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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5
I love this film. The A lot of visually beautiful. Some dresses are wonderful. A history that interest and is racey, but one the majority of lovely racey. Some actors are good and a writing is well. A film adds partorisca the night of date with oneself or with the lover.
5 / 5
A title of this brilliant and endlessly the amazing film dipped in estaca-the mediaeval Indian is a bit misleading like the history is in fact on some consequences of rivalries among two better friends: Maya, the beautiful and talented do lacking daughter of a lower race and Tara, a princess of upper race. If you are like this tired of typical Hollywood tripe to the equal that are, calm surely will enjoy this film and I can do not recommending highly enough.
5 / 5
When The people listen of a Kama Sutra am calm sure relates this to sex. Although has sexual connotation a line of history of utmost era. I love this film, is one can look and on.
5 / 5
Received and loves the
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5 / 5
The film adds is not like this like this some people will be to think soiled sex at all .
5 / 5
Directed for Look Nair, a talented forces for behind a Pair of recent Monsoon, Kama Sutra is a sooner to take of his good-looking vision of Indian. Crown Nair has the fashion partorisca aim his native country with all his beauty unfurled, entrancing people of all ilk with his endless seen and founding decadences. As it can resist Indian sound, with his beguiling glimpses of good-looking women and ardent men like sculpted like some statues that adorns a Hindu temples (often used like incidental scenery). Some colours in the each frame, of a glinting flanges of whirling saris to some petals partorisca flower the flow on some steps of a real residence like the red river, is enchantingly brilliant. They draw a spectator to this Technicolor world without hesitation. With all this beautiful scenery, some if it marvels because Lady Nair has included to annoy to have the plot. Unfortunately, once one is done looking this film, a question remains unanswered.
A lot of people will rent this film partorisca his title, known partorisca a famous book of sexual place like this amply read for university dorm-goers. But one east looking for the visual plus reenactment of this lovely text, be poised partorisca be dispassionate. Although a film is superficially in a life of the courtesan, his scenes of sex are attentively choreographed partorisca forbid any real sensuality partorisca exit. Although some participants are good-looking, a result of final lack of real passion, doing these scenes the simple revel in a beauty of human form. Unfortunately, like hinges of plot in these scenes of incidental sex, a rest of a film really does not move to the long of. It could concern the little partorisca Maya, the main figure of a film, but his inability partorisca release she or his lover of his predicaments marvel because a filmmaker done such treats it big in his supposed independence in a first place.
Like the film partorisca aim you an Indian of ideal 15th century that abounds with glitter, looks no further. If you are looking for the film with plot, look elsewhere (tries Pair of Monsoon on partorisca measure).
5 / 5
Ossia He lushy lavish, sensuously beautiful film, superlatively directed for Look Nair, the manager of the world-wide class remarked partorisca such another cinematic masterpieces likes alaam Bombay', soyississippi Masala', and an art a characteristic recent plus of house, soyonsoon Pair'. How it is other films , 'Kama Sutra' is an intelligent and mesmerizing history, peppered with excellent actions for the stellar mould.
Conjoint in sixteenth Indian century, ossia a history of Maya (Indira Varma), the daughter of servant and mate to Tara (Sarita Choudry), he Maharani destined partorisca be Reign to the Raj. Friends of infancy, is partorisca result rival of palaces like this of the fates face one against another, so only partorisca have them so much results casualties of amour. Maya, tired partorisca be treaty like the second citizen of class and partorisca receive Tara castoff dressed, the life that defines decision in a eve of the pair of Tara to Raj Singh (Naveen Andrews). Remarking that a Raj desires, Maya gives his, saying Tara later of is the one who now has the mould out of Maya.
With which Tara departs with his husband, Maya perfidy is developed in a house for Tara huntchbacked twin, the one who, coveting Maya partorisca he, had spied to the his and has seen his in flagrant delicto with a Raj. Ousted For the indignant family of Tara, Maya leaves partorisca do his way in a world. It finds the sculptor, Jai Kumar (Ramon Tikarum), of Raj Singh real house and falls enamoured with him. Unfortunately, timing is everything. For a time Jai @give that he, also, is enamoured with his, is too late, as Maya is now a favourite courtesan of one for now debauched Raj, the one who is obsessed with his and can not look to take his out of his system, a lot to a dimay of Tara, as well as Jai.
Coached in some arts of amour for a graceful and beautiful Shaves has had to (Rekha), Maya, like the real courtesan, is the sensuous, beautiful sylph. Tara, now a Queen, is insanely jealous of the desire of his husband partorisca Maya, but has to tolerate it, like to have to that Jai, how is the culturally accepted way of life . Unfortunately, when a Raj discovers that Maya and Jai is still in amour, all the pause of free hell, and a piper has to that be paid.
Ossia The wonderful film of the travesía partorisca find of the interior of woman culturally is has imposed constraints. It is the history of some vicisitudes of life that leaves imprints in a travesía east . It say in a context of carnal amour and desire, also gave of the sublime amour. Ossia Essentially the film of woman, sensuous and erotic in his iconography, he veritable sumptuous banquet partorisca some senses. While there is some nudity in a film, is tastefully and fantastically filmed, as well as highly erotic.
Indira Varma, In that is his start of screen, is sensational that entrancing Maya, imbuing his with a impishness, as well as with the sinuous and provocative sensuality. Sarita Choudry, Of soyississippi Masala' afamada, is excellent likes Tara good-looking and exotic, the one who looks partorisca be relegated to the life of frigidity and jealousies. Rekha, An a lot of known and exquisitely actora good-looking Indian, is hypnotic like Rasa has had to that, professor of a Kama Sutra. Naveen Andrews Give to to the good action likes debauched Raj, and Ramon Tikarum is obliging likes the artist has clashed. You both, this in spite of, take it backseat to some women in a film.
Filmed on location in Indiana, ossia the film that would have to be looked for his sheer beauty. Bravo!
5 / 5
Conjoint in 16th century INDIANA, 'Kama Sutra' is the seductive history, sensual of amour, lust, and treachery. It looks Nair hauntingly erotic the film spends the daughter of low race has appointed Maya, the one who does like this both created and mate to Tara, the one who belongs to an Indian nobility. This in spite of boys, although Maya clean on with which Tara and spends the mould of Tara-offs, is Maya whose entrances of seductive charm all the world-wide the one who comes partorisca contact with sound; partorisca all his connections familiarised and financial, Tara is really living in the shadow of Maya. Tara is allocated partorisca the things are; it is involved partorisca be married to a spoiled and dissolute young king Raj Singh, while Maya is coached partorisca be so only he courtesan; but Maya knows like this partorisca dip his formation to good use; when Tara is presented formally to his future husband, is Maya hypnotic eyes that amours. But Maya is prepared partorisca go included further that this; for once, Tara done knows that it feels likes to banquet in any quedaovers. Maya seduces Raj Singh in a first night of his pair. Partorisca Take such an enormous step, can result the social outcast, but Raj Singh is hooked; it maintains Tara like his woman, of then has to that have the woman, but of then Maya is a woman really master, maintain like sweats courtesan. It is the disorder everywhere; Tara can not win the amour of his husband, is like this cold and sexually frigid like this to Maya is wanting to; but Maya early results disgusted with Raj Singh dissipation, and partorisca arrive to this point fulfils his soulmate, a sculptor Jai Kumar. It is the amour condemned of a start; a more Maya is repelled for Raj Singh, some more desires, and never leave his evasion. Something has to that give, and something does. 'Kama Sutra' Is not an especially deep film; not to have it convoluted plot and the majority of some characters is quite two-dimensional; but like the sincere history of amour and lust, is eminently in satisfactory. A setting in pre-Indian colonial with his exotic atmosphere and lavish frames of dresses for the stunning eyeful, and some actors touch his parts to a hilt. Indira Varma Mark Mayra luminous; his steams of sensualities on a screen; and Sarita Choudhury is convincing like Tara, a unloved and jealous woman. Some actors viriles, Naveen Andrews likes Raj Singh and Ramon Tikram like this Jai Kumar, is well, but does not underline so as some women because his functions are not like this obliging; 'Kama Sutra' is essentially the women' films, directed by woman and saying the history of the woman. It is sultry, sensual, and a lot the value that sees.
5 / 5
Ossia, in fact, the History, the history for adults... Partorisca In an East, is always known state that NEED of adults and enjoy histories no less than any boy .
This history is roughly AMUR (of course), the true amour broken for a society and his "powerful some". In this chance, a powerful one east the Prince , bad still a lot sexy Naveen Andrews (Kip in "An English Patient"). An object of his desire is Maya, the one who is forced to result courtesan, with which some unfortunate chances. But, Maya has been spent up like the princess...
In fact, Maya has on grown with the future woman of a Prince of harm-to-be, Tara, likes to take very complicated: Prince has Tara good-looking, but desires Maya good-looking ( is both like this good-looking, reasons any to have them both?...Prince Directs to do that for enough some time).
Has another astonishingly good-looking woman in this film, that there be enjoyed to see on screen once again: actora Indian famous, Shaves has had to, touching Rekha-- older courtesan and the mentor of Maya, and the one who the this of wonderful mentor!
In short, Kama Sutra: A History of Amur, is one of one the majority of beautiful and more sensuous film in of the years. It is entertaining and a philosophical same time!
Be well to see "making love"-scenes, likes opone to random sex and mostly without felt-scenes that looks to dominate today cinemas.
I only remorse that has not had more dancing in this film. Also I complain that it use in a word "beautiful" in my description:)....But, in this chance, is more than pertinent.
4 / 5
To our hero, Maya, and his lifelong partner, Tara, is been born to an Indian race cuture that means that Maya usually has taken everything of one rid me downs of his more upper class partner.
Like the little daughter sees to frustration of Maya with his plot in life like the lowest race in the world has dominated a lot of viril, and declares that someday there is something all his before Tara. Of course that something results to be Taras Husband, a King, Raj, the one who seduces and he then the entirely enamoured tomb with Maya some first prejudices of his pair.
A jealous troll of the suiter this is to be mean for Maya there is spilt some grain and Maya has been found in a street, dishonoured for something can any never there is prendido in all the chance. Our hero, with an innocent and clear alcohol of the beutifull boy, an organism af the woman (you betcha) and smouldering desires and libido of the born courtesan is pressed to the triangle of amour endless very probably in sight.
This is not , for any stetch of an imagination the film of porn of a nude and the scenes of sex are delicately situated to a film with purpose and reason to further a plot. An acting is glorious how is a scenery, has dressed etc of some Indians sub continent.
A quality of a DVD and a clue of sound is also ezquisite and I reccommend this films highly like the property of entertainment of adult ...
4 / 5
Has a film that is worse that a " you Knit Chainsaw Massacre" then this has to be it. A history of the woman to scheme the one who deliberately sleeps with his "fellow better " (Tara) husband a day of the pair of Tara and then does not have a sesne to maintain calm roughly he in revenge for the crime of Tara to be born in general runs that she. Maya takes everyhting deserves like this all the world more rests to clean on a disorder that she creeated. One of some centrical ideas of a film is that that crowns to him is not conscious of a "Kama Sutra" then it was not never able to maintain the man, which is like this bobo like this cooking bricks. A guru those who purportedly teaches this art the his young pupils is like this stupid that can look a lot included to say a difference among amour and sex, but is in spite of portraying that when being the "wise" woman. A scenery is WELL, but far outdoes a plot and an acting. Save your money. If it love real porn, tries some X-material estimated, and love the better history, tries a daytime soap operas.
4 / 5
Are not the big defender of Bollywood film.... I have seen so only the pair that could be. This film of mine felt likes a tentativa to create an Indian fashionable melodrama that deals frankly with sex like the tool for feminine empowerment. It looks The intentions of Nair is good ( fixed women only exploitations in Indiana), but she twenty up with the amiably photographed Bollywood films with scenes of sex that substitutes some musical numbers. It is this the bad thing? So only it depends in that this fashion of appeals of yours melodrama. He no for me a lot, but can go for a sex in place of musical numbers, this in spite of. Memory of any Bollywood film (any to mention film of Hollywood) concealed extracted serious subjects to simplify it and undressing some subjects of him is depth so that it can be eaten easily for some masses.
4 / 5
Excellent history, beautiful setting, doing a lot very
has not liked him a bit the women of way has been treated and portrayed like the objects of just sex
An Inferior Line
Wants to learn more roughly Indian according to which the society goes, any one only in to count those that ways have sex as well as place. See this film.

Full description
Details of Plot: This opinion develops details smaller in the plot of a film.
Has loved always and there be enjoyed to learn in Indian culture. Have in the first place seen this film in HBO and the course taken so only of him. A next time that comes to have on does the sure PERSON interrupted. It was impressed like this and moved by this film that has known I has had to has it on tape.
Does not think could say enough in a the dipping was absolutely breathtaking. That I also enjoyed where some contrast hard of societies. You see a rich in his realms also s some poor and his living conditions. Then it has a half class the one who any one operates for a king or have some class of trade of the his own.
This history is roughly two young daughters one the princess an another the daughter of created,the one who comes from/come from the different funds still are some better of friends. Until a night of the pair of a princess. Because of his actions a daughter of created is forbidden of a realm has forced to live to the his own. It is determined to do his own destiny in life in planting to have it done FOR SOUND.
I really admired the hopes of this woman and his attitude. It do not go to be governed for any man. Not even a king but so only for a man loves. It knows like this to use his organism to take that it loves and still has maintained like this his intact pride. You are not that it would call a norm second the one who he concubine would be or law. Still still in an end when I have thought for real breaks down, results included stronger and the walks am gone in a luxery know and finds the new street to walk in life.
Like it has said that that there is enjoyed this film bought it so much in VHS and so only look it in fact month I so only found the on DVD. Like this now I have a film in BOTH FORMATS. Of course it enjoys a version of BETTER DVD, deep takings info in some actors in a film. As well as the little lesson of history in a kama sutra, and other interesting facts in Indians.
Formed to See: DVD
Occasion of Video: Well for the Rainy Day
Suitability For Girls: No suitable for Boys of any ages
5 / 5
One that the causes have thought masterpiece is not , but KAMA SUTRA: A HISTORY OF WANT TO done that he well. A plot is mostly predictable, that turns a history to small more than bodice of celluloid-ripper, but a whole film is fill to overflowing with unearthly beauty. As such, is easy to forgive a shortcomings of his plot.
Only chair behind, suspend your disbelief ( has any Indian way never was THAT clean in @1500s) and banquet your eyes in a startingly good-looking star-has crossed the lovers do his way to that, quotes a subject novel romance of a rest of a history, resulted to be movement he of amazing plot in an end of a film.
5 / 5
In fact that has not known the one who Kama Sutra was until with which have rented a film. As I have had little partorisca compare this with. While the majority the one who is looking this film partorisca sex will be disappointed a lot, has thought this an excellent film. A Cinematography was very good... A music has to that buy an a lot prompt soundtrack. A music turned to the defender of a film. In fact a basic storyline (the line of history of interest of amour) the echo is the little of a storyline inside Titanic. While I will not give it it was an end of this storyline.. Ossia The one who occured mine the pair of hours after the look..
4 / 5
Partorisca A thing, he the puzzle eat me this westernized seen of Indian -- plush with his dusky women courtesans and his white bread social faiths -- are associated with "Kama Sutra". A perfectly guessable history of unrequited amour, scorn, and revenge of the same, is packaged with frequent bits of unnecessary sex (calls it the audience that objective).
But although it was to detach I partorisca explore a Indianness in this film (the lack of the same, I bad) or his no-chalant marcación like Kama Sutra, in and of him a film is still enough a normal a.
A subject, likes simpleton to the equal that avenge -- Maya (an opportunely dark-skinned Indira Verma a lot of be supported by the western stereotype of Indian nymphs) is reviled for his husband of Prince and socially ostracized. It takes refuge under a aegis of an exotic dancer (touched convincingly for the superbly has controlled Rekha, one breathes so only among all this façade). This professor to dance purportedly coaches our modest protagonist in all a requisite movements and emotional shenanigans involved in inveigling the man.
The a lot of candy of visual eye marks this bagatelle (to any like this soft porn likes some XY-the chromosomes go in of you can wish for), some creations of good dress, and an occasionally entertaining more.
Of the veteran of mark of Nair of the Look, a perhaps would expect more than that -- perhaps included the complex history of character and studio of sexual intrigue. Instead, it looks you likes unshackling some international mental barriers roughly eroticism in an oh-like this-orthodox Indian society, which finalises to be little more than the farce to real Indians. (A tendency that looks for having continued with Pair of Monsoon)
Coming to think of him, a whole plot reeks strongly of another film, "Dangerous Beauty", which btw is the must-sample, where the Venetian courtesan faces the alike fate. Calm at least can run to some honradamente intelligent dialogue there.
4 / 5
While has some question of plot, think that a simplicity of a history of amour is an entrance to count in faerie the histories for all leave history, and this was a lot of that it faerie history. I have found a film erotic, stunning, and sensuous. A photograph was brilliant and a scenary and insiemi, incredible. Like the theatre of entity, I I, found one doing quite acceptable. Ossia To good sure any porn--is looking for pure T&One, would not rent or buy this appreciates erotica with the lovely history for behind the, then to good sure look this film.
4 / 5
Kama Sutra:A History Of Amur is the film that has the wonderful creation, of a music to some insiemi, to some characters. Some two advantages are good-looking(Indira Varma, and Sarita Choudhury). A question with this film is that everything of an endeavour has been dipped to a creation of a film, and no a plot. A film has some his interesting parts, but is uneven. It is still value the look. I marvel me ... If this film has been appointed "A History to Want to", in place of Kama Sutra: A History of Amur, this film there was more done sense. PLEASE SEE MINE OTHER DESCRIPTIONS.
4 / 5
The look Touches mine your hat. One of mine all-time favourite films. By means of your work to want to produced the one of the bondadoso masterpiece. The actions add throughout. A lot of coloreado and visually stimulating film. Absolutely insiemi wonderful and costuming. A sex is only part of a spectre, as it films no really sex of exploit but gives idea on like the sex affects some lives of some characters. Fabulous Commentary of Looks that really gives the idea in that wants to fulfil in a film. DVD add mastering work of an impression of film.
4 / 5
This film, dipped in 16th century INDIANA, is the history of tragic amour. A film in fact centres around a character Maya (any touched for Sarita Choudhury) the one who grows up as the created and playmate of Tara (the one who is touched for Sarita Choudhury). Both are some pocolos jealous of another - Maya because it takes Tara is rid me downs and is treated in fact like a created is - and Tara because Maya is more beautiful and has fulfilled that is. In a night of the pair of Tara to the Raj, Maya slaps Tara during one querella, the one who takes revenge to sleep with the husband to be of Maya. Needless To say, Maya is driven of a house in shame. Forced to the difficult circumstances results a courtesan of the new husband of Maya, and takes each occasion to rub this fact in the face of Maya. This in spite of, in a moment falls enamoured with the common plus and tries king-forge the bond of Tara becomes friends with the one who quickly discovers to be a woman of the Prince is not quite that imagines it to be. Like the history unfolds, and a Prince discovers of the treachery of Tara, bad things ensue for all has involved.
In general this film is the very said history and a scenery is fantastic. In general an entertaining if any film adds.
5 / 5
Some colours in this DVD am wash was. In a big screen was sumptious and quell'épico but something is to be lose in a scrolling, as they have used the bad impression or has not spent of the money to guarantee the worthy digitizing. This has said, a film was a lot well in his viewing of prime minister and less than interests with viewings later, reasons wants to be épico but in truth illuminates a lot little roughly amour and sacrifice. That would save is that wonderful looking is, but likes has said -- some colours do not underline in a DVD, which is the sad loss .
4 / 5
4 / 5
A deliciously erotic film that does not result never pornographic in spite of some crosses @@subject. Ossia it breathtaking Film of the glorious manager. Some scenes of amour are moving, a first acting tax and a scenery breathtaking. Karma Sutra Will not be by all the world is flavour but likes of an unusual, and does not import the just quantity of nudity (well calls Karma Sutra for the sake of the heaven!) Then exited and buy or rent this film. Calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
This film is not roughly sex. If it have been roughly sex, has had at least the centrical point of universal attention, which is missing of. A history is like this uninteresting that it can not imagine reason the people find it like this obliging. A soap opera is more obliging.
Is this film is roughly amour? Has thinks that that the amour was to add, but this film doubts me if ossia true. If interested in of the Indian histories, better control Pasolini Arab Nights.
4 / 5
I have loved this film for the plot of reasons--cinematography, storyline, etc. This in spite of, is a line in a very a lot that has spoken to my heart. I have begun to to use likes him drives for my life--
"knowing amour, will leave all things to come and go. To be like this supple like wind, and take all this comes with the value adds. The life is a lot in any case. My heart is opened like this likes heaven."
4 / 5
This film is one of a history of better amour'are has not seen never loves everything in a film. A visually is a direction an acting all in this film are adds. It looks Nair has done the a lot of the film does well. A DVD is a lot he so only dosent has has has deleted scenes thats a bad only thing in a DVD.
LOOK: This film is for the adults so only do the graphic sexuality and nudity.
4 / 5
Good-looking cinematography! Beautiful, gorgeous actors and actoras! Sensual, well paced storytelling! An only thing that has not concerned me paralizaciones in this one was a lukewarm idyll among Maya and a sculpure. So only I have not felt anything when they were in a screen has jointed. This in spite of, this was the masterpiece and was far better that "it likes him the water for Chocolate".
5 / 5
All the world-wide chairs to look this has thought of the film goes to be roughly sex and is dissappointed when it is not the kinky flick. There is some sex in a film, this in spite of, is roughly two young daughters those who are trying to discover those who are in the world where the men control his organism. As they result young women , begins to take control of his own lives and take control duquel the man chooses to be with in life.
Has loved that. I bought it. All of some characters are really good-looking and a bit those that lovemaking scenes that has been aimed was a lot of intimate and classy. Some first time have looked this film has looked he with my mamma and I has not gone totally the to both has to them legustado a film. I say that it sees for calm. While you are in and see all never done for a manager, soyira Nair'...Calm will not be dissappointed.
5 / 5
The iconography of this film is powerful and rich and vivid that looks to the equal that can feel and odorare a lush and exotic scenes. Throughout, a film is infused with allegro, but this in spite of heated, the eroticism informed for female sensibility. That is more than amazing is that has the message; one could say that in spite of being place in 16th century INDIANA, is the game of modern morality says more than the pocola tongue-in-cheek.
Maya, been born to the race of created, and like this relegated to the powerless situation in the rigid society, directs with daring, intelligence, and humour to live a true life. Work arriesgadamente, in time, to form his destiny; but also it accepts with equanimity some turns of fate that can not control. I think that that I can say without giving was anything that loves a final scene where, in a metaphorical street of life, career serenely out of a chaos and the madness created for powerful men to a peace of his own future. Oh, That one could do also in a madness of a 21st century.
4 / 5
Visually Stunning, Fill with good-looking colours, an Indian landscape that probably looks one same like face in a setting of 16th century of a film, Looks Nair tip some differences among some races. Two insiemi of pairs' the result of bolt intertwined like the friendships extend further some differences of class that Indian society regulated. While, A cost of following a street of a heart is paid for, calm guessed it, a pair to run lower, especially, a woman. Surprised. But all his lives are affected for some actions take. In the context he big plus, a contrast among a street to have to that the familiar and the expectations of the society versus that follows a the heart is fill with risk and so only one the strong plus is able to go against a tide of popular opinion. And yes it conceal a lot of grab you, some of one the majority of good-looking, tasteful erotic the moments have not experienced never on celluloid. This one east to possess, folks.
4 / 5
Scenes of studio of the fake with beginner and people of vulgar tongue of type of the renderización the one who look the purpose speaks Hindi with an affected French-Canadian emphasis. Included some sounds and facial expressions of suit of background music of techno clubs. A history is quite poor with more than emphasis on prostitution and rape more than true amour-doing the secrets have prescribed in some originals Kama Sutra. It does not take he for a name -- does not have any connection anything to Kama Sutra. Some moulds are distant many of sexy -- perhaps rich and quite ugly to woo Looks Nair to give them the function. They have assumed Rekha (of Utsav) but that the heart bored simply fails to uplift a way of a film. It looks Nair the lousy operates it that it uses it camera with to the reddish yellow lentil heavy when this film could never included qualify to be the timeless collection.
4 / 5
Ossia To good sure one the majority of beautiful and influential film has not seen never.
Is not really in the film simply entice calm with one lucidas and luminous quality of his mussels and cunematography. His music is also equally mesmerizing. This calm film leave feeling beautiful and sensuous. It is exactly the one who his title has said: Kama Sutra, meaning "to Teaching of Amur". He teaches you to the equal that would owe that use your tongue of organism for spark with luminous beauty. So only the look and see you entirely mesmerized.
4 / 5
Has loved this film!! Has in my collection and find me looking it on and on again.A visuals is breathtaking and some characters are all extremly easy in some could help but yearn a class to love this Jay and Maya have had,especially under these circumstances. It seats that Sarita Choudry has portrait a character of Tara has done corrupted for his husband Raj and was happy to see his survive concealed. It is apple the abundance there was also of the unforgettable lines and this film never looses is same beauty with which one saw it the hundred me.
4 / 5
Has Loved a film each one has bitten; it has been it adds;I print it ws adds;my be favourite indira verma & ramon tikaram. If any the one who expects the porn the film will be disappointed; his no abt so only ;s abt AMOUR. The sex is taken when levelling it big plus when his shared by 2 people those who for real loves each one which so another. Has at all to do with a kamasutra for vatsyna. His roughly the treatment of the society of a underclass and like some women are affected. The film adds; indira verma ws simply breathes it that it takes in his indian beauty.
Would recommend any the one who is interested in the history of amour.
5 / 5
5 / 5
Thinks that this film has been shot in Súper-35, and a side of full frame of this 2-sided DVD in fact contains more information in an upper and funds of a frame that does a width-screen theatrical version.
5 / 5
I really enjoyed this film been due to a gaze to elderly Indian. It expresses it is beauty in an earth, a culture and some people, especially some women. So only it goes to aim women that of the entity really is. I think that that ossia the film that can seat you and sample with you fellow of cupboard and speak some feelings and of the actions of some people in a film.
5 / 5
Ossia One of some the majority of the exceptional films have not seen never. Perhaps it is the film of woman , but the chair takes an a lot of essense of sexuality and true amour. Creations of incredible neighbours and fusion. A film has looked and on again. That the disappointment loses this one.
5 / 5
This film was besides exceptional. Has good-looking people, dressed as well as scenary. It likes-me a fact that the has not been the stereotypical film of sex that was overdone with lusty and premiscuous sex. Has the history adds roughly amour and passion. This film is definitly in my cup 10!
5 / 5
This film was the boon to those of us those who comprise tantric yogas and to those of us those who know does more to want to that just sex.
5 / 5
This was a incredably beutiful film. A cinematogrophy was incredable. A history was wonderful. Idira Varma Is the GOD.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5 Eufemia
Formed: DVD 3 Idiot Film 2 Format of Disk of DVD MATES (ALL THE REGIONS) + Book of Sticker & of Band of Free Book of Special price

Thank you the millions essoy Tent CA' partorisca send me this films like this promptly. You are the like partorisca enjoy it again on DVD once again after all this time. A simple history of some '3 idiots' and some adventures that they all has created to in university and in his lives. Cleaned, warm hearted familiar viewing with a lot of laughs and of the points have underlined. A 'Aal Iz A lot of' the song is the delight partorisca look .

A highly recommended film that would call all the world-wide to have in his collection of PERSONAL DVD.
4 / 5 Oma
Formed: DVD has not expected to like this of film. My husband dipped it on and I humored the because I have thought has had at least popcorn the munch on and when I have been finalised that would leave.
This film has been funny.
The time was the tad , really, but then a script would spend in some intelligent talent and I have begun partorisca enjoy a ups and downs and turns that a film has had to that offer. It was really pleasant, moving the times and he have maintained the solid history.
Mina less favourite parts were a bollywood splits. I have thought a song 'All is A lot of' has been funny, but could have done with the short plus bollywood.
4 / 5 Isa
Formed: the FILM of DVD Add, recommended by utmost friends and now recommends advances. The product has shipped in good condition and in the timely base.
4 / 5 Tisa
Formed: the chance of DVD is partorisca come broken, and this edition does not have some images and extra scenes of price
5 / 5 Anglea
Formed: DVD With the name of '3 Idiots' has not had the big expectations but he am resulted partorisca be the film with some laughs and some tears...
And liked really of a message. You are the good transmission partorisca see the film with the men that sings and dancing also!
5 / 5 Allen
Formed: Blue-the ray Adds Bollywood feel good and pleasant film. If it likes-you MacGyver, will enjoy this
4 / 5 Sharmaine
One of some better films have not seen never! Highly recommend!
4 / 5 Queen
Has thought this film (of a title) could be pleasant but there is wanted absolutely this film. It is hilarious, sad and touching everything in a. A lesson he teaches are really adds. One of some better films has seen the long time.
4 / 5 Arlinda
Aamir Khan Is the god!! It can do a lot wrong.
Are while to an emission of his new film 'PK' on DVD. It is absolutely charming.

Top Customer Reviews: Bollywood ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Tommie
Formed: DVD has purchased so only this DVD and was very surprised in like this easy is partorisca take a hangs of a routine. At the beginning I did not think it it was a lot the workout but before I have known am sweating he like this the mark sure has waters it handy because you will require it! There are some moves concealed requires the little has bitten more the coordinamento but at all has complicated likes some of a Bellydance DVD is. Some instructions and the music are sum and felt likes danced together with them. A total workout has taken less than 50 min and each one which as 15 min advantages of calm segment to the Bollywood the routine but a better part is that calm any one gives the to you ! In general this DVD is very good together place and add it Cardio workout.
4 / 5 Britni
Formed: DVD does not consider me the fitness buff like this this workout this has slow and fast paced the movements are utmost partorisca me. A music is good and an alcohol of a DVD is positive. It Likes him a desglosa of 3 workouts as it does not feel of bad if you do not have any energy partorisca more than one and yes calm , can do all 3.
4 / 5 Stacie
Formed: DVD has been disappointed with this workout. Already it possesses A Bollywood dances Workout for Hemalayaa and love the and looked for more than a same but this a has not flowed also neither take my heart rate on a lot.
5 / 5 Alta
Formed: DVD adds starts. Something new to add in place of an old fashionable work same outs. Learnt some new movements while sweating by means of him a whole time
5 / 5 Carry
Formed: DVD ROUTINES are easy to learn with routines partorisca different levels of fitness. It is fun and calm give you some Bollywood I movements.
4 / 5 Guadalupe
Formed: DVD fences in

Top Customer Reviews: Music Room, The ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Lance
Classical film for Bengali manager Satyajit Ray. In a has lived isolated the man the one who risky and has lost all partorisca his obsession with music agrees a past and, finally decides to host a concert of plus in his room of long abandoned music. Moody, Sad and beautiful.

Top Customer Reviews: Bollywood ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 1 ratings
3 / 5 Leilani
You think it that it was more pleasant...

Top Customer Reviews: Mughal-E-Azam ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Mafalda
Acting was glorious. It show enjoyed he with a family.
5 / 5 Marlys
The class of Indian is 'Gone With a Wind', this enormous 3 épico of the hour has begun
dulcemente partorisca me, feeling that annoying, dated, and the little stagy.

But found loan me unexpectedly swept up in this history of a
the prince that defies his father partorisca amour of the woman, really enjoying it, and
desperately that it wants to see like a history would result.

Some closely amazing creation, and some good-looking songs, together with often
cinematography really strong.

Remarce: 2 versions of films exist. It is released originally in 1960,
mostly in black and, but with two reels in colour. Filmmaker Asif Has had
has has wanted to do a whole film in colour, but has been missing funds. In 2004
was king-released in the version that colorized a black and white
reels. While it conceal usually it was the sacrilege of film of mine, in this
the chance was done with fond care, raisin adds, and with him
intention to finalise Asif version a way wants.

I in fact possess both versions and find both enough in satisfactory. Eros/Shemaroo the emission is
quality quite big (To the equal that with a lot of the Indian films there are many toneless
swipe of emissions there this looks a lot so only burned it VHS tape to
5 / 5 Adolph
The class of Indian is 'Gone With a Wind', this enormous 3 épico of the hour has begun
dulcemente for me, feeling that annoying, dated, and the little stagy.

But found loan me unexpectedly swept up in this history of a
the prince that defies his father for amour of the woman, really enjoying it, and
desperately that it wants to see like a history would result.

Some closely amazing creation, and some good-looking songs, together with often
cinematography really strong.

Remarce: 2 versions of films exist. It is released originally in 1960,
mostly in black and, but with two reels in colour. Filmmaker Asif Has had
has has wanted to do a whole film in colour, but has been missing funds. In 2004
was king-released in the version that colorized a black and white
reels. While it conceal usually it was the sacrilege of film of mine, in this
the chance was done with fond care, raisin adds, and with him
intention to finalise Asif version a way loves. A black and
the aim can be bit it hard to find, but is often in EUA of Amazon or ebay

in fact possess both versions and find both enough in satisfactory. Eros emission is
quality quite big (To the equal that with a lot of the Indian films there are many toneless
swipe of emissions there this looks a lot so only burned it VHS tape to

Top Customer Reviews: Charulata (The ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Jospeh
A good film with a loan and wonderful Madhabi Mukherjee. It recommends this emission of big quality of a studio of Criterion to all the defenders of Ray


Top Customer Reviews: Chandni Chowk to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Nora
Strongly it recommends this movement. It is quirky and divine ... Gentleman Kumar is always the joy. His dances is glorious ... His athletics is always graceful and ... His early martial arts that buses permeates many of his physical courage.

To good sure buy this film.
4 / 5 Lula
Films very well has taken one but now are that it looks for the copy partorisca my partner in Australia and I require tho know if this one this free region and english subtitles like pleasing some one left to know so that it is partorisca say the really entertaining the film and I think all the world would owe that have the copy partorisca look

Top Customer Reviews: Small ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Sophie
Ash (Dean Norris) And Klein (Christopher Meloni) possesses the successful used car dealership this has taken the long time partorisca take there. During this time To has taken the divorced of his woman Barbara (Bridget Moynahan) the one who has looked for security partorisca his edges Fred (Have to Bostick). Fred there is now 18 years and has the occasion partorisca go the Limestone-Poly but enough would learn a car trade used of a figure of father loses to grow up. These causes issues that To the so only can exit.

Ossia The comedy to animate of the heart for the mature family. A humour is not in powering, but work. Some characters are defective, but To accepts it this fact in other people more easily that accepts in him. Has the happy end and is something concealed approximations the Lifetime film minus some Puffs.

A film is 'R' estimated but has contained any F Bombs, sex, or nudity. Some references of sex were scarce, but apparently quite coarse for an indication. I have seen PP-13 remote film more believed. Solid 4 stars.