of the bad descriptions, and giv m a message to take that he horribl muzic. Thank you
4 / 5
Are probably a big plus Eminem defender there.. Any joke, but this album is directly on rubbish! Ther Is likes 3 good songs. Hate to say it, but Eminem is fallen off. Has at all to rap in anymore. Some beaten is not that bad, but lyrically is horrible!
4 / 5
Ossia The album that requires to have has no bad songs
5 / 5
for all that says this cd sucks, or has taken any clue wat ur talkin extreme. This cd was one of a More adds them of ems. Dre An exceptional work that produced. To all that listens to rap and say east sucks , yall can so only man to burn ems the state has launched the stand has the legislation of the express so only likes Biggie (tear).
10000/10 Peace Montreal stamd up for notorius Dj foos
5 / 5
This cd is that it surprises all of some songs are utmost, but my preferred one has to that be Still/A Last Time ft. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent. I Can not expect box that Detox the regime of album. Dr. Dre Is known likes the producer more has paid. And it wins his money
5 / 5
This Album is Really Pleasant and Bit it Stupid. My Favourite Song was One has Shot 2 has Shot Feating D12. And to Ass the Like that has been very funny. A Worse Song Is Mocking Bird. Some Of Some Songs are not even rap But Is Less bad. Taking
5 / 5
Ossia That spends when it has to that it weaves of the money and the law of people likes anything has dipped together is the work of art. There is no more anger, more passion partorisca his work.
4 / 5
This cd is not his better work. There is alot of chessy material. This in spite of has the few songs add. Well cd partorisca have in a collection.
4 / 5
Eminem Takes the little plenary of him the bit and aims.
This cd way of short falls of expectations but still directs partorisca produce quite a lot of good songs to maintain my satisfied.
4 / 5
No his better work but a time still has papers of killers of the papers on more clues. The shady records still beats the majority of another junk this is exited lately.
5 / 5
The a lot of people say that it Still is depressingly bad, but ossia one of some better albums still! 'Less, it is better that a King-up.
4 / 5
This eminem the album is good but no like this as well as all his another material a material that dr dre produced is is a better control was

Top Customer Reviews: Get Rich Or Die ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
Amado this album when it was younger because it was the sĂșper defender and bought it finally now and was very impressed so only wishes his new music was like this raw like this and no like this in products
4 / 5
One of some better albums of a past two decades any question. The packaging was to add, the quality is orders also.
5 / 5
His arrive you bastards this is an album of perfect summer of car walk
4 / 5
love this lame album behind .. Each song is is the album is adds .
4 / 5
in the Amazing was in an original plastic, amour 50 cent
4 / 5
Utmost of fast delivery. Upper 50 hip hop album of all time.
4 / 5
A way HAS TO THAT be! CD OLDER, true, BUT DOUBLE disk, cost of the nave ADDS, and is gone in PERFECT condition!, it Acclaims!
5 / 5
Has loved this album when it was younger reason was the sĂșper defender and bought it finally now and was very impressed so only wishes his new music was believed like this like this and no like this in products
5 / 5
One of some better albums of a past two decades any question. That The packaging was to add, the quality is orders also.
4 / 5
His on you bastards this is an album of perfect summer of car walk
5 / 5
In the amazing was in an original plastic, amour 50 cent
4 / 5
Sum of fast delivery. Upper 50 hip hop album of all time.
5 / 5
Wants this cd the has not squandered my money. You are a awesome compraventa
5 / 5
Thank you homie the condition adds any visible harm to a chance. Good material!
5 / 5
Reading some negative critiques for this album confuse me really. At the beginning it was like "it folk the artist of music has to that to to the name likes him 50 Cent of the one who is defenders is inadvertantly tripping in this CD and railing he"...? I some have thought, and believes that can have has imagined was...
... I remember some first time listened it rap to song liked them in fact. You touch hockey callejero in a summer of 88, is "Joy and Ache" for it Robs Basic and EZ Rock. An entertainment, upbeat, melodic clue, have has pumped on like this hard has believed to be Wayne Gretzky or something. In all the chance, before I have then thought rap the music was complete rubbishes ( was probably the Debbie Gibson or something at the same time), but when this clue has begun to clash some crap , was hooked in this sound.
A partidĂĄrio new, am gone in a hunting for his resemblance, has moved of there that the some entertainment, material of light East Cost, Kwame, Big Dad Kane, Call of Investigations of the Tribe. It was happy with this material for the pair of years. This was, until I have listened my prime minister NWA clue "Right Outta Compton". Like the addict of drug, a material a hard plus there has been a flange. Cela Pulled me to to the the artists likes him-him the cube of Gel (Amerikka The majority of has wanted is still a value of album that the controls was), . (Cela An also), and that learns Gangsta Rap Sound.
Ossia The one who this is. This is not Outkast, this is not Black Eyed Peas (as well like them both are), is like this resembled to the these artists like Coldplay is the Korn. Ossia Gansta Rap, is fringe , but so that it is, is a better CD of 2003.
A fusion of the heavy paste of Beaten of West Cost (courtesy of Dr. Dre) And Battle of Cost Of is Rap. 50 flow with flavour, angry, seemingly desperate, drenching calm in his "it does not give the $ attitude".
My favourite clues are:
Gives Club: Yeah, has listened to like 10 trillion times, but is probably one follows a stronger in an album.
Blood Hound: any one like this are the a lot of for a first pair to listen, but a melody has on taken with me (Dre the material has the tendency to do this), and a rapping in this clue is like this well like any in an album.
Retreated Down: Ossia a song to struggle that takes aim directly in Ja Principle. Insanely The well has beaten, papers of hard paste, would hate to be Ja.
Like-act them to you of the the artists likes him Dre., DMX, And Tupac, can not you imagine woulnd't finds this to be right "up there" in caliber and quality.
4 / 5
The words can very included describe the one who thankful I are partorisca not buying this album. I have taken loaned he of the partner, and has been horrified for as this bad . Any included wants to think roughly the one who our world is coming to when 50 Cent is resulted a main thing in a world of music. You know his bad music when it tries like this hard likes has beaten to be estreet' and 'tuff', this in spite of fail miserably. Personally, I want to listen the music with substance, or at least to the musician the one who is sincere in his talent and his music. Really I have any respect partorisca self-proclaimed 'pimps' and 'gangstas'. A lot enough it listens to him it has educated artists that knows that it arrest to spell and rap intelligibly. Honradamente, can not comprise the word this moron sings, which is probably the good thing unless I have loved to listen roughly that rich is, as 'pimpin'' east, that 'hos' is slept with, or like plans to shoot me.
Wow, 50 Is the state has shot nine times? This has to that mean his album is 'of gives hook' (as all a pre-pubescent 50 partidĂĄrios of the cent would say). Wrong. Ossia Craps. I will admit, be it has shot nine times and that bolt to say roughly is quite the feat, but any you he rapper. It looks he likes any the one who has this supposition 'cred' that comes with being shot or in that has been he in the prison is taking has signed. It Bull. Honradamente, To the left is all the start and try take shot in the so many can result famous rappers with 'bling bling' and million houses of dollar.
50 Cent included looks the fraud. A probably thought character on a sleeve of his album everything for him. A picture adds of him looking hard and 'gangsta', with the bullethole entirely a half. Reason the bullethole? In chance that any one forgets is the state has shot, that has been again? Oh, yeah, Nine times. Seriously 50, taking on calm. If a so only crap you has to that rap roughly is shot when being, when being the 'gansta', when being the 'pimp', all some women have slept with, and all a 'wankstas' the one who hates you then really have the quite sad life and the quite pathetic quantity of talent. An only reason has given this album two stars more than one is reason some beaten is quite good (courtesy of Eminem and Dres. Dre Of course, does not have any way any as unintelligent likes 50 Cent could have come up with them).
Regime and buy Tupac, Career DMC, or Notorious ., Any so only can calm to comprise them, in fact have talent, and intelligent things to say. Even Eminem Is better that this craps, in fact has opinions in of the serious subjects. 'Take Rico or the one of then tries'? Well it looks calm does not have to that attended thus tenth shot to finalise you was 50, has won surely quite money of all these people there those who in fact spent to this class of 'image' to live lavishly for enough some time.
4 / 5
Says again. Looks of no. like all precise is an insuperable quantity of hype to sell record. This is not music, ossia the tendency . Obviously, any one has listened really to this and his extreme lack of lyrical capacity. Reason ossia a contributo only does to an album. It do not produce anything. Speaking to produce, some beaten was feeble also. Any included is that it is is supposition to be. The bad is an album? I will run by means of him. In the first place it comes a intro. Worthless. Afterwards it is 'That Arrive Gangsta'. Well, now ossia the strong clue . I imagined it it can have better some after the legislations? Wrong.
Afterwards is 'Patiently while'. Yuck. Some beaten is horrible, to to sounds likes him to him something could do them to touch in wall. 50 the can not rhyme like this usual. Eminem Is a lot on that. A lot of Men. Many, many, many, many, many, a lot of men. The many many times is that it goes to say a lot? I guess it conceal it was his idea of relief of comic because you would require because of bad things to come later. Afterwards it is a song more orders NEVER, 'in a club'. Mainly reason is like this original and the ees never listened roughly when being in a club. Seriously, I have listened that the song and he take me to us thinking, That is this 'club' these tongues of? It is like this original and for this can not relate. Justo worthless. Afterwards it is 'Big all a time'. Worries of person roughly you when being big all a time with your horrible papers. Another cliche. Afterwards it comes ' I can any one, Bloodhound and Behind Down. ZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ. Bloodhound Was listenable in better, but swimming of individual. 'Behind down' it is the diss to ja principle. Gee, Now reason 50 goes after ja principle? That can be that it is an only rapper ossia worse that him? (In his alcohol) Besides Ja murdered on his song 'A Wrap'. 50 Tin a lot diss any one. So only go back to a hole has come from/come from. Well . It is well. Nizza Has dipped for behind the Jamaican fashion has beaten. But some the horrible papers quell'ruin. 'As My fashion' and 'Poor Lil Rico' is also listenable IN BETTER. But still not even value the discussion. 21 Questions. Justo horrible. I listen the girls escoles elementary that sings ' want to like the cake of of amour of fat boy'. Yeah Is the ready line is catering to 12 year olds. Some beaten is HORRIBLE. A worse has not listened never. A hook for Born Dogg is included worse. Born Is still a king of hooks, does not take me wrong but seriously a lot included is the one who a hell tries to do in this clue. 'Not to press me ' and 'Gotta the fact to heaven' coming afterwards and there there is nothing special there. Some clues of prize were a lot. But it likes him to me he maintains to say, a value of only material that listens to in this cd is WELL in better. 75 of of the this is terrible. Any innovation. Any content. You have taken it it has shot 9 times . The one who concerns ? Ossia All that this chump has go for him. Here it is memo to all the defenders of music. This music [is bad]. To stop that follows some tendencies and underline of a crowd and admit that it is bad.
5 / 5
WELL, now im revising for the album of 50 Cent that has done famous "taking Rico or Die Tryin"! This was the album a lot very in general, and deserve to go 6X platinum with him. Too bad a Heat of song has been cut is gone in a clean version, but anything. Hey Lunaticfan4life, Reason or has said that ossia totally wack and the give 1 STAR?! It listens too much the few songs closely, and youll see because sweats to add. The ones of the that cured if his yours opinion, or would be necessary likes it the little more! Respect or like the reviewer, but I so only of the one who like your description partorisca east. And, REASON all the world gives this 1 star?! Active or State listening to PIMP too much? It likes that of song alot, but so only has to that be judging this album to listen to this!!! WELL, it leaves it locate in all the chance.
1. Intro IN The/5
2. That On Gangsta 5/5
3. Patiently while looking Eminem 5/5
4. A lot of Men (Died of Desire) 5/5
5. It gives Club 5/5
6. Hh All A Time 5/5
7. If I can any one 5/5
8. Bloodhound Looking Young Buck 5/5
9. Behind Down 4/5
10. . 5/5
11. As My Fashion that looks Tony Yayo 4/5
12. Poor Lil Rico 2.5/5
13. 21 Questions that looks Been born Dogg 5/5
14. Not to press me looking Lloyd Banks & Eminem 4.5/5
15. Gotta The fact To Heaven 4.5/5
Clues of Prize:
16. Wanksta 4/5
17. Or Any to like me 5/5
18. The life is in a Line 5/5
This album is perfect! It BUYS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hoards 5:
1. It gives Club
2. Bloodhound Looking Young Buck
3. The life is in a Line
4. 21 Questions that looks Been born Dogg
5. Big All A Time
5 / 5
Undoubtedly one of a more spoken in rappers & starts in some last 10 years. (Although it costs to remark that although this is to consider his 'Began, has an album that is to compilation all of the his previously unreleased work, for another record of focus, this paste so only first of an emission of of the this for 'Guess The one who there is Behind?'). Although it was nigh in impossible to party that has centred it around the frenzy of the mean comunicacionales of the Biblical cent directs to locate on such trite wrangling is and rid the album, ossia almost the same to a hype surrounding dramatic, verbally Pro Drugs, & his looks that our Cent of Ladies, has something of the fetish of Gun. Unsurprisingly An album covers all the bases, where for irons a Dancefloor fillers 'Gives Club'......Introspective melancholy 'Gotta The Fact to Heaven'......& Pro-Drug self-evident 'Big All A Time'. But like any Hip-Hop the auditor will say rappers so only like this as well as his lyrical Contained / of capacity, and 50 cent is no rap in the slightly stoner / has Dipped for behind drawl, which is unusual considering more lyricists is concerned more with fast scattershot rhymes. But 50 lazy cent rapping the fashion is more exemplified, in floorfiller / Radio friendly 'Gives Club', this sees 50 Cent is the playful knockabout way, that immediately begins 'a boss bopping (and with Eminem & Dr. Dre Producing, would expect much less).....50 Cent Was to have always the hard time, elevating he (& his album), to some quote unprecedented that a hype the surrounding has created, This in spite of ossia the clear shot to his competitors, that feigns to hang with 50 Cent, goes to owe the reinvent, but 50 Cent there is firmly has created a bar.
5 / 5
When I have given this album 3 stars in one time?! After listening to AZ, then listening to this, thought it paste me in a boss to the equal that to attack of Tyson of Mike, this album is like this bad likes to take.
In the first place of these bites of type was all in his place!! A title of album takes rich or die tryin is the sound resembled AZ Fact or Die, so only longer. An only reason reason is famus is reason take has shot 9 times , and is fool in stereroids. It is throughout some means comunicacionales, and is a annoyment in MTV and BET!
In all the chance in an album, his papers are childish, and rhymes of nursery, together with the volume of horrible flow, with beaten well, but dip on some clues have done in the bad sound. It is the million miles out of being Pac, and Ja the principle has the casualidad good to beat.
Likes -you the pop rap, odds is spent that, and after reading this description, hate. But so that like real hip hop, comprises ossia rubbishes , and is no still to deserve to call it rapper of queens(In the, AZ, and, Mobb the true Deep control to a queensbridge name) is not even value 50 cents he. He doesnt' included deserve to be in some shelves!!
Interesting fact:This fool dissin Ja Principle, this in spite of is copying Ja way! I mean has the fake gangsta image, and songs of club, songs of amour, and he acually sings songs, imitating Ja Principle. And also, utilisations Pacs rhymes in a Hail Mary remezcla of the hail Mary of songs of Tupac, and against all odds, to diss Ja while using the rhymes of Tupac for aprovechamiento. That that joke, the discrace, and the cancer to Hip-Hop.(So only it likes chingy, Juelz Santana( has beaten well, but his rhymes are completly senseless, Ludacris, Units of G, J-kwon, Bond Wow, and or know the one who more)

5 / 5
A past year or like this, has done the little has bitten to grow up. I am beginning to see things in the different light, particularly that of the youth of Amsterdam. It is beginning to do me the little patient that is "fresco" to be vulgar and disrespectful these days. Before gangsta rap has come to the long of, Amsterdam has not been a craphole is now. They are I dipping some authorship officially to focus for some boys of way these days? Absolutely.
Is not the coincidence that before NWA and to the likes them to them the paste a mainstream, of the boys have not gone around dressing and that to pause likes fools. Now, rap is one the majority of yielding gender of music, and in a past few years have assisted some deterioration in a culture of Amsterdam. Entertainment for the young people so only are not amused for me anymore (and are so only 21). It is all like this bland. Some papers in gangsta rap glamourize a gueto lifestyle and, thusly, some people buy his and think that is all like this fresh and do his best to imitate that it is listening. This is not opinion; some sales of gangsta rap CD escalating in a past few years try it to be the fact. As the one who that has said in the people that imitates that they listen goes, goes external and look around you. A big number of the boys have not dressed and that speaks that the way done 10 years.
Has used to be the ENORMOUS rap defender. Now, meeting listening his less and less. If anything, so only listens mine old hip-hop CD is now for a nostalgia. I have not bought anything new in the year because, for the dipped bluntly, am beginning to grow up. If it likes gangsta rap, then well. At all bad with that at all. To the each one which as his own and, as I have said, was once the defender, also. But I have had at least my own alcohol and has not tried to live a life of mine then-preferred rapper (Tupac).
This probably will take modified by a folks in Amazon, but here goes in all the chance - to all some boys of minority there the one who look until these rappers like the sign that you in fact can do he in a world in spite of a colour of your skin, has other utmost black musicians to listen to (Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, so only to appoint the small). So much, it opens your alcohols, boys. There is another music there besides rap. It goes back in timing to find some REALLY good music reason, enough frankly, thinks a majority of music these days is lousy in all the chance. And they are not so only it is; I know enough the few people that, taste, was in rap and to the equal that have taken more than old, his wised on and the music has bought that has do not degrade women and glamourize guns.
Gives the graces to read. Hmm... I ask the one who "Any GAIN" votes will locate east a.
4 / 5
Now, when I have listened Gives Club in a radio, has thinks that 50 Cent was to be in fact well, different the majority of rap these days. But, when it take this album , was whack. I will be sincere, a bit has beaten papers stagnate and good, but for some reason this album so only is boring. Included It Gives the club taken reason a radio overplayed the. I will estimate some songs:
'That arrive Gangsta'- Well, well beats but is so only too boring! 3/5
'Patiently while'- Eminem is well, but 50 Cent so only can not take my attention in this clue. 3/5
soycualesquier Men CorazĂłn Stagnate that really it saves the boring song. 4/5
'Gives Club just Way too overplayed, or was a lot. 3/5
'Big All A Time'-Nope, well beats but otherwise sucks. 1/5
' Can any one'- Nizza has beaten, but is not when being this a lot truthful? 1/5
'Blood Hound'- beaten Good but boring. 1/5
'Behind Down'- See on. 1/5
'.'- Very boring. So only it can not flow. 1/5
'As My Fashion'- I definately hates his fashion. 1/5
'Poor Lil Rico'- nope, any way. 1/5
'21 Questions'- Finally! A tight song for 50 Cent! It goes Born Dogg! 5/5
'does not press me '- Any flow, there is one he worse 1/5
'Gotta The Fact To Heaven'- better that another, but any one some better. 3/5
'Wanksta'- Boring, boring, boring... 2/5
'Or Any to like me '- I is not the person saw east sucks like this like this the, like this yeah, any one is likes. 1/5
'The life is in a Line'- Fence in the supposition, but no a better. 2/5
In general, if it likes-you an album with beaten, ossia for you. It is a lot of lyrically, also, but these just frames for the boring album. The beaten and the papers mean at all is boring. I recommend Obie Trice on 50 Cent any day now.
4 / 5
When I originally listened 'To the equal that to Rob' of one 'In Too much of Deep' soundtrack, liked a song and a loan wordplay has involved, but asked if 50 Cent there has been enough to spend the whole album. Rappers Likes Jay Z, Ghostface Killah, Sticky Fingaz of the onyx and another have not gone too pleased with that 50 has had to say and is exited with his own things to say in a song. So that 50 it has been it for registers his 1st so only of 'Pode Of A Dollar', 'Amour of Bully' w/Destiny' Chica, 50 has been the multiple time has shot. With which recovers, 50 call it his focuses and they have done like 50 has had never is existed included. To reestablish himelf, 50 paste a mixtape circuit and would look in several mixtapes freestyling or with songs that has been supposition to look on 'Can Of A Dollar'. In prompt 2002, that the Full clip Registers released 'Guess The one who there is Behind ' those songs' subterranean comprised and freestyles that has comprised 50, Units of G, In the, Character, A Bravehearts and Bun B of UGK in of the different clues. Shortly after that, 50 G & of Cent the unit has released diverse mixed Cds and a buzz had been to good sure has re-created. Eminem Listened 'Guess The one who there is Behind' after complete 'A Eminem Show' and this was a start of 50 Cent that is signed to Eminem Record Shady. The clue of tape of popular mix of 50 Cent, 'Wanksta' looked in Eminem is '8 One thousand' soundtrack, as well as, 'Put for Aller' and 'Want to me' that was the collaboration with Eminem, 50 Cent and Obie Trice. These songs and some mixed CDs was quite to maintain 50 is gone in some streets until his has anticipated highly CD, 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries', has been released. When ' it Gives Club' has been released to radio and has begun to look in MTV and BET, 50 CD was to be to good sure asks. Dr. Dre Club banger has had all the world-wide sayig 'Ida, goes, goes, goes, goes..'. A song propel 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries' with on 800,000 unit have sold in some premiers four days of his emission. A CD leaves the good start with 'That is On Gangsta'. Defenders of 50' emissions callejeras to good sure like this clues. After up it is 'Patiently while' that Eminem and 50 collaborates in a Eminem has produced clue. 50 And Eminem rasga a clue to shreds. In soycualesquier Men (Died of Desire)', 50 tongue roughly that after when the be has shot multiple time, as it reflects in of the things and like your enemies and people that is jealous of is always plotting for behind your backside. Ossia One of 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries is' better clues. Dr. Dre Looks again to produce a passion 'Hot' fill. 50 it Is of tower in way callejera once again and has a hymn for any concealed loves to go in and his crew of Unit of the G. 'If I can any one' is more than the radio friendly Dre the song but you will forget a commercial appeal of a calm song once listens 50 postpone to a clue. 'Behind down' has 50 that speaks in his beef of long term with Ja Principle. Ossia A CD better clue , in my opinion, likes 50 has said, ' is @@@tart of pop , sweetheart, is soft in a half...'. It has had of advances and a lot of backside said with a be later 'Hail Mary 2003' with Eminem, 50 Cent & Stock exchange Rhyme. One 2nd so only, '21 Questions' with Born Dogg is one hear for some ladies that to good sure will continue to maintain 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries ' in some maps for awhile. 'Not to press me ' w/Lloyd Banche of Unit of G and Eminem, has 50 Cent rapping the little also like 2 Pac for some people. It likes- one to song likes rappers the lovely flows to a Eminem is has beaten. 'Poor Lil Rico' is the Sha Money XL clues that the plans maintain 50 in rotation of heavy club together with an aforesaid 'Gives Club' and ''. An only song that will owe you quickly advances, in my opinion, is 'Blood Hound' with Youngster Buck like sounds likes DMX is barking during a whole song. 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries' also comprises 'Wanksta', 'Or Any to like me ', and 'the life is in a Line' as some clues of prize, but loyal 50 partidĂĄrios has listened these follows already. 50 you release it recently the DVD, 'A New Race' this comprised the CD of prize with 3 clues: 'True Loyalty' with Unit of G, '8 Street of One thousand' (Unit of G Remezcla)with Unit of G, and a Dr. Dre Produced 'Gives Hood' with Brooklyn. To any the one who does not know the unit of G is 50 Cent , Lloyd Banche, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Bang 'In Smurf and the mould other characters. Unit of G recently signed with Interscope Record, like the Unit of G CD and the CD of Bank of the Lloyd of him so only would owe that be has gone by an end of a year and expect the new 50 CD of Cent for February 2004. For 50 Cent a heaven is a limit . If it judge 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries' for just 'Gives Club' and '21 Questions' calm then will be saddenly mistakened. This CD has more than club friendly songs on that. Defenders of 50 hymns callejeros will enjoy this CD also. I ask that Columbia feels now that 50 Cent has sold 4 millions more than records in 10 weeks? You consultings to take 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries' and 'Guess The one who there is Behind' to start with yours 50 library. FREE YAYO!!!!
James' Hoard 5
1) has retreated Down
2) A lot of Men (Died of Desire)
4) That Arrives Gangsta
5) 21 Questions w/Born Dogg
5 / 5
First, all the people give this low plus that 4 star is stupid,
this album has a lot of music and beaten HOT,
SO ONLY one has beaten of 'Gives Club' purchase of calm cost!
Gives the club is one of a better song I never listen!
Dr. Dre Is character!!!
Like this to the left habladurĂ­a in this prime minister of HOT songs,
That Arrives Gangsta - is the good song to start with this album! 8/10
Patiently while - 8/10
A lot of Man [Died of Desire] - 8/10
Gives Club - The BETTER SONG in this ALBUM! 10/10
Big All A Time - 7/10
Hot - A Gun has shot has beaten for Dre is well! 7/10
Can a lot of - another BIG SWIPE!!! 9/10
Blood Hound - 7.5/10
Retreated Down - another Dopes has Beaten for Dre, but thinks Fifty voice is not to adapt this beaten, does not know reason. 8.5/10
. - Some beaten is well, a remezcla featurin' Snoop D Or G and unit of double G, but a remezcla version a lot included. 8.5/10
Like My Fashion - 6/10
Poor Lil Rico - 6/10
21 Questions - uh! Another swipe! MTV Maintains playin' he, but is the song of good amour with Born Dogg sings a hook! 9/10
does not press me - looking Eminem, and In has produced this clue, in fact I usually any to these sht that In product, like this one, Patiently Waitin' and 'Cross' of In the in Edges of God! 8/10
Gotta The Fact To Heaven - 7/10
Three run more than prize comprises Wansta which is a better of this 3 clue!
The music is Sum , A+++,
but 50 is not that it adds, taking OHOHOHOH OVERRATED,
there have A lot of rapper better that 50!
The reason this album sold more than 5 millions is reason Dre and Eminem!
If without Dre and Eminem, 50 NEVA sucedidos has taken!
4 / 5
After releasing 'Guess The one who there is Behind?' Subterranean, 50 Cent' hype has begun to locate so much that the people were while to his album to start with before it was has announced included. After releasing 'Wanksta' and 'Gives Club', 50 Cent' hype was in his summit. In his premiers 4 days, 50 Cent has broken Snoop Dogg record for the unit of album has sold of the start rap album with 872,000 copies. After taking an album, now comprise reason. Here it is desglosa of an album.
Some starts of albums were with the 6 according to intro which head to 'Quell'Arrive Gangsta'. Some beaten is directly on those strikes and 50 dips down 2 hard verses. One of some better songs in an album, 'Patiently while' looking Eminem is afterwards. Eminen' The verse is ailing like this never but 50 still comes strong in the darkness has beaten. A mostly anticipated, soycualesquier Men' is after and basically speaks roughly like 50 death of desire of his enemies but turn and take is revenge. ' It gives Club' is a so only all the world around a world has listened and still is going strong in some maps of poster. 'Big All A Time' is one hear to some drug the smokes like the song contains elements of Bobby Blueland is 'If that Master Is Wrong (does not want to Be Right)'. A hardcore banger 'Hot' is after which is fill with the gunshot drumline and some heats spitting for 50. 'If I can any one' the characteristic celebrates it has beaten of any another it Dr. Dre While 50 very smooth flow. 'Blood Hound' feat. Young Buck is in fact one of mine favourite. They are really feeling some beats and a way 50 and Young Buck rapped to a song. Another song for the better song in an album is 'Behind Down'. A diss to Ja Principle and the majority to Murder Inc is strong and stellar in a darkness, errie has beaten of Dr. Dre In that 50 really takes his message by means of. A prĂłjimo only, '.' Keep well with which conceal with one has beaten fact for Denaun Porters of D-12. 50 habladurĂ­a roughly like rests pimpin sure hoes and as it do not take at all out of him. A Rockwilder-produce 'As My Fashion' is a half clue and really any one my attention that a lot but a beaten is well. 'Poor Lil Rico' is to the clue on likes 50 has grown on being poor and to the equal that is living up in rich and glory. A song of amour '21 Questions' takes 50 in the different direction in that 50 asks his daughter 21 sure questions. 'Not to press me ' feat. Eminem And Lloyd Banche is another song that has taken my attention. Lloyd Banks really shined in this song and he shoulda taken more props but 50 and Eminem has had to stellar. 'Gotta The fact To Heaven' is in fact the good song comprises that 50 is saying: 'I Gotta The Fact To Heaven, But that Spends for Hell...' A CD also looks 3 prevails to follow which comprises a radio so only, 'Wanksta', a lyrical character of 'Or Any to like me ' and 'the life is in a Line'.
In my opinion, 50 very strong wine this album but I have wished one there is spitted subjects more more real reason know that 50 is able of him. If you are not a one the 5 million people those who has an album, you better goes cop the now.
4 / 5
The Sinsiter and Jazzm, your lack of experience with hip-hop the culture maintains calm to enjoy this album. Your musical flavours are well with me, but revising an album with the perspective of partidĂĄrio of the metal done your descriptions touch ridiculous. A fact that a hip-hop the artist has been shot more than a prĂłjimo an irrelevant east to a music. Besides, that directs in of to to the commercial artists likes him to him the dad of Puff partorisca compare to 50 Cent tries that it calms does not have quite knowledge roughly hip-hop artists in some undergrounds to feel as be one generates music and basic content. KRS-A, Some Roots, Cannibal Ox, Talib Kweli, GZA, many more do not know of. Incident, a dramatic impersonation of the rap the defender is unacceptable. Especially when it touches more like Limp Bizkit that anything. Jazz, to revise this album, need the acutally listen with an open alcohol. Until you have done that, has no legislation to do a lot of commentary (positive or negitive) roughly 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries'. Of course, rap can not be your type of music (as the tried already), like this with that, does not recommend this to defenders of metal.
50 Cent is not the good rapper, in fact, his papers are some of one the majority of godawful the material has has not listened never. It is a production that spends this album, and a guest appearences also. These sums on an album.
Repeats, if you are mainly the metalhead, is not that it goes to like this. If you are one of these metalheads, has listened to 'Take Rico Or the one of then tries ' with an open-alcohol, calm then the one legislation to do a lot the opinion loves roughly that. But it does not squander your time that writes unresearched rubbish.
Calm like this album, also would recommend Mase is 'Double Arrive', Fabolous is 'Gueto Fabolous' and (for more is listening) KRS-An is 'A Sneak Attacked.
In general: 3 stars
5 / 5
To the equal that can calms does not know those who 50 Cent is? 50 Cent has DONE something concealed has not been done in the moment. A COMPLETE DEEBO of an Industry. Strategy or fate? A bit of both. His controversial As To Rob garnered a lot of attention. Then consistently it was shot multiple time and survived by means of him everything. ( There is your street cred). For this time, a bootleg of the sound supposes to start with Can Of A Dollar' was hot in some streets and an internet. Quickly in like this, 50 taking fallen of the shot. Later on free to Guess The one who there is Behind and again has some streets that speaks. For this his beef of time with Ja Inc. & of the murder of the Principle is sure enough full. Somehow Eminem takes tapes of 50 Cent and begin chitter chatter. Then in an almost murderous likes way 50 emissions THREE mixtapes to a street that looks his G of Unit of crew (50 Cent Is A Future , Any Mercy Any Fear, the plan of the god). Uh HAS some streets in a more no. 50 signs of Cent to Shady Record, characteristic in a main hip hop soundtrack to film at the same time (8 One thousand) and release his alone prime minister graduate 'Wanksta' and grabs some means comunicacionales for a throat. For a time everyones corner in Wanksta, Dr. Dre Produces a swipe 'IN Tha Club', a hymn of club of the instant, and has all the world WITH THRILLING anticipating an album. A punctual album follows and sells almost 900, 000 copies a prime minister Snoop Dogg record of album of the start for more the copies have sold a first week. Hook, Line, sinker.
Now the month after an initial hype am coming to see this album like the modern classical. It does not resist the sail to universal hip hop classics likes Doggystyle, Illmatic, or SouthernPlayalisticCadillacMuzik. But a reason is the classical is reason 50 Cent is Taking Rico Or Die Tryin has/ will change a game. And any album that can that has to that be considered the classical. There is like this standouts in this album....'Behind Down', That Arrives Gangsta, A lot of Men, Gives Club, Heat, Big All A Time, 21 whole album is bumpin. There is not any one filler and to good sure can touch this joint on and on entirely. Hotness. Some beaten is the upper notch , some papers are tight, some flows are on point (was with a slur; but maintain the imports were shot in a zone/of mouth of the jaw), some guests a lot bog down a so only the album adds.
So only trust me up this cd is to good sure have to that has. 50 Cent Is something special. It was not that it is but anything is 50 Cent to good sure has it. If that can remain do the a lot of things add in hip hop. To the left so only expect his talent and the controversial papers do not head to another be of the talent has lost. 5 stars!
5 / 5
A mixtape culture in that hip of EUA-hop thrives has been in overdrive of late with one current contention among Eminem and co-owner of magazine de la Fuente and emcee, Benzino, that promotes the series of the increasingly imaginative said to be traded among a two. It is hurt neither career but has aimed Benzino seen again to run editors that question a dominance that Eminem resists in mainstream hip-hop and so only reason is that his nasal fashion has translated the such phenomenal sales.
While, A mixtapes has looked more and more run of an artist that is to be spend for Columbia and then chosen up for Eminem Shady imprint (together with Dre Consequences) for $ 1millions. 50 Cent Comes pre-packaged for hip of EUA-hop stardom, in that has paid his mixtape had to, as it says the state has shot an alarming number of time and, last but in no way less, having a support of a gender two more than entity powerbrokers, Dre and Eminem. In his prime minister, truncated, week in shelves this album has broken registers of sales. Listening to one on half 'gangsta' concoctions of 'Take Rico...' The European audiences well can find has forced to ask quite that says roughly Amsterdam in 2003.
Sinister start with this coverage: we see an image of 50, all sinuous muscle and viril threat, pictured by means of the window shattered for the ball. Then it has a fondness for a click and snap of to the the guns like fourth is uploaded and the shots have left was during this casually bitchy record. It adds to this he sprinkling of the misogyny and one dull repetition of the violent threat and begins to add until Dr. Dre The majority of cynical concept of then ..
Then has hip-hop insistence in that waste to leave Biggie and Tupac to spend was peacefully. Like Eminem correctly the signals was, 50 Cent dopey the flow is equal part Biggie and 'Pac with the little big L (probably the tribute to his talent for freestyle) has launched in still good measure. It directs to the frequently uncomfortable access when an undressed for behind steely whips of Eminem the beaten tries to find some chemistry with the fashion that artists of the always better apes paired with a crackling funk loop of producers like Easy Me it Bee.
The skills of 50 Cent are better adapted to a nagging digi-loop of the unavoidable accident so only 'Gives Club', a circle of drum of the steel-out of '.' And '21 Questions' - perhaps a clue to the majority likes something that could have you Tupac founds or Biggie law on in his prime. And, although it is against your better instincts, will find these and to to the abundance more likes to of him hard to resist. Like this, his tendency to half-sing the hearts adds charm and pathos respectively to a lazy fashion of 'Or Any to like me ' and soycualesquier Men'.
For rights Dre' the project he late the plus would seat in a shadow of recent albums of Common, Talib Kweli, possibly included In the, but these are in fact dark times to that hip-hop the response looks for to be divided roughly to two camps: it conceal of otherworldly transcendence and soulful psychedelia or a hard brutality in offers here. To those in a later camp, 50 Cent represents the survivor callejero the one who miraculously pulled by means of an accident in that take no less than nine balls, his legend cementing there still in an ambulance. Although you are of a leading camp, so only can find that, likes 50 says, calm 'love the the way more than calm the hates.'
4 / 5
Well Know the doubt is rich. I mean the doubt was one of some trafficante to drug main in a NY. It takes 1 one thousand to sign with Eminem. Has already he roughly 1 1/2 one thousand of the his INDEPENDENT CD 'Guess The one who there is Behind'( taking 5 dollars for each CD sold and is sold abt 250,000 copies already) and This CD has sold roughly 1.8 million copies the week and the half. Like this yeah the doubt is rich. It is one strikes to hype the legislation of the proportion would owe that be a pertinent question . It have to that say yes. Listening to this CD of mine is like a first time is invernadero 'Jack CittĂ  New' or has listened one infamous GETO BOYS. It is so only unadulterated thugism! Be it has shot 9 times and havin such to the horrible infancy really looks for to be it backdrop thus CD. Some CD starts with 'Quell'arrive Gangsta'. A quota lil song settin a tone for a rest of a CD. It follows 3 'Patiently while' characteristic Eminem.. They go real hard is one. Effects of the his add is one. One of some better yards in a CD. It follows 4 soycualesquier Men' is fresh but was really feelin some papers, especially when it speaks roughly doubts concealed has shot. Of course it follows 5 ' it Gives Club' probably will be a song of club of a year. I have it that has not listened never the song looped so much in a club. They touch this song for 10 minutes directly and some stays of club hype! It follows 6 'Big All a Time' is his tribute to a sticky icky! Good yard. It follows 7 'Hot' is classical Dre production. This song is believed so only! Some roosters of gun in a fund in a wholeeeee song. It follows 8 it is another Dre song of staple. It follows 9 'Blood Hound' is the fresh song with the very small heart. It touches alot likes Bushwick the bill is one . It follows 10 'Behind down' it is one of some CD points have underlined. Tear to doubt Ja Governs averts!!!! It follows 11 'P I M P' is another banger. It follows 12 'As My Fashion' characteristic his UNIT of G of the crew. Mina 2nd favourite yard in a CD is clues 14 '21 Questions'. It is Dre production with Born Dogg. This song is essentially the song talkin to the daughter and askin his questions to see where his alcohol is in. The song adds and Born Dogg has not touched this good in the longgggg time. Some beaten is was gives hook. It follows 15 'not to press me ' characteristic Eminem again and once again is STRONG. It follows 16 'Gotta the fact to Heaven, are by train of gone thru Hell' quite is on this CD. Coast Of is believed so only Gansta Rap! 'Wanksta' Marcos an appearance here but really is so only he playful the mine of radio court. In general this CD are adds. It dips his foot down and he spend same to In the and Jigga. My favourite clues are 2-11, 14-16. Personally I have not listened anything this crude the long long time. A hype thus it doubts is incredible and felizmente a CD comes roughly like this near like this possibly beat to this. After the little earchecks ossia have to that has for a hip any hop defender..
4 / 5
50 Cents HAS poor diction and he drawling rap way, but with a help of ready papers, artists of backup, and beaten well, producing Dr. Dre And Eminem done an album much more that it go he in of the smallest hands.
In general the majority of some songs in this clue are quite entertaining and has a lot of songs on here, comprising some clues of prize have hid. TravesĂ­as Car a lot the times do not find me yearning to skip songs, which in an age of CDs, mean has to like me a CD in general enough bit it.
Still, does not have to that the plot of songs adds here. It gives Club, one the majority to populate, is a better. There is handful external really a lot of the (sees down).
I tax this CD the a lot of respectable FOUR STARS:
That Arrives Gangster
A lot of Men (Died of Desire)
Gives Club
Patiently while and 21 Questions are stars of approximations .
I also likes . But a embarrassingly bad action of this song for 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg in a MTV the prize of Music turn out of this song.

Indications: CDs is estimated simply for which the good songs are in an album. The songs adds to take two stars, and the good songs take some stars. Songs that takes any star is those that could like me but any enough for the give the star or some meeting bore or actively aversion. CDs Is not penalised for songs that does not like me reason are enough of easy to skip on. There is no maximum number of stars the CD can take, but of course a more star takes, a better a CD.
5 / 5
To the equal that have said long in a past, are not a big rap defender I once was in institute. Really any to Like me the majority of a new rap this is exiting, reason his all touch some same. His all look to have this ' am rich and blah-blah-blah' attitude. As I a lot seldom buy rap album anymore.
This in spite of, has chosen on the copy of 50 Cent is 'Take Rico or Die Tryin',' and has to that say that I am impressed. It is different of the majority of a rap the albums was today? No really. That Is different is while another does to lack in his execution, this an almost paste one say every time (any pun feigned). I have found this album to be quite addicting. Apresamiento awhile For him to grow on you, but when it can not take he out of your boss.
A word to warn to the like the does not like them the violent music; this is not an album for you. Has everything of drugs the violence; of sex to murder; of deals to drug to swipes, and like this on and like this on. It tends To brag in his money from time to time, but nowhere to a discharge that all the world in Money to Charge fact. And I think that that 50 Cent there is much more that things of interests to say that the majority of rappers. Calm to good sure can see one 2-Pac flu in some rhymes of way and builds his delivery.
For one the majority of part, an album is quite solid. Really there is not the song that unbalanced, although has some listen to the plot more than another. These songs would be 'gives club,' 'patiently while,' soycualesquier men (died of desire),' ' can any one,' 'hot,' 'behind down,' 'blood hound,' and 'does not press me .'
An only drawback to this album is a hype that surrounds it. It is this it dread will spend an album down a plus. While it does not contest it is the album adds , thinks that has been hyped on A lot. If you have read some of some negative critiques, ossia a primary reason for them a lot when being pas able to enjoy an album. I owe that I have spent, I think that that it tends to take to plot more attention that was it necessary. This in spite of, is still the really good album and does not think that hype has broken that a lot, but is still the factor to determine like an album or no for more.
'Take Rico or Die Tryin'' is the raw album with 'gangsta' written throughout that. If it likes rap, then has of the casualidad really well that it will like you to it. As I have said, it take the bit for him to grow on me, but when it have found me humming some songs to me. 50 Cent HAS potential and is able to develop that in this album. I will be curious to see the one who his controls of next project for him.
4 / 5
50 Cent Is a new plus rap fanominone of to likes it of Snoop Dogg (and his focus CEO Eminem thus @@subject). It has been shot nine times, been in prison, and the been stabbed quite time to say is been by means of alot to take where is, and right now, is a hotter thing in Amsterdam. For some past years, is been with his G of Unit of crew, with those records a lot now hard to find to the albums the 'Likes A Power Of A Dollar', 'Any Mercy, Any Ache', and a lot another. But, after running to Dr. Dre, Is now one of a big plus superstars in rap. 'Take Rico Or Die Tryin'' is the sluggish tentativa be percieved like this to the album Likes ' Chronic' or 'Illmatic', in reality, goes in any one leaves to close to any of these groundbreaking albums, and a lot included approach the such albums as 'Doggystyle' or included esady to Die'. 50 Cent Now included is situated in the gender of pop for a success unexpectedly of the his 2002/2003 single, 'Wanksta' and 'Gives Club', but to listen a full album, looks concealed is not where 50 would owe that be situated. Here it is that it has thought them roughly 50 it is 'Take Rico Or Die Tryin'' album:
1. Intro - Justo the coin that fallen to an earth and any one dipping a cd to the cd player.
2. That On top of Gangsta 3/5 - No a better way to present 50 sound, but enough is on a sound of an album.
3. Patiently while (feat. Eminem) 5/5 - Of course, a Eminem has produced so only looking Eminem will be good. To to I Sounds a bit like Eminem possess 'Lose you', this in spite of, another reviewer (the can not agree of the his or his name) has said in the cast of some 'WORSE MOMENTS IN HIP HOP' this 50 would owe that take mumbling like this, props to any concealed was reason is well. 50 mumbles A whole heart, concealed is not that well.
4. A lot of Men (Died of Desire) 3/5 - does not come anywhere approach 'To the equal that to Rob' but is an a lot of clue.
5. It gives Club 5/5 - I still can be listen this same although some radio games he 20 to 30 times the day! The papers add of 50 and the beaten wicked of Dre.
6. Big All A Time 4/5 - WELL, no like this hot likes 5, but this one is to good sure value the little listens.
7. Hot 3/5 - Another mediocre clue of 50, needs alot of work in a half last of an album.
8. If I can any one 3/5 - ANOTHER MEDIOCRE CLUE, like has said them, needs alot of work in a half last of an album.
9. Blood Hound (feat. Tony Yayo of Unit of G) 4/5 - Better that 7 or 8 and has the darkest fashion of rap and has beaten, a type of Unit of the G any one the like this bad fact neither.
10. Behind Down 3/5 - Read 7 or 8.
11. 3.5/5 - Better, but still consider that it has said them on 7 and 8.
12. As My Fashion 4/5 - Yeah, finally, some GOOD clues, the good thing there was one or there are them has not listened never a rest of an album.
13. Poor Lil' Rico 3/5 - Toneless. Read 7 or 8.
14. 21 Questions (feat. Born Dogg) 4/5 - A prĂłjimo irradiate so only, hip of characteristics hop crooner Born Dogg. Well, but some rhymes are taking wacker and wacker, 'the to to amour like him to him the cake of amours of fat boy'???
15. Not to press me (feat. Unit of G & Eminem) 4/5 - A Eminem the clue produced and looked that it is not well? That? I so only really is not that it feels an end of this album.
16. Gotta The fact To Heaven 2/5 - Pathetic and annoyning, read 7 or 8.
17. Wanksta 5/5 - Another awesome irradiate so only that marks a rest of some looks of albums junk. A half-hid Ja Principle diss but a lot of adictiva and catchy.
18. Or Any to like me 3/5 - One scarce to find clue of the his scarce to find album 'Any Mercy, Any Fear'. No really it cures for him.
19. The life is in a Line 2/5 - 7 or 8.
In everything, really, really, considers having the partner buys this and calm so only the burn, is not the well quite album to take that a lot of props. At present it is topping Upper Poster 200 Maps of Albums for the fourth a lot consecutive week and has sold well on 2 million copies. They are sure calm can find the fellow the one who has it like this calm will not owe that squander your money on that.
5 / 5
50 Cent Has has been surprisingly of soyost Hated' to soyost Anticipated' to soyost Celebrated'. Calm can agree of 1999 so only, 'To the equal that to Rob an Industry Any , where he jokingly spoken roughly robbing to to the a lot of famous artists like to them Mariah Tortoiseshell (those who was in his focus, Columbia) while ribbing his a same time. Any a lot of artists have found that pleasant, some turns of song to the gimmick and early had fallen of Columbia (perhaps has not been the good idea to sing roughly robbing your labelmates???). During his downtime, done a lot of enemies, comprising Jay-Z (in 1999 is ' is Hot', Jigga rapped, ' are in a dollar/WTF is 50 Cent?'), And I think that that it go it included shots more time that 2Pac. But with which Eminem has chosen 50 arrives and has signed to his focus of Shady Record, and 50 falling 'Wanksta' and the few subterranean albums with his crew, one 'GGGgggg-uuuUnit!', Some streets embraced them and the anticipation was in an all-time big.
Takes Rico or Die Tryin' is one of these albums to start with that in fact bolt until his hype. In fact, if you are in your automobile that touches it to an end, calm so only can feel likes touch a whole album again. While a lyrical the contained can not break any new earth, 50 Cent, whose sounds of flows like the mix of Jay-Z, 2Pac, and Mase, knows regarding the rid WELL. It sees 'Gotta the Fact to Heaven' (a otherwise touched-out of subject @@@subject with gangsta rappers), where gives one @subjects an interesting transfer, and 'in a Club', where taking subjects like this of the cars, drunk, and women and the originals of sound. The defenders can say that this radio of sound of the song-friendly, but does not go to mainstream, mainstream has been his.
A production on here is also stellar; any one follows the sound resembled another, the question in the majority of rap album today. The control out of a darkness has beaten on 'Patiently while' with Eminem and '21 Questions' and remark a difference in production. And that the rap album be without the diss record? (It goes 'Wanksta' and a pleasant plus 'Behind Down', both pointed in Ja Principle.)
Still although '.' It is embarrasingly old-pupil and lazy on 50 part, Rico that Takes... It is one of these rarities in hip-hop: the highly anticipated album that for real it hands, peel rapper the one who has neglected gimmicks to leave the people know Shady Slender reasons has signed.
5 / 5
Has listened once the boy of 13 years in tending it records that begs his mamma thus CD. He fresh, has said. Any to mention this 'fiddy' was a better rapper NEVER. That an insult. I have listened ' it Gives Club' quite time to back this statement up. Catchy Has beaten? Sure. Thanks to Dr. Dre. Of course, all another volume rappers this day and use of alike age two-remark orchestral backings for his repetitive subjects and subjects. The rests of commentary of a bit boy in my boss. It is not never the gentleman has listened Lif, Jurassic 5, A Call of Investigations of the Tribe, Of the soul, Naughty for Character, Public Enemy, KRS-A, Career DMC, or any respectable hip-hop artist. Included a ganja king of Collina of Cypress, and a violent gangstas in . It is better that this tripe marketed like me hip-hop today. Mumbling In daughters, money, cars, and the guns is really stupid. Really. I trust. It looks he likes the person takes it. When Dre He behind in a Chronic, was tight. It was fresh, and fact creatively. It is rapping in a real lifestyle. You are the album of party . 'Fiddy' Here probably thinks is the real gangsta.
Ossia Not even a course a more sad.
Like this do some girls. They inhale To the to this likes him the air, not knowing any better. Has guilty Columbine in Rammstein, and educational decay in an audience of school system. It is record like these.
Also is stinking on radio. That has spent to listen to to the respectable bands like Nirvana or talented to the of artists likes him to them Alanis Morissette, those who there have been real emotions, feelings, and the experiences have shared by means of music to do music, and any money?
Does not know .
Hip of TEARS-Hop. 1980(?)-1993
5 / 5
Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwn. That is a difference among this type, Ja Principle and Bloated? Well, this type has been shot more time, concealed is roughly that. In of the terms of the like takings when calm presses game, is copy of photocopier of each another. Hey, To the left is goes advance and do the pair of album of tribute to this type!! He the merit like this a lot likes eminem, which has received his first tribute cd when it have been releasing cd is for roughly while this type has, which is roughly 1 year. Once again, I have tried to give support that spends for this material. So only it can no. Any remarks this type hardly moves his jaw and lips when he rap? It is for this that takes such the boring, monotonous, mumbling class of undecipherable vibe. Memory of sĂșper musical character Ja Principle. It agrees mr.J Has has had to that lyp-sync in a Mtv VMA is so that it is unable to reproduce rapping alive, which is not anymore difficult that the normal conversational pause!! Amazing. If these are some idols of today of youths, is to condemn. People those who think that that ossia the music does not have any one creates anything in that music is. Any at all. Zero. At all. In fact, less than zero. But, the ignorance is bliss. Paste a 'any' icon under this description because you are 50 defender and Think that am bad is in focus that admits approval that all have said is absolute truths. It goes before, tip your ignorance. I vote it in favour it is scarce glimmers to expect left in this world of musical ignorance. Some facts speak for them, but so only to that have at least the basic level of musical knowledge. Now, I excuse me to me. I owe that go back to my Metal of death, Jazz, Blues, Funk, and Afro-CUBAN CD' MUSIC.
4 / 5
Well,he all has begun in the type has appointed 50 Cent is gone in a scene with "Wanksta(a diss in Ja Principle partorisca be fake,which also sounds like the rap the 6th grader would use partorisca begin the slap-fight)" but really you result famous when his I-want to-kill-I--I-listen-this-song-again annyoing swipe " it Gives Club" it has been 1 for 9 WEEKS!With which conceal, there do not escape are not usually one to hate in of the people,but this first album, was in 50 wave,that thinks that that this type was to change hip hop has retreated to then, has listened to a whole album and I am @@to give that any idiot rapper can do on the papers have left so only some beats to everything of some songs(a be of exception "A lot of Men")!All the tongue roughly here is taking big,shooting people,having like this hoes under his tape,having like this money and jewels(which,for a way,is not still famous still),and hammer to your boss a fact that TAKES has SHOT 9 TIMES !So only reason have taken it has shot long ,does not mean calm to possess a respect of all the world in a gueto(example:me!)
Sure,the album has some good points,like a fact that he fooled people for the quite long time,and has to that admit,some of some songs are a lot contagious,until it listen them 5 times in 10minutes and calm is in an Empire State edifice with the gun in your boss yelling to a world-wide " I GO to KILL!"Now,they are not you forcing the not buying an album, are so only reommending calm any to,unless I want to squander your money in the big battery of at all!
4 / 5
Has been the 50 partidĂĄrio of then in the first place falls. Any last year but way behind in '98 when you fall Like this to Rob. I have not forgotten when it take shots 9 times . It was so only while his still back stronger that never, which has. They are not that it goes the front and say is one of a better of all-the time, cuz is not . It is not one of a better lyrically neither. But there is something roughly 50 concealed such a that entertains rapper. It is ready and has potential to go down like the rapper all the world will agree. (Example: eshorty, declares watchin you watchin maintaining me/ say me to that likes more, of my clock or me' of 'Or Any to like me ')
has had this album before it falls in the February and is still in rotation in mine stereo. Has all has listened Wanksta, Gives Club and 21 Questions for now but there there is much more in this album to speak roughly. Personally, I seat a whole album is bangin except two songs and a intro. Wanksta Is real annoying now, but the supposition can listen his sometimes still. Gotta The fact To the heaven is hot lyrically, but this beats really annoying a hell outta me.
Possesses each G-song of the never released unit (subterranean or mainstream) and thinks 50 would owe that has has used Members of G of Units Tony Yayo and Lloyd banks the little more. Really they have potentials to be big in this game. Lloyd quell'Bank rasgĂł on does not press me , and Eminem has done too much. That Arrives Gangsta is the song for all his cats in tyhe street to clash in his cars. A lot of Men and the heat are probably my favourite clues in a CD. Big All A Time is the good song to clash when your blazin the fatty. Behind down it is the heat diss clue to Ja Principle. A quite gone back beef the moment, any correctly before Ja has fallen his late plus flop. Ossia When Ja in fact decided to open his mouth roughly 50, tryna promotes his album cuz 50 was catchin fire in some streets at the same time. If I can any one, Blood Hound and . It is real hot songs . Poor Lil Rico is the hot song with the beaten quite ailing and the same hotter papers. Some clues of prize are old songs 50 has been supposition to release behind a day but a lot cuz lose his shot with which take has shot. These clues (Or Any to like me & the life is in a Line)is right fire. Any a lot of people really knows that the life is in a Line is an old plus Ja Principle diss, going back to some days when Ja was tryna said beats a sht outta 50 with the bat of baseball.
Listens to a song, can say the one who is roughly. Down it is my indication of clue (1-5):
1. Intro -- No estimated of to the sound likes 7 of seconds of the coin droppin
2. That Arrives Gangsta -- 5
3. Patiently while (feat. Eminem) -- 4.5
4. A lot of Men (Died of Desire) -- 5
5. It gives Club -- 4
6. Big All a Time -- 4
7. Hot -- 5
8. If I can a lot of -- 5
9. Blood Hound (feat. Young Buck) -- 5
10. Behind Down -- 4.5
11. . -- 5
12. As My Fashion (feat. Tony Yayo) -- 5
13. Poor Lil Rico -- 5
14. 21 Questions (feat. Born Dogg) -- 4.5
15. Not to press me (feat. Lloyd Banks & Eminem) -- 5
16. Gotta The fact to Heaven -- 5
17. Wanksta -- 3
18. Or Any to like me --5
19. The life is in a Line -- 5
likes one 'gangsta' of songs in an album or Or Any to like me and/or the life is in a Line, peep 50 is 'Guess The one who there is Behind'. Ossia An album that is basically some strikes callejeros more utmost that 50. It is also an album that Eminem has listened and interest obtained in 50. Then it decides to sign and now the Shady records ALMOST gives the death rows the state announces his money for a focuses with one the majority of talent a time.
5 / 5
That spends when you take Dr. Dre gangsta Papers/of voices and crosses he with Eminem deminor/'witty' games of word?
To say you a truth, any really know. I guess volume 50 cent .
50 cent: to be truthful, is quite wack. It conceal it is not really the bad thing - But his gun tokin' the papers have the apes sence to paste.
To to The Songs like 'Or Any to like me ' has to that this pleasant personality, but gangsta papers.
Perhaps reason 50 cent there is expierenced one 'bully' life - is so only his subject pleasant? It can not be taken seriously? Perhaps. But ossia mainly reason this cd taking 2 stars - Reasons takes 'used to be' serious subjects, likes to be shot, stabed, robed, dipped in prison, oppressed against - and of the frames he to the way @@ape @subject. A last esal' @@@subject that rap has left, and 50 cent is fckin' around with him - Tryin' for the do his pleasure the sound extracted no big - When the reality is the big shot .
And ossia for which will not be never 2pac. 2pac has TAKEN that spends in his life seriously. Taking like the lesson - and expressed it seriously.
50 cent In another hand, is speaking likes to take 9 shots is funny. It conceal the mine is quite wack.
But another then concealed. His 'the transmission founds' the flow is catchy. Some beaten is fresh and catchy also. 'Big all a Time' 'Or Any to like me ' 'Behind down is' songs quite good. Personally - I has not liked him 'Gives Club' - and Eminem is producing is so only wack. Whats With all some serious and trumpets?
Finally - An album to entertain - But 50 need to wise on, yes expects to remain hot.
5 / 5
Has been the defender of 50 Cent of then Like this still Rob burst in a mixtape scene the few years behind. Of this song, is emission the pair the subterranean albums have dominated of histories of bully with the humerouos transfer. It was ecstatic to listen in bylines with Shady Record and would be backed for In and Dre roughly done 6 month. So that his just to begin of focus of entity against heavyweights like Jay-Z and In the?
For one the majority of part, 50 any lost far of a formula that has done a subterranean king. Almost too much of a same. It think that that it avenges with something another those some histories of same old bully, and exited with stopping them deep songs. Instead, everything of some papers in the each song could be be situate anywhere more in an album and he would not look out of place. There it does not look to be any subject common in any song. Suprisingly A humour that was during his past albums is almost very existent. Also, when 50 test gone external of his Corner Undermines Way and the commercial clues, some results are mixed. It gives the club is a lot well, but to to the songs likes them to them to them 21 Questions and PIMP so only does not return to 50 person, and is hard to in fact think that is saying.
An album is not all bad, this in spite of. In fact, it is the CD well . In spite of all a radio game, Gives Club and Wanksta is both a lot of catchy, good songs. Patiently while looking 50 boss, Eminem, is a point underlined of an album. Eminem The verse is so only absolutely ailing. Unfortunately one same can not be said for his tentativa trite on does not press me . 50 diss To hip hop elder sellout, Ja Principle, is absolutely hysterical and Dre hooks lucidos up with an absolutely ailing has beaten. Other songs to verify was is That Arrives Gangsta, A lot of Men, Can any one, and Or Like My Fashion.
In general, there there is more to like in this album that aversion. It is the good start , and hopefully one which do fault like the lesson in that and the one who any to do for his next album, foreseen has gone by an end of this year.
4 / 5
Has bought this CD because I have enjoyed really both 50 songs of Cent have presented in a 8Film of One thousand Soundtrack. They are the big defender of Eminem, but 50 is not better, is really near of In. 50 it is doing Shady Record very better in my opinion, reason does not like Obie Trice.
These starts of albums with the coin that falls, and this calm mean there is not squandered your money, reason are for listens to some wild tunes.
My favourite songs am " it Gives Club" ( it touches to plot in a radio, included here in Brasile), "" ( I has known this song of a MTV the music of Video Attributes 2003), "Patiently while" (looking Eminem, the one who sings to rhyme totally wild, is In in his best in here), "A lot of Men" (this song speaks the little more on some new shots 50 has taken, incluiding one in a face) and "21 Questions" (something like the romantic song that looks Been born Dogg in a heart), included this in spite of all some clues are of sound.
Is in hip hop, then really has to that take this CD, and if you are not, really think you would have to that be. 50 it Is one of a better rappers never, to good sure.... Perhaps "less a lot of" it Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac...
Anyways, This CD is the total masterpiece of hip hop, buy it now. If it does not like cussing, fck you! Lol... So only kidding... If it does not like cussing compraventa of a Clean version and has amused.. Paz was!
4 / 5
50 Has to that it weaves of potential. It likes almost of all the clues in this album. It says Ja a lot cleverly in Clues 10, "Behind Down." A corner of the marketing of 50 Cent is that it is "true," which is reason this beef with Ja is out of all the proportion. It is meant to contrast 50 authenticity and gangsterism with Ja R&B-ishness. 50 also indictment Ja to touch like a Monster of Cookie. An album has beaten well, the majority of that is produced, has sawed-produced or mixed by Dr. Dre. Eminem Has had also the function in producing or mixing some clues.
Now that roughly 50 papers? It is not like this poetic likes Tupac was, but is his own man and resists his own against some of an utmost plus rappers of all the times. 50 Has spirituality, and can listen he in his rhymes--and see he in his face and in his eyes. You owe that be concerned in his health, this in spite of, any only reason "a lot of dead persons of desire of the men" his (Clues 4), but also reasons remains "big all a time" ( it Follows 6). If it listen his, smokes so not even loves drunk. I expect that ossia only exaggeration and artistic licence for some purposes to enhance art. I have seen in television long, and there is not remarked when being big in any of these occasions.
Is the good album . Highly I recommend it. They are a lot curious in a future of rap. I expect that 50 that that will be the part of entity of him.
5 / 5
Which in a name of heck is spent to a music and his industry these days? I mean, you grieve rap is coming entirely a door, has been horrified. Besides, all rap is is really fast-in speaker. No the think included would owe that be the music has considered neither. First Eminem, then Nelly, and now 50 Cent? I think that the history of music has gone way down-the-mountain these days, but think that is mostly 50 Cents' failure.
Reason thinks really displease him and his CD? 1) any like him to him a fact that his album calls 'Take Rico' because sounds likes is- is-Nelly. It does not like when rappers of tongue roughly money because it look like so only concerns roughly taking rich ('The air Forces One'). 2) any like him to him his lack of clothes, knows, there is at all to do with a CD. Today in this world of the looks of music likes so only is receiving money for his organism, when all require to take onstage is raw talent. When Of the a step in a phase to sing, master you to you to sing not seeing the one who calm quickly can speak comprise the words have on fact that the can not be found in an English Dictionary. If it do not buy this CD, will not win money , and can not aim was. 3) When it listens in his CD, is often mumbling, or to to the sounds more like is of meso asleep, or likes is too fearful to step until a microphone or something. 4) His songs all his one same, a lot of informing them the guns (I desire could shoot 50 Cent) and sometimes perhaps violence. If you go to do the CD, does not speak in cars and money and taking rich in the each song. They are class of has surprised his 'Gives Club' was 1 in a cup 40 a week. 5) any like him to him his tongue. 'Wangsta,' Is the word ossia very odd and was to translate concealed to the character that Chinese of pause, does not comprise the word is saying.
Like the result, the tongue and the poor papers have comprised bad, lack of clothes, lack of talent, and overplaying in a radio (which am surprised for) are by train to give the 1/5. The class of desire could give the 0. To save you of this CD, calms the favour, turn of a radio, and buy something newer likes Evanescence or Lillix, as it has to that excite the songs and his are not boring or is not quite strong, or habladurĂ­a in guns all a time. You will be happy has done. And appearance someday that a music could be of tower an use of way to be-with people that in fact can sing and those who have talent. Thank you very much To read my opinion.
5 / 5
Are like this patient of ex-gilipollas and trafficante of ex drug and crackheads taking agreements of register. Ossia So only more test of a sleazy been of an industry of music today. Not to give you a cent thus cd. I can not be this type droning voice. This " it Gives Club" the song has been touched the death to burst emisora radius and in the each booming transports stereo driven by 16-male of 25 years those who think that that a song is fresh. Any the one who thinks that that 50 Cent is fresh needs to look for therapy immediately. Reason are worshipping and idolising lowlife bullies that do not owe that it never has been released of the prison where belonging?? Oh, And ossia really intellegent to spend your own edges to your concert and endanger his life to dip up in a phase in the ball-waistcoat of test. I really ready there! In ten years when they begin to release compilation cds of rap songs of an early @@@2000s, will dip the song for 50 Cent in the, and the people will be saying , "Oh yeah, 50 Cent. Agree when all the world has thought that that it was so that it adds?"In two years of now is all but forgotten while a prĂłjimo rap star of a moment will come to the long of to substitute. 50 Cent Is so only populate now because of MTV, irradiates of pop, and marketing. Enough you listen to Celine the HATE, HATE, HATE his music. Ossia That damage the aversion 50 Cent. Any the one who would spend money in the 50 Cent cd is stupid.
4 / 5
Hip hop has not had the album to start with of focus of entity this has like this state advanced likes to Take Rico or Die Tryin' of then Beats-I-Bus. And considering an astronomical flop that Beats-I-the bus was, the task of 50 Cent looks all an intimidating plus. This in spite of, where Canibus has failed 50 has sucedido.
With an exception of the songs of pair, 50 any come off worst of a fashion concealed has done a star of an underground for a past few years. In fact, this album can scare was some of a younger crowd that is expecting lighter hearted hip hop like you Wanksta and Gives Club. Simply place, ossia an extremely dark album , which is part of a reason because it is not the 5 album of star. Taking bit it redundant in time. He seldom done to hip hop the album has it penuria of appearances of guest, but ossia an exception . 50 it Is for far a better out of his G-crew of Unit, but the song of concept with another City of New York rapper could any one has hurt.
With a bad out of a way, has some excellent songs in this album. To the point underlined of an album, Patiently while, 50 comes with habladurĂ­a of the typical street and he then gives way to Eminem the one who entirely destroys this song. One of some better verses Marshall any one has paste never with. That Arrives Gangsta, A lot of Men, Can any one, and . It is also standout clues. For the good laugh, turn in Backside Down. 50 Entirely embarasses hip hop the main tool, Ja Principle with his verses and then done an impression of a gay stripper that Ja has had purportedly an experience with. Masterful.
In general, Taking Rico or Die Tryin' somehow finds the way to go on a macizo hype that has surrounded is emission . If you can take spent a subject @@@subject very dark, will love this CD.