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1 first Fitbit Charge 2 Bands, DigiHero Replacement Band Metal Clasp Fitbit Charge 2 Band/Fitbit Charge 2, No Tracker Fitbit Charge 2 Bands, DigiHero Replacement Band Metal Clasp Fitbit Charge 2 Band/Fitbit Charge 2, No Tracker DigiHero
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2 Drillbrush 3 Piece Drill Brush Cleaning Tool Attachment Kit for Scrubbing/Cleaning Tile, Grout, Shower, Bathtub, and All Other General Purpose Scrubbing Drillbrush 3 Piece Drill Brush Cleaning Tool Attachment Kit for Scrubbing/Cleaning Tile, Grout, Shower, Bathtub, and All Other General Purpose Scrubbing Drillbrush
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3 best Small First Aid Kit for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Car & Cycling. with Waterproof Laminate Bags You Protect Your Supplies! Be Prepared for All Outdoor Adventures or at Home & Work Small First Aid Kit for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Car & Cycling. with Waterproof Laminate Bags You Protect Your Supplies! Be Prepared for All Outdoor Adventures or at Home & Work Surviveware
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4 MiYang Women's Plus Size Floral Swimdress Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit MiYang Women's Plus Size Floral Swimdress Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit MiYang
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5 AiRunTech Waterproof Dry Bag, 10L/20L Roll Top Compression Sack with Phone Dry Bag Case and Long Adjustable Shoulder Strap Included for Outdoor Water Sports, Boating, Hiking AiRunTech Waterproof Dry Bag, 10L/20L Roll Top Compression Sack with Phone Dry Bag Case and Long Adjustable Shoulder Strap Included for Outdoor Water Sports, Boating, Hiking AiRunTech
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6 AILLOSA Water Shoes Barefoot Quick-Dry Aqua Yoga Socks Slip-on for Men Women Kids AILLOSA Water Shoes Barefoot Quick-Dry Aqua Yoga Socks Slip-on for Men Women Kids AILLOSA
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7 Retrospec Quip Skateboard 22.5" & 27" Classic Plastic Mini Cruiser Complete Skate Board Retrospec Quip Skateboard 22.5" & 27" Classic Plastic Mini Cruiser Complete Skate Board
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8 JIASUQI Womens Mens Water Sports Shoes Aqua Skin Socks Barefoot Footware for Beach Swim Surf Yoga JIASUQI Womens Mens Water Sports Shoes Aqua Skin Socks Barefoot Footware for Beach Swim Surf Yoga JIASUQI
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9 L-RUN Water Shoes Unisex Barefoot Skin Shoes Aqua Socks for Run Dive Surf Swim Beach Yoga L-RUN Water Shoes Unisex Barefoot Skin Shoes Aqua Socks for Run Dive Surf Swim Beach Yoga L-RUN
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10 Etekcity Upgrade 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern with Magnetic Base and Adjustable Brightness, Survival Kit for Emergency, Hurricane, Storm, Power Outage, Batteries Included Etekcity Upgrade 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern with Magnetic Base and Adjustable Brightness, Survival Kit for Emergency, Hurricane, Storm, Power Outage, Batteries Included Etekcity
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Top Customer Reviews: Fitbit Charge 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Modesto
Colour: 14,Grey,Aim,Peach,BlackSize: Petit(5.5'-6.7') am very clashed giving this description has ordered 2 insiemi different. A together of 4 peach of ashes of straps, aim, black and another together partorisca sport with the blue holes, aim, has ascended.

A together of 4 was the uselessness! As they are beautiful looking and of good quality Not even 1 of some 4 group snapped partorisca situate properly.

A sport dipped of 3 look adds same and feel so only has not had any subject. It snaps partorisca plant and or included listen a click.

So that has so it has had to 5 experience with 1 vendar has has had to that 0 experience with another. So much because of this I can not give more than 2.5 ! The defective elements are is returned.
5 / 5 Angie
Colour: 25,10 model of Diamante ColorsSize: Big(6.7'-8.1') has bought these after my originals fitbit the band has broken. I want that it comes with so many colours add partorisca the fantastic price. A model of diamond, in my opinion, looks classier that some regular fitbit normalised (that it was it reason have taken an edition has limited is trace now a lot of / lavendar Uploads 2 in a first place). 10 bands partorisca 25 bucks? It can it do not beat it conceal.
Has had these partorisca the week and has spent so only an aim a. It was one of some people those who has reacted to some the original bands but I have had any subject with this one in spite of constant wear in a wrist. Partorisca A sake of this description I so only has tried all some another and his esnap' perfectly on and was, am not concerned roughly falls off it.
Are also any with the big wrists but these have the spaces of the dozen and I can go main or smaller has required to, as sizing is very good.
I colours are fantastic. I love the averages of some colours while some another I probably will not spend . This be has said that I want to that has some options and partorisca a really calm price can any gone bad. I have read to somewhere that some colours have not been like this announced but match an image in mine portable exactly (each laptop is quell'has bitten different like this always be ready partorisca some variac. Partorisca Paint when the compraventa on-line).
In general am very happy with this compraventa :)
4 / 5 Slyvia
Colour: 23,10 ColorsSize: Petit(5.5'-6.7') has Bought band of 10 colours and some paints almost match a photo of product exactly. A navy blue and the orange is slightly darker, and an aim is not as 'cleaned' like photo. The looks of qualities well, a material is not flimsy. They are returned the little tighter that a OEM sale, and a loop that ensures a strap returns the little release. Calm can find you that it chooses another notch partorisca consolation. For a price, thinks that ossia the good value enjoys variety the accessorize with your cupboard. It recommends this to any one Uploads 2 partidrios!
4 / 5 Enrique
Colour: 24,15 ColorsSize: Big(6.7'-8.1') Some bands return perfectly, thinks any one having the subjects is not pressing a device in properly partorisca listen a click partorisca ensure is sure, there is swapped some bands was twice of then has taken these less than fact the week and has not had any subjects. My main disappointment was that some colours are not exactly like this announced in a photo, specifically a lavender/lived and a slate blue/ash in a last row (3 and 5). A lived any included the looks remain unless it is in brilliant light and a slate the colour also could be one same like navy black/blue. Those were two colours were excited more partorisca take and was quite disappointing to see that I have not been attentive. I have taken the photo with them there is lined up as they are in a photo of product for comparison. Still in my picture, any looks lived more lived that it is in person, like this perhaps is so only difficult to take.
5 / 5 Dorathy
Colour: 11,Black,Grey,WhiteSize: Petit(5.5'-6.7') A black, ash and navy the look of bands of sound. A metal clasp in these bands does properly both conclude in yours Fitbit and around your wrist. More, some hooks of extra band to an exact hole partorisca the sure access.
A navy the band is probably my preferred, is such the quite colour (the difference of a white band, which looks extremely economic).
To receive my description, has been the data adds (but much more frequent that expected) service of client.
5 / 5 Rosamond
Colour: 11,Black,Grey,NavySize: Petit(5.5'-6.7') is comfy, good access (and there is teeny teeny wrists. They are less flexible that an original, but concealed is honradamente any one the question.
A question is that they a lot of clip to a fitbit, his so only slid his. Because of that, this bracelet randomly detaches he of a fitbit. Lost he in the red light while biking yesterday for just that attractive my sleeve up. And it is a second awake prejudice up with my fitbit has lost in my bed.

MODIFICATION: An ash some still controls! As I guess my black one was just defectuous.
4 / 5 Zandra
Colour: 11,Black,Grey,NavySize: Big(6.7'-8.1') A price partorisca a product are partorisca add and some bands celery likes is well has done.
Did not have Him partorisca very long, as I can not speak for his longevity and durability but I of the that takes one feels goes to the fall averts immediately.

Looks so only like some originals, but feel slightly more rigid. This also could be the factor of an original band in that has been he in my wrist partorisca almost the year a lot-stop until a metal latches has broken. If these bands last like this long, can not say will have any reason to complain.

Certainly would recommend another to look in this product if I am compraventa for bands of substitution. I am not sure if a Fitbit will last another 2 or 3 years, but of then has taken 3 bands , am expecting for years of service.
4 / 5 Ed
Colour: 10,BlackSize: Big(6.7'-8.1') has bought this on done the year partorisca have the less sportive looks for work and of the evenings. This in spite of, is like this adds that I use it 100 of a time. It is better that has expected, included when exiting. It breathes better and the sleeves sweat better that some bands of silicone, which take hot and sticky. It is very easy to regulate a tension or place in a wrist, and a magnetic clasp is strong and of confidence. I recommended it to a lot of friends and they have been happy with his cost. My smaller irritation so only is that a magnet will stick to any how metal (paste long, cutlery, etc.) But ossia partorisca be expected and would not want to lose force in a magnet.
My husband is buying the new a partorisca his new Fitbit. Love it!
4 / 5 Alton
Colour: 11,Gold Rosa,Grey,BlackSize: Big(6.7'-8.1') there is king-has estimated this service of product of the 3 to the 5 because a vendor has issued the full repayment in light of my original indication and commentary down.

The material of strap is quell'has bitten too rigid.
A curvature of a strap where in bylines to a fitbit expensive of the load is not one same like the stars resupplied for records has bitten. An access has bitten therefore to to any lie likes them the plan, or returns like this amiably like original.
4 / 5 Golden
Colour: 23,10 ColorsSize: Big(6.7'-8.1') Very better the calm quality then would think. In fact I prefer it to an original band my wine of apt bit with. I have used to always have the subjects with my access have bitten, always lose clue of my heart rate by means of out a day and has not been very comfortable. It has dipped one of these on and there is not had to that subject of then. Sper Comfortable and a lot of colours to choose of. 7/7 it would buy it to it again
5 / 5 Leisa
Very better the calm quality then would think. In fact I prefer it to an original band my wine of apt bit with. I have used to always have the subjects with my access have bitten, always lose clue of my heart rate by means of out a day and has not been very comfortable. It has dipped one of these on and there is not had to that subject of then. Súper Comfortable and a lot of colours to choose of. 7/7 it would buy it to it again
5 / 5 Mechelle
originally has been to purchase an original Fitbit sale until I have walked my local tent for the see was sold for $ 85-$ 88 imposed besides for the band of substitution that was quite a cost of the new Fitbit uploads 2.. An employee of tent said to try looking in the amazon and am happy has done.
A band is the plastic of the light weight does not have the soft smooth coating like an original but really has not concerned me on that too much at all. It likes-me a fact that has taken 4 bands for the way less than that I would have paid partorisca. Buying 1. Taking 4 sale here means that easily I can change was and colours to change to match with my cupboard. These bands snap on easily and stay in tight also remark some bands to paint layer more brilliant easily but concealed does not mean you can not snap of a band and the give the good wipe down from time to time. They are like this happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5 Lucrecia
Has bought one 15-band, and although some colours are not quite some same (for example a lilac is more than the ash, and a light rose is more brilliant that a picture), the utmost law! Big quality, access well, comfortable, and they clicas in perfectly. Shopping again, but no material will owe that!
And is coming inside the few days, which was to good sure to prepare
5 / 5 Hester
Ossia a band of excellent substitution for my Fitbit Uploads 2. It is soft, comfy and a lot of pliable so only like an original. A fitment is also like this as well as original. Although I have it quell'have so only the short time has been there any indication that will be to cause the rash or any discomfort. Some elections by heart are good and some same tones like originals. I will update this description if anything changes with this band of substitution.
4 / 5 Larraine
Was bit it hesitant to order have like this state concerned that the type of quality would receive for a low prize.
Sure will be to order more colours!

The one who the good surprise! Some 3 sells has ordered is the quality adds and has been spending a for the week like this far and any fading by heart or rubbing and looks and feels adds! It has been it bit it disappointed in a colour of one of them has believed so it goes to be money in place of the gold but this was probably more my deception as I have been more than an image that a description.
A week after receiving my mandate takes the good email of service of client to see all was that it satisfies with the links direct to contact them there are a lot of questions or of the subjects. I owe that admit that I have found a level of support of client to be aim and aside, sadly touches to result like this scarce to find undertaken the one who worry in his clients and this a really looks to be on point. The to good sure order of them again and recommend his level of professionalism.
4 / 5 Forrest
My official band has after failed less than the year, and a substitution of Fitbit has failed again so only after a guarantee there is expired. It do not go to spend $ 40 for another have given like this these try it. I took him today like this I can not speak in a durability of the term along but they look to be the product of quality. Celery slightly thinner and more economic that an official a, but all three straps connect properly to a Fitbit and some buckles look sure. It does not feel to like goes to fall avert or anything. I have found some of some difficult straps the disconnect of a Fitbit, but concealed is not something will be to do often. For a prize, thinks that these are an excellent value .
5 / 5 Guillermo
An only difference among an original band for a fitbit and these substitutions is a flexability of a band. Some substitutions a lot flex so many but 3 bands partorisca east the easiest plot to swallow that those substitutes with a fitbit bands of mark. It has used a band for the month and so only remark the by heart light transmission in a part that is in contact with a wrist constantly (any visible arrive). In general, I am pleased
5 / 5 Elissa
the daughter has bought this for his fitbit, and loves it, this in spite of is so only there went it the little while (less than 2 weeks), and is already staining black in a part to surface main (the diamonds) of a band, and included cleaning he with waters he soapy is not taking a black was. Still it likes, but they are of a buyer and am not impressed with that, likes 3 stars, and can not recommend.
5 / 5 Alisa
A sale clasp has been broken on arrival. A material in some layers of bands and stained was with very light and careful use, and has found at all concealed the cleaned at all. A stain goes well to a material. As it recommends to stick to me some darker colours.

Is easy to change the calm bands once take a hangs of him, although the instructions could be more be clear. They are a lot of sturdy.
5 / 5 Mozella
Has has ordered bands of substitution for my Fitbit Uploads 2 to change it up. It has been it bit it hesitant to buy generic bands as I have not been sure would return properly but has been for him in all the chance after reading some mostly positive critiques. I have not had the occasion to use all some bands, still, but one 4 or 5 I has tried has all return perfectly, is really easy to change and some colours are utmost. It is good to have the band to match yours outfit colour. Very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Jc
I have ordered these bands of the substitution after my original strap has broken and could not find any straps of substitution in some tents in my zone! My absolute delight, has arrived today, so only 5 days after ordering! Some bands are exactly like some originals and was very easy to attach. Partorisca A prize and free delivery by means of Cousin of Amazon, plans on ordering another together with different colours! Thank you!
4 / 5 Lavern
Very good to be able to change out of some straps partorisca this fitbit. My old a, of course, has not had this option. A compraventa has been done like the piece had broken in my original strap. With a cost of a container of 8, is not to treat it big. It can any one like this pliable like original strap, but he loosen up after being on partorisca has bitten. An access is quite exact to an original strap.
5 / 5 Janis
The variety adds for a prize. To good sure recommend them. Reason a 4 indication of star? 1/2 stray star for a grip of addiction this lock of bands to a fitbit with - has had to pull out of my jewels pliers. An another 1/2 star was for some of some paints a lot when being any like this vibrant/brilliants likes that it is pictured. But I love him and probably orders again one of some another variac. Of band.
5 / 5 Martina
Has buy these clocks Touches to dip of the colour and agencez the true habits. Has My lucido That the bracelet is trace 2 days and has not been able of the take. This etais prevail him that tried and create to have launcher to embezzle of the container. Weights Of the good way, so only an of the sud lateralmente 2 is exited easily. It touches 2.ºt Spouse of sought-after mine was necessary the to him bracelet cut and take joins pair of pince and the begin... ca The decayed my clock... They are truths décu Of the quality. If I b' have At all all launch to the poubelle there is a lot my Photo has joined! It DID not SPEND NO!
5 / 5 Mercedes
Some bands coloreadas is inter changeable to the equal that can have the different look each day yes loves. His clip in with the click each one which as so that it is the plus . I wish some bands are yellow red entrances or green. But some paints that has is a lot also
4 / 5 Doretta
the bands have taken exactly like a sale that is coming with mine fitbit. I have tried an aim an and looks well before it takes soiled of wearning. I found it hard to go back to an original aim. I have used toothbrush and dawn soap, solution of bleach. It dawns And toothbrush a better, but still did not spend it behind to an original aim.
5 / 5 Eugena
Some bands have come punctually and was announced like this. It look forward to my band of gold of the rose, and WAS really the pair of weeks. With which conceal, a colour has begun to exit, he leaving looking dirty and dingy. They are quite disappointed. I am giving two stars, as I think that that to my husband likes him his band; a black a. A gold of ascended is the real disappointment
5 / 5 Rex
These are perfect for substitution or variety. A quality is comparable or better that a sale that is coming with mine Uploads 2. Some material looks to be never like this slightly more flexible that an original band, which is the good thing . While it is not the critique of a product, for , be conscious that some bands poden frames, particularly in some flanges, as you could wants to consider protecting some lighter colours of the products that contains transferable dyes (trick, new blue tejanos, etc.).
5 / 5 Otilia
My woman loves his Fitbit. To Hate like him to him the straps always break which think is crazy for the product in this point of prize. These straps of substitution reduce my level of stress! They are cost down and work like good or better that an original!
4 / 5 Marlana
These are exactly like some originals fitbit bands. An only difference is does not say fitbit on that. I have compared a blue one has received of this container to a blue one this is coming with him originally and there is at all that it can it the the to you says averts with excepting fitbit having his name in an original. Very happy with this product.
5 / 5 Laurice
They are very happy with a quality of these and amour having any colour in my tips of toe. My original Fitbit load 2 HR the band has broken and these have no closings. I find some the lightest colours tend partorisca look the little litter after the wear, but the little soap of the dish and the thicket dipped behind again. They close partorisca situate like this when changing a sale so only be sure the wiggle his until it listen the click partorisca do sure a band is securely situate before spending.
4 / 5 Coralee
To the equal that has described. Utilisation a hole a small plus with these bands and a smaller second with a band that is coming with my FitBit, like this a lot near of a same measure. They are flexible and comfortable to spend. Some bands that is coming with my mandate is black, navy, ash and teal. His all look utmost, will enjoy to use everything of them.
4 / 5 Royce
Solid access to clock.
Physically one same like original, another that a internals (this has broken in an original aiming this compraventa) looks stronger and more durable.

The blue colour is the darkest shadow that original, richer blue. The good looks.
5 / 5 Aja
Sales really comfortable! Has small wrists& an original band has undermined besides then these do. They are more flexable and easy to open. Really easy to change. Some muck of aim of light colours but I unclip his, his and dry rinse ' a lot like this new!
4 / 5 Jarred
Is the one who some shows of picture. Some bands litter easily, especially some light colours. I have not tried partorisca the cleaned, of then has very other colours partorisca use.

Considers that it comes with 10 different colours thus prize is quite economic, how is valid likes of returns with your cloths. Any one had broken like this far and had been using them for some last 6 months.
5 / 5 Inge
Loves everything in these bands minus a fact a brown band clasp was broken entirely. The part of a reason has ordered this was for a neautral colours otherwise would estimate to five star. I spend my fitbit daily and like this far am obsessed with rotating among a pink band and ash. I am remained in way better condition in comparison to a orgin black band I orderly (had has substituted once been due to @extend of hule) and a 'pink skin' has ordered takes almost $ 80CAD which has turned in colour inner two weeks.
5 / 5 Lakiesha
Some bands return perfectly. In looks and use, is virtually identical to the mine Fitbit band.
Has taken clashes to go for a colour. I have ordered a black, ash, has ascended 3 band. Black is black. An ash in an ad has looked more than the deepest colour blue/ ash. In any one is for the dull the cement ash. Still I will use it, so only any one a colour has been expecting. On-line some rose looks the soft reddens colour. In any one is the bubblegum, little ascended of daughter. I will not use it never and slowly for the give was.
5 / 5 Kathline
These bands are fantastic!! A true look and spend a lot well. I have purchased a big (still like fitbit measured that has purchased) and the desire has bought the small. A band is is very big.
5 / 5 Dorie
This record adds and well of look. It is very good to have like this options by heart. Hopefully Is a test of time, although an original Fitbit the band is lasted 3 first month to break, like this really has had to more than that has done utmost.
4 / 5 Maren
Has has questioned first bands to order. Lame reasonable but the calm descriptions do not inform of sound. The majority there has been subjects attaching the Fitbit tracker because of being too tight. I have found these bands to be excellent. Like this easy that can change inside the minute every time I dresses by heart of transmission.
5 / 5 Cheree
Some bands have been shipped quickly and return a Fitbit well. Two of some three misty bands a lot quickly, some roses and teal the bands looked dirty so only the few days after dipping them on. An inhabited darker any looks well like this far and there is misty no.
5 / 5 Nelia
liked. No celery exactly like this pliable or rubbery likes band that is coming with my Fitbit but his clicked in any question. Unfortunately a lighter has painted some active discoloured partorisca rub against my tejanos. Tried washing them but does not exit .
5 / 5 Hiram
Has Pleased Totally!!! An only difference among these bands and some real Fitbit some is a word 'Fitbit'!! Any @@subject that change. I have chosen a big and turn perfectly! I want to all some colours have taken and can not expect change the up!! The container came súper fast, also!! Thank you!!
5 / 5 Doug
Has ordered these bands twice and has received some wrong colours like this time. I have found this súper frustrating like my original band has broken has required them like this immediately and has had to return them and again has taken some injustices some! It has liked him the turn his again but really required the band. It was súper disappointed with east. They look the good quality otherwise. I want to order again to take a four bandage I really loves with a black, ash, rose and aim but feel like if it was not a lot a prime minister two times probably are not a third.
4 / 5 Deetta
These bands am returned in a Fitbit Uploads 2 and look well, this in spite of, fast of layer and is stained on. I have spent an ash, ascended, aim, and together black. Taking less than the month for some stains to aim. Has a Fitbit strap of the brown skin and he have taken almost two years for him to look stained. I recommend so only buying a Fitbit frames to ensure long-quality of term.
4 / 5 Tad
Like this, has taken these for my promise like his x-but present. A light rose and an aim some result dirty a lot easily and a muck does not exit . You recommend not spending these colours with shirts of cups of full/sleeve like the colour of a shirt will rub was in his (unless it is the white shirt ) and will not exit easily. Well For a prize has paid. A together of the dark colours so only would be preferable with a same quantity.
5 / 5 Chara
While a sale is not like this flexible like original, returns perfectly and is sure. It is not shiny like a picture; attentive more than the crazy has arrived. I have not had any subject with clipping in some new bands or change it were. Also, they have come quickly and without external packaging , wasteful. Also it suspects the teeth of my cat wont spend for these some like this quickly.
4 / 5 Jeannine
Very Pleased! I have ordered some three straps for just basses $ Canadian - the January has arrived 3rd and the dec. of order has situated 26th! Some atenga clicked in closely and am pleased with some colours! Like this far highly you recommend that these joins especially for a prize!
5 / 5 Krysta
Returns perfectly with a Fitbit. The value that buys although
the light rose and some the white bands litter quickly and has not been able to clean them...
5 / 5 Jeannette
Loves these bands. They are the quality adds , comfortable, very done and a Fitbit stays on really securely. The nave was quickly, received in two days in regular nave. An only reason has given 4 out of 5 star is that some colours are not attentive at all. A teal is much more blue a purple is in fact the light lilac and a gold of ascended is the very pale peach . A brilliant rose is a so only a ossia attentive to some photos. Still I want to all of them

Top Customer Reviews: Drillbrush 3 Piece ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Gertrud
Colour: Yellow Bought this partorisca help clean a grout in a bath. I have expected partorisca east to go in for the month. When it Arrives, a box has been beaten up and dented, envoy of the some place in Cina and covered in tape. Felizmente A paintbrush of the hammer is not fragile. I have used he with the hammer and some foam of more cleaned of the bath and there is not remarked the difference. I have been around a same tile partorisca 5 minutes and there has been no visible result. I this 3 times to any avail. A product is ineffective, has think that this would be the muck partorisca have to that heavy buster but instead to to looks like is of all so only the gimmick. Buy a fuginator likes another has said, calm at least knows is taking some real scrubbing done.
4 / 5 Macie
Colour: Rigid-Red I has old linoleum in my bath and of course is the zone of big traffic and there is annoyed me whenever it looks dirty all a time has tried your paintbrush with the product of more cleaned and the looks is new mark thank you very much.
4 / 5 Weldon
Colour: Half-Blue Control out of some varied video in a coverage, and will take the good idea of like this some works of paintbrush of the hammer.

-Very effective fulfilled sure (any all this in spite of!) And it Can be the saver partorisca time yes used inside limits.
-Diverse hardness/stiffness' available to match a surface(s) is cleaning.
-Axial of stainless steel, which is awesome really. Any possibility partorisca rust this can spoil your more cleaned or worse- line the shiny surface.
-The price is reasonable, that considers a quality.

-No effective at all cleaning works, sometimes the towel, cloth, or scratchy the tampon with the chemical action stronger could be better. It is almost impossible to know the box tries.
-Knowing that bristle hardness to in fact the use is test and error . Utilisation I too hard the bristle and could line a surface is trying to clean. Use too soft the bristle and will think that a Paintbrush of Hammer is useless and has squandered your money.
-Is also last to determine the paintbrush is more take your application. A fashion of basin? A small newspaper? A big newspaper?

A paintbrush of hammer is an excellent product when calm take it very dipped ready your particular task. Unfortunately, this will take some test and error. You can it has to that purchase more the paintbrushes that calm in fact will use to find a legislation a.
5 / 5 Jerry
Colour: Yellow I active has used so only a big flat paintbrush like this far in my shower and he have done well.
Living with the mechanic and I in a barn all day, our shower can litter quickly!
With which 'deep cleansing' with these chairs of paintbrush has take the fine film that perhaps is not never be scrubbing was manually.
Ours rain looks partorisca remain more cleaned longer go in cleansing!

Paintbrush bristles is in fact the coarsest plot that has thinks that would be.
4 / 5 Janyce
Colour: Yellow Works a lot well. It has attached this to mine portable Black & Decker eletric screwdriver. A yellow/black version that has bought, a bristles is quell'has bitten hard. So that the a lot takes tiles and grout. This in spite of, perhaps any one a better partorisca the tub. Reason as it press down his turning for the moment, has to resist an engine of ray securely in your hands. Of a hard plus bristles will move your place.

But, ossia to good sure better that using your hands to thicket. Your hands will not be never able to simulate some revolutions by minute like an electrical paintbrush. Which is perfect partorisca tile grout in yours bathtub.

Was able to finally do the deep cleaner of all a grout lines, so only that resists a paintbrush in a corner and has left he his does. If calm this manually, your hands would be fallen off for now LOL.

Hmmm.. Perhaps I will try this in mine Borsch hammer ??

Anyways, good Product, operates excellent, will buy again.
5 / 5 Wyatt
Colour: Yellow bought it partorisca clean some tiles in a cookery. They are textured and the muck dulcemente builds up over time. Doing it manually is the bear.

With these paintbrushes, so only drench a besides cleaned tile partorisca the little while (5 minutes) and use a big or small disk with the hammer of battery and does partorisca beautiful short work. More cleaned grout, the little less effective - but better that manually!
4 / 5 Lynwood
Colour: Rigid-Red These brushes is announced like the cleaner of bath, but have like this more uses. Cleaned on a mags in my truck like this easily, cut a time of more cleaned down for 90, as well as the stain in an interior of skin has given on on, now gone. If has the stain on something that gave on on, this will fix a question down the minute. They are like this crazy in me partorisca not looking when cleaning alternative concealed attaches to the wireless hammer more collected.
5 / 5 Santana
Colour: Meso-Green was so much ready partorisca this produced, has assumed that clean my faster tub that using the rag and registering powder.

Clean quickly, but no clean everywhere and arrivals partorisca take a same time. At least with the rag, can feel where is still dirty and where is cleaned. No like this with some paintbrushes.

Is probably the product adds, but do not fill my need.
5 / 5 Odette
Colour: Yellow Ours house has hard water with rusting. A leading owner has not looked too enthusiastic on cleaning, and like such ours bathtub surround the tiles are stained of hard water and rust. We think that that we would give of the yellow (half) paintbrushes partorisca try see could take any of a gunk up. It does not act , but he the good work partorisca clean my tank and the good work partorisca clean my bathtub / shower in general.

One a thing had not considered before I have bought this was that has the quite powerful hammer and that require to resist down a key some whole times are using this product. Resisting a key remained with kickback of a hammer has done my hand goes numb after the pair of small and is more tiring that scrubbing. This has said, certainly felt these products has resupplied the deep plus cleaned that the fat of elbow could resupply.
4 / 5 Michal
Colour: Rigid-Red A paintbrush looked partorisca do add my first use, but am not sure is able to take to corners. It is not the enormous shot, has pressed quite hard and a bristles has not been bent by an end of my experience. It can be more useful has had the less bulky hammer (my wireless is one has bought to like 2008)... Like this far like this well, it was to look for works for these paintbrushes.
4 / 5 Chelsea
This thing is awesome. Tired of soiled shower grouts and has produced endless tried partorisca clean up. 5 minutes with this paintbrush and shower grout is cleaned. It has bought also another place partorisca burst and casseroles. It remarks this attaches to the hammer to be able to calm so much is neither hunching on partorisca clean walk or in your knees but his more easy and better work still that other tools have tried.
5 / 5 Tiara
Validate each penny!! I use him partorisca carpets and of the chairs of cloth and have soft bristles, last the long time and take a muck a lot easily. A bristles does not exit while using. These paintbrushes are of the better money never spent on amazon.
5 / 5 Sheldon
This has not been partorisca clear That the colour was with the raideur give paintbrushes. Without Knowing has chosen his paintbrushes believed to Touch me. It was not partorisca clear a colour has represented a stiffness of a bristles. Without knowing , has chosen a perfect colour.
4 / 5 Miguel
Mamie Was happy in sight of these paintbrushes; it Is in a transmission of presents to the invidentes that receive. I recommend him like the idea gives saugrenus in your interminable transmissions of presents. Has he-the tone has said, that this was a present well has a present to do?
5 / 5 Pinkie
Has has wanted to these his such one amazing work and I have two boys that any one imports that it can spill drop and stick all can think of paralizaciones partorisca stuff and these few creatures turned it immediately
will be partorisca buy another neighbour now this in spite of cause my mother was impressed like this with them that takes him and present of the anniversary sooner says highly would recommend him the quality adds partorisca the prize adds
5 / 5 Stephani
has taken these partorisca clean a car. I add partorisca scrubbing a glass partorisca take a street grime and oil. They are quite soft to use on more parts of a car, although it doubts to use his in a product. It uses him mostly in some wheels, and wheels, and sections of glass of a car, or in some parts of hule, and in a cup of cloth.
4 / 5 Cassi
Liked a lot. He my more cleaned so easier. Cut some times have required to clean my rims of in an hour to so only down 10 mins. The only thing would have added was the paintbrush the small and more long plus for hard to achieve corners. It averts of that, am quite happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5 Lannie
To good sure genial ! Any negative Point to say to the sud this product. Excellent quality, sends quickly. Like this effective wow is incredible, has achieved The deleted give semences tenaces that looks for to delete to give years with numerous products. With His Hammer of paintbrushes, 10 second and his lines am disappeared entirely. I adore !
4 / 5 Latonya
Has used to hate cleaning a bath, especially a tub. A paintbrush of hammer takes everything of a toil out of him maintaining. I used him also to do the deep net of our copper pots that also used to take the plot of manual scrubbing. I can not expect use them on my car upholstery afterwards.
5 / 5 Darcel
The invention adds. The attended until extensions and of the furthest adaptations is women will be seen in some tents of tool with which result conscious of this product and his capacities! Ready, simple, and versatile. You love it!
5 / 5 Clarice
I have bought this partorisca clean dried grout was a lot of textured tiles. These helps partorisca do a manageable work. It is durable and easy to use with a hammer. It is good to have for these random works that always comes on where the little extra power could solve a question. Awesome Has produced.
5 / 5 Allene
Amour a lot. I have bought I I games of rouge partorisca clean my ceramics and he grout and is to good sure that has looked for. The alone recommendation would be partorisca dip his level gives the paintbrushes have give hairs Quite rigid.
5 / 5 Diamond
Brushes Cleaned good but still any so that it expected it to be. I have bought already a yellow one and has thought a blue one would do the big difference. There is enough the difference but no significant
4 / 5 Youlanda
These paintbrushes of hammer are essential to love the clean deep carpet your car pavings or chairs before extracting with more cleaned of carpet. These brushes paired with folex solution of more cleaned of the carpet is sum .
5 / 5 Tatum
Requires some paintbrushes to clean on a tub of old bath that is to be cover with stains. He the work adds and fact a lot quickly. He all loved it to us to and more.
4 / 5 Melba
Took it to clean my tub of the bath and the work like the charm has compared to the regular paintbrush or tampon of thicket.
Has has used also a round one for some basins with the hammer have bitten the extension and the work adds also. Mark so only sure your hammer is has touched fully ;)
5 / 5 Oleta
am happy has ordered these paintbrushes. I have used some paintbrushes to clean my Fiberglass RV. Compared to use my hand and the surprise of paintbrush. Yard my time for at least 75 and has augmented a quality to clean to an outside. Utilisations the considerable quantity of pressure and a bristles looked in conditioning a lot reasonable afterwards.

I desire had ordered the to renew my prime minister RV the few weeks would have saved like this time and endeavour. Orders again/
4 / 5 Elenor
A red bristle is quite rigid, used him to clean stuck in junk in my boots before a oiling.
Anticipates these will last the abonos while.
4 / 5 Talitha
Recommends a Yellowbrush for more cleaned of tile, so only reason has spent them an aim a now the recommendation is to use a soft paintbrush for losa cleaned.
4 / 5 Florinda
Loves a product!!! It maintains on types of amazing work! I have been looking for the very long time for the product like this and my partner aimed randomly reason buys the together. Like this happy do!!
5 / 5 Nestor
I have used this partorisca clean my tiles of bath. Calm pranks a lot this done any time. Some other descriptions have said he no some corners. Well it have 3 paintbrushes and one of them some corners any question. To good sure recommend this to any the one who hates scrubbing. Also I only soap to stuff regulate used partorisca clean my tiles and grout, so it has had no terrible toxic smell when it clean. Sad... When My new paintbrush has cleaned!!! Like this easy!
4 / 5 Miki
Produced excellent. Simple creation and very easy to use. Any adapter, any fuss, so only directly the scrubbing in any paving of time. It was partorisca invest in a future in the little of another stiffness levels partorisca other projects around a house and work.
5 / 5 Raleigh
Has cleaned a grout in the to to my tile likes could not believe. Also we have Santos Bernards those who take drool and subject of skin to some wall and these few zips of creature in the and clean my wall like this quickly has not felt NEVER like my house has been more cleaned with less than trying before and tried it everything with this creature!
5 / 5 Ressie
Finally taken around partorisca try these am gone in the neighbours in beast of putty in our basement couch and stains in some calm prójimos. WOW With the fast of spray of some cleaner and 5 mins 2 stains that has tried long the start has gone! Value a prize so only partorisca these 2 works so only!
4 / 5 Izola
Ossia One of these 'that has not left never without these' produced. Awesome Partorisca powerscrubbing Quite anything. I need the good hammer for him to do obviously.
5 / 5 Lieselotte
Uses this partorisca more cleaned of wall of the wheel, and a small paintbrush to clean a lug given. The works add
4 / 5 Cora
has Used this in mine chrome rims for my car and some hard-to-achieve parts of mine rims of house of the engine.... I clean well and he a less painful work! He not having never @@give that has had 5 levels of coarseness of a bristles.... An ad any one the good work to signal is was. Read attentively... It takes lucky with a legislation some a 1st time.
5 / 5 Christoper
So only moved home wth the massive walk-rain this has required deep cleaner. A paintbrush the perfect work any time. More we use it to us to developed an interior stonewall. The fact adds!
4 / 5 Domonique
Has bought the together of these to treat some 12 chairs of year of the beige skin neglected in my car (together with the product of more cleaned of the skin), this a lot of faster work that manually using the paintbrush of regular skin. It was to use these in some carpets to walk in a car together with the wet vac also.

Maintains a speed down to avert flinging any muck to clean produced.
5 / 5 Bennie
Bought a place of the each colour partorisca works of different cleaners around a house. It has done well like this far.
5 / 5 Harrison
Has thought a bristles would be softer also didnt @give I cant uses this in my car. The prize adds, good quality. Fast nave with Amazon first
5 / 5 Augustus
One of some better elements has sold on amazon I desire that everything of Amazon is is of a same quality.

Thank you Partorisca Your toil.
4 / 5 Brett
Easy to use, easy to clean (just rinse!!) And effective. And more partorisca use with the wireless hammer like this leaves control in rotations/of speeds. Otherwise Some careers of hammer in full and this could spoil/harm some surfaces.
5 / 5 Nathaniel
This mark of product scrubbing the easiest plot need to do the plot of him. It saves the plot of fat of elbow
4 / 5 Georgianne
Perfects partorisca inner of automobile that details. Good work on carpet and upholstery with minimum water.
4 / 5 Josie
Quality a lot Good. I will be able to use this long. Quite strong to clean grout on walk of cookery together with more cleaned. I add for stains of carpets of cleaners of something. Works of the fastest frames and easier.
4 / 5 Wendie
There is And thinks any but to the speed of the drille his create and ' revole ' goes any to deep Transport his paintbrush his edges of hairs too many mou has can any dipped of the pressure...
4 / 5 Zachary
Has purchased this to clean scum of soap of showers in the a lot of the gymnasium has used highly. A difference when using a paintbrush of hammer (with chemicals of pertinent cleaners) versus scrubbing manually manually was likes night and day. Some rains the tiles looked new! They are very satisfied with this product
4 / 5 Dotty
arrive his time ,good-looking models of normal pieces , another the models touch the earthiest use

Top Customer Reviews: Small First Aid Kit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5 Jennie
I have purchased this partorisca hike, like rings something concealed was small. Light and this there is so only roughly all precise . A company emailed the first drives of help together with adding in of the calm suggestions so many can customise your box. Felizmente Has not had a need of the use (and expect any one) but have piece partorisca import that I am very instrumented partorisca have to that something raisin. So only I have two small subjects with him, one in that is would have been a lot if a sale was the tad deeper (fat plus), comes quite packed so that it do not have to that attribute of extra room to add material. A second. It take first help has certified on done the year and a CPR box (the mouth to mask of mouth) is no longer required, so rule CPR so only requires compression of @@@cofre so only, like the mask is the bit of the waste. I probably toss a mask and add an Israeli of Israeli/patch like that urban key in a box is in the prize
5 / 5 Louetta
find a TOO compact stock exchange. I unzipped the and stirs it to stuff the explosion was to like snake of the cradle in the joke can of peanuts.
Expected it would be good and situates like the book, but any one imports that I can not take mine to not being the ball of round.

In the positive note, supplies of qualities, NIIIICE stock exchange. So only a lot to the equal that has looked for. It is really small this in spite of, although it comes with.
To good sure the good compraventa!
5 / 5 Jinny
Felizmente Has not had to use this first box to help still, but think that is adds. As distinct in some pictures, everything is organised in the orderly fashion with focus in the each pocket. One first box of help has the plot of essentials, but can not comment on is completeness to the equal that am no expert is.

One of some better things in this company is that the touches is with his clients. By means of email, has been given the mini first-booklet of instruction of the help in the format of PDF. A booklet was done well and súper clear and pleasant to read. Besides, it follows on the emails have been sent to do sure has received my product and to do sure was happy with this product. Really it respects to dip that a lot of endeavour to connect with his clients.

In a future, will be to maintain this mark in alcohol for everything external and camping compraventa.
5 / 5 Asa
Perfecto! This compact box is exactly that has expected paralizaciones. Right out of a container is the room of the talent of boxes adds for additional elements desires - I has added some analgesics, antihistamine, dramamine (the box resupplies stock exchanges of zip and the location for these) and eyewash together with some quikclot and an Israeli sale to adapt my needs and I could not be happier. I plan to use this provider for the pair of boxes for some cars familiarised.
5 / 5 Rolando
Ossia The travesía /to camp/of the box /to hike of car emergency.

Comprises essential supplies that fixes immediately-the life that threatens questions, and also quite a lot of elements to treat the smallest nuisances.

After solving an or two accidents in the travesía alone, this in spite of, the elements will require to be animal-stocked.

A lot of very organised interior.

In contrast is this big 2xx or 3xx-boxes of element one could take of the drug tends. Those are drawn in fact to remain in the fixed location, and wont' need to be king-stocked included after the multiple treatments for the smallest wounds. It finds, this in spite of, many of this drug-tend the boxes 'big' lacking elements or some easy-access to elements of for life threatening medical emergencies.
5 / 5 Jaimie
This box is a better one has found to date on or off-line not costing hundreds of dollars. His compact still contains all could basically need in the first place helps in a gone. We spend our backpacking in north Ontario where alive. Have has not had casualidades to use some contents but we am sure contains that it require to owe a situation arises. Shopping another without thinking. 5 stars for product and vendor.
4 / 5 Sabina
Has looked for the first box to help to take on hikes in some mountains, as have has wanted to something small, but this has had all could require there is the slip or fall to the long of a trail to the equal that could be the distance of the help and some rocks can be quite acute. This box has everything would require in something like this small and light is any question that returns in your rucksack. A box is súper very organised with something all labeled to help you quickly find that it can be look for. To good sure values he and highly recommend.
5 / 5 Rosalyn
Me gustanuno All some products are labelled for his uses. I can see it is when being advantageous in the stressful emergency.

Also, has taken an email of an owner of a company further explaining all some products and some uses. Well fact! It looks the smallest mamma and undertaken of pop, feel me a lot of sustaining them as the small business owner I
5 / 5 Michell
Really a lot before box of help. Neatly labeled And has organised. Appearance do not owe it never use but I I at least not being fumbling around for material. I have had the fellow the one who read in a look of medical field in the and say that it looks the good box aswell before I bought it.

Has received also the email of a costruttore of a box to ask has received a container and yes was happy with him to which liked like this aims of attention and good service to detail which has been showed in a box he.

All has said a lot happy with him!
5 / 5 Coral
Loves this little box. Felizmente Has it has not had to use it still, but are measures adds to return in peach of mine faces box, a marcación inside a box is the good touch , and contains all a basics has loved. The nave was incredibly fast and a service of client I receipt (just doing sure received it and all was in mine in pleasant) was to the good sure notch upper. To good sure that goes to recommend this mine outdoorsy partner.
4 / 5 Alysha
Well the box but I finds expensive games lucidos little that contains. Pair Against, his products look good qualities . Pair Against, has been missing of the stock interior of the that he garrot, his butterfly of closures, his tampons anti-pricks, the tampons alcoholised.

Finally, has An excellent service to the clientele, has more than compensating that it was missing and answered less than 24h.
4 / 5 Roselyn
There is enjoyed a packaging. The mask said well was unnessary but coming meeting berating has been takes for public so only reason the people have not wanted to dip mouths in another so that it is useful also for pertinent cpr. A lot of extra room for extra bandaids. Havnt Has had to that use anything but if I will have them the question that finds that I need
4 / 5 Inger
Small trousse compact but well has fill. I have had asser Of spatial Games to add of the tape of physio, gives diachylons additional and give lingettes alcoholised. The company sends a small courriel Games to know our opinion and suggestions of knots, that is sleeps loable
5 / 5 Regine
box of Good security to add house, car, or camping setup.
Petit, but very instrumented, and all the elements are amiably marcaciones and easily accessible.
Has bought this one to maintain in my Jeep, but more probably order the second a to maintain in my rucksack to camp.
4 / 5 Dexter
Have it acheté it touches to the offer & worsens; it touches my daughter &worsens; Noel afterwards. This will be perfect Games his car in chance of urgency.
Received it quickly and très good emballé. I have received also Pair courriel give Instructions détaillé it is it excepts that it does to lack still to be the bilingual car is so only in English. I find The intérieur a bit Compact but well organisé. Consultor This in spite of and does not complain this compraventa.
5 / 5 Salvador
Really a lot before box of help. Neatly labeled And has organised. Appearance do not owe it never use but I I at least not being fumbling around for material. I have had the fellow the one who read in a look of medical field in the and say that it looks the good box aswell before I bought it.

Has received also the email of a costruttore of a box to ask has received a container and yes was happy with him to which liked like this aims of attention and good service to detail which has been showed in a box he.

All has said very happy with him!
5 / 5 Avery
The box adds. Very organised and stock exchange of big quality. Also a better looking box in a phase. Has abundance of ways to hook your stock exchange, and is quite light. The communication adds of a company also!
5 / 5 Evie
A bit of everything in this little band. I have added the a lot of of my own elements to beef he on the little. It is at present in a backside of the mine van, but will pack he with me when it goes in long hikes with some girls.
5 / 5 Katie
Extremely compact and contains all required until accessing the medical department. I have been impressed with the personal touch of a vendor to send a previously his email has arrived. You recommend to treat this vendor.
5 / 5 Lavette
The work adds so that utilisation stops. I have added the few things I, but this band is very light and instrument for his measure. Utilisation to hike and walks of motorcycle. It is very easy to attach in any rucksack.
4 / 5 Meghan
I have not used this closing like my travesía has not begun, but is the perfect measure for has extended partorisca camp/ travesías partorisca hike. It is very organised and has had the good variety of supplies
4 / 5 Bradly
am very particular roughly first boxes of help. Ossia One first box of the better help has seen still. It is compact and complete, without unnecessary supplies. A stock exchange is sturdy, appeal, and versatile. It is in a measure of the big more hardcover book, but hanged the plot less. I spend it quite everywhere I go. I love this box.
5 / 5 Luz
Has loved to purchase the first box of small Help for
Hiking, Boating , or maintaining in my vehicle
is a lot compact and well together place
the zips and The Stock exchange are the good quality has the separate
Space to add the things yes want highly recommends this Perfect box .
5 / 5 Ivette
With which recently when being in an accident and no in that has the first box of available help when while the ambulance, that buys the box was the must before our next adventure! Any only is this first box to help packed to a max with all a essentials but a service of friendly client is like this compraventa that has surprised! They are 100 happy!
5 / 5 Salley
The box comes a lot of stocked and very organised with labeled compartments to quickly know where the elements are stored and later can require be restocked. Received the First drives of prize of Survival of the Help with compraventa.
5 / 5 Angle
This pocola first box of help comes with all could require of for life few emergencies. A box is compact and solidly has built, and is a lot has organised.
5 / 5 Joya
Is gone in the timely fashion. Small box well to maintain in a vehicle, camping box, or in a house. Has a basics would expect and has the prizes of pair be ordering another in the near future.

For a company that his fact: it maintains on a good work, has taken the client to return here.
5 / 5 Rema
Has bought he for work, returns comfortably in a side of the mine duffle stock exchange with the caribiner. Although a vertical velcro or horisontal snaps in a rear work well. I plan on taking a for my pickup EDC, and for the . If you are looking for good general coverage, for the small measure, ossia a box to buy .
5 / 5 Argelia
Measure very convenient, no like this bulky, and enough has everything. While it do not have to that that never use but knows can count in this box if anything does not spend never. If you are looking for something concealed is not too big but has the majority of the be able to you is your to buy
5 / 5 Myrtice
No too big like that can spend anywhere, all precise is in this band
the plasters are quell'has bitten more economic as expected but box very good to have
4 / 5 Christi
It likes him everything in of the this. It is a lot I compact still it has all I need. It do not take on upper of the plot of spatial. It has impressed really!! Shopping another required it to him.
4 / 5 Annie
Material really good and the stock exchange does well. It wins like this it is organised. Really recommend it!
4 / 5 Keiko
Takes this first box of canoeing of help partorisca the week. Adapted everything of our needs and accesses our band perfectly. We appreciate a space partorisca personal medications how were able to launch in some Advil etc.
4 / 5 Christel
there is not had to that use this closing but is comforting to know that I am prepared if something was to spend. It is used mainly for my car and returns well in a box of glove. Also a service of client has been quite pleasurable.
5 / 5 Gloria
Master! Exactly like this described and pictured. Arrived promptly. All has been organised well in a box. It can not expect take this was to a field
4 / 5 Felicia
The first better box to help that has had all this that fails in a small stock exchange very satisfied.
5 / 5 Andrea
The product adds, compresses with all precise organised and has labelled . It feels surer knowing has this in a house
5 / 5 Roland
soyeasured of looks to spend'
HAS the plot of characteristics is and will return in my motorcycle saddlebag with ease.
4 / 5 Ingrid
Ossia The product adds . Ossia The first box of compact help but is like this well the place near comprises the calmest elements then would find in some main boxes. The elements have comprised in this box is of good quality. This element is good value for a money.
5 / 5 Bernarda
A lot a lot of packaged. The same products to the equal that has described. Used the little interior of products during camping and is in good condition
4 / 5 Alejandra
A lot compact but is not fooled but his measure how is full of material, has included CPR mask! All the elements are partorisca store in of the multiple pockets opportunely labeled partorisca relieve investigations in chance of emergency.
4 / 5 Alonzo
Adds portable and waters first box of resistant help partorisca hike, camping, and canoeing. Service of wonderful client, also! One drives electronics partorisca use a first box of help is the resource adds and has very appreciated.
4 / 5 Lakia
A lot well dip jointed and comprehensible box partorisca his measure that's that of prize. To good sure recommend and spent again. A stock exchange also looks quite durable.
5 / 5 Janee
HAS all precise . Still for burns and of the deep courses.
4 / 5 Delia
Has done well during the travesía to camp, a lot compact. Has has had to that so only there is had the hydrogen of product of more cleaned of the peroxide wounded.
5 / 5 Wenona
One first box of perfect help for a tape of survival am dipping neighbouring. Compact and comprehensible. Highly it recommends this box.
Thank you, Rick.

Top Customer Reviews: MiYang Women's Plus ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Delorse
I have ordered 1 measure up as I have read some descriptions and they have recommended that. As they are usually he 14/16 to the equal that has ordered one 16/18. It is the little too big in a subordinated but fix perfectly in an upper zone. The lovely looks! Be the piece, am not concerned in a subordinated when being too big as it do not fall off .
4 / 5 Laraine
Has arrived quickly. Experience partorisca Messico and has had little time, but took it the delivery has said on quotes. It take one 8 /10 but returns big. As tighter in of a zone of @@@cofre. I have finalised any to that likes an inferior part, but has has not had never the skirted has spent before, as there is at all partorisca do with a swimsuit he.. A black shorts has attached apt adds. I have finalised in fact spend he with the skirt and all the world have thought is the pleasant dress
5 / 5 Shirlene
Loves it. Pleasant add for beach to dine. Access perfectly
5 / 5 Pricilla
want to a lot this measure are does not have a fat stock exchanges.(B)..If this was lucir if, would have been too small!
5 / 5 Kathaleen
Want to this at all has spent a colour is very good and the returns adds.

Top Customer Reviews: AiRunTech ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Thalia
Stock exchange of good quality. It has taken he in Bahamas.
Taking bit it heat while it goes down a sun, but to good sure is work when it was splashing by means of a water.
All was dry!

Was also an used like the stock exchange of travesa of the day. Comfortable in some shoulders and hard partorisca those would be thieves partorisca take to.
5 / 5 Dann
I have received so only these pouches partorisca my travesa to a Caribbean. I did not use him still but a quality and the look of creation partorisca be adds! I have purchased produced looked I so that I am familiarised with those produced partorisca compete are likes. I am excited partorisca take these pouches partorisca my adventures of water, paddle boarding, kayaking and to the likes!
5 / 5 Veronique
It take it on he 15 travesa of day in Messico. We use partorisca diverse day/of hours in a group and the pair of time in an ocean. Rid exactly that promised. No the alone drop the water enters a stock exchange. In fact, it was quite a swipe with other tourists those who has asked where take of and has loved to buy one they. A real utility of this stock exchange is able to spend the things want to safeguard with you and any prpers that has to concern it roughly any in his steering wheel while you are in a group. Compraventa Excellent!

Remarce: We have seen some waterproof stock exchanges for sale in an airport in Port Vallarta and sold him for considerably more.
5 / 5 Audrea
AMUR This stock exchange!
Used it before time in the travesa Cost it on some real adventures, has maintained all cleaned and dry!
ATVing By means of rivers and of the waterfalls, bounced, in some these droughts of stock exchanges! To good sure recommends to go adventuring or camping, could be saver of life especially partorisca electronic!
4 / 5 Maya
It is the good price partorisca both. Already I have the together. I have bought this a partorisca my edges. Chances of telephone: when or at all, screen partorisca touch very always answers when his interior a waterproof chance. I have lost some good occasions to take pics of rays of sting.
Tape: quite big to apt passport, stock exchange, papers. Really like it.
5 / 5 Toni
It looks partorisca be good quality. Trying it is gone in our adventure of next camp! Shipped quickly! Good price! Exactly as it has expected
4 / 5 Porfirio
I have used this in my travesa recent to Messico and like me to him very better that has thought I ... I clipped the good to the mine spends on rucksack and has maintained mine 11.6 Chromebook inner and the little other electronic artilugios. Spending for the security was the breeze and account like my personal element. Some clips and the cup of circle has done he really easy to open for exploitation of security of the airport and inspection in Canada, Messico & of EUA. I love a circle upper clip reason can attach to a side of my rucksack a lot easily. There is the window in a stock exchange partorisca be able to see something in a front but an interior pouch inside a stock exchange was already rasgada, a stock exchange the still functions but I has been disappointed that it was already rasg... I have not known it has had the pouch in an interior until only the pair of days after the use in my travesa. A circle takes of the upper compression comes with straps to spend like the mini the band is going for the day in a beach, group or in the boat. A telephone marry of the drought of stock exchange was able to use with my KeyONE Delay. It was able to use a cellphone inside a jacuzzi without concerning in a water that takes inner. This does the present adds for any the one who enjoys a group or the beach and the works like the personal element add to spend for security of airport. I give it 4 stars because an interior is to come rasgado but otherwise is the element of 5 stars . I will buy this again and the recommend to friends and family.
5 / 5 Max
We buy these partorisca the travesa recent the St. Lucia... We use him to us partorisca maintain our stock exchanges and the tones dry while we snorkeled and while we were in a beach... They have done very well... Perfecto partorisca travellers
5 / 5 Silas
Server of the Stock exchanges when I go partorisca do of the kayak... It premires quality, tanche and the straps are very practical,as well as his pochettes the games joins the meadow of day before recommends strongly.
4 / 5 Ingeborg
It sees some photos, has dipped my telephone in a waterproof stock exchange during snorkeling in Caribbean partorisca an hour. Leak of zero, he that alleges. This in spite of, a plastic smell extremely has suggested strong mine that a note of quality of plastic has used can not be quality very big. Well, you can say of a price also. Odorano Likes a bit the sakes take Tents of Dollar. It assumes any last very long, so only like other low quality plastic products have partorisca my GoPro accessories, break you and has broken the pieces for him partorisca any reason with which 1+ year!!! Partorisca Quality if really well, has the small Aquapac chance that is lasted 15+ years and still is using. Partorisca This AiRunTech has produced, based in my experience of a plastic smell, thinks it can break down in 5 years. But partorisca this price comes with 2 of them, still recommend it.. I mean it is very partorisca pair vacacional. Of any I entirely trusts a quality, the mine recommends is to tuck he to the yours swim shorts. In chance a buckle or a seam pauses.
4 / 5 Antone
It is really very partorisca people that read with watering for example, yes use a right way can maintain your telephone and some documents save. I think that that this chance could be has has used launched a water BUT, does not trust 100. Material in this way.. It causes a quality is really good!
5 / 5 Shaunda
Loves this product. I leave to use my telephone when they are alfresco (fishing/hunting). A stock exchange is waterproof like waters not to go it . It is very convenient.
5 / 5 Jeremy
Has used this in my travesía recent to Messico and like me to him very better that has thought I ... I clipped the good to the mine spends on rucksack and has maintained mine 11.6 Chromebook inner and the little other electronic artilugios. Spending for the security was the breeze and account like my personal element. Some clips and the cup of circle has done he really easy to open for exploitation of security of the airport and inspection in Canada, Messico & of EUA. I love a circle upper clip reason can attach to a side of rucksack of mine a lot easily. There is the window in a stock exchange to be able to see something in a front but an interior pouch inside a stock exchange was already rasgada, a stock exchange the still functions but I has been disappointed that it was already rasgó... I have not known it had it pouch in an interior until only the pair of days after the use in my travesía. A circle takes of the upper compression comes with straps to spend like the mini the band is going for the day in a beach, group or in the boat. A telephone marry of the drought of stock exchange was able to use with mine KeyONE Delay. It was able to use a cellphone inner a jacuzzi without concerning in a water that takes inner. This does the present adds for any the one who enjoys a group or the beach and the works like the personal element add to spend for security of airport. I give it 4 stars because an interior is to come rasgado but otherwise is the element of 5 stars . I will buy this again and the recommend to friends and family.
5 / 5 Meghann
Has taken mine iphone in the white water rafting travesía and to the hot cradle and a raincoat pouch has done adds.
5 / 5 Joana
Is the good prize for both. Already I have the together. I have bought this one for my edges. Chances of telephone: when or at all, screen to touch a lot always answers when his interior a waterproof chance. I have lost some good occasions to take pics of rays of sting.
Tape: quite big to apt passport, stock exchange, papers. Really like it.
4 / 5 Tyrell
Has purchased for use in our cruise that brotas in a weekend. We are doing the little catamaran and excursions of ski of the jet so much wants to be able to spend any one my camera or my telephone to take photo. Container Of 2 (1 blue, 1 clear) has arrived punctually today. I have inserted the piece of paper of piece with painting on he ( has imagined that would be easy to see yes run ), there is it sealed on, and has submerged an underwater container for 2 hours with the heavy bowl until the maintain down. A paper is surfaced 100 intact without drips or careers! I seat sure dipping my telephone in this pouch in our travesía so that I will use for (the swimming that/floating on a water, and having water splashed on me while jet skiing). Based in mine little experience thinks it probably would be good for snorkeling but no sure as deep down in a water I casualidad he. In general, very happy with a compraventa for a money is past! It looks plastic of decent quality so that I have paid and some focuses snap closed a lot securely. Like this more mentioned, has the a lot of plastic-and right of smell out of a container, but expect that it dissipate a more is exposed to air.
4 / 5 Collene
These stock exchanges no yes calm is expecting him to maintain the things dry. I have tried these stock exchanges several times. With the stock exchange of line of focus he appropriate once goes three times and clip, can express with all your power and the air does not escape . When in the first place it take these stock exchanges and that come from an air so only expressed well was. Taking these kayaking three times and every time was WETTED to humid interior. Each stock exchange, subject same.
4 / 5 Darrin
Has bought these first products of vacacionales to Cancún, Messico, as I am remained in the airbnb and has not loved to leave my telephone and valuables behind. Some premiers two days, law marvelously - I has been to swim to an ocean with 0 subjects!! It was sooo happy to having found something these works!!
... Then a third day, have gone to the lake, is exited, has loved to take my telephone to take the picture... And a pouch was full of water.
Broken My telephone, my money And my passport!! Caused weaves it to me of the subjects and the headaches and I have lost my telephone! Very unhappy with this compraventa, obviously.
5 / 5 Malcom
Do fault give Stock exchanges when I go to do of the kayak... It premières quality, étanche and the straps are very practical,as well as his pochettes the games joins the meadow of day before recommends strongly.
5 / 5 Claudie
Use this almost daily during our two holidays of week in a Carribean. It has dipped our car tones, telephone mobile and stock exchange in a stock exchange while snorkeling or included so only enjoying to random swimming. It does not filter never maintain our valuables sure and dry. Not to have it has had to that concern roughly maintaining an eye in our material while in a water. Awesome!

When Adding air, sure mark any one the plenary all a way on or calm will not have room to dip your belongings in him. Having bit it less room of leaves of the air for your belonging like pouch will express a pocket; they are two separate compartments .
5 / 5 Charmaine
Nageur expérimenté. The Games of perfect colour partorisca be visible in free water. Your objects will be very protected Joins the times take inflated. 1 hermetical pocket the cellular small games that I not using . Swimming, does not speak telephone! Cordon Of the bouee is a bit Yard, has had to that lengthen he with joined ficelle. At all ideal Games to transport join small liquid or the solid collation of urgency is in the middle of the lake. He lacking dégonfler all Take pcq his 2 wall inflates simultaneously (gives the hermetical inner buoy) that block the entrance of the main in taking. It joins alone straw with Valve of gonflage/dégonflage touch his 2 games of wall less than control in the water. Him them durable material Looks and games quite resistant some seasons. A lot well reward of quality of the Rapport.
His buoys have sold in the skilled tent is- also resistant ? I doubt. The pair against his prize is of a lot of upper. Very satisfied.
5 / 5 Rubie
Buy a dual band for the travesía in Rich Cost for our snorkeling adventures. A fanny the bands were of sound! We would pack All our valuables to them: stock exchange, tones, telephones etc, joins him on and not even remark past him. Has 3 seperate ziplocs more the velcro closure so that at all it take wetted. They took it it was a stress to concern in our belongings that takes flown in a beach. Unfortunately some chances of telephone was less impressive. While they have maintained our perfectly dry telephones, every time dipped the to us down water to take photos, our touchscreens was entirely unresponsive to our touch. But on it waters they have done well. A lot frustrating so that it has not been able to take any low pictures waters! We finalise to appeal behind our digital camera economic submarine that done perfectly. Highly recommend a fanny bands!
5 / 5 Tama
First to buy this buoy to swim of open water, has compared several models. In an end has thought to buy this for a priceand a quality has alleged that finally resulted to be has some characteristic following:1. Stock exchange dips to store small elements (smartphones, tones of scooter and included the small microfibre towels);2. Inflatable section with ray-on valve of closes of the security (any insignificant);3. Measure and pertinent colour for good visibility in of the open water;4. Any annoying tape ( has swum included with only dress, ossia without the organism of triathlon, and, on contact with a skin, has not perceived a slightest annoying, in a contrary I often looked reason thought that it had lost he);
5. Correct period of a strap of connection, although it looks to be short.Also you recommend it to all the lovers / of athletes to swim of open water reason the security in sea is a first appearance to consider.
4 / 5 Kimbery
Ossia In fact like this useful. Any I only uses to swim of long distance but is the drought of stock exchange adds , especially reason calms that can maintain afloat and ensure the things are not taking wet and resists to plot. His tender hips to the equal that to pillow when I am dipping external after the swim. An orange is sum for visibility in of the lakes also. To good sure the interesting cost with so many uses and has on resisted for the season to the equal that will see what hard times !
5 / 5 Roger
Can not attack to unlock my telephone in a stock exchange, but can text by means of a stock exchange if the telephone is unlocked.

HAS three waterproof zips with bit it that double on and velcros

does not return around encircled of mine to the equal that am main, but the amiably has launched returns on with the/of shoulder

has Used in a group with Bluetooth earbuds. While I have maintained a telephone on a water, has done perfectly with Bluetooth.
4 / 5 Charlene
Has spent recently these stock exchanges in our travesía to Giamaica - highly recommend these droughts of stock exchanges. We have not had any worry of our elements that takes wetted. We spend him to us snorkeling and while walking Dunn Fallen of River. Telephones, money, and other elements were perfectly dry. An adjustable tape is good - was able to spend in the variety of ways. A prize is perfect also reason when among vacacional where could require you the drought of stock exchange will try to sell your partorisca more lateralmente!
5 / 5 Albina
I a submersible tries with paper towel in a stock exchange and has resisted down waters for roughly 2 hours. Any leak. A chance of telephone will return my iPhone XR with slender Otterbox manacles- touch the tight access but he will go. Screen to touch the utmost work by means of a plastic. Pics Is clear. No appearance to take use of term with a longitude of these elements, but for a prize can take the plenary 2-3 beach vacacional of week out of his, will be pleased.
4 / 5 Jazmine
Has bought this for my fiancé for a upcoming travesía. Already I have one. I have been excited at the beginning, reason can dip my telephone in without taking a chance was, which is that it has to that do with my current a. Some works of screen very this in spite of a key of screen of the house in mine iPhone has not done. Mina bf will use with his android to the equal that can unlock his telephone without that has to that touch a key of house.
5 / 5 Oliva
Has used so only two of some stock exchanges in the travesía of Caribbean and both stock exchanges have done excellent to maintain the sand and waters it era. A 10L stock exchange would resist my camera and stirs it of another material, while a chance of telephone smaller has resisted my telephone and your of room. I have substituted a plastic carabiners with metal some, but this was so only the precaution. Utmost stock exchanges for a prize.
4 / 5 Kellie
Love this thing. Spent the to a beach has maintained a humidity and the sand was. I have spent also he in an ocean and work. Maintained my dry telephone but did not submerge it lol so only when being paste of some waves. - sidenote Has submerged he with the interior of cloth for the try and a cloth was dry! - I so only have the gone pro he so that it was more paralización when I have wanted to read. :)
4 / 5 Andreas
These maintain an interior of the perfectly waterproof elements, likes fiancé, and taste that of a sale of waist is adjustable. An only thing has not thought roughly, is that when we are travelling, wish some bands have not been partorisca see by means of! I think it that it was surer to have them the solid thought it!
5 / 5 Cherry
Would not recommend this element, has used a chance of telephone and has caused moisture harm to my telephone.

Has loved this element for my recent holidays, and some last 3 days of my travesía was unable to take photos because it break my telephone, which would not touch with which.

Extremely disappointed
5 / 5 Phillip
Master lucido the games of stock exchange to contribute true sews to the sud waters it but has done a test with the end to measure the estanqueidad and this no at all. All was détrempé inner. It have bought it Produces it Touches to contribute my mobile and tones of the month of sud car waters it but this will not be possible with this stock exchange. This returns Pair it opening of the Sack.
4 / 5 Olympia
I of the that knows in his other products, but looks a lot of messed up in a process/of manufacture of the creation. There is two oval form court outs that more probably was for a lentil of photo. Then they have 2 oval shaped patches ossia glued to a backside. That never tried to apply mine didnt quite a lot of centres he so that has the little empty. To all the cost is returned a patch properly, feels a lot of week and easy the paste by means of. Buyer beware
5 / 5 Myrl
Some stock exchanges have been good but a pocket to dip things in a section of the window already there is rasgado and now the things take jammed when it tries to dip he in reason takes taken in a section that rasgó was.

Also one of some chances of telephone has filtered!!!! A thin plastic piece that control a chance to an upper rim snapped and water filtered in. Otherwise A response to touch and qualified to use touchiD was to add but can not trust my telephone with this much longer.

Included decide take this, is more to take your telephone out of any chances that the external use of a water and place he to a waterproof chance. Be careful when opening and it closing to not snapping a plastic. It recommends always dipping it behind to a place of the same lock when has any interior of telephone during storage.
4 / 5 Elisha
Has taken he with me on my holidays, tried it to them and is waterproof. It was also able to take some good pictures while my telephone was in him. But to be sincere the scared so only to take he in a water with me still although it is waterproof. When it Was so only in a beach used it but did not take it for real of the water of interior so only reason has scared . And functionality to touch also well excepts when your hands are wetted is quell'has bitten sticky. 2.ºly Cost that found the hard to take pictures with this series that among a way and has found also a coverage to be bit it too big.
5 / 5 Patria
Marcos sure to try it first to leave! I have him drenched in of water he with the interior of the paper and a test was a lot. I have taken he in a sea in my holidays and was well, has not filtered, is remained around encircled of mine well and was comfortable. So only it wishes a transparent/aim one was to see-by means of enough to take photo by means of him without taking your telephone out of a stock exchange, but as it is not a purpose of a product does not annoy me too much.
4 / 5 Laverna
Has bought this dry backside to pack a essentials for a beach. One divide do easy interior to store my telephone, camera, GO papers, small coverage and swimwear. All has been maintained dry still with which has dipped for behind a wet material been due to one divide. Amur This dry stock exchange!
5 / 5 Lashandra
Absolutely does not recommend . One of some series had snapped and a pouch with my telephone has fallen during our excursion. A serious no snag to anything but so only snapped.

Also when quell'using sooner in a travesía, waters it consistently would build on interior a patch. If using, use absolute precaution.
5 / 5 Narcisa
Is a awesome has produced. It was much less expensive of a new wave bouy. A dry pouch controls on a lot well. It has dipped in fact the big number of bites and 3L of fluent (in diverse bounced water) in him for swimming of mine of longitude. Calm obviously can seats much more that when it is empty but a fact can return it all is impressive. To good sure recommend these products in any swimmer.
4 / 5 Kaycee
I owe that no partorisca use it still. But it looks perfect partorisca mine upcoming travesía in Giamaica. It has it S9+ like measure of a telephone pouch is perfect. A fanny the band is perfect partorisca my husband partorisca dip a paper of room and cash. It comes from it is waterproof when Im in Giamaica.
4 / 5 Logan
Has taken this container by means of 1 day that ships how was very happy roughly. The inaugural, has been missing a band of waist. It was a lot disappointed of that was an element was excited more partorisca take for my travesía. Sigh. If this is to arrive, this description would have been 5 stars .
4 / 5 Deborah
In spite of the amazon that loses my container two times, this company has done sure has taken my mandate . Service of excellent client. I have tried 100 raincoat. It likes-me a cord partorisca around the mine with the. Has the very detach characteristic in a cord partorisca take telephone w/or apresamiento the cord was. Has a iphone8. I have had the bit of lines of question on a camera and key of house with some windows. I have done like this with any wiggling. 2 Gone in the container. The value adds partorisca money.
4 / 5 Zula
Is the good measure partorisca return some of some telephones some big plus.. He servres a purpose partorisca maintain the usable telephone partorisca screen partorisca touch, also in the now dry and sure around the yours with the...
Easy to use.. This in spite of has room partorisca Go. Papers crediticios and money.....
5 / 5 Tisha
A blue stock exchange was partorisca add but some screens are not visible to use when in a black stock exchange. As such, is my-ad that both stock exchanges are partorisca touch-use of screen. Would have enough so only paid for one a blue stock exchange or has had an option to buy two blue stock exchanges.

June of update 28, 2019: after reading my feedback, this company sent the container that contains the blue and clear stock exchange (which in fact would have been that would have loved, has had I known that a black a no properly is/ visible with touchscreens. I have not expected this and would like me the graces! This was an unexpected surprise .
5 / 5 Sherie
Very pleased with this compraventa! It has taken he for his in the first place swim today and was excellent. I have had my telephone, automobile fob and the piece of paper so only to see yes could relieve any moisture and all was dry like the bone. They are the measure 18 and the returns adds with more the period there is to the left has required .
5 / 5 Roseanne
The stock exchanges are small with which fold then up. 10L stock exchange is adds for these elements of stock exchange and small things.

Some chances of telephone is some excellent adds on.
5 / 5 Wan
Both bands are spent a test of water. Well done of value , adds for a money. My only complaint is that the strap of a band of the clear tape is not while a blue some (sees photo). I seat sure his Service of Client Dept. You cure of of the this.
4 / 5 Chante
Enjoyed the decadence to relax in a water with my new mark paddleboard. A lake was calm, the birds were chirping, the life was a lot. It conceals all has changed in a flash. Without warning I toppled for behind a joint that follows an unexpected shove of the partner in trying ambush me. Drenched. It was flailing in a water and has taken immediately my telephone that is remained dry and ensure in new waterproof mine pouch dangling of the mine with the. 10 Out of 10.
5 / 5 Ginger
These were really good! Had my telephone in an ocean and any water filtered by means of at all! It has been it bit it small for the plus of iPhone with the chance in the and an interior would take vaporous to the time likes the screen would be hard to the click but the compraventa adds another concealed it!

Top Customer Reviews: AILLOSA Water Shoes ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 Kathleen
My woman loves these socks of Barefoot water. Been using it all by means of our travesía in Maui. Really he add on walking for a beach or for some falls of rocky water. It helps the plot. It is flexible and feels dry after waters of rooms, calm does not take that wet feeling.
5 / 5 Eusebio
Some shoes are the little width of has bitten that imagination. It returns my fat feet a lot well. I have tried he in mine backyard, is soft and comfortable. I can not expect for a sunny weekend on beach now.
5 / 5 Harris
I have bought two pairs for my parents to travel in Messico. Both of them have wide feet, these shoes of water am returned perfectly , easy light weight to spend, protect his feet in a beach,and they was to spend during his flight in an aeroplane.
5 / 5 Lola
I really like this shoes of water. Light weight; control to my feet closely and no easy to fall off. I have selected measure M Woman of EUA that is to return perfectly me. A measure the normal shoes is also in M EUA.
5 / 5 Becki
These shoes of water are good colour . A prize cost to buy . They are easy the ware .
5 / 5 Olinda
Amur A record and feel. You water it name appropriately SOCKS. It thinks thinnerbsoles that shoes. Alive to spend these in a water, on kayak, or the floaty, but does not add to walk in of the rocks. I dry quickly like this for description.
4 / 5 Jacquelyn
I have bought the pair for my husband and I for a upcoming travel it and we are pleased enough with an access of them. They are snug but comfortable. I can not testify to as it was in a water still but look to be the good facts and one have the habit of of the hule flexible feels to like would have to that offer enough protect. They look quite fresh also!
5 / 5 Fidela
These am very comfortable, easy to dip on and take was, sturdy have the habit of still he around marries and for external paving around a house. Good quality, very done and practical to use like this day-the slippers
5 / 5 Neville
I have bought two pairs partorisca my parents partorisca travel in Messico. Both of them have wide feet, these shoes of water am returned perfectly , easy light weight partorisca spend, protect his feet in a beach,and his same spend during his flight in an aeroplane.
5 / 5 Alysha
Has bought the pair partorisca my husband and I partorisca a upcoming travel it and we are pleased enough with an access of them. They are snug but comfortable. I can not testify to as it was in a water still but look to be the good facts and one have the habit of of the hule flexible feels to like would have to that offer enough protect. They look quite fresh also!
4 / 5 Kathyrn
These am very comfortable, easy to dip on and take was, sturdy have the habit of still he around marries and for external paving around a house. Good quality, very done and practical to use like this day-slippers
4 / 5 Zofia
would recommend these shoes of water. I have not bought never of the shoes to water before and has not been if this professional or no, but returns perfectly, súper soft and comfortable. Ossia All I need.
4 / 5 Olivia
These shoes of water are good colour . A prize cost to buy . They are easy to ware .
5 / 5 Jacqueline
These shoes are very pleasant and comfy! The step measures 81/2 to 9 shoes to the equal that was uncertain that has measured to order. Looked for travers of the leading descriptions and recommendation expósita to go with a quite that a 9. It returns perfectly. THANKS TO this reviewer! So only the tad tight but in watering just perfect. A lot of stretchy material . A navy blue is beautiful.
4 / 5 Yolanda
The product has mentioned that a sizing was small to select the main measure. The mine was in a flange to the equal that have been for a next measure and is way the big.
5 / 5 Quinn
The shoe Gives 7 and there was lucido election among taking his 5 1/2-6 1/2or 7 1/2-8 1/2, has chosen 7 1/2-8 1/2.ºt Is a bit big touch
4 / 5 Tijuana
normalised Very a lot of (flamingos). A measure for me is quell'has bitten big, My measure of shoe is , but a short measure until 8.5. They are comfortable and some funds are utmost. Happy will not cut mine in choral feet in an ocean.
4 / 5 Ivey
Has purchased for the cruise. My woman tried them is gone in his class of yoga and expósito has done enough well.
4 / 5 Gwendolyn
I wish an interior liner has been fixed, but another that that, this access of soft shoes and feel like this expected that.
4 / 5 Elva
The access adds. So only Remeber these are socks of water and any shoe. You will feel these rocks.
4 / 5 Catarina
Am expecting partorisca use while on travesía in Caribbean. They would owe that be perfect partorisca my use.
5 / 5 Marisha
I like a Consolation and facilitated partorisca dip on and protect while swimming in an ocean.
5 / 5 Teddy
Beautiful product, magnitude and perfect appearances. It looks Slow in drying.
5 / 5 Andy
Beautiful and true to measure, BUT is slippery in a flower grupal.
4 / 5 Ta
Spends usually of the 8,5. It is One all small little too Glorious. His will be perfect Games a lot that raisin of the 9
4 / 5 Exie
One has the habit of of the hule is too thin. Any advisable a sand in a beach is not well.
Material poor. Well partorisca Some times use so only.
So only add 10 more dollars and or can take the shoes of water of the quality that could use you multiple time.
4 / 5 Teresa
Utilisation the class of Yoga in place of coffins access and wont slip in of the pavings.
5 / 5 Leland
Has bought two closings an on its own name and a partorisca mine hubby. Look And apt perfect.
4 / 5 Ladawn
Surprisingly it is in fact water prof, a measure is more than the 6 no, in general is the shoes of utmost water
5 / 5 Denese
looks good and feels adds, feigns partorisca use them partorisca swim but did not use them still.
5 / 5 Salena
Is is partorisca give in the presents Touches to any to go back them
4 / 5 Audry
can not expect use them on my travesía! It feels a lot cosy in my feet
4 / 5 Hisako
want to him is not so only comfortable feel it to me sure. I can walk in hardwood or carpet and not slipping or falling. The cost has better fact in the longitude while.
4 / 5 Reid
Loves my shoes of water, does not slip was and a measure was something on..
4 / 5 Giovanni
Orders the main measure that your measure of shoe. They are comfortable and look so only like a picture. The steps for 3 weeks in Messico and has resisted arrives a lot of
4 / 5 Ali
I love a look and feel of this element but the unsure sound in a sizing and will be partorisca look in as the different accesses
4 / 5 Brittny
Add very from now on partorisca try them on a beach!
5 / 5 Francesco
Quality quite good. Used he for cosplay to build EVA foams around that. Comfortable.
4 / 5 Andree
The shoes of water have done perfectly for Snorkelling in Cozumel.
4 / 5 Kemberly
Easy to wash, has been to camp and a lake there has been small rocks. The walking was the little uncomfortable but the better way that barefoot.
4 / 5 Drew
Light and very comfortable, súper thin and fact for use with fins
4 / 5 Kia
Good product! Slightly access main but any subject of entity
5 / 5 Nguyet
I have purchased at least 10 pairs of shoes of water and aqua socks on to to some years likes him- taste be alfresco and in a water so to the equal that was possible. A last pair of the fashionable shoes of average returned has purchased them was very too big and class of flexible. His hated. I have ordered it measures it down in these reasons a fashion is meant partorisca be tight and returned but order your true measure will find some shoes are slightly flexible and loose to the equal that has measured down slightly. These have has it the habit of orders in his, much stronger that other pairs have purchased, and partorisca a prize can has not beaten the! I love this style in shoes of traditional water reason are can lighter and leaves much more movement in a foot.
Also, is súper pleasant!
(ps Follows posting this in mine BFs accounts lol are not the boy that buys shoes of lady, fiancée)
5 / 5 Kerrie
These shoes have arrived punctually, and returns very like this expected. I use him partorisca aqua accesses etc... Pocolos Times the week. It feels he adds, the look adds. Really comfortable. It will buy again when they take spent. Last pair is lasted to the long of the year with formation grupal abusive. Maintain my soft feet and does not slip in a group. Highly recommend! Usually it spends the measure . Any snug or too tight otherwise would be him returned. My feet do not slip was, while with other frames have done.
4 / 5 Lois
A cloth is quite stretchy the one who half a lot of a lot of movements have these almost slipping my feet there is any class of lateral pressure against his (and the one who the movements of Yogas are that it goes to find without having lateral pressure in your feet). Perhaps they are well for aqua socks, but chair that could not be utmost thus neither given an elasticity of some cups.
4 / 5 Dollie
Stretchy. They are a measure esatta 6 and these are perfect. Also it has taken my mamma that is the 6.5 a same pair (different colour) and is returned. They extend so that it is to say my second pair (but in the comfy way any in the I poden does not spend, has spent so only out of some have the habit of to spend them so much). Drought really quickly and pack really well.

Spend during hikes and spend them during swampy portions to avert wet boots. Also, it spent him swimming in of the lakes around Rocky cost. Good option to pretect your toes of a slimy things!!
4 / 5 Bernadette
Like some shoes are utmost. They are very soft and comfortable, and does not line some ankles at all. Has traction very good. An only downside is that when you are does not have the heck of the plot of support. And I am sure I has stepped in the rock really would feel it. But otherwise am contained enough with some shoes. I think that to be shoes of the water is not that ugly. As I am expecting that they resist up in a beach
5 / 5 Lily
Some shoes are quell'has bitten snug but the expect extend I so that it spends it longer. I enough the be snug. They are very comfortable and am sure will be adds a group. I love a variety of colours and probably will buy more with which spend to this plus to see likes raisin.
4 / 5 Nelia
Has bought 40/41, usually take the measure of the women 10, turn perfectly. It has begun so only a aqua program of fitness and was nervous roughly that slips in a group. They are 76 and it can not swim! Some shoes help me to us sure and better celery able to do some exercises. They remain in place and is easy to dip on and era. I have bought a model of leaf with fines dye . I recommended him to 3 ladies those who admired.
5 / 5 Brigid
Some shoes of water are sum. His sizing is attentive and his really comfortable. A question, this is not a shoe has ordered? I have ordered average of water with leaves on the and has taken the creation that was for the boy and not even in some options? I can not find the link anywhere to contact a vendor like this hopefully can contact me reason can do not to return them. I require these for the travesía this week and does not have time to return them and attended in another pair. It prevails- my edges can spend these when I am done with them, but be warned. You can neither taking an order of creation.
5 / 5 Tu
Shoes of sum of global water. Very light, looks to be a lot has built. A colour has taken was the different way that it pictured, but does not treat it enormous mine. But something to be conscious of is picky in that.
4 / 5 Modesta
Has bought two pairs for my parents to travel in Messico. Both of them have wide feet, these shoes of water am returned perfectly , easy light weight to spend, protect his feet in a beach,and they was to spend during his flight in an aeroplane.
5 / 5 Darrick
The good looks and the chair adds, feigns partorisca use them partorisca swim but did not use them still.
4 / 5 Donita
the fact adds in a beach. The desire has had the little more cushioning partorisca some only
5 / 5 Charolette
The access was well except a toe. Felt the bit to long and a insoles is exited when wet.
Spent him both in Cost Rico and the Filippine
4 / 5 Zoe
My familiar and have the place of seasonal camping, with our access of water with mostly of acute rocks. These are some the better things have purchased last year! The his spends in a water lounging or swimming. It does not import spending them around partorisca walk behind and advances of a camping to a water. They maintain my feet of not taking streaky or dirty. Also I enjoy to spend his when we are in a boat.
4 / 5 Annett
These shoes return very comfortably. I use him around a house. The majority of my paving is laminate. These shoes do not slip . I plan on buying, at least, 2 more pair
4 / 5 Adah
These shoes are very pleasant and comfy! The step measures 81/2 to 9 shoes how was uncertain that has measured partorisca order. Looked for travers of the leading descriptions and recommendation expósita partorisca go with a quite that a 9. It returns perfectly. THANKS TO this reviewer! So only the tad tight but in watering just perfect. A lot of stretchy material . A navy blue is beautiful.
4 / 5 Dominic
Has bought these for my Mamma to use in a cottage and absolutely the master! It uses him to walk in a water in a beach. They are very comfortable & a sizing is attentive!
4 / 5 Blaine
Are trace 1 measure when ordering. A product returns perfect. Usually it spends the measure of the women 10, orderly measure 11. Certainly I will order again.

Top Customer Reviews: Retrospec Quip ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 Star
They are the 170 lb man in his 30s with the minimum variable to any skate XP looking partorisca take to signal A partorisca signal B faster. Like this far this joint is sum . A quality dress diverse well, a walk is fast and smooth. Considering Turning it could be better, but the has not tried still loosen some trucks still. Partorisca A totally cost prize he. So much the take surer to skate the probably will invest in the joint of real penny
4 / 5 Leonia
after revising some people of negative critiques have to that comprise a thing... Things that comes directly of the line of factory will REQUIRE partorisca be regulated and place until YOUR PERSONNEL that likes and preference. I have had to presionar on truck and loosen on some dice in a bearings/wheels and bam, traces like the field! I plan to use this in holidays and the give was to the boy when I leave :)
5 / 5 Donetta
One of some wheels unevenly transfers and wobbles while spinning (the wheel there is grazed probably manufactured unevenly or an iron are free)
This does partorisca locate this joint down way of hills more unstable and creates much more wobbling. I have contacted his support and his have not offered partorisca direct any of my worries in spite of emailing his 5/6 times. I will be to the turn is one and buying the REAL a partorisca the 70 dollars and will not require partorisca concern in these subjects of qualities
so only recommends this so that they are not has had to that use the joint seriously partorisca commuting or very thick. Ossia Well in better wants to learn or so only partorisca amused. If you want to go down hills and not DYING takes the joint of real penny
need the real joint any economic was in this thing, take the real joint.
4 / 5 Pamella
Skateboard A lot well, especially partorisca a prize. It is good quality , an only reason reason are not that giving 5 stars partorisca durability is reason have has had so only he partorisca the few weeks! I use it almost daily and absolutely it loves that. I recommended it to all my friends also reasons is like this more economic that neighbouring of penny of mark of name.
5 / 5 Avelina
I wasnt really this has thrilled partorisca take this pennyboard partorisca my daughter partorisca Navidad but with Christmas quickly that approaches I just didnt have a time partorisca look anth further. As it was ordered and a joy in his expensive when it opens was a lot of value my initial fears. It is the product adds and is sturdy on that. It is 12 years old and 5'3' and roughly 115lbs and he no sag under his weight. I have finalised partorisca take one 27' partorisca his and happy I didnt goes smaller
5 / 5 Burma
has ordered a by heart orange brilliant and he have come like the brown with dark blue wheels. A colour was significantly out of quell'I has ordered. He otherwise looks the product of quality. It was so only really disappointed with a colour.
4 / 5 Herbert
My net loves it. With slips to practise well with minimum noise.
5 / 5 Marcelle
The picture aims a together brilliant orange but in a selection is in fact season red. It season The red is like the brownish orange, any that it has expected them. It was my failure partorisca not remarking a selection. The joint has used so only the pocolos looks to time partorisca go well. You go in the box a joint wrapped in plastic. Plastic wrapper goes under a bearings. As it can require unscrew bearings to entirely take out of wrapper. It measures of the wheel is 60 mm
5 / 5 Glynda
has loved a measure and a celery! More, is the product adds partorisca a prize. I have ordered a joint that was Seafoam and Tangerine, this in spite of, some wheels in a picture have compared to some wheels had taken was the little darker then had expected. Also, when I have received a joint there was plastic go in a joint and of the trucks. They are well with this this in spite of reasons am not a lot of picky and can be fixed. Also, some paints the still look very near to the equal that are well with him. In general, utmost joint!
4 / 5 Sau
Bought it fr my sister, his quality adds and are has impressed really. It take a maroon and looks exactly like a photo
5 / 5 Melisa
My granddaughter is learning very quickly in this sturdy little together!
5 / 5 Alisha
Is the little joint of penny partorisca economic, some trucks are very soft and a bearings could be better but in general is looking for the joint, is one .
4 / 5 Sid
Ossia The add little cruiser near. Partorisca A prize has paid, a quality is sum . Some trucks and bushings work very amiably. Finally this thing is absolutely indestructible, can take the plot of pressure and has included a weight of the car wheel that the run over haha.

You will not complain this compraventa!
4 / 5 Delbert
Has bought this skateboard partorisca mine 5 old year. Love it. Well partorisca the boy but very sure likes to treat for an adult, looks the little bendy when you locate
5 / 5 Retta
Quite sturdy, feels like a joint of global good nickel. The wheels are aimed like the blue dark plus will turn the ash inside light use.
4 / 5 Jarod
The joint is crooked to an accident, and any one imports the one who calm , goes near left all a time.
5 / 5 Latia
Would owe that it has ordered a long plus.unla Near is good and light quality .
5 / 5 Tammie
Coast Near, the bite of wheel is alittle annoying and he flexss quite abit in a half. Scratches Plásticoes soft easily. Decent joint thats entertainment
4 / 5 Maribel
Awesome, My daughter has loved that.
Sturdy And strong
5 / 5 Thanh
My daughter so only wants to this and will take a lot of years of use! Also súper has impressed was able of the take mine in the haste for Navidad. Thank you!!
5 / 5 Donte
Only perfect for our grandson,
love a colour and so only taking it
4 / 5 Zona
sees in a picture some orange and blue colours pocolos more caffè and dark blue colour. Another that that locates really smooth and easy to turn.
5 / 5 Britney
Shabby this prime of a trace of prize.
A lot of bearings
Sound friggin Sweet.
4 / 5 Truman
A perfect measure for my boy of 5 years those who only is learning to locate the skateboard. I want that it is black and plain.
4 / 5 Wilson
My daughter has loved that. Value and utmost quality partorisca money.
5 / 5 Evelyne
My small edges and Games lucidos the prize is a lot abordable
5 / 5 Mariam
has Bought this partorisca my younger prime minister and is exactly as it has described. The colour is Perfecto !
4 / 5 Refugio
The product was the little there is retarded partorisca take ours but is perfect and is very happy with him.
5 / 5 Meggan
troooooooop Feigning and the by heart worse works good-looking súper a lot to to gender likes-him the official penny
5 / 5 Iesha
It is the a lot of one, but is the little smaller partorisca me
4 / 5 Jose
Exactly as it has expected! Also a lot of sturdy! Súper Happy :)
4 / 5 Dianna
like this pictured, trace one same like an expensive joint of zumiez
4 / 5 Angelo
One of some wheels unevenly transfers and wobbles while spinning (the wheel there is grazed probably manufactured unevenly or an iron are free)
This does partorisca locate this joint down way of hills more unstable and creates much more wobbling. I have contacted his support and his have not offered partorisca direct any of my worries in spite of emailing his 5/6 times. I will be to the turn is one and buying the REAL a partorisca the 70 dollars and will not require partorisca concern in these subjects of qualities
so only recommends this so that they are not has had to that use the joint seriously partorisca commuting or very thick. Ossia Well in better wants to learn or so only partorisca amused. If you want to go down hills and not DYING takes the joint of real penny
needs the real joint any economic was in this thing, take the real joint.
4 / 5 Gaston
The picture aims a together brilliant orange but in a selection is in fact season red. It seasons The red is like the brownish orange, any that it has expected them. It was my failure partorisca not remarking a selection. The joint has used so only the pocolos looks to time partorisca go well. It is gone in the box a joint wrapped in plastic. Plastic wrapper goes under a bearings. As it could require unscrew bearings to entirely take out of wrapper. Measure of the wheel is 60 mm
4 / 5 Monroe
I wasnt really this has thrilled partorisca take this pennyboard partorisca my daughter partorisca Navidad but with Christmas quickly that approaches I just didnt have a time partorisca look anth further. How it has been ordered and a joy in his expensive when it has opened was a lot of value my initial fears. It is the product adds and is sturdy on that. It is 12 years old and 5'3' and roughly 115lbs and he no sag under his weight. I have finalised partorisca take one 27' partorisca his and happy I didnt goes smaller
5 / 5 Moira
has Purchased this like the present partorisca our grandson and absolutely loves it. A delivery has taken bit it long but is a lot of the patients anyways but was anxious to receive and present this his. A measure is perfect partorisca he ( is one 11 old year) and add for adults also. It slips quite smoothly and is a lot sturdy - reward it are adds compared to a lot of another some were compraventa around partorisca - to good sure the value adds partorisca money.
4 / 5 Harlan
Has loved a measure and a celery! More, is the product adds partorisca a prize. I have ordered a joint that was Seafoam and Tangerine, this in spite of, some wheels in a picture have compared to some wheels had taken was the little darker then had expected. Also, when I have received a joint there was plastic go in a joint and of the trucks. They are well with this this in spite of reasons am not a lot of picky and can be fixed. Also, some paints the still look very near to the equal that are well with him. In general, utmost joint!
4 / 5 Rupert
Joint of penny. As it has described. The utmost looks. Used partorisca the few weeks now and daughter very happy with him. Well (small plus) measure. The value adds. Like another mentioned a plastic wraps was down goes but I so only trimmed the excess was (has not taking unit of wheel).
5 / 5 Aurelio
The daughter has loved a ‘joint of penny' and loves it. Utmost wheels and bearings. Sturdy And except some street rash and bruises, his taking to signal One to signal B a lot of (which is which has been said was the one who the joint of penny is still).
5 / 5 Bertha
Bought it fr my sister, his quality adds and are has impressed really. It has taken a maroon and looks exactly like a photo
4 / 5 Lyle
My granddaughter is learning a lot quickly in this sturdy little together!
4 / 5 Linwood
Is the little joint of penny for economic, some trucks are very soft and a bearings could be better but in general is looking for the joint, is one .
5 / 5 Eleonora
Ossia The add little cruiser together. For a prize has paid, a quality is sum . Some trucks and bushings work a lot amiably. Finally this thing is absolutely indestructible, can take the plot of pressure and has included a weight of the car wheel that the run over haha.

You will not complain this compraventa!
5 / 5 Claudia
Has bought this skateboard for mine 5 old year. It loves it. Well for the boy but very sure to the equal that would treat for an adult, looks the little bendy when it locates
4 / 5 Shona
An economic neighbour to touch with, but no really easy for beginners to learn skateboarding with this joint. Hanged of supports, my fiancé dipped the stool, 20 has beaten of beer and has seated in the while going around inside an edifice.
5 / 5 Matt
Has ordered one for mine 12I & then my others 2 daughters, his friends, & my edges all has has wanted to he - in the so many buy 3 more.
5 / 5 Alfreda
Really stoked the cost with east in a neighbourhood. Awesome Prize, delivery very fast.
5 / 5 Gavin
It has taken my boring penny and has not known that the colour has taken but was the good colour anyways. Plastic had around the and was down some rays and I could any took was. Another that that loves it.
5 / 5 Ruby
My Granddaughter loves this joint, is in the all a time to the equal that assume t is adds!
5 / 5 Bibi
The joint is crooked to an accident, and any one imports the one who calm , goes prójimo to the sinister all a time.
4 / 5 Edwina
troooooooop Feigning and the good-looking worse colour acts súper a lot to to gender likes-him the official penny
5 / 5 Manie
Quite well, my only complaint is that a joint was pre wrapped in plastic then his screwed some wheels on way that has plastic concealed is stuck ossia last to exit (goes pics)
4 / 5 Lashawnda
Very jointed, the bite of wheel is alittle annoying and he flexss quite abit in a half. Scratches Plásticoes soft easily. Decent joint thats entertainment
4 / 5 Luanna
Only perfect for our grandson,
has loved a colour and so only in that takes it
5 / 5 Keturah
My edges to 12 truths of years has contained very conceived touches lucido prize his wheels goes very very well compraventa
5 / 5 Arminda
If you see in a picture some orange and dye blue pocolos more caffè and dark blue colour. Another that that locates really smooth and easy to turn.
5 / 5 Regan
Recommends strongly this product. Of quality very good.
4 / 5 Joellen
More economic that marks of penny and almost a same quality. My girls have loved the
5 / 5 Taren
Buy this prime of a trace of prize.
A lot of bearings
Sound friggin Sweet.
4 / 5 Rosalee
Finds bit it short for mine in pleasant but the smooth and good dinner to locate on to good sure value your money

Top Customer Reviews: JIASUQI Womens Mens ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Larae
Bought the partorisca my travesía in Cost Rico. Easy to pack, the fact adds partorisca ziplining, hiking, a beach and same waterfall rappelling! The value adds
5 / 5 Collette
These shoes of water are like this comfortable! They slip on like this of the socks. We love him to us. I spent him the beach, the park of water and in the rocky lake and like this far like this good!
5 / 5 Emory
Would have given these awesome shoes 5 stars another that is way TOO SMALL. I spend he 39 but is returned that has measured. This pair is 40/41 and hardly returns mine 8.5 feet. But they are gorgeous with the tread of look and hule good a lot has built. Of Ottawa is ploughing by means of snowstorm after snowstorm have still partorisca try them on a beach BUT confidence !
5 / 5 Shea
Has bought these shoes of sports of the water partorisca mine backpacking travesía in some the Filippine. I used him it takes canyoneering and walked of waterfall. A record was a lot of and is not exited never. It is a lot of gain during my travesía. This in spite of, rasgan and is coming averts a lot easily that considers that they call shoes of sports of the water. A lifespan of my pair was 2 weeks that was a period of my travesía.

Some shoes were easy to clean but was although I cleaned him every day, has finalised partorisca odorare after a first week.

Partorisca The travesía short that involves activity partorisca water to good sure would buy him again.
5 / 5 Christiane
I amour this average some measures is perfect, is not too tight or too free and is very soft and comfortable. Very easy to walk in. I used him the time of pair now, take a work done, can spend my shoes without taking my wet feet and to the muck has stuck on him. Highly you recommend that this average to any the one who enjoys to take to stop in the lake or beach and does not want to take his feet wet. So only maintain these in yours automobiles and is good to go!
4 / 5 Karisa
Has ordered like this these for my travesía of Cuba. It returns good and tight. It agree to some another the one who mentioned it when being too small. It likes well like this not to slip it was. It is very thin like this almost to the equal that have had at all on. I prevented to good sure that the slips am gone in a group and a hot sand in a beach. I dry quickly. This in spite of a quality is quite poor. With which so only 6 days of use. Already it is rasgando. A prize was a lot of but would recommend that investigations elsewhere because of that.
5 / 5 Andres
These are qualities quite economic . I took him so only reason were the lightning extracted has taken him like this economic. One is done of a same material like the dress to bathe with the economic rubbery grip in a fund. It is not quell'have the habit of plenary like the shoe, is more likes that no-hule to paint of slip in a fund of slipper half to give them grip.

Looks economic when calm his doors. They are returned comfy this in spite of. But any like him to him a surplus nub east hangs in a backside of a heel. This would not exist has had real measures in place of S M L etc. Are one 8 , has ordered one 7 to 8.5 I thinks. A thumb of stir materials up in heel of mine. It adds to an uncomfortable economic look.

Has seen the people ask if these can be used in the 10k career and I just laugh. There is really any one has the habit of, any arch, any support anything. You run 10k in your socks? If paths in jagged the rocks will feel it. Hot pavement, will feel it. Running will hurt. Ossia So only the dress to bathe for your feet.

Am using these like this to rain shoe me. When I Go to the camp does not want to go barefoot in these bad public showers in a campground. But I spend sandals of mine of skin am wetted for the hours and he rubs against my skin. So much the'll be using these like this foot protectors. They could be good in a beach also.

Does not expect these to last long or stand up to rugged conditions. They look something would see in the tent of dollar. And hard roughly while these sandals of tent of the dollar. They are economic but convenient and yes calm any overdo will be it well. I stick it stirs it of pics and aim you that I bad when I say he nub that the claves am gone in a heel. They come with him Ziploc spending stock exchange like pointed in a pic.
4 / 5 Cleta
Has used these in a beach. They have maintained out of a heat of a sand and is remained on in some waves of ocean. An interior liner has maintained that the slips was when swimming, as lame so only. I dry quickly, but leaves some sand in (any enough to do walking that I annoy this in spite of). Bought my measure of shoe 6 and turn well. It has bought one for my husband, but the measures of some big men (12) is not like this comfortable. They look to bend in a backside of a foot.
4 / 5 Kourtney
Has bought he and L several years and plants him to the poubelle, is regulated more and truth that the plus minces of the sud lucido on, comfortable truth
4 / 5 Corrina
spent them recently in the travesía. It wins him. It feels like this comfortable. Sense like some socks. I add for a beach and in of waters he. It was very hesitant roughly spending them was in some streets this in spite of as has the habit of of the hule is very thin. A lot of shopping again. It has been it adds. I spend the women 8 /2 usually and has bought the Gentleman Am returned perfectly. My husband is measured 11 Men is and a L is returned the bit snug.
5 / 5 Cinthia
I will be partorisca take these with me on my travesía as I can spend him in a water partorisca protect my feet of acute rocks or broken peels. Celery like a material is the little bit 'also stretchy' if this felt. I will owe that see like this do with a weight of a water... The wait of the one who falls off!

Is a lot of comfy. I can say that forsure!
4 / 5 Penelope
If you are the half measure could wants to order down the sizing a lot up. They are the 7.5 and has ordered one and is quell'has bitten flexible, but is very built and calm in fact can swim with them. Which is perfect for painful beaches in Ontario with muscles of zebras.
4 / 5 Devona
Look flimsy and a cushioning is not that fat when I have used he in Hawaii. He still better that coffins foot.

When I have seen produced Looked in Hawaii they the thickness is perhaps three times in a fund of some shoes that the will cushion and the chorals or the pointy rocks poden raisin of incident on.

Also there was at all for it presionar he like this slips once or two times. Mark calms sure turns !
4 / 5 Cole
Liked a product. It was well to protect my feet while walking. They have taken the moment to dry, but yes calm leave in a sun, will be dry in time for your next use. It seats an access was the little was-- have it the habit of of the hule would owe that sustain a whole foot, but felt my heel has extended a cloth slightly--perhaps is not a right measure?
In general chairs like the good access, as they are puzzled in that. Utilisations this produces again, as it seats my feet has maintained clean while walking side grupal and still in a group!
Want to all some fresh models and paints this entrance of shoes of the water. To good sure it draw of better way that some shoes of water of one '90s!
4 / 5 Inga
Draws very good and the colour compares to some other vendors. Bought two times and then some more sportive shoes. The element arrives the few weeks late this in spite of and affect my compraventa in mine more has purchased late. Measure the little too tight. It give 5 star if the service has been test of water .
4 / 5 Pamula
Has bought these to use like this slippers reasons any like me to them the normal slippers. It has loved the slippers could wash concealed would dry fast and that also could be dipped quickly on and taken was. I had him for the few weeks and is doing like this expected like this far. They return small in some toes for me (I usually socks of toe of the wear) to the equal that can measured up for a next pair.
4 / 5 Celena
Pros - Light and dry quickly. Well gor a beach.
Gilipollas - Súper Slippery in walking of wet tile and is big. I bought him for a group of gymnasium and zone of shower. They are dangerously slippery in wet tile.
4 / 5 Xuan
Has been concerned roughly subjects of measure but this one had died on. Bought these to walk around a house in place of barefoot. It looks he is like one has the habit of will last long time, good quality.
I men of wear 8 1/2 - 9 and has bought his measure announced of 81/2 to 9 HALF and the measures is perfect.
4 / 5 Lashunda
Has taken these shoes to water so only first of my holidays of beach. They have arrived promptly and looked so only like some on-line photos. They are usually he 7.5 to 8. I have ordered one 7.5 - 8.5. They return perfectly. I have not had any subjects that goes in and was and has not been flexible in my feet. To the good sure seats comfortable in these shoes that strolls in a sand and in brief in a street. With which 4 wears in a course of the week in of the salt water and in the sand are comfortable that they will be in good condition for a travesía next.
4 / 5 Scarlet
Has very bad has broken heels and are the diabetic. Long have bled of these cracks and these shoes protect my feet as well as it feels like any shoe at all. I can dip creams in some heels and he no smear on my flooring.
4 / 5 Nu
Experience partorisca my edges those who spends the measure 4. I have taken one 3.5 and is returned the little big but no crazy... Fact very partorisca a beach. It is a lot rocky and my edges didnt complains at all while spending these shoes. Also you want to one 'fresh creation'. They have dried quickly and it was easy to clean a sand was has dried once. Shopping again.
5 / 5 Shea
Has measured 9 feet and these were bit it big. I dipped him on in some centres in Messico because it rain but could any he out of a room because they were like this slippery. Clearly any meaning partorisca these streets! I forgot him on our travesía of day so that it has been feigned like this the description is quell'has bitten incomplete. I will say that they are good looking and a pocket is the good touch . It was a lot of thy has had more precise sizing options.
5 / 5 Christiane
I didnt in fact take to spend them in ocean or in a sand, reason a last beach has been to era very soft/comfortable one has the habit of of base of this shoe of water is very thin. It was concerned that urchins or other acute elements still would cause me short/ache. It have expected partorisca his partorisca be bit it more sturdy in a fund.
4 / 5 Luise
Even Better that has expected. Comfortable, didnt the slips have included walked by means of swampy conditions. Weights very light, but fat still quite have the habit of me didnt need to change shoes for Portage to to the my canoe likes had anticipated.
4 / 5 Liane
Has spent this once and take like this messed on, gave ache of feet , an inferior tampon moved and has fallen was and the inner sand goring he and taken weighed with the bit of water and has maintained to exit of my feet.
I good looks but his no usable.
4 / 5 Carita
Very Good but really too small. They are the 7.5 womens and is really tight ...My toes propably spend for really be will extend in a sound a lot quite
4 / 5 Karisa
Like the zip in a side has broken basically a minute spent it and some of a stitching is exited. I bought him to walk in a beach and during camping travesías for showers and of the activities of water. They are not bad and one if the mine any rasgó like this fast.
4 / 5 Andres
Very beautiful... It joins small pochette of the each side with closure and two Stock exchanges of plásticoes games and like an or two objects without taking waters it. Practical truth. Thank you...
4 / 5 Cleta
Adds adds to water/weekends of camp... Light and struggle more like the shoe then the average, that has looked for. The zip is sum for money or your, but no the big space.
Will look for deals and buy again, things to mark funkier in a kayak this summer.
5 / 5 Kourtney
A bit the pocket is the good touch . Some shoes are a lot read and comfortable. When that Orders the measure, commanded the 1/2 measures less than you the shoe like material surrounding your foot is stretchy. Cela Will give you the access the comfortable plus.
4 / 5 Doreen
These shoes are crazy gorgeous and some the majority of comfortable shoes has has not had never. Incredible to explore to the long of a river!! I spent him partorisca the five camping of travesía of day and was an only some of the one who the feet have not been SORE in an end of a day!! ( I recommends to buy extra in some fresh models )
4 / 5 Artie
has chosen this shoe because it liked really of an option of pocket. There is not any way the paper key will return in a pocket that opens shoes ... I know I have tried. And like quota another has said, this small apt average. I have been at least the half measure arrives and is still way too tight. Unfortunately they are when being is returned.
4 / 5 Tresa
Orders smaller. Volume and orderly smaller and turn perfectly. No attended partorisca dip the paper in a pocket he no returned. Perhaps some money or the tone. I will update with which use him to us.
4 / 5 Crystle
Spends generally of the 8.5 / 9 has commanded like this 9/10. They are truths very small... I spent him in spite of and this was a lot! They are good Comfortable in short and does not slip .
5 / 5 Jeremiah
Produces very good but has had to that send them behind and take the main measure to the equal that return too small was although I have chosen like this directed for a map of measure. Otherwise Is lovely.
4 / 5 Mariano
Like one feels, a fact that is the colours and the light weights are expected like this. Now I will admit my mamma and I have small feet usually 5- 5.5. This in spite of measure a fund of external feet there 8.5 thumbs that dip in a small and is the little big his no hug ours cure or to to the toes like to of them would think in a picture would owe that it has taken some small extras. Another while they are utmost.
5 / 5 Lakeesha
Has used these for a first time in Bahamas, in a park of water in our centre in Atlantis. Works perfectly well, good access, the better way that walking with coffins feet. Quite easy to take was and place on. The colour/draws like this pictured. I seat an only way to improve would be to have a subordinated so only be the tiny has bitten fatter or more cushiony.
4 / 5 Dorethea
Does not have anything bad to say, a work and comfy. When Stepping in the pebbles or the main bone he no hurt, yiu so only feel a riugh surface down. Used he partorisca snorkeling and has gone well. It acclaims!
5 / 5 Precious
Has been concerned could be too small reason some measures are quell'has bitten odd mine, but turn perfactly, is very light and comfortable. My only worry is that a hule in a look subordinated bit it thin, wait that resists on well in a beach! Another that that has been totally value the to buy, love a variety of colours to choose of and is súper convenient to spend around. 😊
4 / 5 Danika
Adds to walk behind and fourth to the group

Easy prójimo on.

Any that has like this remarked far.
4 / 5 Marg
Step measures it 6 shoe. You wish it it has had the measure 5 likes them loosen in of a water. I aquafit classify the little time weekly and after the month could no partorisca maintain them on. They have had of the empty of thumb partorisca begin in a heel. You recommend to go down the measure. Otherwise Likes!
5 / 5 Rufina
Was the good shoe . A lot warm (has spent the in a beach in winter) and decently waterproof also this in spite of, although a water sometimes goes in by means of a cup of a shoe.
4 / 5 Rosanna
These shoes of beach were perfect in my recent holidays. They have protected my delicate feet of any bones and shells. To good sure recommend. Also they dry súper fast.
5 / 5 Lucia
that Remain in the calm day:5
that Remains on with waves of good rolling:2 (almost stray two times)
Facilitated to clean and place behind on: 5
Maintains out of shells and sand: 4
5 / 5 Nichelle
These are amazing - only protect your feet enough of an odd shit in a fund of ponds and lakes. They are very comfortable, returns and hanged light well. They are stoked has taken these !
4 / 5 Lashawn
Has been the pair has surprised the smell nauséabonde when you leave him in him takes to closure. I left him alfresco after his has has washed and everything goes well.
5 / 5 Adam
The shoe of water adds the turn adds and I like a fact that a insole is sewed in and will not exit like other shoes of water, is also comfy and would spend them around a yard also
4 / 5 Betty
He shabby this in the measure , the expect be very too big to swim with. I have bought this for my promise with the measure of feet (according to mark) and he flaps while walking.
4 / 5 Trang
Has bought these for my travesía to Cuba. They were a lot of when I tried him on the house but I has been expecting him to maintain the sand was, which they a lot at all. Having a sand in some shoes was worse way that so only spending sandels. Probably it was well for group but no good so that I bought him paralizaciones.

Top Customer Reviews: L-RUN Water Shoes ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5 Shantelle
These are very shoes calms enough is that it looks for that it returns lustrous socks of neoprene with the fund of hule that is not weighed-has to that (that it was it), May: if any calm take them in the good, snug access, extend the little when they are wet and the mark that at all bit it precarious to the equal that are liable to the slip was, especially yes submerge to a water. I have bought a smaller version of some these shoes - too many big; to the equal that has bought a main measure of a boy some instead ('big boys') - also too big. It results some shoes of the smallest adult and the shoes of some boys some big plus is a same measure , so only more economic (and no among black). Has small feet (measures 5 or 5.5 women is, ) and expsitos that some average gone back well when dry and have the little space in a toe, would be better was a lot the form that returns when swimming. Now that orders a next measure down ('little boy') to the equal that will see the better turn...
5 / 5 Antonietta
We take him to us on the holidays of beach, as I have been beach and groups has tried, and is spent with flying colours. First to order, was unsure in his quality and material, but is in fact has done well. They are easy to pack and well of look; they are also sper light, sper flexible, and dry fast. His the majority of characteristic of the entity is a rubberized has the habit of. They order of apt and feel like an average of the ankle done out of the material/of type of neoprene of polyester. They are in accordance with another reviewers that a insole (a quite thin piece fashionable foams material yard to form) deformed and is result unusable with which one uses. A good informative is that you can do was without a insole, but be conscious that will feel things in an earth more like paths. The calm supposition technically could substitute he with one of a tent of dollar and is returned he for cutting he with the pair of scissors.

A shipment has arrived promptly like the order has been fulfilled for Amazon. Other alike products can take weeks to arrive as where a product is shipped of, so that it is something to maintain in alcohol.

My woman has bought a white version, which looks seat/ likes water repellant cloth of polyester. I have bought a black/blue version, which looks chair / more like neoprene (sees pictures). Raisin measured of shoe 6 to 6.5. Shopping look it on M (W: ) and it was returned well. Step 10.5 and has ordered a XXL (W: 12-13; M: ). It has had to return them. I trust up this. If you are 10.5, commanded a XXXL (M: ) measure, otherwise, was too tight.

In general, was happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5 Kory
Sper Cost! The need has had Of the shoes of Games of water partorisca leave in Croazia, and has known that his beaches were rocailleuses! Compraventa PERFECTA! Sper Cutis, sper compact, drought quickly and confos games partorisca swim! Perfecto Touches his rocky beaches and quite antidrapants! I recommend X 1000!
So only has CHOSEN, raisin of the 7, has commanded like this gives , but would have been able to take them 1 small point! They would be even more perfect state:)
4 / 5 Freida
XXXL = The men 12, which is the perfect access partorisca me. They are soft and comfy, with just quite hule in an only to cushion of the things and the tiny pebbles like-concealed them.
Has had the smallest question, this in spite of, although no the question with a shoe but the question with like this can be be store. An a lot of tip of one of some has the habit of has the crack to be business in the place bent - possibly still to seat in a freezing mailbox for the day before could choose up. It can be fixed easily, as I am not annoyed by him.
5 / 5 Summer
Of im disabled and can not spend real shoes, these socks partorisca water give me a capacity to walk with out that has to that spend the enormous constricting boot and can use them my wheelchair without that has to that spend some big honkin boot.

Has bought 3 more the pairs afterwards is HIS VALUE HE like this footwear.
4 / 5 Janetta
Necessary. Absolutely necessary to go to an ocean. Calm does not know never that it could walk it on. Right before it has been them in Giamaica, has had the service of interest of the pair of just returned so only partorisca have that goes partorisca surgery been due to worms in his feet. Like an election for me was quite easy - spend $ 20 or have one a lot was, but still possible, casualidad to take the worms or the infections in my feet cut on mecer/metal acute objects in a water. On that, it was well to be able to spend shoes to and of an ocean behind to a chamber of hotel, without that has to that dipped in of the socks with wet feet or taking my full regular shoes of sand.

These shoes are comfy, but is SNUG. Has measured 10 feet, and has purchased these for measure 10. Felizmente Has a lot of piece and give, like your feet will not be uncomfortable. It is good to have the a bit tight access so that the sand does not go in among your toes or inner some shoes, doing them easier that clean to use for next time.

My main and only complaint is that I so only taken to use a insole once before it deform form and has not gone back never to a shoe properly again. My woman there has been a subject same. Felizmente Calms does not need a insole, but will feel each detail of a walk of earth on, in spite of a rubberized have the habit of of a shoe.

In general, happy with a compraventa. They are happy bought him, and is gone in handy.
4 / 5 Miguelina
Utmost shoes -- the looks of qualities awesome too -- I highly would suggest measured he down that calm typically wear.. Im Has concerned will slip is gone in a water -- is returning and exchanging partorisca the smallest measure of a same shoe! - UPDATE: partorisca purchase the smallest measure in same fashion and slightly different fashion - I can say, a fashion is some partorisca shoe measure, another east in a side More the free - shoes - utmost Still - but his test and error with east a!
5 / 5 Shu
Pleasantly It surprise It. These am very better that spending slippers or sandals that is dangerous to run in a house or that low scale in my opinion. They are not bulky at all and no slippery.

To the equal that to price, does not have the fat heel to the equal that feels almost likes is barefoot, but without being cold or uncomfortable. As it has announced. Probably well to plant also, more economic that buying athletic barefoot shoe which is not to value he if it is so only for indoors.
5 / 5 Leah
The nave has not taken long. They are returning like this you expect it. You update when I in fact his door in a water.
3 / 5 Ute
These are light and the form that returns but is magnets of sand. A insoles arent very fat and start easily. I have paid half price partorisca some shoes of hot pink water in a semi-detached photo but partorisca only 6 dollars more my edges was able to buy a water of shoes of the better quality aimed in a variety of local small city the tent approaches a cottage hire every year.
4 / 5 Lizzie
The Walking of hate in some ways of walk of registered rough to a beach in coffins feet, almost like this like this feeling these slimy rocks under waters. It has been for the day of beach in a caribbean, has spent these all day and my feet gave me to us the thanks to still he.

Does not offer any one sustains, and step in general acute rock, calm will feel it poke, but at all there is nailed. Not recommending for the long hike, but for the walk of the hotel or ship to a beach, loitering in a beach and swim he in an ocean; to good sure win it.
4 / 5 Omer
Some rows of measure are was. For shoes of water, his the sure worry. I know of experience, if a course of point is too free, when it walk with the wet shoes tend to do your slip of feet inside a shoe. I am returned this reason my measure is 10 and these felt likes has measured 11. In a cast of measure, I in fact reordered in the measure down, the thought would return. But difference of measure. Some of the down felt measures likes tried to express my feet to measure 6 shoes.
4 / 5 Adriana
Súper Comfortable and light. Drought quite quickly. GILIPOLLAS: You use him so only to walk in a beach two times (with a lot of chorals this in spite of) and one of a toe seams already is pulling was. A heel also returns the pocola odd cause one has the habit to seat like this flat. In general they are comfortable and has done a travesía but pode any last by means of terrain 'rougher'.
5 / 5 Joey
Has bought these paralizaciones when we take our dog to a beach. They are súper comfy and easy to rinse a salt water out of with which. An only complaint, and can be my ankles of narrow/feet , is tere still room for sand to enter. @@Subject Small tho. These are the prize adds and enough a footwear of perfect beach. More, have roughly that the grip yes has to that clamber in rocks, but in small bones, does not offer any a lot protects. I go to buy the pair for my husband also.
5 / 5 Dara
A first pair has ordered in my measure was too much big, as I have ordered a smaller measure after access.
Master protect feet of hot sand, illness or such utmost sound, enough and comfortable.
If some waves are quell'has bitten rough and a water is by train to churn you will take to plot of sand in some slippers and the arrival that turns him to the rovescio to wash all a sand out of his, so that has the 'lip' around a insoles and a sand takes under that.
Is walking In uneven earth or run to some rocks in a water will have some protect, but will feel a rough surface.
5 / 5 Wanda
A product was that I have looked for. This in spite of a prize of isnt value he. These would be more than the $ 5 seal of prize. They are simple and basic. But of the that looks to be the comfortable access. They are material facts more economic and little endeavour to a mark of a shoe.
I kings-think spent of mine if I wasnt such an impulsive spend.
5 / 5 Hassan
Usually spend of 10 and have like this command he XXL like recommended, lucido the access is perfect. They are a lot that Feigns and very comfortable. Everything is sewed near that In writing that he semelle any ' estroll'' that is Games like this perfect thinks that to go his porter very often. Well it rushes to try to the beach.
5 / 5 Lorriane
Has been expecting economic looking, low quality materials, but was pleasantly suprrised! These shoes look well quite that I maintaining his door in a gymnasium and take compliments all a time. So that look for the barefoot shoe without spending $ 150+ ossia an amazing election !
5 / 5 Eliseo
Has required that returns tight shoes of water for sport. Some images have looked to return snug like the average. One has the habit of of the hule is fat and extremely wide, the estacas have spent my foot almost 1/2 and thumb in any side in spite of ordering the measure down and when being a correct period. They slip during a place when you try to walk and probably would be extremely dangerous to spend for any class of exercise.
4 / 5 Enid
A first pair that has received was too small as they are returned and has taken a next measure arrives and was too big. There is no half measures in these shoes. They require partorisca be snug quite that does not exit in a water but no like this stagnate that hurt some toes. I have finalised to return a second pair also.
5 / 5 Danita
Good small shoes, comfy to spend. It can be turned to the rovescio for easy rinsing. Mark with a sand ( has taken an aim some), but concealed is not to treat it big. Protected my feet of cariche of chorals. An upper material is thin, and. Has some small tears in him, but a base is hule . I spent him in flippers, which has done well why am very thin.
4 / 5 Wilford
As for another reviewers, stay like true to measure like this possible without sizing up. If these are too many big in any law of way to the equal that flippers and is pulled feet for a water. If you are by train to use them for earth, is perfect. Still they are one the majority of comfortable when one has the habit of of a shoe is one same as, or less than a period of your foot.
4 / 5 Earlene
Súper Has Impressed with this product. Very comfortable while taken a legislation of measure . They are the 9.5 with more than shoes (I.et Aldo, the start has called you) and has taken measured 41/42 and turn like comfy socks. They dry quickly and I spent him in and out of a beach, biking, walking. Like this far the still form adds. I go to go tomorrow jump in cenote and see that it spends.
5 / 5 Jenny
Are the measure 8.5 shoe in of the women is and has ordered some shoes of water of blackhead in the women and they are to good insurances smaller that one 8.5. It goes him to maintain have believed so it would remain on well when when being active in a water but they are quell'has bitten too tight with long wear. Also it take my fiancé he 10-waters he of 11 Men mediates to the equal that alleges is his normal measure and will have to that the to the knots change too much like his foot not even will go to an inaugural. Besides a @@subject to return some shoes of water look for to be facts well, love a look of way and thinks will do adds to swim/ protecting our feet in a beach in our holidays of Caribbean this winter!
4 / 5 Hung
These shoes have not been to cut and has formed identically in a factory, as they do not have comfortable sense on some feet. An average had a stitching in the crooked fashion that rubbed against my big toe and does not have comfortable sense. You could see a difference in a zone of toe to the majority of next inspection. It is it is returned immediately.
5 / 5 Daniella
Has the wide feet have to that way that be concerned roughly like this record . Although they look narrow they in fact returned perfect. They were very durable in an ocean. Several people have given compliments in his, looks a model of shark was to populate.
5 / 5 Sharolyn
Has been in vacacional for the month and I was really happy had him. Fast dry, small to spend and really the yes calm must far beaches and snorkeling.
Leaves acces to the places would not try because of acute rocks and such.
5 / 5 Leanora
Amur These and is comfortable and is returned after so only spending them 6 times bought them of then in the January is spending is gone in some toes. Now I have three holes in the each legislations of shoe in some toes plus very small.
5 / 5 Mila
Looks better in a picture. In fact a line the light ash among some colours is way more noticeable in person and done a look of bad shoe. No the defender of a fashion at all.
5 / 5 Shara
Commanded much bigger. I have ordered main based in other descriptions and they are still bit it too short. It is not the big shot of then is súper stretchy, but still...
5 / 5 Chong
Has bought these partorisca avert my feet that layer in a sand during volleyball of beach. They do partorisca minimise a quantity of sand that takes to your toes, but his of those who prevents sand of falling to some average entirely. Has the habit of of the hule also digs to your feet the bit so that it is not one the majority of comfortable.
4 / 5 Eleni
My spouse and am very satisfied Of the ours compraventa. Game bought our travesía next in lucido of the sud but of here there will spend him to to us like pantoufles in of the transports of house are very comfortable !
4 / 5 Maurita
Has ordered a blue/black fashion to the equal that have loved a beautiful icy blue colour. Unfortunately a colour is in fact more than the green. Returned. The quality is quite very this in spite of. Reordering Another colour.
5 / 5 Ha
Want to these. His to good sure career bit it big, would go a measure down. Sure buy them again. They are very comfortable and protect my feet of shells and rocks in a river. I spent him also to a tent once lol.
5 / 5 Cami
For a prize some shoes are worth it. I am remained in my feet partorisca to hike and water activites. A soling is the little too thin as it does not go walking in rough/acute earth, calm will feel it.
4 / 5 Laquita
Good shoes, stretchy so that it is a lot of otherwise would be too small. Ordered a measure as for a measure of shoe I wear.. Still it bite it small. Also, the colour is greener in place of the blue..
4 / 5 Mark
4/5 stars so only been due to a colour a lot in fact matching on, otherwise very pleased with record and quality. It has not used in watering still but am not concerned in fitment or exiting.
5 / 5 Neil
Has taken a joint of the descriptions read and has ordered measures it the smallest that usually volume. It has been it bit it tight in a big toe but once in a water was perfect and with which were well to walk in a beach also. THANKS TO a reviewers those who there is of then together.
4 / 5 Julia
Has looked for the cross among an athletic shoe and the slipper to spend around. This was exactly concealed. This in spite of, be any one sustains of arch and some looks of heel to be slightly wonky. If these shoes have had included a bit a tiny plus of support of arch, although flexible, would be awesome.
4 / 5 Kacy
Shoe of good quality, but absolutely any elasticity/of piece around an ankle. He the hard fact partorisca slip a shoe on, goes main how is easier that slip on easily the slips were been due to a lack of elasticity.
4 / 5 Lizzette
The elements have arrived punctually . Both elections looked and felt adds , especially some vibrant products that looked adds in some feet .A weight of some shoes are adds partorisca travellers . I will do the description to follow after returning of my travesía . Like this far they looked well .
5 / 5 Billie
Wants! Used the when kayaking and paralización in some rocky or a lot of zones of the shells and he have protected my good feet.

A complaint is that there is the light swipe in a side but I just need to do sure a tampon is in the first I spends it.
4 / 5 Elena
Apt adds. The subject only was that they are the pocolos wide , leaving some room in a zone of toes.
4 / 5 Libbie
Has done adds for sweet in disposal of excursion that has involved some swimming and diving. Considering using these to run the hard Mudder. It has not had the big expectations and they have has surpassed far those. Excellent value.
4 / 5 Dottie
A lot well for the hikes of rough water. It take him down to the sud for the excursion of falls of the water. Some have the habit of has slipped was after the moment. There is not ANY SUPPORT. Probably it adds for just spending in a water to avert acute object i.et Glass etc but no for big there is cornered mecer.
5 / 5 Myrtis
An a lot of looking and practical piece, but material no durable. I have used some shoes for 24 hours and the upper material has holes to fray where joins one has the habit of. Marta Heinrich Rehders.
5 / 5 Ashly
Has bought 2 pairs of women is and 2 pairs of men is. All 4 of loved them to us. Sandals of mine there is broken has had them like this that spends around all day. Any question, very comfortable. You recommend these.
5 / 5 Glenda
No attended to dip the smile on after dipping these in your feet. Annoying with the acute flanges that stab your feet everywhere an interior of some shoes.
4 / 5 Margarett
Has bought travesía strong in Fiji, has done perfectly partorisca snorkeling and some trips still to bounce of the day when I do not want to ruin good sandals and wants to walk on some rocks and does not want to be barefoot. The light weight feels like the average .

Top Customer Reviews: Etekcity Upgrade 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Alene
I have been looking partorisca try some torch FOCUSED after the years partorisca camp with my trusty propane torch. This a certainly there is not disappointed.
Is simple, sturdy, and robust. Exactly that has required.
Quality of excellent build. A LEDs emit fry-light painted, quite brilliant to light the big tent or zone of yard.
Reasonably can light the room when your poden starts, although it is still the plot dimmer that regulates it 40W light bulb.
Can arrive when you develop it, and closes down when it is bent.

Surer of the propane torch.
The batteries have comprised :)
quality Of confidence , well.

With: it does not have any elegant flashing or characteristic that colour of transmissions, if ossia that is looking for.
4 / 5 Molly
A torch to camp FOCUSED that is to announce. Here it is some of the mine takes on an element.
1. More brilliant that another light to camp FOCUSED in a row of prize. (Tried and has compared 3 different has has DIRECTED torches)
2. The magnetic base is quite strong to spend a weight of a torch on 1 magnet. ( Has the total of 4 magnets)
3. It looks sturdy enough. (The house is done of plastic. I fell it on a paving and he have not broken)
4. The prize is so only. (If with I discount it/of the coupon more is the bit in a big side)
5. 3 Different light brightness setting (any 4 of then pressing 4 times just cycles to a first setting)
6. I love an idea that has the small compartment up.
7. The batteries come with him.

1. Any (as of a moment)

1. I wish a FOCUSED can change of Soft aim to cool aim or Daylight.
2. The flash light option.
3. The option/of beacon of emergency of signal.
4. Solar/rechargeable battery.
5. Weatherproof (Rain, Gel)

will update my description has used once he in mine upcoming camping. To the left it is to see deserves a 4 star. It can have given to 5 star but still has room to improve.
4 / 5 Shannan
These few things are quite brilliant and look a lot of fact, a real test will come when we take them to us to a lake and try touch the few prejudices late games in a table of picnic. Lost the star because I have seen almost identical some in Costco (identical, excepts money) for $ 16, has paid $ 26 for these and was too late to annul this order... I have tried :\ modification: we have used these in a lot of dark nights, is quite brilliant to leave papers of game easily :)
5 / 5 Octavio
really I am impressed with a quantity of light that these very small and the torches compact resupply. It have seen some descriptions, which was generally positive, and am happy that has taken it casualidad with them.

Like this to sturdiness: they are facts of the hard plastic, as any probably take too much punishment, but is reasonably careful with them, then would owe that last the abonos long while. I have seen the video where the pair of the types abused him really and, of course, is not lasted long, but with normal use, would have to remain in working mandate well for some time. They could be the be has fallen the time or two, but recommend take the easy on him.

The wise measure, is very small, but ossia the plus , reason could slip one to the pocket of big trousers or to the pocket of rucksack for his have ready. Really they are the good shot , and a light of the each one one is quite brilliant. I recommend to buy this two near of torch, so as to have the available pair to time when one can can exit. They will not light the whole house, but will give quite a lot of light to light the reasonably sized room, which can be consolation when a whole city goes dark, how is spent here in Ottawa the few weeks behind, when the fact have paste. The desire had had these torches then.

Has not been that the time will last in 3 EA battery that use, as it can be the good idea to have extra battery around if a power is was for any period of time (a good idea anytime). They come with battery for each torch, like this calm does not require to use your own at the beginning. Calm can want to him the transmission was for the durable batteries longer, is concerned on some batteries have comprised no those last paralizaciones long.

Are very pleased with this compraventa, and highly recommend these torches for emergencies, camping or any one another use to light.
5 / 5 Kaley
It comes 2 to the box. The batteries have comprised preinstalled so only pull the clear plastic tab out of one of some connections of battery. It says 60llamas in a box. Very brilliant in dipping main. Very easy to change battery and a quantity of light can require you. The units are good compact measures and easy to spend with bosses or so only manually. Perfecto to be able to outages when it require to find your way around home. Nizza And brilliant to read. Thus prize takes 2 good lights that do a work.
4 / 5 Bennie
They are good lights for a prize, but was so only slightly disappointed with a measure and brightness. It has been expecting him the main likes to regulate has has DIRECTED torches. I took him it camp this weekend and an interior of a tent has not been like this brilliant and has on lit as I have expected. A light achieves the decent distance in a dark while it goes to some basins but a factor of luminosity is the little low. In general they are well with cost of mine. 2 lights for $ 35 is not bad.
5 / 5 Harrison
Already we have two of these lights and his really save during a power outage that Ottawa experienced because of recent tornadoes in a zone. Without these lights, would not have does by means of a darkness in a house. They are brilliant, convenient to use and hard the long time. We decide to buy the little more for future emergencies. A quality of these lights is glorious and a prize is very reasonable.
5 / 5 Augustus
It can not believe the one who brilliant and adjustable these torches are resulted to be wow saves your money that buys this noisy propane pipe outdated torches this is a way to go and in this prize buys to hang them more during your tent or camping zone, maintains in a car for emergencies too
the shot Adds the prize adds would buy again
2 / 5 Brett
These am lasted one camping travesía first to begin to break down, wiring very poor and the connections that heads to one of a nude focused not doing , very intermittent functionally, an on was transmissions to be the appeal opens to turn in next to turn works for roughly 100-200first cycles of complete failure. A groups of metal that hangs the boss is exited almost immediately to the equal that are the very thin gauge and prone to flexing of some mountains. Simply place, any value of the money unless you are planning to have these are the element of alone use .
5 / 5 Nathaniel
Highly recommend these torches. We have lost you can five times this past season, and has had a torch FOCUSED has had for Navidad. These do like this a lot I bough any plus. In fact, I have taken an up in a coverage to do some work, forgot it, and 24-hrs later was still has lit. No like this brilliant of coarse - but when being announces 24-hrs in the pair of AAs? Ossia Quite well for me.
4 / 5 Rhona
Ossia An improvement in a leading model, in those some light levels are dipped electronically more than simply blocking light (probably more effective). A magnet in a base is well, how is some bosses , which fold to some sides and prevent accidentel opening.

A light, this in spite of, is so only well. Some rows of LEDs is unpleasant to look in, and distribute light unevenly. Well partorisca camp, so only very partorisca coverage and basement cleanup.
5 / 5 Tonita
Are the little rasgado in this product. I have ordered this partorisca the travesía to camp has taken in a half of August. I opened him a night before I have left partorisca do sure has had battery that has done. When I have opened a container, one was already rusted to the long of a boss but another was a lot. You leave a next day, as I have decided to the mark done. A light his emit was partorisca add and taste that was of compact and could be hanged. Unfortunately, a one this was rusted had some battery die almost immediately, as I substituted them. These batteries have gone also inner roughly 20 minutes. I am not sure the one who a question was, but obviously one was defective. Another has done fabulously and has loved that. If his both have done add, would give it 5 stars.
4 / 5 Larry
Am relieved like this to take them. A partner left his while I have expected. Alive in a zone where has can outages and are on oxygen full time. These lights will be like this useful to resupply light while I hook on my no electrical oxygen tank of supply. These lights have relieved my worries and I am pleased really with them.
5 / 5 Georgeanna
In general very bad, especially for a prize.

Downsides Is feels plasticky
sleeve of the metal is not too sturdy and can burst was quite easily.
This has said, see a prize. Enough damn well in general.

An only real opinion would give is, a light arrangement is two rows on three sides that he the fact bit it more directional that would think, if his to dip each one that like this row have given better diffusion. And an aim FOCUSED bugs of draw.
5 / 5 Perry
These are fantastic value and exactly to the equal that has described. Celery very solid and very done, at all flimsy roughly his, and a light is very brilliant. A fact that some batteries are included is the big plus. They are by train to maintain them to be able the outages and like this far has tried him so only to do sure law. A mechanism to turn some lights on/was is very smooth, requiring so only to softly appeal in some bosses to create a coverage. They are also a lot compact like the storage is easy. An excellent product, the delivery was quickly, and come a lot a lot of packaged.
5 / 5 Karry
The salvation has ORDERED two of these lights the while behind and when we have had the any one can for the whole day and the prejudices really was happy to have them
like this decided to order two more and now hae 4 brilliant lights for blck outs with next winter on am sure will be used the plot
and there adds for any the one who loves to go camping thank you
5 / 5 Ronna
Purchased these for the emergency that luzca in our rural house during being able the outages. Arrived promptly and a lot of packaged. Easy to use and light dimming the characteristic is the prize with several levels to adapt more needs. In a small side and the looks reasonably has built well. Any one can was to change which would be good to ensure that light is was. The value adds for a prize and he still comprises battery. It recommends.
4 / 5 Jamila
Has received this two torch of bands today. The good looks and has not begun the using. Has the dark room to give it the quickly try. A reason that gives 3 star is been due to some descriptions does not mention the one who brilliant is in lumen. Perhaps it was on he expected it these products for descriptions of people, torch more direct these days are VERY BRILLIANT that almost blind my eyes. This one any and any light inclusa my a lot of dark room. Mostly probably generate blue light. It is good to maintain like this light of emergency. The source another light. That can return?
4 / 5 Anita
Well to seat around a table
said, 60 lumens of light of the general direction is well. I add partorisca in of the tents or so only seeing immediately in front of you.

In a signal one of my torches would not turn era. To the closure has closed was but for some reason ignored one of them the no. has taken out of some batteries and of the places went it. Tried again several months later and look to be well.

Has seen an exact same creation of torch in my venue Costco, different mark. More expensive.
5 / 5 Sarai
When it Is has extended fully a light is very brilliant. It is light and easy to use. Material had the pair of descriptions that has said was expensive but does not think so of then there is 2. To good sure recommend it. Has 3 dogs and using the fault of goes them slope to be able to beat to be dangerous because of wagging rows . Ossia The a lot of option more takes for us.
5 / 5 Debbie
It looks partorisca do well, unsure of battery lifetime. Small compartment partorisca tinder/the flint is good addition but could be bit it main. Brightness The adjustment is done for multiple presses of same key, sometimes last partorisca say the level is in. Any way of the turn was unless his closed that it is the bit partorisca annoy .
4 / 5 Matt
These lights are just awesome and is the shot adds when you take 2 the time. I have compared all the classes of the lights and these are 60 Lumen LEDs which is very brilliant. They are easy to use, any on or was partorisca change you so only pull a light of a base and lights. Taken 3 EA battery for light, which ship with battery.

Produces excellent to camp or in a cochera/of coverage.
5 / 5 Nannie
Has bought this 2 torch of the band FOCUSED partorisca ours travesía partorisca camp. I have satisfied entirely with a quality of a torch. We use it to us almost every night for 6 days and a battery has not been runoff. The girls have had also the fun time to touch with him :).
Can change a brightness to press the key or for not extracting a torch a lot of an external shell.
A lot Takes campers or so only for use of house of emergency.
5 / 5 Fawn
Amazing product, is thinking roughly taking torches these can not be has beaten.

Súper Brilliant battery , long life ( left an on accidentally for 24 hours while camping and still brilliants) and very cost effective and included comes with battery!

Mina 6 old year has wanted to him and can open near and spend a lot easily
4 / 5 Kristofer
has Used he for our travesía to camp and these have surprised! Coleman torch have given a bit question, but these have come to to a rescue likes one ours group could still games of paper of the game with the plot of light. We maintain him to us in our evacuation of emergency and cube of response and I really prpers trusts now! Highly recommend camp and so only to have for emergencies! All my long family is by train to buy them now!
5 / 5 Lurlene
These have come amiably boxed and ready to go. Some already installed battery, so only pull a tab of plastic isolation. Has one to be able to outages together with spare battery, and another to camp/of canoe of the motorcycle and hunting. A lot compact! Certainly quite durable for normal use. Be wise, if it launch it on an earth or launch it on a beach can break. But lame to beat he more than Coleman gas torch that amour of people, included although Coleman has the ball of the glass and the fragile mantle once is lit a first time .
5 / 5 Jocelyn
Although he so only arrived this afternoon, has had good look in him; it take it down to the mine undermines of subterranean wine to see so only like that shines the light is to please with some results. As maintaining alive is gone in a country & some months of the winter often has can outages, these lights will cost his weight in gold during this time.
4 / 5 Joanie
The element has arrived quickly, was a lot of packaged and some batteries that was included is in good working mandate. A unit is light and bending to save spatial in a camp, and some the multiple levels of characteristic light is wonderful. They look to be the resistant water, but not having of then too much a test. They are quite small and light accustoms Coleman enormous lights, but has to that it weaves of light start for his measure. I recommend!
5 / 5 Genna
Originally has bought this torch for my husband to take that it takes the house was like this enthralled that door goes to aim my brother.
My brother was impressed so I asked to order a like this frequently loses power by means of a winter. Said, 'this hard for 8 hours and is heck of the easiest plot that messing around with Torches and Kerosene that so only last for 4 hours.' I have bought also another for knots to maintain in a Rec. Room to be able to outages.
4 / 5 Golda
Require some lanters for our travesías to camp after our ladt collapsable there is prendido to do. For a prize of one decent lanter, has imagined would take the casualidad and has paid was. They are smaller that has thought but a perfect measure for my girls to walk to a canal of consolation, ideal to hang of a tent to eat, in a legislation of the first tent of lights was. Compact and combine a two of them for serious environmental light. See what time some battery last but with four levels of brightness, magnetic fund, and a prize really can any gone bad.

Simple lanters, adds to camp, compraventa compact , sum.
4 / 5 Elin
The product has arrived quickly, exactly like this described, in of the good questions. Both lights to do a lot well. It take the moment to @give had the plastic band to take to take some batteries to connect, but when have remarked this, has thought the idea adds - only would recommend that there be to focus that indicates this, so only for the obvious. Reason four stars, any five? I had him less than the week, used them on one camping travesía, and a lot still know the one who robust is. If they stand up to my wear and tear, will be of tower and clash a description to five.
4 / 5 Xavier
So only has taken one this suffers the harm but another was a lot. Retrospectively A brightness is decent for his measure but to good sure could do very better. His quite compress that I can shove he in my rucksack with ease. A magnetic fund is really useful and has loved an idea of him. A durability is questionable to the equal that take the product broken but if this was some chances for any only returns it and take the new a.
5 / 5 Tressa
These torches are like this brilliant. I love him and it has ordered some more prenden all my friends,
mainly use them partorisca around a house. They are utmost to be able the outages and parties of state.
Had ordered these does the year for my friends, roughly 12 of them.
You all loved him so much, ask me to us to order more this year for xmas present.
Yes, is really the swipe.
4 / 5 Leanne
Has taken a container quickly and in shape well.
Has opened box, and there is pulled some pocolos tabs of a battery to leave have beaten to flow.
There is pulled averts to light it, and a glow was well, has pressed a key for the augment, and was already in a max intensity.

Will be happy to have he during the black was sure, but the little underwhelmed in a brightness.

Also, when it shakes a unit, there is the little rattle of something plastic bouncing around Inner. Any sure he is so only in a compartment of battery or whatnot, but has not annoyed to . Both lights this.

Would not recommend , but would not return .... His very global.
5 / 5 Franklyn
These pocolos have DIRECTED the torches in fact are in AMAZING! I have bought 2 x2 bands for our upcoming travesía to camp and received him so only in a topmast today. Opened the until verifying a quality and brightness and am thrilled like this roughly the I so only dipped in an order for 2 more x2 Bands! We are the family of six and these are perfect in a lot of levels for a lot of things! To good sure the cost adds!!!
5 / 5 Tamala
This little torch is sum ! Perfecto to have in chance of the can outage. It is small, sturdy and resupplies brilliant light to fill the small room and a creation is sum also. Some few bosses are convenient to spend a torch and to pull until turn in a light.
4 / 5 Karl
These are small lights is for M/C travesías good illumination and look quite tight to take the bit to beat he in a backside of the together of soft Panniers was-roading, am not impressed with battery, any one has surprised really, but at least can take the person headed when you plough a box. Tip of a Day, substitutes him calm grieves can. The desire was more waterproof especially in a compartment of battery. But in general these are the sure good value .
4 / 5 Vasiliki
Luz adds. The Like that has 4 different levels of light intensity .
Has Had one with only a light level - big .
Can slid down a shadow but concealed no really help. Quantity of light reduced but an intensity is not .
This will be adds in a next hurricane when we lose can
4 / 5 Bob
Nov 1,2018 2nd description
has Ordered these torches again,after the recent power outage, requires 2 more and has done utmost.
Pleasantly Surprised, is small & compact but launcher to plot of light,and the batteries are comprised,good touch.
Will be to order the little more for Xmas half stuffers, is quite compact to dip anywhere.
Highly recommend these torches
5 / 5 Syble
has bought 5 insiemi of these boxes in a past. 2 For work and 3 for him raffle in acting earthquake to sustain preparness week. They were all utmost but this has the place has taken for my house today has not had a magnetic base was to suppose to.
4 / 5 Barbar
Received some torches in shape adds, very well has packed. It likes that of battery where already installed. I so only required partorisca pull some plastic tabs and is on.
After inspecting it, look that when you slide a torch down partorisca reduce one lighting, all some lights remain on. East will drain a life of the fastest batteries. There is a lot on/was transmission or the dimer. It is not the torch partorisca attack around then is all plastic, but good partorisca some light when camping or if a power goes era. It see like this it is with which go partorisca camp this year, as I will update my description then.
5 / 5 Camelia
A torch is incredibly brilliant, light, and easy the cart around. Received this quickly in a topmast and has used immediately--I slowly on buying more partorisca have around a house partorisca purpose of emergency in chance of the can outage.
4 / 5 Caprice
Has arrived extremely quickly. As another has mentioned, these torches are A lot of the brilliants--I has created the makeshift diffusing was touch he of paper partorisca a one that has had in our tent. Used these every night partorisca 4 nights and any sign of some original batteries that loses cariche. A unit there has been the superficial scratch in a lentil when it arrives, but does not affect function. Effectively it substitutes Coleman old Torch, although a light CONCENTRATED has the very different character.
5 / 5 Racquel
The small lights are... Smaller that has thought in the first place would be but has packed the punch with lighting... These lasted partorisca two weeks without the transmission of battery and has been used daily... Lights of sound... An appeal on and down the characteristic is the quota little function and leaves them partorisca be stored is gone in of the small places...
4 / 5 Tosha
Am surprised by a brightness of these torches compact. Much more brilliant that the torch partorisca camp the elder has possessed. I can seat in a dark and easily read my book. They will be utmost partorisca failures to be able to (which is a main reason I experience). Has the plot of those in NB. Amur A blockade of way and the one who compact is - taking on spaces very small. Well value a prize and I highly would recommend partorisca inner or external use. Rosa Collette, Mentions, NB.
5 / 5 Barabara
Has bought these he so that it can use one in mine rooftop tent and another outside around a table of picnic while camping. Very brilliant and produced durable. So only you think it it would change it is adding the light frosting to a lentil so much partorisca help disperse a light as you are not looking legislation in some diodes.
5 / 5 Yee
Receives a CL10 (any later model) and was very happy with a quality and creation.
To A seat of sliding mechanism likes him to him the quality would find in the product of big final.
And man, these lights are brilliant, almost overkill :-)
4 / 5 Jolynn
These lights are of sound, an adjustable light intensity and the simple operation is really has thought well was.
Does not use on battery when any into use like other frames. There is at all worse that that goes to use your torch and no in that have it the work and in the camp each one according to weekend.
4 / 5 Reginald
Fav Lights, has 3 of them maintaining and that goes to buy another together. I add for a cottage or camping

Modification.... It likes quell'has said ive has bought the so only a before it love that and has bought this band of two... It was to add but one of some lights looks to have the short as it blinks and the careers was sometimes. I know these are lights add but thinks them the have the faulty one which sucks
4 / 5 Lanell
These have been bought to camp and is to add stops in a tent and room of the screen but they are much smaller that look in some images.

While I do not feign to use them in place of the torch for walks at night, these you do fault well. They do not launch it it was quite light to use to walk at night.