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Top Customer Reviews: BOSS Personal Bass ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
If you want to know that it is like to be on phase in the band of strong rock ossia yours occasion . Some beat is excellent! His no breakup so that the strongest volume. An application partorisca an iPhone is impressive. A capacity to follow your movement of boss and maintain a source of electrical guitar of the grave stationary is uncanny. It will maintain you occupied partorisca hours so only submerging to the some effects. Some better bass amp the cost has has not done never!

Top Customer Reviews: SONICAKE Guitar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
I love this headphone amp and uses it 6 days the week, is a better practice amp has has not had never. Highly I recommend it. In my chance, uses it partorisca practise electrical guitar of steel in my cookery while it take a time , would have to have has has bought years !
1 / 5
It has not been happy with this element as it is not partorisca to the electrical guitar of basses likes says on. This amp works in the regular 6 seriad electrical guitar but no partorisca electrical guitar of grave trams
5 / 5
My uses of edges with his electrical guitar of basses. It maintains partorisca practise and touching and helps partorisca maintain my sanity.
3 / 5
Lucidos I edges is normal, but games lucidos the prize doubted. Server with month écouteurs when I do not want to dip mine expand and this lucida work. I can dip my telephone and Joins second partorisci of écouteurs.
5 / 5
You take as it pays stops. No a better quality but def no a worse. Value of the money.
5 / 5
Has not liked Him at all. It is it is returned immediately
5 / 5
love this headphone amp and uses it 6 days the week, is a better practice amp has has not had never. Highly I recommend it. In my chance, uses it partorisca practise electrical guitar of steel in my cookery while it has taken a time , would have to have has has bought years !
1 / 5
Somehow has the short circuit when it covers my cellphone to a to the port to touch music a same time as touching my bass. So only it uses 2 pairs of the headphones and is well, is so only bit it more tedious that expected by a description of product.
5 / 5
Any bad value partorisca of the money. Some pluses is a work , is economic, the life of battery is announced like this. A negatives is not a lot strong any @@subject the one who headset I use, a 'fx' the transmission is (in my opinion) useless noise. Also, quite odd, these works/touches better with my Ibanez that does with my Squire.
5 / 5
Take which pays stops. No a better quality but def no a worse. Value of the money.

Top Customer Reviews: Positive Grid Spark ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. You grieve plugged in my boss of the electrical guitar stunned with excessive humming. A humming was there an electrical guitar has been connected to a boss and when it has not been.

Now volume partorisca discover client that well the support is! I am expecting that this takes directed quickly like this really love this AMP partorisca be add.

-------- I has achieved was partorisca sustain of client on December 4th. It is now January 5th and my @@subject still is not solved. They have promised that send he grounded boss of power to solve a humming subject. His summer the month and he still has not been partorisca ship, but allege that they are trying really hard to take me one. I do not create him anymore.
4 / 5
When Something touches too good to be true, usually is. Prpers Having looked countless descriptions on Youtube I has bitten of the dances in an of these amps. Characteristic very fresh but was promptly returned like the start was intermittently that short was during one 1st 90 small session. After trying 2 other instruments and the cord of different patch I logged the Amazon partorisca begin the turn. Big downside when the volume to the lemon likes is has to that pay to ship a amp has retreated to of a cashier, any one the Amazon. Still if it did not act bad probably has exploded a 30 satisfaction of the day guaranteeed of the to costruttore likes him the sound so only is not there of a tiny enclosure and speaker. All touched by means of has the economic tinny aftertaste in my opinion.
5 / 5
Has found this difficult to operate, with scant the instructions have comprised. I have found the on-line manual, but has not helped. An application there is not matched that some instructions have said partorisca expect. A lot frustrating. Also, has has wanted the use he with the electrical guitar of basses, which some speakers can not manage. Earphones So only with this instrument. I have decided to king-sell a amp in the considerable loss. If some other commentaries of user in a Spark amp is legitimate, the plot of the the people likes them to of him. Quite only. Quell'Concealed that has not been my experience. It can not recommend.
4 / 5
A amp is well, May:
A Bluetooth the connection always has fallen
Some controls in a amp never looked to do like this always has taken the sound distorted still when I have tried to change to the clean canal.
When I controls were reset , a volume was súper strong when transitioning among canals.
Has to that say that mine ME Television touched a better with this amp. Paul and Strat very a lot . In general, for a money is not bad, but I quite Boss of use Katana 50 as I practise it amp. I have been disappointed, perhaps some expectations were too many big.
5 / 5
Pros And gilipollas after the weeks of pair;

the sound is quite good. Different amps and the pedals he easy to take the decent sound. It would say no quite like this acute like iRig of IK Multimedia the one who have done extracted a diverse amp Orange vendors, fender etc - and resupply awesome options of sound.

The spark is easier to just game while with iRig takes the pocolos small to open band of cochera, adds iRig, add a clue to back. With sparking cover so only in, grab the clue to back, choose your amp and go.

A gilipollas;
Bluetooth the connectivity is spotty. Need to be rebooted once for session for me - and so only really touches an hour the time. Like this - yeah the little annoying.

Video any really work. It wants to register the video of calm touching to the clue to back? There is an option to record video - but like this far there is not founding the way to take both a clue to back and an electrical guitar to register. Out of a box so only registers his of environmental room. So that he no at all. There is an adjustment in an iPhone to turn of a mic and record of an inner source - but that that so only grabs a clue to behind - guitar very electrical.
5 / 5
Fast nave (4 business days in Canada Atlantic). Any duties of additional/taxes

Amp awesome, the look adds and is the tool of fantastic learning.

A soyusic' @the @@knob of control is small and when you listen with the headphones is basically so only using 10-15 of a row to the equal that can take STRONG.

An application takes some taking used to in some terms of favoriting your favourite tones and finding them. A cloud of the yours this class of the disorder with dozens of user your created that it is quite junk, but so only find 4-5 tones that like and save them the presets and will not be of a subject.
5 / 5
With all some descriptions of a Spark, will not go to his characteristic and that it is has drawn stops. I have been touching for on 40 years, and has possessed a lot add amps of Table Boogie, Kingsley, and other costruttrici. I have bought a Spark like the bit of the toy and practise it amp on some levels, but also reasons have me to them legustado some of some characteristic like a direct register and Bluetooth qualified of speaker. I will not submerge to all some characteristics of a amp- I only house in some sounds.

The to good sure has some utmost tones on board, drunk that can take some judicious tweaking to take there. A subject main with him, as mentioned in almost each description, is a monstrously grave in facts. Any sure Grille like Positive has fallen a like this bad ball in this- I comprises that they have loved to have the 'the big sound' amp in the tiny container, but some bass is woofy, indistinct, and overpowering- no the good sound at all. Surely they have some players of electrical guitar in personnel the one who has touched by means of him before emission?? The mine has sent almost behind for the repayment so only because of this fact. This in spite of, have it quell'has discovered of then that it is in fact some controls of the profit concealed to add all a overblown grave- odd creation there. He like this take more amp models, turns a Profit (and usually a control of Basses also) WAY down, likes down 3, and use a built-in of the pedals for muck. You owe that touch around with different pedals for different amps (so only like with different physical pedals and amps) to find good combinations. But I have found that usually one of any Black Op (Rat), a SAB Walk, Tube Screamer model, or Overdrive will do well with the data amp. A Black Op looks to touch well with a Filter has turned more counter-in a clockwise direction, and a SAB the engine is well with a tone cranked and a transmission in an On dipped (thinks is the big-raisin-in this setting). Game around with a tone in some pedals to find the one who works. Also, some looks of Master control have drawn to do like the power amp that volume of turns the until good sure augments saturation, but in the different (and in my opinion, better) way that a control of Profit, and neither augments some bass. So many for the sound of good walk, could choose a amp, gone back a Profit to 2, that the dial has retreated some bass, punch on a mids and triple and crank a Master to 7, and then add the bit of impulse of the pedal- perhaps a Walk of Tube with a Start and Your on big and a Sprain dialled behind.

Another thing that does not concern me for a lot is a way a Reverb is programmed as a whole- calm always will listen it the row was the sinister speaker. A reverbs is also WAY TOO WET- you really need to pull for behind a level to effect to have something manageable. They touch enough very this in spite of, as the majority of some effects.

Was pleasantly surprised by a quality of some Bass amps- I a lot really have anything decent covers it my bass to to dip down clue, and these touch quite utmost in fact, so that it is. One Acoustic amps is also quite- another has surprised well. BTW- Justo to mention that I can take some abonos clean trams of both of the Acoustic and Grave amps he spends some time with them.

Really any one the defender of a way he behaves when changing amps in an application or changing ways with a @@@knob physical- he reverts to a incumplimiento, pre-has has programmed settings of a amp is changing, in planting to use the one who your current setting is- like this for example my trick to pull a Profit behind to tame some bass exits a window when you change amps- has to that regulate each parameter again of scratch.

Last what wants to mention is that the desire has had some control of the yours when quell'using as it Bluetooth speaker- is just volume . It would not have been too hard to add the simple and acute bass thus circuit, or the leave to go through half of a amp controls of tone.

Hopefully The positive grille will direct some of these subjects in the firmware update. So much, it is the value that shabby? Sure, you know like this to approach it to take good sounds. An application is súper simple, a amp has to that it weaves of good characteristics (has not taken to the plot of these; to the equal that has mentioned have loved mainly direct in some tones) and is versatile abundance. A basic footswitch would have been adds, but of course this is not meant for the alive use and has loved also maintain costs down. Appearance see it plethora of this type of product of costruttrici a lot of and look forward to see that coming up with.
4 / 5
According to that a product goes is the quite serviceable amplifier . There is the number of the things could have done better to sew it to him simple likes him install the measure regulates toggle changes it to things more serious likes software of telephone to amp subject. A prime minister amp has ordered has had to be envoy behind been due to the piece of the metal stored in a amp the start has done he unusable. A second amp has had basically a subject same but this time was fed up that it has to that treat Positive Grille techies. It takes this: they were to repair amplifier of mine and send it behind! It is the new mark amp.
My second amp has had a subject of the same entrance but this time was fed up, and has attacked an electrical guitar jack the entrance. I have not taken that the agreement was of then, am fearful to and all master is to use a amp. Treating a company is very slow and painful time. It begs that there is not a lot of @@subject with your unit. I have discovered also that often it has the third part involved with your compraventa. You are treating Amazon, Positive Grille and he Broker of a sale. So only servants to complicate any subject calm can have. My inferior line is an amplifier can do the variety of things and sounds well.
Taken the questions try to take to Amazon directly.
4 / 5
Hands Súper fast in 3 days and any bris the edges have arrived. I placais sweeps He of month expects to this expand three alto but projects him !!! It critiques him the purpose of the volume lorsqu in transmissions d amli is true ... His expand is not tjrs to the meme level ... voyon , Yours he regulate to the sud he expand that your elected in the application to the good level joins time and c is finalising , will remain tjrs regler .... c Is no just Joins his Image the ... All His leaves of key ...In place of taponner lucido Volume of the yours guit all his time when your transmission d amplitsééé .... I adore his clues to back that it leaves to leave go with mine intrument as if j has had 2 person that touched with me lolll the game learns c is súper , can reduire the speed touches his difficult passage without that his transmission his voice or adapt them of tonne .... c Is genial .... It touches his edges of guit c is has not complicated .... It is all The ... Of the contry The metal ... The tone finds lucido name of Guitarist of the favourite tonne and tone the edges expand and pedal .... Me I hood ! Thank you Amazons and positive grille !!!!!
5 / 5
Has known was to adds to look descriptions of video, but has surpassed far my expectations. I have it it had not included it the month, and my electrical guitar that that the touch has improved so much because of a capacity to touch with all some clues to back or the songs was Spotify. Really I can not say quite what good in this amp. Two tiny critics: calm can not line was with him to the PA system, and a @@@knob of volume for a music that accompanies yours touching is small. But those are complaints VERY TINY in a amp ossia otherwise the sleep that comes true in of the terms to do practise like this entertainment.

Top Customer Reviews: JOYO 10W Mini Bass ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca Read roughly descriptions, would have think that that this thing has done any sound at all. But I know musicians and partorisca some, at all but maximum wattage will do.
Partorisca Practise around a house, or adding some volume partorisca maintain up with the little unamplified acoustic electrical guitars, this little battery powered tomb amp has more than enough volume. A clean tone is quite good and can crank on a profit and volume in clean to roughly 3 on the dot before it begins to break up. A tone distorted is quite caseous and useless, but still am giving 5 stars because never again touches this transmission in all the chance. It was so only curious....
Has had Blackstar Fly previously and was basically very still self practical so only. A Joyo is considerably stronger that has included a band of Basses of the Fly, particularly for some acoustic bass that has the preamp. I have not possessed Roland, but is ridiculously expensive.
Has not had a unit long enough to try life of battery, but can say that a volume with battery looks to be one same as when using a 9v adaptadora.
There has any a lot of point in comparing this to the regular bass amp this has the speaker he big plus, more volume and can be plugged in. But I need something súper portable that can run in his own, in general is the battery -powered mini tomb amp that in fact works. There is not any a lot of other elections there and this one is to the most economic plot that some another.
5 / 5
Versatile, and a sound is good and clear for the bass. To good sure the practice of fourth a lot of amp.
4 / 5
Mina Joyo MINA-10B has arrived today. It has dipped he by means of his steps and found the to be one terrific little practice of basses amp. It is smaller that to the toaster still can fill the room with sound. For a amp his measure, a sound is very good. It liked Especially of his tone in a clean canal with one both volume and @that @the @knob of profit is to look. As one would expect, changing to a canal of walk adds crunch. They are very happy with this little amp and highly recommend it.
4 / 5
When A amp has arrived, is coming three days at the head of schedule, how was excited enough. This in spite of, this quickly the missing emotion has opened once on a box. First of all, this amp is extremely light weight. It looked, and it felt, it likes quell'has been done of of economic plastic. There also looked to be scuffs and frames in the, potentially because of poor managing during shipping.

For me, these subjects were superficial, and would not concern me at all while it has touched well. This in spite of, based in two indication of star, calm am likely to guess like this is resulted. The terrible feedback had grieves I plugged in mine grave. This terrible ringing / humming the noise would begin to grieve my bass has been connected, and so only prendidos once was disconnected. When I have touched my toes to some series, a ringing slightly subsided, but would take impacted by electricity. It has not done so only a amp any, operates it but was potentially dangerous.

An only reason am giving this so as to two indication of star is reason want to give Joyo a profit of a doubt, and assume that I have received an extremely faulty model. Also, down some electrical downloads, ringing, and economic materials, has had the quite decent sound quality. When I plucked some series, could in fact frames out of the quite rich sound and fill down everything of a white noise. Anyways, This was a global bad experience , and I to good sure very economic was again when I buy an amplifier for my bass.
4 / 5
For a prize is perfect for personal practice and for test in the pinch. Light like the feather, a lot of characteristics comprising control of the yours, profit, transmission of big profit, To the entrance, headphone was, volume of Start.

A start of the basses is not massive, and in fact more kinda mid-row with the circle of low end-has begun around 80hz. It can very really expect anything more for a measure of cone, preamp, and 10W is exited.

Im Quite satisfied with a sound with which some adjustments in mine grave and a amp. A pedal of the compressor helps a tone immensely. Amp HAS the tendency to distort in of the main volumes (this thing takes surprisingly strong!) But it is more than the gritty his that the bad sound. So only be slowly prepared the use on 11.

Very fresh 80s feels his with a colour was white and JOYO the logo has on lit in the brilliant aim has DIRECTED. Bosses to tie hid unscrews of some sides! Dulce.

In general the amiably work them amp to practise grave, easy to transport, cools to look and while has the 'the chair of low cost' his, is in fact quell'enormous bang for a buck! It competes with practical amps 3x like expensive this has less characteristic.
Would not use he for the no-micd action or in a studio but is perfect for warmup, that loss or a chamber.
Def Recommends this little type. It is the trooper!
5 / 5
Love this quota little 10W amp. It shakes some wall? Nope. It can I maintain up with an electrical band? Nope. It is it adds to practise? Yep. It is it is it adds for an acoustic band? Yep. It is a fair of prize? More than just.

Ossia Quite amp to practise and to take your bass quite volume and your to compete with 2 or three electrical guitars acoustic. There is the pair of settings of something sweet but this depends in yous tomb, i.et Active EQ vs Very active.

Have it Blackstar Fly 3 (just 3W) with a taxi of extension. It liked enough to use of him with my whole bass in airing open acoustic actions with 3 electrical guitars acoustic and he mandolin. As I have compared a two amps side-for-side and a Joyo is stronger and has your best.

For me, dipped quell'on is side with one 6' speaker in a fund. So only it touches the little better.

Is not in fact to to aim likes in some pics. A class of the pale yellow-ish colour.

HAS the 1/4' gone in of instrument, he headphone exited and an auxiliary entrance. It uses six EA battery (any one comprised) or the very regular 9V can distribute (comprised).
5 / 5
Quite a lot impractical amp. His decent. Like a OD characteristic to beef on a sound. It uses it to practise without doing too much noise. It would use this to jam with buddies has had also small battery powered amps. I add for alfresco where calms does not have can. Wine with an adapter to be able to that saves the battery when inner. This has the 5speaker of thumb likes to take more volume and also more lower touching notes. Like this far doing add and better that had expected.
5 / 5
Believe me, this thing is stronger that thought it would be and for a prize, is a subject incredible .
Rid a deep thumping the tone can exit of the big amp with the 12' or 15'peaker? No, any enough, but tin to good sure dial in the tone that is unmistakably tomb.
Are big in Roland Micro Cube, of of the this the battery adds-powered the tomb will have that pay $ 300 for one and I have bought mine Joyo MINA-10B for $ 60!
Is incredibly light, can add the strap of electrical guitar and spend it on your shoulder in your backside, and is perfect for Dean of mine Exotica acoustic bass. Any more when the be flooded has gone by an acoustic electrical guitar or two in of the acoustic jams, if in the backyard barbecue, he camping was, or in an use Energizer rechargeable EA battery.
Like this after timing any one ask that it is some better acoustic bass for an acoustic session, says 'Hey, Fender, Ibanez, Guild, the cost to anything likes, of him so only fact of the compraventa sure the Joyo MINA-10B!
4 / 5
I run the jam of electrical guitar weekly acoustics in a coverage of the bar/of restaurant in a beach. My gigantic Dean the acoustic bass was inaudible was when using chooses it and pounding the. This little amp was the big surprise. It resupplies quite volume that can touch comfortably and be listened, which really the helps resist a together group. More is practically weightless like this adding it to that it has to spend it to a jam is any question . Calm does not go it to use to touch with has amplified electrical guitars, but touching with the ukuleles of electrical guitars/of the dozen/banjos does the difference. This was the good compraventa !
5 / 5
Has required a amp for use of house. Something for working in of the registers. I have not loved steps of the hundreds of dollars on something concealed so only would be used enmedio relatively calm. This plenary a need perfectly. More has to that the lines in and out of this give you of the options. I can touch to the long of the the register that use of the same amp and speaker. Simple.
Also, can run in of the batteries! I have not known this was the characteristic when I bought it. But to good sure will find it gain.

Top Customer Reviews: Coolmusic BP40D ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
A Coolmusic BP40D Is the versatile, portable, battery-amplifier of the acoustics of electrical guitar operated with excellent touching reverb, delay, and effects of heart. You can touch to the long of your street of favourite clues Bluetooth or the clave of USB. There it is included the entrance of microphone with phantom has beaten.
This amp is astonishingly strong! Has no gigged with him still but am sure will be abundance quite strong for more than clubs these days... And if you do not want to disturb some neighbours there is the headphone was.
This amp is cleaned like this and beautiful same in strong volume.
To That likes more in this amp is taken FX pedals really well. Transmission among acoustic electrical guitar and electrical and I like heavy sprain , weighed when electrical tone. Pop the tube screamer or fuzz factory in front of this creature and you will be rockin!
Looked around for the laptop, rechargeable would beat-the amplifier operated and this creature there is not disappointed. And a colour is good-looking!!!

Highly recommend a Coolmusic BP40D is in a phase to add it that touches, light, portable, battery-operated, rechargeable amplifier of acoustics of electrical guitar that sell the wallop!!!
4 / 5
Are reviewing this of a Audiophile perspective - I has limited the in action alive experience.

An inner amplification circuitry is is a bit noisy - has the persistent hum when it is turned on, and does not go was still when on it can of battery (then , no the loop of earth or external noise). A level of a noise is acceptable for more venues ( would imagine), but are always disappointed to listen he in any self-powered speaker. Forcing noise of earth of loop, this amp no extracted well with him at all. A supply to be able to suck - like this hot on, produces the strong buzzing noise by means of one 'Line In' so only, does not know reason.

Using a SMSL HIS-9 likes source, has touched some pure tones to take feel he for a response of frequency. This amp circles of hard in some sub-low, and beginning in roughly 150Hz (worsening like this progresses to 20Hz) some transitions of noise to square-wave sprain - I thinks that is to say on purpose, reason some engine simply can not produce sub-low. Some summits of volume significantly of 2000-5500Hz, and remains quite strong in a sibilance rows - this S is and T hard and hard to listen to... But when those careers by means of something another that 'Line In', can EQ that down enough the bit for the soften was. Another that it sub-low square wave sprain, a rest of a row of the frequency in fact touches to free sprain - I there is not remarked any one other subjects.

All 5 of my entrances have done, and a reverb and functions of law to delay well. A EQ also looks to do quite well, and does not present any buzzing when regulating. That The adjustment Of profit is smooth, but a soyain Volume' is really jumpy in of the low levels. 'Telephones' out of works well, but escordón Was' has not done for me - this can be a subject with a control of my train this in spite of. I have not tried B.T Mp3.

The volume takes strong abundance, especially yours the source dips out of good voltage. The small venues will be any subject , but calm will not spend a house down any subject like small a room is due to a lack of sub-low. This any cut he for external actions... That a bit attacks a purpose of having an inner battery in my opinion.

Reason a low indication? Ossia The characteristic rich amplifier that will leave the mix grupal in several sources/of instruments quite well. While some instruments are maintained natural and mid-row, this amp will treat well. A distorted and lack sub-the basses will rob your action of impact and dynamic. The kicks Of drum will have died, and some guttural sounds of electrical guitars of basses and has included some vocalists will touch empty. A buzzing of a supply to be able to (to the equal that heats on) is unacceptable. In an end, this will not be able to run the show so only for a lot of groups... No without sacrificing quality of sound. For a prize, ossia the shame .

A supply to be able to comprised is the adapter of AC/DC that runs 18V, 3A positive centre to discharges he of barrel. An integrated boss is 3 feet long, and a comprised AC the boss is so only down 4 feet long. If you take this, highly recommends to substitute east.
5 / 5
Ossia The very fresh battery powered portable PA system with to plot of pro the characteristic of level likes XLR gone in with phantom can, 2 electrical guitar (or keyboard or grave) 1/4 thumb gone in, stereo entrance of level of the line for keyboard or computer, headphone start with the control of volume has consecrated, entrance of USB, and 2 different amplifier canals of entrance. One has to that 3 way EQ and reverb built in and another has to that 2 way EQ and any heart or effect to retard built in. Both have 2 controls of profit and reverb. It is really impressive and the fantastic little speaker for one or two actions of person in of the places where has no AC the available power.

Some speakers are quite strong for his measure and you take at least 5 hours of life of same battery in of the big volumes. The works add for the small inner venue like the tent of caffè small but also is quite strong to do for external venues. A speaker is quite small that it can seat you with him in your feet and control any @@@knob easily without him when being in a way. There is also the hole in a side as it can be insert to the stand of speaker loves that to him project a sound a far plus. Another side has the boss and you is not súper light but is quite light to spend around yes calms master to use likes the mobile PA with the microphone.

A value of plus of characteristic that mentions is a Bluetooth function. You can connect the telephone or any BT device to a speaker to touch music by means of him. A game of speakers in ape but combine a stereo the signal and at all is to take of a song, calm so only very active stereo selection.

This does more for an acoustic electrical guitar and the microphone. Calm to good sure can use he with an electrical guitar and battery powered the pedals and is the very versatile unit in general. Calm of course can leaves plugged in AC can with an adapter and maintain it on all a time for practice of house and so only unplug he for far touching. I add to camp travesías. Really It likes Me a teal colour, is class of the retro look and has to that the plot arrived and the better quality that has been expecting in this point of prize. Like this far it is been doing really well for me and he has been of confidence without subjects. I do not want to all a built in the effects but is utmost to have them built in. A speaker also the works like the fast and calm monitor can use one has the DATA initiates to send a signal to the joint to mix for the main venues.
5 / 5
This amp the utmost sounds and has the good quality seat his. For me a better part is a bluetooth works. Has the resemblance amp and a blue tooth is sketchy that loves some time but this one all a time.
This amp good basic book and well clear mids.

Top Customer Reviews: Bass Amplifier, ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought east expand Games lucidos electrical violin of my boy, the power is impressive and the audible quality is games very acceptable practises it...

Top Customer Reviews: LyxPro Electric ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia The fantastic formation amp! I am impressed really with a quality of sound. Control out of some dimensions: I have been impacted in as tiny this thing is. I thought that it that it was the be of the different container has shipped. Sure enough it has had a amp in there.
5 / 5
Has had to that buy the cord for him to connect to an electrical guitar and would have paid bit it more perhaps had been comprised but to good sure the element of good quality and good value.
5 / 5
To the equal that describes, am surprised to see that it is also small.
Touches his débutants is that it suffices to touch lucidos edges.
One there is remarked : This is not to the games gives spectacles.
5 / 5
Lucidos I edges is well , j would have think fatter and 20 w c so only quite partorisca, is a lot of very satisfied games lucido prize
4 / 5
All this is, is the speaker. And there is prendido to do inside a first month. You cover your electrical guitar in, and there is not any sound, so only the light hiss of a car. It does not squander your money.
5 / 5
Is not 20 watts and a profit do not do and a lot blurred. Disappointed.
4 / 5
Ossia The add little amp still beginners that does not have the big zone to practise in
5 / 5
A amp has arrived with some cosmetic harm but work well . I think that well a prize but they require to be more careful shipping a product
4 / 5
Perfecto partorisca my adolescent daughter foray the electrical guitar. Any 'also' strong. His net. Quite a lot of dials partorisca find a sound 'right'. Enjoying listening his practice.
4 / 5
Electrical guitar part time and speaker partorisca the TV that uses a to the. imput.

Top Customer Reviews: VOX AP2BS amPlug ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
4 / 5
I love it. Totally fulfil my expectations and my needs.

Has looked for the device like this partorisca practise some songs while some girls are sleeping. It covers my computer (iTunes) or my iPod Classical with my playlist in a To DISCHARGES He + of entrance in my favourite headphones (PSB M4U1) and covers a VOX amPlug in mine Fender down of Jazz = wow!

The one who the volume of good warm sound of of the this!! Like this warm and amused like a lot of amps. You take the pocolos settings that has not tried entirely, but a green (light) one is so only well and perfect for me.

Can control one To the (computer or iPod) volume in a VOX, and my volume of basses partorisca take a balance has wished.

Now, can practise any time of day, late or night, without disturbing any in a house (so only listen some series of basses, but is noise really down in some grave trams, serious main, not liking the electrical guitar). And I do not slap a lot, how it is quite thin.

Has satisfied really with this product for a prize.
5 / 5
Experience a ac30, advantage and classical rock. It does not possess the real ac30 so that it can not compare.. But it prefers the tone of a classical rock. A lot good 80s crunch tones. A ac30 is also well too but is the fizzier amp and feels more muffled compared to a classical rock. An advantage is looked in tonality to a classical rock but feels like a master in zero is resembled a classical rock in 3. If you want to it bit it to it more profit in a sacrifice of any in that has cleaned like this of the tone then an advantage is the election adds . For me, a classical rock fulfils my needs. Rock on!
5 / 5
Has an American Telecaster deluxe, and the pair of Senheisser auricular, and these sounds of the what absolutely perfect. An electrical guitar so only sings. Honradamente Actuate it has not thought never was possible to take something this laptop, this touches this good thus prize.

Love the way adds to hook on your headphones your electrical guitar and walk around a room without agreements to patch to the sound adds, ossia your train .
4 / 5
They are crazy happy with this rig. Not kidding, pumping of fist wahhoo! It classifies of happy. It orders behind in February and has received he in April but was so much value a wait. The desire has had one of these when it has begun them to touch behind in 1979. His, the tone etc. Is all subjective but can say this, I country of game, rock, blues, and old metal (which is grieves hard rock these days) and this he everything. There is a lot revises there that explains that it reads so that it do not go to that but will say that this touches the better way that has expected. Of granddaughter to full profit. Some effects are entirely useable also. As Has used it? They are still experimenting but so much has used far he with 2 of mine strats, the TV, way of elepé, Ibanez wih P90 is, the acoustic mine and mine fender tomb. I have run he to headphones, amps, the PA, to a line in in my PC, to a to the in in mine Milwakee jobsite irradiate, to a to the in in the audio of the mine car sytem and my Boss Looper. These sounds of what very everywhere. I have run mine footstomp tomb directly to a to the in and touches very too much. Note, some controls/of profit/of the yours of volume on this does not affect one to the in signal. Investigation be built quite robust so that it calms is not fearful of the use but volume a sense that need the treat bit it softly. It does not feel test of ball. I estimated it 4 stars because it was necessary to be USB rechargable ( requires 2 AAA battery) and reason some controls are quell'has bitten cratchy' for pots that is the new mark.
4 / 5
Rings the way to practise electrical guitar in home, but has not loved to invest in a amp only still. I have used a iRig dongle and I same Logical Pro X in mine Mac, but this little gizmo are is exactly state has required. Sure, it does not have the tonne of settings to touch with, but cover he, can change Yours and Profit (and volume) and so only touches fantastic! There is so only 1 boss to hook on your headphones and ossia! A sound of a version of Metal is awesome, as it imagines some other versions touch like this good...
Now yes so only can connect to bluetooth auricular, was perfect..! But I am satisfied like this, still merit 5 stars!
4 / 5
This small expand helmet of Games émule lucidos edges of a Vox AC30 of way quite credible. Any so only can practise to all the hours of the day or of the night without annoying that that this was, the audible quality is impressionnante. It is without counting his effects of heart, réverbération, delay and trémolo. Clearly, this does not substitute A true AC30 and this is not obviously a lot the but has researched. This costs amply Lucida the prize has paid. No longer it can me spend!
4 / 5
It is awesome. I have chosen on an old, has beaten on electrical guitar of low that has been launched has gone by the fellow and, no in that the never has touched grave before, has required the bass amp to practise on. My noise of hates of the woman this in spite of and the partner touched was the Vox AP2BS which leave me practical while it spends the pair of headphones. Thanks to this amazing artilugio, less than 2 weeks are in the band that ships next Tuesday in the sold-out of recognition of North American stadium. Just need to choose on one of these awesome howling tights of wolf and am good to go.
4 / 5
Produced excellent in general for a money. Headphone jack Will do this in spite of has had to pull a jack out of the small to take any sound, perhaps a level stereo jacks no a pertinent connection. Has has had to that also look for travers many besides partorisci old earbuds to find some short east down in a background white noise especially noticeable in of the main volumes and with a tone maxed was. Any @@subject this in spite of with a legislation earbuds or auricular. Nizza The clear instructions were simple to comprise. Nizza To have two battery have comprised. Another utmost characteristic is for one covers to help in calm so much can accompany pre has registered material. To good sure recommend this product !
4 / 5
A sound of this remained with your in headphones of ears the the explosion. Any need to concern roughly that disturbs a family. Now I can practise quietly. The ways of sound are utmost, overdrive good but no too bad---the headphones import also. Mark sure to have at least 4ft of headphone the boss yes is 6ft. The majority of bosses is 3ft. A corner ossia plugged in can be to concern some initially, if takings to discharges he of the corner of the side likes calm excepts volume on he after using he for the moment. The unit adds global, and a lot flimsy
5 / 5
Ossia the quite fresh device . I can hook on my bass and game by means of my headphones. I any one annoy more in a house. It has built also in of the clues of drum to touch joint with and can hook on a source of external audio likes an iPod and game to the long of. To That that does not like me is that I can listen some hiss and of a tone of mine grave touches the pocola was. I touch it Fender Tomb of Jazz that touch well by means of a amp. Perhaps I have no mastered a device properly still, some instructions are poor how is test for error. Ossia Reason did not give it 5 stars. But for sake of consolation, this little Vox the box is terrific.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
The surprise adds partorisca touch big quality amp, the value Adds partorisca the reasonable prize.

Gone in of the blue tooth is disappeared. A $ chip, like this today not having seat has shot has changed.

A lot of effects, bit it cryptic partorisca explode all the available characteristics, where precise memorises the multiple focused lights partorisca do like this of the keys with painting coded (unlabeled changing) of functionalities.

Some watts some basses more those plants, is perfect partorisca appartment dwellers like me while clarity of his and the rests of tone undiminished...

On everything am satisfied highly and recomend this amp to intermediary or new player that develops to to the his skills like to of them.

Touch the really very compraventa!
4 / 5
So only one everywhere adds amp (with or without a software). You choose.