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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
5 / 5
If you are the defender of the new country that this CD is partorisca you. Ossia The sampling adds of Travis Tritt swipes by means of some ages and the section of true cross of his work. This type is a genuine piece and his resplandores of sincerity by means of. Soymena That Intentions' the mine that takes everytime!
5 / 5
Travis Tritt Has been the preferred partorisca years. My husband there has been each one which of the his cd is, but when it is exited of his truck a day, a carrier has fallen was and has driven was without knowing. It has lost everything of them excepts the Christmas a, the house has maintained. This cd has the majority of some songs unexpectedly of a cd is has had, excepts one of his favourite. But it has bought also a cd this has had to that song, how is happy.
4 / 5
The collection adds some of his better songs, and in the wonderful prize, thank you so that Amazon.
4 / 5
It is AWAKE mine ON I NEIGHBOURS go to CD!!!!!! They are so only like a QUESTION of song!!!!!
5 / 5
Loves a music but has been disappointed that has received my mark produces new with the chance broken. Any one has impressed.
4 / 5
Ossia The very good album of Travis Tritt. Any likeing Travis this one east the a lot of one to take
5 / 5
Love this album! Travis has discovered first Tritt by means of TCM (the canal of music of the country) this has been broadcast for Sky. When This has is missing found the difficult to remain update. I will be to buy more than this artist to the equal that love his voice.
4 / 5
Good album like my calm husband like this artist. Punctual delivery in the good prize.
5 / 5
Album that shines☺☺100 An I has been listening his of the Saturday☺☺absolutely wants to all some songs ☺☺
4 / 5
has bought this for my father the one who is enormous to country, the dad has loved that, adds to listen and was very happy with him.

Top Customer Reviews: Dress ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
First I ran: we speak, the god does not do Deceptions, So only Another Plans
when being a creator of such swipes as ' would be Yours ' (Pleasant Davis), esingle White Woman' (Chely Wright), 'When we do not speak ' (Ilse DeLange) among another, Johnson there is parlayed his work to this his sophomore the album Tries of Dress.' Save for'imple Life,' Johnson there has been the hand has sawed-writing everything of some clues here. Collaborating with another Nashville to elite partorisca write likes them Craig Wiseman, Shaye Smith, Charlie Black, Troia Verges, 'Test of Appearance' is tailored fact partorisca radio. It is the album of the country to pop polished partorisca offer the cornucopia of the songs that extracted subjects safely reprised inside the cannon of music of country.
The preference of Johnson partorisca a rustic life, Alan explored well @subject Jackson and Mary Chapin Carpenter, is a thesis of an alone advantage imple Life.' Esimple The starts of life was well with some organic feel with some work of sure electrical guitar but early gives way to result, in an ironic way, one of the most occupied clue of Johnson. With his tepid melody and stifling production, esimple Life' is not my election partorisca an alone prime minister. Very better is 'Big in Big Heels' and ' is Mina '-both peppy, upbeat, passages of pops of countries that would not be out of place in fellow Canadian vocalist Shania Twain repertoire.
Living in some consequences of 9/11 countries music, thanks to Tim McGraw, Brad Cotter, Alan Jackson, has been proliferated with the songs that promotes the cherish life and boss diem ( eseize a day'). Johnson adds his take on this subject tired and true in a clue of title Tries of Dress.' Without any shove of new ideas, in spite of, Johnson sings home the timely message, 'the no attended life partorisca we partorisca the take well... The time is irreversible, this is not any test of dress.'
This in spite of, an album' the majority of moments partorisca gratify come when one has beaten tapers; Johnson is not touched never sincerer that when it sings the ballad. Caressing Some papers with his mellifluous vocals, Johnson a plaintive ballad and current only 'del Corazón Given Rotó a chance partorisca be experienced. Similarly touching is a therapeutic ' speak' and a ingratiating 'So only Another Plan.' A last, when being the little reminiscent of Deana Carter excellent soyiss of the people Coaches' has the bell of his ache concealed so only is moving. Dive tailing Nashville obsession With songs with inspiring messages, 'the god does not do Deceptions' details the homily of self-acceptance that the majority of us would have to that take to heart. With his restrained the electrical guitar that retreated, Johnson sensitively sings, ' are well a God of way me... I go partorisca be always the best me that any more. The god any deception.' Some clues aplomb with relevancy and treaty with sensibility.
This in spite of, any all some do any here. When being too anxious to placate a support of radius of country, Dann Huff the production is the time has fill also. 'Life As we Know It To us,' esqueezin' an Amour out of you,' soyy Little Secret' (follows it until Johnson' breakthrough swipe 'Complicated') is entertaining but forgettable. Perhaps, Johnson also is suffering a second album slum: some of these melodies here are not like this strong like his endeavour partorisca begin. In all the chance, in spite of such critic, has quite a lot of songs here, especially a ballads, that warrant repeated listens to this worthy this in spite of any stellar album.
4 / 5
While I have listened to the CD and to the to any totally likes to of him or totally hate it, gives it the other partorisca the few days and then go back to listen again. I am surprised partorisca find that my first reactions had died still on. Odd as it looks, to my ears CDJ the voice is not strong to the equal that would expect of the singer of female country. The majority of the women in countries have learnt partorisca project his voices. I suppose that it is the normal occupational necessity so that it can be listened. Still, in spite of of the this, his voice is quite and appeal. It can not draw calm in the the principle but he after several minutes.
His songwriting attack a same way. So only when you refuse one of his songs like the just average taking the turn that immediately twist calm behind in. I have not dissected his writing enough to say like this spends; but calm ensure you that it is like this. It has been a lot of fact of a fact that CDJ there is recently has taken hitched and this is to reflect in a collection here. Well, yes and no.
While the good half of some songs speaks directly of romantic amour still these have not limited to marital bliss. Another half ponders such subjects like living life today, an acceptance of oneself like six, a grace of daily life and leaving has loved quell'one goes.
This is not the typical sophomore endeavour. CDJ Capacity like the composer has not failed here. An old saying goes that has the lifetime to prepare your first album and the few months for your second. The majority of the new artists simply are not prepared to maintain producing work in the compatible base that collects in his career. They are occupied that tries to present they and regulate to a spotlight. Perhaps reason CDJ was the professional composer in the first place was able to avert this cheat.
Are the little has surprised this new album is not doing the main waves right now. Any @subject. Calm will not be disappointed with this CD.
5 / 5
CDJ sophomore CD is stellar!! It comprises a swipe imple Life', which is in fact an only one of one 12 in a CD that does not have has sawed he-write credit on ( there is 3 with frequent collaborator Shaye Smith). Of a sassy queezin' an Amour Outta Calm' to a rollicking 'Boss In Big Heels', Carolyn is of tower with the fresco of sound and new look. Long-preferred of partidário of the time 'So only Another Plans' finally touches down, Keith Urban guests on 'del Corazón Given Broken' (which is allocated to be the big swipe in radio!) And looks of Concedes of Amy in a sweet 'Life as we Know It To us', which is probably an attentive reflection of like this happy CDJ for real is. My favourite songs are a clue to title roughly a lot that resists behind reason calms can not modify life and 'the god does not do Deceptions' especially a line 'Appreciated for some rainy days, so only done a sun a sweet plus'. ' I will leave it Sees it is the perfect closure and spends tears to my eyes every time listen it.

CDJ Objective so only that comfortable is in his own skin and deserves at all but a better!
5 / 5
With thrilling anticipated the new album of Carolyn Dawns Johnson with which blew was with his ROOM of album of the start WITH A VIEW. A good informative is is cost a wait. No a dud on TRIES of DRESS, his his album new plus. An alone prime minister (and an only song does not write in an album) "Simple Life" it is the song of the country adds that it touches your feet and sing to the long of. I am surprised the has not been the swipe the big plus. Memory to listen "Boss In Big Heels" when it sings in a CCMA is in 2003, the song adds and has writings of paste throughout that. One follows of the title is the song adds with is the approximation of life, but also in an importance of time. " It is Mina " and "Squeezin An Amour Out of you" it is it adds also. There have it also some utmost ballads likes "So only Another Plans", " I will leave you Go", "Die Of A Heart Broken" (the second only), "Life As we Know It To us" and " pause". If has-liked you his start, calm like this album.
4 / 5
Was really anticipating this album, and has not been disapointed in a less. It is included better that his ROOM to start with WITH A VIEW. He no lost too much far of this sound, gives Huff gives it the sound of modern country without taking was a sound of country. "Simple life" it is the election adds for prime minister so only, the sum of positive song that would have to it been the swipe the big plus. There are a lot of potential swipes during east a. A second only is an emotional ballad "Die Of A Heart Broken". Cela One would have to that do well. "Squeezin An Amour Out of you" it was the free enormous swipe, likes "Boss In Big Heels". There is some really utmost ballads, like a clue of title, "Life As we Know It To us", " I will leave you Go" and "So only Another Plans". "My Little Secret" it is the song adds also. In general I have not been disapointed at all. If has-liked you his prime minister a, calm like this some hips.
5 / 5
Ossia The good to follow until Carolyn Dawns the ROOM of album to start with achieved of Johnson To A VIEW. A prime minister so only, "Simple Life" (the only clue she a lot of pen in an album), was the cup 15 swipe and he would have to that it has been 1 in my opinion. Hopefully His prójimo only, a ballad, "Die del Corazón Broken" the passages bit it better. If has-liked you his first album, will enjoy this some hips. "Boss In Big Heels" has the swipe written during the, he like this fact "Squeezin an Amour Out of you". " It is Mina " and a clue of title is orders also. Other points have underlined to comprise " I will leave you Go", "My Little Secret" and " pause". In general the strong album!
5 / 5
--With his music that is. There is really outdone she east times. Ossia The music adds with depth--meant real for behind a lyric. Highly it recommends this to any one. If you are considering purchasing this album, no the debate anymore--just he! It was a lot of value your money. There are so many albums there these days that is, has left expensive he--crap. But ossia material excellent of first song to last. I can not say quite a lot of good things roughly that. There are fun songs in an album, yes, which is well, but there is so more. Some songs leave an impact in your life. You look in life differently with which really listening to some of these songs. The life is not any test of dress, so only take one has shot in him, as it takes this album today!
5 / 5
Carolyn Dawns Johnson shows once again his wonderful musical talent. I love his musical fashion and heartfelt papers. His sign vocals say histories that can relate the real life. Of his current swipe so only "Simple Life" to " I will leave you Go", taking it look in life and dips it the music. This album is a better thing prójima to the listened that listens on phase. His alive action of "Squeezing an Amour Outta You" entirely it takes a way of this song. His joy in a music is evident in an action of each song. They are like this appreciated that this a lot talented the composer has has done felizmente a jump to treat his own songs. You will enjoy this album.
4 / 5
CDJ Returns with breaking it sophmore album, "Test to Dress", which has some capacities of propelling CDJ to Diva be. Each clue is perfected with his touch and results the true history.
1) Test of Dress- the song adds, the frames want stop and think in that is doing in your life.
2) Is Mina Corazón adds
3) Simple Life- A unbeat song that deserves to be main that is.
4)Die of the heart broken- the emotion adds is aimed.
5) Speech- the song of pairs adds to inspire them to speak.
6)God doesnt deceptions of mark - like this some is concealed? The song adds
7)Sqeezing an amour outta you - Fav. Song in an album, would have to be a prójimo only.
8)Boss in Big Heels- Another song adds that it can be enormous.
9)My Secret- another fav. I have listened to this song a plus out of an integer cd.
10)So only another song that the touches plan
11)Life to the equal that know- this song is a point has underlined .
12) Ailing to the left go - written in his brother, is the song adds that it is sung adds.
5 / 5
Always had thinks that Carolyn Dawns the album of Johnson "Room With A View" it was a better album that can possibly cut. Ossia Until I have listened some songs in this "Test to Dress" Cd. I have not been never like this wrong. This cd are ADDS!!! Although it likes so only in of each song in this album, a some concealed me paste a " it repeats" the key in my player is: "Simple Life", " it is Mina " and "My Little Secret". I reccomend this CD to all the defenders of music of the same country if they are not at present CDJ to the partidários likes him to of them.

Top Customer Reviews: O Brother, Where ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD A film Or BROTHER WHERE ART THOU was an absolutely hilarious and really done a Coen Fratelli according to which the managers go. Partorisca Do a work of whole film has required this in spite of the SPER CLUE of the his for a foggy inferior boys partorisca sing. Like this CD has been created, and is absolutely wonderful and a price was wonderful also. In a price has paid partorisca this disk the simply could not lose. This in spite of still if you are not able to take a same class partorisca price advantage as it has taken them does to good sure that in any reasonable price this disk will spend you some the time adds that it enjoy it. There is everything of Gospel the Bluegrass in this disk and really is good quality. Any usually go for clues of the his of the Film but is house has done them an exception, like this has done them partorisca Zachariah a work of rock, that also is wonderful calm in fact can find a disk is a lot
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD I expected when I have ordered this that that would be some same artists like the film but has not been. Very disappointing
4 / 5
Formed: Record of elep has Bought a version of vinyl partorisca the fellow and can not be happier with him. Touched the once first of the give to them and is probably some better touching the vinyl has listened. Any static or the scratches and a packaging go in is a lot protective.
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Some of some utmost more bluegrass musicians never in this disk! Some pursuing harmonies!
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio enjoyed it! Register of excellent quality!
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio selects of Sound, of music and the artists records.
5 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio has loved a clue of the his has seen of a film. Amur A music
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio To Clooney sure good better.
The soundtrack is music can relate to.
Utmost actors.
I good cloths has drawn partorisca a period.
To good sure recommend.
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD A enjoyable small cd that can you hum or sing to the long of has been thrilled when it take it. Has my favourite songs on that
5 / 5
To Clooney sure good better.
The soundtrack is music can relate to.
Utmost actors.
I good cloths has drawn partorisca a period.
To good sure recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: The Platinum ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
A CD very throughout. I have been that loves 'Each That Way But released for like this long, and has everything to some songs has me to them legustado other collections. They are so only familiarised with Rabbitt crossover swipes, and an only swipe really big that loses is his duet with Crystal Gayle 'So only You & I'. Any familiar with his material of country could know other missing swipes. I think a liner the notes are too many brief and the desire comprises the complete book plus of pics and info. I guess Eddie has changed focuses record to plot, which is reason has been impossible to take some legislations for all his swipes to be in any COLLECTION of CD. Ossia A plus like this far. It can any gone bad for a prize.
4 / 5
It is that I have looked for. Some of some songs am looking for can not find in a tent of ITUNES. Purchase to plot of music to dip in I pod. Some songs am looking for now is for Freddie Fender Easy Fond no available in I Tunes. Calm perhaps can me give some few suggestions has it cd with his more utmost swipes. Ossia Something would be to interest in.
Thanks and have the day adds.
4 / 5
Yes, Songs of countries very good. Eddie Rabbit has known as to write songs and sing them.
Is unfortunate has to that spend was.
5 / 5
have taken to want to Eddie Rabbit. I have bought this c d reason a song of Ireland. You will be er be disappointed with Singer of the rabbit of Eddie Adds! It sees Buddy Holly in concert and is
reflected in his music. Really recommend this still CD
all the world !
5 / 5
This 80 rabbit CD all the songs have not been an original singer in this album does not touch partorisca like Eddie rabbitt the songs classifies a CD as the pirate Amazon would not owe that spend this produces more expect that the amazon takes rid of a product and take a right singer and an original singer for Eddie rabbitt partorisca take selling pirate for hire private C d something this like this called any rabbit but is not of the obliged
5 / 5
A CD a lot throughout. I have been that loves 'Each That Way But released for like this long, and has everything to some songs has me to them legustado other collections. They are so only familiarised with Rabbitt crossover swipes, and an only swipe really big that loses is his duet with Crystal Gayle 'So only You & I'. Any familiar with his material of country could know other missing swipes. I think a liner the notes are too many brief and the desire comprises the complete book plus of pics and info. I guess Eddie has changed focuses record to plot, which is reason has been impossible to take some legislations for all his swipes to be in any COLLECTION of CD. Ossia A plus like this far. It can any gone bad for a prize.
5 / 5
Is that I have looked for. Some of some songs am looking for can not find in a tent of ITUNES. Purchase to plot of music to dip in I pod. Some songs am looking for now is for Freddie Fender Easy Fond no available in I Tunes. Calm perhaps can me give some few suggestions has it cd with his more utmost swipes. Ossia Something would be to interest in.
Thanks and have the day adds.
4 / 5
Yes, Songs of country a lot good. Eddie Rabbit has known as to write songs and sing them.
Is unfortunate has to that spend was.

Top Customer Reviews: Greatest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
A whole album is full of the tunes are! The shot adds partorisca the music adds.
5 / 5
Sum of Canadian band!!!
4 / 5
Ossia His more utmost swipes CD. A More listens them his, a more taste.
Likes -you Oyster of Meadow ossia partorisca you.
4 / 5
Good-looking music!
4 / 5
Absolutely a better sale never! I add cd!

Top Customer Reviews: Dixie Chicks - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
Excellent concert! The frames want to go to see them alive has had an occasion!
4 / 5
Tip the good concert.
Would have liked me more behind some scenes - as his future DVD has aimed.
Value he partorisca defenders of chick.
5 / 5
Has seen this Recognition in Dublino and wot the mesmerising exposed of vocal courage, musicianship and the crowd that pleases country-mecer treated in his better! Forget a Shrub-Maines lips of loss of Natalie another that the music is irrelevant. Some Chicks damn the good music and this DVD solidify some signals underlined of his last 3 albums, with swipes that please crowd-fest Swipe, there is Your Question, Long Time Gone and Of pair in of the Spaces of pairs among another. Those presences is the group that exudes vitality and talent, and extracted songs more defiant that your half group. That impressed more aobut a DVD is that it selects the points forms different cities underlined in some the EUA, of here makin a DVD a lot of so only the king-enactment of a Recognition but the wonderful memory of the entertainment of an electrical night! A phase is humungous (in Ireland has used the phase regulates as has any one some same fanbase like this in EUA) and some law of daughters - look fantastic and the better same sound (the DVD proudly declares that any overdubs has been used!). Travellin Soldered, the hymn the war-the veterans is the poem to pursue together, Some No2 the challenge of political incongruence and Godspeed a history of the father whose movements of edges to France and this song has been written to send a boy to sleep at night. Some Chicks are history -tellers. Some galas of Robison and Maguire musicianship is impeccably showed in some numbers some vibrant more than also take some plenaries that goes - the pair of White Rubbishes is the tongue -in-annoyance of the cheek and the Tangled hearts have tortured the sardonic the look loves gone awry. One the majority of torturous the songs amply indicate a force that is and Ready to Run have amazing harmonies together with sure goodness vocal delivery. A tone of tune for a night (and the Dublino a video has been treated with him) rests to a title of a Recognition - Upper of a World. A harrowing and tear-jerking the video is in a DVD and an alive! Version in a cd. It says a history of the retrospective defunct man and bitterly regretful view of his life. This a song of EPIC that the eruptions of audiences have caused. An unlikely song that simply kill Every time the look. A grammy-worthy song of the grammy-winning album and the worthy title partorisca visit it which has broken all , euphoric and harrowing. Some light difference to a recognition I House has not been treated, but More the amour was. In spite of I can not complain (although it would have loved it creates Enamoured to be treaty). A Recognition is the veritable romp by means of any only some Chicks' musical and lyrical evolution but testimony to a fact that these gals is a grace partorisca save of music of country. Long it can continue. Mesmerising.
4 / 5
All throught a year has listened a hype on some chicks.. Some means comunicacionales could not taking that they speak roughly his, was on all the world is mouths .. Reason???
His prime minister headlining recognition... A multiplatinum streak continuing with one of an upper selling album of a year... Dipping record of sales of entrance jointly, and breaking leading records his first day of sales of entrance.... It is therefore that!!!
Like this now, was one of an a lot of the one who could not take the entrance before they have sold was, or was one the one who has loved his alive show, the plenary lenght the concert has been released on CD & DVD (for separate) partorisca Amsterdam is listening and looking like.
Some Chicks surely comprise his energy of bolt of the shows can not be taken in any one means comunicacionales. It is for this that the entrances have not been economic. But it is not fooled for a LOW prize in this DVD... Mecer This country!!!
Say that the actions speak stronger that words, but here a music is stronger that any commentaries have done in a band during a year. An only thing stronger that his music is an energy of partidário enormous all during a concert.
Likes a Chiks of music (is therefore that is reading this, well?) Spent this DVD immediately. In around 10 bucks take an amazing concert ... And an extra video (wow! That the video, better that the cash are Hurt) partorisca Upper of a World (the House of form of the song).
A tracklist partorisca this concert comprises
Conde of Goodbye
Some Days You Gotta Bundle
has Your Question
A lot the times Take Ido
has Tortured, Tangled Hearts
Travelin' Soldato
Are I an Only A (The one who has not felt Never in this way) (in an only CD)
Ladies of Salvation Heartache
Cold Day in July
Pair of White Rubbishes
Lil' Jack Slade
A House
No. For real 2 (in an only CD)
Falls is Going down With me
Mississippi (in an Only CD)
the Lame cowboy Was  
Godspeed (Sweet Sleeps)
Ready partorisca Run
Wide open Spatial
Summit of a World (alive version on CD so only, has comprised here like the concept of prize Videoclip)
Wagon partorisca Sin
4 / 5
Prime minister, loves to maintain the politician was. Ossia In a music and a video. Natalie Can say the one who loves it, likes guaranteed in a constitution, and his opinion costs any more (neither less) that yours or mine, as to a music and a video. First of all, I think that folks the one who have listened to some Chicks' studio CDs and the one who have seen An Evening With... DVD has found the group of a lot of talented, compatible, and interpreters of big level those who take to plot of pride and house in his actions. I think that that they are like this consistently talented that his daily actions are upper notch . They are that any highly talented crew: they win every night. I differ some of the to to some critics liked really of a fast transmission of venue the local inside the each song. Cela Some editors were able to joint the different concerts that use probably a better register of the particular song really works. It does not doubt a quality of an action and have the hard time that critique some Chicks partorisca be too consistently abonos partorisca be credible. So only perhaps they are that good. It would like it has seen one or more than some concerts but was unable. Ossia One thrilling and in satisfactory substitute. I give the very different flavour of An Evening With ... And of a studio CDs. If you enjoy a Dixie Chicks' music and An Evening With ..., you will enjoy this slightly different look. I think that that a DVD takes an emotion of some alive concerts and presents the cross adds-section of his actions. The question is that they have done so many excellent songs that is almost impossible to comprise all the world is preferred . True desire 2 and the summit of a World-wide has had state comprised, but otherwise found that the terrific concert DVD. Especially It likes Me a counterpoint to An Evening With..., Which was the legislation-I in mark DVD. It likes having to that both Dvdes in my collection: different slants in the music adds for true professionals.
5 / 5
Reading by means of some descriptions of this disk, see people in polar opposites of opinion. Some am sure that these are not partorisca live register, another thinks that is. They are in accordance with a last. I know some registers of studio a lot quite partorisca know these are not lip-sync works of mix of the video. I create he some overdubs, based to some variac. In any acoustic envelope of a song to another.
A video that modifies is the bit partorisca distract from time to time. In calm chance any one the the seen, a video of the alone song has been taken of like this a lot like 10 different actions, with some chicks that spends different dresses partorisca each. As takings Natalie that sings the verse, then in a to next, is spending something different. But some sounds of audio seamless partorisca one the majority of part, how is possible has taken an audio feeds of a better action or two has taken, then synced-on some pieces of video partorisca match. This has to that it has been the enormous work in a console partorisca modify and I am quell'has bitten ambivalent roughly that. In a hand, can be distract and in another, could have been run of his artistic statement.
Fresh phase setup, contributi excellent of a band, his alive adds. Any more does not concern partorisca the hair of Natalie done? A video has comprised is interesting and troubling. They would like him listen some interpretation spoken is.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed in fact this generous action. Like the leading EVENING of a Chick WITH The DIXIE CHICKS, a DVD underlines to plot more than an appeal of sex of these three charismatic interpreters. With the cast closely culled of the each one of his three albums of entities, a show could have been the winner has has had to that the fact been a record of one, or still two, shows. Instead, has the setting of two hours of actions of several shows of a SUMMIT OF WORLD-WIDE RECOGNITION. A production exits like this more the slick documentary that obliging it, cohesive record of action. One reasons partorisca lobbing was some stars is that one modifying of these shows, obviously paced partorisca match a rhythm of a music, lurches, run and run and lurches again. It is some of one more spastic modifying of otherwise the decent images have not seen never in the rock or video of country. I owe that me fact edgy. Prpers Having said that, a Dixie the chicks are fabulous in that do and a disk is the subject pure and simple . It would be possible to say that Natalie Maines is the force of character. His voice and the presence are phenomenal. If it love this trio as well as I , does not leave all a critic poo-poo take you down. Prpers Will enjoy. So only take the pause from time to time and maintain any one soda of club in bylines for in chance some frames partorisca modify you queasy
5 / 5
First of all, so that it has said a sound in this DVD is too perfect (inplying that is been 'touched on' in a studio), left so only say that I have had a pleasure partorisca see a Dixie the alive chicks, & in fact they touch these abonos!
Some Chicks are alive interpreters add - energetic, enthusiastic & entertaining, & calm see it all here!
A reason has given this DVD 4 stars in place of 5 is that it is suffering severe schizophrenia - is filmed in fact on 10 different concerts, but calm does not see the whole song of 1 concert. Instead it will be the pocolos second of one, & then on to another. Some first time looked it found quell'quite odd! This in spite of one modifying is seamless, & it is fun seeing all his different outfits.
Has looked it now the little time, & it is grown really on me!!
Any extra is partorisca speak of, but then in DVD of the music is seldom look to annoy with them more.
4 / 5
I, different some of another reviewers, was unable to see some Chicks in concert, as there is at all partorisca base my description out of another that a DVD. Sure I am seeing them alive in any one would be amazing, but has think that this DVD was adds!
Takes his personalities, his alcohol and a music wonderfully in mine opionion.
Was the little confused in a first pair of small (like a reviewer distinguished was, has modified a video of like this a lot like 10 different shows- he so that has some hair and transmissions of definite dress). But, after a first song, is easy to take used to, and class of quota.
Is not nervous because of everything of some negative critiques. It has taken this like the present navideño, and absolutely loves it.
The hips has the video of music of the prize of "Upper of a World."
4 / 5
An alive concert would have to that be the moment taken . It is an expression of as the sounds of band the time dates. Unfortunately this DVD does not represent a Dixie Chicks in the moment given of his Summit of a World-wide Recognition. It is the mish mash culled of until ten actions and then modified together with the transmissions of venue partorisca arrive in the each one five second or so many.
Musically All some songs are there but can not say has been alive facts or so only baptised partorisca go with a film that modifies. This could have been the alive DVD adds unfortunately simply has not been been due to a poor election of format. If it love a music buys a CD and stay out of this too polished production.

Top Customer Reviews: 21 #1 Hits: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
I recently rediscovered buck and ladies. They look like this utmost when compared to a music listens now. We aim humour and synchronise spend really amazing! They were amused. sharon
4 / 5
It is Buck and his Bakersfield sound. That is there any partorisca like?
5 / 5
So only hate that has commanded this element and that I have received instead was some rubbishes of music of young girls... It is returned but still has not received my Buck Owens 21 the swipes ... Where it is???????
1 / 5
Purchased this like the present partorisca the 80th anniversary of my Dad ~ absolutely loves it!! ~ I add to find for him!
5 / 5
Is Buck and his Bakersfield sound. That is there any partorisca like?
4 / 5
I just hate that has commanded this element and that I have received instead was some rubbishes of music of young girls... It is returned but still has not received my Buck Owens 21 the swipes ... Where it is???????
5 / 5
Has purchased this like the present partorisca the 80th anniversary of my Dad - absolutely loves that!! - I adds to find for him!

Top Customer Reviews: Fly ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
Amur This album.. Touched adds and happy bought it!!
5 / 5
Has in the first place found a Dixie the chicks have seen his album, Little old cowgirl, in a prompt nineties and agree think the one who a-was commercial. It was for like this surprised when his first focus that album of imports, Of pair in of the spaces of pairs, is resulted such the enormous success, any only in Amsterdam but internationally. Partorisca Achieve this success, his sound - and his line-arrive - had changed substantially, but a quality was still there. Martie And Emily was always leaves of a group, but some two main singers had left and has been substituted for Natalie. This album, his second in focus he of entity but his fifth entirely, the aims changes further.
A group has had more than his action of controversy. Conde of goodbye is the song in the domestic violence in those two women takes his revenge partorisca poison his lunch, kill. In the footnote that follows some papers, some ladies say does not defend premeditated murder but the amour that takes has included. In spite of, they have lost some defenders and has obtained another because of a controversy.
In spite of this song, ossia generally a upbeat album, which was clearly the plot of fun to register if a goofy the pictures are any indication . While his leading album contains the few coverages, this contains so only a - Cold day in July, in the first place registered for Joy White (now calling she Joy Lynn White) and later covered for Suzy Bogguss. It is the song adds and am happy the finally looked in the upper selling album although it still prefers the version of the joy.
Elsewhere, an album is fill with being mad about arrive-songs of time, glorious ballads and some utmost mid-songs of time. Each clue is brilliant but of these I have not mentioned, my preferred are ready to run, Ladies of Salvation Heartache, wagon of Sin, Without you and Some days you gotta dance.
Except the little die-hards the one who insists that this is not country, this would have to that appeal to a vast majority of defenders of countries. The time when the music of country has taken never further take out of his roots, a Dixie the chicks have come to the long of to try that it is possible to sell music of country in of the enormous quantities while still touching countries. Long it can continue.
4 / 5
Is hard to fathom a quantity of improvement that "Fly" has in his predecessor, but a Dixie Chicks so only grabbed a baton and has run with him. There are moments here ossia downright funky in his joy, and transcendent in his emotional achieves. With like this of few artists in Nash Vega have had to that touch anything but that some dictators in ten hats of chevron reports of them, a risk that takes here was cut at all of phenomenal. Included the course of a mill ballad like "the Lame cowboy Was" bold of sounds in context.
Natalie Maines' The voice obtained in confidence here, and together with him, has done like this his partners in Chick-gift (Martie Seidel and Emily Robison). It hears to an obvious relish injects to an a lot of-riddence-too-humour of bad rubbishes of "Well-goodbye Earl" and a line "This Earl has had to that DIE!" Or a locomotive of engine of full steam bluegrass that walks "Wagon of Sin." Enough frankly, "Wagon of Sin" it is one of one the majority of entertainment and rollicking the songs have listened in the CD of country of then Dolly Parton has begun to defy some flanges of countries, bluegrass, and pops.
So only to do sure does not think "Fly" it is little more than the lark of country, be prepared for a song of title. Patty Tap "Accident Lucida Fly" taking inside your heart without being the country of formula weepy. It is it wins to some Chicks' selection of the song concealed - like in "Wide open Spatial" - his flavour in of the writers of song is flawless. (Any pun has feigned.) In turn, his course of the quota that touch the originals touch all some better. "Fly" it has taken abundance of risks and has produced still swipes. Cela A Dixie the chicks have had to that enter to the legal battle to take more the liberty loves me him more, especially considering followed it up with his better work still, "House." You would owe that have both.
4 / 5
Was November of 1999 and has been fill to a backside of Stacey Deep Civic zipping by means of a tundra-like landscape of some suburb of Chicago after the weekend of savage partying. My brain was oatmeal suspended in the cocktail of Advil and caffè black. Needless To say, when Stace has decided the liven things on the bit with this 'NEW CD', has wanted to shout no, begs for mercy, I country of hate...
...But it was too feeble to struggle.
You skipped to follow 3 (ready daughter) and was hooked almost immediately. I have taken immediately to his very acoustic polished well and could not resist an appeal to a deliciously comforting vocals of Natalie (the singer of goodness of this 3 band of sister the one who has thought classifies touched to like Jewel of mine). Each song blended to another, warping time, soothing hangover of mine, and disarming mine predjudice. They Liked him immediately, which is no of small feat for any law.
This album is my preferred , although no for a lot of ('House' and 'Wide open Spaces' is also excellent in his own right). Some better clues on 'Fly' in my opinion is:
esady to Run'...This clue is upbeat and entertainment, plant in the good way immediately (amused to touch when you are driving in a way to the party or something).
'The Lame cowboy Was'...It does not think any song there is no me never loves the trade was some tones to my car for the horse quite like this a fact. Very romantic.
'Cold day in July'...It has not taken any press, but the fantasic ballad. Very slow, acoustic (so only could be vocal and electrical guitar) and sad but good-looking song roughly in losing amour.
alvation Gentleman Heartache'...Humorous transfer in a typical 'country heartbreak song'.
'Does not squander Your Heart'...Another excellent clue that has not taken to attribute press.
'Left Lucida Fly'...My favourite song in this CD, and one of my songs of favourite amour of all the times; the slow, song of desire roughly amour, loss, ache, and acceptance.
Could not recommend this CD any big plus. Notwithstanding His political activism (like some amour and another loath), these daughters are musical geniuses in my opinion and yes is so only familiarised with that is filtered to a airwaves and does not have this CD, the take, calm will not be dissapointed.
Expects This has helped.
5 / 5
A thing in a Dixie the chicks is that although they are marketed like the band of country, his sounds suggests the plot of different influences. His 1999 FLY of album is the chance on the dot.
After active tried that has had some sakes with 1998 is OF PAIR IN of the SPACES of PAIRS, some Chicks--Natalie Maines; Emily Robison; and Martie Seidel--looked for partorisca augment his sound with the emphasis continued in instrumentation of traditional country, but also the pronounced @@@1970s rock and attitude of the circle launched in still good measure. Judging of some sales of FLY, on ten millions and that go nowhere but on, has fulfilled his aims and then some. His rows of diversities of some Irish/Celtic influences of "Ready partorisca Run", to some serious-and-Double fixed in "Without You", a jet-black humour of a to a large extent comprised bad "Goodbye Earl", and one that drives battery "Wagon of Sin."
The voice of Natalie tip some influences of the plot of different female artists, especially with this growl uses in "Wagon of Sin", which suggests an influence of Pat Benatar and Pleasant Ronstadt. Martie And Emily is not the only singers of harmony adds in his own legislations but also among some the majority of deft instrumentalists anywhere in music of American pop these days. Martie sizzling fiddle Law in "Ready to Run" and "Wagon of Sin" it is particularly impressive. And Emily is no slouch neither, with his sympathetic Double touching in "Without You" and his ferocious banjo operates in "Wagon of Sin." Everything of of the joint come east on FLY.
To all the cost of Natalie recent "Bushwhacking" commentaries in Londra or a misread black humour of this album "Goodbye Earl", a Dixie the chicks have a quantity more orders to remain poden of any country outfit around reason his audience goes way besides some limits of music of country. His sound comprises honky-tonk, hard rock, bluegrass, and @@@1970s folk-rock, but he never sounds like the still jumble meander. They are a real shot , and look to remain in this way. Strongly recommended!
4 / 5
A real challenge for a Dixie the chicks was to come up with the second album that has not been to be so only Included Wider and More Spaces of Opener. The fly fulfils that promised with fourteen new clues, many of them still have some same Wide open spaces flavour, but at all repetitive.
Esady To Run' has been looked in Runaway Fiancé, and has the differential of whistles or Celtic flute intro. It is more pop that country, and ossia that he me it describe initially like this less country that Of pair in of the Spaces of pairs.
A does not choose up with 'the fall is Going down With me', which belongs smack in Of pair in of the Spaces of pairs.
'The Lame cowboy Was' is the mid-paced number with fiddle and electrical guitar of steel and has a subject of 'Fly', in some papers 'Fly this like this big daughter likes have beaten to a blue.'
'Cold day in July' is the song of melancholy in a fashion of ' Was Mina '. A title informs to 'the the always has said a calm day would leave me would be the cold day in July.' Well, supposition that spends? A heart has poignant lines: 'Boss in my hands here are/when being in my coffins the feet that/strolls of the look was.' Another good lyric: 'A moon is full and my arms are empty.'
So only some Chicks could come up with the rhythmical bouncy tune on revenge and domestic violence. 'Goodbye Earl' Is on Wanda, the one who is a victim of domestic violence, and in spite of the divorce and restraining commanded, finds in intense cure for his Earl of husband p.ej. Solution: Earl has to that it quotes, and she and his partner Mary Anne does so only concealed. Servants well!
alvation Gentleman Heartache' is something one would expect to listen in the preview for Limits of Cities of Austin with this electrical guitar of steel. This song of dismissal in heartache personified has some acute papers: 'Gone in and spend your welcome was' and ' desire that could that is good/to see you behind again/is not exactly the strangers/But in the is not exactly fellow.'
'Does not squander Your Heart' consultor the probably suitor any to spend time 'in the what wild/ has the soul that will not solve in a thing.'
One follows that it runs adrenaline, complete with harmonic and banjo is esen Wagon' the song in sowing one' the oats is characterised by a sentence soyattress dancin'/This is well, has said mattress dancin'' and where a daughter is like 'Delilah that looks for Samson.' Calling beer 'twelve nutrition of ounce'--I like that.
'Without tea is another ballad on amour and loyalty. Tom lyric: soyy the heart is stuck as without you.' The serious entrance during a second part of a song. Also the value that listens partorisca Natalie @@@stretching was 'alive' to the big note in ''creature of the cause can not live.'
Another upbeat the number is 'Hoyo in my Boss', roughly like the daughter needs the sure boy as I require it... Well,... But the one who the boy, as it sings: ' I seat like this bad that the desire had died.'
An alienation in 'Heartbreak Sounds of Cities like Farmpit, NM mine, of quare people in the world-wide ossia gone .' some Days You Gotta Danced would be appropriate' for the Western bar the night of Friday. A message is obvious.
Some Chicks are also triskaidekaphobic, likes Song 13 is so only the five according to agreement that present a final clue, 'Sinister Lucida Fly', an only unremarkable clue.
This album has some Chicks more upbeat and looser, if a goofy the photos in a sleeve of CD is anything to spend of longitude. A second brilliant endeavour.
5 / 5
When Have in the first place listened a song "Conde of Goodbye," I knew it it was to have that takes the DC album. Reason? It is one of a bit those that songs that in fact take you to LAUGH!! One has listened more, one has has wanted to more. Mina, some signals underlined here is: 1. Ready to Run: in an alcohol of Cyndi Lauper some Chicks say that they do not love committed, master AMUSED! They are ready to run, not settling down. Catchy Tune, Adds fiddle music.
2. If I fall you are Going down With me: Some daughters do not go to fall enamoured unless his insurances any one is that they are interested is falling, also. You will be to sing this one all day yes calm listen it once.
3. The Lame cowboy Was: An accident is to escape of a crowd to madden song of type. A video was like this good-looking! I have loved a subject of waterfall and is like this perfect for a song. Beautiful ballad.
4. Cold day in July: Ossia my favourite slow song . It is like this beautiful, that pause roughly like the interest of amour has promised so only would leave in the "cold day in July."
5. Conde of goodbye: My song of favourite country. In a woman has abused that, together with a help of his friend poisons his husband and evasions with murder- then begins his subject own! " It results it was the missing person that any one has lost at all."
6. Ciao Gentleman Heartache: you know partorisca grieve your walks of fiancé out of a door, Gentleman Heartache gives an a lot of well in. "A last what I need is partorisca kick me when they are down." EXCELLENT SONG!!
7. It does not squander Your Heart: it does not fall enamoured with the wild thing. Calm so only will finalise with the heart broken. "It does not squander your heart on me." Ossia girlpower Fulfils country. I love it!
11. Hoyo in my Boss: " precise to the boy likes calm likes the hole in my boss." Ossia Mostly intrumentals and Natalie belting has been all a way. It is one of some songs of better Chick of all the times. It is so only simple entertainment, ossia a calm so only has to that believe and dance to.
Those are my preferred . And to the equal that can see, are the majority of an album. Calm so only has to that buy this, included if any like to him the music of country!
4 / 5
Has expected roughly the year to revise a followup Fly of a Dixie Chicks. I have loved a start CD,Of pair in of the Spaces of pairs,reasons he simply encapulates a modern direction of country without a country produced out of was it amused and a talent was self the popularity of difference and the frames of year!! A vocals of Natalie Maines still sound and in spite of trying too hard in the pair of the clues still can sing the knockout song,and is a soul of a Seidel and Emily Robinson has developed his work and is tight and some harmonies are of sound,some of a better blue herb fiddling will listen this year and electrical guitar partorisca armour plate add and banjo in any year.Some daughters have has has sawed writings or of the material writings this time around, there is retained some same producers in Chancey and some ingredients have been enhanced,then reasons arent has excited as it would owe that be????? I fail it And that it is bad with this product????
Has dipped simply this Tejano the daughters are now Nashvilles the hottest property and has been formularized,likes like this another before him.A lot it is at stake for Sony Music a past year, has joined Shania Twain like types of popular country,so much so that they are everywhere soundtracks of to film likes Runaway Fiancé,to tribute CDs,likes Trace With Bob,the coverage Diana Ross & a Supremes to be in a radio to be in a Grammys to be so only in a force of an original freshness,that enough frankly is has bitten he stale.Some images in a sleeve of CD painting these women like the products of a male have dominated the say Blond Is not !
This CD has the cowboy and the utmost songs take Me Was,Wagon of Sin,Without you,and Whose waste Your Heart,Ladies of Salvation Heartache and Some Days You Gotta Dance,save this Earl does not have to that it never has seen a light of day in a CD, agreed of the bad decision,like this Mathematician of Buffets of Jimmy Sux does not have to that it never has looked in Beachhouse in a Luna.un rest ,comprising an alone Loan to Run,is simply Nashville formula,mainstream looking for radio game,any befitting these chicas.yo of any one sees these talents that arrived so that be of Collina of the Faith,anything is resulted on Breathe,a desparate tentativa to cross on and imitate Shania Twain.
A second outing here is littered with excellent talent in a session musicans elected to touch,the aims of production some queens there is pulled in,but still crisp ,but this was to be listen some cries of protest, has taken a liberty to take them on there the Visits of fly in November 1999,and rid better alive that this CD,and Natalie Maines does a value to experience a prize of admission.
Are still waiting for a third delivery in this travesía,and will dip this down to grow aches. I think that that some Chicks could benefit to escape of Nashville and behind to one Of pair in of the Spaces of pairs. It would give these 3 stars and according to a way possibly 4,in a force of a handful of songs that show that growth of an original entertainment and talent and that irreverence.
5 / 5
I country of MUSIC of HATE, this in spite of the partner has wanted to do recommended that control a DC was - and now can not maintain this CD out of my player of CD!!! Strong songwriting throughout, in spite of some throwbacks fashionable to his start. To the left complain them for all I cure - has attacked the agreement or 2 with me!!!
Does not have to that think that such music adds could come from a sewer of Music of Country (both classes), but all can say is thank you Dixie Chicks to aim me a way (and spend me was my ignorance that is REALLY there in a world of Music of the Country).
All a Music of Country the defenders can TAKE launchers your longnecks in your PC - this is coming sincerely of the defender of the big music of everything writes this 'tagged' Music of Country like basic craps, but takes his place behind 10 no. A lot so only do a DC is tip that is there, but his he with passion. If so only it could listen to a song of half Country without breaking up in like this pathetic a estory line' is, to good sure would take it more seriously. It is a DC is without east? Sure. But, heck, can seat by means of all of the his 'country' material without laughing. Taken the FORD new, to to my woman no liked them to them the mine soyencima!!!
Conclusion - a DC is to have the thing adds that it goes, and the FLY is a way to go , as well as his another material. Ossia A CD that can take you and not feeling that calm so only could result the 'Country and defender of Music' or something, calms this in spite of will learn to appreciate to plot that is very inner one me.
Is GOOD to 'choose a corn', while it is mature.
4 / 5
Look some Chicks there is hatched at night to a Nashville landscape with his album to start with 'Wide open Spatial'. His catchy name grupal, a snappy songs, one pleasing three-separate vocal harmonies, and a quirky but differential voice of goodness Natalie Maines, done for the classical combination that the defenders of countries snapped up in of the numbers records. Felizmente, his sophomore endeavour, 'Fly', is more than a same. While some of a cross of tunes-on to burst the bit, mostly with the dish of electrical electrical guitar during one instrumental interludes, a majority will appeal to that prefers acoustic electrical guitar, rape, mandolin, and the tinkly piano or two. Esady To Run' and 'Without tea, a last with one especially lush fixed, was both radios to attack single this represents a musical fashion of a group more faithfully. While, we Take some variety with a very ready history papers of 'Goodbye Earl'; some very banjo and Jews Harp (!)Work in a upbeat esen Wagon'; and some electrical guitar of good steel in alvation Gentleman Heartache.' A bit those that of some songs were almost disappointingly minimalist, with small but accompaniment of the electrical guitar to one likes 'Cold Day in July' and 'Sinister Lucida Fly'. But with thirteen songs that to choose, think that you will enjoy at least 9 or 10, which is saying to plot for the modern CD. A Dixie the chicks have paste 1 with this album, and knots highly the suit is a lot of-has deserved. It enjoys!